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2016.03.13 04:13 60 Days In

For the first time in “60 Days In” history, more participants struggle to survive the intense program and are forced to quit the program early, as the newly elected Sheriff takes over one of the worst facilities the series has ever seen.

2016.05.12 01:40 Dorkside The Good Place

The Good Place: Welcome, Everything is Fine

2023.06.05 04:39 Kiba-Da-Wolf CosmoQuest is creating an online space for learning and doing science!

CosmoQuest is creating an online space for learning and doing science!
CosmoQuest is creating an online space for learning and doing science. They have multiple projects including: The Daily Space, a news show on YouTube that gives you a fast paced rundown of all that is happening in Astronomy and Space Science; 365 Days of Astronomy, launched as part of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, this community podcast brings you the voices of the astronomy community; The Weekly Space Hangout, a weekly roundup of the news, plus interviews with the people behind the discoveries on YouTube; After Hours, a changing lineup of staff and community members enjoys an adult beverage while chatting about the week and engaging with the chat on Twitch; special events and office hours. They often work out loud, so you may find them streaming software development, science analysis, and even mapping of planets (including our own planet Earth).,q_glossy,ret_img,w_1083/
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2023.06.05 04:38 DefundBravo This sub should blackout to protest Reddit's API changes

But given our luck, that would be the day that Larry lays off the rest of us and no one would know because this sub would be blacked out.
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2023.06.05 04:38 Hot_Subject_1338 StarFox Alternate Timeline Story Dialogue IV: Visiting the Triceraton’s Island Home part 1

At the Triceradon’s hidden island “CRASH!” and Fox got thrown through a wall into a saltwater tide-pool King Triceradon “Havoc! Fox McCloud came with his superior for a visit, so just chill out already!”
General Pepper “Are you alright, Fox?”
Fox “Don’t worry, l had much worser injuries before.”
General Havoc “Sorry about that! I lose my patience when invaders try to steal our aquatic collection of merfolk.”
General Pepper “It’s alright! I could have taken the punch before letting Fox get injured and changed into his merman appearance.”
Fox “And I forgot to bring my wheelchair again!”
the Triceradon’s servants brought a wheelchair for his transformed visitor
King Triceradon “Well, you are right about coming to visit us at a different timing. Though I was hoping your friends would have come as well…”
Fox “They’re all back in the Subspace Headquarters, so it’s only just us two that are visiting!”
General Havoc “Well now that you have arrived here, do you need anything new to wear since I damaged your uniform?”
Fox “Not really, unless you have an extra sleeveless shirt that fits my size.”
King Triceradon “My servants are going through the closet nearby to find what you have requested.”
General Pepper “So, which part of the galaxy did you come from?”
King Triceradon “We came from the TMNT universe, 4Kids versioned Turtles’ galaxy.”
Fox “Same galaxy that the Shredder came from, but from different worlds? Guessing he didn’t inform us about his origin.”
General Havoc “While I stayed behind on the island, he went to the different world and met the Warlord. He was reporting back when seeing the true form of Ch’rell…”
Fox “I guess I was astonished to see an Utrom in his fortress and not a real threat of the same person.”
King Triceradon “Well since you came to visit, do you want to go into the Grand Aquarium and interact with the merfolk residents?”
Fox “It would be an honor to meet with your aquatic friends while you are chatting with General Pepper out here!”
General Pepper “Like an excited kid ready to explore a new place!”
Fox enters the Grand Aquarium to interact with the underwater locals
General Havoc “While he’s in there chatting with the merfolk, tell us what you are really looking for!?”
General Pepper “Was thinking about rescuing some of the missing people from Corneria, but it seems just a few of the civilians are feeling relaxed here.”
King Triceradon “I did remember buying some canine mermen from the dark Octillean, and they were very calm when arriving at our island home.”
General Pepper “Those were my soldiers who were in Corneria before. Guessing they are still wondering about their families since they were abducted by the dark Octillean soldiers.”
General Havoc “When the soldiers came through in a transport aquarium, they were saluting in-front of me knowing who was the big dog!”
Merman Soldier saluting under Havoc “And we are glad that you didn’t go hard on us, Sir!”
King Triceradon “Guessing that answers your odd reaction!?”
General Pepper “A human living with a big dinosaur humanoid. Are you two like roommates or something more closer?”
King Triceradon “We were both enemies before coming to this galaxy!”
General Havoc “Our factions made peace after a technical ceasefire, while we still fought. Later we had a truce after escaping our prison.”
General Pepper “So how long did you stay near Corneria?”
General Havoc “Not long after the Shredder was living on a distant planet, we found an isolated island to create our new suitable home.”
King Triceradon “Later on I needed some company, so we built a grand aquarium and bought our first arrivals to interact with.”
General Havoc “Most of the merfolk were bought from the Dark Octillean, and some were washed up wanderers looking for a place to live from other worlds that were either overpopulated or fell into corruption.”
King Triceradon “Havoc was training most of the mermen to defend their new home against enemy invaders. And I was trying to reassure the mermaids to make them feel welcomed in their protective sanctuary. I even fostered a young orphan mermaid to be my daughter.”
General Pepper “The Dark Octillean’s soldiers have captured lots of innocent families. No wonder he has sorted them into separate groups.”
King Triceradon “I believe he was trying to have the hostages separated from their loved ones, but I like them better together.”
General Pepper “Since Fox is still interacting with most of the merfolk residents in your Grand Aquarium, I would like to meet the young mermaid that you are fostering.”
King Triceradon “Of course! Havoc, I’ll be bringing Pepper to my bedroom to see my foster daughter.”
General Havoc “Okay! I’ll be watching Fox McCloud then.”
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2023.06.05 04:38 Tough_Application_68 Second Time at Omega Mart

