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2023.06.10 20:18 itisnotstupid Has anyone managed to maintain friendship with someone who got sucked into IDW gurus?

I guess this is a good topic for this sub. I've noticed that a few of my close friends have slowly become IDW fans. Both started with Peterson's older videos where he was giving generic life advice while trying to maintain a stoic-intellectual persona. Both went thru hard times but managed to overcome them while in the same time they were binging on Peterson videos. From then on the followed the standard path - Rogan, Shapiro, Musk and the rest of the same yada yada.
So i'm sure that a lot of you have had friends fall for the IDW gurus. I'm sure that some of you know that pain of constantly hearing the same talking points about trans people, the evil left, liberals and all that. My question is - has any of you managed to maintain his friendship with a person who is following these gurus? Of course, the obvious/sometimes easy solution is to cut these people of of your life but i'm currently trying to not do that. How important/big is this culture war thing for you and what were your struggles? It seems like all these gurs are here to stay and it doesn't look like this will change anytime soon so I think that this is an interesting topic. Any personal experience would be really valuable.
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2023.06.10 20:17 TacoBelloo 24/M - Genuine connection + Let's watch a movie tonight? 🍿🎞️

Who am I? You sure you wanna know?
The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody told you I was just your average, ordinary guy, not a care in the world, then somebody lied.
As you can see, I'm a huge Spider-Man fan! (Always respect the hyphen) and I'm looking for friends and people to talk to!
I'm 24 years old, from the west coast, trying to find my way in life. I really enjoy all things related to the internet, technology, computers, and video games. My passion is creating videos and I'm thinking about how I can turn that into a career.
I love to have deep conversations and be vulnerable with people. I like to be there for others and do my best to support them. I would love to make some friends who I can support and vis versa.
I am very introverted and quiet, but if I'm around someone I'm comfortable with, I'm very silly and talkative. I am seeking someone who I can be authentically myself with and them with me. I want to us to not be afraid to be ourselves.
I would love to build a connection with someone who gets me and wants to have a meaningful friendship. I want to be able to talk on the phone, watch movies together, share memes, play games, etc. I also have a cat so I can send you cat pictures!
I enjoy memes, (maybe a little too much) and I want someone I can share them with and hopefully make you laugh.
Also, I'm really enjoying Fortnite but it would be awesome to have someone to play with!
If anyone would like to be friends & found that this post resonated with them, please send me a message! We can talk here for awhile, and switch to discord later on.
To let me know you read this post, send me your top three pizza toppings in your message!
Have a good one!
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2023.06.10 20:17 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 76. Hawaii

