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Online Shopping, Scam, Delivery, Online Scam - Texas - I ordered raised garden beds and received 2 weeks later a pair of winter gloves that I did not order! I ordered thru a company listed on marketplace they had closing s... #onlineshopping #scam #delivery #onlinescam

2023.03.23 00:02 safelyhq-com Online Shopping, Scam, Delivery, Online Scam - Texas - I ordered raised garden beds and received 2 weeks later a pair of winter gloves that I did not order! I ordered thru a company listed on marketplace they had closing s... #onlineshopping #scam #delivery #onlinescam

Online Shopping, Scam, Delivery, Online Scam - Texas - I ordered raised garden beds and received 2 weeks later a pair of winter gloves that I did not order! I ordered thru a company listed on marketplace they had closing s... #onlineshopping #scam #delivery #onlinescam
I ordered raised garden beds and received 2 weeks later a pair of winter gloves that I did not order! I ordered thru a company listed on marketplace they had closing sale or something they were selling nice wood and galvanized steel raised garden beds! I ordered 3! Roughly $70-$75 after everything. So couple weeks later I received a pair of black winter gloves I NEVER ORDERED was so confused how this company got my name and info to send a package i never ordered I was so creeped out. Well come to find out the fraud scammers who scammed me out of $75 from my purchase of the raised beds that never came so I began researching to see if it happened to anyone else and in Florida I believe governor opened up investigation on this exact scam! Buying something receiving unordered package in mail they pocket the difference from what it cost to buy and send that little item you didnt order and they use the delivery receipt of unordered item to post fake verified purchase reviews on their site to scam more people!!!! Its so wrong and they need to be stopped!!!! A lot of people are not putting 2 and 2 together so they have no idea they're connected!! But they are they scammed so many people I'm reading so many reviews people not sure why the unordered package comes in but it's a scam you wont recieve an order you ordered instead u got this!
Read full report here
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2023.03.23 00:02 milkyleo1A Could you trust him?

I'm 44 f partner 47 m.together 4 yrs.a few months after getting together I went into recovery for alcoholism.ive binged 3 times in them 4 yrs.currentjy 1 ye sober.each time I took a drink..he left immediately completely ghosted me for 2 weeks ,4 weeks then 7.he once left me intoxified standing in his parents driveway after driving there,took off in his car to get away from me and left me to drive again dangerously .3rd time back together..I have a sister I have not spoke to for years..she's horrible and only speaks bad of me.when I drank she started to contact him though he did not know her and tell him bad stories about me .I asked him to respect my wishes that she was a negative and not to be in touch with her in more than one occasion.4 weeks after getting back together 3 rd time he's acting strange says that he is going to practice but I know he is up to something ..I feel he is going to meet a girl he perhaps met when we broke up.i follow him to find him meet my sister..they sit outside pub together all night and he walks her..she's very drunk .back to my parents.i confronted him next Day .he said they met by accident .huge argument he leaves days he never wanted to get back and dosent love me anymore..I go confront sister.i get home his computer is still on and they are messaging via Facebook on how they lied too me and said they just bumped into each other and bitch about me for a full week before he logs out I can't see anymore.they both continue to msg me lying as they dint know I could see their MSG's .my heart was broke the worst betrayal to me .10 weeks passed he came back promised he would never hurt me again and once I didn't drink he wud never leave.november 22 my dad fall ill and is dying for a Stephan's day I got a feeling my sister and him were in touch..getting home to change my clothes from hosp before returning back to my dying dad..I asked him a quest re my sister he got very mad..that day..he turned his phone off and on the 28th of December when I called to his parents house to tell him my dad was after passing he wouldn't come out said he was hurt needed more time to heal.he tortured me by my dad's death bed disappearing on me when I needed him and now the night he died also.icoukdmt bare to break up and face funeral .I learnt that while I was at hosp with dad he was at home watching porn and women online... something he promised not to do as he has an addiction said he'd stop when I confronted him but he write comments under girls videos 2 weeks later.yrsterday I got a moment of dented self esteem because we were in public and he was checking girl out which is something he does bad and has very little awareness around.he got mad and has pretty much ignored me fir 2 days even though he said he would have patience and understanding around these hurts..I can't trust him..he knows this..I feel he would be unfaithful very easily when he can treat me like he has? Am I over reacting?I feel he has no morals.. loyalty?
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2023.03.23 00:02 juniormoneymanager Mother has 5 years of savings in CASH she wants to invest/store. How to divvy it up?

