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Last Week in Collapse: March 26-April 1, 2023

2023.04.02 09:19 LastWeekInCollapse Last Week in Collapse: March 26-April 1, 2023

Protests, drought, fatalism, recession, and the spread of infectious diseases. Just another week on our dying planet.
Last Week in Collapse: March 26-April 1, 2023
This is Last Week in Collapse, a weekly newsletter bringing together some of the most important, timely, helpful, depressing, ironic, stunning, or otherwise must-see moments in Collapse.
This is the 66th newsletter. You can find the March 19-25 edition here if you missed it last week. These newsletters are also on Substack if you want them sent to your email inbox.
The U.S. government is auctioning off a colossal section in the Gulf of Mexico for oil drilling. The parcel totals 73.3M acres—just under the size of Italy’s landmass, or the Philippines. Explore the full map here or here.
Southeastern Europe is facing a dry, dry summer. A year of constant record-breaking will not slow down soon. (Can you believe we are already 25%+ through 2023?) Drought is getting so bad in Spain that group prayers for rain have begun. Spain is also seeing wildfires.
North Africa is suffering from drought too, and it’s affecting their crops. El Niño is heating up the Pacific Ocean already, and forecast to become more severe as the year drags on. Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, is feeling the strain of drought.
Once a sustainable producer of grains, Pakistan (due to drought and debt and overpopulation, etc.) is now unable to produce enough grain to sustain its own people. Government distributions of flour have caused deadly stampedes and injuries to the desperate & hungry people.
2,000 elderly Swiss women are taking Switzerland to court, the European Court of Human Rights, to be precise. They are seeking a binding judgment that climate change is putting their health and lives at risk.
After 8,000 gallons of chemicals (190 barrels) spilt in a tributary of the Delaware River, Philadelphia officials say the water is safe to drink.
Berlin voters narrowly voted to obligate their city to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030—but the vote lacked the overall votes necessary to become law. So the climate effort failed. Germany’s economy is contracting and hundreds of thousands of workers went on a one-day strike on Monday.
Private jet use has hit record highs, far surpassing the pre-pandemic figures. Meanwhile, South Korean researchers may have found a method to transform CO2 from the air into a kind of polyester. The study claims that the electricity-intensive process can be easily scaled up.
Amnesty International released a 412-page report on the state of human rights in the world today. Spoiler: it’s really bad. You can download it in 46 languages. The document is organized by countries, so you can skip to a particular nation and read about its indicators of Collapse.
68 Central/South American migrants, en route to the U.S., were locked in a holding facility in northern Mexico when several started a mattress fire after they learned that they would be deported. Empathy from the guards was lacking, and nothing was done to prevent the suffocation and fire; 38 of the men died.
78% of Americans believe the next generation will have it worse than they do, according to a WSJ poll. The other 22% are fools. U.S. bond markets are in a tough spot, too. The other questions in the poll reveal a damning picture of the American Dream. 27% believe community involvement is very important, while 43% believe money is very important.
Argentina’s currency—the Argentine Peso (the official rate is 1 USD = 208 ARP, but the black market rate is closer to 1 USD = 380 ARP)—has been downgraded from a C rating to CCC, in advance of an “imminent default” of government bonds. Faith in the government’s ability to stabilize its currency is gone—it’s not just the banks that have lost the people’s trust.
China is encountering concerning levels of debt that are forcing governments to find new sources of money. Yet despite China’s structural economic flaws (poor age demographics, corrupt real estate sector, political influences on markets), some economists think China is a safe investment in a turbulent global economy. Last week, China made its first ever purchase of LNG using Chinese Yuan. And China warned the US against hosting Taiwan’s President for a visit.
The IMF says that the stability in the world economy is shaking while growth slows, trust fallout from SVB lingers, and interest rates rise. Central banks are allegedly being called upon to do more—but the situation may be beyond institutional control. What is a bank if not a collection of other people’s debts?
The UK has hit record levels of household debt: £2 Trillion. Meanwhile the ECB (European Central Bank) is warning that shadow banking may lead to the current next economic crisis. “The nonbank {shadow} sector involves firms which are engaged in bank-like activities, but are neither registered nor regulated as banks. These include the likes of funds, insurance firms, venture capitalists and currency exchanges.”
Protests, which are sometimes becoming riots, are continuing in France. This weekly observation gives an interesting summary of the situation. You can watch some footage here, or here, or here. What begins as a protest for one issue can quickly become co-opted by other forces, or organically grow into something larger than itself. Thousands of police and 10 helicopters were deployed in western France to stop protestors trying to obstruct the construction of several reservoirs for agriculture.
Iranian special forces are training to handle new protests; whether their violence can overcome the political grievances remains to be seen. Teachers, many of whom have reportedly not been paid, are allegedly joining the protests. We seldom hear about the situation in Iran these days—is this because the protest movement is dwindling, or something else?
In another silenced conflict, Myanmar, last week the ruling party dissolved a number of opposing political parties, most notable the NLD, the party of Aung San Suu Kyi, who tried to move Myanmar away from military rule. She was eventually removed in a 2021 coup which precipitated Myanmar’s current phase of Civil War.
The runner-up in Kenya’s 2022 election—the 78-year old, Raila Odinga, ran unsuccessfully for President five times—is calling for twice-a-week protests that began two weeks ago. Two protestors have been shot dead in the escalating protests so far, which have given cover for looters and anti-government vandals.
Israel’s embattled PM is temporarily holding back his judicial reform bill after massive protests flexed their opposition. Israel said they totally weren’t intimidated by the US into holding back from the proposed law, which has become a symbol for the struggle of Israel’s identity.
In Senegal, the trial of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko is set to begin—and the people are protesting. The government allegedly wants to block Sonko from running in 2024, accusing Sonko of stirring up the masses to avoid prosecution.
Donald Trump has not (yet) been arrested—but he has been indicted on a number of charges relating to Stormy Daniels and campaign finance law, fraud, etc. Trump said, “this Witch-Hunt will backfire massively on Joe Biden,” and he could be right; however, pro-Trump protests have not yet materialized. Trump is allegedly talking to his advisors about (if he is elected again) going to War in Mexico, something that happened not long before the first American Civil War.
Bakhmut continues to hold out against the Russians. Tanks are arriving in Ukraine and this phase of the War turned 400 days old a few days ago. Russia is believed to be planning another wave of mobilizations to recruit 400,000 men to be sacrificed for nothing. Russia is also becoming more popular in the developing world from a combination of self-interest, anti-western sentiment, and Russian disinformation. The War drags on, and victory, whatever that is, remains far away.
The War in Yemen turned 8 years old several days ago, and peace hinges on a fragile ceasefire. It is believed that the Houthi rebels (backed by Iran, in opposition to the Saudi-backed government) will restart an offensive if a deal cannot be secured. It is always easier to break something than to build it back up.
Northern China is expected to see more sandstorms as desertification continues. Thailand is seeing blistering heat waves in some areas above 40 ° C (104 °F); Laos set a new record for March.
Several major cities in Tunisia are cutting off water at night as their drought grows more severe. The water rations are expected to continue through the summer—and perhaps beyond. Nigeria is also suffering from water scarcity.
The ICJ (International Court of Justice) is going to give an advisory opinion on climate change and states’ responsibilities surrounding its damage. Some people believe the opinion (if it is favorable to climate activists) will galvanize action—when it is released sometime within the next two years. Others, who have witnessed the quiet IPCC coverage, catastrophic flooding and wildfires, COPout climate conferences pass without fanfare, and the not-so-gradual expansion of extraction companies into delicate ecosystems accelerate…are not so optimistic.
The “full volume” IPCC synthesis report has still not been released yet. But don’t hold your breath; corporate interests supposedly watered down the language and inserted pages of carbon-removal copium, scrubbing the text of many references to fossil fuels and industrial agriculture.
A study from Functional Ecology about plants in the Sonoran Desert indicated that climate-stressed plants are moving to higher elevations—but they are not thriving at the mountaintops.
A bipartisan supermajority of U.S. Senators, 68-23 voted to end the COVID emergency early—and President Biden has indicated he will sign it, ending the state of emergency about 5 weeks ahead of schedule. With about 1,125,000 confirmed COVID deaths, the United States still leads the world in COVID-19 fatalities. (If you search “COVID India” or COVID {country name}” on Google, you will no longer see the Our World in Data charts appear.) India is currently facing the highest confirmed case numbers in 6 months. Brazil recorded its 700,000th COVID death last week, the country with the second-most COVID deaths.
A small town in Burundi has detected 3 strange deaths from a mystery illness with similar symptoms to Ebola and Marburg. However, both those diseases were ruled out. The disease, whatever it is, killed within 24 hours. Two weeks ago, Burundi saw polio reappear after 30+ years. Polio was also detected again in New York state, after several months of dormancy.
Marburg was detected in Equatorial Guinea’s largest city, while cholera spreads across southern Africa untraceably.
A woman in southern China tested positive for H3N8, a different version of bird flu. She is the third human case in recent history, after two other people in China tested positive last year. A variant of H3N8 killed a million people in the 1889-1890 pandemic.
Things to watch next week include:
↠ The International Academy of Astronauts is holding its annual Planetary Defense Conference next week to discuss the potential of meteor impacts on earth, and how the human race should respond to unlikely threats from space (impacts, Carrington Events, etc). I, however, believe our Collapse will come is coming from within.
Select comments/threads from the subreddit last week suggest:
-The United States may soon pass the most comprehensive security surveillance legislation since the Patriot Act …ever. This thread on the proposed law, ostensibly intended to regulate TikTok, cites large parts of the bill that are concerning, to say the least. This debacle also reveals how difficult it can be to combat modern hybrid War(s).
-A 2.7 °C temperature increase will devastate India, according to this thread exploring the future of the future-most-populated nation on earth. A few years ago, someone made CollapseIndia to explore Collapse in an explicitly Indian context; the subreddit has never broken 800 subscribers.
-Thawing permafrost is going to be a really big pollution problem, according to this post from BiosphereCollapse. You can read the full study here, from Nature Communications.
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2023.04.02 08:16 InVeryHarsh Alternate Timeline: Presidency of Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower(1949-1953)

Alternate Timeline: Presidency of Dwight D.
Summary of Timeline: Lincoln and Johnson were both assassinated and President Pro Tempore of the Senate Lafayette S. Foster has become president, but a election is being held in Nov 1865
17th Lafayette S. Foster(Republican, 1865-1866)
18th Ulysses S. Grant(Republican, 1866-1873)
19th James G. Blaine(Republican, 1873-1877)
20th Rutherford B. Hayes(Republican, 1877-1881)
21st Ulysses S. Grant(Republican, 1881-1885)
22nd James Garfield(Republican, 1885-1889)
23rd Robert Todd Lincoln(Republican, 1889-1997)
24th William McKinley(Republican, 1897-1902)
25th Theodore Roosevelt(Republican, 1902-1913)
26th William Howard Taft(Republican, 1913-1917)
27th Thomas R. Marshall(Democrat, 1917-1921)
28th Leonard Wood(Republican, 1921-1925)
29th Robert M. La Follette(Republican, 1925-1927)
30th Charles Evans Hughes(Republican, 1927-1933)
31st Franklin D. Roosevelt(Democrat, 1933-1945)
32nd Harry S. Truman(Democrat, 1945-1945)
33rd Huey P. Long(Longist, 1945-1949)
34th Dwight D. Eisenhower(Republican, 1949-1953)

Vice Presidents:
17th Schuyler Colfax(1866-1869)
18th Henry Wilson(1869-1873)
19th Schuyler Colfax(1873-1877)
20th Wiliam Wheeler(1877-1881)
21st Henry W. Blair(1881-1885)
22nd Chester Arthur(1885-1893)
23rd Blanche K. Bruce(1893-1897)
24th Garret Hobart(1897-1899)
25th Theodore Roosevelt(1901-1902)
26th Charles Fairbanks(1905-1909)
27th William Howard Taft(1909-1913)
28th Charles Fairbanks(1913-1917)
29th George E. Chamberlain(1917-1921)
30th Charles Evans Hughes(1921-1927)
31st Herbert Hoover(1929-1933)
32nd John Garner(1933-1941)
33rd Henry Wallace(1941-1945)
33rd Harry S. Truman(1945-1949)
34th Harold Stassen(1949-1953)

Vice President: Harold Stassen(1949-1953)
Secretary of State: Wendell Willkie(1949-1953)
Secretary of the Treasury: George M. Humphrey(1949-1953)
Secretary of Defense: George C. Marshall(1949-1953)
Attorney General: Robert F. Wagner(1949-1953)
Postmaster General: Jesse Donaldson(1949-1953)
Secretary of the Navy: Harry S. Truman(1949-1953)
Secretary of the Interior: Arthur Vandenburg(1949-1953)
Secretary of Agriculture: Henry Wallace(1949-1953)
Secretary of Commerce: Charles W. Sawyer(1949-1953)
Secretary of Labor: Eleanor Roosevelt(1949-1953)

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

General Eisenhower had done it! He had become the President of the United States, beating the Kingfish. It was not without its controversy however, as the Democrats and Republicans made a public deal to drop Vice President Truman out of the race to prevent a deadlock which saw anger from Long supporters but none more angrier than President Long himself. President Eisenhower quickly made it a point in his victory speech to emphasize unity after the divisive and controversial election. His speech would end up helping quell tensions and create some goodwill between himself and former President Long who was still very bitter about his loss.

Immediately upon entering office Eisenhower would ask Congress to join the UN to repair ties with Western Europe after President Long refused to join the organization. Initially the Socialist and Longist majority Congress opposed U.S. entry into the league. But after much arguing and eventual public backlash as Democrats and Republicans went out speaking about the Socialists and Longists refusal to join. President Eisenhower was able to get Congressional approval to apply to the UN, and after a short time of voting the United States was authorized to join the UN in February of ‘49. As it was a major player in the victory of WW2 the U.S. was allowed to become a permanent member of the UN. With its entry the strained relationship with Western Europe became better and President Eisenhwoer continued repairing relations by visiting France and the UK

After the U.S. entry into the UN, Eisenhower would quickly make a speech now called the Eisenhower Doctrine. In his speech he specified the need to fight Communism abroad as it was the sole enemy of the state, and he pledged that all Democratic nations abroad would receive help from the United States politically, economically, and militarily. His speech set the precedent, and killed any chance of diplomatic relations between the two countries, not that there were much to begin with. His speech saw cheers from the people of Western Europe who went without direct help from the United States under President Long, it was also received well back home with the fear of Communism ever spreading in the country.
In February of ‘49 he would go to Congress with the Europe Revitalization Bill also known as the Marshall-Willkie Plan, helped drafted up by Secretary of State Wendell Willkie and Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall. The bill proposed that the United States would grant Europe billions in economic aid to recover from WW2 and to build defenses against the Soviet Union. However, as he had expected the bill was opposed by the Socialist and Longist controlled Congress who continued to support isolationism and non-intervention even with Communist influence growing abroad. President Eisenhower did not back down though as he, the Republicans, and Democrats argued with the Socialists and Longists that the Soviet Union has to be dealt with as they’ll just attack the United States eventually as seen with their aggressive expansion and attempted spreading of influence in the Middle East. Their argument would sway some Longists and Socialists, but it wasn’t enough, a majority of Longists and Socialists still opposed it. So instead as he did with the entry into the UN Eisenhower would go to the public, and propose his bill that would supply Europe from the destruction of WW2 and fight Communism in Western Europe, and he would specifically point out that the Socialists and Longists had opposed it which saw great backlash from the public who were fearful of Communism. After the public backlash and eventual media storm, enough Longists and Socialists folded, and in March the Europe Revitalization Act was passed. Upon its implementation and over his presidency billions of dollars would be granted to many European countries, mostly Western European countries which greatly helped recover their economies and allowed them to quickly rebuild their countries from the destruction of WW2. The Eastern European under Soviet Control nations would look on in envy as they were still war torn.

Knowing that the Marshall-Willkie Plan would put a strain on the economy, after passing the bill, Eisenhower immediately introduced one of the most ambitious infrastructure bills in the nation's history. Taking inspiration from the smaller bill President long passed, President Eisenhower proposed the Federal-Aid Highway Bill which would create the absolutely giant Interstate Highway System over a 10 year period. Unlike the Marshall-Willkie Plan, his infrastructure plan was far more easily passed in Congress as most supported further infrastructure and the Federal-Aid Highway Act was passed in April of ‘49. Upon its passing, many public works projects would be launched all over the U.S. creating the highway system. Over his term hundreds of miles worth of roads were built which did not only stimulate the economy by putting millions of people to work, but with the creation of these new roads the vehicle industry also increased heavily leading people to buy more cars and business prospered with the new roads that they could use also helping the economy over his presidency.

However after the passing of the Marshall-Willkie Plan the Soviet Union in retaliation to the U.S. giving economic aid to Western Europe started blocking off paths to Berlin in April. The city was over a hundred miles in East Germany and had been split up between the Allies and the USSR, the need to blockade the city was to not allow western supplies to reach the city as if the west recovered better than the Soviets it would be a loss for them on the economic front. Since WW2 the Soviet Union had been slowly but steadily rebuilding Eastern Europe, even quicker than the West due to U.S. isolation after WW2, but now with U.S. money pouring in directly to the west they had to do something. In response the Western European nations and the U.S. quickly came together to make a plan, and after much deliberation they had decided on what to do. Beginning in the mid of May, what is now called the Berlin Airlift would begin, hundreds of thousands of aircraft began flying into West Berlin supplying the city with crucial supplies like food and coal. Over his presidency millions of tonnes of supplies would be given to West Berlin and after just a year the USSR stopped its blockade in humiliation. It was a great victory for the West, and it showed their tenacity, they would not allow the Soviet Union to walk all over them.

President Eisenhower was ecstatic after the success of the airlift, and it only brought the west closer together. Back home after these quick foreign successes the public were also cheering the President, as they bested their rival and enemy the Soviet Union. Under the Eisenhower Doctrine, President Eisenhower along with the leaders of Canada and Western European leaders then began working on creating a massive western military organization to oppose the Soviet Union. And in June of 1949 the United States with reluctant Congressional support along with 11 other countries would join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO for short. As a part of the organization, they all made a pledge to come to each other's defense if any of them were attacked by a country. The United States would also quickly recognize the state of Israel after President Long ignored the creation of the new state, with its recognition its political capital increased heavily, and President Eisenhower got in the good graces of Jews in the U.S. With the creation of the treaty the Soviet Union in retaliation created their own organization under the Warsaw Pact.

After the creation of NATO the U.S. would then begin funding other allies and many proxy wars all over the world. They started funding the French in fighting Communists in French Indochina, Malaya, and Greece. Greece would quickly be won however, as fighting between the Communists had allowed the Greeks to hold off the Communists for years and with U.S. intervention they were finally driven out, and Greece was fully with the west. Eisenhower also strengthened ties with Israel by sending them more supplies to keep them stable.

Most of Eisenhower’s presidency thus far had been dominated by foreign policy issues but that didn’t mean he didn’t do anything domestically. By June at the same time the U.S. joined NATO, he signed the historic Executive Order 9981 which created the President's Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Services. It saw no opposition from Congress besides from southern Democrats and some Longists who opposed Civil Rights. The order mandated that the U.S. military be desegregated, and it saw cheers from African-Americans and Civil Rights leaders all over the country.

In August President Eisenhower also had to deal with some protests that broke out in certain parts of the country due to his controversial election win. Eisenhower would continue to try and emphasize unity in many of his speeches after these protests broke out. His rhetoric did help quell some people, but some protests still continued, some even becoming quite violent which forced them to be put down. Along with the protests to his election win, crime had risen in recent years especially now with many young men who are out and working on the Interstate Highway System. Working with Longist Attorney General Robert F. Wagner, he would work with local officials to help them take on this wave of crime. However when he proposed increasing funding for local authorities, it was refused in Congress which left the local authorities to have to deal with the crime wave.

After dealing with that, President Eisenhower introduced the Public Housing Bill. The bill would create sweeping expansion of the federal role in mortgage insurance and construction of public housing. And the Public housing Act of 1949 was fortunately passed in Congress in a show of bipartisanship in August. Some proposed to Eisenhower that he should try and raise the minimum wage and increase Social Security benefits, but he disagreed saying they were already increased under President Long and were sufficient and he preferred putting those funds into other things.

In an interesting show of bipartisanship, President Eisenhower collaborated with freshman Senator Estes Kefauver in his crusade to take out corruption in the Senate and his own administration. The crusade against corruption busted over one hundred IRS officials and it found some corruption in the Senate with some Democrats and Longists, which brought back accusations of corruption in the Long administration but they fizzled out relatively quickly. Kefauver’s crusade also looked into the Eisenhower administration, but it fortunately found nothing in the administration which helped Eisenhower's reputation. The crusade would span over a few months into the end of the year, it also launched the young Senators career into the stratosphere, Eisenhower even saying in private talks that he wouldn’t be surprised to see the young Senator run for president.

