593 eddy st providence ri 02903

[FS][CAN][USA] C*sablanca, P*lm Ang*ls, B*lenciaga. G*cci, F*ar of G*d, St*ne Isl*nd, Am*ri, and more. Small sizes!

2023.06.10 20:02 grey456 [FS][CAN][USA] C*sablanca, P*lm Ang*ls, B*lenciaga. G*cci, F*ar of G*d, St*ne Isl*nd, Am*ri, and more. Small sizes!

I am located in Canada. Prices are in $USD. Shipping is $16 flat rate to Canada or $20 flat rate to the continental US for under 2kg (shipping for larger purchases can be negotiated).
PayPal invoice only. No holds, first come first served. Canada Post tracking number will be provided for all purchases. I am not responsible for any items lost, delayed, damaged, or seized after shipping. Please comment here before messaging. Timestamp and tagged pics located at the bottom of the post.
C*sablanca long sleeve button shirt. New with tags. Size small. $55 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/izMCZT1
P*lm Ang*ls t-shirt. New with tags. Size small. $25 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/ICyszi6
B*lenciaga t-shirt. New with tags. Size small (oversized). $30 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/d7y94BN
F*ar of G*d Ess*ntials shorts. New without tags. Size small. $30 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/2ruLKuj
F*ar of G*d Ess*ntials fleece pants. New with tags. Size small. $40 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/qFi0ICk
J*cquemus bucket hat. New with tags. One size. $25 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/DZKek6W
St*ne Isl*nd soft shell jacket. New with tags. Size small. $60 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/SqPFxtg
Am*ri patchwork jeans. New with tags. Size 30. $45 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/OtrG45T
Am*ri patchwork jeans. New with tags. Size 30. $45 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/iJuBXPB
Am*ri poison jeans. New with tags. Size 30. $45 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/j9IKzPM
G*venchy distressed t-shirt. New without tags. Size small. $35 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/fxavu2Z
Am* shorts. New with tags. Size 30. $35 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/1iNdCM2
P*lm Ang*ls track jacket black/white. New with tags. Size small. $35 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/akrWDfQ
F*ndi monster t-shirt. New with tags. Size small. $35 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/YJoc5cW
B*rberry Love t-shirt. New with tags. Size small. $25 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/RUeQuHr
G*cci logo t-shirt. New with tags. Size small (oversized). $35 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/a/VJGMVBw
Tag & timestamp pic: https://imgur.com/a/tOJNZ79
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2023.06.10 01:44 derMauersegler Pete Davidson - Working Out New Material With Friends overview (venues, their socials, tour dates, ticket sites) - repost because the original post doesn't show the complete text anymore

Goodnights Comedy Club
401 Woodburn Rd.
Raleigh NC 27605
Wed, Jun 7, 2023 6:00 PM 08:15 PM
Thu, Jun 8, 2023 6:00 PM 08:15 PM
Fri, Jun 9, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM 10:45 PM
Sat, Jun 10, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM 10:45 PM
Sun, Jun 11, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM 10:45 PM
Goodnights Comedy Club Special Event: Pete Davidson Working Out New Material with Friends

Comedy Connection
Tue, Jun 20, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM
Wed, Jun 21, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM
Thu, Jun 22, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM
Fri, Jun 23, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM 10:30 PM
Sat, Jun 24, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM 10:30 PM
Sun, Jun 25, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 PM 10:30 PM
Comedy Connection Pete Davidson - Working Out New Material with Friends (ricomedyconnection.com)

The Comedy Zone Charlotte
900 NC Music Factory Blvd. B3
Charlotte NC 28206
Thu, Jul 6, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 10:30 PM
Fri, Jul 7, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 10:30 PM
Sat, Jul 8, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 10:30 PM
Sun, Jul 9, 2023 6:00 PM 8:15 10:30 PM
The Comedy Zone Charlotte Pete Davidson - Working Out New Material with Friends (cltcomedyzone.com)

Miami Improv
3450 NW 83 Avenue, SUITE 224
Doral FL 33122
THU, JUL 20, 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
FRI, JUL 21, 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
SAT, JUL 22, 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
SUN, JUL 23, 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
Miami Improv Pete Davidson Working Out New Material With Friends

Stand Up Live Phoenix
50 W Jefferson St, Phoenix
AZ 85003
THU, JUL 27, 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
FRI, JUL 28, 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
SAT, JUL 29, 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
SUN, JUL 30, 2023 7:00 PM 9:30 PM

The Houston Improv
7620 Katy Fwy #45
Houston, TX 77024
THU, AUG 10, 2023 07:00PM 09:30PM
FRI, AUG 11, 2023 07:00PM 09:30PM
SAT, AUG 12, 2023 07:00PM 09:30PM
SUN, AUG 13, 2023 07:00PM 09:30PM

San Jose Improv
62 S Second St
San Jose, CA 95113
THU, AUG 17, 2023 07:00PM 09:30PM
FRI, AUG 18, 2023 07:00PM 09:30PM
SAT, AUG 19, 2023 07:00PM 09:30PM
SUN, AUG 20, 2023 07:00PM 09:30PM
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2023.06.07 19:20 I_wassaying_boourns Vintage Sale! 1953 Topps Baseball (56 Cards!)

Vintage Sale! 1953 Topps Baseball (56 Cards!)
I have a lot of fifty-six (56) cards from the 1953 Topps Baseball Card set. These cards are commons and a few semi-stars, mixed between low (1-165) and high numbers (166-280), some double prints. Conditions vary between 1—3 at the top end. Looking to sell the entire lot- $325 with priority shipping included. Thanks for looking!
Card #/ Name
5 Dobson
8 Koshorek
18 Lepco
22 Fox
26 Mitchell
45 Hatton Jr.
46 Klippstein
57 Scheib
58 Metkovich
59 Drews
63 Niarhos
68 Rice Jr.
69 Brodowki
73 Robinson
93 Rice
94 Kennedy
98 Abrams
102 Ryan
107 O’Connell
123 Byrne
127 Courtney
138 Kell
140 Glaviano
143 Pierce
145 Dorish
149 Dimaggio
154 Groat
156 Rivera
157 Addis
160 Young
168 Schmidt
175 Kline
177 Dyck
178 Waugh
181 Zarilla
189 Jablonski
193 Clark
196 Keegan
198 Main
200 Goldsberry
203 Fannin
204 Bokelmann
205 Benson
206 Bailey
213 Scarborough
218 Fusselmann
221 Milliken
231 Hemus
235 Hetki
237 Podbielan
240 Marsh
250 Wilson
251 Hudson
270 Stephens Jr.
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2023.06.06 12:32 boutell New US CCS chargers report for May 2023

