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The counterpart to /sexybutnotporn. For stuff that's clearly trying to be porn, but is just not very good at it.

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The subreddit I made for one reply that I now have to moderate. Oopsie! Anyways, post the sexiest maps here that look like boobs. Or any other genitalia. Fiction maps are welcome!

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2023.06.07 23:33 losangelesguyonhere Looking for a sweet sexy guy to visit me eventually

*U.S. and Serious Only* I don't use snap and I pay using Paypal or Venmo or cash. I'm looking for a single hot gay or bi twink, twunk, jock or fit guy who exercises(18+ only). I'm only interested in guys who are open to traveling from another state or is local not just online. Must be open to vid chats and customs. Dm me if you're drug free healthy hygienic std free vaxx for covid no and sane. Verification needed because I don't want to get scammed. I can also verify. :)
I like using skype but I also have telegram if you don't have an account I'll pay you to get one if you're serious. We'll need to trade cell numbers eventually.
I prefer to make a sexy friend I can talk to and send money to.
Some of my interests: Ufos, video games, movies, music, some writing, porn hehe XD
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2023.06.07 23:15 East-Board-3001 How long does it take for urges to disappear?

I am nearly 3 weeks into a "soft" reboot, meaning I have fapped once or twice a week, but absolutely no porn, not even sexy pics on social media. I have had urges to watch porn arise periodically, particularly when I'm feeling stressed or frustrated. I'm wondering, on average, how long does it take for these urges to disappear?
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2023.06.07 23:13 East-Board-3001 On average, how long does it take for urges to disappear?

I am nearly 3 weeks into a "soft" reboot, meaning I have fapped once or twice a week, but absolutely no porn, not even sexy pics on social media. I have had urges to watch porn arise periodically, particularly when I'm feeling stressed or frustrated. I'm wondering, on average, how long does it take for these urges to disappear?
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2023.06.07 21:06 worriedcat123 Partner of his addiction

Im a s/o of an addict. We have been together 4 years and recently found out 8mo ago he had this addiction. Coming from me this is someone who I grew a life with, we lost babies together, we grew a business together, we did every milestone together. I love him so much and I hate this addiction. I separate the both because I’ve researched that porn doesn’t affect your feelings to your s/o it affects your dopamine. I felt the same way you felt we have pictures, I went out my way to send him more sexy pictures to help him, I thought we’ll if he masturbates to me than I’m ok w it but you know what I’m not. I’m not ok with him to masturbating to me or to any other women because we’re not sex objects, I’m not an object to sex. How can I stick to someone of 4 years who’s hid this from me? How can I be mentally stable for THIS? Any recovering spouse or partner of someone with addiction? IS THERE LIGHT AT THE END??? Is this fight worth it?? WILL IT GET BETTER AT THE END!! What can I do? I’ve left this past week and packed my bag and our daughters because I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take wondering what he was doing at all times, if he was on Facebook looking at women, google looking up at women, I was at my wits end and I felt like he wasn’t taking me serious when I said I was going to eventually leave if he didn’t stop. Unfortunately but fortunately because I left he looked for professional help and just went to his 1st therapy session. I love he took his first step and it might have been uncomfortable but he did it, hate that I had to leave for him to realize I won’t keep staying in this relationship with that. Is THIS battle worth fighting beside him
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2023.06.07 19:07 One_Share5064 sexy porn moms

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2023.06.07 18:33 Then-Perspective-387 porn with sexy women

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2023.06.07 17:29 Visible-Crow-9189 moms sexy porn

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2023.06.07 16:58 Alone-Abroad-795 porn sexy womens

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2023.06.07 15:43 CompleteSomewhere36 The Hypocrisy of the Porn Addict

