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Manga Swap: Buy, Sell, Trade.

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2013.01.17 02:45 _slumba_ I'm Saving Up For This

Stuff you've wanted for awhile, but haven't had the money to buy.

2013.04.27 19:51 Coloneljesus Luxuries that are worth it

Most luxuries in life are expensive for what they bring in usefulness. This subreddit is for those few things that are not necessary but make life so much better.

2023.06.08 09:49 Vauide No context

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2023.06.08 09:48 hellonaroof Vit D and iron supplements feel like a miracle

tl;dr - feeling wiped out? Brain fog? Mental health in the shitter? Why yes, "hello ADHD". But also maybe Vit D, iron deficiencies, or sleep apnea. My psych says are all common in people with ADHD and all make the symptoms much worse. So get tested if you can (and ask for detailed tests re iron).
Here's the longer version, in case it helps you see any symptoms or patterns that might be relevant to you.
1. The meh doctor
Last year, I ended up in hospital with suspected heart issues and my ECG was funky when they checked me out. The cardiologist at the hospital couldn't find anything wrong. I was terrified it was the ADHD medication, so stopped.
It turned out my GP - despite having the results of a blood test - hadn't noticed that my iron was low and I was anaemic.
I got iron tablets and felt a little better. After a month, the same doctor gave me another blood test and told me I was fine. No anemia.
But I was feeling really rubbish still. I went through months of feeling generally wiped out. Symptoms included:
Ridiculously (and I'll get into this below) - only the last two items on that list prompted me to do anything about it!
2. The great doctor
I switched doctor, and she looked at the blood test results from my previous doc and said "he's not tested you for the things we need to know" and sent me for another, more thorough, test.
It turned out the iron deficiency wasn't showing up in the basic haemoglobin tests. About 15 of the results looked normal, but one was extremely low. I also had a Vit D deficiency.
After just a few days of supplements I felt like a different person. After a couple of weeks, I feel more positive and energetic than I have in ages.
(She also told me I need to take them for at least 3 months to properly sort things, btw - hence why the first iron supplements hadn't fixed things.)
3. The great psychiatrist (and the ADHD-relevant bit)
I've moved country and so I need to get my ADHD rediagnosed so I can get medications. A few days after starting supplements I happened to have a call with a new - and bloomin' fabulous - psychiatrist.
The stuff above came out when discussing my health history and she smiled at me like a proud teacher, saying "It's great you've found this out. I would have asked you to get checked as these deficiencies are incredibly common in people who have ADHD."
We also talked about my sleep patterns and she's asked me to get a sleep apnea assessment too. I'm raring to go as I'm pretty sure I do get sleep apnea.
She said these health issues are all common in ADHD folk, and can severely worsen our symptoms. And all have fairly simple tests and fixes.
4. The Catch-22 of it all - and a call to action
My experience here obviously won't be universal.
But I reckon a lot of us are so used to brain fog, lethargy, poor mental health etc that we're desensitised to it.
Someone who doesn't have ADHD might notice that there was a physical issue far sooner, whereas I only really took notice that something might be wrong when I struggled to move my fingers and I couldn't open my mouth to eat without the corners cracking.
I know we're not great at appointments and all the follow ups, but if you can get yourself check out you might just be able to give yourself a little power up that will give you +10 strength to deal with the day-to-day.
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2023.06.08 09:47 tribal_learner FUTURE Buy and Sell - Difference in rates

FUTURE Buy and Sell - Difference in rates

So, this morning was checking to see specific scrips and TVS caught my attention. Took a long position on the Future. Within a few minutes, the price increased by a few rupees and decided to close the long position (squared-off with a sell).
The Order book shows below rates (1316.75 on BUY & 1320.75 on SELL):

from order book
Seeing the difference in the rates (1320.75 - 1316.75 = 4), I figured I'll get 4 x 700 = INR 2800 (lot size for TVS is 700) & accounting for the charges/fees, it should still be above INR 2000.

Whereas portfolio-details shows different rates:

from portfolio
There is a difference of INR 1.45 (1.05 on the BUY & 0.40 on the SELL) in the rates. And over & above this, the brokerage / fees / charges will apply. So the difference between BUY & SELL is reduced to just INR 2.55 (which is only INR 1785, for lot size 700) and from this amount further charges / fees to be deducted.
I don't understand how the rates are shown differently and how the charges / fees are applied over & above the rate differences. Has anyone faced something similar? Any ideas on why this is so?
FWIW - the broker / app being used: The most atrocious and disgusting that has ever existed since time immemorial - ic!c!-d1r3ct.
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2023.06.08 09:47 _sbuddy Aita for breasting boobily around the house?

