Missing In North Carolina: Angela Hamby, left to run errands, never returned.

2021.05.27 13:13 Dr_Pepper_blood Missing In North Carolina: Angela Hamby, left to run errands, never returned.

Angela Hamby was a bright busy 20 year old young lady in 1982. She worked data processing at Northwestern Bank, and was enrolled at Wilkes Community college with hopes of transferring to, Appalachian State University. On this particular Friday on October 29th, she'd taken the day off with the intention of going out of town shopping with her mom.
Angela left first that morning because she had a few errands to run before her and her mom were to leave to go shopping, she needed to make a car payment, and her mom needed a cash deposit dropped off at the NCNB bank. Since Angela could do both of these things at the same bank her mom waited at home for her. After she left the bank Angela was supposed to stop by her sister's house on the same road as the bank, briefly to drop off a message with her sister.
By noon when Angela hadn't returned her mother called the bank. The bank let her know that Angela had never been there. So she then contacted Angela's sister who had also not seen Angela yet. In fact when Angela had left to run those errands that morning it would be the last time anyone has seen her.
Around 1:00 in the morning on possibly the 30th Angela's silver 1980 Mazda RXT was found unlocked and abandoned tucked up behind Glenn's Tastee Freeze. It was behind the building and parked very close to the dumpsters. Angela's pocketbook and driver's license were inside the vehicle. The car had a full tank of gas but Angela, her keys, and the money that she had when she left for the bank were not on the scene.
One of the initial witnesses was a police officer who stated that around 11:30 a.m. Angela was seen driving her car near the location that it was found. A woman that worked at the Tastee Freeze also gave a description of seeing Angela in the car and she was not alone. The witness stated she was with a man with blonde hair that was " rough looking". The witness states they seemed to be talking to each other. There is a sketch of this man listed with The Charley project link.
As the days begin to grow with no answers family and loved ones stated that they don't believe Angela would have willingly walked away.
At one point the family received a call stating that Angela was in a house in Cherryville and gave an address. The family actually traveled there and the address was fake.
Another eyewitness report also stated on the day Angela vanished a woman claimed to see her in a clothing store acting extremely nervous like she was trying to hide and not be seen. But like most things this tip didn't turn out and it is undetermined if this was actually Angela that she saw.
Here we are 40 years down the road and no answers have come for Angela's mom and sister.
Over time authorities had stated that there were two possible suspects that they investigated but it turned out that they were both incarcerated at the time of Angela's disappearance so this also never resulted in any findings.
So what happened to Angela? I'm thinking it's quite possible she was abducted by the blonde man that she was seen with in her car near where her car was found abandoned. Is this man someone she knew and intended to meet or was this a stranger abduction?
I just hope for her loved ones the answers someday come. If you have any information that can help in this case please contact the Wilkesboro Police Department at 336-838-9111
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2020.10.23 06:33 FunAd8688 GoodWill Burger

I would like you to make a Goodwill Burger , I grew up in North Wilkesboro NC and my Mom and I would stop at our GoodWill and get these Burgers they are really good. I would like to see how you would Bump up the level of these. Here is a link to the recipe https://www.gowilkes.com/life/recipeexchange/goodwill-burgers/23535/ Not sure which recipe they used but I know you can make it F***ing Good. Love your Show and watch all them time.
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