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One DnD and Pact of the Chain compared to 5e

2023.03.20 17:49 Dlax8 One DnD and Pact of the Chain compared to 5e

I realize that the Warlock playtest documents are not out and as such everything below should be taken with a massive grain of salt.
That being said this is being taken off of the guidance that OneDnD is fully backwards compatible with 5e (based on the structure of some changes I doubt that is accurate, but we will see)
I believe the power curve for pact of the chain will change dramatically unless language is added in the upcoming playtests.
This has to do with Find Familiar in the playtest versus the Imp from current Chain Lock.
A few points to note to show my thoughts. Find Familiar will always be cast at highest level (because Warlock, and for best possible scaling). The OneDnD Warlock will always take the airborne fiend version for best possible direct comparison. Both will obviously take Investment of The Chain invocation.
Let's start with Health, because of how the new find Familiar works it is better to summon the Imp until 7th level. 10 base hit points non-scaling versus 2 (+2 / spell level). 4th level spells is the point at which the Imp is on par with the new Familiar and at 9th level (5th level spells) you should use the new Familiar because it will have 12 hit points. It additionally gets better AC, starting at the AC of the Imp. New Familiar gets better AC starting at 2nd level spells for land creatures and 4th level for all others.
However, here's the hitch. The Imp gets passive resistance to Cold and non magical, non silvered BPS. The new Familiar gets none but higher AC.
In terms of damage I will need someone to help me with the math but Imp gets 1d4 +3 pierce with the 3d6 poison damage on CON (1/2 on save). The OneDnD Familiar gets a flat 1 (+spell level) necrotic (because of rhe assumptions above). This is generally worse but more consistent. It is far far better (after 4th level spells, with minimum damage roll) if the target is immune to poison.
And here's more information that didn't really fit a category.
The Imp gets 120 ft dark vision, OneDnD gets 60ft. The Imp can speak, OneDnD has telepathy up to 120 feet.
And the big one. The Imp can be invisible but the OneDnD cannot.
As it stands right now there is in my opinion a choice to be made about which Familiar to use.
Now it is likely not fair to compare a base Familiar with the Imp since the Imp is better than the base Familiar from 5e. But how much stronger will the chain lock specific Familiar be for OneDnD?
What is everyone's thoughts on this. I am very excited to see the new Chainlock. I hope we can get to have a super powerful minion.
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2023.03.20 17:47 Yaronttt These tactics produce some of the most beautiful football

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2023.03.20 17:47 Aggravating_Ad8670 lassen bedeutung

ich habe diesen Satz begegnet: Zahlreiche Studien belegen, dass allein die Ankündigung, gesunde Nahrung serviert zu bekommen, die Geschmackserwartung sinken lässt.
I know that, sinken can be used as in: Something sinken. But here, we have the structure: Something lässt something else sinken. Does this correspond to: the Announcement let the expectation to sink? Thanks for the help :).
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2023.03.20 17:47 Sphinxer553 Bug Report - Patch 1. Is timewarping the cause of Satellite seedship SUD.

So an number of us here have been testing whats going on with satellites seedships.
Symptoms: Launches are normal Orbits are normal. 1. get into position to launch ships, some ships don't initiate, missing parts or parts in the wrong place. 2. release a few satellites some might work as designed, but before all satellites are released the seedship undergoes Sudden Unplanned Disintegration. 3. debris ends up in ecclectic orbits about the focused celestial, Kerbol or hyperbolic with respect to Kerbol. 4. remaining satellites in debris, although intact are no longer flyable.
So in the current experiment I A. made an 5-seed seedship with the center seed as the controller. B. went from ascent directly to target orbit r ~ 6Mm. C. saved before each time warp. D. time warped to Ap, then burned prograde to r-pe of 3.6Mm E1. Released 3 ships without issue, the seedship exploded. -reloaded the game, which completely froze the game, I then tried to Alt-F4 but that also was frozen. I then did a complete reboot of the computer and reloaded the game. [This is a relatively strong indication that something in the game was corrupted and overran its memory allocation, socalled memory leak]
E2. made sure that the axial seedship was in control of vessel. F2. Place the seedship facing north and released the radial seeds (commsats), all went well. G2. Did a time warp to Apo coming out of tw to normal time the ship exploded, although there were two intact seeds, neither could be played.
E3. Reloaded the game again F3. Place the seedship in N facing and released the seeds once again and drifting to Apo in normal time. Turned to antigrade and put it into a highly eccentric Kerbit suborbit. -at this point I noted, that although the ship was intact, the struts had been moved, the stage fairings of my deep space engine (future use) were released, and there were smattering of parts from the first stage (like radial separators) in randomly place 8 fold symmetries near the 2nd and 3rd stage, and around the radial seedship spars. G3. Released the parent seed and placed into a polar orbit. H3. the vestigual seedship destroyed as expect and seedships TW normally.
I've come up with a hypothesis, the timewarp itself is not killing the ships, but that during time warp the ship is being 'edited' and upon exiting the warp the resulting ship is structurally unstable to varying degrees, sometimes so edited that it disintegrates. This may have something to do with the fact the new timewarp allows parameter effects, like engine burns, which in turn means mass conversion and changes in certain stats. There is a proofing problem within time warp, is what comes out of the timewarp a 'reasonable" approximation of what went into the timewarp given the physical expectation. A plausible expectation has to do with controllers that are not silenced before launch.
Thats all I can say for now. Recommendations. For ships with multiple probe controllers make sure one is in control and deactivate the others until seeding. Save game before time warps. Probably a good idea to exit game, reboot PC and reload game and save.
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2023.03.20 17:47 luvtheflexfan1 3.5g shroom trip experience

Yesterday I ate a 3.5g of albino penis envy mushrooms, the come up was euphoric and as I laid on my couch I couldn’t tell which parts were me or my blanket and the feeling of my skin being touched was almost pleasurable. When I closed my eyes I saw 3d geometry being created right before my eyes with very bright and neon colors. I didn’t have any sort of ego death surprisingly, the trip mainly contained visual and auditory hallucinations as well as an insane body high and euphoria. I later went outside and the clouds were changing shape as the sky’s colors faded between beautiful pinks and blues, and almost all greenery seemed to have duplicated textures and were extremely saturated. My personal favorite part was being in an open grass field and seeing an almost translucent structure under the grass that seemed to make up the ground. This has been my highest dose trip yet, my highest dose trip before this was a 1.75g mushroom chocolate.
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2023.03.20 17:46 Cobide ASP.NET Core MVC - How to propagate an event between partial views and main view?

Hi! I'm trying to implement a "list jumping" behavior between two lists' items(without reloading the page).
These happen between two dynamically-loaded lists in the same view. Every element in those two lists need to implement two behaviors: deleting itself from the list and moving from one list to the other. However, due to the implementation details I'll explain below, I'm not quite sure how to relay a product's "delete/move" button click event to the containing view.
Every item is a model that contains a GUID as an Id and several more properties. For flexibility purposes, the "template" of how an item row should be displayed is implemented through a view component.
The "list" itself is made up of multiple levels.
First of all, a partial view that turns an IEnumerable into many rows of items in this manner:
@foreach(var item in items) { 
@await Component.InvokeAsync(/*item format and item as args*/)
Said partial view is created through a controller called with AJAX.
One layer higher, there is a partial view that keeps a div container that starts out empty, then gets populated by adding the above partial view with each successful controller call. In pseudo-code, it looks like this:
The result of the above is an infinitely scrollable view that gets more elements on "load more" button click. The generated GUID is used to allow using multiple instances of the same partial view on the same page(it's kinda clunky, so, if you have a better way, talk away!).
Ultimately, the "main view"'s structure is as follows(pseudocode):
@await ScrollableList(urlToActionToRetrievePartialViewListWithXItems)
@await ScrollableList(urlToAnotherActionToRetrievePartialViewListWithYItems)
Every "item row" has a "move to x" button which is supposed to move it to the other list. Backend-wise, it's simple as it's just a delete & create DB request, but I'm puzzled as to how to signal to the other list that it's supposed to add said item.
The implementation of that item row looks something like this(again, pseudocode with skipped stuff):
That's the rough implementation; however, I'm not sure how to propagate the event. The propagation would take this path:
  1. Item Row
  2. List Container(1)
  3. Main View
  4. List Container(2)
  5. Ajax request to get item info and set up an item row in list container 2

Any idea on how to implement it? Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.20 17:44 Shin-kun1997 [In Progress] [4,227] [Science Fiction] Epsilons Trial

