Dashing diva glaze tips

Is this true? Feels like the run around.

2023.06.10 23:30 Funny-Calligrapher67 Is this true? Feels like the run around.

Is this true? Feels like the run around.
I had an order placed via chipotle, delivered by doordash and wanted to increase my tip to the driver. Have done this before after contacting support and they were always able to adjust the tip. Have things changed?
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2023.06.10 23:18 wolfie_elixir Am I wrong to be upset about this?

Am I wrong to be upset about this?
I ordered something small from little Caesars, tipped four dollars on a fifteen dollar order. I love right down the road from it. I'm just sick, and can't walk to get is as it's rainy and I'm in a lot of pain?? And he just leaves goes off?? And door dash is like if it's not here by five like. All he had to do was go the right direction.
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2023.06.10 22:33 PoplinSudster What do you think a minimum tip should be?

I think 10 to 15$ should be minimum tip for this type of service. I get a lot of 5$ tips and idk how customers think that’s a good tip for the amount of work we do. This isn’t door dash this is honestly a luxury service at a cheap af price.
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2023.06.10 22:33 Assassinkitty143 Haven't dashed much lately. How new is this?

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2023.06.10 22:16 Deliverydriverslowiq DoorDash is a scam

People need to wake up realize DoorDash was made to make the owners Rich as fast as possible. Think about it dashers get paid change compared to the delivery fee, they steal tip, the restaurant has to pay a commission and have to raise prices to break even, customer get charged literal made up fees, and now they’re not giving refunds for stuff that was THEIR fault. You’re willingly getting robbed by these people.
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2023.06.10 21:19 Glittering_Pay_5660 [CAN-BC](H) Pokémon, Mario, Gamecube sega Dreamcast and PS1 Lot with strategy guides. (W) PayPal or Etransfer.

Hey guys! Huge list of games for sale here. Everything is in Canadian dollar and open for offers :) Also will be posting a list of boxed N64 games, boxed NES and Boxed SNES. Also have about over 100 SNES games to sell and 300+ NES games to sell. Here is a peak into my GAMEYE with prices so maybe something will catch your eyes.
The Legend of Dragoon (greatest hits) $56
Final Fantasy VIII $27
Final Fantasy VII $64
Final Fantasy Tactics $58
Gran Turismo $16
Looney Tunes racing $24
007 Tomorrow never dies $9
007 the world is not enough $12
Saltwater sport fishing $7
Monopoly $7
Planet of the apes $11
Cool boarders 2 (greatest hits) $7
Crash bandicoot (greatest hits) $20
Crash bandicoot Warped $18
Crash bandicoot 2 cortex strikes back $18
Riven the sequel to myst $20
Ninja shadow of darkness $30
Tomb raider collectors edition $92
Pitfall 3D beyond the jungle $12
Family card games fun pack $5
Strategy guides:
Official Riven the sequel to Myst tips and secrets $18
Official Pitfall 3D beyond the jungle strategy guide $6
PSM 1999 NO.20 $12
Official Final Fantasy VIII strategy guide $34
Primas official Final Fantasy Tactics strategy guide (small tear on the side) $29
Final Fantasy X-2 strategy guide $14
Primas Crash Bandicoot Warped official strategy guide $12
Pokémon soulsilver Big Box $350
Pokémon heartgold big box $425
Pokémon sun $30 (no manual)
Pokémon moon $30 (no manual)
Pokémon Y $55
Pokémon soul silver $200
Final fantasy IV $45
Final fantasy tactics A2 $35 (just case and manual only)
Monster racer $120
Pokémon mystery dungeon explore of time $40
Pokémon white version 2 $90 (manual and box)
Pokémon pearl $85
Pokémon Diamond $40 (manual and box)
Pokémon black $120
Pokémon black $55 (manual and box)
Pokémon ranger $25 (manual and box)
Pokémon heart gold $90 (manual and box)
Fire emblem fates birthright $80 (no manual)
Metroid Samus returns $50 (no manual)
Resident evil the mercenaries 3D $34
Fire emblem awakening $75
Lord of the rings Lego $10
Dragon quest IX $76
Super Mario 64 $30
New super Mario bros $30
Mario kart DS $25
Final fantasy IV $45
Legendary starfry $30
Harvest moon Cute $50
Super Mario 3D land $20
Mario kart 7 $15
Tom Clancy Shadow war $20
Beyblade evolution $10
Sega Dreamcast
Soul calibur $50
Shenmue limited edition $75(missing one of the special disks and some cracks on the case. All 3 disks to play the game are still there)
Resident evil code Veronica $56
Grandia II $73
Tony hawk pro skater $21
Spider-Man $104
Timestalkers $43
Skies of Arcadia $170
Sonic adventures $63
Sonic adventures 2 $148
Virtua Tennis $15
Mega man network transmission $50
The legend of Zelda collectors edition $95
Final fantasy Crystal chronicles $15
Mario kart double dash $105
The legend of Zelda four swords $40 (case and manual only)
Luigi’s mansion $60 (loose disk)
Super smash bros Melee $85
Resident evil 4 $45
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2023.06.10 21:09 SkyGazer117 Hard to Reach Bolt