Second Time at Omega Mart
Second time was just as good as the first! To begin, we walked through the exhibition taking in what we missed the first time. We loved reading all of the warning signs this time!! After about an hour and a half, we sat down in the projected desert and were thinking about what to do next. The end of the projection came with the actors guiding everyone to raise their arms and then send energy out with the conclusion of the video sequence. Afterward, Federico came over to us and asked if we were enjoying ourselves and asked about our experience. He told us that he was the Game Master and when he found out this was our second trip and we have completed the missions, he offered to send us on additional missions. We completed five and didn't complete the sixth. The four we did complete were Secret Factory Message, Where's Walter, The Banana Hunt, Knock-Knock Joke, and Riddle Trials (Find Local Las Vegas Artists). We did not finish Mascot Mayhem due to sheer exhaustion!! LOL We ended up leaving at about 6:30, and before he left for the day Federico gave us two buttons (good job and banana) and a sticker by Kent Caldwell as prizes. It was definitely worth the second trip!!!
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2023.06.05 04:38 No-Sleep4908 Linnmon corner

I've seen a ton of posts about Linnmon table tops being discontinued but it still seems to be in stock with new shipments still coming in.... so why did they discontinue the corner piece?? Also, why wouldn't the new replacement line come with a corner piece?
A few years ago we sold all of our furniture to travel full-time and now we are settling back down into a house. If I had known I was sitting on a mini Linnmon corner goldmine (two corner pieces haha) I would have never sold them. I feel like Ikea has really dropped the ball with their office furniture selection in general, especially with the number of people that work from home these days. What's up with that?
Ikea, PLEASE bring back the Linnmon corner piece.
P.S. I don't think I've ever posted on Reddit, I just lurk and upvote, but I had to come out of hiding for this. Thanks for reading my whining tantrum.
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2023.06.05 04:38 FrustratedArtDude BFA Student Who Needs A Suitable Back Up And Certifications To Get There?

Hey all, M19 British Columbia Canada, basically got hit with a bit of a reality check over the past few months. I am currently in a program for a BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in business. I know this sounds stupid but I assumed that I would be able to find a job easier in something like administration with a year of uni under my belt but I am now up to 80 job applications, with around 25-40% being more normal minimum wage sort of jobs but still haven't recieved any job offer.

This all lead me to a realization that I do not want to be one of the many people with a BFA who finds themselves as a barista at 35 still saying they will make it one day. As such, I am trying to find skills or a certification etc that I can pursue while still in school for a BFA, since it is ultimately the thing that interests me the most and I would like to see it through and improve my craft.

Ultimately remote work is something I will ideally have to do, I don't live in a large population city and so job oppurtunities are limited. Whatever job I end up having as a backup/secondary to the arts I would ideally like to pay 60K~ with ideally oppurtunites to up around 100-120K, higher than that is useless for me.

One of the things that is making it hard for me to find another path to pursue is that I do not want to go back to school. This is a line in the sand for me, I do not want to get a BFA only to go right back into school for another degree. Another problem I had was that I could find interest in a lot of jobs, from watch repair to lighthouse keeper to finance, programming and electrician. I spent some time though and took an extensive career aptitude test which told me the following jobs (I've omitted anything that is in the arts): security engineer, budget analyst, cybercrime investigator, information security, data analyst and a few programming jobs like security software developer, javascript developer and full stack developer. Overall I would say finance and programming are the two most interesting sectors.

I've thought about being an electrician in the past, but have heard that it is the easiest trade and as such is oversaturated so:

  1. Anyone have any experience with any of the above jobs that can shed some light?
  2. What certifications, skills or courses should I be looking at?
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2023.06.05 04:38 mmkaythx Can I lose my kid if I go inpatient?

Let me stress first…I am not actively suicidal and I have never been homicidal.
But, I don’t think my medications have been working for a while and I’m trapped in the lowest low I’ve been in for a while and I don’t know what to do.
Question is if I voluntarily go inpatient - as is being suggested - can my ex take our kid?
On the contrary, if I refuse to go inpatient, can he take our kid?
I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t at this point. Which helps nothing.
I’m a single mom. We do not have a court ordered custody agreement. My kid has been with me since day 1 with no dispute and never unsupervised with the dad. He only recently started showing up more but in the past only when it’s convenient for him.
I see my T and psychiatrist this week and I’m terrified of where these sessions are going to go based solely on what could happen.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Diagnoses: bipolar 2, GAD, OCD, ED, C-PTSD
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2023.06.05 04:37 BigCommishShit I Like KENTA (Part Three)

I just want to watch the finals in peace but noOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO

Black Man KENTA Arc
The Reign of KENTA has begun. No injuries are gonna stop him now, and it shows. For the rest of the year, KENTA runs through 2017 SmackDown Live, killing everybody who steps in his way. Sami Zayn things he has a chance over Battleground in July, but nope, KENTA time. Fat fuck Kevin Owens thinks shit is sweet at SummerSlam, dumbass you get kneed. Shinsuke Nakamura wants to step up at Hell in a Cell as if he has a chance at ending the run? Get the FUCK out of here go back to New Japan. It seems like KENTA’s on top of the world, but things go awry for the Black Sun when he gets not one, not two, but three people all vying for a shot at ending the reign. Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Shinsuke Nakamura all want the boy KENTA at Clash of Champions, a match that could easily main event the entire show. All four men bring their A-Game, but much like Battleground in 2016, too many men to focus on makes KENTA slip up, and Zayn is able to pin Nakamura to win his first ever singles title on the main roster, ending the reign of the Black Sun.

