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2023.03.22 22:48 timeslider My (36M) girlfriend (29F) gets emotional about being wrong and I'm not sure how to handle it.

I asked her to help me on my resume. She's pretty good at this stuff from what I can tell and she recently got a good job for a large corporation. Things were going well with the resume until she started talking about something that didn't make any sense. She was trying to add my programming skills but she doesn't know how so she found this webpage on indeed.
If you scroll down to Core Programming Qualifications, she's under the assumption that each row is one unique skill. Like knowing XML for Mac OS X using Oracle SQL is one thing or one skill which doesn't make sense at all. XML and SQL are two different languages to begin with.
I asked her where she got them from because I figured she misread it wrong (she did and still is) and then the following exchange happened:
Her: Does it matter? Me: I'm just curious Her: You can save all your questions after it's done but don't question every step and make no progress. Thank you for your cooperation. Me: All right Her: I can't make any progress till now because you are not on the same page still and seriously if you doubt or not happy / satisfied, you can always find someone else to do it or stick with the original one. I really wouldn't mind. Me: I'm not unsatisfied but I think I can take it from here.
At this point, I was trying to move on because I can tell she was getting frustrated with me.
She sends me what she has.
Her: I wouldn't mind at all, because I couldn't even collect what is needed to fill in the form I created. Me: Sorry, I don't have all the answers but it's not a problem. Her: But all you sent me is question and doubt. I really don't like how you do it since if you don't believe in me, please don't ask me to do it in the first place then question every bit I want you to do and disagree with me almost everything and can't even follow the three lists I sent you. Can you imagine how frustrating it is? When I do research and give you the breakdown and all you care is how I did the research. I'm not blaming you, don't get me wrong, I just let you know I tried so you can have the template I created and fill in whatever you liked.
I feel that she's greatly mischaracterizing the events. All I asked is where she got it from and now she's saying I'm disagreeing with her on every bit and everything.
Me: I'm not doubting you. I was trying to make sure you're not using a bad resource. Her: But to me it is, that is the product (outcome) I sent you that make you ask if it's from a bad resource. It means you think what I have sent you is bad so you question it and want to see where does it come from.
And I don't see what's wrong with that. Like if it's bad, it's bad. It should be questioned but when I try to bring it up, I'm shutdown. I feel like she's attaching herself too much to what she just learned. She seems ok right now but I don't know what to do.
Last month, we got into a huge argument because she swears up and down that she played a demo of The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild on her PS4 and not her Switch. I knew that wasn't true so I made the mistake of saying so. She yelled at me. At first, she said she would send me proof like a screenshot but once she realized she was wrong, she refused to send anything. She tried to send a video by IGN about it because the title mentioned PS4 and Zelda but if watch the video, those were two separate points in the video.
We've been together almost 10 years and she has been like this the entire time. These moments are somewhat rare now but they used to be more common. I feel like it's a bit worse right now because she just got a new job and she's really proud of herself (she should be) but she's letting her ego get the better of her. It seems that she wants to be surrounded by yes-men who praise her, tell her everything she is doing is right, etc but I've been trying to fight it for years. She's never going to grow if she's never questioned.
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2023.03.22 22:47 mcgill83 [OFFER] Job-winning Resume and Cover Letter For You! 🚀

Hey Reddit👋
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2023.03.22 22:47 CPI-Guy Soft Hands to Foreman in 4 years: a framework for high school students to develop the skills sets for operating a trade business

This spawned out of another discussion on how High school students can develop an entrepreneurial skill stack. The intent of this is to provide a framework of resources for 18 years old who want to operate a trade business in 4 years. I know I have some blind spots and I would love your feedback on how to improve this.
I’ve spent over a decade in the trades; most of my experience is from working up the enlisted ranks in the Air Force. When I left active duty I was looking at buying different shops in my industry, so I could operate them as a business owner. I went from not knowing anything about a trade to running sections of 13 tradesmen. I read 30 to 50 books per year. So a lot of this is me condensing that into the things that gave me the most value on my journey. I am obviously limited by my perspective, that’s why I need your help to make this resource more valuable.
Yes, “just in time learning” is incredibly powerful. However, there are different personality types that need a top down framework.
To the 18 year old who wants to run a plumbing company in 4 years,
So there are two paths, which are very similar to the military’s officer vs enlisted dichotomy. There is the professional managebusiness operator which mirrors the officer path. Then there is the subject matter expert(SME) or trades men role, which mirrors the enlisted path. There are advantageous and disadvantageous to both of them.
What are some of the biggest problems that a trade business will run into?
So what are the advantageous/disadvantageous of each role, and how do they prepare you to tackle these issues?
There is a way to maximize the benefits of both while negating the cons. This third path is were an enlisted (tradesmen) will cross over to officer (professional manager). However this has a long time horizon or a higher workload, depending on how you chunk things.
So what can that look like?
If you’re going for a four-year degree, make sure its business focused or aligned to the trades. Some examples; construction management, architecture, project management, business analyses, etc. While you’re going to school work in as many trades as possible. Think 3-6 months as an HVAC installer, 3 months as a “sparky” over summer break, work weekends as a landscaper during the spring, etc.
This will give you:
If you know what trade you want to go into, spend four years working as an apprentice to become a licensed journeymen. While you’re doing this create your own business school. You’ll have a lot of time going back and forth to job sites that you can redeem with audiobooks. Help out with the business operations side and learn sales.
This will give you:
If you want to create your own personalized business school, do the following:
Learn to lead different types of teams through a multitude of environments. If you don’t have a way to do this professionally, volunteer with your student organizations, local church, or other organization you’re passionate about.
Master your personnel finances. If you can’t control a $500 paycheck, how can you expect to control a $50,000 paycheck?
Here is tier list of books to replace a traditional BA in business. The average CEO of a fortunate 500 company reads 50 books per year. You can do at least 25 books. This frame work can get you that education within 25 books, 18 core books with 7 for electives. So 25 weeks or 1 year will save you 4 years fulltime. Also supplement this with free training from SBA.
If you’re on a budget, get these at a library or used book store. If you find this article valuable, clicking through the affiliate link will enable me do more of this.
“First Phase” – 4 books
“Second Phase” – 4 books, start knocking out the free sba training
“Third Phase” - tackle the core, then either knock out one knowledge area or sample one book from each. 7- Books
“Fourth Phase” – The 4 book core is focused on long term strategy. The other 6 books are electives, pick what interests you. 10 books total.
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2023.03.22 22:46 mcgill83 [OFFER] Job-winning Resume and Cover Letter For You! 🚀

