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2023.06.10 18:18 Mister_Fedora [XBOX NA] Just Furniture LLC is hosting a giveaway

My guild is going to give away a legendary furnishing worth at least 100k if we get the guild store open by July first. There will be two other prizes as well, which will be two purple plans, which will be random. Invite privileges a are open as soon as you are accepted, bring friends. We're on guild finder or DM me your gamertag
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2023.06.10 17:13 Fun_Blueberry_2766 Furnished finder

Found a good contender (multiple reviews, reasonable deposit, etc) but I asked for a virtual tour & they’re saying they can’t because they have guests. What else can I do to have them verify the place?
I’m needing firm housing because of my 2 dogs
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2023.06.08 17:58 x_JaneDoe Landlords wanting very personal information

Does anyone else get really irritated and not want to rent from people who want you to fill out pages of personal information? Am I just stubborn?
I had someone off furnished finder who wanted to know how much my car costs monthly, what my CC/ loan bills are, wanted a ton of pay stubs, copies of my contract (that I’ll happily give but with pay info omitted, but they wanted all of my pay information.)
Some of that I could understand if I was moving in permanently, but for 13 weeks? Ehhh I don’t think so…
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2023.06.08 15:58 steve_jcqueen Furnished property management company/individual?

Looking for an individual or company to manage a fully furnished short term (3 mo) house that will be listed on furnished finder for travel nurses
I have no experience with renting a home or what it entails. Managing it myself is an option, but have no experience with the laws or regulations regarding this. Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 03:06 ZealousidealCourt291 Furnished Finder - question about something not being in writing

I am using furnished finder for the first time. I am staying in all august and maybe half of september. I found a lady that offered me one month rent and then half for september, and said she wasnt sure how to have pay the deposit and had no lease agreement. It is 100$ security deposit she is pushing on me.She wants a 1300 fee also before I move in. We have nothing in writing. She told me to pay thru venmo.
I have seen the area which was fine but I asked her if the rent would be half in September. And Asked her if I could come in July 31 at least hte night before and she said I would have to pay two months then. I was not sure what she was talking about. I told her our agreement was a month and a half, she is now saying if I come in July then I need to pay two months rent.
My mom is saying not to and find something thru airbnb even tho it is nearly 2,000$. I have never used Furnished Finder but was asking if anything this lady was stating was raising red flags. I do not feel comfortable using Venmo bc it is tied to my bank.
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2023.06.06 17:55 DevilLettuceAdvocate Career Change

I’m an RN working locally but recently became interested in breaking into the travel route. As I continue to research, I had a few questions listed below for folks on here (thank you in advance for your thoughts!!). If there are any online resources you’d point a newbie to also — I always welcome that input!!
A) Is there a database / aggregator of travel nurse opportunities where I can go to find job postings?
B) Staffing-wise, what is the expected turn around from application for a job to placement? In other words, how far out (on average) do travel nurses tend to start looking for a job relative to when they’re placed?
C) Help me layer in housing to the equation above… how far in advance do you tend to lock in housing (before or after accepting a stint)? Does the entity hiring you reimburse for housing expenses or foot the bill directly?
D) I’ve seen a lot of talk about FurnishedFinder but is this the most reliable place to find housing?
I will likely have follow-ups so thanks again!!
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2023.06.04 11:03 _QLFON_ Kitchen design question

Browsing the property finder Ive found something weird. At least for me. Being an European I have never seen such thing before so I have to ask - most of the furnished kitchens here have cook tops/ stoves few xenimetylower than work tops. Why it's like that? It looks weird but maybe there is a reason for that's? Tho other thing - aren't induction cook tops popular here? I see mostly old school gas stoves everywhere.
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2023.06.04 06:48 MissxDiagnosis Looking for roommate or advice

Just moved to St Louis… drove 13 hours today just to arrive to a shattered window from a bullet in my bedroom at my furnished finder and dirty crumb filled sheets and bugs on the ground in the living room. I also knew this was a multi room apartment but I was told someone had just moved out and I was going to be by myself. But, actually another girl had moved in today. I was fine with the girl being there, her and her dad were very kind. However, clearly this place was not what it was supposed to be. I kindly asked the host to come talk to me about my issues and in came two “grown” adults that were very confrontational. Neither of them apologized about the inconvenience or were even shocked when I mentioned my concerns. Instead they responded with “what do you want us to do? Give you a hug?” I’ve never in my life been so upset or met such rude people. I don’t know what to do about housing now. I was excited to be paying $1800 for rent so I could pocket more money this contract but now I quickly moved out and am headed to a hotel. My first shift starts Monday. All I wanna do is cry and go back home. This also isn’t my first contract or first bad experience with housing so please save the rude messages about how this comes with being a travel nurse.
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2023.06.04 03:44 hospitaltraveler Hershey, PA Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

I just accepted a contract, but I have to start sooner than I’m used to. Has anyone ever traveled to Milton S. Hershey Medical Center? I have heard that it is a good place to work. If you have, what did you do for housing?
I’ve been checking on FurnishedFinder, Vrbo, and many hotel listings, and the options are quite expensive, and many are already booked up on weekends. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions on housing resources.
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2023.06.04 00:33 WSBPauper Can a Furnished Finder landlord charge a cleaning fee in Massachusetts?

