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Fort Collins Colorado

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2018.07.09 01:37 raychelpotter Make new friends today

Some of us just moved here. Some of us were born and raised here. For whatever reason in our life right now "we need to make more friends". And frankly that can be hard. Post what you wish to do. You are probably not the only one who has wanted to do it "just not alone".

2023.03.22 23:58 Bstew483 Killing Proudboys - Uppercut970. Some good ol' fashion anti-racist hardcore music from the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Killing Proudboys - Uppercut970. Some good ol' fashion anti-racist hardcore music from the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado. submitted by Bstew483 to FortCollins [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 23:57 Bstew483 Killing Proudboys - Uppercut970. Some good ol' fashion anti-racist hardcore music from the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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2023.03.22 23:57 BABABOEE13 Thundures raid in a few min

Add me for a thundures raid in a few minutes weather boosted
4619 9673 0010
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2023.03.22 23:57 No9iu7 TUSHY Gorgeous Kelly Collins in her exclusive anal debut!

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2023.03.22 23:57 PMmeifyourepooping [THANK YOU] including a golden girls-loving mystery sender for my mailbox warming!!

MYSTERY SENDER?! - Thank you for the card!! I have a whole book of every cultural reference in golden girls that explains each one in moderate detail (enough that I can google it later!) It’s actually been raining recently and I just do my normal stuff I guess. Im settled enough to notice but not quite enough to take advantage of it. I don’t miss anything about Texas (second to last place) besides the insane thunder storms. Truly the sleep I’ve ever gotten. Thank you for the card!!
welshfancy x2 - the cat stickers 😂😂😂 I love them!! I’m going to send you a general life update soon and hopefully we can get to exchanging again! I’ve been a slacker 🥲 the card with the dog roping the ball to send his BFF warmed my heart so much 🥰 you always have the best cards!!
szedecrem - wow this traveled far!! Thank you so much! I love the chocolate nation card! Do y’all have any type of singular nationwide chocolate festival? These chocolate sculptures are stunning. I’ve been spoiled by all of Amaury’s chocolate content online, and I’ve been wanting to see some done! Not working with it though—too much work and timing 😅 I would LOVE to do the liquid chocolates at the end of the tour! At the end of the blue bell (it’s an ice cream brand in the US!) tour in the factories in Texas you also get ice cream samples. They say the workers there can take whatever they want from the break room freezer and I always wonder how long it takes them to start going home empty handed because it’s just too much of it and they’re sick of something else we all pay to see.
TheFeistyFox - boring addresses are the worst! I used to live on a street that I had to spell every time which was the opposite end of annoying. It’s nice that I ended up with such a pretty one!! I love the international mail coming today how exciting! Your stamps are beautiful 😍 im settling in nicely! The only thing left in the pod is artwork that we haven’t decided where to hang yet so that’s exciting!!
FollowingTheBeat - wow what a fun card!! I love the card itself and the stickers made my day!! The envelope was also a really subtle but stunning gradient I appreciated :) you sure are right around the corner!! There are a few of us right here 👀 I was thinking one day we could do a little meet up and swap some washi and cards or something over coffee and pastries!!
and-it_was_this-big - I’m so glad you have a safe space for the pup! Totally a valid reason to up and leave some property you weren’t emotionally or economically connected to anyway :) thank you for the well wishes! I’m getting settled in and finally almost finished getting everything sorted!!
Fyrestarr - I love pusheen!! What a nightmare the elevator situation sounds like. I can only imagine that the discovery process of figuring out how to manage it was brutal. We didn’t have movers but the pod actually worked out perfectly!! It’s been so nice to have that staging area and a month (more if we needed it) to unload it.
mypetitemal - my fiancé has a job here! It was a 6mo internship that became a much longer situation lol. We can’t wait to see all the sights re:NPs! I’m excited to be back with my fiancé it’s been more than a year now and it was hard to deal with, but I needed that time to leave the last place so I guess it worked out. Rough though. Thank you for the card, and the sticker is too adorable!!
DianaPenPal - I’m near enough to everything (beach, redwoods, big city) to get there and spend the day, but not quite close enough to any of it to decide day-of if that makes sense. Especially because we’re borrowing a car from our host sometimes but mostly taking public transportation. I love the trains though!! Even the occasional weirdos have a certain charm, and I’ve never felt unsafe at all. It’s nice to have access to the San Francisco venues since so many bands tour there! Thank you so much for the beautiful floral card and the stickers!!
OneDarkandStormyKnit - thank you for a second card?!?! I’m much more settled now than after the first one you sent :) I hope you thaw out nicely and enjoy your warmer weather! :)
feellikebeingajerk - last time I moved I did a straight up awful job of culling the herd of random stuff, but this time I was really on top of it! I ended up not moving almost anything that I unpacked and thought “why did I even bring this…” which was super nice. This time… for whatever it’s worth I actually have a surplus of decor, but I’m lacking relevant organizational tools because I had much more space and shelving and cabinetry at the last place. You win some you lose some right? Thank you so much for the totally adorable card! I’m surprised (but also not, considering my own collection lol) how many people had “new dwelling” type cards on hand! Y’all are the awesome :)
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2023.03.22 23:57 sexybeans Did price of natural gas go down this month?

