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2023.04.01 09:19 zunichii_ 4/01/2023

I remember when I was so excited to be year one. Looking at the older kids thinking that they were so cool. It looked so fun having such a beautiful spacy area to run around everywhere.
I remember being in year one and hating it. I was made fun of for looking Asian. I had a horrible teacher who was arrogant. I remember mispronouncing someone's name and getting sat in the "naughty corner".
I remember having one of the nicest teachers I've had in primary school. She is lovely and she always had the motherly vibes.
I remember juggling violin and piano lessons. I never practised any of it.
I remember.. nevermind. I can't remember anything anymore. All my memories have been clouded with despair. Desperation. Loneliness. Jealousy.
I remembered a glimpse of what my life was like. What I hadn't cherished enough to only lose it. I lost those close to me. Suddenly, it was just me. Just me in this sea of fog. Trying to recognise who is true and who is merely a kind hallucination of my mind.
Now I'm here. Looking. Waiting.
It feels as if I abandoned some who stayed with me. I can't help it. It's almost as if I was using them. But I don't want to say that. I've tried my best but all they see is what I've done. The damage dealt.
Jealousy has brought me to a new level of obsessional loneliness.
Signed, Zuni
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2023.04.01 09:19 hotelbodhitree Best Hotel in Patna For Unmarried Couple Near Junction: Hotel Bodhi Tree

Hotel Bodhi Tree is one of the best hotels in Patna for unmarried couple that welcomes unmarried couples with open arms. The location of Hotel Bodhi Tree is one of its major advantages. The hotel is located in patna near the railway station, which makes it easily accessible from various parts of the city. The hotel is situated in the bustling neighborhood of junction, which is known for its upscale commercial properties. The hotel is located close to major shopping malls, restaurants, and tourist attractions, making it an ideal location for tourists and locals alike.
Being the best hotel in Patna Hotel Bodhi Tree is designed keeping in mind the comfort and privacy of guests. The rooms are spacious, well-lit, and tastefully decorated. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities such as air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, and clean bathrooms. The hotel offers various room categories to suit the different needs and budgets of guests. The hotel also provides 24-hour room service, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and hassle-free stay.
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2023.04.01 09:06 jatingill Essen nordhausen

Nordhausen may be a small place but the food culture is vast. There are plenty of restaurants in Nordhausen that offer cuisines from around the world. Especially if you are a Kebab or Pizza fan, this is the place for you. And the best part is, you can order food online from your home or anywhere in Nordhausen and the food will be delivered at your chosen address at a lightning speed.
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2023.04.01 09:02 Optimal_Sail_300 What does an F&B interior designer do?

In today's competitive market, it is crucial for every restaurant or cafe to stand out from the crowd. And one of the most important factors that can help achieve this is the interior design of the F&B establishment. An F&B interior designer plays a vital role in creating a visually appealing and functional space that enhances the dining experience for customers. In this blog post, we will discuss in detail what an F&B interior designer does.
Understanding the Client's Requirements
The first step of an F&B interior designer is to understand the client's requirements, such as the type of cuisine, target audience, budget, and the overall vision. F&B interior designer need to work closely with the restaurant or cafe owner to determine the design style, theme, and atmosphere that best suits their brand.
Space Planning and Layout
The next step is to create a functional and efficient layout for the space. F&B interior designer need to consider factors such as traffic flow, seating arrangements, accessibility, and kitchen equipment placement to ensure the smooth operation of the establishment.
Interior Design Concept and Materials
Once the layout is finalized, the F&B interior designer will develop an interior design concept and select appropriate materials that complement the theme and brand of the restaurant. F&B interior designers may use a combination of materials such as wood, metal, glass, and stone to create a unique and inviting atmosphere.
Lighting Design
Lighting plays a critical role in setting the mood and enhancing the overall ambiance of the F&B establishment. An F&B interior designer will carefully select and position lighting fixtures to create the desired effect, whether it be warm and cozy or bright and energetic.
Color and Texture Selection
The use of color and texture can greatly impact the look and feel of an F&B establishment. An F&B interior designer will carefully select colors and textures that complement the theme and brand of the restaurant, as well as create a comfortable and inviting space for customers.
Furniture and Decor Selection
The final step is to select furniture and decor that complements the overall design concept. The designer may choose from a variety of furniture styles, such as modern, rustic, or traditional, to create a cohesive look. F&B interior designers may also select decor items such as artwork, plants, or accessories to add personality and character to the space.
In conclusion, an F&B interior designer plays a crucial role in creating a visually appealing and functional space that enhances the dining experience for customers. The client's requirements to selecting materials, lighting, and decor, F&B interior designers are responsible for every aspect of the interior design process. By working closely with the restaurant or cafe owner, an F&B interior designer can create a unique and inviting space that sets the establishment apart from the competition. You can get your next Commercial Office interior designed and built by a tech-led interior design company such as Flipspaces who can be your one stop solution to all your turnkey needs.
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2023.04.01 08:59 jatingill Pizza nordhausen

