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Subreddit for the late rapper and singer XXXTENTACION. January 23, 1998 - June 18, 2018.

2023.06.10 05:52 Jazzlike-Mission-808 Why Midjourney CS is so bad? They Never reply

For this service, you better wish there is no billing problem and you never cancel the subscription. I saw huge amount of complains about their continuous charges and no magazine deliver to some subscribed users.
This month I have downgraded my subscription and my card company banned the payment to midjourney (possible reason discuss below), then I negotiated with VISA card company and re-subscribe. After get back to basic plan find that my unused fast hour disappeared, emailed their billing and no one reply. Then I goggled their service review, and from trustpilot there are huge amount of complains, that maybe the reason my conservative VISA company banned the payment. It is sad for a company to only focus on the product but neglected the customers feeling or foundation. I still have no my fast hour back, have no confident for that and thinking about how to cancel this service in clean later.
Anyone faced the similar problem?
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2023.06.10 05:51 noodlini777 Possible mold exposure

My toilet bowl has some pretty bad mold build up (thought it was manganese staining) and I started cleaning it today but I’m getting really worried about releases spores. My bathroom is connected to my room, which is where I keep my bp. I’m thinking about boarding him until I get the mold completely cleaned and can ventilate the spores out. Should I or is that overkill? I don’t want any of the spores settling in his lung.. I’ve had the vents in the bathroom and the fan on in my room the whole time btw
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2023.06.10 05:50 DoggieHowzer How it started and how it ended

How it started and how it ended
Years ago, when I was starting out, I purchased a Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 wheel, CSL Elite LC Pedals and a P1 wheel for compatibility with both consoles.
The P1 never felt realistic so I decided to get a Porsche 918 RSR wheel and a DriveHub to work with Xbox. The 918 RSR wheel was awesome on the PS4 but at that time, it never felt quite right using the wheel with DriveHub on the Xbox. So I eventually caved and bought the bundle with the Xbox Universal Hub (v1 non magnetic shifter) and a Podium R300 wheel which was selling cheaper than the other wheels at that time. The hub responded well but the R300 felt a bit narrow for my liking - so when I saw the GT Alcantara 320mm green on sale subsequently, I got it.
In the interim, I’ve gotten some upgrades along the way - CSL DD, V3 inverted, SQ 1.5, Podium DD1 with the blue Formula wheel and also the Porsche 911 GT3 R ClubSport wheel. But invariably I went back to the GT Alcantara wheel. After experiencing the magnetic shifters on the 911, I even got the new ClubSport magnetic shifter upgrade for the old Alcantara wheel.
As you can see, it’s seen better days. Way better days. Recently some of the buttons have gotten sticky and some of the button caps have broken off, and the funky switch rotation has been a little jittery.
I rummaged through my boxes today and found the old Podium R300 wheel and also the packet of button clusters (unused) from the 911 ClubSport bundle. Decided to give my old ClubSport wheel a transplant. And use the R300 wheel as a stop gap while I went about cleaning the old Alcantara wheel.
I’ve been following this guide
It’s quite rough on the wheel but then my wheel is in such poor shape that using a brush has barely dented the years of use.
10 minutes later, I see some results. I’ll keep going at it to see if I can get it restored to a more presentable look.
If all else fails, that Porsche 911 GT3 R wheel looks like a nice upgrade.
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2023.06.10 05:50 SunnyLVTHN HELP!!! PC Black screening during gaming

I'm at my wits end here and I've done everything I can possibly think of.
Problem:On games like Diablo 4, The Returnal, Final Fantasy 15, my PC will randomly black screen within an hour of play. The display will turn off and disconnect along with my Xbox controller and my keyboard. Unplugging and re-plugging it doesn't work. I cant bring up the task manager or reset the GPU with hotkeys. This in return, forces me to manually force shut down my PC. I took this into a PC repair store and even they are stumped on what to do. We've ran Heaven benchmark, Cinebench, and test mem and everything came out fine.
Attempted Solutions:
Thank you for you time for reading this. Any advice and tips are appreciated!
PC part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LPBxyK
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2023.06.10 05:48 Sherora_MN Fuel pump

Fuel pump
Question , this is my invoice and it says removed and replace fuel pump... what does that specifically mean? Does that mean they gave me a new fuel pump or does that mean they took it off cleaned it and then put it back on?
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2023.06.10 05:48 salor123 The start of a new tale (Storyborn act: 0)