I just got my gas bill and it seemed really low even considering the warmer weather, so I looked at the breakdown and it seems like it was reduced x7 or so. In February it cost $0.67/therm but in March the cost was $0.094/therm. I'm happy about it but does anybody know why? Just curious more than anything.
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2023.03.22 23:57 Bstew483 Killing Proudboys - Uppercut970. Some good ol' fashion anti-racist hardcore music from the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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2023.03.22 23:55 RemarkableWeb1432 A selfish post for me specifically- help us decide where to live?

Everyone I talk to in person is biased, so it’s not helpful. Also, I would really appreciate insight from other working moms above anyone because you will understand concerns better around working and being a mom.
We’re trying to figure out whether we should settle down. Seattle or San Diego. We’ve lived in both, and like both for different reasons.
Seattle pros - majority of our friends live there, most of husbands family and some of mine is there, walkability, public transit, better aiwater, tech jobs. However we’ve had some issues with fam that are difficult to resolve so that’s my major drawback because we’d likely be living with them or seeing them every other day. We’d live in the city.
San Diego pros - most of my family and some of husbands lives there, weather, lots more activities, slightly more diverse, random people are friendlier. Major drawback is I’m worried about higher cost of living with less of a job network and income. We’d live outside the city.
I want LO to grow up with a lot of young people, diversity, spending time outside, and in an okay to good school district.
My husband wants LO to grow up near family.
We can get all those things to an extent with either option which I think is why this feels so hard. Also none of our family are having kids, if they were it would likely sway u
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2023.03.22 23:55 Bstew483 Killing Proudboys - Uppercut970. Some good ol' fashion anti-racist hardcore music from the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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2023.03.22 23:53 No_Resource_9 Traveling to Warsaw, Thurs - Mon (4 nights) with my uncle, what do I do?

Hello all,
The best of ideas come from Reddit so here I go: I reach Warsaw this Thursday and will be staying until Monday so that's a total of 4 nights. I am 28M and I travel with my uncle who is in the age group of 50-55. He would be there for 3 nights after which he flies out and I will be alone from Sun - Mon.
Now I already researched some nice bars and restaurants along with some sightseeing particularly to go with him, but for the last day/night I do not really know what to do. I usually enjoy pub crawls, walking tours and am open to meeting new people, however, I do not know if I should even go to a pub crawl on a Sunday (in all fairness I think pub crawls are quite nice for a night to go around and meet some people). My uncle on the other hand is a bit more chilled-out and I am not even sure if he would like to walk around so much in seeing the city esp. when the weather is rainy for the most of these 4 days. However he would like going to a nice balounge kind of a place. I would also like to visit a club (maybe a crazy idea but new for him) with him.
My questions are: 1. Where should I take him in a way he sees the city and doesn't really get bothered by the weather? How could I plan this trip so that we have this feeling that we covered Warsaw, fairly if not entirely? 2. Where could we go together to experience the night life and there are no "stag entry" issues? 3. Lastly, on the 4th day, what could I do on a Sunday to enjoy the city? Solo COULD be a bit boring and like I said before, open to meeting people because then time just flows.
Looking forward to your suggestions🙃
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2023.03.22 23:51 mammalonglegz House is falling apart