So I've been made aware that landlords in the state of Massachusetts cannot legally include cleaning fees in a lease. However, I couldn't find out if this applies to Furnished Finder or Airbnb rentals. My current landlord through Furnished Finder charges me a cleaning fee every month.
Anyone have any insight on this?
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2023.06.03 04:25 Laymaker Strategies to Increase Revenue at an Existing Airbnb

Borrowing an old prompt from industry, if you were brought in as a consultant at an existing Airbnb, how would you increase revenue 20% without spending any money?
No cost to implement:
  1. Fix underpricing. Common forms of underpricing include the following:
    1. Selling short-term blocs like weekends which sabotage full-week value in prime seasons
    2. Over-pricing far-horizon dates and missing early-bird premiums, then reducing to below the potential early-bird value as dates near
    3. Achieving incorrect pricing/occupancy/cleaning cost structure balance
  2. Fix underutilization of beds. Incentivize lower cost-per-guest, higher total cost reservations. Larger groups are willing to pay more and your current pricing structure may be unbalanced towards singles/couples. Raise total per-reservation pricing by lowering extra guest fees and raising base nightly prices by more than the difference in monthly average extra guest fees received. For example, if your listing supports 6 guests and your current extra guest fee is $20 per night per “extra” guest (e.g. any guest beyond the first two) and, on average, you collect $300 in extra guest fees per month, you are averaging $10 per night in extra guest fees. Your listing is likely underutilized as you are only hosting an average of just over 2 guests when there are plenty of groups of 3,4,5,6 travelling who are willing to pay more in total than couples are. If you lower your extra guest fee to $0 and raise your base rates to Current Base Rate+$15 and see no decline in bookings (but likely an increase in average number of guests per reservation) then you will raise revenue significantly. If you find yourself having very low bed utilization, you are likely not optimally balancing the extra guest fee vs higher base price.
  3. Create event pricing. Research the event calendar for your area to determine which dates should be priced more highly due to specific concerts, conventions, sporting events, etc in your area. Note occasions in the previous calendar year when certain weekends were booked very far in advance and you likely left money on the table with inadvertent underpricing.
  4. Add listing to other platforms (VRBO/corporate housing/furnished finder) either to increase occupancy (if occupancy is below 100%) or just use a pricing adder of [Airbnb pricing]+[adder] and any bookings from these sources are bonus revenue.
  5. Listing optimization. Improve the listing’s editable details with a focus on only the details that are most important for traffic and bookings/conversions (discussion here):
    1. Cover photo
    2. "Filtering amenities” like allowing more guests, pets, smoking, infants
  6. Restart broken listing. If reviews are under 4.85 or historic conversion patterns seem to have permanently affected the Airbnb ranking algorithm, delete and re-create the listing from scratch. Read forums online about ways to properly perform this tactic to avoid getting into trouble with Airbnb.
  7. Add required mid-reservation cleaning for long-term stays, with additional cleaning fee.
  8. Add early/late check out fees (e.g. $20 for one hour, limit 2 hours) and advise guests of these terms when they request early/late checks.
  9. Create a separate partial listing for the property. For example, if the main listing is a 3bd2ba house, you can create a separate listing that is a 2bd+office listing completely dedicated to attracting remote work guests. You can sync the calendars so that no overlapping bookings occur. If you are already at 100% occupancy with the existing listing then make the new listing at a bonus price. Use a cover photo that represents completely a different feature from the main/original listing so that you can attract a secondary demographic with the new listing (such as remote workers). The difference in listings can be completely artificial and just an excuse to have two listings, or can be real (such as switching out a bed for an office desk when the remote work listing gets booked, in that example you would likely have one-week minimum length-of-stay to make it worth the effort).
Costs money to implement:
  1. Property changes (in ranked order):
    1. Add additional beds (bunk beds in a room, portable rollout beds that can be used in living room, sleeper sofa, two singles if a room currently has one, etc.). This is an especially valuable tactic for Airbnbs that currently only allow 2 guests because that "casita" market segment is the most saturated part of the Airbnb market and prices are extremely narrow margin, so being able to boost traffic by allowing groups of 3 can provide a big traffic/pricing result.
    2. Spend money on new photos with specific focus on the prospective cover photo including re-arranging furniture specifically to make this photo as appealing as possible
    3. Visually pump the listing with new décor, the easiest options being bright wallpapers and inexpensive but sophisticated lighting fixtures such as bedside sconces and chandeliers
    4. Add “non-filtering amenities” such as a desk, outdoor seating, stuff that appeals to larger groups
What are some other strategies?
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2023.06.02 19:42 Mister_Fedora [XBOX NA] Just Furniture LLC is hosting a giveaway

