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2023.04.02 14:21 Vegetable-Ebb-8795 Will carmax let me purchase a vehicle from a local store while a transfer is in progress?

I got an appraisal for my truck in early March, about 3-4 weeks ago, and paid to have a potential trade shipped to my store (Daytona, FL) from Virginia. After 3 weeks of waiting, almost no updates, and the car still shows several states away on the estimated ready to drive date. I was told I could not cancel this order until it arrived at the Daytona store. Since then I have found another truck at the Jacksonville FL store which I have reserved for a test drive. I know you're only "allowed" to reserve one car at at time, but their site didn't stop me from doing so, so of course I went ahead and reserved it. I am going there today for the test drive. I'm wondering what will happen when I go to the Jacksonville store to test drive this other truck? will they turn me away since my shipping order has not arrived or been canceled? I can't imagine they will turn away an on the spot trade and sale.
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2023.04.02 14:21 ogriofa17 [WTS] Price Drop Eustler Dukling

[WTS] Eustler Green Micarta Dukling, Ultratech Bounty Hunter
Today I have a Eustler Dukling with green micaràta for sale. I got this from another user in excellent condition and I myself have not used it past opening a box or two. Was 1,200 now:
SV: $1,100
This is for sale only shipped CONUS ppff
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2023.04.02 14:21 Original-Ad-88 Need some advice regarding a family member living with me please

In the beginning of this year, my husband and I opened up our home to my cousin(25M) (On my mum’s side) who was struggling to find accommodation within the time his lease was ending. It was only myself and my husband at the time so, when my cousin moved in, we set board at $150.00 per week (Covering food, rent and utilities plus, also so he could save a bit of money) in which he had agreed to.
He’s been living with us for 15 weeks now, has had a full time job from the beginning but has only paid board 7 times = 7 weeks.
The first time I was about to have a conversation with him (2 weeks of no board received had passed) I advised my mum first since it was her younger brother’s son (To advise just in case of any backlash that may occur from that intended conversation with my cousin) and my mum said, “Maybe he’s going through some things and he’s struggling. So let him come to you.” I relayed the conversation with my mum to my husband and we both had agreed to not say anything just yet. 4 weeks had passed, still no board received and my husband advised to give it a bit more time for him to come around.
In addition to that ‘No board received time-period’ My cousin goes to eat out with his girlfriend nearly every night, orders multiple food-deliveries to the house when he isn’t going out and constantly speaks to us about his multiple holiday plans for this year. He’s about to go to Singapore in 3 weeks for a 2 week holiday.
When I brang it up again with my husband at the 6 weeks still no board received mark - My husband assured me that we were okay but when it comes to pay day, I can see how much my husband is annoyed and stressed that we’re having to pay for the following with no assistance from my freeloading cousin at all.
The following: Rent (Weekly), groceries (Weekly - that my cousin still helps himself to and eats from), water and utilities (Fortnightly), which have all now sky rocketed past our usual because 1. He loves to eat. 2. He likes to use the dryer every time he does his washing.. even on sunny days. Yes, we both have spoken to him about that - to please hang it on the washing line (Make use of Mother Natures dryer) but he does it when both my husband and I are at work. 3. Turns on the aircon full blast every day and 4. He has a shower 4 times a day at least - 1 in the morning, 1 after work, 1 after gym and 1 before bed. It has become repetitive little talks, labelling items and now we’ve resulted to unplugging items situations only since he hasn’t been paying his board but have recently noticed the aircon and dryer have been plugged back in. When I know it’s definitely neither my husband or I using it. Now our electricity bill for the previous fortnight was $326.47 which is usually a whole quarterly just for my husband and I.
So whilst all of this is happening, I admire that my husband is staying so calm and collected about it and chooses not to say anything to me that may cause me any stress but I see it and it doesn’t sit right with me at all. I don’t like seeing the stress it’s causing my husband or the fact that I can clearly see that my own cousin is taking advantage of us.
Background: My husband 28(M) and I(26F), we’ve been married just over a year and I’m a part time teacher. I was previously full time but had to temporarily step back just over a month ago since I’m going through medical treatments at the moment and my husband is still working full time.
I’m already at breaking point especially since we’ve been put in this position in the first place by my own cousin. Yet, I’m finding it difficult on how to approach the conversation without losing my cool because it has already been dragged out for so long and my mum is constantly in my ear, telling me “Not to hurt his feelings, make him feel loved since we’re the only family he has nearby.” I do have love for my cousin and wouldn’t ever leave someone stranded but considering how I have been watching what my cousin does, there’s really no excuse.
So if anyone who has insight or their own or a similar situation… and how to approach it. Could you please help with advice on how to deal with this?
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2023.04.02 14:20 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download

[Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download
Get the course here: Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree
What You Get Phase 0) Digital Economics 101 The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.
  • Gain a deep understanding of all of the pieces in the digital economy.
  • Learn about the future of media and code — the front-end and backend of the internet — so you can focus your efforts.
  • Understand digital leverage, distribution, no-code tools, and digital assets so you can take part in the mental & financial wealth transfer.
Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with *what will sell.*You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.
  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
  • Discover your life’s work, curiosities, and obsessions. I see too many people that are uncertain about this for years.
  • Cultivate and turn your vision, goals, and values into a brand that attracts an audience you love interacting with (and that will buy from you, and only you).
Phase 2) Content Strategy There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. **That they are congruent with and trust.**It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:
  • Become an expert-level speaker or writer on the topics you care about.
  • Never run out of content ideas for your posts or promotions (without using content templates — that’s how you stay a commodity).
  • Create posts, blogs, tweets, images, and videos that resonate with other’s on a deep level. People will actually ask you how you got so good at what you do.
  • Separate yourself from the ocean of B-tier creators that struggle to sell their products, services, andhave their ideas stick in the head of their audience.
  • Implement our Epistemic Research Method — which is just a fancy way of saying scientific research method… but it’s for researching your mind to craft brilliant content and product ideas.
Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer Most people are sitting on a goldmine of skills, experience, and knowledge (that they can use to help people 1-2 steps behind them).That is what people pay for.Considering 95% of the market are beginners… if you are good at something, you can help them get to your level (no matter how “basic” you think the information is).Do you not watch basic content all day anyway? People don’t want new information, they want to be reminded of what works.
  • Use our Minimum Viable Offer strategy to start monetizing immediately (and have something to improve over time, rather than procrastinating until it’s perfect).
  • Have a strategy for reducing the time you spend working over time (as you build leverage and improve your offer).
  • Know how to create your own customers from the audience you are building, instead of “finding” the right customer for your offer.
  • Take the guesswork out of building coaching, consulting, or digital product offers.
Phase 4) Marketing Strategy You aren’t making money because you aren’t promoting yourself or your offer.That is literally the only way to make money. Have something desirable and consistently put it in front of peoples’ faces.In Phase 4, I will show you how to systemize, automate, and be consistent with simple will be able to make money without having the chance of forgetting to do it (or letting fear of failure get in the way).
  • Learn to sell on social media, in your writing, and across different platforms.
  • Have consistent sales coming in while focusing on your meaningful message (no need to sound salesy all the time).
  • Learn advanced automation strategies that you can implement at your own pace, especially once you validate your offer.
Bonus) The Creator Command Center The Creator Command Center is a Notion template that houses all of the systems.This is how you will manage your brand, content, offer creation, marketing strategy, and systemized promotions for consistent sales. Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.***And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.***That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.04.02 14:20 StillAPieceOfTrash_ Panic attack but not at home! Yay!

