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2016.10.16 16:28 Vintner42 Vintner Writes Stuff

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2016.06.16 18:21 Look for a group in Shattered Skies

Look for a group in Shattered Skies

2021.08.12 16:36 ampersand12 GardeningWhenItCounts

"We can live into the future with hope rather than hopelessness, feeling empowered rather than powerless." - Leah McElrath A positive community to discuss gardening, farming, and other means of food production when it counts. Our future looks scary, but we aren't helpless. Being resilient by growing food is an important skill in an uncertain future. We promote the ideas of mutual aid and community support. In hard times all we have is each other. Please share knowledge and ask questions.

2023.06.08 11:28 bluparrot-19 Concern regarding TOG New World

There was a lot of hype that the story mode in New World will be based on an original story by SIU. But based on what we have seen of the marketing the game features 1:1 cutscene adaptations of the comic. Which looked strange. Then I wondered, are there gonna be multiple campaigns? But that sounded like overkill for a mobile game. And why hasn't SIU mentioned his part in the game at all? So now I'm wondering... is this a translation fluke?
Does "Original Story by SIU" mean SIU is making a original story for the game or does it really mean, the game is based off the original story... by SIU. Because for me that was one of the main things that made me interested in the game.
Is there any legit conformation that SIU has written a story tailor made for New World specifically or is it a misunderstanding lost in translation.
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2023.06.08 11:27 perochan P1Harmony - HARMONY : ALL IN (6th Mini Album)

P1Harmony - HARMONY : ALL IN (6th Mini Album)

P1Harmony - HARMONY : ALL IN

Release Date: June 08, 2023
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. JUMP / Audio Han Sung Ho, Sooyoon, Intak, Jongseob, Patrick ‘J.Que’ Smith, Benjmn Lee Hyun Seung, TM, Patrick ‘J.Que’ Smith, Benjmn Lee Hyun Seung, TM
02. Love Me For Me Han Sung Ho, Intak, Jongseob Han Sung Ho, Park Soo Seok, Seo Ji Eun, Moon Kim (Room01), Jayrah Gibson Park Soo Seok, Seo Ji Eun
03. New Classic Han Sung Ho, Sooyoon, Intak, Jongseob B.O., 재도어, Nu’Ah, Patrick ‘J.Que‘ Smith, Benjmn 재도어, Nu’Ah
04. More Than Words Jiung, Intak, Jongseob Park Soo Seok, Seo Ji Eun, Keeho, Jiung Park Soo Seok, Seo Ji Eun
05. Heartbeat Drum Han Sung Ho, Sooyoon, Intak, Jongseob David Amber, Benjmn David Amber
06. I Am You Han Sung Ho, Sooyoon, Intak, Jongseob Park Soo Seok, 인우, Moon Kim (Room 01), Andy Love Park Soo Seok, 인우
STREAM ON Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
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2023.06.08 11:27 FrulesYT Hi! My name is Alex, and i'm currently making an open-world game about Bluey!

Hi! My name is Alex, and i'm currently making an open-world game about Bluey!
You've probably seen me around the subreddit posting clips of a Bluey sandbox game I developed.
Well, since putting all my time and effort into it i'm deciding to go full throttle, which means I'm gonna need a LOT more coffee.
There's not much to it yet as far as gameplay goes, but i've been working so tirelessly on this thing, i've got dreams of Bluey running around the giant open world I created. Not even lying.
I do have a story to tell and I think it'll be really fun to experience. I'd just like to know what fans of the show would think, because I'm still relatively new to the fandom.
If not then, hey, I can just private the whole project, no biggie (cries)
I would love some support if possible. I've got an early test itch . io page set for a demo release.
...of course, I haven't made the page public yet, BUT I WILL!
Anyways, that's it. That's all I wanted to say. BYEEEEEEE
Working title is \"Bluey in the Imaginatrix\" Could be set to change but I think it sounds really good.
Bluey. Just Bluey.
Drowned Canyon in the distance. It'll make sense further down the line.
So...SO many floating Islands. Probably gonna add more just for kicks
Muffin on a Tractor chasing Bluey. Because yes.
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2023.06.08 11:27 helpimitchy97 How can I (25F) get over how my boyfriend of six years (25M) treated me in the past?