Throwaway account because I’m the only one in my family who knows how much money she has, and for safety reasons of course.
My mother, bless her heart, has saved up 200k in cash and has been keeping it under her LITERAL MATTRESS. She feels stupid that it’s just been sitting there and finally wants to start safely investing and making some money off of it.
She’s 60 years old and runs her own landscaping business, no employees on payroll. She has more money in her bank account than the 200k, but 200k is the total of what she wants to invest/store away safely. She’s extremely healthy and should live past 90 barring any horrific accidents.
I’m helping her out with the finance stuff as she’s an immigrant and while she speaks fluent english, my mother is one of the most gullible people on this planet and a little ignorant when it comes to finances. However, I’m only 19 and a lot of this is new for me as well. I’ve done some reading but am far from knowledgeable on personal finance, so everything I’m learning is helpful for my own life too.
Our family went thru really hard times with money for over a decade, my parents finally divorced 3 years ago (dads side is still absolutely broke) and finally her business is really growing. She’s frugal, has worked insanely hard to save up this money over the past 5 years, and I just want to make sure her money is safe and growing itself. She does not want to take risks, every penny counts.
The very first thing we set up is a Fidelity Roth IRA, which she is maxing out by adding 7k for 2022 and then 7k for 2023. She’s chosen FXAIX as the index fund she wants to invest in. This 14k is outside of the 200k The man at Fidelity had us set up an Individual investing account with them as well, but we’re not really sure what to do with it.
Today, we opened a checking and savings account for her at Chase, as her current bank is a credit union with its nearest branch 40 minutes away. Since she deals with and needs to deposit a lot of cash, I thought it’d be good for her to have an account with one of the big brick-and-mortar banks to use for transfer purposes, with a branch just 6 minutes away. Plus, she adores the management there and they were amazing helping us set it up and giving some financial advice.
So, here’s what we’ve decided on so far as to how to split up the 200k:
  1. She’s putting 15/20k in Chase Savings for 90 days, which will give her a $200 bonus (req. is 15k in savings for 3 months) after that time has passed, and will also waive the monthly maintenance fee, as she was hesitating joining JUST because of that $12 a month lol. Yes that money could go elsewhere, but bonuses feel good, she’ll have an account to easily transfer to/from, it’ll waive the fee, and she has a lot more to invest in other places in the meantime.
  2. 100k into a treasury bond. We’re hopefully meeting with the financial advisor at Chase tomorrow to discuss bonds and bills, but neither of us had even really heard about t-bills or bonds, so it’s new to us. Any insight into these government-backed things is appreciated.
That is all that we’re pretty set on doing, now come the options as to what to do with the rest.
About 80k left to invest! So far we’ve heard of CDs, SEP, normal IRA, HYSA, and treasury bonds, notes, and bills.
Many have told her to do a CD and that seems to be our next step. She’s a little CD obsessed as it sounds like a great and not risky option since she won’t need to withdraw.
I recently learned about treasury bills as people seem to recommend those instead of CDs, so we’re interested in those as well.
I also want to open a high-yield savings account for her.
Some people have recommended a SEP for the higher deposit limit, others have recommended against it for the tax drawbacks.
I figure we have enough left to be able to do a CD, HYSA, and T-bills.
How would you go about dividing it up to invest? What makes one option better than another in this case? Is it bad to have money sitting in so many different places? What’s the relative risk level of all these options?
What banks/institutions to go with? Ally seems good, CapitalOne is one of the companies that she has credit card debt at (not her fault) so not sure if that would come up if we applied for a savings account there.
I’m sort of looking at it as a game/puzzle trying to figure out where to invest X amount of money, and thought maybe this could be a fun exercise for some finance bros lol. ANY insight, comments, or advice on any of our options is greatly appreciated.
My mom is the sweetest and most hard-working woman alive, and I just want to make educated decisions so her money is safe and growing.
Can anyone recommend a general game-plan here? How much to put where and when?
I know rates are always changing, and I want to know how the current recession, inflation, banks collapsing may or may not impact our choices here… situational advice relative to the current & projected future of the US economy would be awesome because honestly I’m having trouble understanding it and don’t want to make a wrong decision.
I’ve read a lot of posts on this sub and it’s all great information, I just need some specific help weighing the options with her specific situation in mind.
Thank you guys so much for your help and let me know if this type of post isn’t allowed here/if there are other subreddits where it would be better suited. <3333
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2023.03.23 00:01 SpecialistCicada3083 Report bad healthcare professionals. It helps the system. They will either eventually get fired/lose their license or they will change.

Before covid I was a medic I got covid from a patient as covid hit the US.
I believe one of the most important things for all of us is healthcare transparency and holding healthcare professionals accountable.
Find your state's licensing reporting agencies for specific individuals and their job titles.
I had a nurse refuse treatment to me when I was having severe chest pain after my PE. He refused treatment bc my mother was “rude”. Thankfully it wasn't another PE.
He now doesn't have a nursing license. 👍🏻
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2023.03.23 00:01 Suitable_Order3636 3.33 gel tab trip report

This trip took place by myself in my Junior year of high school. I previously had a handful of small acid and mushroom experiences before this. To this day, this was my most intense experience I have ever had. It was a week in the spring when I was home alone that I decided to have a trip. On Thursday, I had bought some acid. They were these thin green gel tabs. My dealer said that while he was taking them off of the sheet, a little bit of another tab ripped off with it, which is why I had an extra third along with the three that I had bought. He also said that it was extremely pure acid. I have no idea how many micrograms they were. I also did not test them, which is something everyone should to do be safe.
I was planning to take them on Friday, the next day. I went to school, and had a normal day, telling some of my friends what I was going to do. I got home, pulled them out of the tin foil, and put them in my mouth. They dissolved almost instantly. Slightly nervous, I thought I would watch some YouTube while I waited. At the time, I did not know anything about meditating, which is what I do now when I have any sort of psychedelic experience. It seems to allow me to get the most out of the experience.
I had a basketball highlight video playing about 20 minutes after I took the acid, and I could already start to feel something. It was a 10 minute video. I started to zone out heavily as it felt like my cognitive function was sharply declining. After what felt like a couple of minutes, I heard the video end. The entire 10 minutes passed without me realizing. Not having understood anything from it, I restarted it. I could not pay attention for the life of me, and the video ended again. I felt surprised at how fast time was going when it only felt like a couple of minutes. I thought to myself that I would restart the video, and if I could not watch it, then I would simply turn my phone off, and let the acid take over, which is what I did. I was laying in my bed, in complete awe of how intense it was coming on. Visuals were starting to appear. There was a shoe on my dresser across from me that I wore for track with a white, red, and black marble pattern. The pattern flowed in a figure 8 pattern through the shoe. I was caught off guard by the intensity of how strong it was coming on.
I snapped out of it, and when I looked at my phone, it said an hour had passed when it felt like 20 minutes. I sat up, with my body feeling like it had been laying there motionless for hours with how stiff my muscles were. I began to feel nauseous and dizzy. I thought I just needed to move around a bit, so I stretched and cracked my back. The back crack pierced my soul with how loud it was and intense it felt. This made the nausea worse. I walked to the bathroom in a daze and threw up once or twice. It was the least unpleasant vomit I had experienced, but it was still uncomfortable. I began to feel better, but I thought that if I were to throw up again, I should just go outside instead of stuck in the bathroom. I stopped feeling nauseous. I got up and my cat started to follow me. I went outside. It was a great day, but it was slightly windy, combined with the cars driving behind my house, made it very overwhelming and loud. I went back inside with my cat following me everywhere, and I was tripped out by it. It was too silent inside. It felt like I could hear everything. I was uncomfortable again. I went back outside. I repeat this again and again for an unknown amount of times until I began to peak.
I found myself outside with my cat who followed me and sat next to me. The sun was beginning to get low in the sky and illuminated him. When I first looked at him, I was scared because he looked so wild. I had as much respect for him as I would the most magnificent being in the world. But then I realized how beautiful he looked. He was radiating energy. His fur was constantly flowing like waves of the ocean, originating from his nose. His fur, illuminated by the sun, was changing colors. As birds flew ahead, his eyes would lock on and follow them as they flew. The way I felt looking at him completely changed the way I see the natural world whenever I remember this.
It was loud again, so I went back inside. I sat looking out my window as the sun set staring at the trees. I began feeling the most intense feeling of love. It was pure bliss. The best I had ever felt. I was radiating love and it felt like it was overflowing out of me. This is when I really wish I had sat, closed my eyes, and delved deep while meditating. With the visuals I was having eyes open, I could not even imagine what it would be like eyes closed. However, I wasn't even thinking about that with how much I was tripping. Everywhere I looked would instantly come alive with beautiful and colorful geometric patterns. Everything popped in my vision. I could see every texture on even the plainest of surfaces. Because I was overflowing with love, I took my shirt off because I did not want to be greedy with the love that I was feeling. I wanted it to be set free into the universe.
Slowly, the intensity started to fade. The love was the first thing to go. I was sad because I did not have anyone to share it with. Also, because it was honestly the best feeling I had ever felt, and I would not mind if I had felt like that forever. That was just the acid talking, but I did wish it lasted longer. The visuals remained for quite a while, but I started to get my mental function back barely. I remember realizing that I had gone to school that day. That thought felt so profound because the idea of normal life felt so alien to me despite it being just a few short hours prior.
My friend just got off work, and wanted to see how I was doing. He came over during the come down, but I still could not function. I did not know how to act with someone who had not just had a mind-bending experience. He thought we should smoke. I did not want to, but I would gladly share. It was the least I could do for having him accompanying me. I went to go get the weed in my room. Apparently, I got distracted and took forever, so my friend asked what I was doing and that made me laugh because I realized how funny this social interaction was. I grabbed the jars and walked out into the living room where he was, not knowing what to do now as I just stared at them in my hands. He grabbed them thankfully because I did not know what to do. We went outside and he smoked. He wanted to ask how the trip was, but he clearly saw that I was still tripping hard. He would say something, but it sounded like gibberish to me. I would say "huh"? Then I would start laughing, making me unable to hear what he repeated, so I would say "huh"? again. This happened a couple of times. Even while not laughing I could not understand him. He could barely understand me as well. He could not really interact with me at all. He eventually left.
I do not remember the rest of the night. It took me weeks to figure out what happened chronologically. What I took away from the experience was that I should not take life or myself so seriously. The trip humbled me and I got to taste the most potent injection of bliss. But, at the same time, I did not want to trip or do anything that could change the state of my mind even a little. Despite me describing it as the best feeling I had ever felt, I did not crave it. It felt better than things that cause addiction and it made me not want to do those same things. Even a little caffeine turned me off. On Monday, one of my teachers asked me while I was turning something in if anything changed because I seemed like I was doing really well. Not that I hadn't before, but I was always a little quiet and uptight in my young teenage years. I was more social and carefree afterwards. Now, I only think about the trip occasionally. I still think that it had changed me for the better though.
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2023.03.23 00:00 loleetahaze A bit of a TMI sexual side effect

