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2023.06.10 20:21 AutoModerator How To Watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Jr Live Free?

Boxing Live! Here’s options for watching Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez live streaming for free on Reddit, Crackstreams, including where to watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Boxing prospect Josh Taylor will face Teofimo Lopez on Saturday night at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. Lopez, a former champion at lightweight, moved up to super lightweight last year. After stopping Pedro Campa and getting a split decision nod over Sandor Martin, he meets undefeated Taylor this weekend.
🔴🥊Watch Live: Taylor vs. Lopez Live Stream Free
🔴🥊Watch Live: Taylor vs. Lopez Live Stream Free
Taylor has held his WBO belt since 2021 when he stopped Jose Carlos Ramirez twice en route to a unanimous decision victory. After prevailing in a dicey win over Jack Catterall early last year, he returns with the hope of keeping his record flawless this weekend. Our full preview of the fight can be read here.

When is Taylor vs. Lopez tonight? Date, start time

Date: Saturday, June 10
Card start time: 8.00 p.m. ET / 1.00 a.m. BST
Main event ringwalks (approx): 11 p.m. ET / 4 a.m. BST
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2023.06.10 20:21 AutoModerator JOSH TAYLOR VS. TEOFIMO LOPEZ JR LIVE STREAM [[email protected]]


Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez date, start time, odds, price & card for 2023 boxing fight JOSH TAYLOR VS. TEOFIMO LOPEZ JR LIVE🔴 ESPN+Josh Taylor vs Teofimo López Jr: Date, time and Schedule for this weekend's fight Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez match: Know start time, how to watch-Why Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Top Rank Event Overshadowed All Other Boxing Events This Week?
Josh Taylor will defend his WBO light-welterweight title against Teofimo Lopez in New York this Saturday night.
Taylor has not been in the ring for over 15 months since his controversial first defense against Jack Catterall, where many believed the challenger should have won. However, Taylor retained his belts and remained undefeated at 19-0. He had previously become the UK's first undisputed champion in the four-belt era by defeating Jose Ramirez two years ago.
Taylor chose to vacate his IBF, WBA, and WBC titles, disregarding his mandatory obligations, in order to have a rematch with Catterall. Unfortunately, that fight was postponed due to Taylor's injury, and he was ordered by the WBO to defend his belt against Lopez instead.
There is a super lightweight title on the line this Saturday.
There could be a new rivalry forming at super lightweight as the combative Josh Taylor faces the strident Teofimo Lopez this Saturday.
Neither fighter is short on confidence, and Taylor will be defending his 140lb WBO belt in New York.
Taylor's last match was in February 2022, when he squeezed by Jack Catterall in a controversial victory.
Lopez, meanwhile, beat Sandor Martin with a split decision victory last December as he adjusted to his new division after being deposed as unified lightweight champion by George Kambosos Jr. in November 2021.
Taylor vs Lopez fight card
Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez; For Taylor’s WBO super-lightweight title Xander Zayas vs. Ronald Cruz; Super-welterweight Henry Lebron vs. Carlos Ramos; Super-featherweight Jamaine Ortiz vs. Humberto Galindo; Lightweight Robson Conceiciao vs. Nicolas Polanco; Super-featherweight Omar Rosario vs. Jan Rivera; Super-lightweight Damian Knyba vs. Helaman Olguin; Heavyweight Bruce Carrington vs. Luis Porozo; Featherweight
Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez will be live on Saturday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET / 1 a.m. BST. Watch the action live as the two lightweight compete for the prestigious title.
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2023.06.10 20:20 code_hunter_cc Refresh jQuery datatable table

Been plenty of questions about this but I never found one that worked for me. I have a plain and simple HTML table whos body is being filled with rows from an AJAX call.Then I want to update the table with DataTable plugin but it does not work.I have a HTML table that looks like this:
1 2 3 4 5
In my jQuery pageload
$(document).ready(function(){ var oTable = $('#myTable').dataTable({ "aoColumns": [ { "bSortable": false }, null, null, null, null ] });}); And finally my on dropdownlist change function
$("#dropdownlist").on("change", function () { $("tbody").empty(); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "@Url.Action("ActionHere", "Controller")", dataType: "json", success: function (data) { $.each(data, function (key, item) { $("tbody").append("12345"); }); } }) var oTable = $('#myTable').dataTable(); // Nothing happens var oTable = $('#myTable').dataTable({ // Cannot initialize it again error "aoColumns": [ { "bSortable": false }, null, null, null, null ] }); }); The append and so on has been modified to shorten it down, etc so do not focus too much on it.
Basically the question is how to update the table, I can do my AJAX and add new data to the table fine, but the datatable plugin does not update with it.I've tried other things like
But it does nothingWhile I get an JSON error from
Any clues on just how to refresh the table?
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/ajax/refresh-jquery-datatable-table
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2023.06.10 20:18 MediaVsReality The King and the Hero — A Short Story About How The Media Truly Works

