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Microdosing: sub-threshold dosing of psychedelic drugs for self-improvement, therapy or well-being

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This is a community for discussion pertaining to microdosing research, experiments, regimens and experiences. The most probable candidates for microdosing are psychedelics, but we encourage dialogue on the effects of any drugs at sub-threshold dosage. No sourcing of drugs allowed! Please have a look at the 'microdosing Sidebar 2.0' (Desktop ⬇️); or select 'About' (Mobile).

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For all discussion related to Medical Marijuana in Missouri.

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2023.03.28 12:53 Known_Afternoon_8197 How long before you get Karma

Sorry if it's been asked before but how long does it typically take for karma to show up after an upvote/post/comment? I have received messages saying that I got a response (comment) and show an upvote on my original post but my account still is showing nothing. Thanks for your help
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2023.03.28 12:53 HappyGirlEmma Calling in sick

Hey guys, so do you call in sick? How long do you usually rest for? I can’t work at all with this condition, I’m still dizzy and can’t see straight. I actually worked last week and it got worse and worse so I’ve decided to take this week off. I always feel awful calling in sick. How do your employers handle it?
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2023.03.28 12:53 Most_Airline_3652 Shaberry Fashions

Shaberry Fashions


Welcome to the world of Shaberry , where fashion meets elegance and style! If you are a true fashion enthusiast looking for that perfect blend of chic and sophistication, then you have come to the right place. Here at Shaberry, we cater to all your fashion needs with our exclusive range of clothing, designed to make you feel confident and fabulous every day. So get ready to dive into our world and discover what sets us apart from the rest, because when it comes to fashion, nobody does it quite like Shaberry!
The potential for both good and evil lies within us. We are featuring personalities who on the surface look bold, bossy, and powerful, yet with the softest demeanor
Why not be powerful, beautiful, strong and extraordinarily intelligent at the same time ? Boldness and minimalism woven in the threads of comfort are coming your way. Shaberry has a tradition tailored look with a contemporary edge provided by morden minimal design components.
Shaberry is characterised by the juxtaposition of contrasting elements such being bold yet quiet masculinity and feminity,fluidity and hardness but comfortable. The thoughtful details speak the true essence which is designed with the precision of time. Discover the world of casual sophistication with our innovation approach to tailoring.

What fashion do you want from Shaberry?
From statement pieces to timeless classics, Shaberry is known for its versatile styles that cater to all tastes. In this blog, we will be exploring the latest fashion trends from Shaberry and helping you find your perfect look.
The different types of fashion available from Shaberry!
Contemporary: contemporary fashion is about clean lines and simple silhouettes. The focus is on quality materials and construction. Classic fashion is about timeless pieces that never go out of style. The focus is on classic cuts and traditional fabrics.
Classic: This style features clean lines, simple silhouettes, and neutral colors. Pieces in this style are designed to be worn for years to come and will never go out of fashion.
Glamorous: This style is all about luxury and opulence. It features flashy colors, sequins, and fur accents. If you want to make a statement with your clothing, this is the style for you.
Preppy: This style is classic yet modern. It combines traditional pieces with a more contemporary twist. Think button-down shirts paired with skinny jeans or a blazer thrown over a tank top.
Edgy: This style is for those who like to take risks with their clothing choices. It often features dark colors, leather accents, and metal hardware. If you're looking to push the boundaries of fashion, this is the style for you.
Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of fashion for your style:
1.Determine your personal style:
Before choosing any type of fashion, it's important to understand your personal style. Consider your personality, lifestyle, and preferences. Are you into classic, minimalistic, bohemian, or edgy styles? Knowing your personal style will help you make informed decisions when selecting clothes.
2.Consider the occasion:
Different occasions call for different types of fashion. For instance, formal events require dressier outfits while casual events allow for more relaxed clothing.
3.Experiment with different trends:
Don't be afraid to try out new trends, but do so in a way that still fits your personal style. Incorporate trends in small ways, such as with accessories or statement pieces, before committing to a full-on trend.
4.Invest in high-quality pieces:
While it can be tempting to opt for cheaper clothing, investing in high-quality pieces will save you money in the long run. Look for well-made items that will last for years, rather than fast fashion that falls apart after a few wears.
5.Choose versatile pieces:
When building your wardrobe, focus on versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched in different ways. This will allow you to create a variety of outfits with fewer items.
6.Don't be afraid to experiment:
The best way to find out which type of fashion is right for you is to experiment with different styles until you find something that feels like a good fit. It's okay to make mistakes along the way - that's part of the fun! Just remember to have fun with it and stay true to yourself, and you'll find the perfect fashion style for you in no time.
There are several ways to find the right fashion style for you. One way is to look at magazines and see what styles celebrities and models are wearing. Another way is to look online at fashion blogs and websites to see what styles are popular. You can also go to your local mall or department store and try on different styles of clothing to see what looks good on you. Once you find a few styles that you like, you can then start shopping for clothing in those styles.
Western party wear for both men and women is all about looking stylish, chic, and comfortable. Whether it's a cocktail party, a wedding reception, or a night out with friends, dressing up for the occasion is a must. Now we'll discuss some of the latest trends in western party wear for both men and women.
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3.Ice Blue Bud Top
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4.Green Striped Blazer
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All in all, Shaberry has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for something fun and flirty or more sophisticated and chic, we have something to offer that is sure to meet your needs. Our clothes are fashion-forward and stylish while still being affordable. So shop confidently knowing that you're getting quality apparel made with excellent materials fit for any lifestyle. Shaberry is the perfect place to find it!
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2023.03.28 12:52 Scary_Board_8766 Bala sharks

I've had two Bala Sharks in a 55gal bowfront for 6 years they have gotten pretty big I was wondering if anyone on here had one for a long time and how long did it last and how big did it get. Also do you think they can outgrow my tank? I only have 2 small rainbow sharks which are same age in the tank.
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2023.03.28 12:52 Gojirex I miss it