So, after Lexapro pooped out on me(though I never think it did much personally), I've started Paxil last week because it is prescribed for both depression and PMDD(pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, basically PMS x1000 with a dash of suicidal thoughts). I have virtually no side effects except for some sluggishness(nothing a good cup of coffee won't fix) but maybe that's from being too depressed to do anything though I've had some reducing of depressive symptoms tbh. I am doing a slow titration to 20mg, currently on 10mg for a week, before that I was on 5mg. And so many people report sexual side effects about lowered libido(I never had that on Lexapro) on SSRI's, but with Paxil it's the opposite. It has sent my libido into overdrive! Like, it's crazy. It's insane. I don't dream often but now I do and it's all wet dreams all the time. Anyone experience this before?
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2023.03.23 00:00 ivewaitedallmylife Bought car money under my (22F) mom’s (50F) name. Dealership offering $21k for it, mom wants me to sell it to her for $10k. She only has $4k.

In 2020, I bought a brand new Toyota car under my mom’s name for 20,000 OOTD. I bought it under my mom so I could have a lower interest rate and better insurance options. My mom didn’t contribute any money. It was all of my own money. My mother drives a 2004 car that is unreliable and has since used my car anytime she needed to drive more than 15 minutes from our house or when her car was broken down/in a car shop.
I am sick of not having free reign over the car I pay for so I’ve been considering my options since she won’t buy a new car and just keeps using mine (even when her car is operating).
Today, in 2023, the car dealership is offering me $21k to buy back the car. I brought this up to my mother and said I will take the money and get a car in my own name and give her $6k from the sale to help her buy a car of her own.
She doesn’t like that option and believes she should get my car for $10k after I graduate (May), even though she says she only has $4k right now and she says she can pay me in installments for as long as it takes to get to $10k.
Another reason she’s used is that I will be making more money than her since I will be graduating with a master’s degree soon with a job paying 65k lined up afterward while she makes less than that. She thinks since I am able to afford buying a new car again - I should just buy a new car and give her my old one for $10k.
Also, the toyota car needs new tires ($500+) which I am having to pay by myself even though the car is going to her in a few months.
How would you guys handle this? We live together so tensions are pretty high right now.
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2023.03.22 23:59 brighteyedgallows Clado

So, I have a very established tank with a school of CPDs, and decided to add fire reds to the tank. After a hiccup with the seller on here, I finally get some beautiful reds, then I found my first one with clado.
My tank is heavily planted, so catching and culling that one was a nightmare, but I was hoping that was that.
I just found two more with the parasite.
Do I just keep culling them until they're all gone? I don't have a hospital tank, and I don't know if I should treat my tank with my fish and my snails or even how to treat it.
Any advice?
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2023.03.22 23:58 ihaveafishobsession Insurance recommendations

I know I really messed up and I’m honestly spiraling right now, I want to do the best by my dog but I feel like such a failure.
My dog (Pekingese) jumped off the deck two weeks ago and after taking him to an emergency vet, we learned he has IVDD.
Apparently the mineralization he has is pretty severe for a young dog, and the day we were in the hospital we got insurance for him but did not have it prior. Since he got the diagnosis before the insurance, we are completely screwed. We genuinely cannot afford the costs associated with this and I know it’s a massive long shot but are there any pet insurances who will cover a preexisting condition? He’s such a lively and active dog, I’m devastated for him and I know I’ve completely failed him by not planning better than this.
Any support/ advice is greatly appreciated, we are following all of the vets recommendations exactly but we are so screwed without insurance help.
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2023.03.22 23:58 sordidbunny66 $9,000 for a 2003 Lexus LS 430 in a big city ($350/mo for parking)— worth it?