Me (25f) and my boyfriend (25m) have been together for nearly six years. In those six years we have been relatively happy but there have been some issues along the way. The issue that I’m facing is that at the time of these issues I forgave him and we sort of fixed things and moved on but now I am feeling resentment against him, despite these things happening years ago in some cases.
A major problem for me was his lack of effort when it came to household chores which went on for about two years. I cried, begged and pleaded for him to change and wash up a dish once in a while but he never did. I said that I was basically done with the relationship and then he did change and is now more proactive with cleaning etc. I still felt slighted but we moved on.
Another issue was that I was a nurse during Covid and had a mental breakdown. He was extremely unsupportive and during this time I continued to do all of the household labour. I would explain my feelings to him and he would (sadly, not exaggerating) stare into the distance and not say anything in response. Again, after a few months he started making more effort in terms of emotional support. I chose to forget about it and move on.
I’ve made it clear that I regard viewing porn as cheating and I am so against it because of how it affects women. I recently saw in his Reddit history that the majority of what he looked at on Reddit was porn. This was explained away as ‘curiosity’. We were two months away from an international move so I chose to get over it.
These things all happened roughly 1-3 years ago, so why NOW am I so angry? I was angry and let down at the time, of course, but I stayed because he did change his behaviour. He now is largely a great partner. He does housework without me asking, he plans things for us to do together, he’s always checking in on my emotions and how I’m doing. He’ll send me cute memes throughout the day. Why is it that he’s changed but now the anger that I felt at the time is magnified? He has no idea that I feel this way and we are just continuing on as normal but I can’t shake this feeling.
TL;DR - Boyfriend made a few mistakes throughout our relationship. He is now a great partner but I’m struggling to forget his past transgressions.
Does anyone have any advice for how I can get past these feelings?
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2023.06.08 11:27 PristineWriter3415 Alpha Quillback Spines don't spawn

So I've spent, I kid you you not, five days, five f***ing days looking for these damn things. Nothing. I know there's the giant Quillbacks. I killed them once while on a different quest line. The Spines didn't drop. They have never respawned.
I consistently go to the same areas everyone says near the The Canyons, The Old Prison Road, and Nazire's, whatever the damn name is, Pass and every single area around them. They DON'T respawn. I know random Quillbacks can drop em, but at this point I've killed enough to put them on the endangered list and have 1 Spine to show for it.
I know there's also a store that'll sell them if you have the right connections perk. I have that perk. The store has NEVER had them in stock.
Can someone please tell me why this is happening, how to fix it, and if I just have to give up on this goddamn quest and just go for a different archetype. Please! I'm actually begging at this point. I've genuinely cried from pure anger at this and I'm not okay!
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2023.06.08 11:27 Bubbly_Clothes_6365 My dad made me sleep in my own piss when I was a teenager

I'm sharing this story because it haunts me to this day, although I moved out nearly five years ago.
To give some backround, my dad was a single parent with two kids, me (24f) and my brother (27m). Growing up, my brother and I always had to share a room, because our dad had financial problems, and couldn't afford a three bedroom apartment. My brother moved out with his girlfriend as soon as he could when he was 18, and so my room was left with two beds. I loved to use his bed as a sofa, because it felt like luxury back then.
The first few months after my brother had moved out were absolutely horrendous. Growing up, me and my brother had always been there for each other when our dad let out his anger on us, and so we were always very close. Tbh I don't think I could've made it this far without him. But now it was just me enduring all the abuse.
My dad had fucking lost it after my brother had moved out, and I was just waiting for the day to end so he would go to sleep and leave me alone. I fell asleep quickly, but then I accidentally wet my bed due to extreme stress.
I obviously didn't tell him because I was so embarrassed, I just switched to sleeping in my brother's old bed. However, my dad started to notice the fact that I wasn't using my old bed anymore. After he found out the reason behind it, he wouldn't let me sleep in my brother's bed anymore. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He made it sound like I had committed a crime, and I'd have to face the consequences. We ended up having an argument where I begged him to let me sleep in my brother's bed if I got rid of my own which smelled foul due to the piss, but he never gave in. He even went so far that he came to check if I was sleeping on the right bed before he went to sleep. I felt so fucking humiliated I could only cry myself to sleep. I don't think I'll ever forget the smell, it was the most disgusting thing ever.
I know this sounds crazy, but I wish I was lying. He got rid of my old bed the day after the incident, and we never spoke about it again. I still have no idea what happened to him that night, but I could never fully trust him again since that had happened.
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2023.06.08 11:26 brontehorwood How do I help a grieving friend?