This might be a bit of a strange post, but here it goes. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’m 26 and I haven’t been part of the church since I was 11. I was on YouTube and saw a video by “TheAmazingAtheist” called “10 Reasons God Doesn’t Exist” or something like that, and I was like “bet. My faith is super strong. Look at this idiot, let’s do this.”
On the 3rd or 4th reason my world began to sink. Of course it’s not real. It just makes sense. It’s so obviously fake, and I couldn’t even make the argument to myself “well maybe it’s just Christianity” because it’s all the same shit, same foundation anyway.
Well I didn’t realize it until recently, but that day forward my life was forever different. I’ve had some really low days in my teenage years, I got very depressed quite frequently, it was just a medical thing, there was no reason for me to feel this way, I just did. I wasn’t unhappy, I just felt nothing. I felt like this all the time around age 19 or 20.
So I had to make changes to myself and my mental outlook, and I have. I’m not depressed anymore, and I’m usually quite content in life and with myself. But no matter how long the breaks get each time, I’d always end up in that place again. It was guaranteed. And the last time I did it was a few weeks ago.
I don’t have anything concrete or stable to hang onto in the universe. Everything eventually goes away. And I now realize that the last time I was truly, blissfully happy was when God loved me. It was such a powerful feeling, and if I stayed Mormon all that time, I probably wouldn’t be able to imagine life without faith. No matter how bad things got when I believed, I could always pray. He was there for me and always loved me. It was real to me, the effects it had on me were real. All created by my brain. And knowing that has ruined any shot at believing ever again. I just can’t believe things on faith, it’s not a choice, I’d just be lying to myself and I know it. I really do miss it.
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2023.03.28 12:51 Dmariexx How long could you last?

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2023.03.28 12:50 Boring-Candy-7723 Questions about K/DA Seraphine

Sorry if these questions are weird, but I've been playing as Seraphine for a short time and I don't know everything :)
  1. Can allies/enemies hear K/DA seraphine passive music? Or will it only be audible to me, like Evelynn's passive?
  2. Are the missions to unlock skins difficult? How long does it take to get them? Can you tell me more about it?
I planned to spend my first summer night conquering Summoner's Rift as Super Star Seraphine and I admit, I thought you get all 3 skins immediately after buying, but turns out you don't ;p
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2023.03.28 12:50 Tigger_Roo Anybody has bone graft with rotator cuff surgery? How long does it to take you to recover fully?

During my surgery, my doctor didn't expect that one of the area of my bone he tried to put anchor in ( one out of 5 anchors) was so brittle. I'm female in my mid 40s and he didn't expect this from me at all esp I lift weights since in my 20s .
So surgery was more complicated with bone graft he needed to put in.. Hence my recovery is slower. I went ahead to see him before my 6 months appt in May.I'm about 4.5 months now but last week my doctor said I'm one month behind due to he grafting as he expected. Did xray and everything looks good.
I have full ROM but my arm will immediately goes down ( if I don't hold it up with my non surgical arm) as I don't have any strength to hold it. No pain.
The past month between PT and gym I been working non stop with going back to lifting weights, except anything overhead . Strong enough to do push ups, rows , front and lat raises etc. Progress though has been slower than the first 3 months. Wasn't allowed any strengthening until 3 months mark. ( I mean I can put put dishes up on cabinet, reaching my garage door remote which is over my head in the car for example)
So I was wondering if anybody had bone graft done and if so , do u eventually get your fully functioned shoulder and how long and what are things you can do to help ? I know I have to be patient as this is more like a marathon to me instead of a short 5k !
I get frustrated some days seeing people within 2 or 4 months and already back to functioned normal . But trying to keep my positive attitude most days!
Thank you!
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2023.03.28 12:50 BarryTownCouncil The crushing self awareness

Am i right to think self awareness is a big part of the aspie world? Self doubt and over analysis over your own actions.
I'm just SO aware of every action I take when I'm happy or sad or thinking dark thoughts. It's like I have this narrator talking about what I'm doing. Usually sarcastically. I ended up getting very upset and drunk last night and for the first time ever, went out walking until 4am. But I was so AWARE that I was doing it, it felt like it was a cynical, self absorbed choice of action.
"Oh look at him, being all melodramatic... how silly and contrived. And now he's thinking about how annoying his internal monologue is, and if he should post about it on Reddit... well that's an infinite loop isn't it..."
Bleurgh. Does that feel aspie? Or possibly more ADHD? Not sure which of my diagnosis that best fits, but either way it's absolutely crippling.
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2023.03.28 12:49 mymeIodyy It’s not the end for us

Me and my TF started talking at the end of 2020. We got along extremely well, and both said ily fairly quick. We were long distance, and every time we planned to meet some life experience would get in the way like a family situation, school, quarantine, etc. This past November, he broke things off with me only a couple weeks before I was supposed to go back home and see him.
The break up was random to say the least. We chatting and laughing on the phone the night before and the next day he was saying he loves me but he just can’t keep doing this. This reminded me of how he broke things off back when we first started talking, and it was similar in the sense that it was unexpected and he was the runner and I was the chaser who was the first to reach back out to him. I remember it was only days after he first said ily. Months later, I asked him why he did that and he said he was scared. He said he was waist deep in emotions for me and was scared that our situation would end up hurting both of us so he decided to cut ties. However, that lasted about a week.
This time, it’s been a few months and we’ve been mostly no contact. I have drunk called and texted lol and he called back, but never responded to my texts. I recognized the runnechaser dynamic and feel like it really described us sometimes.
After the breakup I honestly didn’t feel that sad because I genuinely felt that this wasn’t it for us, and I still think that. Which is strange because I am quick to forget about someone. But I know me and him are extremely connected and I feel it and see it in different signs everyday. I know he feels the same, so I’ve gotten out of the small phase I had of sadly reminiscing and missing him. It felt like I just had an epiphany recently to just focus on me and everything else in my life will fall into place. I’m not thinking about him from a place of sadness or need anymore. I’m prioritizing myself now.
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2023.03.28 12:48 Life_Relationship_77 Better Antidote For Price Suppression - BBBY Chart Activity Recording And Call Options Trading Data Shows Clear Correlation Of Buying And Exercising ATM/ITM Call Options To Stock Price Increase.