Eisenhower also juggled with the idea of proposing multiple bills that would moderately curb the power of unions as he also believed that their power had increased far too much and a budget plan that would take some funding from healthcare and education to put into the military, especially now with proxy wars happening all over abroad. But with Congress controlled by the Longists and Socialist he knew it would undoubtedly fail, so he decided to wait until the 1950 midterms in the hopes the Republicans would gain numbers in Congress. So for now his domestic policy was put on hold until then.

Unrelated to Eisenhower's policy, Senator Joe McCarthy’s popularity was ever increasing with his insistent attacks on Communism and stoking the fears of the public with accusations of Communism in the government. Eisenhower has agreed with McCathy’s goals but disagreed with his methods and has continually become more and more agitated with the Senators fear stoking tactics.

Over the next few months into 1950, President Eisenhower wouldn’t pass any new legislation besides the Celler-Kefauver Act which was a small bill that closed some loopholes in the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 with some rare willing bipartisan support. He would also maintain and oversee his current legislation, like the absolutely giant InterState Highway system that is currently being built, overseeing the desegregation of the armed forces to make sure it was completed, and continuing to supply their European allies abroad. Unfortunately by 1950 the Communists had all but taken China as even with U.S. supplies pouring in it was just too late for that, the Chinese Nationalists would flee to the small island known as Taiwan. Shortly thereafter, despite some people saying he should create newties with the new Chinese government, President Eisenhower opted to stay allied with the Chinese Nationalists in Taiwan and began to open talks with them. The war in Indochina wasn’t going very well either, even with U.S. supplies pouring in for the French, but President Eisenhower still remained optimistic.

However, that optimism wouldn’t last long… On Sunday, June 25th 1950 South Korea would be invaded by the Communist controlled North Korea. It was a surprise invasion that caught the administration and the country off guard. Eisenhower quickly came together with his administration to come up with a plan on what to do. Do we support South Korea? Or do we let the North invade unopposed? After hours of talks, especially with Secretary of State Wendell Willkie, Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall, and Secretary of the Navy Harry S. Truman, they had decided on what they would personally do. They would defend South Korea. The UN agreed as they unanimously condemned the invasion, and after debating for two days, on June 27 they would publish Resolution 83, which recommended member states to provide supplies for South Korea. On the same day as Resolution 83 was passed President Eisenhower ordered that the U.S. airforce and U.S. navy go and help South Korea, putting a lot of trust in Secretary of Defense Marshall and Secretary of the Navy Truman.

In August President Eisenhower and Secretary of State Willkie were able to obtain congressional approval to send 12 billion dollars in economic aid to the south. And luckily despite the U.S. not having been in direct combat since 1945, President Long had decided to maintain the strength of the U.S. navy and U.S. air force even with the struggling economy under him. There was then the decision on who should lead U.S. troops in Korea, and after speaking with his administration and despite having less than stellar opinion of him, President Eisenhower appointed Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan General Douglas MacArthur. Interestingly, despite calls from advisors and Secretary of the Navy Truman to bomb northern forces, he ordered that the U.S. 7th Fleet be put in the Taiwan Strait to protect Taiwan from China.

U.S. troops would enter in August and as the military had been maintained throughout the Long presidency, U.S. troops fared decently against the northern force, but they were still somewhat pushed back due to the northern troops being veterans and the U.S. troops being fresh. Despite being pushed back and nearly off the peninsula at Pusan, the troops had withstood northern forces and by September UN forces were making landings in Incheon and pushing back up the peninsula from Pusan. By the end of September UN forces under MacArthur started pushing into North Korea in an astounding turn around from the start of the conflict. By October the UN forces were making leeway in the north, and on the 15th President Eisenhower met with General MacArthur. It was highly publicized as MacArthur had refused to meet with Eisenhower before, during the meeting MacArthur ensured that China would not get involved but Eisenhower was skeptical.

But we’ll talk about that later as the 1950 midterms have arrived, and in a success for the establishment Republicans and Democrats made quite a bit of ground in Congress. Mainly being the Republicans who saw great gains under President Eisenhower, and if they can work with the Democrats they have a majority in both houses of Congress. On the other hand the Longists surprisingly struggled in the midterms with President Long out of office people turned to either the Socialists or the establishment. Speaking of the Socialist they were able to mostly retain their number in Congress and saw little change.

1950 Midterms:
House of Representatives -
Republicans: 125 seats
Democrats: 94 seats
Socialists: 153 Seats
Longists: 63 seats

Senate -
Republicans: 32 seats
Democrats: 17 seats
Socialists: 29 seats
Longists: 18

Back to Eisenhower, his skepticism would prove correct, as shortly thereafter Chinese troops would enter North Korea and push back UN troops. UN troops were continually getting pushed back, but it wasn't a fight as casualties would be felt on both sides, and eventually there would be a stalemate near the 38th parallel by December. After the stalemate, the UN proposed a ceasefire, which was promptly rejected and the fighting continued and eventually UN forces were overwhelmed and pushed back further back into South Korea. The setbacks even made General MacArthur consider the use of nuclear weapons, but that was completely shutdown by President Eisenhower, and the arrival of General Ridgeway who reenergized UN troops. After the failed ceasefire, fighting would continue near the 38th parallel and then Operation Thunderbolt and Operation Killer were put into place and it carried out a full scale frontal assault with the Eighth Army and pushed northern troops past the Han River. And then launching Operation Ripper taking back Seoul from the north, and fighting would continue into March and then April without much movement, and China would lose 53,000 suits in the time period.

Then in a controversial move, especially to the public, President Eisenhower removed General Douglass MacArthur from command. There were several reasons for the dismissal. MacArthur had crossed the 38th Parallel in the mistaken belief that the Chinese would not enter the war, leading to major allied losses. He believed that the use of nuclear weapons should be his decision, not the President's. A Congressional hearing afterwards would prove in Eisenhower's favor as they agreed MacArthur violated the president's orders. His dismissal would plunge his approval with some as MacArthur was a popular figure among U.S. citizens. MacArthur would be replaced with General Ridgeway and with the navy mounted many successful counter attacks upon his appointment. More counter attacks would continue over Eisenhower's presidency, UN forces pushing back northern forces under General Ridgeway's leadership, but little territory was exchanged overall.

Eisenhower wouldn’t just focus on foreign policy, he would also begin work to try and finally implement more of his domestic policy. After his decision to desegregate the military in 1949, he wouldn’t just stop there, and with one of the few bills he had in mind that would pass with bipartisan support, he proposed the Civil Rights Bill of 1951(basically ‘57 Act). The bill would protect black voting rights, giving more power to the Attorney General to protect African Americans, and it would create the commission of Civil Rights. The proposed bill was a shock to the nation, as the conflicts overseas had dominated political talks and Civil Rights had been somewhat thrown into the background. But with the proposed bill it was back into the forefront. It was obviously opposed by the Southern Democrats and the occasional Longist, but saw support from Republicans, Socialists, most Longists, and Northern Democrats. And in September of 1951, the Civil Rights Act of 1951 was passed in Congress and it saw cheers from African Americans all around the country as they cheered President Eisenhower, while southerners were obviously furious with Eisenhower. However, over the remainder of his presidency, there were loopholes in the act that were exploited by the south, and a filibuster by Senator Strom Thurmond would only embolden southerners destined for Civil Rights. But the bill did create the United States Commission on Civil Rights and the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

Next Eisenhower would attempt to pass the Labor Management Relations Bill, otherwise known as the Taft bill which would moderately curb the powers of unions after they were increased under President Long. His reasoning is on the basis of certain documented cases of corruption and some cas of unions protecting bad workers and hurting businesses which hurts the economy. However, despite getting support from Republicans in Congress and Conservative Democrats, it was not able to pass due to the Socialists, Longists, and Non-Conservative Democrats in Congress. It was a big disappointment for the Republicans, especially the Conservatives who only became emboldened by its objection.

Initially President Eisenhower had said he’d be willing to pull some funding from the single payer healthcare system and education to fund the military and reduce taxes, but with the booming economy he decided against it. This decision did see anger from the Conservatives, but saw praise from the Longists and Socialists for not pulling funding. For the rest of his presidency, President Eisenhower would maintain and oversee the situation in Korea and oversee his Interstate Highway System. He would also appoint two moderate Republican Justices to the Supreme Court during his presidency.
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2023.04.02 05:56 Perfect-Face3785 Witchcraft in Henderson County, NC.

Witchcraft in Henderson County, NC.
Some time ago three bodies were found on the side of a mountain near Green River in Henderson County. The bodies had been beaten and mangled and left to rot near a garbage dump. The whole community was stunned and police on local, state, and national levels set to work to find the murder or murderers. Hundreds of leads poured in and all were followed, but none 1 brought even a suggestion of who the killers might be.
There had been rumors about the victims. All three, two men and a woman, were known to have engaged in occult practices, ranging from selling charms, Voodoo dolls, an spells, to holding seances for the benefit of high school students and tourists. Almost a year later, the case is still unsolved. It has entered into, the body of folklore surrounding this region, a folklore already rich in witchcraft--most of it dating back to the first settlers around the time of the Revolution, but some tales and beliefs no older than the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The most memorable of the stories told by my family by the fireside when I was young concern a family still thriving in the community and thought since pre-Civil War times to be steeped in witchcraft.
One is the story of a famous deer hunter named Baynes, who for years tried to kill a giant ten-point buck. Though one of the best shots in the area, he was never able even to wound the animal. Always it leapt off int the woods, his bullet disappearing in the thicket. Finally, enraged by merciless jokes and endless jibes, he melted a silver dollar into a bullet and left home one November morning before dawn. On a high plateau called the Flat Woods, he waited near a spring. When the buck appeared, he took careful aim. As he was about to squeeze the trigger, the deer burst open at the shoulders, and a woman emerged, begging him to spare her. She was the oldest member of the "witch" family, and as a boy he had laughed at her odd looks.
Another rumor held that a woman of the same family could cure milk-si, a deadly infection caught from the milk of a cow which had eaten nightshade. The cure involved an ax which the "witch" stuck in a fresh pine log, then in an oak on top of a certain small hill. Once the ax was secure in the oak, she placed a pail beneath the handle and made the motions of milking in the air. The milk that squirted from her hands into the pail was given to the fevered victim. Also associated with the family was the ability to predict death and disaster: who would die in the Civil War, the burning of Chicago, the death of President McKinley. When one of their kin died, they were rumored to keep the body in the house six days, supposedly attempting to raise it from the dead--with no known success.
Other legends of the Henderson County area are associated with places and the time of year. One ancient hunting cabin on the north side of Pinnacle, the area's highest peak, is said to contain the ghosts of all the dead animals killed and skinned on the mountain. At night the squirrels , quail, bobcats, coons, possums, deer, bears, and panthers come back to bite and torment whoever stays there. A woman passing it while pregnant might have children who looked like animals
The legends of panthers are endless--especially of a gigantic black panther Large enough to kill two curs with a slap of its paws, it prowled around the cabins on windy nights and stole meat from the smoke houses. It could pick locks and eat through doors. • My great-grandmother kept a fire blazing all night long once to keep a panther from jumping down the mud and-stick chimney.
According to my grandfather the most unusual annual occurrence in nature was Old Christmas, celebrated here at one time in early April. At twelve o'clock on Old Christmas Eve, all cattle and horses were supposed to kneel toward the east and low or neigh. Chickens and other animals were awake and silent. An extremely bright star appeared in the east, and time stopped for at least an hour. Lilies burst into bloom in the spring woods, and buds opened on the trees. In most parts of the mountains Old Christmas was celebrated in early January. I know of no place outside Henderson County where it was observed in April.
A great amount of the folklore of this area concerns metamorphosis. A typical story by an old-timer may run as follows: "When I was a boy, my brother and I were standing by the gap on Panther Mountain waiting for Pa to come back from the mill. It was getting late in the afternoon, and we saw a man approaching us across the pasture. He was dressed in black, and we suspected he was a peddler. After looking in another direction, talking about who it might be, we looked back to say hello, as he was right near us. But he was gone, and there was nothing but a quail in the field where he had been. That bird was tame as it could be, and we made it a pet." Birds are the usual animals involved.
Another tale runs: "We were serenading a couple after their wedding, throwing tin cans, ·firecrackers and stuff down their chimney. We'd all been liquored up a bit and someone clumb up on the roof in the dark and shot down the chimney. We heard a scream inside. The bullet ricocheted and killed the girl. We all rano After that, on every anniversary of that wedding night a dove would come and sit on the chimney. It was covered with blood."
Another time it is a bear: "When R. P. was laying out during the First World War, living in a cave with his hair and beard long as Methuselah's, we were nearly all afraid to meet him in the woods, he looked so bad. The Military Police searched for him several times but never found him. One of the M--(family of witches) women lost her son in France and put a curse on R. P. Nobody saw him again. After the war some of us went up to the cave where he had stayed and found a bear living there. It had a beard and eyes just like R. P,'s."
Source: 'NORTH CAROLINA FOLKLORE' Volume XV. May 1967.
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2023.04.02 05:03 Alpinia_KR Kaiserreich Beta 0.24.2

To tide you over until the next major release, and to push forward some new content and fixes we’ve been holding onto for the last month or so, we are happy to present the latest patch for Kaiserreich!
Notable Additions
Reworked/Expanded Focus Trees
Tweaked Focus Trees
New Events
New Decisions
New Custom Country Paths
Music Mod
Modelling Mod
Other Changes
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: 84F8D8, Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, Carmain, Chazem, Chiang Kai-shrek, Chiron29, Conchobhar, DuoDex, El Daddy, Fedex, Flamefang, Gaboemi, Gideones, Hamfast, hildagrim, Ido, Igor050301, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonny BL, Juliet Wehrwolf, katieluka, Kennedy, kergely, KFateweaver, Klyntar King, Krčo, Luwofe, Matoro, McOmghall, ~mw~ // miwaco, NukeGaming, Owenomaly, PPsyrius, Pelmen, RagnoStrangeros, Rnk, Shiroe, Sonny O’Cad, SuperGreenBeans, suzuha, The Alpha Dog, The Irredentista, The Italian Jojo, Vidyaország, and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
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2023.04.02 04:06 Forward_Camera_3110 Dream Transcribed (Recovered from November 19, 2017)

Dream from 2004 Transcribed (Inner Space Cavern?) [Written in Journal #66 entitled "Trans-Dimensional Shift" in Lubbock, TX, sometime around February of 2004.] The house looks like it’s in the wilderness. Weathered wood, outside; inside is fairly small. My wife, at the time, and I live there. There is a room in it that we rarely go in/ never go in. I go in and find a fish tank full of various frogs. I ask to show her. She seems very distracted. * I finally get her into the room. There are more fish tanks, but the room hasn’t changed. I remember something long forgotten. As a child, I had put frog eggs (jelly soft masses) from various ponds into the tanks to see if they would hatch. Lots and lots of frogs are everywhere. Some connection to a college kid I lived with who was literally trying to take over the world with Artificial Intelligence that was supposed to learn how the human brain works and then enlighten everyone in the world, physically, via hacked nanotechnology. The filters in the tanks were clogged with algae and dead frogs… I feel like I can unclog them… There are live frogs of all kinds and colors in tanks and all over the room, loose. I climb up into the rafters to turn on more lights and find more and more frogs… Tanks contain turtles and crayfish that I had collected and forgotten… They, the ones in tanks, even though the filters were clogged, have somehow formed perfect balance (like mini biospheres) and have survived untended for years (one acts like actual tide pools with active tides)... I think they need more water and tending even though they likely do not… * Next time I go into the room alone, and there are other animals there in different tanks and cages… There is more light in the room… Guinea pig-like rodents. Three bear cubs… I touch one’s nose carefully (big teeth)... Saltwater fish opposite frog tanks… All these fish have ich all over their heads, no eyes or mouths… I remember fish like these used to be in nightmares, but now I see they are just sick, quarantined fish… There is an orangutan in the room… Also, a man, can’t remember what he says, but he offers to show me some more things… There is a younger man in the room who says nothing (he is one of the “things” I am shown)... * I go to my [now ex-]wife. Still acting somewhat indifferent and bring her into the room… The room is now a corridor. No animals. [Later turns out to be underground passage that leads beneath and away from the small wooden shack]... Looks like a gift shop with a band/instrument motif… Man leads us through… Begins to look like Christmas shop… Crosses and Christian decorations, what look like Christmas ornaments… There are small people dressed like dwarves and elves… The man says something about the quiet young man… Says he made him (cloned him?) and taught him everything that he knows through genetic engineering and guided L.S.D. experimentation… We are led to a counter… There are police at the counter… [I feel like a recent marijuana possession arrest at the time of this dream was a past event at this point]... A policeman asks me questions… Says because I am 18, I got off much easier… Asks if I’m really 18, I look at the [now ex-]wife and her eyes somehow tell me to be quiet, not let on that I am much older than 18… Before I can answer, more people come in [like a rush at the gift shop I now work at], A little confusion ensues… The cop offers me a blunt… Says it’s herbal… For clearing up congestion… Implies that it is not marijuana (wink, wink)... Mentions something about three people who make higher judgments about my case (a friend of the [now ex-]wife is one of those people)... Before they let us go on I am given a set of dominoes with runes carved into one side [like a set that I had made], boxed set… All that same Christmas/Christian motif and smells in this scene… * Just before I am given the runes/dominoes, I notice everyone in the cop/counter area is very tall, over ten feet tall… When we leave, we pass people who are dressed like elves and dwarves again… I joke and say, “Finally! People who are more my size…” (I am only a few inches taller than most of these people)... * Outside of this house(?) (ours?), but it is in a public area [like a parking lot]… Bigger than the wooden shack, much nicer… Still seems like Christmas there, but summer-like outside… (Very mild winter?) Three blond girls are in the [now ex-]wife’s car… One in the driver’s seat is trying to steal the car… She can’t figure out how to start it… They don’t see me… I walk up and put my hand on the back of her neck, gently, and say, “You need to find a car with the keys in it. People forget their keys in their car all the time. It’s much easier to get away with.” I walk in front of the car and lean on the hood with my elbows and repeat what I first said… And then I calmly say, “Now get out. Come on.” Then the [now ex-]wife gets in the driver’s seat. A young girl is in the passenger seat, and the [now ex-]wife drives off with her… The girl with her is not blond like the original three… * I go back into the larger house, grab my modified Spanish sword, and feel like I have to make sure that no one is in the house… Still Christmas/Christian icon motif… There is a line of various glass cases leading up to the front door (glass door{s})... The first glass case has an 8 or 9 year old African American boy in it… The rest of the glass cases are empty… Looks like he is trying to hide, but the case is glass… I ask him to get out of the case… I have the sword, and he is scared… But I’m not trying to hurt him… Sword is in my right hand; I wave him on with my left hand… Cops are at the front door, now… They are telling me to put down the weapon… I ignore them, at first, and, smiling, I keep waving the child on… Cops have their guns drawn… I finally throw down the sword and raise my arms… Cops come in and ask what I’m doing in this house… I say something about a secret passage from my wooden house in the woods to this one (from the Frog Room)... The cops who were initially angry and confrontational now seem very confused and genuinely concerned once I mention the passageway... x x
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2023.04.02 04:06 Forward_Camera_3110 Dream Transcribed (Recovered from November 19, 2017)

