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I(30M) am tired of my(30M) coworker innappropiate jokes

2023.03.20 17:55 benryl I(30M) am tired of my(30M) coworker innappropiate jokes

I(30M) am tired of coworker(30) jokes
I(30M) am tired of coworker(30) jokes
I got a coworker that I know since college although we were never close.
He is the typical political guy, ultrafeminist, justice warrior... You know the kind of guy who is always "right" and if you do not agree with him is because you are a fascist. He says I am pro "Right", just because I wear shirts to my job...
Anyways he has a dark humour. He makes lot of jokes against me which were funny in the beginning but I am tired of them. I know he dislikes me and honestly I have stop trying to get to close with him.
But today he crossed the line, at it really get me to the point of where I almost told him to fuck off... But because is ib my job place, I just ignored him.
The things is my others coworkers where making sexual jokes(stupid but funny) when my coworker follow the joke insinuating my gf cheats with me. Is a stupid joke, but I am tired of the free attacks and other coworkers were also surprised by the "joke". I wanted to told him to fuck off, but I know he would have twisted so that I was the one "wrong", he has a good labia.
Anyways I choose to ignore him, he realizes it got me mad but did nothing. I could complain and I know he would never do it again. But he is a higher rank than me and closer to my other coworkers. They will start ignoring me because they cant make jokes near me as I am too sensitive... I said this because they did it to a guy thay work here before me.
I was planning on changing job and this just reassure my decision. But I am in need of a surgery, and this job is a great opportunity to have it(as I dont give a fuck about them)
What would you do? I feel powerless, if I say something I feel I am only gonna lose.
Tl;dr: A coworker went to far with jokes against me
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2023.03.20 17:55 Own_Wallaby2435 Not really enjoying my time on placement as a software engineer anymore

I’m currently 8 months into 12 month placement as a software engineer at a small company with around 15 developers. Im the only placement student and I’m currently working on an internal tool to do with automation. Automation is a field I love and I’m enjoying the concept of the tool. I’m the only person working on this tool and I have a senior developer to help me when I need. The issue is I rarely ever get support. I never have a problem with coding it’s trying to understand the services I need to automate. As no one is free I always result in having to try set it up myself which sometimes I get stuck on. I look at the read me and those r mostly useless. It’s a lot of configuration. I ask for help but he’s usually always busy and sometimes he doesn’t even reply till the next day. This causes me to end up doing nothing chilling on my phone most day. I haven’t even had the opportunity to learn new technologies such as docker , aws etc. I have another 3 months left and even though I enjoy being a swe, I’m dreading these 3 months. I WFH all the time and I go to the office when I can.
Any thoughts? Is anyone else in a similar position to me?
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2023.03.20 17:54 anabolic_coach Q&A #65...Heal Fatty Liver Disease with Probiotics!