so l 24f like to walk around the house wearing booty shorts that are too small for me and of course no panties and no bra (and trust me, it is very obvious when l'm not wearing a bra lmao).
l know what you're thinking, "how could a young attractive woman ever be the asshole for wearing skimpy clothing?" well here's the thing: my brother's girlfriend, who is fat (🤮) sometimes comes to visit.
l know what you're thinking, "why don't you buy comfortable clothes that fit" well you see when l was young l was cursed by a witch and now every pair of pants l put on turns into undersized booty shorts that cost $50. she cursed me because l made fun of her looks but l don't think it was my fault because she shouldn't have been listening to my private conversation, no matter how loudly l was talking.
l know what you're thinking, "why not wear a bra?" well l can tell from that question that you must have small breasts. for large-breasted women like me it is actually very unhealthy to wear a bra all the time.
anyway l don't think l'm the asshole because l make sure to always close the door to my parents' bedroom when l walk past so that my husband who lives in another country doesn't have to see them doing the nasty.
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2023.06.08 09:47 CranberryLarge7094 I'm Exhausted of my Family

My siblings and I moved into a house together, and it started great - until I had an accident and couldn't walk for like a year. It still hurts to walk but I powered through it to get a job.
It's been a year since then, and our house is about to get foreclosed on because my oldest sibling quit their well paying job (I get it, it was a terrible job but it paid well) and they refused to get a job for a whole month.
My little sibling won't get a job no matter what I do. I have begged, pleased, and cried to them over it. The most they have done is 3 days at one place before they quit.
The other person that moved in isn't family, but they pay some of the bills- the issue is they are horrible to me and my little sibling. They berate us all the time, and at one point tried to kick me out of my own house- that their name isn't on. They are loud, and rude, and stomp everywhere all the time in the house. They are literally stomping or yelling on call at all hours, ignoring anyone who asks them to stop or be quiet.
I recently got a new job, and I'm hoping to get as many hours as I can, but it's hard when I have issues walking. I don't get the sleep I need either for work because of the loud roommate, but they and my older brother are so close kicking them out isn't an option (my brother's name is also on the mortgage).
We barely have food in the house because my siblings buy bullshit all the time- like expensive ramen that they are only allowed to have, or things the rest of the house hates. When I buy food (which ive been struggling with because of the other bills) they get mad because I don't buy their expensive crap. I don't have a lot of money and I try to stretch it as far as I can, but it's hard. I actually have credit card debt because I had to buy them food, and didn't have the money for it.
I'm trying to apply for food stamps but I'm struggling to remember to do it, and I have to do it with my siblings to make sure everything is right- but they never seem to have time.
Today they bought fast food after I asked them to get some groceries, telling them I'd pay them back. I went hungry today because I could only manage to scrape together enough food for my little sibling.
I just don't know what to do, and I feel like I'm at a breaking point. Everything hurts so bad, and when I come home from work and I work my ass off to cook and clean when I can. I feel like I'm losing my mind, and I've been trying to keep this dysfunctional family together and keep them from fighting but nothing I do ever feels like enough.
I don't know if I'm being dramatic or an asshole or what, but I feel like I'm going crazy.
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2023.06.08 09:47 HanaShampoo I think being a menopausal baby ruined my life

As a child, I was always afraid just for being born so late. I grew up with my grandparents and only saw my parents during the early mornings before they go to work and at night when everyone's about to sleep so my parents and I weren't really close. The most I was close to was my grandfather. He was the goat. He'd teach me math but it was always wrong so I'd get scolded by my teacher, to which my grandad would respond "no it's not, your teacher is wrong!" which I think is really funny. And I'd always bother him in the mornings while he's drinking coffee, then I'd bother him again before he sleeps just because I got a lot of energy lol. After a while, however, he got really sick so my mother would always tell me not to bother him anymore.
After my grandfather died, I began to realize the situation I was born in: I was surrounded by old people and began to fear that everyone was gonna die and I'd have to witness it all happen. Luckily, I was easily distracted as a child so I eventually forgot about that fear, until covid happened and killed many of my older relatives.
Now, I never had a good relationship with those relatives. Most of my memories with them were pretty bad but it doesn't change the fact that I grew up with them. Our house always felt way too small because of how many relatives we had to share it with (and I get it. It was my grandmother's. It's none of my business if she wants to keep her children close) but now it feels empty and I don't know what to do. My parents are more present now after their retirement but I can't say I'm happy about it. They failed to protect me while growing up, they never believed in me, but now they expect me to take care of them because they're old? Man what a joke. Sure, I'm greatful for them for providing for me, but it's not like they took care of me either. They didn't even believe me when I was being bullied and just assumed I was a problem child! I had to endure that shit for years until they finally decided I should transfer. Why did they even keep me if they didn't want to take care of me? Sometimes I start to wonder if I was just an accident lol but it doesn't really matter now, does it?
I wanna leave this house so bad but I feel guilty about it now since I'm afraid what will happen if I leave. What if they die while I'm gone y'know? But if I stay, I don't think I can handle seeing another person die. I've been trying to get a job for some time now so I can at least provide for them but I just keep getting rejected. It doesn't really help that my mom always say I'm not putting an effort, while my dad, who is still barely home, don't think I'm capable of doing anything by myself. Now I'm even more pressured since I'll be graduating next month and I still don't got a job to repay them before they die on me too. Man I got unlucky bigtime.
Tldr: I hate my parents but I feel bad about it because they're old.
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2023.06.08 09:46 timmeh129 How do I (29 M) tell my GF (27 F) she is bad with money?