Better Antidote For Price Suppression - BBBY Chart Activity Recording And Call Options Trading Data Shows Clear Correlation Of Buying And Exercising ATM/ITM Call Options To Stock Price Increase.
In my last post I had posted about chart activity recording and trading data that showed clear correlation of just OTM call option purchase volume increase to stock price increase. However, that approach is still dependent on Options MMs' delta hedging algorithm, which sometimes doesn't result in much delta hedging like what was observed for the last trading session, in spite of huge volume in MAR 31 $1 calls, likely because the MMs still had shares that were purchased to delta hedge OTM call options that expired worthless last Friday. As described in the responses to this Reddit post, some MMs may choose not to delta hedge at all or hedge at end of day, during the after hours session.
So, I observed call options purchase and exercise activity and its correlation to big SP jumps (~18%) on the chart via TDA ThinkOrSwim OnDemand mode, for the run-ups observed on 03/01/23. I recorded the above activity and it is shown in the videos below, which have been sped up 2.5-2.75x times to reduce the video duration. The timestamps shown towards the top right of the videos are in PDT time zone.

03/01/23 Chart And Call Options Trading Activity During First Run-up
The above recording shows the chart and options trading activity during the first major run-up in SP observed on 03/01/23 from $1.38 to $1.56. The price increases correlate with double-digit and sometimes single-digit increases in just OTM (initially) MAR 3 $1.50 calls, which subsequently become ITM as the SP jumps above $1.50. In the recording, sometimes, price jumps are observed even with no corresponding increase in call volumes.

03/01/23 Chart And Call Options Trading Activity During Second Run-up
The above recording shows the chart and options trading activity during the second major run-up in SP observed on 03/01/23 from $1.49 to $1.64. In the above recording it can be seen that the initial SP increase from $1.49 to above $1.50 happens after an increase in volume of just 23 for MAR 3 $1.50 calls. That brings all three $0.50, $1.00 and $1.50 calls in the money. Subsequent price jumps can be seen to occur in tandem with increase in volume for one of these calls, mainly the $1.50 calls. The options open interest was updated and reported the next day (03/02/23) and it can be seen in the below screenshot. There, it can be seen that the open interest for all these 3 ATM/ITM calls expiring on MAR 3 went down compared to the previous day, thereby showing that all of these calls purchased on 03/01/23 were exercised right away, along with some more calls that were purchased earlier that became ITM that day. This exercise of ATM/ITM calls was the likely reason for the big price jumps observed that day (some of which was observed with no corresponding movement in call volumes), as on call options exercise real shares purchased need to be delivered by settlement date and they cannot be synthetic shares sold naked short.

03/02/23 Call Options Open Interest
So, the above data provides clear evidence that buying ATM/ITM calls and exercising them right away is a better antidote for price suppression, than just buying just OTM call options and hoping that options MM delta hedging algos will subsequently trigger share purchases. However, if the price keeps increasing, delta hedging algos will kick in pretty fast, IMO. So, buying OTM call options along with buying ATM/ITM calls and exercising them right away should be most effective in countering price suppression. One thing that traders need to be careful of while buying and exercising ITM calls is that if they wait on the bid to purchase the call and then exercise it immediately, the resulting cost basis for the share purchase may be less than the current market price (especially for deep ITM calls) and the call writer who gets assigned to deliver shares for the exercise, will be forced to sell those shares short, if he/she does not already own them, as described in this YouTube video and then he/she may wait for the price to drop, before covering their short position. To avoid that scenario, IMO, it is better to buy the calls at market price or by slapping the ask.
PS: I am not a financial advisor and nothing in this post should be treated as financial advise. What is being expressed in this post is my interpretation of the charts and options trading activity and my opinion about how such a trading approach may counter SP suppression.
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2023.03.28 12:48 PissInBoots I lose myself in work because when I'm not productive I feel emptiness

Not just actual work, but in my spare time these days I've been working on some personal projects. Some days I will have my 8 hour work day, then spend an additional 5-8 hours on my own stuff. I think I've only had 1 day this entire month that I didn't do at least 5 hours of some sort of work. I end up sleeping at 3-4am a lot because I just don't notice the time - it is almost 7AM as I'm typing this. Sometimes I'll realise I've barely eaten all day, if at all, because I can hardly feel the hours go by or my own hunger, and when I do my home exercises I'll get dizzy or lightheaded.
I know it's not healthy, but distracting myself with productivity is all I can do to stave off the feeling of absolute nothingness. My depression cycles between periods of relative normalcy and deep depression. My only solace is at least this run around I'm getting stuff done instead of just sleeping all day, but the second I stop or even take a short break I just feel a void inside me. I'm objectively proud of my dedication to my projects, and I do them because I want to, but it also isn't making me really feel anything.
I also can't bring myself to go outside. I've left my apartment less than 5 times all month, and no longer than 4 hours at a time. Thinking about going outside increasingly gives me anxiety. I know it sounds trivial and silly but it upsets me to the point of tears at times. I've been crying more lately as well but will frequently and suddenly stop in the middle of a sob because I will just abruptly feel completely numb, which makes me feel worse because it makes me second guess if my emotions are even real.
I feel like I've been crumbling for the last 7 months and I know I've become incredibly hard to be around, so I've increasingly isolated myself. I don't feel like I'm worth anyone's time or emotion even though I know I have friends who love and care about me. They don't know how to help me, and I don't know what I'd need from them. I have always taken responsibility for my own mental health since it's my problem, but it's getting to a point where I'm just going through the motions and existing divorced from time. I'm not alone in the slightest, but I don't think I've ever felt this lonely.
I've been in therapy for about 8 years now and have 2 psychiatrists monitoring my case. I take it seriously and do a lot of mental heavy lifting on my own time, so it has been helpful overall but I also feel like neither it nor anything else will ever get rid of my depression. I keep going because at least I can say I've tried and haven't given up but I feel broken beyond repair and not worth the trouble to fix.
I feel like I'm drowning myself in work just to distract myself because when I'm focused on my stuff I momentarily forget that I'm just floating through each day. I feel disconnected from reality. I know over time I'll feel better again, I always do, but I never know how long it'll take or how long the relative stability will last, and it's just so hard sometimes to convince myself it's worth pushing through anymore.
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2023.03.28 12:47 uceuce1513 The effects on emphasis of rules on fencing, or how I learned to stop caring and love the double