Here are all of the new US CCS (Level 3 fast-charging) stations that rolled out in May 2023, according to the Department of Energy. These chargers are suitable for most new EVs on the market, except for:
  1. Tesla drivers who haven't bought the official CCS adapter yet. Certain older Teslas need additional work done to accept the adapter.
  2. Leaf owners like me, and some owners of older cars that also use CHAdeMO. If you drive a Leaf, or an older CHAdeMO car, see my matching post in leaf.
Some of these chargepoints will be "refreshes," e.g. the provider replaced them with faster chargers etc. Some may be incorrect. This report is only as good as the Alternative Fuels Data Center data.
There were 222 CCS charge points added or refreshed in May 2023, which is up from 171 in April. For comparison, there were only 74 new CCS charge points in May 2022. Things are speeding up.
"What about CCS charging at Tesla superchargers?" Tesla is in the process of rolling out their "magic dock" for non-Tesla cars, but so far in very few locations. If they start doing this at scale and reporting it to the Alternative Fuels Data Center then it will be reflected here.
"What about Ford vehicles with NACS (Tesla) plugs?" They are not on sale yet. Current-generation Ford vehicles have CCS plugs. The next generation will have NACS (Tesla) plugs, but will also support CCS via an adapter.
If you'd like to know about new chargers along your routes right away, or just prefer not to check this list monthly when new openings are rare in your area, I've set up a free service that provides email notifications as soon as they open. You can sign up at evpov.com. Or not! I don't really have a business plan here, I built it to help EV owners like myself.
To streamline this post, multi-chargepoint locations are listed with the number of chargepoints first, so that's why the post is shorter than in previous months.
➡ AR (1) Franklin's Charging Little Rock 724 Woodrow St Little Rock, AR 72205 ➡ AZ (6) 942 E Parma Street (US-CMK-NVL-2A) 942 E Parma Street Gila Bend, AZ 85337 (1) Kroger Frys 62 (Mesa, AZ) 554 W Baseline Rd Mesa, AZ 85210 ➡ CA (1) Fairfield Inn & Suites 8700 Spectrum Pkwy Bakersfield, CA 93308 (1) MOSSY CDJR DC 1 1875 Auto Park Ave Chula Vista, CA 91911 (3) DC CORRIDOR CHEVRON C DC 2 25032 W Dorris Ave Coalinga, CA 93210 (1) South Coast Collection (SoCo) 3303 Hyland Ave Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (1) SCPPA SCPPA CPE200T 1160 Nicole Ct Glendora, CA 91740 (1) Chase Bank - 925 N Hacienda Blvd 925 N Hacienda Blvd La Puente, CA 91744 (1) WOODLANDHILLS ABB 24KW 01 22006 Erwin Street Los Angeles, CA 91367 (1) 7071 - Merced, CA (2020 Childs Ave) 2020 Childs Ave Merced, CA 95341 (1) Mojave Air & Spaceport (Building 1) 16922 Airport Blvd Mojave, CA 93501 (1) BMW MONROVIA OFF NETWORK 01 1425 Mountain Ave Monrovia, CA 91016 (1) Albertsons 1345 (Morro Bay, CA) 730 Quintana Road Morro City, CA 93442 (1) 3333 Fruitvale Ave 3333 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, CA 94602 (1) 7126 - Oakley, CA (5540 Bridgehead Road) 5540 Bridgehead Road Oakley, CA 94561 (1) CircleK - Palm Desert, CA 78005 Country Club Dr Palm Desert, CA 92211 (1) Hilton Garden Inn 20 Advantage Ct Sacramento, CA 95834 (1) BoA Hillcrest CA0-120 (San Diego, CA) 737 UNIVERSITY AVE San Diego, CA 92103 (1) WinCo Foods - Vacaville #60 855 Davis St Vacaville, CA 95687 ➡ CO (1) CITY OF ASPEN RIO GRANDE L3 427 Rio Grande Pl Aspen, CO 81611 (4) CSG EV BOULDER PL4 1500 Pearl St Boulder, CO 80302 (5) 1 Flatiron Crossing (US-ME8-73R-2B) 1 Flatiron Crossing Broomfield, CO 80021 (1) CircleK - Colorado City, CA 8950 S Interstate 25 Colorado City, CO 81004 (2) GPM INVESTMENTS 4590 DC1 8105 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (2) KUM & GO CRAIG PL2 700 East Victory Way Craig, CO 81625 (1) DINO WELCOME DINOSAUR PL1 101 Stegosaurus Freeway Dinosaur, CO 81610 (2) PIKES PK CHARGE BA.CA.MI LLC #2 11027 US-24 Divide, CO 80814 (4) ANNEX SITE GEORGETOWN PL4 1120 Argentine Street Georgetown, CO 80444 (4) KUM & GO RIFLE PL4 705 Taugenbaugh Boulevard Rifle, CO 81650 (2) KUM & GO SB SPRINGS PL2 80 Anglers Drive Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 ➡ CT (1) BOA East Hartford CT2-120 (Hartford, CT) 805 E Main Street East Hartford, CT 06108 (1) HARTFORD BMW ABB OUTSIDE 1 Weston Park Rd Hartford, CT 06120 ➡ DE (1) First State Chevrolet 22694 DUPONT BLVD GEORGETOWN, DE 19947 ➡ FL (1) JNKNS JACKSONVI DC FAST 2 11107 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32225 (1) Simon Tampa Premium Outlets (Lutz, FL) 2300 Grand Cypress Dr Lutz, FL 33559 (1) Starbucks 9200 FL-228 Macclenny, FL 32063 (1) Ocean Cadillac 17800 Ipco Road Miami, FL 33162 (1) Sun Plaza 6339 W Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32818 (1) Simon Orlando Vineland (Orlando, FL) 8200 Vineland Ave Orlando, FL 32821 (1) Simon Tyrone Square (St Petersburg, FL) 6901 22nd Ave N Peterburg, FL 33710 (1) BHY CHARGER 1 9915 E Adamo Dr Tampa, FL 33619 (1) Chase Bank - 5601 Red Bug Lake Rd 5601 Red Bug Lake Rd Winter Springs, FL 32708 ➡ GA (1) GEORGIA POWER EPICENTER DC1 135 riverside parkway SW Austell, GA 30168 (1) JACKSON EMC GAINESVILLE 1000 Dawsonville Highway Gainesville, GA 30501 ➡ IL (1) Castle Chevrolet North 175 N Arlington Heights Rd Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 (1) Sunrise Chevrolet 414 E N Ave Glendale Heights, IL 60139 ➡ IN (1) AVON HYUNDAI SALES 8775 E 36 Avon, IN 46123 (1) SHRM CHRG MERCEDESBENZFW 7227 W Jefferson Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46804 (1) HOC CHARGERS CHARGER #1 4200 E 96th St Indianapolis, IN 46240 (1) Sullivan Cadillac 4040 SW College Rd Ocala, IN 34474 ➡ KS (1) HATCHETT FRONT_WEST 11200 E Central Ave Wichita, KS 67206 (1) HATCHETT BACK EAST 11330 E Central Ave Wichita, KS 67206 ➡ KY (1) JEFF WYLER FH EXPRESS 250 949 Burlington Pike Florence, KY 41042 ➡ LA (1) All Star Automotive 12730 Airline Highway Baton Rouge, LA 70817 (1) Target T1469 (Monroe, LA) 4103 Pecanland Mall Dr Monroe, LA 71203 ➡ MA (6) MASSPORT TNC 4 226 Porter St Boston, MA 02128 (2) MASSPORT TAXI 4 56 Harborside Dr Boston, MA 02128 (1) Littleton Electric Light & Water Department 39 Ayer Road Littleton, MA 01460 ➡ MD (2) POTOMAC EDISON ROCKY GAP DC1 16701 Lakeview Rd NE Flintstone, MD 21530 ➡ ME (1) DARLINGS HYUNDA SALES CHARGER 2 439 Western Ave Augusta, ME 04330 (2) IRVINGOIL ME-FFLD-L3-0001 206 Center Rd Fairfield, ME 04937 (1) MOBIL ONTHEWAY STATION 1 1930 Lisbon Street Lewiston, ME 04240 (1) MOBIL ONTHEWAY STATION 2 1938 Lisbon St Lewiston, ME 04240 ➡ MI (1) Belle Isle DC Fast Charge 176 Lakeside Dr Detroit, MI 48207 (1) Meijer 254 (Hudsonville, MI) 4075 32nd Ave Hudsonville, MI 49426 (1) Evergetic Charging Spa 330 South Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Lansing, MI 48915 (1) Genesis Cadillac 19900 E Nine Mile Road St Clair Shores, MI 48080 (1) MBSTL ENTRANCE ABB 1048 Hampton Avenue St. Louis, MI 63139 (1) Range USA Ypsilanti 660 James L Hart Pkwy Ypsilanti, MI 48197 ➡ MN (1) WINNER GAS BROOKDALE DR 1500 Brookdale Dr Minneapolis, MN 55444 ➡ MO (1) GM - Allen Christian Buick GMC Inc 724 W Business US Highway 60, Dexter, MO 63841 (1) Store 290 Joplin - 2101 S. Prigmore &I44 2101 S Prigmore Joplin, MO 64804 ➡ MS (1) 1685 High St 1685 High St Jackson, MS 39202 ➡ NC (1) CAPE HATTERAS AVON PIER DCFC2 41001 North Carolina Hwy 12 Avon, NC 27915 (1) Westcott Buick GMC 2410 S CHURCH ST BURLINGTON, NC 27215 (1) 9960 Poplar Tent Rd 9960 Poplar Tent Rd Concord, NC 28027 (1) AEMC- AEMC HQ FAST 125 Cooperative Way Hertford, NC 27944 (1) Capital Hyundai of Jacksonville 2325 N Marine Blvd Jacksonville, NC 28546 (1) Chestnut Arbor 2925 Weddington Matthews Rd Matthews, NC 28105 ➡ NE (1) ERNST CHARGER 1 EAC CHARGER 615 23rd St E Columbus, NE 68601 ➡ NH (1) Berlin City Chevrolet 545 MAIN STREET GORHAM, NH 03581 (2) Tanger Tilton Under Armour 06-07 120 Laconia Road Tilton, NH 03256 ➡ NJ (1) ShopRite Carteret - Wakefern #511 801 Roosevelt Ave Carteret, NJ 07008 (1) Lester Glenn Freehold 3712 Rte 9 Freehold, NJ 07728 (2) FREEHOLDHYUNDAI VERIZON 1 4075 9 Freehold Township, NJ 07728 (2) CLASS 3 CHARGER HYUNDAI-2 250 Rte 4 Paramus, NJ 07652 (1) CIRCLEAUTOGROUP CH- CPE250 1 641 Shrewsbury Ave Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 (1) ROUTE 1 HYUNDAI CPE-250-02 3905 US 1 South Brunswick Township, NJ 08852 (1) ROUTE 1 HYUNDAI RT1-01 3913 US-1 South Brunswick Township, NJ 08852 (1) Lester Glenn Buick-GMC 230 RTE 37 E TOMS RIVER, NJ 08753 (1) Lester Glenn Chevrolet 398 Rt 37 Toms River, NJ 08753 ➡ NY (1) AAA WESTCENTRAL DC FAST CHARGER 100 International Dr Amherst, NY 14221 (2) KEELER STATION 6 1111 Troy Schenectady Rd Latham, NY 12110 (1) LEXUSMIDDLETOWN STATION 1 3496 US-6 Middletown, NY 10940 (1) Lerner NYC Station Plaza (Port Jefferson Station, NY) 5145 Nesconset Highway Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 (3) BOB JOHNSON BOB JOHNSON KIA 3817 W Henrietta Rd Rochester, NY 14623 (1) Burr Truck Level 3 DC Fast Charge 2901 Vestal Rd Vestal, NY 13850 ➡ OH (1) Serra Chevrolet 3281 S Arlington Rd Akron, OH 44312 (1) Tim Lally Chevrolet 24999 Miles Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44128 (2) CRESTMONT DRIVECRESTMONT2 2961 Center Rd Brunswick, OH 44212 (1) Lambert Buick GMC 2409 FRONT ST CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH 44221 (1) Hampton Inn - Canton 5256 Broadmoor Cir NW Canton, OH 44709 (1) JEFF WYLER EXPRESS 250 Loop @ Far Hills Centerville, OH 45459 (1) DONWOODAUTO DW CHEVY 2 12916 OH-664 Logan, OH 43138 (2) WAG ABB STATION 1 8457 N Springboro Pike Miamisburg, OH 45342 (1) JEFF WYLER CORP 4- DC FAST 401 Milford Pkwy Milford, OH 45150 (1) Friendship Kitchen 70 3800 E. State Rd. Port Clinton, OH 43452 (1) Friendship Kitchen 83 4024 Hayes Ave. Sandusky, OH 44870 (1) Serpentini Chevrolet of Strongsville 15303 Royalton Rd Strongsville, OH 44136 (1) Don's Automotive Group 720 N SHOOP AVE WAUSEON, OH 43567 (1) Bush Auto Place 1850 Rombach Avenue Wilmington, OH 45177 ➡ OK (1) EDMOND HYUNDAI EDMOND 4 14137 N Broadway Ext Edmond, OK 73013 ➡ OR (6) 12000 SE 82nd Ave (US-H8H-UM5-2A) 12000 SE 82nd Ave Happy Valley, OR 97086 (1) PGE IBEW 48 15937 NE Airport Way Portland, OR 97230 ➡ PA (1) DOYLESTOWN 024B1000008033 4465 W Swamp Rd Doylestown, PA 18902 (2) LIBERTY CHARWASH PL 2 2595 Maryland Road Willow Grove, PA 19090 (1) Bergeys Inc 518 RTE 309 colmar, PA 18915 ➡ PR (2) BMW AUTOGERMANA CPE 250 PKNG 2 106 Calle Acuarela Guaynabo, PR 00969 (2) BMW AUTOGERMANA FTZ120KW-2 1086 Ave. Muñoz Rivera San Juan, PR 00919 ➡ RI (1) Paul Masse Chevrolet 1111 Taunton Ave East Providence, RI 02914 ➡ SC (1) Travelers Rest Municipal Complex 125 Trailblazer Dr Travelers Rest, SC 29690 ➡ TN (4) I24 EXIT11 STATION 1 (LL) 701 Sango Road Clarksville, TN 37043 (2) DISTRICT 2 STATION 1 (L) 28 S Park Ave Hohenwald, TN 38462 (2) LAWRENCEBURG STATION 2 (R) 2347 Hwy 43 N Leoma, TN 38468 (1) MB OF MEMPHIS STATION 1 5401 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38119 ➡ TX (1) Friendly Chevrolet 2754 North Stemmons Way Dallas, TX 75207 (1) Plaza de Oro 4450 W Jefferson Blvd Dallas, TX 75211 (1) Shell 3302 S Eastman Rd Longview, TX 75602 (1) 3220 Gulf Fwy 3220 Gulf Fwy Texas City, TX 77591 ➡ UT (2) VOLVO CAR USA SANDY DC 2 56 W 9000 S Sandy, UT 84070 ➡ VA (1) BLACKWELL D1 4874 Riverside Dr Danville, VA 24541 (1) Fleet Management Site (For Testing Purpose Only) 512 Herndon Pkwy Herndon, VA 20170 (6) 2577 Jeb Stuart Highway (US-TDM-SCC-1C) 2577 Jeb Stuart Highway Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 (5) 2203 Franklin Road Southwest (US-TUJ-L2K-2C) 2203 Franklin Road Southwest Roanoke, VA 24014 (6) 437 Tiffany Drive (US-CHT-WF7-2C) 437 Tiffany Drive Waynesboro, VA 22980 (2) KOONS HYUNDAI STATION 1 1880 Opitz Blvd Woodbridge, VA 22191 ➡ VT (1) Cody Chevrolet 364 RIVER ST MONTPELIER, VT 05602 ➡ WA (1) 7112 - Bellevue WA (12903 NE 20th Street) 12903 NE 20th Bellevue, WA 98005 (1) 7060 - Burlington, WA (1790 South Burlington Blvd) 1790 South Burlington Blvd Burlington, WA 98233 (1) 5507 - Everett, WA (901 Casino Road) 901 Casino Road Everett, WA 98204 (1) 7025 - Everett, WA (13131 Bothell Everett Hwy) 13131 Bothell Everett Hwy Everett, WA 98208 (1) 4397 - Kelso, WA (1700 Allen Street) 1700 Allen Street Kelso, WA 98626 (1) 7063 - Olympia, WA (1725 Evergreen Park Drive SW) 1725 Evergreen Park Drive SW Olympia, WA 98502 (2) HANSON MOTORS HM3 QUICKCHARGE 2300 Carriage Loop SW Olympia, WA 98502 (1) 7096 - Sequim, WA (51 Carlsborg Road) 51 Carlsborg Road Sequim, WA 98382 (1) Walmart 2539 - Spokane Valley, WA 15727 E Broadway Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99037 (1) 7054 -Vancouver, WA 98664 (10314 SE Mill Plain Road) 13014 SE Mill Plain Rd Vancouver, WA 98684 (1) 7059 - Woodinville, WA (13023 NE 175th St) 13023 NE 175th St Woodinville, WA 98072 ➡ WI (1) BERG HYUNDAI VLI-L3-PDI-4 2900 N Victory Ln Appleton, WI 54913 (1) Wheelers Chevrolet of Coloma 1978 Charles Way Coloma, WI 54930 (1) Wheelers Chevrolet GMC of Marshfield 2701 S. Maple Ave Marshfield, WI 54449 
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2023.06.05 18:53 Evn8787 Wrexham on it's way to the Premier League!

Wrexham on it's way to the Premier League!