Q&A #65...Heal Fatty Liver Disease with Probiotics!
Q: Hey Coach how's it going? I hope your day is starting off amazing. I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I really enjoyed your article on making your own probiotics.
That info was phenomenal. I have to say that your content is really exciting and informative. I actually look forward to every time I get a notification of a new article being put up.
I have a question about fatty liver. As it goes I am a retired competitive powerlifter and competed as a super heavyweight. I admit I didn’t watch my diet except watch the food go from my plate to my mouth. I thought you might like that joke.
Now during my last doctor check-up, he said that I have a fatty liver. I really don’t drink much alcohol so he said that is not the cause but most likely my bad eating habits. I have heard that probiotics can have a benefit for this condition.
Did you hear anything about this connection? Let me know as I always look forward to your view of things.
Thanks in advance.
Fix Your Fatty Liver with Probiotics!
A: Hey bro how ya doing? So nice to hear from you. Well, it looks like you enjoy your pasta and garlic bread a little too often eh? Ok jokes aside, yes your liver issue is related to your eating habits. I discussed this decades ago when I explained that not only does binging on junk foods cause digestive distress but also strains your liver as well. I know most of you think that alcohol and oral steroids are the main culprits when it comes to liver damage, but your food choices also play a major role. The issue of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) as it is known, is a major problem these days. It’s mainly due to consuming way too much sugar and processed foods. The prevalence of NAFLD in the last decade has been higher than it ever has.
Understanding NAFLD is Simple!
Now enough with my verbal lashing so let’s get to your question. The topic of NAFLD is a complex one and needs more space than what is allocated here. I am planning to do a full article on this issue in the near future. Now you mentioned the role of probiotics and NFLD and you were right on the money. Not sure if you have been scouring medical journals lately, but yes there is a direct correlation between the two.
Eating Junk Foods Leads to a Fatty Liver!
Now, this may sound weird but your gut microbiome plays a huge role when it comes to the health of your liver. In fact, scientists have coined it the Gut-Liver Axis, and for good reason. This is due to the fact that blood that circulates away from the intestines passes through the liver through the Portal Vein. This leads to many of the blood-borne substances passing from the digestive tract to also pass through the liver before being circulated throughout the body and to other critical organs. The liver’s job is filtering out impurities, processing vital nutrients, and eliminating toxins that can damage your health.
Your Liver Works Hard to Keep You Healthy!
Now the bad news is the fact that the liver must work extra hard trying to neutralize toxic compounds and even microorganisms originating in the gut. The liver does do an amazing job of eliminating these health-damaging substances, but it does cause undue strain in the process.
Since the majority of people who eat too much sugar and processed foods have a bad ratio of bad gut bacteria in relation to good gut bacteria, damage can occur to the intestinal lining. This then leads to more of these toxic elements being uploaded to the liver through the portal vein. This daily influx coming into the liver causing repetitive strain then can lead to NAFLD. This is just one way that it can occur but is a very important one to understand.
Bloodwork is a Must to Stay Healthy!
Now one recent study shines some very important light on this topic. Scientists created a blend of seven different Probiotics along with Prebiotics. This was to provide an optimal blend of good bacteria and a food source for the good bacteria to thrive on. The study had test subjects take this potent blend for 28 weeks while others took a placebo. They monitored two of the main liver enzymes ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase) and AST (Aspartate Aminotransferase). In fact, the test subjects that had the probiotic blend had their elevated liver enzyme count for both categories return to normal blood levels.
Elevated Liver Enzymes can be Reversed!
Even better is the fact that the scientist also monitored their Fibrosis score as well. This is in relation to the amount of scarring that has occurred to the liver caused by these elevated enzyme counts. In fact, these scores also returned to normal as well which is crazy. Lastly, they tested their C-Reactive Protein levels. I get this tested with all my athletes as it tells me the rate of inflammation in the body. The probiotic group had close to a 60% decrease in C-Reactive Protein levels.
So as you can see there is a major correlation between gut health and liver longevity. I talked about this connection decades ago and now studies are proving what I said to be right. Maintaining a healthy gut microbiome is critical for many different processes in the body and is the future of health. Since close to 30% of Americans suffer from NAFLD you can see why this information is so relevant to our time and current situation.
Monitoring CRP Levels is a Must!
I hope this sheds some light on why I have been a proponent of fermented foods and probiotic formulas for such a long time for the strength athlete. Making sure you provide your body with different forms of good bacteria is critical for optimal health. It’s not just for digestive health, but for numerous different functions that occur in the body.
Consume Foods High in Probiotics Daily!
I talked about supplementing with probiotics way back in 2002 when it was not the cool thing to do. Probiotics have gone mainstream over the last few years and every yogurt company pushes it with its advertising as its mentioned in every TV commercial. I think an article series on probiotics and the gut microbiome is in order very soon to explain the many facets of this topic. If it was as simple as eating a vanilla yogurt on your work break it would be nice, but that’s far from doing you any real good.
Not Strong Enough to get the Job Done!
So now that you know that probiotics can help improve your liver condition and with the article I put up on making your own probiotics, you are all set to start working on this health condition. Now probiotics is not the only way to attack NAFLD, but it is one pathway that I believe is worth attempting along in conjunction with other diet techniques and natural supplements.
Clean up your diet, start getting in some cardio if you are not doing it, incorporate some fasting into your lifestyle plan, and load those probiotics in heavily and I know you will be successful at reversing the fatty liver issue you are currently dealing with in no time at all.
Make Your Own Probiotics at Home for Pennies!
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2023.03.20 17:53 Noir_III7 What’s on your mind today?