Royal Rumble ‘18
For the first time since KENTA joined the company, he’s around in January for the Royal Rumble, but what kind of man do you think KENTA is? He doesn’t want the Royal Rumble match itself, no no no. NO NONONO NONO WAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT KENTA ONCE AGAIN WANTS THE BIGGEST FISH IN THE POND, THE WWE CHAMPION HIMSELF, AJ STYLES! The year of KENTA seems to be ramping up, and he wants to start 2018 with a Jon Bernthal Bang. But is it too soon? We’ve seen KENTA slip up after a big loss and overcompensate before with Brock Lesnar, could he be getting himself into something he just isn’t ready for? The champ truly believes so, and at the Royal Rumble he’s able to bring the Hero of Pain to a near thirty minute back and forth clinic, the two top guys on the blue brand duking it out and just wrasslin for wrasslin’s sake. We don’t get enough wrasslin for wrasslin’s sake anymore. All wrestling fans should want this. Unfortunately for KENTA, it just isn’t his night as Styles is able to catch a Busaiku Knee into a Styles Clash, allowing him to score a quick cover which gives him the whole thang. KENTA is mad again.

WrestleMania 34
Oh no oh no oh no. He’s going off again. KENTA wrecks absolutely everything he can see backstage as he wants another chance at AJ Styles, and with a potential six-pack challenge being set for Fastlane, he wants to know what he can do to get in. The answer? A smug vegan seems to believe there’s nothing that can be done. The future is set, and Daniel Bryan doesn’t see KENTA in it. How does KENTA react to being told that? Well, it isn’t nice at all. IT’S A HEADBUTT STRAIGHT TO THE CONCUSSION-PRONE BRYAN DANIELSON!!!
A suspension seems to be in order, though it’s only a 30-day which means he’ll miss Fastlane, but once his suspension is up we see KENTA return to form with a quick squash match on TV, one where he goes way overboard on the jobber. This prompts Daniel Bryan to answer KENTA, telling the Hero of Pain that if he wants to keep the WWE career that he gave him, he’d better fall in line. KENTA laughs, raising his hand only to feel the thread on Bryan’s suit, the corporate slave. KENTA laughs, before delivering a sharp two word stinger… “you’re fake.” These words cut through Bryan like a hot knife through the heart of the Yakubian. He’s so done. He’s so done. He’s so done. Air horns are sounding throughout the Allstate Arena. Call the police, Daniel Bryan is dead. Being called a coward sits with Bryan for weeks on end, meanwhile KENTA keeps on racking up bodies throughout the same weeks… BUT FINALLY DANIEL BRYAN CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Storming out after a KENTA squash, Bryan rips off his suit, tearing the fabric clean off his body TO REVEAL HIS RING GEAR!!! BRYAN WANTS KENTA AT WRESTLEMANIA the nba finals are on BRYAN WANTS KENTA AT WRESTLEMANIA, AND HE GETS IT!!! Big match is on, Bryan returns and goes boom, match lasts 59:58 seconds, BRYAN MAKES KENTA TAP OUT TO THE YES LOCK!!! owd you lose
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2023.06.05 04:37 InternationalBat722 AITAH for blowing up at my sister after she stayed out late/got back with her ex

A little backstory: So I (24F) move to across the country about 7-8 months ago to be closer to my sister. Moving is expensive so I stayed with my sister (25F), her boyfriend (30M) and two kids, step son and bio daughter(6M) (6F) until I could save a bit to save it a deposit down on a new apartment in a busier city because she lives in a small with not many jobs in my field. The plan was to come out and work until I could move to the city, get an apartment and go back to school. When I move, I find out my sister and her bf are having trouble. They fight, he’s out until 3am-6am every night, paying woman on for their attention, talking to other women in town, and this isn’t the first time. My sisters bf has always been an alcoholic. Eventually there was a pretty bad night where her bf put his hands on my sister. Cops were called, it was bad. So we moved out and found a place of our own in town. I put my plans on hold because my sister didn’t work a lot and her bf didn’t want her to, to stay with the kids. So I helped her out. We had planned to move out of the town and start fresh after a few months of saving money. A few months down the line, she’s going all the time and I end up watching her daughter a lot of nights, which I don’t mind because I love my niece more than anything, but it got to a point where because I just moved to a small town and had no friends it was more expected and that got infuriating because I felt like a free live in nanny. She starts seeing her ex again. He’s still drinks and he’s still emotionally manipulative, but as far as she knows he doesn’t cheat so he’s good as new.
So here’s what put this all in motion. Last night she went out and said she was just going to her exes house to let out the dogs, but instead she leaves to the bar her ex works at and and leaves the kids asleep on the couch without letting me know. So I’m sleeping and I hear my niece (who is sick) screaming for her mom at 2 o’clock in the morning. After a while I realize no one is getting up to get her. So I get up and my sister is nowhere to be found and calm my niece down. I text my sister and tell her what happened and ask her where she is. She came home from the bar soon after. She then threw up all over the bathroom and then had extremely loud inter course with her ex until 4:30 am after knowing I had a long work week and just wanted to sleep. I addressed all of my feelings in the morning (keep in mind this isn’t the first time I’ve expressed I’m not comfortable with him being over at the house all the time and sleeping over). This blew up and she said she felt like it I wanted her to cut everyone off so she can just spend time with me. I don’t feel like that’s how it came across although I can’t speak for her perception. But I was fed up and told her I’m done being disrespected/walked over. That I’m not going to continue to watch the kids and act like I’m okay with him being over all the time when she assured me he wouldn’t be. On top of this they are together every second of free time they have, so if we have plans she’ll invite him, or go to his family events instead of whatever plans we had. She invites me so I don’t feel alone, but I don’t think she keeps in mind I’m just not comfortable around her bf. So I’m moving in with my parents which is in a completely different state and she thinks I’m a horrible person because her relationship is none of my business and she can’t support her and her daughter by herself. She’s right about her relationship being her personal business. I just can’t do it anymore. So AITA?
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2023.06.05 04:37 AutoModerator [Download Course] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System (

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2023.06.05 04:37 mattperkins86 Translation of rumored Hollow Earth documents.

