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Monsters Chapter 73: Meanwhile, in death

2023.03.20 16:17 LordIlthari Monsters Chapter 73: Meanwhile, in death

I am The Bard, who must admit some certain fondness for some of my subjects over others. Any historian naturally becomes attached to some characters, and obtains a bias towards them. I am no different in this regard.
It hung like the bones of an ancient lizard king, awesome even in its deiscation. Highest of the high places, casting forth the dying light of the age, and covering the cosmos in an intense metaphysical shadow. None were beyond its antumbra, and heaven and hell alike were bound within its deepest umbra. The weight of history pressing down on reality was bound up here. Here, amidst the ruins of what had once been the seat of the first and greatest king of the age, where dragons first caught fire in their breaths, where they sang and the world was changed. Here, in ruined majesty, lay the breathless word of awe and mournful nostalgia. A kingdom who’s shadow was graven onto the name of the world itself.
Akar. The first and true Akar. The plane of Io. The birthplace of Bahamut and Tiamat, and where the king of heaven died, and the end of the age began.
Many were the treasure seekers, pilgrims, historians, and other sundry who wandered those halls. Many more were the defenders. The servants of Bahamut and Tiamat alike, agreeing only in this, that the ancient palace, their once true and perfect home, should not be defiled by pillagers and scoundrels. So, suffice it to say the presence of the Black Hound Scoundrels was not welcomed.
Raymond’s sword was broken, again. He’d liked that one too, an ancient ilithid weapon, projecting a blade of light though a psionic focusing crystal. It had served him well, right up until the point where the blue dragon’s lightning bolt had overloaded the arcane technology and blown it up in his hand. He was also missing a limb again, but this was less troublesome than when he was alive.
He hit the ground hard as he fell back, rolling over and over on the black marble floor. Several things were definitely broken. They had found themselves near to their goal, in what had likely been a planetarium of sorts before the fall of Io. The room was filled with great orbs, each one depicting in full a different plane of existence, and how they moved and danced around one another in the great cosmic game. Each globe was about three times the size of a man in radius, and formed of material from the plane it depicted. The floor was graven of marble quarried from the negative energy plane itself, malefic energies safely disapated, and opposite it, a ceiling of glowing hypermatter from the positive energy plane supplemented the light of what appeared to be a miniature star in the center of the room.
That light was quickly obscured as the earth shook from the impact of an ancient blue dragoness landing in front of it. One of Tiamat’s consorts, fair and terrible as the sea and stars. The room crackled with static electricity, a storm system building within the confined space from the raw elemental power of the ancient dragon. She stalked forwards, reading another blast fit to reduce Raymond to ashes. As she opened her mouth, something hit her in the chin. The lightning backfired, and blew dragoness and defender alike back.
Pure angel-white armored boots tore up the surface next to Raymond as Elsior ground to a halt. Her wings flared, tensing for another burst of motion. Aegis snapped to the side in a ready position as the white lion guarded her friend. “Ray, you doing okay?”
”Fine. Just give me a moment.” Raymond replied. He focused, charging the depleted stone around him with his power, awakening a fragment of its prior energies. Once charged, he drew it up around himself, reforming his lost limb from the planar material. “Right. Good to go.”
”We cannot afford to be delayed by this guardian overlong.” Aegis warned through their shared mental link. “It must be removed rapidly.”
”Cualli can’t hold her. That’s how the last one broke.” Lamora warned. The changeling flashed into being, emerging from the form of a microscopic bacterium, only to deliver a devastating slash across the dragoness’s face. Her silver blade slashed horn and eye alike, sending the dragoness reeling with an eye cut out and a horn crashing to the floor. The shapeshifter goddess caught the blood from the wound in her palm, then in a crash of thunder, there were two dragonesses in the room, grappling with one another with fang and claw, tearing up the room in their struggle.
”Well best figure something out soon, we’re running out of zombies.” Keelah replied. The kobold, well, not exactly a kobold any longer, reported from the entrance to the room. Beyond it, the corridor was filled with the sound of clashing blades. She snapped around the corner, twin crossbows raised. Demonic energies began to charge from her weapons, then snapped out in a howling chorus as a rain of hellfire burst from the twin weapons. Tiamat’s lesser forces felt the sting of Avarice and Arrogance, as they rained amidst their ranks. She heard the chant of an Abashai sorcerer, and focused. The chanting devil had their spell cut off midway as Keelah fired a focused blast that punched through the sorcerer’s bodyguards and into his skull. The demonic energy exploded, rending the sorcerer to pieces and covering the nearby minions with gore. She fired another shot, this one a scything wave, and bisected a trio of white abashai that had managed to break through Raymond’s wall of zombies.
Despite her efforts, the undead were flanked, and annihilated. “Correction.” She updated. “We are out of zombies.”
”This necessitates a mightier minion.” Raymond remarked. “Cover me!” He pressed his hand to the black surface of the floor, and began to channel. At the same time, Lamora lost her grapple with the blue dragon, who threw her down with her teeth upon her throat. Unfortunately for the dragoness, biting a changeling is somewhat less than effective, as Lamora flowed like mercury away from the bite, taking on her true form and landing a devastating counter-slash along the dragonness’s wing. It turned towards her, roaring in anger, only to be checked and knocked back by a brilliant white flash.
As several of the dragoness’s teeth fell to the ground, Elsior landed, blade directed at the dragoness. “I’ve never fought a dragon before. Have to say, you’re disappointing.” This enraged the dragoness, who focused her fury upon the white lion, and the chamber shook with their battle.
As Raymond focused, the ground began to raise up into an arch. The sorcerer remained focused utterly on his work, defenseless as he chanted a ritual of awakening and binding. The minions of Tiamat surged forwards towards him, but then there came the sound of the unbreakable breaking. With a chime of shattering time, Keelah re-entered the fray. The fourth dimension cracked about her, as the demoness of time channeled the power of the abyss into the gears of the cosmos themselves.
She was about them and untouchable, fragmented across a dozen parallel worldlines, each one tangled in a gordian knot as reality bent at her whim. Her enemies were slowed, moving in molasses as no speed could avail them, and she likewise was a blur, her newfound abyssal power amplifying her speed, and time accelerating around her to push demonic enhancements even further. She was a one-woman platoon, single-handedly trapping the forces of Tiamat with enfilade fire, sniping their commanders into paste, blasting, ripping, and tearing the horde with a storm of abyssal energy.
Then, it was done. Raymond’s ritual completed as the gate stood ready. With a shout of warning, he activated it. The weak died instantly, reduced to their fundamental elements as the power of the negative energy plane ripped into the planetarium. A singularly unfortunate dragonborn was too near to the gate when it activated, and was pulled through, his body stretching out weirdly as the dimensional distortion inflicted a status scientifically know as “spaghettification” upon him.
Then from the gate came winged death, or perhaps death in the shape of wings. It came with an unsound, an unshriek, and an unboom. Its form perhaps suggested a vulture, or some other kind of carrion bird. But it was an impression, an image in the mind which tried to attach something known to the unknown thing. It was a storm of many black wings, and many eyes. About it was an unflame, an echo of the silence before the first words were spoken. The men of Akar called these creatures Nightstalkers, for they were the hunters and the dragons of the deathly plane. The shape of death, with it antithetical resonance, fell upon the brightest source of life, the blue dragoness. The two forces ripped against one another, lightning flashing desperately as silence smothered the thunder.
The scoundrels ran. “Minion.” Keelah grumbled as time wearily mended itself around her. “Minon. Minion implies you can control that thing!” She growled.
”Theoretically, I can.” Raymond replied. “Though I’d rather not try to put theory into practice right now.”
”So, in other words, you aren’t controlling it.” Keelah said.
”Why do you think I’m running too?” Raymond replied, and Keelah started running faster.
Then, they were there. They knew it at once, the presence of the place was palpable. A wrongness, a sorrow, a stain and scar upon the fabric of the world, invisible but impossible to miss or ignore. Raymond and Lamora felt their stomachs churn, their hair stand on end. Their senses screamed at them that this was a place nobody should be in, a place that should not exist. An absolute defilement hung upon the area, an abomination of desecration so severe that the world screamed around then.
Elsior fell to a knee, struggling to breathe from the overwhelming pressure of the area. Even empowered by Aegis, the dragonborn felt it more strongly than any of them, a death so profound its mere memory was enough to cause her heart to briefly stop, fitfully start, and then stop again. If she remained overlong, it would kill her. The effect upon Keelah was less severe, but without an artifact to protect her, she suffered terribly. The kobold was not a kobold any longer, her shape was formed from the material of the abyss, held together by her sheer ego more so than by any natural law. In this place, her scales screamed, writhed, and began to rip off her body into a twisting coil around her. Her skin boiled under it, her crossbows reknit themselves into her flesh. She retained her shape, her size, but more and more she leaned further away from the draconic heritage and into her new demonic nature to desperately avoid the ancestral agony gathered in this place.
It was odd, one of the simpler rooms in the great planetary palace. A dining room, with three chairs suited for draconic beings. It hadn’t been touched in centuries, nothing had even been here to shed the dead skin cells that would produce dust. Whatever meal they had been eating was long since rotted away, but the table was still half-set, broken plates and cookware scattered. It was as though it might have been left only a few minutes ago. If not for the blood, so much blood. It painted the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furnitutre. Dried and set like stone into the fabric of the world, the blood of Bahamut, of Tiamat, and of their father.
This was where Io had died. This was where Bahamut and Tiamat’s war began, where they ripped their father’s heart from his chest and tore it in twain, split between them. It still carried the echo of Io’s dying scream, a memory potent enough to bring those with draconic blood to their knees. A memory potent enough to help fuel the birth of a new god of the dead.
”Ray. Grab it. Quickly.” Elsior ordered. “We aren’t meant to be here. Nobody is meant to be here.”
”On it.” Raymond replied, setting down his staff. It began to flicker, grey light sweeping out from it and scanning over the room again and again and again. Ghostly images began to form, memories of the room, playing back in reverse across the centuries. It had been so long that the process would take some time. “It’s set.” Raymond said, and placed a charm on the staff to return to him when it had captured the memory sufficiently. “Let’s get out of here.” He said, moving quickly back towards the planetarium. Everyone knew what waited for them there, it was better than this place.
”I just hope that your staff can get you the memory fast enough.” Keelah grumbled, piecing herself back into her false form. “There’s been trouble enough with-“
”Keelah, if you jinx us I’m going to kick you halfway back to the abyss.” Elsior cut her off.
Lamora stiffened. “Too late. She’s coming. Ray, timeline on that memory?”
”No idea.” Raymond replied. “At its current rate, maybe five minutes.” He started to sprint, and the others continued, Elsior picking up Keelah to bear her along more swiftly. “Maybe the nightstalker can slow-“
He went silent as they emerged back into the planetarium, and the world rent. An overwhelming dominance threatened to stop the hearts of everyone. The nightstalker turned its many-eyed gaze towards the rift and what came through. Drawn like a moth to a flame, it turned its gaze from the desiccated remains of the ancient blue dragoness and hurled itself towards the coming prismatic light. There was a sound like an earthquake, like a hurricane, and like a meteorite impacting as pure chaotic energy ripped it apart, blasting the apex predator of the Negative Energy Plane to dust in an instant.
The ground shook, as a thing unmatched in beauty and in horror stepped through. Five heads snaked on five necks, built upon a powerful body. The very magic of the room trembled as an impossibly powerful aura made the strands of the universe quiver. Five voices spoke in one, in absolute rage and fury, as Tiamat, queen of dragons, made her presence and displeasure known. “YOU DARE. YOU DARE, TRESPASS UPON MY HOME, IN THE PRESENCE OF MY PAIN? YOU COME, CRAWLING AMIDST THE TOMB OF GODS, AND THINK TO ROB IT, TO DARE TO STEAL FROM THE QUEEN OF DRAGONS?”
Lamora covered the scoundrels in a spell of invisibility, but Tiamat turned her gazes upon it and stripped the spell away with all the ease of a mother throwing away a sheet a troublesome child was trying to hide under. “I SEE YOU THERE, LAMORA, FALSE GODLING, PATHETIC LITTLE EXCUSE FOR A DEITY. EVEN IN YOUR MIGHTIEST FORM YOU WERE NO MATCH FOR ME. DO YOU THINK THIS LATEST MORTAL YOU USURPED WILL AVAIL YOU?”
”AND AS FOR YOU.” She finished, snarling at Keelah. “Who’s familiar are you again?”
Keelah grinned. "I am the goddamn eggshell caught in the universe's gears, holding it back from sheer spite even when I should be broken. I am the demoness of time, the greatest thief in the cosmos, the abyss couldn't hold me, and heaven can't keep me out. I am Ordani, a godslayer, and a true daughter of Io. In other words bitch, I'm your worst nightmare!"
There was a moment of stunned silence as Tiamat processed that she’d just been defied in the midst of her holy fury. Furthermore, that she’d been defied by a kobold of all things. A slave race dared to defy the queen of the universe? She was simply stunned by the audacity. Then, she ceased to be stunned, and became enraged. All five heads focused on the kobold, opened their mouths, and the battle was on.
A wave of annihilating prismatic energy roared towards Keelah, only to be intercepted by Lamora. As perhaps one of the most powerful attacks in the cosmos bore down on her, Lamora simply raised up her blade, and cut. The wave of destruction parted like the red sea, as Lamora stood, framed by the light of her blade and the apocalypse crashing past her and her party. She may have been the weakest among the gods, but to underestimate the heroine with a thousand faces was the utmost folly!
Elsior roared a battle cry and rocketed forwards, blade set to pierce the dragon queen’s adamantine hide. Only for her to miss, entirely. She paused, confused for a moment as Tiamat seemed to utterly vanish. However, as she looked down, and beheld a prismatic dragonborn, it was clear she had only changed her shape. A blast of supercooled acid hit the white lion, beginning to melt through her armor as it froze her solid to the ceiling.
Time shattered around Keelah as she took cover behind the planets, opening fire with a dozen piercing shots. They shattered in the air a meter from Tiamat’s form, and she calmly waved a hand. One of the planets Keelah was cowering behind exploded into corrosive gasses, instantly melting two timelines to goo. The gas rapidly spread, forcing Keelah to cover her mouths and hold fire, lest she risk igniting the gas.
Tiamat raised her hand, and fired a blast of fire. It was no stream as with a normal breath weapon, but a concentrated ball of heat and death, more akin to a fireball than a normal breath weapon. Raymond hurled a singularity at a nearby planet, dragging it off course and into the path of the fireball. The fireball hit it, and ripped the planet apart, sending magma spraying throughout the room. Irritated, Tiamat glared towards Raymond. A moment later, a bolt of lightning ripped out of nowhere and slammed into the mage. He went sprawling, body ablaze. As he rolled, he lifted his hand, and redicrected the energy. The power was still enough to blast his directing arm to ashes, but he managed to send the majority of the attack back at Tiamat.
The queen of dragons didn’t even deign to block the attack, letting the bolt of lightning pass harmlessly over her. She was the daughter of chaos itself, and no elemental magic could harm her, not even her own. The blade of Lamora on the other hand, could. As Tiamat was blinded from being inside a lightning bolt, Lamora struck, landing a glancing blow on the dragon queen’s arm. The hero’s blade slashed open the virtually indestructible scales, drawing a goddess’s blood. The dragon queen’s eyebrows suddenly raised, and she retreated away from Lamora, teleporting to the other side of the room and firing off another blast in her direction.
Keelah moved clear of the gas, and began hammering Tiamat’s position with fire. Tiamat once again blocked it, only for one of the bolts to vanish, replaced with a now one-armed mage. Raymond held a spike of pure negative energy in his remaining hand like a spear, and drove it into the wound Lamora had opened. The spear drove in, and wrapped itself around the dragon queen’s arm like a shackle. Tiamat’s eyes went wide, and she smiled briefly before moving in to rip Raymond’s head off. He shouted an alert. “Her magic’s sealed! Now!”
Tiamat’s foot swung with enough force to reduce the mage’s torso to paste, but it didn’t connect with him. Raymond vanished, and the dragon queen’s heel instead connected with the brilliant white armor of the White Lion. Elsior grunted, but she had traded blows with Ascalon, Tiamat was still murderously strong, but she wasn’t a fighter. “My turn.” She replied, stepping in and answering with an attack that hurled Tiamat across the room.
Tiamat landed on her feet, scales smoking but unbroken. Even a full-powered attack from Aegis could only bruise her scales, not break them. The power of a trueborn goddess was not something any mortal weapon, even an artifact, could overcome with simple brute force. That didn’t seem to stop the scoundrels though, as Elsior charged, Keelah opened fire, and Raymond hurled another singularity, this one aimed directly for Tiamat’s throat.
Tiamat smirked, and reality bent. Elsior found herself suspended in the air, dangling from invisible threads. A wall of crystal interposed itself between Keelah’s bolts and their target, and Tiamat conjured a staff of similar crystal, using it to focus a blast at Raymond’s singularity. The miniature black hole froze solid, fell to the floor, and shattered.
”Magic sealed my as-gh!” Elsior swore, as Tiamat crossed the distance and struck her. Her armor unraveled, and the dragonborn lost her grip on Aegis. She hit the ground sprawling, chest caved in and body starting to tear itself apart. It was like she was coming apart at the seams, body fraying like a damaged tapestry.
”It is sealed, this is something else entirely!” Aegis shouted, blade struggling in the threads before Tiamat casually picked the greatsword up in one hand to examine it like a child studying a new toy.
”Indeed, oh treasure mine.” Tiamat mused. “I am Tiamat, axiomatic to dragons. Where they are, I am also. All dragons, and all things that are called dragons. Do you understand? Besides, I could hardly call myself the greatest sorceress in the cosmos if I limited my self to only a single continuity’s power.”
Aegis tried to fight back, forming armor to restrict the dragon queen’s movements, but he could find no purchase. Every time he tried to manifest the restricting plates, he found his progress blocked by strange structures, as though the underlying threads of reality had been woven into armor for the dragon queen.
Lamora struck, and was deftly parried by Aegis. The two goddesses clashed for a few seconds. Lamora was far more skilled, but the gap in raw power was too much. Tiamat was toying with her. Keelah circumvented the wall of crystal and prepared to fire, but the wall collapsed into eyes, which intercepted her bolts with freezing rays of their own, before turning towards her. Raymond reformed his arm, and shaped a singularity into a staff. He swapped with Lamora, giving to buy the cleric time to heal Elsior.
With a two handed blow, Tiamat shattered Raymond’s staff, staggering the mage. Then, she drove the blade into his stomach, and twisted. Raymond was a spirit, not a man, but this was still a ruinous blow, and he fell forwards onto the blade. Still, he grit his teeth, and vanished, taking the blade with him. Lamora reappeared in his stead, and in a single motion, slashed open Tiamat’s throat. The dragon queen staggered back, before her blood flash froze, keeping her avatar in the fight. Lamora lunged to finish her, but invisible threads caught her blade and redirected it. With a thunderclap, her blade severed the shackle sealing Tiamat’s magic.
In a surge of power, Tiamat resumed her true form and hurled Lamora back. Her power was simply too great for the scoundrels to face even this aspect. Keelah opened fire, piercing the dragon queen’s hide with many bolts, and then ran for cover as Tiamat swept her tail out and threw half the room at the kobold in return.
Raymond leaned on Aegis like a cane, holding his essence in with one hand. He focused, mending himself to the point where he wasn’t about to disapate, but the effort left him weakened. He was practically out, and nothing was even slowing Tiamat down. He looked about, and gaze focused on the sun in the center of the room. He had one more gambit.
”I have an idea. Give me a moment, and time moving as fast as possible on that star.” He requested.
”I hope this one works Ray.” Keelah warned, and then fired a bolt. The sun began to spin faster. Elsior took back her blade, and with a roar of challenge, once more faced down the queen of dragons. Her brilliant blade met the fang, claw, and crushing tail of the dragon goddess, their blows shaking the ground, before Tiamat focused another prismatic blast and hurled her back. She advanced, as ruin came to the planetarium around her. The orbs were desiccating, falling back to their component elements and being drawn irrevocably to the star in its center, which began to swell and turn a sickly red.
Tiamat advanced on Raymond as he chanted, focus entirely on his spell. Keelah bombarded her but her attacks were only pinpricks. She prepared a blast to finish the mage, only to be intercepted by Lamora’s fist, and the bellowing roar of a Tarrasque. The sight of that monster drove Tiamat into a berserk frenzy, and she threw herself at Lamora’s mightiest form with an animalistic rage. She bit and tore and rent, tearing massive chunks off of the changeling. Her magic and breath weapons seemed forgotten as she screamed in utter rage and hate for the thing in front of her. All Lamora could do against the onslaught was defend, and not to protect herself truly, but to simply die more slowly.
”There’s not enough mass!” Aegis warned, as the last of the planets were dragged into the swirling maelstrom of the star.
”Then we’ll have to use acceleration as a substitute!” Raymond retorted, and hurled a singularity into the heart of the star. “Elsior! Throw the sun at her!”
Elsior looked at Raymond like he was crazy, and then shrugged. If this didn’t work, they were all dead anyways. She hurled herself into the heart of the star, trusting her armor to protect her from the incredible forces at work. With a cry, she threw the dying sun at the queen of dragons. “ORDER ON ME!”
Raymond threw the last of his power into briefly phasing the scoundrels out of existence, as the star impacted Tiamat and exploded. The queen of dragons was resilient, but even her armor was nothing before the force of a supernova. The planetarium vanished as the power of a collapsing star, even a miniature one, ripped it apart. But as the blinding light faded, Tiamat still stood, smoking and battered, stunned, and breathing heavily, but stood.
But so also did the scoundrels! Emerging back into existence, they attacked with everything they had left. Keelah blinded the dragon queen with an unendring rain of abyssal bolts, giving cover for Lamora to take on her true form and carve a ruinous slash across one of Tiamat’s throats. Elsior took the chance, shedding her armor and moving with enough force to create a sonic boom, she struck the weakened throat with all her might. In a spray of divine blood, the head severed, and with a crash, the red head of Tiamat fell to the ground.
Tiamat’s rage was incalculable. Her wings stirred up a veritable hurricane, throwing the scoundrels off of her as she took flight. The scoundrels looked up, and awe came upon them as the empress of dragons began to cast a spell of incomprehensible power. She wove together ley lines, the very flows of magic through the cosmos, and she wove them into being, not one, but five at once. Then, they began to align, one to each cardinal direction, and one pointed like a targeting beam directly at the scoundrels.
Raymond was unconscious, so Lamora called Cualli to hand and activated it. The scoundrels vanished into the staff, and it vanished into itself seconds before the spell began to activate. A beam of brilliant white light filled the air, and the ley-lines collapsed into themselves, into the directing one, and hurtled downwards. The scoundrels re-appeared on the Astral Hound moments before a spell powerful enough to shatter a planet detonated on the space they had just been standing. Akar’s ancient magics held it together, directing the force outwards. The plane survived, barely, with a seventy-mile wide hole punched through it, straight from one end to the other.
Keelah rushed to the Astral Hound’s helm and swiftly began directing the aethership away from Akar as fast as it could go, supplementing her own power to accelerate it through time and space even faster. They watched with baited breath, as they prayed that Tiamat’s aspect wouldn’t chase them down. Forutnately for them, the damaged avatar was destroyed by its own working. Within Ascalon’s domain, the true dragon queen raged that her prey had escaped her, though privately, she was mildly amused that any mortal had managed to push one of her avatars so far. It was the first time in a very, very long while.
”Did you get it?” Keelah asked as soon as Lamora restored Raymond to consciousness. “Because that was far too close to have been for nothing.”
Raymond focused on the staff, and projected out the memory. “Yeah, and I see why Tiamat didn’t want us to find it.” He replied. The hazy grey memory stood clear, as Io breathed his last, and his daughter wept for what she had done.
”Well that’s a fascinating little parcel of information, beyond simply its use in creating our own deity to counter her.” Aegis remarked. “But perhaps not the most actionable piece we recovered on this expedition. Did any of you notice what wasn’t there?”
”Even as supposedly the good half you’re an insufferable smart-ass you know that?” Keelah replied. “Just fucking tell us.”
”Takes one to know one mini-Mat.” Aegis replied. “There were no forces from Ascalon’s own armies. It was exclusively Tiamat’s.”
”Given her response to us being there, I think she’d have killed him if he tried to add his own.” Elsior replied. “Though, that probably wouldn’t stop him.”
”Exactly.” Aegis replied. “He’d only avoid having his own forces around to monitor the situation, and probably try to kill all of us, if there wasn’t already something else he needed them for. He’s preparing to make his move.”
”Another invasion of Akar?” Raymond guessed. “It’s only been fifty years. He can’t be ready for that so quickly.”
”We don’t take losing well.” Aegis replied.
”Fair enough. Even so, we’re going to need more information, and more firepower.” Raymond considered. “This memory is only a part of what I’ll need, and the energies required will take more than a little while to accumulate.”
”So,” Keelah considered. “What I’m hearing is that we need to break into heaven again.”
”And persuade an archangel to not only avoid killing us, but come with us. Because there’s no way Kazador will come with us without her.” Elsior groaned. “And maybe somehow pick up Matlal on the way, providing he’s not busy on the mortal front.”
”He will be. Can’t keep himself out of trouble that one.” Lamora remarked. “Though as for persuading Senket, I suspect she has words for Ascalon long overdue.”
”No doubt. So, in the interest of not having to ask Kaz to reforge me, please don’t tell her who’s soul is in this sword.” Aegis requested, with not a little fear.
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2023.03.20 16:13 gos907 Something I made in yt comments: a "supervillain" named Floralis Aurolas