im not in this subreddit but i suffer from emotophobia pretty badly. for some reason, it’s always other people. i’m at my cousins house for her 18th birthday and decided to sleep over. before we went to bed she said casually something along the lines of “i’m probably gonna.. v* tonight.” then just went to bed; and this immediately put me extremely on edge. we went to bed around 2:30ish, and it’s now 5. around 3 she got up to go to the bathroom and my anxiety immediately boiled over. after a couple minutes, (she usually takes long) she starts coughing. not the dry coughing people usually do but the.. scary kind. so- my fight, flight and freeze response IMMEDIATELY kicks in and my body chose freeze- so i just laid on the couch with my hands pressed to my ears extremely tight so all i could hear is my (now) rising heartbeat. after a couple more minutes, she comes out of the bathroom and sees me covering my ears and staring into the distance like a crazy person. she was like “are you ok” and i didn’t answer right away, so i might have worried her. after a minute i responded with “yeah i just need to go outside for a minute.” so i went outside and hid in their laundry room and all hell breaks loose. a full on panic attack happens and since it’s so late, i can’t contact the people i usually rely on, so i had to try and comfort myself to little toto no avail. long ending short, i’m not going to sleep tonight. it’s currently 5:20AM and i’m fully ready to stay up until 8 when i get to go home. notes: i’m 15 and don’t have a lot of good coping skills yet. also, shout out to her dog Daisy who kept me company.
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2023.04.02 14:19 infoshen Just Got Dumped By My (23F) Ex. She Ghosted Me (24M) On Everything. I Overstepped Her Boundaries. Is This The End?

6 Year Relationship Gone
My Ex-Girlfriend (23) and I (24) dated since high school for 6 and a half years. We have had many ups and downs but we grew to become adults with each other. She is currently pursuing her PHD while I am working so we are in a sort of long distance relationship (2 hour drive). With balancing work, personal life, gym, and the relationship, we still talked every night and I saw her about 2-3 weekends a month. We recently went on a snowboarding trip with many people and had a great time.
Two weeks after the trip, she facetimed me, and dumps me. She said that she is tired of asking for things from me. She is tired of asking for flowers. She is tired of not feeling like a priority in my life. She said she feels like she can do better. She said she has slowly been falling out of love with me a couple days after the snowboarding trip (>2 weeks). She said she didn’t see her marrying me I asked her if there was someone else because this is so sudden, and she said no.
Truth be told, there is some truth in what she said. I didn’t get her as many flowers as she deserved. I didn’t always prioritize her. I regret my complacency and lack of expression of love. When we were together in person on the weekends, we had an amazing time. I always put her first. When I’m home, I am tired from work and then the gym. So I would just play games for 2 hours max and we would call for 30-90 minutes a day on the weekdays.
After our call and we were broken up, I sent her texts of how I realized I messed up. I acknowledged my complacency and lack of expression of love. She didn’t want to talk in person. She wanted me to leave her alone. I tried so hard to contact her. She said she was driving back down for the weekend (only 1 day after breakup). I thought we would talk, but she wanted to part ways. I asked all day respectfully to talk in person. She either ignored me or told her to let her go. At night, I drove to her house and her car wasn’t there. I was worried that she already moved on because why would she drive down and not be home at night. I asked her friend for her location and found her about to take the train to the city and probably go to a club. I asked if we could talk and she walked away and blocked me on everything.
I am ashamed for overstepping her boundaries. I sent one last email as it was the only way to talk to her. I won’t contact her again, but I hope she contacts me. I am thinking of emailing her in a couple of weeks…
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2023.04.02 14:18 rhunley7639 Home Purchase

For family medicine attendings!
Trying to find a good balance on a home purchase for my wife and myself. I try to go by the white coat investor rules of thumb, limit your house purchase to 2x your income. Of course I want to buy my wife a nice home as a way of saying thank you for being my rock/support through med school, training, first three years of attending life.
We are look at homes in the $475-500k range. I have about $100k to put down, plus closing costs. This should, worst case scenario with piti and hoa, make the mortgage up to $3200/ month on a $200k salary.
Is this too much home? I understand I’m asking strangers, but want to see if anyone is living a comfortable life with this. It will be our first home purchase, hopefully forever home. Thanks!
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2023.04.02 14:18 AdhesivenessPrior610 Automating emails from Excel to Outlook

Hi all,
Looking for some excel expertise on whether what I'm looking to do is actually possible!
I work for a large retail company (over 2000 sites) and as part of a dedicated team that follows up on any harassment against staff members that are reported. My current process is:
OUTLOOK: Saved a signature with the template email. I amend the email for each site to include a very brief description of what was reported and date E.G "07.08.2022 - Sales executive reported verbal racial abuse from a male." I then send it directly to the site email for the manager to follow up on and provide details of how we have supported this employee and some standard guidance of how to assist. I then chase the site every 2 weeks to get updates on how the police investigation has progressed, and if the site needs any assistance with discussing the investigation with police.
EXCEL: Once the email has been sent, I manually enter all of the details on a spreadsheet with the following columns: Site number, site name, date of incident, Incident description, Did police attend?, Police Officer name/badge number, Crime reference number, Days since incident, Closed/Open?. I will input any updates received from the bi-weekly chaser email in to the 'incident description' column.
I was wondering if there is any way I could work smarter and make use of anything within Excel to automate the emails that are sent out to the sites? There would ideally need to be two separate emails to populate from the spreadsheet, an initial email after the incident is logged and then any concurrent chaser emails to the individual site if the case is still open.
I'm completely unsure of whether this would even be possible! However as it stands due to the size of the company I spend around 1/2 hours every morning doing this and it can get confusing with chasing despite reminders. If this can be automated/streamlined in any way, it would be a great success and free me up for other focus areas that need my attention.
Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance!
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2023.04.02 14:18 peanutputterbunny Advice on keeping this guy alive? Seems a silly question but it is important to me - info on situation in the caption