I desperately need help as I don't know what to do . I have lived with my mum at our current house for 16 years and our house has progressively gotten worse over the years . My mother has stopped taking care of the house and showing love and I feel like I am now left with the responsibility of taking care of the house but it is extremely bad . We have a small hole in our kitchen which leaks water whenever we have a shower , the kitchen is full of so much random junk , not to mention we have had an infestation of rats for years , I find rice droppings every now and again . The boiler is very temperamental and decides to work when it wants to. The electricity upstairs does not work so we have to use extension cords from downstairs to connect to upstairs . The central heating does not work so the house reflects the weather outside , because of this we have to use blow heaters which are so dangerous . I don't even know where to even start , I know it will cost a lot of money to repair everything but we just don't have that kind of money , what should I do ?
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2023.03.22 23:50 NATREYES323 Creating a Weather widget - Is it possible to customize the default weather icons in a forecast?

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2023.03.22 23:47 Kalbo0069 Ruger LCR .357 MAG and Ammo Problem

EXTRACT from email to Armscor:
I want to report a problem I had with Armscor .357 ammunition today.
I recently received a Ruger LCR .357 Magnum and took 6 different factory loads to the range today.
Two of the 6 loads were Armscor.
.38 SPCL
.357 MAG
I fired 2 x 5 round groups from each type.
I had no problems with 5 of the 6 types. However, with the Armscor .357 after firing the 3d of the first 5 rounds my cylinder would not revolve. The projectile in the fourth round had backed out of it's crimp and prevented the revolver revolving.
After having verified the 3d round's projectile had cleared the barrel the Range Safety Officer assisted in getting the projectile pushed back enough so I could clear the rounds from the LCR.
I did not fire the round.
I did however, fire 7 more of the .357 Armscor rounds ONE at a time to get a fair 10 round average.
Now on a good note I scored higher percentages with the Armscor .38 SPCL and the .357 rounds (even though I shot only one loaded .357 round at a time) than with the other brands.
I have attached two photos of the box of ammunition in question. The ammunition was purchased on Fort Campbell, KY.
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2023.03.22 23:44 viewtoathrill Black Narcissus (1947)

2023: Post #67 Watched March 18th On the Criterion Channel (Spine 93) IMDB Directed by: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger Written by: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, Novel by Rumer Godden TSZDT: 2,450 TSPDT: 174
101 minutes. Aesthetically not a horror movie but a story that digs deep into the psyche as we watch well-intentioned nuns descend into madness.
Isolation, lack of control of the surroundings, incessant weather patterns, a group of people that go up into the mountains to build a new life, and a silent terror that eats at our protagonists. Surprisingly I am not talking about The Shining, but rather Powell & Pressburger’s Black Narcissus. It is definitely not as an intense as Kubrick’s vision, but in place of freaky twins and a gnarly old lady we have a technicolor nightmare up in the distant Himalayan mountains.
Sister Clodagh is the main character in this story as opposed to Jack Torrance, but they play similar roles. Sister Clodagh is a young nun who is given her chance to be a sister superior at the Mopu palace far away from any Western civilization. She wants to do her best, and is given a set of junior nuns to help her build a school and hospital for the local citizens. The basic story is that there is a mysterious force that drives any British monks or nuns crazy and it starts to impact this particular order as well. It is a well-made piece of psychological terror with some fantastic individual frames as a few of the sisters really struggle with their sanity.
I think Technicolor is good for many purposes but not good for horror, so I struggled to get fully engaged with the terror elements of the story. They are there for sure, and I imagine many would pick up on them, but something about the artificiality of the Technicolor makes me a feel detached from the story, which is difficult for a mind-bending horror film. Even in black and white I believe this would have been a more powerful film, but as it is critics adore this and it’s rated as the 174th best film of all time. I disagree with this ranking, and would put Peeping Tom from the Powell/Pressburger team above this as an effective horror film and better movie all around.
This is still good though, and I’m glad to have seen it. David Farrar was really good as Mr. Dean, and Deborah Kerr was excellent as Sister Clodagh struggling to keep it together in a foreign land. Worth a watch but I wouldn’t rush to see it.
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2023.03.22 23:44 jasonmonocle I really want to do a second a playthrough of the game. But I don’t know how to make it different enough to be fun like my first time.