Translation of rumored Hollow Earth documents.
I have come across these images a couple of times on the internet which claim to be instructions or information on how to reach the fabled 'Hollow Earth' civilizations. I decided to try and utilise AI to help in translation. (I have been using this technique with old Alchemy textbooks, with great success.
The results are interesting, to say the least. For anyone wanting to give this a try, you first need to figure out the language you are trying to translate from.
TLDR; The translation speaks of rebuilding an organisation related to Greece and mentions the apocalypse period ranging from 2003-2160. It talks of the mantle of the earth and a semi-crystalline, invisible matter that makes up the third dimension. A bi-polar system is mentioned, as well as external tracks leading inward. It also hints at eternal life, Pythagoras and atomic structure. Super interesting, even if it IS a hoax.
I have not finished the entire image yet, as this takes considerable time and I worked on this primarily on the weekend. But I figured I would post what I already have, in hopes I can spur some other much smarter buggers than me, to continue/do better than I have.

The Images/Original Text
In order to do this, I located the same symbols in charmap, then started asking chat GPT to translate from X, to English. I asked it to translate from Latin to English first, and it was unable to get anything from it. I tried a few more before landing on a dialect of ancient greek (with a few inconsistensies, mind you)
I have broken the translation into sections, so they are easier to follow.


Some of the symbols in the original are slightly different from their traditional greek counterparts. Most notably: A and Ω.
The text also appears to be written with straight lines only. There are no curves in the lettering.
The 'S' in the original images is also weird, as the symbol that most closely resembles this is Ϟ, of a lower case Koppa, in ancient greek. But utilising this makes the translation make zero sense. So I am moving forward with the assumption that the straight lines S looking character, is an 'S'.


Original Text:
"ΠΡΥΤΑΝΕΙΑ" is the Greek word for "rectorship" or "rectorate." "O.E.A." stands for "Οργανισμός Ελληνικής Αποκατάστασης," which translates to "Organization of Greek Reconstruction." "ΟΜΑΔΟΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΑΠΟΚΑΤΑΣΤΑΣΕΩΣ" means "Group of Greek Reconstruction."


Original Text:
"Attack of the Powers" or "Assault of the Forces" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• ΕΠΙΘΕΣΕΩΣ (EPITHESEOS): "Attack" or "Assault." It is derived from the Greek verb "επιθέτω" (epitheto), meaning "to attack" or "to assault."
• ΤΩΝ (TON): "Of the."
• ΔΥΝΑΜΕΩΝ (DYNAMEON): "Powers" or "Forces." It is derived from the Greek noun "δύναμη" (dynamē), meaning "power" or "force."
So, ΕΠΙΘΕSΕΩΣ ΤΩΝ ΔΥΝΑΜΕΩΝ refers to the attack or assault carried out by the powers or forces.

Original Text:
A' TMHMATOS E' ΔΙΑΓΑΛΑΞΙΑΚΗΣ AΠΟSΤΟΛΗΣ ENANTION TΩN STASIASTΩN translates to "First Department of Diagalaxiaki Missions against the Stations" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• A' (A-prime): It denotes the first or primary department.
• TMHMATOS: "Department" or "Division."
• E' (E-prime): It denotes the second level or sub-division within the department.
• ΔΙΑΓΑΛΑΞΙΑΚΗΣ (Diagalaxiakis): This term seems to be a proper noun or specific name, but its exact meaning or reference is unclear without further context.
• AΠΟSΤΟΛΗΣ (Apostolis): "Missions" or "Assignments."
• ENANTION: "Against" or "Opposite to."
• TΩN STASIASTΩN: "The Stations" or "The Bases."
Therefore, the phrase suggests the existence of a specific department or division (A' TMHMATOS E' ΔΙΑΓΑΛΑΞΙΑΚΗΣ) that carries out missions or assignments against certain stations or bases. However, without additional context or information, it is challenging to provide a more precise interpretation or explanation of the phrase

Original Text:
APAKONIANΩN 2003-2160 can be translated as "of the Apocalypse 2003-2160" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• APAKONIANΩN: This term appears to be a proper noun derived from the word "Apocalypse," referring to a catastrophic or cataclysmic event. It is likely used here in a specific context or reference.
• 2003-2160: These numbers indicate a time span or period, from the year 2003 to 2160.
The phrase suggests a connection to the concept of the Apocalypse or a specific event or prophecy related to a period spanning from 2003 to 2160. However, without further context or information, it is challenging to provide a more precise interpretation of the phrase.


Original Text:
"SΦAΙΡΙΚΟS, ΜΑΝΔΥΑS 'STEPEOΫΦH' 'MERISTHS ΓAIAS'" can be translated as "Spherical, Mantle of the Earth, 'STEPÉYSIS,' Meridian of the Earth" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• SΦAΙΡΙΚΟS (Sphairikos): "Spherical" or "Sphere-like." It refers to something that has the shape of a sphere.
• ΜΑΝΔΥΑS (Manduas): "Mantle." It is commonly used to describe the layer of the Earth beneath the crust and above the core.
• 'STEPEOΫΦH' ('STEPÉYSIS'): This term appears to be a specific name or concept represented within quotation marks. "STEPÉYSIS" does not have a direct translation in English, as it seems to be a unique term or a specialized concept. Without further context or information, its precise meaning or interpretation is unclear.
• 'MERISTHS ΓAIAS' ('Meristis Gaias'): "Meridian of the Earth." It refers to the imaginary lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole on the Earth's surface, used for geographic reference.
The phrase describes something spherical, specifically referring to the mantle of the Earth, and includes a term or concept represented by "STEPÉYSIS." Additionally, it mentions the meridian of the Earth. However, without more information about the specific meaning of "STEPÉYSIS" or the context in which it is used, it is challenging to provide a more detailed explanation.