My ex boyfriend recently lost his father. His death was sudden and unforeseen. Knowing the details of their family dynamic, I’m sure it has had an immense impact on my ex. I am unsure, however, what I should do to help support him. This is because only recently have my ex and I become friends after nearly a year has passed since our long term relationship ended. (We ended on good terms and always intended to become friends so that’s not an issue here. For context, we’re both 19.)
During our relationship, I was one of the most important people in his support network, and we helped each other through some very intense events that were atypical for kids our age.
However, I honestly don’t know much about his life now. We only became friends again about a month ago and have caught up once. I’m not really a part of his life, but we have been messaging as friends do, and he told me of his father’s passing.
I am wondering if it is my place to offer that we go for a coffee/ do something that allows him to socialise. I’ve never experienced grief and simply do not know what is best for him and if it’s even my role to be trying to support him unless he asks. But then again, I highly doubt any grieving person would be up to making plans.
So I’m not sure what I should or should not do. I’ve messaged him my condolences and said that I’ll always be here for him if he wants to talk or needs support. Is that enough considering that I’m not much a part of his life anymore? Or should I do more because all support is good when someone is grieving?
I would appreciate some advice. Thank you
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2023.06.08 11:26 RollyPollyEater classic manga moment.

classic manga moment.
For those caught up on the manga, Rimuru is trying to establish relations with nearby kingdoms and factions etc etc etc. This group will allow Rimuru to build a road near their land so long as Benimaru marries the Loli. My only question is why?
Does this follow the WN or is this new? And if it does follow the web novel, spoil it for me. Does this lead anywhere weird? Or does some other deal get worked out?
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2023.06.08 11:25 throwRA776558 Break up now or give it time? F23 m24

So I (22f) have been thinking about breaking up with my bf (23m) for a while now. We’ve had a pretty consistent relationship for four years with two short break ups (initiated by each of us once), every time we break up I’m incredibly upset about it and we get back together, but it doesn’t take long for me to start thinking about ending things again. He’s not perfect but makes a genuine effort to work on things and we have a good time together. Something just feels “off” to me. It’s hard to tell if the exciting newness of the relationship has worn off or if we’ve just begun to outgrow each other. I’m terrified of regretting it if I do end it but I’m having a hard time seeing myself with him years down the road, so that probably makes the choice seem very obvious. I like almost everything about him, he’s not exactly my type but his personality is a great fit with mine, with the exception of some common guy stuff like occasionally checking out of important/heated conversations. Also we both have dogs who are best friends and I’d hate to separate them forever (we don’t live together but they see each other all the time). What’s been getting difficult is that recently I’ve been finding things he does irritating/annoying when they used to be funny and charming. I have talked to him about how I feel and he’s okay with just giving me time to sort it out but as time goes by I just want to break up more, until I finally feel ready to then I back out. Also, I have this ex (no contact for 2 years, we hung out a bit while my bf and I were broken up once, nothing happed) from before him who I mostly was over at the beginning of our relationship, but I’ve started to think about him more and more recently and it’s at a point where all I can think about is my ex and breaking up with my bf. I’m not sure if that means I actually want my ex back or if I’m just pining for the way my life was before my boyfriend. Our relationship is good, he’s a great person, I’ll certainly have some regrets if we break up (not yet sure quite how much), and he’s my best friend in the whole world. Part of me wishes that we could just be best friends, but I know that’s not fair to either of us. So I guess my question is, we’re four years deep, I’ve been feeling this way for a few months, do I give it time to see if these feelings are temporary or just get it over with and let both of us start moving on?
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2023.06.08 11:25 RDGCompany LPT: Working Safely w/ Machines

LPT - If your solution to fix the machine (even temporarily) is to tape a button down... I don't want to know you. I don't want to be anywhere near you. Saw that happen yesterday and it scared me. Got the supervisor and maintenance was there five minutes later. Thankfully no one was hurt.
Do NOT jury rig an industrial machine.
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2023.06.08 11:25 agirlsworldxo my desires in life are simple

be the hottest and sexiest version of myself
achieve success and financial freedom
learn everything and anything
achieve the ultimate version of transcendence in this lifetime
eat great food
cultivate a commune who will refer to me as mistress when the end of the world comes
unlock every aspect of my psychic abilities
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2023.06.08 11:25 EnvironmentalScar675 Problems with the "walk to" action