Hey Reddit👋
Are you looking to make your next career move?
Not sure how to position yourself in the industry?
Looking for help taking control of your professional brand and give yourself the best possible chance of success?
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Services and Rates
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✔️ Resume and Cover Letter: $115
✔️ Resume, Cover Letter and Linkedin: $140

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If you are interested, Dm me or send an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.22 22:42 usajobs2023 job offer after 7 months and over 180 applications

Took me 180+ applications and 7 months to land a highly coveted remote job. Everyday I submitted at least 1 application. This comment from the Daily Mail perfectly describes my process.
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2023.03.22 22:41 GGJB3 John Wall 🔒. Idk where he from but he used to be with K Shordy before he got locked. 2foe is his brother

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2023.03.22 22:37 pockets8603 Belfast NI - CME Group UC Apprenticeship

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2023.03.22 22:35 Semiconductor_pro Looking for MBA internships and came across this. Actual slave labor and probably illegal

Looking for MBA internships and came across this. Actual slave labor and probably illegal submitted by Semiconductor_pro to MBA [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 22:33 Jack_ofalltrades_ Company withdrew their offer after 3 months

This is the first time I face such a situation and I am not sure what steps to take. I interviewed this company 6 months ago and received a call with a verbal offer for a paid internship. I asked for some time to consider it after the contract is ready for me to read, but I was told that an answer is needed immediately and the terms of the contract will be the same as discussed previously. I decided to accept it and expressed my excitement for this news. I inquired about the start date but was told that it is unknown yet and that they must complete the background check and collect some signatures before sharing the formal offer by email. My primary mode of contact was whatsapp and I was sending gentle reminders every now an then. They thanked me for my patience and after 2 months, I was told to expect the contract by the end of the week. However, it wasn’t ready and the recruiter told me he is no longer part of that company and directed me to someone else from hr who will continue to update me. The Hr lady was very slow to respond, I spoke to her on the phone 2 times and she told me she will “prepare everything and contact me soon”. She also informed me that the procedures at the company are very slow and to expect a delay. At this point, I had rejected job offers from 3 companies and had a gap in my resume. Suddenly, she was getting slower and slower in responding to my messages. Until she scheduled a call to let me know that my internship was “put on hold” and the position is no longer available. I am devastated. I blame myself for not insisting that the offer be made on email instead of phone call or WhatsApp. When she called me I only told her I was very sad and explained what happened during the months of me waiting for this job. I didn’t even get a reason for the decision. I contacted the ex-employee who I had been contacting previously for advice and he told me he was at a loss for words because he too was assured that my offer will be materialized eventually. I’m not sure what to do now. This company is supposed to be very respectable and “first level”, I didn’t anticipate such a thing from them. Is there something I can say or do or do I accept my fate and move on.
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2023.03.22 22:33 Nic727 Why am I having so much difficulty taking impactful decision?

I wasn't sure if it's the best subreddit for that, but since it's related my way of thinking, I thought it was the best I found.
Back on topic, I'm 29 and I have no idea why mentally, I can't take impactful decision. Like I can take decision at work on how to improve things or multitasking, but I just can't pass over my fear when it's related to life changing decision. I'm conscious of that, but at the same time something is blocking in my head.
I've been searching for a professional job for years now. Got some contract there and there, but overall, I'm still working in retail... I'm so desperate that I started to just send resume to anything related to my field almost everywhere in the world. However, two months ago, I received an interview invite for an amazing European company (I'm Canadian) and I just blocked... Didn't interview... Didn't get the job. Now I'm in a similar situation. I got an invite for an Australian company, the other side of the planet and I'm still stuck in this overthinking loop.
- Why a local company doesn't want me and other place in the world are taking a chance to get me?
- I just got promoted at my job to be dept. manager, why must I leave now?
- I'm living n my parent house since rents are too expensive, but how do I announce them that I applied abroad and got an interview invite? I know we talked about that earlier on and they are not supporting the idea of moving abroad for a job.
- How do I manage moving abroad? When should I move? When do they want me?
- It's not a job I want to do for years, but only to kickstart my career. How does it works with Visa and stuffs?

I think I've always were an overprotected child with strict parenting. Consciously, I'm aware of the fact that I'm old enough to take my decision, just move the other side of the world, but I guess there is something I need to heal in my subconscious. Fear of deception, fear of loosing friends and family, etc.
I also know interview doesn't mean getting a job, but for some reason I always think too far ahead and creating my own fear blocking me.
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2023.03.22 22:28 Proudwomanengineer Vivint Intern Position Scam?

I just got a random call from this representative at Vivint. They said that they reviewed my resume on LinkedIn and started talking about Internship offers and whether I wanted Full or Part time employment. He then said that he would email me instructions on how to complete the Phone Interview. I saw a message for this company on LinkedIn and this guy was saying that he was impressed with my resume. I did research on Vivint and found that they do fraudulent stuff with customers. They have a sketchy reputation and I think I should ignore them. He also just called me back erroneously asking for another person.
Is this a scam? My gut is telling me it is but I just want to make sure because I am desperate for internship experience. And if this is a scam, this is going to bother me a little because I have been applying for internships and have either gotten rejected or not answered. I am a rising junior, so I need experience.
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2023.03.22 22:28 disciplesglobal TO FOLLOW JESUS

Jesus admonished his disciples that if anyone wished to come after him, “let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” This was more than metaphorical or hyperbolic language. It was said at the very time he was on his final journey to Jerusalem where he would demonstrate to the world just what it meant to “deny oneself and take up the cross.”
The historical context shows just how challenging his words were. At Caesarea Philippi, Jesus began telling his disciples that he “MUST go to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders, chief priests, and scribes, and be killed and raised up the third day.”
In the preceding statement, the Greek term rendered “must” represents the verb dei, meaning, “it is necessary, ought, needful, obligatory, it must happen.” This points to his messianic mission. He was under divine compulsion to walk into a situation that he knew meant certain death - (Matthew 16:21-23).