Dream from 2004 Transcribed (Inner Space Cavern?) [Written in Journal #66 entitled "Trans-Dimensional Shift" in Lubbock, TX, sometime around February of 2004.] The house looks like it’s in the wilderness. Weathered wood, outside; inside is fairly small. My wife, at the time, and I live there. There is a room in it that we rarely go in/ never go in. I go in and find a fish tank full of various frogs. I ask to show her. She seems very distracted. * I finally get her into the room. There are more fish tanks, but the room hasn’t changed. I remember something long forgotten. As a child, I had put frog eggs (jelly soft masses) from various ponds into the tanks to see if they would hatch. Lots and lots of frogs are everywhere. Some connection to a college kid I lived with who was literally trying to take over the world with Artificial Intelligence that was supposed to learn how the human brain works and then enlighten everyone in the world, physically, via hacked nanotechnology. The filters in the tanks were clogged with algae and dead frogs… I feel like I can unclog them… There are live frogs of all kinds and colors in tanks and all over the room, loose. I climb up into the rafters to turn on more lights and find more and more frogs… Tanks contain turtles and crayfish that I had collected and forgotten… They, the ones in tanks, even though the filters were clogged, have somehow formed perfect balance (like mini biospheres) and have survived untended for years (one acts like actual tide pools with active tides)... I think they need more water and tending even though they likely do not… * Next time I go into the room alone, and there are other animals there in different tanks and cages… There is more light in the room… Guinea pig-like rodents. Three bear cubs… I touch one’s nose carefully (big teeth)... Saltwater fish opposite frog tanks… All these fish have ich all over their heads, no eyes or mouths… I remember fish like these used to be in nightmares, but now I see they are just sick, quarantined fish… There is an orangutan in the room… Also, a man, can’t remember what he says, but he offers to show me some more things… There is a younger man in the room who says nothing (he is one of the “things” I am shown)... * I go to my [now ex-]wife. Still acting somewhat indifferent and bring her into the room… The room is now a corridor. No animals. [Later turns out to be underground passage that leads beneath and away from the small wooden shack]... Looks like a gift shop with a band/instrument motif… Man leads us through… Begins to look like Christmas shop… Crosses and Christian decorations, what look like Christmas ornaments… There are small people dressed like dwarves and elves… The man says something about the quiet young man… Says he made him (cloned him?) and taught him everything that he knows through genetic engineering and guided L.S.D. experimentation… We are led to a counter… There are police at the counter… [I feel like a recent marijuana possession arrest at the time of this dream was a past event at this point]... A policeman asks me questions… Says because I am 18, I got off much easier… Asks if I’m really 18, I look at the [now ex-]wife and her eyes somehow tell me to be quiet, not let on that I am much older than 18… Before I can answer, more people come in [like a rush at the gift shop I now work at], A little confusion ensues… The cop offers me a blunt… Says it’s herbal… For clearing up congestion… Implies that it is not marijuana (wink, wink)... Mentions something about three people who make higher judgments about my case (a friend of the [now ex-]wife is one of those people)... Before they let us go on I am given a set of dominoes with runes carved into one side [like a set that I had made], boxed set… All that same Christmas/Christian motif and smells in this scene… * Just before I am given the runes/dominoes, I notice everyone in the cop/counter area is very tall, over ten feet tall… When we leave, we pass people who are dressed like elves and dwarves again… I joke and say, “Finally! People who are more my size…” (I am only a few inches taller than most of these people)... * Outside of this house(?) (ours?), but it is in a public area [like a parking lot]… Bigger than the wooden shack, much nicer… Still seems like Christmas there, but summer-like outside… (Very mild winter?) Three blond girls are in the [now ex-]wife’s car… One in the driver’s seat is trying to steal the car… She can’t figure out how to start it… They don’t see me… I walk up and put my hand on the back of her neck, gently, and say, “You need to find a car with the keys in it. People forget their keys in their car all the time. It’s much easier to get away with.” I walk in front of the car and lean on the hood with my elbows and repeat what I first said… And then I calmly say, “Now get out. Come on.” Then the [now ex-]wife gets in the driver’s seat. A young girl is in the passenger seat, and the [now ex-]wife drives off with her… The girl with her is not blond like the original three… * I go back into the larger house, grab my modified Spanish sword, and feel like I have to make sure that no one is in the house… Still Christmas/Christian icon motif… There is a line of various glass cases leading up to the front door (glass door{s})... The first glass case has an 8 or 9 year old African American boy in it… The rest of the glass cases are empty… Looks like he is trying to hide, but the case is glass… I ask him to get out of the case… I have the sword, and he is scared… But I’m not trying to hurt him… Sword is in my right hand; I wave him on with my left hand… Cops are at the front door, now… They are telling me to put down the weapon… I ignore them, at first, and, smiling, I keep waving the child on… Cops have their guns drawn… I finally throw down the sword and raise my arms… Cops come in and ask what I’m doing in this house… I say something about a secret passage from my wooden house in the woods to this one (from the Frog Room)... The cops who were initially angry and confrontational now seem very confused and genuinely concerned once I mention the passageway... x x
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2023.04.02 00:03 zinbricker [WTS]New day new sterling! Plus all the old stuff and freebies you love

If you need more pictures please let me know! Proof:
All orders made today will ship out monday
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Silver Spot is 24.11 Gold Spot is 1969.70 As of writing
The SILVER goods!
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As always, If I'm missing something or totally off on prices let me know.
Thanks all and happy hunting
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2023.04.01 23:23 BigAssQuanta Woke colleges

By — Jocelyn Gecker, Associated Press
Desantis war on ‘woke’ colleges sparks fear among professors, students Education Mar 30, 2023 2:56 PM EDT SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) — Professors at the New College of Florida are using personal email because they’re afraid of being subpoenaed.
Students are concerned, too. Some fear for their physical safety. Many worry their teachers will be fired en masse and their courses and books will be policed. It’s increasingly hard to focus on their studies.
For years, students have come to this public liberal arts college on the western coast of Florida because they were self-described free thinkers. Now they find themselves caught in the crosshairs of America’s culture war.
Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has targeted the tiny school on the shores of Sarasota Bay as a staging ground for his war on “woke.” The governor and his allies say New College, a progressive school with a prominent LGBTQ+ community, is indoctrinating students with leftist ideology and should be revamped into a more conservative institution.
Students and faculty say America should take note because the transformation at New College could become a blueprint with national implications as DeSantis gears up for a likely presidential bid.
“I’m sorry, but this isn’t an indoctrination facility. This isn’t a factory that pumps out, you know, non-binary communists,” says Viv Cargille, 20, a marine biology major from Miami.
READ MORE: Ahead of 2024 presidential bid, DeSantis calls for U.S. to follow Florida’s lead
In January, DeSantis and his allies overhauled the 13-member Board of Trustees and installed a majority of conservative figures. The new trustees promptly fired the college president and replaced her with a Republican politician. Next, they dismantled the office of diversity and equity.
Changes so far have come in tandem with a new bill DeSantis unveiled Jan. 31 aimed at overhauling higher education in Florida. The bill would ban gender studies majors and minors, eliminate diversity programs and any hiring based on diversity, weaken tenure protections and put all hiring decisions in the hands of each university’s board of trustees.
The effect at New College has been chilling and disruptive. Students and faculty compare the upheaval to a “hostile takeover.” It feels even more jarring because the school is for many students a haven of open-mindedness and acceptance in a place of idyllic beauty, with palm-tree-lined paths along a stretch of white-sand coast.
“It felt very much like New College was a little bubble in Florida,” said Willem Aspinall, 19, an environmental studies major who grew up in a Chicago suburb. “Now it feels like that has kind of been burst. The campus feels a lot less safe now.”
One of the new trustees is Christopher Rufo, a fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute and architect of the right-wing outrage against critical race theory, a legal term that has come to represent teaching about the effects of slavery. Rufo actively posts on social media about his vision for the future of New College, often in militaristic terms. He has referred to new trustees at the public institution as the “landing team,” saying, “We got over the wall,” and talking of an operation to “recapture” the college.
New College has its problems. Enrollment was declining until last year. Students complain of mold in dorms, broken elevators and other delayed maintenance. Some students say they would welcome more conservative students. DeSantis and the new trustees cite the challenges as justification for the state intervention.
READ MORE: Florida Republicans advance bills on gender identity, defamation
Some students are fleeing, for schools that feel safer. Several professors who asked not to be named are sending out resumes.
New College has long been an anomaly in a state filled with large public universities. It has barely 700 students, no fraternities or sororities, and no football team. The average class size is 11 students. There are no letter grades; students get detailed “narrative evaluations” as part of a pass-fail system.
The academic freedom is mirrored by a student body that feels free to express itself, say students and faculty, who describe New College as a haven for brainy kids who are high-achieving and intellectually curious. Some were the quiet kids in high school, or were bullied for being queer or different, or struggled socially because of autism or other disabilities. They arrived at New College and felt welcome in a way they never had before.
“It is one of the most unique places I think that exists in American higher education,” says Elizabeth C. Leininger, a neuroscientist and associate biology professor, who knows all her students by name. She compares an education at New College to small, private liberal arts schools at a fraction of the cost. In-state tuition at New College is $7,000 and out-of-state is $30,000, but many students get scholarships that cut tuition by at least half.
Students and faculty are noticing new restrictions they worry are aimed at curtailing freedom of expression. Faculty received a memo recently with new recommended guidelines for email signatures. They say the signature “should only include” name, title, college address and phone number, which faculty see as a ruling that disallows pronouns. An event known as V.I.P. Weekend that was organized by the diversity and equity office to host prospective students was abruptly canceled. And maintenance crews were recently instructed to wash away chalk drawings and messages that covered a campus overpass. Many of the chalk messages voiced outrage at DeSantis and the new trustees or carried messages of support, such as: “Diversity is our strength.”
Faculty are advising students to concentrate on schoolwork and block out the noise, but it’s hard to shake the feeling the worst is yet to come, said Aspinall, the environmental studies major.
“I’m concerned they’re going to take a school that does not indoctrinate students and turn it into a school that does.”
Related Why more Americans are skipping college By Collin Binkley, Associated Press
College Board revises African American studies course, removes Black Lives Matter from exam By Cheyanne Mumphrey, Sharon Lurye, Associated Press
Florida Gov. DeSantis pushes ban on diversity programs in state colleges By Anthony Izaguirre, Associated Press
Go Deeper
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2023.04.01 22:10 ger_mex9 7-11 douche

BEFORE READING. at one point I say 'I stage my draw on my gun'. This means I am simply getting ready to draw it if something bad happens. THIS MEANS MY GUN NEVER LEAVES ITS HOLSTER this is a normal thing and is taught in many concealed carry classes. The reason why it is done is if your sixth sense is going off or you have something that is clearly out of place you can be prepared to draw your weapon. and the reason this is legal is that if you do need to use a firearm in a defensive manner 9/10 the criminal already has their gun out, or is waiting for a better opportunity and or reason to pull their gun out.
So as you can tell this is about a 7-11 cashier about that I have one short and one long story about him. He is an ASSHOLE and I'm not really the judgy type unless you're disrespectful. But this guy who we will call tony was something else. He worked the Graveyard shift and whenever it got busy he would start talking shit to the customers inside. I.E. " why the fuck are you shopping, this isn't HEB" or "the fuck why don't you assholes go to Valero." (actual quotes). I would tend to let it go because deep down inside when i made him work I got a little schadenfreude knowing he was mad. but this leads us to story one.

I'm a driver so one day (I think I was on my break) I swing in and tony was there, and he was in a mood. when I walked in there were 3 females who were clearly from the east side (rough part).
he said "why the fuck are all of you people here?" anyway these 3 ladies took offense and went outside. I went grabbed a topo chico and went to the counter to get my schadenfreude on.(okay so I need to put an edit here now because some people have the deductive reasoning of a mouse. I GOT SCHADENFRAUDEN OFF OF MAKING HIM WORK SINCE HE WAS A DOUCHE TO EVERYONE)
however, that stopped real quickly when a large African American man come in with his buddy right behind him and shouted "YO WHY YOU TALKING SHIT TO ME GIRL THE FUCK?" then he shoves his hand into his pocket, then he and tony started trading insults and threatening each other. (post edit There is a bulge in this dude's pants so I knew he had a weapon of some kind I refer to this later)
let's just say I have a fair amount of tactical training ranging from military to law enforcement. I kicked into survival mode seeing where this was going. I told the dude behind me to back up to the wall about 7ms away and tell him to stay low. I back up a bit to get some concealment, but I made sure to leave my right side exposed. you see I was carrying my Glock 45 (i can carry one in my state,) and placed my hand on the grip, looking squarely at this pissed-off man. He doesn't acknowledge me and to be frank I am no longer listening and just looking at his hand, and I can clearly tell something was in there. I didn't know what else to say so I just stood there watching (i didn't say anything because I felt anything I said would only server to escalate the encounter.). eventually after a bit of arguing his buddy tap him on the shoulder and pointed at me. he looks over. Thankfully, he realized that was a fight he wouldn't win and left. his buddy saying loud enough for me to hear, "Man I told him to leave the gun in the car." at this point I could have shit myself cause I thought I was going to have to shoot someone. so I get back in line and tony is acting like he just won WW2 all by himself. "yeah people who talk shit aren't tough they really are nothing more than a bunch of pussies." All I could think was 'are you serious? you started all that shit' At this point I'm no longer amused by his antics, especially considering I just saved his ass getting swissed cheesed by some gang banger. now, this leads us to our next story.

So like I said I was done with that douche's behavior. I literally stopped going to that 7-11 cause I knew if he was working the chances of me being in a shoot-out rise dramatically
(okay so I think people are misunderstanding this part. what I mean here is because of his behavior with people I am concerned he will piss someone else off to the point of using a firearm and I don't want to be around for that) ,
especially in my state where every tom dick and harry are allowed to carry. but one day I get really sick while I'm working and I need some food and the one shop near me was open at that time of night. I go down there and I am literally praying to god that tony isn't working. Well, I get there and what do you know? It's fucking tony.

so I shuffle in with my facemask on (I got the coof) only to hear tony going hard in the paint. "why are all of you here, it is a Friday go get a fucking life?" and some other shit. it gets to the point where people start walking out, right after they came in. as I was sick and knew I had to get enough stuff to hold me over this go targets me "why are you shopping? this isn't HEB."
that one almost set me off. but it was when an old lady come in and he pipes off again. "GOD WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE JUST GO TO VALARO"
That was the moment I lost control of my mouth. it doesn't happen often but I will fucking send it. I walk up to the counter and I slam my shit on the counter. "Bro what the fuck is your damn problem, you can't talk to people like that. I hear it EVERY FUCKING time I come in here" I damn near shouted the best I could with my messed up throat but it was enough to get everyone's attention.
but he did something I didn't expect. This sick fuck smiled "GET THE FUCK OUT" he said "this is my favorite part. this is my store I can do what I want"
Now normally since my state is a stand-you-ground state, and I have a chip on my shoulder I usually like playing chicken with bullies. However that it being a stand-your-ground state it is also VERY specific on trespassing but trespassing while armed with firearm charges to a felony and taken very seriously. so playing chicken with this asshole wasn't an option unless I want new wrist accessories courtesy of my local police. so as I walk out I call him a bitch pussy, and question his manhood for shouting at an old lady for no reason. so now I decide to get fucking petty. I'm off for the next 2 weeks anyways, so I need something to do. when I get home I look up how to report him. I had to wait till 8 am to call customer service. now before we get into this, I want to add some things for clarity. early on when I knew tony we were chill. in fact one time he showed me his baton and stun gun he carried. okay back to the story. so I set my alarm for 7:30 in the morning. when I walk up I set my alarm for 8 and go walk the dogs. I walked them pretty close to the 30 min mark. I went to my computer and waited for the last couple of minutes, and confirmed the number I needed to call. after navigating the annoying menu I finally get a human

7-11 CS: "7-11 customer service how can I help you?"
me: "yes I want to file a report with you about an incident that happened last night.7-11 CS: "sure tell me what happened sir"
Me: "while to be honest its no just last night but is a pattern of behavior of one of your employees named tony, you see he cusses out the guest all the time he has shown me his stun gun and even clacked it while working, and is just a general un friendly disrespectful person.
7-11CS: " can you give me a couple of examples of things he says?"
ME: "of course" and I proceed to go through a list of shit he said which would frankly just be tiring to write.
after that, I add
ME: "btw if you want video evidence check your cameras"
7-11 CS: "we do not have audio sir"
me: "hear me out you don't need audio, just listen to me and check what I'm saying off of what you see."
711 CS: "I can't look at the video but I can send your comments to the regional manager and he can view the video"
me: "that's fine,
7-11 CS:" okay so what happened?
Me: "at 1030 at night I walked in, and tony was acting like the asshole he always does shouting at everyone. and if you look at the 1030- 1035 time frame you can see multiple people coming in and leaving almost immediately because of his verbal abuse. at around 1035-1040, I slammed my shit on the table flipped out him, and told him off. if you look when I got to slam my shit on the counter I had to walk 15- 20 feet to do that. why would I do that and point at him if he wasn't verbally harassing a customer? why would multiple potential customers leave right after coming in?"

7-11 CS "o my lord, none of this is acceptable and I will send everything to the regional manager.
I exchange pleasantries and hang up. later I got an email from the regional manager he said sorry and basically that he would be punished and not fired. I was kind of annoyed and when I stated this, he told me he understood, but he swore he would be punished adequately. I wasn't enthused with that until one day by happen chance I picked up a cashier to talk her to 711 a couple of weeks later. I saw where I was dropping her off and I mentioned tony. "yeah that dude is such a dick, and thinks is hot shit." she said
I responded " you know I reported him a little while ago"
she proceed to explain why she was grateful. Apparently tony was the store's resident douche. he act like an asshole to everyone for no reason and he was king shit since he was one of the few cashiers who could work at night by himself. at least until my phone call. Once that came in his regional manager tore him a new asshole. on topics ranging from carrying weapons to work to customer service. He was then moved to the morning shift with the manager where he could be watched at all times and if he fucked up once he was done. this lady I was driving was happy because she wanted the graveyard shift badly and was happy when it opened up.

apparently after that, he became a lot more humble so I guess the punishment worked, so I'm glad he wasn't fired in retrospect. in fact, I drove him a couple of months after it happened. His entire demeanor changed overall, and he didn't recognize me. what makes it even funnier he gave me a 5-dollar tip. All's well that ends well.
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2023.04.01 22:00 PLANT_NATIVE_TREES PSA: Japanese Maples should not be planted outside of their native range

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2023.04.01 21:55 PLANT_NATIVE_TREES Why Japanese Maples should NOT be planted outside of East Asia

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2023.04.01 21:54 Paladinfinitum The Shocking Never-Before-Seen Connection in US (2019)! (NON-SPOILER except for the very very first scene!)