New story time baby. This one would be about god of stories salor and if you know anything about gos salor's backstory then throw that out because I'm retconning it. Plus this is not part of the main salor but a different one. Also I'm don't going to fully work on it yet because I wanna take a break do this type of lore because I just finished SCP salor like 3 days ago lol and just need a break in total. So enjoy the beginning of this tale
The house of ideas. The house of ideas is where most stories are held. Stories about people, there, stories that are lost to time by people, there, if you even made a story it is there. Any story you could think of is stored there safely. Today was a important day for the one known as Salor has been accused of the act of going against the house of ideas.
Salor would be handcuffed with material that couldn't be broken by the most powerful of weapons. Two tall guards with golden armor that had black outlines and markings on them. They had strange looking helmets that even Salor never seen before with purple eyes showing out of them. They wield axes in their hands that in one slash could cut a planet in half. They would arrive at a giant door that went into what Salor could describe as a mansion that was from the 1900th century.
The two guards would put their hands on the door and push it open. The mansion would be far bigger inside than it was outside. It looked like it went on for an endless amount of time with bookshelves of stories. The bookshelves would be made out of the finest wood you could see in several lifetimes as they would hold several types of books about different people, different stories, different legends and far far more. The two guards would continue to bring Salor to where they are going. Salor would try to strike up a conversation.
“So where are we going?”
“I suggest you shut up defendant because your questions won’t help you.” the guard on the left of Salor would say.
“Whatever the boss decides.” Salor would say back.
Before Salor could look to his right, the right guard would grab his ax and would sweep his legs. Salor would be in the air for a bit as he would go back a bit. The guard would lift his ax over him and bring it down with the handle of it hitting Salor in the stomach. Salor would quickly be on the floor and coughing trying to recover from the heavy blow.
“SHIT, what was that for!” Salor would say looking at the right guard.
“Those who defined orders will be put back in line” The right guard would reply.
The two guards would grab Salor by the arms and lift him up where his feet couldn’t reach the floor and only dangle in the air. Salor would try to move his arms but it didn’t work a bit. The two guards would continue to bring Salor to where they were going. They would pass many bookshelves that contained many stories. When he took a closer look he could see they were ordered by series and what genres they were. After some time the three of them would arrive in what seems to be the middle of the grand mansion or library. There was also a book reception desk that was high up like it was a judge’s bench. The guards would drop Salor and kick him down onto the ground. His head would hit down ground as he would give a grunt. The two guards would bring down their axes and they would land right by his head, seeming like they were ready to kill him right there with no hesitation. Saloe was stuck there. His hands were handcuffed behind his back, he was laying on the ground not being able to get up, and finally two axes by his neck that could slice his head off like it was paper. Man, such place to be, his day isn’t going well.
Then up above in the air, two beings would appear.They would both be pitch black and had blue outlines on their clothing and even blue eyes.They would look far different from each other too with the taller one would have a appearance of a grown up woman that would be wearing a overcoat on and wearing a black and blue wedding hat. The other one would have the appearance of a small boy that is wearing a black and blue suit with dapper black shoes on. They would look at each other then look down to the guards and Salor.
“Is he the one who did it?” the boy would say.
“It seems like he is the one.” The woman would reply with.
“Who the hell are you-” salor would try to say but one of the guards would move his ax to have it touch his skin but not hurt it. Salor then went quiet not because of fear but because he was smart.
The two mysterious beings would look at each other and would descend down and where the library-like desks were they would sit down on their respective seats. The woman would pull out a file on the desk and would open it. The file was on Salor and the “crime” he did.
“Today is trial of the house on the character known as Salor who had committed the crime known as rujukanria or the act of disturbing the house of ideas in an act 2 type manner.” The woman would say.
“Woah woah woah there slow down, can anyone tell me what is happening here”. Salor would say in response.
Both of the guards would move their axes closer to his neck, but the boy would raise his hand making the guards move their axes back but still by his neck.
“The one known as Salor, you have been accused for rujukanria act 2. This means that you have knocked over a bookcase that damaged some books apart from the house of ideas.” the boy would say. He would nod to the lady and she would get out a picture. Could you even call it that or something for it looked like a picture but worked like a video. It would show a video of Salor purposely knocking over a giant bookshelf that contained lots of books and tales. It would soon stop as Salor would now have a shocked face.
“That can’t be me, I never even knew about this place until I actually came here.” salor would respond with.
“It sure does look like you and besides it even says in your story it shows you were going to do this and you were there to steal a very variable book” the woman would say with a serious yet disappointed voice.
“It couldn’t be me, it couldn't be…” Salor would look down a bit and realize something. He realized that the “Salor” on the video thing didn’t have a part of his ear was gone where he took a gunshot to the ear. “I was framed…” Salor would whisper to himself.
“What was that defendant?” the Left guard would ask him.
“I was f-”
Before he could finish his sentence he would be cut off by the boy with him raising his hand.
“I think we are done here, there is fine and clean evidence that supports your guilty Salor.”
Now both the boy and the woman would start to speak together
“We, the guardians of the house of ideas have decided to give Salor who has committed rujukanria act 2, shall receive-”
Suddenly a massive explosion would come from the north-westish of where they were. The guards would quickly get ready in a battle stance as they rushed over to the explosion. The two beings would look at each other and decide that the explosion was more important than the Salor trial. The both of them would teleport away leaving Salor alone.
“Should I go see what that was…maybe not”
Salor would get up and start to walk in a random direction that was south-west. He would walk until he saw a section of the library that had the stories of people he knew like old friends and comrades from war. He would continue to walk down the bookshelves and would soon arrive at a specific spot. He would notice that his story was also here too but also by three other versions of him? He didn’t know why there were 3 other books of his but he wasn’t too interested in those but his. He would grab his book and it had a green cover which made him confused. It also had some gold on it for effect which made Salor feel cool. He would flip through the book and he would be shocked that it told every detail throughout his long life even when he went into that long sleep. He would flip until the pages went blank. As he did he could see that his book would have purple markings on one of the pages. He would read it and it was just the exact detail that was on the picture thing. He knew it, he was framed. He didn’t know how but he wanted to know who and how they did it. He would close the book and start to carry it around with him.
He would leave where that around was after a bit of walking he would be lost. Then another explosion could be heard and he saw a yellow, black, and purple cloaked figure dash in front of him and start to race out of the place. Salor would run away and hide and as he predicted, some guards would rush over to where the mysterious figure would dash off too. Luckily they didn’t notice him. What was strange is that those two other people from before weren’t with them.
Yet soon, Salor could feel something. It felt like an unknown force was pulling him to something or somewhere. After the guards went away, chasing the mysterious figure, Salor would sneak away. He would walk for a bit until he would reach a more, far bigger bookshelf. It would have stories of many villains, heroes, and even gods. Salor would keep on walking until he found a green glowing book. This was the thing that was calling him. He would grab the book from the shelf and on the cover it would have the words “The story of the god of stories loki”. It would have green and gold colors on the cover and back. He would look at his book and he realized, they would look the exact same but with different words. He would open the book and would start to read the story about the god of stories loki.
He would sit there reading the story for what felt like hours even though only 30 minutes had passed. He would be done with the book after sometime and a look of excitement. He also felt that his body was a little strange. He would spot a mirror and would walk to it. As soon he looked in the mirror he could tell he was far different. He would have gold horns that tore through two spots on his hat that came from a gold thing that lined up against his hairline. His clothes would completely change with them now being a green overcoat with gold on them and white fluff on top of the coller. His pants would change to gray-blueish pants with brown boots on. Finally, he would notice that he would grow a foot taller now being 5’5.
“Holy shit…I look cool.” Salor would say to himself as he did a little spin.
He would soon walk away with him holding both of the books in his hands. He would walk out of the area of bookshelves. He would continue to walk around a bit until he arrived back into the center of the place and he would see the same exact two beings from before floating in the air talking to each other.
“You think that the mysterious figure would come back again?” The boy would say to the girl.
“I don’t think so. Just by his smirk I could tell that he was satisfie”d with stealing his book.” She would reply with.
“That would be troublesome just by itself. We also have to deal with that salor-” The boy would reply with but stop his sentence when he looked over to Salor and notice his new appearance
“It seemed like he changed.”
“His tale did go into action.”
“What the hell are the both of you talking about?”
The two beings would look at each other, seeming like they were talking to each other through their minds. After a bit they would be done and look down at Salor as he looked on, crossing his arms.
“We have decided on something, Salor.” The woman would say.
“Yea what is it?”
The boy would speak up “prove yourself to us. You have a brand new life thanks to that book. Prove to us you can be the next god of stories and prove your innocence.”
“Next god of stories?” Salor would say to himself and look down. He didn’t know what he meant to be the next god of stories but he needs to prove his innocence to survive.
“What do I get if I do prove myself?”
“The act of rujukanria act 2 shall be dropped, you will have free access to the library, and the respect from the two of us.” The woman would say.
Salor would think to himself again. Getting free from his charges was good and he was interested in the library. He would also get their respect but he conflicted on that part.
“I accept” Salor would say looking up at the two beings.
“Good.” The boy would say.
Now both of the beings would be talking together “as the guardians of the house of ideas mojiama, the woman of peace of the house, and trejiama, the boy of order of the house. Shall see if you are worthy of innocence or you are guilty, now- “
They would bring their right and left arms respectively up, pointing to the sky and then back down to Salor. Some blood would come out of his mouth and as he looked down, he could see 4 bar-like things would be stabbed into Salor. One in his right knee, one in his left shoulder, one in the abdomen area, and finally one in the heart.
Survive” The both of them would finish their sentence.
Salor would start falling backwards and as he did, a hole would appear on the ground. He would fall into it and would start to fall father and father away from the house of ideas. Blood would quickly leave his body but couldn’t cover them. He would continue to fall though all of space seeing many universes, planets and many many more. What felt like an eternity, he would land on something. It was the ground of the void. A splash of blood could be heard as even more blood would come out. He would soon start to lose consciousness but before he did, he could see a tall man that was black as night would approach him. He couldn’t tell what he was or what he was wearing for his vision would be blurry. Soon he would pass out with the mysterious man standing over him.
To be continued
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2023.06.10 05:48 Dead-Bowl-4572 Seaside (Season Four, Part Thirty) Getting Comfortable