Nordhausen mag ein kleiner und beschaulicher Ort sein, aber die Essenskultur ist groß und vielfältig. Es gibt viele Restaurants in Nordhausen, die Küchen aus der ganzen Welt anbieten. Besonders wenn Sie ein Kebab- oder Pizza-Fan sind, sind Sie hier genau richtig. Und das Beste daran ist, Sie können das Essen online von zu Hause oder überall in Nordhausen bestellen und das Essen wird blitzschnell an die von Ihnen gewählte Adresse geliefert.
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2023.04.01 08:57 Burntjellytoast I think my new prep cook at work is a misogynist, and I don't even know how to deal with it.

One of the first days we worked together, he was talking about women he has dated and how it never works out for him. He always goes for older women, he is 25, but he hates it cause they are independant and always go on about how independent they are and he doesn't like that so he breaks up with them. Then he went on about how he needs to find an Asian woman (ew) because she knows what her role in the family is (double ew). I said that was some incel shit but he didn't get it. I also said he has clearly never met a Thai woman cause she sure as shit would beat him with a flip flop if he ever pissed her off. He went on about other stuff, like how he wants a whole mess of kids, and his wife will stay at home taking care of them, and he will give her an allowance. Whatever, you do you.
There have been several issues with him the last few weeks, but man, today really pissed me off and I'm at the point where I'm going to tell my boss I refuse to work with him.
Today, I kept having to give him work direction, cause he is lazy as fuck and wasn't doing his job. Whenever I would tell him to do something, he would always say "Please." At first, I was like haha go do your shit," but it kept going on and on. The last time he said it, I just looked at him and walked away. He realized he messed up so he kept saying I was doing a good job every time he walked by me. Hie fucking patronizing!
The thing that is stewing in my brain right now though is another coworker and I were talking about streaming services and paying extra for no commercials. I'm not rich, but I will pay extra to not have to watch commercials! He looks at me and dead ass says "thats fucked up that you make your husband pay for that". I didn't realize I was training his banana slug face for free! This slovenly mother fucker seriously thinks he is better then me!
Iv been in the restaurant industry for 12 years. I don't need to prove anything. And I sure as shit don't need a man to do anything for me, least of all pay my bills.
I hope he bites his tongue while he is shoveling more food into his gaping maw of a face.
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2023.04.01 08:52 varunvenaik The best whole grains to include in your diet