I have so much of self-hate. I wasn’t born with it, I was made into it. Now, I have lived with it for so long that that I don’t know how to leave without it. And if you don’t like it on me then don’t look at me, don’t touch me, don’t come near me.
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2023.03.20 17:52 lucytaylor22 Desk snacks for thinking

I'm wanting to make some changes in my life to lose some weight. Not gonna say the dreaded "d" word. One such change is I need better snack choices for when I'm at work. I have a desk job that requires a lot of brain power and thinking. What helps me with thinking? Eating. Chewing gum doesn't do it for me. I like chewing on mints, eating chewy candy, etc. I'm not too picky either, sometimes I go down stairs to the convenience store and grab some cheese and munch on cheeses. I prefer things that I can eat with my hands, not requiring a fork, not messy. I also prefer things that can just sit in my drawer in my desk. What kind of 'healthy' snacks can I use as my thinking snack? TYIA

ETA - I want something that's OK in "larger quantities"... sure, trail mix is a healthy snack, but not when you eat a whole bag of it in a work shift. Shoot, if I liked celery and carrots and it didn't need to be in a fridge, I could probably eat a gallon bag of those in a shift. I just need something bulk and not bad for my health.
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2023.03.20 17:51 JediMindTriq Wife Refuses to Visit My Family

tl;dr: My wife refuses to go to my parents house bc my family runs a kennel breeding dogs.
My wife and I have been married less than a year but we've been together for well over 10 years.
My family is very close and we do a lot of family functions together. My parents live about 10 minutes away and two of my siblings live with them along with their children. We'll usually get together, maybe once a month or so to BBQ and watch a ball game.
About a year ago, my family started a business breeding English bulldogs and pitbulls. They do a decent job in caring raising the puppies as well as the parents of the pups.
My wife and I are big animal lovers, especially dogs. My wife thinks it's horrible to breed dogs and has total negative opinion of dogs being bred for profit. She thinks the dogs are just being used, and that bad owners are gonna buy the puppies and abuse/neglect them.
The dogs at my parents home are usually well taken care of. Sometimes they're put in kennels when they could be out walking around the yard, but they're not locked up 24/7. They have both indoor and outdoor kennels. From what I've seen, their accomodations are pretty decent, and they have a welping mother who tends to them 24/7.
My wife and I are not confrontational with each other when we're upset. Usually I shut down and don't say anything. It's gotten to the point I dread when my family has a function at their house bc I know it's gonna lead to my wife saying she doesn't want to go. The few times I've brought it up to her, I've told her I feel alone when she doesn't go with me, and the most she's replied back is that she just can't stand to see the dogs like that.
The funny thing about it is, we have three dogs of our own; two dachshunds, and one English bulldogs we got from my parents. One of the dachshunds I got from a breeder, and my wife loves dearly. The other one we adopted from another family, but I'm sure she came from a breeder as well. Also, my wife's mother has two dachshunds, both of which were also bought from breeders. So, to me it's seems a bit hypocritical to judge my family for breeding dogs when her and her family have dogs from breeders.
I don't know how to handle this situation, and it eats me up inside every time a family function comes up.
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2023.03.20 17:49 ThrowRACrayZX My [20M] Ex-girlfriend [20F] is contacting people from my work and the person I am currently talking to, accusing me of being an emotional abuser.