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
Hawai’i nei. When I think of Hawaii football, I think of a rich state-wide sporting culture that manifests as 11 warriors flying around the football field. Hawaii’s had an up and down, but very proud, football history. Going 0-12 in 1998 to subsequent 9-4 and 3-9 records the following years might be a perfect microcosm of Rainbow Warrior football. For me, and I’m sure for a lot of other fans, the Colt Brennan Hawaii teams in ‘06 and ‘07 were some of the funnest teams to ever watch, and I look forward to watching games in the new Aloha Stadium once complete.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 2007: 15. Hawaii: 12-1 (25.050) 2. 2006: 22. Hawaii: 11-3 (21.485) 3. 1992: 17. Hawaii: 11-2 (18.606) 4. 2001: 24. Hawaii: 9-3 (14.040) 5. 1988: 27. Hawaii: 9-3 (11.296) 6. 2010: 31. Hawaii: 10-4 (10.660) 7. 1989: 28. Hawaii: 9-3-1 (9.147) 8. 2002: 39. Hawaii: 10-4 (5.005) 9. 1984: 44. Hawaii: 7-4 (3.359) 10. 1999: 37. Hawaii: 9-4 (2.417) 11. 2019: 47. Hawaii: 10-5 (-0.233) 12. 2003: 52. Hawaii: 9-5 (-1.953) 13. 1990: 49. Hawaii: 7-5 (-3.354) 14. 1986: 50. Hawaii: 7-5 (-7.970) 15. 2004: 55. Hawaii: 8-5 (-8.607) 16. 2020: 67. Hawaii: 5-4 (-8.638) 17. 1983: 53. Hawaii: 5-5-1 (-9.570) 18. 1985: 55. Hawaii: 4-6-2 (-15.427) 19. 2008: 74. Hawaii: 7-7 (-16.873) 20. 2018: 88. Hawaii: 8-6 (-17.472) 21. 2016: 77. Hawaii: 7-7 (-18.955) 22. 2021: 86. Hawaii: 6-7 (-20.577) 23. 2011: 85. Hawaii: 6-7 (-22.783) 24. 1987: 74. Hawaii: 5-7 (-22.914) 25. 1993: 74. Hawaii: 6-6 (-22.975) 26. 2009: 84. Hawaii: 6-7 (-23.430) 27. 2005: 85. Hawaii: 5-7 (-23.848) 28. 1991: 72. Hawaii: 4-7-1 (-24.411) 29. 1994: 83. Hawaii: 3-8-1 (-29.734) 30. 1995: 93. Hawaii: 4-8 (-39.548) 31. 2014: 109. Hawaii: 4-9 (-40.176) 32. 1997: 99. Hawaii: 3-9 (-44.750) 33. 2000: 101. Hawaii: 3-9 (-45.638) 34. 2017: 119. Hawaii: 3-9 (-50.210) 35. 2022: 125. Hawaii: 3-10 (-51.589) 36. 2012: 113. Hawaii: 3-9 (-52.216) 37. 2015: 121. Hawaii: 3-10 (-54.033) 38. 2013: 112. Hawaii: 1-11 (-56.308) 39. 1996: 105. Hawaii: 2-10 (-59.310) 40. 1998: 112. Hawaii: 0-12 (-76.256) Overall Score: 12366 (76th) 
Hawaii’s 0 consensus All-Americans is surprising given the talent of some players that’ve come through the Aloha state. WR Greg Salas led the nation in receiving yards in 2010, catching 119 passes for 1889 yards and 14 TD, but still couldn’t get everyone to say “this guy’s an All-American.” Neither could WR Ashley Lelie, who was 2nd in 2001 with 1713 yards, and led the nation with 19 TD. Not to mention Colt Brennan and some of the other skill position players from those 2006/07 teams. Players aside, Hawaii’s had a healthy rate of winning seasons (20 seasons of .500 win % or better), conference titles (1 every 10 years), players drafted (over 1 a year), and has a winning bowl record, including a 6-4 record in Hawaii Bowls.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 1998 (0-12 overall, 0-8 WAC)
Hawaii STUNK. Coach Fred von Appen finished his 3 year tenure as head coach with a 5-31 record, with 1998 being Hawaii’s only ever winless season. #24 Arizona, whose coaching staff featured Hawaii coaching expats Dick Tomey, Rich Ellerson, and Bob Wagner, beat the Warriors 27-6 in the opener. It set the tone for the season, as Hawaii went winless while Arizona finished 12-1. After a loss to Utah, 0-20 and 0-28 losses to Arkansas State and SMU put them at 0-4. The closest score the rest of the season season was just 10 points in a 20-30 loss to New Mexico. Worst losses included 13-30 to 3-8 UTEP, 17-45 to 4-8 San Jose State, 12-51 to 5-6 Fresno State, and 21-47 to 3-9 Northwestern. Overall, Hawaii ranked dead last in offense with 12.4 PPG while giving up 35.2 PPG against the 79th ranked Strength of Schedule. In 1999 new head coach June Jones would complete the biggest turnaround in NCAA history, winning 9 games.
This ranks as the 5th worst season ever, by any team, since 1983.
5. 1988 (9-3 overall, 5-3 WAC)
Now let’s take it back 10 years in the past, from 1998 → 1988. Hawaii was a better football team back then. 2x Super Bowl champion kicker Jason Elam, just a freshman at the time, nailed 47 and 23 yard FGs in the 4th quarter in a 27-24 upset of #9 Iowa. A week 6 matchup between 4-0 Hawaii and 4-1 UTEP would determine who’d be Wyoming’s biggest challenger for the WAC title, but UTEP won 42-25. Andy Reid was an OL coach for the Miners at the time. Hawaii did their best to keep pace in the conference, going 7-2 with close wins over San Diego State and the now defunct Long Beach State 49ers. A loss to #16 Wyoming ended any shot at a WAC title, but wins over Air Force and Oregon to end the year were sweet, with Hawaii finishing the year 2-0 against Power 5/6 teams (Iowa and Oregon). QB Warren Jones was one of the best players in the WAC, leading the conference in passer efficiency, throwing 2000+ yards with 19 TD 11 INT, and adding another 669 and 8 TD on the ground.
4. 2001 (9-3 overall, 5-3 WAC)
The 2001 senior class had had enough. From 0-12 in 1998 to 9-4 then 3-9, what the heck did 2001 have in store? Nobody knew. The season opener against FCS team Montana was anyone’s bet, as the Grizzlies were #2 in the FCS rankings. Hawaii won 30-12, but 2 straight one-possession losses had them fall to 1-2. That’s when QB Nick Rolovich and the offense took flight. 3 straight wins including a 66-7 pummeling of UTEP improved Hawaii to 4-2. Hosting David Carr and #18 Fresno State in a packed Aloha Stadium of 38,000, Rolovich threw a 20 yard TD pass with 13 seconds left to win the Golden Screwdriver 38-34. Splitting their next 2 games, Hawaii was 6-3 with 3 of their toughest games left, and Rolovich WENT NUCLEAR. He outdueled Ben Roethlisberger and 7-3 Miami (OH), throwing 7 TD passes in a 52-51 win. That was followed up by a 5 TD performance against Air Force, winning 52-30. And the best was saved for last. Hosting 12-0, #9 BYU, Rolovich had the performance of a lifetime, throwing 8(!!!) TD passes in a 72-45 shocker, blowing the doors off the Cougars in a sold out 50,000 seat Aloha Stadium. Chad Owens had a kick return TD and punt return TD, and set an NCAA record for return yards in a single game with 342. WR Ashley Lelie had a monstrous 8 catches for 262 yards and 2 TD.
