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2023.04.01 10:41 LittleFlyingDutchGrl 13th baby with x a e l in their name.

13th baby with x a e l in their name.
I haven't seen this one here yet. They were done having kids but still got another one.
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2023.04.01 10:41 BossOnly273 Stress is making me lose touch with reality

25 Male diagnosed with Autism, Bipolar 2, GAD, ADHD, and Tourette’s
Meds haven’t needed changed in 7 years. Recent tragic events triggered a depression episode. It’s not what I ever typically have.
Time moves fast, no hunger or I’m binging, walking way way fast or slow. Or walking sluggish. Sober AF but hard time driving meaning backing into something which is not like me! Feeling like the world is a dream or video game. Feeling cloudy. Hearing noises such as rain in the roof but it almost sounds like words. Abnormal erratic sleep schedule.
Extreme stress in the past mostly only had more anxiety. I’m not sure what has been going on the last 3 months.
It won’t go away. I’ve been on sick leave. People say I’m acting eccentric while usually I’m the over achiever. Down to earth with well rounded sides and a great sense of humor. I work 80 hours a week when I’m not on leave. I’m stable AF.
  1. Any advice to tell my psychiatristI would like to address this issue? I’m scared. I told him I wouldn’t touch weed every day but I slipped with this going on. I’m scared.
  2. Meanwhile till I get in, what to try? Any YouTube videos I could follow along would be helpful. I’ve been chilling with no avail. I exercise daily and keep in shape.
  3. Who can I ensure I won’t go into stress induced psychosis? I feel so out of it
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2023.04.01 10:39 John-The-Bomb-2 What is wrong with me? Incel (without hate) seeks reason.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, Advice and relationships wouldn't allow my post because it contains links. Anway, here I go:
Hi, I'm a 29 year old straight cis-gender male who has never had a wife, fiancée, or girlfriend despite having had many crushes/obsessions where I believed I was in love at the time. Every single time I put my foot out there but it ultimately doesn't work out. I have multiple theories about what might be wrong with me, most revolving around my personality (I'm 5'11" and have always been upper middle class so I don't think height or money are my problem). My looks with glasses on are below average but I've seen uglier men with girlfriends so I think the thing that is really killing me is my personality. Anyway, potential reasons I've thought of include the following:
  1. I am narcissistic (but I don't have Narcissistic Personality Disorder because there are multiple symptoms of that disorder and I only have like 1 or 2 out of 6 or 7 and no psychiatrist or therapist has ever diagnosed me with it).
  2. I am completely self-interested.
  3. I am completely selfish (I mean I sometimes give homeless people spare cash but I just do it because it makes me feel happy).
  4. I only care about myself and what I go through. Like sometimes on a dating app a woman will ask me how am I and I will respond saying something like "I'm in pain and depressed" and she'll be like "yikes" and unmatch me. Here are some examples of me on a dating app.
  5. I briefly feel love (like when I pet my pet) and I may think I'm in love at the time (like when I have a crush), but I don't truly love others and only love myself. I've had crushes where I believed I loved them at the time but then they ghosted me and after I realized it wasn't real love.
  6. I am exclusively obsessed with myself.
I don't know which of these is true, but I'm hoping someone else can look at me and my messaging with women who I've had a crush on in the past and figure it out. For example, here is an Instagram chat with a woman I was smitten with in the past. There is more info in the title and in the descriptions below the screenshots. Eventually she stops responding (she actually reads my messages and doesn't reapond like 4 or 5 times in those screenshots). In case extra back context is necessary, my first few messages ever with her are here.
I don't know if this helps you understand me better, but like my social media posts tend to focus on me rather than other people. I don't know how to explain it exactly, but for example on Instagram I saw my cousin make a story that said "Post your gf/bf, they deserve it" with a picture of his girlfriend smiling and I replied to that story with my own story with that same comment at the top and a picture of my right hand, post visible here. The song in the background of that post, "Orgy for One" by NSP is a comedy song about a guy who invites a large number of girls over for an orgy but nobody shows up so he has an "Orgy for One" with his hand. I like that song and the post is supposed to be funny and also speak my truth. I think it might also give a clue about my personality.
Another example of how my social media is kind of completely self-interested is on yesterday, Trans Day of Visibility (March 31), I posted this on Facebook:
"March 31 is #TransDayOfVisibility. To celebrate, I'm sharing my favorite trans woman and trans man social influencers.
This is Kelly. She's hot, even by completely straight man standards:
This is Kelsy. He was actually born intersex, or with a vagina but also XY chromosomes, and transitioned from outwardly appearing female to outwardly appearing male:
But yeah, trans people are valid."
I feel like if I were a "normie" Democrat who wanted to make a post for trans day of visibility I would have instead posted something like this, but this isn't how I really am:
"Happy #TransDayOfVisibility!!! Today we acknowledge all the wonderful trans people in the world and in our lives and how much they matter to us. They are beautiful and they are special and we love them ❤️❤️❤️!!!"
I dunno, that's just not how I really am but I believe people who are like that have more and better relationships than I do. Like if I posted that or acted like that it would be totally fake and out of character.
But yeah, can anyone pinpoint exactly what is wrong with me? Maybe let me know which of my theories/reasons for things not working out is most true and is my real problem?
TL;DR! No woman will fuck me or get into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with me no matter how much I try, why?
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2023.04.01 10:37 Acceptable_Pie_6465 Why is the library management system important?

What Is A Library Management System?

An educational institution's library is an essential component. In order to keep track of the books, it frequently has to implement fine but difficult jobs. A well-run library is a component of the service when the institute is focused on providing top-notch educational services.
Also, in order to run the smarter institute—which is currently popular—libraries should be handled electronically. You will learn in-depth information about the library management system and how it serves the school sector in this article. Let's start with comprehending the fundamentals of library administration.

Automated Library Management System

This system enables automatic library management in educational institutions like schools, colleges, and coaching facilities. The automated library management system's main advantages are cost savings and increased output. All library operations can be readily maintained by the librarians. Simply said, this system facilitates maintaining a log of all book transactions that take place in the library.

Types Of A Library Management System

There are several types of library management software depending on the functionalities. The software's goal is to minimize the manual work required to handle the many characteristics of library functions. You can also modify the software to meet your needs. Customized software-based functionality, opensource, cloud-based systems, database development software, and many more are examples of regularly used library management software.
Often, pre-implemented functions like check-in (to return a book), check-out (to rent a book), or crucial details about the library resources occupy the software (publication, author name, etc.). However, the service provider may change the system's functioning if you have any more special requests.