Advice on keeping this guy alive? Seems a silly question but it is important to me - info on situation in the caption
So I have a lot of house plants and I've had these types of succulents in the past and always killed them so gave up. Our cleaner very sweetly gifted us this as a present as she sees all the plants I have around.
It was soaked when I got it and my understanding is you need to let them properly dry out before watering. I took it out the pot and dried completely and put in a sunny window.
The problem is everytime she comes over she probably notices it's dried out and waters abundantly so the pot it's in is completely full. Every time I drain it out she waters it back up again 😅 so now I've taken to watering it before she comes so she doesn't think I'm neglecting it then drain it afterwards lol.
But now I'm questioning if it does need a lot of water, or if I am caring for it correctly, seeing my track record of killing them all the time. I don't want to let this one die because she will see and I'd feel bad. I also don't want to tell her how to care for it in case I am wrong...
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2023.04.02 14:18 theApurvaGaurav Launching India's first and only No Cost EMI - Cost Calculator. Check it out at

I developed India's first and only No Cost EMI - Cost Calculator that shows you the Real Cost of No Cost EMIs in terms of amount as well as IRR.
Check it out at -
Imagine this: You plan to buy a TV set for your house, but here’s the catch- you don’t have enough money to pay for it in full at present. But hey, retailer “X” is offering you a No-Cost EMI option which means that you can now split the entire cost (assume it to be Rs 25,000) into 6 easy installments at “0% interest” which means each installment should technically come out to be approximately 4167 rupees which seems to be a lucrative deal and you choose to opt for it.
Are you really getting it at “No Cost”? Lets understand:
What no one tells you is the fact that out of this 4167 rupees, a certain percentage goes towards the principal amount and the rest goes in as interest. The interest component of this payment would attract 18% GST and in addition, most credit card companies charge a processing fee which also attracts 18% GST. Both of these amounts are spread across the tenure of the loan and therefore, each installment is greater than 4167 rupees and in effect, you are paying more than 25000 after 6 months.
Therefore Zero Cost EMIs never really come at 0 cost. It is just a well packaged way of marketing a financial scheme for banks and finance companies to make a quick buck.
Don’t worry though, we here at pFinTools have got you covered. With our latest tool, we will help you understand exactly how much more you would be paying and exactly how much you stand to gain if you just make an upfront payment in full and avail any discounts or cashbacks.
Stay tuned to as we break down financial myths and build tools that make consumers understand and appreciate their relationship with money. As always, we are counting on you all for your valuable feedback to help improve our products continuously.
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2023.04.02 14:17 Plushytoonz Gnostic; Apocalypse Chapter 20