But despite the 9-3 record, Hawaii wasn’t invited to a bowl game, which spawned the creation of the Hawaii Bowl in 2002. Rolovich ended the year with 3361 passing yards 34 TD 9 INT, 3rd in the nation in passing TDs.In his last 3 games, Rolovich had 20 passing TD with just 1 INT, arguably the best 3 game stretch by a player in Hawaii history. Ashley Lelie had 84 catches for 1713 yards and 19 TD, and was the 19th overall pick by the Denver Broncos in the 2002 NFL Draft. Backup QB Timmy Chang would go on to become the NCAA’s all time leading passer with 17,072 yards by 2004.
3. 1992 (11-2 overall, 6-2 WAC)
This isn’t the usual Hawaii team you’re used to. They ran the option. They were 2nd in the nation in rushing. The starting RB ran for more yards than the entire team passed for combined. It makes sense when you notice their 6th year offensive coordinator was Paul Johnson, future Navy and Georgia Tech head coach. The season opener featured a 24-21 win against Oregon in Autzen Stadium, following up with a 6-3 win over an Air Force team that finished 1991 in the top 25, and finishing the opening 3-week stretch with a 36-32 win over BYU, who was coming off 3 straight years of top 25 finishes. After a minor setback against Utah, Hawaii reeled off 4 straight wins to improve to 7-1 and be ranked #24, before losing to San Diego State and Marshall Faulk. Thanks to a 42-18 win over Wyoming, Hawaii clinched a share of the WAC title, sharing it with Fresno State and BYU, both of whom Hawaii beat. The regular season finished with a nice 36-23 win over Pitt, and then 27-17 over Illinois in the bowl. Hawaii finished with an 11-2 record, #20 ranking, and 3-0 record against Power 6 (7?) teams. RB Travis Sims set a Hawaii single season record with 1498 rushing yards, on a WAC-best 6.8 YPC.
2. 2006 (11-3 overall, 7-1 WAC)
And here we have the teams everyone knows about. The June Jones/Colt Brennan “throw it every down because you can’t stop us” offenses that turned kids like me into college football fans. A 1-2 start featured understandable losses at Alabama and at Boise State, who finished 13-0. Hawaii won 10 of their last 11, including a win over 8-5 Nevada, a 54-17 win over 9-4 San Jose State, three 50+ point wins over Idaho, Utah State, and Louisiana Tech, a 42-35 win over Purdue, and finally a 41-24 win over Arizona State in the Hawaii Bowl. Those wins, along with losses to Alabama away, a 10 win Oregon State, and an unbeaten Boise State, earned a #22 final ranking in my algorithm. In some ways, this team was better than their 2007 version that went 12-0.
Hawaii led the nation in scoring with 46.9 PPG, with the next closest team averaging just 39.7 (Boise State). There was a bigger difference between Hawaii and 2nd place than 2nd place and 12th place! QB Colt Brennan set an NCAA record for passing efficiency in a season and passing TDs in a season, completing 72.6% of passes for 5549 yards 58 TD and just 12 INT. Brennan finished 6th in Heisman voting and won the Sammy Baugh Trophy and WAC Offensive POTY. RB Nate Ilaoa was a 5’9 245 lb do-it-all freak of nature, rushing for 990 yards and 13 TD on 7.6(!) YPC, and caught 67 passes for 837 yards and 5 TD. For a 245 lb RB, he accumulated 1827 yards and 18 TD on 9.2 yards per touch! WR Davone Bess led with 1220 receiving yards, Jason Rivers was second with 1178, and Ryan-Grice Mullen (2nd in Hawaii career receiving TDs) added 770. All three had 10+ receiving TDs.
Hawaii had 17 punts all season, setting an FBS record for the least amount of punts per game with just 1.2. There were 5 games in which they didn’t punt a single time!
1. 2007 (12-1 overall, 8-0 WAC)
In 2007, a perfect storm of returning talent + easy schedule combined to help Hawaii complete one of the most magical regular seasons we’ve seen from a team. Hawaii went 12-0, with some games being too close for comfort (45-44 OT win over Louisiana Tech, 42-35 OT over San Jose State, 28-26 over Nevada), but ultimately ending with big wins over #17 Boise State and Washington. #14 Hawaii and #17 Boise State played late in the year for the outright WAC title, with Hawaii coming out on top 39-27, outgaining Boise by 200+ yards with 5 passing TD from Brennan. #10 Hawaii played #4 Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, but the Bulldogs played like the best team in the nation that night, winning 41-10.
Brennan was invited to New York as a Heisman finalist, finishing 3rd. He completed 70.4% of passes for 4343 yards 38 TD 17 INT, and ran for 8 TD. Brennan finished his career as the NCAA’s all time leader in passing TDs with 131, doing so in just 3 years. Hawaii’s esteemed WR trio went off, with Ryan Grice-Mullen snagging 106 balls for 1372 yards and 13 TD, Davone Bess getting 108 catches for 1266 yards and 12 TD, and Jason Rivers catching 92 passes for 1174 yards and 13 TD. All 3 finished as Hawaii’s top 3 all-time leading receivers: Rivers with 3919 yards, Bess with 3610, and Grice-Mullen with 3370. June Jones was named WAC Coach of the Year and was a finalist for the Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year award.
2007 Hawaii nearly missed out on finishing as a top 50 Group of 5 team since 1983 according to my algorithm, but is an honorable mention.