Importance Of A Library Management System

A library management system (LMS) is a computerized system that facilitates the management of library resources, including books, journals, audio-visual materials, and other items. An LMS is designed to automate many tasks that were previously done manually, such as cataloging, borrowing, and returning books, as well as tracking usage, circulation, and overdue items. An LMS is an essential tool for libraries of all sizes and types, and it plays a critical role in ensuring efficient library operations and providing quality services to library users.

The following are some of the reasons why a library management system is important:

  1. Efficient management of library resources: An LMS enables librarians to manage library resources more efficiently. It allows them to catalog books and other materials quickly, track circulation and usage, and generate reports on library operations. By automating these tasks, librarians can focus on other important aspects of their job, such as collection development and user services.
  2. Improved access to library resources: A library management system enables library users to access library resources more easily. It provides an online catalog that allows users to search for materials by author, title, subject, or keyword. Users can also place holds on items that are checked out, renew materials online, and receive email notifications when their requested items become available.
  3. Enhanced user experience: A library management system improves the user experience by providing a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search for materials, borrow and return items, and manage their library accounts. It also allows users to access library resources from any location, using any device with an internet connection.
  4. Increased efficiency: An LMS increases the efficiency of library operations by automating many manual tasks. It reduces the time and effort required to catalog materials, check items in and out, and track circulation and usage. It also minimizes errors and improves accuracy by eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  5. Better decision-making: A library management system provides librarians with the data they need to make informed decisions about library operations and services. It generates reports on circulation and usage, helps identify popular materials and trends, and enables librarians to make data-driven decisions about collection development and resource allocation.
  6. Enhanced security: A library management system improves security by providing a secure platform for managing library operations and user accounts. It enables librarians to track the movement of materials and identify any items that are lost or stolen. It also protects user privacy by keeping user data secure and confidential.
  7. Improved collaboration: A library management system enables librarians to collaborate more effectively with each other and with other libraries. It allows them to share resources, exchange information, and coordinate activities, which can lead to better services for library users.
  8. Cost-effective: A library management system can be a cost-effective solution for managing library operations. It reduces the need for manual labor, minimizes errors, and improves efficiency, which can lead to cost savings for libraries. It also enables libraries to provide better services to users, which can lead to increased revenue and funding.

In conclusion,

A library management system is a critical tool for libraries of all sizes and types. It improves the efficiency of library operations, enhances the user experience, provides librarians with the data they need to make informed decisions, and enables better collaboration among libraries. It is a cost-effective solution for managing library resources and services, and it plays a vital role in ensuring that libraries can continue to provide high-quality services to their users in the digital age.
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2023.04.01 10:36 -TwiiK- Feature request: Tables are too basic. I would love to see the ability to reorder, sort, copy/paste, duplicate and more.

Features I would like to see:

  1. Reordering rows or columns. Drag to reorder like you'd expect from Excel or Google Sheets.
  2. Easier access to add new rows and columns. I just realized that hitting TAB when you're in the last cell of the last row automatically adds a new row, but I would also like context sensitive "+" buttons that you could click to add new rows or columns, or something to that effect.
  3. The ability to copy/paste an entire row. Currently if you select a row and try to copy it and paste it somewhere else in the table either nothings happens or it just pastes a random column from the row. In my opinion it should copy all the selected cells and you should be able to paste them again in any table. If the target table has less rows or columns than what you copied then the overflow is truncated. The inability to reorder rows and this makes reorganizing existing tables a nightmare currently.
  4. Duplicate a row or column with content. Could be accessible through the existing context menu.
  5. Sorting tables alphabetically or in reverse based on a column.
  6. The ability to define a header row which wouldn't be sorted in pt. 5.
  7. 100% width responsive tables. In addition to the fixed width tables we have currently.
  8. Ability to collapse tables? Currently you can put a table inside a collapsible section, but that hides the table completely. If the ability to collapse a table was built into the table then it could still show the header or first row and show a summary of the number of rows or something. Could be accessible just through a simple arrow in the upper left corner or something. Or be a setting on the table.
Some of these points are way more important to me than others, but I just listed everything that I could think of now that I decided to make this feedback.
I also just realized that UpNote allows you to merge cells together, which is an unorthodox, but playful feature that I'm sure is appreciated. This would however make a lot of my suggestions above very hard to implement, but maybe UpNote could just scan the table to see if there are merged cells or not and allow certain features based on that?
Edit: All my suggestions are based on using tables primarily on Mac and Windows, but I'm sure most, if not all, of these features could be implemented in a way that worked well on mobile as well.
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2023.04.01 10:35 Eduanta Mastering Probability and Statistics: Tips and Techniques for Better Data Analysis

Mastering Probability and Statistics: Tips and Techniques for Better Data Analysis
For analysing data and coming to wise conclusions, statistics and probability are two interconnected fields of mathematics. Statistics is the study of how to gather, analyse, and interpret data, whereas probability is the study of how likely events are to occur. The fundamentals of probability and statistics will be covered in this article, along with examples of how they might be applied to solve practical issues.
The probability of an event happening is expressed using probability. Usually, it is stated as a number between 0 and 1, where 0 denotes an impossibility and 1 denotes a certainty. The chance of receiving heads, for instance, is 0.5 when you flip a coin since there are only two possible outcomes (heads or tails), and both outcomes are equally likely.
Many issues can be resolved using probability. It can be used, for instance, to determine the chances of winning a game of chance or to forecast the likelihood that a specific event will occur in the future. Moreover, probability is employed in statistical inference, which is the process of inferring characteristics about a population from a sample.
The study of gathering, analysing, and interpreting data is known as statistics. It is employed to reach inferences about populations and make data-driven decisions. Probability theory, sampling methods, and statistical models are all used in statistics to examine data.
The mean or average is one of the key ideas in statistics. The mean is calculated as the total number of values in a data set divided by the total number of values. For instance, the mean is (5+6+7)/3 = 6 if the data set has 3, 5, and 7. The standard deviation, which calculates how far the data are spread out around the mean, is another crucial statistical concept.
Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis are the two main types. Inferential statistics are used to forecast or infer information about a population based on a sample, whereas descriptive statistics are used to summarise and describe a data set.