"Best sleep I've ever had in a year," I said, yawning as I sat up in my cot and looked out the window.
Thankfully the room Kyle and I were handcuffed and locked in had a small porthole in the wall, but the glass was eight inches thick, making it nearly impossible for me to punch my way out.
"Fuck, you're awake?" Kyle asked, as he did push ups on the floor. "I've been trying my old prison workout. Hits different."
"Yeah, well I haven't been to prison yet, so I wouldn't know."
"It's also a huge fucking shame that Task Force Nova Compass Hunter hasn't found us yet. Thought those guys would be coming over here, guns blazing by now."
"Same, but looks like these guys are the real deal anyway. Can't wait for the super-informative job opportunities we'll be faced with today."
Someone slammed on the door, and after the beep of an electronic keycard, Dennis unlocked the door, backed by a dozen guards in riot gear, and Lucy.
"You can chill with the security," I said. "We won't pull anything."
"Correction, you won't do shit." Kyle said, wriggling his wrists from his handcuffs as he jumped up, kicking Dennis in the solar plexus and sending him flying.
The room went fucking wild as I sat back and watched, while Kyle started brawling with a dozen men at once, as his face and head were battered with nightsticks and tasers. He waded through half of them until Lucy finally jumped in, pulling him off and picking him up with one hand before slamming him against the wall, choking him. Kyle kicked her in the face and cracked her nose, and she yelped in pain before throwing him against his cot.
"You like that, yeah?" Kyle said, waving his fists in the air. "Roger, c'mere. Back me up."
"Nah, I know exactly how this is gonna end."
Kyle jumped and drop-kicked the fucking mob of guards at once, planting both of his feet into a riot shield and sending the crowd soaring.
"Why aren't they shooting at us?!" I yelled.
"We're too valuable to shoot, dumbass. Now break your handcuffs and start fighting."
I sighed, telling myself I would wait ten more seconds, and if nobody beat the shit out of Kyle by then, I would jump in to help.
"ROGER!!" He yelled.
Luci picked Kyle up and slammed him into the wall, and stared directly into his eyes, and grabbed his arms as he slowly fell woozy and slumped over.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck." I said, panicking. "What did you do?! Did you fucking kill him?!"
"Relax, he's alive. I just 'put him to sleep'."
"You know, that's the expression most people use to say they killed someone."
I slumped off my cot, standing up and stretching, yawning as I watched Luci and the guards drag Kyle into a cell somewhere below decks.
"So… he's like, really not dead, right?"
"Like I said, he's just fine. I can influence people's minds and emotions by touching them."
"So what's going on with me then?" I asked.
"Since you didn't go apeshit like your buddy," Dennis said, standing up and groaning as he rubbed his head. "We'll proceed as planned. You'll be going on an operation with our combatives team."
"Is Kyle coming with?" I asked.
"Fuck no, who knows what that unpredictable shit is going to do."
"I'm not going if Kyle's not going."
Dennis tensed.
"Roger, I'll talk with my superiors and ask them what they think."
"Sounds fair. Should I get ready to go in a few hours?"
"Yeah, I'll come by here to pick you up near the evening. And, I'll tell you what came of Kyle."
I lied back down on my cot, taking a deep breath and falling back to sleep, waiting for the knock at the room's door calling me to action.