Chapter 19
Chapter 20 What 'does' it matter
Everything was quiet. Quiet like the sea. Jennifer awoke to the sound of a waterfall echo in the emptiness. Her eyes wondered around, seeing her surroundings. There were crystals that shine with light. A light of warmth and chills. Drops of rain fall and made small puddles, then evaporated off to the sky. The drops of rain makes a tap noise on the huge crystals floating amongst the night blue sky. No sun nor moon but a waterfall that reaches to what seems to be a floating rock.
She walked through statues of people she somehow recognized. They're not Steven, James, nor even his father. Instead they were people from another time. It was familiar, as if she experienced as another person from another world. Time and space has its way of developing such mysteries of time. Built as if it was being foretold.
The first statue she encounters was Daniel, standing in the middle of nowhere like a man who wonders in the apocalyptic world. His face looked fearful as to whatever the nightmare will propose in front of him. Strange to see a statue of himself being a part of the other statues in the line. This doesn't look like it was built nor imagined by Daniel.
Then, another statue is a female robot with her face painted like a skull. She is the same species as Daniel but her hair was green which is rare for their species. Her eyes are dark except for her glowing green pupil and she wore a white snow tuxedo. Her pose was like of a boxing champion or more than just a champion, she sat on a throne as if she is unbeatable.
Another statue showed a man of a flame person like a torch, his body is smooth and red but his head is like a torch but his mouth and eyes are visible. He had horns on his head, wore a jacket that looked like it was torn like a rockstar. His pose was impressively like both good and evil, holding a shotgun on his left hand and a head on his right, bat or dragon like wings on his back spread out like an angel, and his face was stone cold as if only his pupils are moving.
The other statue showed a young human lady but her eyes are empty, she wore a black and white hoodie, held the strings like a web and held a blade that looked sharp enough to cut ruby, and her pose was like a religious musician presenting an orchestra.
Then the other statue was of a boy of an elf and he wore what looked like a coat from the dark age, and he held a blade that felt alien. Behind him was a man made of obsidian, his eyes and mouth were pearly white and his body was jacked, he wore an armor made from wherever he's from and he held a large khopesh. Their pose represents a father and son, lion and wolf, surviving together in a wild nature.
A statue of a man of a flame person, different to the other one and looked more adventures, triangles on the sides of his head, his face makes a smirk with intimidating eyes, he wore a leather jacket and held a rope of chains and a revolver. His pose was like a hunter already in battle, taking strikes against whoever he's hunting down.
A statue of a women, she wore a vest with a shirt inside and what covers her is the worn off cloak. The child which seemed to be her son wore a jacket that looked to be tattered. They both looked to be scared and lost as if they're trying to escape wherever they're from. Their pose was escaping from a nightmare or something far worse than that. Her son holding her hand tight, afraid of getting split up and lost.
Finally, the last statue that still stands was a young girl with a small little creature on her right shoulder that looked both like a bunny, and a chinchilla with peddles of a flower around its collar. She wore a worn off hoodie, a vest, a shoulder plate made of plants on her right shoulder, and boots made of some leather. She held a staff and whats on the head of the staff was a crystal. Their pose was like a disciple, a disciple that spreads joy around the world as they go. A smile on her face as she looked afar at the world.
The next statue was collapsed, same as the rest of the statues being scattered around the stone pavements. They looked to have fear, anger, sickness, and uncanniness on their faces, as if they have fallen to their death or a fate worse than death. For some reason, the 8 statues are the only one that is still standing. But why does that matter to her. She wants to find Daniel and reason with him. So she walked further outwards to the waterfall.
As she walked closer through the waterfall, she heard someone talking in a voice she recognized before. She knew that voice and ran quickly up to the waterfall. She stopped in front of a rock solid mountain filled with water, then climbed up quickly as she can.
At 16.7 meters high up, she saw something flying around. She shook her head and got back to climbing. The voice is becoming more closer, she can hear what its saying.
At 25 meters high, she reached to the top of the mountain waterfall but Daniel wasn't there, instead was on a floating rock high above as water falls to the ground endlessly.
She didn't know how to get up there, no clue as to how to get up. Her heart felt something shining, something that gives her a way. She held her left hand in front of her and gripped hard. What sparked in her hand was a bow made of ruby with a string made of opal. A surprised look on her face as if she was given a gift to the solution. She thought to herself. "Maybe my heart or soul can communicate with me. It's as if I'm guiding myself."
There were no arrows anywhere. She wondered how she's going to use it until her heart guides her again. She pulled the string of the bow and what sparked out in the bow was an arrow made of garnet. Flowing sparks of red light circles around the arrow's head as fireflies.
She shot it at the nearest side of the floating rock and before she could take time to think she was already on the walls surface like teleporting. She quickly grabbed the nearest edge out of shock of surprise, breathing in a panic. She slowed her breath, calming herself to get back to what she was doing. The voice is more louder. Louder enough to make people crazy.
"You can join me and we will take over the universe and all that exist. You and I, together.
"You know, I was told by my cousin fate about 'you' Daniel. He said that you're connected to something bizarre and you have a special power. He said you're connected to the ones that have a similar power line. Something about rage or something? Yes. Your rage is not like any other gods.
"You're connected to people from different realities, from different systems, from different worlds. But they're in worlds where my family is in charge. They're like you for some reason, it's like a cycle. A cycle of endless evil scratching the walls to break in and become creator of all that exist! But you and your other counterparts from other worlds are stopping us.
"But if you join me, you'll become something more. You'll achieve greater heights, greater purpose, BEYOND CREATION!"
"I don't want to be in your FUCKING PAWN GAME!"
"How many people have died under the hands of death and evil? Billions, even countless. The existence in this world, is not perfect. We can change that. We can make the whole entire creation beyond perfection! You and I, we'll be unstoppable. You have the power of a god and you don't want to be a part of that godhood?"
"I don't want to be a god."
"I'm just another monster!"
"Yes but like a GOD! Because other people who are below us will fear and praise us.
"You know Jennifer right? Of course, her life was to serve me. You called her a monster. A MONSTER! But have you taken the time to just look at yourself and see what you've become? Not really. Jennifer was my servant and she was going to become something more. I was going to offer you to becoming more."
"Don't talk about her."
"WHY Daniel? You think she's like you or experienced the same way as you do. That is FALSE! I made her since she was born. She was born to serve me, to become the next god. We had plans. Plans to take over father, then the pleroma. The pleroma is the connections between gods. They call themselves Aeons instead of gods and they act like people. How disappointingly preposterous. They are gods but they don't even adopt its meaning. The pleroma is a place for gods. TRUE GODS! So I will be there and show them that I AM A GOD! And you will be too. You know that right?"
"I told you. I don't want to be in your games. I don't want to be a god. I don't WANT TO BE YOUR DAMN PUPPET!"
"So do you like Jennifer? Really Really like her?"
"Poor Daniel. Her real name was Rosemary Peterson!"
"She didn't know that. She lost her memories."
"Lost her memories? That's just a scrap of nodes in a blank paper. What if she did remember all this time and she was pretending? Think Daniel. All this time she spent with you and your friends all the way. You see her caring and loving you and your friends but is it really real or just fake to get you through hell? I know you're not that stupid. You've been thinking so much things since the day you let your emotions run wild in your glass box. I went into your mind that day, we had talked so much. You remember our conversation about 'The Teligonas'.
"I am a part of that. And so are you. And so are your friends and the people who are in the cycle of scratching evil! YOU WILL PLAY A PART OF IT! THAT IS FATE! YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE THE FATE OF YOUR FRIENDS!"
Jennifer reached the edge of the floating stone land and raised her hand up to grab the ground. She pulled herself up and saw Cain circling around the chained Daniel. The words that come out of Cain's mouth were like flies and beetles crawling on your spine and ribs.
She quickly pulled herself up, got to her feet, and shot an arrow at Cain. He roared with a laugh and cheer, the sound of booming laughter from the invisible crowd. He turned to see her dead in the eye but his eyes were hidden behind his old hat. A sinister smile plastered on his face, stretching the bandages on his cheek, making wrinkles.
"AH! My young Rose! It's so pleasant to see you again! And look at you now! You've gotten stronger." But then, his face went from a smile to a frown. He looked up and down on her, seeing as if she somehow changed. He didn't like the new her. "Get Away From Him!"
"Or what? What exactly are you going to do about that, Rose? You can't defeat me nor kill me, I'm inside of his mind and I AM IMMORTAL!" A sinister grin returned back on his face, an idea he proposed has changed his mind or supported his plan. "Oh Rose. Do you not know what i'm doing is best. I'm building him into something bigger. You remember our glorious plan Rose? We were going to become gods. Don't you see, I'm doing this for the both of us AND Daniel can be a part of that."
"I remembered what you did to me. I remembered what you had done to my mom. You took MY LIFE away from me and made me into some weapon."
"I am giving you a greater opportunity Rose. We've done fun things together. Like making people smile. Giving people the death they deserve. WE RESEMBLED JUSTICE!"