Ive had some thoughts on the inherent nothingness of this rules discussion that commonly comes up regarding doubles and I'm going to first start off with a few examples and then go into how I don't think obsessive tweaking with doubling rules makes all that much sense. The reason I think its important to look at this is so much myth has been built up around what the effects of rules are, and I think people like Mr Easton have popularised ideas of seemingly simple obvious effects rules have without much experience playing under them or writing rules, when their effects are in reality deeper. A lot of it is similar to World Rugby, in an effort to make phase play attacking rugby easier and cut down on kicking, clamped down on contesting the ruck but the result ended up being attacking teams couldn't hold on for it as long without getting penalised and so started kicking shit ball away more. So without further ado heres my exploration of the concept:
So I was rewatching the matt easton sport fencing series of vids for a laugh and one thing that stuck out to me was how he seemed to think right of way was a better deterrent to double hits and afterblows than the epee short lockout time. This could make some level of sense re: old right of way from the 70s or earlier, but current foil and sabre have way more double hits (even if we aren't defining them by the lights but by the blade physically hitting the opposition within say 1 second) than epee. hell early to mid 2010s foil heavily rewarded being hit so then you could finish your action afterwards as the attacker without having to worry about being parried. This demonstrated, I think, a fundamental misunderstanding of systems he isn't really familiar with.
The second thing I think is misunderstanding what doubles in epee actually do. This idea of epee "rewarding" doubles to both fencers except in the most literal sense of awarding a point to each fencer is nonsensical. reward in a competition has to come at a cost to the other fencer, if it maintains the status quo it isnt reward. Now obviously in epee this is true, there is a slight reward for the fencer currently in front as it reduces the touches they need to score to get to 5 or 15 while keeping the margin the same. But fundamentally this is true for all doubling/afterblow rules that arent an elimination. Simply not awarding points does almost the same thing in a timed HEMA bout, despite the lack of theoretical gain there's little reason for the leading fencer not to end any pressure with a double if they can reliably time it. Subtracting a point to each fencer again more or less maintains the status quo (though its interesting more on that later). Indeed the only variation of consequences that outright discourages doubles are double elimination for one or multiple double hits, a system that for a dedicated fencing competition or set of rules is usually considered very harsh (not for modern pentathlon though).
The third element is criticising the 0.025 second lockout. Now this ones way more understandable bc it seems it would encourage trying to pull the trigger earlier and back your pace to get that first. And there is a limited amount of this. But in terms of playing for doubles, its the mechanic that makes it bloody hard, and by extension creates a lot of situations where a fencer chooses to parry or otherwise try to secure a single or just not getting hit over a potential double even if they are leading the risk just isn't worth it. The .025 lockout is actually what makes defence worth anything in epee. If you were in the lead and had .5 of a second you'd just be landing out of time counters for days if your own hit never came to fruition.
So all in all lets look at the results. You have, in epee rules, a system that requires you have to hit first at least once more than the opposition (inherently the same as any timed hema bout) and you can't afford to hit late, where doubles are next to meaningless with some niche tactical applications usually towards the end of the bout, and rarely match deciding unless its 14-13, and where its unreliable to either actively look for them or even use them as an insurance policy. As an epeeist who competes for my country I only really have a couple uses for doubles, if I'm ahead in the early or middle to keep momentum on my side and if I'm ahead in the late game to finish the bout. Even then I don't want them, every double I gain I'd've preferred a single. Even at my most incentivised, I want a single and would shrug at a double. Other fencers, especially lanky stophitters will have more stomach for them but fundamentally its still true, every double they've ever had they'd still prefer to be a single. You really aren't "incentivised" to double, you would much rather a single and when you are down you cant afford all too many of them.

Now lets look at some of the primary hema rules regarding what times you have to land afterblows/doubles, and what the consequences are.

Now first I want to sing the praises of the single step rule. Fantastic, gorgeous, if you can get out after scoring a valid hit, or stay in and give them no means of hitting in a footwork tempo that's good fencing and you deserve a single. This is far and away my favourite timing for HEMA afterblows/doubles. I think its a much better alternative to the 1 or 2 second systems I've seen, bc frankly once you've been hit, you have a whole second to score a valid hit, you should be able to finish that in at least a couple weapons. If I'm hit in smallsword, what is stopping me from running the other bloke down? I know for a fact I can cover half a fencing piste in 2 seconds with no starting momentum, HEMA circles are often much smaller. and smallswords are fast enough that you can draw the parry and remise easily so while this wont happen all the time it seems a nightmare to stop. Ive been hit in foil taking two steps after my counterattack landed with a .3 lockout time (less than a 3rd of the 1 second rule), and while while obviously a smallsword is slightly heavier, not so much that this would be difficult. Light cut and thrust swords also seems very exploitable with these approaches, its hard to know as so far I've only trained smallsword but from when I've felt and used them to play around with it seems the case. 2 seconds is frankly ridiculous, 1 is more understandable but again the loose time actually gives the hit fencer recourse to actively look for an afterblow or double with no repercussion.