"It's time," he said, as he walked in.
"Fuck it, let's go." I said, stretching and yawning as I stood up.
"You haven't changed out of your fatigues, so I'll just give you the same kit and rifle we picked you up with, all freshly cleaned and loaded. Of course since you're still a high-risk person, we're not giving them to you until the mission officially starts. Follow me."
I got out and walked with him into the corridors, ducking under the steel pipes of the ship until we finally took a short flight of stairs to the main deck, overlooking the ocean, just as the sun began to set. He took me to the side of the boat, where there was a ladder on the side of the hull of the anchored ship, leading down to several airboats filled with armed men. I noticed Kyle was in one of the boats, having no weapons or gear besides a helmet, plate carrier, and a flashlight. He was handcuffed and his feet were shackled to a hundred-pound weight. Dennis tossed my gear and weapons down into the boat, as I climbed down the hull and jumped into the airboat.
"They'll guide you through the mission," Dennis said, before walking off.
The dozen men sitting in the airboat with me all had assault rifles, wearing balaclavas and dark camoflauge under plate carriers stuffed with magazines.
"Listen," one of the men, supposedly the leader, said as the boat started and zoomed away. "Our main objective is to meet with a demon to exchange the skull of one of the Five Leviathans for a demonic artifact we're selling. It might be a setup, so we're keeping our numbers high and risk low. Stay quiet, and don't even fucking think of running, we'll shoot you if you even breathe suspiciously. If you do manage to get away, we put an ankle monitor on while you were sleeping that will explode if you take it off or disable it."
"That's comforting," I replied. "How the fuck did you get a skull of one of the Five Leviathans? Which one is it?"
"Don't worry about it. Focus on shutting the fuck up and paying attention, genius."
Kyle and I sat across from each other in the airboat, sandwiched on either side by the armed mercenaries, as he kept trying to blink at me in morse code while whistling, but he stopped that when he got pistol-whipped. Our boat droned on and on until finally, I caught sight of a small, rocky island covered in trees in the horizon, rapidly approaching in the falling sunlight. The lack of tropical vegitation combined with the weather of our surroundings led me to believe we weren't anywhere near the equator. Most likely in the Pacific or Atlantic, I had gotten familiar to the Northern seas during the months I had spent on battleships during the holy war, as well as my time studying as a marine biologist.
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2023.06.10 05:48 PSCRAZYPRO annoying fucking song plays every time I launch hotline miami 1

Whenever I launch Hotline Miami 1 on PC, It will play this really loud song that isnt anywhere else in the game, and it will play over gameplay, loading screens, anything.
I have tried verifying the files, doing a clean install, nothing works.

Please help
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2023.06.10 05:47 TimbersFan8 How to (actually) run MAME on macOS 10.13 High Sierra [Noob friendly] COMPLETE TUTORIAL

I wanted to write up a tutorial for those Googling solutions to this like I have been for the last few hours.


This tutorial looks fairly long, however shouldn't take over ~five minutes. I wrote it in detail for those at all levels of computer proficiency.
I believe that in theory this tutorial should also work for some even older versions of macOS. Let me know what happens if this is you.
I'll likely be active here years into the future, so if anything becomes outdated, you need help, or just want to say thanks, leave a comment :)
Noob friendly for those who find that understanding ini files, homebrew, terminal, etc. are beyond them, like me. We just wanna play some games, man!


If you haven't stumbled upon this first, you've probably found plenty of tutorials and threads about this topic all giving slightly different solutions or frontends. These are all outdated and don't seem to work, either because SDL MAME doesn't support High Sierra anymore, or the tutorial isn't about High Sierra specifically. It's hard to find legacy downloads, and when you do, they often give errors with complex fixes, or don't work at all. Through lots of trial and error, I've found the latest working supported version, and how to get it working. This is the cool kid tutorial that should (hopefully) relieve your headache.

Required Downloads

There are three things we have to get. MAME, M64, which is an easy way to launch MAME, and SDL for macOS. Let's download our ingredients first before mixing them.
Download Page What is this? How to download Direct download link
MAME This is a huge list of legacy MAME downloads that work with macOS. The download we are looking for is version 0.228. Through trial and error, I found this to be the latest version working with my method. Scroll down and find "mame0228-64bit". Download. Download
M64 This is an easy, lightweight launcher for MAME. Scroll down to a tab that says assets, and find "M64.app.zip". Download. Download
SDL Hell if I know. Makes shit work. According to their page: "Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware via OpenGL and Direct3D." It's used by big boys like Valve, so it's legit. Scroll down to a tab that says assets, and find the first file that ends in .dmg. It should look something like "SDL2-x.xx.x.dmg". Download. Download (Version 2.26.5. This is the newest version at time of writing, but even if it isn't when you're reading this, it should work fine.)
Hopefully these are all in your Downloads folder. If they aren't, at least make sure they're all in the same place.