Jennifer gripped her hand tightly on her bow while looking at the chained up Daniel. He didn't look back at her, only to stare down in absolute defeat. The waters from the sky above fell down to the endless pit of nothingness. The world around them is peaceful and promising, but the presence of Cain said otherwise. The screams from his heart came from many places. Unknown as to who or what is it from.
"I wasn't happy nor felt the pleasure to kill the innocents, I was scared and angry. My life became a lie because you messed with my head. You took away the life I once knew was real and you smashed it into dust and replaced it with your narcissistic bullshit!"
Cain's face became a mess with a mad smile of insanity stretching the wrinkles of his face. A crack of bone echoed out as he twitches his body in a maniac laughter. He fast walked towards Jennifer which made him more eerie in a place of an innocent landscape. Blood came out from his face and dripped down on the stone ground, infecting it as veins and tissue grows from the blood.
"Oh really? But is it really true that you remember your 'real' memories? What if your powers are a lie against YOU, Rose? I can help you. I know you more than anyone in the world. You can't do this on your own. Don't you want to help your best bud here."
This became a mixture of whether or not he may be right. The conclusion would be to make the right choice but one flaw is done and it's over. Each step from Cain echoes with a tap of a bell, a tone of reverse ringing metal. Jennifer's eyes daggers against Cain's, dueling against the dark evil behind his brain.
"If you could just come back to me, this will be over and we can start changing the world into something perfect. Your mother would've been so proud to see you so strong. And Daniel here, he doesn't love you or anything anymore. Why waste such potential on this guy when you can use it for the greater good.
"There are more dangerous and powerful gods greater than me, greater than anything that comes to existence. What if they hurt your friends and your mother's soul? It'll be the worst you could ever imagine. But if we work together, we can prevent that from happening. Just you and me."
Daniel turned to look at her, only a little due to the chains around him. He looked at her with the eyes of fear and sorrow. He was too weak to get out of these chains, not able to shake them off or break them. It's as if the chains locked his power away and made him sick. "Jennifer."
Jennifer put her bow away, making it disappear into thin air. She turned her head to Daniel and saw his eyes became weak and mad. Cain placed his hand on her shoulder that caught her attention. She looked up to see Cain more closer now. His breath gave a scent of burnt flesh and copper, a scent of the ugly death. She nearly gagged by the smell from Cain's breath. Rows of different sizes of teeth and gums in his mouth like a hole to hell.
She started to think of what might happen to those she cared and loved if the archons are in control. The thought of her mother's soul screaming in eternal torture, like she's a toy for the gods to play. Her friends being chained up and tortured by being gutted and brutally beaten up for eternity by those sick twisted gods. Therefore, the sickness grew in her heart with a chill crept up her spine.
"Just think about that Jennifer. Think of the consequences if you don't join me."
Then, memories of the times she had been with her mother and friends came to her mind, as if her heart is giving her a tour.
It was 6 months after the start of the apocalypse. The four of them were walking on the streets in the middle of a town. Houses were collapsed and burnt, destroyed by the apocalypse. The cold brewed around the 4 survivors. Their faces were plain cold, just on their way to wherever the nightmare will show.
They went inside of one of the houses, finding no one but dust and wood. Until the next house, Jennifer finds a basket full of cricket equipment. "Hey guys! What's all this stuff?"
Daniel knew exactly what this is when he took a first looked at it. He chuckled and said. "It's cricket. I haven't played this since before the apocalypse."
"What's cricket?"
"It's when you swing your bat to hit the ball and someone have to catch it. When the fielders catches the ball, they will bowl the wicket to prevent the batter from scoring more points. And the batter, when they hit the ball, they run between the 2 wickets to get more points." James joined in on the conversation. Telling her the details of playing cricket.
"Ok. I don't know what any of that means. Can you guys show me how it works?"
"But we're in an apocalypse." James said. What she asked for, sounded like a childish dream, which made him in disbelief. There are demons everywhere, just hiding or hunting someone down. They could be in this house or any other house in this town. It would be crazy mad to play cricket in a middle of a dead zone.
"Hey come on James, I think it's good to have some fun, even if we're in a bad place right now and we haven't seen a single threat. I think you know that too." Daniel patted his shoulder and held the cricket equipment with him as he walked outside. Steven followed him outside with giddy. Mostly paying his attention to cricket instead of the outside cold.
James was surprised. He didn't get what Daniel meant by that. For what they're in for, it sounded as if everyone, including himself, become crazy. He witnessed Daniel become furious with vengeance when he witnessed his own father killed. He thought maybe it's just him trying to bond with them and putting the revenge plan as his secondary.
He turned his head to Jennifer and saw a surprised look on her face. The same expression he has right now.
As they're outside, playing cricket together. Steven and Jennifer are the batter, while Daniel and James are the bowlers, but as time goes on they swap teams and swap roles. As they kept playing outside of the empty town of collapsed houses, there were smiles on their faces. Jennifer laughs with such thrill of playing a game by running and batting. Daniel heard her and joined in too. For James, he chuckles when he saw how fascinating how fun and joyful his friends are getting in the middle of nothingness. It was beautiful to him. Steven had a better smile then his friends, he started to think all the way to the best moments of his life. Thinking of the joy he had amongst the bright days of his life.
Jennifer began to think why they're having such a good time in such a horrible situation. After growing in a horrible life, fighting against demonic creatures, witnessing nightmares of slaughter and death, discovering new knowledge of what's behind the history of the unknown, and the extreme emotional stress being put unto them throughout their adventures.
She thought of the deaths, horrors, and dark tales of the world. How death can be at anytime, anywhere they go. Then, she understands why.
People experienced many things out of their comfort zones. Many were tragic, awful, unjust, fear, pain, dark, and grim. But the most powerful is hope, strength, motivation, confidence, love, faith, greatness, and freedom. That's just because the world is not fair nor just.
The thing is that people should enjoy what they like to do. The things that people have the motivation and confidence to do. People wanted to do what they dream of doing. Art, Judges, Researchers, Poetry, Constructors, Scientists, Teachers, and anything. People have many things we'd love to do and to share our experience. But the problem is people being afraid of risk. Such risks can take someone down so easily. Many can give such darkness, hopelessness, and misery. It's how the world works.
She understands that the joy and goodness can come first before and after taking the risks of death. Take the joy while it lasts and have it again. The time to enjoy life. Death is permanent and so is joy. But joy in the world of the living, even in the afterlife are moments that cannot surpass death. For death is many things. A world, a word, a mystery, and the bridge to different realities. She begins to be filled with so much joy with the knowledge of the joy she sees.
She laughed more and more, her friends started to feel the same. And from then on, they started to take joy in discovering good old times and the experience together. Their bond grew more stronger as they survive in the world of nightmares.
She looked at Daniel as his face starts to tire. She then looked up at Cain with his uncanny smile plastered on his face, stretching the dark wrinkles of his skin and bandages. "I want to end this nightmare. I want my friends to have a good life. I want other people to have that good life. Starting with you being dead and gone for good."
Enraged, he gripped his hand around her neck, making her gag in pain from the burning sensation. She tried to force her way out of his grip but was to no avail. His smile turned upside down, revealing the dark gums in his mouth. Daniel tried to escape out of his chained state, terrified of Jennifer's death. "STOP! DON'T KILL HER!"
"You disappointed me. disappointed the rest of my brothers. You dare to turn against me when I was the one who gave mercy to you. You were going to be something Rose. You were going to be something that no other god could ever keen to reach. Now you'll die. After your death, I will destroy everything that exists here and so are your worthless bastards!"
Then suddenly, she gripped her hand tight and Daniel's spear sparked out in her hand. She impaled it directly at Cain's shoulder and with that she escaped out of Cain's grip, falling on to the ground. He grunted in disgust and was shocked by what Jennifer just did.
Jennifer pulled herself up as she gasped for air, the burning slowly fades away from her neck. She crawled until she finally caught her hand onto the chains which holds Daniel into imprisonment. "Daniel. I'm getting you out of here."
She gripped her hand and an emerald xiphos sparked out. She sliced off the chains apart, which makes them disappear into nothingness. Daniel's strength, life, and power came back to him as he can finally stand up.
They turned around to see Cain pulling out the spear from his shoulder with a grunt of rage. His head faced towards Daniel and Jennifer. Wherever his eyes are, they're staring daggers at them. But then his smile came back. Standing in a good posture as if nothing had happened. "You truly changed haven't you Rose? You knew what I did to you. Replacing your memories with my designs. Well, I admit it. You are right. But no matter.
"My plans to become a powerful god will be complete once I have the power to kill my father. Then I will kill and torture the 'aeons' of the pleroma and become the god of all universes. But you're in my way. So I have a surprise for the both of you. Once you're out of this world." And with one wicked laugh that came out of his hollow mouth, the last of his words for now said. "Goodbye. For now."
And then he was gone. Disappeared into nothing.
Chapter 21
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משרד תיווך צוקי ארסוף
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2023.04.02 14:17 DisasterDisastrous97 How does everyone here deal with the anger associated with what happened to you?