Id appreciate some feedback as I plan to self publish this at some point in a larger book.
Epsilon’s Trial
With heavy shoulders slumped, Sebastian Pasquet walked through the door of his house and kicked off his shoes, dropping the suitcase and hanging up his jacket. The turtleneck shirt he wore was covered in specs of dust and dirt, all of which emerged from today's earlier events.
“Ugh. I swear this position is gonna drive me into the bloody ground.” he grunted in a thick English accent. “I’m home.”
His voice caught the attention of a woman dressed in a blue shirt and apron, her hair was a dark silver and her eyes were violet, but her most defining features were a pair of cat-like ears protruding from her head, as well as a tail that stretched down to her feet. 
She walked towards him and instantly embraced him in a hug, causing him to drop the suitcase. He didn’t care and simply returned the love, pushing his lips against hers as he smirked. Greeting him was his wife, Alvia. A Felis from the planet Eria some 230,000,000 kilometers from Fiore.
A world with the lowest population in Eridani at 2.5 billion inhabited by a shy, peaceful race that, while possessing spaceflight and the ability to travel through jump space, had no off world settlements apart from their moon.
“Welcome back.” she said as her tail curved around his leg. “I missed you so much. It’s five thirty by the way, don’t you usually get out by four?”
“There was an accident on one of the launch pads that needed attention.”
“Oh my, I hope no one was hurt.”
“Don’t worry, it was an unmanned test. No crew on board.”
“Ah, great. Well my love, your hard day's work is over for the time being.” She pecked his cheek once more. “Come on, dinner’s almost finished.”
He stepped into the living room where a young boy was sitting on the floor reading a children's book. The area was designed with a modern and cozy aesthetic with the TV embedded in the wall, an L-shaped couch at the center, and family portraits stacked across a nearby table. One of them depicted Sebastian five years ago in his EVA suit, taken just before launch. 
His seven year old son, Jeremy, greeted him with a hug. While he resembled a younger version of himself, he’d been born a Felis just like Alvia, inheriting his mothers ears and tail.
“Hey kiddo.” Sebastian said, picking him up and scratching behind his ears. “What’d you do all day?”
“I got to help mom with dinner.” he replied, in a cheery voice. “Oh, Dad, are we still gonna go to the expo? Mari said she’s going with her parents.”
Jeremy had been referring to the Interstellar Aerospace Expo of 2273, which was to be held on the planet Vandam in two months. The annual thirteen day long convention where space companies, private initiatives, and anti-gravity racers from all across Eridani gathered to celebrate the one thing they all shared in common; flying.
“Of course we are.” Sebastian replied. “But were you good in school today?”
His son nodded.
“Then, I’ll be sure to take you to the anti-gravity race when we go.”
Jeremy cheered at his reply. Upon putting him down, Alvia directed him to wash his hands before dinner. He watched Jeremy head up the stairs towards the bathroom as his wife placed her head against his shoulder. 
“I swear, he can’t stop talking about that event.” she said.
Changing into a t-shirt he plopped onto the couch and turned the TV on just in time to witness a news report taking place. A story discussing a recent development regarding an unknown object floating within space, specifically the Strain Belt, the massive asteroid belt that separated Fiore from Eris. The screen then switched to a photograph taken within the belt via a satellite, depicting a violet light within a field of asteroids. As his wife sat beside him Sebastian became puzzled at the story, his mind curious as to what the supposed entity could be. 
“I read this somewhere earlier. Some are just saying it could be a comet.” Alvia said.
“But what kind of comet stays in the exact same place?” he replied. “It’s probably a defunct probe that’s reached its end.”
Alvia shrugged her shoulders as Sebastian began to massage her ears, which she loved a lot. “Maybe. So, how was today apart from the accident you mentioned?”
“Sorting through paperwork. Supersiving vehicle operation. In short, horrifying.”
“Aw, my peach sounds like he’s been through too much. It’s been two years now since you’ve had this position, director of the astronaut corps.”
“It has its perks. I get to fly in those fancy spaceliners for business trips across the planet or to the moon.”
“Oh? Then maybe you can book us a nice getaway towards those fancy beach hotels.” Sebastian rolled his eyes and smiled at her answer. Alvia slowly raised her head and pressed her lips against his once more, giving Sebastian the go ahead to massage her tail.
“Ew, yuck!”
The two ceased their advances immediately upon hearing the voice of their son in front of them. There, Jeremy stood, mocking his parents' act of love causing the two of them to laugh. When all was said and done they walked towards the kitchen where dinner was served, the entire time Sebastian was subjected to Jeremy’s rambling about the exposition. 
The next day Sebastian found himself quickly jogging through the halls of Ophir Space Complex, the campus-sized facility that managed all launches and missions of the company. He arrived at the designated meeting room and was greeted by the sight of James sitting at the head of an oval-shaped mahogany table. Beside him were Romero and Alex as well, all dressed in matching suit attire. 
Sebastian noticed at the table center a hologram of the planet Fiore, which was odd because this room didn’t have that feature the previous day.
“Sorry if I’m late. Had to drop my son off at school and traffic was impatient on the way back.” Sebastian said, taking his seat.
“Not at all mate. We’re waiting on a few more actually.” Romero replied, shaking Sebastian's hand. “How is your boy anyway?”
“Excited for the expo, that’s for sure. Says some of his friends are going too.”
“Same for me and my little girl.” Alex added. “I hear that there’s going to be a Human vs. Astrean anti-gravity prix.”
“How much do you want to bet they’ll kick our arses?”
Eventually several other suited men stepped into the room and upon closing the door, took their seats and greeted Sebastian and his colleagues. 
“Good. Now that everyone’s here, let's get this meeting started.” Romero proclaimed. “To begin, what is on the schedule for this month in terms of the new models?”
“Fortunately the accident yesterday was only minor and the damage was menial, the engineers over at our plant in Harriet are repairing it as we speak.” Alex replied. “Construction on two other prototypes are underway as we speak.”
“Will it be ready in time for the exposition?” another man asked.
“We believe so. With a little more time.”
“More time? The event is in two months and we have yet to present anything to the board and CEO. If we don’t procure results fast we’ll be coming in fifth place for the fourth year in a row.”
“Easy now, I’m sure our engineers here are on the case. Yesterday’s mishap has not slowed us down before, and it will not slow us down again.”
The hologram at the center suddenly switched to a star map of Eridani, displaying all barren and inhabited worlds within the star system, including the eight planets humanity resided on. Their names were shown just below the tiny sphere they represented. 
Daphne. Rhea. Nova. Antari. Freya. Cascade. . And his own planet, Fiore.
Soon after, a hologram of the spacecraft in question appeared at the center of the map as well. Sebastian was silent for the most part, somewhat annoyed at the constant bickering between the old men. 
“The model comes in one and two seater variants we’ve labeled as the Ichinose-class. Its nickname is Epsilon.” Alex spoke. “We were implementing a two engine propulsion system that not only propels the ship forward, but provides power for the rest of the ship. Sebastian, wanna give the rundown?”
He nodded, shifting everyone's attention to the TV display on the wall which now showed a diagram of the ship.
“Our spacecraft compared to Astreans, while advanced, are relatively primitive in their eyes. Well at least in terms of design and architecture. Astreans ships use deuterium and tritium to power their reactors while we use deuterium and helium-3, with liquid hydrogen remaining as the primary fuel source. But what makes Epsilon different is its engines.”
“Oh?” another man said.
“Typically, our vehicles employ chemically fueled aerospike plasma engines, the newer engines you’re seeing here are fusion powered and designed to not only provide direct thrust, but power to the spacecraft altogether.”
Each of the men’s eyes widened at Sebastians response. Such a design for a spacecraft was unproven on Fiore, but the concept and practicality was very much real. In fact most companies and organizations on other human worlds had recently fielded such designs. Sebastian continued. 
“Speed is also another factor we’ve looked over. A typical trip from Fiore to Eris in this planetary system will take around 7 hours. These engines can cut that flight down to just 2.5 hours of non-stop travel. Especially when you consider that it takes 5 hours to get to the Strain Belt.”
The men then began conversing amongst themselves at Sebastians statement. While some of them were supportive of the concept of lower trips across the interplanetary medium, others were skeptical. When asked if the engines were tested with astronauts Sebastian shook his head. 
“I haven’t assigned anyone to fly it as of yet, but rest assured the tests are coming back with many positive results.”
“Positive, but unmanned,” he replied. “If this were to fail, the amount of bad publicity would damage our reputation for years to come. We cannot proceed further without human ratings.”
Sebastian sighed to himself as he grunted, the men of the table chatting back and forth about the safety and possible outcomes the fusion engines would provide. He tried to find the words to say to appease the table but their corporate tone, mildly annoying political voices hindered that effort. For the past several minutes the meeting continued, with two sides discussing both the pros and cons of having such a design. Finally, after seemingly an eternity of old men debating over coffee as his wife put it, he slammed a hand on the table causing Alex to flinch. Standing from his seat, all eyes were now trained on him. 
“Enough. All this bickering is not getting us anywhere. If you want results, I’ll fly the damn ship myself.”
As if coming to some horrendous realization the table's members simply stared at Sebastian upon his closing statement. For his part, Sebastian was set on fulfilling the test operation. Further explaining that he would assign himself to a manned test of the vehicle as soon as possible. 
“I’m not so sure that would be an appropriate move, as the astronaut office head you’re responsible for ensuring launch vehicles are up to company standards.”
“And what better way to do that than from inside the said vehicle?” Sebastian replied. “Look, everyone in both corporate and engineering is under a lot of stress and worrying about our place at the exposition. I can put all those to rest with a simple interplanetary flight to Eria.”
“I agree.” Alex added. “Sebastian is one of the more experienced pilots in the program as well, especially when you look at his resume.”
Silence filled the room. The diagram of the engine disappeared from the screen as Sebastian took his seat once more, their eyes wandering back and forth as if lost in thought and trying to find counter arguments. As it became evident that there were no further words to say, one of the men had taken a piece of paper and began writing. 
“I will take it to the board then,” he said. “If we’re talking about a spaceflight, then might we add an extra task?”
When Sebastian arrived at the Strain Belt he was fast at work, enjoying the wilderness of space that he’d spent so long away from. A week had passed and he was installing one of many beacons along a column of asteroids, his EVA circulating oxygen and maintaining a stable body temperature. He had departed Fiore a few hours earlier after taking Jeremy to school and kissing his wife goodbye, now conducting a mission which included not only working out any of Epsilon’s bugs, but locating an interstellar object which had been spotted by a company space probe. 
Sebastian jumped from the asteroid and floated back towards Epsilon where the airlock was still open. Pressurizing the interior he assumed control of the vehicle and used the thrusters to gently move into more open space. The thick concentration of asteroids surrounding him resembled a field of death, something no human without the proper experience should be able to survive.
While the ship's hull was sturdy, Sebastian had to maintain constant caution. His senses were on full alert even from inside the safety of the ship. The occasional bumps along the exterior would cause any inexperienced pilot to flinch, but Epsilon was made of some of the best titanium Fiore had. As he arrived at the signal's location Sebastian found himself cast into a sea of dark, the sun barely shining through the asteroids that circled him. 
“I can’t see it yet.” he said to himself. “The news showed that thing to be a bright violet light, but where would it be?”
After floating through the belt for several minutes he was caught by the flash of a bright light, the familiar violet color from the news made its appearance known again. Activating Epsilon’s fusion engines Sebastian sped towards the light as it began to vanish as quickly as it came. He turned on the spacecraft's exterior lights to get a full view of what was before him. 
“Holy crap…”
His eyes took a moment to register what everyone at the space center assumed it to be. A large horizontal object with a shape almost like an oversized satellite with a rod attached to the end, two flat extensions resembling solar panels, and a round dome that covered its opposite end. In fact its shape and various extensions gave it the appearance of a small space station. 
“Control, I think I’ve found it.” Sebastian said through comms. “These markings along the side, those definitely aren’t human made.”
“We read you Epsilon. Are you saying what we’re all thinking?”
“Yeah. This thing is definitely of Xanadu origin.”
The sound of applause could be heard at the end of the radio. Sebastian smirked as he leaned back in his seat upon discovering one of thousands, if not millions of different advanced ancient technologies spread throughout the Milky Way. After relaying the artifact’s location and back to Fiore, his celebration abruptly ended when an alarm began to sound. Glancing at the radar beneath him he spotted two red dots, each representing ships, heading for his position. Sensing something was wrong Sebastian quickly displayed an enhanced frame of the space before him, what he could see were two low grade spacecraft flying towards his position. 
“Aw crap.” Sebastian said, activating the engines. “Control, we’ve got a problem. I’ve got a band of Outcast pirates on my plate now.”
“Well would you look at that.” one of them spoke through comms. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a butterfly trapped in a thorn bush. No biggie, you hand over that structure there and things don’t have to go south.”
Sebastian sighed. “It was hard enough having to navigate through this freaking death field. Now I have scumbags like you in my schedule? Geeze it just ain’t my day.”
“What was that?!” One of the ships activated their weapons systems.
“Did I stutter? I called you a bunch of low life trash bags who’re probably too stupid to know how a coffee maker works.”
Before he knew it, a concentrated beam of energy came flying through the asteroid field. Using Epsilon’s powerful thrusters Sebastian was only barely able to dodge it. He gripped the stick and began to fly forwards into the fray. To maintain his stability Sebastian had to keep the fusion engine's velocity at a minimum so as to not crash into any asteroids, or worse, the pirates spacecraft. 
“Looks like this butterfly’s been reading too many fantasies. Let’s show em who’s in charge around here!”
He soon found one of the ships now tailing him. Another stream of energy zipped past his ship and grazed the side of the hull plating, setting off another alarm Sebastian quickly silenced. Activating Epsilon's energy shields he quickly formulated a plan in order to gain the upper hand. Despite being a prototype, Epsilon was equipped with defenses including a directed energy weapon and four missiles stored in a lower chamber. 
“Damn. If this keeps up I’ll run out of fuel before I can even plan for the expo’s entrance.” he said to himself, scoffing. “No matter, I’ve got a few tricks of my own.”
As he piloted Epsilon through the dense field he remained calm and collected, knowing that fear and panic would only make the situation much more dire. A common aspect all astronauts followed when venturing in or far from Eridani. Paranoia would only spell certain demise. Sebastian circled another set of rocks before raising his altitude, catching the tailing ship off guard. The ship slammed into the side of the asteroid at an intense velocity. Engulfing the ship in a silent explosion as the flames vanished. 
“One down, one more to go.” Sebastian said. “Hm?”
He stabilized his altitude and ceased all movement to find the last remaining pirate ship before him; it was a few thousand feet away but close enough for Sebaatian to see. Strangely it made no attempts to move, no communication from its crew, all he could see was the low-budget ship flash a red light from its bridge area occasionally. 
“What the heck are they doing…?”
Sebastian realized too late. Within several seconds his spacecraft's systems suddenly began to go haywire, the electricity malfunctioning and life support beginning to fail. Putting on his helmet Sebastian quickly maneuvered Epsilon out of view from the Outcasts using what little power from the spacecraft's backup systems he had. He’d been hit with an EMP. 
“We’ve got him. Finish him off so we can claim our prize.”
Sebastian began to assess the situation as the pirate's spacecraft hovered towards him, the Outcast fired another stream of energy towards Epsilon causing the ship's hull to deteriorate. Using the thrusters Sebastian shifted behind an asteroid to avoid another oncoming stream of energy. Several minutes had passed with Epsilon sneaking around the Outcast ship and avoiding whatever attacks it could. Eventually the two ships found themselves coming within range of a pocket of controlled space within the Strain Belt, Sebastian could spot the orbital infrastructure that made up Ophir Strait. One of only two clear paths of the Strain Belt that served as a trade route between Fiore and Eria. 
“Damn it.” he grunted, hitting the dashboard. “If I don’t end this quickly then we’re both gonna be fired on by the security bots.”
Separated by fifty miles, Sebastian was well outside the exclusion zone of the trade route, and with Epsilon's systems finally back online he ran another scan for the remaining Outcast ship. He spotted him several thousand kilometers in front of him once more, only this time he couldn't see him out the canopy window.
Sebastian squinted his eyes as he looked out the window, his grip firm on the stick as he came to realize that he had to. He thought of Alvia and Jeremy back on Fiore, both of them waiting for his safe return and comforting presence once more. Taking in a breath, he gradually began to speed towards the craft.
“Alright…we got one shot at this.” Sebastian said. “This doesn’t work, then Ophir Strait falls apart.”
Sebastian locked onto the Outcast ahead of him and fired one of the missiles beneath the spacecraft, but not before slightly altering its trajectory. Epsilon increased its speed enough causing the interior to shake and vibrate, the energy shields surrounding the outside were activated once again, as asteroids flew past the canopy glass at a high velocity. Within just a few minutes the Outcast ship came within sight. It fired its directed energy once again straight towards Epsilon which made contact with the energy shield. However Sebastian continued to fly straight towards the craft, ignoring the reducing shield's power. The Outcast panicked, as it appeared that Sebastian would crash Epsilon straight into his ship. 
“Are you crazy?!” the pirate shouted.
Sebastian was unfazed. “Maybe.”
Before he knew it the Outcast was closer than ever, within a split second Sebastian's spacecraft zipped by the pirate in a swift clean motion. Epsilon then used its thrusters to reduce its velocity once more, the pirate beginning to laugh. 
“What the hell was that? No guts to finish it huh?” His ship's energy weapon began to charge. “Looks like this is it then, butterfly.”
“Yeah. For you at least.”
Confused, the Outcast demanded to know what he meant. Sebastian for his part, chuckled as he directed the pirate to look behind him. The two missiles Epsilon fired earlier had reemerged and, with brute force, smashed into the pirates ship from both port and starboard side. A ball of fire engulfed the surrounding space followed by a brief blinding light. All of which could be seen, but not heard. The flames vanished. Filling the space with debris from the destroyed ship that floated off into various directions. Sebastian let out a breath of relief as Epsilon, damaged but still alive, gently raised its altitude to be above the Strain Belt. The sun’s light shone through the glass as he took off his helmet and accepted the light.’ 
“Epsilon, this is Fiore! Epsilon, do you read?” a voice spoke through comms.
“Fiore this is Epsilon, good to hear your voice.”
“Sebastian? Thank God. What’s happening up there? The signal cut out and we’ve been trying to reach you!”
Looking around the interior of the cabin he shrugged his shoulders, taking off his communications cap he responded. 
“Well Fiore, I don’t know how to quite say this….”
Two months had passed since the incident in the Strain Belt, the Xanadu artifact had been secured by the company and taken to an orbital research station on one of Fiore’s moons.
The stadium had been packed to the rim with civilians from all across Eridani filling the twenty thousand seats that surrounded the massive holographic screen at the center of the ring. Fireworks lit the dim sky accompanied by confetti raining from passing overhead ships, and the cheers of all resonated throughout the air. Flags of the various inhabited worlds throughout Eridani flew along the center. 
Among the thousands of civilians, Sebastian sat beside his wife with their son between them.
“Hey, look.” Alvia said, pointing upward. “They’re starting.”
Sebastian glanced towards the sky and his eyes were as wide as dinner plates, as five spacecraft conducting a flyover soared over the stadium in formation. Leaving behind trails blue and white smoke that casted the air in a striped pattern. They were Epsilon spacecraft, the very type that saved his life in a far, dangerous region of space. It was the second day of the 2273 Interstellar Aerospace Expo, hosted by the Astreans that lived on the planet Seira, the day that would kick off with a traditional anti-gravity race between the humans teams from Fiore, and the Jurahan teams from Eden. 
“Dad, are we gonna win?” Jeremy asked.
Sebastian smiled and ruffled his hair. “I sure as hell hope so kid. That way Alex will be getting me lunch when we head back.”
Alvia covered Jeremy’s ears. “Sebastian, language. Not in front of Jeremy.”
“What? If I remember correctly you did the same before we left.”
Alvia playfully punched his arm before placing Jeremy on her lap.
Within moments of the racers being introduced the host of the show gave a brief speech to the people, welcoming all in attendance to both the race and the exposition. Upon finishing the anti-gravity timer began its countdown from ten, with the people all counting in unison as per tradition. Sebastian was happy. Happy that everything in the end worked out, from getting Epsilon approved in time for the exposition, to satisfying his son’s thirst for adventure. As the race began he pulled his wife closer and stroked the tip of her tail as they watched. 
“You know you still owe me an explanation about what happened.” she said. “I want to know all about your first time back up in space.”
“Yeah. Well I’ll tell you…most of what happened.”
Sebastian pecked Alvia’s cheek, as the romanticized scale of the race continued.
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2023.03.20 17:43 Mediocre-Software-48 bibi