PART 1 — The King’s Problem
The King did not know empathy.
If he saw somebody in pain, he felt nothing. If he watched a child cry, he felt nothing. And if he saw an injured bird on the road, he would press the sole of his boot on top of it without a second thought.
This was just as he governed.
The people lacked food, yet the King felt nothing. And did nothing. For in his palace, he had all the food he would ever need.
The people lacked medicine, yet the King felt nothing. And did nothing. For in his palace, he had all the medicine he would ever need.
The people lacked education, yet the King felt nothing. And did nothing. For in his palace, he had all the books and scholars he would ever need.
In his palace built entirely of solid gold, he was the most powerful King in all the land.
But the King had a problem. One thorn in his side. One little nuisance that kept him awake at night.
From nowhere, a man had appeared. His name: Rohe
Rohe spoke atop a platform in the streets to the people. He spoke of the unjust nature of The King’s rule, of the palace made of solid gold and the endless luxuries stored within it.
Rohe blamed the King for the hunger the people had suffered. And he blamed the King for the deaths of brothers, sisters, children, mothers and fathers due to the lack of medicine.
And finally, Rohe told the people to rise up against the King, storm the palace of solid gold and take back control of their food, their medicine and their land.
Worst of all, to the King’s terror, the people had begun to support Rohe. In the streets, Rohe would draw thousands of supporters. “Freedom for the people” they would chant in unison.
The King was utterly furious. How dare these low-born peasants chant such things. How dare these stupid, ignorant and inferior men even consider stealing his rightfully owned riches.
Something had to be done.
Not knowing what to do, he spoke to his 3 most trusted advisors.
The first advisor suggested he have Rohe killed.
The second advisor suggested he have Rohe thrown in jail.
The third advisor, the most cunning and mischievous of the 3, disapproved of the plans of the first 2 advisors. Killing him or throwing him in jail, he explained, would encourage the crowds still further.
Instead, he suggested something different entirely. He suggested they turn the people against Rohe.
“How?” asked the King curiously. “How can we turn the people against him”?
The third advisor adjusted the large, rounded glasses that lay on top his big, crooked nose and grew a mischievous smile. “Why the newspapers, of course.”
PART 2 — The Third Advisor
The lands had hundreds of different newspapers, but only 3 main ones, which were by far the most widely read.
The people believed these newspapers to be run by well-meaning people who aimed to tell them honestly of the goings-on throughout the world.
The truth was different.
While it was made to appear that these newspaper were run independently, they were in fact controlled by the King himself. Whenever the King needed, he could control everything that was written inside one of the 3 main newspapers.
The King granted the cunning third advisor the task of turning the people against Rohe. And so, the third advisor began his research:
To his dismay, he found Rohe to be perfect. A true hero.
Through his research, he discovered several things about Rohe:
- He had a loving wife and two young children.
- He had grown up poor and had managed to create a little bit of wealth through hard work on his farm.
- He was strong, with big, bulging muscles and a handsome face.
- On his farm worked 10 white men and 2 black men, all of whom he treated with great kindness and respect.
- He was rarely at home with his family. He was always working, helping at the local school or in the streets doing his speeches.
Upon finishing his research, a crooked smile crept upon the face of the third advisor. He adjusted his spectacles and muttered to himself.
“This is all I need…”
PART 3 — The Article
RoheThe People’s Hero Or Attention Seeking Conspiracy Theorist?
Rising from an obscure background, Rohe the so-called “Hero” has ballooned in popularity in recent months. Everywhere he goes, commotion follows; drawing crowds of thousands of worshipping fans who hang on every word he says.
He has been reported bellowing his ideology in Lockwood, Brimshore, Farmsdale and even as far as Watershire. It seems as though Rohe is a mastermind at drawing the attention of others. Where does this attention go? Well, to himself of course. With his handsome dark hair and muscular physique, public image is seemingly the fuel that Mr Rohe feeds on. ‘
“He’s come from God! He’s like God himself!” exclaimed one of his fanatic supporters as we interviewed them.
Mr Rohe’s main message seems to be against the King himself; spouting obscure claims such as “The King is keeping all the food for himself while the people starve!”, he cried into a crowd in Lockwood last week. Of course, this isn’t a new line of thought, with other such violent figures as “John the Terrorist” and the now proven liar and fraud Christopher Whittle.
Experts tend to agree that the food hardship some are currently facing is due to a series of unfortunately poor harvests as well as changing whether conditions. We asked the lead food resource advisor in the kingdom for his opinion on the matter. “We’ve heard this all before” he said while holding back a laugh, “Mr Rohe is just parroting the same old conspiracy theories we hear every year”.
While Mr Rohe screams non-stop of the riches of others, his own wealth has been quietly building. Donations from his fanatic supporters have allowed him to purchase a second piece of farmland on top his already wealthy estate. Unsurprisingly, his workforce consists of almost entirely white men with a mere handful of coloured workers throughout his farms.
We travelled to Mr Rohe’s farm and spoke with his wife, who told us “We as almost never see him! He’s constantly on the road. He pops by to see the kids and check on the farm every week or so”. It seems as though it’s difficult to pay close attention to your family when you’re so busy drawing attention to yourself in the streets.
Mr Rohe’s fans seem to admire him deeply, but such adoration can turn nasty. His most extreme supporters have abused, harassed and on one occasion physically assaulted Mr Rohe’s critics. “His fans are relentless”, says well-known critic Johnathon Adams. “The harass me day and night and have even threatened to attack me.
While Mr Rohe does not endorse such violent behaviour, he does not exactly deter it either. He describes the King as “evil” and “corrupt” and once stated that “sometimes the power of the fist is necessary”.
Mr Rohe’s rhetoric seems to attract all kinds of unsavory characters; the aforementioned “Jack the Terrorist” as well as well-known woman beater Joseph Smith have both stated their support for Mr Rohe.
In the end, the key to Mr Rohe’s appeal is also his greatest weakness. He wants to be the man who knows everything and can explain everything. But his arguments are riddled with conspiracy theories and crude distortions of the truth.
Even so, his critics will have a tough time. Mr Rohe’s wave of popularity is unlikely to come crashing down any time soon.
A year had passed, and over the months the third advisor wrote countless similar articles and published them in the 3 main newspapers.
To his and the King’s delight, their plan had worked flawlessly.
Support for Mr Rohe began to wane. Many began to accuse Mr Rohe as being a racist. Others claimed he was mistreating his wife. Most began to be see Mr Rohe as somebody not to be taken seriously.
The people started feeling a sense of distrust and dislike towards Mr Rohe deep in their stomachs. They didn’t know exactly why they felt this way, but felt it they did.
Something had switched inside their minds. They began to see everything Mr Rohe did through a negative lens. His previously heroic speeches now seemed shrill and childish. His impressive physique and sharp jaw now seemed vain and self-centred. And his claims about The King and what was really inside his palace made of solid gold now had doubt cast upon them. Some still believed Mr Rohe, some thought him to be exaggerating, most simply threw their hands up in confusion and forgot all about it.
When Mr Rohe made a speech on the streets, many rolled their eyes at his crazy supporters. And with growing frequency, an opposing group of protesters would appear and shout over him. They made claims that Mr Rohe was a racist, and they made jokes about the 2 farms Mr Rohe owned.
The King’s problem had been solved.
The third advisor became one of the King’s closest confidantes and was allowed access to many of the luxuries inside the palace: food, women and anything else he could possibly dream of.
As for the people, their lives steadily got worse and worse. Their food supplies dwindled, medicine became rare to find and the people became sadder, more depressed and more desperate. Despite this, most accepted their situation as “the way life is”, while others blamed God for their misfortune.
One day, another man began to make speeches on the streets against the King. His name: Varios. The People began to call him their “Savior”.
The King passed his pen over to the third advisor. “Ready?”
The third advisor grew a wicked grin.
“Of course”
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2023.06.10 20:17 King_Kestrel Questions about certain aspects of RTL lore