So, you got apple pie?
Floralis Aurolas is a person who controls plants and other flora. They have the vibe of a calm, yet meticulous person who appears quite smart. (Think Makima from CSM.)
The appearance of Floralis is a clean-shaven teenage boy of Homo Sapiens descent, however it's not confirmed if they are indeed human. They wear a plain white shirt with a torn-off right sleeve. There would also be a painted tree branch on the front. On top of the shirt is an open tracksuit coloured dark green with the number "627" on the right side. The reason for this is mentioned in the lore section. They also wear grey trousers and black boots to combat dirt that they regularly encounter. They would have short wavy dark brown hair alongside green eyes. They would also be of European descent, most likely from the UK, Germany or Poland, however they would only speak English.
While I mentioned above that Floralis is calm and smart appearance wise, they would have a knack for jokes and would simply cause terror just for fun, yet they wouldn't fight if necessarily. They refer to themselves as non-binary, as they have a feminine like voice, yet they have the appearance of a male. They are quite prideful, yet they don't mention it directly, but instead show it in their fighting. Floralis has a very peculiar manner of speaking, as they would speak gently, trying not to anger someone, while still cracking a lot of jokes. But she does have a bit of a temper if you mention her torn of sleeve, due to the fact that she tore it off because █████████. Once in the temper, they will be quite blunt, and will immediately start attacking the specific person who provoked them. They live in the woods of ██████, a vast jungle unlike in most of Europe. They have a immense hatred of unnatural products, most of all plastic. Plastic will also induce their temper.
Powers and Special Prowess's
~Floralis has a speciality in controlling fauna, often using a root of a tree grown from her powers as a bench. This notion is her calling card, alongside her catchphrase "You got Apple Pie?" Although her power may seem useless at first glance, she attacks using bursting roots, entanglement and sharp leaves/stalks. The most common way to get killed by them is strangulation.
~They have enhanced speed by swinging through grown vines.
~They are quite smart both common- and combat wise. They can for example know if someone is scamming them, and they also know the fastest way to kill a man through stab wounds.
~While it is unconfirmed, there is a chance they can indoctrinate someone through their voice, but they don't have any interest in having subordinates or slaves.
~They are near immortal, as if they get a fatal blow, they can simply be reborn. The reason it is "near immortal," is because if the body is completely destroyed without a singular speck of dust over, they cannot rebirth.
~They are immensely weak physically, as they cannot lift a 7,5 kilogram rock up. To combat this, they usually use plants to lift stuff up.
~They are weak to fire for obvious reasons.
~If they are in a temper, they cannot think as rationally, so it's easier to defeat.
~They get easily knocked out, both through combat and through alcohol.
Floralis terrorises random individuals if they walk into the jungle. If nobody enters for a while, they will just target the nearby village. They "terrorise" people by pulling practical jokes and fake-attacking the victims. Some of the practical jokes are:
~Pulling the victim upwards with a vine.
~Recreate the same part of the jungle to make someone feel lost.
~"Steal" an item before putting said item high up in a tree. The items are usually books, Tupperware and fake jewellery.
When fake attacking, they will attack like normal, but with a smile on their face. Once they are close to damaging the victim, they will immediately halt. It shall be noted that even if you ask them to not pull these jokes, they will still do it.
"Is that... a child?" He asked. The person who he was talking to looked over, and there was a boy, roughly age 4. "He" had a grey sweater on, and they have white trousers on. What stood out the most, however, is when "he," or what the two men would rather refer to, "they" spoke. "Why are you here?" the boy responded, with a voice of a small, female child. They men were shocked, but then were quite relieved. They were happy because they were finally done with the hellhole that was the jungle. They grabbed the child by the shoulders, and carried them to the helicopter. The guards paid the armed escorts and boarded the helicopter. When the helicopter lifted up, the guard looked over at the child. They were looking at the jungle, like a regular child looking back at home.
Once the helicopter lands again, they were somewhere else. North america, ████████. A laboratory, or what for the child was, a prison, was their new home. They met new escorts, and the child went to the "testing room" 626. To the left was 627. Unbeknown to the child, was another child, whom they shall feel close to. Once in the room, the first test was placed 2 hours later. A test was for the place quite inhumane, so they used a special liquid to put in a syringe and put in the child. The child didn't die. This was the first time that happened, but there was something... off.
Once the armed escort went inside, they found out why. The "child" became taller, older and is closer to a teen to a young adolescent then a child. In the next room, the same result happened in 627. They decided to merge the rooms, and designated two shirts for the two. The boy got "626" and the girl "627." 5 years later, the test team noticed something. Why didn't they age? While that was boggling the scientists, the couple were chatting as usual, playing jokes on each other and having the most amount of fun they can have in the room. But then struck midnight, and the date was 27 December, 20██.
They got breakfast as usual, but there was a new test. The two got injected with different liquids. The boy has now theoretically gotten immortality, and so has the girl, but the real difference was with the side effects. The boy noticed it first. When he tried to lift up the small weights that he normally lifted was now extremely heavy. The girl then noticed her weakness, as she couldn't see as well. She was going blind. But then came disaster.
The first liquid, "Naturalis," is injected into the boy, and it's supposed to give the powers of flora and immortality. The girl got "Phoenixas," an elixir giving immortality and fire powers. While the boy suffered no setbacks, the girl has gotten something extremely bad as a side effect. Every time that she tried to use her fire powers, it will always backfire and go on her. She casts an extremely powerful spell, and it also backfired.
There was a legend of the man named "Icarus." He was taken in by a king, and with the wings granted by his father Daedalus, escaped. Ignoring his warnings however, he went too close to the sun and burned up. The girl has re-birthed as usual, but she was extremely fatigued. The boy was distraught, and approached her still body. At last, she muttered the words at the boy, which shall be her final words too. "Please escape for me." The girl then casts an explosion spell, which destroys every part of her body, leaving nothing over but her clothes.
The boy, realising what he must do, decided to wait until some escorts went inside. The escorts were immediately impaled by sharp stalks, killing them instantly. Once the bodies fall to the ground, the boy grabs the hand made tracksuit made for the girl coloured her favourite colour. Dark green, the colours of his eyes. He grabs the grey trousers, and after wearing the two, bolts out of the laboratory. After he bolts out, two guards tries to attack them, but they attacked first, and the guards dropped dead.
They grab the black boots and a white shirt with a branch on it. Wearing that, he escaped the facility and boarded a helicopter in secret to the jungle he came from. In the helicopter, they was ready to attack, but then they recognised other subjects. "There was a full blown revolution, after we heard an explosion. And tell me, what is your name?" The boy cut his right sleeve of the shirt using a sharp piece of liana that they grew. And they gave it to the person talking to them.
"My name is Floralis Aurolas."
~They don't remember when they got birthed, and with the re-birthing part its quite hard to choose a birthday, so they chose December 27 as their birthday. The reason is mentioned here above.
~This means that they are a Capricorn.
~Their favourite food is Apple Pie.
~Their least favourite is specifically "Banana flavoured Laffy Taffies." The reason is because they don't taste like bananas.
~The reason they like Apple Pie, is because of the filling. This means that they also like Apple Turnovers.
~They are Aroace.
~Contrary to popular belief, they are not a virgin. They only mentioned this once, but it's unknown with who they did it with.
~They have a computer with internet.
~They watch Vtubers, with their favourite being "Ceres Fauna" and "Petra Gurin".
~Their favourite game is "Spore"
~They play osu.
~Their favourite anime is "Your Name"
~Their favourite song is the Nightcord at 25:00 cover of "Bug."
~While Floralis is defined as a "Super villain," they do not refer themselves as so, because: "A super villain is purely an evildoer, I just like to mess with people."
~Their opinion on "The fictional villains from Gotham" is: "6 bumbling idiots who cannot speak English, are probably made in Omegle by 6 individuals who don't know what the banana crisis of '50 was."
~They are alright with interviews.
~There is an urban legend at the village near the jungle, where a person has to be "fed" to the jungle, or else the wicked "jungle spirit" shall mess with the village. The spirit in question is Floralis when they don't have anyone to mess with in the jungle.
~The feeding session is on the 27th of every month.
~The "food" don't actually die to Floralis, they merely get targeted for a hour or two.
~On December, there is an annual festival for this tradition.
~Floralis often comes to help with plays and such to entertain "fortunate childeren who should see the world in a good light."
~No, they will not have sexual intercourse with you, John.
~The "627" girl is named "Bianca Aurolas."
~Floralis inherited Bianca's name in honour of her.
~Their kill count is 124
~76 of those are accidental.
~They are rumored to be 3496 years old, but this is false. this is unconfirmed, as Floralis said that was a joke and that they "are 19."
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2023.03.20 16:12 Mwolf1 I asked AI to give me 100 things it couldn't do that humans could do from the perspective of selling paid services. Here's what it told me.

  1. Provide a personal touch in customer service
  2. Interpret human emotions and tone of voice accurately
  3. Read nonverbal cues and body language
  4. Form personal connections and relationships with clients
  5. Offer genuine empathy and compassion
  6. Provide in-person consultations or meetings
  7. Offer physical demonstrations or product samples
  8. Shake hands and make eye contact
  9. Attend events and network on behalf of a business
  10. Provide live entertainment or performance
  11. Create handcrafted products
  12. Offer physical assistance or manual labor
  13. Provide personal security or bodyguard services
  14. Offer professional photography or videography services
  15. Offer personalized shopping experiences
  16. Offer personal styling and fashion advice
  17. Provide personal training or coaching
  18. Offer motivational speeches or keynote presentations
  19. Provide physical therapy or massage services
  20. Offer landscaping or gardening services
  21. Offer home cleaning or organization services
  22. Provide pet care services
  23. Offer babysitting or childcare services
  24. Provide tutoring or educational services
  25. Offer art or music lessons
  26. Offer cooking or catering services
  27. Provide event planning or coordination services
  28. Offer interior design or home renovation services
  29. Provide legal or financial advice
  30. Offer counseling or therapy services
  31. Provide medical diagnosis or treatment
  32. Offer spiritual guidance or pastoral care
  33. Provide hair and beauty services
  34. Offer driving or transportation services
  35. Provide housekeeping or cleaning services for a business
  36. Offer security guard or patrol services for a business
  37. Provide on-site technical support or IT services
  38. Offer delivery or courier services
  39. Provide live translation or interpretation services
  40. Offer courtroom representation or legal advocacy
  41. Provide wildlife or nature tours
  42. Offer travel planning or booking services
  43. Provide tour guide services
  44. Offer language lessons or translation services
  45. Provide construction or renovation services
  46. Offer home inspection or appraisal services
  47. Provide automotive repair or maintenance services
  48. Offer financial planning or investment services
  49. Provide insurance or risk management services
  50. Offer marketing or advertising services
  51. Provide public relations or media relations services
  52. Offer event marketing or promotion services
  53. Provide graphic design or branding services
  54. Offer web design or development services
  55. Provide copywriting or content creation services
  56. Offer social media management or advertising services
  57. Provide SEO or SEM services
  58. Offer pay-per-click advertising services
  59. Provide email marketing or automation services
  60. Offer video production or animation services
  61. Provide podcast production or editing services
  62. Offer music production or recording services
  63. Provide sound design or audio editing services
  64. Offer voiceover or narration services
  65. Provide live sound engineering or mixing services
  66. Offer DJ or music performance services
  67. Provide event lighting or production services
  68. Offer stage management or production services
  69. Provide event ticketing or registration services
  70. Offer event sponsorship or fundraising services
  71. Provide catering or food and beverage services for an event
  72. Offer event décor or rental services
  73. Provide event security or crowd management services
  74. Offer event transportation or parking services
  75. Provide event photography or videography services
  76. Offer event planning or coordination services for a nonprofit organization
  77. Provide volunteer coordination or management services for a nonprofit organization
  78. Offer grant writing or fundraising services for a nonprofit organization
  79. Provide community outreach or engagement services for a business or nonprofit organization
  80. Offer public speaking or presentation training services
  81. Provide executive coaching or leadership development services
  82. Offer team-building or corporate retreat planning services
  83. Provide conflict resolution or mediation services
  84. Offer executive search or recruitment services
  85. Provide employee training or development services
  86. Offer HR consulting or employment law services
  87. Provide compensation or benefits administration services
  88. Offer payroll or accounting services
  89. Provide bookkeeping or financial reporting services
  90. Offer tax preparation or planning services
  91. Provide business valuation or appraisal services
  92. Offer mergers and acquisitions advisory services
  93. Provide strategic planning or business consulting services
  94. Offer market research or competitive analysis services
  95. Provide data analysis or business intelligence services
  96. Offer project management or implementation services
  97. Provide quality control or assurance services
  98. Offer supply chain management or logistics services
  99. Provide inventory management or procurement services
  100. Offer customer relationship management or sales support services
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2023.03.20 16:07 __shitsahoy__ TopMinds arguing against one of their own about Florida and it’s insane new laws

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2023.03.20 16:03 Logna9000 The Storyteller