So we are together for more than 4 years, and during all that time my GF is making significantly less money than me (like, for a long time it was half the money I make). And I'm not even making that much, maybe an average pay for where I live. Because of this for these past years I wasn't really able to be financially stable, so to say, because it was always like "please buy me a coffee" or "please give me gas money" or "please give me 10$ for something", for a long time I also had to carry a bigger part of food spendings (we live together), so every month I'm down to square one, with almost no savings and nothing even bought for myself. I don't really need lots of stuff, but damn, I want to treat myself once in a while.
With time I developed a system for us to spent only a fixed amount of money on groceries and it was really working. So I am more or less aware of my incomes and spendings, but still she was regularly asking for money here and there. Recently she got a good new job which pays more (still less than I make but with short term prospects of making more than me), and I was kind of relieved, so we planned to move to a better (and more expensive) apartment, I managed to save up some money in the past few months and I was planning to buy some nice shit for myself and for the new apartment (where we live together, mind you). But here comes the moving day (right in the beginning of a new month so she got her paycheck like 1-2 weeks ago) and she says she has no money again, so I had to pay almost my full monthly pay for the rent, advance and all that shit. Keep in mind, we were talking about moving and actively looking for an apartment for a month minimum, so she was aware that we were going to move and pay that much money at once. So now she owes me half of her paycheck as well, so next month she's gonna be broke again. So the cycle continues.
If at this point you might have thoughts that she buys something in secret, like drugs or booze or whatever, but no, I can assure you.
That said, she never holds back in spending money not even for herself, but for everyone else. Like, we are going for a dinner to my parents, she buys candy for the kids, wine for mom, groceries to cook something for them. Sometimes she even buys something for me, something I don't necessarily need.
Every time I start even a remote conversation about the dinero, not even insinuating that she is broke again and I have to carry us through with rent and shit, she just gets pissed at me and says something like "you always tell me how stupid I am with my money". We had one of these conversations yesterday and it was the same thing. After all these years she says that she tries to keep it together with her spendings, but for the love of god I can't see it.
Fuck man, I'm really close to breaking up with her just over this, I love her, but I want to buy shit for myself and just feel stable once for 4 years of this and not grab money from my savings account (which is fucking miserable as is) just to get by.
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2023.06.08 09:46 inquisitor-author Some context on dev bias against Iris and Sardegna

If any of you have been keeping up with the recent drama surrounding the soon to end current event, one is rather likely to have stumbled upon accusation that the devs has rather consistently shafted Iris and Sardegna as factions.
Now, I grew up in mainland china and is as of now in touch with some mainland chinese online communities, so i was thinking that i could perhaps offer some context to why the devs could have bias against these two factions.
What i have noted is that in popular chinese history circles, especially ones concerned with the 20th century, france and italy are quite widely a mix of ignored and ridiculed, heck one of the first things i was introduced to when i first started engaging in cursory studies of ww2 history back when i was kid and before i moved out of mainland china is the joke of "if italy was our enemy, we can conquer them with five divisions, if they were neutral we can intimidate them with 10, but now they're on our side and we have to protect them with 20!" (its an unfortunately common joke in chinese pop history circles...) And there is straight up a dedicated term in chinese internet vocabulary for memes/jokes/content making fun of french military performance.
However all of this pales in front of, and is perhaps arguably caused by one core issue, and that is that just like many countries (most notoriously america) The focus of chinese history had always been on things that are most relevant to its own experiences, especially the century of humiliation. And during the century of humiliation as well as the chinese perspective during the world wars and the interwar period, five countries stand out as the most saliently involved in china's fate and events: Britain (opium wars, hong kong, burning the summer palace), Germany (Tsingtau lease which most famously led to the introduction of tsingtau beer which pretty much every chinese know about, the dingyuan class iron clads of first sino japanese war fame being built in germany, interwar sino german military cooperation with the KMT army adopting the stahlhelm, etc etc) Japan (no explaination needed) America (China's greatest and most relevant modern day rival) and russia (ceding of outer manchuria, influence over manchuria, etc etc). And thus knowledge about these five countries would be prioritized in education in china which explains the lack of pushback in chinese history circles against the excessive ridicule against france and italy which most chinese pop history fans likely know little about beyond napoleon (chinese pop history fans love that guy compared to the rest of french history) due to their involvement in china's most recent, most relevant and most painful history being far less than the five aforementioned nations, which also by chance happen to be the four main factions and a minor faction whose story position punch significantly above their irl abilities!
All of this of course don't justify the handleling of the situation by the devs as they have large international market and should've known better, but they are at the end of the day a mainland chinese company and thus are not immune to biases in chinese education and perception of history, and this could potentially offer some context as to why the devs are treating iris and sardegna like this. However i absolutely agree with those who say that the IB paperships are getting too much, given the strong position the devs decided to give the ironblood in the story, I believe they really should heavily expand into incorporating the SMS into the ironblood ship roster instead of adding more and more fake ships (Royal fortune set the sailboat precedent, give me the SMS Seeadler already reeeeeeee!)
Sorry if this piece of chinasplaining is overly long and rambly, I just wanted to offer some potential insight and context, and i wrote this late at night where im at after having just scrolled through a bunch of stuff about the recent drama as well as some rather weird takes on shipgirl personalities.
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2023.06.08 09:46 Wadeplay Should i buy MHR (without DLC) ?