Hello Internet! Welcome to... the Internet! The place where people sometimes do for free what MatPat does for MILLIONS of dollars. (You know that "attic" he films his YouTube Shorts in? More like "penthouse suite" in his hundred-floor mansion!)
Anyway, I've had this theory (a FILM theory!) bouncing around my head for a while, and it took me all of March to work out the convoluted connections, but fortunately, it is all SPOILER-FREE - because while it does involve the movie US (2019), it involves exactly one part of one scene, the very first scene in the entire movie, and knowing that will not spoil the rest of the movie for you. If you're still worried, feel free to go watch the movie right now and come right back! Now have a sit down with your extended family, this is going to be quite a ride!
So, here is the launching point of this theory: In the very first scene of US (2019), a television screen shows a lengthy commercial. That commercial is for...
HANDS ACROSS AMERICA, an event that occurred on May 25, 1986. On that day, people attempted to create a continuous human chain of people connecting the east and west coasts of the United States. They didn't quite succeed, though there are some calculations that maybe there were enough people to possibly make it happen if they were positioned just right. But it wasn't just a stunt, it was a fundraiser where people donated money to reserve their place, and that money, roughly fifteen million dollars, was donated to local charities. And this event was created by...
KEN KRAGEN, a music manager and producer, who over his lifetime managed such stars as Trisha Yearwood, Travis Tritt, and Kenny Rogers. He also was the executive producer of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. (He was also part of the chaotic Leno/Letterman battle for the Tonight Show, and portrayed himself in a movie based on it.) The year before he created Hands Across America, he was part of another fundraising event...
WE ARE THE WORLD (1985), an album and also famously the title of a song sung by numerous musicians, including Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and Ray Charles (with forty-seven musicians all told). This supergroup was called USA for Africa, and used the millions of dollars collected (equivalent to $156,000,000 today) from sales to ship food, medicine, and clothing to Ethiopia, Sudan, and other African countries. While Kragen was the primary reason so many musicians took part, another person was also responsible for the event...
HARRY BELAFONTE, one of the most successful Caribbean-American singers and known for his Calypso songs such as The Banana Boat Song ("Day-O!"), though he sung in numerous genres. He was also a friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and continues to be involved in causes he believes in (including being part of the Hands Across America event above). He is also known for his movie roles including Island in the Sun. He was such a fan of acting that, when he was younger and needed to save money, he and a friend would buy one ticket total to see a show - one would go in to see the first half, then fill his friend in on what had happened so the other could watch the second half. And who was that friend?
SIDNEY POITIER, an actor and director who was the first black actor and first Bahamian to win the Acadamey Award for Best Actor for the movie "Lilies of the Field." He took acting classes at the Dramatic Workshop in New York, with his friend Belafonte and others such as Marlon Brando and Bea Arthur. While Poitier is also known for movies such as Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and A Raisin in the Sun, he is also known for the film...
IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (1967), a mystery drama film where Poitier plays a black detective who must solve a murder in a small Mississippi town, where most of the residents despise him for his skin color, while the police, led by Rod Steiger's police chief, reluctantly assist him. The movie was a hit, and two sequels were made, as well as a television series in the 80s. Despite being set in the South, the film was actually shot in three towns in Illinois, including...
CHESTER, IL, a city along the Mississippi River, founded in 1829 by Samuel Smith, who named the city after his wife's hometown in England. Both Charles Dickens and Mark Twain are recorded as visiting the city; Twain wrote about it in his book, "Life on the Mississippi." It was also the home of E.C. Segar, who created the comic strip Thimble Theater and based the look of his characters on people around town. One of them, Frank Feigel, was a one-eyed brawler with a pipe, thus inspiring...
POPEYE, the Sailor Man, was a breakout star of Thimble Theater and soon became the subject of his own comics. He would generally solve problems by punching them, and under extreme circumstance would pop open a can of spinach and consume it in one gulp to gain incredible powers. Along with his longtime girlfriend Olive Oyl and rival Bluto, he would gain fame in animated cartoons and eventually a movie starring Robin Williams sporting gigantic forearms. In fact, Sony Pictures Animation intended to put forth a new computer-animated movie directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. But the movie was postponed and then eventually cancelled. And which amazing movie did Sony Pictures Animation create to take its place?
THE EMOJI MOVIE (2017), a movie about emojis. While a commercial success, critics were not exactly thrilled by the script, or the product placement, or the plot, or much of anything. Winning four Golden Raspberry Awards, it is generally considered a bad movie (except by Mr. Jacksfilms Douglas, who has been called "the #1 fan" of the film and attended its world premiere). One critique was the presence of the talking, ambulatory "poop" emoji, voiced by British actor Patrick Stewart. While Stewart is known for his amusing playing-against-type roles in animation, he actually took the role only after it was offered to another actor...
JORDAN PEELE, who upon realizing what the previous role entailed, was so annoyed that he decided to change the direction of his ENTIRE CAREER. As part of "Key & Peele," he was known as a hilarious actor and comedian, though his work behind the camera for the sketches was often noted for its skill and seriousness. He went on to present "Get Out" (coincidentally also in 2017), a psychological horror movie that received both box-office success and ciritcal acclaim for its plot and direction. Which then resulted in Peele creating a second horror film that opened just two years later...
And THAT, my friends, is how the first scene of US (2019) is connected to... the movie US (2019)!
And if you're left feeling a little confused, just bear in mind that it took me the whole month to write this up... and therefore, it's being displayed one day after the last day of March.
(Source is Wikipedia, the most trustworthy of all sources ever. The only stretch is connecting the demise of Popeye to the rise of the Emoji Movie. I can point to this YouTube video by Midnight's Edge ( that specifies it wasn't a direct cause-and-effect, but happened pretty much at the same time, so it's just enough of a correlation.)
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2023.04.01 21:32 Little_Antelope What are some unintentionally hilarious things your NParent has said or done?

My NMom has said and done so many things that I can't help but laugh about because it's so absurd. I was just wondering if anyone else has stories like these?
Here are a few of my favorites from NMom:
I have an endless list of stories but these always make me laugh because I have no idea where she gets these crazy ideas from. But since the world revolves around her, there's no way she could be wrong!
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2023.04.01 20:52 ChiorgirlHotel My notes on Greta Thunberg's Call to Action

Interestingly, the Bible clearly says God’s New Earth (Jerusalem) will be ruled by children. Greta Thunberg represents this new generation, striving to promote and sustain life on our planet. Here, I share my notes on her most recent (February 2023) work The Climate Book, with the hope in my heart that her voice will be carried far. *[My own Christian perspective is weaved into her scientific outlook.]
To begin, Carbon Dioxide (C02) is a basic building block of life, some of which has been stored underground from plants from long ago. Over 2 million years ago, too much C02 caused a mass extinction. Afterwards, trees were virtually gone. It took millions of years for Earth's biosphere and life to recover.
People have been farming for over 10,000 years, depleting the nutrients of the land. Between 1945 and 2000, the number of people tripled. Since the 1990s, we have dumped more climate changing toxins into our environment than throughout all of human history. We consume more, due to this “great acceleration.” In the 20th century, people accelerated their use of fossils fuels.
The science is solid. The great acceleration occurred with the industrial revolution. We have filled our oceans with plastics, and are destabilizing our own ecosystem. This is like sawing off the branch we are sitting on!
Nature cycles carbon, but global warming can be exacerbated by the release of carbon from the soil due to warming. We have knocked the natural balance off, due to our use of stored fuels and our own carbon emissions. Since the industrial revolution, our economy is reliant upon fossil fuels and non-sustainable practices.
We must rebalance our planet by controlling our own behaviors and emissions. If we continue with current practices, we will warm our planet by 4 degrees by the end of this century.
What will this be like? Extreme heat waves will occur yearly, along with drought and famine. Sea ice will disappear, revealing more of the ocean.
Climate change directly causes the death of coral reefs, and if they collapse they will also take with them millions of ocean species. We may be causing the 6th extinction. Coral reefs become bleached due to warmer waters as their colorful algae is expelled, threatening over 30% of ocean species. Right now, three billion people rely upon our oceans for food. We need to farm our oceans sustainably (such as for seaweed). Fishermen are currently exploiting 90% of available fisheries. One billion people depend on fish for omega-3 fatty acids and more.
Why don’t more people care? Many do not perceive a threat because it is slow and complicated. We have exploited and distanced ourselves from Nature. Even our religions have promoted the false notion that this world is to be devalued, and we are separated from our Creator. Many feel a void, with no God within. Many try to fill this emptiness with ceaseless products. Our entire worldview and our daily habits must change.
Today 20% of California’s power use goes toward providing water. We can take better measures, like drawing from ocean water.
Factory and human waste is polluting our waters. Riots have broken out, such as in India, over access to water. Who is taking this seriously? The public? The government? It seems almost no one.
Our government could pass new laws, but they do not. People are also self-interested, and rarely act for the social good if it takes from them in any way. This age is characterized by selfishness and greed, as even the Bible warns in Revelation. Tragically and shockingly, the fossil fuel industry is receiving 11 million in subsidies each minute.
The Industrial revolution, rise of science and decrease in religious morality have all compelled these trends forward. We need a new ethic prioritizing life. Religious leaders must support life, not the Death Culture which exalts the self (no matter the consequences).
We are literally obsessed with culture wars that distract us from our common interests in protecting our planet and making future generations possible.
What stands in the way of a sustainable future for human life? Should consumers even have a choice to purchase destructive products, like plastic containers for single-uses? Should meat even be available? If we really took this seriously, what measures would we take, and what laws would our government pass?
One problem is how some lives are valued more than others, and a select few are exploiting and making life impossible for many. Those in power do not tend to question their privilege!
GLORIFICATION OF THE SELF We have convinced ourselves that we deserve our carbon-rich lifestyles. If we remain hedonistic and not prudent, the poorest and most vulnerable to climate change will suffer the most.
And, Christ will judge us based on how the least among us is treated. Do we contemplate this with each plastic bottle we toss out, or plane trip we take? Isn’t living sustainably Christian behavior, reflecting the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and our living God?
Our future grandchildren will pay and suffer for our convenience now. But, we glorify the self. We glorify the pleasure of the individual and freedom to drive our species over a cliff. Many arguments from the ‘other side’ boil down to a call for the freedom to die.
CORRUPT LEADERSHIP Our leaders are taking us over a cliff. George W. Bush pulled out of the Kyoto protocol, given it was not ratified prior to his taking power. He chose to serve corporate interests (even over human life). Bush declared that the American way of life is not negotiable (1992). Since he spoke these words over 30 years ago, our emissions have increased by 60%, creating an existential crisis.
Given such attitudes and priorities, we have a limited carbon budget to spend in the next few years if we wish to avoid the most dire consequences of global warming. We need to raise the cost of carbon, forcing consumers to pay more for products that are heavy in carbon pollution. We also need to change our diets. We must get our priorities straight.
In 2009, corrupt lobbying destroyed an act that would have helped. But the fossil fuel industry, driven by greed, spends billions on disinformation and distraction. They poison public debate with dirty money. Leaders set non-binding targets, then fail to reach the goals. Their true priorities are economic growth and profit. It seems to the public that actions are being taken, but they are not taking serious measures at all.
The richest ten percent contribute 50% of our total C02 emissions. We need to restructure our economy to be sustainable. The idea of infinite growth is not possible on our finite planet.
We are all in the same crisis, but not the same boat. The only hope is in speaking truth to power and adjusting our behaviors accordingly.
CURRENT SITUATION There is about 1 carbon molecule for every 2,000 other molecules in our atmosphere, so carbon is difficult to locate for removal. To stop putting carbon into our air is much cheaper and better than paying for carbon removal later, which would cost trillions upon trillions. Why should we allow companies to continue business as usual, passing cost and problems to future generations?
Climate change is responsible for over 2 trillion in economic costs. Economic damage from climate change will cost over 3x the amount the pandemic cost. For example, insurance rates will rise and the real estate market will suffer due to not being able to sell in coastal and impacted areas.
Worldwide, waste is increasing at an alarming rate and 20% of methane emissions are due to our waste. We need to engage in more intelligent practices. For example, we can compost (which reduces waste in landfills that leads to methane emissions). Composting will also nourish our gardens.
Methane removal, through oxidation, is needed. Half of our methane is produced from human behaviors like cattle agriculture.
C02 is forever, while methane is temporary. Methane is 20-30x more potent in warming our atmosphere than C02, but it dissipates over 40 years while C02 will remain thousands upon thousands of years. C02 is also cumulative.
Given this, we must stop our emissions of greenhouse gases immediately. If we reach zero emissions, it will drastically reduce global warming. Carbon dioxide is at its highest in 2 billion years, due to our behaviors. We are experimenting with our own lives and planet!
Toxins accumulate in sea creatures, damaging the whole ecosystem. C02 enters the blood of fish, affecting acidification. Acidity has already risen 30%, producing hazards for marine life, like for coral reefs and in decreasing calcification in the shells of sea life. Shopping bags can strangle sea animals and their stomachs are found full of microplastics.
The Amazon forest works as a giant air conditioner, cooling our planet. It absorbs C02. But temperatures in the Amazon are increasing and it is getting more dry due to the expansion of farming and deforestation.
Aerosols like smoke and other tiny particles in our air affect our global temperature. Some cool our atmosphere by reflecting the sun, even dropping temperatures by 0.5 percent. Without aerosols, our atmosphere would be hotter. But air pollution is also hazardous, coming from our cars and factories, for example.
Clouds reflect sunlight back into space, but can also insulate heat like a blanket. Reduced clouds over our oceans force the ocean to absorb the sunlight, thus contributing to global warming.
Melting ice caps no longer reflect the sun, leading even to more warming. Our glaciers are melting. The Himalayas provide drinking water to billions, yet will melt by 1/3. We have enough ice to raise our ocean levels the equivalent of a 20 story building. We have already lost the equivalent of Mt. Everest in ice sheets. This melting will lead to coastal devastation for those living near our oceans. Our oceans will rise by a meter by 2100.
Oceans absorb about 90% of the excess heat produced by global warming. While oceans absorb about ¼ of C02, warming produces less absorption. We must enhance our oceans ability to absorb C02. Even a 1.5 degree increase in temperature is a great risk to our future survival. Our weather has extremes, like the freezing waters and the heatwave that killed many in 2021.
Human made climate change has devastating consequences. For example, Hurricane Harvey cost billions and the severity was 15% greater due to human made climate change. Sadly, 20 million people were displaced by flooding in 2020.
Distressingly, we have all witnessed that even minor disruptions in our supply chain are devastating. Thus, climate change must be averted at all costs.
Our temperature has already warmed by 1%, which all reputable science agrees upon. This is already causing damage right now. Heat waves and air pollution lead to heart related and respiratory deaths, not just heat strokes. Millions die per year due to air pollution. The warming climate also triggers diseases like Maleria and will kill millions. These diseases are being seen in areas not seen before.
The increase of C02 in our atmosphere is even making our crops less nutritious. Specifically, soils lack zinc and protein. Zinc deficiency then leads to a reduced immune system. Millions more will have an iron and folate deficiency due to current C02 levels. Iron deficiency leads to premature births.
GOING FORWARD So then, what is our best path forward for survival? We have to stick to a carbon budget per year to reach our goal of only increasing the temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius. The carbon budget, to stay within the agreements of the Paris accord, will be used up in a few years. But noone seems to be sounding any alarms. Is this because our media is controlled by the elite?
Politicians still respond to mammon ($) with no concern, really, for life. Congressman Manchin singlehandedly rewrote climate legislation in 2021, even with all aware that he has millions invested in fossil fuels, like the influential Koch brothers.
Exxon Mobil has been well aware of the consequences of their actions for decades, yet put forth false discussions into the public sphere. They purposefully stalled for time, which we do not have.
The King of Saudi Arabia has unbelievable wealth and power, but when we move to solar and wind energy power will not be so concentrated. This may lead to a more hopeful and democratic future that serves the actual interests of the people. We need to turn to our Sun. We need to now rely upon energy from heaven, not from hell. It is not that we do not have the money to change. It is that those benefiting from our current Death Economy do not have the will to change.
Many will promote carbon capture technologies, but the reality is hidden. There are only about 20 carbon capture facilities operating right now, some shown to produce more carbon than they capture. We can use fossil fuels only until around 2050, unless technology like carbon capture is seriously invested in (and not just used as a talking point). Many CEOs deflect attention from change right now, promising (like snake oil salesmen) to develop sustainable technology in the future. (Interestingly, blue hydrogen can be made from carbon capture.)
Solving our crisis calls for us putting less demand upon our energy system, such as in consuming less. We need to return to more of a natural, Earth based way of life. Do we all really need to extend our days, with artificial light, past the natural hours of sunlight? Must we eat meat? Wherever there is a roof, there is a potential for a solar panel. Wind parks can also be built in offshore locations, where they are less disruptive.
Green hydrogen is a fuel that leaves only water behind and is usually produced by methane. But it costs more to produce than it makes. Thus, green hydrogen requires an abundance of cheap energy.
Hydropower facilities use water flow to produce energy, while nuclear power splits elements for energy, and produces around 10% of the world’s energy. But, a nuclear power factory that just opened in 2022 took 16 years to open. And, nuclear power can have disastrous consequences and can be the target of terrorism.
Biomass energy creates energy by burning wood or other biological matter. But, it can take hundreds of years for forests to regrow. Thus, we need to slow down this process and aim to stop burning things on Earth for energy.
Geothermal heat takes energy from the Earth's heat, producing around 17% of greenhouse gases. But it is limited in that there are limited planetary hot spots. In air capture measures, carbon is pumped underground, like in BECS. BECS pumps carbon underground and provides electricity from the burning of plant matter, which is cost effective compared to other measures. Enhanced weathering is also a promising technique, such as exposing crushed rocks and minerals to the carbon in the air to facilitate natural processes.
Finally, some promote geoengineering, which is the manipulation of our atmosphere, such as reducing the warming effects of our sun. Some support spraying sun-blocking aerosols or coating ice to protect it. This is actually risky to our ecosystems. Solar engineering is too dangerous, given once the process is started it must continue indefinitely (and political regimes can change). If suddenly stopped, warming will occur to an even greater degree than if no measures were ever taken.
REAL SOLUTIONS Elites consume and produce more than most. Our problems are that of inequality as much as pollution. If the top 10% (financially) only produced the carbon footprint of the bottom 90% of global emitters, 1/3 of carbon would be reduced. Thus, carbon budgets will affect the filthy rich the most. The most wealthy are contributing a shockingly disproportionate amount of pollution. The average person produces 6.5 tons of emissions per year, with the wealthy producing 75 tons.
Rich countries know they are liable for their pollution. They, of course, do not want to focus discussions on responsibility. The global economy could shrink by 18% due to the climate crisis.
We need to reduce emissions, restoring soils and forests. We need to protect our soil from tilling, pesticides and depleted nutrients. We have found that enriching soil with nitrogen has polluted our water. We need new practices. How can we sustainably grow food? How can we facilitate new ideas?
PLANT-BASED DIET We know that as affluence increases, so does meat consumption. But more efficient use of water and land, such as in transitioning to plant-based diets and farms, is our only viable path forward. This would support health of our land, souls and bodies!
Plant-based foods have the lowest impact, while meats can impact our environment over 20x more. Every 50 calories that go into meat (feed) produces 1 calorie as human food. 4x the size of Brazil in land is used for grazing cattle, the greatest use of land (even above forests). And, 20% of gas emissions are due to how we use land, mainly for agriculture. Our current food production also causes 30% of greenhouse gases. We need to shift to a plant-based diet. We can feed our communities using 76% less land. One burger, which gives 10 grams of protein, uses resources like land and water that would provide many more nutritious calories if the same land was instead devoted to vegetable and fruit gardens.
Turning away from meat would not only help us feed more people, it would also help reduce diseases in our bodies and help reduce carbon pollution. Specifically, 350 million tons per year in emissions would be reduced if we shunned meat. Becoming vegetarian is the single most impactful action you can take to help.
We are eating more calories, when we need to consume less. Specifically, we need to reduce pork and beef calories by 80% in wealthy countries. Currently, 1/3 of all food produced is not consumed. We must make smarter use of our land and reduce our food consumption and waste. Humans have directly reduced biodiversity in shaping the land for our purposes, such as in agricultural practices. We farm around 30% of land now. It would take far less land to farm if we stopped using land for food for cows and other “products” for the meat industry.
Given all of this, how can it be that $500 billion in government subsidies go into agriculture that is not sustainable? We need a political and spiritual revolution. We need significant behavioral and technological changes immediately. For example, if we lowered the speed limit, we would save over 5 tons of carbon emissions annually (just in Germany). We also need cities that are efficiently constructed, and need to reduce unnecessary travel. We can use online meetings rather than physically traveling to meetings.
We can also encourage college students to prepare solutions for our problems, instead of preparing for the job market! This kind of free thought would be supported by a Universal Basic Income.
Even in 2021, 95% of transport relies upon oil (including cars, planes and ships). We need to curb the sale of SUVs, which produce great emissions. Why are they so popular? We need to encourage lighter vehicles, banning SUV advertising. We need to wake up!
Renewable energy is now the cheapest form of energy. Renewable energy makes more sense, yet those who have vested interests in fossil fuels do not want change and actively work against change. Still today, 1.446 billion vehicles run on petrol. EVs are a good step, but we really need electric public transit.
We need to outlaw all petrol engine vehicles starting 2025, and more. By 2035, there will be 2 billion private vehicles. We need free public transportation, like trains, trams, busses and ferries.
We also really need to buy less. We can reuse and repair our items and vehicles, rather than buying new things. Americans spend $5,400 per year on impulse purchases, and studies show that more ‘stuff’ does not equate with greater levels of happiness. We can share and borrow items, as a true community. This is also Christian behavior.
We can wear second-hand clothing. The clothing industry fills landfills! Electric bikes are also good alternatives to our current ways. We can buy only energy efficient appliances and can avoid over packaged foods, meat and dairy.
We need to transform our food system and plant green gardens everywhere possible. We need home garden and trees and biodiversity in cemeteries, parks and public areas as well as home backyards.
Biodiversity protects us by removing C02 from the air and purifying our waters. It helps mitigate disease and even protects our health. We need to support biodiverse land because it absorbs more C02. This is a real action we can take.
We also need to let forests grow and stop cutting young trees for wood. Before the Industrial revolution, people burned mostly wood for energy. Industrialization did relieve the deforestation occurring at the beginning of the 19th century by turning to fossil fuel energy instead of wood burning. After the development of coal burning machines, pollution killed more people than we realize. We do have to stop burning fossil fuel.
Today the ability of a forest to store carbon depends on many factors. First, we need to replace trees at the rate carbon would have been captured if wood was not harvested. If a tree is not cut, how much carbon would it capture over its lifetime?
We need to reduce wood harvesting. Specifically, we can harvest from constructed tree farms, but also allow other trees to grow old, to support biodiversity. We need no till farming, a plant based diet, biodiverse forests and more. We need drastic carbon emission cuts now.
We have already reduced the populations of birds, reptiles and insects by 2/3 since the 1970s. Sadly, 60% of all songbirds have disappeared in the last decades.
We are killing our ecosystem. Pollinators (like bees) are dying, thus leading to our deaths due to not being able to eat vegetables (which increases heart disease due to poor diet and high meat consumption).
But, are people even able to respond to new information? Are we able to act on new data? We will see.
Buying less means we do not have to earn as much. Our world will be better and we will feel better. We need to take the status away from consuming products. There are websites devoted to revealing the true carbon footprint of popular products, like:
Profits motivate corporations to distract the public from the truth. We are not told how unhealthy certain common things are, even in the long term. It is not in their interest (they mistakenly think) to be honest and change to a more sustainable economy. Of course, God sees all.
Politicians are short sighted and are not addressing the crisis at all. We need “honesty, integrity and courage” (Greta Thunberg). But, many are still driven by mammon (money) to the point of our death. Many politicians are corrupt, with our blood on their hands. They have the blood of all future children who will never breathe in God's air of life, given lobbying, on their hands. How is lobbying legal? Our government does not work for the people, but for power and mammon. The rich are served and our Death Culture continues, while we continue to consume dead flesh.
Our politicians must lead us in a new direction, no matter if it is aligned with popular public opinion. Politicians need to communicate our true situation and our media needs to direct us to a more healthy future.
“The time for little steps in the right direction is over. We are in a crisis” – Greta.
Promises to become climate neutral by 2050 puts everyone back to sleep. If they really cared, drastic changes would be made right now instead of distracting our focus, according to Greta Thunberg.
“It matters what we say, but it matters even more what we do” - Greta.
We cannot act only nationally, given we are on one planet and are all affected. For example, the pandemic could not be kept to one nation. We must address our crisis as a world, not as isolated nations.
Geopolitical tensions stand in the way of true international negotiations. Nations are driven by a will to power. We need a new base ethic of valuing life and caring about each other (across nations and groups).
We need to work together to address the planetary crisis. Instead, each nation is actually preparing for conflict, based on the finances devoted to building military forces. Our money shows our true priorities.
Greta Thunberg says we need to just simply “tell it like it is.” We need to stand on our moral ground and be open to innovative ideas and solutions. She suggests many ideas for change.
First, we must start treating this climate crisis like a crisis. We must get our priorities straight. We must also admit our economic systems have failed. We need to face reality to be able to create a better world.
The best way to absorb more carbon is to leave forests alone. “A living tree must be valued more than a dead one,” explains Greta Thunberg. Scientists recommend we protect at least 30% of nature. Currently, only 3% of the Earth’s surface is unharmed.
We must spread the facts; 5.9 trillion dollars are spent annually in subsidies for fossil fuels, which is insanity. Do not fly; avoid air travel. The tourist economy is responsible for 8% of our yearly emissions. Instead of subsidies for air travel, we need to pay subsidies to encourage train travel. We can invest in wind and solar power, and scientific advances like farm-free food grown in a laboratory.
Science can shed light on how to nourish our soil and stop depleting it. Thus, we can go forward with science and morality as our guiding forces. The ‘is’ and the ‘ought’ will be complementary.
We need to educate ourselves and become climate activists. We can institute justice through protests and civil disobedience. We need to fight for democracy in non-violent ways. We need new laws to protect us.
Be disruptive. Look for common ground, using love and not hate to shed light into the darkness. Avoid culture wars that only distract us from survival with endless debates. Very simply, we must also buy less and use less. We can also stop purchasing single-use plastics, like bottles for water.
Plastics that are disposable have been available for 20 years, and thus have accumulated in our oceans. Companies that used to offer glass bottles and also clean them have now moved to disposable products and thus have passed on costs to us.
Coca-cola actively acts against legislation that would have them offer reusable bottles again, as they did before single-use plastics. Companies blame consumers for bad habits yet shoot down laws against single-use plastics. The UK is the second highest trash producer, after the US. Most plastic is counted as recycled but is not. It litters deserts and waters, affecting our climate. Transit companies disguise the true origin of waste as it is relentlessly burned in the cover of darkness.
Countries like the UK, US, Japan and Germany export waste to places like Southeast Asia, where it is often burned at night. People now suffer respiratory illness due to these common practices. Plastic produces greenhouse gases, as it is derived from oil.
And, even today, we do not have accurate data on carbon emissions. The Washington Post found that our current path to climate solutions is not even credible nor viable, given the reported numbers are so distorted. Countries report only a fraction of their true emissions, like Sweden, who reported 50 million tons of greenhouse gases when in fact they emit closer to 150 million tons per year. So, even now, only 1/3 of emissions were even included in reports in Sweden. This is seen internationally as well. We need a proper road map, based on data and our moral ground, that we actually follow!
But “Who do you vote for when the politics needed are nowhere to be found?” poignantly asks Greta Thunberg. Even in progressive countries like Sweden, only 10% of ‘recycled’ products are actually recycled. Much is burned, causing further pollution.
So, recycling is a huge greenwashed myth. Most plastic will never be recycled. It is all made so cheaply that it is made to be disposed of. So, plastic litters landfills and our waters, especially in poorer areas. Micro plastics are now everywhere, even inside us. 8 million tons per year of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans.
We can reduce packaging, to start. We need a major system change. Greenpeace is calling for a 50% reduction in plastics in coming years, given our situation.
Specifically, we already also have 40 years of carbon built up in our atmosphere and our C02 emissions are on track to rise 16% in the coming years.
We are set to increase our global temperature, yet the media is not covering this crisis. We cannot negotiate, for we value life itself while those in power prioritize profit; “They speak to flowers in the language of US dollars” says Greta Thunberg.
We need regular press briefings on our climate crisis and many discussions on how to solve our problems. For example, we can institute a #UBI as part of the transition in our economy and as jobs related to fossil fuels diminish.
Communist China is using over 70% of our carbon budget, and still will in 2030. This, while developing countries are affected the greatest by climate issues. How can developing countries move forward in a sustainable way? Capitalism also contributes to our crisis by encouraging increasing GDPs, despite the true costs to our planet. This economic system demands growth. Yet, high income nations do not need more growth. We need a new economic system based on our ecosystem. No current systems lead to life.
We need to educate ourselves. We need both individual and systemic, market change immediately. We must restructure our economy around renewable energy, less meat consumption and less SUVs, for example, to ensure our future. In fact, 80% of energy used in 2019 was still derived from fossil fuels.
Frequent flying and eating meat are some of the most destructive activities an individual can do in terms of the climate crisis. Some have made an oath to never fly and to become vegetarian, given our situation.
We need to phase out private jets, mega yachts and other egregious displays of wealth and status. We can make these displays shameful and not glorify them. We can take public transport and move away from fossil fuel based engines. For example, in Vienna, 60% of people live in community housing.
Should we shame those who live an unsustainable lifestyle? Should we offer softer signals that change is needed, like having our family over for a vegetarian dinner?
We can encourage others to live with less of an environmental impact. As one neighbor gets solar panels, so do others. We can share plant-based recipes. We can participate in social actions and protests.
Government also (on the macro level beyond the individual) needs to lead and set examples for a new way of living, following through with laws. We need to meet the basic survival needs of all humans on our planet with current resources.
The richest 20% need to reduce their consumption to 1/10th of 2015 levels, making room for others basic needs. Christ stood up for the needy and the powerless. But are we too unloving and selfish to survive as a species? What will happen to our souls, as we turn our backs to the most vulnerable?
Psychology has been used to advertise toward people’s deepest desires to inspire their purchases. Ads create (or play upon) a deep need, promising to fill the inner void. Products promise to make us feel better and to lead to our acceptance by our social groups. But, without God, people remain empty inside while landfills overflow.
For example, 73% of textiles (clothing) produced ends up in landfills. Can we start identifying with God, and not by our outer appearance and the latest fashion?
We need to phase out excess for a few, while expanding access to basic resources to all, like healthcare and housing. This is in line with instituting a Universal Basic Income (#UBI) for all, to help people of all identities survive the upcoming transitions on earth.
Our excesses are a clue into inner poverty. Many do not have solid community ties, even if they have material wealth. We are actually happier when we are connected to others, giving and sharing. Our efforts to help others and transition from our selfish society will lead to deep joy, not poverty. We will be blessed as we use our voices and hands to carry forth God’s will.
As a start, we can choose (given our morals) to buy only 3 new pieces of clothing per year, take less trips, rid ourselves of personal vehicles and eat a plant-based diet. What else can we do?
We need the Holy Spirit to guide our souls and hands as we create a new day! We can change if we hold hope, as the eloquent theologian Jurgen Moltmann has shared. We can shift from unhealthy social norms, and these healthy changes will allow all of us to thrive.
We need relationships based on love and reciprocity instead of greed and a will to power. We need less selfishness and more sacrifice for others whom we share with because we actually care. We need to restructure our world based on love, as Christ taught.
When we take action for a sustainable society, we will find new meaning in our daily actions. Our community bonds can grow stronger as we change. And, as sociologist Emile Durkheim found, strong community bonds lead to less suicides. We have the opportunity to promote life and even joy in coming together to change our world for the better!
We do not wish to conserve the world, but create a new one. We need more community control over resources and a guaranteed income for all, regardless of group affiliation. We need energy efficient public housing and to restructure the economy to a more just system. We need to align our economy with our ecosystem as well as our morality. As the brilliant Martin Buber wrote, we need to develop I-thou relationships, based on a recognition of others and not an exploitation of them. Equity and sustainably go hand in hand; there can be no sustainably without equity. Instead of asking who owns land, we need to ask who is responsible for the land. We need a politics of love.
CONCLUSIONS: CARETAKING IS A GREEN JOB! We need to transition to a care-taking society, where all are cared for and treated with love. We need to dismantle the call to endless growth and greed.
“We need to redefine hope and progress, so that these words do not translate to destruction” – Greta.
We need to prioritize people over profits. Green jobs, like caretaking, can be recognized as we turn away from jobs based on over-consumption of unneeded products. Carework is climate work! We need to not only repair our relationship with our planet, but also with each other. We can become a global family.
Solutions involve community actions in helping each other, just as Christ called for. Also, our youth must be a global force of change. We must learn from our mistakes and challenge the status quo and those with interests in the current Death Culture.
Truth, justice and morality are on the side of creating a sustainable future, explains Greta Thunberg. In our Postmodern age, where some claim all views are valid, what is Truth? Both sides of an issue are not equally valid. Survival is not a story with two sides.
We need to end our Death Culture by following the path of love (set by Christ) and carrying out God’s will, for God is Truth. When we recognize this, we will move from the Postmodern Era to the Pre-Utopian Era, as we prepare the ground for God’s New Earth.
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2023.04.01 15:30 eliarrons Can’t help but think it’s “us.”