I keep playing this song over and over. I know it’s not the original, btw. I just like this cover. It’s this one line that gets me:
“So don’t breathe when I talk ‘coz you haven’t been spoken to”
And I can’t explain why it resonates with me so much. The whole song really sums up my anger towards my nmom, but it’s especially that one line. Granted, the anger used to be a lot worse…fiery, hot and caustic. But now it’s more of a calm anger. I am NC, but I still go through the motions. I feel like she doesn’t have the right to even breathe in my direction. I feel like I want to flip the tables and let her know that I’ve risen above her and she can’t touch me. I want her to know that I’m more powerful than her and she is nothing; almost like I want to do to her what she did to me. It’s so hard to convey, but the entire song is so accurate for me.
I know this anger isn’t healthy and I shouldn’t be thinking this way. It’s only directed at her. I can’t even muster that much anger for my father and if you need context, my other posts will bring some things to light. I haven’t even been able to speak about my mother to anyone but my therapist. The anger has definitely simmered down over the years but I feel like it’s potentially problematic and it’s never going to go away. It’s like I’m in the eye of the storm.
How do you deal with it?
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2023.04.02 14:16 archaicmelon $800 to interview

$800 to interview
Hey all, longtime lurker here. Amid the wave of recruiting horror stories, thought you guys might appreciate a small ray of hope. I recently interviewed with a company and didn't get hired... but I got $800 for my time preparing!
This was possible through a job marketplace called Fairdoor. I'm bummed I didn't get the job, but it honestly felt so great to know I was at least getting something for my time and effort.
background: I'm in tech sales, and the job was for a senior AE position. Not sure if they do other positions, but if it sounds interesting check it out! (site is Hope this helps and good luck :)
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2023.04.02 14:16 Westnest New to DCS, have a few questions

Hello guys,
I am pretty familiar with civilian aviation and civilian flight sims, but I've never tried DCS before. Before getting it I've a few questions:
1)Most people say that if it's your first time, you can get it a lot cheaper than the retail price. How is this done, just the regular steam sales? How do I get a good price?
2)From my understanding, it seems like Eagle Dynamics have committed to making all their modules mirror the real aircraft to extreme accuracy, like the PMDG in MSFS, but as a result most if not all modules in the game are a bit dated, due to current combat systems being classified. My question is, are there any "believable guesstimate" aircraft like the Super Hornet, F-22/F-35 etc? Obviously not study level since the developers would have to make a lot of assumptions as to how the aircraft works, but it could still be pretty fun and cool if they made it seem authentic. After all, you(hopefully) don't play this to train for the upcoming sortie in real life, but as entertainment. And probably no one would actually know how different the presented version of the F-22 in the game is from the real F-22 so it wouldn't be a deal breaker even if it's actually way off, ignorance is bliss.
3)How different is military IFR to the civilian one? Are airspaces and principles of the navigation the same? I use this for civilian flight simulation, would it also hold weight for the DCS or is it a completely different world?
4)I have a pretty shitty old joystick, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro I think it was. It's pretty fine for regular FS, even for acrobatic maneuvers, but would it still be usable in a combat sim?
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2023.04.02 14:15 shirey717 Light tan and black nubuck tote. $199 - 20% off

Light tan and black nubuck tote. $199 - 20% off
20% off still in effect. I’ve been making and selling local (York, PA)for years. Just trying online sales.
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2023.04.02 14:15 TheCurserHasntMoved Accidentally Adopted Part 5: CH 2

First Part Start Previous Next

Dear Diary,

We're getting ready to sail, but for the first time, like ever, we're sailing without full holds. The important thing for me is to figure out the plushies, keep up on my studies, and figure out how to help with the mission.
I've been working on the modeling for the two versions and putting up some concepts on social media, and people are going nuts wanting one. There are going to be knockoffs, and some people have already done little art projects of him. I like the knitted one, and Greg was a little exasperated when I showed him the reactions. He just muttered about being famous where nobody even knows his name. I reminded him it's his fault for being adorable. He said he can't help that everyone else has bad taste and to wait until I meet a good boy, whatever that is.
Someone got a good picture of the Lord Justiciar pinning the medal on, and now that's become the Sneaky Salute meme. I'm seeing it used a lot reacting to heartwarming stories, like about an orphaned litter being taken car of by a different animal, or a pet waiting for an owner who passed away, and mostly for kids doing kind things. Then there are the funny uses, mostly by teenagers on posts of other teenagers hurting themselves doing sports. Of course, there are text edits, but a lot of them make no sense unless you're from the culture of the meme, or maybe not even then. Why is the medal labeled "hoidvao," Greg "me when I get good grades," and the Lord Justiciar "brood matron?" Why is that one so popular? Jecauvia is weird.
With things getting a bit less hectic, things are going back to routine. Kind of. Mom is still busy lining up buyers at our next stop, Daddy is still going over the course with Uncle Yaem, and Greg is still working on what he calls "combat reediness." He told me to bring everyone past their Halfway to the armory to talk about that.
There was Greg, cleaning the sidearm Uncle Yaem machined for him. It looks like a scaled down electronic pulse pistol with the rack of weapons looming over us behind him when Yaeg, Mael, Brev, Wex, and I arived.
"First thing's first," he said as his eyes lifted to pin Yaem, "I was harsh with you. I'm not sorry for telling you that you couldn't come fight, but I am sorry that I wasn't kinder about it. Will you forgive me?"
Yaem blinked and then said slowly, "I don't know the details, but I know you had to fight for real when you were younger than me... I have been meaning to apologize for how immature I was about the mission... and I wanted to thank you for caring enough to correct me. If you feel you should have been more kind about keeping me safe, I forgive the harsh words. Thank you, Sneaky."
"Good, that's good," he said as he moved on to cleaning a different part, "The five of you aren't exactly kids anymore, are you?" We shook our heads. "But you're not adults either." We shook our heads again. He seemed to be searching the weapon for something, "The most precious thing on this ship is the innocent. The littles are the most innocent, the littles depend on us entirely, so you must suffer damage to your innocence to protect them. I remind you that you voted for this, all five of you did. The Among the Star Tided We Sing sails into danger."
Brev rolled her eyes and started talking, "Stars, we like totall-"
"Stop." The coldness of his voice and eyes sent a chill down my spine, and hers too from her face, "We are talking about keeping the littles alive and safe. Do you understand?"
She gulped and answered, "Yes."
"I don't like it, but I'm an officer, and in this capacity we will be maintaining discipline."
"Yes, sir."
He flinched a little and continued, "There is a scenario in which you might have to fight. Therefore, I refuse to leave you defenseless in that scenario. In the case that we're boarded, and the adults are either overwhelmed or pinned down in a different part of the ship, and the boarders goal is kidnapping, it will fall to you five. Your little brothers and sisters, and cousins and friends will be depending on you. Do you think you're ready?"
"No, sir," Yaem, Brev, and I said immediately.
Mael just looked uncomfortable and Wex shrugged and said, "I don't even know what ready is."
"First, we're going to familiarize you with our most reliable long guns."
"Not the sidearms?"
"The idea that it is easier to shoot a smaller weapon is not correct. Lives might depend on your accuracy, and the long barrel is easier to aim and stabilize. You will be leaning the four hand grip for maximum control," he scowled at Wex and said, "I don't care how stupid you look when you're saving your little sister from slavery."
Nobody felt like complaining after that.
He told us that we'd be rotating in for training on real weapons after the grown ups and dismissed us.
He's weighty when he's serious.