This is a recounting of events from my childhood. I know this is a bit of a cliche, but if you don’t believe me, I understand, I wouldn’t believe this story either.
I was in sixth grade the first time it happened. Nothing was weird about the day, nothing that could prepare me for what would happen.
That night, I was lying in my bed, trying to go to sleep, when I noticed a bright light shining from under the door of my closet. The light shone many different colors, from an emerald green to a dark gray and finally settling on a deep blood-red. I watched curiously, since the light in my closet was normally a bright white, and nobody had been in there all day. All of a sudden the lights shut off. Not just the closet light, that would be too simple. All of the lights in my room instantly shut off. The soft lamp I sleep with next to my bed, the lava lamp in the corner of my room, even my speaker playing it’s white noise shut off. It’s at this point I’ll say that it was about 3 am, and understandably scared shitless. What happened next was easily the worst thing that could’ve happened. In the pitch-black of my room, I heard the sound of my closet door creaking as it opened. The second that noise spoke out through the darkness, I couldn’t move, not only from the fear, but even if I wanted to, I was in a state of sleep paralysis. Nothing happened for several minutes, the only thing keeping the time being the red numbers on my alarm clock. The next thing that happened will be imprinted on my mind forever. I heard a scuttling like a thousand spiders crawling along the floor. The sound seemed to last for hours, giving me an extreme sense of anxiety along with the feeling of pure terror. The sound grew closer and closer to my bed, until it was right by my side. A voice sounded from the darkness after a time of silence. The voice sounded like the embodiment of all the possible sounds of grinding and all the voices of the damned in hell collectively shouting.
“I am the culmination of humanity’s darkest fears, put into being by the writers who long for the darkness, I am the inspiration for the most disturbing of stories. I am, the Storyteller,
You young child, are lucky enough to encounter me, only those who have a true connection to the darkness within themselves may be granted this chance. Now let the fun begin.”
This entity, the storyteller, then opened a book they must’ve carried from my closet. As it opened, a bloodred light shone from the pages like it had from my closet, illuminating this monstrous creature. I have never felt as afraid as I did in that moment. The creature had the head of a man, but with all the features of a corpse. Rotting skin, sunken eyes, but he had long, skinny teeth, like those of a whale, but more plentiful. His body I could not see, but he had eight limbs, all human arms, that looked as if he had taken them off other’s bodies and sewn them onto his. As he finished looking through the pages, he began to read, looking up to me as he did.
“You always knew to fear your closet door, and keep one eye open forevermore;
Something is waiting for you to douse the light, it dances across your room at night;
Hungry, it shambles towards your bed, you forget in that moment, the brave words your father said;
Terror washes over you, more than any child should feel, and those sleepless night continue, making you an evermore delicious meal.“
As he finished, he slowly closed the book, and I was thrust back into darkness. The scuttling resumed, and instead of heading back to the closet, it came closer to my bed. I felt a change in pressure on my bed sheets, and had the horrifying realization that it was climbing onto my bed. He moved his face closer to mine, until it was an inch away, and whispered to me in a soft tone, “Sleep well child, for these events shall soon come to pass.” With that, he backed up, climbing off of my bed. The scuttling noise continued back to my closet, and the door creaked shut.
I was baffled, assuming it was all a dream. So I walked to my closet, and opened it, not sure what I would see. But nothing was there, just a normal closet. I decided that I was just tired, and that it was all a hallucination, and tried to go back to sleep. But I could not get that face out of my mind, with its sunken eyes and horrifying smile. As the sun came out, I lay in bed, unable to get even a wink of sleep. For the next few days, that sight would haunt me, always accompanied by the scuttling, the never ending scuttling. But as all things, the memory started to fade from my mind, never comprehending the gravity of the situation.
About a month after the night, I saw something on the news, and it all came rushing back. In the next state over, there was a small child found dead by his parents. The local police were extremely confused, for the child had been bitten in half, but the teeth marks matched no bite marks that exist on earth. There was a blood trail that led from the bed to the closet, and the trail went up the wall, and ended in what was one of the most disturbing images imaginable. There was a pool of blood on the wall, as if gravity did not apply to it, and there were handprints, eight of them, in a circle around the pool. In writing above it all was a message that said, “Ready or not child, I draw closer.”
Understandably, reading this as a middle schooler shook me to my core. I realized that my experience was not a dream, as I had convinced myself, but a real event, where the creature could influence what happened in the world. The day was a blur, and it seemed that nobody else had seen the newspaper article. A week went by, and my fear diminished more and more as nothing happened. Then, that night, it happened again.
I saw the light from under my closet door. I willed myself to wake up, convinced that it was all a nightmare. When nothing happened, I got out of bed and ran to the door, but it seemed to be locked from the outside. I yelled for my parents, but it was as if the sound was swallowed up by the presence of the light. I ran for my bed, defeated and terrified, and threw the covers over my head. As I saw the lights go out, I froze, in that state of sleep paralysis again, hoping that the covers would be enough to save me. Beneath my blankets, I could barely hear the scuttling, but it was clearly still there. Then the worst thing that could’ve happened became real. The covers were being pulled off of me, exposing me to the freezing dark of my room.
I did not see the creature as it was pulling off the covers, but once it started opening its ever-present book, I saw the red light shining from it, illuminating the face of this disturbingly made creature. I was stuck, staring into the eyes of the storyteller, just waiting for him to begin reading, knowing what was coming next.
“You thought that I, was only a dream, a nightmare where despite your best attempts, you could not scream;
The days went by, you slept protected by a simple locked door, I awaited, hidden away beneath the very floor;”
The book was slammed shut, throwing me back into darkness. The scuttling grew towards my bed, and the creature climbed up, and with his face an inch away from mine said,
“Young child, if you should sleep tonight, the souls of the damned shall come up, and take flight.”
He then scuttled back to my closet, and shut the door, and I felt his presence leaving. As what happened last time, I sat in my bed, wanting to be relieved of this hell. This time, it was only 2 weeks after that night's events when a newspaper article came out about a very disturbing death. It was another child, bitten in half by an unknown creature. This time however, there was no blood trail to the closet, there was a trail to a huge hole in the floor. The investigators were baffled, since the bedroom was on the second story, yet there was no hole on the first floor. It was as if the hole was a portal, sending whatever went in it into an endless dark abyss. There was, however, another pool of blood with the 8 handprints surrounding it, and in writing above it, “Closer and closer I come, hidden away from the wrath of the sun”.
The most disturbing thing, without a doubt, was the fact that this all occurred in the next town over. The two occurrences created a line that perfectly pointed to my town on a map.
As the days went by, I got a more severe sense of anxiety, knowing that one of these days, he would return. I tried getting people to let me sleep at their house, but somehow there was always an excuse to keep it from happening. People noticed that I was beginning to break down, and they kept asking what was wrong, but I felt that telling them what happened would violate some rule and make the situation worse, so I said I was just having sleeping problems, which was partly true.
After about a week, as I was going to bed, I felt that tonight would be the night that he came back. I tried to prepare myself, but the experience that night was by far the most traumatizing by far. I saw the lights from the closet, and I froze, trying to steel myself for what would happen next. The lights went out, and the darkness felt so much more full than in the past. The sound of the door opening was even louder than it had been. The scuttling, by far the worst part, sounded much angrier and determined than in the past. It came up to the bed again, and this time, the storyteller immediately climbed onto my bed. He then opened the book, and the color was so much brighter. The entire experience seemed more alive, more real, as if the storyteller’s connection to reality was somehow stronger.
“You tried to thwart my return, but it cannot delay the damned from being burned.”
He brought his face closer to mine, and since his presence felt so much stronger, I could finally smell him. I truly wish I hadn’t. He smelled of rotting corpses and burned plastic, all combined with the strongest smell of mold I have ever smelled. I could feel bile starting to come up through my throat, but it stopped, held back by some unseen force. After several moments of silence, the storyteller said “Young child, three times I have visited you, pray that I don’t visit you again.” And he crawled off my bed, scurrying back to the closet. And the moment it shut, I leaned off the bed and relieved myself of my dinner. I just sat there, contemplating his words. Sadly, I didn’t know how to keep him from coming, so I just told myself that I had to suck it up, and hopefully he would not return.
This retelling is making it seem as if I was calm during these encounters, but I am leaving out details about hours upon hours of screaming, waking up in cold sweats, and days of research, looking for documentation of this being, but finding nothing, I am leaving out the extent to which I was losing sleep, slowly going insane from these very abnormal meetings, and being unable to talk about them. At this point, I was starting to have mental breakdowns in the middle of class. The counselors at school kept calling me in, asking what was going on.I told them I was just having trouble sleeping, which was true, but I couldn’t say what was really happening.
Only two days after this meeting, I heard about the occurrence. I learned of it rather quickly, considering it happened right down the street. A sinkhole had opened beneath the house at the end of the street, swallowing it completely, but naturally it wasn’t a normal sinkhole. The rims were lined with obsidian, a deeper black than I had ever seen, and it seemed that there was fire inside the stones, because along cracks of stone, a bright red was flickering. In addition to this, the sinkhole seemed to go deeper than was physically possible. The hole had carved through bedrock as if it was sand, and seemed to solidify the mantle of the earth so it could come up from the center of the earth to swallow the house. The hole was also ringed with fire, which never seemed to go out, but never spread. Also, if someone listened closely, they could hear a faint screaming, as if the hole went all the way down to hell. As was the theme with these events, there was a child, bitten in half by the outside of the hole. Another pool of blood, with 8 hands surrounding it. But this time, there was no message, but a drawing of a face, the horrifying face of the storyteller.
Now obviously there was a pattern. It is only now that I realize that this occurrence continued the line on, closer to my house.
While the investigation was going on, I wanted so badly to tell the investigators what had been happening, but I didn’t because I would be considered a crazy person and maybe even institutionalized, which I know would only make it worse, because then I couldn’t escape the encounters. My parents were beginning to tell that something was wrong, and they were getting more calls from school. I was falling behind in all my classes. My breakdowns were getting worse and more frequent. I was having depressive episodes, and I was feeling more and more stressed. I felt as if this would happen one more time my mind would shatter.
It was one day, only one day between this occurrence and his next visit. I saw the light, and I started to panic. I was running around my room, trying to use the furniture to block the door, but it's as if everything was bolted to the floor. I went for the window, thinking I could climb out, but as soon as I opened the curtains and looked out, I wished that I hadn’t. The outside world was nowhere near what it used to be. I used to be able to see a vast forest and tons of wildlife would come up to the house to look at the strange structure in the middle of their home. Even at night, I could see almost as well as during the day due to there being no light pollution. But there was nothing, a black, empty void containing nothing. It was as if my room had been taken completely from the normal world and thrust into nothingness. I resigned myself back to laying down on my bed, convinced that I couldn’t do anything.
As soon as I was comfortable, the light shut off. The whole time I was thinking to myself, it’s just a power-outage, it's just a power-outage. Except deep down, I knew what was coming next. I waited, and listened for the sound of the door opening, but it seemed as if days went by before there was any activity. When the door finally opened, time seemed to freeze. Everything was happening slower and slower, making my anxiety levels increase drastically. When the scuttling ensued, it seemed to go up the wall to the ceiling. It was soon shown that what I heard was correct, for the storyteller was suddenly right above me. When he opened the book, the red light showed that he was capable of making a web-like substance, and he was using it to hang from the ceiling like a true spider. He sat there, with the book open, for what seemed like a lifetime, before he finally began to read.
“When you awake to the clock’s tics; you will hear from above you faint clicks.”
He closed the book, then dropped himself closer to me, and said, “soon child, soon.” And with that, he brought himself back to the ceiling, and scuttled back to the closet and closed the door. I immediately ran to my window to see if I was still in the void. But when I opened my curtains, I saw the familiar sight of the forest, with the stars and the moon shining down on it. It seemed that the storyteller had the power to isolate his victims in an endless void, severing them from the real world momentarily.
It was the very next day when I saw cop cars pulling up to my neighbor’s house. I immediately knew what happened and sat in a corner, trying not to cry. A dear friend of mine had been killed, bitten in half like the other children, with the pool of blood and 8 handprints surrounding the dark red liquid. And the face of the storyteller was drawn again, in perfect detail. This time however, there was a hole in the ceiling of the room, going to the attic of the house, but there was no sign of entry from the attic. His alarm clock was beeping when they found him, flashing the time it went off. 3:00 on the dot. I was so much in grief that I didn’t even go to school, all I did was sit around and feel sorry for myself.
I didn’t even get a full day to grieve. I was visited by him again that very night. I was lying in my bed, the same as I had done the entire day, when I saw the lights from under my closet door. I didn’t even move or try to fight it, I was utterly hopeless. The lights went out and although my adrenaline was rushing through my body, I couldn’t bring myself to even try to move. The closet door slammed open, causing me to jolt suddenly, and I was caught off guard by how forceful it felt. I waited for the scuttling, but it never came. There was the creaking of something jumping off of the floorboards and I felt the sensation of something slamming down onto my bed. Then I felt the storyteller scurrying up my bed towards me. He thrust his face towards mine, and the smell was so much worse as it rolled over me. It smelled as if the power was shut off in a morgue for a month, with all the bodies rotting, along with the bad breath of all the souls in hell thrust into my face. He was smiling, more than he usually would, as he opened the book. The light seemed darker, more vibrant, and for some reason I knew that the light meant something important. He stayed there for a few moments, watching me with that wide smile that showed all of his sharp, needle-like teeth. He finally began to read, but it only made the situation worse.
“ Satan gave responsibility to I, and I have made many more children cry;
The fears of children are hard do douse, when I am in the safety of their house“
He closed the book slowly, stayed there in the silence for many moments, then made sure his face was as close to mine as it could be before saying,
“Dear young child, the final day of reckoning is upon you, and everyone knows it to be true.“
Then he crawled off of the bed, and scuttled back to the closet before slamming the door shut. Unlike other times, I couldn’t figure out what this one meant. With all of the other visits, I was able to vaguely guess what would occur, just not when. The choice of words made this time so much more confusing, and I lay in bed, trying to figure out what it meant until morning.
As soon as I opened my bedroom door, I knew something was wrong. There was an air about the house that made my hair stick up on end. I walked towards my parents' door, and I smelled the scent of heavy amounts of iron. This caused me to run to my parents' room, and the smell only got stronger. When I opened their room door, I immediately began to vomit. Both of my parents were on the floor, bitten in half, as was the storyteller’s motif, and there was a trail of blood from their bodies to the closet, and just like the first time, there was a pool of blood on the wall, unmoving as if gravity didn’t apply to it. And surrounding the pool of blood were the 8 easily recognizable handprints. The writing above the pool of blood read, “Tell others about your experience, and you will wish you had an end as easy as your parents.” The investigators pulled me aside and asked me what the writing meant, but I had to deny that I knew anything. I was never accused of killing my parents, because there were cameras in the hallway next to both mine and my parents’ rooms, and neither of our doors opened that night. I was put into an orphanage, and adopted by a very loving family. I did further research on the storyteller, but there was no writing anywhere of anybody ever encountering it.
Well, that’s the story. I think 20 years is long enough for the storyteller to have forgotten about me, and it’s time that I get this story out there, to tell people about this being. Maybe somebody can find a way to kill this creature. Through all my research, I never discovered what I had done to trigger this motion of events, and there is nothing I can warn you from doing. But I gotta go, I’m starting to see a bright light from my closet door.
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2023.03.20 15:43 Veterinarian-Thick Luffy/Sanji/kings lunarian connection, and why Sanji is superior to his germa siblings

I think joyboy was the king or originator of the lunarians race.
Luffy is joyboy. He Is the Joy boy whom king somehow knows about, was waiting/praying for and wanted to follow. Why does king not only know of joyboy, but wants to be lead by him and follow him in hopes he can change the world? Makes sense to me that Nika was the original lunarian, or their king/ruleor their greatest warrior.
Luffy is joyboy. luffy has white hair, a rubbery body, brown skin (he's Brazilian), empowered by emotion - (G5 - joy Red attacks - anger) has fire abilities like red hawk and red roc, is impervious to fire - blast breath did nothing, impervious to lightning - does nothing created fire twice by running in punk hazard/onigashima.
King has white hair, brown skin, stretched his beak like it was made of rubber to do the tempura attack, has fire abilities, is impervious to fire and probably all elements including lightning, as they have the ability to adapt to any environment and I believe king/lunarians fight with emotion like Sanji and luffy, in order to control the flame on their backs.
I think the reason the seraphim can't attack/use their DF powers while the flame on their back is on, is because they can't control it properly. I believe this is because theyre not developed as people yet, they're still infants so can't express and control their emotions the same way king, Sanji and Luffy do. They have not emotionally matured.
Sanji is superior to his siblings, because he has lunarian DNA AND has emotions, which he can express and harness. The other vinsmokes don't have this potential therefore theyre not able to achieve Sanji's peak/optimization. No machine needed to repair Sanji. Sanji is a tank and has speed and fire abilities which he can use all in tandem so long as he uses the power of love and passion.
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2023.03.20 15:36 dogsruledaworld Stop trying to talk me out of surgery! Seriously. [NAW] It's going to change my life around!

No, I do not look anything like that meitu picture in real life. After surgery, I am going to look like a totally different person and see my own drastic results. I am 31 years old. My looks are ruining my life!
Live my Life without Bullying and Judgement: No, I am not going to act like I am the only one that's been bullied, but there are others who have been teased. I get it. My case is severely bad though. I know I am an ugly girl. Some kind of guy on meet me told me that "I could be worse" and another guy on an dating site said to me "finally you admit you're ugly to me" before surgery. Believe me, I am self-aware to know it... I am ugly, but surgery's going to fix my ugly face for good. I am not an idiot. I am so low on the looks scale. I was hanging out with a girl who knows she looks good. I saw this guy that was cute and she said "yeah right!" Made me feel like shit and knowing she's a good looking enough girl to get a guy like that. :/ Yeah, I felt like complete garbage. I am not going to pretend I am attractive yet when I am not. In public "offline" and online, I am treated so badly. It's gotten to the point where I can't take it anymore. If I am out somewhere, I get laughed at. I get treated so much differently than my beautiful counterparts. After surgery, I will notice a big difference in how others treat me. I am over watching the beautiful people live lives I crave. Looks are a big factor in how people treat you. This girl on reddit had like 20 procedures. She became pretty. It took her time. She received the pretty privilege. People treated her much differently. Why should it be any different with me? She increased her pickiness in terms of looks when dating men, then why can't I be picky too? I was way picky way before I read her post.
Improve my Mood: How I look is making me more irritable, frustrated, I don't want to keep crying hysterically, breaking my stuff, and how I look is tied to my mental state. Been past my breaking point.
Land Dates and Perhaps partners: One of the reasons I am having work done is to be in relationships and date like other people get to do. I want to be one of the girls guys would kill to have. I want a guy to go "oh she's so pretty make her my girlfriend type!" I want to date, but the reality is that I need to save up for my surgery first before another relationship especially the kind of guy that I want and he wants me too. (vice versa) I feel like my looks are just not there (up to par yet) and my face is holding me back from dating men and aren't interested in me yet. After surgery, men will be lining up to date me for sure.. in the future. Go from ugly to pretty...drastically alter my outer exterior. I decided to up my game ton. People have had surgery to get partners. Nothing's wrong with it. People tell me "how looks aren't everything" I know looks aren't, but I can't I get them out of my mind, especially if I am planning to go out there becoming attractive on purpose with effort in on my part. I am not going to be one of those girls who think women are entitled to attractive people and for them to love and accept them for who they are. Smh. 🤦‍♀️ I am not going to be like those people. When I definitely get plastic surgery and increase my attractiveness this means I can pick a partner who is more attractive as well. Looks are going to define a part of me after surgery. My looks are what I am looking to craft. <3 I can be a genuinely a nice person, but I admit I do have my conceited ways. I am not conceited all of the time. I try to think of others and help out whenever I can. I can't change my personality. It just cannot be done, sorry. Looks are on my mind a good bit, but I don't neglect personality in me let alone in a guy. The guy I'm with next will be one lucky person to have me in the future. An attractive dude with a good personality.. maybe a guy into fitness like I am 💪, not mandatory, but would be awesome. I don't see why not after surgery. He does not have to be a genius, but he's intelligent. He treats me well. He's successful and is goal-oriented like me. Once I am committed to you, I am very loyal. You can have your friends. I am not insecure like that. I will comfort you when you need me because that's what a good girlfriend does.
Tired of Feeling Way Below Others:
I am Always Singled Out and Feeling like an Outcast: I just feel like I don't exist and feel like a ghost and it's upsetting me so much!
People will want to come up, start conversations with me, and want to get to know me:
Ways to Up my Game, Goals, and Expenses to Alter my Looks Drastically on the Outside
Things I NEED to Save Up 💲 for! 🌏❤️
▶️ New tattoo ink: my future german shepherd sleeve.
▶️ Dye my hair blue. 💙
▶️ Work on my body. Good looking abs.
▶️ My future working line german shepherd puppy.
High energy dog like me. Not imported. Find a breeder in the US.
▶️ Change my wardrobe. Find my clothing/style.
▶️ Surgery. How many procedures (drastic full face redo? If I have to become a pretty girl, I will.)
What procedures I am going to need?How long will it take me to save up?
^ All very expensive, but I work I hard enough, I can pay everything off. No problems.
I don't want people to be disgusted by me. I want people to be happy that I am in their presence and Be in the Center of Attention:
I don't live out on my own yet that way I am going to be able to save up money for surgery. I don't have to pay major bills or rent, so this is the only way this is going to work out for me. I don't have anything wrong with my face, but I am sure that I have bad features. My goal is to go from ugly to pretty without my glasses on. I know surgery is risky, but I have a good feeling everything's going to work out and my journey is going to be a positive one. I don't have any confidence because of people. I deserve to see myself look stunning after all the insecurities that I have. I have a ton of insecurities which are not permanent because I will be doing something about changing my face. I don't think I am being shallow, but if you think I am being shallow, then so be it, I don't care. You don't know the struggles I face every day. I was born ugly. I want the benefits in society. I am not going to do without and I never get to experience any of the shit I never got to had to begin with. Sorry. I want and need to go out there, get what I want, and deserve in life. I deserve a second shot. I really do! I really want to get the pretty privilege so bad. Surgery is going to give me the Boost of Confidence: 😀 After surgery, my confidence will start to skyrocket. I don't believe in changing how you think. All the sadness will go away after work done. I have very poor low self-esteem.
I can't tell you how excited I am about the prospect of being more beautiful. I am so stoked!! I can't wait! I have yet to speak to the doctor yet. I am going to. As far as the price tag 💲 goes for surgery, I may or may not have to do a lot. I am not sure yet. I am not a doctor. 🤷‍♀️ Just the thought of having surgery is making me grin from ear to ear. Find a surgeon with excellent credentials. Agrees to do it and knows that I will look way better after surgery. I am going to look so much different after surgery. I am not tall enough to model, but I want "an attractive" face. I believe people who were born ugly should be given credit because they've worked themselves up to where they need to be. Not everybody was so lucky in the looks department. Attractive is attractive whether it's through surgery, makeup, healthy lifestyle, or genetics. I don't know why people get so hung up on how people get there. 🤷‍♀️ If people don't like me going under the knife, well I don't give a damn. I'm not hurting anyone in the process. If I didn't think surgery wouldn't help me, I would even consider it. I wish I was a pretty girl! I obviously want it so bad! Dammit. I just hate being very ugly. My looks mean so much to me! 🌎 I am not going to let my looks slide. My time and energy will be spent altering my looks on the outside, but not when I get my working line german shepherd. Have a Good social Life and Have Friends: People will find me attractive because it's going to make me feel good! I need people complimenting me on my looks. Receive Compliments: I don't want to die knowing people didn't find me attractive. I do not want this heartbreak. 💔 It's really disrespectful when people tell me "you don't need a makeover" or "you don't need filler." when it's my body my choice. These girls have had their spray tans, filler, makeup, surgery, etc. I am supposed to get nothing done and somehow be happy about it.. Pftt... 🙄 Yeah, no! That's not fair to me! I deserve to live the rest of my life happy! I have every right to be a happy girl in life! I deserve it! I really do! This is my life and I am choosing how I live it!
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2023.03.20 15:32 ghostgabe81 Respect the Godzilla Family (Godzilla Neo)

Godzilla Neo is a series of fanart and fanfiction by artist and writer Matt Frank. The goal of the series is to create a cohesive timeline that includes (almost) every Godzilla movie, as well as comics and games. The series contains several incarnations of Godzilla, as well as many monsters derived from his DNA that could be considered extended family. This thread will cover them.
Kaiju Threat Level Explanation.
This is taken from the Godzilla Fanon Wiki. While it seems to be written by Frank, I cannot confirm this. It's the only explanation of the threat levels that I can find, so take it with a grain of salt.

