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Album Anniversary List 2023-04-01

2023.04.01 06:57 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2023-04-01

Today's anniversaries are:
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2023.04.01 01:48 ifoundxaway Friday March 31, 2023

Hey you guys, how's it going?
I've had an ok day. Bub had a Civil Rights performance this morning, and it was really good. The kids did a great job. Bub didn't have a speaking part but helped with the slideshow and he sang the songs with everyone. And licked his hands and wiped his face with them. And other gross things. I didn't catch him picking his nose or anything, fortunately. The kid next to him just stared at the audience, no singing. Probably didn't want to be there lol. Still, the kids who did participate did really well and it was a good show.
My sinuses. I swear. I can breathe now really well, but when I blow my nose there's SO MUCH and my face hurts. I was kinda miserable when I got to work but it was ok.
Work has been alright, I guess. I avoided doing all of my more important tasks to do busywork. They're moving everything around in genealogy. I was told I'd have "the side of room the window" except the window will be behind me 15-20 feet away. Which means people will be able to be behind me, and I'm not exactly cool with that. Right now I'm right next to a window, and I have people in front, which is fine. When I got in today the begonia that I inherited had fallen over. It's too tall, it got leggy due to lack of proper sunlight, and it really needs to repotted anyway.
I tried to join the walking challenge at work (the solo challenge) because I found out that they're not comparing your steps with everyone elses, but they're giving prizes based on distances walked. I wasn't going to participate if they were comparing steps because some days I'm sick and don't get many steps. And I didn't want to do the team challenge because I don't want to let my teammates down. Anyway, it was going to be prize by distance, I was cool with that. So I clicked on the link to register......40 minutes too late. I ended up downloading apps for walking challenges - one gives you coins for walking and you redeem coins for gift cards (amazon, spotify, olive garden, etc.). Another lets you "walk the world" so it records your steps and then puts them on whatever "walk" location you choose, and it shows you pics and stuff of the places you've "walked" on the trail by "spending" steps that you've walked and collected. Idk if that makes sense. You're not actually walking to those places, you're just doing steps and looking at your phone. IDK sounded fun. And I'm always interested in earning gift cards. "World Walking" hooks up to Google Fit, and the other one, "winwalk", acts as a pedometer. So you have to have your phone on you to measure steps. Anyway I'm on those two apps now, which convinced me to wander around the park outside the library during my break, and I got 1000k steps just like that. I think tomorrow or Sunday Bub and I will go for walks, possibly to the museum.
Bub's got a bowling birthday party tomorrow, but I think D is going to take him. I'll probably meditate and do yoga or something. Quiet things. Maybe go for a walk. Or walk around in my back yard or something. Get those steps.
I got paid! So I paid the mortgage. Hooray! I wish it was instantly taken out of the account. I could switch my mortgage payment to a separate bank account that I throw money into. That way it never sits in regular checking for the 3 days it takes to clear or whatever. Those are stressful days. I know it'll clear but at the same time there are other things, like groceries, that can clear same day. I'm just worried that I'll accidentally spend it all before the mortgage payment clears.
Pork loin is on sale and I found a recipe for cranberry balsamic pork tenderloin. I know they're different cuts, but I'm just going to take the sauce and then cook the pork loin like I usually do. I also found some recipes for cheesy scalloped potatoes, and they look easy. So I'm making that this weekend, probably Sunday.
That's it for now, it's almost time to go home. I'm excited about the walking thing.
How are you today?
PS I just realized it's the last day of the month. Goals!
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2023.04.01 01:42 TheFriendlyPylon Hey r/milwaukee! I’m headed up for a wedding in a few weeks. I’ll be in Milwaukee roughly 2 full days. Any spots for food I should check out?

Just like the title says. I’m staying at the Hilton Garden Downtown. Looking for walkable places to eat and explore. Never been to Milwaukee. I’m from Nashville by way of Chicago.
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2023.04.01 00:08 ThatAZGirl List of Networking Events in Arizona

Here's a list of networking events available in Arizona, both paid and free!