To this, Peter took great exception. The very idea of a suffering Messiah was contrary to popular expectations, and no devout Jew would tolerate even the suggestion that the king of Israel might suffer death at the hands of his enemies.
Adding to the offense was the idea that the machinations of the religious leaders of the Jewish people would cause the execution of Yahweh’s anointed king.
Recognizing Satan’s hand in Peter’s words, Jesus rebuked him. “Get behind me, Satan!” The name “Satan” is derived from the Hebrew word that means “adversary,” and the Devil was using him to thwart Christ from following the path set for him by his Father.
As he would show at Gethsemane, death by crucifixion was not what Jesus desired. But in the end, he submitted to it and “denied himself,” knowing it was the will of God for him to die for the sake of others (“Not my will, but yours be done!”).
It was at this very point when the Devil attempted to steer him away from his mission that Jesus declared to the disciples - “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever would save his life shall lose it, and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it” – (Matthew 16:24-25).


An incorrect understanding of what it meant to be the Messiah would result in a misunderstanding of what it means to be his disciple. Just as God called His Son to a path of self-denial and suffering, the Messiah summons his disciples to follow his same path. The call to take up the cross and follow Jesus is applicable to every disciple.
This does not mean every disciple must be persecuted and endure martyrdom. But his use of the Roman cross to illustrate how one follows him would certainly have shocked his first-century audience where the cross was a repugnant image of suffering and shame. Moreover, nothing symbolized the irresistible power of Rome more than crucifixion.
Execution by crucifixion was a form of capital punishment inflicted on the lower classes, especially rebellious slaves and political revolutionaries. Romans were so horrified by it that by law citizens of Rome were exempt from crucifixion (Roman citizens guilty of capital crimes were beheaded).
Thus, to follow Jesus in THAT WAY meant submitting to something that was offensive to Jewish sensibilities and despised by the Gentile world.
In the Greek text of Matthew, Jesus uses the present tense form of the verb rendered “follow,” and this stresses an ongoing action. This is not just a call to pick up the cross once but to do so continuously. The version of his words in Luke stresses the point by adding the word “daily” – (Luke 9:23).
The image of a disciple taking up the cross “daily” would strike a grim chord with his disciples, even more so since the Roman practice was to force the condemned man to carry the same cross on which he was to be hung to the place of execution.
Despite his explanation and the strong rebuke of Peter, the disciples did not yet comprehend what it meant to follow Jesus. Later, after the “sons of Zebedee” asked to sit on either side of Jesus “when you come in your kingdom,” he asked in response, “Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink?” And, of course, they replied, “Yes! No problem. We are well able. Bring it on!” However, they had no idea what his words meant. As he explained:


And Jesus used his own death to illustrate his point. The Greek term rendered “servant” referred to household servants that waited on tables, a lowly position most often assigned to a slave. And the Greek noun rendered “slave” means exactly that.
Hence, the Messiah of Israel summons his followers to serve others in ways viewed by the world as menial and humiliating. Only in this way do they become “great” in his kingdom.
His description of the “Son of Man” who gives his life as a “ransom for many” echoes words in the book of Isaiah about Yahweh’s “servant” who suffers for the sins of his people – “because he poured out his soul unto death and was numbered with the transgressors, yet he bore the sin of many and made intercession for the transgressors” – (Isaiah 53:12).
And so, following Jesus means humility, self-denial, and self-sacrificial service to others. And for his disciples, this is not optional. As he warned, the one who “does not take his cross and follow me, IS NOT WORTHY OF ME. And he that finds his life shall lose it, but he that loses his life for my sake shall find it.”
[Published on the Crucified Messiah blog site at the link below]
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2023.03.22 22:26 thisalienispissed I made a website that uses AI to generate you cover letters - UPDATE

A couple of weeks ago, I asked jobs if anybody would be interested in a website which uses AI to generate cover letters, CV feedback and predict competency based questions (and answers) tailored to a job description and using your resume/CV. I had a great response, and loads of you were interested. Thanks to those who were the first users to test it out!
Unfortunately, I couldn't open it up immediately to everybody immediately because I needed some time to iron out some bugs and make sure everything was running smoothly. I've now got the website working at a level where I'm happy to release it to a wider group.
It's completely free right now, all I ask for is:
Feedback on your AI generated responses: You can do this by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons below your responses. I will be using this feedback to improve the AI prompts and tailor the AI model (brain) to be even better.
General feedback on using the website: Have a painful experience trying to do something on JobBuddy? I want to know about it. It's the best way to improve the service. So far, I've personally responded to and actioned every piece of feedback received. I plan to continue doing so as much as I can. You can provide this feedback by clicking the 'Got Feedback?' button in the footer.
Please be aware, I am a solo developer building this and it's still very early days - so there will be bugs. But the feedback I've had so far has been promising!
You can access the website here
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2023.03.22 22:16 styrene13 Feeling dejected after constant rejections from the job hunting process. How do I stay motivated?

Over the last six months I've applied to over 500 jobs but I still haven't got an offer yet. I wake up to rejection emails everyday; only recently started getting interviews which I thought would go well until a receive a rejection email a week later. I've tried every job search startegy- edited my resume after suggestions from experts in this field, spoke to many people, made sure that I'm applying for the jobs that suit my profile but it's been super exhausting and I'm burnt out. How do I move on from this and continue my search?
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2023.03.22 22:15 cgstories The Mother, the Son, and the Bride [Part 4]