Putting It All Together

Let's deal with SDL first.
  1. Right-click "SDL2-x.x.x", and click open. You should see a window with some various files. Leave that window open.
  2. Now, right-click Finder, and click "New Finder Window". Type command+shift+g. In the window that says "Go to the folder:" paste "~/Library/Frameworks/". You should be in a folder called Frameworks. If you get some error or aren't in Frameworks, that's okay! If you're in Frameworks, head to bullet 4.
  3. Assuming you got an error, pull up the "Go to the folder:" page, and paste "~/Library/". Right-click your desktop, and click "New Folder". Name it "Frameworks". Drag this folder into the Finder window that says Library. You should have a new folder in Library called Frameworks. To check this, pull up the "Go to the folder:" page, and paste "~/Library/Frameworks/". You should be in an empty folder called Frameworks. (If you aren't, either you did something wrong, or this tutorial is shit. Leave a comment and I'll try to help.)
  4. Go back to the SDL2 window, and drag "SDL2.framework" from the window into the Frameworks window. It probably looks something like a Lego brick.
  5. You can close all Finder and SDL2 windows.
That was probably the hardest part of the tutorial. Pat yourself on the back. Now for MAME and M64.
  1. Go back to your Downloads folder, or wherever you put the three downloads. Now double click "mame0228-64bit". Archive Utility should automatically unzip the file. If for whatever reason it doesn't, go to bullet 2. You can tell that Archive Utility has successfully unzipped the file if you see a folder with the same name above the original zip file.
  2. SKIP THIS BULLET IF mame0228-64bit SUCCESSFULLY UNZIPPED. Right-click mame0228-64bit, click "Open With", click "Other", and in the search bar paste "Archive Utility". Select it, and click "Open".
  3. Double-click "M64.app". You should now see an application called "M64", likely with a square blue icon. If this doesn't unzip, follow step 2 again.
  4. Drag M64 into the mame0228-64bit FOLDER, not the zip.
  5. Double-click the mame0228-64bit folder. Find M64, right-click, and select "Open". If you get a pop-up window, select "Open" again.
If everything went well, MAME should open! Hooray! To leave, just hit escape. If it doesn't open, leave a comment and I'll do my best to help. Again, please leave a comment even if you're from years after this post. I'll likely still be active.

Highly Recommended Steps

  1. Go back to your Downloads folder, or wherever you put the three downloads. You can delete the three original downloads. This is just the two ZIP archives and the SDL Disk Image. Do not delete any folders.
  2. Find M64 in the mame0228-64bit folder. Right-click it, click "Make Alias", and name it whatever you want. Put this new alias somewhere more accessible on your computer, like your dock. Clicking this will launch MAME.
  3. Move the mame0228-64bit folder out of your Downloads folder. Try to remember where you put it. This is just to ensure that it doesn't get accidentally deleted when cleaning your computer.
  4. Familiarize yourself with MAME. Look up beginner tutorials. Put all your roms in the roms folder located in the mame0228-64bit folder. DO NOT ASK WHERE TO GET ROMS HERE. DM ME OR GOOGLE.
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2023.06.10 05:47 ilikepeaches24 Work is messing with my hours how do I respond

I’m not sure what’s going on. For the past couple of weeks they’ve been cutting my hours I’m paid hourly $20 plus whatever tips I receive I was promised 40 hrs a week/ full time but as of late I haven’t been fully booked I believe this is due to the recession, everyone’s been complaining about it being slower than usual.
My manager has been cutting my hours substantially. Whatever hours im not fully booked they tell me not to come in it’s as if they want me to be booked back to back with no room to breathe pee drink or anything if not then it’s not good enough. I had 6 appointments today which wasn’t fully booked but it was steady I had maybe an hour and a half of free time which I’d literally do my notes and follow ups with. They moved all my clients to another esthetician and then told me not to come in at all. A whole 8 hrs lost on top of them making me work 3 hrs the day before and only 4 hrs the previous day I’ve lost 15 hrs this week alone.
They don’t give me a good heads up they’ll literally tell me about an hour until my shift I’ve had them tell me not to come when I’ve already been on my way. I have bills to pay and im trying to save up to move out how are people supposed to balance their funds with uneven hours/pay?
Im so fed up im thinking of calling in sick tomorrow when im fully booked just to be petty I’d still be losing money but I just hate the way they’re doing things. I know all jobs work by profit I get that but even with 1 appointments they’d be making a profit with how high our prices are. Plus I literally have notes and other things I can be doing while clocked in with no appointments I could be cleaning I have follow ups to do emails etc.
My sister has a boss who literally closes down the clinic to go on vacation multiple times a year and still pays everybody for the days they’ve lost from him being gone on vacation. when I worked at another clinic my previous job would pay me just to sit at front desk while they left for 6+ hours because they didn’t want to be fully booked all day but knew I was trying to save up to pay for school. so I know not all jobs are like this it makes me feel like a robot and not a human or appreciated employee.
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2023.06.10 05:46 WaterQuarter100 AITA for charging my younger brother $30 for 2 1/2 hours of work?