  1. One Night Event in Scottsdale, AZ: FREE
    1. Date and time: Thursday, April 13 · 7 - 10pm MST
    2. Location: Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas 6333 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85250
  2. Networked Live's Connections Over Coffee: FREE
    1. Date and time: Wednesday, April 5 · 8 - 9am MST
    2. Location: Cortado Coffee Roastery 3230 East Union Hills Drive #ste b 135 Phoenix, AZ 85050
  3. Business Networking: FREE
    1. Date and time: Tuesday, April 4 · 5 - 7pm MST
    2. The 3000 Club - Phoenix 1741 West Rose Garden Lane ##6 Phoenix, AZ 85027
  4. Networking in Scottsdale Arizona - FREE
    1. Date and time: Weekly · 3:30 - 4:45 MST
    2. Location: Elks Lodge #2148 6398 East Oak Street Scottsdale, AZ 85257
  5. Phoenix Business Professionals Speed Networking NetworkNite: $28.95
    1. Date and time: Wednesday, April 5 · 7 - 9pm MST
    2. Location: Rott n' Grapes Uptown 4750 N Central Ave #140 Phoenix, AZ 85012
Hope you're able to make it to some of these amazing networking events! Don't miss out on spreading the word about your small business in Arizona.
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2023.03.31 20:42 rockywss Trip Review March 2023: InterContinental Presidente Resort; Chichén Itzá; Valladolid; USA Transfers; ADO; Airalo; etc.