Our guild is doing a recruiting drive for the month of June to give away some recipes, plans, and even a gold rarity furnishing! Want to know more? Read on...
Just Furniture LLC is a guild who's focused on getting every member the agency to get what they want out of the recipe systems, such as furniture plans, food recipes, etc. We encourage bartering rather than trading for gold so everyone can get the furnishings/food they want. Have a plan you already know? Great, trade it in for a furnishing someone else makes when they need the recipe. Master crafter looking for materials? Awesome, ask in chat and work out a deal for what you need! Not interested in using recipes at all? That's fine, donate/trade them off!
What's the giveaway for? Great question! If we reach 40 members by July 1st, I'm going to give away a legendary furnishing worth around 100k (huge sized item! What could it be???) Along with a couple purple rarity plans as well. All you need to do is be a guild member before then.
What about fees or dues? None! There is no requirement to join other than a passing fancy in expanding your repertoire of recipes and/or a will to help others do the same. When we get a guild store up and running we may circle back to getting a dedicated trader, but that will be much further down the line since most of our bartering will be done inter-guild.
Are there other events? Of course! Right now we are focused on the giveaway, but starting next month we will be hosting weekly events for trials, dungeon groups, guild hangouts, themed fashion contests and much more! I'm also working on integration for my personal streaming discord server if we get enough interest in it.
Can I bring friends? Please do! You have invite permission as soon as you join, so bring your friends, family, alts, whoever! The more the merrier :)
How do I join? We're searchable on the guild finder, or shoot me your gamertag and I'll add you as soon as I get on for the day. I check the requests almost daily unless there's something else going on in my life.
Thanks for reading this post, and I hope to see you there!
PS: The first five people to join from this post will also receive a random crafting plan or furnishing. I can't guarantee you won't already have it, but hey a pay it forward in that case!
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2023.06.01 16:36 Snoo_33033 Possible Scam?

Hey, y;all, I own a property that was rented exclusively on Furnished Finder and is now available for the first time on VRBO. I've been renting exclusively to people that I know as I get started, and now have my first few strangers staying in my house.
So, about a month from now I have a guy who has inquired about booking. He said he would need to have a check generated by his company for a corporate stay. I have dealt with these previously, so that doesn't concern me much. However, this morning he tells me that there's an error with the check and it has been made out for more than the correct amount. He wants me to deposit it and remit the difference back to him/his company.
I'm aware of scams in which people do this, where the check is no good so that when the overage goes back the check is ultimately refused, leaving the scammee holding the bag. Is that what's happening here? Or is this guy possibly legit? I have the information for him/his company, and his ID. He appears to exist and be who he says he is.
Also, can someone advise me on how long it would take for the bank to actually obtain the funds, in the event that he is not scamming me?
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2023.06.01 16:21 DenverRoommate83 Reposting for July 1st - 39/m looking for a place near UChealth Anshutz -$1200 budget

39/m, Looking for a roommate for a place near UChealth Anshutz campus. I have two cats. I'm clean, don't drink (no issues with alcohol in the house). 420 friendly, although I very rarely, if ever partake anymore. Prefer flower stays out in the patio, but vaping or edibles are cool inside. Great credit, steady work. Love music, movies, video games, nature bathing, cultural events.
Ideal place will be a 2 bed, 2 bath that allows pets. Off street parking. A tub would be nice, but not necessary. Washer, dryer, dishwasher are strongly encouraged. Ideally June 1st move, but can be flexible up to July 1st.
I think it's doable at $2400, furnished finder has some good places that provide furniture and utilities. Prefer a privately owned property because both places I've lived that were owned by property managers were very predatory.
I'm a nice person who just wants to split costs with another adult who will follow through with whatever we agree upon. Leave the common spaces clean, do your dishes, not still in "party mode", even if you do like to entertain. Communicate. Basic human decency.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.01 02:45 wallpapersdance If you need to be in X place about a 3 hour drive from home and you need to be there 4-5 days per week but am not sure which days of the week, is airbnb better or furnished finder better?

Working far ish from wife
So far I've been using furnished finder, the host has been nice and flexible and provides dinner which is great. It's great overall but the AC doesn't work at this current place. Summer is coming. Wondering if i should switch to jumping around between airbnbs
After 2ish months I may be able to work remotely or just come to the office one day per week
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2023.05.31 08:49 RotaryMicrotome How do you just stay in hotels on assignment?