Hi there,
I'm a long-time Fifa career mode player and I typically play two career saves (playing almost all matches) with every yearly release. The first one is always Club Brugge (my main team), making them into the best club in the world. For the second, I typically go for a RTG career, starting in a lower league, working my way to the top tier and Champions League. Unfortunately there are few countries with depth for this, so that's usually starting in English League 2 (had fun with Stockport, for example).
I like to create some sort of story line, franchise players, semi-realistic transfers with a focus on fun and player development (molding the next world-class players), and wanted to share this year's RTG so far, for which I chose Wrexham, since it's easier to connect with them after the Disney+ show, easier to create some storylines. I play World Class with OS Realism sliders, which tends to work really well for games against stronger opponents, tight games with narrow losses and wins (love being an underdog coming out on top). For teams of a similar or lower strength though, it tends to be a walk-over, which admittedly can become a bit boring but that stops me from playing too long in 1 sitting so that's fine :). Also, I don't complete any trainings so keeping a decent squad-size match fit only works with a busy calendar, which is usually the case.
I'm currently in my 3rd season, just about to head into the Winter transfer period, and would love to share my story as well as get your input on my team and which areas you would improve to be able to aim for a top-5 or CL spot finish. But first, let me introduce my team and the road so far!
As it usually goes, starting with a new team, that isn't match fit or hasn't grown yet, I struggled for the first few games in the first season. By October though, we had a decent stretch of wins and were catching up. It ended up being a head-to-head race with Stockport for the first place, which we took over from them around April and never let go.
The team consisted largely of the original players, apart from some free agents:
  • Alexis Vega (79), admittedly not realistic at all at this level but I can never resist this gem! First signing!
  • Milan Borjan (76) in goal (I figured it was comparable to bringing in Ben Foster in real life, since he wasn't in my save yet) because we were getting in way too many goals. Quite the blundering goalkeeper, but still better than what was available before.
  • By Winter, once I was able to generate some funds by selling unused players, I also brought in Osman Bukari (RW, 72) and Luis Chavez (CM, 79), although the latter never had a major impact, being injured for 3 months after a handful of games, and not really impacting my play.
Standout players of the first season, apart from Alexis Vega were striker duo Paul Mullin and Ollie Palmer, bagging in the goals. Palmer ended up becoming league top scorer, half of his goals being headers on corners, simply incredible. Jordan Davies (CM, 63) , Aaron Hayden (CB, 65), Eoghan O'Connell (CB, 65) and Thomas O'Connor (CDM, 62) also had a decent season with limited growth in their stats.
With a limited budget for youth scouting, there weren't too many high potential players climbing the ranks apart from homegrown talent Tommy Stevens (RW/ST, 64) who I switched from right flank, where he didn't have the desired impact, to back-up/alternating target man, getting a starting spot in 1 out of 2 games since Ollie Palmer doesn't have the best stamina. The only scouted youth player that came through was Kieran McGovern, a small 16-year old Irish striker (62 OVR and 75-80 pot) with decent pace and shooting, who became Paul Mullin's backup. He impressed on his debut, coming in from the bench and scoring 3 goals, although he didn't have the consistency to deliver every game.
For the second season, I sold off Luis Chavez to get some cashflow to strengthen the squad with young players with potential to make it all the way to the Premier League. Biggest purchase was the then 18-year old Arda Guler (CAM, 74) for € 9M. Other highlights:
  • An entirely new all-Italian back-line from free agents, since I play with 3 CBs and didn't have enough coverage. 16-year old Colombo (Bonucchi regen, 74). Romano (69) and Conti (70) seem like regens as well, without exceptional talent and unable to identify who they'd be the regen of. Any remaining left or right back was sold, since they had no place on our team. Next to Hayden, I brought in a young Belgian CB Mathis to alternate with the Italians. He was a 68-rated free agent, the regen of Jan Vertonghen if I'm not mistaken, though not sure at this point anymore.
  • With Borjan regressing and unable to impress, I decided to sell him and bring in the legend Gianluigi Buffon, to help the development of my very young team. Communication with the Italian back-line would be easy!
  • Noah Mbamba (18y, CDM, 66), Riley McGree (24y, CM, 72) and Aaron Ramsey (20y, CAM, 69) strenghtened our midfield for limited sums of money while Akram Afif (LW, 76) was brought in on a free to provide some competition and relief for Bukari.
  • Despite the success of the previous season, I decided to also sell off Mullin and Palmer, because they had limited growth potential and could still generate a nice sum of money that could be used to bolster the squad. To replace them, I brought in 18-year old Spanish free agent Ismael Ortiz (ST, 70, unknown regen). 3 attacker for 2 starting spots was a bit low, so I decided to bring in 36-year old Dries Mertens (CAM/CF, 84) to help us achieve back-to-back promotions. Evidently, his status surpasses that of the English League One, but Wrexham owner promised Dries' wife Kat (who has big media aspirations) a prominent role in the docuseries, which convinced the couple to sign on for the adventure.
  • In the meantime, the transfer funds allowed me to invest in better youth scouts which resulted in a few players being added to the squad, mostly sent out on loan. By the second half of the season, talented English left winger Eddie Johnson (16y, LW, 68) was brought on to alternate with and learn from Alexis Vega.
  • Romeo Lavia (19, CDM, 70) was brought in during the Winter transfer period to take some pressure off of Mbamba.
  • El Shaarawy (LW, 78) was brought in on a free transfer late in the second half of the season to help cover a few injuries and help the team clinch the trophies, with a view of selling him on next season.
After the typical slow start, we quickly took up the top spot of the league and easily became champions with a 30+ point lead. The reduced stress allowed us to focus on the cup competitions and helped avoid panic during international games with Vega, Bukari, Afif, Davies and McGovern were missing at times. By the end of the season, Mathis and Colombo had become internationals as well! Despite extremely difficult games against Chelsea and Manchester City in the finals, Wrexham's efficiency up front, with McGovern, Irish international at 17 years old (!) scoring the winners from difficult angles, allowed them to succeed in bringing home silverware despite not being the best team on the pitch. The Racecourse ground now holds a Papa John's, League Cup and FA Cup trophy and Wrexham will be playing in the Europa League next season, despite not being in the top flight of football.
Standout players of the second season, next to Vega, were:
  • Colombo, with 10+ goals on corner and standout performances at the center position now giving him potential to become a special player!
  • Dries Mertens, despite suffering from his age and not being able to play full games, still scored a lot of goals and provided plenty of assists.
  • Ortiz, despite not being our first choice striker, still managed to become top scorer in the league where he got plenty of game time when our #1 choices were being rested.
  • McGovern and Stevens developing well, with their goals now giving them the potential to be special as well. Stevens was temporarily held back with a broken foot, but still had a fantastic season.
For the third season, which was going to be a full one with the Europa League being added, I decided not to sell too many core players, only selling off the ones on the fringe that were not up for the standard of a top Championship side. This included most of the original Wrexham players still there, like Forde, Hayden, O'Connell, Tozer, etc. The first starting player I sold was Riley McGree. Despite having a good season, I wanted to have more of a physical presence on the #8 next to Arda Guler. Looking for young enough physically strong players, with good stamina and some growth potential that didn't cost a fortune, I ended up getting Ismaily Coulibaly (23, CM/CDM, 73) from Sheffield United. He's doing well so far without any stand-out performances.
The second starting/alternating player we bid farewell was Dries Mertens. He had an amazing season, but dropped down to 81 overall and, despite being a fan favorite, would likely not be up to the standard after another year. On top of that, I always have to substitute him due to his low stamina. When Benfica offered € 19M for my old striker (not being transfer listed), I decided to accept. I figured Dries and Kat probably missed the sunny and warm climate they're used to from Napoli and Istanbul anyway... To fill up the vacant 4th striker spot we signed free agent Diego Lopez (18y, ST, 76), who is Iago Aspas' regen and able to compete with the other 3 strikers from the start.
With Conti out for most of the season (7 month injury) I brought in 2 Spanish CBs from free agency: the first is left-footed Martinez (18y) with 78 OVR to cover the left side of the defending trio. He has now already hit his max potential at 79, unfortunately. He's the Marcos Alonso regen, hoping his potential increases after a decent season. Jose Reyes (18y) with 78 OVR is Pique's regen. Along with Colombo I'm hoping he will have surpassed an 85 rating by the end of the season, to form the foundation of my defence for years to come.
After our traditional few losses and draws in the start of the season, we took over the #1 spot from Sunderland by the start of December and it's looking like we've created a good gap now end of December, following 2 direct clashes with them as well as a game against Southampton, who might become our toughest competitor with a Premier League graded team with plenty of 80+ rated players.
With the Winter transfer period approaching and 60M+ in the bank to spend, I'm looking at a few key areas to improve to prepare my team for next year's Premier League, aiming for a top 5 spot, as well as potentially challenging for the Europa League title. Would love your input on decent (not too exotic) signings, feedback on my team or journey so far. Areas I'm looking to improve:
  • GK: I love having Buffon in goal, but with a rating of 78, he might be a bit light for the Premier League. I have Lloris' regen (77 rated) out on loan, but he isn't growing too much. Perhaps I'll give him a chance next season, with Buffon as a back-up, although I'd love a few other suggestions.
  • Left-footed CB: Marcos Alonso regen Martinez is more of a LB. I'd prefer a physically tall and strong left-footed CB with good feet. Someone like Gvardiol, but more realistic, since he's out of reach (87-rated at Aston Villa currently).
  • CDM: Lavia and Mbamba are now 78 and 77 rated and still have room to grow. They'll likely be at 80 by the end of the season, although I think they will stop developing shortly after, might max out at 82-83 by end of the next season, whereas ideally I'd like a physically-strong CB with 85+ potential.
  • CM: I could sell off Coulibaly or keep him as second choice. Currently, I alternate Aaron Ramsey with him, putting an 18-year old Argentinian 73-rated youth academy graduate on Guler's position, but I'd rather have Ramsey as my second CAM. Been thinking about Jacob Ramsey (23y, CM, 80) who's currently playing in Serie A in my save, would be cool to reunite the brothers. I am open to other suggestions though!
  • RW: Afif is getting a bit older and won't develop as much anymore. I'd love an 85+ potential young guy here too. I'd probably sell Afif and keep Bukari as the back-up. Would love to get Nusa in from Club Brugge, but they don't want to sell...
  • ST: Stevens is my main aerial threat with 190cm. Lopez scores a header every now and again, but ideally I want a second young striker of 190cm+ with decent speed. Someone like Sesko, although he's likely already out of reach as well by now.

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2023.06.04 23:48 Blue_Jays Noticing an unusually orange or pinkish hue to the sunlight? It's probably from wildfire smoke, and more is on the way. This is the forecast for this Tuesday at 10am

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2023.06.04 17:36 RFC2001 Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 - WrestleMania 40 - Part 45 (Long)