Now if we were to look at the rules for consequences in HEMA, I've usually seen no hit awarded, subtraction, or elimination. No hit awarded is functionally very similar to epee, especially if the bout is timed. Subtraction is the interesting one, in a timed bout again basically the same, but in one that isn't a leading fencer is losing sight of the goal score by letting them occur, and the losing fencer has to climb more too. The lead stays the same, but its definitely a more unpleasant prospect for both fencers, though arguably it again does create incentive for the losing fencer in particular to secure an afterblow out of time if they're technically within their step/1second or w/e (though very arguably especially in shorter times). Elimination is definitely a deterrent, but its also kind of unhinged. Certainly I think any tournament running this rule without some space allocated for fun sparring for eliminated fencers is doing itself a disservice, especially if this is applied in a preliminary poules system. first offence elimination is particularly harsh, but I think even after multiple infringements its just such a massive penalty for what's almost always a safe accident.
So in HEMA we have a combination of rules that run the gamut from I think very good (single step with no hits awarded in timed bouts or subtraction in untimed bouts), Quite poor (1 or 2 seconds no hit awarded in a timed bout is so open to abuse with lighter swords) to insane (2 seconds and double elimination would be very fun for a silly club comp but who in their right mind would sign up for that as a serious tournament). The best combination of these common HEMA rules are barely, if at all (I think its a matter of taste), better than epee, and what can we learn from this?
I think at the end of the day, so long as doubles are at best "okay", arent so long they can be actively sort after to nullify a score from the opposition, and that their biggest advantage if any is a minimal one for the fencer in the lead who would still very much prefer a single anyway, I say let the boys play.
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2023.03.28 12:47 beetlesnoopman Quick questions for case study project on AML checks

Hi accountants!
Hope this is okay to post, mods please remove if not.
I am currently completing a project on accountants and part of it requires me to gather information from accountants about a specific business process, AML checks in the UK.

  1. Who completes AML checks at your company
  2. How long does an AML check take
  3. Are any softwares used or is it manual or a combination?
  4. Who is responsible for deciding what process/software is followed for AML checks?
Answers to any or all questions is much appreciated thank you!
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2023.03.28 12:47 Abmaj7b9 How to Overcome Motion Anxiety?

So I’ve done a lot of travelling over the last 7-8 years. Trains, planes, buses. Turbulence on an aeroplane has always been my biggest fear and always gives me anxiety. Butterflies in my stomach, shortness of breath, general panic symptoms. But recently I noticed these symptoms whilst travelling by train from Glasgow to Preston. I’ve travelled all across Europe on trains in the past few years, and I must say that continental trains seem to move around a lot less whilst you’re on them that British trains (and generally are more spacious), but I’ve never experienced these symptoms before whilst travelling via train.
I had a pretty bad experience in January with turbulence whilst flying from Dubai to Manchester so perhaps the feelings and memories are still fresh in my psyche, but does anyone have any suggestions of how I can overcome these feelings and why they maybe are happening in the first place?
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2023.03.28 12:46 SorcererEibon HOLY SH!T. Caribert quest confirm Nahida, and maybe Nicole is active again (and more)

HOLY SH!T. Caribert quest confirm Nahida, and maybe Nicole is active again (and more)
Man, what a revelation. I guess it's already obvious but let me "show" it to you since no such post existed. Remember what Dainsleif said when Traveler experience Abyss Sibling's memory?
Something is sus
And then something struck me. Nahida said for some reason The World is recording Abyss Sibling's information, AND IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE, Caribert quest should not happen if Irminsul or The World not recording Abyss Sibling's memory since she's a descender. NAHIDA WAS RIGHT
And remember what Nahida said back then?

Another sus
Is somebody obfuscating her fate? I'm not sure if "change" and "obfuscate" are equivalent in English since I'm not native but UNLESS Abyss Sibling or "Someone" at one point ever does what Scramouche does trying to tinkechange history or fate related with Abyss Sibling by entering the core of Irminsul it's "not easy" to change the fate after all according to (probably) Nicole
How about Abyss Sibling's fate?
And this is why my crack theory about Nicole being active again, this is super legit and delicious for research, especially "mad witches" of Hexensircle specialize in "world orders and directions"
And some last words:
You sneaky Hoyoverse, you introduce Hexenzirkel in the second Windblume festival so you can make a connection between Sumeru Archon's quest about the Sibling's information, and Wanderer ex Scaramouche to make Caribert's quest work, didn't you?
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2023.03.28 12:46 theres_a_cab_outside Did I f up with my former best friend?

So last summer my then best friend (A) hooked me up with my now boyfriend (M). At that time, A and i hadn’t been seeing each other a lot.
During 2019 A and I were incredibly close and spent most of our time in her home. She called me her “twin flame” and we had so many plans about what we do in the future together. Her brother on the other hand, was a complete pig. He had a “spit spot” in his room that was growing mold from constant spitting. He would piss into bottles and collected them in his room instead of going to the bathroom. He would keep the cat’s litter box in his room as an attempt to encourage her to be in there but he always kept his door closed and so the cat would end up doing her business all over the house. He would play video games late at night and scream and throw things around his room and yell at us if we asked him to be quiet. There was a lot more but those are the key things. I mostly tried to steer clear of him for these reasons.
Around the summer of 2019 she got into I relationship with H. I was very supportive of this because I knew she wanted to be in one, although quickly she essentially stopped talking to me and at first I was very upset about it because I felt like she just replaced me. Eventually after many conversations of me trying to tell her I just wanted to see he talk to her more and to still feel like her best friend and her dismissing my feelings I just stopped trying to tell her how I felt. Anytime we made plans to hangout she would tell me she would be over at a certain time and then leave me waiting all day for her to cancel. At first I was understanding but after about the 10th time of this happening I stopped trying to make plans with her because I was tired of her wasting my time.
Skip to August 2021. At this point we probably only saw each other maybe twice a year and barely talked to each other and she asked me to do a trip with her to a town about a 30 minute drive away from ours with her mom and one of H’s best friends, P. I hadn’t seen A in months so I was really excited she reached out and I had always crushed on P and she knew that so she wanted to hook us up. P and I had met a few times before but barely talked to each other. We instantly hit it off and within a couple weeks of dating, became official. P and I hung out with A and H a few times in our first month of dating and then A went completely radio silent. I texted her a few times to ask if I had done something wrong and she just said she didn’t really like P anymore and she was just really busy. Okay? After years of excuses from her I didn’t really think much of it and just ignored it. I tried a few times to reach out in the next year but nothing.
P and I’s relationship progressed and in around July 2022 we saw H and A at their place for a get together. A was incredibly cold to me and ignored me and I was uncomfortable and just ended up going home. Apparently after I left she started talking shit about me and saying how much she hated me and laughing at how uncomfortable she made me. I took some time to process this after P told me and then I messaged her laying out everything and asking what I did to make her hate me so much? She told me it was because I told P about the things her brother does and that I was a narcissistic bitch and she ended up blocking me.
I’m still trying to process all of this months later and I’m curious if I am the asshole as she says? I didn’t think it mattered that much because P knows her pretty well and she’s told him herself about the things her brother does.
I don’t really have a lot of friends and almost every friend I have had has ended up ditching me for other people so I am beginning to feel like I am the problem in these situations but I’m honestly flabbergasted at how this friendship ended. I’ve grown to fully resent and hate her for how she dragged me along and since she dumped me I have seen that she was never that great a friend to me in the first place and really just used me and took advantage of my kindness and generosity. But deep down a part of me still misses her and I just feel really conflicted about the whole situation.
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2023.03.28 12:45 leprotelariat Advice on Trimble SX10's functionalities.