The ownership structure and commercial objectives of private sector and public sector organisations are drastically different. The objective of private sector companies is to make profits for their owners or shareholders, whereas the objective of public sector organisations is to serve the public interest. These diverse purposes and structures can have a substantial effect on the operations and performance of companies in the accounting and financial sectors that are subject to a variety of government interventions and regulations.
Examining the influence of three government actions and legislation on the structure and operations of accounting and financial sector organisations. In addition, we will assess the extent to which Brexit and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine are affecting the operations and performance of a specified business in the United Kingdom.
By investigating these subjects, we hope to provide a thorough understanding of the impact of government actions and laws, as well as geopolitical events, on the operations and performance of accounting and financial organisations in the United Kingdom. This analysis can assist stakeholders, including businesses, governments, and consumers, in gaining a better understanding of the difficulties and possibilities faced by organisations in this industry and how they might adapt to changing conditions.
A business organisation is a group of individuals or entities that work together to provide goods or services to consumers or clients for the purpose of generating income and profits. There are numerous legal structures for business entities, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs). Each of the functional areas of a corporate organisation, such as finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and management, contributes to the corporation's overall performance (Hyland & Kohli, 2021). Depending on the nature of the business, the market, and the available resources, the form and size of a business organisation might vary.
In most circumstances, the primary mission of a corporate organisation is to maximise profits or shareholder value; nevertheless, the firm may also include social or environmental objectives (Selby, 2013). Typically, a successful business will be able to provide customers with high-quality products or services, maintain positive relationships with stakeholders such as suppliers and employees, and achieve financial sustainability through the efficient use of resources and the application of effective management practises (Hall & Holt).
Public sector organisations are government-owned. They provide education, healthcare, and public safety (Davies, 2011). These organisations are accountable to taxpayers for their operations and performance.
UK public sector organisations include:
  1. Central government agencies: They manage defence, health, education, and justice policies. The Ministry of Defence, Health and Social Services, Education, and Justice are examples.
  2. Local Government: Local governments manage garbage, public transportation, and social services (Davies, 2011). Boroughs, districts, and county councils are examples.
  3. National Health Service (NHS): The NHS provides free healthcare to all UK residents. It employs nearly 1.7 million people (Hyland & Kohli, 2021).
  4. Public Corporations: These government-owned companies operate as legal entities. BBC, Royal Mail, and Network Rail are examples.
  5. Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs): NDPBs are government-funded yet independent organisations. They research and deliver public services. Environment, National Crime, and UK Space Agencies are examples.
Private sector organisations are privately owned and operated. They enhance profits by selling goods and services to clients (Hyland & Kohli, 2021). Private investment or loans fund these firms, which compete in a market.
UK private sector organisations include:
  1. Sole: One person owns and runs a sole proprietorship, the simplest private sector corporation. The proprietor is personally liable for business debts and obligations. Freelancers, small retailers, and independent contractors are examples.
  2. Partnerships: Private sector partnerships share earnings and losses. Partnerships can be general or limited (Hyland & Kohli, 2021). Law, accounting, and investment partnerships are examples.
  3. Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs): Shareholder-owned LLCs offer limited liability protection. Larger businesses with several owners and substantial investments employ them (Hyland & Kohli, 2021). Multinationals, tech startups, and financial services firms are examples.
  4. Cooperatives: Members of cooperatives share earnings and run the firm. Consumer, agricultural, and credit unions are examples.
  5. Franchises: Private companies that use a larger brand or business strategy and receive support from the franchisor are franchises. The franchisor sets the rules, while the franchisee runs the business. Fast-food, retail, and service firms are examples.
Public and private organisations have different ownership structures and economic goals.
· Private sector companies aim to earn for their owners or shareholders.
· Public sector organisations are government-owned and serve the public interest by providing goods and services.
· Private companies aim to maximise profits for their shareholders. Increase income, reduce costs, and maximise efficiency.
· Public sector organisations aim to serve the public. This may involve promoting public health, decreasing poverty, or boosting economic growth.
The two sectors also differ in funding, regulation, oversight, and decision-making incentives. Public sector organisations receive government support and oversight, while private sector organisations receive private funding and market competition (Hyland & Kohli, 2021). Public sector organisations are incentivized to accomplish social and economic goals, while private sector organisations focus on revenues and expansion.
In the United Kingdom, government interventions are acts made by the government or its agencies to affect or regulate various elements of society or the economy (Genicot et al., 2018). A number of government initiatives and laws can have an effect on the structure and functioning of accounting and financial sector organisations. Here are three illustrations:
  1. Accounting Standards: Governments may mandate that accounting and financial sector businesses adhere to specified accounting standards. In the United States, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) establish accounting rules for public firms and state and local governments, respectively (Genicot et al., 2018). These standards can influence the manner in which financial statements are created and reported, hence influencing the operations of accounting and financial sector institutions. To comply with the regulations, businesses may have to invest in new systems or procedures.
  2. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations: Governments may implement AML legislation in order to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. These regulations may mandate financial institutions to establish a variety of controls, including customer identification procedures, transaction monitoring, and suspicious activity reporting (Gup & Beekarry, 2009). These policies can have an effect on the structure and operations of businesses in the financial sector by increasing compliance costs, necessitating extra personnel or technology, and altering client interactions.
  3. Taxation Policies: Governments may enact taxes policies that have an impact on accounting and financial industry businesses. Tax rules can also affect the demand for specific financial products and services, such as tax-advantaged investments and retirement savings plans (Genicot et al., 2018). These changes can have an effect on the structure and operations of companies in the financial sector by necessitating revisions to procedures, personnel, or products.
Anti-money laundering, financial reporting, and taxation rules can affect accounting and financial industry performance. These interventions affect performance in several ways:
  1. AML: AML violations can lead to fines, lawsuits, and brand damage. Fines and legal fees can reduce accounting and banking sector profitability. AML compliance programmes, customer due diligence, and monitoring take time and money, which can hurt profitability (Mackintosh, 2021). AML compliance can also establish confidence with customers and investors and improve these firms' reputations.
  2. Financial Reporting Standards: Non-compliance can lead to fines, legal action, and reputational damage. Inaccuracies or discrepancies in financial reporting can damage investors' and other stakeholders' trust, hurting these organisations' financial performance (Gup & Beekarry, 2009). Yet, financial reporting requirements can boost these firms' credibility, investor trust, and financial performance.
  3. Taxation Policies: Taxation rules can affect accounting and financial sector firms' financial performance. Tax rate rises impair profitability, whereas deductions and exemptions affect employee compensation packages (Mackintosh, 2021). Tax regulations can also affect financial performance by affecting demand for financial services and products. But companies that can adjust to tax policy changes can stay competitive and take advantage of possibilities.
Government initiatives and regulations can have substantial effects on the structure and operations of accounting and financial sector organisations. Businesses must keep abreast of these changes and be willing to react as necessary to maintain compliance and market competitiveness.
Brexit and the war between Russia and Ukraine can have a substantial effect on the operations and performance of British firms. A financial services company, such as Barclays Bank, is one example of a named business that may be affected.
Brexit can have several effects on the operations and performance of Barclays Bank. For instance:
Brexit has resulted in changes to the regulatory environment in the United Kingdom and Europe. Being a financial services provider, Barclays Bank is subject to a variety of regulatory regulations that may be affected by Brexit (Murray & Gill, 2018). Brexit may result in changes to legislation controlling, among other things, capital mobility, data protection, and cross-border payments. These alterations may need that Barclays Bank adapt its operations, which might have an effect on its performance.
Economic Uncertainty: Brexit-related economic uncertainty can potentially harm the performance of financial services organisations such as Barclays Bank. For instance, the possibility for changes to trade ties, tariffs, and other economic variables can have an effect on client demand and investment decisions, which could have an effect on the bank's income and profitability (Murray & Gill, 2018).
Changes to the Workforce: Brexit has also damaged the capacity of British firms to recruit and retain employees. Barclays Bank may need to modify its employment strategy to continue attracting and retaining the talent it requires to stay competitive (Selby, 2013).
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine may potentially affect Barclays Bank's operations and profitability. For instance:
In reaction to the conflict in Ukraine, the British government and the European Union have placed a variety of sanctions on Russia. These sanctions may have an effect on Barclays Bank's operations if they prohibit the bank's capacity to conduct business with particular persons or companies, or if they restrict the bank's access to particular markets or financial instruments.
Geopolitical Risk: The conflict in Ukraine may also heighten geopolitical risk, which can have an effect on financial markets and consumer demand for financial products and services (Selby, 2013). This might affect the revenue and profitability of Barclays Bank.
Brexit and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine can have a variety of effects on the operations and profitability of financial services companies such as Barclays Bank (Price, 1989). The magnitude of these effects will depend on a variety of variables, including the regulatory and economic climate, geopolitical concerns, and the bank's adaptability to changing conditions.