The Godzillas


A therapod dinosaur that lived in what is now Southeast Asia, several Godzillasaurs survived the extinction brought about by the battle between King Ghidorah and Gigamoth. By the 1950s a pair of brothers were living on Lagos Island where they were mutated by the Castle Bravo nuclear tests, becoming Godzillas I and II.
Statements of Power

Godzilla I, the standard Godzilla

In 1954, the first Godzilla appeared on Odo Island and eventually attacked Tokyo, only to be killed by Dr. Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer. His awakening started the modern Age of Monsters.
The initial Godzilla Bio covers all 4 "main" Godzillas in the series. Feats from that Bio should apply to Godzillas II-IV as well.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Godzilla II

The sibling of Godzilla I, this Godzilla appeared a year later in a battle with Anguirus. He became the most prolific of the Godzillas, spending almost 40 years rampaging and fighting countless other Kaiju. He died in Tokyo in 1995.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Burning Godzilla

A Mutated form of Godzilla II, who's increased power would lead to his own death. Fought Destoroyah in 1995

Godzilla III, Godzilla Junior

Hatched from an egg in 1993, Junior was adopted as Godzilla II's son and grew fast. After being killed by Destoroyah in 1995, the radiation from Godzilla II's meltdown was absorbed by his body, reviving him and mutating him into a full grown Godzilla. He fought a number of kaiju before dropping off the map in 2013, presumed dead due to injuries from a battle.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Godzilla IV, Ghost Godzilla

The reborn original Godzilla, grown from the skeleton used in Kiryu. He attacked Japan in 2004 but was stopped and contained in Antarctica, only to be released to combat the Kilaak invasion 50 years later.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Legendary Godzilla

An ancient ancestor to Godzillasaurus called Gojirasaurus Prodigious, it hibernates for millennia at a time into the modern day. It awoke to fight the Shinomura, introducing the world to Titan Class Kaiju

Shin Godzilla

The result of an American experiment to grow controllable, weaponized Kaiju, this Godzilla-like creature was released into Tokyo Bay by the scientist who created him after becoming disillusioned with both America and Japan. After a long rampage it was contained by G-Force.
Larval Form
Final Form

Super Godzilla

After Godzilla IV was put into a coma after defeating Kaiser Ghidorah, he was revived using the Amulet of Orochi to save the planet from the threat of Bagan. He eventually proved to be the last monster standing on Earth, and peacefully left to go back to the sea.

Extended Family


A chimera of Gojiran, plant and Godzilla DNA. She is the first of many Kaiju created from Godzilla's C-Cells, who migrated into space after several battles with Godzilla.


An alien made of crystals and energy, Spacegodzilla formed a new physical body from the DNA of Godzilla Junior. He was banished to another dimension after trying to kill Godzilla and conquer the planet, and later made a bid to escape during 2007's Crystal Incursion.
Crystal Form
Gojiran Form
Evolved Form


A kaiju who was mistaken for Godzilla when it invaded New York city to build a nest. The creature was killed, but one of its eggs survived and befriended several humans when it hatched. Later revealed to be a marine iguana mutated by G-Cells.
Statements of Power
Radioactive Fire
Other Abilities

G-Cell Mutations

A group of several kaiju with DNA strangely similar to Godzilla's. It was discovered that they, along with Zilla, are the result of secret French experiments with G-Cells, creating five new kaiju that escaped containment.
El Gusano


A fusion of Millenian Consciousness with G-Cells, creating mutated alien creature. It tried to consume Godzilla III in order to fully clone itself into him but was killed in the process.
Gojiran Hybrid


The Meganula were a species of insect genetically engineered by the Millenians shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs. After an experimental weapon brought some to the present, they harvested Godzilla III's power and DNA to mutate their Queen, creating Megaguirus. Fought Godzilla but was defeated when Rodan helped him, and was moved to Monster Island.


A cyborg built around the bones of Godzilla I to fight Godzilla III. Kiryu's hardware and software both ran off of the ingrained abilities of Godzilla's body, causing the kaiju to reawaken within the cyborg several times. It eventually became Godzilla IV after going AWOL.


The single most powerful kaiju in existence, created as a superior successor to King Ghidorah by an alien death cult. A chimera of Godzilla, Ghidorah, and the Orochi-spawn Jyarumu and Balkzardan, he was finally defeated by the combined forces of Super Godzilla, Gigamoth and Mecha-King Ghidorah.
Larval Form
Final Form
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2023.03.20 15:29 samar_gay A gym where everyone works out in their underwear

I'm a very horny person and I have a huge underwear fetish. I love staying in underwear all day. I used to go to the gym when I was in college so my body is lean and athletic. I had stopped going to gym while working for two or three years, and I realised I was getting fat, so i decided to go to the gym again. There were no good gyms where i stayed. There was one which was small. I went there to inquire about the price, there was no one near the counter, so I called "is anyone there". No one came, the gym was empty too. I went in and asked again, but nobody answered. I was getting to leave then immediately I heard something inside. There was the gym owner who came out of gym shower with his towel wrapped around his waist. I looked down for sometime and immediately looked at his face. I started enquiring about prices and all. He said he would take 3k for three months, and since all slots are full, it is only during night that I can come. He said there are others also who come at night. The timing worked for me so I obliged.
Gym day 1:
I went to the gym, there were 6 muscular guys doing hardcore gymming and two others who were just using tread mill. To my surprise EVRYONE was working out in underwear. It was little strange to me. when I asked around they said, people here come directly from offices so and can't carry gym clothes everyday and everyone's a bachelor, so they get less time to wash the clothes as well, and soon they start smelling bad. So we have made a rule here that everyone should workout in underwear only. Besides it's good for the body as blood circulation happens faster on bare body than the one fully clothed. It was weird logic but i had not choice but to strip down to my underwear and start working out. I went to changing room, I took off my pant and wore gym shorts. Then I went out, the trainer came towards me asked what I need and all. I said initially I only want to reduce weight and then I'll begin other things. He then asked me to get on the treadmill and run for 20 minutes. I started doing it. I looked around and saw a muscular guy lying down and doing heavy lifting, another looking himself in mirror admiring himself and my trainer was helping one guy lift a heavy weight. He stood behind him while the gymmer bent down. His ass was almost touching his dick. My trainer's had good buldge. I always fantasized it. That day I went to shower, and was talking bath in my underwear. My trainer walked in, he said hi, and joined me in shower in his underwear. The trainer looked at my underwear and told me not to wear such tight one and pointed at his underwear to tell me to wear loose while stretching his elastic. I could almost see his dick. Long flaccid. I said okay. He said "You gottu show me before working out tomorrow" and laughed. I laughed too. Then I went home. I went back to my room and jerked off to the thought of my hot muscular trainer and his underwear.
Watch the promo of the gym they used to promote it as the only gym in world where people can workout in just thier underwear. For immersive story reading experience watch each scene imagining the story so far and come and read further:
Gym day2. I went to the gym. I saw my trainer in underwear taking some pictures. As soon as he walked in he greeted me. He asked me if I was wearing loose underwear. I said yes. He asked me to show. I laughed. He said he was serious. I did not know what to do. Then he asked me to take off my pants. I took off my pants and you showed him my underwear. He pulled the elastic of my underwear. I was getting uncomfortable but he seemed to be ok with that. Stretched until he could see my dick. He said trim your pubic hair. And winked at me. I was nervous I did not know what to say I was like yeah sure laughingly. I started working out. The trainer came near me and asked me if I will lift weights today. I said sure then he gave me hope 10 kilos dumbbells and they asked me to lift them. I started doing it but it came towards me and held my chest and pushed it back he said stand straight. I was getting horny since a man was touching my chest. Since my underwear was a loose he could see my half elected dick. But he did not notice it. I continued he then held my waist and asked to stand straight and continue it I was getting hornier. I could not contain erection so I immediately went to the washroom. After sometime my trainer came to the washroom and asked me if everything was ok. I said yeah yeah. Then he looked at my erected dick and smiled. He asked me if I was jerking off. I said no no no nothing like that. He said you should not jerk off frequently you should do it once a week. That conversation was making me uncomfortable. He said young boys(20) like you tend to jerk off more and are horny all the time. I said nothing like that just because you touched my waist I got an erection. He laughed and said OK then I will not touch you. I was like no no no you are mistaken I did not mean that. Then he asked so I can touch you. I said yeah sure. Then he came closer and touched my waist and laughed. I immediately got an erection. He noticed it really this time and told me you get erection very fast han han I said yeah. Is said don't worry happens at this age. Then I said you are so hot I want to be like you. He said you have to come to gym at least 6 hours a day to make body like me. I held his muscles and said he had a very nice body. I was getting hornier and my dick was erecting more. He said it seems like you are enjoying my body. I was like anybody will enjoy your body. It is so hot I noticed he was also getting an erection. I did not know what to do so I slowly held his dick. He said someone will see. He asked me to stay back in the gym and we will do it. I asked what will be done. He said anything that you like. After almost an hour of gym people left. It was only me and my hot trainer in the gym. My trainer closed the door of the gym and came near me and touched my chest while hugging me. He kissed my neck and f*** me for 30 minutes used me how we wanted made me lick him all over the body sweat then he took off my underwear fingered my hole and inserted his huge dick and fucked me really well with all his testosterone levels going high. He came in my bare ass. I became his daily sex slave.
If you liked my story, please subscribe to my channel and keep me motivated to post more. ❤️🥺
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2023.03.20 15:27 MachineExtra5151 Doing your own hair? (elopement)

I’m getting married in June on a very small island. It’ll just be the two of us since we’re travelling very far and doing this more as a trip of a lifetime instead of spending our budget on a traditional wedding at home. I guess it’s kind of an elopement although we aren’t running away in secret so I’m just calling it a “private ceremony”. Anyways…
I am having a hard time finding a hair & makeup artist for just me. Of course most MUAs would do it if there was an entire bridal party but it’s just me so the prices are astronomical. So I’m going to have to do my own hair.
I’m totally comfortable doing my own makeup, but need some suggestions for relatively easy but cute hairstyles for medium (shoulder length) hair. I’ll be wearing a veil so I need to be able to attach it. We’re getting married on the beach and my dress is a simple but elegant fit & flare. I have thick hair with natural wave/body, it holds a curl, but I’m concerned about frizz with humidity so I’m leaning towards a tossled updo with some curled face-framing pieces.
Any pictures/inspo? I’ve searched Pinterest but feel like most results still feel too advanced for my skills…
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2023.03.20 15:23 Delicious_Reveal3608 Tamil Nadu Budget 2023-24 Announcement