I love this game and will look past a lot of clunky stuff but I, right now, got ended an extremely difficult playthrough by the "walk to" command sending me off a 4 story building. I was sniping away at some zeds when i built a little balcony with wooden floors to get a better position. Because I knew how dangerous cliffs without fences are and how easily you will fall off, i didn't trust myself to walk on it manually and fall because i miscalculated how far i would go off to a side when turning, as i never do. I let the autowalk go where i please, and plummeted to my death as the pathfinding CUT A CORNER in the floor tiles (imagine how a chess knight moves- thats how i had built that floor and my char walked straight over the corner point). I always try to look at the game in a realistic way to judge it. Did I die to what i would call bs hitboxes in other games? Well, it could be that irl i would just fug up and fail. I could absolutely slip or miss a hit. In this case? I was not touching movement controls. No zed was nearby. I would not be so reckless and just jump. I should not have died to this. When attempting to revive my char, the game tells me "you are dead. cheat mods have been reset" or smth along those lines *while im in debug*, absolutely fascinating. I ofc expected the "autowalk" to work as in any other game, and even this same game itself. It will navigate around trees to not slow you down, but it will ignore a gaping abyss? Literally, if it was coded WORSE- to only move in the middle of tiles one at a time, not taking a more optimal path- i would be alive.
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2023.06.08 11:25 Snowflak88 At my wit's end. I'm too soft for this world.

I can't stop crying for the past 3 days. I'm scared of already being almost 22. I miss my life and job i had before losing it because of having to move. It's so hard for me to find and keep a job because of my anxiety. I hate being told that the only way to survive is to work fulltime. My factory and cash register jobs ive had before made me suicidal. I think i just might be too weak for adulthood and the modern world.
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2023.06.08 11:24 FrivolousCollection My thoughts on the new status quo around lore content.

It's mid-way through the year, and by now most of us have noticed that things have changed dramatically around the way we get to immerse ourselves into the League of Legends universe. In the past, it was predominantly short stories and/or a handful of animatics. Now, Riot Forge has the privilege to help expand the world/lore of Runeterra by publishing independent games. We've already had four of the five announced games, with Song of Nunu said to be released in a few months' time.
So what is there to look forward to after they've come and gone? What might be in store for 2024 as well? Because at the risk of sounding ungrateful towards all the recent games we've had. It has dawned on me that there haven't been any hints or rumors of other projects soon to be announced. And yet 'story through games' is the status quo for us. We don't get to see any universe content at all unless it's in service of an entire game.
In the past, even during the lore drought, it was new champions that brought big or small amounts of new lore for us. But this year has only had one champ released (milio) and by 2024 new champion development rate is said to slow down even more. Not to forget that VGUs have been practically absent too. But new projects like games cannot be a reliable alternative, because they take years to produce and publish. Meanwhile, literal months will go by without new universe updates or lore content. And Riot Forge is seemingly about to release its entire catalog of games before the year is over. With the exception of maybe Project L, but even that isn't going to be a 'story-driven' platform!
So unless there ARE more things, silently in development, soon to be officially revealed. I don't care if it ends up being more games, comics, or other types of content. If not, then I think the rest of this year and 2024 will continue to be excruciatingly sparse.
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2023.06.08 11:24 AutoModerator Biaheza Dropshipping Course (last)

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Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.08 11:24 Shaniac20 zonaite weapons spawn location

for anyone wondering where to get zonaite weapons, the zonaite forge island has 2 swords, 1 longsword, 1 spear, 1 bow, and 1 shield. they are all mighty for me but it may depend on overall world ranking. just lying around on the floor by the shrine, so they respawn every blood moon. happy gaming
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2023.06.08 11:23 MrBlargly Capcom games are so bad now, that they are borderline unplayable (ranty venting)