In conclusion, the ownership structure and business objectives of private and public sector companies significantly influence the operations and performance of accounting and financial sector organisations. The objective of private sector companies is to maximise profits for their owners or shareholders, whereas the mission of public sector organisations is to serve the public interest. Different aims and organisational structures result in differing degrees of regulation and oversight, as well as incentives that influence decision-making.
We have analysed the effects of three government actions and laws on the structure and operations of accounting and financial sector organisations throughout this paper. They include accounting standards, legislation against money laundering, and taxation policies. We have also evaluated the impact of Brexit and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the operations and performance of a specific business in the United Kingdom.
Clearly, government actions and regulations have a substantial effect on the operations and performance of accounting and financial sector firms. Businesses must keep abreast of these changes and be willing to react as necessary to maintain compliance and market competitiveness.
As the global economic and geopolitical scene continues to evolve, organisations must be more adaptable and responsive than ever before. Accounting and financial sector firms may better prepare for the future and succeed in a fast-changing environment if they comprehend the difficulties and opportunities given by government initiatives, laws, and geopolitical events.


Davies, S. (2011) “Outsourcing, public sector reform and the changed character of the UK state‐voluntary sector relationship,” International Journal of Public Sector Management, 24(7), pp. 641–649. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1108/09513551111172468.
Genicot, G., Bouton, L. and Castanheira, M. (2018) “Electoral Systems and inequalities in government interventions.” Available at: https://doi.org/10.3386/w25205.
Gup, B.E. and Beekarry, N. (2009) “Limited liability companies (llcs) and Financial Crimes,” Journal of Money Laundering Control, 12(1), pp. 7–18. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1108/13685200910922615.
Hall, M. and Holt, R. (no date) “New Public Management and Cultural Change: The case of UK public sector project sponsors as leaders,” Innovation in Public Sector Services [Preprint]. Available at: https://doi.org/10.4337/9781848441545.00010.
Hyland, J.M. and Kohli, H.S. (2021) “Protecting and improving the environment to protect and improve health: Public Health on the Board of Environmental Non-Departmental Public Bodies,” Perspectives in Public Health, 141(6), pp. 317–318. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1177/17579139211053362.
Mackintosh, C. (2021) “Central Government and key national agencies,” Foundations of Sport Development, pp. 79–91. Available at: https://doi.org/10.4324/9780429326707-9.
Murray, C. and Gill, A. (2018) “Kindness in leadership in UK private and Public Sector Organisations,” Kindness in Leadership, pp. 48–66. Available at: https://doi.org/10.4324/9781315462530-4.
“The organisation of corporate space” (2013) The Spatial Organisation of Multinational Corporations (RLE International Business), pp. 37–78. Available at: https://doi.org/10.4324/9780203077238-9.
Price, T. (1989) “Types of Business Organisation,” Mastering Business Law, pp. 157–167. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-349-19831-3_9.
Selby, S. (2013) “Climate & Environment Assessment: Business Case for improving UK private sector engagement in humanitarian response.” Available at: https://doi.org/10.12774/eod_hd054.may2013.selby.
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2023.03.20 17:42 Feisty-Put2529 AITA for telling my SIL & BIL they’re bad parents?

My husband and I have been together for 6 years. His nephew (I’ll call K - 6)has always been difficult to be around.
He screams CONSTANTLY from 4am - 6pm every day and constantly hits his younger sisters (twins). One time we all met for coffee and he started to run into the road, I ran and grabbed him and he bit my neck as I picked him up and had an awful bruise.
He was asked to leave 2 nurseries because he seriously hurt other children and he was also expelled from his first primary school for poor behaviour.
The family and teachers had said to SIL and BIL to have him tested for ADHD, autism, etc multiple times - but they always got offended and refused saying he was just high energy.
The twins are also having issues now because they are so tired all the time having had K keep them awake most nights - they’re often quiet, cranky and struggle to make friends at nursery. They’re also clearly frightened of their brother and hide when he comes in the room. We’ve offered to let them have sleepovers at ours for a few nights to give them a break but it’s never taken up on.
Cut to now - his new school had also had enough of him and said get him tested or he was expelled - SIL&BIL relented - and it turns out he has one of the worst cases of ADHD they’ve seen and also possible bipolar disorder as well.
SIL was beside herself - understandably - but acted like she had no idea this was a possibility. The rest of us were glad he is finally going to get treatment and his sisters can get some sleep.
That was until SIL and BIL said they had done their own research and they weren’t going to look at meds, therapy - basically any of the doctor recommended treatments - they were just going to make sure he had “structure” at home and that was going to fix the issue.
She then presented a “rota” for us all to take turns looking after K each week so they could home school him and he would have more one on one time and structure - we were all expected to sit with him on the days where they had to work. My partner and I work from him so we were just expected to have him at our house for 2 days a week or weekends.
We just stared at them from across the table for what felt like an hour and my husband eventually chimed in with “what the f*** is wrong with you?” - this culminated in a screaming match, which ended with me telling SIL & BIL they need to get a grip, they’re treating their daughters like crap, and they’re stopping their son from getting the treatment they need and depriving him of the chance to have a normal life - essentially that they were bad parents and they wouldn’t get and help from us till they sorted their s*** out soon. My husband also said if they kept going the way they planned, he would call social services because all three kids deserved better.
MIL & FIL have said - while they agree in principle - calling them bad parents at a time when they need support was too far and we should apologise/compromise till they come around.
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2023.03.20 17:42 3E3Man A Haters Guide to the 2023 Frozen Four (Part 1)