Hey everyone, I’m gonna need some advice right now because I really need to get around this situation and it’s A LOT.
For starters I M20 dated a girl (F20) (let’s call her K) during 2022 for about 7 months. At first everything was really fun and perfect with K, we had the same interests in exploring new places, eating new foods, it was amazing. Also keep mind that I was still recovering from a very recent death in my family (late 2021). So when this time started to come about again, I started to feel really depressed, I stopped caring about my physical appearance, I started to eat less, and I would distance everyone away from me. I wouldn’t even want to get out of bed. And around this time it would also be K’s birthday. I made a huge push for myself to get up and tidy myself up so I can give K a wonderful birthday. I took her out to a nice view, had a great picnic with a take out order from her favorite restaurant. I at least thought this was good birthday date, but K was not satisfied. She said she wanted to go to a Disney Resort for her birthday, and was upset that I didn’t take her. Keep in mind I was a college student with no job (I made money with small gigs). I was taken back from what she said and I told her once I accumulate some money we could go. Keep in mind I was still trying to not fall deep into my depressive state. Around two weeks pass and I’ve failed getting myself better. I tell K that im not okay and that I can’t even get myself out of bed sometimes, she tells me she understands, but about two days later she’s calling me saying that l don’t take her out anymore and, I don’t show any effort, and that I was a liar for not taking her to the Disney resort. I try to apologize for that and that I’ll try harder because I liked this girl a lot that I wouldn’t want to lose her. Around this time school starts and I seek help from the school’s mental health center, and I am diagnosed with BPD. I also get a job at a grocery store near by. So now I’m going to school and working. All during this time K keeps saying that I don’t take her out and that I don’t show any effort. Even though I made it clear to K that I was going to be busy with school and work. I still ended up seeing K during my free days but it wasn’t the same anymore. She would just want to argue with me about Disney or if I was talking to any women at my work. I told the therapist about this situation and the therapist recommended me to rethink my relationship and if it was benefiting me or not. I started to see the grand scheme of the relationship and I ultimately decided to break up with K. She was definitely not happy about this. Every night after the break up she would send a giant paragraph telling me what an awful person I was, telling me every aspect of my flaws, and accused me of cheating. At first I tried to explain to her even more from what I said during our break up, but she would be stubborn and kept insulting me. After a good 2 weeks of this going on I decided to text her to not contact me again and I blocked her number and every social media she could contact me with. Around this time a girl from my work (we’ll call her C) took interest in me and she would flirt with me, I admit I reciprocated now that I was single, but I didn’t want to take it any further and I stopped it within the 3 days it started. And everything from that point went on normally. I was getting better and I made some awesome work friends. I thought K was finally out of my life and I could finally move on to the next chapter. Around the start of this new year, I got a notification on my phone and it’s K with the same antics all over again. She calls me a liar, and claims that I used her for her body. And verbally harasses me with these claims within the span of January through February.
Important Note! In January I started to talk to a new person we can call her J. She had been a platonic friend of mine for about 6 months whom I met at work.
A couple of days ago I get a text from a random number, saying “I know what you did with C.” I’m honestly caught off guard by this because in my mind, I know who is texting me, but I don’t know how she got this information. When I got this text I was with J and she asked me what that was about. I explained the situation to her and she told me that I should respond to K so she can stop bothering me. I unblocked K from a social media platform and I messaged her practically restating why I broke up with her, but I also called her out and asked her why she’s talking to people from my work when we’ve been over for about 7 months already. She doesn’t say anything about messaging C and keeps saying that I am a liar, manipulator, and cheater. She also comes at me for blocking her throughout the span of when I blocked her, and that I didn’t give her the closure she needed even though I clearly communicated to her the day we broke up. I apologize for blocking her and told her that I needed my mental peace and that I’m actually doing a lot better now, but she didn’t seem to care. I was about ready to block her again until she said “I know you’re talking to a new girl and I think she’d love to know what type of person you really are” this alarmed me because I didn’t want her to ruin things with me and J. I once again ask her how she knows about C but she doesn’t say anything. With the help of context clues of the paragraphs, I hypothesized that she went out of her way to ask C herself. During work the next day, I concluded that my hypothesis was true I overheard C talking to her friend that a girl named K kept texting her. After work was over I confronted C and I told her I knew she was talking to my ex. I asked C why and she told me “she needed to know the truth” I asked her “ what truth?“ and C gave K a story about how I was the one who started flirting with C, and that C only went along with it because she thought I was cute. I asked her why she would say that, but she truly believes that’s true when C had asked me for a hug multiple times, and I only gave her a hug once. I called her weird for that, and I asked her why did she even talk about J, she claimed she didn’t but C knew about me and J. I told her to please refrain from giving out J’s social media handle, and my work schedule. Because I did not know what K was capable of doing. I thought that was that, but no. Last night K’s Friend messaged me on Instagram saying I was the reason her friend’s mental health was down the drain, that i was a cheater, that I was insecure, and that I tried to cheat on K with someone who didn’t want me. I ignored the message and went to bed thinking nothing of it. This morning I found out that K texted J. J Sent me a bunch of screenshots of K talking to C about how I was the one trying to get at C, and why I was once again a liar, manipulator, and cheater. In the texts K was telling her all about this because she “wished someone warned her”. And that she had a lot of screenshots of me being emotionally abusive. Now J is rethinking about continuing our relationship because K has planted the seed of doubt. I told J that if she wants to talk about things that are making her overthink, I can explain to her. But as of right now I am not getting any response from her other than, “we can talk later.”
This really sucks because Im growing really fond of this girl and also because K is out of control. I don’t know what to do with her especially now that C is lying to her. Do I keep her blocked and ignore? Do I see her in person? Do I give K her closure so she can stop bothering me? Has anyone else been through something like this? How do you get rid of a crazy ex?? This is really stressing me out because if she’s already claimed that I emotionally abused her, I fear that she would accuse me of something else. Any and all advice would help thank you for reading this if you did!
TLDR; Ex is trying to ruin my new relationship and texting people from my work by accusing me of a liar, cheater, manipulator, and emotional abuser. I never treated her with any malice. Any advice would help, thanks!
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2023.03.20 17:49 Schniiic Today was the first time I got a crypto scam call!