Mastering Probability and Statistics: Tips and Techniques for Better Data Analysis
Data collection that is representative of the population you are interested in is essential for statistical analysis. This can be accomplished through random sampling, which is choosing a sample of people at random from a population. The likelihood of the data being more representative increases with sample size.
Statistical methods like regression analysis, hypothesis testing, and correlation analysis can be used to start analysing your data once it has been gathered. Hypothesis testing is used to determine whether a given hypothesis is true or untrue, whereas regression analysis is used to model the relationship between two variables. The degree and direction of the association between two variables are assessed using correlation analysis.
There are several statistical software tools available that can be used to perform statistical analysis in addition to these methods. Popular software includes SAS, R, and SPSS. Large data sets and intricate statistical analysis may be carried out more quickly and easily thanks to these applications.
In conclusion, statistics and probability are crucial tools for data analysis and decision-making. Although statistics is used to gather, analyse, and interpret data, probability is used to describe the possibility of an event occurring. You may make wiser decisions and work through challenges in the real world more successfully if you comprehend the fundamentals of probability and statistics. Probability and statistics can assist you in reaching better judgements and results whether you are in business, healthcare, the social sciences, or another profession.
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2023.04.01 10:35 EscapingKid LABS: Bizarre Battle Royale

LABS: Bizarre Battle Royale
Hello players!
Welcome to Bizarre Battle Royale, where we promise you a truly perplexing experience. Here on top of your favourite chicken dinner you'll come across a giant chicken monster ready to make a dinner out of you. But hey, that's not all, we've also thrown in a horde of zombies! They bite, throw things, explode, and just create a real madness all around. Just think of it as a mini apocalypse simulator.
Feeling confused? Don't sweat it too much. While you battle your way through the chaos, keep an eye out for the OP Coins & Items. Those will make you a real force to be reckoned with!
Oh, and don't forget about the other players! Just like in a regular Battle Royale, the last team standing wins. So, make sure you grab your weapons and get ready to fight tooth and nail for your survival! And don't forget to pet the chicken monster on your way out.

Basic Rules

Some bullet points here, to make things a little easier:
  • Number of players - From 8 to 16 bewilderedplayers fighting for survival.
    • Squads of 1-4 players. (TPP)
  • Defeat Zombies, Monster Chickens or Players and collect OP Coins.
  • Use OP Coins to purchase OP Items.
  • Use OP Items to become insane at this video game.

OP Coins & Items

Do you know what's better than finding spare change in your old pants? Picking up OP coins from freaky zombies, unlucky players, or even clucking chickens! Yup, these bad boys might make you so overpowered that other players will run for the hills when they see you coming. Just imagine the power trip! And it's easy-peasy too: snatch those Coins, open the Item Shop, and BOOM! You're ready to dominate the Battlegrounds.
Check out the list of available abilities below and discover just how overpowered you might become:
  • Vitality Serum - Increases Max HP.
  • Speed Steroid - Increases movement speed.
  • Monster Hunter Serum - Increases attack damage against monsters.
  • Man Hunter Serum - Increases attack damage against players.
  • Strength Boosting Steroid - Reduces vertical and horizontal recoil.
  • Potent Painkiller - Grants temporary invulnerability.
  • Sensory Booster - Grants the ability to see players behind obstacles.
  • Foresight Booster - Grants the ability to see enemies on the map.
Intrigued? Here is more:
  • OP Coins can be accumulated and used in your next Bizarre Battle Royale matches.
  • Top 3 teams earn more OP Coins at the end of the game.
And last but not least. OP items effects are temporary so use them wisely, or you might end up as a zombie snack.


It's pretty much the end of the world, and zombies are leading the charge! These fellows are faster, stronger, and more cunning than ever and they won't stop until they've made a meal out of you. So grab your weapons, prepare your OP items and get ready to run & gun!
Oh, and for those of you who like to get up close and personal with the zombies, we've got a short description to help you get to know your new zombie friends a little better:
  • Lab Zombie
    • A zombie who didn't quite make it through the lab's trials. Low health and easy to take down, they're basically just a warm-up for the real zombies.
  • Brawler Zombie
    • This zombie is quick to anger and packs a punch. They may not have the health of other zombies, but their fiery fists will still leave a mark.
  • Sprinter Zombie
    • This one has been hitting the gym and it shows. They're fast and furious, making them a real challenge for players. Take them down quickly before they catch up to you.
  • Hulking Zombie
    • Hulking Zombie is a real tank, with loads of health and a slow-moving frame. It's best to keep your distance and pepper them with shots until they go down.
  • Flamebelcher Zombie
    • Flamebelcher prefers to attack from afar, hurling Molotov cocktails at unsuspecting players. They can make it difficult to hold your ground, so it's best to take them out with a well-placed shot.
  • Boombiter Zombie
    • This fellow just can't seem to let go of that grenade, which he carries around like an accessory. This guy is so resilient it can only be taken out with a headshot. Take him down first, and the explosion will take care of his surrounding friends.
  • Munitions Zombie
    • This zombie takes it to the next level by using red zone grenades to really mess with players. They can make it difficult to find a safe spot to take cover, so bring them down as fast as possible.
  • C4 Zombie
    • This zombie is not to be trifled with, as they come equipped with explosive C4. They're fast and deadly, so take them out before they get too close and blow you up.

Monster Chicken

Ready to get some chicken? Well, this Monster Chicken here is ready to get some of you!
This feathered fiend is lightning-fast and can jump over obstacles like it's no big deal. It can and even breathe fire like a dragon so you better come prepared if you don't want to turn into its dinner. And if you manage to defeat this monstrosity, you'll end up getting some pretty overpowered items that will surely help you survive this "bizarrity".
Extra intel on the feathered fellow:
  • Monster Chicken drops high-level OP items and a bunch of OP coins.
  • Also drops the Invulnerability Item, which is the only way to obtain it outside of the item shop.
  • Monster Chicken can respawn when it feels like it. There is a pattern though.
  • It hits, hard.