Ill just drop my 2 cents here on each capcom series i've taken part of and why they now flunk.
Resident evil. Resident evil 4 set the beginning of the end in motion for the series. The frantic, tight fixed angles that i had come to truly adore were now gone forever in exchange for linear rail shooter style. I still played through it a few times though but did not enjoy it. Resident evil 5 was very much better than 4 imo, and i think 5's formula could have been a good one to keep around. 6 messed it all up though. I played the demo/beta and just said nope and never went back. Then 7 came and completely changed the formula AGAIN! This in itself, is a prime way to incite the wrath of diehard fans of the OG trilogy like myself. Coupled with the fact that they will probably never make a new classic style RE again, and that they, for no good reason, refuse to re-release the classic trilogy for modern consoles (yet they do for their other series, i have 3 different versions of DMC hd collection for xbx360 and xbxone) it becomes easy to see why i have just lost all faith in capcom and i have not nor will i ever play 7,8, 2 and 3 remake etc.
Speaking of devil may cry! This series made up for resident evils shortcomings, at least until somewhat recently. Every title was great until Dmc5. I absolutely hated playing as V and they force you to use him through too much of the game. I would have overlooked and forgiven this if they had included lady and trish as playable characters in dmc5 SE, but they didn't! Completely unforgivable. Dmc4 SE had them, so why not 5? Subsequent releases in a series are supposed to be improved, and with more features! Not the other way around. That was the final nail in the coffin for me and capcom. I am not even including the failed DmC reboot in this because i am not acknowledging its existence lol
Now for DisHonorable mentions.
That trailer for that new dinosaur game where they hinted at a red haired girl named regina but it turned out it wasn't even dino crisis. This disgusts me. They're openly trolling their fans whom they also depend on for money. It's like pulling up to a drive thru just for the clerk to then spit in your face and proceed to throw a bunch of eggs and soft drinks at you and your car.
Megaman legends. Im not mad about this one, i just think it has great potential and should be revived
Monster hunter world and rise. Bad controls and game mechanics, too many text walls, not enjoyable in the least. The quality of these games MIGHT have been acceptable on ps1/ps2
Bottom line/follow up, they change their games too much. Trying to be like other game series and companies. Trying to be good at everything but instead being good for nothing.
Theres my unpopular opinions, and if you read this far I thank and salute you!
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2023.06.08 11:23 ThrowRA_bille I (46M) am struggling to cope with erratic, argumentative partner (46F)

TLDR: My partner turns any negative feelings into heated arguments and I want her to find better ways of dealing with her emotions
Me and B have been together for over 20 years and, along with the many good times, we have always had this dynamic where she sets the emotional tone. If she is happy then we have a nice time, if not, we argue. Her negative feelings don't have to be to do with me, they could be work stress, family stuff, whatever.
When she is in a bad mood she will become hyper vigilant. Any small misdemeanour is jumped on, she will often randomly start asking questions "Have you done [insert random domestic chore]", then once she has found something to seize onto all the negative energy will burst out.
The arguments themselves are not really arguments, they are pretty one sided. The subject matter of the argument will jump around a lot so that I feel like my head is spinning, if I answer a point she will instantly say "it's not about that" and start shouting about a different problem she has.
I understand that relationships have disagreements, even blazing arguments, but the majority of the time all that is happening is that B is using the argument as a cathartic act, she is focussing her rage on something tangible. Most of the time the arguments end in me, cowering and apologising (often not knowing what for)
I have tried to talk about this with her before but it has just escalated into one of our set piece arguments, my words turn to sludge and no progress is made.
How do I cope? how can I help B channel her energy more constructively? pls help!
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2023.06.08 11:23 DreamBlue22 My MIL mentally abused me my whole marriage. Part 2

