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Pokémon Legends Arceus

2021.02.26 12:38 are_you_bready Pokémon Legends Arceus

Pokémon Legends Arceus is an Action RPG developed by Game Freak for the Nintendo Switch that released on January 28, 2022. Survey, catch, and research Pokémon in a long-gone era of Sinnoh to complete the region's first Pokédex!

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2016.11.20 06:28 HakushiBestShaman Find people to dine with in Perth

Lonely? Post up where you want to go and when, and hit up with people keen to eat and chat about whatever. Not for hookups, just for eating.

2023.03.23 00:05 The_Local_Vagabond M4F Tales From the Gas Station: The New Hire

At the edge of our town, there’s a shitty gas station that’s open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you were to go inside, you’d see row after row of off-brand chips, cookies, potted meats, and pickled curiosities. Expiration dates suspiciously missing from the canned goods like they were filed off years ago in some misguided attempt to control inventory turnover. A faded “wet floor” sign from way back covers a large crack in the foundation by the cooler where layers of sticky spill-off have formed a miniature tar pit, preserving countless insect corpses and the occasional small rodent.
Nobody ever complains about the aesthetic. By some providence bordering on the supernatural, the health inspector has repeatedly signed off on the business, always kindly ignoring the faint smell of some kind of mysterious chemical cocktail that is the defining characteristic of the establishment. More noticeable than the steady mechanical hum of the frozen drink machine that was installed in the seventies and never once serviced. More distracting than the random pockets of cold and warm air that seem to follow you around. And more annoying than the family of mutated raccoons that lives in the crawlspace behind the grease trap.
We think they’re mutated anyway. At the very least, they must be inbred to the point of genetic deformity and mental retardation. The alpha, a muscular three-foot-tall son of a bitch named Rocco, has been spotted multiple times chewing on people’s tires and has been run over at least twice, but keeps coming back.
That lingering smell, a sweet combination of honeysuckle, ammonia, and vomit, has never been positively identified, but the prevalent theory is that it’s coming from underground, wafting up through the thin fissures in the concrete that grow and spread with each year of architectural settling. It’s strongest right after a rain, and pungent to the point of tear-inducing if you get too close to the storm drains where even Rocco and his clan refuse to tread.
If you were to go inside, you might also see the bathroom cowboy. He's sort of an urban legend around here, only ever appearing when you’re alone and unsuspecting. What makes him truly legendary are the stories people tell after an alleged encounter. The accounts run the gamut from “pretty weird” to “impossibly bizarre.” Like the guy last month who went for a pee but changed his mind when he saw him standing there next to the urinal, wearing a duster, bandanna, boots, and chaps, handing out balloon animals.
Or a couple weeks later when another customer stepped into the same bathroom to see a man wearing nothing but a cowboy hat, boxers, and boots with spurs, literally grinding an ax on an old-fashioned stone sharpening wheel. When he entered, the cowboy stopped what he was doing, looked up with a smile and a tip of the hat and said, “Come on, Man... Come onnn with it.”
If you should be lucky enough to see the cowboy that may or may not haunt the bathroom, don't worry. He's harmless, and in fact usually quite polite. Honestly, he doesn’t seem so bad. Especially compared to some of the other things going on in that place.
When you go inside, you might instantly get a toothache. That’s a strangely common phenomenon that nobody really understands. It should go away on its own after a couple hours.
If you do go inside, you will almost definitely see me sitting behind the counter, because I am the only full-time employee, and I’m almost always here. You may catch me reading a book because, for some reason, the internet doesn’t work way out here, and cell phone service is dicey on good days and nonexistent on most. If you need to make a call, you can leave and go up the hill a ways, preferably back towards town because the other way will take you into the woods and you don’t even want me to go into all the reasons that’s not a good idea. Or you can pay me twenty-five cents a minute and use the store’s land line. (That arrangement was cooked up by the owners and I have to actually enforce it because they do check the phone records. I’m sorry.)
While you’re here, don’t be offended if I don’t strike up a conversation because, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t always know for sure if everyone who comes through those doors is real or not and if I had to acknowledge everyone in that place that could be an actual person, I might lose my mind. And we don’t need any more of that going on around here.
I guess that the point I’m trying to make is this: weird things happen to me working at the shitty gas station at the edge of town.
Howdy! Im looking to do an RP set in the world of TFTGS by Jack Townsend. For those who haven’t read the books/listened to the creepy pasta, go do that cause it’s amazing. No? Still here? Cool! Cause honestly you not really knowing much about it would play really well into the RP. If you HAVE read it, that’s cool too. If you wanted to play as O’Brien (preferred), Rosa or an OC of some kind just let me know. I look forward to speaking/RPing with you.
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2023.03.23 00:04 Wrinne Is Nessa actually dead?