Judgment Day 2007
Date: 20/5/07
Location: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Two-out-of-Three Falls Match for the United States Championship:
MVP (c) vs Chris Benoit (2-0)
Women’s Championship:
Melina (c) vs Mickie James
Intercontinental Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs Carlito
(Carlito hosts the Carlito Cabana and his guest is Bobby Lashley. Carlito says the way Bobby Lashley has disrespected Mr. McMahon is not cool but what will be cool is him winning the Intercontinental Championship. Lashley says Carlito just like Umaga can kiss Vince’s ass as much as he wants, it’s not going to result in him losing to a little punk like him.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
(After the match, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas attack The Hardy’s and it’s revealed they’ve reunited!)
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs Elijah Burke
(Elijah Burke attacks CM Punk on ECW and says he’s not finished with him just because he pinned Marcus Cor Von at Backlash. Burke says he’s going to clean up ECW for Vince McMahon by getting the ECW Championship off him because Vince is right, Punk is a misfit who’ll never succeed in the WWE and is only the ECW champion through pure luck. Punk says not only is ECW the land of extreme but it’s also the land of misfits and it makes him and the ECW Championship the perfect marriage. Punk promises to not lose his title to a shameless ass kisser like Elijah Burke.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge (c) vs Mark Henry vs Batista
(After winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge says once again he’s proved he’s not only the best wrestler in the company but he’s also the smartest as he watched The Undertaker take the ultimate beating before cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Batista interrupts and tells Edge that he might think he’s smart but the reality is, he’s nothing but a coward who stole the World Heavyweight Championship and it won’t be long till he takes back what’s his. Mark Henry says not only is he back and took out The Undertaker, he’s going to destroy Batista again like he has before and will have no issue taking out Edge too because he has the one thing he really wants an opportunity at, the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge says both men have nothing to do with him and can stay away from his World Heavyweight Championship. However, Teddy Long disagrees and tells Edge that Batista and Mark Henry both have a case so Edge will defend his title against both men at Judgment Day. Edge is furious, already feels like Teddy Long has an agenda against him and demands to be traded back to Raw but Long denies Edge his request. During the match, Batista and Henry are so focused on beating the hell out of each other that it costs them as Edge hits a Spear out of nowhere on Batista and pins him to retain his championship.)
60 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Shawn Michaels (6-5)
(Shawn Michaels says he had John Cena beat at Backlash and if he wasn’t lucky, he’d be the WWE Champion. Michaels then challenges Cena to defend the WWE Championship against him one more time at Judgment Day. Cena accepts the challenge because he’s a fighting champion. Michaels says he doesn’t want this to be an ordinary match and tells Cena he wants it to a match he won his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania 12, an Iron Man Match! Cena says that’s fine because Shawn Michaels is about to find out he isn’t the only iron man in the WWE. Cena also proposes for it to be for a full hour which Michaels accepts. This is essentially the match they had on Raw in London in real life but with a different outcome. John Cena wins 6-5 to retain the WWE Championship in all time classic. After the match as Shawn Michaels gets up and receives a standing ovation from the fans, Randy Orton from out of nowhere hits him with an RKO, beats the hell out of The Showstopper in front of his wife to the point he bleeds and punts him in the skull. This writes Michaels off TV.)
(The WWE Draft takes place on the May 28th 2007 episode of Raw. The same picks as in real life occur apart from the fact Bobby Lashley doesn’t need to be drafted to Raw because he’s already a Raw superstar 😅.)
One Night Stand 2007
Date: 3/6/07
Location: Jackson Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida
Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship:
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Women’s Championship:
Mickie James (c) vs Candice Michelle
Intercontinental Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs Carlito vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(Umaga wins the championship after pinning Carlito thanks to Shane McMahon attacking Bobby Lashley who was on verge of retaining his title.)
Street Fight:
Kane vs Mark Henry
(Kane goes after Mark Henry and promises there will be vengeance after what he did to his brother The Undertaker. Henry says Kane doesn’t intimidate him just like The Undertaker doesn’t and he’s just another man on his path of destruction.)
Stretcher Match:
Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton
(This is Van Dam’s last match in the company for a while as he leaves for TNA.)
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs Chris Benoit
(Vince McMahon says he’s confident for sure that CM Punk’s days as ECW champion are rightfully numbered because he’ll be defending his title against the new draft pick… Chris Benoit! Benoit says Punk’s a talented wrestler but he’s no Chris Benoit, the greatest technical wrestler on the planet. Punk says he has a huge level of respect for what Benoit’s accomplished in his wrestling career but he sees this as a massive opportunity to prove doubters like Vince McMahon wrong and he’ll ensure he does in what’s no doubt his biggest challenge since winning the ECW Championship. CM Punk wins clean to retain.)
Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge (c) vs Batista
(Batista says that weasel Edge being the World Champion makes him sick and promises he’ll destroy him and take back the title. Edge says Batista doesn’t deserve another chance at the World Championship but Theodore Long disagrees and says Batista’s two one on one rematches for the title never had a definitive finish so he announces Edge will face Batista at One Night Stand and the match will be… a Steel Cage Match! Edge tries to convince Long to change the stipulation but Long isn’t having it and tells him he’s giving the fans what they want. Edge sneaks a chain into the match, smashes Batista over the head with it and escapes the cage to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.)
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(After being drafted to Raw, Booker T immediately sets his sights on becoming the WWE Champion. Booker T says Raw is a far fairer run place with Jonathan Coachman in charge compared to SmackDown with Teddy Long. Booker T basically kissing the ass of Coachman is why he grants him the opportunity and Coachman also announces it’ll be a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Cena says he’ll punch Booker T’s teeth down his throat while still proving he’s the top dog in the company while Booker T promises to win the 1 title that’s eluded him in his legendary career.)
(Sadly, the Chris Benoit tragedy happens between the 22nd-24th of June 2007.)
My opinion on Chris Benoit:
(So, now we’re finally here in the timeline 😬. First of all I just want to say to those who may ask “why have you pushed a murderer?” In the timeline, I’m booking as if I’m in all these years. As a booker, how would I know in 2004 for example what’s going to unfold in 2007? That’s why Benoit is pushed. I’m not going to utterly bury him while he’s alive in the timeline. Now what I’m going to do here is bury him now the tragic events have unfolded. Chris Benoit in my opinion is one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, I will never dispute that. I was a huge fan of his and when he won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 20, it was an unbelievable moment and the fact he celebrated with Eddie Guerrero topped it all off. However, what he did was unforgivable and anyone who has any conspiracy theories like he was framed, I’m sorry it’s just not true and the police investigated it properly. The facts are, Chris Benoit did murder his wife Nancy and his son Daniel. I don’t care about CTE or the fact he apparently had a year to live with an enlarged heart. As Paul Heyman said an interview once, f*ck him. The facts are that Chris Benoit murdered his wife, murdered his son and then proceeded to kill himself. The WWE will absolutely never put him in the Hall of Fame and that’s the correct decision because Benoit lost that respect when he did what he did. I personally hope he rots and this is the last he’ll ever be mentioned in this timeline. I want to lastly say to finish this off, my heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy back in 2007 and Rest in Peace to Nancy and Daniel Benoit ❤️.)
Vengeance: Night of Champions 2007
Date: 24/6/07
Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
United States Championship:
MVP (c) vs Ric Flair
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Jamie Noble
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team (c) vs The Hardy Boyz
Women’s Championship:
Candice Michelle (c) vs Mickie James
Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs Santino Marella
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs Johnny Nitro
(Johnny Nitro surprisingly replaces The Invisible Man and challenges CM Punk for the ECW Championship when he wasn’t prepared for him. Nitro cheats to win the championship off of Punk, much to the satisfaction of Mr. McMahon.)
WWE Tag Team Championship:
Deuce ‘n Domino (c) w/Cherry vs Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore
Last Chance Match for the World Heavyweight Championship - If Edge is counted out of disqualified, he’ll lose the World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge (c) vs Batista
(After One Night Stand, Batista asks Teddy Long for one more opportunity after Edge’s cowardly acts at One Night Stand. Edge tells Teddy to give Batista the match on one condition, if Batista loses he can never challenge for the title as long as he’s champion. Teddy Long grants Edge his request but also tells him if he gets counted out or disqualified, he’ll lose the World Heavyweight Championship to Batista. During the match, there’s a referee bump and Batista is getting ready to finish this until The Great Khali appears and lays out The Animal! Edge capitalises when the referee regains consciousness and pins Batista to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.)
Six-Pack Challenge Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Carlito vs Mr.Kennedy vs Randy Orton vs Booker T w/Sharmell vs Bobby Lashley
(All 5 men make a case to be the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. John Cena says he’ll welcome all comers to prove he’s the man. Jonathan Coachman tells Cena to be careful what he wishes for because at Night of Champions, he’ll be defending the WWE Title against all of them! John Cena retains the WWE Championship after pinning Carlito. After the match, Bobby Lashley stares down Cena as Night of Champions draws to a close.)
(Edge tears his pectoral muscle, is put on the shelf for a while and is forced to surrender the World Heavyweight Championship.)
(Mark Henry wins a Battle Royal on the July 20th, 2007 episode of SmackDown to win the World Heavyweight Championship!)
The Great American Bash 2007
Date: 22/7/07
Location: HP Pavilion San Jose, California
WWE Tag Team Championship:
Deuce ‘n Domino (c) vs Matt Hardy & MVP
(Matt Hardy hates MVP and wants his United States Championship but they get paired as partners and are told to co-exist by Mr. McMahon who also rewards them with a Tag Team Championship match at The Great American Bash. Hardy and MVP win the titles.)
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Super Crazy
Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs Jeff Hardy
Batista vs The Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh
Women’s Championship:
Candice Michelle (c) vs Melina
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk
(CM Punk invokes his rematch clause for the ECW Championship. Vince McMahon tries to deny Punk the opportunity to win the title back but CM Punk tells him if he even dares to deny him his rematch then he’ll sue him because it’s a contractual obligation meaning McMahon has no choice but to let Punk compete for the ECW Championship. The newly named John Morrison who’s leaving Johnny Nitro behind tells Vince to not worry, he’ll take care of business for him which Vince gives him the vote of confidence. Punk says this time he’s ready for Morrison unlike at Night of Champions and will become a 2 time ECW Champion. Morrison says even prepared, he’s just too good for Punk. John Morrison cheats to retain the title after hitting Punk with brass knuckles when the referee isn’t looking.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry (c) vs Kane
(Teddy Long announces that Mark Henry will defend his title against Kane at The Great American Bash because Kane had earned an opportunity to fight for the World Championship when Edge was champion. Kane says that he’s got unfinished business with Henry and revenge will be sweeter when he wins the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry says Kane will once again feel his wrath just like his brother The Undertaker and Batista have.)
WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Bobby Lashley
(Bobby Lashley wins a Fatal 4-Way match against Booker T, Randy Orton and Mr.Kennedy in order to face John Cena at The Great American Bash. Lashley tells Cena that he respects his dedication and desire but when push comes to shove, he has no hesitation breaking him in half if it means he wins the WWE Championship. Cena says Lashley is an incredible athlete who’s unbelievably gifted but he’s going to show the whole world that Lashley’s time isn’t now the way a lot of people think it is. John Cena retains after delivering an FU from the top rope and both men shake hands after the match. When Cena’s alone in the ring, Randy Orton from out of nowhere delivers an RKO to Cena and holds up the WWE Championship as the show draws to a close.)
(Bobby Lashley gets injured not long after this event and leaves the company in early 2008.)
SummerSlam 2007
Date: 26/8/07
Location: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Ladder Match for the ECW Championship:
John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk
(CM Punk demands one more match for the ECW Championship against John Morrison which Morrison insists to Vince McMahon to allow his request. Morrison gives Vince an idea for what type of match it should be. Vince likes the idea and announces that CM Punk will face John Morrison at SummerSlam in… A Ladder Match! John Morrison says he’s the prince of parkour and CM Punk's ambition of being the ECW Champion again will be crushed by him for good. Punk promises to become and 2 time ECW champion while also ensuring Morrison has no teeth after the match. CM Punk wins to become a 2 time ECW Champion.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
World’s Greatest Tag Team (c) vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Rey Mysterio
(Teddy Long tells Chavo Guerrero he’ll defend his Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam against… Rey Mysterio! Chavo says he’s been waiting for Rey’s return and at the event he cost him the World Heavyweight Championship the year before, he’s going to make sure he puts Rey back on the shelf again but this time for good. Rey Mysterio wins the title and retires the Cruiserweight Championship on the SmackDown after SummerSlam.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs Jeff Hardy
Women’s Championship:
Candice Michelle (c) vs Melina vs Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix
Triple H vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(Vignettes start to show that Triple H is returning to the WWE after another Quad injury. Booker T being aware of this challenges Triple H to a match at SummerSlam. Booker T’s motives are simple, Triple H once made his life a living hell and he wants to get revenge he never truly got. Booker T promises to put Triple H back on the shelf and embarrass him on his return. Triple H wins in a 10 minute match and Booker T leaves the company after this match.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry (c) vs Batista
(A one on one match that’s a long time in the making. Batista wins a #1 Contender’s Match against Kane and says this is a match he’s wanted for a while because he’s never fully gotten revenge on Mark Henry for putting him out of action which forced him to surrender the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry says he’s also been waiting for full revenge after Batista also cost him a year of his career when he came back and assaulted him. Both men brawl whenever they see each other in the build up. During the match when Henry’s on top… GONG! The lights come back on but Taker doesn’t appear. Henry then receives a Spinebuster from Batista and The Animal pins him to win the World Heavyweight Championship!)
WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Randy Orton
(First time ever in a one on one capacity. Randy Orton says while Cena has been on top for the last few years, he’s always avoided facing him one on one and tells him the reason he does is because he knows The Legend Killer is better than him! Cena tells Orton to stop talking out of his ass and if he wants to fight him, he’s ready for the challenge and just like the others, Randy Orton will be on his list of guys he beat. Randy Orton cheats when the referee isn’t looking by hitting Cena with a low blow. Orton then delivers an RKO and pins John Cena to win the WWE Championship!)
(Batista beats Mark Henry in a Street Fight on SmackDown to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in Henry’s rematch clause. The Undertaker’s Gong once again provides a distraction to Henry and there’s also a message on the titantron that reads “The dead will rise, September 16th 2007… RIP Mark Henry!”)
And that’s part 45! I hope you guys enjoyed this part. I’d like to add that I hope you don’t mind my passionate opinion on the man who shall not be named from now on. Anyways, enough of me dwelling about that! I’ll be back very soon to cover the rest of 2007 where we’ll see a few stars return, The Age of Orton begin on Raw and John Cena go down with an injury. Stay safe and stay tuned!
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2023.06.04 16:31 PokemonGoN3wb SHUNDO

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2023.06.04 00:30 Polyphemus117 Despite his powerful connections, one of the most prominent gang bosses in New England simply disappeared without a trace. What happened to Danny Walsh?

As the Roaring Twenties drew to a close, it was obvious to the American public that the “noble experiment” of Prohibition was a complete failure. Despite the promises of religious leaders and lawmakers, the total ban on the manufacture and sale of all alcoholic beverages had led to an increase in crime and violence throughout the United States. A lucrative black market for illicit alcohol had created a climate that allowed organized criminal syndicates to flourish. Public sentiment was turning against Prohibition, and more and more voices called for its repeal.The shrewder gangsters realized that Prohibition would soon no longer be the law of the land and they would need to find alternate sources of income. As the more prescient mobsters made plans to go into alternate ventures such as gambling, sex work, narcotics, or labor racketeering, it was clear there would not be enough business to go around. Competition would have to be eliminated. The long established partnerships between Italian, Jewish, and Irish gangs began to fray. The former two, in many cases, conspired together against the Irish mob. Irish immigrants had arrived in the US earlier and possessed the advantage of already speaking English on arrival. Irish gangsters enjoyed exclusive connections with politicians and law enforcement officials- connections that the Italian and Jewish gangsters knew they would need for themselves once the country went “wet” again.
Accordingly, from the years 1928 to 1933, there was a wholesale massacre of top-ranked Irish mobsters and bootleggers all over the United States. In St. Paul, MN, “Dapper” Danny Hogan started his car and was blown to pieces by dynamite planted by his Jewish counterparts. In New Orleans, the Italian mob gunned down Bill Bailey in a drive-by shooting. In Brooklyn, Charles “Vannie” Higgins was shot and killed in front of his 7 year old daughter. Similar stories were happening in many major cities throughout the United States.
Rumrunning in Providence, RI, was largely done by Danny Walsh. Born to Irish immigrants in 1893, Walsh was a true underworld success story. When Prohibition became the law of the land in 1920, he was a lowly clerk in a hardware store. Fast forward only five years, and Walsh was a multimillionaire with multiple country estates and luxury apartments in Providence. Walsh had assembled a fleet of boats and airplanes that supplied the thirsty Rhode Islanders with liquor under cover of darkness. His fortune grew further when he became involved in the lucrative world of horse racing. Even the stock market crash of 1929 hardly slowed down the bootlegging business. Despite a few minor brushes with the law- including a much-publicized 1929 incident when the Coast Guard killed three of his men- Walsh seemed largely untouchable. Like many gangsters of this period, he was something of a public figure, the local press often reporting on the exploits of his gang.
Walsh consolidated his power by making connections with the elite of the both the upper crust and the underbelly. His friends in Boston included both the notorious mob boss Charles “King” Solomon and a fellow Irish-American powerbroker by the name of Joseph P. Kennedy- though you may be more familiar with his children and grandchildren. Known as a gangster who preferred to settle disputes with a handshake rather than a tommy gun, Walsh was reportedly respected and well-liked even among his fellow criminal kingpins.
Someone clearly felt otherwise.
On January 24, 1933, King Solomon was shot dead in the men's room of a Boston nightclub he owned. With Solomon dead, Walsh no longer had the protection offered by his alliance with a larger outfit. This may have been a contributing factor to what happened next.
On February 2, 1933, Danny Walsh met six associates at the Bank Cafe in Pawtuxet Village, RI for a business dinner. These six men saw him off as he got into his car to drive home. They were the last people to ever see Danny Walsh.
For several days there was no leads for any of Walsh's family, business partners, or underworld partners to follow. Finally, an anonymous note was delivered to Walsh's brother Joseph- a ransom demand for $40,000 to be delivered to the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston. While the idea of kidnapping a mob boss for ransom might seem laughable today, the “snatch racket” was hardly uncommon at the time, especially as the Depression forced more and more people into financial desperation. Criminal operations usually considered it more pragmatic to simply pay the ransom and recover their operatives rather than lose whatever talents or skills they possessed, which would cost them more money in the long run. Joseph and a few of Walsh's most trusted lieutenants complied with the demand, bringing $40,000 in cash to Boston and handing it around a hotel room door to a man they could not see. They returned to Providence and awaited word of Danny's release.
Word never came. It became increasingly clear that Danny Walsh had vanished without a trace and was never coming back.
Rumors spiraled in the press, the underworld, and even in an inconclusive federal investigation. There were reports of Italian men being spotted in the act of digging a large hole on one of Walsh's properties and sprinkling lime into it, but nothing came of further investigation. Some newspaper articles at the time gave lurid accounts of Walsh being stood in a tub of cement until it hardened around his feet and then hurled into the ocean- the first appearance of the “concrete shoes” trope that appears so often in gangster fiction. These, too, were dismissed as fabrication.
The disappearance of Danny Walsh has entered Rhode Island folklore. As recently as 2017, unidentified remains found in the area have been seriously investigated as possibly being his corpse. This practice will no doubt continue until a definite ID is made.
What became of Danny Walsh? In light of the wider wave of murders targeting Irish racketeers, it seems probable he was murdered. But who is responsible? Where are his remains? Was the unidentified man who collected a ransom at the Copley Plaza Hotel the real culprit or simply an opportunistic scam artist?
It seems probable that anyone with firsthand knowledge of this crime is long dead. Perhaps one day a corpse will be found that will answer at least one question, but until then this remains unsolved. Danny Walsh is doubtlessly but one of many victims of violent crime from the “noble experiment” of Prohibition.