Hello friends! I beat this spectacular game about 2 months ago. My first play through clocked in at just over 200 hours, and there was never a dull hour. It became my favorite game of all time before I even escaped fort joy….So I really want to experience the awesomeness again.
I want my second playthrough to be different from my first, but I kind of tried my best to do everything I could in my first play through. I did a split party of a physical damage Huntsman and 2H Polymorph, with a Geo/Hydro mage and Pyro/Aero mage, and a final rogue to top it off. I did every quest offered to me, talked to every npc there was, explored every are extensively.
How can I make my second play through fun and engaging? Are there some builds that differ a lot form my original party? Maybe some mods that enhance the game and make it feel fresh? I’d love any suggestions and tips.
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2023.03.22 23:43 splithooves Blood Volume and Healing FQT Small Fiber Neuropathy

I happened upon this website a few days ago. It's similar to floxies, but is basically a patient-led effort to self-treat B6 Toxicity induced small fiber neuropathy. I went through their Facebook group and was amazed at how similar the stories are -- all the WEIRD symptoms that can be byproducts of FQT neuropathy - the bulging veins, the blood pooling, the burning, the dizziness, the GI issues, etc. -- they get worse when the weather changes or when they get their periods, it takes them years and years to heal -- these people are suffering from almost exactly the same thing we do.
So I was even more surprised to read how they treat it. They essentially believe in the letting the body heal itself over time (up to many years in some cases), by first cutting out B6 supplementation (no surprise there), and then improving blood flow to the nerves through:
The last point is fascinating to me. They claim the reason blood pooling or bulging veins happen is because we have low blood volume combined with autonomic problems with vasoconstriction. If you vasodilate with low blood volume, the body will not be able to nourish tissues with poor circulation: like, for instance, nerves. One of their forbidden supplements is Magnesium. Other vasodilators they say to avoid: teas, niacin, curcumin, lemon balm, l-arginine, and marijuana. Symptoms get worse around periods, they claim, because estrogen and progesterone are vasodilators. The daily circadian rhythm, involving as it does cortisol (vasoconstrictor), melatonin (vasodilator), gaba (vasodilator), could explain why nerve issues can vary throughout the day.
I do in fact have low blood pressure (one sign of low blood volume), and an FQT expert told me I need to improve my blood volume... but I didn't really follow up on the regular salt. Now I'm reconsidering.
I hope this could be helpful for longterm neuro FQT folk like myself. It's at least something new to try.
What do you think?
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2023.03.22 23:42 CuriousSection Where in Florida can you find a house to rent or buy on a lot of land?

I’m planning on moving to Florida soon; I’m currently in Massachusetts. The in-between. I was living in New York, and my place was a small home (well, mobile home) on 6 acres of land. I hate the cold, and I want to be there, but I’m not sure where to go. I’ve tried various searches on real estate sites and even asking google lol. I don’t see anything. Where would you be able to find places with land similar to that?
Edit: looking for something in a more rural place. Not expecting to go on a couple acres in Miami. It’s for growing, planting and food.
Also, I know what a tropical climate is like. I grew up on Oahu as a kid before my mom moved us out here. (I’m 32 now.) I want that weather back. But Florida is a hell of a lot more affordable than Hawaii is.
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2023.03.22 23:40 TransportationNo6809 3/22 Prize Picks NBA