Me and my friends want to play monster hunter rise since it's capcom publisher sale, but the DLC Sunbreak is pretty expensive even with a discount (almost $35) while the base only $18 does the content worth the price? i mean we could try buy sunbreak later on so we are not in rush to playthrough all to endgame.
But does sunbreak also bring something new like iceborne DLC? i mean world without iceborne is pretty much incomplete (at least for me) but when they implement new gameplay from iceborne and new various monster it did bring something joy to play with others.
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2023.06.08 09:46 Emergency_Mind1756 Am I wrong for not leaving a gate code that doesn’t exist?

I live in an apartment complex that is gated, but does not have a guest or visitor code to enter. It only opens when you have a special sticker stuck to your windshield, or a resident with the app and a special code opens it manually. I am obviously aware and cautious of this when ordering anything via DD, Amazon, etc. To preface, I do not order in food very often. I just find it’s obviously not as good of quality and it’s much more expensive. I work 12-18 hour shifts, as does my husband now days, so we have been ordering in more. At least enough I opted to just get the monthly subscription. Since just entering the gate in my community is difficult enough, I am extremely thorough in my drop off instructions, copy and pasted it reads: “gate does not auto open. I will open gate for you, if it does not open within 10 seconds press #111 on keypad and it will open for emergency. Enter through right gate and it will be the first building to the left, second unit on second floor:” this is including unit number and building number, I just didn’t want to add for privacy reasons here. I’ve only had 1 dasher leave it at the wrong unit, but it was close by and my neighbors are kind and alerted me my food was dropped to them. Today, I did my usual and the girl called me to let me know the gate wasn’t opening. I had opened the gate via app but she said only the left gate would open and not the right like my instructions said. I told her I would be right down to grab the food so she wouldn’t have to pull an obnoxious u-turn and I felt bad she was just stuck at the entrance with no way in. she said “this isn’t worth $4 tbh.” And she left my food at the entrance. I was down in 30 seconds and she was still in the driveway, waiting to pull out. I just grabbed my food, left her the tip but gave her a 1 star rating. she messaged me furious saying it was my fault for not being thorough enough. I just want to know for future, was I in the wrong? I don’t want to be the difficult customer and want to avoid this again if I can. Thank you for any help and honest feedback!
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2023.06.08 09:46 Zikari82 Why are there no PSVR2 demo systems in Sony Stores or other Retailers?

While the actual sales numbers are a point of debate, likely Sony would have hoped for PSVR2 making a bigger splash than it did. In my opinion they are making the same grave go-to-market mistake most other VR hardware producers make: there are no or next to no trial options!
Think about it, there are dozens of stores in my city where I can buy a PSVR2 unit, from tech retailers, to game shops or official Sony stores, but none where I can actually try the thing before making a purchase decision. My only hands on experience with PSVR was an insurance roadshow where they had a PSVR1 system for kids to try Driveclub, I played for 10 minutes and had a headache the rest of the day. Now can I afort a PSVR2 without much thought sure, would I commit to that purchase without an extensive hands-on session, absolutely not. Samsung absolutely stiffed each of there stores with Galaxy Gear demo points a couple of years back when they releases this little gadget and I'm sure we will see Apple Vision being available in most Apple stores around release for hands-on. Why is Sony not doing this?
If Sony was serious about selling more PSVR2 units they should make sure their own stores have demo systems, partner with big gaming retailers to put demo systems in Gamestop and so on. VR has to be sold as an experience, no amount of youtube videos showcase, product reviews, high-gloss ads or tech specs can shift units here, potential consumers need to be able to try it. Sure, there is a chance people will decide it is not for them and avoid a purchase, but on the other hand, at least for myself, I can say without trying it there is zero chance I will purchase any VR system.
Question to the PSVPSVR2 owners, did you had the chance to try before you decided to purchase?