I started thinking about this when I was re-reading chapter 99, when Nol said“Sorry for disappearing on you the last few days… it was my mums birthday the other day. I wanted to spend some time with her. I haven’t seen her in 5 years.” The thing is… it didn’t really catch me as something someone would say about a dead parent. Of course, Nol could be only telling a partial truth in reference to visiting her grave, but stating that he “hasn’t seen” her in 5 years just seemed a bit odd. So, I wanted to explore some theories to what could have happened to Nessa. 1. She could be in a coma or severely injured in a way that she can’t take care of herself or Nol. I feel like the most evidence for this theory is in the line “She’s hurt because of you.” (Chapter 64). There is also the scene in chapter 214 where Kousuke sees her name on the hospital directory (fyi, I haven’t fast passed). Although this at least a fake name and very likely a misdirect, it could be a hint that she is at a hospital somewhere. A head injury in particular would pair nicely with the narrative, in which we see Shin-Ae get a severe head injury. 2. She could also be in a prison of some sort. I can’t find much solid evidence for this idea nor can I make much sense of it narratively, but it’s another way she could be separated from Nol for an extended amount of time. 3. She left, most likely because of a threat or a bargain she had with the Hiraharas. There’s evidence in chapter 207 when Kousuke says “Maybe your mother wouldn’t have left you behind.” Of course, it is very likely Kousuke doesn’t know the whole truth, but there’s still some weight to his words. In chapter 210, we see Rand standing in the rain, looking at a woman walking by a gate. While I’ve seen some people discussing how Nessa’s timeline doesn’t match up with her being in the picture, if she left she could have found a way to come back or could have been watching from a distance. There’s evidence that it could be her based on the fact Rand is staring at her (who else would bring on this reaction?) and her yellow boots, since yellow is a color strongly associated with Nol. Finally, her letter in the Bible starts with “sorry I could not keep you safe.” (Chapter 173). 4. Just to round it out, here is some evidence that she is dead: Chapter 129, throughout the whole conversation between Nol and Nana, Nessa is referred to in past tense. In general, she is absent in a way that might not make sense if she is still alive. Overall, I don’t think we’ve been given enough information to make a solid conclusion, but I’m interested to see what anyone else thinks about this.
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2023.03.23 00:04 Bub1029 Arrigal: It's been 2000 years and a lot of original Vistani lore is lost. How will this one man get it back?

This is focusing on the changes I have made to Arrigal as a character in The Curse of Strahd campaign. I'm hoping it can help inspire someone if it piques their interest
Anyway, I really hate the idea of outright evil drunkard Vistani. It's 100% racist and needs to be fixed when running this campaign in my personal opinion. A part of that correction for me was turning the Vistani from manipulative, drunken layabouts who take advantage of their status for personal gain into nomadic storytellers. Rather than travelling freely thru the mists to serve Strahd by bringing toys or steal without the chance of pushback when they re-enter Barovia, the Vistani are multi-dimensional travelers who take in as much as they can. They leave Barovia to learn and experience, but they always return to the Valley because it was and still is their first home. There is a legend that has been told among them that they are allowed to move freely because the curse only affects invaders of the Valley, like the Barovians or the party visiting, but they are unaware of their savior of Strahd truth.
In addition, MandyMods did a great write up of Vistani cultural phrases and concepts that she used that I am using as well.
Where this concerns Arrigal:
The Vistani that work for Strahd in the book are blatantly evil, but they are still considered Vistani and that just doesn't work for the good-natured rendition of the Vistani. Rather, those Vistani shouldn't be considered Vistani at all and should be culturally dead to the Vistani. But Arrigal is a high ranking member of the Vallaki encampment and Strahd is a manipulative monster who we want to show has power to turn nearly anyone to his cause. It's actually really good to have someone like Arrigal remain an ally of Strahd in some way, but I don't like his willingness to do so.
Arrigal's new Character:
Arrigal in the book is a bit of a scheming rogueish rat to contrast his vile brute of a brother. For my version, I have turned Arrigal into a sharp tongued intellectual scribe to contrast the Santa Claus head honcho with charisma that is now Luvash.
Arrigal seeks out knowledge and considers himself to be one of the only Vistani historians, trying eternally to unlock their ancient histories. In this world, it has been 2000 years since Barovia was captured by the Mists and, thru embellishment, the reality that prophecy is a future thinking game, and Vistani who have simply never returned to the Valley over the years, Vistani history has become clouded. He yearns to know the truth about the Vistani. What they did, how they danced, what they said to each other in times of pain and joy, etc. And that's where the resources of Strahd Von Zarovich come in.
One day, Rahadin came to the Vallaki encampment to meet with Kasimir and ensure that he was still just as pacified as always with his favourite game of taunting. Among the taunts that Arrigal heard was "You wouldn't want the Dusk elves to have no history at all would you? You wouldn't want me to burn it all," and Arrigal understood a subtext in Rahadin's words. He believed that Rahadin must have access to some kind of books that tell the story of the Dusk Elves. It was thru that that he concluded that Rahadin may have access to deeper knowledge about the Vistani as well and sought out contact with him. After a terrifying encounter where Rahadin made it clear how miniscule Arrigal was to him, he agreed to bring him to an audience with Strahd regarding the usage of his library to research the Vistani.
In the meeting, an arrangement was made as Strahd saw Arrigal as a valuable resource. Arrigal would have unfettered access to the library in Castle Ravenloft and, in exchange, Rahadin would review every piece of information that Arrigal attempted to share with his people while directing Arrigal with specific pieces of information to spread. The information held back and the information spread was designed to give the Vistani, as a people, a generally neutral view of Strahd. Arrigal has been working to spread this information for the past 10 years. Though it pains him to hold back some of their history, he knows that what he is allowed to share is worth the sacrifice.
In addition, Strahd being the narcissist he is, made sure to tell Arrigal himself that he allows the Vistani to exit the mists for saving his life. He wanted to make sure Arrigal knew just how kind and appreciative of a lord he is to those who help him, but forbade Arrigal to tell the greater population of this. Strahd's game is control with Arrigal and he monitors it closely.
There are a ton of ways that this can impact the party, but most notably is Arrigal trying to set them up to see Strahd in a neutral life and also generally misinforming them about the things they may be going up against in the future. The history of Berez being a particularly good place to lie about how Strahd destroyed Berez because they killed Tatyana's reincarnation.
What becomes fun is how Arrigal can be punished. Arrigal is good at heart and the party will likely convince him to betray Strahd by telling them the truth eventually. If this happens, he will be punished the following way:
  1. The Programmed Amnesia spell will be used on Arrigal to alter his memory irreparably and ruin his life.
  2. He will remember being a well-respected keeper of knowledge and a proud Vistani, but he will know nothing of the traditions of the Vistani or the history of the Valley/Barovia.
  3. He will forget most of his vocabulary, unable to use big words like he used to when talking. Reduced to much simpler sentences
  4. He will forget every one he has ever known with one exception, his family. However...
  5. Worst of all: He will remember having a brother and a niece who he loves dearly, but every memory with them will have their faces and bodies replaced with that of other Vistani who have long since passed away in the real world. When faced with Luvash and Arabelle, he will not recognize them as family no matter how much they try to tell him the truth because he has such clear memory of it.
So, that's what I've done wih Arrigal. Tell me what you think!
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2023.03.23 00:02 Gothic_Nerd It happened. My friend asked me "when are we hanging out?"