Hey guys, we went 7/3 yesterday. We are now at 55 Wins and 37 Losses when it comes to straight up picks, we are hitting at 59.78 percent and I am confident I can get that back up to the low 60s, im tweaking a few things
. I hit a nice 6 flex yesterday, lets do it again. Picks for proof if needed, I just didnt have time to post which sucks.. because it hit haha.
Ok, for todays Picks...
Derozan O 22.5 P AVG 25.4 on the season and averaging 31.5 over last 5
T Brown Jr. O 3.5 R AVG 4.1 on the season, now playing more without Lebron
Vanvleet U 2.5 TO AVG 2.0 on the season, inflated due to the last 5 fluke games.-140 odds
A Gordon O 5.5 R AVG 6.3 on the season, Wizards are a sub par offensive rebounding team
K Thompson U 4.5 R AVG 4.2 on season and inflated line due to two outlier games in the last 5
Dame U 44.5 P/A. Avg 39.4 on the season and 37.8 in the last 5. Unhappy with the front office
Pool/secondary picks :
D Gafford O 1.5 B/S
Thompson U 4.5 R
Embiid O 33.5 P
Love O 7.5 P
M Porter Jr. O 2.5 3
K Pope O 11.5 P/R
K Thompson O 3.5 3s
Poeltl U 1.5 B
Giannis O 5.5 A
Collins U 1.5 B/S
Dame U 44.5 P/A
Dame U 3.5 TO
Booker O 31.5 P
Biyomobo O 6.5 R
T Craig O 6.5 R

The picks in bold are the ones I am playing. As the night goes on if I play more from the pool I will give an update. I am starting with the first 6 flex and continuing to research and go from there.
Good luck. Lets get another winner!
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2023.03.22 23:34 Junzy_Starz_899 JOIN DIVINE ORACLE

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2023.03.22 23:34 ohmythoughts Struggling with compersion and unpacking disorganized attachment.

Sometimes I wish I had IRL polyamorous friends that were not directly involved in my polycule, or friends with them-- just an objective/unbiased sounding board. but i guess that's what reddit is for!
I've been poly for about 1yr 3months now, and started dating my partner about 6 months after coming out of a 14yr monog relationship. The previous relationship did not end well (red flags and lying ignored for years) and left me with a lot of emotional scars and trust issues that I still find myself navigating today (not feeling like enough, feeling like too much, not wanting to be needy, making myself small to avoid my feelings when I’m anxious, you know the drill).
To lay it out: My polycule is me, my partner (who is a hinge), his long-time nesting partnemy meta (also a hinge), and her partner. We've been practicing KTP for most of this relationship journey. We've got an established Google calendar with planned times for our own dates(based on work schedules), and hang out all together a few times a month. I’m glad to say these are people I would want to be friends with even outside of our poly dynamic.
One of my biggest continuous struggles has been managing my ability to give space for my partner and meta to continue nourishing their relationship, while still connecting with my partner:
My partner and I generally spend Friday Saturday together with most Sunday mornings, and Wednesday evenings. I always appreciate having my space to myself once that time is over, and knowing that my partner and meta will be reconnecting at their home, I tend to give space (not so much texting, rarely call)— not an issue.
My meta has started posting more pics of our partner, her partner on Instagram, just generally being more open about it, and on Monday, she posted pics from a hike with our partner, and just other sweet photos of them kissing, and I found myself momentarily in my feels. It passed as I remembered that these are things he happily does with me, and found solace in the fact he is a loving person. But as this has been happening more, I do occasionally feel that pang, that insecure thought of "maybe their relationship is more romantic than ours". but i know it's not a competition.
I don’t usually call my partner during the workday but Tuesday (3/21), I did during my lunch bc I wanted to hear his voice. He had texted me asking how my morning was and I thought I’d call instead since I had the time. When he answered, I could pick up on the tone of his voice that he was not expecting it, kind of like in a way that seemed like I was interrupting. So I immediately felt a little on edge. We chatted for a bit; they had just had a late breakfast and were going to try to take the dog out for a walk before it rained again. About 8 minutes in, he said “…well anyways, thanks for calling me!..” and I felt so awkward, feeling like I was being pushed off the phone and said “… you’re welcome..?” because I didn’t know what else to say, my disappointment and hurt seeping in. It was an uncomfortable goodbye as we exchanged “I love yous” and hung up.
Here are the levels: I understand that weather timeframes meant they needed to do the walk soon. Sometime he’ll walk the dog and talk with me on the phone, but I knew they had committed to walking together which means he wouldn’t be on the phone.
However, I was hurt, given the very short cutoff phone call, that there wasn’t an offer instead of “hey I got to get going now, but let’s chat later okay?”, instead of what felt like a brush off. It felt like indirect communication (which I'm finding myself more and more frustrated with in general, with everyone). Don’t thank me for calling you like I offered you a job position! Just tell me you gotta go, for the love of god. I know I would have felt 10x better if the hang up was communicated that way. Additionally, I was upset that I didn’t hear from him the rest of the day. No text, no call, just a love you good night text at 11pm like nothing ever happened. That said, I didn’t reach out, or ask him to talk later so that’s on me too I guess.
Where my "scars" come into play :
I don’t like feeling needy. Some anxious/codependency habits and criticisms from the last relationship have led to me swinging in the opposite direction of avoidance. So to put myself in this sort of vulnerable place of reaching out where I wouldn’t normally, and to be met with this… it hurt a little extra. And made me feel instinctively like I needed to withdraw more, as if to prove to myself that I don’t need anybody, because (and this is my "brain demon" talking) if I don't put myself out there, then I won't get hurt, otherwise, look what happens ("he doesn't want you, to talk to you, to connect with you, etc, leave him alone"). And communicating my needs is hard too -- they so frequently fell on deaf ears before, that it can still be hard to not feel bad about it when I try or need to now.
This feeling seems to be one of my biggest internal battles. It's not an intentional cry for attention, but I end up hurting myself (when I really want connection) and hurting others (by going into avoidant mode) with it. It's like I can see it happening but I can't make myself stop. It's something my partner and I have talked about before, and he's said in the past "if you want to call, just call! If I can't answer, I'll call you back. You're not bothering me."
We haven't talked about this moment, because I haven't seen him. Today is Wednesday (3/22), and I sent a morning text, he sent a morning text and asked how my sleep was. i texted that I don't feel like pretending i'm fine today, but that I also don't really want to get into it over text. And he said "its ok. i understand". I haven't messaged back....I just don't have the energy for it and I don't feel like crying about it.
And that's where we are now. I'm not sure about evening plans. I feel like a coward. I'm still upset. I feel like I'm always the one struggling in this dynamic but I recognize that this is still new concept for me, even a year later.
TLDR: Compersion does not always come naturally, and I get scared I'll always have that internal comparison eating my confidence away. It still hurts when some bad communication happens and you end up feeling like an option, rather than a choice, even if that may not have been the intention. Attachment trauma is my biggest challenge in polyamory. Can someone please validate that I'm not the only one that feels this way? Or share their experiences?
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2023.03.22 23:34 Wholesome_Serial PSA: Don't put raw, unwrapped food waste in other people's garbage bins