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2023.06.08 09:46 sunnylalisa What undesirable traits are you guys attracted to?

I'm curious if a couple of you guys are attracted to specific characteristics that are generally disliked.
Here goes my list:
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2023.06.08 09:45 ZClaab Why is the YaG 10 so good?

Just to put this out there i am NOT complaining i fucking love the YaG 10 and its my favorite vehicle in the game so far. But holy shit it is good even though it only has a 76mm barrel and OK rounds, it will literally rip any tank in half even in lobbies that are like 2-3 br higher. Why is this? because no other tank ive played is capable of just destroying a lobby like the YaG except for maybe the SPJ and the lbvbt AA thing in swedish tree (the only other nation ive played) and talk about reload speed, the YaG reload is what 6 seconds? the only problem i seem to have is it is MGS blowing up the AMMO (is there a way i can chose where i want the ammo to go? because it always goes to the back when i want it to be behind the driver). I LOVE THE YaG!!!!!
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2023.06.08 09:45 souravghosh Membership or Subscription: Which Model Drives Success for Your Shopify Store?

The subscription economy has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, but there are indications of a slowdown on the horizon.
As per a recent report, 40% of consumers feel overwhelmed with multiple subscriptions, and subscription-based e-commerce is projected to have its slowest growth year in 2023.
However, brands are not backing down. They are placing their bets on the subscription model by introducing paid memberships that offer exclusive perks to subscribers.
Think about Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping, Netflix’s vast library of movies and TV shows, or Spotify Premium’s ad-free music streaming experience.
“But why should a DTC brand like mine care about Netflix or Spotify subscriptions?” you may ask.
According to Christopher George, CEO of SUBTA’s annual conference SubSummit, “The competition has now transcended verticals. Today, brands are vying for consumers’ share of wallet. So, if you’re in the beauty industry, you’re competing with Netflix, for example.”
Paid memberships can play a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty and generating recurring revenue for brands.
However, it is crucial to offer valuable benefits that justify the cost. Otherwise, customers may hesitate to sign up.
Here are some tips to create a successful paid membership program for your Shopify store:
🔸 Provide exclusive benefits that hold significance for your target audience. 🔸 Ensure that the cost of membership is affordable and competitive. 🔸 Make the sign-up and cancellation process hassle-free. 🔸 Offer exceptional customer service to enhance the overall experience.
By implementing these strategies, you can pave the way for a thriving paid membership program that adds value to your business.
While the subscription economy continues to evolve, it is essential for brands to adapt to the changing landscape.
Paid memberships present a remarkable opportunity to cultivate loyalty and generate recurring revenue.
To learn more, check out the insightful article “With Consumers Awash in Subscriptions, Brands Set Sights on Paid Membership” by Retail Touch Points.
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2023.06.08 09:45 Shyshon_ Why does my PS4/DS4 controller not work on every PS3 game?

I’m assuming that some games are just not compatible with DS4 controllers but I don’t see why that would be a thing. I am trying to play Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus with a DS4 controller but the game doesn’t recognize it. However as soon as I go to the PS3 home menu everything is fine and the controller works perfectly. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is a PS2 port so maybe that is why. I still don’t see why this problem exists but if anybody has an explanation or a fix that would be appreciated 🙏
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2023.06.08 09:45 HerbalMancer Hopefully the next class has a healing/buff line that allows support.

Am I wrong in thinking that Diablo seems to be balancing the game around PvP? Why else would we have to pay for talents, classes being nerfed into the ground, and gear becoming obsolete every 5 levels? The damage sponge potential of basic creatures and elites has me bored. At least make them have harder mechanics, so I can have some fun while my cooldown are recharging.
This led me to the idea of a support class, or at least a skill line devoted to support.
The next class may be a paladin(demonic or holy) and they could easily include this feature. I could just buff, shield, and heal my party while they engage the minions. That's really it. I just get tired of popping all of my skills and not killing creatures. Switching it up and being support oriented could fix that fatigue for me. The combat isn't hard, its just boring at times.
Currently level 45, felt OP until around 40, and now everything is just so tank. My rotation has become bland and underpowered now.
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2023.06.08 09:45 endersai Rule 3 - rule update coming and some clarifications