My clutch pedal gives off an annoying rattling sound due to the top bolt of the clutch pedal support sub-assy being loose. Because of how little space there is to work in the area its almost impossible to fit a tool up there to tighten it. Anyone have any tips on how to tighten this bolt without tearing apart my whole dash? I attached a picture that shows which bolt I'm talking about.
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2023.06.10 20:39 DieselW0lf Found a unicorn today

Found a unicorn today
13 pizzas going 12 miles. Easy drop off and pick up.
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2023.06.10 20:17 PsychicMediumSara Hourly Vs Per Order Feedback Please-GO

Though I haven’t Dashed Much I’m about to and I’m looking for Tips and Feedback! Need to earn a lot Of extra money NOW so hoping for honest suggestions and no trolling please
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2023.06.10 20:12 bluetexan62 Glove box

I have a 2012 Mustang. The hoop on the inside of the glove box broke off. Is there any way to reattach it? How difficult is it to replace the the complete glove box? The dealership said that they would have to remove the dash board to do it. Found some replacement glove boxes on line for around $60 to $100. Anyway to do this without removing the whole dashboard? Thanks in advance for any tips.
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2023.06.10 20:03 quantafolia So, I need someone to guide me with assassins role.

For now, I have learnt to play aamon, saber, bene, harley and karina but I really need someone to guide me as mentor. I have noticed I often do these wrong-

To all assassin mains out there, any help please regarding my mistakes? any tips and tricks on each hero are welcome too!
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2023.06.10 20:03 Spiritual_Street5565 Twitter Poll : Is it okay to give doordash drivers $0 tip?

Twitter Poll : Is it okay to give doordash drivers $0 tip?
It may be time to create a Spiritual_Street5565 Twitter account to expose DoorDash for its shadiness, so all can see including DoorDash. Time to save screenshots. "Without the driver there would be NO Doordash." Amen to that.
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2023.06.10 20:02 BrandonCovetto Petco didn’t tell me they would split my order between several dashers!

I ordered several cans of pet food from my Petco app. Selected the closest store. And chose delivery because my car has broken down and I needed cat food right away. There was only one item I selected the app said was out of stock, so I naturally assumed all other items were in stock at the same store. I was aware it was being delivered by Doordash and added a $15 tip. The app said “100% of this tip goes to the driver” which…was true. Kind of.
They ended up splitting the order between 4 drivers Dashing to 4 different stores to satisfy the order. One is 20 minutes away! Then split the $15 tip between the four of them! One guy picked up only 4 cans for me!
I felt terrible! What a sneaky, convoluted, terrible way to run a business.
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2023.06.10 18:25 HerSmilezGotFrecklez Cause this was such a darn good order that I had to decline it!😏

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2023.06.10 18:23 western_questions Thank you for everyone who shared your feedback about growing out nails with wraps :)

I posted here about a month ago soliciting advice about growing out one’s natural nails with wraps/stickers etc and I got some great feedback. I wanted to thank everybody and share my experience should anyone come here looking for the same thing!
I’ve had great success with the dashing diva gel strong !!!! They last a full two weeks, and following y’all’s advice I have had no damage removing them. My nails have never been this long!!
I have been taking biotin and collagen peptides to physically strengthen the nails as they grow in, but obviously it’s too soon to tell a difference. However, I have never been able to go this long without a tear. They protect my nails so well!!
What I love the most about them is you can paint them with lacquer or apply their non gel wraps/stickers on top of them. Also they applied very easily over two coats of nail strengthener (which I have since discontinued as it’s unnecessary under the wraps) and you don’t even need to dehydrate the nail.
I’d post a before and after, but I’m still a novice at application/shaping so it’s kinda embarrassing lmao! But imagine nails with no whites, literally ending before the nail beds- transforming into nails half a centimeter over the nail beds. It’s not much, but for me it’s HUGE!
When I take this set off and put on a cute set (their gels with designs) I will post. Thanks again y’all !
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2023.06.10 17:51 IntroductionSafe2344 First 2 contract violations ever happen in the same night