Thinking of pulling the trigger on this LS 430 I found:
The only thing is I plan to pay straight cash for it but I live in a big city and garage parking here is $350 per month. So that + insurance would be my monthly car expense after the first $9k to buy the car.
I’ve wanted an older LS for a while since I’ve heard they’re insanely good cars and look pretty badass but I’m not sure the purchase price + the parking fee would be super worth it.
I don’t have a car right now and have been able to get around just fine with walking and public trans, but it’s been 2 years of doing that and it’s getting pretty old. Especially if I want to leave town or go on a date somewhere specific.
What do you all think??
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2023.03.22 23:57 galaxyman47 What does persecution really mean?

Not sure the best place to post these, but I know I feel like I need to clarify some things about Christianity (at least in my opinion) that people get wrong both within the church and without. I was going to do a series on youtube about it, but I'm not the best on video. I feel like I can get my thoughts down in text much better without misconstruing my words. So I'm just posting here! Lets see what God does with it.
Here's my background, so you know me better before you just blindly trust what I say :).
I'm 32 years old. I grew up in California in a good home with 1 younger brother, going to a non-denominational evangelical church. I went to college and became a mechanical engineer. I put my trust in Jesus when I was 23 right out of college and it radically changed my outlook on life and gave me a lot of joy and peace. I got married 8 years ago, and 3 years ago adopted 2 kids, now ages 10 and 12. It was and is the most emotionally difficult thing I have ever done. My wife and I have been through seriously depressing times, and are still in the thick of it. I'm someone who thinks very deeply about all sorts of theological issues, my personal feelings, etc. I like to have evidence before I make a decision, regardless of traditional views. I honestly overanalyze everything. And it breaks my heart to see when people see Christianity in a different light than what I believe is beautiful and good. So this is an outlet for me to say what has been on my heart with so many different issues.
We hear a lot about persecution, both of Christians and of other groups. But sometimes we can use the word to mean different things. And the Bible has a meaning that may not line up with what we think of. This can cause us to form opinions or even beliefs that are false.
Religious persecution is rampant in our world. And let me be clear, it’s not just Christians. Hindus and Muslims have been at war for hundreds of years. Christians are killed daily in the middle east. Jewish people were slaughtered by the Nazis in Germany. This is one extreme of the word “persecution”.
We can also use the word “persecution” to mean the general dislike of a people group. Or even just a dislike of their opinions.
In fact, Merriam-Webster defines persecution with two different meanings:
1 : To harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict
specifically : To cause to suffer because of belief
2 : To annoy with persistent or urgent approaches (such as attacks, pleas, or importunities) : PESTER

Now let’s look at the usage in the Bible:

Matthew 5:10-12 says:
“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

When the Bible uses the word “persecution” it leans heavily towards the more extreme version of the word. Not a simple pestering. It gives the example of the old testament prophets being persecuted, which we remember were often tortured, killed, or exiled for their beliefs despite trying to tell God's people the truth.

Now that we can use the word correctly, let’s examine its use in preaching. I have heard many sermons on the subject of persecution. And yet I live in the United States, in California, where persecution in the first sense is almost non-existent. And no one that I know of in the church has ever experienced anything close to it. In fact, I would argue that we barely even experience the second type most of the time. So while the sermon may be factually accurate, it is really meant for a different audience.

I realize there are Christians in the United States who are experiencing some extreme persecution. But to preach an entire sermon for the sake of one or two people would not be very helpful. Instead, talking to that person one on one or in a small group about their experience with persecution specifically would be more appropriate.

The verses in the Bible that talk about persecution were to people that were actually facing death, torture, of exile of them or their families for being Christians. It was to encourage them to endure, and to keep loving the people around them, even the ones persecuting them. It was a powerful message of hope to a desperate people.

So why is this difference of the audience important? Because emphasizing enduring persecution when none exists can easily cause people to think that they are being persecuted. And without knowing it, it can cause people to have an “us vs. them” attitude about the world. It can cause us to lose focus on the great commission of spreading the good news joyfully, and instead become wary of others. In fact it can be used to demonize anyone with different beliefs, making them into “persecutors” instead of just people trying to argue their points. We should be open to talking to others about their beliefs, and not consider it some kind of war with the people around us. We need to remember that we are all the same, we all need the same love, and we all need to respect each other’s opinions.

The emphasis on persecution can actually cause Christians to seek it out, as strange as it might seem. I believe this is a huge driving factor for “extreme” Christians who purposely try to get people angry by being disrespectful, overly argumentative, and hurtful. They think that since the Bible says “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”, that means that if people aren’t actively offended by them, they are doing something wrong. They believe that other Christians who aren’t following their example must be fake Christians.

The ironic part is that the Bible verse they use to justify this says “those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake”. In other words, if we follow the example of Jesus’s kindness, mercy, love, peace, etc. and we are persecuted as a result of that, then we are blessed.

On the flip side, the Bible never says that Christians are always going to be met with violence or anger by the people around us. In fact it gave many other examples of how others around us may treat us:

Titus 2: 7-8
7 In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness 8 and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us.

  1. 1 Peter 2:12 Be careful to live properly among your unbelieving neighbors. Then even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will give honor to God when he judges the world.

  1. 2 Corinthians 8:21 For we are taking great care to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord, but also in the eyes of men.

  1. Romans 15:1-2 We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.

If you think about how Jesus acted, he was solely focused on God’s purpose for his life. And yet he cared about people more than any person on earth. His message divided many, and yet his purpose was not to divide, but to tell the truth to bring people to himself.

Some of you may think that I am watering down the Gospel to make it less offensive to people. But in fact the Gospel at its core is a message of hope, not of condemnation. The most famous Bible verse, John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” and the verse after it is “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

So in conclusion, we need to think about persecution in the correct sense of the word. And instead of seeking it out, focusing instead on living how Jesus taught, and expecting that as a result, persecution is a possibility.
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2023.03.22 23:57 postapocalyscious The Reality Gap: a John Snow Project Editorial