Was just putting out the kitchen organics bag into the green bin in prep to putting it out in an hour or so, and found that someone had put a banana peel into it when I opened the lid.
If this had been warmer weather or the middle of summer, it would've attracted a swarm of flies by now; if I don't make sure it's clean now, as in warm water and a bit of detergent, the residue will attract flies in a few months, and as I know what goes in the wrapped bags of waste I bring down from the kitchen, I know I've got to clean it now and not three months from now.
The convenience of dumping your food waste or soiled, greasy wrappers in someone else's bin and think you're doing the world a favour because it's in a bin at all and not on the ground is the likely attitude borne by people who do this, but someone's house bins are not a public park or sidewalk wastebin.
Please bring your food waste home and dispose of it there, because I'm pretty sure someone will take a lot more care with their disposal if it is in their own bins, and not in a bin belonging to an anonymous person or neighbour that they've never met.
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2023.03.22 23:33 finite_serotonin CIRCUS PERFORMER HELP:

ok fort Collins. I'm the clown that asked about circus performers willing to perform for free for a fundraiser. I HEARD YOU. so let me rephrase: does anyone know any circus performers that I could contact for their rates/availability? I'm trying to figure out a way to raise funds for paying these performers what they deserve a long with providing exposure too. I didn't mean to sound like an asshat. We're doing a fundraiser and it's just me and 7 other ppl who are trying to help out a member of the community that has cancer.
thanks in advance for anyone who might be willing to discuss their rates with me.
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