5th Quarter

Will we see the Braddahood return to 06/07 levels any time soon? What do you remember about Colt Brennan and those Hawaii teams? Where do you rank that 2007 Hawaii squad against all-time Group of 5 teams? They were dominant, but against the 11th weakest schedule in football that year. Do you think the ‘06 or ‘92 team was better than the ‘07 team? Who was the best Hawaii player outside of Brennan in the last 20-30 years? And finally, do you think Hawaii’s rank on this list is fair?
If you appreciate the effort, please consider subscribing on substack!
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2023.06.10 20:17 JJKingsland16 New coilovers making noise

I installed Stance + coilovers on my Skoda Citigo Monte Carlo today, took me and a friend hours and we got the adjustment perfect (even counted the threads on each one). Drove it home from his garage and noticed my ride felt very bumpy with different noises coming from the coilovers when going over bumps/harder road etc.
I’m new to coilovers so isn’t sure if this is normal, really happy with the look of my car now but it doesn’t feel the same to drive.
I know they will settle over time, so I’m not sure if this problems will go away.
Does anyone have any advice, thank you :)
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2023.06.10 20:17 Heart-In-A-Cage (Chicago IL) Mental health issues, threats of gun violence.

This is a long story but I will attempt to be concise. Mom: Cat Brother: Robb Brother: Jon Jons girlfriend: Danny
In January Danny suddenly showed up at Cats apartment where she lives with her 2 sons. She is from the east coast. She had no other options nor plans so Cat let her stay with them under the assumption Jon and Dany would move out after tax season. Their relationship is toxic, volatile, and at times violent. Cat and Robb hear them fighting/yelling frequently. They are abusive to each other.
In February Jon and Dany went drinking with jons friends where they also got high on weed (it is legal here). The day after, Dany accused Jon or his friends of drugging her with something else as she stated she was "blacking out". From Jon's perspective she got crossed, they went home and Dany went to sleep. Dany contacted her family who drove to Cats house to pick up their daughter and brandished a gun towards Jon. Supposedly Dany stopped her family member from shooting and they left back to their state. (Crime? Reportable? We don't know who this individual was)
Dany returned by plane to Cats house about a week or two later where she has been living since. Recently Cat found self harm injuries on Danys body and questioned Jon about it who admitted she has psychiatric issues. It is coming out that she is experiencing paranoia, is always accusing Jon of cheating on her and following him to work (she is unemployed), and threatening suicide.
From a legal perspective what are our options here? I know a lot of this is personal issues but I want this witch out of my families life. Cat feels unsafe and is moving out. Robb is also moving out. Is the gun threat reportable without any information on the individual? Can we have her removed from the home? If we call 911 on her threats of suicide will the hospital eventually release her back to Cats home? We do not have her families phone number, and Jon is refusing to break up with her because he "loves" her.
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2023.06.10 20:17 Icy_Moment_4280 Possible encounter with a child predator