I was lucky with FurnishedFinder my first two assignments. This time, the start date is rather soon after accepting the position, and between that and the onboarding paperwork/exams, I am a little crunched for time. From what I have seen in the area I’m going to, my options appear to be mostly hotels.
I know many other travel nurses like to stay two weeks in a hotel as they set up other housing. How does one go about that? Do you just call a hotel and make a booking for two weeks? Do hotels have special policies for something that long?
On that matter, even though it looks a bit more expensive, has anyone actually stayed in a hotel for the whole assignment? What was it like? I know of extended stays with travel nurse discount rates, but has anyone had experience with them?
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2023.05.31 01:46 LostAK Furnished housing in OKC

Not sure if this is the forum to ask this but I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m traveling healthcare and I’m looking for a furnished place to stay for the length of my contract but the sites I usually use (furnished finder, Zillow) the picking are incredibly slim. Any other resources anyone can suggest? Ideally ones that can help me circumvent the following:
  1. I can only do a 6 month lease (length of my contract)
  2. I have a German Shepard mix. Very well behaved and quiet, but most because of his size seems to be a non starter for a lot of places
Thanks in advance!
Edit: Since this has gained a little traction, I'll try and provide some more info.
To start, I've not had a good experience with furnished finder. My first place my lease didn't get renewed because I didn't get confirmation that my work contract was going to be renewed in time. I missed it by a little over a day. My second place where I'm currently staying has a major mouse/cockroach/earwig problem that multiple visits from an exterminator have failed to rectify. My landlord is being gracious enough to let me out of my lease.
Second, if you select a "move in" date on furnished finder, included in the results are units that aren't actually available up to 6 months later. So the search function is actually kind of garbage, because it may give you 200, but it's not returning results that are actually useful. And I've seen 3 in the last week that to say they don't look anything like the pictures is a bit of an understatement. One place had termite frass all over the garage and another they didn't bother cleaning from previous tenants before showing it. I was assured a "rehab team" was coming. :(
TLDR: I'm looking for a viable alternative to furnished finder if anyone has any suggestions or they are a landlord looking to rent and willing to accept a 6 month lease.
To add to my criteria, I'd prefer a yard and garage if possible and trying to keep it around 2.2k/month or less. I'm pretty flexible on what I'm willing to work with as long as it's not in a terrible area and doesn't have a major pest problem.
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2023.05.30 19:18 edmdodo How do travelling nurses book their stay?

How do you book your stay? Do you outsource to agencies or do you book on AirBnb, FurnishedFinder, etc.? What is the most common method in the industry?
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2023.05.26 22:29 Mrmurse98 Experience with Agency-Provided Housing

In short, I am wondering how accommodating Agency housing is. Will they find housing that works with pets and will they give you a place with a decent kitchen and enough space? The long story is: I know that it is better to find your own housing and still plan to do that if possible but I am submitting to a contract in MT and don't see many options on Furnished finder; basically none under 3000 a month. If I can't scrounge and find anything else, I plan to use agency housing. My wife and cat travel with me and we want some space to enjoy the place we stay and we cook a lot. I just don't want a studio apartment with one burner and a microwave or something and I have to just accept it. Thanks!
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2023.05.26 19:03 Saffron_Star Furnished Finder vs. AirBnB pricing & booking model?

For longer term stays, do you prefer the Furnished Finder model or AirBnB model? I'm specifically referring to the booking process (getting connected with hosts and signing a lease/paying off platform vs. booking and paying directly through AirBnB) and the pricing model (paying $99/yr vs. paying fees on each booking). Would love to hear thoughts from hosts (and guests)! [I already know the bit about tenant laws for longer-term stays so please don't focus on that in your comment.]
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2023.05.25 23:35 Saffron_Star Furnished Finder vs. AirBnB pricing & booking model?

For longer term stays, do you prefer the Furnished Finder model or AirBnB model? I'm specifically referring to the booking process (getting connected with hosts and signing a lease/paying off platform vs. booking and paying directly through AirBnB) and the pricing model (paying $99/yr vs. paying fees on each booking). Would love to hear thoughts from hosts and guests!

[I already know the bit about tenant laws for longer-term stays so please don't focus on that in your comment.]
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2023.05.25 22:19 Impressive_Garden_17 Hoping to find temporary housing

Hello all
I am hoping to find a one bedroom rental for 1-3 months as I explore a possible more permanent move to Astoria. I work remotely for a town in Colorado with a well behaved non shedding doodle.
I have some feelers out on furnished finders but wanted to see if anyone had any other leads.
Have a great weekend.
Jonathan and Dylan 😎🐾
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