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Looking out the window was a man whose shape seemed familiar to Hana. The shape of his head and shoulders, and those suspicious eyes reflected on the glass by the moonlight—the chauffeur. But his face in the reflection appeared odd—pushed-back nose, cleft upper lip revealing two large buckteeth. Then there were his ears. They were long and furry like a rabbit.
Then, unprovoked, he started hitting his head with his fists and crying out too loudly, “Babo! Babo! Babo! I shouldn’t have taken this job, even though the pay sounded good.”
“Shhh!” Hana pressed a finger to her lips.
“You’ll get us all killed if you don’t shut up,” Minji hissed.
The chauffer’s loud cries dwindled to hiccups and sniffles and heaving. Hana’s heart ached at the sight. He looked pathetic and helpless with his sad rabbit face and floppy ears.
“What happened to you?” she asked.
“I…I failed to deliver you in the manner the Mother wanted, so this—” waving a hand over his furry, gray, rabbit-like face with incredible detest, “is my punishment and she ordered her guests to hunt me down like game.”
So many questions came to Hana all at once that they made her head spin. She wanted to ask the chauffer—now a Gray Rabbit—if Jeong-wook’s mother was a witch and what were the reptilian-like creatures that roamed around the Roh family’s estate. But before she could, a terrible screeching ravaged the hallway, growing uncomfortably louder as the horrific flower-faced creatures seemed to be approaching closer.
The chauffeur cowered behind the window curtain. Hana dropped back behind the sofa with Minji.
Something like the serrated edge of knives scratched along the walls, and when whatever creature was passed the door, the threesome let out a breath of relief. The Gray Rabbit shot up from his hiding spot and darted toward the corner of a wall. When he pressed an unseen button on the wall, part of it opened like a door.
“Is that the way out?” asked Hana peering out from the side of the sofa and into the pitch-black darkness that waited for them.
“Let us come with you,” Minji said. “We want to get out of this hell hole!”
“If you do, you’ll be hunted too,” he warned.
“We’re already being hunted.”
“Very well, come along then, but just know I won’t hesitate to cut and run.”
They followed him through the opening and into a cold, narrow passageway. The only light guiding them was the Gray Rabbit’s cellphone, which, after begging to use it, the women discovered received no signal. With the single beam of light, they navigated their way through an endless labyrinth. The old joints of the large house groaned and creaked, announcing their age, and among the noise was the muffled laughter and chattering of the Roh guests in their rooms.
The Gray Rabbit explained that the Roh patriarch had once used these passageways for easy access to his mistresses’ quarters y, and without the Mother and her court ladies catching him happily skipping to a mistress’ room. But since the Roh patriarch now spent most of his days in the city, the passages were forgotten and unused for years.
On the other side, something banged on the wall. They jumped at the sudden noise.
“Do you smell that?” asked a guest.
“Smell what?” asked another.
Like bloodhound dogs on a fox hunt, the guest sniffed the wall then inhaled deeply on a particular spot. “Smells like the rabbit! But there’s something else…” the sniffing resumed, then with a heavy sigh of disappointment, said, “I can’t determine what it is, but it smells delectable, and it’s inside the wall!”
The Gray Rabbit’s face paled and all his fur stood on ends. Then, true to his word, he dashed ahead leaving the women behind in the dark. Hana and Minji went after him.
The guest cried aloud. “Oh! It’s getting away! Come! Quick!” Chaos ensued on the other side as more and more guests scrambled to join in the hunt.
Bobbing up and down like a buoy in the dark sea, Hana followed the cellphone light with Minji close behind. The distance between them and the light grew wider, when suddenly, it vanished.
All was lost, Hana thought. She was going to be left alone in the endless, dark, labyrinth.
Minji’s terrified scream snapped her out of her thoughts. She turned around to see the guests breaking through one wall with axes and hammers. Their yellow reptilian eyes peeked through the cracks, and they flicked their long-forked tongues flicked at them. Minji backed away, too petrified to move forward. She fell to the ground when she bumped into a figure standing behind her.
Hyun-jeong appeared from the darkness with the lower half of her jaw split open like petals baring hundreds of sharp teeth. Her long delicate fingers stretched into long threads of vine roping themselves around Minji and dragging her into the darkness.
It was too late to save her new, now dear, friend. Hana ran to the spot where the Gray Rabbit had vanished. The ground suddenly gave away and she dropped down into an abyss before she plunged into a river. It was strangely warm. Swallowing a mouthful of it, tasted like soured milk.
“Don’t swallow the milk,” the Gray Rabbit warned. “A drop of the Mother’s milk will make you much more vulnerable to her power.”
He had yanked her out of the river and dragged her onto dry land. He kneeled beside her, slapping her back as she coughed and vomited the milk. Its taste was wretched and vile. She collapsed onto her side, exhausted.
“What happened to your friend?” The Gray Rabbit asked in a hushed tone.
“They’ve got her!” she cried.
“Shhh!” he clasped a hand over her mouth and looked around with wide frantic eyes. “We have to be quiet. The guards patrol these grounds too. They won’t hesitate to kill us.”
Hana nodded, and he pulled his hand away. “They’ve got Minji,” she said again in a quieter yet distraught tone. “We’ve got to help her.”
“Excuse me. Um, w-we?”
“Fine, then I’ll go back,” she groaned, gritting her teeth.
Hana got up. The world spun as she tried to regain balance on trembling legs. The taste of the milk still lingered. It churned her stomach, and another round of puke threatened to come up.
“By yourself?”
“By myse—” She couldn’t hold back the sickness any longer. A gush of milk splashed onto the floor. She groaned and hurled.
The Gray Rabbit urged her to vomit quieter. His eyes darted here and there. His long ears stood straight up, listening for the hard footsteps of the guards.
“Perhaps,” he started to say, “you need to give yourself a minute to recover before you play the hero and run to your death.”
On shaky legs, Hana staggered toward a tree and leaned against it. She shivered. She was soaked from head to toe with milk curds. Once she had wiped off some of the foul chunks from her eyes, she scanned her surroundings. She was surprised to see that they were not in the dusty basement of a house but the vast expanse of a forest. Thousands of fireflies sparsely lit the deep black and endless sky like stars. The calm river of milk flowed with bits and pieces of pebble-size curds. Its stench sat heavily in the air like melted gorgonzola on a summer day.
“Where are we?” Her legs gave away and she slid to the ground.
“We are in the underworld of the Roh estate,” the Gray Rabbit answered, seeing the dazed and confused look on her face. “The Great Temple of Roh is at the end of this river.”
He plopped down beside her. His rabbit ears flopped beside his face.
“Underworld? Temple?”
“Yes, this is where the Family communes with the darkness, and the milk from the Mother is what they used to control us all; our free will is weakened.”
Hana made a face and pointed to the milky river. “They drink from that?”
“It wasn’t always like that. It had once been rich, creamy, and its fragrance and taste were like mad honey. The milk flowed underneath the house up to the fountains in the garden and pond. The Mother would come here and give her milk. The Son drank from the stream but most times he drank it straight from the source.”
Hana shuddered. She was reminded of what she had seen in the Mother’s room.
“Then their relationship changed,” the Gray Rabbit continued. “The Son had reached his early twenties and when his father was able to get him out of serving in the military, he wanted to leave the estate in pursuit of earthly pleasures in the city. As you can imagine, The Mother wasn’t happy about it. There was an argument. Everyone could hear her banshee cries throughout the house. All the glass in the house cracked. Things got violent and then…”
His voice trailed off and his eyes glazed over, and after a moment of silence, he said, breathlessly, “A great white light consumed us all and we couldn’t see, and we couldn’t hear. Just white and silence. Our ears and noses bled, and our heads throbbed. The Mother had tried to use magic to keep the Son in, but it backfired and struck her instead. When things cleared up, the servants found the Mother in a horrible state. She once was a tall and great beauty...and ever since that day the milk she pours out is spoiled.”
“Have you seen her? What does she look like?”
He shook his head. “Except for her Court Ladies, no one is allowed to see what she looks like behind those bandages. Anyone who caught a glimpse, whether by accident or not, gets their eyes plucked out and tongues cut off. She wants no one to see, and no one to tell others of how she looks now.”
“And what does she want with me and Minji? Why did Jeong-wook bring us here?”
“Guilt drove the Son into despair. He believed it was his fault for the Mother’s condition. He vowed to heal her. He brought you and the other girls here, not because he cared and loved you and wanted you to be a part of his life. He brought you here because he loves the Mother. He promised her that she would get her youth and beauty back. The Mother will choose a new vessel. So, consider yourself lucky that your friend was chosen, not you. There’s no way for you to save her. You can only save yourself. You can escape, and I know the way. Follow me if you’d like, but I won’t wait for you to catch up!”
Hana’s guts twisted with guilt. The thought of leaving Minji behind ate her up. But the Gray Rabbit was right. She was lucky, and she couldn’t save someone else without putting her own life at risk. And the risk was too high.
“Okay, lead the way,” she said.
The Gray Rabbit hopped to his feet. His long ears perked up. His eyes shined with renewed hope and determination. For once since her arrival, Hana also felt a glimmer of hope.
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2023.03.22 22:12 xxlaur77 Burnout