If you're interested in learning more about the story of Danny Walsh, here's a few good articles.
A writeup by the New England Historical Society
An article about remains that were investigated as possibly being those of Walsh
An interview with a descendent of Walsh
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2023.06.02 23:01 50N_G0kU I Voted for our DRS Company! It is on your hand! We Individuals decide as the majority! Dont forget to vote too, there is still time! #DRS #GME

I Voted for our DRS Company! It is on your hand! We Individuals decide as the majority! Dont forget to vote too, there is still time! #DRS #GME submitted by 50N_G0kU to GME [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 02:18 stlatos IE Words with ST vs. SK

The shift of st \ sk in:

*h3ost- ‘bone’ > Skt. ásthi, Arm. oskr

*h3ostihwo- > *astīwa- > Skt. aṣṭhīvánt- ‘shank/shin’, -aṣṭhīvá- in compound
*askīwa- > Av. -ascva- ‘shank’ in compound
*askūwa- > Os. (ë)skWy ‘haunch (of food)’

*karsto- > Rom. karšt / kašt, G. káston ‘wood’, Skt. kāṣṭhá-m ‘stick / (piece of) wood/timber’, Arm. kask ‘(chest)nut’

G. mústax ‘upper lip / mustache’, *muská- > Rom. mosko ‘face/voice’, Skt. mukhá-m ‘mouth/face/countenance’

is similar to kṣ \ ṭṣ in Skt. (and ṣṭhīv- \ kṣīv- ‘spit’). There is no regular explanation for any of this, and the presence of *h or similar in *h3osth- not *h3ost- ‘bone’ would not make it regular either. That Skt. had th or kh in all these words might be significant. Since Dardic seems to show a shift of retroflex to uvular, the same might explain some of it. The lack of r in Skt. kāṣṭhá-m and s in mukhá-m while Rom. had both is evidence against a direct Skt. > Rom. relation https://www.reddit.com/language/comments/12uhi52/peter_zoller_and_the_oriental_origin/ . The *r not seen in Skt. but in Rom. might have disappeared long ago by uvular R > x > _ lengthening the V https://www.reddit.com/etymology/comments/zkgi2m/latin_pr%C4%93x_request_armenian_a%C5%82ersank_a%C5%82a%C4%8Dank/ . The presence of *s in mosko : mukhá-m could show that after retroflex s was created, the cluster ṣk became xk > kh in Skt. optionally, which would help in identifying it with other IE changes of ṣ > x in Slavic, etc., and whether sr > str, ṣt > xt > t happend early enough for Skt. usra- ‘ox/bull’, uṣṭra- ‘camel’, Av. uštra-, *uxtra- >> Ur. ultu to be an IE loan (like in *h2ausr- > OCS za u(s)tra ‘in the morning’, (j)utro ‘morning’, utrê ‘tomorrow’, Li. auš(t)rà ‘dawn’).

In Bu. -móqiṣ ‘face’, a loan is likely; if from *moxṣ (Kh. mòx) it would provide evidence for this older cluster (like other words for body parts it is only found bound, like ‘his face’). If x was also a uvular before (seen in x > q in loans into Dardic), this might help my theory above. G. mústax ‘upper lip / mustache’, *muská- > Rom. mosko ‘face/voice’, Skt. mukhá-m ‘mouth/face/countenance’, mukha-tás ‘in front’, Kh. mòx ‘face’, A. múx, Dm. muk, mukh-a ‘in front’, Dk. múu(w-), Ti. mu seem to show that alternation kh \ x \ *h > 0 was old in Dardic. In addition, u-a > o-a in Kh. might be seen in the loan:
Skt. mukhá-m > Dravidian *mokám \ *mogám ‘mouth / face / front’ > Gondi mukam, Telugu mogamu, moga ‘front part / mouth of a river’
which also might show that kh became k, x became g (if Dravidian g really represents γ (and it is also seen next to fricatives). Using loans to determine the sounds of a proto-language is standard practice, but seems not to be used for fine tuning Dravidian. See https://www.reddit.com/Dravidiology/comments/13sq9cp/parji_dumdi_bu_%E1%B8%8Dun%E1%B8%8D%C3%BA_beebeetle/ https://www.reddit.com/Dravidiology/comments/13sp05dravidian_pa%E1%BA%93k_konda_pa%E1%B9%9Bka_arm_pa%E1%B9%99ak_ribside/ https://www.reddit.com/Dravidiology/comments/13stfnh/skt_mukh%C3%A1m_dravidian_mok%C3%A1m_mog%C3%A1m_mouth_face_front/ for other possible IE loans or cognates.

Alb Albanian
Arm Armenian
Aro Aromanian
Asm Assamese
Av Avestan
Bal Baluchi
Be Bengali
Bg Bulgarian
Bu Burushaski
E English
G Greek
Go Gothic
H Hittite
Hi Hindi
Is Ishkashimi
It Italian
K Kassite
Kd Kurdish
Kho Khotanese
Khw Khwarezmian
Ku Kusunda
L Latin
Li Lithuanian
Lt Latvian
M Mitanni
Mh Marathi
MArm Middle Armenian
MW Middle Welsh
NHG New High German
MHG Middle High German
OHG Old High German
OBg Old Bulgarian
OBr Old Breton
OIc Old Icelandic
OIr Old Irish
OE Old English
ON Old Norse
OPr Old Prussian
OP Old Persian
MP Middle Persian
NP (New) Persian (Farsi)
Nw Norwegian
Os Ossetian
Phr Phrygian
Ps Pashto
R Russian
Ru Romanian\Rumanian
Sar Sarikoli
Shu Shughni
Skt Sanskrit
Sog Sogdian
TA Tocharian A
TB Tocharian B
W Welsh
Wx Wakhi

Gy Gypsy
Dv Domari \ Do:mva:ri:
Lv Lomavren
Rom Romani

Dardic Group
A Atshareetaá \ (older Palola < *Paaloolaá)
B Bangani
Ba bHaṭé-sa zíb \ Bhaṭeri
D Degaanó \ Degano
Dk Domaaki \ Domaá \ D.umaki
Dm Dameli
Gi Gultari
Id Indus Kohistani
Ka Kalam Kohistani \ Kalami \ Gawri \ Bashkarik
Kh Khowàr
Km Kashmiri
Ks Kalasha
KS Kundal Shahi
Kt ktívi kâtá vari
Kv Kâmvíri
Pl Paaluulaá
Pr Prasun
Ni Nišei-alâ
Np Nepali
Sa Saňu-vīri
Sh Shina
Ti Torwali
Wg Waigali \ Kalas.a-alâ
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2023.05.24 22:28 twazu Indy cleans up real nice

Indy cleans up real nice
Over the moon with how this one is turning out. So much time and patience, but it’s paying off.
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2023.05.24 19:55 ryu289 He never even read my links.

From here in response to this:
So the first link actually destroys your argument, as it shows a problem that actually talks about racial bias, not to mention the article itself is heavily biased. So good job shooting yourself in the dick there!
This is what I said:
""Don't forget, there are STILL teachers out there trying their damnedest to push CRT and transsexualism onto children in schools" And what does that even mean? Because 9 times out of 10, these are not st buzzwords from the right: https://popular.info/p/ron-desantis-math-textbook-hoax
I was talking about CRT. With that link it talks about lie involving CRT.
The second article is another falsehood, trying to spin the parents of the child that tried to take her own life as the bad guys while the school, WHOSE TEACHERS ACTUALLY TRIED TO TRANSITION THEIR KINDERGARTEN CHILD (https://washingtonstand.com/news/my-blood-still-boils-father-recalls-schools-secret-attempt-to-transition-daughter) looks like a haven of angels in comparison! So great work, making yourself look almost as shady as those teachers.
Here is what my link said:
The above paragraph demonstrates how the lack of parity benefits the religious right's narrative. An article by News4Jax provided details omitted from FRC's rendition of the story:
The parents claim that the administration of the Clay County elementary school their child attends overstepped its authority in discussing and supporting their child’s request to be referred to by a different name and gender and, in doing so, that the district violated the parents’ rights to direct the education of their child. After the child told the school counselor about two separate suicide attempts in early January, the parents were notified and later filed the lawsuit that month. The parents told News4JAX that the concept of changing one’s gender identity is inconsistent with the family’s catholic Christian beliefs and referred to the scenario as “a mental health problem.”
The parents are blaming the school for something they themselves are responsible for, i.e. the child being afraid to come out to them.
They are attempting to make the school look like culprits instead of asking themselves why was their child scared to be honest with them. Also don't let FRC's article confuse you with its phraseology. Claiming that the school was "transitioning" the child is a sly way to allude to people's stereotypes about the transgender community - the belief that surgery is always involved. The actions the school took were minor ones in order make the child feel at ease.
The next seven links are all to the same article, so I'll just torpedo them all here: It's all bullshit. So it tries to dispute the HB 1557 Bill as the "Don't Say Gay" Bill and spin it as an attack on the LGBTQIA+=<>!@#$%&* community, while citing what it actually says here, which I shall now quote:
"Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards"
In other words, you disingenuous douche-canoe, it stipulates that you cannot discuss things about sexual orientation or gender identity TO MINORS UNDER TEN YEARS OF AGE!!! but the fact that you find that problematic seems pretty sus to me. You got some hidden pics you don't others to see, groomer?
Here is what he said before:
While I don't particularly care for JSG's anti-conservative tirades, this time I'll have to make an exception because, honestly, I can believe this has happened, completely. What really gets me is the student telling her parents that their teacher showed them the movie and her mother, who had a seat on the schoolboard and a prominent member of the department of education, because I was in a similar situation.
When I was a kid, my parents split up(mostly due to my mom being unable to deal with my dad and his decisions on how to be a parent...among other things), and my father was awarded majority custody of me. I would visit my mother and half-brothers in the summer, and when we did we weren't allowed to watch the classic cartoons like: Johnny Bravo; Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy; Courage the Cowardly Dog; SpongeBob SquarePants; etc. I asked my mom one time why, and she said "Because they're adult-oriented shows being pushed onto kids to perverse our childhood". She went so far as to tell our friends' parents not to let us watch it when we went over to their house(s). And it doesn't stop there; this is the same woman who regularly attended PTAs to criticize the teachers AND students; made class-visits to observe the teachers to make sure they were "doing their job"(though honestly, I think it was to keep an eye on me because I wasn't a good student), and was a BIG fan of using verbal abuse and beatings for discipline! Long story short, my mom cared too much. She was literally one of the prototypes of the female model we now know as the "Karen".
And yet he still defends bills that don't define what "insturcts" and "age appropriate" are. IN fact the link he skewers points this out:
In other words, “instruction . . . on sexual orientation or gender identity” — terms not defined in the law – is completely prohibited for students up to the third grade. Beyond the third grade, such instruction is permitted only to the extent that it is “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” The vagueness of the law raises numerous questions. Does it mean, for example, that an educator can use books with LGBTQ+ characters so long as the discussion of those books does not focus on their sexual orientation or gender identity? Does it mean that all discussion of families and the many different ways families are formed must be avoided altogether in grades K-3? The Florida Department of Education has so far failed to give any guidance on these or countless other questions about how the law will be applied. It is important to know, however, that Florida law must give way to the non-discrimination protections of federal civil rights law that are detailed below. Accordingly, efforts by school administrators to enforce the “Don’t Say Gay” law in a way that prohibits only LGBTQ+ educators from discussing their family status or prohibits only children of same-sex marriages from discussing their families, violate those non-discrimination mandates and should be countered using the complaint procedures detailed below.
So instead of realizing the problems with this law, he doubles down on it.
And he thinks pointing this out promotes "grooming" which he doesn't define either.
Your TA article is almost as hilarious. Half the links in it lead to pages that no longer exist, and the other try, and fail, to dispute that girls are uncomfortable with boys entering their bathrooms/locker rooms:
His first link is this, which is false.
And his second link is this:
GLAAD to media: Don't get duped by fabricated stories of transgender youth harassing students
So he shoots himself in the foot.
I mean, sorry that you're offended that girls feel uncomfortable when a guy enters what's supposed to be their "safe space" and don't feel safe, but really they should be more open to the idea. I mean, it's not like anything bad has ever happened, right?!
As compared to Christains having unfettered access? And why lie?
The child trafficking, as horrible as it is, should be investigated at the federal level, which I highly doubt it is. Should DeSantis look into it? Absolutely, but he's not the root cause of it.
He's just choosing to ignore it. Double standards much? Where is the consistency? ANd since when has "foster home abuse" been the exact same as "child trafficking"?
Yes, because separating children from parents who are GIVING MINORS HORMONE BLOCKING DRUGS TO PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THEIR BODIES is just the height of parental abuse. Truly, we should focus more on separating children from their religious, kind and caring parents. Then again, you would be all for that.
What permanant damage? What about the parents that affirm their child's gender? Or are you just trying to push heteronormaitve values even if it harms kids
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2023.05.23 11:27 Glittering_Beat3693 Question about Computershare voting for UK apes