First 2 contract violations ever happen in the same night
I had one shop and deliver order for pool shock, pool floatie and a snickers. The order was contactless and stated to put the order in the mailbox. So when i went to deliver that order i was surprised it actually fit in the mailbox but i opened the mailbox put the order in and took a picture of the mailbox with the address and shopping bag in frame then closed the mailbox
2nd order was taco bell a no tip order too but it was a stacked order and the money was good for the miles. Ill admit my mistake right here i was on autopilot so i assumed it was a contactless order. Anyways i pull up to the house and set the food down (since i mistakenly assumed it was contactless) as i was getting ready to take the picture i get a message saying she was out front and said “white house across the street [insert address number]” so then i pick the food up and looked around making sure I was at the right address which i was then a lady came out the house and said “right here” so i turned back to the house i was originally at and explained to her i was confused thinking it was contactless then also she said i was at the wrong house. My car was parked at across the street but i was at the right house the first time. But to say you didnt get your food when i directly handed it to you is insane
Fuck door dash
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2023.06.10 17:38 gingerypineapple Back to my tried and true Dashing Diva 😍

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2023.06.10 17:32 Civil-Ant-3983 Wow hate nyc.

Wow hate nyc.
Posted in the NYC ride thread when this happened on WED. Was parked, got an alert at work from GPS it was tilted to find it tipped over. Witness said guy rammed it in his car to get out of his parking space dragged it a little bit and ran. Called the cops, obviously didn’t care. Somehow seems minimal damage, scraped tank cover, scraped clutch (a little wobbly but functional), scraped bar end mirror and kick stand, scuffs on the rim. Didn’t see any fluids leaking, no scrapes on frame or engine. Was able to ride home and felt normal, no errors on the dash. Freaking bought the 890 brand new 2 weeks ago and just got it’s first service 🥲. Anyway figured I’d post here since you guys know KTMS well… all the authorized technicians around here are booked until next month, was thinking about maybe riding it around a few miles to see if it’s all good until I can get it diagnosed properly. Anything I should look for or keep an eye on that I might overlook? Or should I just not ride it at all until I can get it looked at next month in your opinion. Sorry for the long post, first time I’ve ever had a downed bike not sure exactly what to do, seeing conflicting advice on the internet. Posted in the KTM Duke thread as well, forgive me if you see this twice, just looking for some opinions. Thanks 🙏🏽
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2023.06.10 17:13 Good_Tune3734 Diagnose a leaky evaporator?

I’m like 90% sure my evaporator core is leaking but I want to be certain before I undertake this huge job.
I have a 2005 4Runner that has been leaking Freon very slowly for a while until it recently developed into a bad problem, now the system will empty in 5 or so minutes rather than lasting for three months between recharges.
Here is what I have tried so far: I bought a refrigerant detector, put a little refrigerant in the system, then followed all the a/c lines and components that I could reach in the engine bay (compressor, condenser, any connections) and the detector didn’t pick up on any leaks. Then I put the sniffer near the condensation run-off tube thing and it beeped at me saying there was Freon detected. From what I have researched so far it seems really likely that it’s the evaporator that is the problem, but replacing it is such a huge job I really want to make sure before I do that. I’m thinking of buying some dye and a uv light but I feel like that won’t tell me much more than what the sniffer has told me already.
Does anyone have any tips for how I can diagnose this without having to tear apart my entire dash?
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2023.06.10 17:10 miCasaCasa It's like watching a pokemon evolve

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Just to give a background story I lost my job recently but I’ve been doing DoorDash since 2019 on the side and working full-time. DoorDash does not pay much the most you’ll ever get for an order is $20. Sometimes it’s tips included my friend that I recommended to do DoorDash switched to Instacart. Told me all the benefits only to say ,they were no longer excepting applications.. She lied I got in and accepted in two days. I didn’t tell her. I got in as an Instacart driver, because I felt like it was a shitty move on her part to be my friend and tell me a company is no longer excepting applications. Despite that I’m having some trouble getting used to Instacart in North Carolina. What is some advice you can give me in and out of my state?
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2023.06.10 16:16 roamingnomad7 A cool guide to common grammatical errors in writing

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