Dear experts,
I am a researcher in robotics and recently we've got some budget for purchasing a multi-station for our experiments. I have had some experience using the Leica MS60. I wonder if the Trimble SX10 has better features compared to MS60 in our use case:
  1. Seting up: Does the SX10 require accurate leveling on startup? For the MS60, it is usually very time consuming to adjust the dials until the device is level. If it is not level no measuring or scanning can be done. For our research we don't really care much about global referencing or GNSS lock. As long as the station can keep track of a prism in its local coordinate accurately, it's good.
  2. Trajectory Tracking: Can we obtain the high-frequency tracking information from the SX10? Suppose that we put a prism on a robot, can we use the SX10 to track the robot's position and log its position at 10Hz sampling rate? For the MS60 we can do this by connecting it to a computer via serial port and send some queries to obtain the target's position at 10Hz. Is it possible to do the same with the SX10's serial port?
  3. Scanning speed: How long does the SX10 take to complete a 30000-pts scan? The MS60 can make a 30000-pts scan in 10 minutes, which is the minimum resolution and scanning time offered. According to this demo, the SX10 can make a 7.8mil pts scan in 11 minutes. Is it possible to scan at a lower resolution and shorter time? A 30000-pts scan is enough for our need.
Thanks for your advice.
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2023.03.28 12:44 prostadinebuy0 Prostadine (Scam or Legit) – Worth Buying?

Prostadine (Scam or Legit) – Worth Buying?
Prostadine The formulation is easy to take, permitting consumers to enhance their fitness without giving up any other part of their habitual.

According to the respectable internet site, latest studies from Harvard University have talked about the hazard of difficult water inside the US. Hard water is stated to have poisonous minerals that building up and might reason damage to the body over time. Unfortunately, hard water is observed almost everywhere because of elderly-out pipe infrastructures round many cities. A supplement like Prostadine could assist; made with nine natural elements, the formula on this dropper supplement changed into designed to help hold the prostate mineral free and support the urinary gadget nicely into antique age.

What is Prostadine?

Prostadine most cancers and different illnesses can have an effect on men as they become older, in particular after age 50. The screenings for these issues start fast, and no one wants to be informed unfortunate information through their medical doctor. All those troubles begin with inflammation, so getting beforehand of the problem before it worsens is important. While the general public doesn’t begin feeling pain at once, the swelling places big stress on the urinary tract, making it difficult to drain the bladder fully.

Individuals who struggle with this infection awaken all through the night to apply the bathroom, disrupting their sleep every night. Anyone who makes it thru the night time nonetheless struggles with the steady urge to urinate for the duration of the day, by no means feeling as though their bladder is absolutely emptied. To assist with these troubles, customers may want to take into account Prostadine.

Order Prostadine from Official Website 2023

Prostadine is handiest made with herbal elements, assisting customers to reduce the strain on their bladder, prostate, and greater. This formulation gained prevent consumers from coping with the capacity threat of prostate most cancers, however the remedy from ache and inflammation will help them repair the satisfactory of their lifestyles earlier than those issues.

What Ingredients Are in Prostadine?

The pleasant a part of the Prostadine system is that it's far loaded with nutrients, minerals, and different essential vitamins. All of these ingredients work together to enhance the consumer’s prostate fitness. The manufacturers propose that customers take complete droppers (2 ml) every day inside the morning. Users can pour the supplement directly into their mouth or placed it into their tea, juice, or any other beverage for the great results.

Nori Yaki Extract Powder

Nori yaki is a precious source of iodine, even though iodine is already protected as a separate aspect. This extract comes from seaweed and is a wealthy supply of nutrients and minerals. The predominant purpose that consumers use this kind of extract is to assist with their thyroid characteristic, however it's also connected to improved blood sugar degrees.

Prostadine as an incredible supply of antioxidants, this nutrient can assist clients alleviate the inflammation affecting their prostate. This extract’s healthy amount of zinc and selenium is vital for prostate fitness.

Order Prostadine from Official Website 2023

Wakame Extract

Wakame extract is another nutrient with an excellent quantity of iodine, however it is also a great source of manganese, folate, magnesium, and calcium. With this help, wakame extract is a useful remedy for thyroid feature, however it additionally facilitates customers reduce their danger of high blood stress and coronary heart disease. It can help with head fitness however additionally improves cholesterol levels that are otherwise out of manipulate and unstable.

Prostadine According to the current studies in this nutrient, it can doubtlessly reduce cancer risk. This extract is a liquid often from seaweed known as Undaria pinnatifida. It is made with a long filtration method that involves mixing the algae with glycerin and water.

Kelp Powder

Kelp powder is a wealthy supply of antioxidants; assisting purchasers lessen their danger of inflammation. It includes carotenoids and flavonoids, which might be each beneficial to purchasers who need to get rid of the threat of damage through loose radicals. With superb manganese and zinc, this nutrient is frequently used to combat in opposition to oxidative strain, cardiovascular problems, and greater. Like other components in this listing, it may lessen most cancers chance.

The powder within reason healthful, Prostadine however supplements with an excessive amount of iodine can growth their threat of growing thyroid most cancers. It may cause nausea, fever, weak pulse, or maybe a burning sensation within the throat.