Lost in the midst of the chaos of March madness is the frozen four. A tournament that nobody pays attention to but holds just as much prestige, the Frozen Four. 16 teams have made it this far. Let's see how they got there.
Minnesota: Little needs to be said about their might. They have everything you could ask for in an elite squad. Their attack is spearheaded by one of the deadliest lines in the country consisting of Cooley, Snuggerud, and Knies. The backend is wave after wave of two way shutdown defensemen. And their goalie is reliable enough that he can keep his team in games when things go south. If this is a year to do it this is it; many of their core players are gonna go pro and will be very hard to replace. Make it count.
Quinnipiac: If you look up the term brick wall in a dictionary, this team would show up as the picture with arguably the most stifling defense in the country. Yaniv Perets is arguably the best goalie not named Devon Levi which makes him possibly the best goalie in the tournament. However this squad has a legit headliner that can drag this team by the balls. A man by the name of Colin Graf, nobody knew who he was until this year and my god that man can score. He has given the team the firepower they desperately need to make a title push.
Michigan: When you look at the raw talent that Michigan boasts, anyone's head would spontaneously combust. Adam Fantilli is the most dynamic game breaker in college hockey since Jack Eichel in 2015. He is an absolute force that can’t be stopped. And he isn’t alone either; the roster is littered with NHL talents with Luke Hughes still around as the anchor on the back end. So what’s the catch? Well their goaltending isn’t the most consistent; Erik Portillo has shown flashes of brilliance but he hasn’t put everything together on a consistent basis. If he can provide even serviceable goaltending the high end talent can take them the rest of the way. If not? You know what to do.
Denver: The reigning frozen four champions are back to defend their title. They are one of the most balanced teams with no real weakness. They can roll 4 lines with ease with an equally stable defense. While they don’t have an elite headliner and lost Bobby Brink this is still a squad many should fear. This isn’t the Denver squads of old that choke in the big games. Although they kind of blew it in the NCHC.
Boston University: Bostonian arrogance is back in full force and they’re here to stay after a strong year and a hard fought Hockey East championship. While the rest of the team is as solid as ever, one man has made a big difference in their success. Lane Hutson, the prized draft steal of Montreal, took over Hockey East with his dazzling skill and ability as the first freshman defenseman to lead the team in scoring. And proof that big things come in small packages. If they are to go far they’re gonna need not only him to come up big but they need Drew Commesso to find some consistency. The rest of hockey east is cheering for your downfall.
St. Cloud State: Before I talk about you, thank you for bailing out Merrimack. Now where was I? Like Quinnipiac, they boast one of the more stout defenses in the country with a solid tandem of Castor and Basse in net. Like Denver they also offer a balanced approach to their attack with several guys that can put the puck in the net. So what’s the catch? Turns out that they’re as allergic to killing penalties as sunlight is to vampires. Despite their usually strong defense they cannot kill a penalty for the life of them and with having to potentially face the power plays of Minnesota or Boston University it could be a premature exit for an otherwise well structured and talented squad. Wait, you're facing Minnesota State round 1…..
Harvard: Oh boy Harvard brings yet another strong team to the Frozen Four what else is new. On the surface this squad seems like it could contend with just about any squad with how much firepower they have in their top 6 and top pairings. Coronato and Ferrell are two of the most electrifying players in the country and they have a solid starter in Gibson. So what gives? The problem is that they don’t have much else outside of their top units. Their depth on the bottom 6 and bottom pairings is near nonexistent and could allow teams that are equal in talent to deploy a shutdown strategy on their big guns. When Harvard loses, America wins.
Ohio State: Oh yeah I forgot that OSU had a respectable hockey team. They aren’t just respectable but solid. While they lost Merkulov they still have the firepower to compete with the big boys. Halliday, Wise, and Lohrei are the cornerstones to this well oiled machine. Their size can pose a problem for many teams that will come up against them. I’m looking at you Harvard. With how the bracket is set up a deep run could be within reach. You wouldn’t want to have Michigan one up you in two sports right?
(Reddit ran out of room for the whole thing so I’m making 2 parts)
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2023.03.20 17:41 Mob--Psychic dragon ball Group Rp

Introduction Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read my post! While hope this can lead to a fun and fruitful writing partrnership, obviously there are some guidelines and rules would like to first go over before we advance to chatting! a PASSWORD is located somewhere in the post. All messages not mentioning the password will be ignored and rejected to ensure you've read through my rules, guidelines and preferences!
Roleplay Rules and Guidelines * First off, view my roleplay style to be semi lit to literate [meaning a strong grasp on the English language, grammar and sentence structure] I can easily match my partner.Third Person writing style is preferred.
The Basics; *. The roleplay will be Original characters only, (the password is "quantumania")
please no son or daughter of canon characters
Don't be op from start
I intend to have a variety of arcs for our characters to grow strong together or perhaps even Clash. The first arc being about space pirates looking to make a quick buck by overtaking the weak earth and selling it back at a profit for it's ores and resources.
There will be a template to fill out !
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2023.03.20 17:38 Admiral_Scorpii [A3] [Recruiting] [Semi-Casual] [Cold War] Team Yankee for All Your Cold War Needs!

M16s, Iron Sights, BDUs and All In Between! Team Yankee for All Your Cold War Needs!

We are a semi-casual, US, Cold War unit that makes the barrier to entry relatively easy to both new and old player alike. We're just a bunch of people who work and want to experience the true peak of the US. Founded by Arma 3 veterans, we want this community to be a major Cold War unit that wants to do anything and everything without the rank-calling, weekly mandatory training and bureaucratic nonsense and a lax attendance policy for when life gets busy and priorities shift. Please be mindful that we are a small and new unit, but we are always changing and accepting of advice and criticism from both new and old player alike. We need all the help we can get!
  1. Join the Team Yankee Discord: https://discord.gg/fyMHQJ5B6p
  2. When you join, you will be prompted by an auto-message. If there is no auto-message, message an Admin since the bot broke.
  3. Please be patient, our admins are on a US schedule, so may not be immediately available.
  4. If you have any questions, please ping the Admin tag in #recruitment-center.
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2023.03.20 17:38 HitYouWTheThrowaway Completed a bootcamp in late 2019, fell off looking for a job during covid, do I still have a chance? What has changed?

Hi all,
Like the title says, I completed a bootcamp in 2019. I job hunted for about 8 months before I lost momentum, during the quarantine phase of covid.
I eventually ran out of savings to job hunt full time and had to go back into my previous career as a freelancer. I've come back to coding on and off since, but overall it's been spotty.
I've felt incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of things I ought to be proficient in + all the networking and job applications. LinkedIn is dreadful at best.
How bad does it look that I did the bootcamp in 2019 and haven't worked any sort of dev position since? Initially, it made me think it disqualified me right off the bat. Though I feel in reality what truly matters is what I present on my resume and interviews (hard skills and soft skills).
I need to make this next run for a job to be more efficient and cover all the important things. I've gotten pretty overwhelmed with the amount of resources out there that it sometimes feels like I'm spinning.
Also I should note that in the meantime I got diagnosed with ADHD and have gotten on some helpful meds. Shoutout /ADHD!
I feel that in order to land a junior frontend position, I need to have more than what my bootcamp prepared me for. I found this "Frontend Developer Roadmap" a couple months ago and the way it's laid out visually helps me understand what I ought to cover.
I'd like feedback on my proposed learning path:
I'd like to be more well rounded, so the last two are to try and fill in as much of the CS gaps as I can. A senior self-taught developer I interviewed with recommended The Imposter's Handbook and I've seen many people reference CS50 as being helpful.
When I attended the bootcamp, my stack was: HTML, CSS (minimal), Rails, JS, and React. I've forgotten much of what I learned about Rails. Is having a backend framework important to have as someone looking to do frontend?
Is there anything I'm missing that's important? There are other things I've considered trying to put time into (contributing to open source, going to hackathons), but I don't want to spread myself too thin. Especially when I feel I need work on core subjects.
Thank you to everyone in advance. From my previous career I know the hardest part is getting the first job, so I know if I can stick to a good plan I can push through it.
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2023.03.20 17:37 Verrgasm The Circus

The large tent-like structure undulated in the distance. It pulsed and waved and almost seemed to be alive like a great red and white monolith breathing in the march breeze, calling to me. Drawing me closer. The sign came into view and I pulled off and into the makeshift dirt lot, looming over the entrance as two cracked wooden hands painted a sickly ivory yellow draped underneath the bold lettering. Caressing it. Presenting it like some macabre gift between friendly strangers. Bony fingers ending in jagged jet black nails stabbed into the air around it, pointing towards the sky as if to mock creation itself.
'The Circus of Suffering'
It all came back to me only very recently. Something in a dream, a snapshot of a memory. I remembered rolling down that desolate country road, huddled in the backseat, dozing off with my brother and sister on either side snoring blissfully through the long trip home. Dad was messing with the radio, only getting static. Moments from sleep, there it appeared off on the horizon. Great and billowy, the red and white pinstripe of the tent flapped around its many poles driven deep into the earth and I could only imagine what secrets might lie within.
"Look! A circus!" I yelled excitedly, rousing my siblings. Dad told me to be quiet, and the huge tent dwindled in the rear view mirror as we passed it by and continued down the road. I watched it intently as it gradually grew smaller, and then, suddenly, it slowly fizzled away. Top to bottom, the big top disappeared as if being transported somewhere else by some miraculous unknown means. "It's gone! It's gone!"
We turned a corner and the road went out of view and a few hours later we were home and I was grounded for waking my sister in the car, who cried the rest of the way; which really meant annoying my father, a grumpy bastard if ever there was one. Nobody ever acknowledged the Circus.
Dad told me I was just dreaming, but I know I saw it. As I grew older however, I forgot all about it. That big top tent rising from the earth just off the long road, there one moment and gone the next. As I grew older, much later, I began to see it at night, every night, as I slept.
The dreams were always the same. The countryside was in darkness and all was completely black. I only knew that I was in the car, nestled in the backseat alone while my dad drove on silently up front. That's when I'd notice that there was no sound, as if there wasn't any road beneath us and no engine moving us forward, and then the music would begin to emanate in the distance. Warm and inviting, asking me to 'come see a show' without words. I'd push my face up against the window and watch the miasmic light radiating from the enticing music, then, the tent. It towered twisting into the air as far as I could see with its round base extending impossibly deep into the darkness behind the searing skylights which punched through the fog like walls of white glass.
I'd whisper to my dad, putting my hand on his shoulder, "Can we go?"
Then it'd just be me, standing in the pitch blackness facing the big top. So I ran, I always ran, because I knew it was behind me tearing through the grass in pursuit. It snarled and pounded with lumbering footfalls that were so clear even though the music was growing louder and louder because I was getting closer. I sprinted into the light, gasping for air like I was on the moon, tumbling onto a rainbow valley of broken glass that stung as it dug into me. I was compelled to look up at the sign overhead, ignoring my profusely bleeding hands and bare feet.
Two huge splintering white hands would come down and stab into me and raise me up high above the tent and into the air where I'd fall into the red and white glowing stripes beneath and it'd consume me in its warm gelatinous mass, and I'd become one with it.
I became one with the circus, everytime.
One day, when I awoke all sweaty and aching, it's as if I just knew where to go. Innately knew, like a thin branding iron marked with the ethereal coordinates had scorched itself into the deepest recesses of my brain, inviting me to come see a show unlike any other.
Locking the car and pocketing the keys, I gazed at the green-brown nothingness for miles around in every other direction and I felt alone like I'd never been before. I may as well have been in space. The air felt fresh, but it was tinged with something bittersweet that I couldn't quite recognise. An alluring aroma of burnt popcorn, except meaty somehow.
I began to make my way towards the tent opening, into its dark, gaping maw. Whatever was waiting for me inside, it was hungry.
But so was I.
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2023.03.20 17:36 Rottenapple83 [STEAM] [PVE] ARK-TURUS // No Wipe- Auto Decay // All Maps // 2x Harvesting, 2x Exp, 4x Taming, 20x Maturation // Boosted Weekends // S+ // Dino Storage // CKFR // Ark Additions & More!