My (32f) mom came to visit recently from out of state, and we got to talking about an encounter I had as a child that seems very odd now being a mother and an adult myself. We lived in a suburb of Chicago on a quiet cul-de-sac with a playground directly across from our house. Part of the reason my parents purchased the house was that they could watch my brother & I play at the park right from our living room window. Needless to say, we were there every day growing up. Because of how quiet and close knit the neighborhood was, us kids would all play there without our parents because we always had eyes on us. Most of our parents could see us from our homes, and there was always at least one parent outside doing yard work, washing their cars, etc. Everyone looked out for each other & each other’s kids. One day when I was about 7 years old, my friend and I (also a 7 year old female) were playing at the park when a black car pulled up and parked on the street in front of the park. A man got out, dressed in all black with a silver necklace and black hair slicked back into a pony tail. He was alone.. no children, no girlfriend or wife, just himself and his very fancy looking metal detector. The park had soccer fields on either side of the playground, but instead of using his metal detector in the fields surrounding us, he walked right up to the playground. He began using his metal detector and my friend and I started watching him, being the curious kids we were. His metal detector started beeping and he asked us if we wanted to help him dig up whatever he found. We happily obliged and lo and behold, it was a sparkly dolphin necklace! We thought it was the coolest thing ever, and he started explaining to us that he finds treasures like this all the time and has a whole collection of them. This was around dusk, and we knew we had to head home so this first encounter only lasted about 10 minutes. The next day, my friend, my brother, the boy from next door, and myself were at the park when the man pulled up again. Still by himself with no children, and again with his metal detector. This time he remembered my friend and I, and he told us he had brought some of his treasures that he had found with his metal detector to show us. He had these tiny metal figurines.. I remember one being a cat, a dog (picture something similar to monopoly pieces) and he also had the dolphin necklace he had found the previous day which I REALLY wanted. He told us he wanted to play a game.. he would walk around and hide the treasures in the ground while we closed our eyes, and then he’d let us find the treasures with his metal detector. Whatever treasures we found, we could keep. We were ecstatic. As he was still crouched down very close to us showing us all of his treasures, my mom yelled our names from across the street as she began crossing the street towards us. My mom asked the man what he was doing, and he nervously explained our interest in his metal detector. She told all 4 of us kids we needed to head across the street to our house and phoned the other kids’ parents. The strange thing was, once all of us kids were gone.. he left. My dad got home and my parents began questioning me about what he had said to me, how I knew him, etc. I told them he was there the day before as well. My mom told us that if we ever see him again, we needed to come home and let her know immediately and not to engage with him. My mom was a SA victim as a child, so she was always on high alert with us. Lo and behold, 2 days later I was on the couch watching tv. This must’ve been a weekend, because my dad was home as well. My mom looked out the window and said “is that the same guy?” I looked.. my brother looked.. it was him. He was crouched down showing his “treasures” to two other little girls that we didn’t recognize who were also coincidentally there without their parents. My dad apparently had had enough at this point. He stormed out the front door and confronted the man. He told him that this was a playground for children, not grown men and that if he ever saw him there again he’d contact the authorities. At the time, I remember feeling sorry for the man. He seemed so nice and after all, we were the ones who took interest in his metal detector first. Looking back now, I can’t help but get the heebie jeebies wondering what his true intentions were, or why he kept coming back to the same park over & over. It wasn’t a vast park, just a playground, basketball court, and two small unofficial soccer fields nestled snugly between houses. The way he parked his car was also strange.. most people parked in the cup-de-sac part of the road which was adjacent to the playground and out of the way of traffic. He always parked right on the street directly in front of the playground which coincidentally slightly obscured the view of watchful parents who lived across the street. It also made it so that his car was much closer.. think 10 feet from the playground as opposed to several yards. Thank God for my mom’s alertness and awareness.. I can’t help but wonder what could’ve happened had she not been paying attention.
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2023.06.10 20:17 mlas11777 Have you almost been close to stardom?

Let's hear from those whom almost made and you have a claim to no fame?
Mine is when Abe C from the Deftones was not in the band, I had an audition to play drums and I never show up because me and my friends went and skated and drank beers. My friends said don't go and try out for that funk metal crap. Well I listened to them. Stupid punkers, always hated you.hehe jk. Dam though.
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2023.06.10 20:16 summer_vibes2 AITA for blocking my friend after she offended me