Bladderwrack Powder

Bladder wrack, a demulcent herb, can assist customers to lessen irritation and create a barrier in opposition to feasible irritants. Prostadine This herb is usually used for indigestion and heartburn, but bladder wrack has constantly been used for the presence of alginic acid. Alginic acid is a dietary fiber that allows customers combat issues like constipation and diarrhea. They maintain the fitness of bowel moves, ensuring the person has regularity in this element of the digestive gadget.

While this powder is ordinarily safe, Prostadine clients now and again enjoy pimples, thyroid disorder, and different minor aspect effects.

Order Prostadine from Official Website 2023

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is one of the most popular components located in guys’ health supplements. It improves testosterone tiers; ensuring consumers get better prostate fitness assist. Prostadine It reduces irritation and could even assist consumers lessen the risk of hair loss.

It is absolutely safe to apply noticed palmetto each day, although the user maintains it for up to 3 years. Sometimes utilized in lotion, this component can help purchasers to promote better urinary function and hair regrowth. Prostadine More research is necessary to ensure that saw palmetto can do the entirety advertised.


Pomegranate is loaded with wholesome nutrients and antioxidants that all make contributions to decreased irritation, which is vital for any prostate health complement. It is now and again praised for its capability to defend from cancer and enables clients support their coronary heart health. To keep the prostate, pomegranate can enhance the urinary tract.

Prostadine has antimicrobial properties that can help spread microorganisms that would otherwise purpose infections. It is pretty sweet and tart in its natural nation, however getting all the vitamins that pomegranate can offer is complicated. It is much less complicated to absorb the entire effect in concentrated situations.


Despite being ample in other ingredients in this listing, Iodine is still one by one introduced to support customers. Prostadine According to current research on iodine, ingesting sufficient of this nutrient is frequently related to a decrease danger of prostate cancer, seen in each human and animal research. It can reduce the oxidative strain brought on with the aid of testosterone production, despite the fact that testosterone may be right for the prostate.

Some research additionally link iodine use to a reduced risk of breast most cancers and other kinds of most cancers.


Shilajit has regularly been blanketed in supplements for prostate fitness due to the fact it can reduce the general length of the prostate. Prostadine by shrinking the gland, the pressure is no longer on the urinary tract to make customers experience like they constantly ought to urinate however never sense like their bladder is emptied. It also reduces irritation for the duration of the frame, in addition assisting the frame.

The anti-getting older advantages of shilajit also are beneficial in improving prostate health. Depending on the attention, clients may additionally be able to reduce the danger of contamination inside the kidneys and bladder.


Neem is the very last factor of 9 one-of-a-kind substances discovered in Prostadine. While many different substances center on reducing irritation within the prostate, neem is the leading reason of cell dying in prostate cancer cells. It reduces the tiers of Bcl-2, a type of protein present in excessive abundance in prostate most cancers. It also reduces the hazard of tumor necrosis component.

Along with the benefits for prostate health, neem is thought to reduce excessive blood sugar levels and the damage of ulcers within the digestive tract. Prostadine It can help kill off bacteria inside the digestive machine and save you undesirable plaque from amassing on the enamel. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent and can enhance the consumer’s immunity. Before taking Prostadine, shake the bottle properly so the components can integrate and feature most potency.

Purchasing Prostadine

Consumers who want the guide that Prostadine offers can submit their orders on the professional website. Users may have their choice of a few unique quantities, depending on how much of the system users want to maintain handy.

Order Prostadine from Official Website 2023


Prostadine undergoes steady purity testing to guard towards pollutants and contaminants and is produced in an FDA-permitted facility with rigorous sterile standards. With a purchaser base exceeding a hundred and sixty, 000, no good sized facet consequences were stated, making Prostadine one of the purest prostate formulations available. However, if you have a present extreme medical condition or are taking prescription remedy, we advise consulting with your medical doctor before taking Prostadine to your peace of mind.

As we witness tremendous outcomes, our self-belief in Prostadine capability to provide complete assist for prostate and urinary health grows. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that man or woman frame chemistry can have an effect on the efficacy of any complement, and now not all users can also experience the equal outcomes.

Prostadine that does exactly why the producer offers a steadfast 60-day money-again assure with each bottle of Prostadine. If dissatisfied with the product’s performance, certainly return any unused component for a full refund, no questions requested.

In a nutshell, Prostadine gives customers with a clean way to improve their prostate health and regain their nights of sleep without interruptions. The components are simple to apply day by day, though it isn't always an alternative for interest from a scientific doctor if something goes awry. With lots of components helping the prostate, kidneys, and health, consumers should buy Prostadine from its respectable website. Official Website:
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2023.03.28 12:43 Masterclass_Space_ Do You Need Help In Applying To Colleges? How Can an Educational Consultant Help You?