The Reality Gap

John Snow Project Editorial / 21 March 2023 The failure to recognise the ongoing severity of COVID-19 is creating a reality gap that is being filled by groups peddling misinformation.
excerpts: ""It is in fact difficult to know which subgroups of the population have low risks of adverse consequences from breakthrough infection or reinfection, nor is it established that such subgroups exist, to begin with. People of all ages can develop debilitating Long COVID following SARS-CoV-2 infection, even after vaccination. Current evidence suggests infected adults and children are at greater risk of new onset diabetes, adults are at increased risk of cardiac problems and the long-term impact on children’s cardio-vascular health is uncertain. In addition, people can experience kidney injury, liver damage, erectile dysfunction, hearing loss, immune dysfunction, brain and memory dysfunction, ocular damage and dermatological complications. In fact there are few organs that SARS-CoV-2 can’t harm, largely because COVID-19 is a vascular disease with immune-mediated severity impacting multiple organs SARS-CoV-2 is an airborne virus that is transmitted via the respiratory system, but the disease it causes is not localized to the respiratory tract with its multi-organ, multi-system impacts stemming from its vascular nature, the associated immune perturbation, and other systemic effects."
"Rather than recognising and educating the population about the well documented role of COVID-19 in cardiac and neurological damage as a consequence of vascular damage or auto-immune dysregulation, governments and policymakers have remained silent, thus allowing misinformation and disinformation to flourish. The end result, predictable and indeed predicted since almost the start of the pandemic, is that trust in vaccination as a whole is eroding, undermining the foundation of public health, beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
"The reality gap and attempts to deflect attention away from the pandemic and its consequences have further repercussions. Earlier in 2022, acute hepatitis cases in children were seen around the world, and despite extensive evidence of SARS-CoV-2 causing liver injury, the UK Health Security Agency flagged adenovirus, a common virus not previously associated with hepatic injury, as the most likely cause. This had clinical implications, with frontline healthcare workers encountering the condition opting to treat with antivirals. In fact, it seems the hepatic injury was immune mediated, which might explain why children with the condition responded to immune suppression in the form of steroid treatment. The knock-on effects of mischaracterizing the root of the problem are serious: if an infection is the source of the hepatic issues, then immune suppression is not the proper treatment."
"While it is natural to focus on the impact COVID-19 has on our health, there is also growing concern about the effect it is having on society and the global economy. There are ongoing staffing issues in all industries, in all parts of the world, impacting all aspects of our lives from health care to travel to hospitality and more. Major organizations like the Bank of England and the Brookings Institution suggest recurrent acute COVID-19 and Long Covid as significant factors in the staffing crisis, which in turn is exacerbating the rise in inflation.
"In these circumstances it is difficult to see how there will be a return to pre-pandemic standards of health and economic productivity without first acknowledging the harm caused by COVID-19 and then taking the steps needed to reduce transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus."
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2023.03.22 23:57 PMmeifyourepooping [THANK YOU] including a golden girls-loving mystery sender for my mailbox warming!!

MYSTERY SENDER?! - Thank you for the card!! I have a whole book of every cultural reference in golden girls that explains each one in moderate detail (enough that I can google it later!) It’s actually been raining recently and I just do my normal stuff I guess. Im settled enough to notice but not quite enough to take advantage of it. I don’t miss anything about Texas (second to last place) besides the insane thunder storms. Truly the sleep I’ve ever gotten. Thank you for the card!!
welshfancy x2 - the cat stickers 😂😂😂 I love them!! I’m going to send you a general life update soon and hopefully we can get to exchanging again! I’ve been a slacker 🥲 the card with the dog roping the ball to send his BFF warmed my heart so much 🥰 you always have the best cards!!
szedecrem - wow this traveled far!! Thank you so much! I love the chocolate nation card! Do y’all have any type of singular nationwide chocolate festival? These chocolate sculptures are stunning. I’ve been spoiled by all of Amaury’s chocolate content online, and I’ve been wanting to see some done! Not working with it though—too much work and timing 😅 I would LOVE to do the liquid chocolates at the end of the tour! At the end of the blue bell (it’s an ice cream brand in the US!) tour in the factories in Texas you also get ice cream samples. They say the workers there can take whatever they want from the break room freezer and I always wonder how long it takes them to start going home empty handed because it’s just too much of it and they’re sick of something else we all pay to see.
TheFeistyFox - boring addresses are the worst! I used to live on a street that I had to spell every time which was the opposite end of annoying. It’s nice that I ended up with such a pretty one!! I love the international mail coming today how exciting! Your stamps are beautiful 😍 im settling in nicely! The only thing left in the pod is artwork that we haven’t decided where to hang yet so that’s exciting!!
FollowingTheBeat - wow what a fun card!! I love the card itself and the stickers made my day!! The envelope was also a really subtle but stunning gradient I appreciated :) you sure are right around the corner!! There are a few of us right here 👀 I was thinking one day we could do a little meet up and swap some washi and cards or something over coffee and pastries!!
and-it_was_this-big - I’m so glad you have a safe space for the pup! Totally a valid reason to up and leave some property you weren’t emotionally or economically connected to anyway :) thank you for the well wishes! I’m getting settled in and finally almost finished getting everything sorted!!
Fyrestarr - I love pusheen!! What a nightmare the elevator situation sounds like. I can only imagine that the discovery process of figuring out how to manage it was brutal. We didn’t have movers but the pod actually worked out perfectly!! It’s been so nice to have that staging area and a month (more if we needed it) to unload it.
mypetitemal - my fiancé has a job here! It was a 6mo internship that became a much longer situation lol. We can’t wait to see all the sights re:NPs! I’m excited to be back with my fiancé it’s been more than a year now and it was hard to deal with, but I needed that time to leave the last place so I guess it worked out. Rough though. Thank you for the card, and the sticker is too adorable!!
DianaPenPal - I’m near enough to everything (beach, redwoods, big city) to get there and spend the day, but not quite close enough to any of it to decide day-of if that makes sense. Especially because we’re borrowing a car from our host sometimes but mostly taking public transportation. I love the trains though!! Even the occasional weirdos have a certain charm, and I’ve never felt unsafe at all. It’s nice to have access to the San Francisco venues since so many bands tour there! Thank you so much for the beautiful floral card and the stickers!!
OneDarkandStormyKnit - thank you for a second card?!?! I’m much more settled now than after the first one you sent :) I hope you thaw out nicely and enjoy your warmer weather! :)
feellikebeingajerk - last time I moved I did a straight up awful job of culling the herd of random stuff, but this time I was really on top of it! I ended up not moving almost anything that I unpacked and thought “why did I even bring this…” which was super nice. This time… for whatever it’s worth I actually have a surplus of decor, but I’m lacking relevant organizational tools because I had much more space and shelving and cabinetry at the last place. You win some you lose some right? Thank you so much for the totally adorable card! I’m surprised (but also not, considering my own collection lol) how many people had “new dwelling” type cards on hand! Y’all are the awesome :)
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2023.03.22 23:55 autotldr North Korea fires cruise missiles as allies stage drills