Notwithstanding the several massive welfare schemes that are being implemented during the last two years, owing to the unprecedented and difficult reforms undertaken, we have reduced the annual revenue deficit of around Rs.62,000 crore which we inherited on assuming office, to around Rs.30,000 crore in the Revised Estimates of the current year. It is noteworthy that this is approximately Rs.5,000 crore lower than the level of the pre-COVID year of 2019-20. In accordance with the mandate of the Fiscal Responsibility Act of achieving Zero-revenue deficit, the State will adopt a smooth glide path without compromising on our welfare initiatives and developmental priorities
The main reason for the fiscal stress faced by the Government at the time of assuming office was the fall in tax revenue in the previous years. The State‟s own tax revenues which were at a healthy 8 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) during 2006-11 have witnessed a precipitous fall in the last 10 years and reached 5.58 per cent in 2020-21. This is much lower when compared to other large States such as Maharashtra and Karnataka. Though the Tax-GSDP ratio has increased to 6.11 per cent in the current year due to the efforts of this Government in the last two years, concerted action is needed to raise it further to find financial resources for welfare schemes.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister adroitly handled the second wave of Covid, major floods in Chennai and severe financial stress. In spite of these constraints, he was able to fulfill the promises to the people and has several achievements to his credit. He has urged us to strive to fulfill the expectations of the people in the coming years and I have prepared this budget keeping these instructions in mind. With these introductory remarks, let me now proceed to sector-wise view of the Budget 2023-24.
To honour the legacy of Tamil martyrs Thiruvalargal Thalamuthu and Natarajan, who sacrificed their lives to protect Tamil in the struggle against Hindi imposition, a memorial will be established at Chennai.
In order to propagate the ideals of Annal Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution and the architect of a progressive and egalitarian India, the Government will provide a grant of Rs.5 crore to translate his works into Tamil language.
To give an impetus to the growth of Tamil as a global language by promoting its usage in the technology sector, an „International Conference on Tamil Computing‟ will be held with the participation of renowned experts from across the world. This will greatly encourage development of software in Tamil language.
With a view to celebrating the glory of Tamils who have conquered many lands overseas, efforts will be taken to promote and support sea cruises that will connect places of significance in Tamil culture. These cruises will showcase the rich history, literature, art, culture, handicrafts and cuisine of Tamil people and will spread the State‟s glory across the seven seas.
The Government has been providing free bus pass to elderly Tamil scholars in recognition of their invaluable contribution to our language. In the coming year, the Government will extend this benefit to 591 more Tamil scholars.
To enable the younger generation to imbibe and appreciate our celebrated art heritage, the Government will expand the widely popular Chennai Sangamam cultural programme to 8 major cities in the coming year. It will provide a platform to nurture folk art and artists and celebrate the shared cultural ethos of the Tamil people. An amount of Rs.11 crore is provided in this Budget for this purpose.
To preserve folk arts and to ensure that these traditions continue to flourish in the future, 25 part time folk art training centres will be set up across the State.
The Cholas are one of the greatest dynasties who conquered seas and the lands beyond, and ruled vast stretches of India and South East Asia for many centuries. Tamil art, music, architecture, sculpture, crafts and dance reached their pinnacle during the Chola period and their glory spread far and wide. To highlight the contribution of the Cholas who ruled the world, and to preserve artefacts and relics of that age, a “Grand Chola Museum‟ will be set up in Thanjavur.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister intervened on humanitarian grounds to send essential commodities to help the people affected by the severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka. After securing the consent of the Union Government, 40,000 MT of rice, 500 MT of milk powder and 102 MT of medical supplies, worth Rs.197 crore have been sent in three ships.
We have been continually requesting the Union Government to grant Indian citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils residing in India. Pending this request, this Government had announced that 7,469 houses will be constructed in the rehabilitation camps for Sri Lankan Tamils, with the objective of providing safe and quality accommodation. In the first phase, 3,510 houses were taken up for construction at a cost of Rs.176 crore and the works are underway. In the second phase, the Government will sanction Rs.223 crore towards construction of the remaining 3,959 houses in the coming financial year.
Recognizing the valour and supreme sacrifice made by security forces in guarding our nation, the ex-gratia that is being offered by the State Government to the next of kin of armed forces personnel hailing from Tamil Nadu who are killed in wa war-like operations will be doubled from Rs.20 lakh to Rs.40 lakh. Further, the monetary grants that are offered to gallantry awards/distinguished service medal winners in armed forces hailing from Tamil Nadu will be enhanced four times.
Ensuring quality education and medical facilities to all is the fundamental objective of this Government. It is in pursuance of this goal that the Government is implementing pioneering schemes like Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam and Innuyir Kappom, besides taking several initiatives to strengthen the public health infrastructure in the State. The Government is implementing the novel Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam scheme, where non-communicable diseases are identified and addressed at an early stage. This Government which is deeply concerned about the welfare of workers, who are the bedrock of our economy, will launch a new initiative to address the issue of non-communicable diseases among workers in factories and in unorganised sectors like construction. The Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam scheme will be expanded to 711 factories covering 8.35 lakh workers in the first phase. Health checkup camps will be held in these factories with specific emphasis on non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Migrant labourers will also benefit under this scheme.
Under the Chief Minister‟s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, insurance coverage of Rs.5 lakh is being given per year per family. During the current year, so far, 11.82 lakh patients have availed treatment worth Rs.993 crore, which is the highest since the inception of the scheme.
The 1,000 bedded Kalaignar Memorial Multi Super Speciality Hospital in the premises of King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research Centre, Guindy will be inaugurated this year. New speciality hospital buildings are being constructed in three Government medical college hospitals at Madurai, Coimbatore and Kilpauk at a total cost of Rs.1,020 crore and they will be put to use shortly
New buildings will be constructed at a cost of Rs.110 crore in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, which caters to the medical needs of people in Tiruchirappalli and its surrounding districts. In order to fulfil the medical needs of people in North Chennai, a new multi-speciality block, nurses training school and hostel will be constructed in Stanley Hospital at a cost of Rs.147 crore.
The first Government Siddha Medical College in the State was established in Palayamkottai in 1964. At present, there are 100 undergraduate and 60 post-graduate students in this institute. Further, treatment is also being provided to nearly 1,000 patients on a daily basis. The Government will undertake works to improve the infrastructure of the college and hospital at a cost of Rs.40 crore. Rs.18,661 crore has been allotted towards Health and Family Welfare Department in the Budget.
Due to the various initiatives launched by this Government in the last two years, the student enrolment in Government schools has increased significantly. Therefore, the Government had launched the „Perasiriyar Anbazhagan School Development Scheme‟ to modernize and upgrade physical infrastructure at an outlay of Rs.7,000 crore over a period of five yeaRs.During the current year, works to the tune of Rs.2,000 crore have been taken up. In the upcoming financial year, the Government will construct classrooms, laboratories and toilets at a cost of Rs.1,500 crore.
The „Ennum Ezhuthum‟ Programme aims at achieving Universal Foundational Literacy and Numeracy for students in classes 1 – 3 by 2025. Owing to the positive response received, this programme will be expanded to classes 4 and 5 with an outlay of Rs.110 crore in the upcoming financial year.
The goal of social justice can be fulfilled only when knowledge is made widespread and accessible to people in the remotest of places. With this objective, moving beyond Chennai, book fairs were conducted in all districts and five literature festivals were successfully conducted during the current year. This great initiative will continue next year also, at a cost Rs.10 crore. The Government successfully organized the first edition of the Chennai International Book Fair in January 2023 with participation from 24 countries. An unprecedented number of 355 MoUs were signed between publishers from Tamil Nadu and various countries paving way for knowledge and copyright exchange. This international book fair will also be conducted next year.
Educational institutions play a vital role in establishing social justice, equality and equity in all walks of life. Therefore, the Government has been taking multiple initiatives in the last two years to improve the quality of education through schemes such as Ennum Ezhuthum, Schools of Excellence, Hi-tech Labs, Model Schools, and Perasiriyar Anbazhagan School Development Scheme. It is essential that the benefits of these programmes reach all students. Requests have been received to operate and maintain Adi Dravidar Welfare Schools through the School Education department in the State High-Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meetings held under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Chief Minister on 19.8.21 and 12.4.22. To achieve the goal of social justice in the field of education, to improve the quality of schools functioning under various departments and to ensure that all students are provided quality education, all schools functioning under various departments like Adi-Dravidar and Tribal Welfare, Backward Class, Most Backward Class & Denotified Communities, Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments and Forest will be brought under the School Education department. It will be ensured that the service conditions and benefits of teachers and staff presently working in these schools are protected.
The Government is using data based governance to remove various shortcomings in the implementation of schemes. In order to reduce the unnecessary delay in the disbursement of scholarships by various departments and to ensure that scholarship amount reaches eligible students in a timely manner, directly to their bank accounts, an integrated scholarship portal will be created.
An iconic eight-storeyed library in two lakh square feet, with all modern amenties is being constructed in Madurai, the seat of Tamil Sangam. This library will cater to all sections of the society including children, students, researchers, youth who are preparing for competitive exams, homemakers, senior citizens and the differently abled. The library will feature special facilities including children‟s section with colourful books, separate area with internet facility for those writing competitive exams, braille books for the visually impaired, air conditioned meeting halls, art gallery to exhibit the cultural heritage of Southern Tamil Nadu and an exquisite repository of the writings and speeches of Muthamizharignar Kalaignar.
In the first phase, this library will house 3.50 lakh books in Tamil and English relating to various subjects like literature, culture, science, engineering, law and medicine. This modern temple of knowledge in Southern Tamil Nadu will be named Kalaignar Centenary Library to mark the commencement of centenary celebrations of Muthamizharignar Kalaignar, in recognition of his immense contribution to the Tamil society. This library will welcome its first readers in June this year. Rs.40,299 crore has been allocated towards School Education Department in the Budget.
The Government is cognizant of the fact that human resource is the greatest wealth of the State and has been investing heavily in its development. We recognise that a highly skilled workforce is a unique competitive advantage to attract investments into the State. Therefore, to create a workforce suited for the rapidly changing industrial ecosystems, a scheme is underway to transform 71 Government ITIs to Centres of Excellence at a cost of Rs.2,877 crore. The works will be completed and students will be enrolled in new courses in the coming academic year itself.
In the next phase, the Government will launch a programme in the coming year to transform and modernize the Government Polytechnic colleges into „Centres of Excellence‟ in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standards in collaboration with industry partners. The programme will focus on infrastructure modernization, industry relevant course content creation, capacity building of faculty members and employment opportunities for the students. 54 Government polytechnics will be upgraded as „Centres of Excellence‟ at a total cost of Rs.2,783 crore under this scheme.
The Government proposes to establish a world class skill centre named “Tamil Nadu World Innovation and Skill Training Hub” (TN-WISH) at Ambattur at a cost of Rs.120 crore with the objective of providing skill training to trainers in ITIs and polytechnics and to create a highly skilled workforce. The hub will provide training in advanced technologies such as Mechatronics, Internet of Things, Advanced Automobile Technology, Precision Engineering and Advanced Welding.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister had launched the visionary programme “Naan Mudhalvan” last year to train 10 lakh students and youth in industry relevant skills and thus generate job opportunities for them. This programme is being implemented in all engineering and arts and science colleges in collaboration with industry partneRs.Academic curriculum has been revised to include industry relevant courses to improve employability of students. Currently, about 12.7 lakh students from engineering and arts and science colleges are being trained under this programme. 12,582 engineering faculty and 7,797 arts & science faculty have also been trained. Rs.50 crore has been provided for this scheme in the budget.
To scale up skill training infrastructure in a massive way, factories will be used as Skill Development Centres. Industries will be incentivized to provide on-the-job-training to youth in factories. In this Budget, an amount of Rs.25 crore has been allocated for this „Factory Skill Schools‟ programme. A state-of-the-art Skill Development Centre will be established, at an estimated cost of Rs.80 crore, in SIPCOT Industrial Park, Shoolagiri in Krishnagiri district, which is emerging as the third largest industrial cluster in the State.
The Perunthalaivar Kamarajar College Development Scheme was launched last year with an outlay of Rs.1,000 crore for improving infrastructure and basic amenities in Government colleges over a period of five yeaRs.In the current year, works such as construction of new classrooms and additional laboratories have been taken up in 26 Government polytechnic colleges and 55 Government arts and science colleges. These works will be carried out in the coming financial year also at an estimated cost of Rs.200 crore.
It is seen that the number of students from Tamil Nadu clearing the Civil Services Examinations has been on the decline in the last few years. With the objective of reversing this trend, Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) will implement a scheme in co-ordination with Anna Staff Administrative College to help civil services aspirants to access better coaching facilities and materials. Every year 1,000 civil services aspirants will be short listed through a screening test. Each aspirant will be provided Rs.7,500 per month for 10 months to prepare for the preliminary examination. Those students who clear the preliminary examination will be provided a lumpsum amount of Rs.25,000. For this programme, an amount of Rs.10 crore has been allocated to TNSDC in the Budget Estimates 2023-24. In aggregate, an allocation of Rs.6,967 crore has been made to the Higher Education Department in this Budget.
With the realization that tomorrow‟s society is the responsibility of today‟s youth, this Government is committed to making the youth strong and vibrant. With the successful conduct of International Chess Olympiad in Chennai and the competitions for Chief Minister‟s Trophy being held across the State, the sports sector has been given a new impetus. As the next step, the Government through the Chennai Metropolitan Development Agency will set up a state-of-the-art Global Sports City in Chennai which will promote the development of sports and emerge as a favoured destination for leading sports events. For this purpose, a detailed project report will be prepared by engaging international experts.
The Government will undertake a comprehensive renovation of the iconic Jawaharlal Nehru Outdoor Stadium, Chennai and equip it with modern sports facilities at an estimated cost of Rs.25 crore.
This Government, which is founded on the principles of social justice and equitable growth, attaches highest priority to the development of Adi-Dravidars and Tribals. With the objective of increasing the Gross Enrolment Ratio of Adi Dravidar and Tribal students in higher education and providing them safe and quality accommodation, four new hostels will be constructed with modern facilities in Madurai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli and Nilgiris at an estimated total cost of Rs.100 crore. These hostels will be maintained and managed by engaging professional agencies.
It has been a long pending demand to enact a legislation to ensure effective implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plan. Heeding to this request, the Government will bring a new legislation to ensure adequate allocation of funds and effective implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plans. The draft bill will be introduced in the next session of the Assembly after due consultation with stakeholdeRs.
The practice of manual cleaning of sewers and septic tanks is a blot on humanity. In order to completely prevent deaths due to manual cleaning of sewers and septic tanks, a new scheme has been recently launched by this Government. By transforming sanitary workers into entrepreneurs and facilitating them to procure modern machinery, this scheme will enable them to undertake these works in a safe manner and generate income. In this scheme, priority will be given to families of sanitary workers who died during manual cleaning and to persons currently engaged in sanitary work, on the basis of their willingness. In the first phase, the scheme will be implemented in the Chennai Metropolitan area. Based on this pilot exercise, the scheme will be expanded to the entire State.
It is seen that the share of persons from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities who avail various entrepreneurship promotion subsidies from the Government is very low. In order to promote economic development of SC/ST entrepreneurs, a new scheme called „Annal Ambedkar Business Champions Scheme‟ will be launched in the coming financial year. The new scheme will provide 35 per cent capital subsidy and offer 6 per cent interest subvention for loans to procure machineries and equipment. A sum of Rs.100 crore is allocated for this scheme in the Budget Estimates 2023-24.
To revive the Welfare Board for Puthirai Vannars, Rs.10 crore will be provided to undertake livelihood development and welfare activities.
A new scheme named „Iyothee Thass Pandithar Habitation Development Scheme‟ will be launched to ensure basic amenities in Adi Dravidar habitations in both urban and rural areas and to bring about comprehensive socio-economic development. The scheme will be implemented at a cost of Rs.1,000 crore over a period of 5 years.
A sum of Rs.3,513 crore has been allocated to the Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department in this Budget.
It is well known that it was Muthamizharignar Kalaignar who coined the term „Differently Abled‟. Given the importance of this department, it is directly looked after and works are closely monitored by the Hon‟ble Chief Minister. RIGHTS project is being implemented at a cost of Rs.1,763 crore with financial assistance from World Bank. The main objective of this project is to create an inclusive society by promoting accessibility through creation of barrier-free structures and employment opportunities through vocational training. The project will be implemented in 15 districts in 2023-24. At the divisional level, 39 One Stop social care service centres will be established to provide services including disability assessment, certification and early intervention. Further, 150 neighbourhood centres manned by volunteers will be set up to provide treatment at home and assistance in availing benefits under various welfare schemes.
For the benefit of the 6.84 lakh differently abled persons across the State, the Hon‟ble Chief Minister has already issued orders to increase the pension from Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,500 and the maintenance allowance from Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,000 for severely affected persons with disabilities. Towards this, a sum of Rs.1,444 crore has been allotted in the Budget.
The State Government is providing guarantee and interest subsidy for the development of enterprises of differently abled persons. Through these initiatives, Tamil Nadu has facilitated loan assistance to 11,155 differently abled persons to the tune of Rs.50 crore through National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation this year, placing Tamil Nadu in the first place in the Country.
The Government is developing a comprehensive database of differently abled persons to ensure effective delivery of benefits under Government schemes. In the first phase, a database of 9,08,000 persons who are benefitting from various welfare schemes has been created.
The Government has been taking various steps to improve the functioning of Backward Class and Most Backward Class hostels by upgrading infrastructure, and providing nutritious food. In the last two years, works for the construction of 9 hostels at a cost of Rs.36.25 crore are being implemented. Further, based on the requirements of students, fifteen school hostels have been upgraded as college hostels.
In the Budget Estimates, a sum of Rs.252 crore has been allocated towards Pre-Matric and Post-Matric scholarship schemes. An amount of Rs.305 crore has been earmarked towards distribution of bicycles to students. A sum of Rs.1,580 crore has been allocated to the Backward Class, Most Backward Class, Denotified Communities and Minorities Department.
Following the ancient Tamil tradition, many leaders of the Tamil society have introduced pioneering schemes to eradicate poverty and promote the educational development of students. In 1920, Sir Pitti Theagarayar, the then chairman of the Chennai Municipal Corporation introduced mid-day meal programme in Chennai for the first time in the Country. During Perunthalaivar Kamarajar‟s tenure as the Chief Minister, the mid-day meal scheme was expanded at the state level, marking a transformational change in the history of education in Tamil Nadu. This was followed by further efforts to eliminate hunger including the Nutritious Meal Programme by Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and the scheme to provide eggs along with nutritious meals by Muthamizharignar Kalaignar.
At this juncture, it has come to light that some children studying in Government schools are suffering from stunted growth and malnutrition. Recognizing that students may be unable to concentrate on studies as they come hungry to schools without eating breakfast, the Hon‟ble Chief Minister launched the „Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme‟ last year, which is the landmark scheme of this Dravidian Model Government founded on social justice. This historic scheme was inaugurated on September 15, the birth anniversary of Perarignar Anna.
The Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme is being implemented in 1937 Government Primary Schools and it is benefitting 1,48,315 students studying from Class I to Class V. Out of the 1,543 Elementary schools,where the scheme was implemented in the first phase, the attendance of students has increased in 1,319 schools. The attendance has increased by 10per cent in 624 schools, 20per cent in 462 schools and 30per cent in 193 schools. In Tiruppathur, Perambalur, Ariyalur and Tiruvarur districts, attendance of students has increased in all the schools where the Breakfast scheme was implemented. To translate the noble vision of the Hon‟ble Chief Minister that we will make any sacrifice to ensure that no child remains hungry while learning and to make learning joyful and education universal, the Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme will be expanded to cover all the 30,122 Government primary schools in the State from the coming academic year. Rs.500 crore is allotted for this scheme in this Budget which will benefit 18 lakh students studying from Class I to Class V.
Educated women are essential for a prosperous and self-sufficient society. Well aware of this, Muthamizharignar Kalaignar introduced the Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Marriage Assistance Scheme in 1989 to promote women's education. Realizing that many girls from poor families in Tamil Nadu are unable to continue higher education after completing 12th standard, this Government has redesigned the scheme as Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Pudhumai Penn Scheme, under which all girl students studying from 6th to 12th standard in Government schools are provided Rs.1000 rupees per month for their higher education. At present, 2.20 lakh girl students are benefitting under this scheme every month. Compared to the year 2021-22, 29 per cent more girls have entered colleges this year, which is an addition of 20,477 girl students. The fact that the many girls who did not pursue higher education after completing their schooling have now enrolled in colleges is a testimony to the success of this scheme.
The self-help group movement, that was pioneered by Muthamizharignar Kalaignar in the country in 1989 at Dharmapuri, has today blossomed into a massive people‟s movement. This Government is undertaking several measures for capacity building and livelihood development of women self-help groups. In the current year, so far, women self-help groups have received bank loans of around Rs.24,712 crore. In the coming financial year, a target of Rs 30,000 crore has been set for credit linkage to SHGs.
Women entrepreneurs continue to face difficulties in accessing adequate, timely credit and marketing of products. To address these challenges, the Government will establish an exclusive „Start-up Mission‟ for women. This mission will facilitate women entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business.
Since 2021-22, a total of 213 godowns have been constructed with a storage capacity of 2.86 lakh MT at a combined cost of Rs.238 crore to augment storage capacity and minimize losses. Further, 12 godowns with a storage capacity of 28,000 MT are being constructed at a total cost of Rs.54 crore.
To meet the liabilities of the important poll promises fulfilled by this Government, a sum of Rs.2,393 crore for the waiver of agricultural loans, a sum of Rs.1,000 crore for the waiver of jewel loans and a sum of Rs.600 crore for waiving self-help group loans, totalling an amount of Rs.3,993 crore has been allotted in the Budget.
The Government will frame a comprehensive long-term plan to carry out structural reforms in Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation to improve efficiency in operations and fiscal sustainability. An amount of Rs.10,500 crore has been provided in this Budget towards Food Subsidy in the Public Distribution System. An allocation of Rs.16,262 crore has been made to the Co-operation, Food and Consumer Protection Department in this Budget. The Government is taking several efforts to restore and rejuvenate the water bodies. Under Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernisation Project, the Government has sanctioned rehabilitation works in 341 tanks, 67 anicuts and 11 canals at an estimated cost of Rs.462 crore. Further, repair, renovation and restoration works are being undertaken in 309 tanks at an estimated cost of Rs.258 crore.
Long term flood mitigation works are being undertaken at a cost of Rs.184 crore in the districts of Chennai, Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Cuddalore. Of these, 9 works have been completed and 2 works are in progress. In the current year, 12 flood mitigation works have been undertaken in Chennai, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Thiruvallur districts at a total cost of Rs.434 crore.
The Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board, under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Chief Minister, has been restructured to promote the welfare of animals in the State. In order to control the burgeoning street dog population, it is necessary to set up Animal Breeding Control Centres. To strengthen and improve the effectiveness of the Animal Welfare Board, an amount of Rs.10 crore has been provided in the Budget. This fund will be used to carry out animal breeding control activities, provide training to local Government employees and implement animal welfare activities.
This Government is empathetic to the welfare and special needs of fisher folk and has increased the special allowance during lean months to Rs.6,000 from Rs.5,000. An allocation of Rs.389 crore has been made to benefit 4.3 lakh beneficiaries for implementing the fishermen welfare schemes such as Lean period assistance, Ban period relief assistance and Savings cum Relief schemes.
Coral reefs provide shelter and food to fish and increase the probability of survival of fingerlings. To improve the livelihood of country craft fishermen, 217 units of artificial reefs will be established at a cost of Rs.79 crore in the 3 Palk Bay districts and 200 units will be set up at a cost of Rs.64 crore in other districts.
Due to increasing vagaries of climate change and pressure caused by the burgeoning population, the coastal ecosystem and the livelihood of coastal population are likely to be severely affected in the near future. The Government will implement the „Tamil Nadu Coastal Restoration Mission‟ with the objective of preventing sea erosion, reducing marine pollution and conserving marine biodiversity. The mission will be implemented with World Bank assistance at an estimated cost of Rs.2,000 crore in the next 5 years.
A contiguous stretch of protected forests is essential to protect endangered wildlife. The Government will notify a new wildlife sanctuary „Thanthai Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary‟, with an extent of 80,567 hectares in the forest areas of Anthiyur and Gobichettipalayam Taluks in Erode district to link the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve with Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary. This will be the 18th wildlife sanctuary in the State.
Tamil Nadu is located in the Central Asian Flyway and hosts a large number of migratory birds every year. In order to promote conservation of birds, encourage research in the field of ornithology and create awareness about the role of birds in nature, the Government shall set up an „International Bird Centre‟ at Marakkanam at an estimated cost of Rs.25 crore.
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2023.03.20 15:16 sparklysalamander16 Should Lexapro take away all anxiety? Do I need something stronger?

Hello everyone! I have a long history of anxiety - it first started flaring up badly as panic attacks in 8th grade and has manifested in a bunch of different ways since then (now in my late 20's.) I never took medication for it until 2019, when I moved to a new state for a job where I knew no one and was so incapacitated by anxiety that I could barely function. At that point, I started Lexapro. I never really knew if it was the Lexapro or just time passing, but after a few months I started to feel okay and haven't really been anxious between then and now (ignoring all the insanity with the pandemic lol).
Well, I felt brave enough to accept a new job recently in another new state where I don't know anyone. It's a state I've always wanted to live in, and work I've always wanted to do. The problem is, I'm terrified of experiencing the same anxiety I felt when I moved to my current state (throwing up daily, not being able to eat anything, crying constantly, basically having to shut my body and mind down and zone out just to escape the waves of anxiety rushing through me.) I thought this time, since it's been a few years and I've been in therapy the whole time and I'm on Lexapro and I have a cat who's my best friend, maybe the anxiety wouldn't re-surface.
Spoiler alert, I haven't even moved yet and it's already here!!! I'm working my new job remotely for the first month and I'm supposed to move in mid-April. I already can't stop crying and I'm freaking out about how awful it's going to be once I actually move. So my question is: should I expect Lexapro to completely remove this anxiety? Do I need something stronger? Do I need those medications that are "in case of emergency"? I've never been prescribed any of those because doctors always said they're habit forming and bad for you. At this point I'm disappointed in myself but wishing I'd never accepted a new job just to avoid all of this. I hate that anxiety has to get in the way of following my dreams but maybe that's just how life is for me??
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2023.03.20 15:12 AuthorRKeene [The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter One (collaboration with u/hydrael)

[The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter One (collaboration with u/hydrael)