Hello, first of all I want to say thank you so much for all the love and kindness from so many people all over the world. This really shows that there are many more good people in this world than bad ones and thank you so much for all the advices you have given me. It surely helped me a lot.
You guys have pointed out many important things in the comments and I am here to answer all of those.
I know a lot of you guys absolutely hate my husband and I can fully understand why. I would have had the same reaction if I was in your shoes. You guys have asked why I think my husband is amazing. Well, maybe amazing is a bit of an overstatement. But I still believe he is a good person. He has always tried to be there for my kids. He is very kind, innocent and humble, and always thinks about everyone. And he personally has never hurt me or my kids. It's just that he is extremely weak when it comes to his mother. Very very weak. He just can't separate himself from his mother. It's like he is entangled deep inside his mother's illicit web of lies and scrutiny. His situation is extremely strange to understand. Even I can't. It's not like he loves his mother too much that he can't see through her veil of lies. He often says to me how terrible she is to treat me like this. That she is trying to wreck our family. But he also says, that he can't leave her. He just can't do it. He is just too weak to stand up for his family in front of MIL. Even if sometimes he tries to stand up to her, my MIL would start crying and guilt trapping him, saying stuff like how he is being a bad son, and that he doesnt love his mama. And that he is disrespecting his own blood for some other woman. And he would then immediately back off.
You won't believe it, but a few years back my husband got a massive promotion. It came with a massive salary, and his dream work. But we had to move to a big city for this. He was extremely excited, and so was me and our kids. But my MIL said that she won't leave this house. She started crying (again), saying how she can't survive without him and to not leave her alone. And guess what my husband did next. He refused the promotion. I was extremely devastated, as it was a lot of money which would have helped our family and our children's college education. Not to mention how my husband always said it was his dream job. But MIL won again.
Let me tell you my husband is scared of me leaving him. He cannot function at all without me. He can't cook, doesn't clean or do any household chores. I do all the job including tutoring my kids. He only does the grocery shopping from time to time. My husband sometimes jokingly says that if I ever leave him this entire house will fall apart, and that he will have to hire 10 guys to do the job I do for this family.
I saw a few of you have said that maybe my MIL was abused during her marriage. Let me tell you, you are 100% wrong. My MIL never lived with her own MIL , and practically forced my FIL to get a separate house for her. I have heard from my neigbours and relatives that my FIL was an incredible human being. Extremely kind, innocent, humble, loved and cared for everyone, and never so much as raised his voice on anyone. He even paid for so many of his nephew and nieces college education without ever asking for anything in return. I never got to meet him as he died 3 years before my marriage. But my relatives would say how my MIL practically dominated over my innocent FIL and their marriage, so much so that he couldn't even do anything without taking her permission. My FIL's sister told me how my MIL practically destroyed my FIL. I have realized my MIL is just a narcissist who likes to assert dominace over other people.
Also, another thing, my neighbours and all my relatives absolutely hate my MIL and her attitude. But they love me a lot. For every occasion me, my husband and my kids are always graciously invited. Even my son's girlfriend is invited sometimes. But she isn't. I once asked them why. They said how my MIL has been a raging bitch her whole life and that they are tired of her, and don't want her negativity and narcissism in their happy occasions.
Let me tell you another thing, if we kick my MIL out of the house, she really doesn't have anywhere else to go. None of our relatives like her. And her precious daughter's (my SIL) family doesn't like her either. Especially my BIL. My BIL is like an older brother to me and has always treated me like his sister. He has seen the abuse I have faced from my MIL and he absolutely despise her. So yeah she can't even go live anywhere else if we kick her out. It's crazy to think that she tries to destroy the only house and family where she is allowed to live and given so much respect. And now she is not even allowed here. Karma's a bitch.
I know a lot of you guys are concerned for my kids and rightfully so. And I thank you for all the advices. I know I should have taken firmer steps , but I was absolutely helpless. I was kind of always told to compromise and just put up with it. And don't worry my kids are fine. They know very well , even my 11 year old daughter that what MIL did to me and to this family is absolutely wrong and disgusting.And I have taught them to always stand up for themselves and to never let anyone walk over them. And they are really smart kids so don't worry they will be fine.
Although, I am a little bit concerned for my son. He has developed a temper. I will tell you why. A few years ago, I received a call from his friend telling me that my son has beaten the hell out of a kid in his class. He practically broken his tooth off. I came to know that the kid had said something jokingly about me and my son practically went full rage mode on him. When I asked around his friends regarding this, I realised that it wasn't even anything serious. It's just guys horsing around, talking about each other's mother's. You know kind of like the yo mama jokes on the internet. Nothing serious. Just typical guy stuff. His friends said how they always used to make this kind of jokes, including my son. But this time he was different. They also said how my son has developed a temper and gets irritated very quickly. They are very concerned about him. Thankfully his friends convinced the kid to not press charges against my son.
I wanted to get to the middle of this. So one day when no one else was home i sat down my son and asked him to open up to me and tell me why he did what he did. Initially he was hesitant. But after convincing him for a bit he broke down crying saying, how he always witnessed the abuse and neglect I faced in the house. And that he hated himself for not being able to protect me and keep me safe. I realised that he has now subconsciously became very vulnerable and protective of me. I told him that I appreciate the concern but violence is not the answer and that's not how I raised him. He said to me that he hated beating up that kid. I made him promise me that he will never do anything like this ever again. He told me that he also hated that his father didn't protect me and now he has developed an absolute hatred towards his dad. I am extremely concerned about this, i don't want him to hate his own father. I told him it's my job to protect him not the other way around. Although I am proud that he noticed. But I am definitely getting him into therapy once he finishes college. But don't worry guys he is getting better. Also my son studies in a really good college. He has told me that once he finishes college and get a job he will buy a nice apartment and me and her sister can come live with him. I told him that I would absolutely love that.
About the Ultimatum :- So when I gave my husband the ultimatum he got extremely sad. He told me countless times to change my mind. He even told me to just put up with my MIL until she dies ( which could be in 10 , 20 years or more). But this time I didn't budge. I have told him that I waited 21 years for him to take initiative, but he didn't. So now it's time for me to put my foot down for the sake of my children. I have told him that I will take my kids and go to my parents' house if he doesn't fullfill the ultimatum. He obviously doesn't want that as he can't function without me.
My son lives in a different state for college but he has come home recently due to the summer vacation. One afternoon me and my husband were arguing about this ultimatum, he told me that it's really difficult for him to choose like this. My son heard this and suddenly barged into the room and started yelling at his dad. Practically shouting. He called him a worthless, spineless moron who can't protect his wife and his family. He said and I quote, 'You are an absolute weak and pathetic man, you don't have the balls to protect your wife, who does everything for you. You don't have the guts to protect your family , you are the kind of person who should have never became a husband or a parent'. At this point my heart was breaking , I didn't want my son and his dad's relationship to break like that. Not to mention my husband was absolutely scared of him. He is 5'6" and my son is 6'2"(he gets the height from my side of the family). Now, my husband has finally agreed to buy an apartment. I told him that I would take my kids and live there. To which my son looked at me (he was still fuming with rage) and told me, 'There is no way in hell you are leaving this house. This house belongs to you more than anyone. For 21 years you have loved and cared for this house and this family. If anyone's gonna leave, it's gonna be your evil MIL, as she is the one responsible for the abuse and breaking up the family'.
At this point my MIL came into the room and heard everything ( she didn't knew about the ultimatum). She got angry and said how dare I even think of kicking her out of her own house. To which my son stepped up and said, ' If you ever talk to my mother like that, try to disrespect her, even so much as raise your voice against her, I will kick you out of this house and throw you into the street myself. I don't care what anybody thinks, no one can stop me. You are lucky we are putting you into an apartment, cause if it was upto me , I will put you in an adult home'. After this my MIL is pretty much terrified of my son. She has finally realized she can't manipulate anyone anymore. Although as a last hail mary, my MIL started calling all of her relatives saying how I am a terrible person and is kicking her out of her own house. Funny thing is, those same relatives would later call me , congratulating me and telling me that I did the right thing and that I should have done it sooner. Even my neighbours are really happy about this.
Final note :- So me and my husband went apartment hunting the other day, it will be a 1BHK apartment with an attached bathroom. Her own kitchen where she can cook herself. My husband is obviously not too thrilled about this but it doesnt matter anymore. She will be moving her ass out of the house by the end of July. Freedom finally.
PS :- But even after all this I still never received an apology from her. Not that it will change anything. She still remains her usual stubborn self. She doesn't talk to me anymore, or my kids. Which is for the better I guess. She has tried to manipulate my husband by crying and sobbing but that didn't change anything, my son made sure of that.
Well, this is it for now, I will update you later on about everything else that happens.
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2023.06.08 11:22 Haru_is_here Seeking Support and Guidance for Employment Opportunities