Today I’m shifting my focus away from fruits and vegetables (which I know I have explored in ample depth in my earlier articles) and talking about something that has featured less on my blog, but is still so important for a balanced diet – grains. Don't forget to check out VARUN VENAIK
So why are grains so important in our diet?
Grains are packed full of fibre, which is important for us to feel full and satiated after our meals (which lessens the likelihood of reaching for those often unhealthy snacks in between meals). All grains contain complex carbohydrates as well as other nutrients and important vitamins and minerals, but not all grains are equally as good for you – for the best health results, you should be choosing whole grains over refined grains. Whole grains are those grains which we consume either in their whole form, or as a ground product, but while retaining all the important parts of the seed. Whole grains are higher in many nutrients than refined grains – nutrients like vitamin B, potassium and magnesium. On the other hand, refined grains have been milled in order to remove germ and bran which results in these grains having a much finer texture and a later use by date. However, milling these grains has the effect of eliminating or reducing a number of important nutrients including fibre. So in other words, while whole grains can give you the full suite of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, refined grains, through the milling process are stripped of some of their important nutrients. Refined grains are those that you will typically find in your tasty but not very healthy snacks like crackers, pastries and sweet cereals. It is recommended that at least a half of the grains that we consume should be whole grains, in order to have a balanced diet and maximise our nutrient intake.
In this article I am going to take you through the 5 best whole grains to include in your diet from today.
  1. OATS
I’ve included oats at the top of the list because they are so great for you, and so easy to introduce into your diet. Oats have antioxidants and beta-glucan fibre which is known to strengthen the immune system and reduce cholesterol. Oats are also so incredibly easy to include in your diet, especially at breakfast time – in winter you can whip up a porridge to start your day on a warm note and in summer you can make homemade muesli and enjoy it with some fresh fruit and yoghurt.
Quinoa is high in magnesium, iron and folate contains a number of essential amino acids. It is also a very good source of protein (often consumed by vegetarians as a protein source) and as a bonus, it’s also gluten free! Quinoa is relatively easy and quick to cook – many people simply us a rice cooker.
Even though many people have never heard of sorghum, it has actually been around for centuries – hence why it is termed an ancient grain. Sorghum is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, calcium and zinc. You can see why it has been widely termed a superfood! It is also an excellent source of protein, with around 22 grams of protein in one cup. Sorghum is also very rich in antioxidants and carries a significant amount of fibre. Do you need any other reason to introduce this powerful grain into your diet? Sorghum can be used in your porridge, or you can add it into your lunch soup, stew or salad.
  1. TEFF
Teff is a fine grain originating from Ethiopia and Eritrea. It has a wonderful earthy taste and is rich in a number of important nutrients, being packed with high protein, fibre and iron.
Buckwheat has gained popularity in the last decade, often being used to make pastas or noodles and pancakes. You might be surprised to learn that soba noodles, which are often used in Asian (particularly Japanese) cooking is made from buckwheat. It has high amounts of iron, antioxidants and magnesium. Some people often think buckwheat contains wheat because of its name – but it’s actually a completely different grain! Buckwheat can be used in place of oats in porridge, or you can introduce it into your next salad or in place of rice in your next meal. Alternatively, you can grind buckwheat it and use it in place of flour when you’re next making crepes or pancakes.
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2023.04.01 08:49 jatingill Pizza Liefer service Leipzig

When we talk about eating out in Leipzig, this is probably one of the best places to enjoy the different delicacies from around the world and at such an attractive price you wouldn't guess. There are thousands of restaurants that boast cuisines from around the world. And the best thing is - if you don't want to explore the restaurants - then you always have the opportunity to taste the delicious food by using online delivery services.
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2023.04.01 08:37 Adventurous-Date-397 I had the best tacos of my life today. They didn’t come from a restaurant, but a pop-up stand at a tire shop after closing in rural California. Off camera there’s a man firing up carne Asada on a coal grill in the dark. The salsa was warm, and was freshly made on the same grill.

I had the best tacos of my life today. They didn’t come from a restaurant, but a pop-up stand at a tire shop after closing in rural California. Off camera there’s a man firing up carne Asada on a coal grill in the dark. The salsa was warm, and was freshly made on the same grill. submitted by Adventurous-Date-397 to FoodPorn [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:35 jatingill Pizza Leipzig

When we talk about eating out in Leipzig, this is probably one of the best places to enjoy the different delicacies from around the world and at such an attractive price you wouldn't guess. There are thousands of restaurants that boast cuisines from around the world. And the best thing is - if you don't want to explore the restaurants - then you always have the opportunity to taste the delicious food by using online delivery services.
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2023.04.01 08:17 ThunderousOxyge An old lady celebrates her birthday on her own in a restaurant, but the attracts the best of human behavior to help her with loneliness.