The Primeval Apocalypse by Robert Keene and Alex Raizman
Cover Image Robert's Published Books Hydrael's Published Books Robert's Patreon Hydrael's Patreon Get updates on Discord!
Start Here (Prologue) Next
In nature, only the strong are supposed to survive.
In defiance of all odds, I did too.
For now.
Six months after the apocalypse, I was still alive and kicking. A big part of that was the same way I survived the civilized world before the apocalypse. Finding a job that needed doing—and one that everyone else hated—and doing it very well.
As soon as you’re doing dirty work that nobody else wants, the people who want that work done will realize that your continued survival is in their best interest and they’ll take care of you. It just turned out in a world without retail shops, the dirty work that nobody else wanted was to act as a big stupid diversion.
And, like everything else in life, being a diversion is just a primitive, degenerate form of customer service. The customers now were the raiders who needed the enemy guards drawn away from their farms, and the service was now hurtling myself into danger as noisily as possible.
I’d split off from the raiding party just under an hour ago, arriving at the far side of the enemy village just before designated go time. Without any ability to communicate, the sign for their infiltration would be the alarm that would go out when I made my presence known.
Technically, I could start now, but I knew better. A single person moved through the forest far better than a group. Especially the specific group in question.
Nothing against Rebecca. She’d been great to hang out with between missions. But when a task involves overland travel, Rebecca’s a liability.
The forest around me was not at all what I was expecting before the apocalypse came and dumped me into it. From the message right before everything hit the proverbial fan, I’d expected that we were getting dumped into the Jurassic period, full of dinosaurs and palm trees and tropical ferns.
Obviously, with hindsight, that was an expectation driven by depictions of prehistory through the lens of cartoons, and not grounded in fact.
Instead, I was standing in the middle of an old growth pine forest, with trees that were dozens of feet around and stretching up too high to track from the ground. The interwoven canopy above simply did not let enough light reach the ground for foliage to grow here. The only things that survived were fungus, moss, and lichens.
Things that could endure the lightless existence.
Up ahead was different, though. A dense explosion of green. Light poured in from a gap in the forest canopy, feeding shrubs, bushes, and other plants that would starve anywhere else in this forest. Bright green foliage was interrupted here and there with bulging bunches of berries. Clumps of leaves sprouting from the dirt promised tuberous vegetables in the ground beneath.
The huge lump of greenery looked like a giant hill in the light covered with a natural bounty. I knew better. That veritable Garden of Eden had been birthed on the back of an enormous stump.
And someone had cut down this tree with purpose.
Someone had cultivated what grew from the stump.
Someone had worked tirelessly in the forest canopy to ensure that the window of light remained open to keep this mixed crop growing and healthy.
These cutout gardens were all through the forest here, surrounding the enemy settlement.
I could probably sneak up and grab a handful of berries without issue. I might even be able to dig out a few tubers and herbs and fire-roast myself a meal to last through the night.
But the guards would respond too quickly.
I could see three of them from here. A pair on patrol, passing by as they went between the various garden stumps. There was another amidst the foliage, carefully picking weeds out from around the base of the largest berry bush. Hunched-over and hairy, the farmer looked more like the creature the enemy resembled, where the guards—alert and walking upright—could pass for humans at a far enough distance.
They were enormous mandrills. Old-world primate from the world before the old world. Hairy and muscular, they had red noses flanked by blue-white ridges. They were larger and more heavily-built than the mandrills I remembered, their size and behavior marking them as a semi-civilized people rather than just big angry monkeys.
I would see their town soon enough, but even from here, they were clearly more than animals. They moved with calm and disciplined purpose, and while most of their modesty was preserved by their dense fur, they wore dyed loincloths to cover their lower bodies while retaining the bright colors that were usually a sign of strength, health, and desirability as mates among their species.
With their natural advantages and strong foothold in this primeval world, the mandrills had proven to be the greatest threat to human lives, even next to disease, starvation, and the other monstrous natural threats. The mandrills’ dark brown fur would let them blend in with the trees of the forest to be near-invisible, were it not for the colorful ornamentation on their faces and rear ends.
These three nearby were taller than me, but only by a handful of inches. As expected, this close to the settlement, they were the mandrill women. The men were usually over seven feet tall, and much more brightly colored. Rather than protecting the town and managing the farmwork, the men roamed the wilderness in gangs, acting as satellite patrols keeping threats at bay.
I was far too close to town now to worry about them.
The only men I was likely to see would be juveniles. Children too young to be far from their mothers.
Well, them, and also the alpha.
I gritted my teeth and remained silent as the guards walked by. Patience was a virtue, even in this dangerous world. I needed more time before raising a stink and drawing the Mandril guards to me. My friends were unlikely to be in position yet.
Not slowed down as they were by their numbers.
And Rebecca.
I checked my status menu, and the system that had kicked this whole mess off filled me in on my current details. Normally I wouldn’t read the entire screen of information, but in my nervous state, the familiar numbers helped to soothe away my worries for the upcoming mission and remind me how far I’ve come.
How many times I’ve done this before.
Colin Richardson Level 4 Marauder Status effect: Hide In Plain Sight
HP: 472/472 MP: 0/0 SP: 60/110
STR: 16 CON: 18 DEX: 13 AGI: 16 INT: 10 WIS: 8
Class: Marauder Subclass: Unlocked at level 5 Marauder is a tank/DPS hybrid basic class adept at both surviving in the thick of combat and dishing out damage. Versatile, yet focused, its class skills include nearly all weapons and armor, but only a smattering of non-combat skills.
[Class Abilities]
Fierce (Passive): Deal 10% more damage with melee attacks.
Durable (Passive): Your max HP is increased by 10%.
Second Wind (90 second cooldown, 3 charges): Restore 10% of your HP instantly, and 15% of your HP over the next 15 seconds.
Enrage (120 second cooldown): For the next 66 seconds, your damage done is increased by 30%.
Last Stand (Passive): While below 20% HP, increase all defense ratings by 50%.
Maul (30 second cooldown): Your next melee weapon attack inflicts the Maul effect on the target and all enemies in 5 yards around them, dealing 5% weapon damage per second for 6 seconds. Dealing melee damage to enemies with Maul active extends the duration of the effect by 6 more seconds.
Intuition (Passive): Chance to dodge/block/parry attacks by enemies you can sense is increased by 5%.
Bloodbath (90 second cooldown): For the next 30 seconds, when dealing damage, 25% of the damage done is returned to you as health. Your damage dealt is increased by 5.0% while Bloodbath is active.
Skull Bash (30 second cooldown): Your next unarmed strike stuns the target for 0.75 seconds. Afterwards, take 20% reduced damage from all sources, and deal 10% increased damage for 2 seconds.
[Class Achievements]
Built To Resist IV: Take more than 150% of your HP in damage in 6 seconds and survive. Second Wind gains 2 additional charges. Reduce Second Wind’s cooldown by 10%.
Sustained Rage: Deal 100,000 damage while under the effect of Enrage (lifetime). Enrage gains a 10% duration increase.
Indestructible IV: Spend 120 minutes with Last Stand active (lifetime). The defense bonus of Last Stand is increased by 100%
Pig Sticker: Deal damage with Maul to four targets on the same system tick. Maul now affects an area around your primary target.
Bloodlust II: Recover 100% of your maximum HP over the course of a single use of Bloodbath. Deal 5.0% more damage while Bloodbath is active.
Third Eye: Block, dodge, or parry seven attacks in a row. Intuition increases your detection radius by 10%.
Thick Skulled II: Stun an enemy with Skull Bash during the cast time of a spell or ability 10 times. After using Skull Bash, take 20% reduced damage for 2 seconds.
Stunning Finisher: 5 enemies killed during Skull Bash’s stun effect. After using Skull Bash, deal 10% increased damage for 2 seconds.
Unarmed (Cross-class): 3
Sword: 4
Axe: 16
Spear: 8
Bow (Cross-class): 1
Club: 8
Block: 4
Parry: 16
Dodge: 18
Unarmored: 8
Light armor: 12
Medium armor: 6
Detection: 18
Stealth (Cross-Class): 9
Athletics: 16
Acrobatics: 16
Simple Crafting (Cross-Class): 8
Crafting (Alchemy) (Cross-Class): 8
Crafting (Cooking): 4
Use Rope (Cross-Class): 10
Climb: 8
Swim: 6
Ride: 3
Survival: 18
Intuit North (Cross-Class): 8
Harvesting (Cross-Class): 8
Excavation: 2
Skinning (Cross-Class): 4
Butchering: 12
[Skill Achievements]
Stronger than the Self (Axe): Deal more than your maximum hit points in damage in under 120 seconds while wielding Axes. Deal 10% more damage with axes.
Line of Attack: Parry 1,000 attacks (Lifetime). Gain Defensive Stance (Active, Toggle) to increase your parry skill by 20% while reducing your weapon skill by 20%.
Sight Unseen: Succeed on a Stealth check. Gain Hide In Plain Sight (Active, Toggle) to use Stealth skill when there are no shadows or cover.
Lost and Found V: Fail a Stealth check by 50 points or more. When failing a Stealth check by 25 or less, reroll and take the new result.
Blind Sentinel: Succeed on a Detection check while one of your senses is disabled. Increase detection radius by 10%.
Sentry II: Succeed on Detection checks against hostile beings 50 times (Lifetime). Increase detection radius by 20%.
Marathon: Travel 1,000 feet while at 0 Stamina (Lifetime). Increase Stamina Points by 10%, Athletics checks consume 10% reduced Stamina Points.
Freefall VIII: Fall 8,000 feet (Lifetime). Fall 80% farther before an Acrobatics check is required to avoid fall damage.
Tastes Bad: Discover an Alchemical Property by eating raw ingredients. When failing a Crafting (Alchemy) check to discern Alchemical Properties, you may reroll the check once per day without consuming the ingredient.
Gaoler II: Restrain living beings with rope 100 times (Lifetime). When an enemy succeeds on a check to escape bindings you have tied, force them to reroll and take the new result. When an enemy you have bound breaks free, you are notified as long as you are within 30 yards.
Green Teeth III: Survive on foliage only for 3 days. Survival skill is increased by 30% to identify edible plants.
Head: Antler Cap DEF: 10 +1 CON +2 Survival
Body: Leather Vest DEF: 10 +1 CON +2 Survival
Hands: Clawed Gloves of Strength DEF: 5 +2 STR +2 Climb
Legs: Leather Leggings DEF: 5 +1 AGI +2 Dodge
Feet: Reed Sandals DEF: 2 +1 AGI +2 Stealth
Adornment: Fang Necklace +2 Detection
Adornment: Thick Hide Bracer DEF: 5
Weapon: Crude Handaxe DAM: 10 DEL: 15
Offhand: Crude Handaxe DAM: 10 DEL:15
In the corner of my mind, my Journal screen kept me reminded of my current quests. The quests were auto-generated by a system that seemed to be only barely sentient, so most of them were half-baked tutorials for systems I had no interest in. Trying to teach me random crap about metalcraft and carpentry even though I had neither the skills nor the tools to engage with them. Those had all been marked to hide, and silenced for the foreseeable future.
Only two remained active.
Reach Level 5 Completing objectives, overcoming challenges, and defeating powerful foes will gain you experience points to increase your level. At level 5 you will unlock: Choose A Subclass.
Milk Run XXCVIII (Shared with Party) Hamlet Jamestown is running low on food. Locate and donate at least 50 lbs of food to avert this crisis.
I could almost sense the guards’ Observation checks bouncing off my Stealth skill as I crouched at the base of a skyscraper-like tree just a few yards off their patrol route. Any move I made to get to more secure cover would give them a bonus to their checks, but I could just wait for them to pass me by. One of them hesitated, causing me to hold my breath, but she just snaked a hand out to sneak a berry off of the garden and pop it into her mouth before moving on.
They made their way out of view to my right around the next giant pine tree just a few moments later, opening the narrow window I’d need to rush through.
It would take under a minute for the next patrol to emerge from the forest to the left.
Creeping forward, I gave the farmer as wide a berth as I could, careful to avoid shuffling my feet on the thick carpet of brown pine needles beneath me.
Soon it wouldn’t matter if my friends were in position or not. As I passed the farmer and moved towards where I knew the Mandril settlement would be, the clock had started. It was only a matter of time before someone—or something—succeeded on the Observation check to spot me.
Of course, that simply meant that the stage was set. As soon as the alarm went up, it was showtime.
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2023.03.20 15:10 phyrefoxx March 20: Favorite body part. For me, that is my hair. It can be so expressive, and allows me to be very creative, too.

March 20: Favorite body part. For me, that is my hair. It can be so expressive, and allows me to be very creative, too. submitted by phyrefoxx to PhotographyChallenge [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 15:02 DFbooks [Complete] [75k] [Sci-Fi/Thriller] Repo

Hi! I'm looking for beta readers for my first novel.
Blurb: Seventeen-year-old Harper Chen escapes her trailer park life only to end up in a car accident that claims both her legs. When an experimental cybernetic limb program offers her a chance at mobility, she joins only to discover that she must compete against forty other candidates to win the prototype. With no money, no family, and no friends, she will be forced onto the streets unless she fights for her chance to walk again. The challenge pits her against ruthless competitors, a program that puts money over people, and her own ideas of being whole.
You might like this if you're a fan of Red Rising or Ender's Game.
TW: violence, military, amputee, no romance
I'm looking for general feedback on the story. Where is it slow? What isn't working? Did anything take you out of the story?
I'm interested in swaps. I'm a fan of Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Crime, and Fantasy.
First chapter is below. Thanks!
Harper’s fingertips swept against the gas station candy, tracing their smooth neon logos, crackling their plastic wrappers, and reading the chocolate-brail textures underneath.
“Declined.” The cashier slid Harper’s credit card across the counter.
Harper snapped out of her impulse candy trance. “Sorry?”
“Your card was declined. Do you have another?” His words echoed through the cavernous mom-and-pop gas station that served as a pit stop for long-haul truckers and families on vacation. The shop was crammed with dented wire racks filled with expired treats and a glassed-in wall boasting a confetti of colorful drinks.
It was a mistake to stop in front of the boxy, 1970s, gas pumps but she didn’t have a choice. Her gas tank neared empty. Harper had searched for a credit card slot even though the analog flip numbers should have been an obvious sign. Against her better judgment, she pumped first then came in to pay.
Even with the antiquated vibe of the store, the place was packed with people. Despite Harper being the only one in line, the cashier’s voice carried uncomfortably loud. She craned her neck spotting all the shoppers peeking up from their browsing, zeroing in on her humiliation. All accusing. All judging.
Harper curled her toes in her Doc Martens, but she couldn’t keep her face from flushing red. She lowered her voice to bring the cashier’s volume down. “Could you try it again, please?”
The cashier’s shoulders dropped and his expression said, ‘It’s not the machine, it’s your card,’ but at least he was polite enough not to say it. The card lanced through the reader. Magnetic impulses translated into data, reinterpreted, and launched through the phone lines, out across the surrounding New Mexico landscape along with Harper’s desperate hopes.
Please go through. Please go through. Please go through.
“Declined,” he said. “Do you have cash?”
Harper wilted and pretended to flick through her pocketbook. “Do you have a Tyme machine?”
“A what?”
“A Tyme machine.”
His glare said he didn’t want to deal with crazy people today. “Are you joking?”
Harper was confused over his reaction; then it hit her. “A— A cash station.”
His scowl dissolved, making the connection. “Oh, an ATM? Back in the corner.” He pointed to a corner of the store next to the beer cooler. “Why were you asking for a time machine?”
“That’s what we call them where I’m from. The company that runs them is called Tyme. You know, ‘Tyme is money,’ I guess.”
“That’s funny. And where are you from?”
“South Bay. South Bay, Wisconsin.”
“Oh yeah? I went to school in Indiana. They called them Shazam machines.” He smiled at her and leaned in, inviting a chat.
Harper wanted to be conversational. The cashier wasn’t much older than her. He was eighteen, maybe nineteen, with a nice smile, but it was hard to be friendly right after being called out as a pauper.
Harper smiled and awkwardly bobbed her head, eyes falling to the floor. She faded a step back as she squeaked, “Okay, thanks.”
Harper stopped at the cash station and yanked a debit card from her pocket. She glared at the small photo printed on the card, despising her flat, shoulder length hair and Plain Jane appearance. If she had more confidence, she might flirt her way out of this situation. She forced down the growing dread in her chest. Dizzyness hit her as the dread grew, consuming her, cutting her off from rational thought.
She plunged her debit card into the machine, punched in her PIN and scanned the store while the satellite uplinked to her account. Security cameras hid behind black domes spread across the dot-speckled ceiling squares. Gigantic concave mirrors perched in the corners. A second employee mopped up in the coffee section.
The ATM chiseled out a receipt with a rat-a-tat and spit it at her. Checking account balance: Negative fifty dollars. The bank would tag on an extra forty dollars for being negative. She believed that this was the bank’s way of saying, not only are you broke but now you’re more broke.
Harper weighed her options, either beg for money from patrons or shed some tears at the cashier. Each embarrassing, but none worse than calling her stepmother for help. Gretta wouldn’t help anyway, she would offer some excuse or make such a big deal of the request that Harper would regret asking. Harper had tried to avoid her help since she was thirteen and she didn’t want to start now. Her friends back in South Bay would help if she hadn’t dropped her cell phone in a toilet back in Kansas.
Her biggest worry was getting to Los Angeles. She always dreamed of a life on the west coast, imagining the Hollywood lifestyle, the beaches and, for someone from Wisconsin, the year-round heat. Los Angeles promised an escape from her stepmother, her stepsister, and the way they would disparage her even when she was in the same room. The lights of the big city promised a life outside her small circle of friends and their lives that settled into nine-to-five jobs or full-time motherhood. Harper was seventeen, but South Bay had a history of trapping people. For those whom didn’t move on to college, there was either a low paying job waiting for them, marriage to a guy they went to high school with, the military, or moving far away. The military didn’t look so bad now that she was stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Harper massaged the negative balance receipt between her forefinger and thumb. Could she give the gas back? Let them siphon the tank and let her go on her way? She’d end up stranded in the nearest town, but it was better than being arrested.
She weighed all the options and settled on one. Her only one.
Harper shuffled up to the cashier and attempted to avoid eye contact. “I need to go home and get some cash.”
The cashier pried his eyes from his Tohatchi Times newspaper. “All the way back to Wisconsin? I don’t think I can wait that long.”
“Um…” she mentally kicked herself for not seeing that one. “I mean home base. The hotel.”
The cashier brightened up, looking interested. “Oh, what hotel are you staying at?”
“The… the one up the road a bit.” Again she scolded herself. Gotta keep ahead of this, she thought.
The cashier’s friendly demeanor soured. He was on to her and Harper’s hopes of lying her way out of this fell into the toilet right next to her phone.
“Listen. I’d let you slide but it would come out of my check. Isn’t there anyone you can call?”
Yes. There is, but nobody I want to call. I don’t even have money to make the call. She imagined the smug smile on Gretta’s face as she declined her collect call.
“Where’s your phone?” Harper asked. The cashier pointed outside where a bank of three, silver kiosks perched at the edge of the gas station lot. Harper’s navy blue and corroding Chevy sat next to a gas pump at the midpoint.
“Thanks,” she said and forced a half-hearted smile. “I’ll be right back.”
She stepped outside into the dry New Mexico heat, relieved to escape the air-conditioned degradation. There was only a double pane of glass between her and the audience inside, but it was a welcome barrier. She still sensed their eyes burning holes into her as she crossed the asphalt.
Like an out-of-body experience, she watched herself reach the halfway point, open her car door, turn the ignition on and peel out.
As she left the gas station in her wake, she reassured herself she would pay them back when she made it to Los Angeles. She demanded it of herself. She wasn’t a thief. Her luck would change once she got there.

Murray leaned back in the squad car’s driver’s seat, parked in his favorite speed trap. ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me” bubbled over the radio, one of his favorite songs, even though he’d never admit it in front of the fellas at the station.
This spot was more than a speed trap to him. It was a bit of peace and quiet from the wailing grandkids at home. Murray’s son left his children behind and ran off on a crystal meth binge with his on/off girlfriend. For the past three years, Murray, and his wife had taken care of their grandkids, Alex, and Samuel. Murray was reluctant to take on the responsibility, but the kids would never have a good life without them. He was in his early sixties and nearing retirement while his wife had already retired. She was elated to have young laughter in the house again while Murray looked forward to peace, quiet, and extended fishing trips. But he was happy that his wife was happy, and it was a blessing to be so close to his grandkids. A second chance to do it right, he thought.
Even though his squad car sat tucked behind a billboard for Taos Mountain Casino, he wasn’t hiding. Only locals traveled this road after the new freeway was built five years ago. Folks from the town would drive by and wave and he would wave back, knowing each person by name or at least recognizing the truck they drove in. He was such a fixture that the locals always slowed down, which meant he didn’t need to pull anyone over, enjoying a quiet morning.
This morning he sipped his coffee and daydreamed about his weekend fishing trip on Lake Winopea when a navy blue blur flew through his peripheral vision. It took him a second to register what it was and then a wash of frustration overcame him. The squad car’s camera stopped working about three months ago and he’d been waiting for a replacement. Without the extra set of eyes, he contemplated letting the car go and getting back to that happy place, but his conscience wouldn’t let him. It would bug him the rest of the day, nagging at him, like the cries and wails of a six month and a two-year-old baby at home. No peace and quiet for Murray.
He leaned forward, flipped the siren on, shifted to drive and hauled out of the dirt path, sending a cloud of yellow dust over the casino billboard.

Harper barreled down the road, clutching the steering wheel, white-knuckled and eyeballing the rearview mirror. Any minute now police cars would pull up on the horizon and stop her. She imagined a fleet of squad cars trailing her from a helicopter camera point-of-view, capturing the high-speed chase and broadcasting the whole thing on the news. She fantasized about her Thelma and Louise moment, giving the finger to everyone as she coasted over the cliff edge.
But in reality, nobody was behind her. Random cars peppered the freeway, but no police cars for the past ten miles. How long would it take for that cashier to call the cops, describe her car, and show a picture of her license plate on the low-resolution, black and white video footage? How much longer for the cop to radio all the other squad cars to be on a lookout for a navy blue Chevy with a ditzy broke girl behind the wheel? Did the cashier even bother to call? Was she worrying for nothing? Did they arrest people for sixty dollars worth of gas or would the police have more important things to do?
So many questions spiraled through her head. This wasn’t the fresh start she’d imagined. And the biggest question: If this is the position I’m in now, how will I survive when I get to Los Angeles? She wasn’t going there with her head in the clouds. She wanted to believe she was realistic. Pragmatic. Harper was wary of the seedier side of the city and prepared to make an honest living, but there was a small voice in her head that said this would get worse.
I should have waited. I should have saved more money and put up with South Bay a little longer. I should have done it right. Her father always said she was passionate, a nice way of saying stubborn. When she got her mind caught up in something she had tunnel vision, the rest of the world wasn’t important. When she set her mind on LA, that was it. Harper packed up what she had, which consisted of an old HP laptop, two garbage bags full of clothes, some canned food, and drove. Watching Milwaukee fade into the distance liberated her. She had escaped. She was free. All she had to do was drive.
The plan was to sleep in the car for a few days. She had a gym membership with a national chain to take showers at one of the LA branches. Then she’d apply for jobs as a waitress or cashier at a mom-and-pop shop. Maybe get a bed at the YMCA. Harper would build herself from the ground up and she’d be able to tell everyone that she was a self-made woman. These ideas were ridiculous, but she wanted out. Desperation convinced her anything was possible.
Harper wished her father were still alive. He would have helped her, given her money and encouragement. He’d have had a friend in LA to connect with. An old photo of him clung to the dashboard, one of the few treasured belongings she brought with her. She prayed that he was a guiding light to this new world of freedom. Nothing would get in her way. Especially a stupid gas bill.
If the police searched for her, it would be on the freeway. She’d play it safe and divert onto a side road up by the billboard with the buxom blonde winking at her and throwing poker chips in the air.
Harper’s hand-me-down GPS told her that the side road would add an extra hour to her trip. She didn’t want to be in the state any longer than needed but she wanted to stay off the obvious routes. Her GPS labeled it the scenic route.
The narrow road piggybacked on a set of bluffs carved into the yellow earth separated by a metal guardrail. The path bent and twisted, each turn revealing a new vista of the expansive New Mexico landscape below. The view drew her forward and forced a gasp from her lungs. The stretch of yellow desert led to mountains and patches of faded green brush in between. Pillowed clouds hovered over the mountain peaks, letting shafts of sunlight dance across their sloped walls. A curled metal guardrail sat between her and the panorama.
The beautiful view eased the tension in her shoulders. Harper smiled and told herself she’d make a great criminal. Everything had happened without a hitch. Then the blue and red lights flashed in her rearview mirror. She threw the idea of career criminal out the window and tears welled in her eyes. Images of a trial and a jailhouse sentence flashed through her head. She cursed herself for taking the side road as the lights closed in, pulling up in her rearview.
She couldn’t believe she would be arrested for skipping out on gas. The police would call her stepmother and she would make Harper sit in jail for a few days before paying the fine. Gretta taking one last swipe at her was more humiliating than the idea of jail.
Tears glided down her cheeks with a swell of defeat. I’m so close. So close.
Harper flipped the turn signal and eyed a gravel shoulder, but as the cop car loomed behind her, that old stubborn anger washed over her fear. Her dreams ripped from her. The long reach of a small town only taunted her with the idea of escape. She refused to go back, especially when she was so close. So, beyond all reason, and without thinking about the consequences—
She hit the gas.