TL;DR: How would Sports, Fiction writing / Comics, and Music look in something like Roses, Tulips and Liberty?
Ok so, I was wondering more about small-time cultural aspects, more specifically sports, hobbies and other activities that would probably take off to industry-level more so between 1920 and onwards, especially in how it could define national pride and identity going into the Silent War.
Aspects like this had been expounded upon in various installments of the Atlas Altera project, but I was wondering about how north-american sports would be influenced, and propagated around the world, by a divergence as early as 1656.
I imagine Lacrosse would have a high popularity, perhaps under a more indigenous-sounding or dutch-sounding name, as the Iroquois have a far more significant historical and cultural impact upon the Dutch world, especially then upon New Netherlands and Tussenland. Would the sport propegate to some British colonies through Virginia? Would it become as prominent as any of the substrates of Association Football (Rugby, American Football, Football/Soccer, Gaelic Football, et cetera) that may come to develop? Hockey wouldn't exist without Canada (1875), so they're out of the question, but I imagine some sport played on ice would develop under the influence of the French, Amerikaens, or New-English. I have no doubt that there are versions of a football sport that could come to standardize and become prominent, but certainly not in the same ways. In 1602 there is a record of "hurling", which is pretty close to how modern American football is described.
Considering the idea of 'association football' wouldn't come to exist for another two centuries, would it even be a thing at all? would a football association come to standardize these ball-game rules in any capacity, even in places other than England? Obviously Olympic-style games would exist as well. A whole bunch of other sports as we know it wouldn't exist as well. Basketball wouldn't exist (1861), Volleyball (1895), Hockey as stated before, Bowling (~1905), Competitive Skiing (~1800s), et cetera.
Sports that did exist with clear and universal ground rules around the time of the point of divergence of RTL included Cricket, Tennis, Curling, Golf, Horse-Racing, Archery, and of course Lacrosse as stated previously. Another sport that is not often talked about, but mentioned within the Atlas Altera project as stated before, is the Mesoamerican Ball Game, known in modern Mexico as Pok-a-Tok and/or Ulama. Perhaps, something could be done with a nationally-advertised sport in RTL's Mexican Empire to become a center of Mexican pride, and maybe associations of the sport in other countries such as the AFS, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and Opdamsland start to gain traction?
Competitive Archery is also incredibly ancient, so I imagine hundreds of nations could eventually create archery associations? Britain, Ireland, Tussenland (especially Irokeesenland) and Opdamsland would be all over it, I imagine. I imagine there'd be different associations for different kinds of bows, to keep English Longbowman traditions alive in some small social circles. Meanwhile, I imagine there'd be more niche derivatives such as the Corean Recurve or the Penobscot Bow which could have their own association circles or fan clubs. Could other Olympic-style sports gain smaller, separate followings? I could imagine Discus or becoming popular in some places. Some African sports could even gain prominence thanks to colonialism, such as Hama, also known as Nguni Stick-Fighting, which I could see gaining traction in Cape, Natal, and some of the other southern-African countries, even with their own associations. Maybe it'd stay a lot smaller and niche because of it's cultural significance..? who knows. Martial Arts, of course, would be all over the place. Especially Tae Kwon Do, within some Dutch circles I imagine, due to the Dutch's earlier connections to Corea. Would it spread to the Asian-Amerikaener and Asian-Mexican communities? Ngolo/Capoeira could also become popular amongst African-descended communities in the regions encompassing irl Brazil, both in terms of competitive dance and as a martial sport.
Beyond sports, another school of thought I wanted to explore were the arts. More specifically, comic books. Comic-style cartoons have existed since forever, but the modern ideas of the comic book, with detective stories, comedic teen dramas, and later superheroes, started in the 1910s and 1920s. Going into World War 2, Super Man and Captain America even became somewhat of propaganda tools, especially in terms of the European front. Would the Japanese arts take off in this way in this universe as well, with Manga becoming it's own special comic-book subgenre?
What would early Superheroes as a concept in RTL look like? Would there be a universally powerful paragon like Superman, perhaps under a different appearance? What country or community would be responsible for such a concept becoming popular? What kind of heroes would the industry produce for avid readers and fans, and would they even become propaganda tools used in RTL's Great War and Silent War? would Russia invent some of their own heroes as part of their National-Republican rhetoric?
IRL, the very first superhero was known as The Phantom, published in 1936 in his own comic run. Later you had Timely Comics Magazine, and there you had stories like Captain America, Human Torch, Namor, Jack Frost, et cetera. You also had Superman, created by Action Comics in 1938. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby later created all the modern Marvel superheroes you love today, such as Spider Man. So, would there be some sort of parallels to draw between these ideas? How would the industry of films or radio be affected by these stories? If these ideas don't exist as commonly at all in the public eye, what other fantastical stories come to fill the void?
of course I am not asking these superhero questions bc i want to make an Into the Spiderverse Spider-Man OC for the RTL-verse, that's just silly ahahahaha-
Anyway, other aspects would include music. Musical genres are always growing and changing, and the European musical scene in the 1650s was largely dominated by classical and european and american folk music, not as much variety and very little was actually written down if there was anything subcultural or 'scene'. Which makes me wonder, what kind of music would develop and become popular in places like Virginia, Florida, New Netherlands, Tussenland? would Native-style music gain popularity and evolve within nations like Mexico, Opdamsland and the Native-heritage-dominated western rockies? would the Irokees develop their own version of percussion-heavy Bluegrass or something? I'd love to see something with the Amerikaens Voortrekker cultures and their own special brands of music that developed in their connections to Mexican/Spanish, TussenlandeDutch, Irokees, Russian, and various kinds of Native music. "Trekker Folk", it could be called. Or something.
What do you all think? Have any of you thought about these things?
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2023.06.10 20:14 Corndogeveryday 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
This is a great flick with a lot of funny moments in it!
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2023.06.10 20:12 Bigturkey27 LF: Shiny sunkern and ability patch FT: picture down below

LF: Shiny sunkern and ability patch FT: picture down below submitted by Bigturkey27 to ScarletandViolet [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:11 The_Real_Katakuri [Chatper 1086] Rested Review: Looking back