So today it finally happened to me!
An unknown number was calling me right when I was cooking. If it wasnt for my father who sometimes calls from an unknown number, I wouldnt even get on the phone. But I did, expecting my father on the other end, just saying "Naaaa?" (its like "Heeey?", but in german).
But it wasnt my father! Someone with a strange accent and really weird background noises started to speak (Im translating it to english as best as I can):
"Hello, I am from Blockchain! Your number is written on it!"

Of course I immediately knew what was up, but I wanted to hear what he tried to tell me. So I just asked him where he works and how he got my number again?
"I am from Blockchain and your number is written here!"

Didnt let him continue speaking once because Im pretty sure he would just keep talking nonsense though. I just asked him:
"Do you work for Binance? Or Coinbase, or Kraken?" - Because theyre the exchanges that came to my mind first. He responded, in a really harsh, loud and confident:
I then started laughing and asking once again where he is and he was still pretty sure that he was on the blockchain. Which blockchain you might ask? I dont know, neither did he. I doubt he knows anything more than the fact BTC exists and youre able to scam people with that, but yeah. Not me though.
My dinner was nearing an eatable state, so I just laughed again and hang up.
Now Im sitting here, wishing I was as smart as some of you guys, to keep him in a conversation, wasting his time. But I dont know enough and probably wouldnt be able to not start laughing here and there.

So yeah, thats it, the story of my first crypto scam call!
Tried to translate everything from german, so sorry if something is off :D
Did you also get calls like that? How did your calls go? Something funny happened?
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2023.03.20 17:49 Matoma3 Want to pursue Network Analyst job. What are the downfalls?

I have a job currently in the medical field that makes me around 60k a year, I like it however there is no room for promotion or increases in pay. I am in my late 20's and want to make a career change.
What are the worst parts of being a network analyst? What makes you dread going to work as a network analyst? Anything tedious or monotonous?
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2023.03.20 17:48 FLACaddict A "warning" for "excessive break usage"

I've been working at Tesco for nearly a year and I'm a customer assistant for general merchandise (thought I'd mention) To respect privacy I've used "them" to describe my shift leader.
During a recent shift I had, I decided it was a good idea to go and buy a bottle of water many hours after I'd had my break, my thinking was I'd only be 2 minutes max and I could possibly make back the time at the end of my shift.
So I went to buy it and on the way to the self checkout my shift leader approaches me and asks what I'm doing, to which I say "I'm just buying a drink because I didn't have the chance to on my break" and they started saying how I should of done it on my break etc.. not once did they ever tell me to stop what I'm doing.
Anyway after I'd made the purchase 30 seconds later and made my way back to my department , they were waiting for me to come back and immediately started raising their voice to me and speaking to me like I'm a piece of sh** I refused to say much as I didn't want to get in any trouble They basically kept saying how I left them and another colleague both on their own left cleaning etc... After they have a little moan at me I decide to just go back to my job
A few minutes ago by and I'm approached by my shift leader again asking for a chat out back, I could see they were holding a letter When we got out back they started explaining how they told me not to go down and apparently I've been seen by another manager do this before?? Not once have I done this before so I questioned it I was like "who told you that then because I've never done that before" and they couldn't tell me
Eventually I just signed the page which says at the top "excessive break usage" like a dumbass because I didn't want anymore trouble
But they didn't really explain to me what it was that I got? I asked if it stays in my file and the reply I got was "I think it's on there forever but I'm not sure"
To clarify I completely agree that I shouldn't of bought a drink during my working hours but you can hopefully agree with me that it's slightly petty, I've had longer toilet breaks than that!! I was gone for 2 mins 33 seconds I timed it I feel like I've been dealt with unprofessionally and treated unfairly aswell as made out to be a liar.
Was it a let's talk or a warning? I'm confused
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2023.03.20 17:48 PlacidSavagery80 42 [M4F] #Maryland. Kind of like the Nick Jonas song.

