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Places to Eat in Little Osaka

2014.05.24 20:10 vittaya Places to Eat in Little Osaka

What are your favorite places to eat in Little Osaka?

2016.11.27 03:35 Mtndrft Places to eat located in Vancouver BC.

A place to suggest food locations to try out and revisit.

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This is a subreddit for sharing your favorite places to eat in the greater LA area. It is not intended as a place to leave negative reviews. Whether it's a food truck, hole in the wall, cafe, fancy restaurant, or late night diner, we're interested in hearing about places where delicious food and drink of all categories can be obtained.

2023.03.20 17:53 Which_Ad_5787 where to store away digital photos / videos with ex?

I currently have our photos hidden in the photos app, but I want to move them onto a platform that I never use. I would delete them completely, but a lot of them have other people in them that are still important to me and general memories that I would rather not lose forever.
I’ve heard either google photos or google drive is a good place to store them, do you guys use this or have other recommendations?
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2023.03.20 17:52 tornado_succ Three days into a week-long T break and I'm not having a good time

For context, I've been a daily smoker for about a year now (22M). I've never been a super heavy smoker, but I have at least one blunt per day usually, maybe with another bowl later in the day. I also use d8 / d10 vapes and edibles when smoking isn't practical / isn't an option for that day. All in all, I spend much more time high than I do sober.
My therapist challenged me to try taking a THC break to see what would happen. We planned on at least 5 days, and I'm over halfway there now.
I was doing fine at first, but now anything I eat makes me sick and I can barely keep anything but water down. I'm fairly certain it's the withdrawals because I'm not sick (not to my knowledge anyway).
I just need some advice for how to make it through two more days. Will it get any better? I've barely eaten anything since mid-afternoon yesterday and it's starting to worry me.
Is there anything I can do to help stimulate my appetite, or keep the nausea at bay at least so I can eat something?
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2023.03.20 17:52 EyraLuxaRay because i am getting the sense that something is totally not right here.

wow, I know a streamer who had drops on and left their stream on for the entire time that the drop was running. BUT they would sleep and eat and went to an AFK screen and had old gameplay on while the streamer took their "me" time

however this story is completely different. i would worry. if this is a person you knew personally, i would worry even more and maybe call the cops to check on this person. IF you know their location. if not idk how you can get them help to check in on them.

because i am getting the sense that something is totally not right here.

I knew on youtube people have music streams up for 24 hours then their bot would start the stream anew and reboot... Me i think the longest stream i had on was 28 hours. (i left my music up but had the stream title be 24/7 music chill.)

yeah something is not right here.. i hope this person is ok. i really do.
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2023.03.20 17:52 lucytaylor22 Desk snacks for thinking

I'm wanting to make some changes in my life to lose some weight. Not gonna say the dreaded "d" word. One such change is I need better snack choices for when I'm at work. I have a desk job that requires a lot of brain power and thinking. What helps me with thinking? Eating. Chewing gum doesn't do it for me. I like chewing on mints, eating chewy candy, etc. I'm not too picky either, sometimes I go down stairs to the convenience store and grab some cheese and munch on cheeses. I prefer things that I can eat with my hands, not requiring a fork, not messy. I also prefer things that can just sit in my drawer in my desk. What kind of 'healthy' snacks can I use as my thinking snack? TYIA
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2023.03.20 17:52 hipiri How do you socialize?

I'm just curious on how some people here approach socializing.
I have a few family members and some friends who have changed , some not for the best.
Some here have 2 / 3 jobs.
I know some will mention the gym, but some of you are single and it makes me curious if you have any groups or places you will go to meet people or just new people.
Some of my family members are completely stuck in a loop and they are looking in bad shape as far as being in contact and just talking to people.
I guess the point here is also to stack up for a small amount of time / year(s) and then to move into another project or investments.
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2023.03.20 17:52 dwanan02 Tower at Third Sublease: 1 room in a 2 bed/1 bath, GORGEOUS VIEW!