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 51%. (I'm a bot)
SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea launched multiple cruise missiles toward the sea on Wednesday, South Korea's military said, three days after the North carried out what it called a simulated nuclear attack on South Korea.
North Korea is expected to continue its testing activities as the United States reportedly plans to send an aircraft carrier in coming days for another round of joint drills with South Korea.
U.N. Security Council resolutions ban North Korea from launching ballistic missiles but don't prohibit its cruise missile tests.
Experts say cruise missiles developed by North Korea also pose a serious threat to its neighbors, as they are designed to fly at a lower altitude to avoid radar detection.
The weapons that were tested included short-range nuclear-capable ballistic missiles capable of striking South Korea and intercontinental ballistic missiles designed to attack the mainland U.S. Wednesday's launches were the North's first tests of cruise missiles since March 21, when it said it fired two cruise missiles from a submarine.
Last month, North Korea launched what it called four long-range cruise missiles that demonstrated potential ranges to strike targets 2,000 kilometers away.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: North#1 missile#2 Korea#3 South#4 launch#5
Post found in /worldnews and /worldnews.
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2023.03.22 23:55 HSeldon2020 Bear Markets Do Not Play By Your Rules!

Everyone has their charts all ready - trendlines drawn, alerts set, everything a successful trader should be doing.
And then Powell opens his mouth. Support - gone. Stock after stock follows the market down and in thirty minutes time previously bullish tickers now look like great shorts.
This happens over and over during a Bear market. Why? Why does it fuck with us like that? Why does it ruin our beautiful annotated charts we spend so long making??
Because that is what a Bear Market does!
Almost by definition Bear markets are driven by external factors that impact price action. Bull markets are all about the stocks themselves. Hell, during an almost decade long Bull run I bet most traders had no idea when the CPI was being released, or jobless numbers. Nor did we care. The FED? A non-issue.
Now, every day there is another potential market moving economic release or news story.
Picture this - you manage hundreds of billions of dollars and you need to somehow put it to work. Your job is to take all that money and make more of it. You certainly don't want to lose it. That would be bad.
So you move it around - one day it is Basic Materials, all the reports say that is the best place to park your money. So you sell a bunch of your Tech stock (while we sit around wondering why the hell GOOGL just went down for seemingly no reason) and move it over. Powell is raising rates again? Shit...what are the Treasury notes doing? Can I get 4.5% there? Damnit Banks are going under....what the fuck people, seriously, What. The. Fuck. Ok, I am short KRE and buying GOLD!
It is those billions of dollars that moves the market - and that money is waiting on any sign that there is somewhere safe (and profitable) to invest it. In a Bull market you could throw a dart hit a stock like ZM and go long all day. You are going to make money in a Bull market, that is a given - but are you going to make more than the other Money Managers out there? Because that is your focus - beating the other funds. In a Bear Market though it is just about survival.
That survival is dependent on all the factors that have lead to the Bear Market in the first place. Each Bear Market has its own special reason for existing. Our Bear Market is here because of - Inflation. Well at least at first that was the reason. But now there is a possible Recession, maybe Bank Runs, there is always threat of war expanding, and every now and then the Covid pandemic pops back up to remind us that it is still here.
Each Press Conference, News Release, Economic data drop tells them where they can best ride out the storm, and those decisions move the market. Sometimes they have no fucking clue and we get chop. Other times they are optimistic that this infernal Bear Market is coming to an end, and everyone wants to be the first to jump in and grab stocks on sale. Thus, we get a rally. And other times are oh fuck moments, and they all rush to pull their money out of what was previously thought of as "safe" and we get what you saw today - a huge drop.
Am I saying that Technical Analysis doesn't work in a Bear Market? No - it does. Just not as well. The macro-economic environment must be taken into account. Which means as a trader it is your job to learn everything you can about the "Why's" behind the price action you are seeing. You need to understand what the market is reacting to as well as the magnitude of that reaction.
Today I was able to take profit in my longs during the initial pop in the market after the FOMC release. I did that because looking at the summary of the report, it became clear that this statement was a lot more hawkish than investors priced in. That allowed me to not only take profit in those longs, but also increase my short positions.
While there is a lot to go through when trying to decipher the "Why's" within the socio-economic sphere, I have actually found that ChatGPT can be very helpful in this respect (asking it to explain something to you in the tone of Stephen King is particularly fun).
I know we normally say, "Just look at the Chart", but these aren't normal times, are they? Fuck no. So yes, look at the chart - but also look at the news and understand what the hell is going on.
Just think of all the entertaining knowledge you'll be able to pull out during the next social gathering? Impress your friends! Amaze your family!
Either way - Learn it.
Best, H.S.
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2023.03.22 23:54 somethingig686926 My em is getting worse

(So I guess this is sorta an update to my last post but it gets worse.)
So like I stated last time I know I'm severely mentally ill and 15 but my mom keeps telling me "jokes" about sending back to the mental hospital. For a bit more detail go to the last post. So I tried to talk to her the next day we got into a fight. She again only made the whole thing about her. I brought up the fact her and my dad blamed me for a teacher calling DCF when they found belt marks on me when she said my life was perfect. She went from "well you should have been more responsible you did get in trouble" to "I had to deal with DCF that whole time because you had to tell your teacher, what goes on in the house stays in the house you know this" and then to "I went through worse in my childhood your lucky yours is better, I'm way better then my parents be thankful". After a while I was too emotional so my body shut down and I went mute, the argument died down there. Until she got a book and told me to read it, I looked at the book and already knew what this was about. The book is called "the child named it". For those who don't know the book is about a poor boy who went through the worse abuse you can think of by his mother. First time I was told to read it, it made me puke and cry due to the horrors I read. She was trying to make me read it again so I can quote "see what actual abuse is since I wanna play the victim". I remember the first time finishing the book and she said "now you know what actual abuse is, what your going through is nothing compared to me your dad and that boy is it? That's what I thought now suck it up and be great full I'm not like that your really pushing me though." I am refusing to read the book simply because I can't stomach what happens in the book and I know what's she's trying to do and I don't wanna deal with it.
And before anyone says "your mom isn't that bad you sound like a teen who complains about anything" I'll tell you some things I went through personally. At age 12 I had a diary my mom found and read said diary, she got mad that I was complaining about living Ina run down house that's constantly falling apart. I was beaten and forces to clean that house because I was "lying". When I was 13 I had a art table one day I forgot to tidy the table. My parents threw all my art projects to the ground and ripped papers up causing me to lose so much art stuff. Once I was crying in tears I accidentally raised my voice so they could hear me asking them to stop. I was pushed against the wall and at the end had a black eye and bloody nose. When they told me to run away they don't care I packed up and went to leave my mom grabbed me by my ear and pulled me inside calling me a "stupid bitch ". When my dog at the time ran away and we couldn't find him I was crying so bad I threw up, instead of comforting me they smoked weed then blew it into my face to "calm me down". When my uncle choked me and I got ahole of my mom who was at work telling her what happened she told me to "go apologize to my uncle". That's not even all of it my mom would punch me dead in the face when I forgot dishes in the sink. So much more so I think I'm not over acting, and yes I'm already planning on moving out as soon as I turn 16. I'll drop out of highschool get my GED and a job, I have found a dog friendly apartment and many jobs I can take that pay well with little to no work experience. (Even though I have lots of work experience Ive had jobs before).
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2023.03.22 23:53 SandmanRen Buy a new ND2 Miata but feeling ripped off, appreciate some advice :)