Original Text:
"ΑΠΟΤΕΛΟΥΜΕΝΗS ΑΠΟ ΗΜΙΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΩΜΕΝΗ ΑΟΡΑΤΗ ΔΙΑΒΟΗΝΗ 'ΣΤΕΠΕΑ'" can be translated as "Comprised of semicrystalline invisible divine 'STEPÉA'" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• ΑΠΟΤΕΛΟΥΜΕΝΗS (apoteloúmenes): Plural form of the word "αποτελούμενη" (apoteloúmeni), meaning "comprised" or "consisting."
• ΑΠΟ (apo): "of" or "from."
• ΗΜΙΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΩΜΕΝΗ (imikrustallómeni): "semicrystalline." It refers to a material or substance that exhibits properties of both crystalline and amorphous structures.
• ΑΟΡΑΤΗ (aoratí): "invisible." It describes something that cannot be seen or is imperceptible.
• ΔΙΑΒΟΗΝΗ (diavoíni): "divine" or "of divine nature." It indicates a quality or characteristic associated with the divine or gods.
• 'ΣΤΕΠΕΑ' ('STEPÉA'): This term appears to be a specific name or concept represented within quotation marks. Without further context or information, its precise meaning or interpretation is unclear.
Taken together, the phrase suggests something that is composed of semicrystalline, invisible, and divine nature, with a term or concept represented by "STEPÉA." Without more context or information about the specific meaning or origin of "STEPÉA," it is challenging to provide a more detailed explanation.

Original Text:
The phrase "ΥΛΗ Г' ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΩΣ, ΠΕΡΙΚΛΕΙΟΥΣΑ" can be translated as "Matter of the third dimension, enclosing" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• ΥΛΗ (Yli): "Matter" or "substance."
• Г' (Gamma): The Greek letter "Gamma," which represents the numeral 3 in Greek.
• ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΩΣ (Diastaseos): "Dimension" or "measurement." It refers to the concept of spatial dimensions.
• ΠΕΡΙΚΛΕΙΟΥΣΑ (Perikleioussa): "Enclosing" or "surrounding." It is a form of the verb "περικλείω" (perikleio), meaning "to enclose" or "to surround."
Putting it all together, the phrase indicates the "matter of the third dimension" or "material pertaining to the three-dimensional space" that is "enclosing" or "surrounding" something. Without further context, it is challenging to provide a more specific interpretation.

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"TO ΥΠΕΡΗΦΑΛΙΑΚΟ ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑ" can be translated as "The surveillance system" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• TO (ΤΟ): "The"
• ΥΠΕΡΗΦΑΛΙΑΚΟ (YPERIFALIAKO): "Surveillance" or "supervisory." It refers to something related to monitoring or observing.
• ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑ (SYSTHMA): "System." It denotes a set of connected parts or elements working together to achieve a specific purpose.
Taken together, the phrase refers to "The surveillance system." It implies a system designed for monitoring or supervising activities or events.

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Χαίρω "Σειπίου" + ρώς έχη "Μείζονες Γαῖαις"
The phrase "Χαίρω 'Σειπίου' + ρώς έχη 'Μείζονες Γαῖαις'" can be translated as "Greetings 'Seipios' + may you have 'Greater Earths'" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• Χαίρω (Chairo): "Greetings" or "I rejoice." It is a common Greek greeting.
• "Σειπίου" (Seipios): This appears to be a name or a specific term. Without further context, it is challenging to provide a precise interpretation.
• ρώς έχη (ros eche): "May you have" or "may you possess."
• "Μείζονες Γαῖαις" (Meizones Gaiais): "Greater Earths." It suggests the desire or wish for the person to have larger or more significant experiences or accomplishments in the world.
In summary, the phrase is a greeting followed by an expression of well-wishing, indicating the desire for the person named "Seipios" to have greater or more significant achievements or experiences in life.

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The phrase "ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΩΝ ΤΡΟΧΙΩΝ ΕΚ ΤΩΝ ΟΠΟΙΩΝ ΚΑΙ Η ΙΔΙΚΗ ΜΑΣ ΩΣ ΔΙΠΟΛΙΚΟ ΗΛΙΑΚΟ ΜΑΣ ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑ" can be translated as "of internal paths from which also our own as a bipolar solar system" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΩΝ (Esoterikon): "Internal" or "inner."
• ΤΡΟΧΙΩΝ (Trochion): "Paths" or "tracks."
• ΕΚ (Ek): "From" or "out of."
• ΤΩΝ ΟΠΟΙΩΝ (Ton opoion): "Of which" or "from which."
• ΚΑΙ (Kai): "Also" or "and."
• Η (I): "The" or "our."
• ΙΔΙΚΗ (Idiki): "Own" or "personal."
• ΜΑΣ (Mas): "Our" or "us."
• ΩΣ (Os): "As" or "like."
• ΔΙΠΟΛΙΚΟ (Dipoliko): "Bipolar" or "having two poles."
• ΗΛΙΑΚΟ (Iliako): "Solar" or "related to the Sun."
• ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑ (Systima): "System."
Taken together, the phrase describes "of internal paths from which also our own as a bipolar solar system." It implies a reference to a system or structure composed of internal paths, and in this context, it specifically refers to the solar system as a whole, highlighting its bipolar nature.

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The phrase "Π ΩΣ ΕΞΗ 'MEIZ.Γ.'" can be translated as "in the form of 'MEIZ.Γ.'" in English. Here is the breakdown of the translation:
• Π (Pi): The Greek letter "Pi."
• ΩΣ (Os): "In the form of" or "as."
• ΕΞΗ (Exi): "MEIZ.Γ." This appears to be a specific term or abbreviation, but without further context or information, it is not possible to determine its exact meaning.