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2023.04.01 08:13 arunai2428 Stay unwind with the scrumptious flavors of India at Bayleaf

Stay unwind with the scrumptious flavors of India at Bayleaf, where every culinary is made of authenticity. Being a foodie, your ultimate adventure will be exploring unique yum-yummies from every place. What if you could get all the signature plate of flavorful palates in one place? It might have been a dream before, but not now. Bayleaf near Juhu is one of the best cafes in Mumbai, where you get served with every appetizing taste. Our congenial atmosphere with soothing beach vibes will be the perfect place to invigorate with your family or friends. Come and explore our luscious culinary varieties, which you won't forget. Try searching for restaurants near me to reach us.
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2023.04.01 08:09 Kirti876 Best Sainik School Coaching In Rewari - Asian Defence Academy

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2023.04.01 08:03 Rcaroman What are some ethical/unethical approaches you have used in the past that have worked to get rid of 1 star reviews published about your business?

I recently stumbled upon a story online of a guy who have used some borderline unethical approaches that have helped him get rid of some of his 1 star reviews on his business Google account. The restaurant owner would reply back to his 1 start Google reviews by calling out sexual predator or racist behavior from those who gave him the negative reviews. Later either the user who posted the negative reviews or Google would remove these bad reviews.
What are some approaches people have taken in order to help themselves to remove 1 star reviews?
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2023.04.01 07:56 Busy-Cap-2994 Asian Male Clutches Dream School

Intended Major(s): Business/Economics/CS
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Captain of Economics Competition Team - Led a nationally-awarded economics competition team
  2. Captain of Entrepreneurship Team - Led a nationally-awarded entrepreneurship team
  3. Captain of Cross Country Team - 3-year varsity letter
  4. Data Analytics Researcher - Nothing too significant
  5. Captain of Math Modeling Team - Won a big international award
  6. Leadership in the Business World Student - Attended 3-week business camp at Wharton
  7. Captain of Tennis Team - 4-year varsity letter, led team to place 2nd at states
  8. Committee Chair of Asian American Culture Club
  9. Founded an after-school CS tutoring organization that I partnered with my school district and non-profits
  10. President of a cancer research fundraising organization - raised over 70k
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. DECA International Finalist, Top 10/8000+
  2. 4-Time AIME Qualifier
  3. National Economic Challenge Top 25/10000+
  4. National Personal Finance Challenge Top 24/20000+
  5. Coca-Cola Scholars Semifinalist
Letters of Recommendation
AP Stat Teacher: 10/10
AP Physics: 8/10
AP Gov: 8/10
Penn: 6.5/10 First interview did not know how to act
MIT: 7.5/10 Talked about some cool stuff
Harvard: 8.5/10 Nice alumni, had some great conversations
Yale: 9.5/10 Literally couldn't have gone any better
Dartmouth: 8/10 Solid
Cornell: 8/10 Solid
Princeton: 8/10 Solid
To be completely honest, I'm not the best essay writer. I applied to EA/ED using one essay and applied RD using a different essay. I spent a lot of time doing corrections, rereading, and rewriting essays, but even then, I don't think my essays were very strong. 7/10
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
I used the additional info section A LOT. Mostly to list more awards that I couldn't fit and provide links to my modeling papers and entrepreneurship documents. More awards: USACO Silver, National Merit Semifinalist, Book Award, M3 Challenge Successful in Triage, Modeling the Future Challenge Semifinalist, Conrad Innovator, Diamond Challenge State Semifinalist.
I also submitted application updates to my colleges with a few important awards: M3 Challenge Global Finalist, National Merit Scholarship Recipient, US Presidential Scholar, DECA ICDC Qualifier (again), and a few scholarships.
All in all, Wharton has been my dream school since ninth grade, and I was super happy when I got in. The last few months have been extremely stressful, but it really did work out in the end, and I couldn't be happier.
To all the seniors and juniors out there, everything will be okay! It will, I promise. I know it's stressful but it is also the most exciting year of your life. Here are a few main takeaways:
(1) interviews are meh importance
(2) GPA/academics reign superior to all
(3) keep on grinding after applications (it will give you purpose and something to do)
(5) Essays are important but are not deal-breakers
My senior year is coming to an end, so I'll be spending as much time as I can with my friends before we all leave for college. Peace out reddit!
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2023.04.01 07:32 TakenCookies Chance Me WITHOUT Amazing EC's and Awards (Junior rn)