Which song, you ask. Great question. I'm only aware of one. I'll give you time to pick your phone back up. No judgment please. I heard it a few minutes before writing this post. I thought to myself "Self this song is pretty good. It's actually inspirational in a way". The song is the 2014 hit "Jealous". You're very welcome for me sticking that song in your head for the rest of the day. Allow me a few moments to explain how this song relates to my post title. *Clearing my throat, and stretching out my fingers".
I'm a believer in the more time together the stronger the bond. The better the inside jokes, and of course the better I'll become at drum roll please reading your mind. I mean I read minds now but not at the optimal level. Don't believe me. I know what you're thinking right now. You're thinking "no way this guy can read minds". See, damn I'm good. Oh yes, back to the song and title.
The jealous part comes into play, with other people. Some our family, friends, coworkers, and strangers/random people. Why are they jealous you asked. Another fantastic question. You ask really good questions. They're jealous because we random play rock, paper, scissors anytime, anywhere. Often times we settle conversation using RPS and/or break ties using this timeless game. We have the most incredible inside jokes, to which we laugh hysterically. The way we finish each other's sentences drives them bonkers, but also makes them insanely...yup...jealous. Sing it N.J! I call him that, you can't, well maybe when we're together N.J won't mind double-wink. Long story short our 3-Cs ( communication, connection, and cuteness) drive people mad.
All the time, everywhere. Yes, at Target in the candle section "smell this on. You smell this one". All the glares from all the red-shirts. At our favorite sushi bar throwing back sushi in between playing hands of UNO (we stack/pluck and play). Lastly around family when apart "Can you not look at your phone for two seconds, geesh" they say. Jealous at the music we send each other, the memes, and the dad jokes...ohhhh...the amazing dad jokes. So yeah it's kind of like the song, but not really. Stop laughing, smiling and/or smirking so you can message me already. I've been a Dom nearly a decade. When the D/s dynamic is built on a foundation of clear communication, trust and laughter it's not only mutually beneficial but absolutely therapeutic. Let's chat. No rush, no pressure. Talk to you soon.
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2023.03.20 17:47 justwannavent567 I truly hate my university and I feel like there is nothing I can do about it

I am a freshman at a university in my home state and I genuinely hate it. When in my college application process during my senior year I actually got into my "dream school", an ivy league college that is one state away. I loved this school, envisioned myself going there, and genuinely thought I would be happy and satisfied. I never got the chance to go, it is super expensive and my parent is not exactly made of money. I settled for a sate school that is still considered to be slightly competitive to get into, but not nearly as much as my first choice. I am on a full scholarship and I knew that I would not be as happy as going to my first choice but I chalked it down to being part of life and moved on.
Well as it turns out, I fucking hate it here and I have all year. I have a girlfriend back home, only 2 hours by car, who is 1 year younger than me and she is doing her college application process. (yes, I know everyone says to leave high school relationships in the past during your college years. we have been together for the majority of high school and we consider each other to be vital parts of our lives and are both happy we stayed together). I constantly miss my girlfriend and I have barely any friends here at my current school. I find it really difficult to make friends, I know I'm a loser but I don't drink or smoke, I actually find both the smell of alcohol and weed quite repulsive. My school is not a "party school" entirely but we do have a party scene like most other colleges and, from what I feel, most people are involved.
I realized early on that it would be hard to find friends because all most people want to do is hang out and smoke weed or drink and go to parties. I (male) also have no interest in meeting girls or trying to get hookups because I have no intention of cheating on my girlfriend and ruining my relationship.
I always get the feeling that everyone at my school parties and goes out and all of that because every time I meet a new friend it all seems well and then I get a "so do you smoke weed" or "wanna come with me to ____ this Friday night" while in reality all I want is a small group of people to hang out with casually once in a while and talk to.
I can't help but feel that if I was able to go to my first choice college I would not have this issue, as more people would have a higher value of education and (even though I know the ivys party) less people would only want to party and do nothing else.
Besides not having a strong social circle and missing my girlfriend, (I go home about once or twice a month on the weekends to see her, they are the most fun and exciting days of the month by FAR), I hate my roommate. My current roommate was randomly assigned, in the beginning of the year I met someone through social media who seemed nice and decided to room with him but he ended up transferring out of the school because he did not like it. I got the shittiest luck with my randomly assigned roommate, he got forcefully moved out of his old room because he used homophobic slurs towards his (gay) roommate. Once he got moved to my room we instantly started having problems. To keep it short, he would have people over at all hours, including the night, without any prior mention. He watches tiktok videos with no headphones at night, makes the room smell like weed, is both dirty hygienically and in terms of organization, and is super disrespectful.
I ended up going to our RA about a week after he moved in because he brought a girl over and LITERALLY STARTED FUCKING HER with me in the room, he then asked what the problem was and did it again after our RA talked to him. I have filed reports against him for rule violations (quiet hours violations, having guests over when not supposed to, smoking in the room, being unhygienic, ect). The residential life system at my school absolutely sucks because he faced no repercussions and he knew I reported him so it made our tensions even worse.
Overall, between all the shit with my roommate, missing my girlfriend (and my old friends from home tbh), and not having a strong social circle here, I think I should leave. The problem is that I am on scholarship, a full ride, and would not be able to afford college without a scholarship. If i were to transfer schools I would probably be a decent candidate for acceptance, I have a good GPA and take what most would consider a rigorous course load, but most schools would not give transfer students a full academic scholarship.
I want to also add that I do not qualify for a "need based" scholarship. I only have one parent (my mom) and she makes decent money. The problem is that she does not have enough money saved to put me through school, she has debt, a house to pay for, her car, and assisted living costs for both of her parents.
I feel trapped, I can't leave but I hate it here
Sorry for the long read. If you have advice or suggestions I would be open to them.
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2023.03.20 17:47 fourseasons12321 My (32f) bf (35m) has a burner Instagram account. What should I do next?