Been in the market almost a year…we’ve put multiple offers in on homes throughout this year- none, obviously, have panned out. About us- combined income of over 350k, credit score 830 combined and individually, no contingencies, hefty earnest money deposit, 15% down, DTI where it needs to be, asking for closing costs (something our realtor said is common in this market).
The last offer we put on a home was a an ideal home, checked off most boxes, perfect location, needed some updates, etc. We offered 15k above listing (1.1mil) and were SUCCESFULLY cross qualified with the seller’s agent preferred lender. We were in the game with 4 other offers, per our realtor. He came back with counter offer of the following and said the seller’s agent indicated if we accepted all terms, the house was ours;35k above OUR offer, waiving any appraisal contingency, and sellers get three weeks rent-back at zero dollars. We liked none of the terms and agreed to all terms, except the waiver of appraisal contingency. We know it was a challenging decision for the sellers but our offer was NOT accepted, and the sellers went with an offer that met all those terms, so we thought.
Home closed two days ago, for just 3k over OUR original offer (which again, was 15k over asking and not the, essentially 50k we would have offered over asking had they accepted our response to the counter offer).
Is it common that sellers make different counter offers for different buyers?
I can’t help but think a few things, my husband is trying to talk me out of thinking:
1) we are an African American and this is playing a factor ( I don’t usually go to that but I really can’t help but think that and I’m sorry for thinking this way)
2) I don’t want to go to private showings anymore to blend in.
Feeling a little defeated and deflated.
Edit: consensus looks like to be more competitive: -we need to forgo closing costs -potentially waive appraisal with the possibility of renegotiating should the home need repairs, etc. - do a percentage appraisal waiver ( or something like this) -get new lender and or realtor nor familiar with million dollar listings.
To those who commenting negatively about my thoughts of race….you’ll have to know that we are being told by our lender and agent that our “offer’s” and “portfolio” were strong, as such, didn’t have anything else to compare thoughts to other than maybe race. Thanks
How would they know our race? Open houses hosted by sellers agents and our subsequent private showings.
More information: by means of saying we had no contingencies, meant to say our offer was not contingent on selling our home. About agent told us we were the top two considered counter offers.
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2023.04.01 14:46 eZGjBw1Z New and Changed Products - April 2023

Usually around the first of the month we have a batch of price changes and this month is no different. According to the "How to Become a Contract Liquor Agent" document, "The Agent must also complete price changes that occur at the first of the month..."
The changes today seem to be mostly price decreases, some with a corresponding change to De-Listed status which suggests they're now "Last Call" products. There are also quite a few new products. I had to separate Vodka changes into its own reply below.
I plan to reply to this post throughout the month if I notice other significant changes happening or at the end of the month before the next update to keep the changes in one place. Here's a link back to what changed in March 2023.
For each category I've sorted by the amount of the price increase or decrease. New products are shown first, then price decreases are shown in decreasing order followed by price increases in increasing order. At the end are products with other changes unrelated to price.
Current product status is indicated on each line as follows. OHLQ hasn't publicly explained what these things mean but I've included my best guess below.

American Whiskey


Canadian Whiskey



Irish Whisky





See below
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2023.04.01 12:59 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - April 1st

Disclaimer: Some of these have unknown April dates. They are identified with a '*'
1968 - The J5 perform at a campaign rally for Richard Hatcher in Gary with Bobby Taylor and Diana Ross & The Supremes among others. Hatcher was the first African-American mayor of Gary, Indiana for 20 years, from 1968 to 1988. At the time of his first election on November 7, 1967, he and Carl Stokes were the first African-Americans to be elected mayors of a U.S. city with more than 100,000 people*
1970 - The J5 rehearse for their first concert tour, which would start on May 2nd*
1971 - The Jackson 5 play at the Mid-South Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee
1972 - J5's cover of Bobby Day's “Little Bitty Pretty One” is released by Motown. It is also the first song where you can clearly hear Marlon's voice. It will reach #13 on the Hot 100*
1981- Michael does backing vocals on Carole Bayer Sager’s song “Just Friends”. Michael had previously recorded Sager's "It's the Falling in Love" for Off the Wall. He was visiting Carole in the studio when she invited him to join the session. He came up with such a special part on the Bacharach/Sager composition "Just Friends" that they happily offered him a co-production credit*
1985 - Michael and seven members of USA For Africa are on the cover of Life Magazine
1987 - Michael withdraws from The Jeovah’s Witness, a step that normally means he must be shunned by family members and friends who remain in the religious sect.
A representative of the Woodland Hills congregation where Jackson belonged said that the entertainer “disassociated” himself from the congregation and “no longer wants to be known as a Jehovah’s Witness.”
The official would not state what the implications of “disassociation” are, but when asked if they are serious, he responded, “Correct.”
Though Jackson’s anti-drug stance in public appearances was in keeping with the Witnesses’ clean-living codes, the entertainer’s Grammy-winning album Thriller produced tensions with the sect leaders in 1983 because of allegations the record and short film encouraged occult beliefs*
1988 - Michael plays the last of three nights at the Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut
The story of Anne Miner: Anne is a great-grandmother who never attended a rock concert and prefers Big Band-era music. She says she is 'excited' about going to see Michael Jackson with tickets she won from a radio station but plans on taking cotton with her for her ears
'I'm excited. It's a chance of a lifetime experience,' said Anne Miner, 70. 'How many times are you going to see Michael Jackson in concert?'
The Greenfield woman, who admitted her favorite group was the Glenn Miller Band, big in the 1940s, won the tickets in a Michael Jackson Trivia Contest sponsored by WHAI radio and the Pepsi Co.
A chauffeur-driven white stretch limousine complete with champagne were to pick up Miner and a guest at her home and drive them to Hartford Civic Center in Connecticut and back.
She even considered wearing her old black-leather coat to the concert. She intends to go with her 20-year-old nephew, Michael J. Smith.
Smith said he prefers hard-rock bands like Bon Jovi over Jackson, but still expected to enjoy the concert. 'I'm just glad (Jackson) doesn't wear that white glove anymore.'
The two were given floor seats worth $22.50 each to the concert, which sold out just hours after tickets went on sale.
To earn the tickets, Miner answered three questions:
Miner said she determined Jackson's record label was Epic by going to a record store and that she learned his hometown was Gary, Indiana at the Greenfield Public Library. She admitted she guessed that Diana Ross was the celebrity who discovered him
'I'm always winning something,' said Miner, a retired waitress of 41 years. She said she's a compulsive contest player who occasionally gambles on the Massachusetts State Lottery and always buys raffle tickets.
Miner said she has seen Jackson 'shaking around' on television and thinks he is a lot like Elvis Presley, but adds he 'looks like a girl.'
1989 -Michael is on the cover of Ebony magazine.
1989 - Filming of "Liberian girl" short film takes place over 2 days. Veteran video director, Jim Yukich, was brought in to help craft a memorable clip.
“CBS Epic called and Michael Jackson wants to do a video for this song ‘Liberian Girl’ and I hadn’t heard this song yet,” said Yukich. “I’m thinking like ‘Off the Wall’ or ‘Rock with You’ or just I figure it will be one of those classic Michael Jackson killer songs, right? And ‘Liberian Girl’ is not a killer song. It’s funny — what do you do? So again, we’re throwing the kitchen sink at it, and so I pitched the idea to Michael that we would have him shoot the video while all these are people waiting to begin the video, and they don’t realize it until the end is that he’s directing.”
“He loved the idea. We started calling people, and we just called in favors from friends. I had just done a television special with Richard Dreyfuss, and Richard said he’d love to be in it. He said, ‘Can I call up Steven?’ and I said, ‘Steven who?’ and he said ‘Steve Spielberg and Amy Irving, and I said, “Yeah!” So he called Spielberg and Amy, and then you start calling people saying you have these people, and I’d start naming names and it was easy. It was very easy to get people because as soon as you get a couple of big names, everybody wants to be in it.”
The shooting day basically consisted of Yukich and his crew filming all the celebrities on a soundstage as they wait for Michael to show up. The final list of guest stars served as, in retrospect, a truly strange snapshot of that year in showbusiness.Comedy writers were given the task of writing some interesting things for the cast to say on camera while they waited.
“So we just had two days, and we had the live audio with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John doing the scene when they sang together, and they hadn’t sang together onscreen since ‘Grease’, so it was something to do that, and we just shot this grand stuff of people talking, and the outtakes are incredible because it’s just people talking. The song is not even playing! It’s just great getting all these stars in a room and you’re just filming and they’re saying, ‘What are you supposed to do?’ and we’d say, ‘We’ll get back to you,’ and you’d just mike everybody and shoot stuff.”
Yukich said that in a room filled with stars, Steven Spielberg’s uneasiness on the other side of the camera was the biggest surprise. Yukich used a push-pull camera shot on Spielberg, who was the director that made that camera shot popular, hence its industry nickname – 'The Jaws Shot'
“He was nervous. We did that push-pull move for that shot, and he was more nervous than I was, you know, being on camera. He wanted to try to do this favor for Michael because he wanted Michael for a movie.” Yukich also said that working with Michael was an amazing experience, but required some on-set preparation.
“Incredible,” he said. “I mean, at first, it was funny because he sent his handlers in first, and they check, and they said he is coming in 10 minutes. They go in all the different rooms to make sure that no bombs were there and there were no fans hanging out, and they kicked people out, and it was almost like going through airport security or something. They basically kicked people out there who weren’t supposed to be there, and they bring in a microwave oven with bananas for Bubbles the monkey and Max which was the baby monkey. It was like a real rigmarole, and then when he showed up, you know, he was unbelievably nice. Such a pleasant person and a nice guy.”
Jackson also had only one request involving the removal of a person from the final cut.“He called me a couple of times after he saw the edit. He would make us do some things, like he took out David Spade. David Spade was in the original cut. He called me up and he said, ‘Jim, this is Michael,’ and you think somebody was fooling with you, basically. You would never know if it was really him until he started talking about specifics and you could say, okay, that is Michael. So he called us up and he on a walkie-talkie phone or something, or he’s up in Santa Barbara, and says, ‘You know, in 3 minutes and 20 seconds, there’s a guy blonde here. Who is that guy?’ I said his name is David Spade. ‘I don’t know who he is, take him out.’ So Spade was out, and I’m sure Spade was, like, pissed!” (Spade had not yet joined SNL)
Yukich is still aggravated that the song, and hence the video, was never released in America.
When Jackson died suddenly, Yukich immediately thought back to the video and a conversation the two had.
“To this day, I’ve been – I guess not so much anymore, because years have gone by — but I was convinced when he died that he didn’t die. We made that video, and he said to me, ‘I would love to be hiding and see what people say about me, you know?’ I mean, having shot all that footage and then he died? It was just kind of weird.”
The video is dedicated to Liz Taylor, who is in fact not a Liberian girl *
1996 - Michael starts filming the “Ghost” short film in Van Nuys studios in California. During breaks, he visits his family at Hayvenhurst disguised as the “Mayor”*
2002 - Michael is about to start shooting the “Unbreakable” short film when Sony announces that they won’t release the single. The promotion of the Invincible album is over with only 2 singles!!! *
2002 -Michael’s former business manager Myung-Ho Lee files a $13 million lawsuit claiming that on September 14, 2001 Michael met him in Los Angeles and signed an agreement to pay him fees but he never got them. Michael’s lawyer Zia Moddaber answsers that his client never signed anything and was not even in Los Angeles on that date…
In his suit, Lee claimed that Jackson hired him in the late 1990s to put the musician’s finances in order, only to turn a deaf ear when it came to taking Lee’s advice by refusing to curb spending. Lee then claimed Jackson never paid him, instead relying on “charlatans” and “hucksters” for advice.
In his court papers, Lee called Jackson a “ticking financial time bomb waiting to explode” who owed banks hundreds of millions of dollars in loans.
Michael would countersue claiming Lee and Union Finance swindled millions from him and destroyed financial records to cover up their misdeeds.
2003 - Michael and Chris Tucker visit lawyer Willie Gary in Stuart, Florida.
2003 - Vanity Fair (#tabloidtrash) reported that Michael Jackson had attended a voodoo ritual in 2000 where a witch doctor promised that Steven Spielberg and 24 other people would die. The people noted were on Jackson's list of enemies. Jackson also wired $150,000 to a voodoo chief named Baba who sacrificed 42 cows for the ceremony. The article also reported that Jackson wore a prosthesis that serves as the tip of his nose
2004 - Michael attended the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC to support The African Ambassadors' Spouses Association (A.A.S.A.). He was accompanied by the ambassador of Niger's wife, Haoua Piatta, and Mazie Green Holland. He watched a children's group dance before being awarded the Golden Elephant award for his worldwide humanitarian efforts, particularly the fight against AIDS in Africa.
2005 - Trial Day 24
Michael goes to court with Katherine & Joe. Testimonies of Jeff Klapackis, Jack Green, Larry Feldman & Jesus Salas.
Larry Feldman, the attorney who first interviewed Michael Jackson's accuser testified that he was never asked to file a lawsuit against the singer.
However, he did acknowledge under cross examination, that the boy and his younger brother could file civil lawsuits until they turn 20 years old, the accuser being 15 years old now.
The prosecution had called Feldman to explain how the alleged molestation came to the attention of the authorities, but the defense used his appearance to try to show its belief, that the accuser and his family were out to get money from Jackson.
Jackson's defense lawyer, Thomas Mesereau grilled Feldman about the the impact of a criminal conviction, whether or not it would make a financial judgment easier.
"If Mr. Jackson was convicted of felony child molestation in this case, (the boy or his brother) could use that case to win a civil case alleging similar of same facts against Mr. Jackson, is that correct?" asked Mesereau.
"That is correct" said Feldman.
The two lawyers sparred over the exact requirements of a civil suit, and Feldman denied accusations of encouraging the criminal action, in an attempt to avoid incurring costs involved in preparing a civil lawsuit.
However, Feldman insisted that there would still be litigation expenses.
DA Tom Sneddon asked Feldman whether he was planning a lawsuit at the time, that he referred the accusing family to Santa Barbara prosecutors, to which Feldman replied "There was no lawsuit and there were no plans to file a lawsuit. It was up to you to investigate"
Feldman was permitted to tell jurors of a previous accusation against Jackson in 1993, where Feldman represented another boy, who won a monetary settlement. Jurors were not told how much the boy was paid, but Feldman said there were no trouble collecting it. An amount which has been reported to be millions of dollars.
Sneddon projected a photograph of the boy from the previous allegations on a courtroom screen, and asked Feldman to identify him.
"He was much better looking at that age. He was adorable," Feldman said, a remark which the judge ordered stricken from the record.
The picture showed a boy who many believe bears a striking resemblance to the current accuser.
Feldman said that while he met with the current accuser's mother many times after he ceased to represent her officially, he has "never been asked to file any lawsuit against Michael Jackson"
When Feldman walked outside the courthouse in an afternoon break in testimony, fans yelled "liar", "tell the truth" and "you're making money off the backs of these people"
Feldman said, he was first contacted by the family because of a dispute over the boy's appearance in the documentary, Living With Michael Jackson where he appeared holding hands with Jackson. Feldman then referred the family to psychologist Stan J. Katz "to make out some heads and tails of what was being told to me by the family"
Katz reported suspicions of molestation to authorities after interviewing the family.
Also on the stand Friday, was an an investigator who testified that linens seized by police from Michael's bed, had failed to yield any DNA linked to the teenage accuser or his brother.
In other testimony, Sheriff's Lt. Jeff Klapackis defends the scale of the effort, when 69 investigators served a search warrant at Neverland on Nov. 18, 2003.
The large number of investigators were needed, he said, because they had only been allowed one day to carry out the search, because the district attorney didn't want to "burden the ranch and its employees with our presence longer than that," Klapackis said. He also said that there were large buildings to search at the 2,800-acre ranch.
Klapackis also said, that they took all bedding during the search, because that is where the accuser and his brother claim to have frequently slept, and where they allege the molestation took place.
During cross-examination, Klapackis said authorities did not test bottle and glasses containing alcohol for fingerprints - found in Jackson's bedroom as well as the home's wine cellar and kitchen. Nor did investigators test furniture, boxes, mannequin toys and rails along Jackson's stairwell, or his bedroom doors for fingerprints.
When asked on redirect why, Klapackis said, "It didn't enter in the investigation at the time."
However, they did test pornographic magazines. The boy's brother testified how Jackson showed them magazines. A fingerprint analyst has testified earlier, that the prints of Jackson and his accuser were recovered from the same magazine.
Jack Green, president of a Ventura telephone systems company, testified that he had inspected Neverland's phone systems. He explained that it had a function to allow someone to listen in on other's calls, but there was nothing to prevent anyone from calling 911.
Prosecutors allege the family's calls were monitored by Jackson, whereas the defense say the family could have called for help, if they truly were captives.
2005 - Whoopi Goldberg defends him on Real Time With Bill Maher
2009 - Michael has a business meeting with Dr. TohmeTohme at the Bel Air Hotel
2009 - Miko Brando, Michael Bush, Dennis Tompkins & Karen Faye are back on the MJ team*
2014 - The album Xscape was made available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon and
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2023.04.01 05:57 Fickle-Exchange2017 Season 2, Ep 28, Recap