I'm planning on subleasing my room in a 2 bed 1 bath apartment for the summer! The place is fully furnished!
(Middle of May to Till End of July)
It's at Tower at Third, an 8-minute or less walk to Union, on the 15th floor with a great view and very amicable and efficient management!
Parking is available with a fee of $75 per month and the place is pet friendly with a fee associated with that as well.
It's $649 per month. I'm hoping you may be able to take half of the sublease (one-time payment). There's a $40 cap on electricity, but as far as I know, my roommate and I have never gone over. Water, heat, garbage, and recycling are all included. Laundry is in the basement next to great amenities like a gym and rec place (pool and ping pong tables).
I'm willing to pay the difference, between what you can and what I am offering, (depending on your budget) if you'd like!
My roommate is a female and is hoping to live with a female as well.
If you visit the apartment, you'll fall in love! (I'm down to do short visits if you'd like!)

Nice Sunny Morning View from the Living Room
Amazing Winter Sunset From the Living Room
Sunshine-Drenched View from the Room
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2023.03.20 17:52 Sub-Low-Triangle Welcome

Welcome to Sub Low Triangle! This community is being built for the Triangle community, primarily. However, anyone is welcome to join. Sub Low Triangle is a brand based in North Carolina, serving the Triangle area. We promote the EDM events in and around the Triangle, as well as East Coast Festivals. You can find event information + ticket links in one place for the known events. If there are events not listed on a flyer, the LinkTree or the website, please reach out to me with the events flyer and information. I look forward to building this community in the future and welcoming new members into the community.
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2023.03.20 17:52 Auramil A fun thought on the Demyx being Master of Masters theory...

A fun thought on the Demyx being Master of Masters theory...
I want to add something I thought about with this theory. (Could admittedly be entirely unconnected, but just a fun little thing)People have discussed the similarities between the actions, personality, and mannerisms between the Master of Masters and Demyx, but here's something I was just thinking about.We all know that the Master of Master's eye stretches into the future and can gaze into other worlds where his Keyblade is. So he has knowledge that others in fact do not about those worlds.
There was this really fun little webshow on youtube YEARS ago called "Demyx Time" that I absolutely loved and adored. People dressing up as Organization XIII members and just having fun with skits. It was an awesome fan moment when Demyx in KH3 name drops Demyx Time, it had to be more than a coincidence.But what if it was MORE than a nod to fans of this web series? What if this is more than just a fourth wall break and letting us know that Demyx has knowledge of another world that no one else knows. What if he has knowledge of OUR world?Isn't it strange that KH4, the beginning of the Lost Master Arc, seems to be taking place in the real world equivalent of Shibuya Japan?
Like I said, just a fun little thought I had that Demyx may actually be the Master of Masters, and what we thought was just a little nod to fans may have said far more than we initially thought.
Processing img jx53hcrccxoa1...
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2023.03.20 17:52 ItSito Generally speaking, what camera type is best for wide shots?

i have a DSLR Lumix S52 camera and a Canon XF405 Camcorder.
During a recording session, Generally speaking, which camera type would be best to record for the wide shots? while the other camera is shooting the close ups and mid shots at the same time. Think of the recording situation being a performance of some kind. So the subject would be moving a good amount but not running all over the place.
p.s. I’m also curious about which one to use for B-roll too. Does one camera type have an advantage over the other in that situation?
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2023.03.20 17:52 sassyandtumble Lighthearted Children’s Book - Free on Kindle

Hello Dear Strangers,
I’ve written and illustrated some children’s books, which are lighthearted and humorous for the little ones, and as it’s free on Kindle for the next week, I thought I’d let anyone who wanted an easy bedtime read to grab a copy.
It’s called the Excellent Adventures of Sassy and Tumble, and takes place on the North Pole, where some pretty innocent and silly little adventures take place.
We hope you might enjoy your time with Sassy & Tumble, and wish you all the best in your own adventures!
Epic Little Quests Await!
With kind regards,
Sassy & Tumble
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2023.03.20 17:51 North-Inspector-5828 WorldShip & Branded Customer Notifications