Hey community,
(I've also posted this in the Mazda subreddit)
TL DR; I'm looking to buy a new miata, but after talking to 10+ dealers in my area I highly suspect that they are trying to make me pay more than I should. I wanted to see if any informed members of the community know:
  1. Is it possible for Mazda dealers to put down "build orders" to the factory
  2. Do Mazda dealerships do corporate orders (one dealer said that the miata I found on the inventory search is already sold before they even know it existed to a corporate buyer)
I'm planning to get a 2023 MX-5 Miata and was looking specifically for a red software with manual transmission at grand touring trim. I've never bought a car nor dealt with any dealerships before (at least not in person). I've talked to more than 10 dealerships around my area (NYC/NJ surrounding) and have met with some difficulties in securing such a vehicle. I would appreciate some advice. Here's what's happened to me:
- I have enough to pay the entire purchase in cash, but I'm considering financing through the recent Mazda special program at 0.9% APR because I can yield a positive interest around 2~4% with my high yield saving account, so there isn't really a reason to pay cash for the vehicle
- Looks like red Miatas are pretty rare in my area.
- The majority of the dealers say that they cannot put down a custom order (those happen to be dealers that didn't have any red miatas in their inventory from my search on
- The rest of the dealers (which happen to be those who has red miatas in their inventory), whenever I inquire about the red miata, didnt know that they had one coming to their dealership (at least based on my conversation with them). As soon as I told them that I found one on inventory search that's coming to their dealership, they got back to me after 1-2 days saying that someone else has put down a deposit on the car or the car was already sold to a corporate buyer, and offered me to put down a "build order"
Now that I've talked to about 10+ dealers I couldn't shake the feeling that the dealers that are saying the red miatas are already sold and offered me to put down custom orders are trying to scrape more money out of me as they are selling custom orders over MSRP AND delaying the financing until a few months later where the special financing program may not be a thing anymore. I outright refused to accept those deals.
That said, I think it's better for me to be more informed about how mazda dealers work in general and whether the experience I had was normal. I'd appreciate any advice that the community may have. Thanks :)
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2023.03.22 23:53 JeezOhKay Children of Mothers with Borderline Personality Disorder: Identifying Parenting Behaviors as Potential Targets for Intervention

Children of Mothers with Borderline Personality Disorder: Identifying Parenting Behaviors as Potential Targets for Intervention
Just some take-aways from this scientic journal:
●Children of mothers with BPD should be considered a high-risk group given the wide array of poor psychosocial outcomes that have been found in these children.
●The day-to-day life of those with [BPD] is fraught with high levels of misery, which often endures even after symptoms of impulsivity and suicide behaviors remit.
●Individuals with BPD tend to have attachment styles classified as disorganized and unresolved (Levy, 2005). These attachment styles may influence the manner in which a mother relates to her child; specifically, mothers with unresolved trauma may relate to their child in a manner that oscillates between hostility and passivity (Main & Hesse, 1990). Evidence suggests that maternal BPD impacts infant affect and early markers of self and emotion regulation skills.
Oh you thought that was bad, it gets worse...
●Three studies have been conducted using infants of mothers with BPD (Crandell et al., 2003; Hobson et al., 2005; Newman et al., 2007). Newman and colleagues (2007) found that infants of BPD mothers (n = 14) aged 3 to 36 months were less attentive and less interested in interactions with their mother during a free-play interaction compared to infants of healthy control mothers (n = 20).
●Crandell and colleagues (2003) found that during the still-face paradigm, 2-month old infants of mothers with BPD demonstrated more dazed looks, more gaze aversion, and less overall responsiveness toward the mother than infants of mothers without a psychiatric disorder. The authors interpreted these results as suggestive of emotional dysregulation in the face of an interpersonally stressful situation. Furthermore, after the still-face paradigm, the mother-infant dyads showed less recovery in their interactions as the infants continued to show increasing negative affect and less-satisfying reengagement with their mothers. When this same group of infants was 12 months old, 80% presented with behavioral patterns consistent with disorganized attachment to their mother.
●Mothers with BPD were more likely to be characterized as intrusively insensitive based on ratings of their speech and behavior during both the free play period before the still face paradigm and the recovery period afterwards compared to healthy controls.
●Mothers with BPD displayed dysregulated affective communication toward their infants, including critical and intrusive behaviors, role confusion, and frightened/frightening behaviors. In addition, the mothers showed more frightening and disorienting behavior than mothers with depression or without a personality disorder.
Hhmmm I think that is what we have been picking up on in her interactions with MB.
●Mothers with BPD were found to be less sensitive and demonstrated less structuring in their interaction with their infants when compared to psychiatrically healthy mother-infant dyads. These mothers also perceived differences in their parenting ability, reporting they were less satisfied, less competent and more distressed with their parenting abilities. Interestingly, the authors noted that the levels of distress and perceived difficulties with parenting roles may be a factor contributing to neglect and abuse.
I think this is another important one to nite because of our increasing concern of their lack of sleep safety and car seat safety measures.
●The authors found significant main effects of depression and personality disorders on infant care practices scores even after controlling for infant irritability, suggesting that women with depression and women with a personality disorder reported engaging in fewer recommended infant care practices (e.g., “baby is placed supine to sleep at night,” “baby is never exposed to cigarette smoke”) and lower observational ratings of maternal involvement compared to mothers without depression and without a personality disorder.
Obviously, there are a lot of issues here. But the main issue that this article wants to address is how to prevent a child of a mother with BPD from developing their own psychological issues. Attachment injuries are extremely harmful. And they begin as soon as infancy. There is no specifically design intervention strategy to prevent children of BPD mothers from psychological harm but authors have made recommendations of attachment therapies. Especially during the infant years when it is the most crucial time for personality development in a child. I am not sharing this for Trisha's benefit. I am sharing this for MB. I am truly scared for her. I have many friends who have been raised by parents with BPD. And some are fine and some are not. The ones that are not fine have a really hard mental battle every day. MB didn't choose this life, she didn't choose her parents. I hope Trisha sees this and really takes it seriously. This is a real study. She needs to dig deep and really think about the fact that she used to be MB and she needs to be the mom she wish she had. Or else this is a cycle that is going to continue.
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2023.03.22 23:52 SandmanRen Buying a new ND2 Miata, would appreciate some advice :)