Yes, I'm aware this is stupid kid stuff.
So for context, my (19f) and my brother "Tim's" (16m) parents are mindful about what their kids consume. Not helicopter parents, just careful.
Tim liked a song from a metal band so he asked me if I could take some time to proof-listen to more of their songs for him. I said sure but he'd have to pay me. He agreed.
Our mom suggested we decide on pay beforehand so we don't fight about it later. I suggested $12/h and he agreed. Everything was good. I expected this to take 1-1 1/2 hours.
I was checking for intense swears (fuck, cunt, etc) and overly sexual/graphic lyrics. Pretty simple. I started to go through the band's albums and check the lyrics online/on youtube. Me and Tim were chatting while I did it, having a pretty good time. He decided 2 1/2 hours would be the limit since he didn't want to spend more than $30. Fine by me.
Turns out the band did NOT have a lot of clean songs, but I told him the songs that were okay so he could write them down. By the end of the 2 1/2 hours I went through 6 albums, ~66 songs, and found 19 that were clean enough. At least at first.
Like I said earlier, I'm 19. So I was pretty lenient in what I deemed "okay" and when I ran it past mom she pointed out some things that probably wouldn't fly. She asked me to double check the songs (I agreed and didn't charge for this since I was checking my own work). It took another half hour and brought the songs down to 7. We decided to run it by Dad later to see if he would make some exceptions.
But Tim was pissed. He said he was expecting 19 songs, not 7. I told him he was not expecting 19 songs, he was expecting me to check song lyrics for 2 1/2 hours. He threw a pity party about it, making a big deal and calling me an asshole saying I "got his hopes up" for having him write down 19 songs just for him to only get to listen to 7. Which I agree that is my fault and it probably sucks for him, but he acted like I cheated him out of $30 when we agreed to hourly pay.
I just got mad and told him he can keep his money, I don't care anymore, but I was still gonna ask our Dad about those other songs anyway. Then he says "Well, if he says yes to those songs, I'll give you $20 [I lowered the price to $22 because I felt bad], but if he doesn't, I'll give you $10."
I kinda lost my shit on him and we got into another argument because even though I didn't even want his stupid money anymore, he still thinks I'm wrong
My mom agrees with me saying we agreed on a price and if he had an issue he could've said so then. She also reminded him that earlier she warned him this specific band might not have a lot of clean songs, but he still doesn't care.
I'm not accepting his money, but I just want to know if I'm in the wrong here.
So reddit, AITA?
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2023.06.10 05:46 SavingsSpare8104 What is the difference between a bottle of Gel Polish and a pot of Gel Polish?

What is the difference between a bottle of Gel Polish and a pot of Gel Polish?
Gel polish has transformed the world of nail art by providing a more long-lasting and durable alternative to traditional nail polish. Gel polishes are available in two sizes: bottles and pots. The differences between various types of gel polishes acrylic nail brush will be discussed in this article.

1. Bottled Gel Polish

The most common variety is ge polish in a bottle. It comes in a tiny vial with an applicator brush. Gel polish in a bottle is well-known for its simplicity and ease of usage. It does not require any additional instruments to apply, and it is portable if you are a mobile nail specialist.
The main benefit of gel polish in a bottle is its ease acrylic nail brushes of application and vast selection of colors and finishes, which range from glossy to matte. There are literally hundreds of variations! Furthermore, there is normally a soak-off option that will make removal easier. It is almost as simple to apply as regular nail paint.
There are numerous brands available, each with a different price point and level of quality. It is up to the nail technician to select the brand that works best for them and meets all of their requirements.

2. Pot of Gel Polish

A pot of gel polish is a heavier variant of gel polish. It is applied with a brush and comes in a tiny pot. It has a thick and creamy consistency that makes it simple to apply and control.
The biggest benefit of gel polish in a pot is its consistency, which makes it perfect for nail art. Because it comes in a pot, it is also easy to pick up with different brushes, and you can be certain that you will use every last drop of it.
Gel polishes in a pot are either soak-off or hard gel, so be sure you know which category yours fits into ahead of time because it will effect removal.
However, keep in mind that gel polishes in a pot might be messy, so work as cleanly as possible.


3. Which one should you pick?

There are various aspects to consider while selecting the proper sort of gel nail polish, including pricing, durability, convenience of application, and availability. To assist you in making an informed selection, below is a comparison chart:
Gel Polish in a Bottle Advantages - Simple to use, available in a variety of colors and finishes, and requires no additional tools.
Cons: Not as long-lasting as colored hard gels.
Pros of Gel Polish in a Pot: Versatile, valentino acrylic perfect for nail art, simple access to all products, and a large choice of colors.
Cons: Can be messy to use and difficult to remove.
Finally, the type of gel polish you select is determined by your specific preferences and needs.
Whatever type of gel polish you choose, we recommend taking a class with the company to learn how to use the specific product line, and then following the manufacturer's directions for application and removal practices.


Finally, gel paints are a popular and long-lasting substitute acrylic powders for regular nail polish. Gel polishes are classified into several categories, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and selecting the proper one is dependent on your preferences.
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2023.06.10 05:45 frolof123 Strange sound from PC

So, I have gotten a solid rig a month or so ago and it runs like a dream. I feel pretty much everything is great (aside of Win11), but there is one thing that I have noticed that has been a bit of a nuisance.
The PC lets out a random sound occassionally. I've been trying to record it but it is faint. best I can describe is the fans making a weird noise. Like, I play a somewhat taxing game and suddenly I can hear a "nnnnwrom nnwromnn nnwrrom nnwrrrrrom .... *silence, silence* nnwrom-nnwrom-nnwrom .... *silence silence*"It is random vibration almost and not constant. I don't know what it is.
I have used compressed air to clean off all 6 of the chassi fans. The CPU is under water cooling and the GPU has some hard to reach fans. No luck getting rid of the noise.
Any suggestions? I've tried to capture the noise, but I don't think it's capturable from the phone.Is it the location I am having the PC on? I use a wooden log on the floor to slide it out without having to lay a finger on the pc.
Videos demonstrating noise (excuses for my bare feet. I am leasurely like that):
https://youtu.be/Cn8uJPOo-eU (Very clear)
https://youtu.be/ccdn6QpG6m4 (Not so clear)
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2023.06.10 05:45 theboulderr Is my flooring vinyl or laminate?