We're still in the Illuminated Glade, just can't seem to get the heck outta dodge. Seems like the ruckus from the battle with the Evil Carl's peeved of a water elemental that's been dormant in the lake. Fritz after lots of pre-warnings from this Water Elemental to leave, tries to communicate with it. didn't work out...and once the Water Elemental made the connection between the Evil Carls looking like Carl 7, it was ass out, tits flaring. Conjuring some smaller water minions, full out water party fight happens, but this group has no issues conquering their foes. Hmmmm anyone else thinking, "Hey, the King told us to come here and twice we were ambushed? Didn't he say there would be something here? Guys? Guys? Hello?" Pfffft probably nothing....whatever Okay! So the party gathers themselves after two battles and currently making their way North-Right of the city in hopes to infiltrate the Descendants strong hold...

Party roll to beat = 10 \roll with advantage AND disadvantage and Mark will tell you which one you* got Cory 6, 2 Steven 6, 20 Dusty 4, 12 Mark requests Dusty to slap him in the face Vanessa 4, 15, Mark gives Vanessa, Steven's Nat 20 Matt 19, 10, Forced to give Mark all his dice.
They're all drunk.

Let get'ter going eh bud!

...Water rains from the sky, as the water elemental is destroyed. We notice at the center of the lake, the flame that had been burning a bright red, suddenly extinguishes.
The air is back to being still, the area still has a magic feel to it.
Carl 7 takes the remains of Carl 8, throws him into the back of their Robocart, in hopes to salvage some parts. Eirdren is a little shook and so is Danielle Kay. The group comforts each while Eirdren walks away from the group desperately as they make fun of him. We on the other hand are off to the Descendants Grove!
...Well there is a lot of joshing around on the walk there, when they decide to camp cause two back to back battles will do that to yeah. Carl 7 takes first watch...
Carl 7, Roll for Perception 5
Fritz Fynn Fynkle, Roll for Perception 14
The night goes on without incident. Carl 7 was distracted at one point during the night by Danielle Kay. They chit chat about Carl 7's brothers and his creator "father", created in his image. Fumbles having his nightly terrors cuts short the brief moment between the two. Cory nearly dies of laughter irl.
Jedwyn wakes up a little sick. Carl 7 lays hands on Cupcake the donkey seed of Jedwyn for 10 hp instead of Jedwyn. Seems like our swamp boy is coughing up some black stuff...Rolling hills, but not so much greenery is around them but we reach the Grove. Fumbles and Cupcake go roaring into the forest for about a minute until they all realize they don't know here they are going.
Fritz Fynn Fynkle, Roll for nature 6 He thinks somewhere close, there might be a volcano.
Carl 7, Roll for nature 14 Pats Fritz's shoulders and nods accordingly

Fritz Fynn Fynkle, Roll for nature to talk to a we go again... NAT 20 !!! One tree looks ancient and communicates with it successfully.
In another difficult moment with our Druid and nature, we do find out that near 'the lair of the garden' whispers can be heard. He gives them directions as to where it is with a light gentle breeze...And follow we go. The air begins to get denser and magic begins to radiate stronger. A flicker in the distance can be seen and grows larger as they get closer. They arrive at a clearing and a familiar sight can be seen; a green flame, but this doesn't have the standard font around it, as it's floating freely in the air. As they approach the flame a voice in the shadows speaks up
I wouldn't approach it, the guardian has been active of late... - mysterious man


-The intro is inspired by Tim Allen and his grunts.
-"Swampness tree" was Cory's tune for a long time. I agree, it's dang it good-um
-You know their drunk with how the Party Roll goes, looool
-The two lesser water elementals die when Hue the Water Elemental dies.
-The guys talk about "Faceoff", which is a classic 90's action flick. Also, I'd like to point out the stunt doubles are sooo badly done that it's Jean Claude Van Dam Good. Here, but the film is epic
-Eirdren only respects Fritz. Gettttt a rooooom.
-A history teacher took Cory's Pokémon cards and he just got a War Turtle at the time.
-Dusty had a full binder of Pokémon cards which he traded for a Zelda game with his cousin.
-Everyone at Mark's workplace had to retake their Sexual Harassment courses because of a certain someone
-"Dreson" is the Trees name


"What do their genitals even look like? I don't know how to bang one..." - Vanessa on the Avatar people

"I actually found out that the reason 'man' started becoming a thing; 'what's up man', because African Americans guys hated being called 'boy' by southern people, so they called eachother MAN, cause they didn't want to be called 'boy' any more" - Civil Right's advocate Dusty
"Who can we trust? .......*Silence*......See...." - Barilla
"My name is Eirdren and I'm walking with my tight butt" - Barilla singing
"She called them Breast paint and I just licked it off them." - Dusty regretting saying this
"Is that the same cousin that like you touched the eachothers dicks or sumthin??" - Cory to Dusty
"it's not gay if it's cousins" - Cory
"I was trying to think, 'have I told a story of my cousins dick that would be remotely close to our dicks touching?', but I was like, 'naaaahh', I dunno...maybe, did I????" - Dusty's repressed memory rising
"I hope you don't have to LEAF soon" - The tree trolling Fritz
"I'm really STUMPED right now" - Cory
"I'll be ROOTING for you..." - The tree to the group
"When Matt takes his glasses off he looks like a mad daddy" - Dusty
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2023.04.01 02:52 Cosmicspider87 Trumps Buddies from Epsteins Black Book

As always I am sure there is more. The connections are like shooting the Elites like fish in a bucket.

Trump Connections coincidences from Epsteins Black book into future

  1. Nick Adams
  2. Conrad & Barbara Black: Conrad Black was a newspaper publisher. He controlled Hollinger International, which published the Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Telegraph, most Australian newspapers, The Jerusalem Post (Israel), and The National Post (Canada). Conrad was recently pardoned by his friend, Donald Trump, after serving time for fraud. Black was once a Steering Committee member of The Bilderberg Group. Barbara Black is a journalist. She is Conrad’s 2nd wife.
  3. Fisher, Dan: Given the address listed (Trump Tower), it is possible that this is a former lobbyist ( and current Special Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Visitors Office,
  4. Gross, Pamela & Jimmy Finkelstein: James Finkelstein is the owner of The Hill, an American news website often cited here in conspiracy**. He is close with Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Pamela Gross is his wife. She worked at CNN until 2017 and is close friends with Melania Trump.**
  5. Gubelmann, Marjorie: A socialite who is best known for hosting and performing as a DJ at high society parties. She has deejayed events for Bulgari, Versace, and others. She is currently the in-studio DJ for the Today with Hoda & Jenny show on NBC. Her ex-husband, Reza Raein works in oil. Guests at their wedding included Ivanka Trump, Tamara Mellon, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch.
  6. Harvey Victoria: Ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew, Hervey is an English model and socialite. Although her relationship with Andrew didn’t work out, she remained in his inner circle. In 2000, she attended a dinner with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Jeffrey Epstein (source: Hervey is also a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who introduced her to Epstein and “set her up in one of Epstein’s apartments in New York.” Hervey is the daughter of Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol, businessman and member of the House of Lords.
  7. Hissom, Robert & Andrea: Robert is the founder of Aspen Capital Partners, a large property management firm. He is a friend of Prince Charles. His ex-wife, Andrea, famously got remarried to Steve Wynn, billionaire Las Vegas hotel tycoon. Prince Harry was a guest of Wynn’s at his Encore resort. Andrea and Wynn are close friends of Donald and Melania Trump (source:
  8. Jones, Ann & Mick: Mick is the guitarist of Foreigner, an immensely popular rock band in the ‘70s and ‘80s. His wife, Ann, is a jewelry designer, and friend of Ghislaine. Ann Jones was photographed at a party with Ghislaine and Donald Trump in 1997 (source:
  9. Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (, Naomi Campbell (, and Bill Clinton ( Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo
  10. Lindeman-Barnet, Sloan & Roger: Sloan has been a New York Times bestseller and an on-air and print reporter for NBC, ABC, and Reuters. Sloan and Roger also sit on the board of the Spence School in New York City, a private K-12 all-girls school ( Her husband, Roger, is the founder of and Chairman and CEO of Shaklee, a highly successful nutrition company. Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and Ghislaine Maxwell all attended the publication party for Sloan’s book in 2008 ( guests included Steve Mnuchin, Epstein and Maxwell chum Carol Mack, and a bunch of others also featured in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’ (Colin Cowie, Anton and Robin Katz, and Vittorio Assaf).
  11. Mappin, John: Scientologist owner of Camelot Castle and is a “central figure behind Turning Point UK, the British arm of the pro-Trump American student organization” (
  12. Pashcow, Joel: Real estate magnate. He is a past trustee of the Children’s Medical Center at Long Island Jewish Hospital and trustee at ACLD, a charity for developmentally disabled children and adults. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Palm Beach police and fire foundation ( Pashcow has flown on Epstein’s jets ( and has been to pedo island. In fact, Pashcow appears 8 times(!!) on one this released flight log, including once with his wife ( Epstein has 19 entries for Pashcow in his ‘black book’. Here is Pashcow at the Policeman’s Ball, which Trump frequently hosts at Mar-A-Lago ( Pashcow is a ‘Crystal Sponsor’ of the Palm Beach Police Foundation alongside Donald Trump (
  13. Patricof, Alan & Susan: Alan is an investor, venture capitalist, and private equity magnate. Patricof served as the national finance chairman for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign ( From 1990-2016, the Patricofs donated $1,152,637 to Hillary’s campaigns ( Alan is also a trusted friend of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law ( Susan is his 2nd wife. Her brother, Craig Hatkoff, appears in Epstein’s contacts under ‘H’. Alan and Susan’s son, Jonathan, is President of Tribeca Enterprises, the company that owns and operates the Tribeca Film Festival. Their other son, Jamie, is a TV and movie producer. His wife, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, is the co-founder of Baby2Baby (, a children’s charity that helps children (0-12) living in poverty.
  14. Perelman, Ronald: Billionaire investor. Perelman hosted a dinner party with Epstein, Bill Clinton, Don Fowler, Don Johnson, and Jimmy Buffett all the way back in 1995, when Clinton was still president ( Perelman is also a good friend of Donald Trump and has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign. Lives about a half mile away from Epstein’s NYC mansion.
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2023.04.01 02:24 OalBlunkont TCM April Schedule, Looks Totally Awesome.