We've been working with UPS for a while now getting some solutions in place for a new business venture shipping goods. I'm really struggling to find a solution to send branded emails from a branded email address when shipping from WorldShip. I'm told we can use Quantum View Notifications but those aren't branded. There are a TON of solutions out there that have email notifications like ShipStation however my understanding is you have to start the order and shipment in that solution. Due to some specific requirements we are using WorldShip to generate labels/shipments and just need the customer notification piece. Anyone out there in the same situation and have a good solution besides a custom developed pull via API?
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2023.03.20 17:51 shadow_knight421 AITA for getting upset with my manager about my shift?

hey guys, i 18F am a college student and work at the starbucks on my campus. because its not a corporate location, we use a different app than Sbux Partner Hours to check our shifts. this means that your shifts are decided at the beginning of the semester and are set in place instead of setting an availability: every Monday, i have a shift thats from 7-10 am. anyways, our spring break was last week, and our manager decided that he was going to cut a bunch of people’s hours and update it on our app, and subsequently my monday shift got bumped down to 8-10. over spring break, i noticed i had 2 shifts for monday (3/20), 7-10a and 8-10a. i texted him saying i think he accidentally gave me a duplicate shift.
i live on the other side of the country, my college is in California and i live in Florida. i took a late night flight and didn’t arrive to my dorm until 1 AM. knowing this would happen in advance, i put my 7-10 shift up for grabs in the open shift pool. someone ended up taking it, but then i noticed that i still had the 8-10 one. i called the store at 6:30 am this morning and explained the situation and asked if i still needed to show up and the SSV said yes.
when i ran into my manager, i asked him why i had to come in today even though i got a duplicate shift. he said that its because my name was already written on the schedule, i asked him what would’ve happened if i didn’t get coverage for the 8-11 shift and he said that the person who writes the schedule probably would’ve planned accordingly then. i told him this wasn’t fair because it wasn’t my fault he put a duplicate shift and didn’t respond to my message, and that coming in despite getting appropriate coverage was an inconvenience because i came home late and could’ve used the extra sleep. he responded saying that i am responsible for showing up for my shifts and to plan my travel plans accordingly. i didn’t know what to say because plane tickets were expensive and the late night flight was the only one that was below $600. now i feel bad for being upset with him.
AITA for getting upset at my manager?
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2023.03.20 17:51 JediMindTriq Wife Refuses to Visit My Family

tl;dr: My wife refuses to go to my parents house bc my family runs a kennel breeding dogs.
My wife and I have been married less than a year but we've been together for well over 10 years.
My family is very close and we do a lot of family functions together. My parents live about 10 minutes away and two of my siblings live with them along with their children. We'll usually get together, maybe once a month or so to BBQ and watch a ball game.
About a year ago, my family started a business breeding English bulldogs and pitbulls. They do a decent job in caring raising the puppies as well as the parents of the pups.
My wife and I are big animal lovers, especially dogs. My wife thinks it's horrible to breed dogs and has total negative opinion of dogs being bred for profit. She thinks the dogs are just being used, and that bad owners are gonna buy the puppies and abuse/neglect them.
The dogs at my parents home are usually well taken care of. Sometimes they're put in kennels when they could be out walking around the yard, but they're not locked up 24/7. They have both indoor and outdoor kennels. From what I've seen, their accomodations are pretty decent, and they have a welping mother who tends to them 24/7.
My wife and I are not confrontational with each other when we're upset. Usually I shut down and don't say anything. It's gotten to the point I dread when my family has a function at their house bc I know it's gonna lead to my wife saying she doesn't want to go. The few times I've brought it up to her, I've told her I feel alone when she doesn't go with me, and the most she's replied back is that she just can't stand to see the dogs like that.
The funny thing about it is, we have three dogs of our own; two dachshunds, and one English bulldogs we got from my parents. One of the dachshunds I got from a breeder, and my wife loves dearly. The other one we adopted from another family, but I'm sure she came from a breeder as well. Also, my wife's mother has two dachshunds, both of which were also bought from breeders. So, to me it's seems a bit hypocritical to judge my family for breeding dogs when her and her family have dogs from breeders.
I don't know how to handle this situation, and it eats me up inside every time a family function comes up.
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2023.03.20 17:51 xcharmanda Roommate is bringing fleas into apt, how can i protect myself from landlord?