I just moved into a new apartment and would like to deep clean the floors since they're grimy, but I've heard that you have to treat vinyl and laminate differently. I'm pretty sure based on some internet sleuthing that the planks are vinyl, but I'm a little paranoid about damaging things in a rental and thought I'd get some opinions since the landlord doesn't seem to know.
The flooring is textured with fake wood grain but feels plasticky, and it looks dull straight on but kind of shiny in a plasticky way at certain angles in the light. I've noticed that scuff marks rub off pretty easily. The planks don't look warped, but when walking on some parts you can feel that they're not laying flat on the floor, and they feel thin and slightly bouncy. I've read that laminate shows water damage pretty easily, but the planks don't seem to be damaged in areas that get a lot of water like the kitchen or bathroom.
Thanks for any input.
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2023.06.10 05:42 80Quattro [For Sale] Tax man forces sale. Many genres. PART ONE.

Woke up this morning and opened my bank account to see that the tax man came a knockin’.
I have car payments to make and a family to feed. Soooooo. Here we are.

All shipping is from Washington State.
$5 shipping for all items (whether it be one item or five).
Prices are based off of Discogs recent sales & current marketplace availability.
I accept Paypal G&S.
Pictures upon request.
Formatting is Artist // Album // Details // Grade [Record/Sleeve] // Price.
Comment first. Then Direct Message. No Chats, Please.

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2023.06.10 05:42 Ancient_Ad_6950 Good idea to change shift start date?

Or should I wait until my start date?
The background check process is still ongoing for me. Back and forth with ERC and First Advantage, fuck it.
I have all clean records. My background check has been pending since early May.
If I change shift, I’ll start next month on the 15th or other times of next month.
Is this a good idea? Or just wait till my current start date in case background check completes?
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2023.06.10 05:41 pengweather I cleaned up another dump site on Coliseum Way in Oakland.

I cleaned up another dump site on Coliseum Way in Oakland.
All trash bags and tires have been taken to Davis Street Transfer Station.
The area that was last cleaned is still pretty good!
I have officially adopted Oakport St. I will use that as the location for the upcoming event. I will do my best to acquire all safety gear and equipment for participants.
I will post videos of the cleanup on my Instagram later tonight.
I will return later this weekend to clear out more micro plastics.
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2023.06.10 05:41 Angharrad Ex-Landlord making 3.5k county claim court against us out of the blue for old residential tenancy - refusing all contact.

Hey there. We're in England.
My partner and I left a residential tenancy December last year - the place was electrically dangerous. We lived in the property for 2-3 years. The property had many electrical faults and the electrics blew every couple of months to some problem or another (One time the fridge they left us started tripping fuses, another time a random socket upstairs was blowing fuses, at one point we realised the whole house was on a single circuit and had to be fully rewired. Shower started blowing fuses at one point.) We were working on finding another place to live at the time and when we had no heating during that big cold snap and some wires behind a blanking plate started sparking badly enough to melt the connector blocks, we called it quits. We sent an email advising we were leaving 12/12/22 and would give vacant possession as soon as possible.
We only ever dealt with the lettings agent - never with the landlord. Lettings agent did their best to deny the electrics were in a bad way. When we vacated the house, it was a difficult time and the house was left messy and definitely in need of an end of tenancy clean. Nothing was damaged by us. Some light sockets and plugs didn't work, but that was a long standing issue that we raised with the agent several times. Some furniture and black bags would need removing. We informed the agency of this and offered them our full deposit (£825) to cover it. We just wanted out. The house wasn't damaged, nothing unsavoury or unsafe like food was left as we cleared and cleaned as much as we could despite being homeless and crashing at work.
The agent on behalf of the tenant tried to claim about 2 grand for various works, including a brand new bathroom. We disputed this and offered the full deposit and no more. We sent quotes to full house cleans and removals that fell under the deposit value to prove what we were prepared to pay was reasonable. This was denied and they didn't budge on their demands. They took a post-tenancy walkthrough video on 16/01/23 where it shows the house needs a clean, but doesn't show any damage at all. We went back and forth until halfway through February wherein I fell unwell and told them that unless they were willing to accept our offer or to meaningfully negotiate, to please stop contacting us. They made a claim a few days after we gave vacant possession for the full deposit (Which is protected with the DPS) which we disputed pending an agreement that it would be accepted as full payment. Nothing happened and it's now been sat waiting for a court order to be released for 6 months.
Fast forward to not hearing anything from the agent or the landlord since February, my partner and I get a county claim through the post from the landlord (not the agent) claiming £3298 plus £205 court fees. They claim we didn't vacate on the agreed upon date as per a notice period, the property was left in a mess which resulted in a rat infestation and damage was caused to some fixtures resulting in work costing £1998. No further details are given about any claim. They also claim that due to the works required, they lost 3 "about 3 weeks of rent" at a value of £1300 (For reference, we paid £825 a month in rent) as the property was not ready for the next tenant to move in. They also claim interest from the period of 12/12/2022 to 01/06/23 at a daily rate of £123.00 (I'm guessing they got their daily rate wrong, because yikes.)
The claim has the name of who we assume is the landlord and their address. We didn't have any contact details, so we reached out to the old agency and asked them to pass our email address on to the landlord so they could contact us and we could discuss. Heard nothing back, chased the next day and the agency confirmed that the landlord instructed the agency to not give out any contact details.
As far as we understand it, the property was left in a state that definitely did need a good clean and removing of some furniture and black bags, but at no point were rats ever mentioned and the claims they're making are at the moment entirely unsubstantiated. We have almost no details to go on. I'm also pretty sure that a county court claim is supposed to follow pre-court guidance on the Gov website including two "warnings" about intention to claim in court as well as both parties having an obligation to work together to prevent the issue getting to court or at-least reduce the scope of the issue. Fully aware and happy to pay for reasonable fees despite the landlord being an ass, but don't want to pay a ludicrous amount for no reason.
Current plan is to talk to citizens advice, send a letter via recorded delivery asking for contact details to the physical address located on the form and talk to the few solicitors who seem to represent tenants in disputes on Monday. Happy to receive any further advice.
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2023.06.10 05:40 SybilSSB Need advice