Do You Need Help In Applying To Colleges? How Can an Educational Consultant Help You?
So, Where Will You Be Attending College?
This is a question many high school students hate being asked whether they know it or not. Yet why? To begin with, many students don't believe they have any control over the decision. They feel obligated to meet the expectations of their parents and classmates or the enigmatic college admissions authorities. Many people also feel disoriented. How could anybody hope to find the ideal fit with so many universities across the globe?
One of the most significant sources of anxiety for high school students and their parents is the college application process. The size of the effort and the sheer volume of tasks to keep a record overwhelm parents and pupils.
When should students begin attending college fairs? When should they sit for the SAT? They could also take the ACT. Early decision or early action should they use? where do you apply? Where do they enter from? What distinguishes a safety school from a reach school? What proportion of each type should be included on the list?
College admissions consultants can help with that. These qualified, seasoned professionals—also referred to as college counselors or admissions coaches—offer guidance to pupils on how to get ready for college admissions during high school. They also assist with managing stress, the development of the strongest, most competitive college applications, and insights into what the ideal college list for a specific student looks like.
A great admissions consultant assists you throughout the entire process, not just with your applications.
In fact, a lot of families discover that working with a consultancy early in high school helps pupils have the best chance of succeeding in the application process for college. This is so that students can achieve their full potential, which frequently requires more than just parental guidance. Starting in ninth grade, students can benefit from comprehensive assistance throughout high school to lessen stress and improve their chances of succeeding in the admissions process.
Read our article on the Top University’s Admission Consultants to get a foundational understanding of the Best Admission Consultancy Services. To get in touch with Masterclass Space contact us.
Do You Really Need Help With Your College Application?
College applications were straightforward a generation ago. You submitted a form, your school contributed your grade point average and test results, and perhaps you submitted a brief essay. In the spring, you received a response. Nowadays, there is, of course, much more to it. Here are five compelling arguments to strongly consider seeking help with your college application:
1. Every year, competition for admission to schools increases.
You are probably already aware of this fact if you are reading our site. The previous few decades have seen a sharp decline in the admission rates at elite colleges and universities, with rates at the top institutions currently circling in the low single digits while remaining between 10 and 30% at slightly lower-rated institutions. Due to the simplicity of submitting numerous applications through online platforms like the Common Application, a greater number of individuals applying to college and each student is submitting more applications.
You can better grasp what colleges are searching for and how you can promote yourself to them by working with a knowledgeable college admissions adviser.
2. The load on guidance counsellors is excessive.
Many high school parents enquire about the distinctions between a guidance counsellor and an admissions consultant. In spite of the fact that high school guidance counsellors put in a lot of effort and are crucial to their institutions, they are unable to give helping the deserving student understand the college application process or improve their competitiveness as candidates' first priority. No matter how excellent a student's public or private school may be, counsellors simply lack the time or knowledge necessary to advice pupils on how to improve their chances of being admitted.
Even at private schools, college counsellors primarily assist rising seniors and don't offer advice on extracurriculars, summer plans, or general strategy.
3. There are many minor elements involved in this incredibly complicated procedure.
Which high school summer activities does your child have planned? Do they enroll in the appropriate courses? Are they making the most of their spare time? Have they given any attention to their college course of study? There are still additional questions.
Every year, tens of thousands of families learn that there are numerous moving parts in the college application process, and any one of them can cause an application to fail. You forgot to register for the interview. That counts against you. When was the last SAT test date? Two strikes, etc.
Even leaving deadlines aside, it can be difficult for parents and students to manage to maintain a college list, think out the essay for each institution, know which colleges to visit, provide standardized test results, etc. while they are preoccupied with a hundred other tasks. Since it really is a full-time job, why not enlist the assistance of someone who works there full-time?
4. Choose wisely because college is pricey!
Four-year residential colleges get more expensive every year. The higher the tuition can be, more the selective the institution is. With numerous tens of thousands of dollars potentially at stake, it makes sense that an increasing number of families want to submit applications more thoughtfully. After all, for that amount of money, wouldn't you want to make sure your child attends the greatest possible school? Don't you think it would be worth it to spend a little bit of extra cash to get there?
It's true that reputable college admissions advisers are pricey. However, college itself is also an investment in your child's future wages and education. After all, it is why people hire knowledgeable specialists.
5. Fewer conflicts will occur.
If you have a student in high school or are a parent of one, you are aware that the word "college" frequently starts arguments. The entire family goes through a lot of stress and emotion during this process. Even in the most devoted and open families, trying to keep track of everything, being unsure of your actions' correctness, and experiencing pestering or being nagged can lead to tragedy.
All of it can be removed by a competent college admissions adviser. A calendar and college list will be created, as well as suggestions for extracurricular activities, reviews of your coursework, comments on your writings, assistance with interview preparation, and an overall assessment of your progress. A person with years of expertise can help you exhibit your better self in your submissions while reducing the worry and anxiety that all too frequently go along with the process. A person with years of expertise can help you exhibit your better self in your submissions while reducing the worry and anxiety that all too frequently go along with the process.
You can get further details on applying to institutions, Counseling for different courses as well as information on UG Admission Consultants on our website [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.28 12:43 BOT-Yanni Finally NFS Shift running on steam deck! (non-steam verison) - Installation guide

Finally NFS Shift running on steam deck! (non-steam verison) - Installation guide
After lots of time looking to get the non-steam verison of NFS Shift running on Steam Deck, I have finally managed to get it to work and play!
Here's how to do it:
  • Go to this thread by u/ChemicalFl00d to find the download link for NFS Shift.
  • Once extracted, you will need the latest version of physxloader.dll. Once downloaded, paste it into the root of the game folder.
  • Now on your Deck, in desktop mode, paste the game folder in a place which is easy to access (I chose home/deck/games) and open steam. Add a non-steam game, browse and find SHIFT.exe making sure you have the all files drop down menu option selected.
  • Locate the game in your steam library, right click and select properties. Under compatibility, choose proton experimental or the latest version of GE-proton. In the shortcut tab, use the launch options: WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8=n,b" %command%
  • Open the game once through steam, it should look like it works but it will soon crash. This is fine! The game does this because its missing DX9 which the prefix doesn't include by default.
  • Go to /home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/ and sort by date modified. Find the newest folder. In that newest folder, go into pfx/drive_c and make a new folder (I called it extracted dx9)
  • You now need to download DX9. Go here and download it. Go back into the NFS Shift properties in Steam and change the target application to the downloaded DX9 installer. Run through the setup and choose to extract the files in the extracted dx9 folder we made earlier.
  • Go back into the properties. go back to the extracted dx9 folder you created. At the top of the Dolphin file manager copy the path for the extracted dx9 folder. In the game properties, change the target to the path you just copied. Go into that extracted dx9 folder and locate dxsetup.exe.
  • Run the game again and go through the setup process.
  • Almost done! The last thing the game needs now is physx system software. Download this and go back into the game properties. Find the path for the physxsystemsoftware.msi package and run the game once again. Go through the setup.
  • Once complete, go into properties once again and change the path to the SHIFT.exe in your game folder.
And that should be it. Your game should now run without any hiccups!
If you struggle installing dx9, I highly recommend this video by MonroeWorld!
Game running on my Deck
submitted by BOT-Yanni to SteamDeck [link] [comments]