I am worried how i will be held accountable if the landlord finds out.
My roommate’s bf has been bringing in fleas to our apt from his place. It’s confirmed, theyve both admitted to this several times yet nothing is being done to exterminate the current fleas or prevent future infestations (she still brings him over despite us agreeing that he’s not allowed over). I dont want to pay for the exterminations, they have lied about treating our apt themselves (they said they flea bombed the place but only vacuumed the living room and nowhere else). Her cat has gotten tapeworms from these fleas. I am getting bitten. My roommate is getting bitten the most but still sneaks him in when im away.
I dont know what to do. Im too broke rn to move. Im worried that if i get the landlord involved, i will face consequences. What can i do to legally protect myself and get our apt exterminated?
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2023.03.20 17:51 irreplacablelove2992 I don't think I'll ever love again

Every single day since the breakup, my emotions and life swing in so many ways. At the bottom of it all I feel so alone and isolated, never have I been so utterly devastated by love, I don't think I'll ever be able to experience a relationship like this ever again.
My emotions even in a single hour swing so rapidly. I could never be angry at her, rather, it is anywhere from mutely depressed and blankly staring at the ceiling, feeling like I could vomit from the unbearing isolation and emotions of being an utter failure. To bawling my eyes out every time I am alone after I let the thoughts of despair from your tragic situation sink in for a while.
None of my friends understand, there is nobody I can talk to at all. All of them know it is a terrible incident but I feel so estranged from them all and only hear advice from those drunk enough to try to console me. I don't blame them, what happened to us was a tragedy like none other, with nobody to blame.
I miss her so dearly, for everything it was, I was so grateful for her always. I spend all of my days thinking of the promises I made to her. You deserved nothing except love and happiness in your future.
I never told you, but I fantasized of having an incredibly successful career early, purely so I could give you the stability to achieve your own legendary aspirations. It's what you deserved.
And I failed, because for all of what I promised, I couldn't help her in her own depression and loneliness from feeling like she doesn't deserve love. Despite all of my greatest efforts, I could not show her that she doesn't have to do it alone, no matter how hard things in her life could get in the future. Whether it was terrible tides or not, love and kindness was something she would always deserve from me, I would have married her even if it took place in a hospital room because she meant that much to me. Ultimately though, if someone wants to be alone, there is only so much fighting you can do for them before you must accept it. I just fucking hate it because even though I tried my best and I can tell myself that ultimately she just may need the time alone I wish I was able to have helped her. Deep down, even though she needs to be alone, I begin to feel like such a lonely lump that if I think about her I just bawl my eyes out. It gets so hard to cope when I can't let any of my friends know because they all expect me to be over it already. There is nothing left to walk away with, my motivations and passions are all gone, in short bursts I can pretend to be invested in my future, but in truth I want nothing to do with anything at all anymore. It feels like the only reason I ever do anything now is to merely try to forget how alone I am, which often ends in me just feeling more miserable and anxious wondering how the other party is feeling in their own turmoil, whether or not they are even worried at all.
I know its not healthy to think this way, I wish I was able to just not care, to be one of those people who can just write off the past knowing they have a better future ahead of themselves. But it all feels like an impossible tornado of emotions when I try and do so.
Even though I feel like I was left in the dark with all of the worst things going on in her life, not being able to offer help more than my mere presence at times. Even though I knew she had so many grievous circumstances and terrible thoughts in her life, but would chose to keep bottled up to herself, I forgive her for that. I know it is not easy to know what to do in such a terrible situation and I would never make the argument I definitively know what's best for you.
The things that needed apologies for later though were so small though compared to the times when we had fun together, which were so special and magical. They meant everything. On our first holiday together, I saw a future in her smile, it was a happiness I wanted to preserve forever and put it on display as the greatest pride and joy of my life. I'd have daydreams of the ring I would buy for you. Just as you wanted it, a low-cut, silver ring of your birthstone. Even though it would've been studded throughout with beautiful, gentle, soft diamonds.
And now, at the bottom of it all, I'm in a room filled with stabbing mementos of our past that I can't even look around. Objects that ultimately only remind me of my loneliness and make me worried, concerned about how you are feeling yourself through it all.
Or anxious, worried that someone that will see the vulnerability in your heart as a chance to take advantage of you.
Or anxious that I myself will remain alone, in a group of friends who look up to me but cannot help me. In a world where I will find nobody who can love me like you did.
But now, being alone, all I want is to speak with you, who I have had to let go. I wish I could tell you the truth of how hard it all is and not have to masquerade my emotions, but I cannot, because I know it is so hard for you as well, and nobody deserves the tragedy and hardship in your own life that you have experienced.
Deep down, I just don't want to be alone, and -selfishly- it hurts so bad feeling like you might move on before, without me. Like you might not want my help anymore. This is the truest sentence of this post, and perhaps the heaviest weight I am lifting of my chest
At times, I begin to feel like maybe it really is a better thing that we are separated, that I may truly find someone that can bring all of what we had and more. But it is fleeting, and often replaced with a longing for what I already knew that was so beautiful and magical that I could never have wanted to witness anything else.
In one sense, I hope you read this, because you are the only person who could ever understand just how much this all means to me and how I'm feeling right now.
But in another sense, I hope she is never burdened by all of this knowledge, I want to give my peace to the world and allow her to be comfortable alone. No matter how hard it may be, you deserve your happiness too. I know that we weren't what you wanted right now, and you deserve only what brings you happiness
I don't really know what I want in my future, but from writing this, I know I'm not just lonely either... so much emotion was channelled into this even after cutting it down so much that I already feel like a different person than I was a few hours ago.
At the least, I know that I want you to have the choice of your own future completely in your hands, its the least you deserve from it all.
So if you see this, I promise you, it was never your fault. And as always, it'll be okay.
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2023.03.20 17:51 MildlyPaleMango Servicemembers civil relief act