Intended Major: Computer Science
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2023.04.01 07:31 say_the_magicwords Import & Ship From China Japan Korea Taiwan Hongkong And Thailand To Philippines, Now!

Import & Ship From China Japan Korea Taiwan Hongkong And Thailand To Philippines, Now!
Advice: We both provide service for both business and personal needs nature of customer service. And payment will be done after your product/s or item/s reach our warehouse or for request for door to door after your product/s or item/s is in our warehouse that is the time the payment will be done.
Tremendous and wonderful day, SiMadam, this is Rick Chids, freight agent/rep in Philippines, Manila, need help on importing or shipping or sourcing product/s from the Asian selected countries? We offer both either loose cargo or full container or air freight and do at our best to serve you.
Here are the following reasons why to choose us:
  1. No minimum cargo
  2. No paper works
  3. Best rates in the industry
  4. Fast shipping times
  5. 24/7 customer service
  6. 4 Years in the industry
Our rates are inclusive of the following which are:
  1. Taxes
  2. Custom Duties
  3. Freight Charges
  4. Documentations
  5. Import Licenses
We are shipping to Philippines from the following countries:
  1. China
  2. Korea
  3. Taiwan
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Japan
  6. Thailand
To start and initiate just dm/pm me you can also comment your concern/s!
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2023.04.01 07:28 Noy2222 Everything is Fine; No News Today