[Join our discord](https://discord.gg/bFXbjrGhNd)

Server Info
* 2x Starter Pack
* Ingame Shop
* Voting Rewards & Patron Rewards
* Active Admins/Mods & Community support
* No Wipe Cluster
* Cave Flyer Disable
* All Stroyline & DLC Maps, including an overhaul modded map (3 mo. cycle)
* Max Player Level- 190
* Max Wild Dino- 150
* Restarts *4AM PST / 7AM EST / 6AM CT / 5AM MT*
* Dedicated hardware for lag-free experience

Rates (Boosted on Fri.-Sun.)
* 2x Harvesting
* 2x Exp
* 4x Taming
* 20x Maturation
* 5x Weight
* 10x Fortitude

* Dino Tracker
* Cross Server Chat
* Suicide (Incase character is stuck)
* Tidy dams (No need to grab everything off a beaver dam, just what you need)
* Tribe Enforcer
* Auto- Decay (2 days- no tribe, 30 days-with tribe)

* Structures Plus S+
* Dino Storage V2
* Awesome Spyglass
* Ark Additions: The collection
* CKF: Remastered & Science Fiction
* MX-E Ark Shop
* Eco's RP Decor
* Eco's Tek Decor
* RR: Garden Deko & more *New ver.*
* RR: Home Deko & more
* RR: Pegasus
* RR: SeaHorse
* MarniMod: Hairstyle
* Variants of Caballus

Website: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2778065026
Steam App: steam://openurl/https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2778065026

[Join Our Discord](https://discord.gg/bFXbjrGhNd) for more information about our server, we are a growing community of people who does prefer rates that are not game breaking, similar to vanilla but with quality-of-life improvements. We highly encourage those returning veterans & new beginners to the game to join our servers, our admins/moderators have more than 5k hours into ark officials & are an open encyclopedia to our community. Our community is very helpful & active, either going through the map as story mode or just surviving, you'll find folks around to help out. This is a paradise for both Role-players and builders, not to mention breeders! We invite you to join us to help mold our community & the cluster as a whole to its best version.
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2023.03.20 17:36 Rottenapple83 [STEAM] [PVE] ARK-TURUS // No Wipe- Auto Decay // All Maps // 2x Harvesting, 2x Exp, 4x Taming, 20x Maturation // Boosted Weekends // S+ // Dino Storage // CKFR // Ark Additions & More!

[Join our discord](https://discord.gg/bFXbjrGhNd)

Server Info
* 2x Starter Pack
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* Active Admins/Mods & Community support
* No Wipe Cluster
* Cave Flyer Disable
* All Stroyline & DLC Maps, including an overhaul modded map (3 mo. cycle)
* Max Player Level- 190
* Max Wild Dino- 150
* Restarts *4AM PST / 7AM EST / 6AM CT / 5AM MT*
* Dedicated hardware for lag-free experience

Rates (Boosted on Fri.-Sun.)
* 2x Harvesting
* 2x Exp
* 4x Taming
* 20x Maturation
* 5x Weight
* 10x Fortitude

* Dino Tracker
* Cross Server Chat
* Suicide (Incase character is stuck)
* Tidy dams (No need to grab everything off a beaver dam, just what you need)
* Tribe Enforcer
* Auto- Decay (2 days- no tribe, 30 days-with tribe)

* Structures Plus S+
* Dino Storage V2
* Awesome Spyglass
* Ark Additions: The collection
* CKF: Remastered & Science Fiction
* MX-E Ark Shop
* Eco's RP Decor
* Eco's Tek Decor
* RR: Garden Deko & more *New ver.*
* RR: Home Deko & more
* RR: Pegasus
* RR: SeaHorse
* MarniMod: Hairstyle
* Variants of Caballus

Website: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2778065026
Steam App: steam://openurl/https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2778065026

[Join Our Discord](https://discord.gg/bFXbjrGhNd) for more information about our server, we are a growing community of people who does prefer rates that are not game breaking, similar to vanilla but with quality-of-life improvements. We highly encourage those returning veterans & new beginners to the game to join our servers, our admins/moderators have more than 5k hours into ark officials & are an open encyclopedia to our community. Our community is very helpful & active, either going through the map as story mode or just surviving, you'll find folks around to help out. This is a paradise for both Role-players and builders, not to mention breeders! We invite you to join us to help mold our community & the cluster as a whole to its best version.
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2023.03.20 17:36 Rottenapple83 [STEAM] [PVE] ARK-TURUS // No Wipe- Auto Decay // All Maps // 2x Harvesting, 2x Exp, 4x Taming, 20x Maturation // Boosted Weekends // S+ // Dino Storage // CKFR // Ark Additions & More!

[Join our discord](https://discord.gg/bFXbjrGhNd)

Server Info
* 2x Starter Pack
* Ingame Shop
* Voting Rewards & Patron Rewards
* Active Admins/Mods & Community support
* No Wipe Cluster
* Cave Flyer Disable
* All Stroyline & DLC Maps, including an overhaul modded map (3 mo. cycle)
* Max Player Level- 190
* Max Wild Dino- 150
* Restarts *4AM PST / 7AM EST / 6AM CT / 5AM MT*
* Dedicated hardware for lag-free experience

Rates (Boosted on Fri.-Sun.)
* 2x Harvesting
* 2x Exp
* 4x Taming
* 20x Maturation
* 5x Weight
* 10x Fortitude

* Dino Tracker
* Cross Server Chat
* Suicide (Incase character is stuck)
* Tidy dams (No need to grab everything off a beaver dam, just what you need)
* Tribe Enforcer
* Auto- Decay (2 days- no tribe, 30 days-with tribe)

* Structures Plus S+
* Dino Storage V2
* Awesome Spyglass
* Ark Additions: The collection
* CKF: Remastered & Science Fiction
* MX-E Ark Shop
* Eco's RP Decor
* Eco's Tek Decor
* RR: Garden Deko & more *New ver.*
* RR: Home Deko & more
* RR: Pegasus
* RR: SeaHorse
* MarniMod: Hairstyle
* Variants of Caballus

Website: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2778065026
Steam App: steam://openurl/https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2778065026

[Join Our Discord](https://discord.gg/bFXbjrGhNd) for more information about our server, we are a growing community of people who does prefer rates that are not game breaking, similar to vanilla but with quality-of-life improvements. We highly encourage those returning veterans & new beginners to the game to join our servers, our admins/moderators have more than 5k hours into ark officials & are an open encyclopedia to our community. Our community is very helpful & active, either going through the map as story mode or just surviving, you'll find folks around to help out. This is a paradise for both Role-players and builders, not to mention breeders! We invite you to join us to help mold our community & the cluster as a whole to its best version.
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2023.03.20 17:35 Fast_Activity_5747 need help with typing