I posted about her before. We used to be friends, she used to be childfree as well. She moved away met her fiance and now they have a baby. Whatever. I want her to be happy. I'm her only friend.
She had her baby in october. When she did, I told her how I'd understand if she didnt have time to see me for the next months/years as I know how busy she will be. She lives 2 hours away so I havent seen her since she gave birth. She messages me pretty often. Sending pictures and giving news about her baby. I dont really care, but once again I want her happy so I just go with the flow.
But today she asked me "when are we seeing one another? its been so long, I miss you!". I answered that I'm very busy with my masters and that I dont really know when Ill have time. (which is true).
But also, I dont really wanna see her, because I know her baby will come along. She is still breastfeeding so obviously baby as to come. And I dont wanna spend 2 hours trying to catch up while it will all be about her baby. And I dont wanna know how horrible birth was. And I dont wanna know how much her fiance isnt helping.
I feel bad. She is estranged from her sister. Not really speaking to her mother. Her fiance only has brothers.
Im not really looking for solutions nor answers, I just wanna share with people who understand.
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2023.03.23 00:02 BLEUGGGGGHHHHH Insomniac Spider-Man in across the spider-verse theory

My theory for Spider-Man 2 and why it’s taking so long for any marketing to come out. I thought of this a few months ago but after what Tony Todd said on twitter, I feaanticipate it even more. I think that the reason they haven’t released much yet, is because the insomniac Spider-Men will appear and play a big role in across the spider-verse narratively speaking, and it will (because of how big the movie is compared to spider-geddon comics) unfortunately impact the story of the second game. Because of this, they need to wait for ATSV to release (June) give it time until august and begin marketing and release around that time. And if that marvel legends Spider-Man 2 miles is real than it’s even more confirmed.
Sorry if there are any typos I wrote this in a rush and didn’t have enough time to edit.
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2023.03.23 00:01 Blingblingeyes Have you ever asked your formal (close) friend why did they distance them from you?

So tale old as time. I had an friend from college with whom I was befriended since for 6 years. At the beginning we had an more mentor and mentee relationship because I am 3 years older but with time we became equals in our friendship. Now a little less than a year we don't talk anymore as we used to. At first I was the one always reaching out and sending her memes, things that remind me of her. She would give me short answers, would not engage a conversation. After some time I just stopped. The final straw was when I found out she moved back to my city after living for half a year with her parents in her hometown after college. I found this out after I asked her how she was doing. No offer to catch up for a drink or anything. I miss her. When I see that she saw my IG story I just ask myself why are we not close anymore? Did I do something wrong?
So my question is would you ask point blank an explanation? Have you ever done this? Does it help? Did your friendship recover after something like that or was that sort of closure?
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2023.03.22 23:59 brighteyedgallows Clado

So, I have a very established tank with a school of CPDs, and decided to add fire reds to the tank. After a hiccup with the seller on here, I finally get some beautiful reds, then I found my first one with clado.
My tank is heavily planted, so catching and culling that one was a nightmare, but I was hoping that was that.
I just found two more with the parasite.
Do I just keep culling them until they're all gone? I don't have a hospital tank, and I don't know if I should treat my tank with my fish and my snails or even how to treat it.
Any advice?
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2023.03.22 23:55 thehollowshrine Resurrections is such a comfort movie