I 21 F and my friend 22 F are really close. Let's call her Stacy. We are really close and currently in college and always there when we need eachother. A few days ago I texted Stacy on 2 apps and she didn't reply which was weird, because she always replies. I didn't think much of it. Me, her and a few other girls have a group chat. The next day she still hasn't answered me. I jokingly said her full name and asked her why she hasn't replied me and it was a very obvious joke. She said my full name as well like we always do, but then she overstepped with her next messege.
There is this boy. Let's call him Derek. He likes me tho he never said it, it was obvious and his friend told me aswell. I've never felt anything for him. We did get along really well and we used to chat a lot, but I got tired from him hating on one of my friends, because she is bi and I screamed at him. He has said some bad things about me, but they were always in my face and he never ment them. He apologized after I told him i was sick of him being mean even if he was "joking" and i stopped talking to him.
So back to the story. She had the audacity to call me his property. Now when I saw that message i was stunned. She new I didn't like him at all in any way, even as a friend anymore. At that point I was this close to telling her that atleast someone likes me, but I didn't, because she is still close to me and I felt it's too much. So I blocked her. I am going to forgive her overtime, prehaps in 2, 3 days, but I want to know-am I the asshole?
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2023.06.10 20:16 JJKingsland16 New coilovers making noise ?

I installed Stance + coilovers on my Skoda Citigo Monte Carlo today, took me and a friend hours and we got the adjustment perfect (even counted the threads on each one). Drove it home from his garage and noticed my ride felt very bumpy with different noises coming from the coilovers when going over bumps/harder road etc.
I’m new to coilovers so isn’t sure if this is normal, really happy with the look of my car now but it doesn’t feel the same to drive.
I know they will settle over time, so I’m not sure if this problems will go away.
Does anyone have any advice, thank you :)
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2023.06.10 20:16 okatbreathing Disturbing video in an old deleted scaretheater video

Hey everyone, i mostly lurk but this really driving me insane, i thought since its a scaretheater sub some other scaretheater viewers at the time remember that and can at least tell me im not imagining this.
I remember ST uploading compilation type viseos at one point, where he debunked scary videos that he couldnt make a whole video from, kinda like 5 mini scaretheatre videos in one if you will. And one of the entries was very different to the others; and from what i remember ST couldnt debunk it and was clueless to how it came to be.
Video description (marked post as NSFW for the description of this video just to be sure):
It was filmed on a bad camera, two men were talking to each other and they were filming the appartment they were in, it was very simple and dirty, you could see the light outside the house but i think the windows were blocked- i remember the video being very dimly lit. Both men were off camera and you could hear them smile and talk to a third person, i think a child? A boy? That person was in a bathroom, a shower i think and he was very scared. They were making fun of him and talking /too/ friendly. As in "theres no need to be scared" or something like that. They were both laughing while "calming down" the scared person (obviously mocking them).
Other specific memories i have of this video:
-i think the overall colour hue in the video was blue. -i think the video started in a livingroom (?) And then the camera man went to the bathroom to film the earlier described. -there was no light in the bathroom and it was very small.
yeah im sorry if this isnt subreddit appropriate i just dont really know how any of this works. Feel free to delete this or tell me to delete it.
I was terrified when i saw it, it didnt feel like any of the other arg videos or scare vids in the video of ST. Was anyone ever able to debunk it? Or does anyone have info on this? Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.10 20:16 tchilds99 Speed Friending

If you could use some new friends come out to Speed Friending at the U of U tonight! You will meet people in three minute intervals with any social awkwardness being mitigated with us providing around 270 random questions to ask your partner to get to know them. We will be doing speed friending from 6-8:30 and then have private access to the restaurant and stadium terrace there which will also have free mini golf until 10:30pm! There will be multiple bars if you plan on drinking, free appetizers, and parking is free at the stadiums main west parking lot! We will also have multiple giveaways so come and win free activities to do with new people! Hope to see you all there!
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2023.06.10 20:16 Peeaarrssoonn Burgerstation red

Hello People of the ss13 community.
I am here to announce Burgerstation red.
Burgerstation red is a spinoff server of burgerstation.
This server was created because burgerstation is currently down.
And thy alternative server is ran poorly by a small child who admin abuses his players.
For those who do not know what burgerstation is.
It is an ss13 server written from scratch it's an rpg (it's basically basically runescape with ss13 combat mainly pve focused)
There is many things to do like dungeon looting boss fighting fishing enchanting items
learning magic and training skills trading and a lot more.
I myself aim to expand the game itself adding more environments and fishing spots and a trading hub etc.
Burgerstation red is a server where admins do not interact with the gameplay.
Admins will only moderate and interact with the server if needed if someone is rule breaking.
We aim to keep a civil non political mmorpg environment that is friendly to all players.
If this sounds fun or interesting.
Please feel free to join us do not be shy we are an accepting community of people.
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2023.06.10 20:16 Dry_Hope2405 The w.i.p oc is finally done:I really wanted to give her brown pants but the annoying mf gacha heat filter happened

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2023.06.10 20:15 barbrady123 Sister got the "scam" and I resolved it, but questions about ramifications mentioned on other sites