Question about Computershare voting for UK apes
I'm a UK ape, so this question is for my UK apes. Since voting stared for the next shareholders meeting, I receive my voting materials from my broker but not from Computershare same like last year, to vote online. When I checked my account for voting preferences it was on vote by mail(I did not select this option, and as I said above, last year I voted online for my DRS shares). I've updated again for online voting but I did not receive any email, I've checked since voting started inbox, spam, junk etc. Nothing from Computershare, only email notifications that I'm logging into my account. Did eny of you manage to vote online or did any of you receive the mail post with voting materials? I've tried to find out a number to call, and the only thing I have found is this details from the photo above. The first number when I call its showing PepsiCo as name of phone number, the free one it's not even ringing. I know it's still enough time to vote but time is passing quickly and I want to make sure my vote counts! 🗳 BUY, DRS, HODL, SHOP AND VOTE 🚀 👩‍🚀
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2023.05.20 23:12 pcpcomedy Standup comedy is still happening tonight at AS220 despite the rain, and the thunder, and Taylor Swift - if you can believe it.

Standup comedy is still happening tonight at AS220 despite the rain, and the thunder, and Taylor Swift - if you can believe it.
We have some killer comics (bUt NoT cLoWnS, rIgHt?). See you at the show? Maybe?
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2023.05.20 21:43 pcpcomedy Can’t go to Taylor Swift or the Hope St. block party? Come to AS220 for standup comedy tonight at 8pm! (Although, I am really bummed about the block party being postponed until Aug. 6 - you should go to that, too)

Can’t go to Taylor Swift or the Hope St. block party? Come to AS220 for standup comedy tonight at 8pm! (Although, I am really bummed about the block party being postponed until Aug. 6 - you should go to that, too)
It’s going to be sick! Best comedians ever! Best bar ever! Best weather ever!
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2023.05.20 14:27 pcpcomedy Rain isn’t real! Come to AS220 for standup comedy at 8pm instead of spending the night cozied up with a good book and the distant sound of thunder!

Rain isn’t real! Come to AS220 for standup comedy at 8pm instead of spending the night cozied up with a good book and the distant sound of thunder!
The very best standup comedians are coming to PVD tonight! There’s a great bar, tons of seated forced family fun, and an all around great time!
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VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2023 / Metallic Minerals Corp. (TSXV:MMG)(OTCQB:MMNGF) ("Metallic Minerals" or "the Company") is pleased to announce the completion of a 9.5% strategic equity investment by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Newcrest Mining Limited ("Newcrest"). Pursuant to the placement, Metallic Minerals issued 15,838,593 units at a price of $0.40 per unit for gross proceeds of approximately $6.3 million.
Each unit was comprised of one common share and 0.75 of a common share purchase warrant. Each full warrant entitles Newcrest to purchase one additional common share for $0.55, providing approximately $6.5 million in additional funding if the warrants are exercised in full. The warrants are exercisable for three years, subject to early acceleration if Metallic Minerals' common shares trade for 20 consecutive trading days at or above $0.825 on the TSX Venture Exchange. All securities issued pursuant to the placement are subject to a hold period of four months and one day.
Metallic Minerals CEO and Chairman, Greg Johnson, stated, "We are pleased to welcome Newcrest as a cornerstone shareholder and look forward to collaborating with their technical team to advance the La Plata project. Preparations are underway for a first phase resource expansion drill campaign targeted to start in June focused on extending the high-grade copper and precious metals mineralization announced in February of this year."
Proceeds from the placement are intended to advance exploration on, and for acquisitions related to, Metallic Minerals' La Plata mining project located in Colorado, USA and for working capital and general corporate purposes. Metallic Minerals and Newcrest will establish a technical committee that will act in a non-binding advisory capacity to the board of directors, providing management access to Newcrest's substantial technical expertise in similar mining operations.
In connection with the placement, the parties entered into an investor rights agreement pursuant to which Newcrest is entitled to certain rights provided it meets and maintains certain minimum ownership requirements, including rights to: (i) participate in future equity offerings and other security issuances to maintain minimum ownership levels; (ii) a right of first refusal on the sale of the La Plata project or certain of Metallic Minerals' economic interests therein; and (iii) nominate a director to the Metallic Minerals' board, which right becomes effective if Newcrest acquires ownership of at least 13% of the outstanding common shares of the Company. Newcrest has agreed to certain non-solicitation, standstill and area of interest protections in favor of Metallic Minerals for a period of two years, unless its ownership percentage in Metallic Minerals falls below certain specified thresholds prior to then.
About Newcrest Mining
Newcrest Mining Limited (ASX, TSX, PNGX: NCM) is one of the world's largest gold mining companies with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and operating mines in Australia, Canada and Papua New Guinea. Newcrest is a technical industry leader, with particular expertise in exploration, deep underground block caving and metallurgical processing. Newcrest is committed to creating a work environment where everyone can go home safe and healthy every day, and where everyone actively contributes to this outcome; operating and developing mines in line with strong environmental, social and governance practices; developing a diverse workforce; and developing and maintaining strong relationships with communities and governments.
About Metallic Minerals
Metallic Minerals Corp. is a leading exploration and development stage company focused on copper, silver, gold and other critical minerals in the La Plata mining district in Colorado, and silver and gold in the high-grade Keno Hill and Klondike districts of the Yukon. Our objective is to create shareholder value through a systematic, entrepreneurial approach to making exploration discoveries, growing resources, and advancing projects toward development.
At the Company's La Plata project in southwestern Colorado the 2022 inaugural NI 43-101 mineral resource estimate identified a significant porphyry copper-silver resource containing 889 Mlbs copper and 15 Moz of silver. Results from 2022 expansion drilling intercepted the longest and highest-grade interval ever encountered at La Plata and one of the top intersections for any North American copper project in the past several years. An updated NI 43-101 resource estimate for the La Plata project incorporating these results is expected in Q2 2023. In the 2023 Fraser Institute's Annual Survey of Mining Companies, Colorado ranked 5th globally for investment attractiveness and 2nd in the USA.
In Canada's Yukon Territory, Metallic Minerals has consolidated the second-largest land position in the historic high-grade Keno Hill silver district, directly adjacent to Hecla Mining's operations, with more than 300 Moz of high-grade silver in past production and current M&I resources. Hecla Mining Company, the largest primary silver producer in the USA and third largest in the world, completed the acquisition of Alexco Resources and their Keno Hill operations in September 2022. Hecla is targeting to start production at the Keno Hill operations by Q3 2023. Metallic is anticipating the announcement of inaugural mineral resource estimate at Keno Silver in the second half of 2023.
Metallic Minerals is also one of the largest holders of alluvial gold claims in the Yukon and is building a production royalty business by partnering with experienced mining operators, including Parker Schnabel of Little Flake Mining from the hit television show, Gold Rush, on the Discovery Channel.
All of the districts in which Metallic Minerals operates have seen significant mineral production and have existing infrastructure, including power and road access. Metallic Minerals is led by a team with a track record of discovery and exploration success on several major precious and base metal deposits in the region, as well as having large-scale development, permitting and project financing expertise. The Metallic Minerals team has been recognized for its environmental stewardship practices and is committed to responsible and sustainable resource development.
Early Warning Disclosure
Newcrest acquired ownership of 15,838,593 units under the private placement. Prior to the private placement, Newcrest did not own any securities of Metallic Minerals. After giving effect to the private placement, Newcrest beneficially owns and exercises control over a total of 15,838,593 common shares and 11,878,944 warrants. These securities represent 9.5% of Metallic Minerals' issued and outstanding common shares on a non-diluted basis upon completion of the private placement or 15.5% of Metallic Minerals' issued and outstanding common shares on a partially-diluted basis assuming the exercise by Newcrest of the warrants comprising the units only. Newcrest acquired the units for investment purposes, and in the future it may, from time to time, increase or decrease its investment in Metallic Minerals through market transactions, private agreements, treasury issuances or otherwise at any time, depending on market conditions and any other relevant factors it deems appropriate for investment purposes, subject to the terms of the investor rights agreement described above and other applicable restrictions.
Metallic Minerals' head office is located at Suite 904, 409 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 1T2.
Newcrest's head office is located at Level 8, 600 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia.
An early warning report will be filed by Newcrest in accordance with applicable Canadian securities laws and will be available under Metallic Minerals' profile on the SEDAR website at www.sedar.com and may also be obtained by contacting Vlada Cvijetinovic at (604) 335-9202.
Website: mmgsilver.com Phone: 604-629-7800
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Toll Free: 1-888-570-4420
Forward-Looking Statements
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2023.05.18 12:34 Drakos8706 Powerless (part 34)