Hi people, I just watched Resurrections for the 5th time, and I can't believe it still gets better with every re-watch. I'm 27, starting to feel my decline in health, haven't got many like-minded people around me, as I live in a country with a backwards mindset where even the gays are homophobic. And so, lately, I've been feeling old, and angry at everyone for dismissing essential things like peace, silence, consent and compassion, for belittling every problem they don't understand and just phasing out everything unfamiliar, yet still pretending to like being so numb. Like, why am I such an opposite to everything around me? I don't like being similar to the exact way everyone around me is, and I feel I have no choice but to become like that if I am to have a social life, WHICH IS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to having a social life. Then there goes the Analyst, basically saying we need the friction, the contrast and the intensity of our feelings to be productive. And the people of Io, proving peaceful co-existence is possible despite our fundamental differences. It's such a release to hear that, honestly.
I put on Resurrections today on HBOMax just out of boredom, to have something playing while I have my dinner, and remembered how alive and understood it made me feel that first time I saw it in the theater, and I didn't even know how much more there is to the movie at that time. It honestly makes me hopeful that there are others out there that get it.
I really hope we don't have to wait another 20 years for people to catch up with how much they actually need free-spirited, community-centered stories like The Matrix. This re-watch, I really got into the feelings of the characters in Io and I'd give much of what I have to see more stories from them.
I also have some questions about Sati's plan to get Trinity out. Like, does Bugs "know" what it's like to be Trinity now that she's been her for a moment? What did Trinity feel while she was unplugged but still in the Matrix, without Bugs as a placeholder? And in general, how does unplugging someone without them dying work? Maybe it's like AI running on the training base that a person is, until they get plugged back in.
And anyway, if there's anyone else with similar experiences and thoughts about the movie, I'd be happy to hear that. In any case, I wish everyone more Matrix stories soon and I wish Lana and Lilly all the support and love they deserve.
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2023.03.22 23:55 Lucidmike78 The Shawshank Redemption

Aight, nephew, lemme lay it down fo' ya. Once upon a time, in 1947, there was this cat named Andy Dufresne, a smooth, smart banker type. Now, Andy found himself in a real messed up situation - he got accused of murderin' his wife and her lover, ya dig? Even though my man said he was innocent, the judge didn't buy it and sent him straight to Shawshank State Penitentiary. That's a real cold place, dawg.
So, Andy rolls up to Shawshank and meets this cool dude named Red, played by the OG Morgan Freeman. Red's the man, he knows how to get things, ya know? So, these two become homies, and Andy starts to learn the ropes of this rough and tough prison life.
One day, Andy hears the warden, ol' tight-ass Norton, and the captain of the guards, Hadley, talkin' 'bout some tax stuff. Andy's got mad skills with money, so he steps up and helps 'em out. That's when he starts to get some respect and builds a legit library for his fellow inmates, teachin' 'em some book smarts and stuff. Fo' real, Andy was givin' hope to the hopeless.
But it ain't all sunshine and roses, nah. My man Andy had to go through some dark times, dealin' with some nasty fellas and corrupt guards. Despite all that, Andy keeps his head up and stays true to himself, always workin' on his master plan.
Years go by, and one day, a new cat named Tommy shows up. He's a young buck with a story that could set Andy free. You see, Tommy met a dude on the outside who confessed to the murders Andy got locked up fo'. Andy's like, "Yo, this is my ticket outta here," but Warden Norton ain't tryna hear that. He's usin' Andy's skills for his dirty work, so he ain't lettin' him go. The warden gets rid of Tommy, makin' sure that truth never comes out. It's a cold world, baby.
Now, Andy's had enough of this prison life, and it's time to make a move. He been workin' on somethin' real sly for years, but nobody knew 'bout it. You see, my man had a tiny rock hammer, and he been diggin' a tunnel through his cell wall, hidin' it behind a fine-lookin' poster of Raquel Welch. Slow and steady, dawg, that's how Andy rolled.
So, one stormy night, Andy finally breaks through. He crawls through that tunnel, gettin' all dirty, and comes out on the other side, free as a bird. My man ain't done yet, though. He goes to the bank, pulls out all the warden's dirty money, and sends the evidence to the newspapers. Talk about sweet revenge, nephew.
The next mornin', the warden and Hadley get busted. Shawshank's turned upside down, and Andy's long gone, chillin' on a beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Red, bein' the loyal homie he is, eventually gets parole, and he follows Andy's clues to find him. The two friends reunite in paradise, livin' the good life, free at last.
And that, nephew, is the story of The Shawshank Redemption. It's all 'bout keepin' hope alive and never givin' up, no matter how dark the days get. Now, close your eyes and catch some Z's, cuz dreams can come true if you believe in 'em, just like Andy and Red did.
So, remember, nephew, when life gets tough and you feelin' trapped, like you're locked up in your own personal Shawshank, don't ever lose faith. Keep workin' on your master plan and spreadin' love and knowledge, just like our main man Andy Dufresne did. 'Cause in the end, it's all about breakin' free, findin' your own Zihuatanejo, and livin' that sweet life with your true homies.
Now, sleep tight, little one. And may you dream of blue skies, sandy beaches, and the power of hope that can set you free. Fo' shizzle, goodnight, nephew.
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2023.03.22 23:53 CanardPlayer Tales Of Arise just have hit me really hard (in a good way)