I have a question regarding the SCRA clause to terminate lease due to PCS or deployment. Would PCS in the area constitute this? PCS’d from CGI to YBI in the bay and a closer place/issues with current apartment would be easier for work. Am not sure if it would fly due to being in the same general area.
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2023.03.20 17:51 NefariousnessFew6979 Shipping taking longer than delivery time?

May be a stupid question, but I recently placed my first aliexpress order & paid a lot of extra money for faster shipping as I live in shared accommodation and I’m going home for a few weeks & don’t want it to get left unattended.
It says that the parcel should arrive around March 25th, but aliexpress says that the order will ship in 8 or so days which is well past the arrival date? Can anyone give me an idea of if it would get here in time?
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2023.03.20 17:51 _DesertRose7 How do you pull yourself out of depression?

I typically ride it out, it’s usually rapid cycling. This round seems a lot longer than usual. Too the point I’m starting to feel paranoid that something more is happening, for example I read an article that tap water can make you feel like shit, so I’m convinced it’s the water and need a new water filter or move to a place with clean and pure drinking water, like Greece or Italy. I’m not gonna move and I can’t stop drinking the water, but the conversation is there in my head.
Typically, I can trigger hypomania to pull myself out, but I’m not even the slightest motivated to do that. All of my coping habits are absolute useless, I don’t have the “desire” to even try. But my brain is, “get the fuck up and do something” and my body is like “no, but like can we go get food?” “No, we don’t have money for that, but…maybe.” Fuck. I’ve been sleeping in late and haven’t been to the gym in over a week, and going into my second week. I had a couple stress triggers, and struggling to get back up.
I will note that I am unmedicated. I don’t have insurance and I really don’t know where to start with not having any, I can’t really afford out of pocket therapy and treatment. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a full blown manic episode. The last couple years have just been short highs and lows, that comes and goes more frequently than before and lasting longer than I’m familiar with. Again, no life altering events, but this depression is starting to kick my ass. I’m safe because I can’t do anything, but this is no way to live life and I want this cycle to end already.
Bipolar 1 and ADHD
My husband dragged me out for a walk in the sunshine yesterday, it was nice. I miss feeling the sun on my skin, but the weather has been too cold lately.
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2023.03.20 17:51 TEOLAYKI Do locals/businesses want visitors from out of town?