First, I want to thank you all for the help I got from this forum prior to my trip.
Airport customs was fine. We walked a very long corridor to get there, and the wait in lines were probably 30 mins. A little hot and stinky, but not terrible.
I pre-booked USA Transfers to-from airport and hotel and it went pretty smoothly. They were up front about traffic delays, which seemed worse heading from the airport due to construction. The wait to get a pre-booked ride was about 40 mins. I found their reps at the very end of the vendor corridor outside. I think the price for round trip was $76 USD. I tipped $5 USD first, then $200 pesos return.
I used Airalo on my phone but it took a day to get it working. I found their instructions a little hard to follow because there were multiple way to set them up on your phone. I also stupidly didn't realize you cant use sms or calls; just GPS and web based apps. Which is all fine--and it's dirt cheap.
Our 6-night stay at the (Holiday Inn brand) InterContinental Presidente located on the north extent of the HZ was mostly great. It is not an all-inclusive but has plenty amenities. I received the bait-and-switch from a reserved terrace room to an "upgraded" 4th floor, non-terrace, lagoon-facing basic king. I am used to getting a limited option on room choice when I book with points. But I have seen the same complaint from others who booked with them that claim they had the guest originally booked in a "garden" terrace first level without a view--which I could not find anything like that when I toured the grounds. There are no ground-level garden terrace rooms. In fact, no rooms are ground level! I reluctantly took their offer even though the lagoon was obscured. I was like, I just need to get over this and get my ass on the beach. The room was very fine. There was some minor maintenance ongoing in the hall but it did not disrupt me. Daily room service did not take the tips I left. The food at the hotel was remarkably good. We were offered a free breakfast for our stay (I think because of the fake upgrade) and the breakfast was above expectation. They had anything you could want, even dinner entrees. Since there are multiple barestaurants on the property, you get choices. The Beach Club was best in service on the beach front. I always tipped 20% in cash, and had all my charges go to a CC on file that only was charged at the end (I had foreign transaction fees, so this was the right choice). The ATM machine in the hotel was agreeable. I got charged $74 pesos to use it and declined the conversion fee. I pulled out $3-5k pesos at a time. Beachfront access is as incredible as people say it is. The hotel staff overall is exceptional. The spa employees came around to recruit people which they didn't have to do--I went for a massage and to use the facilities and enjoyed it. At dinner I ordered wine so a gentlemen showed up trying to sell me bottles. I'm an easy sell, can you tell? Bully, Eddie! In the end I didn't rack up too much $$ given I ordered a lot of drinks while there. Guests were chill, no clowns.
We took off one overnight to Valladolid to get ahead of folks to Chichén Itzá . We took the downtown ADO for maybe $30 USD p/p? I booked on their app which is better than the website. We jumped on a west/north bound R1 bus for $12 pesos each and got there well ahead of the departure. I bungled my departure date and was able to change the ticket departure at the station. The drive was long -- almost 3 hours, also due to ton of construction. The bus was full up Friday--stinky, but comfortable. We stayed at Casa Tía Micha for $165 USD after taxes. I pre-booked on their website. It was overpriced but beautiful. Their plumbing sucked--the pipes stank and the hot water never came. The complimentary breakfast was amaze. They helped me book a taxi that took me early AM to Chichén Itzá and took me back when I was done. I paid $1300 pesos and a 20% tip all cash. The driver was willing to take us to cenotes or other detours. But, we were wiped, so we went back to Valladolid and jumped the next ADO to Cancún and back on the R1. In Valladolid, we ate at Restaurante El Atrio del Mayab which I recommend, and was affordable. Valladolid I did not give enough attention, but did some light touring around. The travel drained our energy.
Chichén Itzá was so much more impressive than I expected. It's a massive complex. The crowds did start flowing in rather quickly after 9 am. We wore full coverage clothing, but it was hot, dry and windy and no mosquitoes. Others were dressed much more cavalier. The vendors were everywhere selling the same items. Every nook and corner. The gauntlet to exit was another complex of vendors hovering to make a sale. It's like the Hotel California of tchotchkes. I mean, I did buy some keychains. People never ceased selling stuff wherever we went. They are so motivated to earn a reasonable living that there's nothing which can't be hustled. I've only stepped foot in tourist areas so I can't speak for elsewhere. It's draining and distracting, but I'm not offended. The entire corridor from Cancún to Valladolid, particularly to Chichén was a window into hardship that increased with distance. The outskirts of the City of Cancún peppered with windowless hourly motels and Frankensteined urban lots; people crammed into public transport vans. The closer to Chíchen the more indigenous Mexico you see. Hat stands, sarongs, bins full of mass-produced Mexican themed accoutrements. And someone's abuela washing her laundry in the village trough. All this juxtaposed with nonstop convoys of luxury tour busses filled with mostly westerners. The whole journey gave me pause, and I felt contrite.
I went to la farmacía one day to find my partner cough syrup. Which I did. The pharmacist was so helpful she hands me a menu of other Rx options. She was more than willing to offer me all kind of stuff that is otherwise unobtainable. I declined and thanked her for her service.
I wanted to do a lot more excursions--snorkel; pet a sea turtle; explore a cave; Tulum. Y'all, I could not peel myself from the resort to cram another thing in after the overnight trip. So, we elected to just spend most our time and money at the resort. We did one outing for a sunset dinner at The Lighthouse located in La Isla and I'll never go back to that area or restaurant again. It was a shit show and I don't think I need to get into it. I already left my review.
The journey to getting my US passport renewed cut very close to this trip. I applied Dec. 30th, and received it a week out. So, warning to folks travelling abroad, expect humungous delays in passports this year. It also has me wondering if in 10 years when we're all up for renewal if history doesn't repeat itself?
Hope this helps folks on their planning. Feel free to ask me questions. Many things I would do different; and I would certainly advise a longer stay. Some reviews were truncated for length.
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2023.03.31 18:38 8BitSmashLand Oh dear... Please stay safe if your are in the risk area.