Murray closed in on the navy blue Chevy, taking the curves with a bit of caution. He’d seen a lot of drunken kids at the bottom of these bluffs in a twisted metal heap of a car. The guard rails couldn’t stop a speeding car from falling off the edge.
As he neared, the Chevy’s signal flipped on. Good, he thought, some quick paperwork and I can get back to my coffee. As they slowed on the dirt shoulder, the Chevy lurched forward and pulled away. Confusion marred Murray’s face. People didn’t hit their breaks then pull away, they either did one or the other.“Okay, buddy, okay.” Murray hit the gas in pursuit.
Murray leaned forward, alert, body tensing, thinking through the possibilities. They both weaved in and out of the curves, picking up speed. Murray eased off the gas to avoid getting them both killed. He snatched the CB, calling in the car’s make, model, plate, and location. The navy blue Chevy disappeared around the turn and an explosion of chaos roared across the landscape forcing Murray to slam on the breaks.
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2023.03.20 15:01 sugar-soad I found a tribe of feral children living in the Channel Tunnel

I kept glancing at my watch as I ran down the stairs as I knew that I was late. I raced across the platform and dived throughout the train doors moments before they closed.
A number of other passengers were laughing at me as I pushed myself to my feet and sat down in an available seat. An elderly woman was wiping tears from her eyes as she was laughing so much.
I placed my earphones in to distract myself and started playing some System Of A Down. The train carriage was quiet as it was almost one AM, and most sensible people were already tucked up in their beds.
I was contemplating what I should eat when I got home when the train suddenly jammed on the brakes. I was flung forward and let out a cry as my head collided with the chair in front of me.
I could hear someone cursing their head off as I clutched my bruised skull. I glanced over at the elderly woman and could see a small dribble of blood at the bottom of her nostril.
I was about to walk over to check on her when the lights suddenly switched off, leaving us in sheer darkness. I could see other people pulling out their phones to use as flashlights and cursed my own stupidity for forgetting to charge my phone.
The lights suddenly flickered back on, which temporarily blinded me for a few moments. I heard an audible gasp from nearby, and I turned to the old woman who was staring at the front of the carriage.
I followed her gaze to a little girl who was sitting on the floor. Her skin was almost translucent, and I was convinced that I could see her blood and organs moving around inside her body. She sat there petting the half rotted corpse of a rat.
The old woman jumped up and was about to rush over to help the child. I grabbed her arm and told her to wait as something in my gut was warning me this would be a terrible idea.
She shot me a disgusted look before shaking off my arm and hurried towards the girl. The girl barely reacted to her presence as she was swept up into her arms.
The little girl finally looked up, and I saw her head turn from side to side as she stared at the blood dripping from the old woman's nose. She leaned forward and gently licked the blood.
The old woman's face was a mask of shock as the little girl suddenly bit into her nose and tore off the tip. Her legs gave way beneath her, and they both fell to the floor in a heap.
The woman tried to push herself to her feet, but the girl launched herself at her and began biting and scratching at her flesh. The woman's eyes glazed over as her throat was ripped open, and she collapsed dead to the floor.
The little girl started rolling around in the blood that was spraying forth and shovelling it into her mouth.
One of the other passengers began to scream, which caused a domino effect as a number of others followed suit. I began backing away as the train doors were pulled open and over a dozen similar looking children climbed on board.
They sniffed at the older woman's body and took turns drinking her blood. They began talking in an unknown language, and I could see them repeatedly gesturing towards the rest of us and smiling.
I glanced out the window and froze in terror as hundreds more of them were clustered around outside. Each of them were smiling at me, and I could see the hunger in their eyes.
The bloodsoaked little girl charged towards me, and I reacted on instinct and punched her in the face. She dropped to the floor and lay there unmoving with her eyes staring off into nothingness.
The other children began moaning in unison and pointing at me. I moved backwards as carefully as possible and passed a number of other passengers who were frozen in place.
The children let out a cry and rushed forward. They overwhelmed the passengers that I had passed and bore them to the ground before slicing open their throats.
I turned and fled with the children hot on my heels. They kept being slowed down as they massacred every passenger they could get their hands on. Many of the passengers in the end carriages didn't even know what was going on and looked at me in confusion as I ran past them.
I reached the last carriage and slammed the door shut behind me. I turned around and realised I was in the driver's carriage. His eviscerated corpse lay on the floor.
I could hear the sounds of the children pounding on the door as they attempted to force their way inside.
I sat down in the driver's chair and began hitting buttons in the hopes of restarting the train. I almost screamed in joy as it started slowly inching forward on the tracks. I pushed forward the levers, and the train hurtled up the tracks.
I slowed down when I could see the station in the distance and stopped just in time. I carefully opened the door and was relieved to see the next carriage was empty.
Blood was dripping from every surface, but there wasn't any sign of anybody. I went from carriage to carriage but found nothing but blood and one lone eyeball that had rolled under a chair.
I stepped off the train and looked back down the tracks to see a little boy waving at me. He seemed to be indicating that I should come closer, but I gave him the middle finger before fleeing out the door.
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2023.03.20 14:44 1samH1 50[M4F] uk/anywhere/online looking for new friends and chat partner to make a connection

Hey, I'm Sam male from England UK 🇬🇧, looking for a chat partner and a new friend, I like cooking, movies, hiking and sports.
I like working out in the gym , classes are my favourite, but do weights as well, love most movies and box sets, I have a dog, so I do a lot of walking.
I'm an ex chef , so I'm pretty good in the kitchen. My favourite foods to cook is bread , soups and curries (vegetable and meat curries).
I'm 5ft 11 inches blondish hair blue eyes medium to large build, happy to share selfies if we hit it off.
If any of those things do not float your boat , we can talk about anything, if you fancy a chat, drop me a message
Age preference 20 to 50.
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2023.03.20 14:31 Jack226_ *RANT* I wanna vomit when I hear my voice

I use my voice because it‘s my voice and I love it for that, but it‘s so weird and ugh and ew like it doesn‘t match my appearance at all. I wanna vomittttt and what about the fact that it will be like this my ENTIRE LIFEEEEE. I feel seriously disabled, oh my god
Someones comment in another sub went like this and it really resonated with me:
“I thought I had "socially transitioned fully" too, and started hormones. I went back- this was about 20 years ago now so I am an "old timer." Let me share a few things.
I have found most females who are interested in transition (including myself) wildly overestimate how much they "pass" in their social transition for a very simple reason: when you are seen as a woman, people will politely avoid confronting you about certain things. And when you are seen as "doing a gender thing" people will further avoid that confrontation. There are social consequences for people who are honest about these things and most prefer to avoid them. We look like cute little tomboys playing dressup with daddy's clothes to most men. Benevolent sexism carries a lot of weight, therefore- they humor us because doing so costs them nothing and is seen as chivalrous. Men's spaces are not threatened by us in exactly the way women's spaces can be threatened by the presence of males. We are not a threat, we are not treated as such.
So. Right now most people look at you and see a butch lesbian, or a tomboy, or a cute girl "playing with gender."
When you are on hormones that will start to change. The deeper voice and facial hair will be enough to make most passing strangers read you as male enough that one very important thing will happen:
Women and kids will no longer see you as a safe person.
If you're in the habit of smiling at strangers- get ready for some fear reactions. It will happen.
If you're in the habit of waving at little kids who wave at you on the bus- be prepared for their caregivers to start pulling them away.
You won't be the nice young lesbian chick or cute tomboy anymore. Now you will be some weird, slightly uncanny looking male (because FTMs have the same "not quite right" look even after years of hormones) and people will be creeped out.
This was one of the things the finished me. I realized how lonely male life really is. Nora Vincent's book is a great read on this topic btw. And I realized I had NEVER understood what male experience is like. i was playing pretend. And I didn't want to live my life playing pretend.“
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2023.03.20 14:09 Sylver713 Hunger Games : A new Generation (118th Hunger Games, part 2)

Welp... It's gonna be a three parter, since I went over the 40 000 characters limit...
Day 1:
Marie-Ange went to sleep immediately, while Gaia screamed at Julien. How dared he attack the Capitol ! Doing so ruined his chances at any sponsor or support. The boy did not seem to care, surrounding himself in an icy silence while his mentor gave up on scolding him and started giving phone calls. She did so for the entire night.
In the morning, no one was able to eat breakfast. They didn’t talk, didn’t make eye contact, until it was time to go to the holding rooms. Pavel Demigloss accompanied Julien. He stayed back, probably afraid that the boy would attack him if he said anything. Julien put on a short-sleeved white shirt, linen shorts and tan espadrilles. He was as pale as his shirt, every muscle tensed as he climbed into the launching tube. Pavel risked a soft “good luck” before running out of the room.
Gaia and Marie-Ange cried. A lot. The mentor had to convince her to put on her clothes, which she helped with, and then to climb into the tube. Marie-Ange tried to fight and run away. A pair of peacekeepers had to intervene in order to help Gaia maintain her into the glass cylinder. She almost collapsed when her podium started to rise.
In Annie and Reef’s apartment, the preparations were quickly finished. They had gone to sleep immediately the past night, in order to be full of energy on the first day. Tavali Landow accompanied Reef. She criticized his unkempt appearance, which didn’t bother him. He took a deep breath before entering the tube that would send him to a certain death. The stylist waved at him cheerfully.
Annie, once dressed, approached her mentor. She gave Oleander a neatly folded piece of paper. “Could you please find a way to give this to Marley ? The address is on it”. At first, Oleander was shocked. Never had a tribute tried to communicate to the outside world before. She nodded, but then changed her mind. “You know what ? I’ll keep it safe, so that when you come back you can give it to her yourself.” Annie burst into tears and hugged Oleander very tightly. She thanked her mentor before climbing into the glass tube. Her eyes were puffy and red, but her jaw was set in a determined scowl.
Julien stood straight as an arrow as he was lifted into the arena. It took him a little time to adjust to the blinding sun. Once he was used to the light, he looked around. The cornucopia clearing wasn’t one. It was a sort of plaza, paved in beige stone. Julien stood on the northwestern side of the ring of podiums. Behind him was an open gate leading to some sort of main road, and in front of him, to the South, was the front entrance of a luxurious hotel.
The cameras lifted up as Head Gamemaker Jahani Vishwa greeted the tributes and began the countdown. This year, the arena was an island, inspired from the Mediterranean Sea. On the Southern side was a huge hotel complex, with many rooms, a restaurant, pools, gardens, and even a whole spa. The Northern side was occupied by a small village for the employees of the complex. Linking each side was a narrower part of the island, with gift shops and restaurants. All of this stood on a plateau, as the terrain turned into steep cliffs dropping into the water. There was a single beach, with a treacherous path leading down to it.
As Urania was describing the rocky cliffs of the island, an explosion sounded. The cameras turned back to the cornucopia clearing. It was Galax (5). He’d been standing on the edge of his podium, and a single sneeze was necessary for him to fall off of it. The landmines placed around each podium to prevent the tributes from getting a head start worked incredibly well and Galax was pulverized.
Marie-Ange had been staring at the cornucopia, which had taken the form of a sumptuous golden fountain in the shape of President Crane. She held a spear in one hand and stood on top of a literal cornucopia overflowing with supplies. Most of the weapons sat in there or in the empty basin, but some less interesting things (water, bland food, scraps of fabric,…) were strewn about the plaza. When the explosion happened, Marie-Ange screamed. The droplets of blood that splattered around her made her feel queasy.
Reef stood on the Western podium, between Freya (2) and Edna (8). He looked for his allies in the circle. Once he found them, Galax was dead, and the countdown was at ten. He followed Annie’s glances to the entrance of the hotel. From the tribute’s perspective, it didn’t look that big. The viewers could see that the other floors were carved down into the island, creating terraces on the opposite side of the entrance. However, he agreed with his district partner. He signaled to Heath (12) that they were planning on entering the building.
Annie signaled their plan to Brandy (12), who stood two platforms away. Between them was Templar (1), focused on the cornucopia. Annie became pale, now realizing that Chevron (8) was on the other side of her. In her back, the door of the resort beckoned to her. As the countdown reached zero, she readied herself. She eyed a big backpack laying against the edge of the fountain.
As soon as the countdown ended, Julien flew to the center of the cornucopia. He was joined by Faunus on the way. The two boys knew what they needed to get. As Julien bent down to grab a bow and a quiver of arrows, one of Filigree’s knives hit Faunus in the neck. Julien picked up the collapsed boy’s supplies and joined Freya (2), who was already getting ready to leave. There were too many strong tributes, some even with a grudge, fighting in the clearing for now.
Marie-Ange ran for the bag she had spotted. Her path crossed with Dakota’s, who eyed her with a devious smile. Fortunately for her, Chevron (8) tackled the other boy to the ground. The girl didn’t stay long enough to watch who killed who (Chevron won) and made her way to the backpack. She grabbed it without looking inside and went the other way. Instead of choosing the front door, Marie-Ange went to the side and climbed into one of the open windows. She ran through the maze of corridors.
Annie ran to the center, Brandy at her side. She saw Dakota falling, then Deezer (3) being impaled by Templar (1). She felt sick but kept on running, picking up useful supplies here and there. Reef and Heath (12) ran their way, holding weapons and packs. They decided to leave as soon as possible. Annie caught Filigree (1) approaching from the corner of her eye. Just as she turned, she felt something yank at her back. She almost lost her balance when Harvey (11) tried again. He took out a knife.
As the fighting started to die down, Freya (2) and Julien made their way East, through the terraced gardens. Down the heavy slope was a jetty with a small motorboat. The wiry silhouette of Planche (7) stood there, trying to detach the heavy ropes tying it to the dock. No words were needed, the two tributes knew what they had to do.
Annie and Harvey stood a few feet from each other now. He approached but she kicked him in the chest. He fell backwards, as did she. However, she just hurt her back on the warm stone. Harvey, on the other hand, broke his neck on the ledge of the fountain. Without further ado, the four allies ran to the hotel. They were afraid someone had followed them, but the pair from 1 had deemed the other alliance, composed of Edna (8), Chevron (8), Cornelia (9), Shepherd (10) and Chica (10), a more important threat.
After half an hour, the 5 cannons of the bloodbath sounded. With 21 tributes still in the competition, Marie-Ange didn’t feel relaxed in the least. She tried every door, but most of them were closed. The keys were still in the lobby, all hanging behind the welcome desk.
Marie-Ange stayed on her guards. The grey carpet muffled every sound, but she heard someone coming her way. It was Virginia (6), who was in the middle of a withdrawal episode. Her head was bent at an angle and her walk was jittery. From behind a big vase, the girl from N could see she was holding an axe. There was no other issue than the other side of the corridor.
Marie-Ange waited until the other girl was walking past her, then pushed the vase. It shattered against Virginia, not hurting her, but causing enough surprise for Marie-Ange to get away. She feared the noise had attracted other tributes. She ran, and Virginia followed. Her head start helped a lot. She noticed a door without a key hole, labeled “Laundry”. She entered, thanking “god” for the open door. The room was dark, but she felt a big cart full of towels and linen. She jumped in, buried herself in them, and hoped for the best. Virginia limped past the door and did not come back.
When entering the hotel, Annie, Reef, Heath and Amber had not noticed the room keys. They’d run downstairs. There were other bedrooms, a lounge area, and another set of stairs. A big sign said “restaurant” in neon letters. They went down again. Brandy was the smallest of the group, so she scouted ahead. In the meantime, the other allies shared what they had picked up in the bloodbath. Reef had managed to grab a trident, but they would have to share the two other knives. They also had a bow, but no arrows. There were also general supplies, such as wiring kits, med packs and towels. Annie wondered why there wasn’t any food in the bags, but Brandy stopped her. “Come, quick!” said the girl. She was grinning from ear to ear. The restaurant was empty, but the kitchen was not. There was everything, from vegetables to fresh desserts, along with bread, charcuterie and other “survival” foods. Heath blocked the double doors with a pair of chairs. “Well let’s have lunch !” he exclaimed. Since every appliance worked, Reef and Annie decided to prepare as much food as possible while eating the things most likely to spoil first.
While that little group was feasting, Freya and Julien were ambushed, waiting for their prey. Planche (7) had managed to untie the boat, and she had spent a couple of hours drifting away from the island. During this time, the pair hid in the bushes. They knew she would have to come back eventually. She started to panic when she noticed the faint shimmer of the perimeter closing in on her, and managed to turn on the motor. The boat roared and jumped forward, dropping its passenger in the water. It crashed into the cliff. Planche (7) was a good swimmer. She made it all the way back up to the dock, unaware of the tributes waiting for her there. Julien didn’t wait. He stood up as she was almost there, and it was too late for her to do anything. He shot Planche in the eye, sounding her cannon immediately. Freya clapped him in the back. “Next one is mine, she said. But first we need to rest up.”. Julien acquiesced, and they made their way back up to the cornucopia plaza.
After having eaten all that they could, the 4-12 alliance decided to find a place to camp. They didn’t feel safe inside the hotel. There were not enough exit points. They walked along the pool, admiring the sea view, then headed westward towards the setting sun. They avoided the boxy building housing the spa. That was where the pair from 1 was resting at the moment. There were also a scattering of small villas, each with its own private jacuzzi. As for the rest of the hotel rooms, the doors were locked. Annie was afraid to attract attention if they forced them. Instead, they climbed down the rocky cliff on a narrow path to end up on a beach. It looked almost like a postcard. Since the path was the only way to access that beach, they felt safe enough setting up camp there.
Marie-Ange was much too scared to get out of her linen closet. She drank from the laundry room faucet, and built herself a little nest out of bedsheets behind the cart she’d hidden in. With any luck, no one would see her. In the evening, her stomach started growling. She rummaged through the contents of the shelves, finding a bunch of tiny chocolates, which she deemed enough. Marie-Ange went to sleep shortly after.
Julien and Freya (2) were like peas in a pod, meaning that neither of them spoke unless it was to share pertinent information. The boy found a wisteria climbing up the single floor of the hotel visible from the plaza, and the pair used that to get to the roof. It meant they would be safe and could see a big chunk of the arena. Julien took first watch. At midnight, the portraits of Faunus (2), Deezer (3), Galax (5), Dakota (6), Planche (7) and Harvey (11) were displayed in the starry sky. With 6 tributes gone, there were still 20 left in the arena.
Day 2:
Marie-Ange was one of the first tributes to awaken on the second day. The realization of where she was hit her like a freight train. She suffered from the “day 2 effect”, like many other. Once her tears had stopped, she could hear the gurgling of her stomach. The chocolates would not be enough. She listened at the door, making sure no one was wandering the corridors, before emerging. She walked to the lobby, but saw that Templar was browsing the many room keys. He and Filigree (1) didn’t notice her, so she just took another corridor and exited via an open window. She emerged near the garden, but continued walking north, parallel to the small street.
After an uncomfortable night on the roof of the hotel, Freya and Julien started their day by looking around and spotting the other tributes. Many of them were hidden inside buildings, but they saw Keyra (3) making her way to the docks and Reaper (9) hovering around the heliport on the opposite side of the island. Sometime later, they heard the sounds of conversation right under them. The pair crept to the edge of the roof, hoping to surprise the group that was there, but Julien stepped on a dislodged tile. It shattered on the ground and the chatter stopped abruptly.
Freya and Julien jumped down, but the small group was already running into a corridor. It was the alliance of 8, 9 and 10. The tributes followed them but they entered a room and locked it tight. Julien wanted to kick the door in, but Freya had a better idea. This room, like all the others on this side of the hotel, had a view of the pool, which meant a big window.
It took only a minute for them to go around. Shepherd and Chica (10) were still holding the door just in case, while Cornelia (9), Edna and Chevron (8) stood at the ready with their weapons. When they turned around and screamed, Julien was surprised at the effect he had on them. The window was not even broken yet they looked paralyzed by fear. Then he saw his reflection in the glass. He only had time to jump aside. An enormous tiger collided with the window. It didn’t break, so the beast turned around and attacked the closest target : Freya. It swiped a first time, ripping her sword out of her hand. The second swipe let deep gashes appear on her chest. She looked imploringly at Julien. With one bite, the tiger finished her, sounding her cannon. It was only then that the boy from N released his arrow. It killed the tiger immediately. Julien ran.
Annie, Heath, Brandy and Reef had spent the night on the beach but had not been bothered. They lazed a bit before deciding to explore. The group walked back up to the upper part of the island using the narrow path. It took them about half an hour to get to the top, and they decided to explore the main street with all its little novelty shops. The restaurants were mostly empty. Some tributes had already gone through some of the food, but there was more than enough left. They did not hear the first cannon.
They also picked up other supplies. Brandy grabbed a butcher’s knife and a barbecue fork “just in case”. They raided the pharmacy and covered themselves in sunscreen. Reef and Annie were used to the seaside sun, Brandy and Heath, however, were already turning red. Once they had all that they needed, they sat around inside the “Paradiso Cocktail Bar” and discussed their strategy. Annie wanted to hide for as long as possible. The beach seemed like the perfect place. They could defend it, set traps on the path down. Brandy agreed with her, but Heath and Reef were reluctant. “There’s four of us, said Reef. As long as we stay together, we won’t get attacked.”
In the meantime, Marie-Ange was picking apples. They weren’t that nutritive, but they would be better than chocolate at least. Suddenly, a voice called her : “Marie-Ange ? Is that you ?”. She swiveled around to the face of Berry (11) inside a bush. Actually, she was the bush. Berry went to hug her ally, then remembered that she was covered in branches. Marie-Ange executed a short victory dance and offered an apple to the other girl. “Thanks, but I have better…”. She took her to the back of a bakery. Marie-Ange could recognize the smell. She was about to open the door when the tiger that had just been released inside roared. The girls ran as quickly as they could, even though the beast was stuck inside.
Back in the Capitol, Head Gamemaker Vishwa explained that she had chosen to only release a dozen tigers, but that they would not be gone. Instead, some were stuck in rooms or buildings. They would be a constant threat to the tributes unless they were dealt with. “And if they’re not, added Urania, I was just looking for a nice throw rug…”
Reef and his allies had also dealt with a tiger that appeared out of nowhere. Since they were in a fishing shop at that time, they survived by throwing every net and fishing line available at it until it was too entangled to move. Heath killed it.
Once they were full of supplies, the group decided to try their luck in the hotel’s kitchen again. Maybe it was the fact that they had just defeated a tiger, or the dreaminess of the island that made them imprudent. Either way, they walked straight to the hotel, without paying too much attention to their surroundings. They traversed the cornucopia plaza, which had been emptied of its supplies. Reef led the group as they entered the hotel. He gasped in surprise as a knife pierced his skull. Brandy screamed and grabbed Annie’s arm. They ran as fast they could. As Filigree (1) appeared from behind the door where she was hidden, Templar came out from behind a bush to block the allies’ path. He held a sword at the ready. Brandy used one of the bags to deflect it as the trio collided with the boy from 1. Since they were there, Brandy also decided to plant her meat fork into his chest. He dodged, but the utensil still stabbed him in the shoulder. Annie, Heath and Brandy got back up and stumbled towards the gardens. The pair from 1 hesitated before following them.
Reef’s cannon surprised Julien and almost made him miss his mark. After a fruitless hunt for a tribute, he’d spent some time building traps with some wire he had collected. He fabricated tripwires and snares to disperse around the villas on the southwestern side of the arena. After that, he had climbed onto one of the rooves with his bow. There were still no tributes, but another tiger had appeared, freed by Virginia (6) a little earlier. He shot it once, then a second time in order to kill it. He didn’t bother fetching his arrows. An hour later, as the sun started to set on the island, another cannon sounded.
Annie, Brandy, and Heath eventually managed to lose the pair from 1. Every time they thought they were well hidden, Filigree and Templar’s footsteps came back. They ended up hiding in the pool house behind the cleaning products. They waited for what seemed like an eternity. Annie peeked through one of the vents, but she couldn’t see or hear anything. She was the first to exit the cramped cabin, a knife in one hand and a neon pink pool noodle in the other.
Once she was certain that no one was there, she beckoned the others. They were about to go back down to their camp on the beach when Annie got distracted by colorful lights. The jacuzzi of one of the villas was turned on, and along with the bubbles it displayed a nice show of colors. Brandy was too curious to let it go, and the two others followed. I hope it’s warm, laughed Heath. He plunged hand into the water and started seizing.
Brandy tried to grab his arm, but Annie pulled her away. A cannon sounded. As suddenly as he had started, Heath stopped seizing. The jacuzzi switched off. In the newly obscured backyard, a silhouette ran away. Annie and Brandy didn’t notice, they were too busy trying to reanimate their ally. To no avail. A smoke emanated from his corpse, a smell similar to that of cooked pork.
In the Capitol, the footage was rewound to show Eileen (5) rigging a trap to electrocute any tribute touching the water on her first day. She had waited 24 hours for her first kill, not expecting that there would be survivors. As she ran through the perfectly trimmed bushes, Annie and Brandy mourned their friend and cursed their stupidity.
No one else had bothered Berry and Marie-Ange in their orchard. They spent their afternoon and evening building some sort of nest in the biggest apple tree, using branches, but also tablecloth, beach towels and cushions from the shops. They talked a little more of their life in their respective district. Marie-Ange was surprised that her friend could not choose what job she wanted to do. Berry, however, was totally content working at a canning factory and not in the fields like most citizens of district 11.
Once their nest was built, they climbed inside. It was not very discreet, especially with the multicolored fabric hanging from it, but it would work for that night, thought Marie-Ange. They nestled together and fell asleep almost immediately.
When the last cannon of the day sounded, Annie and Brandy had barricaded themselves in a hotel room. They had picked a random key from the lobby whilst Filigree and Templar were absent. Room 215 had a cozy king size bed, a heavy commode they used to barricade the door, and a view of the sunrise. Meaning right now it was completely dark. The girls bundled up in the bed, Brandy scooting over to rest her head on Annie’s shoulder.
The cannon in question belonged to Cornelia (9), who had fallen victim to a particularly sneaky tiger. Chevron (8) and Shepherd (10) dispatched it quickly, leaving only two surviving tigers in the arena. They were both still locked in rooms of the hotel. From his perch on the roof, Julien saw the little group of them enter the spa. He did not bother to follow, as it was already late. He fell asleep, and the hymn of Panem woke him up. The portraits of the fallen were displayed in the sky, including Freya (2), Reef (4), Cornelia (9) and Heath (12). In the Capitol, the viewers hoped for the next day to be even more challenging for the 16 remaining tributes.
Day 3:
On the third morning, Julien woke up early. He remembered Gaia telling him that the Feast was usually held on this day. He made sure there was no one around before climbing down from the villa whose roof he had slept on and walked to the cornucopia plaza. There was nothing there yet, but he was happy to be the first there. He wouldn’t be alone all day though, so he did the same as on the first day and climbed up to the roof. Since there was only one floor, he was positive he could just jump down in case of emergency. Surely enough, Templar and Filigree appeared soon after. They were in a foul mood after having played hide and seek for an hour with Reaper (9). They had given up.
Marie-Ange was still deeply asleep next to Berry when something woke her up. The tree was shaking slightly. Someone was there. She opened her eyes ,and surely enough, a small silhouette was in the process of detaching her bag from the branches. She lunged, waking Berry in the process. The thief was Keyra (3), who had survived this whole time by following the bigger groups and stealing from their supplies.
Marie-Ange’s first reflex had been to grab at the other girl. Keyra was quick, however, and she managed to dodge. She jumped down from the tree, holding a small bag with the stolen supplies, and ran. Marie-Ange followed, leaving a dumbfounded Berry to guard their base camp. She caught up with Keyra and they fought for the supplies, inching dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. Only the girl from 3 noticed. Once Marie-Ange had her back to the edge, her opponent let go of the bag. She fell backwards and landed a dozen feet lower, impaling herself on a particularly sharp rock. Her cannon only sounded ten minutes later, but the cameras of the Capitol did not show her agony.
Right after the cannon, an announcement by Head Gamemaker Vishwa was broadcast in the arena. “Dear tributes. As you may have guessed, it is time for the Feast. At noon, in the cornucopia, you will each be offered the chance to grab something that might be the key to your victory. May the odds be ever in your favor !”.
Annie and Brandy had overslept in order to get as much energy as possible. When Marie-Ange’s cannon sounded, it woke Annie. Brandy was spooning her, which made her quite uncomfortable. She broke out of the unconscious hug and began preparing herself for the day. Getting a shower and revisiting what weapons the pair had. There were only kitchen knives left, but it would have to do. Annie had to shake Brandy out of her slumber. At that time, noon was approaching, and they worked together to remove the commode whilst making as little noise as possible.
Julien was ready for the start of the Feast. He had hidden his bow on the roof, opting for two long knives instead as it was close quarters combat that was expected. He watched as the other tributes approached, waiting for someone to take the first step. Only Berry (11), who was still searching for her dead ally, Keyra (3) and Virginia (6) who was suffering from an intense bout of fever due to withdrawal, were not present. Some, like the pair from 1 and the outlying alliance, were standing in the open, waiting for anyone to dare attack them. The others, Annie, Brandy (12), Eileen (5), Reaper (9) and Forrest (7), kept low and hid behind various bushes or doors.
As the sun reached its apogee, the statue of President Crane started to rise. Under it, 8 keys hung from small hooks. Each had a room or house number on it, but no mention of any specific district. Julien jumped from his roof and charged into the fray, kickstarting the battle.
Annie and Brandy jumped into the fray too, after concluding a silent alliance with Eileen (5). They didn’t know she was responsible for Heath’s death. The three girls covered each other’s backs, so The pair from 1 concentrated on lone tributes. Reaper (9) received a series of knives to the throat from Filigree (1) and Templar managed to chase Forrest (7) away without a key. The girls reached the statue, which was guarded by Chevron (8) and Edna (8). Brandy distracted them as Annie grabbed a random key. She did not try her luck, instead backing away immediately. The pair from 1 was approaching.
Julien did not feel confident in melee, so he only defended himself. He managed to wound Shepherd (10), avoided Templar’s sword, and grabbed a key for himself. He watched Annie, Brandy and Eileen run away with a key. Chevron (8) followed them and threw his spear. It hit Eileen in the back, paralyzing her. Chevron finished her. The remaining tributes scattered, leaving Filigree and Templar to deal with the three remaining keys.
Annie and Brandy ran without stopping. Their key bore the number 204. The gamemakers had made it so the tributes going to their “rooms” were less likely to encounter each other. Annie noticed that Eileen was not following them, but Brandy exclaimed that they didn’t need a third wheel.
Room 204 sat at the end of the western corridor, two floors down from the lobby. The inside made Brandy giddy, although Annie was a little more suspicious. There were no weapons or useful supplies, just a luxurious buffet of expensive foods. Turkey, cakes, roasts of all sizes and canapés stood on a table, still steaming. Brandy hugged her ally tightly and started eating. There was also a big bottle of champagne. A jeroboam, detailed Urania Whimsiwick, who was a fine connoisseur of wines.
Julien had inherited of villa number 18. It also contained a small meal, much smaller than that of Annie and Brandy, but also some body armor and kneepads. All the keys were actually a form of lottery, some rooms contained food, some weapons, some cosmetics and camouflage supplies.
Julien did not spend much time there. He ate some, put the rest in his bag, put on his armor and went out again. His first stop was the roof, where he got his bow back. He wondered if he would have enough arrows. His stock decreased quickly. He didn’t hope for a sponsor gift, even though he had seen some silver parachutes in the past days. Most had gone to the careers and the outlying alliance.
He decided to go to the Northern part of the island, which had been quite empty of tributes in the past. He almost crossed path with the outlying alliance, but heard them soon enough and dove behind a small building. He readied his arrow, but before he could release, Templar jumped out of another bush and stabbed Chica (10) with his sword, sounding her cannon. Filigree appeared behind him, but her knife only bounced off Edna’s ribs. Shepherd, Chevron, and Edna ran, pursued by the pair from 1. Julien stayed there, sulking. He spent the evening in the same location, alone and angry at himself.
In room 204, things were getting awkward for Annie. She had eaten a little bit of food and was trying to bend one of the silver platters into a functional chest plate. Brandy, however, had sampled the champagne. A lot of it. She was drunk and sulking since Annie had emptied the remains of it in the bathtub. The scene was very entertaining to watch, with Brandy trying desperately to invite her ally in bed. Annie turned her down, her cheeks reddening. The other girl wouldn’t take no for an answer, but soon fell asleep. Annie waited until she was passed out to get in bed, as far away from her as possible.
At midnight, the portraits of Eileen (5), Reaper (9), Chica (10) and Marie-Ange (N) appeared in the sky and on the many screens inside the hotel. This left 12 remaining tributes to start the 4th day.
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2023.03.20 13:53 CrunchM I'll admit, the ocean freaks me out. And not just because of what I can see, but really my imagination of what I can't see.