Service Schedule

Bizarre Battle Royale will run during the following period:
  • PC / Console
    • PDT: March 31, 12:00 AM - April 10, 12:00 AM
    • CEST: March 31, 9:0 AM - April 10, 9:00 AM
    • KST: March 31, 4:00 PM - April 10, 4:00 PM

Bizarre Battle Royale Event

Let's be honest, everyone loves the feeling of progression no matter how fun things are. That's why we've prepared a small event for you to enjoy this mode even more!
How to Participate & Rewards
  • Enter LABS mode through the main lobby banner.
  • Play Bizarre Battle Royale 1 time.
    • Reward - Bizarre Survivor Emblem
  • Play Bizarre Battle Royale 5 times.
    • Reward - Hunter's Chest x1, Key x1
Event Schedule
  • PC / Console
    • PDT: March 31, 12:00 AM - April 10, 12:00 AM
    • CEST: March 31, 9:0 AM - April 10, 9:00 AM
    • KST: March 31, 4:00 PM - April 10, 4:00 PM
Reward distribution
  • The rewards will be distributed in several batches until April 21.
Notes When Playing in LABS
  • LABS games do not provide XP or gameplay rewards.
  • LABS gameplay will not be reflected on the Career page.
  • LABS gameplay will not be reflected on Match History.
  • LABS gameplay does not support replays.
  • Zombie kills will not count towards BATTLESTAT.
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2023.04.01 10:34 Sebanimation Etherum Scaling Solution zkSync Era malfunctioned last night and block production was halted for 4 hours.

Well, this isn't starting too well. zkSync has been on the mainnet for about a week now and already experienced the first outage... Don't know how to feel about this. Then again, it's still an Alpha. Everyone was hyped about those L2 scaling solutions, yet it is 1. hard and complicated to even get there, 2. the fees are still high compared to other chains making it unfriendly to users and 3. they don't seem to be stable. Also, you have to use bridges which are always a security risk... I am mostly used to other chains so this is pretty new to me but it's pretty underwhelming so far.
What are your opinions on this?

Edit: Response from zkSync on Twitter
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2023.04.01 10:33 medonakl1 Meeting new friends in your 30s

Long story short.
I've been back in NZ two years and have struggled to meet new people. In total I've been in between NZ and Au for 6. (I'm originally from Ireland)
Im 31, I don't drink and I spend a lot of time working on my business which eats up a lot of my time.
The work I do is in Australia but I work remotely in NZ so get very little face time with customers.
When I get home, I hang out with my wife and dog but since we've been back in NZ it's been super hard to meet "normal" people.
I've joined football teams, tried golf weekends, joined a range of groups but everything has been super transactional and no form of relationship bonding.
There's loads of groups for newbies to NZ and single folk but I've been here for a fair bit, I feel out of place with a bunch of backpackers and singletons 😂
I genuinely find that kiwis just Wana go out on the piss and that's the only way of meeting people.
What you think? Anyone keen to binge watch succession, brain storm stupid business ideas and smash a 6 pack of coke Zero? Let me know 😂😏
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2023.04.01 10:31 Stunning-Mail6369 30M applied for SSDI back in December 2022

Hi All, I wanted to ask for all your opinion on whether or not it will be difficult for me to get on SSDI having HIV? Ive been working since turning 18 back in 2011 and unfortunately in late 2016 I was diagnosed with having HIV. That alone was a traumatic event in my life that I think was the start of my life declining both health wise and mentally. I was able to still work for about a year or so after knowing i had the virus. But eventually i started seeing the effects the virus was starting to cause me. The medicine has been the Biggest struggle because it caused me to be so tired all the time, caused me to have stomach issues 24/7, parts of my body get swollen quick if i stay put in one way, and it basically became a huge toll on me and started affecting me at work to the point where eventually i just couldn’t concentrate anymore and couldnt keep up. I worked in finance department btw in accounts payable since i was 22. So i had to stop working in mid 2018 or so and luckily i was able to save all these years that i was able to work. Staying at my parents was also a huge help. One thing that also increased was my anxiety and depression which I wasn’t truely self sware of how bad it had gotten because i thought it was just the way i was because i had always been a super shy person and very timid but after becoming HIV positive everything seems to amped up. And even worse with the pandemic. It was difficult and hard for me to meet new people or be around a lot of people specially peeps that i didnt know but i was able to manage that before. Now, i cant even go to Disneyland because right before the entrance i had to turn ny family around and go back home because i just couldn’t be around so many people. I started feeling like everyone was looking at me, like if everyone was judging me, its a feeling that i cannot describe. As soon as i got back into our car i broke down because i didn’t realize how bad it had gotten. Now you tag depression on top of that its such an awful thing to deal with i dont wish it upon anybody. The reason why i just now applied forbSSDI is because my savings will run out soon and i never applied when I first stopped working because 1, i had my savings and 2 because i still haven’t told my family im HIV positive. I dont know how to do it. I sometimes still can’t comprehend i have it. :( but anyways that a lil bit about my situation, i feel like if my depression and my axiety wasnt as bad as it gets for me i would probably have been able to survive with the virus alone but battling all 3 its too much. I applied in December with not muvh help and didn’t provide any doctor notes or anything so of course got denied on dec 19 2022 then i got the reconsideration together with all my labs and doctor reports and etc and submitted it. Been on step 3 reconsideration since feb 24 2023 and its currently on 20%. Any clue if im oerhaps able to get approved? I aporeciate the hekp!
Thanksand god bless!
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2023.04.01 10:30 AutoModerator [Get] Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store

[Get] Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store
Download course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/noah-hunter-dorsey-upgrade-your-shopify-store/
[Get] Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store

Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store

What You Get Noah Hunter Dorsey Upgrade Your Shopify Store:
Module 1: Strategy Here, Noah will go into the high-level strategies of creating a killer Shopify store.
Lesson 1: Branding & Psychology Lesson 2: Creating Offers Lesson 3: Product Offerings Lesson 4: Themes & Branding Lesson 5: Seasonality
Module 2: Homepage Your homepage is the most popular page on your site, so it needs to convert.
Here – Noah will give you the templates and frameworks that push curious visitors into shoppers, focusing on maximising your AOV.
Lesson 1: Layout Lesson 2: Banner Lesson 3: Navigation Lesson 4: Free Gift Lesson 5: Social Proof Lesson 6: Products & Collections Lesson 7: Copy
Module 3: Product Page
In this module, you’ll build high-converting product pages that turn shoppers into customers like clockwork.
Lesson 1: Familiarity & Setup Lesson 2: Product Images Lesson 3: Name & Description Lesson 4: Social Proof Lesson 5: Shipping & Offer Lesson 6: Discounts & Upsells Lesson 7: Buy Now, Pay Later Lesson 8: Long Copy Lesson 9: Urgency Lesson 10: FAQs Lesson 11: Recommended Products
Module 4: Checkout
Optimise your checkout system to minimise abandoned checkouts, increase conversions and boost AOV with upsells.
Lesson 1: Express Postage Lesson 2: Aftersell
Module 5: Customer Experience
Here, you’ll optimise customer experience, increasing visitor satisfaction, trust & sales.
Lesson 1: Site Speed Lesson 2: Contact Us Lesson 3: Live Chat Lesson 4: Terms & Conditions
Bonus #1: Review Automation System
Social proof is critical for establishing trust and increasing conversion rates in your store. A single positive review is worth $500 or more.
That’s why you’re getting Noah’s exact review automation process, which he used to get Tommi Skin 300+ reviews.
Integrate this into your business and begin receiving 5-star reviews from your customers.
Bonus #2: Product Photography Masterclass
Noah will give you his free, simple system for taking professional website product photos with your iPhone.
He’ll go over various shots, setups, camera settings, and simple editing tools you can use on your iPhone.
In just 30 minutes, you’ll have many amazing product images for your website and social media that will instantly build trust and credibility with your audience and help you make more sales daily.
Bonus #3: Hiring A Customer Service VA System
Tired of providing your own customer service?
Noah will walk you through his step-by-step process for finding, hiring, and onboarding a rockstar Virtual Assistant in as little as 24 hours (for as little as $4 per hour).
Once set up, they will respond to messages and convert them into customers daily, increasing your revenue.
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2023.04.01 10:29 RaptorChaser Washing hands after touching certain things