Ch. 1086 p1_2
The chapter starts with this color spread. Very colorful, very very clean. It's very readable. Every element, including water on the characters is easily understandable, the ground is beautiful and the puddles are even more beautiful. That's the good part.
I have three problems with the cover, though:
  1. Mugiwara pirates again and again and again. We've had some similar color spreads in the past and it gets to a point where they feel repeated, even if they aren't. I'm convinced most readers would prefer more different characters making it to the color covers.
  2. Franky's hairstyle. Because Franky wasn't horrible enough in last chapter's cover, Oda needed to find a new and even more silly hairstyle for Franky. I wonder if he's ever going to swallow his pride and go back to draw Franky either with his original hairstyle or the shaved style with which he came back after the time skip. Every single other hairstyle has been ridiculous and has only served to ridicule Franky.
  3. The perspective is completely messed up. The flowers in the top right part of the cover show peprfectly where the vanishing point is (in the middle of the image very close to the top). The vanishing point is the point where the camera is "looking" to, even if Oda likes to put it outside the image sometimes for artistic reasons. The thing is, every character on the ground (not Luffy), and most notably Nami, is drawn with very short legs as though Oda was trying to do a very high angle shot. And that doesn't make any sense accounting for the perspective of the background, but also because he's really only shortened their legs and not the rest of their body and it's very very weird. Look at Nami's legs and the umbrella. The umbrella isn't distorted but the legs are. That defeats the purpose of distorting the legs and it simply feels like she's a dwarf now.
In any case, the work on the reflections of every character in the puddles are awesome.
Ch. 1086 p3
Last chapter ended with Wapol escaping from Pangaea castle with Vivi (and Kinderella?), and this one begins and they have already successfully left Mariejoise. Igaram, Pell and Chaka are searching for king Cobra and Vivi.
It isn't clear at all when is this happening:
I find it very strange, regardless of time, that Igaram, Pell & Chaka haven't been dealt with by the nobles. It's not like they're hiding precisely. The way I see it, there are only 2 ways to proceed with them:
  1. Tell them "the king is here, please come" and kill them.
  2. Tell them about Cobra's death and frame Sabo as soon as possible in ortder to avoid suspicion.
If they aren't killed, and the nobles are not answering to their questions about the king either, anyone would connect the dots and imagine Cobra was murdered by the nobles.
Also, it's good that Igaram cares for Vivi, but what about caring a chapter or two earlier? What was more important for Igaram than protecting Vivi? What was he actually doing??
In fact, why was Vivi waiting for a Gondola to leave the Red Line when his father was just getting to a meeting with the Gorōsei??
Ch. 1086 p4
Wapol and Vivi are hiding in the Aegis' kingdom ship and arrange a way to go with Morgans. Good. That takes partial care of explaining how they ended up with Morgans. But the real question is how did left the Red Line? Did really no one go looking for them? It's ridiculous.
First the Revolutionaries show how anyone can infiltrate at Mariejoise and now multiple people show how anyone can escape as well. The humiliation is scandalous.
Wapol doesn't want to tell Vivi about Imu or his dead father because he's sure CP0 are trying to kill him. That doesn't make sense. If you're sure they're going to kill you you don't act in your future assassin's favor. If anything, trying to get as much attention as possible from the world is the way to go. It might fail, but there's a chance the attention could make Imu want to discredit Wapol rather than kill him and fuel the conspiracy theorists.
Ch. 1086 p5
With the recent announcement about Oda having eye surgery and him saying he couldn't see properly, it would be reasonable to consider how that could have affected his ability to draw.
Let me tell you the truth about two things:
  1. People with astigmatism don't become functionally blind until they have surgery correct their vision. They wear glasses and that's the end of it. Surgery will make Oda not need glasses, but that's all. The astigmatism wasn't preventing him from drawing at all.
  2. Look at the cover again. Oda can draw really well when he wants. Look now at this page. It's difficult to know whether it's king Stelly in the first panel or not because he's as much of a scribble as Sabo's picture, that might be a legit scribble.
Spandam, Gismonda ans some other agents are lookinig for Vivi and Sabo, but not the former CP9 members, who had Vivi in their custody and lost her. Also, where's Rob Lucci and what's he doing? Is he completely ignoring his duty as well?
Ch. 956 p9
So... Stelly was staring so hard at Vivi's poster that he didn't see Sabo's poster and couldn't listen to anything regarding the terrorist attack lead by his brother despite the whole Mariejoise was being searched for him. Interesting.
Ch. 1086 p6
The gorōsei pick up the ringing den den mushi. This is the only relevant thing happening in this whole page.
The narrator puts emphasis on Cobra's death and Vivi's disappearance but not on the clash between the Revolutionaries and the admirals. Why is that? It's to bolster the retcon'd timeline.
Ch. 925 p9 & 10_11
Remember that back in chapter 925, the highlight about the Reverie was the clash between the Revolutionary Army and the admirals. And it was said to happen during the 4th day of the Reverie. However, in this and the immediately previous chapters, events are happening during the 7th day (the last).
Another detail is that then the silhouettes indicated that the news included Sabo fighting the admirals, but during this recent flashback, Sabo didn't even met them.
Ch.. 956 p4
Then, in ch. 956 Garp explains that the incident with Cobra happens after the Reverie ended. That clearly separates the operation of the Revolutionary army (4th day) and Cobra's death (+7th day).
At the same time, Garp says that happened after they left, and that it was reported to him even later. And asks Neptune and his family not to fear humans because of it.
This and Shirahoshi's reaction make sense only if they had no better reasons to fear humans, like Shirahoshi being assaulted a second time by Charloss, and if Shirahoshi bid farewell to Vivi while everything was fine and now she's surprised to hear that.
But that's not what the recent flashback tells us.
Ch. 1086 p7
Contrary to last page, this one has mane things to consider.
Imu wants to "test" the "Mother Flame", a Vegapunk's invention, and the Saturn says they haven't had the chance to try it yet. Another gorōsei suggests a forest for the test but Imu wants "Lulucia" kingdom. The gorōsei show concern for the choice but at no point they question it.
We will see in the next page that they're talking about the weapon that destroyed Lulucia kingdom. And the first thing that calls for my attention is that the gorōsei look like complete amateurs here.
They've had a mass destruction weapon for "some" time, but haven't tested it yet. Can you imagine how many things could go wrong when trying new technology for the very first time? But don't be fooled, Imu doesn't want to "test" it. She wants to use it.
The gorōsei have been waiting with such a weapon in their power without testing it because...?? It's obvious that there must be a lot of places in the world were Imu, the gorōsei and the World Government in general should be perfectly fine with testing the Mother Flame, from certain uninhabited areas of the Red Line, to unaffiliated countries and from the top of my head, if anything else, Punk Hazard comes to mind. A government island they think is closed off because Akainu and Aokiji made it useless. It's the perfect place to test these kind of things. But they think they've had "no chance to try it yet". Sure.
In an attempt to defend Vegapunk from the undeniable increasing evidence of his evilness, I read some say the weapon is not "he Mother Flame" but "Uranus" and that the Mother Flame is only a power source.
That makes even less sense. First, because Imu clearly instructs to use the Mother Flame and not Uranus. And second because there's no way they can actually think they haven't had the chance to try a power source
Ch. 1086 p8_9
Imu answers about the reason to choose Lulucia and the five gorōsei are formally introduced. And three things stand out to me:
  1. They're named after planets of the solar system (other than the ones already used lol) and at the same time, they're not. There's Saturn and Mars, but there's also Ju Peter and V. Nasjūrō, who read like Jupiter and Venus + japanese traditional name ending. And lastly there's Valcury, who by elimination and obvious similarity should reference Mercury, but this one is clearly different. And I wonder if this is Oda wanting to name the gorōsei after planets and at the same time being obsessed with being unpredictable.
  2. With this names two middle names are introduced: "Ju" and "V.". So far, only "D." has been a thing. It was odd enough if you think about it, but the fact that now two more exist and that they do so in order to not write the name exactly like the planet feels quite odd to me as well.
  3. What is this "warrior god" thing? What does that even mean for them? I mean, I understand what "warrior god" means, but what's an "agriculture warrior god" or a "finance warrior god"??
Has Jupiter ever waged war in the name of agriculture or something like that? I get it, it's something meant to assign specific roles to each of them despite they have acted like a council for 1086 chapters, but wouldn't it make more sense to be "finance god" and "justice god" instead without the "warrior" part?
Also, do they really have any authority over their "department"? Last page showed they are nothing but the butlers of Imu. It's difficult to imagine they have agency.
To me, this looks like the upteenth attempt at hyping us for nothing. First, people living in Mariejoise were titled "World Nobles". Then they were rebranded as "Celestial Dragons". And recently they've been rebranded again as "Gods". And for no reason and without explanation. Just the narrator coming up with new ways to extol them. But at the end of the day, words are just that and so far, even the gorōsei have only prooved (this chapter too) to be very incompetent.
Now that I think about it...