After four years of toxicity and now what I can clearly see as emotional abuse I’m finally coming to terms with just how manipulative and abusive addicts are.
Did anyone else or does anyone else’s partner have an aversion to them dressing sexy outside of the home or even just wearing short dresses/semi-revealing clothes?
I was made to apologise constantly for other men looking at me when I had a short skirt on. He was extremely over-protective about other men leering at me KNOWING he was doing worse online to other women. When I’d go out for a night-out with friends and had on a sexy dress he could never say I looked beautiful. Rather, he would make a disproving comment about how much was on show and ‘women in relationships don’t dress like that’. Yet as soon as I was out the house he logged in to his porn world for hours.
I was constantly accused of looking at men in the gym, and other men looking at me in the weights room (I never noticed) and was constantly made to feel bad for what I wore (sports bra and shorts - very cute set!). He used to constantly tell me that I sought validation outside of our relationship knowing he was intentionally starving me of a true and authentic love.
Looking back I see all of this was projection. I was made to feel like the worst girlfriend in the world whilst he scoured the internet for OnlyFans leaks and downloaded so much porn his laptop gave out. Until he came to me in tears that his porn addiction had escalated so much he ‘might’ have downloaded something be shouldn’t have.
They’re hypocritical. They’re emotionally abusive. Can anyone else relate? ❤️
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2023.06.07 15:27 Consistent-Law-8464 porn with sexy women

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2023.06.07 15:24 OrganizationSea4305 porn sexy womens

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2023.06.07 15:22 RareAd5626 sexy susi porn

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2023.06.07 15:18 Responsible-Gap-4996 sexy susi porn

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2023.06.07 14:03 Afraid-Two1427 He told me (unprompted) the he does/have struggle(d) with porn. Red flag?

It is about 4 months after I began dating my boyfriend and he is has only been good to me, which in my life feels rather strange. We do not do intimate activities together as we are both fairly concervative christians and want to wait for marriage (if we do end up there) before we do that kind of thing together.
Around one month into dating he told me he either struggles or has struggled with porn. This was unprompted and something he said as we walked together after an event. At the time I kinda sighed in relief that he wasn't this perfect paragon that I thought he was, to see he has flaws like I have.
The thing is, I feel I cannot judge him. While I do not watch porn and the only history I have is textual sexting with a long distance boyfriend, whereof I ended said relationship because I grew stronger in faith and saw my ways weren't good + our goals and values didn't align. I also looked at picture of male torsos earlier, so I suppose I was kinda a affected by that world like 4 years ago. I do not any longer watch or read much explicit stuff (voluntarily at least), but I am still very much affected by a "colourful" fantasy and sometimes the physique of my boyfriend (he's as sexy as he is kind) overshadows what I see of his soul (and when that happends, I am reduced to giggles). I still masturbate
I really do not feel I can judge him when our issues are so related
Maybe a month ago, we were at a rather spiritual led sermon (we go to several different churches) and we had both asked people to pray for us induvidually. Yet one of the lead singers told that some people had more things they needed to pray about and if we needed to be prayed for, we should ask those nearby to pray for us. And we both prayed to be released from our issues. For him the porn and for me the masturbation. And he broke down crying afterwards (the only time I've seen him cry)
This is really all I know about the issue. His addiction has in no way been visible other than what he has told me and it does seem he really wanna quit it. I do not know much about what he watched and about what kind
Btw, I am almost always the one who initiates and/or asks for physical touch. Like kissing and hugs. And he is sometimes a bit of a bad texter and he isn't the most passionate and he often worries a lot for the future
Is this a red flag? I love him dearly and he is so kind to me
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2023.06.07 13:48 Top-Figure-7029 sexy susi porn

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2023.06.07 13:25 roolinheart How can I get sex with the sexy porn actress which started to follow me ?

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2023.06.07 13:05 Mysterious_Stress615 movie sexy porn

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2023.06.07 12:17 Cute_Book_283 videos sexy porn

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2023.06.07 11:42 ComprehensiveRun2386 porn with sexy women

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2023.06.07 10:50 GladField1692 sexy cora porns

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2023.06.07 09:29 nofapnosexlife Need help overcoming my smoking fetish, is this still porn?me And should I tell my wife?