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卐 = Symbol for peace
The phrase "ΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΩΝ ΤΡΟΧΙΩΝ" translates to "external tracks" in English. It refers to the paths or trajectories that are located outside or on the periphery of something. However, please note that this translation is based on the literal meaning of the words, and the context in which the phrase is used may influence its specific interpretation.

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"The Anti-Aging System"

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"ANTISEIPIOY" ΜΕΛΑΝΟΣ ΟΠΗΣ translates to "Opposing Discrimination" or "Anti-Racism" in English.
This is as far as I got with that section, until I got stuck and decided to start on a different section.


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The structure and properties of atoms-subatomic bodies are similar.

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ΔΙΩΝ <(∞) ENTOS (∞) KΛΠ>
I was not able to translate this section, any help would be appreciated

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"ANOΔEIKNYEI ΩS EBPAIOSAΞONIKES-MASΩNIKES PΠATES TIS AKAΔHMAIKES" is a Greek phrase that translates to "Revealed as Pythagoreans-Masonic, the principles of the Academics." It suggests the disclosure or revelation of a connection or affiliation with both Pythagorean philosophy, Freemasonry, and the principles of the Academic school of thought.

Original Text:
"ΠΥΡHNIKH ΦYSIKH - XHMEIA K ΘEΩPIES" translates to "Fire Physics - Chemistry and Theories" in English. It seems to refer to the study or field of fire physics, chemistry, and related theories.

That's as far as I got! I spent a couple of hours doing this on the weekend and will continue to translate more over coming days/weeks as and when I find time.
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2023.06.05 04:37 Inevitable-3215 Asian Red Flag 🚩

Male , South East Asian, IA, Medium, Non Competitive School (I go to a normal high school, technical school and a magnet program school (competitive)), First Generation (UW:3.76, W: 4.17)
Intended major: Pre Law track with a minor in Business and Biology
Course Work
AP Human Geography, AP Chem, AP/Coll World, AP Physics, Ap Seminar, Ap/Coll Lang, Coll Engineering, Coll Tech Math, Coll Italian
Intended course next year: Ap Macro, Ap Physics 2, College Latin American History, Ap Comparative Government, Ap/Coll Calc, Ap/Coll Lit, Ap Research, and Ethics in Healthcare
  1. Golf
  2. Debate (Co-President)
  3. March for our lives Iowa (Legislative Associate)
  4. Polar Bear Crew (Student Leadership)
  5. Central Ambassador (Vice President)
  6. Iowa Youth - 100 Iowa students to advocate for issues that impact youths (mental health committee chair)
  7. Youth Leadership Initiative - Growing leadership (Helped raised over 4,000 dollars for food insecurity)
  8. National Honor Society - Vice President
  9. Support our Students - Mental Health Group
  10. Stomp Out Stigma - Mental Heath Group
  11. Holmes Murphy Internship (Insurance internship)
  12. Trio - Program that prepares students for college
  13. Unity Pointy Mentorship - shadow doctors and explore the medical field
  14. Culture Club - Focuses on spreading culture and plan school wide events
  15. Bank of America Student Leader 2023
(In run for one youth led state executive position + one other state expect position, I also make like posts about current issue on an instagram account I created)
Awards: 1. Local Debate Awards 2. You make a difference Award 3. Deans List 4. Honors Awards (Really need to up my awards so been trying to apply to writing and other comps so feel free to drop some in the PM or Comments)
Grinnell College, ISU, Notre Dame (please give me other suggestions)
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2023.06.05 04:36 cupidswing I’m roommate is moving out and I’m sad about it…why?

I live in a student house with 5 other people and we’re nearing the end of our tenancy. Two of my other roommates have left but this roommate in particular “Andre” told me in conversation that he’s moving out tomorrow and he’s going back to China.
This came as shock to me as I thought he’d be leaving in July. After he told me and part of me felt saddened. Why? Cause I wasn’t particularly close to him in the slightest. We were amicable at most, he’d let me use his air fryer and I thought he was a bit attractive but it wasn’t much to go on. I almost cried when he told me this.
Maybe a part of me wish I got to knew him better as person? I’m not sure.
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2023.06.05 04:36 chaoticdisastercrow Vent: I miss my best friend.

This isn't specifically aromantic related but he is my ex-QPP and my best friend for the past three years. It's long distance and we communicate online and he needs to take a break from online stuff so he can focus on getting into university, which I completely encourage! I am happy for him and the steps he's taking to have the life he wants. I am so proud of him and I love that he's doing this.
But he's been the person I go to when I'm stressed, he's the first person I talk to when I wake up and the last person I talk to before I go to sleep and it's been three years and it's hard knowing I won't be able to do that all the time anymore. He says he doesn't want to go no contact with me, he wants to still talk to me a bit, but I just don't know how much that is going to be and if I can even count on that. Not that he's ever done anything to make me doubt him. It's just that I've lost contact with many other online best friends over the years, although only my current QPP has been at this level of closeness besides him.
I am so, so grateful for my QPP who has been with me for nine years. They're my partner and my other best friend and they're here for me to support me. And my family is here and I love them, and I know there is a lot I will be doing soon anyway. I just graduated college and I'm moving and I'm getting a job but I was hoping to do all that stuff and still talk to him. He helped me through so many things, including me figuring out that I am aroace. I love him and I miss him (it's only been a day, which is just ridiculous that it hurts like this but it's the fact that I'm not going to get to talk to him more that hurts, not the going one day without really talking to him part.
I miss him and I am so happy for him and I do trust that he will come back when things are more settled but I'm also afraid that he won't. If he doesn't, I'll understand, and I just wish him the best. I want him to get everything he wants in life. I am so proud of him and so happy for him for doing this. This is just me venting about the fact that it hurts. It'll get better, and hopefully he will stay in touch. I'm allowed to miss him and the fact that I won't get to talk to him as much and I keep telling myself that but I don't want to let it hurt me too much because I really am happy for him.
Anyway, this is just a vent. Thanks for reading this if you made it this far. Marking this as QPR because he was my QPP (although he changed our label to best friends a while ago, not just now) and because he's one of the closest people to me, and I talk about my other QPP in this post.
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2023.06.05 04:36 AlmostComedic [Meta] r/Television should join the Reddit Blackout on June 12th to stand up to the API changes for 3rd party apps.