Imu says Lulucia has been chosen for proximity alone. So, officially, both the fact that Sabo had gone there and that the country had rebelled aren't the reason. I wonder whether Imu's answer is just a way of saying the gorōsei to not even ask for explanations and just obey or actually a whimsical and very plot convenient occurrence.
The gorōsei note the convenience of being able to use the Mother Flame "freely" and I'm sure they're not talking about authorization, because Imu rules the world, but about the cost. Certainly the Mother Flame must consume a lot of energy. If only they had some scientist trying to develop a troll-science self´-sustaining power source, right?
Well, they got one but they're very heeadstrong in killing him, for some reason.
Ch. 1086 p10
We get to see the seraphim we hadn't yet seen. I don't think there's anything relevant in this page, but I've read some people arguing S-Croc could be a girl, you know, the old theory about Crocodile being originally a woman since Ivankov said he made Croc a huge favor, even though it could actually be anything else.
Personally I don't think S-Croc has particularly female traits in this image, but it's true that he has the same starry eyes as S-Snake, while S-Shark and S-Hawk do not (the others haven't shown their eyes). But if I had to guess, I'd put my money in Oda has decided to always have at least one gender-ambiguous character to troll the readers with left and right.
Ch. 1086 p11
Sabo telling more of what we already knew and saw.
Ch. 1086 p12
And this page is again, dedicated to justify the retcon'd timeline as though it was not.
Back in chapter 1060 (that's the beginning of this very arc, do you still remember what this is arc was about?), Sabo was at Lulucia when the annihilation happened.
Ch. 1060 p13, 14_15 & 16
We saw him as we were only seeing Lulucia and its citizens being shot by the Mother Flame and also the call ending abruptly immediately after the shot.
Now, Sabo says he was near, but not exactly there. And tries to explain the ending call saying it was an indirect call that was "rerouted" through another den den mushi on Lulucia.
First I wonder how do you do that from a ship? It's true that the specifics about how den den mushi are operated have never been told, but regardless, if this "rerouting" were a thing, surely it would have come in handy to many characters through the story before.
Also, since when can Marines (or any third party) locate den den mushi? They have been able to intercept communications and listen to them, but not guess where was any of the snails making the call. And even if they could, given he himself says it was not an encrypted den den mushi, hence being vulnerable to interception, why wouldn't they locate the original signal from Sabo just like the one at Lulucia?
Ch. 1086 p13
I don't remember Lulucia's name being romanized before, but it can be read in the ship's sail. It's written with a C (until another assistant thinks otherwise at least).
Sabo rules out living thing and natural disaster as the cause for Lulucia's annihilation and Ivankov pretty much implies Imu is someone from the void century who has lived this long because she's immortal thanks to the Ope Ope no mi.
Regarding Sabo's claim, I think we've seen all sorts of surreal things in One Piece to agree his assumption is very bold. A shadow in the sky is no indicator of no living thing or natural disaster. In fact we've seen shadows in the sky caused no more and no less by living beings and natural phenomena.
Ch. 299 p12_13
On his part, Ivankov's assumption is also quite bold. Does a name really reference one single instance of a living being? There can only have ever been one Imu? What about one Oars?
There's also plenty of people known for their outstanding longevity like Kureha. (Interesting that this made me think of her...)
It's true that Ivankov accounts for the name being not truly a reason next page, but the fact that he implies it with this force under an argument he knows is very weak... This is just Oda telling us "this is this way because a character is saying it" or trolling us for fun.
Ch. 1086 p14
Also, as I said last chapter, anyone can know of Imu and it was completely unreasonable of Imu not to tell Cobra about her, considering they were going to kill him no matter what and she said she was going to address his questions.
Could anyone else than Imu from 800 years ago be the one commanding the gorōsei? Why not? What kind of reasoning is that?
Next Ivankov makes his best guess of the day and claims Vegapunk must have created the Mother Flame (confirmed some pages ago by Imu). And it's now of all assumptions that Dragon intervenes to stop jumping to conclusions. Really??
"Vegapunk would never intentionally design a dedicated killing machine". What kind of joke is this?
  1. Kuma
  2. Mass-produced Pacifista model 1
  3. Mass-produced Pacifista model 2
  4. Mass-produced Pacifista model 3
  5. Seraphim
And after this and out of absolutely nowhere, they speak of ancient weapons. This page and the previous one is some of the most forced text I've seen in One Piece.
Ch. 1086 p15
For the final page of the chapter (yes, 15 pages only again, 2 of them cover), a new character makes his debut by sentencing to death Saint Donquixote Mjosgard.
He's named Saint Figarland Garling and is said to have been king of God Valley. Unlike everyone else, apparently, I'm not going to theorize about his relationship with Shanks, I want to talk to you about two other characters.
First, Dr. Kureha.
Ch. 154 p8
She looks just like she was Garling's twin sister. It's interesting, because a couple of pages back the matter of longevity was brought up and now we see a world noble said to have been king of a land outside Mariejoise and outside the Red Line. As we've been told in a number of occasions (last one being last chapter), only the Nefertari family were founders of the World Government who stayed at their homeland. This means if Garling was actually king of God Valley and not just a descendant of the last king, he's from the void century. Not as an hypothesis like with Imu, but confirmed. Thus, the simmilarities with Dr. Kureha aren't just physical. Both have incredible longevity and I think it was worth noting.
Last, I want to talk about Garling's predecessor: Crescent moon Gally.
He's the villain in the first version of the Romance Dawn oneshot that would later become One Piece. As you can see, The crescent moon motive in the hair is there just like with Garling (and the nose too). If you take the crescent moon out of the hat and apply it to the hair together with the beard, and change the mustache stretching to the sides for more hair to make it more exaggerated, you get Garling. Even the pose and facial expression is pretty much the one in this image.
Also, in his original name written in japanese, there's no indication of whether his name is "GaRling" or just "Galling".
And that would be... Oh! I almost forgot! Yeah... given Garling sentenced Mjosgard, where does this leave Saint Topman Valcury? Wasn't he the "Justice warrior god"? Why isn't he the one handing out justice? What other affairs regarding justice does he manage if not judging disputes among celestial dragons?
submitted by The_Real_Katakuri to OnePiece [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:08 jpinkel All setlists - Updated through Wrigley N1

All setlists - Updated through Wrigley N1 submitted by jpinkel to deadandcompany [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:06 MLGZedEradicator The main reason why Sendo shouldn't win vs Ricardo