So, my sister fell for the "scam" giving out her 6-digit code to someone from Facebook Marketplace (why do people even use this anymore). I removed her number from google voice, and also did a FTC report (because the first google page recommended doing that also, but it seems unnecessary).
Anyway, so I haven't heard of this scam before and I'm doing some research on it. To me, this sounds like it's only useful to get untraceable (ish) texts using another persons number. But I'm reading stuff like :
They can spoof your number and contact family/friends (social)...this I don't understand because google voice isn't required to spoof an outgoing number display...and having a google voice linked to someone's number isn't going to give them any contact information regarding your friends/family, so...huh?
And two...the one I was most curious it "claims" they can intercept your 2FAs by doing some text-forwarding thing...and this also seems wrong to me. Isn't Google Voice a one-way setup? There can't possibly be a way to redirect your calls on your "real" number back to your google voice, is there? I mean, of course you could do that with your cell phone carrier, but not from the Google side.
I guess I'm just confused that some sites act like this is a major (potentially) security issue...while other's just say "well, they're just gonna use your number to scam others". Unless I'm missing something, this seems like that's all they could do, scam others using your "number". Am I missing something?
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2023.06.10 20:15 I_Suspect_Bees My mastectomy is 1 week away and part of me feels like I'm making a huge mistake

(32f) I'm 1 week away from my mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction. I found out about the gene in my 20s and knew this would happen eventually, but I feel so young.
I have a mass in my breast that cannot be ruled out as a phyllodes tumor, so the doctor recommended a lumpectomy. My breasts are very small, so the full lumpectomy would take out a pretty big chunk- since the preventative mastectomy is recommended in a few years anyway we decided to pull the trigger.
It feels like so much. I'm incredibly grateful I'm not going through what other people have to with active or aggressive cancer but I can't stop doubting I'm doing the wrong thing. A friend of mine recently drunkenly confessed to me she didn't understand why I was so scared of something that might not happen (the cancer). She thinks I'm letting fear control my decisions.
TLDR: Venting. Can't help doubting my decision to go preventative mastectomy.
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2023.06.10 20:15 Key_Condition5984 Neighbor Dispute, Confused as to right course of action.

First off, Hello. I don't often post. My wife and I purchased our home in 10/2020. I am not a very social person, so I moved in and kept to myself. Several weeks in, family came over and my Mom and her husband, against my wishes, decided to take the neighbor some food. He's a man in his Mid 70's. I was polite and neighborly but I did tell him immediately that we are not social people and really prefer to keep to ourselves as much as possible. He kept popping in when we were working in the garage or playing games in the garage, which I didn't mind too much at first. My wife got his phone number for emergency reasons, in case he fell or got hurt or something along those lines. He was nice enough at first, but as time went on he started to "Change". He started coming over constantly, and calling at hours we specifically asked not to. We have a child (Under 3 at the time) who has a set bedtime, and knocking on the door will stir the dogs. (Barking will wake her). He would call at late hours as well, like 9:00 PM. We told him he had to stop calling at those times because he was disturbing the kid. He continued. Many more annoyances happened over the next few months, I'll spare you the detail's I guess, but when we got to a point where it was hindering us too much, my wife wrote him a letter.
It basically said "Hey, we like you, and we can still be friendly and neighborly, but we can not continue to socialize this much. We are not social people, we have a toddler and run our own business and barely have time as it is. No hard feelings, we just need some space!"
This upset him dearly and it has been hell ever since. The next day he put stakes up in our yard, originating from the property line at the rear of the houses. It extended at an angle through our driveway. They were stakes with strings tied to them to "Show the property line". However all the houses on our street have the exact same property lines and dimensions. The basics of them are easily found online. He kept moving them farther into our property. He then Spray painted the Property line, while getting hot pink spray paint on my pop up camper, and the tires and wheels of my Jeep as well. His son came and apologized and moved the property line stakes that he put up to a "More appropriate spot". He then stated that he's surprised that the Neighbor (His father) Had not pulled a gun on us yet, and to be careful.
He then put up a Privacy fence in the front yard, only in the front yard, directly between us. The city was not happy with that and made him take it down. He moved it to the backyard, maybe on his property, but it looks like it's a few inches on ours. He hung a sign "No stupid people beyond this point" He then mulched between the yards and planted small pines.
He been coming onto my property, and yelling Obscene slurs and stuff at me, in front of my wife and child. I just keep telling him to get off my property. I called the cops once a couple months ago, and they told him to leave us alone, and stay in his yard. Today he's at it again, and I Just said "Neighbor, you need to get off my property, if not I will have to call the police again", as he was walking around my driveway and vehicles, with some strange person I've never seen or met.