I'll admit, the ocean freaks me out. And not just because of what I can see, but really my imagination of what I can't see. submitted by CrunchM to WhitePeopleTwitter [link] [comments]

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“The old mall is haunted!”
Even by Hazelwood High’s rumor mill standards, this one was dumb. A lot of students liked to talk about it, but very few actually believed it. Still, when your high school is located in a sleepy suburban-at-best town where so little happens that a broken taillight could make the newspaper’s front page, you’re all-too-happy to share local news, even if it’s news from the next town over.
“What, the Lakeview mall?” Zoe asked in between bites of her lunch.
Tyler enthusiastically nodded. “Sightings, feelings of dread, the whole ‘people go crazy when they’re there too long’ thing – it’s perfect!”
“Perfectly dumb,” Zoe shot back, giving Tyler a look of derision. “You can’t actually think that kind of shit is real.”
“Of course I don’t! But it means adventure. I wanna go. Who’s in?”
The trio sat at their lunch table, eyeing one another. They were together through thick and thin, and they were always searching for the next adventure – and even if no one but Tyler was going to say it out loud, this ‘haunted mall’ was the perfect excuse in too long to go on a proper adventure.
But enthusiasm was for the nerds of the table, so Zoe Heracleous wasn’t going to say anything until someone else did. Despite her last name, she looked visibly Korean; her dad’s last name was deceptive enough to hide the majority of her family’s history. She inherited more than just a name, of course – a strong, beautiful yet determined face, beautifully wavy long hair, and a figure that screamed, ‘I bet this girl looks amazing with no clothes on but she’d beat the crap out of me with her muscles before I ever found out.’ It didn’t help that, even though she was reasonably fit, the most intimidating thing about her was her assertive attitude.
Nami Smith wasn’t the opposite of Zoe, per se, but she was enough to be her foil. Nami was white as a ghost and quiet, but not timid – despite her assertive attitude, Zoe would never make friends with someone timid, they’d be seen by her as too ‘boring’ – and thoughtful. If she said something, she had enough of a track record with the others that she’d be listened to, which was nice for her. Her short red hair had, much to her annoyance, gotten her the label of a ‘dyke’ among the school boys, and hanging out with a confident young woman like Zoe didn’t help those rumors subside. This was, of course, absolutely awful for the boy-crazy Nami.
Luckily, she’d made fast friends with the one guy at Hazelwood goofy enough to make her reconsider creating complications in their friendship. Tyler Massamba could have been bullied a lot less when he was younger if he’d just shut up. It wasn’t that he had a highly expressive face, or the fact that he was one of maybe six black kids in all of Hazelwood, or even that he was a little bit fatter than he would have liked, but it was mainly his wild wacky spirit and tendency to talk out in class, and say whatever he wanted, no matter whose ire it drove. Bless Tyler, he never learned, and he lived for his own excitement, which made him happy as a clam that he managed to find friends in two girls that couldn’t pass up an opportunity for adventure.
“Go to the mall?” Nami asked. “Would we have to break into it?”
Tyler grinned a toothy grin. “I already scouted the place out and found an in. Ground floor, no danger, easy as pie. Because I love you both so much, I didn’t even go in myself yet. I saved it for the moment where all three of us can enjoy it.”
“You’re too kind,” Zoe replied dismissively. “Well, it’s got to have been abandoned for, what, a few months? If there was any kind of security, they’d probably have sealed that up.”
“It could have been made the day Tyler found it,” Nami pointed out. “How about we go on the weekend? That way, if it’s still there, we know we won’t get busted. If it’s sealed, we know it’s a bad idea.”
Zoe gave an approving face towards Nami and turned towards Tyler. “I think that’s our way of saying we’re in.”
Tyler hooted and hollered. “This is gonna be awesome!”
Because the lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic only lasted about half a year, thanks to some government assistance not too many businesses went under. Lakeview was perhaps the only mall in the area to be entirely shut down by the half-year pandemic. With construction projects already overwhelming its workers in the city, the mall was just left there, not rotted at all and yet eerie; potentially fully functional and yet visibly dead.
“There it is,” Tyler triumphantly stated as he pointed to some kind of service entrance. “Check it out.” He walked over to the door and tried it out. Sure enough, it opened, revealing some kind of maintenance room that led to the rest of the mall.
“Woah, what an oversight,” Zoe mumbled as she approached the entrance. “We’d still need to make sure if those doors on the inside work though. If not, we’re fucked.”
“That door’s ajar though,” Tyler pointed out, motioning towards a door inside the room. Zoe shrugged, walked carefully inside, and got her flashlight out of her pocket. She turned it on and opened the door, peering through the doorway with the help of her flashlight illuminating her path.
“Yup, that’s the mall alright,” Zoe confirmed. “Looks like we have our in.”
“Um, excuse me, Zoe, could you come back out for a sec?” Nami asked. Wordlessly, Zoe obeyed, giving Nami a slightly impatient look. “I just thought that… if we’re doing another abandoned building, it might be smart if we use these.” She held out a couple of facemasks.
Tyler winced. “Eugh! Fuck no. Those things just remind me of last year. I lost a whole summer due to these things.”
“We didn’t lose more time exactly because we wore them,” Zoe countered.
“It was more because of the cure getting made,” Nami couldn’t help but chime in. “I mean, they clearly helped, but…”
“Still, whenever I see it, I just think of, what, five months of not being allowed to leave the house. Isn’t this trip about getting to forget that crap?” Tyler protested.
“I’m just worried about anything in the air in the mall,” Nami commented. “I don’t know how long it would take, but if there’s asbestos or anything toxic or something like that…”
“Can’t believe I’m coming down on Tyler’s side about something…” Zoe mumbled, turning to Nami. “I don’t think that a mall would be built so that within a year, or, less than, of it shutting down, it would be unsafe or inhabitable or something.”
“Yeah, there’s probably some hobo bum living in there. Maybe that’s why the door is unlocked,” Tyler added.
“Yeah, really making us feel safe about going inside,” Zoe replied. “Also, ‘hobo bum?’ Jesus, dude.”
“What? I mean I get it. If I was homeless I’d probably live here too. Beats the hell out of living under a highway bridge,” Tyler argued.
Nami accepted her friends’ points, but wasn’t convinced. “Okay, I’ll just wear mine,” she told them. “If you ever want to wear one though, let me know.”
With one of them masked, the three cautiously walked into the mall, turned on their flashlights, and began to wander into the dark abyss known formerly as the…
“Food court,” Zoe observed. “Check it out. This was the last time I ate Subway.”
The three looked over the gutted Subway, the gutted KFC and the gutted obligatory Chinese food place. None of the stores had anything left except dusty counters and disheveled equipment that was too heavy to carry out quickly.
“Do you think this stuff still works?” Tyler asked.
“What, do you want to see if you can make me a sandwich?” Zoe joked with one eyebrow down.
Tyler shone his flashlight in his friend’s face in response. “No, I’m just saying, this stuff has gotta be worth a fortune.”
“It would be impossible for someone like us to sell,” Nami pointed out. “Plus, where would we even sell it?”
“Kijiji?” Tyler offered.
“I didn’t come to explore this mall so we could lug off seven-hundred-pound deep fryers and sell them on Kijiji,” Zoe butted in annoyedly. “We don’t even know if they still work. If you want to play packrat, bring a bag or something.”
“What’s this look like?” Tyler demanded, turning around and showing off his backpack.
“Ooh, nice,” Zoe dryly commented. “How many deep fryers do you think could fit in that bad boy?”
While the other two were arguing, Nami was having her own little problem. It was odd – last year she could go for hours without having a mask on, it really was no bother to her, and yet… in this mall, every passing second she kept the mask on, it felt like she was getting less and less air. Stranger still, when she lowered the mask, she felt normal again, so it wasn’t like the air was just thinner in the mall somehow or something. Mulling over what Zoe said earlier, Nami decided to discard her normally cautious nature and join her friends with a naked face.
Neither of the other two noticed as the group pressed on, exploring store after store.
“This gives me Five Nights at Freddy’s vibes,” Tyler murmured as he looked over a clothing store’s inner walls.
“Yeah, try not to think about how all of our flashlights have limited batteries,” Zoe laughed.
“I brought a spare!” Nami cut in helpfully.
“Namiiii,” Zoe sang angrily, “Don’t tell Tyler that! I wanted to see him get all scared like at the Carlevale house.”
“I was not scared at the Carlevale house!”
The other two began to laugh. “You yelped like a baby, Tyler,” Nami laughed.
“This is treason,” Tyler complained.
“Even if you were our leader, no it’s not,” Zoe laughed.
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