There's been an unpopular theory going around that Sendo will win and Ippo will be fighting Sendo for a third time for the WBA title. I'd like to just all be on the same page why this makes no sense regardless if you take Sendo beating mini Ricardo ( Gonzalez ) seriously or not.
Sendo has technique, such as weight shifts, motionless punches, and good ring cutting. But it's not really world class technique. Sendo was just as confused by the chess match between Volg and Mike Elliot as Ippo was.
Sendo even throws feints here and there and is good at instinctually adapting, but still at the end of the day primarily relies on the fear caused by the power of his punches to make his opponents make mistakes, and has the endurance to last long enough to land that single punch that capitalizes on the mistake.
Given this , it doesn't make any sense with the themes of the manga that Sendo can beat Ricardo with almost what is essentially just raw power alone.
Even Takamura who is in the same tier as Ricardo, who also has powerful punches and sometimes fight sloppily, still has world class technique as his fights against Brian Hawk, David Eagle, Keith, and Bison can attest to.
That was actually a big theme of the David Eagle fight and Brian Hawk fight in particular.
Takamura overcame the wild Brian Hawk by mixing in world class technqiue with the savagness to coat the ring in blood like a street fight
Takkamura overcame the logical David eagle by again using his wildness AND his world class technique combined.
Even Ricardo who is considered the pinnacle of technique , also has his wild side and in terms of raw power he is weaker than Ippo and Sendo but in the bottom of their raw punching strength tier based on all his feats.
Point being the two strongest characters in the manga are complete packages of technique and savagery.
Moreover, Ippo has basically similar levels of raw power ( has always been the case, but espeically with Dempsey roll ) and a similiar level of toughness to Sendo, but narratively we are told this is not enough to claim the tippy top of the world.
The themes built over the last 400 chapters and counting, the entire retirement arc, the lessons of punch drunk , the technique and boxing IQ needed to really stand at the world summit would all lose its meaning if Sendo Beats Ricardo
So Sendo vs Ricardo should very much be a plot device of what Ippo's former boxing could achieve assuming he was willing to cross the line of monsters like Mashiba and Sendo have . But it should come up just short.
And that's how thematically Ippo's victory or draw against Ricardo will be believable, as Ippo is basically Sendo raw power and toughness + world class technique and strategy ( even if he doesn't quite reach Ricardo in terms of just technique )
There's also just no sense in Ippo beating Sendo for a third time when Ippo already bested him twice before even without his newfound highly technical side, and I think it would just get in the way of Ippo vs miyata, as those two haven't had an official match and miyata is more technical and where he lacks raw power he has immense speed, it's an unsatisfying ending that not only undermines logic and the established narrative, but also uproots all the obvious foreshadowing for Ippo vs Ricardo, which is naturally the case for our MC Ippo to face the Big Bad.
submitted by MLGZedEradicator to hajimenoippo [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:06 good_morning_dobson yes they are ena, yes they are

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2023.06.10 20:04 Other-Bridge-8892 Spider-Man issues I’ve either bought or have been gifted in the last 6 months!

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2023.06.10 20:02 Weekly_Palpitation92 can someone redraw my characters digitally in an art style similar to R&M?

can someone redraw my characters digitally in an art style similar to R&M?
my SO and i made these characters together for a cartoon we want to make, but they cant draw in the Rick and Morty-like art style i was imagining, so maybe y'alls could come up with some redesigns? :)
Joel Edwards: was thinking of a color palette of vanilla skin, brown hair, light blue for the eyes and beanie, purple for the hoodie, grey for the pants, and black shoes, was also thinking of removing the facial hair and swapping the smiley for the one from "The Watchmen"
Professor Spaysthyme: was thinking almond skin, auburn hair, green for the eyes, headband, and shirt, white for the lab coat, dark grey for the pants, and black for the shoes and glasses, she is of Korean descent
Mechanically Augmented Xerofeline (M.A.X.): was thinking a shiny metallic grey for the face plate, and a grey fur on the rest of the body, with black for the sunglasses and fedora
Tim Jones: was thinking tanned brown skin, dark brown hair and facial hair, brown eyes, a white t-shirt, dark blue overalls, and brown boots
Coop the Goldfish: the design was never finished because neither of us know how to draw a mech suit, so i guess you can be more creative with this one :) was thinking orange and red scales on him like a normal goldfish, with black for the eyes and tophat, then red, green, and blue wires connecting the mech suit and the fish tank, then metallic grey and silver colors for the mech suit
Forest Forrest: his eyes are flowers with yellow petals and an orange center, his head is a light green flytrap, he has darker green leaves for hair and a straw-colored straw hat, then he has dark green vines that make up the muscles of his large anthropomorphic body, and brown treebark that covers all non-joints on his body from the neck down that acts sort of like an exoskeleton
Thank you very much in advance, artists who decide to draw these characters :)
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2023.06.10 19:59 FunWillScreen_Produc Found and bought a misprint for my collection. While out looking for more manga. Left is what it is supposed to look like. Right is the misprint.

Found and bought a misprint for my collection. While out looking for more manga. Left is what it is supposed to look like. Right is the misprint. submitted by FunWillScreen_Produc to MangaCollectors [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:56 ShlomoShogun Still Struggling, Survival Got us Buggin (Souls of Angels in the Game of Survival)

(https://youtu.be/TWFwG1gp_6w Explicit content)
🎶We know how it feels to wake up messed up Standings broke as hell, another road game to play🎶
Family, this afternoon we head to our nations capitol to take on the Washington Spirit. Since we had our hearts ripped out last with this team, they have dropped a bit in the standings, but not by much. Despite Washington not losing at home with 2 wins and 3 draws, we should be under no allusions that this wont be a tough match on the road.
🎶A Team with a dream with plans to make P.O.I.N.T.S Still Strugglin, Survival got us Buggin Life as a new club shouldn't be so rough Still Strugglin🎶
Took the climb to the top of mountain peak of HYPE to speak to our YASS QUEEN! Not going to sugarcoat it, she was pretty stern face and matter of fact. Along the lines of acknowledging our situation, she made it very clear, that it is time to start making our own luck. It is that simple, no more feeling angry and sorry for ourselves because the zebra can't do his job well, its just time to get results and judge this club based on that. And yes, she did acknowledge the return of the Sycho Sid, but was not impressed with the lack of three points at home.
🎶Our lives got no better, same damn 'Lo Sweater (place in the standings) Times is rough and tough like leather Figured out we went the wrong route (down the table) So we got to get with a sick tight click (rotation and formation) and go all out🎶
Tonights deets. Streamed on Paramount+ or NWSL for int audience, televised on Bally Sports, iHeart radio for the mobil. The watch party will be at Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica.
I hope you have all bee properly hyped. https://tinyurl.com/ACFCWeek11Preview https://tinyurl.com/NWSLWeek11Preview
Transcribed by Your Old Pal Shlomo, Metatron to her Majesty the...YASSS QUEEN!
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2023.06.10 19:55 funeral_crasher69 UFC 289 Grade