It has been 13 month since i first played it, i was stuck in the house (got Covid 19) so i casually started it.
At first i liked the environnements and the music was cool, the story was begining to take place slowly, i was already into it from the start but the biggest thing was when the team was about to leave Dahna with the starship and Shionne tryed to steal it to acomplish her goal alone. That moment really killed me, i was lost, i knew something was off about her but i couldnt get what, the idea of her pursuing power for selfish désires wasnt possible but i never guessed she was fighting all allong to die to save the world, i cryed so hard, but after that it was so good to see Alphen and Shionne getting closer and going to getting trough together untill the very end.
From that moment untill the very end i wiped the rest of the game in a day and i was really happy with how it ended too.
And when it ended i was just sitting there, happy and a little bit lost after that emmotionnal rollercoaster
Not to mention the sweet voice of the singer Ayaka, the songs Hello Again and Blue Moon where prefect.
Of course this isnt an objective review or anything like this, just wanted to say that i love this game so much, it literrally is the happiest a game ever made me, if you where a part of this project, know that you have my upmost gratitude for bringing me this masterpiece
And for the Tales series overall, i've finished Bersaria recently and will try to catch up to the rest but i'm really glad i discovered it and look forward to the future.
Ohh boy what à game it was
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2023.03.22 23:51 Content_Savings1042 Messaging girls on Snapchat and lying to me about it even though I know the truth

I’m a 26F and my 28M boyfriend have been saying for about a year. He’s my first ever boyfriend and first person I got initiate with so please try to understand from my perspective how hard everything is for me. In the beginning of our relationship, I noticed how attentive, intentional and thoughtful he was. Brought me flowers, paid for dates, got me shoes just because and other things. As this being my first relationship, I was impressed not only because of that, but because he was so sweet speaking to me (knew what to say), very supportive early on.
About 2 months later I noticed weird things like him getting angry that I have guy friends (who most are in relationships) even though I show him messages to give him peace, he would say disrespectful things to me and deeply apologize as if he won’t do it again (but does lol). I let him stay with me within 2 months of our relationship in my room that I was renting as his lease was up and he was “looking” for a place to rent. So I let him stay with me until he can get secure his own place. Well as he was staying with me, I noticed how he hated working and one day he stopped showing up for work and thought a doctors note would be enough for him to still get paid. He didn’t work for 2 months. Mind you he was staying with me for free not helping me pay my rent and he didn’t consider at least paying for all of the groceries. I paid for mainly everything. I supported him by helping him find another job. Re-did his CV messaged people on his linked in account for him etc.. no luck bc at the end of the day he has to do his interviews. So ended up going back to his old job in the end and starting from scratch as he had no money anymore from not working.
Well as he got frustrated he became very verbally abusive but apologize afterwards and he even put his hands on me at one point which I knew I needed to leave but he was again “remorseful” fast forward months later we get a place together because I had issues with my roommates. Things didn’t get better because he was catching up on money that borrowed from people, he hated his job, and I wasn’t helping either by making him feel bad.
I had a dream around November and December that he was cheating on me. Even my best friend randomly texted me saying she had a dream that he was cheating. I notice energy shifts, my gut feeling and I felt uneasy for a long time. He even told me randomly he doesn’t know how long he can handle this relationship which was weird. In January of this year, I saw a girl message him on Snapchat and I asked to see the messages and he was overly friendly. It was weird because he told me he doesn’t have female friends and didn’t want me to have male friends. I knew if I messaged a guy like that he would be PISSED. That night I felt uneasy and went though his phone and saw he messaged a few girls on Snapchat and it was very inappropriate. I confronted him about it a month later and he denied it. I told him their usernames and he said “well I don’t remember messaging them but if I did, I apologize” like wtf… own up to it. He voluntarily told me he’s gonna delete Snapchat as this ruins relationships, and he said this in February this year.
Fast forward to now, I had 2 dreams the past 2 nights that he’s messaging girls online again. In February I screenshotted his snap score and compared the snap score to now and the points went up by 8. I even created a fake female Snapchat account and added him and he accepted the friend request. This morning I told him if he’s not happy in their relationship he should leave and not do anything disloyal and he said he’s happy with me and he looked at me crazy. I asked if he’s used Snapchat at all since the last time we spoke about it, he said it’s been deleted and he’s never used it. He doesn’t know I have evidence.
I had him show me his Snapchat and the feed where you see messsges was cleared of all recent activity. Even the fake account he added, I didn’t see. So I knew he deleted stuff. I told him I have proof he’s lying and he started becoming frantic saying he would never do that and I knew at that moment he was lying but to keep the peace for now, I told him I believe him. I need genuine advice please. Not a short “leave him”. Please it’s been hard. But I see the signs. I know he’ll try to suck me back in if I try to leave by saying he’ll change. Do you think he will?
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2023.03.22 23:50 Theblackcaboose How to Deal With Little Legend Hiding?