I need some advice and support. Sorry, the post got a bit long.
TL;DR: I'm 35 diagnosed with autism last year, struggling to find stable employment. Communication and organization challenges have hindered my success. After near-burnout, I'm finally seeking support from disability services. I'm obsessively researching education programs but struggle with indecisiveness and self-studying. Seeking advice on finding the right path to achieve financial stability.
I'm currently unemployed and actively looking for a job, but my educational background isn't very promising. I'm 35 years old, diagnosed with Autism last year and didn't complete a practical degree. Instead, it took me almost a decade and several breaks/ sabbaticals to obtain a bachelor's degree in philosophy. During that time, I was not yet diagnosed with ADHD and autism, also working part-time to support myself due to financial constraints.
Since graduating in 2019, I haven't been able to secure a stable job. I've completed five poorly paid internships that left me constantly exhausted and on the verge of burnout. My main goal in life has always been to provide for myself. I grew up poor, and even just having a steady income feels like something I will never achieve.
Moreover, I despise being a burden, so during my 20s, I deliberately refrained from seeking assistance such as disability or Social Security payments and attempted to be self-sufficient. Regrettably, my difficulties with communication, organization, and time management led to my dismissal from the only two long-term positions I secured since last autumn. I haden't told them about my autism or my ADHD. (To my knowledge, there is no legal protection against being fired due to ND issues where I live.)
To be precise, I couldn't retain these jobs for more than a few weeks or a couple of months before being terminated, with employers expressing that hiring me was a significant error due to my perceived lack of readiness.
After a close call with severe burnout in spring 2023, I finally decided to reach out to my government's disability services. I'm unsure if they'll be able to assist me, but I'm submitting an application today. It feels like a personal failure at 35 to be in such a precarious situation—unemployed and feeling lost.
I am obsessive about it, though! Since 2020, I've dedicated an extensive amount of time to researching education programs and career training options that would allow me to obtain a government-approved qualification within 2 to 3 years. Unfortunately, this process has caused significant anxiety, and my constant focus on it has consumed a substantial portion of my time. Two major obstacles hinder my progress. Firstly, my indecisiveness poses a challenge as I struggle to commit to a specific path. Secondly, my brain resists self-studying and acquiring career skills outside a structured classroom environment.
I am aware that I could embark on coding projects, learn through resources like the Odin Project, or even delve into Photoshop to explore numerous possibilities on my own. However, the overwhelming nature of these tasks prevents me from taking that leap. Despite not making tangible progress in terms of job prospects, I find myself obsessively researching the various options, causing unnecessary stress.
I know I'm not unintelligent, and I believe I could succeed with appropriate accommodations. The problem is my indecisiveness, refusal to accept help and me having this extreme “fixation” that finding the “right” program, that will make me job market-ready. In my daydreams, my strong technical skills would outweigh any difficulties I may face due to my social differences, allowing me to finally stop worrying about financial stability and afford a fulfilling life.
I would greatly appreciate any advice, insight, experience, or suggestions you can offer.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
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2023.06.08 11:22 smugloser I’ve accepted the end