Hi Auspol users
We're going to be rolling out revised R3 and R4 wording shortly. The intent was to move away from a difficult-to-enforce rule 4 on downvoting content, and shift emphasis to post and comment quality.
/AustralianPolitics is a discussion forum, and it says as much in the sidebar, when describing the point of the community. A discussion involves conversing on a matter to facilitate an exchange of ideas. Rule 3 therefore can be seen as a means to help hold the sub to a slightly higher than average standard.
As a result, we generally frown on comments that are clearly low effort. This is, of course, subjective but the litmus test I use is; is the user actually trying to engage in the topic? Or are they just saying stuff so they can be seen to be saying stuff.
Right now the standout Rule 3 is of course, people commenting in threads about articles they have not and will not read.
There are some misconceptions so ahead of launch I wanted to clarify a few points via an imaginary Q&A type session:
Insisting on quality means every post is an essay
It actually doesn't, and this is why we go to lengths to inform users who suggest this that the emphasis is on quality not quantity. A one sentence comment can be R3 compliant, and a 2 paragraph comment can be pure soapboxing and in breach of R3.
It's trying to determine what we can and can't think as users
Again, no it's not. People are allowed to be wrong (note: I said people, so Nazis don't get this leeway). We don't have Group Think or Correct Thinking enabled. With minor exceptions, like the Higgins/Lehrmann matter, we let you have an incredibly wide range of topics on the table and views across the spectrum. Where we don't, it's because of wider and often site-wide factors that compel us to limit the conversation rather than allow it.
It's not what you think about a topic. It's how you engage with it.
Every person that's accused us of political bias or curating viewpoints has done so because their low effort comment got removed and they ignored the removal message to instead think it's censorship on their beliefs.
It ends up removing more left-leaning comments than right
Perhaps, but not by design. Auspol is probably 80%+ left leaning. In a perfectly statistically represented sample of 10 removed complaints, 8 would be left and 2, right. This is proportional to subreddit representation, and not out of any particular allegiance to any party or parties.
It stifles the sub
I would challenge any assumptions around this, by stating that without it the sub would have massive quality issues and as a result, significantly more Rule 1 issues as people got more frustrated with lazy posters.

I cannot stress enough that we don't have any desire to control (or even much of a care) what you believe. We do expect that you put an effort in around engagement and conversation. It's not about wordcount - though my favourite thing is seeing people have an automod-removed comment repost it with "adding more words so it doesn't get removed", like that'll fool us - it's about the ability of a post or comment to facilitate a discussion beyond itself.
The rules will be shared in a day or two, but ahead of them, opening the floor to commentary on Rule 3.
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2023.06.08 09:45 social__sole 📣 NEW: Events in Mapmelon!

📣 NEW: Events in Mapmelon!
We know the struggle of being in a place and realizing that there was an amazing nomad event in the city next to you and you miss it... That’s why we added Events to Mapmelon!
Now you can check the Events of the Nomad and Coliving Community in Mapmelon. Pop Up Colivings, Nomad Festivals, Conferences, Yoga Retreats, etc. Find any event related to the Nomad Community in one place!
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2023.06.08 09:45 _DrNobody_ r/conspiracy claims the Jews orchestrated the killing of RFK and JFK. Multiple highly upvoted comments allege that the Jews control the world economy and government, also featuring Holocaust Denial!

And only the most vile and antisemitic comments that border on Stormfront-level discourse have been removed.
Which proves that they only moderate the bare fucking minimum to appear like they're not hateful bigots by only getting rid of the blatantly obvious shit while leaving behind the dogwhistle comments. However, checking ceddit/reveddit will reveal dozens of extremely vile comments.
That subreddit doesn't ban Nazis. They only hide them in the closet and tell them not to be overt about their views so that they don't get caught by the admins or the media. They've been doing this shit since the founding of Reddit, and they will never stop.
In fact, the moderators of r-conspiracy only scrubbed the comments of that post after r-AntiSemitismInReddit called it out, only further proving my point- they only moderate to save face, and nothing else.
In my opinion, that's fucking vile. Millions of brave people around the world put down their lives to end the Nazi war machine - they must be horrified knowing what kinds of people their children have become. It sickens me to no end.
Archive link:
I looked through the comments a second time after mentally readying myself. There's Holocaust denial and people screeching about anti-hate speech laws and antisemitism laws, and one person quotes that nazi pedophile (you know exactly what quote I'm talking about).
This is the most upvoted comment in the entire post:
Shocker: the Rothschild funded and esoterically established political zionist State of Israel caused the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, 9/11 and a litany of other conspiracies not accepted by the mainstream. Almost as if... as if Israel fits into a grand religious conspiracy to bring about Daniel's final world kingdom under the guise of "democracy"
Jeez, calm down. You don't need to hide "da joos" behind a million different dogwhistles. We get it.
If you talk about a certain group of people that definitely doesn't start with a J, you get into trouble
I'm talking about the Jews right now. Am I in trouble? No. We have a problem with hate.
Out of any nation they would do anything to arm themselves after being slaughtered. I do not blame them entirely. ( downvotes poor on in for mis interpreting it as supporting murder). Isreal sent in a group to South America and kidnapped a former ss officer to have them stand trial. It was a major controversy at the time. This also lead to the exposure that the US gov was employing former ss officers. There was a lot of valuable information and advances that could come from them. The Soviet Union did the exact same thing as well.
Should mention the programs hiring former ss officers was largely shut down as there was a growing concern for them to be working against the nations that hired them.
Hey dumbasses. Knowlede is power. PROVE MY FUCKING ASS WRONG.
Reasonable comment, yet it was voted to the bottom of the page. Here's the most upvoted reply:
downvotes poor on in for mis interpreting it as supporting murder
Nah, I downvoted because of this part
after being slaughtered
Literal fucking holocaust denial.
Here's some other Valuable Discussion:
You can demonise the Chinese, you can badmouth the Russians, you can question the Mongolian basket weavers, you can even pillory white people til the cows come home, but you can't... (insert something here), or you'll get reported and suspended.
Never surprises me. They are the real puppet masters. Antisemitism laws are placed to protect them being exposed.
Ah, the typical "JeWs CoNtRoL tHe WoRlD" narrative. This shit has been proven false since 1910. Boo-hoo, get better material. You've never moved on from Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
And for the record, people who spout "anti-white racism" get banned at a higher rate than people who post racism and antisemitism online. If anything, that's the real conspiracy. But they never talk about that, do they? Yawn these people are absolute fucking tools.
What a Cohencidence
G-Get it? Cohen's a Jewish name, hahaha aha! Why aren't you laughing?
Ah, I can't wait until the day that r-conspiracy finally gets the ban hammer.
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2023.06.08 09:45 IceObvious2773 Why do people always assume you’re the same as you were when they last saw you?