I had to do a lot of weird editing to convert it from copypasted PDF to something reddit wouldn't munge too much. I've seen a lot of these and there are a bunch I've been wanting to see for a while. God I hate PDFs. When I'm king it will be a capital offense to use them for anything other than formatting for printers. Reddit really needs to improve their formatting capabilities as well, single line spacing without making everthing look like code and columnar arranging too. These features have been available since the days of typewriters.
The Idjits don't mention the timezone to which they are referring.
 SATURDAY, APRIL 1 THE EARLY YEARS 6:00 AM Beau Brummel (1924) 8:30 AM Disraeli (1929) 10:00 AM Noah’s Ark (1929) 12:00 PM The Dawn Patrol (1930) (AKA FLIGHT COMMANDER) 2:00 PM Night Nurse (1931) 
Seen it, Loved it, Joan Blondell and Barbara Stanwyck, Duh
 3:30 PM Jewel Robbery (1932) 
Seen it, Loved it, William Powell and Kay Francis, Duh
 What a Character Ned Sparks (interstitial) 4:45 PM Blessed Event (1932) Marlo Thomas on Loretta Young (interstitial) 6:15 PM Employee’s Entrance (1933) 
Waned to see it for a long time
HOW IT STARTED AND THE DAWN OF SOUND Hollywood Steps Out (1941) (cartoon) 8:00 PM The Brothers Warner (2007) Silents, Please! (interstitial) 9:45 PM The Clash of the Wolves (1925) 11:15 PM Cinema Finds Its Voice (2023) (DOCUMENTARY ABOUT SOUND IN FILM) 12:30 AM Vitaphone shorts Gus Arnheim and His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra (1927) Baby Rose Marie The Child Wonder (1929) 
I've seen her on the Dick Van Dyke show and Hollywood Squares and briefly in International House when I had to look her up to see that it was the same person
 Lambchops (1929) (8m) Blackface and Hollywood (interstitial) 1:15 AM The Jazz Singer (1927) Will H. Hays Introduces Vitaphone (1926) (Vitaphone short) 3:00 AM Don Juan (1926) 5:00 AM Lights of New York (1928) SUNDAY, APRIL 2 WARNER JOINS A GANG 6:30 AM Little Caesar (1931) 
Seen it, It was OK
 King for a Day (1934) 8:30 AM G-Men (1935) 
Seen it, It was OK
 Mills Blue Rhythm Band (1933) 10:15 AM Bullets or Ballots (1936) 
Seen it, Loved it, Joan Blondell, Duh
 Swing Cat’s Jamboree (1938) 12:00 PM Each Dawn I Die (1939) Claude Hopkins and His Band in Barber Shop Blues 2:00 PM High Sierra (1941) Cab Calloway and His Orchestra (1937) Angelica Huston on John & Walter Huston (interstitial) 4:00 PM Key Largo (1948) Racketeer Rabbit (1946) (cartoon) 6:00 PM Larceny, Inc. (1942) PRE-CODE CLASSICS AND AN EMPHASIS ON REALISM Bugsy and Mugsy (1957) (cartoon) Melanie Griffith on Jean Harlow (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Public Enemy (1933) The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950) (cartoon) 9:45 PM Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul (1993) Laura Dern on Barbara Stanwyck (interstitial) 11:45 PM Baby Face (1933) 1:15 AM One Way Passage (1932) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 2:45 AM Two Seconds (1932) 4:15 AM Life Begins (1932) MONDAY, APRIL 3 CHOREOGRAPHY BY BUSBY BERKELEY 
Seen em all, all good. I didn't know they were allowed to get as close to naked as they did in Fashions back then
 5:30 AM Fashions of 1934 (1934) 7:00 AM Dames (1934) 8:45 AM Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936) MUSIC BY MAX STEINER 10:30 AM Max Steiner: Maestro of Movie Music (2021) 12:45 PM The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944) Rhapsody Rabbit (1947) (cartoon) 3:15 PM Rhapsody in Blue (1945) 5:45 PM Helen of Troy (1956) (TFF remaster) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS WILLIAM A. WELLMAN Big House Bunny (1950) (Cartoon) Special introduction by Alexander Payne 8:00 PM Safe in Hell (1931) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Hollywood by Storm William Wellman (interstitial) 9:30 PM Heroes for Sale (1933) 
Seen it, It's what made me really apprecioate Aline MacMahon. I still think they had the conceits of three of four movies.
MERVYN LEROY Page Miss Glory (1936) (cartoon) 11:00 PM Page Miss Glory (1935) The Making of a Great Motion Picture (1936) 12:45 AM Anthony Adverse (1936) LLOYD BACON 3:15 AM Marked Woman (1937) 5:00 AM Cain and Mabel (1936) TUESDAY, APRIL 4 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS MYRNA LOY 6:30 AM The Great Divide (1929) Julianne Moore on Myrna Loy (interstitial) 7:45 AM The Truth About Youth (1930) 
I haven't seen any of these
BEBE DANIELS 9:00 AM My Past (1931) 10:15 AM The Maltese Falcon (1931) 
I wrote in an earlier post that the women in this one are better than the women in the remake. I stand by that.
DOLORES DEL RIO 11:45 AM Madame du Barry (1934) 1:15 PM In Caliente (1935) ANN DVORAK 2:45 PM Love is a Racket (1932) 4:00 PM Murder in the Clouds (1934) GLENDA FARRELL 5:15 PM Smart Blonde (1937) 6:30 PM Little Big Shot (1935) GINGER ROGERS Stage Door Cartoon (1944) (cartoon) Nigel Lythgoe on Ginger Rogers (interstitial) 8:00 PM 42nd Street (1933) 
Seen it, story is basic but I love her
 An All-Colored Vaudeville Show (1935) 10:00 PM Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) JOAN BLONDELL 11:45 PM Footlight Parade (1933) 1:45 AM Three on a Match (1932) 
Both of these are totally awesome
KAY FRANCIS 3:00 AM Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933) 4:30 AM I Found Stella Parish (1935) 
I've not seen either. Why to they have to be at the butt crack of dawn?
Can't stand him
 6:00 AM When a Man Loves (1927) 8:00 AM Svengali (1931) JOE E. BROWN 9:30 AM You Said a Mouthful (1932) Porky’s Baseball Broadcast (1940) (cartoon) 11:00 AM Elmer, the Great (1933) PAT O’BRIEN 12:30 PM Oil for the Lamps of China (1935) 2:30 PM The Great O’Malley (1937) DICK POWELL 4:00 PM Flirtation Walk (1934) 6:00 PM Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935) 
Can't go wrong with Busby Berkeley. I don't understand why the poster image for 42nd street has the dancers in costumes from this one though
EDWARD G. ROBINSON Buccaneer Bunny (1948) (cartoon) Chaz Palminteri on Edward G. Robinson (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Sea Wolf (1941) 9:45 PM Brother Orchid (1940) 
Two of his I haven't seen
PAUL MUNI 11:30 PM The Life of Emile Zola (1937) 1:45 AM The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936) 
I love his biopics. The rest is hit or miss
GEORGE BRENT 3:30 AM So Big! (1932) 
I don't know who George Brent is but its a Barbara Stanwyck movie so see it.
 5:00 AM From Headquarters (1933) THURSDAY, APRIL 6 WARNER GOES TO SCHOOL 6:30 AM The Corn is Green (1945) 8:30 AM Our Miss Brooks (1957) 10:00 AM Up the Down Staircase (1967) WARNER JOINS THE TEAM 12:15 PM Jim Thorpe – All-American (1951) Baseball Bugs (1946) (cartoon) 2:15 PM The Winning Team (1952) Mary Anne Owen on Donna Reed (interstitial) 4:00 PM Trouble Along the Way (1953) 6:00 PM One on One (1977) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS MICHAEL CURTIZ Rabbit Hood (1949) (cartoon) 8:00 PM The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) 
I've wanted to see this for a while even though Errol Flynn didn't impress me in Captain Blood.
 Sons of Liberty (1939) (directed by Michael Curtiz) 10:00 PM Life with Father (1947) 
Seen it, Loved it. I've not seen a bad William Powell movie.
WILLIAM WYLER William Wyler Father and Filmmaker (interstitial) 12:15 AM Jezebel (1938) 2:15 AM The Letter (1940) ARCHIE MAYO 4:00 AM Bordertown (1935) 5:45 AM The Life of Jimmy Dolan (1933) FRIDAY, APRIL 7 WARNER LEARNS TO READ 7:15 AM Moby Dick (1930) 8:45 AM The Old Man and the Sea (1958) Molly Haskell on King Vidor (interstitial) 10:15 AM The Fountainhead (1949) 
Classic example of why should watch the movie before reading the book to avoid disappointment.
WARNER STUDIES HISTORY 12:15 PM When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1971) 2:00 PM The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) The Declaration of Independence (1938) (short) 4:15 PM Alexander Hamilton (1931) 5:30 PM The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) A STUDIO THAT TAKESASTAND What’s Opera, Doc? (1957) (cartoon) 8:00 PM They Won’t Forget (1937) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 10:00 PM Storm Warning (1951) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 12:00 AM Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939) 2:00 AM I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) 
Not Muni's best
 4:00 AM The Mayor of Hell (1933) SATURDAY, APRIL 8 WARNER COMES OF AGE 6:00 AM Wild Boys of the Road (1933) 
Mostly good, some implausibilities
 7:30 AM Kings Row (1942) A Mutt in a Rut (1959) (cartoon) 10:00 AM Good-Bye, My Lady (1956) 11:45 AM Splendor in the Grass (1961) 2:00 PM The Learning Tree (1969) 4:00 PM Summer of ’42 (1971) 6:00 PM A Little Romance (1979) WARNER AT WAR Carrotblanca (1995) (cartoon) Patricia Clarkson on Ingrid Bergman (interstitial) 8:00 PM Casablanca (1942) 
No praise I could heap upon it that hasn't been done before.
 Tony Curtis on Cary Grant (interstitial) 10:00 PM Destination Tokyo (1943) 12:30 AM Objective, Burma (1945) 3:00 AM This is the Army (1943) 5:15 AM Across the Pacific (1942) SUNDAY, APRIL 9 WARNER FINDS RELIGION 7:00 AM The Green Pastures (1936) 
Seen it, It certainly has more than it's fair share of black stereotypes, even for it's day. I wonder if this is an accurate representation of rural vs urban blacks. I'd love to know what the black press of the day thought about it.
 9:00 AM Sergeant York (1941) Easter Yeggs (1947) (cartoon) What a Character Beulah Bondi (interstitial) 11:30 AM One Foot in Heaven (1941) 1:30 PM The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (1952) Vanessa Redgrave on Fred Zinnemann (interstitial) 3:15 PM The Nun’s Story (1959) 6:00 PM Oh, God! (1977) 
Saw it in theaters, it was cute
THE POSTWAR YEARS AND THE TELEVISION ERA A Star is Bored (1956) (cartoon) Above Limitations: George Cukor (interstitial) 8:00 PM A Star is Born (1954) Special introduction by Robyn Sklaren and Daphne Dentz 11:15 PM A Lion is in the Streets (1953) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 1:00 AM A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) 3:15 AM The FBI Story (1959) MONDAY, APRIL 10 SHOT AT TEDDINGTON, WARNER’S BRITISH STUDIOS 6:00 AM Crime Unlimited (1935) 7:15 AM Something Always Happens (1934) 8:30 AM Crown vs. Stevens (1936) 9:45 AM Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk ( AKA FATHERTAKE SAWALK ) (1936) 11:15 AM Jack L. Warner The Last Mogul (1993) PRODUCED BY HAMMER, DISTRIBUTED BY WARNER 1:15 PM The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) 2:45 PM Frankenstein Must be Destroyed (1970) Hair-Raising Hare (1946) (cartoon) 4:30 PM Dracula has Risen from the Grave (1969) 6:15 PM Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS JOHN HUSTON 14 Carrot Rabbit (1952) (cartoon) Men in Crisis The Films of John Huston (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) 10:45 PM In This Our Life (1943) RAOUL WALSH 12:30 AM The True Adventures of Raoul Walsh (2014) ( DOC UMENTARY ) 2:30 AM The Roaring Twenties (1939) WILLIAM DIETERLE 4:30 AM Juarez (1939) 6:45 AM Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet (1940) TUESDAY, APRIL 11 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS PRISCILLA LANE 8:30 AM Yes, My Darling Daughter (1939) 10:15 AM Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) 
This is what you get when you send Capra out with out Riskin and Swerling, not very good. They couldn't even get Boris Karloff to play the guy who looks like Boris Karloff.
IDA LUPINO Lee Grant on Ida Lupino (interstitial) 12:30 PM Out of the Fog (1941) 2:30 PM The Hard Way (1943) MARY ASTOR 4:30 PM Scandal The Trial of Mary Astor (2018) 6:00 PM The Great Lie (1941) BETTE DAVIS Tweety’s S.O.S. (1951) (cartoon) Meryl Streep on Bette Davis (interstitial) 8:00 PM Now, Voyager (1942) 10:15 PM Dark Victory (1939) OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND Special introduction by Wes Anderson 12:15 AM The Strawberry Blonde (1941) 2:30 AM Princess O’Rourke (1943) ANN SHERIDAN 4:15 AM City for Conquest (1940) 6:15 AM Nora Prentiss (1947) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR. 8:15 AM Union Depot (1932) 
He should have done more of this instead of trying to step into his dad's shoes
 9:30 AM Parachute Jumper (1933) JOHN GARFIELD 11:15 AM They Made Me a Criminal (1939) 1:00 PM Air Force (1943) CLAUDE RAINS Sir John Gielgud on Claude Rains (interstitial) 3:15 PM Passage to Marseille (1944) 5:15 PM Mr. Skeffington (1944) JAMES CAGNEY Bugs and Thugs (1954) (cartoon) George C. Scott on James Cagney (interstitial) 8:00 PM White Heat (1949) Blackface and Hollywood (interstitial) Yankee Doodle Daffy (1943) (cartoon) 10:30 PM Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) ERROL FLYNN 12:45 AM Gentleman Jim (1942) 2:45 AM The Sea Hawk (1940) GEORGE RAFT 5:00 AM Manpower (1941) 6:45 AM Background to Danger (1943) THURSDAY, APRIL 13 WARNER LEARNS TO DRIVE 8:15 AM The Crowd Roars (1932) 9:45 AM They Drive by Night (1940) There Auto Be a Law (1953) (cartoon) 11:30 AM Greased Lightning (1977) WARNER LEARNS TO FLY 1:30 PM The Dawn Patrol (1938) Jet Jockeys in Love The Making of Chain Lightning (TCM original) 3:15 PM Chain Lightning (1950) Go Fly a Kit (1957) (cartoon) 5:30 PM The Spirit of St. Louis (1957) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS JOHN FORD Drip-Along Daffy (1951) (cartoon) Meet John Ford (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Searchers (1956) 10:15 PM Sergeant Rutledge (1960) ELIA KAZAN The Immigrant Experience (interstitial) 12:15 AM America, America (1963) 3:15 AM The Arrangement (1969) FRIDAY, APRIL 14 WARNER JOINS THE BAND Michael Douglas on Kirk Douglas (interstitial) 6:00 AM Young Man with a Horn (1950) 8:00 AM Blues in the Night (1941) 9:30 AM Sparkle (1976) WARNER RUNS FOR OFFICE 11:30 AM Kisses for My President (1964) 1:30 PM Flamingo Road (1949) 3:30 PM The Candidate (1972) Ballot Box Bunny (1951) (cartoon) 5:30 PM A Face in the Crowd (1957) EARLY CINEMASCOPE Sahara Hare (1955) (cartoon) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 8:00 PM The Land of the Pharaohs (1955) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Peter and Jane Fonda on Henry Fonda (interstitial) 10:00 PM Mister Roberts (1955) 
At least it has a happy ending where they sent him to live on a farm where he lives to this day.
SHOT FOR 3D Prince Albert on Grace Kelly (interstitial) 12:15 AM Dial M for Murder (1954) 2:15 AM House of Wax (1953) 
Saw it in a re-released theatrical 3D showing. It was as unimpressive then as it is now.
 4:00 AM The Bounty Hunter (1954) SATURDAY, APRIL 15 WARNER GETS SCARED 5:30 AM Doctor X (1932) What a Character: Frank McHugh (interstitial) 7:00 AM The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) Good Morning, Eve (1934) (short) Ant-Pasted (1953) (cartoon) 9:00 AM Them! (1954) 
I thought this was American International or some such
 The Haunted Mouse (1941) (cartoon) 11:00 AM The Bad Seed (1956) 1:30 PM Dead Ringer (1964) 3:30 PM What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962) 6:00 PM Wait Until Dark (1967) WARNER LOOKS TO BROADWAY FOR INSPIRATION 
That was a bad idea.
 Lumber Jerks (1955) (cartoon) 8:00 PM My Fair Lady (1964) 11:00 PM The Music Man (1962) 1:45 AM Gypsy (1962) 4:15 AM Camelot (1967) SUNDAY, APRIL 16 WARNER TURNS TO CRIME 8:00 AM The Petrified Forest (1936) 
Saw it. It was OK. I was never a Leslie Howard fan and Bette Davis while more natural here than in most movies was not convincing as a girl still in or barely out of her teens.
 9:30 AM Dark Passage (1947) 11:30 AM Crime Wave (1954) Bullitt: Anatomy of a Car Chase (TCM original) 1:00 PM Bullitt (1968) 3:30 PM The Yakuza (1974) 5:30 PM Dog Day Afternoon (1975) 
Saw it in the theater, barely remember it
WARNER BROTHERS LEADSAREVOLUTION IN FILMMAKING Rabbit Fire (1951) (cartoon) Paul Newman on Elizabeth Taylor (interstitial) 8:00 PM Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) 10:30 PM Cool Hand Luke (1967) 12:45 AM The Wild Bunch (1969) 3:15 AM Petulia (1968) 5:15 AM The Fox (1968) MONDAY, APRIL 17 BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD – WARNER BROTHERS ANIMATED FEATURES 7:15 AM Gay Purr-ee (1962) 8:45 AM Treasure Island (1973) 10:30 AM The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964) 
Saw it a long time ago on TV. IIRC it's a strange story about a guy who neglects his girlfriend for his fish, falls off a pier and turns into a fish and makes noises to mis-direct torpedoes from German U-boats.
THE RAT PACK AT WARNER BROTHERS Swooner Crooner (1944) (cartoon) 12:30 PM Oceans 11 (1960) 3:00 PM 4 for Texas (1963) Nancy Sinatra on Frank Sinatra (interstitial) 5:15 PM Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS HOWARD HAWKS Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948) (cartoon) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 8:00 PM Rio Bravo (1959) TELEVISION PREMIERE OFNEW RESTORATION IN PARTNER SHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Peter Bogdanovich on Howard Hawks (interstitial) 10:30 PM The Big Sleep (1946) ALFRED HITCHCOCK Zipping Along (1953) (cartoon) 1:00 AM Strangers on a Train (1951) 3:00 AM I Confess (1953) VINCENT SHERMAN 5:00 AM All Through the Night (1942) 7:00 AM Old Acquaintance (1943) TUESDAY, APRIL 18 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS JOAN LESLIE 9:00 AM The Male Animal (1942) 10:45 AM Two Guys from Milwaukee (1946) VIRGINIA MAYO 12:15 PM Colorado Territory (1949) 2:00 PM The West Point Story (1950) JANE WYMAN 4:00 PM Johnny Belinda (1948) The Last Hungry Cat (1961) (cartoon) 6:00 PM Stage Fright (1950) JOAN CRAWFORD Duck Amuck (1953) (cartoon) Ann Blyth on Joan Crawford (interstitial) 8:00 PM Mildred Pierce (1945) 10:15 PM Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star (2002) LAUREN BACALL Gregory Peck on Lauren Bacall (interstitial) 12:00 AM To Have and Have Not (1944) 2:00 AM Harper (1966) GERALDINE FITZGERALD 4:15 AM Watch on the Rhine (1943) 6:15 AM Nobody Lives Forever (1946) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS SYDNEY GREENSTREET 8:00 AM The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) 10:00 AM Three Strangers (1946) RONALD REAGAN 12:00 PM Knute Rockne – All-American (1940) 2:00 PM The Hasty Heart (1949) 
Seen it, Liked it, but I think it was a play first. It's got that one set feel.
PAUL HENREID Monica Henreid on Paul Henreid (interstitial) 3:45 PM Between Two Worlds (1944) 5:45 PM Deception (1946) HUMPHREY BOGART Slick Hare (1947) (cartoon) How Bogart Became a Star (interstitial) 8:00 PM Black Legion (1937) 10:00 PM The Maltese Falcon (1941) 
Watch the original for the women, this one for the men.
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Kubrick should have learned from Billy Wilder that the best director is the one that you don't see.
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I haven't thought if this one in ages. I have to see it again.
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submitted by OalBlunkont to classicfilms [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 00:57 Cosmicspider87 Business/Billionaires/Entrepreneur Associates of Jeffrey Epstein (The Other 113)