I’ve accepted that I can no longer keep living in this world. I’ve gotten rid of most of my possessions. I’ve spent the past few days cleaning my apartment and getting things ready. I wasn’t supposed to be born and my life has been nothing but punishment. Nobody is going to save me. I’ve had to make this choice and I accept it as the right decision for my circumstances. I am incompatible with this world.
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2023.06.08 11:21 dongzhongli WIBTA if I forcefully told someone to stop touching me?

I (15F) live in a place where we have a cleaner (31F, I'll call her Jane for privacy) work part time at our house. She also cooks and is quite sensitive when me or my mom (52F) gives her any kind of criticism regardless of the way of delivery. She's worked here since I was 8 years old so we have known her a pretty long time. She does speak English pretty well but she's not fluent.
I've tried to establish boundaries with her but it's quite difficult because she has some ways of doing things that we don't like and she thinks is fine because she grew up that way. For example, Jane has a habit of babying me all the time. It was fine when I was like 10, but as I grew into a teenager I started to really hate it. I had tried multiple times to ask her to stop and even told my mom to tell her to stop many times (which she did) but she never did stop for more than like, 2 days. One time I got so tired of it that I ended up snapping and yelling at her. While it did stop, I felt so bad after because she cried and thought I didn't want her around anymore. It was a whole big issue.
Now the issue is that she keeps touching me. Not in an inappropriate way, I just don't like being touched by people who aren't my parents or extremely close friends. She'll do things like playfully hit me (not nearly enough to hurt of course) or poke me repeatedly like a little "game". I've always told her to stop touching me but she doesn't seem to take me seriously at all. While I have known her a long time, she seems to think we are close when I have no interest in being close to her or trying to bond with her. I'm not mean to her, of course, I am always civil and polite towards her. But it's like the only way to get her to stop something is to do something drastic and harsh (which then makes her upset and cry and it's a whole palaver).
It's really making me uncomfortable and it's getting to the point where I want to be more harsh to get my point across, but doing that would hurt her feelings. WIBTA if I did?
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