This problem has been in the game for a while now. They move the little legend on their bench and it becomes impossible to read the health bar. More importantly, the level number is hidden.
Early game this is not a big deal because I can count to 5. When the board gets crowded, I can't quickly compute the board level because counting more than 5 is too hard.
How to git gud at counting?
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2023.03.22 23:46 Jazzlike-Ad5551 How Can I Catch My Cheating Spouse Remotely Spy On Text Messages Without The Phone How To Spy On Your Spouse Phone Without Them Knowing Hire A Hacker

I will forever be grateful to this hacker for her creativity and good job in being efficient and dependable. In spite of the fact that i have been a victim of several fake hackers on this platform, i let go of all doubts, went with my instincts and hired her. To my surprise she came through and got the job done in no time at all. She delivered the best service and was well organized, trust worthy and authentic. She's very affordable and cost effective.

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Instagram: (@TechLadGuru)

She can access accounts on any social media you can think of such as
Instagram, Facebook, twitter, tinder, snapchat, tiktok, WhatsApp, discord and so on. Some of her many services includes: Social media hacks, (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Viber etc.), Incoming calls Restrictions, GPS Location Tracker, School Grade Upgrades, Intercepting and Retrieving of Instant messages, Credit Score Upgrade, WhatsApp Spy, USSD Control Commands, Facebook/Messenger Spy, Skype Spy, Hacking into Database of all kinds, Internet Usage Monitoring, Calendar Monitoring, Video Game Hacking and Cracking, Remotely Accessing SMS, Remote Email Spying, Key logging, and many more. She also gave me an option of a total refund if i encountered any displeasing factor about the job but that option was totally not needed because she did a good job.
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2023.03.22 23:44 trumpetboi309 Well, I mean it works...

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2023.03.22 23:42 darkdill What if the Final Fantasy series made a MOBA spinoff? How would you make it unique?

With the massive number of characters that span the Final Fantasy series, there's more than enough heroes and villains to create a MOBA. I don't actually expect Square Enix to make one since that'd involve taking on Riot Games and Valve, something they'd probably consider too risky.
That said, we can still entertain the notion of one. So, just for discussion, if we were to get an FF-MOBA, how would you make it unique compared to League of Legends, DotA2, Heroes of the Storm, etc.?
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2023.03.22 23:41 PeregrinePickle Steamed Hams but it's Raymond Chandler (aided by ChatGPT)