I waited too long to address my burnout and now I’m crying every morning asking what I did to deserve this.
My job entails a lot of documentation and I’m at the point where I can’t even update my resume to apply for new jobs because I can’t stand to look at even more documentation (e.g. resume)
I’m medicating with marijuana and I know that’ll make finding a new job even harder.
My physical and mental health is suffering. I wake up in a panic thinking I hear my email go off.
I just moved to a new area and don’t have resources yet to a therapist, etc. Is there a certain type of doctor that can provide immediate assistance for something like this? Do I just quit?
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2023.03.22 22:11 Tytolus [T6-X] Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser Phaser Build (aka if everyone does it, it probably won't hurt to start there)

Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some thoughts and feedback on my current main character's main damage output source, my Kitbash Lexington Tophat Flagship.
This phaser build is the result of around half a year of (worryingly consistent) playtime, grinding, lots and lots of screwing around, more grinding, research (aka Wikis, YouTube, this Subreddit, other posts), advice from long-time playing Fleet Members, a sheer amount of luck resulting in a certain Domino Console, and some seasonal Z-Store discount purchases.
I am very comfortable completing Advanced Content (TFOs etc) with this ship and in one test-run stood enough of a survivability to complete an Elite Mission, so the primary goal of this post is more of a double-check to rule out any possibilites of narrow-eyed me missing some obvious flaws, since I'm still in a learning process and to find out if there are some unbeknownst-to-me consoles, weapons and/or traits my build would profit from.
Any advice is more than welcome and appreciated!

Captain Details

Captain Name  Richard Josiah Simon   
Captain Career  Science   
Captain Faction  Federation   
Captain Race  Human   
Captain's Outfit  Odyssey Long Jacket   
Primary Specialization  Intelligence   
Secondary Specialization  Pilot   

Space Skill Tree

Rank  Engineering    Science    Tactical   
Lieutenant    Advanced Hull Capacity      Advanced Energy Weapon Training  Advanced Projectile Weapon Training 
Lt. Commander  Improved Electro-Plasma System Flow  Advanced Impulse Expertise  Improved Control Expertise    Advanced Targeting Expertise  Defensive Maneuvering 
Commander  Hull Plating      Shield Hardness  Advanced Weapon Amplification  Advanced Weapon Specialization 
Captain  Defensive Subsystem Tuning  Offensive Subsystem Tuning  Advanced Exotic Particle Generator  Advanced Long Range Targeting Sensors  Advanced Hull Penetration  Advanced Shield Weakening 
Admiral  Improved Warp Core Potential          Improved Tactical Readiness 
0 Points Left  13      24   

Space Skill Unlocks

Purchases  Engineering  Science  Tactical 
Hazard Emitters III  Science Team III  Tachyon Beam III 
Battery Expertise  Sector Space Travel Speed  Threat Control 
Feedback Pulse III  Photonic Shockwave III  Jam Sensors III 
10  Maximum Hull Capacity    Projectile Critical Chance 
12  Polarize Hull III    Tractor Beam III 
15      Energy Critical Chance 
17      Viral Matrix III 
20      Accuracy 
24 (Ultimate)      Focused Frenzy 