  1. Fakhre, Danny & Christine: Danny Fakhre is the Chairman of Kochii Oil out of Australia. Christiane is his wife.
  2. Falletans, Olivier de: Managing partner at Bryan, Olivier, & Co., a mid-market investment bank in Technology. Olivier comes from a family of nobility dating back to at least the 13th century.
  3. Fanjul, Pepe: Jose “Pepe” Fanjul is a billionaire businessman involved in sugar and real estate. Vice Chairman and President of Flo-Sun. “Pepe” is a Republican. He was one of the largest contributors to George W. Bush’s campaign, is an ardent supporter of Marco Rubio, and co-hosted a large fundraiser for Donald Trump. His older brother, Alfonso Fanjul Jr., is a Democrat and was a co-chair of Bill Clinton’s Florida campaign,
  4. Faulkner, Terence & Cornelia: Terence Faulkner is Chairman of Leathams PLC, a London-based food distributor. Cornelia is Terence’s wife. She is Director of Leathams and a specialist decorator.
  5. Felix, Helena: Not much to be found on Helena. She was possibly the director of an investment firm called Edenhaven Limited. Her husband, Peter, was an oral surgeon. He passed away in 2011.
  6. Ferragamo, Leonardo & Beatrice: Leonardo is the son of Salvatore Ferragamo, the creator of Salvatore Ferragamo, S.p.A., an Italian luxury goods company specializing in shoes, leather goods, and watches.
  7. Flick Mook: Likely Friedrich Christian Flick, known as Mick Flick. The Flick family was a billionaire coal and steel conglomerate that was accused of war crimes during the Holocaust. Flick’s grandfather financially supported the Nazi Party and used 48,000 forced laborers from the concentration camps, many of whom died due to the conditions. Grandfather Flick was found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg and served 3 years of his 7-year sentence. Mick (Mook) sold most of his holdings in the ‘80s and retired a billionaire.
  8. Forbes, Chris (Kip) Astrid: Son of Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990), the former politician and sole owner of Forbes Magazine. Chris Forbes is Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing Company and brother of former Republican Party primary candidate, Steve Forbes. His wife, Astrid (nee von Heyl), is a German baroness and a descendant of the House of Bismarck, a German noble family.
  9. Forte, Rocco & Aliai: Rocco Forte owns the Rocco Forte Hotels group. They own fourteen upscale hotels throughout Europe and employee 2500 people. His wife, Aliai, is in fashion design.
  10. Fraiser, Violet: Likely refers to Violet Fraser, a Communications and Marketing Manager that works with Moussaieff Jewellers through World Media Group. She has also worked for Dior and Bulgari.
  11. Fraysse, Isabel: Isabelle Fraysse is a former Style Editor for Vogue. Founder of ISI Style Consulting.
  12. Freud, Mathew: Matthew Freud is the head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm. Matthew is also the great-grandson of Sigmund Freud. Freud’s first wife, Caroline Hutton, went on to marry the 9th Earl of Spencer (Princess Diana’s brother). Elisabeth Murdoch, his 2nd wife (now divorced), is the daughter of Rupert Murdoch.
  13. Fry, Cosmo & Amanda: Cosmo is a chocolate heir and the son of well-known inventor Jeremy Fry. Jeremy had royal connections and was slated to be the best man at the wedding of Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister, but was replaced after it had been found out that he approached a man for sex. Cosmo’s owns a company that specializes in making plate racks and bookshelves. Amanda eventually went on to marry rocker Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame in 2009 after her divorce from Cosmo.
  14. Furstenberg, Alex, Alexandra V.: Alexander is an American businessman and the son of the famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. He remains a partner in his mother’s company. Alexandra is a furniture designer and Alex’s ex-wife. They divorced in 2002 but have 2 children together.
  15. Ganoza, Esteban Juan: A Peruvian businessman who said he met Maxwell in the 1980s when he lived in New York, but denied any ties to pedophilia when his contact information was revealed to be in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
  16. Garland, Michael: Likely the Chairman of investment firm C5 Capital, located in London
  17. Giussani, Luca: President, CEO of Dorial Telecom, Inc., a telecommunications company.
  18. Goldsmith, Isabel: An art collector and owner of Hotel Las Alamandas in Mexico. Goldsmith is the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, a French-British financier, tycoon, and member of the European Parliament.
  19. Gomme, William & Emma: William Gomme is a former director of several furniture manufacturing companies in London. Emma is his wife.
  20. Gordon, Jacobo: Spanish businessman who co-founded several real estate and gaming companies with Alejandro Agag. Agag is a former politician in Spain. He became Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP), a tremendous political faction in Europe. Agag played a huge role in getting former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi’s party into the EPP. Berlusconi has been charged for underage prostitution in the past. Agag quit politics to pursue financial and sporting interests. He is married to the daughter of Jose Maria Aznar, the former PM of Spain and Ana Botella Serrano, the first female mayor of Madrid. Guests at Agag’s wedding included kings and queens. Berlusconi and Tony Blair served as witnesses.
  21. Geary, Tim: Served in public relations and was Director of Membership at Soho House, a restaurant and private members club.
  22. Gelardin, Jack (jacque)Jacques P. Gelardin currently Founding Partner of J P Gelardin & Co, LLC , Lehman Brothers Inc, Member of the Management Committee,Chairman & CEO, Lehman Brothers International.
  23. Gertler, Eric: A venture capitalist who served as Chairman of U.S. News & World Report, a media company most known for publishing news, consumer advice, and rankings ranging from education (top universities, high schools, etc.) to job professions, healthcare, and too many others to mention. In 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo nominated Gertler to serve as President and CEO of Empire State Development, New York’s chief economic agency. In Epstein’s ‘Black Book,’ Privista is listed under Gertler’s name. Privista is a company that protects against identity theft. Gertler was President and CEO.
  24. Getty, Mark: Co-founder and Chairman of Getty Images, a photographic conglomerate. If you have ever surfed the Internet, you have seen several pictures/images belonging to Getty Images. From 2008-2016, Getty was the Chairman of the Trustees of the National Gallery in London. Grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr., founder of Getty Oil Company, and one of the richest men in the world during his time. The Getty Family has a net worth north of $5 billion as of 2015.
  25. Getty, Pia and Chris: Pia Getty is the daughter of billionaire Robert Warren Miller, an American-born British businessman and founder of Duty Free Shops. Pia’s sisters are Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg of designer fame and Maria-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark. Her ex-husband (1992-2005), Christopher, is Mark Getty’s first cousin. Christopher is also the grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr. When they were married, Pia and Mark would hold A-list parties on the rooftop of their Manhattan townhouse. Their townhouse was located half a mile from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. Many people think that the Getty Museum in Los Angeles houses an underground base and city for the elites.
  26. Goulandris, Dimitri: Founder of The Cycladic Group, which invests and creates businesses. Spent 8 years at Morgan Stanley in its private equity group. Goulandris is the Executive Director and a Board Member for Knightsbridge Schools, which has 3 schools (KSI Montenegro [a boarding school], KSI Bogota, and KSI Panama), all of which are primary/secondary schools for students aged 2-18.
  27. Grabau, Lorenzo: Spent seventeen years at Goldman Sachs before becoming CEO of Investment AB Kinnevik, a Swedish investment firm. He was fired less than 3 years after taking the position.
  28. Graff, Francois: CEO of family-owned Graff, one of the world’s most notable jewellery houses. The company is worth several billion dollars. Graff has been photographed with the likes of Wilbur Ross. In 2001, there was a party celebrating the opening of a new Graff’s store. Attendees included Ghislaine Maxwell, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, and Denise Rich (source:
  29. Grant Jamie: Likely James Grant, owner of No2 Pound Street, an award-winning wine shop that specializes in British Cheese and cured meats. He and his wife previously worked at some leading hotels and restaurants.
  30. Green, Jeremy: Likely the former Chief Executive of Quba Property Holdings in South Africa.
  31. Guccioni, Tony: Son of Penthouse creator Bob Guccione.
  32. Guest, Cornelia: Named Debutante of the Decade of the 1980s, Cornelia is a well-known New York socialite who comes from money. Her family made money in iron and steel and have served in British politics. In December 2015, Ghislaine Maxwell attended Cornelia’s holiday party.
  33. Guggenheim, Barbara & Bert Flelds: Guggenheim (not part of the Guggenheim museum family) is a partner at the well-known art advisory firm, Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc. They have built collections for Coca Cola and Sony, as well as Tom Cruise and alleged pedophile Steven Spielberg. Epstein victim Maria Farmer once worked for Barbara at her home before meeting Epstein. Farmer got the job through Barbara’s sister, Eileen, who has been accused of being an Epstein enabler. A petition ( to have her removed as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the New York Academy of Art as a result of Maria Farmer’s allegations has over 10,000 signatures. Farmer says that Eileen Guggenheim forced her to sell a painting replicating Degas’s “The Rape” to Epstein. Two weeks after meeting Epstein and Maxwell, Guggenheim took Farmer and other art students to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico (source: Barbara’s husband, Bert Fields, is an entertainment lawyer who has represented the likes of Steven Spielberg, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, George Lucas, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, etc.
  34. Halpern Jen: A British philanthropist, PR guru, and businesswoman. Her father was knighted by Margaret Thatcher.
  35. Hammond, Dana: Socialite and heiress to the Annenberg Publishing fortune. Hammond is friends with Ghislaine Maxwell. They have been photographed together at various parties.
  36. Hayworth Reggie: Heyworth runs the 160 acre Cotswold Wildlife Park, which attracts more than 400,000 people a year. He lives in the middle of the park at the Bradwell Grove estate. .
  37. Hefner III, Bob: Founder and CEO of GHK Companies, which specializes in oil and natural gas. Founded the Robert and MeiLi Hefner Foundation which sponsors educational trips to China for outstanding high school students. His grandfather, Robert Hefner Sr., served as Mayor of Oklahoma City, was a Supreme Court Justice of Oklahoma, was a member of the executive council of the Boy Scouts of America, and was a thirty-second degree Freemason. This article makes a connection between Jeffrey Epstein, Bob Hefner III, and a winning Powerball lottery ticket that was purchased in Oklahoma in 2008 (source:
  38. Heineken, Mr. Fredie: A Dutch businessman for the Heineken brewing company. Was chairman and CEO from 1971-1989.
  39. Helen and Tim Shifter: Helen is a former Vogue Magazine staffer. Tim is former CEO of LeSportsac and serves as Senior Advisor at Blackstone Group, a private equity firm. The Schifters are personal friends of Ghislaine Maxwel
  40. Hersov, Robert & Kim: Robert is a South African entrepreneur and mining heir who has worked for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and News Corp. (owned by Murdoch).. Ex-wife Kim is a London-based fashion editor and designer.
  41. Heseltine, Rupert: Businessman and heir to Haymarket Media Group. Son of Baron Michael Heseltine.
  42. Jameel, Mohammed: Saudi Arabian businessman. CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel, a collective of family-owned businesses that specialize in transportation, investing, and real estate. Royal pervert Prince Andrew infamously partied on Jameel’s yacht during the 2011 London riots (source:
  43. James, Susie: Founder and owner of 123 Send Ltd, a company that provides payment terminals.
  44. Katz, Anton & Robin Plant: Anton is CEO and co-founder of Talos Trading, which specializes in cryptocurrency. Anton and Robin are friends of and have been photographed with Ghislaine (source:
  45. Kegan, Rory: A nightclub designer and creator. Co-founder of the exclusive, celebrity-filled London nightclub, Chinawhite. Prince Andrew (source: and Prince Albert of Monaco are regulars. Chelsea Clinton has been there, as well (source: Other patrons include: Prince Andrew, Kate Middleton, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more.
  46. Keidan, Amanda: Owner of Keidan Jewelry.
  47. Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (, Naomi Campbell (, and Bill Clinton( Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo
  48. Khayat, Antoine, Jana, & George: Jana is an heiress and businesswoman. Jana is the niece of Galen Weston, a close friend of Prince Charles. George is her brother and CEO of Associated British Foods. Jana’s husband, Antoine, is a former banker and currently runs their vineyard.
  49. Klesch, Johnathan: Former Director of Klesch Trading, which specializes in industrial commodities. It has offices in Russia, Malta, Surrey, and in London, down the block from Buckingham Palace.
  50. Koch, David: Co-founder of Koch Industries, a diversified manufacturing conglomerate. Koch Industries has stolen oil from Indian reservations, committed hundreds of polluting, labor, and workplace safety violations. When he ran on the Libertarian ticket as the vice presidential nominee in 1980, Koch aimed to abolish Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare benefits, and minimum wage. Koch and Epstein were friends. Epstein even attended a party at Koch’s Southampton home ( Koch has also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell (
  51. Kohl, Astrid: A businesswoman involved in pharmaceuticals. Married to Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein. Daughter-in-law of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein. Niece of former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.
  52. Kotic, Boby: CEO of Activision Blizzard, a video game holding company. Used to run several electronic companies. From 2003-2008, he was a director at Yahoo! In 2012, he became a non-executive director of Coca-Cola.
  53. Lal, Dalamal: Director of Akron Corp. & Akron (Nig.) Ltd., a food and beverage import company based out of Nigeria.
  54. Laurie, Jonathan: Founder and CEO of Cheyne Capital Management, an alternate investment fund firm.
  55. Lavlada, Laura D.B. de: Laura Diez Barroso is a Mexican businesswoman. She sold her stock in Televisa for $726 million in 1993. Since then, she has been the head of several other companies.
  56. Le Fur, Jean-Yves: French businessman and magazine creator. He was once Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s ex-fiance. More notably, Le Fur was the one who discovered supermodel Karen Mulder (his girlfriend at the time) on the floor after she attempted suciide. Mulder blew the lid off the rampant rape and sexual abuse that she and her modeling colleagues had suffered at the hands of businessmen, royalty, celebrities, and government officials. She was even the protege of Epstein collaborator (allegedly), Jean Luc Brunel (
  57. Lea, Piers: CEO of Learning Technologies Group, a workplace digital learning company.
  58. Lester, Dominick: Founder and owner of MortgageFlex Systems, a mortgage lending company.
  59. Lindemann, Adam & Elizabeth: Adam is a billionaire investor and art gallery owner. Brother of Sloan. Elizabeth is his ex-wife. She is often photographed with many other people mentioned in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
  60. Lindemann, George(Sr.) & Freida: Now-deceased billionaire father of Sloan and Adam. George was the CEO and Chairman of Southern Union, a pipeline company and served as Vice President of the Metropolitan Opera Association of NYC. His wife, Frayda, is the President and CEO of the Metropolitan Opera.
  61. Lister, Paul: Likely the director of legal services and company secretary for Associated British Foods
  62. Lorimer, John & Lottie: John works as a private investor and as a realtor. His wife, Lottie, is an interior designer.
  63. Macmillan, Dave & Bella: David is a publisher and the grandson of Harold Macmillan, former British Prime Minister (1957-1963). Bella is a British socialite and author. She also designed dresses for Princess Diana. They are now divorced. David and Bella made news in 2015 when it was revealed that Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Pictures, jokingly mentioned firing the UK culture minister so that David can take over ( David and Bella were voted a top 50 power couple over the age 50 back in 2013.
  64. Mahler, Giovanni: Businessman in the gas industry. He co-founded Navigator Gas shipping company. The most interesting story revolving around Mahler can be read here ( Mahler was on a motorboat on the way to his yacht in Sardinia where close friend Flavio Briatore (Briatore is Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend and was photographed with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts several times - waited. On the way to the yacht, Mahler and the others on board struck and killed Alex Ciardi, wife of investment banker Giuseppe Ciardi. Turns out that Alex Ciardi worked with the NSPCC, a children’s charity that several others in Epstein’s ‘black book’ (Jemma Kidd, Tim Jeffries, Mary Glanville, Clare Hazell-Ivaegh, Ben Holland-Martin) and Princess Margaret have served. The accident occurred close to Silvio Berlusconi’s villa. Berlusconi is a billionaire businessman and four-time former Prime Minister of Italy who throws infamously raunchy Bunga Bunga parties. He was convicted of paying an underage prostitute for sex, but those charges were later overturned.
  65. Malenga (Mandela) Machel: A managing director at Whatana Investments Group in Mozambique. His father, Samora Machel, was the first president of Mozambique. He died in an airplane crash in 1986 under mysterious circumstances. His mother, Graca Machel, runs the company. After her husband Samora died, she married Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013.
  66. Malina, Marjorie: Wife of Frank Malina who co-founded Aerojet, an American rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer. Frank went on to become head of scientific research at UNESCO before creating Leonardo**, a peer-reviewed research journal. Frank was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame in 1990. Marjorie is the mother of Ghislaine’s brother-in-law, Roger Malina.*\*
  67. Malkin, Shelly & Tony: Shelly comes from major oil money. Her grandfather founded Belco Petroleum, which was bought out by Enron in the ‘80s. Tony is the chairman, president, and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, the real estate investment company that owns the Empire State Building, and other properties around New York.
  68. Manconi, John: Businessman who hosts super exclusive charity polo events attended by Prince Charles, Harry, and Andrew (
  69. Manzano, Jose Luis & Alejandra: Jose Luis is an Argentine businessman and former politician. He is a partner in Grupo America, the second largest multimedia group in the country. He has given money to the Clinton Foundation and The Climate Reality Project ran by Al Gore.
  70. Marks, Stephen & Alisa: Stephen is the founder and chairman of French Connection clothing brand. Alisa is his gold digging ex-wife.
  71. Marsh, Jeremy: Has served as a managing director and president of Warner Bros. Records, Virgin, Telstar, and RCA.
  72. Massimo, Parisi: Founder of Baltic Model Management.
  73. Mattsson, Carolina: Owns a consulting company in Sweden.
  74. Mavroleon, Basil & Carina: Basil is still involved in shipping, working at Genco as an Independent Director.
  75. Mavroleon, Manoli: From the same Greek shipping magnate family. His name was listed in the Panama Papers ( for using offshore tax havens.
  76. Mavroleon, Nicholas & Barbara: Nicholas works in the family business. His ex-wife, Barbara Carrera, is a model and actress.
  77. Mayhew, Mr John: Owner of the famous Rules restaurant in Covent Garden. Inherited the Lartington Estate.
  78. McDonald, John: NYC-based restaurateur.
  79. Mcleod Jock & Pru: Alasdair ‘Jock’ MacLeod is a long-time executive at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. His wife, Prudence, is Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. Coincidentally, Prudence attended The Dalton School while Epstein taught there in the ‘70s ( Rupert Murdoch is listed later on in Epstein’s contacts. Murdoch also goes back a long way with Ghislaine. Murdoch and Ghislaine’s father, Robert, were rivals since they both owned competing newspapers in the U.S. and abroad (
  80. Merison, Guy & Caroline: Guy is co-founder of Hartees, a commodities firm specializing in energy.
  81. Merivale-Austen, Bruce: Managing Partner of DM Partners Asia, a private wealth management firm. Plays polo every summer with Prince William and Prince Harry (
  82. Mermagon, Mr Jonathan: Businessman and close friend of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose name keeps popping up. Memagden even served as Chairman of the UK PTI Secretariat (,c9336910). PTI is the current ruling political party in Pakistan.
  83. Minot, Carie & Bell, George: Caroline is a jewelry designer. George has been responsible for several Silicon Valley startup companies. Before that, he was a senior editor of Outdoor Life magazine and has won Emmys for directing and writing conservation documentaries. He also founded Outdoor Life Network (now NBC Sports).
  84. Montemayor, Cesar: Founder and President of InverCap, a large investment firm
  85. Monti Riccardo: Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG (Milan), one of the largest management consulting firms in the world.
  86. Morton, Peter: Co-founder of the Hard Rock Cafe.
  87. Murray, Jean Pierre: Founder of Surf Channel and co-founder of TransCash, a prepaid Visa debit card firm.
  88. Nadler, Emanuel: Businessman involved in mortgage companies.
  89. Nagel, Adam: Works at W Nagel, broker and advisor to premier diamond manufacturers, such as De Beers.
  90. Nagel, William: Chairman of W Nagel. Diamond merchant.
  91. Newman, Mr & Mrs John: John is Hetty’s father. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Horse Guards. He later became a businessman and was director of several companies.
  92. Niarchos, Constantine: Billionaire son of shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos. Was once married to Alessandra Borghese of Italian papal lineage (and black nobility). He was also romantically linked to Koo Stark, Trinny Woodhall, and Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Bobby Kennedy), all of whom are in Epstein’s ‘black book’. Constantine died of an overdose with enough cocaine in his system to kill 25 men (
  93. Noel, Vanessa: Luxury shoe designer, hotelier, and gallery owner. Many celebrities are clients of hers.
  94. Ojora, Yinka: CEO and/or Director of a number of investing groups in Nigeria
  95. Ong BS & Chritina: Christina is a Singaporean hoteliebusinesswoman who is heavily involved with Club 21 (a luxury fashion brand) and COMO Hotels and Resorts. She runs all of the Armani outlets in Britain, as well as the franchises for Donna Karan, Prada, and Bvlgari. Christina and her husband, Beng Seng, are worth $1.9 billion.
  96. Ong, Melissa: Christina and BS’s daughter
  97. Orlando, Fabrice: CEO of Cocoon Events Management Group, a luxury event planning company based out of Morocco.
  98. Osbourne Rachel: British businesswoman who has served as director for several companies. Otto, Beo & Edwige Edwige manages 2 companies (2 mandates), his main mandate is Administrator within the company 18 MONTAIGNE . Edwige OTTO works in the Real Estate business sector. Julian PORTHAULT is part of Edwige OTTO's network, he is Chairman and CEO of 18 MONTAIGNE .
  99. Parker, Jackie: Management consultant who sits on the board of several companies. Also the head of global philanthropy for General Motors.
  100. Paulson, John: Billionaire hedge fund manager
  101. Pedrini Tito: Jeweller
  102. Pekeler, Marcus: Communications consultant in Switzerland.
  103. Picciotto, Michael: Vice-Chairman at Engels & Volkers AG, a real estate firm. Former head of global financial activities for UBP, a Swiss private bank owned by Picciotto’s family.
  104. Plouvier, Diane & Denis: Denis is the owner of Trousseau linen company (https://www.denisplouvier.fblank
  105. Polii, Edoardo: Powerboat champion and textile entrepreneur.
  106. Polu, Clary: “Marketing director of Lycos and Meetic, wife of the "startup" Christophe Schaming, co-shareholder of Winamax, the online betting company co-founded by the mysterious passenger of the Lolita Express Nicole Junkermann” (
  107. Porthault, Mr & Mrs: Marc Porthault runs the family linen business, D Porthault. Marc’s parents founded the company. Clients include Bill Gates, Woody Allen, the Mellons, and the Kennedys. Marc’s wife, Isabelle, is the head of human resources of Chanel in Europe.
  108. Porthault, Remi & Isabel: Remi is the marketing director and president of the U.S. subsidiary of D Porthault linens.
  109. Potter, Muffie: Socialite and former executive at Van Cleef & Arpels, a watch company. Married to famed plastic surgeon, Sherrell Aston. She has been photographed with Ghislaine and Peggy Siegal at various events.
  110. Prestin, Electra: Former vice president of merchandising for Ralph Lauren and co-founder of Adam & Eve clothing company. Her father, Lewis T. Preston, was chairman of J.P. Morgan and president of the World Bank (appointed by George H.W. Bush). Her great-grandfather was newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, whom the Pulitzer Prize is named after. Another great-grandfather of hers was a partner in the Standard Oil Company of John D. Rockefeller.
  111. Price, Judy: Founder of Avenue, a magazine about New York City.
  112. Puig Marc: Chief executive and president of Puig, a fragrance and fashion company.
  113. Quartucci, Alan: Founder of North Shore Bloodstock and North Shore Insurance, thoroughbred bloodstock companies that provide equine insurance, consulting services, racehorse management, and more.
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