Journal Entry: 38. Date: 1/7/6. Name: Greg George.

I woke up in a cold sweat this morning. I was in the pit again, except instead of fighting the googly eyed fucks made me watch them inject Lucy and Linus. Thank God I woke up before they...
Jesus in a tank, subconscious, did you have to come up with something like that to be afraid of?
I had to hold my plasma caster for an hour to calm down from that shit.
That's the kind of nightmare I don't want to process, I just want to fucking forget. Fuck me sideways, that shit was terrifying.
But this is a sanity journal, so no holding shit back. It's the rule.
Anyway, I'm in more memes, and apparently the idea of me being a plush toy has the net fucking on fire, which is good for sales, which I apparently get an even split with the other four people in the project and the ship. Kind of threw me for a loop that Lucy wanted to do it that way, but she wouldn't be talked out of it.
Some weirdo knitted me.
Like a little yarn doll of me.
Fucking xenos have no goddamn taste, I fucking swear. If they think I'm cute wait until they meet a Doggo. Not a good translation, but I think "good boy" is good enough. Heh. The best thing would be to show the xenos a Doggo with their pet dog. That shit would be funny.
Earthborn adorable is going to make toy companies so much fucking money.
That, and the dart wars. We're already setting up a more structured match at the next station, and since we're going into hyperspace we'll be off the network except for what's basically email or hypercom calls. I'll have someone help me set up an email for the dart wars later, I don't want the address to be accidentally hilarious. If I do something funny, I want it to be on purpose.
Anyway, I briefed the big kids on their extra training today. I think I got it through their heads that it's not a game. Fuck, I hate being an officer. Fucking getting sir-ed fucking sucks.
Anyway, the meeting with the Lord Justiciar, got his name, but fuck spelling that shit. I'm just calling him Fancypants. The meeting with Fancypants went pretty well. Despite him being a big fancy lord or whatever, he was pretty cool. Not as cool as Pops, but at least he wasn't stuffy. Turns out being the captain of a Justiciar is what makes him the lord, and it's meant to avoid confusion when coordinating several civvy ships in an emergency anti-crime action.
I continue to amaze the fuck out of everyone by being sober from drinking tea, and I blew their fucking minds by telling them it's a mild stimulant for me, and I'd brew it stronger if it tasted better. Except Pops, he already knows.
This lead on to what might intoxicate me, and I had a genius fucking idea. I described how we make hooch. From the fermentation of the mash, to distillation, to cask aging. Apparently, they have hooch, unaged shit, but still glorious alcohol, just in tiny amounts since a quarter of a tablespoon, at a rough guess, is enough to make them puke. Which is what it's for, emergency stomach evacuation. When I told them that my preferred method of consumption is to drink what I approximated to be two ounces with the tea over an hour or so, the servant lady fucking fainted. When asked whether I have a high tolerance to the word I'm guessing is alcohol, I told them no. They don't believe me.
It's whatever.
The bad news is that our armory is stocked with about as good as it gets for weapons.
The good news is that armor is available.
What the fucker wanted in exchange...
Oh, I'll get you back for this Fancypants.
I'll het you back.