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2023.03.31 16:17 kibbliebear [Live Setlist Thread] Friday , 3/31/23 - 8:30pm CT - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN

Poster: Zeb Love
Official Stream: Nugs.Net
Unofficial Stream: TBD
Tickets: Cash or Trade
Scheduled Start Time: 8:30pm CT (expect closer to 9PM CT)
Set 1 (8:42PM - 10:00PM)
Turbulence & The Night Rays (8)
Dr. Darkness (6)
The Whales (9)
AUATC 1 (7)
Elizabeth (13)
Not Alone (7)
Arrow (27)
Set 2 (10:36PM - 11:41PM)
Hungersite (17)
Feel it Now (12)
Bob Don (6)
Drive (10)
Rosewood Heart (19)
Encore (11:44PM - 11:59PM)
Empress of Organos
Show Notes:
1 Bon Iver
[ ] Flapping them jacks
[🎹] Tickling the ivories
[ ] Bouncing
[🎹 ] Keyboard Warrior
[ ] CLAV
[ ] 2-Guitar Goose
[ ] Time-traveling to the 80s
[ ] Backstage bananas
[ ] Rocking
[ ] Arpeggiating
[ ] Floating
[ ] Hip swangin'
[ ] "Are you freaking kidding me right now?"
[ ] Straight Bird'n
[ ] Channeling evil Goose
[ ] Flipping switches
[ ] Razzle dazzle shoulders
[ ] Entering inter-dimensional travel
[ ] Loving you guys
[ ] Summoning deep space aliens with a mating call
[👸🏻] Crowd Participating
[ ] Wondering whose first Goose show it is
Happy Birthday u/username-checks--out!!!
Venue Info: Click Here
Weather: 70°F, with nasty storms
At the show: via Knoxville x2 via Memphis x3 via Detroit via Charlotte via Nashville via 12S At the show x 2 longest merch line on the planet sec 4 row x Sec 8 inside balcony via Pittsburgh front row of the balcony via Seneca, SC
Couch Tourin': NYC The Garden State Chicago, IL Marina, CA Mad Hatter Table, Bel Air, MD Seattle, WA North Central Mass. Asheville, NC Augusta, GA Albany, NY San Jose, CA Williamsburg, VA Newport Beach, CA South Korea 🇰🇷 White Mountains, NH Dayton, OH with doobies rolled! Knoxville, TN Rochester, NY x2 Columbus, OH Dirty South, NOLA Kona, HI Atlanta with kitty couch hogs Denver, CO the Zoo Baltimore Buffalo, NY Decorah, IA Granite State Milwaukee, WI x2 ATL Burbz Alameda, CA St. Paul, MN Hudson Valley, NY HTX Frederick, MD Camping on the beach in Malibu, CA Winston-Salem, NC SyraGoose, NY x2 Bay Area, CA Albuquerque, NM Cleveland, OH CT Midlothian, Virginia Mt. Shasta, CA Dab City, VT Trenton, NJ SSI, GA Indiana Fredericksburg, TX 603 NH some backroad in TexasIndianapolis x2 Corning NY Richmond, VA x2 Fairfield CT Landaff, NH Arlington, VA Madison, WI x2 chicagooooooooooose Rochester, NY ATL Airport Frederick, Colorado Castle Rock, CO Lodi, NJ Norwich, CT
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2023.03.31 15:13 SmoreOfBabylon Summary of Announced Updates for Patch 6.4 from Today's Live Letter (LL 76)

Here is a summary of the announced upcoming game updates for patch 6.4 from today’s Live Letter (LL 76). Note that this just the Part 1 Live Letter for 6.4; additional information on the upcoming patch will be shown in a Part 2 Live Letter closer to 6.4's launch. There are a few light spoilers relating to EW story content below, which I’ve tagged as such.
The information below is complied mainly from the FFXIV Discord's translation channel coverage of the event. In addition to coverage of LLs, they do translations of media interviews as well as for Q&As, special guest interviews, and other live events with the developers. Check it out!
Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne
Gameplay Updates
Coming in Patch 6.4/6.41 (~ late May)
Coming in Patch 6.45 (approx. 8 weeks after 6.4)
Duty Support Updates
Island Sanctuaries Updates
Other Information
If you notice that I left out anything major, please let me know!
Edit: an exact launch date for 6.4 was not announced and probably won’t be for some time, but late May is the timeframe we’re looking at, so I added that above
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