TLDR: Wondering if it's extreme to ask bf and roommates to wash hands after touching certain things like money, debit cards, garbage can, moldy food
I have OCD surrounding germs and cleanliness. I already had certain rules in place for my roommates when it came to cleaning, sweep and mop once a week, dishes done on a schedule, for several years. Wash your hands when you come back from the grocery store/work and enter the house, and before you cook. Even for non OCD people I feel this is "normal" behavior.
After COVID came about my OCD got way worse and my rules increased to make myself feel safe around my roommates. I also got a boyfriend throughout the pandemic, which has been an adjustment. To me it seems like common sense to clean commonly touched objects, or items that used to belong to someone else when they come into your possession.
One thing I now ask my roommates and bf to wash their hands after touching is money, their wallet or debit card. There's endless studies that show how disgusting money is, and even if your debit card isn't dirty, you can't control what's on everyone else's debit card that's put in that chip machine. You then touch the debit numbers to put in your PIN and touch your debit card back in your wallet. There's so much germ transfer. My bf will pick up change/money/his debit card on the dresser to move it from one place to another and then touch his phone/me. It drives me insane. I have told him 30+ times to wash his hands after touching that stuff and he just "forgets." Is this an unreasonable request? I personally did this before COVID, always washed my hands touching money or wallets but didn't care if my roommate did because I wasn't in their room, they have their own living room in the house, we don't share. We just share the kitchen so asking them to wash their hands before cooking solves that. Since COVID I make sure my bf does it all the time because we share the same bed, living room, ect.
I have a garbage can with a foot peddle. I got it for the point of not having to touch the garbage. My bf has a habit of lifting the lid instead of using the foot peddle. Then immediately grab his phone and check fb or whatever. It's the literal garbage. I thought anyone who touched garbage would know to wash their hands. He says it's just the lid though, but he's never once washed the garbage can in our 1.5 year relationship. How is the lid clean? I've disinfected it, but not as much as I wish I did. It's like pulling teeth asking him to wash his hands after.
If something in the fridge went moldy it makes sense to me to wash your hands after throwing it out before touching the food you're going to use to cook with. But this is also too much for my bf and roommate to do. I feel money, garbage, moldy food are all reasonable things to wash your hands after touching. Am I unreasonable?
This next one is a little more out there but the front door handle. If they answer the door for mail I ask them to wash their hands because the front door is the last thing touched when you enter the house, it's germy from when you came home last. I disinfect the doorknob once a week after bringing the garbage to the curb, but my bf works everyday, bringing germs home.
When family, parents and grandparents visit I include them in these rules and make them wash their hands when entering, and they use the argument I just sanitized my hands in the car, to not have to wash their hands. But they still touch the car door handle, side of the car door to close it and house door handle to get in, which could all have germs on them. Is it too much to ask someone who just sanitized their hands in the car before touching 3 surfaces to wash them? Also there's studies showing soap and water are better than hand sanitizer.
A different rule I have for my bf is to change clothes when he's at home and in public. He does home care with people who are not very sanitary and wipes poop all over the house. At first I asked him to get a shower when coming home from work, but that's too much for him. He wants one BEFORE work to be clean for his client, who wipes shit on the walls. But not get a shower after work to be clean for sex with ME!? Okay?? So we compromised in him changing his clothes when he gets home. But I'm still scared everytime I kiss his face if there's shit on it because he's careless. Today he came home from work, and didn't change his clothes and sat on the couch, on top of one of my pillows, where my head goes if I want to nap on the couch. I don't understand why he can't shower for me to feel comfortable to have sex with him. I don't understand why he fights me on changing his clothes and "forgets" when this has been a rule for 18 months. I feel like normally this would be weird to ask someone to change clothes but as I explained, his customer wipes shit around the house, on the couch, he could accidentally sit in shit at anytime. Then come home and sit on my PILLOW!
AM I UNREASONABLE!? Are these normal things to expect, or is this just OCD? Do "normal" people touch their debit card and then cook food after? Do you have any advice to help my boyfriend understand my fears, because he just calls me crazy or insane when I explain germ transfer. I'm at my wits end, I don't know how much more I can take living with him, being terrified of getting sick. I've laid out specific rules that haven't changed in 18 months. I'm sick of having to watch him to make sure he follows the rules, and every single day there's something I catch he's not following. Touching the money, or garbage and not washing his hands. What do I do? Am I the problem?
submitted by RaptorChaser to OCD [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:28 ChristheINFJ INFJ male at 24 in need of some reassurance/advice.