I plan on getting a staked survey soon, but they are quite expensive, but the police both times have said there is nothing they can do. He's literally walking in my driveway and front yard, in front of my vehicles. I don't Know the right course of action outside the survey. I have a child, and I want her to be safe, but she can't go in her yard safely. I understand that he may be losing some mental capacity in his age, according to his son, and he smokes a TON of pot, but I don't want to be bothered, and I don't care what he does on his property, I just want him off mine for safety and Liability reasons.
Just looking for Help, suggestions, or direction.
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2023.06.10 20:15 TheReelToReal Confusion is succumbing my life... Please help!

Wanted to share some background if you don't mind. Hope it doesn't get too long.
During university(3rd sem), my friend and I founded a startup (in 2019). It was a product & service provider. Our primary goal was to eliminate middlemen by building a B2C platform for farmers. So we worked in-house with a bunch of volunteer college friends to help us build our first website and app. By that time, I was kinda well acquainted with programming and was progressing everyday. I managed the frontend. The startup grew well but unfortunately we had to close operations due to covid and unsuspecting times. It was a no-profit no-loss gig. So I quit the company in 2020 making my friend the sole proprietor who had hopes running it in future.
Now coming forward to this day & talking bout all those years spent in covid - I neglected programming a lot. To be very honest, I was in a delusional state/mindset of starting a billion dollar startup which wasn't backed by actions and based on mere planning. You can count it up as day dreaming. I wasted a lot of that precious time building mind palaces & doing nothing as per required karma.
So eventually I joined mom's hospital business to gain some administrative skills and performed pretty decent in 1 year. Now at present, I'm planning on going back to pavilion & growing + honing my programming skills. I don't see myself working in the medical industry for long. I need a skill of my own that can help me fall back & earn just in case the hospital doesn't earn. Moreover I'm not interested in the medical field, if I was, would've taken medical in 12th.
Now currently, I'm in regret of having wasted a lot of my precious time and underestimating the need to acquire skills. I've forgotten a lot of languages and skills I learnt & have to start from scratch. I was in an imaginary state where I thought I could just hire tech folks and manage em without knowing much of the stuff & build a unicorn outta thin air. But Lord O Lord, I was wrong.
Right now I am in a dilemma. I'm gonna turn 23 this month - Is it too late to start over? Shall I start with learning full stack web development or android dev or jump into AI? Currently I've started learning Javascript again from scratch and planning on learning React. This time, I'm planning on gaining some industry exposure by doing a job for sometime , before jumping into the ocean of startups. So is it a right path to proceed & move forward? What's the fastest way to acquire skills so I can catch up with peers?
I dunno, I'm in a spiral of self doubt...
I sincerely request ya'll to enlighten me with your invaluable guidance, I'm all ears!
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2023.06.10 20:15 nbp_leon Four different logos in Kendall Lakes, FL (from Kmart Friends on Facebook)

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2023.06.10 20:15 You_Are_Phone Two can play at the non-sequitur game.

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2023.06.10 20:15 Ok_Strain_2025 Is screen protector really bad for Macbook Air?

I just bought a new Mac Air M2 from an authorized reseller store. I don't know much about this stuff so I completely trusted the saleperson. He asked me if I want the screen protector. I said yes because it sounds like a good idea. My friend and then with some quick research on the internet tell me otherwise. I'm kinda upset right now that I found out it could damage my screen instead of protecting it?
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2023.06.10 20:15 shadyWavy Trying to find someone I met at a Garbage & Noel Gallagher gig at the Greek Theatre, LA

I was at a Metric/Noel GallagheGarbage gig at the Greek Theatre in LA last night, right at the front and it was an incredible night. Noel dedicated live forever to me because I told him about the poster of him I had on my wall at uni hahahahaha so basically one of the best moments of my life, especially as a Brit.
There was a girl I met 2 rows behind me who kindly pointed out that the blue overshirt I was wearing was inside out and we spoke for a bit but she left before I could ask for her number. Her name was Charlie, from LA, brunette and she was wearing a Metric t-shirt (who were opening for Noel). Any chance anyone here could work their magic and help a guy out?
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2023.06.10 20:14 Ricardi11 23/M Seeking someone to click with

Hey! My name is Ricardo from Portugal and i am 23 years old!
I think i’m a pretty chill guy and we can chat about anything pretty much.
As far as my hobbies go, i enjoy watching series and movies, so if you have any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it! I also like doing sports since i played football for a few years, i also enjoy going out, i am pretty much an ambivert so i got a lot of interest in both indoor and outdoor things, so i’m sure we can find something to chat about!
So if you are interested in chatting or maybe even being friends, hit me up!
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