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a stunning and unprecedented turn of events, sources confirmed today that everything in the world is absolutely fine, and there is no news to report. The global population awoke this morning to discover that every issue, problem, and crisis had miraculously resolved itself overnight, leaving humanity in a state of serene tranquility.
"This is truly a historic day," said a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Calm Affairs. "For the first time in recorded history, we have absolutely nothing to worry about. No wars, no scandals, no natural disasters. It's just... calm."
The lack of news was felt across all industries, with journalists around the world scrambling to find something—anything—to write about. One newspaper in Ohio resorted to publishing an entire edition dedicated to photos of puppies playing in the park. The headline read, "Puppies Frolic. That's It. That's the News."
Economists and financial experts were equally baffled, reporting that the stock market had entered a period of unrelenting stability. "It's just a straight line," said one Wall Street trader, staring at a graph of stock prices. "I've never seen anything like it. I think I might take up gardening or something."
Social media platforms saw a sharp decline in activity as users found themselves with nothing to rant or argue about. Twitter, once a hotbed of discourse and debate, became a peaceful virtual oasis filled with heartwarming stories of human kindness and videos of baby animals.
Even meteorologists were left scratching their heads as weather patterns around the world stabilized into a perpetual state of mild and pleasant conditions. "It's 72 degrees and sunny everywhere on Earth," reported a weather anchor during the evening news. "I mean, literally everywhere. I don't even know how that's possible."
Meanwhile, politicians in every country were seen taking extended lunch breaks and enjoying leisurely strolls through the park, reveling in the newfound harmony that had enveloped the world.
The United Nations, which typically convenes to address global conflicts and humanitarian crises, held an emergency session to discuss how to spend their newfound free time. A unanimous vote was cast in favor of hosting a worldwide pizza party, with extra toppings for everyone.
As humanity collectively basks in the warm glow of universal contentment, experts are optimistic that this trend will continue indefinitely.
"We expect tomorrow to be much like today," said the spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Calm Affairs. "Everything will be fine. No news to report. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the moment."
At press time, a gentle breeze was blowing through the trees, and somewhere in the distance, a bird was singing.
NEW YORK—In an unprecedented and highly unusual turn of events, citizens across the nation awoke today to a world that seemed to have been touched by an angel of serenity, as news outlets reported that, quite simply, everything is fine. "No news today, folks. Absolutely nothing happened," announced a visibly relaxed newscaster, sipping a cup of coffee while lounging on the studio couch.
The complete absence of news, experts explain, appears to have been caused by a series of non-events, such as "people generally getting along," "the weather being mild and unremarkable," and "politicians deciding not to do anything rash or controversial." Confounded journalists scrambled to find anything even remotely newsworthy, but their efforts were thwarted by an overwhelming sense of calm and contentment that had settled over the world like a cozy blanket.
"I thought I had a lead on a possible traffic jam, but it turns out everyone just decided to carpool today," said a befuddled reporter at the scene of a strangely peaceful intersection. "I've never seen anything like it. Even the pigeons are getting along."
In a stunning show of solidarity, rival news networks came together for a joint press conference, where they announced in unison that there is, in fact, no news to report. "We tried to dig up some scandals, but it turns out everyone's being pretty honest today," explained one anchor, shrugging. "We even tried to stir up some celebrity drama, but all we found was a heartwarming story about an actor adopting a stray dog. It's just not news."
In response to the lack of news, media outlets have resorted to airing footage of kittens playing, peaceful nature scenes, and heartwarming stories of everyday heroes who didn't really do anything extraordinary today, but who deserve some recognition anyway. "We've got 24 hours to fill, folks, so get ready for some wholesome content," announced a news anchor as she queued up a video of a baby giggling.
Meanwhile, the internet was abuzz with citizens expressing their delight at the absence of distressing headlines. "Everything is fine? That's the best news I've heard all year!" exclaimed one Twitter user, while another posted, "No news is good news, am I right?"
At press time, news outlets were considering making "No News Day" an annual tradition, though many were skeptical that such a miraculous day could ever happen again. For now, citizens are encouraged to enjoy this rare moment of tranquility, and perhaps even step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air, because who knows what tomorrow will bring.
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2023.04.01 07:24 565672 Cali girl with my little pony essay gets into t25