Log: 6000001.1.03, Personal, Captain Yormdrill

It is daunting, but we are committed. It's been difficult to chart the course with the lowest likelihood of a pirate trap, but it's not like they're consistent about where they rip innocent ships out of hyperspace. Our weapons systems haven't been used since Yaemdrill and I bought her, but I have kept them maintained. Hopefully we won't have cause to use them. Hopefully they'll be enough to drive any pirates away, and Gregory won't have cause to use his skills. Hopefully.
Tea with the Lord Justiciar was interesting. Thankfully, we were not required to dress formally, so I just selected some nice clothes rather than wearing a work jumpsuit. Perhaps appropriate for going to a restaurant, while Gregory did similarly. Unfortunately, to his view, his nice clothes are somewhat brightly colored which only served to make him look more adorable. We were admitted to his private quarters, which were rather lavish, as he had a tea room.
"Apologies, my wife will not be joining us," he said as a maid poured the tea, "she is busy passing judgement on some criminals."
"My wife also sends her regrets, as she is cargo master to the Upon the Star Tides We Sing, she is preoccupied in filling her holds. Our most recent course has been a significant loss."
"I don't have a wife," Gregory said when the Lord Justiciar looked to him, then he amazed the Lord Justiciar and Major or the Landers by nonchalantly sipping enough tea for a normal person to quickly feel its effects. "Like I said last time, my name seems hard on you, so just go with either Greg or Sneaky."
"Shouldn't you slow down?" the Major asked.
"You worried I'll get inebriated? This stuff is a mild stimulant for me."
"You jest, surly," the Lord Justiciar said as he stirred some sweetener into his tea.
"Drop an ice cube in this scorching stuff and I'll gulp it down right now," he said before blowing across the rim to cool it.
"It's true, he brews it far stronger for himself at home."
"I'm limited by taste more than anything at this point. Any stronger and it goes from pleasantly bitter to disgustingly bitter."
Our hosts looked shocked in a most satisfying way, and the Lord Justiciar forgot himself well enough to ask, "Do your people get intoxicated by anything in the void?"
"Oh, lots of stuff. We have stimulants that can be dangerous, painkillers that can be abused, mushrooms and chemicals that cause hallucinations. Lots of things, some more or less dangerous to take."
"Do you ever intoxicate yourself?"
"Well, my drug of choice is... void it, we make it by making a grain mash, introducing microbes that eat the sugars, then distilling the intoxicant by boiling it and putting the steam through a condenser tube. Then it's put into wooden casks to pick up flavor for a few years."
"You drink alcohol?"
"If alcohol is made the way I describe. Mind you it's not always made the same way back home, there are kinds that are only strained rather than distilled for more flavor and lower concentration of... alcohol?"
The maid fainted, and there was a bit to commotion as some of her coworkers checked to make sure she did not hit her head, then as they helped her stumble out to lie down somewhere a bit more comfortable than the floor, I explained the proper use of alcohol to him. One of the stirring spoons proved a useful visual aid.
"Sorry for all of the..." Gregory gestured toward the door, and continued, "But I still don't have any names."
The Lord Justiciar looked starteled and said, "Apologies, how rude of me. I am Xandred, this is my Major of the Landers, Voxvov."
"I'm pleased to meet you both properly. Did you want to discuss anything in particular, or did you just want to shoot breaches into nothing?"
"Into nothing? Void that," Voxvov chuckled, "In the first place I wanted to get to know you in a less official setting. You're less... stiff than the debriefing."
"We're having a chat over drinks, even if I can't feel them the way you do. Breach me if I don't know a friendly gesture when I see one. Then again, you're both busy men, so you must want something out of this."
"Not as busy as you'd think," Xandred answered, "I just captain this tub of justice. Once the target is orderly again, there's not much for me to do. No captains to coordinate, no egos to sooth, no overeager militias to trim in. All things considered, things went rather well here."
"Forgive me if I have a somewhat dimmer assessment."
"Apologies, Yormdrill, I was talking about how you all handled the situation after the crime was suffered. I have seen captains make a mess of things rather than restoring order."
"That's mostly Mom. We went planetside to get my brother back."
"Speaking of planetside, I hear you're a Lander to your people."
"My job was as an advance scout and overwatch sniper."
"Similar to what we do. But my lieutenant insists that you were fired onto the battlefield in an escape pod."
"Stealth drop pods. They're single use only."
"Excuse me?"
"Standard insertion for advance scouts is via stealth drop pods."
Xandred looked pale as he nearly whispered, "That implies the existence of non-stealth drop pods."
"Yes, the assault drop pods deliver the shock troops to establish a... landing place."
They looked so satisfyingly horrified that I couldn't help from adding, "He maintains that his nation has never lost a scout before landfall."
"A shuttle would be far safer..."
"A big, fat, slow target would be safer in peacetime. Sure. But my job isn't peaceful. Wasn't peaceful..."
"It is well to think of such things," Voxvov said after a sip of tea, "I am considering taking on a civilian roll soon, but I do not think the attitudes of a man of action shall ever leave me."
"Well, apparently there are civilian ships in dire need of combat reediness drills."
I scowled at him while the others nodded gravely. "If more captains in this reigon took it seriously, you might have had more than sixty men to complete the work," Voxvov opined.
"That's plenty for a lieutenant. Not a full... I don't know the translation. Anyway, it's close to a commission for a lieutenant."
"Is that the case in your military?"
"Well, it might be more or less depending on the formation, especially when it comes to vehicles."
"I see..."
"The biggest issue was that we were underequipped."
"You did rather well..."
"Yes, but for instance, I had to reposition after every shot. I have a magnetic accelerator now, but that plasma caster isn't very subtle when it fires. Also, we had to be particularly carful about cover since we weren't armored. Additionally, we didn't have a tactical network, just local coms. That's a bigger deal than you'd think, a mission can change in an instant, and if that change is communicated quickly and accurately it can save lives."
"I see... your nova is well earned," Xandred remarked.
"I will try not to tarnish it, sir. I was only doing what's right."
"Speaking of doing what's right," Voxvov mused, "I heard another rumor. It's said you're going after Beastmaster Selvace."
"And what if we are?" I asked.
"That would depend on your purpose."
"If you're just after putting the void sucker through an airlock for revenge, well we can't stop you, but you'll not have the protection of the treaties."
"That googly eyed void mating piece of scorched waste knows where my brothers' place of safety is. I need to know how he got close, how he got past detection, and how he got away alive, and somehow get that information to the Republic. If it happened to me, it can happen again."
"It is well that you were a castaway as shipwreck, and not marooned. This threat to yours is a threat to ours, as you are a Star Sailor," Xandred said solemnly.
"In that case, we can offer some support. I've been watching the local weapons market, and it seems that you've taken up the best of what's available. I wanted one of those new flechette launchers for my own use."
"I was hoping for some chemical propellant weapons. Electromagnetic attacks would leave us vulnerable."
"I can't help you there. But what about some armor and extra personnel?"
"The We Sing is mostly cargo space. Our quarters deck could take on maybe two squads. Getting Linus back was enough to risk our chain of command, but in future actions I'd rather Pops stay on the bridge. Uncle too."
I tried to hide my cringe, "If I had been more disciplined in drilling the crew with small arms, then perhaps my brother and I would have taken on a command role instead."
Voxvov smiled into his tea and said, "It just so happens that this beastmaster is also a wanted pirate. Good hunting lads."

From the Memoir of Beastmaster Selvace

Having escaped the warmbloods putting their disgustingly hair covered fingers where they're not needed or wanted, I sought out more information. Apparently an underboss did the one egg breaking thing you just never do, and kidnapped one of the blue warmbloods. Of all of the lesser beings, the blues just lack the understanding of their place in this galaxy. This Jacauvian galaxy.
What I found out was rotted stupid. Apparently, Umbvia Syndicate was dismantled by the beast from beyond the Monvan gulf, or at least that's what the blues are claiming. They're mocking us. I say we go back to scalping them. A fine cloak of their prized braids, a new one. The one I inherited from my great, great, great brood matron is a fine thing, but too precious for wearing. The scalps of this We Sing would doo nicely. Then we put the beast back where it belongs.
Enough pain will teach it that it's an animal or a primitive again.
First Part Start Previous Next
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2023.04.02 14:15 Patterson9191717 Farmworker Association of Central Florida’s Jeannie Economos said there’s bipartisan support for the bill, but it still hasn’t been read by a committee in the House or Senate.

Farmworker Association of Central Florida’s Jeannie Economos said there’s bipartisan support for the bill, but it still hasn’t been read by a committee in the House or Senate. submitted by Patterson9191717 to GreenPartyofFlorida [link] [comments]

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Are you really getting it at “No Cost”? Lets understand:
What no one tells you is the fact that out of this 4167 rupees, a certain percentage goes towards the principal amount and the rest goes in as interest. The interest component of this payment would attract 18% GST and in addition, most credit card companies charge a processing fee which also attracts 18% GST. Both of these amounts are spread across the tenure of the loan and therefore, each installment is greater than 4167 rupees and in effect, you are paying more than 25000 after 6 months.
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