I hate it when I run into people from high school and they assume I’m the same person I was when I was 15. I’m in my 30s…..why would I still be doing the adult equivalent of skipping school by not working, etc?
I don’t get it. This chick I just ran into was like “so I’m guessing you’re not working. You never came to school”
B*t(#, what the fuck? How do you think I survived all this time? Yeah, I just pulled a car out of my arse and drove it to the supermarket, where I pulled more money out of my arse to buy groceries. I don’t assume you are still chewing your hair on the back of the bus. Do I LOOK the same? Jesus Christ. And for the record, I didn’t go to school because I was goddamn HOMELESS with the rest of my family and we were too busy moving every 3 days.
The audacity of this cow, I swear
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2023.06.08 09:45 ProteinFarts123 Found pricing for a DMARC vendor which are pushed by Microsoft, and it is disgusting.

Been evaluating DMARC recently, and I couldn't find much information to help guide me when comparing options. So I tried to write down my thoughts in a way I would have found useful. I hope someone on here gets a bit of value out of it.
A few observations is that there is a huge disparity between bottom range vendors and top range vendors in terms of price, and that there is a corresponding disparity in terms of tool functionality and Trust-center maturity. Top tier vendors offer some cool functions, but the increase in price was hardly worth it.
Common DMARC vendor problems
Common problems among nearly all DMARC vendors we spoke to (with 1 exception) was that they all had a hard time giving us a fixed quote, claiming that they needed to run a PoC/Trial to analyze our volumes before being able to quote us. A few would provide gross estimates for us. I got a bit grossed out, because it felt like the sales reps we met with were trying to gauge how much money they'd be leaving on the table.
Bottom Tier DMARC vendor problems
The bottom tier were sketchy in terms of where support is located, where data is processed (issue especially if we collect Forensic reports) and had a difficult time answering questions on the robustness and maturity of their organizational/technical controls for whatever certifications they held. They also provided low-usability UI:s and underwhelming project management features.
One of the vendors even suggested we spin up 2 instances of their platform to manage active/inactive domains separately. I assume sales person was either a) incompetent or b) thought we had just jumped off the bus from Jokkmokk or c) the tool was horrendous.
Another consideration was that these vendors were mostly in start-up mode, and really pushed their logo-slides, indicating to me that they are desperately accumulating corporate value to become attractive acquisition targets. God forbid they'd be purchased by like DarkTrace or something.
I did a bit of quick and dirty math, and couldn't see how they were running sustainable business models. When they described their headcounts and I looked at the revenue generated with an average across their entire "we have this many customers" slide. Especially since a few of the logos these guys said were 'customers' are actually using their freemium/trial to monitor (checked with contacts at company's who were part of the logo-slides.).
These vendors cost next to nothing, but introduce a level of risk I was not happy with.
Top Tier DMARC Vendor problems
3 of the vendors we looked at fit into this category, and the prices were absolutely outrageous. As in +30x higher prices. Than the other vendors. 2 of these were more forthcoming about price estimates, and the last one did the thing where the sales rep was really shady about the pricing so we finally had enough (I found their price list through google dorks and nearly puked).
However, the 2 vendors who were more forthcoming about their prices advised us that there is a mandatory Managed Service tacked onto the DMARC tool. The managed service sounded nice (bi-weekly/monthly project calls with a consultant from their side, effectively brining our time investment down by from ~6-8h / week to ~1-4h / week, which is helpful due to backlog). But we would be unable to unsubscribe from the managed service even after achieving p=reject and just monitoring.
The vendor who's prices nearly made me puke literally had 1 unique selling point compared to peers. The ability to generate DKIM keys through their console. Helpful, sure. But it absolutely does not merit a 2x higher price than the other 2 Top Tiers. The issue I have here is that this was the vendor pushed by Microsoft, and it really got under my skin that the sales rep almost took it for granted that the business was theirs because of the recommendation by MSFT. It made me wonder how many deals these guys get for outrageous price points by buyers who don't know any better.
These vendors cost a bunch, but offer the level of risk I am OK with introducing
What did we end up doing?
One of the vendors who didn't fit into either Top Tier or Low Tier fulfilled our criteria;