Intended Major(s): Industrial engineering for most, mechanical engineering for those that don’t have it
My school doesn’t use the +/- system so my W gpa is a little deflated.
Standardized Testing
  1. #1
Robotics (10th-12th): Secretary, won VEX VRC regional competition (after submitting EA), 2 hours every weekday
  1. #2
Math instructor for tutoring center (paid job)(11th-12th): instructor, every Sunday, sometimes Saturday for 3 hours per day
  1. #3
UCLA Engineering Precollege Program: built go-karts, 3 weeks during summer 2022
  1. #4
Marching band/concert band (9th-10th): synth/clarinet/bass clarinet, 4 hours 4 times a week practice for marching band
  1. #5
Piano: took lessons since I was 4, played at several recitals, passed CM advanced level
  1. #6
Community service organization founded by my friend (9th-12th): helped plan events like donating to homeless shelters, park cleanups, raising money with recycling, one event every few months
  1. #7
Community choir (12th): second soprano, 3 hours every Sunday
  1. #8
Physics club (11th-12th): lunch activity once a month
  1. #9
Tutoring a geometry student at my school (11th): 2 hours a week
  1. #10
Photo/video editing (9th-12th): just a hobby, i wanted to fill my last activity spot
  1. #1 National merit semifinalist (became finalist later)
  2. #2 AP scholar with distinction
  3. #3 California scholarship federation
  4. #4 CM Advanced level with state honors
  5. #5 French honor society
Letters of Recommendation
Counselor (7/10): big school so counselor doesn’t know me well, but he had me fill out a giant packet with all my activities/awards and like ten personal insight questions followed by a parent questionnaire so he probably got an idea
Physics teacher (10/10): taught me 11th and 12th, used to be a robotics supervisor but quit after a semester, me and some other seniors hang out in his classroom during 6th period cause we have a free period so he knows me pretty well
Calculus teacher (7/10): taught me 11th, i was a good student but i was like really quiet and not notable, he did ask for some info like my counselor did for his recommendation
Stanford (8/10): My interviewer was pretty nice and I think he really liked my answer to this one question about something ive improved on. He also asked me about my favorite class and my favorite book. It felt pretty comversational. Just at the end he asked if i had any questions and i asked two but we still ended a little early and i couldnt think of anything else to ask.
I thought my writing was pretty mid but i might have underestimated myself. I was never good at writing pretty but i think my ideas were pretty good and my short answers went well. My best essays were the engineering challenges essay for USC and the life perspectives essay for Rice.
For my personal statement i wrote about how i got engaged in the my little pony community making photo edits and art stuff and what i learned from the experience. This happened during covid lockdown and it rlly helped me cope but i didnt stress the covid part in my essay. I thought this was a dumb topic the entire time i wrote this essay but my life is pretty boring and i couldn’t find anything else to write about.
Some things i wrote about in my supplemental essays: music/singing for the joy question, my passion for learning about diamonds/gemstones for the passionate about learning question, my tradition of going to the mall with my old friends every few months to sustain old friendships for the something meaningful question
Reflections: I’m pretty happy tbh. I didn’t score any ivies like ive seen some people post about, but i have three schools im pretty proud of and ik ill be happy at whatever college i choose. Rn im deciding between UCB and USC so ill update this post when i decide.
Before i got my results i remember scrolling through this sub getting terrified seeing all the overqualified kids getting rejected everywhere. So to any juniors who might scroll through my post, just try your best and things will turn out ok for you. Build a good college list and put your authentic self into your essays. Thats all you can do cause admissions can be so random sometimes. My classmate who got into mit and yale did not get into ucla, so really anything can happen. (Especially with the ucs. I feel like they were on crack this year.)
Anyway, congrats to all seniors and good luck to all future seniors, yall got this!
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2023.04.01 07:23 BoysenberryOk1729 What are some good budget hotel options near Mumbai airport?

What are some good budget hotel options near Mumbai airport?
One of the best hotels in Andheri Such as Hotel Seven Hills.This budget hotel offers spacious and elegantly decorated rooms. They provide Internet Access, Cable/satellite Tv Service, Air conditioner dormitory room Facilities, Wifi Available, complimentary, room service, etc. Laundry service, Valet Parking, Airport Transfer, Guests can enjoy a variety of amenities. Its central location makes it an ideal choice for both business & Near Terminal 2 Both of these hotels offer exceptional service and comfort, making them great options for travellers visiting a budget hotel near Mumbai airport Andheri east in seven hills. Their hotel is ideally suited to business travellers or those on a layover. They also have a restaurant serving delicious cuisine and excellent customer service. Overall, hotels in Andheri, Mumbai, offer excellent value for money.
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2023.04.01 07:18 -sAT0shI-nAKam0T0 Yummify - Something That Could Make Swiggy and Zomato a Thing of the Past?

Hey fellow Redditors! 👋
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Yummify - where others deliver, we serve! 🍽️🚚
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2023.04.01 07:06 BoysenberryOk1729 What is the best value-for-money hotel in Andheri, Mumbai?

What is the best value-for-money hotel in Andheri, Mumbai?
In my opinion, the Seven Hills Hotel in Andheri East, Mumbai is the hotel that provides the best value for money. Their Deluxe Room is a tastefully decorated and well-maintained option. It is one of the best rooms in Andheri East, offering a pleasant stay at a cost-effective rate and just a two-minute drive from Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2. The hotel provides complimentary WiFi, air conditioning in dorm rooms, cable/satellite television, Internet access, and room service. Additionally, they offer various services such as laundry assistance, valet parking, and airport shuttle service. The hotel has spacious and well-furnished rooms at affordable rates. They also have a restaurant serving delicious cuisine and excellent customer service. Overall, hotels in Andheri, Mumbai, offer excellent value for money.
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