Hey community,

TL DR; I'm looking to buy a new miata, but after talking to 10+ dealers in my area I highly suspect that they are trying to make me pay more than I should. I wanted to see if any informed members of the community know:
  1. Is it possible for Mazda dealers to put down "build orders" to the factory
  2. Do Mazda dealerships do corporate orders (one dealer said that the miata I found on the inventory search is already sold before they even know it existed to a corporate buyer)
I'm planning to get a 2023 MX-5 Miata and was looking specifically for a red software with manual transmission at grand touring trim. I've never bought a car nor dealt with any dealerships before (at least not in person). I've talked to more than 10 dealerships around my area (NYC/NJ surrounding) and have met with some difficulties in securing such a vehicle. I would appreciate some advice. Here's what's happened to me:
- I have enough to pay the entire purchase in cash, but I'm considering financing through the recent Mazda special program at 0.9% APR because I can yield a positive interest around 2~4% with my high yield saving account, so there isn't really a reason to pay cash for the vehicle
- Looks like red Miatas are pretty rare in my area.
- The majority of the dealers say that they cannot put down a custom order (those happen to be dealers that didn't have any red miatas in their inventory from my search on
- The rest of the dealers (which happen to be those who has red miatas in their inventory), whenever I inquire about the red miata, didnt know that they had one coming to their dealership (at least based on my conversation with them). As soon as I told them that I found one on inventory search that's coming to their dealership, they got back to me after 1-2 days saying that someone else has put down a deposit on the car or the car was already sold to a corporate buyer, and offered me to put down a "build order"
Now that I've talked to about 10+ dealers I couldn't shake the feeling that the dealers that are saying the red miatas are already sold and offered me to put down custom orders are trying to scrape more money out of me as they are selling custom orders over MSRP AND delaying the financing until a few months later where the special financing program may not be a thing anymore. I outright refused to accept those deals.
That said, I think it's better for me to be more informed about how mazda dealers work in general and whether the experience I had was normal. I'd appreciate any advice that the community may have. Thanks :)
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2023.03.22 23:52 baronluigi Was this scene taken from Re2?

I meant the scene where Tommy and his brother split, due to a car crashing and causing a fire.
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2023.03.22 23:51 MadEyeCorporalki PT Profession PSA

Hi everyone,
Long read, so bear with me. I am sharing this to help bring awareness. This event transpired at my clinic last week to a colleague of mine. None of the rest of our colleagues, managers, or even HR had heard of this happening before (and I work for one of the largest hospital networks in the state/country). The PT Board of CA response was that they were aware this type of scan was making its way through the professional circuit, so we were all a bit peeved to put it mildly that collectively as professionals they hadn't sent out at least an email to us. The large goal here is to help spread the word, hopefully put people on the defensive if they end up in a similar situation, but also maybe to have people apply pressure to our state and national registration entities. Please let your colleagues, managers, and even HR departments know. Here is the story:
PLEASE READ: PT Licensing Scam BEWARE. Story from a Medical Professional
"Recently, I received a call from someone who claimed they were part of the PT Board of CA and the number that came up on my phone was the same PT Board number listed online. I was notified that my license was being suspended and that it was part of an on-going investigation. This particular story involved my name, license number, and NPI on a package of drugs that was recovered by government officials. I was instructed to collect my suspension letter from the board, which they provided on official letterhead, and if I wanted to clear my name I could either hire my own criminal investigator or offer cooperation with the FBI and PT Board of CA could support me. After this long drawn out process over several days, only then did they ask me to sign a document which was part of my offer of cooperation which involved a bond fee."
Apparently medical professionals have been the target of scammers like this for a while. Unfortunately, because it's not widely circulated or known, and these scammers are still at large and targeting ALL medical professionals.
Some tips to ENSURE this doesn’t happen to YOU.
1) Check your status online. If there's a status change or disciplinary action, it will be reflected immediately. REGARDLESS of what they say.
2) Take the time to verify who it is you’re speaking with. Get off the phone with whoever that called you. Call and WAIT to speak with someone from your licensing board and CONFIRM the person you’re speaking with DOES work for your licensing board.
3) Do NOT let them isolate you. TELL your superiors, TELL your colleagues. This is how they’re successful. They make you think you’re alone in this and that they’re on your side and that you can trust them. They’ll cite whatever fake legal jargon to do so and bank on the fact that you won’t look this up.
4) Any government line you should be able to hang up the phone, redial the number that called you and it should immediately go back to the person. If it doesn’t, they’re spoofing the call.
This sounds ridiculous and unbelievable but in a moment of panic, isolation, and fear for your ability to work as a medical professional, these terrible people will make you believe anything, gain your trust slowly, and only then will they guide you towards sometime of monetary transaction to help save yourself. This scam was not over 1 or 2 phone calls, it was over a FULL WEEK. Do NOT trust them. And spread the word so NO other medical professionals will fall victim to this and continue bankrolling their illegal operation.
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2023.03.22 23:51 Knull-and-Void Buying accessories for Tesla worth it for leased cars ?

To give you guys context, I’ve leased the car for just 2 years & I’m talking about expensive accessories like floor mats, boot mats etc.
If I don’t get a screen protector, will general wear on the screen from usage be a problem when I return the car after 2 years?
Similar doubt on the mats as they are expensive and after 2 years we might decide to go for another car or the dimensions of Tesla’s might change slightly in the future in which case those mats are then wasted!
What all accessories have you bought for your leased Teslas ?
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