  1. Mature trust-center backed by good contracts, DPA:s ISO-certs and SOC-II etc. Sales rep and Engineer could speak towards various elements and were happy to make introductions to their CISO:s direct reports for more information.
  2. Price point was in-between Top tier & Bottom Tier.
  3. Price transparency and Predictability (They could provide prices based on # active domains + number of employees, irrespective of email volumes & sending services)
  4. Managed service portion could be removed upon renewal (once every 12 months) and the price effectively goes down by 50%.
  5. The sales rep was slightly less sleazy, but maybe that was because their licensing model was simpler? He was also transparent when we asked about recent negative feedback about their support.
  6. UI is decent & Integrated project management section so that tasks created in other sections of the console are populated into the project management time-line and assigned to an owner.
  1. I don't want to break any policy here. So won't post a link to the price-list I found via dorks. I found it on a publicly facing governmental digital market place, published by one of the vendor's partners. Example:
    1. 3-10 Domains + <5 Sending Services scales from £17.5K / year up to 3-10 Domains + <27 Sending services for £100K / Year. And god help you if you have +50 domains.
  2. Don't want to mention which vendor we went with in the end. But we got 25 Domains + Unlimited volume + unlimited sending services for ~ €12K / year.
    1. As a comparison this is 10x the price of the Low-tier vendors, and 35% of the price of the most expensive vendor (when accounting for our number of sending sources, email volume and domains)
    2. Year 1 we added on Manage Services to help with our backlog, which we plan on cutting away once p=reject can be safely activated (expected time frame ~6 months -- Which realistically means ~8 months). At this point our annual bill goes down from €18K to €12K / Year.
  3. A key consideration that I found tricky before finding the vendor we went with, was trying to forecast expected email volumes since the company is planning on entering new markets, with big marketing pushes. We could have woken up one day and gotten a "true-up" call with up-to a 6x license price increase if our outbound volumes exceeded 2.5million emails. (I don't see that happening anytime soon, but I'd hate to forget about this as the company grows).
  4. Getting approval for the spend was done together with marketing, and we split it 50/50. We basically asked our CMO-lite what would happen if their marketing emails went to junk-folders or were rejected outright because one of their marketing services was unaccounted for.
    1. Convo went something like:
      1. "What's your worst-case projection for this initiative?"
      2. "It's x% of target"
      3. "Okey, does that worst-case projection account for if your email marketing ends up in junk folders?"
      4. "Ye... erhh.. end up in junk folders...?"
      5. (Marketing now has a vested interest in being open about the crap they use/want to get, and CMO-lite has raised this twice with her team so far).
Sorry for any spelling/grammar issues, guys. English =/= first language. Some of the information here could be inconsistent between territories/markets. Hope someone finds it helpful.
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2023.06.08 09:44 Significant_Step6388 Why people are so rude !!!!

So this is the story when I was 15 years old. I was in 10th standard and I used to have a crush on a girl. She was really pretty. And I used to look at her every time. I wanted to talk to her but I didn’t have the courage to go and talk to her. So 2-3months passed by and I didn’t tell anyone that I have a crush on her because you know when you tell your friends this kind of thing they starts doing stupid things like screaming your name in front of her etc. But one day one of my class mate get to knows that I have a crush on her. And this classmate of mine knows my crush he used to talk to her. So he said to me that bro I will talk to her about you. And I said that no bro leave i. It is just a crush I will get over it after some time [ I WAS LYING]. But somehow he convinced me and I thought what the worst thing she can say to me is [NO] . So I said to my friend go and talk to her and he talked to her and he said that she wants to talk to you and I said ok. So at the end of the day whole school was gathered in the hall for some announcement and I was standing 2 or 3 places behind her. And I heard my friend saying to her that he is the guy I was talking about him [referring to me]. And she looked at me and said to me “HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR FACE, YOU UGLY PIECE OF SHIT, I WILL HIT YOUR FACE WITH MY SHOE IF YOUR EVER LOOKED AT ME AGAIN” And children started laughing. I can’t tell you how I felt that day. My eyes started to fill with tears somehow I managed not to cry .but when I reached home I cried my heart out. I could not forget about that day till now. I am[ 22 NOW] and still whenever I think about this my eyes starts to fill with tears and I start feeling low.
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