Officer Kit’Ahnj couldn't deny, Captain Vohr’Doe had been absolutely correct in her assessment of Kyle, and the situation that she - herself - had found herself in with him. For starters, in just so simple as calling them the 'expedition’ team, he stopped with his whole ‘survey’ thing - though he and Hss’Kss must have come to some arrangement, as he continued to allow her to ride on his body. Which - though she would never say this around her out loud - actually put use to Hss’kss, because there - on that Class 9 planet - Kyle would be able to mentally examine a creature himself, essentially giving him a Gift of his own.
Beyond that, he also followed all of her orders as she gave them, no matter how small of a task it was. And she - in turn - never really gave him ‘orders’, merely ‘requesting’ of him certain things. This was made easier for her by having gone back and actually watched their time on the planets, but from his holovids, provided by his drones; which he’d apparently had following him since before he even boarded the ship. There, she was able to see the world from his point of view; insofar as a drone could, anyway. Which was how she learned just how much the hamad’riad actually respected Kyle.
It had been on one of their hunts, when Kyle was posted up in a tree, scouting a watering hole. Kyle was sitting with his back to the trunk, the limb he was sitting on between his legs. Kash’Awn was laying on a branch next to him, in the form of a green heel’kit, and - in Common - whispered,
“You are a strange animal.”
“Yeah,” Kyle replied in kind, chuckling slightly, “That's true: what reason are you latching onto?”
There was a few quick breaths of laughter from the heel’kit that was Kash’Awn, before they replied,
“You didn't kill the heel’kit that attacked you.”
Kyle snorted lightly, and said,
“Well, kinda hard to kill it when it had two limbs more than me; not to mention, I don't have claws or fangs to help out. I was just barely keeping it from biting my face off.”
“But afterwards, when you had managed to throw it off of you…”
She had seen that, as well. After the door had closed on the shuttle, Kyle had flung his body to the left, dislodging the feline from his shirt, while letting go of its arms. It had hit the ground on its side, and managed to extricate its claws from his boots, at which point it got to its feet and faced Kyle, its back arched, and the claws of its hands ready to pounce. However, Kyle had reached his left hand under the opposing breast of his vest, pulling out the pistol he’d entered the shuttle with. Except, he entirely passed over the feline with his muzzle to point far over its head, where he fired multiple shots. The sound obviously scared not just the one he was fighting, but the others hiding in the grass that were only visible through the functions of Kyle’s drones, as they all ran off from the tall grass. He then made his way to the shuttle, keeping his head on a swivel.
“I mean,” Kyle began, slightly awkwardly, “There was no reason to kill it. If I could scare it away, that was all I needed, really. I had enough rations, I didn’t need the meat. And it’s not like it was trying to ‘murder’ me; it was just doing all that it knows how to do. It was out for food, not ‘blood’.”
It was at this point that he raised his rifle to his eye, focusing on one of the same creatures that the hamad’riad had brought for food on the first night. After a few seconds, Kyle squeezed the trigger, and a second after the deafening report, the animal’s head jerked to the side as it was taking a drink, and it fell, instantly dead. Slinging the rifle around to his back, he looked over to Kash’Awn and continued with,
“Besides, I try to cause as little suffering as possible; there’s way too much of that in this life as it is, without me adding to it.” Kyle climbed down from there, Kash’Awn using their claws to descend, as well. They turned into a dir’volve to accompany him to the animal, though they only came up to his waist at their shoulders.
Once there, they examined the shot, clean through the animal’s head.
“Technology such as that,” they said, motioning towards his gun, “Would help our people to hunt, for sure.”
“Well,” Kyle said as he crouched next to the animal, “You could always use bows. Kay’Eighty, show 'em how to make bows, please.”
As he pulled his wrist up, a hologram appeared over the datapad there, showing a detailed video of the structure of a bow.
“The limbs need to be flexible, but strong enough to snap back into place with significant force. I imagine that you could make smaller versions to grow out of your 'wrists', at which point all you would need is the arrows.”
Kash’Awn studied the image, then said in a thoughtful voice,
“I think the elders should confer on this, but I believe it would be possible.”
Kyle nodded, then said,
“Well, we should get this back; gimme a second to take out the stomach, so that the bile ‘n stuff don’t ruin the meat…”
And then there was the care that he showed towards the others. He and Ah’Sheen had a friendship from before the planet; she had seen them eating together on numerous occasions, so that was no surprise, his behavior towards her. But he and Chahn’Smy seemed to get along quite well, even though they had only really interacted - to her knowledge, anyway - on this first mission. He was understandably wary around Hss’Kss at that general time, though watching him, she noticed just how often he was checking the weather, and keeping himself positioned so that he could keep all of them in sight, not leaving Hss’Kss out to dry, in that. And while he could have simply been ‘checking the weather’, she noticed he kept an eye mostly on the overnight conditions, and focused more on the temperature than anything else.
The footage between missions - and there was footage - was inaccessible to her, and she wasn’t surprised about that; it was probably kept for his people's own security/documentation purposes. The next mission went as she remembered it, with an added realization she hadn’t really registered in the whole time: he was calling her ‘Kit.’ She would have to look it up later, but he didn’t seem to be using it with any derision, or ill temper behind it, so she didn’t think it was an insult, merely a nickname.
And she couldn't deny the fact that Cheshire was entirely adorable. He seemed excited by every new thing he came across, and far from causing trouble with the crew, he seemed to understand that no one on board was ‘prey’. And when he wasn't being led around the ship by Kyle, he was either with the Captain, or here, now, curled up beside her, as Kyle was busy practicing at the gun range. Even now, she ran her claws through his ‘mane’ that was beginning to grow in, in the same manner that her own mother used to do to her, when putting her to bed.
And he had grown quite a bit in the past few months; Kyle likened him to a ‘purple corgi, but with more proportional legs’. He had shown them a picture, and she had to agree that his assessment was correct, though Cheshire was more lean than a corgi; at the very least, his fur was more sleek. And as he lay there, curled up by her side, softly purring, she could understand Kyle’s love for him. Even knowing the fact that this creature would grow to be able to at least rival a suul’mahr - and probably even kill one, if they weren’t using their Gift - and would definitely match one in size, this little canine had become precious to her.
She was currently listening to classical music from her people, as in a few minutes it would be time to head over to Kyle’s room with Cheshire. And soon enough, she got an alert from Kyle saying he was done at the range, and was heading back to his room. She turned the music off and got Cheshire up, putting his harness and lead on him before exiting her room. She made her way to the elevators, and pressed the button to head down to the general quarters level. As she and Cheshire stepped off the elevator, Kyle exited the one beside them, causing Cheshire to start wiggling his whole body, he was wagging his tail so excitedly.
There he is!” he called out in his high-pitched voice, as he scratched behind Cheshire’s ears “Wha’ss him doin', huh? Did you miss me, huh, did you miss me?”
“He was well behaved; he just slept most of the time.”
“That's good,” Kyle said as he stood back up, “Well,” he continued, “I sent messages to the others, they should be at my room by now. Well, Ri’s probably gonna be a minute.”
“Lead the way,” she replied, and he smiled, turning to head to his room.
When they got there, Ah’Sheen and Chahn’Smy were already standing by the door, waiting for Kyle to arrive. They broke off whatever conversation they were having as they both turned to greet them. After Kyle opened the room, he stood back and let everyone else enter before he followed, closing the door behind him.
“So,” Ah’Sheen started as she climbed up onto his bed, sitting at the foot of it, facing the very large television screen, “Have you decided what we're going to be watching?”
“Yeah,” he replied, going over to his 'utility’ closet, and pulling out an assortment of snacks, “It's really old - ‘bout 500 years, actually - but it's a fictional tale of the first manned mission to Mars, and a botanist who gets left behind by accident. This was before Mars was terraformed, so he was stuck on a big ball of dirt and rock, with only the supplies at hand. This was also before our more advanced rockets, so it took months to get to or from there, in relation to Earth. It didn't actually happen, but it's a fair representation of what we would've done, in that situation.” Just then, the door chimed, Kyle gave the order for it to open, with Kah’Ri coming around the corner shortly after.
“Well,” he began, “Let's get this party started!” and turned to address Kay’Eighty, who he’d set down on the entertainment center, “If you would, my dear?” She snorted in amusement and rolled her eyes, as she reached up and snapped her fingers. At once, the TV clicked on, and the movie began to play.
It was a good movie, with Kyle stating that the American space agency had commented on the scientific basis of the things that happened in the movie, and that their biggest problem was that Mars - at that time - couldn't generate the wind force that was needed to set the whole movie in motion, but that they agreed that it was a small discrepancy, and that it was easy to overlook.
As everyone had begun to settle in to watch the movie, Kah’Ri had unceremoniously pulled Kyle’s blankets down using her Gift, twisting them to be in a better position to wrap around her, at which Kyle laughed slightly.
“I don't know what you think is so funny: you're gonna share that body heat of yours, so get over here.” She held the blanket open for him to sit next to her, at which point she used her Gift to wrap the blanket around them both, so that only their arms were exposed, leaving them free to grab snacks, and drinks - of which he included several types of alcohol.
In the movie, the man first comes to terms with the fact that he had been left behind on a desert world, and afterwards came up with a plan on how to farm on that desert world. What he came up with was to take some of the Martian soil, and set up a kind of 'greenhouse’ inside his habitat, by sectioning it off with plastic sheeting. However, that left him with the need of enough water to sustain the plants, while not dehydrating himself. This was solved by burning some of the hydrogen-mixture used for their rocket fuel, which anyone who had gone through basic science knew: hydrogen + oxygen + fire = water.
And this worked for a time - with him growing the Earth version of a tass’gud - until a small hole in the material his depressurization room was made of caused an explosive decompression that took out that entire section of the wall, and ruined his crops. All in all, it was a thrilling movie, for even as he was trying to keep himself alive, back on Earth, all of humanity was united in trying to bring back a single human from distances that - at that time - were simply incomprehensible; even going so far as to have one country's space agency head conversing with his second in command, wherein they discussed that they could help, but that would mean revealing a top-secret rocket model that had just come out; the agency head didn't hesitate to agree to help, only specifying that it be kept between science agencies.
When it got to the point where the main character is describing - to one of the cameras that had originally been for the team to document their own time on the planet - about how he was entirely aware of the fact that the people back on Earth were trying to manipulate him into taking major parts of his shuttle off - in order to make it far enough into space for the people returning to be able to retrieve him - he went into detail as to why he knew they were trying to manipulate him. Point by point, he dismantled it all, adding that they kept saying that he would be the ‘fastest man in the history of spaceflight’, clearly - according to him - an attempt to manipulate him into doing it. And of course, his response to it all was an almost nonchalant ‘alright, let’s go’. So their own human wasn’t a novel case in that regard, apparently.
It was after the work to dismantle his shuttle was complete, and after his last meal on the planet - after he left a note in the rover that had been his home for the past several months - when he left the rover with an affectionate pat on the wheels, that Kah’Ri spoke up; and it became apparent at that moment just how much alcohol she’d been drinking.
“S’rry” she managed, “B’t, how’d did-I j’st fil r’morse fir a rover?”
“‘Cause: ‘humanity’.” Kyle sounded slightly less drunk than Kah'Ri; she got the feeling they had probably been ‘matching shots’. Kah’Ri scoffed, and rolled her eyes, but they were both smiling.
The movie culminated in a daring rescue in space, with the culmination of the entire thing being a harrowing catch in the literal void of space, as the main character had to throw himself from his shuttle to make the final distance to the people who came to save him. The ending scenes then went on to show the lives of the key members of the story, those who had major parts in furthering the story. The credits then played to some lively music that the story had defined as ‘disco’.
It was at that point - when they all began to get up to go back to their own rooms to go to bed - that it became apparent that Kah’Ri had drank just a bit too much. While she’d had no problem utilizing her Gift to unwrap the two of them from his blanket, when she tried to stand up, she tripped over seemingly her own feet, falling face-first into the bed. And while Kyle sat there, laughing at her, she pushed herself up into a sitting position.
So,” she said, in a playfully accusing way, “Y’r plan is… shows isself! Gonna try t’ get me drunk, so that I’ve… gonna hafta sleep’n your room, ‘zat it?”
Kyle gave an amused snort, rolling his eyes as he said,
“Yeah, ‘cept for that - y’know - I got another room, an' th’ ‘quipment to camp in ‘ere.”
“Y’re only sayin’ that ‘cause I caught on t’y’r plan,” she replied in a mock-smug voice.
Whatever," he replied, giving her a small shove that met no resistance, and led to her falling back into the bed, which prompted both of them to start laughing again.
Kyle stumbled over to his dresser, pulling out one of his black ‘tank tops’ and a pair of black, silk pajama bottoms. He went into the bathroom, and came back out without them in his hands. Going back over to his dresser, he said,
“I dn’t know if you c’n help, much, but it’s ‘n there, on th’ back of th’ toilet. I’ll leave y’all here, ‘n you c’n go when y’r done. Cheshire’s gonna stay’n here, t’night, ‘n you c’n just bring me that stuff back wh’n it gets cleaned.” Kah’Ri nodded along as he made certain points, her eyes closed, head sideways to not get the tips caught in the blanket.
“I’ll help where I can,” Kohr’Rah replied, “But I think most of the work is going to have to be done by her, and her Gift.”
“I-gottit.” Kah’Ri mumbled into the covers; Kyle snorted in amusement, and rolled his eyes as he turned back to the dresser. After collecting his own pajama bottoms, he stumbled to the door, followed by Ah’Sheen and Chahn’Smy; Cheshire - who had been curled up between her and Ah’Sheen, asleep - raised his head, and Kyle stumbled back to give him plenty of kisses, pets, and scratches, as he plied him with loving statements.
“Stay here w'th Ri tonight, okay?” he said finally, looking the pup in the eyes, “Be a good boy, 'kay?” He leaned forward and planted a few more kisses on the ‘dog’s forehead - scratching behind his ears as he did so - then finally turned to leave with the others.

Captain Vohr’Doe came around the corner in the general quarters and was greeted by the sight she had expected; Kyle was leaning against the wall - currently with his back to her - looking out one of the viewports out into the pale whiteness of subspace. He would appear to be completely lost in thought, but she could just barely make out a tightening of his posture, as no doubt her clawed feet gave her away, no matter how quiet she was able to walk. Still, she came all the way up to him without him reacting, so she decided to break the silence.
“Looking to get some more ‘fresh air’, are we?”
The fact that he knew she was there was confirmed when he simply gave a light chuckle, and replied,
“Nah, I think I’m good, f’r now.”
“Rough night?” she asked, coming around to look out the viewport, herself. Glancing at him, she didn’t notice any signs of depression; his face looked more meditative than anything. He gave a slight chuckle, and responded with,
“Not as bad as Ri… uh, Kah’Ri, I mean. She’s… doesn’t hold ‘er liquor as good as me; which isn’t saying much.” Another light chuckle.
“Movie night,” he clarified, “We were drinking, and we got into a kinda… unofficial drinking contest, and I won… I guess?” he added uncertainty. “Anyway, she’s in my room - Kit helped her change int’ some p’jamas I left ‘er, ‘n I’m headed to my equipment room; gotta cot in there I can sleep on.”
“Ah,” she replied, “Glad to see you’ve made a friend, then.”
“Oh,” he said, “I mean, Ashi ‘n Chance were there, too; but they didn’t drink that much… But, yeah: I’ve made a few friends here. ‘N, like, actual friends: never had anyone who actually wanted to spend time with me. Like, th’ people I work with - that I’m on good terms with - w’ll sometimes invite me to like, go drinkin’, or campin’, ‘r whatever, if like, I’m around when they make th’ plans, but no one ever, like, actively seeks me out to make plans. I’ve - I’ve never had that.” He turned to look wistfully out into the void, and she was at a loss for words. So, she instead opted to escort him to his equipment room.
He accepted her offer, though they didn’t talk as they went. When they got to his door, she put her hand on his shoulder, making sure he was looking at her.
“I don’t know what you’ve gone through in your life before the mahn’ewe, and I only have the smallest - albeit worst - part of your time with them. But I can assure you that there are good people in this galaxy, and some of them are on this very ship. I realize it would be beyond foolish to ask you to let your guard down, but at least keep your mind open to the possibility. That’s all anyone can reasonably ask of you.”
He looked down with a sad smile, and said,
“Yeah, I guess I can do that.”
She gave his shoulder a light shake, and released him, at which point - eyes still on the ground - he moved to enter the room. He was halfway across the threshold when he stopped, however, turning back to her with his eyes narrowed in an expression she could only describe as ‘suspiciously amused’.
Wait a second,” he said as he turned to look her in the eye, “We’ve been speakin’ English this whole time!”
She merely grinned back at him in response, deigning only to drop a wink, and turn to leave, hearing him chuckle in amused disbelief as she walked away.