I am not sure how many people have been following the recent news with Reddit and how they have decided to begin charging for API access for 3rd party apps. I am also not sure how the majority of you access Reddit whether it is on the official app, Apollo (the iPhone Reddit app and largest 3rd party app), RedditIsFun (known as RIF which is an Android Reddit app) or any of the pushshift based sites like Unddit and Reveddit. This change also cripples most moderator sites and addons that many moderators use to help handle the huge amount of comments and posts they deal with on a daily basis. I will provide some links below that explain the issues better since it would take a very long post to cover everything.
Here is the post from 4 days ago that was made by the developer of Apollo.
More info from the ModNews sub.
How these changes affect any visually impaired Reddit users.
And the current list of subs participating in the proposed blackout.
I think that for any users here who moderate any other subs, or who have not see this information in other subs you use regularly please spread the word and get other subs to participate. Feel free to copy and past this post or just reuse the links provided.
Spread the word.
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2023.06.05 04:36 layla_blue007 Looking for advice on getting an RO

My bf left the house last night from 1-3am. I checked his call log on ATT app and found a number he had been texting on and off for a week. It was easy to find out that it’s a girl who recently moved to our neighborhood. When he got home, I was awake in bed next to our 1yr old daughter and he immediately came upstairs and asked “what’s wrong/ what’s your problem?” before I even asked where he was. he said he was with a guy friend at our apartments hot tub, which I knew was bs so I just said ok we’ll talk in the morning. Around 7am, I woke up to him standing over me staring and he said we’re going to talk now. His anger has become violent in the past and I could tell he was about to get into that mode. I kept trying to drop it but he kept pushing. A few hours later, I finally just said I know you’re lying about last night and the past (see my previous posts about catching him looking for escorts). I just said I can’t trust you and am just continuously getting hurt. I grabbed my bag I had packed for the beach and my daughter to take her to the beach until he cooled down. As I was grabbing the door handle, he pulled my backpack and flung me backwards while I was holding my daughter. I kept begging him to please just let me leave, but every time I tried to get to the door, he grabbed me in some way and dragged me back. Now I was fearful for my daughter and tried to give in to his anger to keep her safe. She was screaming crying at this point and I was begging him to calm down because she was so scared. He kept taking her from me and whenever I had a chance I would try to run to one of the 2 doors to get out for help. We live in a small apartment so he could catch me quick and force me inside. Since he’s bipolar or something along those lines, he quickly started to play victim and asked if I wanted him to leave. I said yes I’m scared and our daughters scared, we need space before we can talk. He kept saying if he leaves, he’s going to take her and not tell me where they are. She was screaming crying still and then he finally let her go so she could come to me. He then pulled out his gun, loaded it and put it so his head and said I’m going to kill myself and you both need to watch. I kept begging please don’t and was just trying to calm her down. My poor baby was holding her hands over her chest because she was so scared and hurt. I was doing my best to calm myself so I could calm her. I kept moving her so she couldn’t see him but he kept cornering us with the gun to his head. At one point, he grabbed her and pulled her towards him and said he wanted her to watch. His tone throughout this entire situation was still very aggressive. I finally just said I don’t want you to leave and we can work this out. That’s the only thing that started to dissipate all of this. He put the gun down finally and said I only want you and all this other bs about how he’s never done anything. I responded ok I believe you just to save ourselves. I have been upstairs in our apartment while he is staying downstairs currently. I’m honestly scared to leave and don’t know what to do. I was hoping one of our neighbors heard the screaming earlier and would have called the cops or security at least. I’m scared to get a restraining order or anything against him because he has very violent family members and I believe he would send them after me if he went to jail or something. I know he talks shit about me to them and I haven’t even them before so I know they’ll take his side. Do I still get a restraining order? My daughter saw him when we were downstairs eating an hour ago and wanted to still go to him. I feel like such an awful mom having put her in that situation. I know she has to be so confused. Any advice is welcome
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2023.06.05 04:36 throwrauser728282 What to do about a non-affectionate boyfriend (21F 25M)

We’ve been together 10 months. We live 2 hours away, so we only see each other 1-2 days of the week.
He is good at showing his love through opening doors, carrying heavy objects, asking if I’m hungry or thirsty, etc.
But when we’re alone together, he barely kisses me. Barely to no compliments when I doll myself up. He doesn’t initiate cuddling, or random touches in the car. Things like that.
When we’re intimate, I had to ask him to start touching me more. He has gotten better, but he is quite selfish, and doesn’t seem enthusiastic to be intimate with me at all. Like i’m forcing him.
I used to always be physically affectionate towards him. But now I’ve stopped myself because it’s not reciprocated.
I’ve never felt so insecure in a relationship. Is he even attracted to me? Will it get better with communication?
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2023.06.05 04:36 cupidswing I’m roommate is moving out and I’m sad about it…why?

