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Looking for similar cars to a 2006 Nissan Xterra

2023.03.28 20:37 basicwhitegrill1 Looking for similar cars to a 2006 Nissan Xterra

I currently have a 2006 Nissan Xterra that I bought about 6 years back from my uncle, and I love that car. The 4 wheel drive is great for snow in Midwest winters and doesn't feel too large, the gas mileage is a little shit but I still quite like it.
It's been going in for repair after repair recently, I know it will need replaced eventually, if not soon. I'm looking for something similar but know nothing about cars. I'm open to new vehicles, I want something that will last. Not looking for top of the line luxury but I have a good income that could comfortably support something in the $30,000-$35,000 range. I do not do off roading or haul trailers, do not have a family that would require 3 rows of seats. Mostly want 4 wheel drive to get through the snow and ice that comes with winters in Indiana. I do not like larger trucks as I am short and feel like it is hard for me to see but the Xterra doesn't sit too high for me.
I'm mostly sad to have to let go of the Xterra but it's had a good run. Was going to look at more Nissans unless there is something better that would be comparable. What should I be looking for that would be similar to my current vehicle?
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2023.03.28 19:39 74orangebeetle $20k for a 2015 Leaf? For anyone curious, this year/similar mileage are typically listed around $9,000.

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2023.03.28 18:05 Desdraftlit 8 vehicles. 8 stories.

I'll try to keep these short.
In my life I've bought 8 vehicles. Four of which have been brand new. (less than 500 miles) With each and every vehicle I've bought, something has happened to them within less than 24 hours of owning them.
The first vehicle I bought was a 1998 Nissan Sentra (used) with a manual stick shift. Before you comment - I was raised on manual vehicles my whole young adulthood, I knew how to drive them. I was so excited to show my uncle that I decided to make the two hour drive to his house to show him. Half way there the transmission gave out. I was stranded for a few hours before a tow truck came.
Second vehicle was a 2000 Daewoo Lanos. I didn't want it necessarily, but I bought it because my girlfriend at the time had a brother who needed to sell it fast. Anyways, driving it home I decided to stop and get some Culvers for dinner. Was going 20 in a 30 zone because I knew how people leaving the starbucks nearby never look both ways before pulling out. Lo and behold this young dude pulls out from starbucks without looking. I slammed down on my breaks but was too late. I hit his front passenger wheel and folded it inward like paper mache. His car was undrivable now.Turns out he had "barrowed" his dads brand new 2004 Lexus without asking. The cops ended up calling the dad and he drove to us in less than 5 minutes. Got out of his wife/girlfriend's SUV and without a moments hesitation started beating the hell out of his son. The cop literally turned a blind eye and turned towards me to tell me how to proceed with the insurance claim.
Third vehicle was a 2001 Saturn SL1. It was my best friends car he drove for a few years and I had alot of great memories in that car. Now it was mine and I was excited. Drove to my mom's house to show her. While it was parked in front of her garage and we were inside talking, someone decided to smash a whole watermelon on the trunk of the car. Left a big old dent and alot of guts with sticky residue. I was pissed, washed it off and went home. It started raining that night and woke up the next morning to my car alarm going off. I run out and theres HUGE wolverine like scratches all over the hood, trunk, windshield with muddy footprints. I tracked down a kid nearby and asked if he seen anything. He did. He watched three brothers using my car as a playground for some stunt they had seen on the internet. I asked him to show me where they lived and the mom was furious. She ended up paying me $3,000 and filing insurance claims. She was so nice about it to me, but I know those kids were grounded for a year or more. They were not allowed on the internet for along time.
My fourth vehicle was a 2008 Ford Windstar. First day my now ex wife and I had the van we were driving to her grandmothers house to visit with our kids. We were on a clover roundabout to get on another highway - and the sliding door hindge snapped and the door fell off. The teather held on and dragged the door next to us before i came to a complete stop.
Fifth vehicle was a brand new 2013 VW Passat. I remember telling the car salesman AND the owner who was sitting across the desk from us about my terrible luck with cars and the first 24 hours I've ever owned them. They both laughed and told me that would never happen with a new vehicle because bla bla bla inspections bla bla bla. Great! Iwas excited. The next morning about 12 hours later I was driving to work and about half way there, a piston blew, the engine shuttered and there was a huge mess under the hood. The vehicle was dead in the water. Called the dealership I bought it from. My wife and I argued with them. They ended up taking the vehicle and giving us a 2005 Cadillac DeVille plus paying off the full loan for the VW Passat. So basically I just had one bad day and a free Cadillac.
Sixth vehicle was a brand spankin new 2017 Hyundai Sonata. Drove it home and played some video games. Next day I came out and it was gone. My HOA decided that a new vehicle in my driveway couldn't possibly be mine, and instead of contacting me - they decided to tow it. I charged the secretary treasurer for the discrepancy and breaking the HOA terms that a vehicle without tags must be stationary for 72 hours before getting towed. When I got it back there was a flat tire and a big old nail sticking out of the side of it. Screw HOAs I'll never buy another house with them again. (This is one of many bad HOA stories I have for a different thread sometime)
Seventh vehicle - I decided to trade in my 2017 Sonata for a 2019 Hyundai Sante Fe. I needed the extra space for alot of personal and work projects. After the purchase I transferred all my stuff from the Sonata to the Sante Fe so dealership could take the car. After putting my fishing gear in the trunk I was itching to go fishing. Drove out to my favorite lake, and walked down to the fishing dock. Moments later I heard metal clang followed by screeching. I turned around to see a truck with a boat hitched pulling away quickly from behind my SUV. I dropped my gear and raced over. Turned out the dude backed his boat (with the motor in the downward position) into my vehicle. The blades tore up the back of my vehicle like sliced deli meat. Allstate claimed it would only be $600 to fix... Turned out to be $6000. They missed a zero and I ended up just saying fuck it and never got it repaired because they would only pay up to $600.
Eighth and final vehicle... Just traded in my Sante Fe on Tuesday for a brand new Hyundai Santa Cruz truck. Drove off the lot at 7 p.m.. The next day I was leaving work at 12:05 in the afternoon and getting ready to turn onto the highway from the on-ramp. The car in front of me was trying to get up to speed on the highway and spun his tires. The spin kicked up a decend sized piece of asphalt from the road and shattered the windshield to my new truck. Just like the rest of my vehicles - I hadn't even had the darn thing for 24 hours....
Folks. Don't EVER tell me the odds. I'm a walking statistic.
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2023.03.28 18:03 chilldemon Should I sell my Nissan Sentra 2015 and go for a Mazda 3?

I have a 2015 Sentra with just under 65k miles on it. The car doesn’t have any problems that I’m aware of but the longer I drive it the more wary I am of the transmission failing since that’s a known issue with this model year. I’ve found some Mazda 3s between 2014-2016 with around the same mileage for 14-17k in my area, if I could get like 10k for my car do you think it’d be worth upgrading?
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