My family and I are looking to get away for a weekend and I thought of Paradise as a possible place to visit. I figure there aren't a large number of places to stay or restaurants, but I see at least one or two.
Just wanted to ask people who live or lived there if locals would even want visitors? I work in a hospital and have met a lot of people from Paradise, I just thought it might be interesting to visit and see how things are going there.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 17:51 hugeepp Weather to share our feelings or not if something has hurt us?

My boyfriend is not yet diagnosed with depression but he has severe anxiety issues for the past one year. We have been together for almost 7 years now and I have seen him from being a lively and cheerful guy to being negative and anxious. He has lost one of his dear ones to cancer two years back and then he lost his dogs. He has a competitive exam to crack(which is very high in difficulty as only 150 people get selected after three rounds, among millions of candidates) in order to pursue his career. He just studies at home 12 hours and it drives his anxiety sometimes.
So a while back he and I met and he said to me that this is the last time that we'll be meeting until his exam, which is two months from now. He wanted to distance all friends and family for casual hangouts and going out to eat. I was absolutely okay with it and I didn't even question it. I just understood right away. He and I had to go to my birthday dinner which we planned but I still understood and was okay with waiting for two months.
Today he called me all ragged up, he says that one of his friend won't come to his place even tho he invited him, and he really want to see someone. He wanna go out and hang out with friends. I couldn't understand him for a bit because he asked me not to see him anymore for a while now and he is complaining how a friend wouldn't come to hangout with him. I tried to be more understanding and went ahead and tried to calm him down. I told him that he can come to my place if he is feeling a little overwhelmed. He said that he dont wanna see me he wanted to see a friend. I calmed him down. Then we disconnected the call and I cried a little. Because it is hard for me to comprehend. I went ahead and encouraged him to visit another friend. He's on his way to his place now. And I'm happy if he finds what he's looking for. But I'm hurt. And confused. Because things have been good between us. He says I'm the biggest support in his life. But then again,Did he wanted to distance himself just from me? And I can't talk to him about it because it might be triggering for him.
Am I wrong to feel this way? Should I disregard my feelings just to keep things okay in here ? It's hard tho.
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2023.03.20 17:50 DatDude304 The Ultimate Betrayal... my SO and my Sibling.... I'm so lost...