Hey everyone, Around the beginning of January my neurologist said that I appeared to have a TIA in my sleep, which caused central vestibular dysfunction amongst other symptoms like migraines (which I’ve received treatment for) and others.
Lately, one of my eyes can’t see at night or when I wake up sometimes and one of my ears occasionally feels infected but isn’t.
However, these past few days I can’t stop smelling bleach. Like, cleaning bleach. All of a sudden, these past few minutes it’s gotten so much worse and I feel so dizzy and sick.
I’ve suspected that I may be having more TIAs and can’t ask my neurologist right now because it’s almost 11:40pm on Friday night.
Do TIA’s come with auras? Is that what this is? Anything helps, I feel so dizzy and my head really hurts
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2023.06.10 05:39 Sensitive_Target6602 I’m fine, I can go have one drink

For the first time the thought crossed my mind that I can go sneak off and have one drink at my favorite little cafe/bar. I could do it secretly. My boyfriend (my only support system) would never know. I could keep it from him. Who would it hurt? One little whiskey ameretto sour, one little one.
Only it won’t be one. It will be three. It was almost always three there anyway. Any more than three at once would get me some unwanted questions or attention from bartenders or bystanders. So then I’d go home. Drive home when I probably shouldn’t. Maybe stop at the liquor store and pick up a 6 pack of tall boys to finish myself off in the tub while I cry about my problems and then drag my drunk self into bed hoping not to puke anywhere or at anytime.
Water? Wouldn’t touch her. I’d order her and forget her. Dinner? Wouldn’t need it. Full on booze already. Stopping? Wouldn’t hear of it. Wouldn’t know it.
Then, in my blackout state I’d probably do something real fun. Like reach out to an ex or fight with my boyfriend about something. Or go walk around my house and pick up my cats (putting them in harms way). Or maybe I’d do something worse. No, definitely something worse. It’s always worse. Drunk me wants drama and problems and chaos.
On the other hand maybe it would be just one drink today. One little drink that I would hide away. One little drink to convince myself I’m fine and can have one drink occasionally. Oh the trouble that will come from a thought like that.
I’ve made my bed. I’ve fucked up enough. I’ve hurt loved ones enough. I’ve partied enough. I’ve chipped my teeth enough. I’ve broken bones enough. I’ve had one drink enough.
I am a non drinker. I will not and cannot have one drink.
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2023.06.10 05:39 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️James Marshall – 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️James Marshall – 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️James Marshall – 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download

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James Marshall – 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0

5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 is a 5 week course that won’t just teach you the 5 Principles in theory, but in action as well: how to use these principles to meet and date the women you want.
I’ve specifically structured the content to prevent any information overload or confusion whatsoever, implementing feedback from the first course so you can easily digest the content and implement it.
I don’t know if you’ve ever bought other products that just dump hours of content without proper structure, but this course is not one of them.

What Will you Learn in 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0:

Week 01 – Awareness
Awareness is the bedrock of seductive success: without it, you can’t be natural with a women
Week 02 – Intent
Intent is the fuel, the fire behind seduction. in a nutshell, intent is the ability to focus your desire, will and whole being to deliver a clean masculine impact and message to women.
Without it, you will be stuck to the friend zone forever
Week 03 – Emotional Impact
What separates Natural from the Average Joe is his ability to create a deep, lasting emotional impact on a women. She needs to feel like you are right for her emotionally, not be convinced logically.
Women decides to sleep with a man for only one reason…because it feels right.
Week 04 – Pressure and Release
This is the principle that ties everything together. All great seducers have the ability to create, hold and release pressure with women.
Week 05 – Pulling the Trigger
Pulling the trigger is the final principle.
It’s the man’s job to pull the trigger and if he doesn’t, nothing happens. She is not going to do it for you. It’s your job to make all the important moves in a seduction.
Also includes Principle Lectures, Bonuses and Weekly Missions
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2023.06.10 05:38 Edgezg Which "Theatrical" power would you prefer?

Instant costume changes: Walk through a door, turn around, walk out, and bam. You're all cleaned up or in a whole new outfit.
On Cue Montage / Musical Number: Montages can cover up to 1 week of time. Musical numbers include everyone around you and is always perfectly suited to the situation. People *you* choose can not be affected and just witness it.
From the top!: You are able to go back in time up to 10 minutes at will. You must be conscious and you must say "from the top"
Entrance / Exit: Any time you want you will have a cinematic entrance / exit. Anywhere from Aladdin's arrival and the parade to Batman vanishing. Kick down a door to the sounds of zombies closing in, or vanish in a puff of smoke. Up to you.
I need a Script!: 1 time per year, you can gain a script that will give you the "perfect" outcome to 1 situation in your life. You want to talk to the boss about a promotion, want to network to start a new business yourself, or maybe you want to find the perfect way to express yourself to someone you love. This script will give you what you need to say to achieve your ideal outcome. Note: This is a physical script ,that if discovered by someone involved could have implications.

View Poll
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