Socionics questionnaire
Part 1: Logic
Section 1 How do you work? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters that determine whether you can do work or not? What are they? How do you determine the quality of work? How do you determine the quality of a purchase? Do you pay any attention to it? There is a professional next to you. How do you know they are a professional? How do you evaluate their skill? If you struggle to do something, how do you fix that? Do you know if your performance is better or worse than others? How do you measure the success of a job? What standard do you use? Do you pay attention to it? When should you deviate from this standard?
I usually study in a stable pace and it's not an extensive routine, since it's not necessary for me to spend five hours looking at a book to learn what I need. A work is greatly done if it reaches the purpose it was started for in the first place. With a purchase, it's the same thing. The success of a job is defined by the same metric: something is successful if it can do what it was supposed to. Someone works well if they are capable to do what their job demands or ever more than the necessary. If I struggle to do something, I'll research how to make it correctly and observe how the people who know do that. The quality of my performance depends, if I don't care I won't put much effort, if I care, I try hard to do something great and I'm going to feel very bad if it does not work.
Section 2 What is a whole? Can you identify its parts? Are the parts equivalent to the whole? What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view? How do you know you are being logical? What is hierarchy? Give examples of hierarchies. Do you need to follow it? Why or why not? Explain how hierarchy is used in a system you are familiar with. What is classification? How does classification work? Why is it needed and where is it applied? Give examples. Are your ideas consistent? How do you know they are consistent? How do you spot inconsistency in others' ideas?
A whole is the 100%, something formed by a lot of smaller parts that are formed by even smaller parts and it's an eternal cycle of composition. The parts are identifiable, and they are a whole for itself, that together with other intire structures form an even bigger one, that can form something even more complex with other structures, and so go on. Logic is deciding by impartial means what is correct and what is incorrect, and if I'm doing this, I'm being logical. Since it's something affected by perception, it can show up in many ways. Some kinds of logic can correlate with common sense, but I don't think my views do so, mostly. Hierarchy is a podium that characterises the strength of a determined trait in it's elements, like the one existing in biology to classify the animal kingdom by it's complexity, that goes from porifera to chordates, and social hierarchies present in the intire world, usually measuring wealth of those who live in a certain society. Hierarchies in areas of study is useful since it organizes similar concepts to facilitate our lives, but the social ones I simply have no respect for and I can't even understand it. It doesn't make sense that people are treated better or worse because of characteristics they can't control. Classifications are groupings made due to one or more common characteristics that their elements have. It's needed everywhere for the same reason hierarchies are needed in areas of study. Another biology example: animals are characterized by being vertebrates or invertebrates due to the presence or absence of skull and spine. I think my ideas are consistent. They aren't unchangeable, but I make an effort to make them make sense. I reflect about them a lot to spot contradictions and fix it. I spot inconsistencies in other's train of thought almost immediately. I often don't feel like I'm paying attention to what someone is saying till they contradict themselves. I wake up in less than one second and point it. They usually get mad at this but is not my problem they didn't reflect before speaking. Sometimes I do this to help or only to show the person discussing with me don't have a coherent discourse. It's cool.
Part 2: Sensing
Section 3 Can you press people? What methods do you use? How does it happen? How do you get what you want? What do you do if you have to work to get what you want? How do you deal with opposition? What methods do you use to defend your interests? When do you think it's ok to occupy someone's space? Do you recognize it? Do others think you are a strong-willed person? Do you think you have a strong will?
I can but it's kinda difficult because of my shy behavior. I do so by persuasion so the person notice what not doing something would be bad for them (only for them, I know people are egoistic and this is the only way to affect them). I don't usually push other people around, unless their actitude is putting me in disadvantage, then, I'll make an effort to make the person do something. I am cautious and analytical with opposition, but not openly hostile. I try to live in peace unless the other person wants to invade my space. This isn't tolerable and I"ll just do what I always do: reasoning and asking so many questions that the person will contradict itself, I will point it and they're gonna hate me for the rest of their lives (or just reflect, whatever). It's worth it. Well, if the person is not doing harm to anybody, no. My approach to life is much about reciprocity, if you don't mess with me I won't mess with you and vice-versa. I'm never hostile to people first. If I act this way, it wasn't me who started (100% of time, really). I'm really sensitive to invasions of my space, so I always try to be careful and not make them uncomfortable. I don't think I'm known for being strong willed, but I don't think it's thar easy for me to give up. When I want something, I become extremely argumentative and persistent on getting it. It doesn't matter if it's material or a life goal, if I really want it I will try to find a way to reach without harming myself.
Section 4 How do you satisfy your physical senses? What examples can you give? What physical experiences are you drawn to? How do you find harmony with your environment? How do you build a harmonious environment? What happens if this harmony is disturbed? What does comfort mean to you? How do you create it? How do you express yourself in your hobbies? How do you engage yourself with those things? Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself, or trust someone else to do it? Why?
Being alone in my bedroom while reading something I like, talking to my friends online or listening to loud chaotic music while running around the room like crazy. If I can't control the experience, I'll always take something more peaceful since I'm easily overwhelmed. It's difficult to build the perfect conditions to make me feel at ease and at home, usually I need help with it. I put things I like around me but it doesn't seem enough. When I don't like the environment, I just leave. It's not that complex. I engage on drawing or reading whenever I want. I don't think I express myself emotionally on those, tbh. I'll try to design my room alone, but help is welcome. Just don't be pushy and listen to me. In the end, what I want is want will prevail, after all.
Part 3: Ethics
Section 5 Is it acceptable to express emotions in public? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions. How do you express your emotions? Can you tell how your expressions affect others in a positive or negative way? Are you able to change your demeanor in order to interact with your environment in a more or less suitable way? How do you determine what is suitable? In what situations do you feel others' feelings? Can you give examples of when you wanted to improve the mood of others? How do others' emotions affect you? How does your internal emotional state correlate or contrast with what you express?
It depends what kind of emotion it is and the context where you are. Like, if would be really weird if someone started laughing in the middle of a funeral or throwed a tantrum at someone's wedding party. I don't express myself that much, it feels unnatural. It's difficult to notice if my mood affects others if they don't show it explicitly, like demonstrating concern or smiling when I'm around. I think I am adaptable to my environment but social interaction overwhelms me, so I just stay silent looking at what others do and mimicking them. It's difficult to feel what others feel if they don't show it explicitly as well, like suddenly starting to cry in front of me. I try to comfort them by suggesting solutions and awkwardly petting their back. I'm not great with emotional support. Other people's mood affect me as well. If I'm in a place where everyone are happy, I will at least try to smile and not break the atmosphere. I often don't think the way I express myself match with my feelings, tbh.
Section 6 How can you tell how much emotional space there is between yourself and others? How can you affect this space? How do you determine how much you like or dislike someone else? How does this affect your relationships? How do you move from a distant relationship to a close one? What are the distinguishing characteristics of a close relationship? How do you know that you are a moral person? Where do you draw your morality from? Do you believe others should share your beliefs on what's moral? Why? Someone you care about is acting distant to you. How do you know when this attitude is a reflection of your relationship?
To be honest, not really. My conscience of it is weak, I often tend to act like an intimate and to people that I'm not and vice versa. I notice if I act with uneasiness towards someone. If I am, I probably don't like them and it's better to maintain a bigger distance. If I don't, I probably like em. But even if I don't like someone, I won't be hostile, I'll just be kinda cold and distant. I'm easily overwhelmed by social interaction so... relationship problems aren't lacking. Even if I like someone, I tend to maintain a distance from them, and sometimes it makes them think I don't like them, which isn't the case, and I have to explain myself. Really bad fr. To get close to people, I try to interact with them more often and with time we will become closer. Ig a close relationship has more sharing of personal information than a more superficial one. A moral person is someone who take their values very seriously and don't sacrifice them easily. I am strict with my principles, so... guess I can considerate myself one. I care if people only respect and share basic values such as honesty and respect. The more complex ones I don't really care if it's different unless it puts me in risk. I don't worry that much if this happens for a small amount of time, I'll only think the person wants space. But if they ignore me for weeks I'll get worried if something happened.
Part 4: Intuition
Section 7 How can you tell someone has the potential to be a successful person? What qualities make a successful person and why? Where would you start when looking for a new hobby? How do you find new opportunities and how do you choose which would be best? How do you interpret the following statement: "Ideas don't need to be feasible in order to be worthwhile." Do you agree or disagree, and why? Describe your thought process when relating the following ideas: swimming, chicken, sciences. Do you think that others would draw the same or different connections? How would you summarize the qualities that are essential to who you are? What kind of potential in you has yet to be actualized and why?
I think so. When someone have an affinity with a subject and is really passionate and determined to reach something, I already see a potential. Looking at what my friends do to chill and researching. Mostly researching. I like looking for new opportunities even if I won't put them into practice. It's really refreshing. I choose what possibility to follow based on what I like, what I can handle and the benefits it will give me. I agree, having ideas is fun for itself. Of course is great to put an idea to life, but it isn't always necessary. Sometimes people just wanna have fun with brainstorming. I'll create a phrase because idk how to relate those 3 things: someone went swimming in the pool to rescue the chicken that will be used for the science experiment. Idk If people would create the same phrase but I can't imagine other. Prudent, quiet, observant, curious, intelligent, gentle. They're great now, but I still wanna improve all this traits. Once my psychiatrist said that I'm really good at arithmetics and have potential to become an incredible architect based on the way I mix calculus with aesthetic patterns.
Section 8 How do people change? Can you describe how various events change people? Can others see those changes? How do you feel and experience time? Can time be wasted? How? Is there anything that cannot be described with words? What is it? If so, how can we understand what it is if language does not work? How do you anticipate events unfolding? How can you observe such unfoldments in your environment? In what situations is timing important? How do you know the time is right to act? How do you feel about waiting for the right moment?
People change gradually and for a ridiculous huge amount of reasons. They aren't really perceptive at first, but if you analyze how the person thought and acted in the past and how they act know, it's possible to see differences. If they are for the better or worse... Well it depends. Time is a non-living force of nature that passes mercilessly with those under it, doesn't matter if you're ready or not, this isn't relevant. I wish I could still be a child, but time doesn't wait, right? It's fast when I don't want it to be and slow if I want it to be faster. I don't think time can be wasted, to be honest. Some things can be more worth it than others, but you can learn something with everything you do. And also: rest isn't a waste of time. Not being conventionally productive doesn't mean you don't care about your time. I only means you choose part of it to take care of yourself and respect your limitations. Some things are difficult to explain in words, but I don't think is impossible. If it's difficult for you to express something, try reflecting on this concept while writing buzzwords about it in a paper. You will be able to find a coherent way to explain. This always works for me. Everything is formed of patterns and they often repeat, so is just paying attention to it and see what happened in the last cicle(s). I do think timing matters. I wouldn't give bad news immediately for someone that's celebrating an achievement, for example. I tend to wait for a better moment that the people aren't feeling anything strongly and can react prudently, since it will have the best chance of something working.
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2023.03.20 17:33 YoungOldGuy42 External company DNS

For a little background, I'm a manager of a 6 person sys admin team starting 2 months ago, previously a sys admin on the same team. Last year, we were all put together on the same team under a new director, having previously been on different teams with different specializations. The new director had been getting the team on the same page last year but it was very slow going and he ended up leaving after 10 months for a much better offer. While most of the team has gotten on board with the new org, there are a couple of folks who still treat everything they do as a secret, refuse to document anything, gatekeeping access to "their" servers, etc.
I've been asked by our VP to look at spinning up externally available DNS in Azure or AWS, after yet another power outage took down one of our buildings that hosted our external DNS.
Here's my problem, I don't know what our current DNS structure looks like and I am not likely to know unless I can start asking the "right" questions of the above couple difficult folks. What I do know is we have internal DNS servers at our major buildings, that other outlying buildings run their internal traffic through. The major buildings are where the corp. firewalls reside. We also have 3 DNS servers that are external at 3 different buildings. As I understand it, one 1 of the 3 external DNS servers can be "the one", most recently "the one" being in a building that keeps losing power (also the building has no generator, and we can't do anything about that).
I'm not so much looking for a specific answer, more asking what I should be looking for in terms of educating myself on what we should be doing. What resources should I be looking at to help me be able to look at our systems myself to get a better understanding/target questions better? What should I be looking into that'd let us redirect traffic from the one external DNS server to a different one, if the main one goes down? What sorts of questions can I ask to get information about our current DNS setup that'd let me research what something like Route 53 or Azure AD domain services could do for us?
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2023.03.20 17:33 cardsfanbj TV Shows Alt ending

Trying to set up my server, and trying to figure out the naming convention for alternate endings but can't find any definitive answers, and the page on Plex's site says nothing beyond the TV file structuring and basic naming schemes.
Show in question is How I Met Your Mother, season 9, episode 23-24 "Last Forever" and there's 2 endings on the DVD, the TV ending where they kill off the mother so Ted can sleep with Robin again and the alternate ending where they cut that stupid part out. I'm half tempted to leave off the stupid ending, but the other part of me wants to keep it because I'm a hoarder.
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2023.03.20 17:31 SmartKrave We did not plan for this (3)