This was using the same first-person Steamed Hams text I composed and used for the Irvine Welsh version. This time I had the bot write like Raymond Chandler. I did go and make a couple tweeks to what it fed back (for instance, my text was originally written with Welsh's conversational style in mind, and while the bot knew to usually keep everything in past tense for Chandler, I had to fix that in one particular section that had rendered in present tense.)
I was feeling restless, waiting for Chalmers to show up. Last night, I'd put in the work for the roast -- seasoning it just right, letting it chill. Now, it was nestled safely in the oven, cooking away. But, at the forty-five minute mark, I noticed that despite the recipe's assurances, the meat was still uncooked. I cranked up the heat a notch, knowing that Chalmers would be arriving soon and the last thing I wanted was a late meal. No one wants to arrive at a dinner party on an empty stomach and be forced to wait.
Just as I was beginning to worry, the doorbell rang. I answered it with anticipation, hoping to see the distinguished Superintendent standing on my porch. And there he was, looking as dignified and handsome as ever, with an air of authority that belied his casual greeting: "Well, Seymour, I made it - despite your directions."
I welcomed him inside with enthusiasm. "Ah, Superintendent Chalmers! Welcome! I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!"
He grunted in agreement, or was it a groan? It didn't matter. He knew why he was here. He had brought a bottle of champagne, as promised when I invited him. I had prepared a bucket of ice to receive his generous gift.
As I rushed to the kitchen to retrieve our main course, I was hit with a wave of panic. The roast was on fire. Not just overcooked, mind you, but actually on fire.
"Oh, sweet Jesus!" I screamed like a fool. "My roast is ruined!"
I slammed the oven door shut, searching frantically for a solution. There had to be a way to salvage this disaster. Could I rehydrate it somehow? Could I pass it off as some kind of exotic, heavily-charred Hawaiian barbecue? I couldn't serve Chalmers peanut butter and crackers alongside his champagne. That would be a disaster.
Just as I was about to give up all hope, I spotted it - a Krusty Burger joint across the street. Despite all the commotion my mother and I had made about the construction of a fast food restaurant in our residential neighborhood, I found myself thanking the greedy corporate manager who came up with the idea. "What if I bought some fast food and passed it off as my own cooking? Oh ho! Devilishly clever, Seymour!"
I ripped off my cooking apron, revealing my garish turquoise suit beneath, and flung open the window. I was halfway out when Chalmers burst into the room.
"Superintendent Chalmers!" I exclaimed, alarmed and utterly humiliated by my situation. I stammered, "I was just stretching my calves on the windowsill. Isometric exercise. Care to join me?"
"Why is there smoke coming out of your oven, Seymour?" Chalmers demanded.
I stalled for a moment, scrambling to concoct an explanation that wouldn't make me look like a complete idiot. "Oh!" I said, finally coming up with something. "That's not smoke, it's steam. Steam from the steamed clams we're having. Mm, steamed clams!" I patted my stomach as if in anticipation.
Chalmers frowned, but seemed to accept my explanation. Without another word, he backed out of the room.
I zipped across town, hell-bent on saving my luncheon with Superintendent Chalmers. A greasy beacon of hope called Krusty Burger emerged from the haze, and I rushed inside. Thirty-six bucks lighter, I had my bounty: burgers and fries, stowed away under my jacket like a smuggler with a hot load.
Back in my smoky kitchen, I coughed and cursed, frantically plating the burgers on the silver tray I'd intended for the roast. I burst from the kitchen, summoning up all the forced cheer I could muster. "I hope you're ready for mouth-watering hamburgers!”
"I thought we were having steamed clams?" Chalmers growled, tucking his napkin into his shirt.
"Oh, no. I said steamed --" I paused, searching for a plausible explanation that didn't involve the Krusty Burger across the street. "Hams. That's what I call hamburgers.”
"You call hamburgers steamed hams?" Chalmers asked incredulously.
"Yes," I lied, hoping he wouldn't press the issue. "It's a regional dialect.”
"Really? What region?”
"Upstate New York," I said with a confidence I didn't feel.
"I'm from Utica and I've never heard the phrase 'steamed hams.’"
"Oh, not in Utica, no!" I laughed desperately. "It's an Albany expression.”
"I see," he said flatly.
We began to eat in silence. I watched him like a hawk, knowing that if he wasn't satisfied, I'd be in for a world of hurt.
The silence was oppressive, punctuated only by the sound of our chewing. My throat felt like sandpaper, but I took only small sips of the champagne. Chalmers, on the other hand, seemed to be relishing every bite of the "steamed hams". It's a miracle he bought my half-baked story.
But then, just as I started to breathe a little easier, Chalmers spoke up. "You know, Seymour," he said, his voice dripping with suspicion, "These hamburgers are eerily similar to the ones at Krusty Burger." He held up a burger, revealing the telltale signs of secret sauce and pickles.
I tried to laugh it off, but it came out strained. "Nonsense, Superintendent. These are Skinner Burgers, made from an old family recipe.”
"For steamed hams?" he retorted incredulously.
"Uh, yes," I stammered, trying to keep up the charade. "You know, it's a regional dialect.”
Chalmers didn't look convinced, but he seemed to drop the subject for the moment. My relief was short-lived, however, as I noticed smoke seeping out from under the kitchen door. The unmistakable sound of flames crackling was growing louder by the second. I asked Chalmers for a moment to attend to something, and he grunted a begrudging assent.
I made my way to the kitchen, trying to remain calm. This whole situation was about to go up in smoke, and I couldn't let that happen. Not after all the effort I'd put in. But when I opened the door, I was met with a raging inferno that had already consumed most of the room. Panic set in, but I couldn't let Chalmers see this. I had to get him out of here before he became another victim of my ineptitude.
I let out a phony yawn, masking the crackle of the inferno behind me, and sauntered back to the dining room. "Ah, what a night," I said with a feigned exhaustion. "We must do this again sometime. I'm beat.”
Chalmers, still engrossed in his meal, grunted in agreement. His gaze eventually met mine, and for a moment, he appeared to catch a glimpse of the conflagration raging in the kitchen. "What the devil is going on in there?" he demanded.
"It's just the aurora borealis," I replied calmly, my mind racing to conjure up a plausible explanation.
"The aurora borealis?" he repeated incredulously. "At this time of year, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen?”
"Absolutely," I replied with a nod, my face a picture of insincerity.
Chalmers looked taken aback, but not for long. "May I see it?" he inquired.
"Sorry, old chap," I replied hastily, steering him towards the door. "Maybe some other time.”
As we stepped out onto the porch, I could hear my mother's panicked cries from upstairs. "Seymour! The house is on fire!"
I brushed it off with a practiced ease. "No, mother, it's just the northern lights." Chalmers and I stepped outside, and I could see the glow of the flames through the windows.
"Well, Seymour," said Chalmers, searching for parting words. "You're a strange bird, but I have to admit, you know how to steam a damn fine ham.”
I plastered on a grin, trying to seem nonchalant as my mother continued to shriek for help. Once I was sure Chalmers was out of sight, I rushed back into the house, ready to deal with the mess I had made.
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2023.03.22 23:41 CabinetSuccessful778 Potty training using crate

I have a 13 week old male dachshund who catches on to things pretty quickly, he’s just SO stubborn. Fortunately, I’ve managed to crate train him. When I got him at 8 weeks he was used to going on the potty pads, but as of recent I’ve been trying to break him out of that habit, especially since he’s having more accidents on my carpet.
If I take him outside immediately after taking him out of his crate, he’ll pee and I’ll reward him with cheese and praise him, but it seems like he just doesn’t want to poop. (We’re outside for 10-15 minutes) As soon as we get inside, he poops. I’m finding him not wanting to pee or poo outside after play time or his meals and he’ll end up randomly going on my carpet…so basically he’ll only go if it’s directly after being in the crate for some time…so my question is:
To potty train my boy, should I utilize the crate? As in after play time and meals, should I crate him for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) and then take him outside? Will this help him be house trained in the long run? If not, how long should I be taking him outside when he’s in the house with me? And do you have any tips/tricks for potty training this specific breed? I’m open to any advice! TIA :)
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2023.03.22 23:38 atoponce If it's not blessed by our Lord and Savior James Hoffmann, how can you even call it coffee, you plebe?!