Hey fellow INFJs. I usually rarely ask for guidance on here because I mostly just spend time answering questions in an attempt to help people, but I've concluded that it's now me that needs a bit of help. I've struggled with this all my life, but I have a really bad case of the "grass in greener" syndrome. However, the ultimate negative thought process begins with knowing or believing the grass would in fact not be greener, since in the past when my desires came true they were never as great as what I expected. But that still doesn't mean they were awful either. So now I'm confused on whether I've just been suppressing my desires because I'm fearful of pursuing them or i really do believe the grass wouldn't be greener. For instance, I haven't been in a relationship for 2 years because I decided I wanted to learn a bit more about myself without a partner after we broke up in college. At first, it was extremely difficult because I was close to this person - you know how relationships are for us - but nowa side of me loves not having someone as I've realized how much mental energy they took from me. But even though I've learned to embrace the single lifestyle, and believe that another person could potentially disturb my comfort, there are times when I do miss a relationship and want that companionship and intimacy again. So i go down this road in my head where im like "fuck, i'd love a girlfriend" to the point where I begin to feel like I'm missing out on an experience, which makes me feel shitty thinking that my life could be better than it is. However, in order to combat this thought, I will then go down a path where I begin to remember everything I hated about a relationship and how much time it took up. The second thought helps to ease the pain of the first thought but since both are true, I find it hard to know which one i actually really want. Being alone is strong yet there are times when the desire of a relationship is much stronger. Would the grass be greener? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? This is basically my thought process with everything in my life right now. Jobs, apartment struggles, and general life shit. Am I Ni-Ti looping? If anyone has gone through similar difficulties let me know.

I actually found a piece in the Harvard Business review that describes how I feel aka the second part about about separation and isolating oneself. I feel like i began experiencing this right after I graduated college.
"Regardless of the cause, the quarter-life crisis often spans several years and includes four typical stages. It starts with a feeling of being locked in to a commitment at work or at home: people take on jobs, rent apartments, and enter relationships, but then feel trapped in pretend adulthood. Then, at some point, they leave their romantic partners, jobs, or social groups and become separated and lonely. They spend the worst part of this crisis reflecting and recalibrating their plans, alone and isolated, until eventually they go out and explore new hobbies, interests, and social groups, finally emerging at the other side of the crisis happier, more motivated, and with a greater sense of clarity. This process can last for years, or repeat itself. It is a painful process, but it is also a tremendous growth opportunity, as it can create individuals who go on to lead more meaningful and happier lives.
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2023.04.01 10:28 psychresearcher92 Does body image impact sexual avoidance in relationships?

I am a student completing my Masters's in Psychology with an Emphasis on Counseling. I am really desperate to get some more participants for my research on the relationship between body image and sexual avoidance to complete my thesis, which has been IRB approved. This survey also includes relationship satisfaction as a mediator, which is why I find it relevant to this group.
To participate, you have to be 18 years or older and living in the Netherlands.
If you want to participate, please follow this link: https://webster.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_efefNiAydMks3Do
You will be redirected to an online survey tool, the survey will take you approximately 25 minutes. Participation is completely voluntary, and you can withdraw from the survey at any point, and all of your data will be anonymous.
If you have any further questions about the study or need further information, please contact me.
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2023.04.01 10:28 silverjpd6 What I use takes it away it seems

I’ll start out by saying I’ve has seb derm for years. It started out as what I thought was just bad dandruff. It would snow anytime I shook my head. I started using medicated Selsum blue everyday for a few years. I ended up getting seb derm around my nose area and doctors didn’t know what it was and they thought it was contact dermatitis. They’re idiots so I self diagnosed because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to pinpoint it. I ended up pretty much getting rid of it with:
  1. Selsum blue on hair and beard
  2. I mix sea salt with filtered water in a spray bottle and spray around my nose where I get the seb derm when I hop in the shower and leave it on for around a minute. Just put a good amount of salt. It should taste pretty salty when you taste it, like sea water.
  3. I ordered DermaZen which was like $40 for a vile but works well and lasts a while. I don’t know if I need to continually use this but it does work well. You apply it over infected areas and leave it on when you sleep. The sea salt water may be all you need but if that doesn’t work this works good but not perfect.
Anyways I thought I’d share as I haven’t really had any seb derm issues in some time. If I start to get a bit of a breakout it’s cause I missed a few applications and I need to double down. It’s not really a cure but just management routine that keeps it away for me.
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2023.04.01 10:27 Geekfest_84 Help me choose a phone please?

So as above really, I need help choosing a new phone. It'll be used mainly for my job, and my budget is £300 (I'm in the UK) so I'm looking second hand. Usage wise I need to have half decent cameras, and android auto needs to work with no issues because the phone will spend a lot of time plugged into my work van as I travel a lot for my job. Ideally if it's half decent at gaming too would be nice. I like to play a bit of genshin to wind down when in a hotel for the evening kinda thing. Gaming wise I'm not bothered about max graphics at 60fps, medium at 30fps is fine for me.
I've narrowed down my choices to the following:
Motorola edge 20 pro. It's a Snapdragon 870 for good money, and has some half decent cameras. Also has ready for mode, which I would actually use. It's £225.
Google pixel 6. Mainly for the cameras. I've read about it being really poor at gaming though and when using android auto it overheats and effectively shuts down. That's not good. Its £285.
Nothing phone 1. Kind of like a more reliable pixel....? Decent all rounder by the look of it. It doesn't excel at anything, but then it doesn't fail at anything either....? Again it's £285.
And the wild card, up my budget to £350 and get....
The Honor Magic 4 Pro. Has a sd 8 gen 1. Good cameras. Some sort of desktop mode loosely similar to motorola's ready for desktop mode.
What would you choose, and why?
I can't make up my mind which to buy.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 👍
Edit - I'm not interested in Samsung! Had too many of them over the years.
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2023.04.01 10:25 AutoModerator [Get] Matt Clark – Amazing Selling Machine 2023​​

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2023.04.01 10:24 Island_Crystal sometimes, it’s hard to remember why we’re still allied to these people

sometimes, it’s hard to remember why we’re still allied to these people
the post was showing all the countries in and not in the ICC. America isn’t in it, as you can tell. Link is there somewhere.
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2023.04.01 10:22 coolnavigator The Masculinity Dialectic


I want to write a response and correction to a previous thread of mine on this sub. I think that, in trying to emphasize a particular aspect of this phenomenon, I completely misrepresented the facts.
To understand some concepts I'm going to use, I would invite everyone to listen to this video. It's a reading of "Feeling Is The Secret" by Neville Goddard. You can obviously just get the book as well. It's only 44 pages. I think it happens to be something that works well as listening material for a 30 minute walk or drive. This is introductory material for self-initiation into the mysteries of the ancients. It outlines how one develops intent, after which the subconscious turns this intent into reality (internal reality), after which the self more or less acts automatically (still with conscious choice but an inherent limited capacity) to turn the internal reality into external reality. You may recognize its argument as being similar to popular book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, but Goddard's treatment is far more profound and detailed, and it's only getting started!
I also suggest studying archetypes. A few avenues: Carl Jung, Jordan Peterson, Tarot cards, ancient pantheons from Scandinavia to Rome to Sumer, "tree of life" myths from Scandinavia to the Jewish Kabbalah, and other similar systems. Also useful are the dualistic concepts of the Chinese Yijing (philosophy of change).
I'm going to try to put all of these together and arrive back at the original question of masculinity and the damage currently done.