part 1: We did not plan for this (1)
part 2: We did not plan for this (2)
Part 3:
Nox woke up and starting getting dressed. He made sure his uniform was impeccable; today was an important day, he was finally getting his own Drop Unit. After checking his uniform was perfect for the third time, he put on his shoulder pad indicating his clan and left his appartement. When locking the door behind him, his neighbour, Frag, was also leaving his appartement.
Frag was a Karsouf, an alien species the Empire had discovered during their exploration for possible outposts in preparation for the war with the ISSPC. The Karsouf were despite their appearance a very peaceful species. Their scaly skin was covered in sharp thorns and their backs full of very long needles, similar to the remaining descriptions of a hedgehog. When the humans came into contact with them a war almost started but was luckily avoided.
“Finally having that promotion, I see, said Frag.
- Yeah, finally my own Drop Unit. After six months on a ship only coming into contact with one ISSPC ship, I thought it would never happen. Nox replied.
- I can imagine. I still wonder why you won’t let non-human species fight in this conflict.
- You know very well it’s because this conflict only concern humans, they destroyed our home planet, it is for us to fight in this war.
- Yeah, I know it’s just annoying some times.”
While it was true that the Karsouf were a peaceful species, once they had started fighting, they were unstoppable.
Nox nodded at Frag and left the building, the dark black uniform of the Dropper, as they were called, making it seem a shadow was waking in the halls. He started heading in the direction of the barracks. The civilians in the street making way for him and making a nod to him. Droppers were a feared and respected unit of the Empire’s military; they were highly trained individuals in hand-to-hand combat, weapons, explosives and guerrilla warfare. I was said that a single dropper could destroy a military base. They were easily recognised by their uniform: deep black military trousers, a navy-blue shirt and a trench coat with a military pattern of various shades of black. Nox’s shoulder pad complemented well this uniform, the pad was of a black background with a red wolf head on it, the symbol of Clan Aka.
Clan Aka were special among the humans of the Empire; because of the planet on which their colony was settled, they had evolved slightly differently. While most humans of the empire were similar in every way to the humans of old, a few clans had gained special attributes as a result from the planets on which they settled, the Aka clan settled on the planet Volcanilis.
Volcanilis was a very harsh planet to live on, most of the sky was grey from the ash released by the omnipresent volcanos of the planet, volcanos that forced the human colony to live underground in extremely hot vents. This led the humans of the colony to develop eyes capable of seeing in the dark, a capacity to withstand extreme temperatures, a very hard skin and a high tolerance for pain. This made members of the Aka clan desirable soldiers for the Empire; however, the night vision eyes of the clan also made it very hard for them to withstand the brightness needed by other humans, leading some of them to become blind. Nox was lucky, his eyes were considered defective on Volcanilis, it was harder for him to see in the dark but it also allowed him to handle the brightness better. Like most humans he had wanted to join the army since is youth, and because of his origins he was quickly promoted through the ranks.
A week ago, he had received news that he would be promoted and given a very special mission. Today was the day where he would find out what that mission was. He finally arrived at the barracks the guards at the entrance saluted him, they looked at him intensely, humans of the Aka clan were rarer than diamonds, it was the first time they saw one. Nox quickly walked through the halls of the buildings, quickly glancing at the mosaics on the walls. The mosaics depicted various moments of the Empire, its creation, the meeting with various species, inaugurations of monuments and more. He stopped walking when he arrived in front of General Murat’s office. He knocked on the door and entered:
“Lieutenant Nox Aka reporting for duty sir.
- At ease Lieutenant, replied the general, I assume you know why you were summoned to my office.
The general stood up and started looking at Nox.
- I do not, sir.
- Please we both know rumours here go around faster than a bottle of vodka in these barracks. Anyway, you are being promoted to Captain, given your own Drop Unit, as well as you own ship crew.”
Nox was stunned, he knew he was getting his own team, but a whole ship crew. Ship crew were generally given to officers with the rank of Colonel or higher.
The general continued: “Since the ISSPC found a way to fight back against our strategy, we have been losing quite a few vessels. The general turned around and started looking out the window, as such we have been trying to find new ways to fight them, so we decided to make a special team, a team that you will lead. Your mission is simple, you and your crew will go behind enemy lines and create as much chaos as possible.”
Nox started thinking, it was a good plan, attacking on two fronts would weaken the ISSPC considerably, and this would simultaneously prevent from reducing the main combat force considerably.
“I assume you wonder why we chose someone as young as you, the general suddenly added while facing Nox, you have been in the army only one year, and have been in only three ship attack total. Well, it is true your clan influenced the decision, he said while pointing at the shoulder pad, the main reasons were that you had a rank that was high enough to give you command and low enough not to cause a major loss in the military’s hierarchy, and while only participating in three attacks, you were the one who took the most enemy lives during them.”
The General made a sign to Nox, indicating him to follow, and started walking down the halls. “You are given a small battle ship, he started explaining, and you crew will be composed of a pilot, an engineer, and your Drop Unit, you will also be given a bit of equipment, but the rest will be for you to obtain, we will not be able to resupply you once you are behind enemy lines.
- Who is part of my Drop Unit sir, Nox asked.
- We have assigned you three people, said the general with a smile. Shock, a member of the Chain Clan, he is trained in explosive and weapon maintenance. Beth, a member of the Stone clan, a specialist in covert missions and an engineer, and finally Jack, a member of the Sparrow clan, a sharpshooter.
- Sir, the team is only composed of people from ‘special’ clans, said Nox.”
The “special clans” Nox was talking about were the clans that varied from the basic human morphology. The Chain clan settled on a planet which was later discovered to contain extremely high quantities of titanium, and that all flora and fauna of the planet also contained high amounts, this led the clan to over time become “metal men”, their skin was 50% titanium, making them extremely hard to kill. The Sparrow clan, did not settle on a particularly special planet, outside of the fact that the planet had extremely high mountains, the settlers decided to utilise their advanced gene manipulation technology to give themselves wings for easier movement, this accidently also gave them “eagle eyes” giving them incredible vision. While the Stone clan were named ironically as they were from a water planet, they developed gills, webbed hands and feet and the ability to handle extreme pressure.
“That is correct, we choose them because of their capacity to fight in most environments giving you more targets. And they all had problems in their previous units.”
The general opened the door to a hangar, inside was a single cargo ship retrofitted with weapons and technology for deep space travel. Next to it was a table with five people in different uniforms playing what seemed like a heated game of cards. One of the members of the group realised the duo was there, got up and saluted the General and Nox, the others soon followed.
The general then exclaimed “Well men, this is Captain Nox, your new CO. He will be leading you on this mission, and hopefully bring you all back alive, which made the General laugh loudly. We also designed a new uniform for you all.”
The General waved his hand and two aids appeared only boxes, one for each member of the crew. Inside were three sets of the same uniform, the uniform was the same as any Drop Unit’s uniform except for a navy-blue owl holding a sword and shield on the back of the trench coat.
“The owl is the symbol of your new unit. You have been dubbed ‘The Knight Owls’. Knight as in ‘knights of the round table’. The general laughed at his pun, now all jokes aside, put on your uniforms and get going.”
The general turned around and left the hangar, the crew looked at Nox.
“Crew, as the general said, go change into the new uniform, get your packs and be ready to leave. You have 5 minutes.”
The crew separated and started preparing themselves. Nox looked at the crew, Shock was as ‘metal’ as a member of the Chain clan could be, he had silver hair, silvegrey skin and grey eyes, he had a clearly muscular body and his arms were covered in scars. Beth was slim with light blue skin, her hair was a mix of crystal blue and deep red and Jack was, ironically, the most colourful of the bunch, his wings were covered of colourful feather with crimson red hair and pale white skin. The pilot and engineer were pretty average humans, their shoulder pads did not indicate that they were part of the special clans, but they clearly seemed competent.
He then looked at the ship, it wasn’t very big but it was enough to house the crew and store equipment. Nox stopped, he saw something in the cargo area of the ship, it was a TX9009. The TX9009 were a series of battle droids, the humans had created to help with managing cargo and moving boxes, they were designed to be similar to humans in structure, with two arms, two legs, ten fingers, ten toes and an oval shaped head; these were painted a pale grey. Their use was stopped when the ISSPC managed to launch a virus making them attack us.
The members of the crew started boarding the ship, the pilot and the engineer approached Nox and both said in unison while placing their right hands on their left shoulder: “May the ash stay grey and the lava red.” It was the traditionally greeting of the Aka Clan, Nox replied with “for as long as we breath and see them” as per tradition.
“How do you know of this greeting, Nox asked, few outside of the clan know about it?
- My brother and I were both adopted and raised by members of Clan Aka when our parents died, responded the pilot. We just wanted to present ourselves, I am Steve and this is my brother Josh.
- My pleasure to meet you both.”
The brothers then joined the other Knight Owls who were waiting in line. Nox looked and them and said: “Soldiers of the Human Empire, we have one mission: Create chaos behind enemy lines, are you ready to do that?
- Yes sir, they all said simultaneously with a mischievous smile on their faces.
- Good, we have been given ‘carte blanche’ for this, so let’s go have some fun, said Nox with a big smile”
The crew laughed and started embarking on the ship.
Nox smiled again, this ragtag group was now his crew. They had one clear mission, disrupt the enemy from behind the lines, and all this with complete autonomy. He knew this, where the knight owls would appear, chaos and destruction would soon follow from seeing their reaction.
Once the ship equipped, they left to perform their mission
The ISSPC had not planned for the return of humanity.
And they clearly did not plant for what was about to happen.
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Memory transcription subject: ...
I came closer to bottom of ship that try to run away and preparet myself to take over it but, what to do with person inside ? Eating him will be good i can absorb knowledge, yet dont seat well with me, can i even talk with person inside this craft ? Sigh lets make litle para... symbiont... Yes.
Memory transcription subject: Rejkan
"Hahaha I will finally escape these morons, when my master arrives, they will all die..." "Ship communication..." the onboard system tried to say, then the light flickered and I heard a loud THUD "someone found out I'm already escaping!?" "Opening Dock" "NO!..." Scared to death, I tried to scream, but what I saw in front of the door... it opens to reveal something fleshy, always mowing, disgusting to the core. Then I passed out, but it wasn't until I saw something leave that body , that bug, that insect, that something...
Memory transcription subject: ...
Well that was fast, sleeping gas work pretty good. Now "Wiggly take over your new host" cute little thing taken over host and started wakeing up... if i even can call this that, more like a zombie, whatever "Bring him to me so i can read it memory"
--- several minuts later ---
Well fuck this galaxy is full on war, fantasy war nonetheless. So humans dont exist that suck... Or dose it ? I can make me own humans i call them terrans and I can play God Emperor! That 40k vips i get there but let's rething everything this galaxy its structure and history.
  1. "Core worlds" of these is few and each have some colonies of its own now. These were first world that ships made from what Elf, Dark Elf, and a lot of Beast folk were able to scrap from ring landed. Elf and they bad cousins Lived longer (500 years) than beast folks (which life was more like 100 years) which after thousands of years. Lead to sytuation where elf and dark elf were rare few but they had far more knowledge and Magic (pisonic) power than anyone else.
  2. "Frontier" second biggest sfer with a lot of star systems that is around "core of galaxy" (which is super star and core worlds). Controled be Dark elf. After what is called "GREAT ANCESTRAL WAR" in which dark elf tryed to kill all elf and enslave beastkin. Which they lose but were able to take many of "artefacts" what sounds like old tech from ring. And slave they retreated to "Frontier" in which they now have they own world and colonies. They are in endless war with elfs and their allies.
  3. "Wild space" Single biggest sfer most of star system is there. Unknown sfer where desperate, slaves and mad run to make theirs own home. It's where im now. And this habitat in all that is in this part of galaxy which is unnerwing. There should be lots of good world to setle but ALL are burn like someone glasset them. It's something i need to check later for now let try take over this habitat and make me own small empire. This sheep like "kin" may be usful even when he is crazy dark elf slave fanatic. UGH.
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It toke me so long to write again FINALLY! i changed lore of entire galaxy 6 time before writing that. But now its cool, hope you like it :)
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