Early Prelims grade: B
Unknown/Unranked fighters on the early prelims is a given. The combined record of the two fights involved is 56-19 (74% win rate roughly) so they have a lot of experience. Good matchmaking for early prelims. Knocked it down from an A to an -A because typically the early prelims have 3 fights rather than 2.
Prelims grade: -B
Originally I gave these prelims a C but because it’s in Canada and they of course had to showcase some of the Canadian fighters on the roster, I cut it some slack. Currently there is no Canadian champion or top contender. Really would have liked to see Gillian Robertson on this card, I felt this was a big missed opportunity on the UFC’s part. Besides that the fights aren’t as bad as people think. World renowned coach Firas Zahabi’s younger brother (9-2) faces off against Qileng Aori (24-9) good test against an experienced opponent. Miranda Maverick is fighting, she turns out more finishes than most with 11 of her 13 wins coming by knockout or submission. Chris Curtis vs Imavov to cap it off, not a bad scrap. Slightly underwhelming, but as I mentioned they had to showcase the Canadian fighters, who knows maybe they’ll turn in career defining performances on home soil.
Main Card grade: D
It’s not Amanda Nunes fault but she’s simply too good to draw intrigue. She proved that the Pena loss was nothing but a mere fluke by beating Pena 50-43. The only thing saving this card besides Oliveira vs Dariush is that Amanda isn’t fighting Julianna Pena. I mean seriously, Julianna’s striking looks like me at 3 in the morning trying to find a light switch in the dark. Yet another reminder that $80 is an outrageous price for fights, there is not enough talent and stardom in the roster to consistently produce PPV’s that are worth that price.
Overall Score: C
Prelims could be exciting, however I wouldn’t be surprised if the seats were empty majority of the card.
Estimated PPV Buys: 70,000
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2023.06.10 19:53 SymphonicResonance Pre-Match thread New Mexico United @ Tampa Bay Rowdies Saturday, June 10 2023 5:30pm

Pre-Match thread New Mexico United @ Tampa Bay Rowdies Saturday, June 10 2023 5:30pm

Off to Tampa bay we go to visit the Rowdies at their converted baseball stadium. Tampa Bay is currently in darn good form with four wins and draw in their last five matches. New Mexico on the other hand is having issues.
Currently New Mexico is on a two loss streak with the coaching changes, well we might have some tumultuous times a head of us. It will be fun (yes, fun. I love this stuff!) to see what kind of plan Mac uses this evening. Side note, he was a head coach for Inac Kobe, a professional women's side in Japan, so this is not his first rodeo.
With all of New Mexico's bye weeks, United has is now flush with games in hand. With upwards of three games in hand against multiple clubs, and at least one vs everyone in front us. The only club with less matches played than us is Memphis 901 FC (10 matches). At this moment in time, we control our own destiny.
So what do you all think? Are we heading to Florida to kick some rowdy-dowdy butt? (That is an actual slang word in OED. First known usage was in 1854) Will Mac Hemmi be making a statement that he should noticed by the head coach hiring team? Will New Mexico United develop their own chile that is yellow and black but tastes like green hatch? Any plans for watch parties? What are you expectations for this match?

Ways to watch/listen:
  1. In Person
  2. ESPN+
  3. Youtube (international viewers only)
  4. ESPN Radio 101.7 The TEAM (Stream)
  5. Local Businesses (Support local businesses that support local soccer. )
Follow the match stats live at the USL Match Center and watch all the pretty graphics.
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2023.06.10 19:52 PutridAdhesiveness38 Just Filed Test Day Complaint….

I took the June LSAT yesterday…it went ok but I felt like I underperformed due to ProctorU interruptions.
During my LG, the proctor interrupted me four times at least to keep moving my camera so he could see both my scratch papers and face….
During my first RC, on my first passage, the proctor drew a BIG line across my screen. It was very distracting and I didn’t know what her intention was, so asked her to remove it. She removed it then drew a new one and some circles…..I was really mad and couldn’t focus on reading. Then the chat box popped, i thought it was popped by accident so I closed it. Then it popped the second time, the third time, I finally saw what she typed “can you adjust my camera so I can see your face”. I adjusted my camera earlier so my proctor could see my scratch paper, and also I didn’t know why she had to draw all the marks, she could just tell me? As a result I did that RC a lot worse than I could. Although there’s a chance it’s an experimental section but I don’t want to take the risk and hope to appeal for a test retake.
Does anyone has similar situations filed complaints before and granted retest?
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2023.06.10 19:48 ShadowSV-U1 Self-promotion Thread