Not sure if the title was clear enough, but yes my SO (30F) [at the time] and sibling (32M) [at the time] decided that I (29M) [at the time] deserved to experience the ultimate form of betrayal in this life...
I've shared my story in this sub before, but deleted it due to shame and thinking that my SO and I could work it out. But I've realized finally that there is no coming back from this. No matter how hard either of us try...
This story starts with my SO and I who dated in Highschool and got married while in college. Throughout our 5 year dating period, there were a lot of small issues, breakups (none of which ever initiated by me), and redflags I now realize... We decided to get married, she was all brains so I decided to drop out and go to work while she finished her Masters. Once we finally got married in 2010, I felt we recommitted and decided we were going to be T4E.
2 years in, we had our first child. And us both being children ourselves [20 and 21] new parents were completely thrown for a loop. She took to parenthood like a fish in water while I was slow to realize what having an actual FAMILY ment...
She began experiencing post-partum depression and I had 0 clue how to cope/help her cope... this started the riff.
Rewind back to my childhood: when my parents started experiencing marital issues, which finally led to their divorce, [my father had an affair and got another woman pregnant, I now have a younger half sister whom I do not know at all...] Big brother started experiencing his own troubles... bad grades, fights, and questionable behavior. He was even caught trying to video tape girls in the ladies' room in high-school. He was eventually expelled because of this and had to enroll in a GED program to recieve a diploma. He and I were always estranged since I was and still am quite literally the opposite. Straight As through most of primary school, began studying engineering in college, no fights, no mishaps... ever.
When I met my wife in h/s, I clung to her and her family and all but ignored my own... I now see that this is where the riff between he [my brother] and I began...
Fast forward to 2013, I land an 6-figure paying job, and my SO and I have our 2nd child. But still are not in a good place emotionally. She has been at home taking care of kids while I've been working shift work unable to help as much as she requests. We decided, inorder to maintain her sanity, she should start working to get out of the house and put her degrees to use. She got a job working in a plant as well, not the same as me. [We're from the south, plant work is pretty much as good as it gets without going corporate america].This is where she met a random guy and had her first affair... being young and naive, I never saw it coming and went into a state of shock/denial when I found out through msgs on her tablet... I told her to quit the job, she did and we never spoke of it again.
During this time, my brother (now married with 1 child from a previous gf and 1 child with his current wife) started to resent me and my family as we always showed everyone the best of us. Never complaining to anyone never sharing our marital problems, ever.
Fast forward to 2017, my SO and I are going through hell trying to stay together. Now with 3 children under the age of 7. We would argue and she'd threaten me with divorce one day, and back in love with me like nothing ever happened the next day. This was mainly due to her mood swings, I've been verbally abused, physically abused, and emotionally abused... (never returning any of it because it's not who I am). She has expressed to me that my lack of care/inexperience caused her continual mental abuse. But on the other hand, i can honestly say, that I've also never been shown so much care by one person. At least that's what I believed. We now know this was due to her undiagnosed mental disorder.
Early in that year, I see multiple msgs between her and my brother on our wireless account... I confront him, he says she confided in him due to our marital problems... I tell him to stop msging my wife, he agrees. I confront her and have a similar exchange.
I think this is the end of it. Until one night, my wife and I decide we need to separate and figure out our personal problems. I left the house and lived with my mother for 6 months. During that time, I found out from my brothers wife that he and my wife had begun a relationship.
[This is turning out to be way more than I wanted to type. I'm going to abbreviate to save time.]
In short, they had sex. Multiple times, he physically/emotionally abused her also [be cause he also deals with mental health issues]. My parents do nothing. I do retreat into an even further state of shock/depression. Meanwhile my 3 kids and his 3 kids are caught in the middle...
Finally my brother gets into a Major accident trying to go see my wife again, gets thrown in jail because he was drunk during, and they finally end their "relationship".
I see how broken my wife has become and can't bring myself to divorce her because of the state she is in, and I feel that she will spiral off the deep end if im not there to help.
We got back together the following year and there hasn't been a day that's gone by where I don't dive into a blinding rage over this situation...
[Currently] My bro and I haven't talked since, my wife and I have finally decided to divorce, and I have no idea how I am suppose to cope with this event having happened to me in the ONLY life I will ever live....
I had more I wanted to write but this has already taken me 5 days to complete... if you made it this far, Thank you for listening/reading. My mission now is to figure out how to rebuild my self confidence and be an example for my children to look up to.
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2023.03.20 17:50 -MentallyTrill- Naegleria Fowleri. Inhaled shower water.

M 25, 155 lbs.
About 36 hours ago my partner and I were showering. We were drunk and she tends to get a bit goofy while drinking. She pushed me into the shower so I gasped and I inhaled the water though my nose.
Now my biggest fear is that I'm dying in a few days. I'm a huge hypochondriac and always have been since I was little. But this fear feels somewhat reasonable. Warm water: breeding ground for brain eating ameobas. I need some reassurance. My state has the biggest number of cases of naegleria fowleri so it concerns me even more.
I'd like some insight. Thank you.
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