Ship Loadout: Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser

Slot  Item 
Fore Weapon 1  Targeting-Linked Phaser Beam Array 
Fore Weapon 2  Terran Task Force Phaser Beam Array  
Fore Weapon 3  Trilithium Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher  
Fore Weapon 4  Dark Matter Quantum Torpedo Launcher  
Aft Weapon 1  Omni-Directional Phaser Beam Array  
Aft Weapon 2  Kinetic Cutting Beam  
Aft Weapon 3  Trilithium-Enhanced Omni-Directional Phaser Beam Array  
Aft Weapon 4  Wide-Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher  
Deflector  [Non-Baryonic Matter Deflector ]() Mk XV [HullCap]x2[HullHeal][ShCap] Ultra Rare 
Impulse Engines  [Mycelial Wave-Impulse Engines ]() Mk XV [Full][Spd][Turn]x2 Ultra Rare 
Warp Core  Mycelial Harmonic Matter-Antimatter Core Mk XV [AMP][S->W][SCap][SSR] Ultra Rare 
Shields  [Tilly's Review-Pending Modified Shield ]() Mk XV [Cap]x3[Cap] Ultra Rare 
5 Engineering Consoles  Console - Universal - Adaptive Emergency Systems 
  Console - Universal - D.O.M.I.N.O. 
  Console - Universal - Flagship Tactical Computer 
  Console - Engineering - Reinforced Armaments Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Engineering - Trellium-D Plating Mk XV Epic 
2 Science Consoles  Console - Universal - Assimilated Module Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Science - Bellum Inertial Dampeners Mk XV Epic 
4 Tactical Consoles  Console - Tactical - Lorca's Custom Fire Controls Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
T6-X Universal Console  Console - Universal - Multi-Directional Artillery Barrage 
Universal Console  Console - Universal - Hull Image Refractors 
1 Hangar Bays  Hangar - Elite Mirror Universe Shuttlecraft 

Officer Details

Bridge Officers  Power 
Commander Engineering-Miracle Worker  Engineering Team I  
  Reverse Shield Polarity I  
  Emergency Power to Shields III  
  Directed Energy Modulation III  
Lt. Commander Universal  Tachyon Beam I  
  Tractor Beam II  
  Photonic Officer II  
Lt. Commander Tactical  Torpedo: Spread I  
  Attack Pattern Beta I  
  Attack Pattern Omega I  
Lieutenant Tactical-Intelligence  Tactical Team I  
  Beam Array: Overload II  
Ensign Science  Hazard Emitters I  

Traits & Duty Officers

Trait  Name  Description 
Personal Traits  Superior Beam Training  Increases Beam Weapon Damage. 
  Projectile Training  Increases Projectile Weapon Damage. 
  Operative  Increases Critical Chance and Critical Severity. 
  Innocuous  ''Space Trait''': Slightly increases Critical Severity, and makes enemies less likely to attack you over other targets. 
  Impact Defense Specialist  ''Space Trait''': Increases Resistance against [[Kinetic]] and [[Physical]] based attacks. 
  Techie  Space Trait. Improves your Hull Repair skill, which increases the effectiveness of abilities that heal or regenerate your ships hull. 
  Enlightened  Increases Exotic Damage and Hull Regeneration. * +15% Exotic Damage * +15% Hull Regeneration 
  Blue Skies  Space Trait. Starting at 75% Hull, you will gain increasing bonuses to Flight Speed, Turn Rate, and Defense Rating as your Hull continues to fall lower and lower. This bonus is recalculated every 0.5 sec. 
  Warp Theorist  Space Trait. Improves your Warp Core Potential skill, which increases all power levels of your ship. Also improves Electro-Plasma Systems, which improve power transfer and regeneration rates aboard your ship. 
  The Boimler Effect  Space Trait. Provides a chance for using Bridge Officer Abilities to recharge all other Bridge Officer Ability recharge times up to their respective Shared Cooldown Categories. 
Starship Traits  Adaptive Hull Plating  - While this trait is slotted, activating any Hull Healing or Command Bridge Officer Ability will boost your maximum hull hit points for a short time. This effect stacks up to 3 times. 
  Weapon System Synergy  - Game Description: Each time a directed energy weapon is activated on your ship, you will shunt a small amount of power to your projectile emitters. This is represented by building up stacks of Weapon System Synergy. Upon reaching 10 stacks, your projectile weapons will become primed and deal additional damage and shield bleedthrough for several seconds. After this expires there is a short lockout window before you can begin building up Weapon System Synergy stacks again. 
  The Best Defense  Attack Patterns grant Hull Healing Buff to Self 
  Super Charged Weapons  - Game Description: Firing a torpedo will provide a stack of the Super Charged buff. This buff provides a boost to directed energy weapons, increasing their damage, critical hit chance and critical severity for a short time. This buff stacks up to 3 times. 
  Predictive Algorithms  - Activating any Weapon Enhancement Ability removes 1 Debuff effect and grants +5 Accuracy Rating for 30 sec (stacks up to 4 times). 
  Dimensional Modulation  - To self, max once per 10 sec: +3 - 30% Bonus All Damage (based on number of targets) with Starship Weapons for 10 sec. 
Space Reputation Traits  Chrono-Capacitor Array  Reduces Bridge Officer Recharge Times 
  Tyler's Duality  Critical Chance based on Hull Capacity 
  Precision  Increases your Critical Hit Chance in space combat. 
  Advanced Hull Reinforcement  Provides minor damage resistance in space combat. 
  Advanced Targeting Systems  Slightly increases critical severity in space combat. 
Duty Officers  Projectile Weapons Officer  [SP] Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes 
  Projectile Weapons Officer  [SP] Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes 
  Assault Squad Officer  [SP] Secondary Shields from Tactical Team 
  Systems Engineer  [SP] Chance to add power to all Sub-Systems 
  Gravimetric Scientist  [SP] Chance to create an aftershock Gravity Well 
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2023.03.22 22:04 soyboy97 Supply teacher looking to buy first home

Hi guys,
I am tying to buy my first home, however I am a supply teacher. I’ve been working consistently at the same school for the past year with no break and I have no plans to stop, however my job description is not classed as permanent.
Worried this will prevent me from getting a mortgage. Permanent teaching positions in Scotland for my subject are really hard to come by so I am unsure when my job situation will change.
Wondering if anyone has been in a similar position and managed to get a mortgage while on supply?
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.22 22:03 Appropriate_Cod_7132 Advice needed from industry professionals