The Mind

At a very early stage in one's life, the mind is whole. There are no separate archetypes — just one thing. Over time, the mind divides. At a physical level, the more obvious and significant division is the left/right hemisphere divide. At an archetypal level (symbolic psychology), it is the father / mother (or simply masculine/feminine) figures and the hero / adversary figures. I believe you can keep going with no real end. Every "figure" or archetype in the mind can be divided into two more, allowing for an infinite variety of models that the self is developed from. Within the father, you can develop the good father, the bad father, the strict but fair father, the hippie but wise father, etc. Same with the variations on the mother. I won't list out all of these variations but instead focus on the first level to really illustrate how this works.
What's actually happening here? I believe the fathemother divide isn't truly based on gender, but the genders do have a typical expertise in one or the other. Based on Goddard's description of the process from visualization to physical reality, there are two major steps: the creation of want (deciding what you want and visualizing it before bed) and the realization of want (the dream-state where the subconscious is trained on the feelings produced before bed). The creation step is the "masculine" part, which "impregnates" the subconscious with feelings to be realized. The realization step is the "feminine" part, which "births" a "new mind" (or "new life", if we are using reincarnation terminology) when you wake up. Roughly speaking, this implies the conscious part of the mind is "masculine" and the subconscious part of the mind is "feminine". I'll just say this one last time: the genderization of these parts of the mind are firstly symbolic of their role in the creation of the self, and secondly may or may not contain some truth as to how the two genders' minds work slightly differently.
The other dualistic concept is the hero / adversary. As in the Egyptian Osirian tradition, Horus (the hero) is merely a reincarnation of his father (Osiris, the father figure). Thus, the hero is merely the "newborn" conscious mind upon waking up. Given that the conscious self (the ego) can adhere to its predetermined code (from prior training in the subconscious), or it can go against that code, you naturally have a hero vs adversary contrast within the conscious mind. The adversary is simply the self which denies all assumptions, all ideals, all past truths. This is not strictly "bad", although it could be bad in some situations. More commonly, this is merely depicted as mischievousness in myth, and it is very useful, important for things like creativity.
Now, it's time to discuss where we are at as a society and what the real meaning of the memetic trends are.

The Change

The primary symbolic change in western culture is the "bad father" (or toxic masculinity). This has created a dialectic:
This leads to a diminishing amount of people who:
What all of this really means is our thought processes are fundamentally limited. The "masculine" is the conscious self, the "feminine" is the subconscious. In preferring the subconscious and in turning the conscious into an anti-social beast, we are a ship lost at sea. The conscious self isn't directing the ship towards its rightful destination (truth, virtue, human goodness), and the subconscious isn't able to steer the ship alone. A full human needs both of these parts. Without both, were are in some way inhumane. Barbaric, partial humans.

Historical Origins

It's beyond the scope of this to fully describe the origins of such a cultural shift. However, I will outline a few places to look and draw a loose connection through time. This isn't meant to be a proof, but a roadmap to guide the reader for further research (with personal verification).
There were two distinct types of attacks on authority in the past 500 years.
These two groups claim to have a common enemy, an authoritarian elite, but their actual philosophies differ greatly.
As you can see, these two views are diametrically opposed. One views the creative power of humanity as essentially good, albeit flawed. The other views the creative power of humanity as essentially bad. You can see this thoroughly in modern and post-modern art, which acts as a parody to the human condition. It is consumed as the contrived, vain laugh by the very bourgeois that it claims to oppose. This self-hating (or completely out of touch, if they don't realize their own hypocrisy) class of people rules our current society as "the establishment", "the cathedral", "the regime". They are more directly left wing, but they are thoroughly within the right wing and thus represent both choices in our false dialectic of not only our political process, but the morals of our society as a whole.
To return to our cultural shift, the "bad father" arises from an attack by the collectivist schools of thought on all of society for the sins of a small minority. One way of elucidating this is: a few men at the top did some bad things, so all men are bad. It wasn't immediately like this, however. It started with the idea of: "if some Catholic leaders are bad, then all Catholic leaders are" (Reformation). Then, "if some men are unfairly attaining higher status after birth than other men, then all men are essentially cheating themselves from this theoretical 'blank slate' of existence" (Lockean philosophy). Then, "if some corporations (or owners of capital) are out of control, then all of them are" (Marxism). On and on, into the 20th century where we saw arguments by people such as Marcuse to return to a state of primitive sexuality and by feminists to return to a state without even a concept of gender to the latest thoughts, which outright make the claim that men are the enemy of all people, particularly any men which cling to any of the older modalities.
This is a war on human reason, which is a war on human nature itself. Nietzsche saw as a fusion of the Apollonian and the Dionysian. There are two equivalent ways of breaking down that terminology, but the intent is the same. Perhaps the Dionysian is the good and pure masculine figure, whereas the Apollonian is the adversary figure, thus making the preference for the Apollonian a sort of highly masculine, bad father-esque philosophy. Perhaps the Apollonian is masculinity as a whole, and Dionysian is the femininity as a whole (albeit depicted as a male Dionysus because, ya know, Greeks). Either way, the point is that you need a balance of these figures. And so, to return to the original quote I used as theme "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.", the gist is that an imbalance was created, either by killing a holistic concept of a unified "god" in the self (creating the male vs female dialectic), or by assigning this "god" concept to either the conscious or subconscious part of the mind. As stated above, the clear meaning of Nietzsche's arguments is the creation of the dialectic, the splitting of the whole, and the imbalancing of the the bicameral mind in everyone.
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2023.04.01 10:21 emptyspoonhere how to deal with difficult clinical instructor