My ED has always been real bad. I get crazy anxiety, overthink, then it's game over. I'm working on my anxiety issues separately.
But to compound the problem, I have a smoking fetish. And I do masturbate frequently, like every other day. I get turned on by the idea of a woman smoking. She doesn't even need to be naked. I can masturbate when relaxed simply thinking of the idea of someone smoking. Like a woman I saw in a passing moment smoking, or imaging my wife smoking (she does not smoke IRL). That's the fucked up thing, I don't need to watch porn. Just the mere act of seeing a woman smoking outside a bar or restaurant or in her car commuting is enough to trigger me. I can't escape it.
Sometimes, I sneak a cigarette IRL myself and imagine me with my wife, I get turned on - I guess you could compare it to auto aspyhxiation or being tied up/bonded - doing the "dangerous" act to myself is enough for a hard on.
I haven't told my wife. When we first started dating, I mentioned that I find smoking sexy, but nothing more. She doesn't smoke. I found the idea of a "fetish", being attracted to an inamimate object weird to describe. Overtime, it just became harder and harder to explain to her how serious my problem is or that I even have one.
Now it's causing problems as I can't get it on or if I do, I overthink it and it goes limp then game over.
I have no problem fapp'ing, even though I don't watch porn. Or should I let me wife know of my dirty sceret, have her watch me smoke, because I know that would do the trick? Or do I go the 100% no fap, to the point my dopamine resets and I can get turned on like a normal guy? But like I said, just leaving my house and seeing a woman smoke is the equivalent of watching porn, for me. It's a turn on and is engrained in my "spank bank"
For some reason, using my imagination just doesn't work when I'm with her. I don't know why. I have zero issues in the morning if I fap and use the brain, as long as I think about hesomeone smoking. Will NoFap help me in this case or is my problem rooted in a perverse fetish? Like why can't I just get turned on normally by my wife?
I'm worried if I overcome this fetish I'll just become asexual, and nothing will turn me on.
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2023.06.07 05:19 kayxla Feeling attractive again after partners addiction

I posted in another thread and was directed here for advice.
My (27F) partner (26M) is recovering from his porn addiction, he is currently almost 4 months free and I have no reason to believe he isn’t sticking to this.
We went through hell after he acknowledged his problem and to get where we are now. He would go a couple weeks without it before relapsing then a few months and the last time he relapsed I left. I separated from him briefly, I couldn’t talk to him or even look at him I was so betrayed and disgusted. This was a real awakening for him to take things seriously and he made a lot of changes/implemented an open phone and devices policy and placed blockers on accessing porn.
However, the last two times we’ve tried to be intimate he hasn’t been able to maintain an erection. This happened any time we tried to have sex at the height of his addiction, we weren’t intimate for nearly a year because he would turn to porn instead and when we tried he was detached and couldn’t stay erect. Having this happen really triggered me into thinking he’s watching it again even though there is nothing to indicate that. I’m hoping maybe it is common for people in recovery? He’s displayed behavioural and attitude changes, he’s more romantic, less aggressive and totally understanding of me. He’s not the most emotionally mature or open person but he wrote me a letter detailing how sorry he is and his intent to be better for me and our future which I was hugely grateful for.
Overall we spent about a year not having any intimacy and throughout that time he denied any and all of my advances. It made me feel really unattractive. Now that things are better, he’s expressed he’d like it if I tried initiating but I can’t bring myself to do it it because of how horrible being rejected and feeling replaced made me feel previously. I don’t feel sexy any more in the bedroom and I still have these horrible thoughts that I’m not good enough sexually and that he just wants the women from porn instead. I know this is an internal issue and something I need to work on but I was wondering if anyone has dealt with similar and how they got back to feeling sexually confident again. Did your partner help?
TLDR; partner rejecting me through addiction makes it impossible for me to initiate now that he’s recovering
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