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2023.03.22 23:38 Romanadvoratrelunda2 Just a small success story

Last summer I started running my first real campaign after half a year of one shots and a mini campaign. Because I'm always over ambitious I chose to make a homebrew world set in norse mythology/viking age. I got some people together from uni, two who had some experience, two newbies and we started with a session 0. From our first session onwards it has been so much fun! We play every two weeks and until now people have never really cancelled and scheduling has actually been easy! As I'm already creating a homebrew campaign I love to closely link the PCs to the world and the storyline and they've been really loving that. Last week mostly spontaneously on of the players came up to me to ask on how to expand on her backstory as all the others seemed to know meet many NPCs they knew. We sat together for 4 hours and came up with a ton of lore. This sort of started an avalanche and another player has over the weekend created not just her hometown but also the entire region of iotunheim including trade routes, religion, traditions, legends and more! Now another player has also started coming up with amazing ideas on his character and connections to the main plot and some sort of ancestral weapon he has. Idk what you think but to me this is the ultimate dream. Players being so invested into the story and the world they are starting to help with worldbuilding and expanding on the story in beautiful ways! Ok just to wrap this up, it's not a question or anything, but I hope that anyone starting as a player or DM and who's still a bit insecure or anything, I get many rules wrong, we're not professional actors (actually we're all Medical students so time is always short) nor have many even read the player's handbook, but I've made really close friends and we've had an amazing time. As a new DM just talk to your players, make them feel safe and like they are just as much part of the world and story creation as you are.
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2023.03.22 23:36 Significant_Way2194 Kuvira(earth, metal) vs Aang( water, earth)
Location ⬆️
Since it’s Comics Aang, we can assume that he’s strong enough of a bender and developed enough that he’s able to take the bands off of his eyes or limbs.
Restrictions Kuvira can use her suit as she normally does, however Aang knows what her suit can do.
•Both have normal earthbending skills
•Aang also has water, since she’s a freaking beast! He doesn’t know how powerful she is. These may only be fire blasts, but fire can have just as much, if not more power than earth!
Aang- water, earth(seismic seismic yes
Kuvira- earth, metal/ no restrictions on her.
Goal is to KO, not kill the opponent.
Whoever loses has to go face to face with Koh
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2023.03.22 23:35 Asleep-Ad6137 Congratulations subreddit r/MAFS_AU you have made the news - thanks mods and team MAFS_AU!

Courtesy roshhe apparently this sub has made the press! (Thanks mods for overseeing this party room BTW)
I didn't know until rosshe pointed out and found it funny.
It includes the link to this sub and everything, lol
"On the MAFS_AU subreddit, users took a jab at Cam for his relationship with his dog.
“Anyone notice how Cam’s dog wasn’t even that excited to see him?” one poster wrote.
“Dogs and humans have a tremendous bond. The dog was cuddling up to Lyndall in the car and didn’t seem overly excited by Cam.
“I thought that spoke volumes.”
The post received more than 130 comments with most agreeing with the OP.
“I noticed that too — the dog was not particularly excited to see him. And looking at the dog and watching the way it moved and acted, it appears older than what he said it was. I really feel like Lyndal has dodged a massive bullet — Cam is basically like his mum, cold and distant,” one comment read.
Another joked: “Cam’s dog doesn’t recognise him because he’s working away for months I mean years at a time.”"

**Just in the interests of fairness, some users pointed out he may have not filmed him seeing the dog at the start....or it could be just that Cam is often away for years at a time like roshhe said lol
Anyway, often see news pieces about Reddit threads so found this one cool too since we're on this one!
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2023.03.22 23:35 SeaGypsii Mice in a rural house, landlord says that comes with the territory and won’t do anything

Situation: My friend just moved into a big old farmhouse in a rural (but wealthy) New England community, and because of her limited English I’m helping her as a liaison with the homeowner during the process. Part of the rental agreement is caring for the owners 2 cats. It is an old farmhouse that has been updated but not so much that you can’t tell it’s old. She mentioned that the cats would catch any mice that got into the house. I didn’t think much of it, that seems par for the course. But the first 2 days the cats caught 3 that we know of. I texted her and said this was more than I had anticipated, and if we saw evidence of them getting into things in the kitchen I expected her to take action. She wrote back that while that seemed like a lot, mice should be expected to come in the house at this time of year.
Well this morning there were mouse poops all over the kitchen counter and my friend was quite upset. This time I emailed the landlord and her response was three long paragraphs “explaining” to me that it’s an old farmhouse and there is a forest behind the house and everyone knows this is par for the course to have mice, and if I put traps or poison then it could hurt her cats, but if we felt it was necessary “good luck because there are literally thousands of mice outside ready to take their place” but she would reimburse me for traps.
I’ve lived in old houses my whole life, often in rural places. I’ve never thought that mice were acceptable in my home because of location or age of the house!
Am I wrong to think that a professional could figure out how they are getting in and solve the problem? Obviously I don’t think we need to destroy all mice in the wild. Just stop them from getting in.
Advice or tips on how to move forward appreciated!
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