Kyle woke up with a sense of discomfort that he just couldn’t place. As he slowly began to regain control of his senses, he noticed two things that were out of place. He opened his eyes, looking at the wall of his equipment room that he’d set his cot up next to, with the tapestry of the enchanted forest before him. The only problem with that was that he’d gone to sleep with the lights off. It was at that moment that his mind woke up fully, and he recognized the breathing that was coming from behind him.
“Alright,” came Kah’Ri’s voice from the same direction as the breathing, “Go get him, Cheshire.”
The solid thump of his dog diving into his back confirmed his suspicion, even as Cheshire used his arms to grab Kyle’s shoulder, and turn him over. Laughing, Kyle wrapped him up in a hug, with the puppy covering his face in doggy-kisses, while his tail seemed ready to wag right off his body.
“About time you woke up,” Kah’Ri said, amusement evident in her voice, “I don’t think I could’ve held him back much longer.”
“Ah,” he replied - his voice heavy with sleep - while still petting and scratching Cheshire, who had rolled over on his back to have his chest and belly scratched, “That wouldn’t’ve been th’ first time. Won’t be th’ last, either.” They both had a chuckle at that, that Kah’Ri followed with,
“Well, come on; I’m starving.” With that, she stood up, tossing his robe to him, which covered his head, as he wasn’t exactly fully awake yet. He got up - Cheshire giving a groan of frustration at the interruption in his pampering - and slipped his robe on, not bothering with his other clothes he’d been wearing the night before, and which were laying on the floor by his cot.
They had a quick breakfast, discussing the movie from the night before, and with Kah’Ri giving a broad description of a movie from her people that she liked, and that they could watch on the next movie night. After they were done, they headed back to Kyle’s equipment room, where he pulled up his datapad that he got from the station, and pulled up the next planet on their itinerary, while Kah’Ri sat down on the bench behind him, as by this point he expected her to lean against him when sitting together, and it was the most comfortable way of sitting on the bench, as it had no back to it. Cheshire took up a seat in her lap, as Kyle’s was taken by the datapad.
There was something about this planet that just rubbed him the wrong way. By all accounts, it was devoid of anything dangerous, and yet, that may be the problem. All there was on all the readings was plant life, nothing so big as an insect could be detected. The probe wasn’t programmed to enter the atmosphere, so there were no up-close readings, but as far as the reports went, there was no life more complex than plants.
And yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something entirely not right about that place. That the plants could survive without insects - or more complex creatures - to pollinate them wasn’t beyond the scope of imagination, so that wasn’t it. And the pictures looked ‘normal’ enough, insofar as any life-hosting planet could be defined as ‘normal’. It was really bothering him that he couldn’t find out what was bothering him about this planet; if his subconscious picked up on it, he should be able to see it when he actually focused on it.
By this point, he was pretty sure that Kah’Ri was faking sleeping - like she usually did - though he was proven wrong when her voice floated through the fog of concentration.
“Yeah?” he replied, barely registering the hesitance in her voice.
“Are… are you gay?”
That snapped him back to the present in full.
“What? No… I mean, not that I have a problem with gay people, like… I mean, do I come off as gay?”
“Well,” she began, far more uncertainly than she had before, “I mean, we’ve known each other how many months, and you’ve never come on to me in all that time. Hell, there’ve been scant few times that you’ve done anything close to flirting, and even that’s stretching it.
“And don’t get me wrong,” she added hastily, “It’s been a relief not to have to keep my guard up all the time around you, it’s just…”
“Not normal?” he supplied, and she nodded her head.
“Well,” he continued, “I think you remember that I mentioned my friend Kohr’Sahr that I met back on the station… and his sister, Teh’Rall?” he finished pointedly.
“Oh,” she replied, “Oh, I see…”
“No, not like that," Kyle replied hastily, “I mean… She doesn’t want a relationship; as in: she actively wants to not be in a relationship. But with my experiences with them from the two - widely - different angles means that I know that I had little chance - if any - to succeed in flirting with you. And to be honest, I’m just happy to have a friend. I’ve had like, none my entire life, and now that I have as many as I do - which I had to leave my entire race behind before I found any - the thought of losing any of them because of my own stupidity is just beyond me to even try to work with.”
A silence stretched between them, though he was aware that she didn’t pull away from him. A thought came to him, one that had come several times before, but that he’d pushed away each time. Now - having pretty much been bidden to share it - he decided that the time had come to let it out into the world; so, taking a steadying breath, he softly continued with,
“But - for the record - I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and Teh’Rall’s color scheme was black and red, where her main color was black, so…”
She gave a weak laugh, and replied with an almost shaky voice,
“Yeah, now you’re just trying to flatter me.”
“Nah,” he replied as casually as he could, “‘Flattery’ is insincere; I’m just listing facts.”
A watery laugh told him just how deep he’d gotten himself without even realizing it, which was compounded when her tail came up and wrapped around his waist. He kept his hands raised slightly, not quite sure what to do, until he decided there was only one thing he could do. He lowered his hands, putting the one holding his datapad in his lap, and the other to rest lightly on her tail, as he would a snake. He deemed that he’d decided correctly when she relaxed further against him.
They sat there like that for the next hour, or so, until he was able to judge that she really had fallen asleep this time - as she like to fake sleeping to keep from having to move from absorbing his radiant heat - at which point he tapped a few prompts on his datapad, and a virtual avatar of Kay’Eighty showed up on screen.
What the hells was that?’ he mouthed to her, at which point she began - silently - laughing, doubling over and pointing at him through the screen. Kyle rolled his eyes, looking off to the side as a smile crept unbidden to his face.
I think I have a girlfriend,’ he mouthed to her, when she’d regained her composure, some. She merely gave him a conceding look, shrugging lightly as she did. He just rolled his eyes again, shaking his head, and making a shooing motion with his other hand. She blinked off the screen - grinning broadly at him as she did - and he gently put his hand back on Kah'Ri's tail.
He looked at the screen for a while without really seeing it, before simply putting on some music, and leaning back against Kah’Ri; this morning had certainly gone from 0-100 in a hurry…
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2023.05.17 16:57 BobbyBrownsBoston Do people see New England as a recruiting Hotbed yet?

I realized 3 MA and CT players played in the national championship game, and really it hasn't been uncommon that NE players play in the National Championship game in this past decade. I also realized the #2 player in 2025, #1 player in 2026 and the #1 pick in the NBA draft were all raised in New England. So I made this thread after some more research...

I'm curious if people realize the Basketball talent coming out of New England. We all know about the prep schools there (Tilton, Brewster, South Kent, St Thomas Moore) but the players actually born and raised there?
To be honest the list of players who transfer into New England prep schools and reach the NBA incredibly extensive (TJ Warren, Michael Beasley, Devonte Graham, Donovan Mitchell, Yuta Watanabe, Steven Adams, Nik Stauskas, James Bouknight, Jarret Jack etc)
so to be somewhat brief I will only list players actually *raised in * New England more than just HS, with their state of Birth/Origin, school, and current team, HS ranking or highest level of basketball reached.
I will also only list players who've played in College from 2012 or forward. I tried to pick only notable players, or players on notable programs. With very very few exceptions.
To be clear- New England has about 14.85M people. If a state itd be 5th most populous after NY (19.7M) and just ahead of PA (13M). It would be the 18th biggest state by land area- just about tied with Washington State.
** currently in HS
**Cooper Flagg (Born in ME, #2 c/o 2025)
**AJ Dybantsa (Born in MA, #1 c/o 2026)
**Joson Sanon (Born in MA, #12 c/o 2025)
**Kur Teng (Born in NH, #38 c/o 2024, Michigan State)
**JP Estrella (Born in ME, #69 c/o 2023, Tennesseee)
**TJ Power (Born in MA, #29 c/o 2023, Duke)
**Tre Norman (Born in MA ,#89 c/o 2023, Marquette)
**Tyler Betsey (Born in CT ,#24 c/o 2024)
**Badara Diakite (Born in CT #26 c/o 2025)
**Gavin Griffiths (Born in CT , #42 c/o 2024, Rutgers)
**Taylor Bowen, Born in VT, #79 c/o 2023, Florida State)
** Jahki Howard, (Born in MA, #93, c/o 2024)
** Jaylen Harell (Born in MA, c/o 2025, Late-Bloomer Overshadowed by teammate AJ Dybantsa ranked #1 in MA 4-star w/ offers from Alabama, Georgetown, St Johns, Providence, UMass, George Mason- starting to be mentioned with Cooper Flagg, Kiyan Anthony, Cameron Boozer and Jermaine O'Neal JR)
Pat Connaughton (Born in MA, Bucks)
Bruce Brown (Born in MA, Nuggets)
Terrance Mann (Born in NY, raised in MA, Clippers)
David Duke (Born in RI, Nets)
Duncan Robinson (Born in ME, Heat)
AJ Reeves (Born in MA, Providence/ G League)
Kris Dunn (Born in CT, Bulls)
Dominique Bull (born in MA, Mizzou)
Cole Swider (Born in RI, Lakers)
Noah Vonleh (Born in MA, Knicks/Celtics/Twolves/Nets)
Georges Niang (Born in MA, Sixers)
Jared Terell (Born in MA, Timberwolves)
Tremont Waters (Born in CT, Celtics)
Terrence Clarke (Born in MA, Kentucky/Honorary NBA Draftee #LLTC5)
Ricky Ledo (Born in RI, Knicks/Mavericks)
Jermaine Samuels (Born in MA, Villanova/G League)
LJ Figueroa (Born in MA, St Johns/ G League)
Marcus Zegarowski (Born in MA, Creighton/G League)
Alex Oriakhi (Born in MA, Sun)
Kellan Grady (Bron in MA, Kentucky/G League)
*Demarr Langford Jr. (Born in MA, BC/TBD)
*Makai Ashton-Langford (Born in MA, BC/Providence)
Andre Drummond, (Born in NY, Raised in CT, Pistons)
*Alex Karraban (Born in MA, UCONN)
*Adam Seiko (Born in Uganda, raised in Boston, San Diego State)
*Donovan Clingan (Born in CT, UCONN)
*Shy Odom (Born in MA, Howard)
*Kyle Flipowski (Born in MA, Duke)
Joe Ragland (born in MA, Wichita State)
*Noah Fernandes (Born in MA, Rutgers)
Kyle Casey (Born in MA, Harvard/ G League)
Geo Baker, (Born in NH, Rutgers)
Wenyen Gabriel ( Born in Sudan, Raised in NH, Lakers)
*Akok Akok (born in NH, Uconn/Georgetown)
*Dasonte Bowen (Born in MA, Iowa)
Jake Layman (Born in MA, Trailblazers/Timberwolves)
*Daillon Johnson (Born in MA, Penn State)
*Kyrell Luc (Born in MA, St Bonaventure)
*Moses Flowers (Born in MA, St Bonaventure)
Bonzie Colson (Born in MA, Bucks)
Zach Auguste (Born in MA, Notre Dame, Lakers)
Nerlens Noel (Born in MA, Nets)
*Walter Whyte (born in CT, Boston University)
*Matt Cross (Born in MA, Louisville/UMass)
*Wildens Leveque (Born in MA, South Carolina, UMass)
Jalen Adams (Born in MA, UCONN/Gleague)
Jaylen Brantley (Born in MA, Maryland)
Wayne Selden (born in MA Kansas, Bulls Grizzlies)
Shabazz Napier (Born in MA UCONN/Nets/Heat)
Naadir Tharpe (Born in MA, Kansas)
Michael Carter-Williams (Born in MA, Syracuse/ NBA ROY)
Gerard Coleman (Born in MA, Providence/Gonzaga)
Mustapha Heron (Born in CT, Auburn/St Johns)
Quincy McKnight (Born in CT, Seton Hall/ GL League)
Tyler Kolek (Born in RI, Marquette)

Shey Peddy (Born in MA, Phoenix Mercury)
*Aaliyah Boston (Born in USVI, raised in MA, Indiana Fever)
Katie Benzan (Born in MA, New York Liberty)
Veronica Burton (Born in MA, Dallas Wings)
Blake Dietrick (Born in MA, Atlanta Dream)

So what do you all think? Would you say New England is becoming a hotbed, based off the last 10-12 years? Where does it rank? If I missed any players please let me know.
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