I live in a student house with 5 other people and we’re nearing the end of our tenancy. Two of my other roommates have left but this roommate in particular “Andre” told me in conversation that he’s moving out tomorrow and he’s going back to China.
This came as shock to me as I thought he’d be leaving in July. After he told me and part of me felt saddened. Why? Cause I wasn’t particularly close to him in the slightest. We were amicable at most, he’d let me use his air fryer and I thought he was a bit attractive but it wasn’t much to go on. I almost cried when he told me this.
Maybe a part of me wish I got to knew him better as person? I’m not sure.
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2023.06.05 04:36 Hopeful_River1969 Nothing is gonna stop them, they don't care what you're doing

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2023.06.05 04:36 zero0000000zero Confused about my life

This will be a long post I will try to keep short. I am looking for anything really as I feel like the full story is hard for anyone close to me understand.
I am having a hard time in life right now but the full picture is needed.
I had a very unique upbringing in which my parents divorced before I was born and co parented me. They always lived in the same town and for the most part always had a healthy relationship which I am grateful for. They raised a monster but in a good way. I have the age old story of being the football team captain, getting the girl and being homecoming king. I don’t think I need to explain more as it was humorously very stereotypical. That was all well but I just finished my 3rd year of college. I have had great success as well. Again, captain of the football team, good grades, gorgeous girlfriend(different girl), too internships and lots of involvement on campus. From an outsider’s perspective my life seems to be very set up. However recently, I began having panic attacks and my stress has been through the roof. After 21 years a lot of trauma have experienced through my life is resurfacing all at once. To make this easier I will separate in to a few sections that seem to be continuously showing up.
Parents I love my parents to death and truthfully believe I have the best set in the world. They are both remarried. My mother has 2 kids with her new husband, everyone over there gets along greatly me included. My father has remarried and his new wife gave me a stepbrother which we will get to in another section. My stepmothers family is incredibly dysfunctional and I don’t see them a lot but they put a lot of emotional, financial and sometimes physical stress on my dad and stepmom. I usually get along with everyone greatly. However, my experience of upbringing has led me to feel very alone. I feel like neither of my parents homes are my home. I envy my siblings on my moms side because they have a true sibling. As I grow older I see that things may have not been as healthy as they could’ve been and I was used as messenger by my parents in many scenarios. The worst of all I don’t know why they got divorced in the first place. I’m scared to find out.
Addiction I will not go into details about what I am addicted to because they all have a similar pattern. The quick dopamine hit. I tend to cope through my addictions when times get tough. I put this here not for help but to receive thoughts on if my addiction is is driving my mental or if it is the aftermath.
Girlfriend Before her I was in a relationship for 4+ years with my high school sweetheart. We broke things off mutually after I became suspicious of infidelity on her part. I was right but I do not know to what extent. My new partner is lovely. To save time your going to have to take my word for how good she is to me. I love her dearly. However it doesn’t feel right to me. We have split up briefly twice, both of us being the initiator for their respective times. She is very attached and is almost blinded to see the problems in our relationship. I have been considering leaving again. Many times after fights things become awkward then good and the back to the way they were before. It would crush her if I left.
Stepbrother My stepbrother is a criminal. He was indicted on 2 felonies recently. He had a very hard upbringing and is clinically narcissistic. He has told lies and behaved in ways that ruined many things for me and our family. I am envious of him though. He tends to be treated much better than I am. He was also given much more opportunity. He has now put a great financial burden on my parents. This has angered me to a new degree. I am unsure what our relationship will look like moving forward.
Today In my past semester I worked 2 jobs, went to school, had a major hip surgery, football, club(president), fraternity(exec) and came out on top. I am proud but more upset I put myself through it. It pushed me over the edge. I cried myself to sleep for the first time not too long ago. Idk how people will react to this but I feel lost and alone. I carry the burden of many of my relationships but I would be nothing without them. This of course is not the full picture. If you made it this far thank you ! Any response would be appreciated. Just wanted to vent somewhere. Thanks.
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2023.06.05 04:35 audree1141 Considering Rehoming

Please no judgement. I apologize for the wall of text. Today for the first time I’m seriously considering rehoming my dog. I live in a very urban area, one of the most dog friendly neighborhoods in an already dog friendly city. My small dog is EXTREMELY leash reactive, he lunges and makes the most awful high pitched scream, I’ve never heard anything like it. Other dogs usually don’t even bark back they just look at him with a confused expression on their face. I’ve worked with one trainer (4 sessions) and she referred me to another more experienced one, as his reactivity was more than she felt equipped to handle. I spent $177 dollars for one session with the other trainer and we really didn’t get much out of it (and the wait was long). She advised me to start him on anti anxiety meds and gave me a few exercises for when no other dogs were around, as at the heightened state he was in there was no training that could be done. People always talk about “threshold”, but at the time he didn’t seem to have one, he’ll react to dogs that are so far away I can barely see them. I did start him on reconcile about 2.5 weeks ago and he luckily isn’t reacting to dogs that are quite a distance away, and I know it will hopefully begin to work more in the coming weeks. I’ve tried to train him every single walk every single day in the house And outside. His reactivity is not getting any better. It’s getting worse. Even going out just for a potty break is a nightmare. He’s also just shy, and overall not very confident. I feel horrible even thinking about this. He’s so attached to me. But I can’t help but feel as if someone in a different environment would be a better fit for him. I don’t have a yard, I get up at 5 am to take him for walks, but of course he has to go potty at peak times. I feel like I’m failing him, he’s still young (about 1.5-2 years old) and I just wish I could take him out on a nice long walk when it’s nice out but I can’t. Today was hard, he kept crying to go out, and I would take him out and he’d have a melt down, come inside and drink a bunch of water and then the cycle repeats. He’s been vetted and had blood work done so it’s not a physical issue. I just really wanted a dog I could take out hiking and to the park but if I do those things I have to leave my little guy behind. Is there anyone who was in a similar situation who’s seen success? For reference I’ve only had him since January.
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