Use this thread to promote yourself and/or your work!
(Descriptions of fictional crimes investigated by the story's main Character Max.)
Detective's Fate
It's august of 2008.....
Max is a detective living in Chicago He checks his pistol and puts on his police badge as he walks out his front door.
He has been searching for a serial killer known as the Caller for years and always been one step behind due to the red tape.....
More importantly the chief's lazy attitude towards getting search warrants and actions approved by the courts for raids. Twice Max had good intel on the suspect's locations and photo evidence showing him at the sites.
The department needs more vigilant, caring officers and leaders but no one steps up to do it, instead they just complain about the slow progress and officers. And hinder investigations.
Now Max has decided that it might be time to stop playing by the rules and catch this scumbag.... .... ....
Starting his car Max sets his GPS to the address that "The Caller" was last seen and pulls out of his driveway as the 50 miles of directions pop up.
The killer's nickname being for his signature of calling in as he is committing the crime.
As he drives he remembers his first case, five years ago now..... ..... .....
A woman, Joane Taylor, was found dead in an alleyway after going out for the night. She showed no signs of struggle leading the police to believe she had drank to much and expired from alcohol poisoning.... ...
The death was written off as a "party gone wrong".... That is until several more were found and the coroner decided on a whim to test for other substances.
Once it came out that the deaths were possible murders...
The calls started coming in, almost like the suspect wanted credit before revealing himself....
Then ways of the deaths began changing as the Serial Killer explored his twisted desires searching for his preferred method.
The last case being a young woman found stuffed in a dumpster after the killer apparently got scared off.... Max will never forget it.... .... ....
The GPS finishes and the car beeps its final direction, taking an exit off the highway. Ramps out here are always confusing... Which is funny since he has driven this one for five years now...
The chief says he should sit this one out but he can't... The latest victim 3 months ago.
Marie Spelner, a waitress out on her smoke break talking to her spouse on the phone.
Survived by her husband, no children or living relatives. ....
Max Spelner turns into the driveway of the house he was directed to... Stepping out of the car he walks up and knocks on the door. Looking at the house he knows the family must be doing well if they live here.... Raising his hand to knock again he hears a scream from inside....
A second later the door is answered by a middle aged butler holding a tray with wine glasses on it... "Hello Sir, I'm sorry but this house does not wish to partake in any offers at this time..."
Max calmly says. "I'm not selling anything."
The butler looks confused for a moment before his eyes dart over Max's shoulder seeing his unmarked cruiser and he nods.
Looking past the butler Max sees that a woman is cleaning up after their dog.
"Have you seen this man?" Says Max holds up a picture of the one suspected of being the killer.
The butler gives it a once over before replying. "I'm sorry sir, no I have not." His tone sounds like he is lying... ....
"Are you sure?" The detective asks.
"I would not lie about something like that, sir." He states, his eyes not meeting Max's.
The woman calls from inside "Fletcher, who are you talking too?"
"Some man asking about a killer" he calls back.
"The killer is an inside job!" The woman quickly states.
"What?!" Max says.
"The Killer, it's an inside job." She says again, louder this time. In the same Max also hears a child begin to cry in another room.
"We should start from the beginning, it will be easier to explain trust me." The woman says.
'She seems to know what is going on....
"How do I know your story holds water?" He asks out loud.
"Oh I wouldn't lie. I have been following the case myself and it seems like an inside job to me." She states, somehow sounding hurt.
"Is there anyone else in the house besides you two and the baby?" He asks noticing the baby isn't crying anymore.
"Just Fletcher and I live here, the baby is my cousins but he just stays the night sometimes." She replies.
Max draws his gun and enters the house upon reasonable suspicion of an emergency in progress or suspect on the premisses as the man seems to be deceiving.
While the woman still seems unconcerned that the child is now silent.
He pushes past the butler and rushes towards the area he heard the crying. passes the entryway, the dinning room, and a kitchen before finally finding a child in a playpen.
"There there..." He says in a sing song voice picking up the child. "I'm officer Max, do you know where your mommy is?"
The child just cries louder.
Then he sees the man from the photo walk out of the bathroom, upon seeing him he bolts for the door and Max sets the child down gently then gives chase.
He runs through the house, following the man as he can hear the woman screaming at him to stop but he doesn't."
"Stop or I'll shoot." The man doesn't even break stride.
Instead he runs out of the front door and jumps into his car.
Furious that the man might escape he fires at the car as it drives away.
The back window shatters and he hopes he got his tire, but he doesn't wait to find out as he runs to his car and initiates a pursuit....
He flips on his concealed lights in his cruiser as he reverses down the drive and into the street.
The suspects car is fast but he manages to keep up with it weaving in and out of traffic as people move over for the siren.
As they approach a red light there is heavy traffic in the intersection..... ....
The suspect slams on his brakes and Max's cruiser only just stops short of hitting it. Jumping out the Detective points his firearm at the vehicle running up beside seeing heavily tinted windows.
"Get out of the car and on the ground now!!" He shouts as he moves to the driver's side door.
After seeing no response....
Max throws open the door and the driver is gone with the passenger side open.
He quickly runs to the other side catching the man trying to sneak off tackling him to the ground and then takes his arms putting them behind his back.
Max grabs his radio and calls it in as the man cries.
As he is waiting he hears a noise that sounds like static.....
"Wrong guy moron.. Did you ever stop to think I wanted you close for this one. That I planned everything...Even framing the pothead..... I almost lost interest until you pulled in the driveway... The attic is kinda cramped tho... I think I'll go carve some meat. Maybe graduate to other things to. I'm not sure yet. Lets see if you can catch me before......" A familiar voice says over the radio then cuts off... ...
Max looks at the man on the ground. "Why did you run from me?" He asks.
"Cause I have like 19 grams of marijuana in my pocket." He replies...
"Do you know how stupid that is?! I don't care about that I'm looking for a killer."
Before he can answer Max hears the woman from the house screaming for her life and a child's cries on his radio.
Then from below Max. "He's in the house, he's in the house! My mom and the baby!" The man on the ground says crying.
Max uncuffs him and runs to his car heading back to the house as he lays down rubber on the road... ... ...
As he approaches and pulls into the driveway he notices the front door is open.
"Hold on I'm coming!" Max screams jumping out of his cruiser...
He runs into the house finding the woman's body arriving too late. Moving over to her he checks for a pulse but she is gone, a large gash in her neck.
As he stands up he slips in a fluid but gains his balance and tries not to think about what it is....
He rushes to the room the baby was in finding the play pen empty. He leaves the room searching the rest of the house and still doesn't find the child.
"Where are you!!!" He calls out....
"This is the Callers first kidnapping and the media would eat up the fact I failed to stop the man." He thinks as he blames himself.
Sirens begin to blare in the distance as backup is about to arrive... ... ...
"There's a woman dead and a baby missing! The woman is in the dinning room straight ahead of the front door, Hurry!" He yells into his radio...
Looking over at the mother seeing a piece of paper on the floor.
He walks over to it seeing writing.
"So close... Looks like I'm a kidnapper now.... Good luck finding me.... And... I so enjoyed killing that sweet wife of yours. Might do it that way again. Not to the kid tho....later Max. Ps. This game is so fun.." It says.
"He was here..." Is all he can muster as the team enters.
"He was right in this house and I missed it because her son freaked over weed and ran..." He says as another officer speaks to him gently.
"Don't beat yourself up Detective, it's not your fault. He must have hid before you got her and left after you arrived." The words do little to comfort him "First day back on the job and the killer escaped taking a child..." He says as he walks away.
The chief arrives in his new lexus with a screeching of rubber as he lurches to a halt.
He quickly exits and leaves his door hanging open as he rushes into Max's face....
"I told you to stay away from this case MAX!!!!....(takes a breath)...
"If I catch any flak from my superiors, I won't suspend you.... That'd be to easy. Desk duty and an entry level demotion. The new guy will have a higher rank than you if things go my way.... Now get outta my sight...". "(Sighs)...
"This job is gonna be the death of me..." He says walking away from Max and towards the Coroner's van..... ..... .....
On the way home the detective stops by the store close to his house which is unlike him because he usually follows the same routine.
He nears the front door and he hears a kitchen timer ding loudly from behind him as his car explodes throwing him through the storefront windows as they are blown out..... .....
Alarms around the lot and others nearby create a cacophony of noise. His head pounding as his body aches, Max pushes himself up and collapses as the store manager runs over to him telling him not to move as he dials 911.... .... ....
Waking in the hospital Max recalls the feeling of the Shockwave as he flinches in phantom pain.
"Who woulda thought its like holding a ringing metal bat that hurts your hands but all over and way more intense." He thinks.
He suddenly feels tired and falls asleep.... .... .... ....
The next time he wakes, he sees a breaking news story that Jane Saltani is reporting on....
"Young toddler Accidently Shoots Serial killekidnapper ending his life and Alerting residents in the Area." The news anchor says.
Sighing to himself Max thinks about how crazy that is and laughs.
Tho he really wanted to bring the guy in. He closes his eyes to get some much needed sleep as his door opens.
Max looks up to see a man with a silenced pistol pointed at him.
"Hm. Now they think I'm dead. Funny how they just assume they got the right guy. Just like.... You did Detect... ....." Max hears but then hears no more as his end comes at just over the speed of sound....
The Caller leaves the hair of another intelligent convicted murderer that he obtained in a spot that's believable and quickly leaves.....
He disables the surveillance system and sends a virus out to any device that has received video data from the hospital.
Erasing and corrupting the systems. Leaving a master hackers finger prints on a glass from his home....
"Sorry, no witnesses." He says to the security guard as he fires... ..... ..... .... ....
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2023.06.10 19:44 Taraa_Sitaraa Are you guys following Maya Ali -Wahaj Ali twitter fiasco?

Are you guys following Maya Ali -Wahaj Ali twitter fiasco?
It's getting insane and with Wahaj unfollowing his wife it's getting more heated.
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2023.06.10 19:43 PlasmaBuffalo Helping grandparents sort through photos and found this one in a loose folder

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2023.06.10 19:42 Waqjob_ I see a resemblance!

I see a resemblance!
Was watching old episodes of Sex and the City, and I think that young SJP looked a lot like Sara Ali Khan! Not just the face, but also her height and stature. Sara’s stylist should study SJP’s style and fashion choices over the year and try to draw some inspiration from them!
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