Hello, Chefs of Reddit! This is going to be long but there's a lot of shit I wanna sift through. I'll start from the beginning.
I am a 23-year-old cook. I started in fast food, where I was cooking, and in management for four years. Over that time I started to develop a love for food to the point I wanted to pursue it as a career. I took my first official cooking job at a local restaurant. It was mostly frozen food, some scratch items but nothing that really satisfying. I learned what I could there then left after eight months. My next job was at a high-end bistro that served entrees, sandwiches, and other specials. I was very motivated and driven to make something there so I pushed and produced the top work I could. About two months in, the Chef no call no showed. Wasn't surprised because this guy had a huge drug issue. They immediately asked me to take the role of Chef, despite my lack of experience. I took it because I saw the need and desired to help.
Over the next year and a half, I struggled to keep staff and had a dozen new chefs come in with the intention to mentor me but all turned out to be addicts or lying on their resumes, tons of pressure from the job, and overall frustration. We got through it, but it was difficult. About a year ago A new chef came. Badass, knowledgable, hardworking, driven. Best I have ever seen, in person, or heard of. I immediately wanted to do everything I could to learn and grow from him, I became his Sous. Over the next year was being screamed at, constantly criticized, shamed and demoralized, and feeling worthless. I eventually felt it was time to step down from Sous to Line Cook so I can take time to step back and soak up knowledge and be in a position I know I'm stronger.
This didn't work, it made things a lot worst. Any respect that I was given was gone, now I was just being treated like a kid that knew nothing and wasn't worth anything. Pretty much a liability. This was a hard thing for me to handle because I am driven by purpose and knowing that I was a liability to the Chef was not something that could sit with me. It gradually got worse and worse until I decided to ask if I could transition out of the kitchen to other parts of the business. It was a nice change since I love learning new things. Overall, things have deteriorated to the point that I decided to put in my two weeks.
I am moving to a new restaurant soon, but after a few years at the job I've been left super confused and defeated in the industry. I love to cook so I can't leave the kitchen entirely but Chefs have left a bad taste in my mouth. Any advice for young people trying to make a career in this industry and have the confidence to keep pushing forward? any advice for someone who wants to soak up as much knowledge of food and restaurants as possible?

P.S. Sorry for the long rant. Had this stuff on my mind for a while. It's been a rollercoaster in this industry.
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2023.03.22 22:03 Bellyfeel26 Employee Not Working Their Contractual Hours: What Are My Options?

Hi all,
I've tried to Google this endlessly, but nothing seems to come up.
We have a WFH employee who opted only to do their job (customer service representative) for only 3 hours the other day (10:30am - 1:30pm). Our company policy does state we have core hours of 10am - 3pm, but the remainder of your hours can be made up how you please. This employee is a salaried worker with 40 hours a week.
How does this absence function and what can I legally do? Does this count as unpaid sick time? Can the time be made up? This would be great to know in case we experience this again while also making sure we do not infringe on this person's legal rights. The unfortunate part is the lack of warning means I had to scramble to cover as there was no warning. I haven't approached the employee yet because I simply don't know their rights or ours, and any search simply just pulls up unpaid sick leave.
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2023.03.22 21:59 Vloxalion [USA-PA] [H] 12400 based complete pc w/peripherals & accessories & spares [W] Local Cash

"Bump" of previous post due to no activity, added webcam, clarified descriptions. All have been unused since last post with the exception of the monitor. If you want more information about anything, feel free to ask. The second hand items from the 12400 guy have much less fragrance compared to when they were obtained.
I got most of these parts under half a year ago, but the only benefits over my tri-core phenom ii and gtx 460 build from 2010 are way less poweheat, 2min faster mp3 encoding, and loading content seconds sooner. I'll try for modern hardware again some other time, but looking to recoup some of this massive waste of time, effort, and resources(1405.34) for my use case. pet/[email protected]/[email protected]/scent free household, and do not eat near computer area.
Asking $842.10 $800 local cash for everything, quakertown-doylestown area in bucks county. Not looking to break it up, but perhaps into two sets because there are almost enough parts for two computers.
pcpartpicker links with sort of up to date roughly current pricing:

part name comments value at
i5-12400 2nd hand. H0 stepping, not the more power hungry C0, and is AVX-512 capable going by the production date(did not verify; see motherboard notes). blemish from previous owner's cooler on ihs, but can't remember if it was permanent indent or rubbed off mound. includes box and cooler. 140
unknown 6 heatpipe thermalright cooler - possibly the burst assassin non-argb model without fan 2nd hand from the 12400 guy. tower only. has blemish/nick on contact surface. his laundry detergent had fragrance, so i couldn't use it. he also didn't clean the paste off and shipped it in a ziplock bag. i cleaned it as well as i could and replaced the bag. 10
noctua s12b redux 1200rpm 2nd hand from the 12400 guy. same scent problem. 5
arctic alpine 17 co BNIB, but box looks beat up 7
id cooling se-224-xt-basic used to cool a 3800x for a few months before the faulty mobo went kaput and sold the other parts of it. no 1700 mounting hardware because it was produced before alder lake. the win10pro key from the msi pro mobo is written on a slip of paper tucked inside the instruction manual. 15
msi b660m mortar wifi ddr4 mobo vrms have coil whine crackle-hum most likely related to powerstate/frequency switching (disappears when fully loaded or not doing anything), tried a whole bunch of bios settings to stop it, C1E enabled reduces it. integrated graphics culprit unverified due to case and difficulty with it; haven't tested a discrete card to eliminate igpu cause. latest bios(v19) is flashed, need earlier bios version for avx512 capability, tried to get it working but found out it involves tainting my kernel and i don't use windows but if you do, the only os-side step is to move the specific intel microcode file out of system32. replaced the ilm with the thermalright one. includes right angle usb3 header adapter. 110
msi b660m a pro ddr4 wifi 2nd hand from 12400 guy. has smudge on backside near cpu bracket from alcohol solubility test on the paint; backside is alcohol soluble. has same scent as others from him. he did a bad paste job on cpu area and shipped it that way, i cleaned it up (no socket pins got paste on them thankfully) tested and it works. comes with windows 10 pro key. the m.2 wifi card was verified working, but putting it in the board... i didn't have enough finger dexterity. one of the contact n!pp!es is bent, needs to be bent back. can't get it back out to do that, stuck. includes piece of factory glue that goes between the contacts and holds the leads in place. treat as non wifi version with potential bonus for trying hard enough. anti static bag on one side MAY have trace of urushiol due to being blown away when airing out onto a patch of cracked concrete where two weeks previous had been a sprout which was uprooted then the area alcoholed then two rainstorms. includes right angle usb3 header adapter. 90
teamgroup 2x8gb 3200 c16 2nd hand from 12400 guy, works, had somehow strongest scent of them all. 30
timetec 2x16gb 3200 c16 dual rank with hynix 8gigabit jjr ic's (lower binned cjr) remember to lock in the voltage to safe level for that ic instead of auto. partially manually overclocked, enabled xmp then increase to gear1 3466mt/s (what i can tell, max speed with the locked vcssa without loosening timings) and the few timings changed are: command rate to real 1N; did not test tighter than tRRD to 6, tRRD_L to 6, and tFAW to 24; tREFI should be able to be higher than 24960 but didn't test; tRFC has errors at 460, can't remember what 480's result was, and 500 is stable. stressapptest for an hour after each change made, no errors. may go tighter, less than 10 attempts worth of tweaking. 70
western digital sn770 500gb 2nd hand from the 12400 guy, but didn't smell. has been secure erased. smart data said 2.4tbw. 25
samsung 970 evo plus 2tb 2nd hand from best buy geek squad refurbished. smart data indicated literal open box condition. smart data now says 3.28tbw, has been secure erased. 100
xfx rx460 4gb 2nd hand from a miner in 2021. was dirty but cleaned it, had mining bios, and the standard bios or other custom bios don't seem stable, but it works with a rx560 bios i modded to rx550 clocks. thought i saw something spherically, iridescently marbled green-yellowgreen falling from it when putting it back together after cleaning but couldn't find the drop or where it may have dropped from, capacitors look ok. single fan version. has annoying blue led. requires 6-pin pcie power even though it draws less than 75w. 35
arctic p12 pwm pst 5 pack 2 used in the sama im01, 3 unused 25
sama im01 hohboy this case. removing the front panel carefully according to the manual causes the top clips to break(so that's why it included two spares...), and is difficult to work in even though all sides but the back come off. can't put a discrete gpu in because it can't go into the slot all the way; something about the mobo tray or pci slots stops it. front left usb3.0 defective doesn't work but the right one does. pci slot magnetic swinging screw cover hinge is a bit bent because the top and bottom packaging foam were switched in factory(cutouts did not align). matx mobo prevents bottom from having second fan if not want to risk mobo header damages 30
lian li lancool 216 opened the box and took out the inner accessory box on top but put it right back because became busy and never got around to using it. did not take out the case. almost literally open box. do not know state of tempered glass but jiggling box does not make broken glass sound. 90
corsair sf600 platinum 3 months use. powered the 12400 using integrated graphics, don't think total system power exceeded 150w from the wall 100
thermaltake tr2 430np don't know if it was 2nd hand or not. used to power a windows xp office machine which was bought without one. Don't use more than 350 watts; here is a review of the unit showing why- its F-tier but would personally trust it in a system pulling less than 100 from the wall. one cable with 20+4-pin motherboard connectors one cable with 6-pin pcie connector one cable with 4-pin 12v connector one cable with 3 molex connectors two cables with 3 molex and 1 floppy connector one cable with 2 sata connectors one molex-to-sata converter 5
cablemod black modflex EPS 4+4 pin 45cm extension sf600 needs the extension to reach the mobo receptacle in the sama case 10
thermalright 1700 anti-bending ilm comes with thermal paste(used once) and original ilm of the mortar mobo 8
hp zr24w + ergodepot J2 monitor arm 1920x1200 resolution. 12 years use. ccfl backlight has been on for ~3.3 years. came with a scratch not noticeable when on most of the time. has smudges from over a decade of use, not trusting myself to clean it without scratching. includes J2 monitor arm (desk clamp), but makes it skew a little. when powered on, it knocks channel 6 out of the airwaves until it is turned off. flickers below 100% brightness. 70
tecknet um013 mouse awful scroll wheel. defaults to the lower of the two dpi settings every time it loses power. 2 months use. 3
redragon karura k502 rgb keyboard 2nd hand. works, but did not verify all keys. 6
presonus eris E3.5 studio monitors were on my desk for 10 days and powered on at low volume for under an hour, may be low amount of specks of dust, and the speaker wire had been connected, but otherwise is as if you opened up a new one. didn't like the space they took up and preferred my headphones, but B&H would not take these back because i told them i used the included speaker wire. no joke. 80
samson go mic 2nd hand. works, good shape. has sticker covering the led to diminish the brightness. 15
xbox 360 wired controller didn't use it often, but owned it for a really long time. the left thumbstick has worn down, is low tension, and can drift slightly if off center to the northwest. 4
asus xonar dx 2nd hand. used for a few months in 2011 but was too close to gpu intake so put it away. 18
logitech c600 webcam works, model V-U0007 5

longer longcat.jpg
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2023.03.22 21:58 Key-Horse-3892 Take A W2 Contract Or Stay With My Current Job?

Hi everyone,
For context I currently make 21.77 an hour at my permanent full time job with decent benefits. I am a Sys Admin. This is my first I.T job, and I have been here for about a year. I feel that this hourly rate is pretty low. I was recently contacted by a recruiter for a 12 month contract sys admin job. The pay I was told was 28/hr with good chances of a raise/bonus (almost 30% increase). This is at a very respected large energy company in my area that I would definitely like to work for (Fortune 500). I was told that I would be a W2 through the staffing agency while on this 12 month contract and at the end I could either be renewed for another 12 months or hired on. (Or not renewed obviously) The Recuriter told me roughly 90% of the people he has worked with renew the contract or get hired with this company. I was told the company has a large % contractor workforce (70% FTE, 30% Contractor). They tell me that the company treats contractors well, giving them almost all federal holidays off as well as some managers will give PTO and the average tenure of this company (not sure if I was being told the contractors too or just employees) is 10+ years. Obviously I would prefer to become a FTE, is it worth it to take my chances and work a 12 month contract? I have had some phones calls with the staffing agency and got an interview scheduled with the actual employer. I have seen job listings from the past that are the same title and description with the same company that are FTE but these are no longer currently open.
I see people saying anything from C2H jobs never actually hire and generally treat contractors bad, or that most of the time they do hire and are treated well. So which is it?
Any insight would be great. Thanks so much.
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