This week I have been assigned to a clinical instructor who is difficult to cooperate with. I’m in a new semester now, and when we enter the ward, she needs bed baths done for every patient and the linens to be changed even though the registered staff nurses in that ward does linen changes and pampers round every 4 hours for all cubicles for all patients if they require.
But she still wants it done, and by the time we’re done, almost two hours have passed. And she doesn’t teach us anything regarding my semester’s curriculum. She chastises us and says that we’re lazy but we want to get our experience crossed and actually learn something.
Currently we are in a group of 10, 5 of us and another 5 are my juniors, meaning that they are in earlier semesters. I’m in another cubicle all the way at the back and while i was walking in the hallway, she calls my surname and in that annoying tone, says, “Your junior found a stool specimen collection while you were being lazy roaming around the ward. Until now, I have not seen you done complete nursing care. I’ve asked your junior to guide you on this procedure cause clearly as a senior, you’re not competent and lazy.”
Maam i have been all the way at the back, asking other nurses who are also busy to teach me things. In my semester, we mainly focus on iv drips, dressings and oxygen therapy, and surgical nursing. But for some reason, we’re only placed in cluster medical wards, so most of the time we don’t get to do procedures like removing sto or preparing post op bed. Only thing i can do for now is dressing, medication and care of iv drips. I shadow the nurses and follow doctor rounds and I write down reports i my log books, i have been doing the same thing since day one clinicals and have good relationships with all other instructors working with me.
But this is the first time, a CI has said that i also lack common sense and nursing knowledge.
A lot of my other seniors have complained about her not bothering to teach new lessons related to their semester’s curriculum, cause she will say things like “i won’t teach you new things, if you don’t care about the hygiene of the patient.” Even though that patient can walk, and their family members are there, she wants a literal bed bath or to wheel the patient into the showers… Even the staff nurses are upset because she keeps sticking her nose everywhere and she loudly chastises us which we get scowls from doctors and specialists doing rounds.
We complained to the head of department but no action had been taken, i don’t know how i can reach her “soft spot”…
And i don’t want to submit to her and do bed baths for 10 patients. Only clinical instructors can sign your experience book so that you can take the osce exam.
Other instructors have always been doing discussions and doing observations together so that we understand how a procedure is carried out in a clinical setting like inserting airway which we can’t do cause they keep placing us in medical wards instead of surgical.
Thank you for reading, I just don’t know what to do cause I will be working with her again next week, and that means, she’ll be doing an evaluation report on me. Cause yesterday, after she scolded me, i couldn’t take it anymore and just walked away from her after she said that a junior is more skilled than me in specimen collection. The form wasn’t even filled out properly, and was a scanned copy while i write out my specimen forms completely and do it from step 1-10 but she’s busy looking at someone else doing bed baths and assumes that i’m lazy. My junior is in that cubicle where she found that specimen, of course she has to collect it.
Thank you all again. I’m sorry for the long rant.
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2023.04.01 10:21 thesearemylens I (22f) haven’t spoken to my boyfriend in 4 days… what should I do?

I guess my partner and I are going through a break up. This was completely my choice but I can’t get over the way this is happening.
My partner (dating 2 1/2 years) and I attend the same university and we’re on spring break this week. Spring break started last Friday and my partner was apparently so exhausted from working that week that he didn’t fulfill his promise of taking me out to celebrate my recent accomplishments. This is just ONE of his broken promises. So I tried to let it go and and I spent Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night at my bfs place. All of those nights we just watched Netflix and fell asleep around 9pm. My partner had known that I wanted to be doing something those nights. I like to have fun and celebrate and I haven’t gotten the chance to with how busy I am right now. I graduate college in a month and this is my last Spring break.
On Sunday we planned a picnic but it got rained out so we had to post-pone it for Monday which upset me (he knew). But instead of doing something else, we just went back to his place and watched Netflix.
On Monday, I prepare my picnic basket, a blanket, water bottles, champagne, utensils, a kite. All the cute shit for this picnic date. I hadn’t been feeling the best about my image lately (which my bf knows) so I wore the prettiest dress w boots and did my hair. The boobs were out and I truly expected my partner to drool over everything about my outfit
1pm rolls by and my partner picks me up. Once I get in the car, not a word. No kiss, no ‘high beautiful’, doesn’t even look at me. I remember wondering why he was so distant but sometimes he gets in moods like this so I just ask “what’s up?”. He explained that he wasn’t feeling good but trying to push through it. I told him earlier that morning to stay home if he wasn’t feeling good and we could save the picnic for another day. Nope, the whole car ride I’m dealing with his sighs and moans. Never looked at me once. We’re on our way to what I’m assuming is a park, but then we pull up to a big ol’ lake. OH HE WANTS TO GO FISHING. thought he felt like shit? Nope, as soon as we get to the dock, he is pulling his fishing gear out, forgetting completely about our picnic. So I said “are you going straight to fishing?” Which only annoyed him. Eventually he starts laying on his back and just grunting profusely (dramatics). Then I admitted, “this is the most pathetic date I’ve been on. You haven’t looked at me, you haven’t kissed me, and we’re now sitting here in silence for you to fish.” And I just felt so ridiculous. He gets defensive atp and I ignore it all. I fly my kite and have fun with myself until he started to lighten up and help me.
45 minutes past and we’re leaving, he’s cold, he bored, he wants to go back home. On the way home, he wanted Taco Bell. I bought him Taco Bell. We get to his place and there was a moment he gave me quick attitude, and I blew up. I told him everything that had upset me that day and the last thing I said was how upset I am over him not noticing my effort or calling me pretty. His immediate response was “boohoo!! Followed my his finger mimicking a tear down his face. So I just got up, threw my food at him and walked out of his house. After this, he took me home. I said I was done with him, he told me things about myself on the car ride home. He tried to plead his case and talk about how he took a video of me flying my kite bc it looked cute. But my issue is why the fuck couldn’t he come touch me or compliment me the whole time? This is the same person that calls me baby girl in text and NEVER in person. Same person who promised me he would take me out and celebrate,but never did. Same person who said he was going on a picnic w me but brings his fishing gear.
After he dropped me off at home, I haven’t heard from him. No text, no call. I haven’t texted or called either. Typically, it’s me sending the longs texts by now but I refuse to. He complains about my long texts when we’re in fights like this so I’m holding back. It’s basically Saturday now and nothing. 4/5ish days, No contact. This truly seems like the end of it. I’m taking grad pictures on Sunday and we were supposed to do that together. We were just looking for apartments but now that’s gonna be a solo thing for me. I’m not sure if I should text him or call him. I’m feeling like shit and I hate how my last spring break has gone. Idk if he cares or what the fuck he’s doing. I just can’t stop missing him but my feelings are always discarded by him which reminds me that I shouldn’t be missing him. What would you do?
TL/DR: I told my boyfriend on Monday that we were done. This happened because of the way he constantly discards my feelings. The broken promises, the lack of affection, the disrespect. I blew up on Monday and once he took me home that was it, no contact since.
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