My boyfriend has been discussing engagement with me for months, and has been ring shopping. We have been together for about 15 months. He is very attentive, and always tells me how thankful he is for me. We see each other almost daily. I noticed a shift in him lately - he became distant regardless of him continuing to see me daily and call me daily. He had told me about his burner Instagram account months ago, as he used it to look into the posts of a man which had been lying about a case. Since then, he claimed to have deleted the burner account. Several days ago, I discovered that the burner account was in fact not deactivated and in use to look up the instagrams of other women (I noticed while he was on his phone. I asked him to show me his search history. He immediately started deleting several searches so I only got to see the last 7-10 which were all women, mostly showing a lot of skin). This crushed me on another level. I asked him to show me that he is not on dating apps either and stated that I’ll drop the Instagram situation, however he refused. He said this was crazy and I was blowing it out of proportion. He only agreed to show me that he was not on the apps after he got about 5-10 seconds of alone time (unsure if he deleted anything). He apologized profusely and admit that his behavior was not ok. Reddit, what do I do? I am in love with this man, but am terribly afraid of getting hurt and wasting my time. I had confronted him on his phone use in the past - used to grip on to his phone when i'd grab it. For the last several days, he has been intentionally leaving the phone near me. I lost a lot of respect for our relationship. I don't want to lose what we had. What do I do?
TLDR: Boyfriend had burner account and was using it to search other women. Should I stay?
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2023.03.20 17:47 Adept_Scene4894 Can I ask to switch to a different store location upon a job offer?

I applied to one of the locations near me and already completed my hirevue interview. But there’s another location in my area that I’d prefer and haven’t applied to. If they offer me the job at the location I applied, would they be able to refer me or transfer me to the other location if I asked? Or would I have to redo the application process at the store I want?
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2023.03.20 17:46 kalamazooobstetrics AITA for smoking in the room I pay to live in?

Just starting off I want to say this is the first time I’ve ever posted on reddit so bear with me I’m new to this. Just for context I (20M) live at home with my mother, grandmother and sister. I started working in October 2020 right in peak pandemic and with some weeks off here and there finding a job I liked, still going to school, spending my money on stupid shit you know just being a teenager. In March of 2021 my mom told me that I had to start paying for my phone bill and helping out with rent for the house we were living at. She asked me to pay $150 a month, I obliged without hesitation because in my head if i’m paying for MY phone bill she can’t take my phone away anymore. Fast forward to November 2021 we move into a new house that was more expensive, she told me instead of paying $150 I need to pay $350 if I want to live there, because I was already 18+ and out of high school I really didn’t have any other options. We moved to the city we live in about 7 years ago and although I have a few close friends we have no family out here and no one that could help me or give me a place to stay if my mom were to kick me out so I obliged. We fast forward to today and I’ve paid everything that my mother and grandmother are “owed”. I work a shitty almost minimum wage stocker job at a grocery store near me, and a lot of us that that do this smoke weed. My mother has never cared that i smoke weed as she does too on special occasions. She does get upset that I smoke in my room complaining of the smell (even though I had to inhale her second hand cigarette smoke my entire life) and that smoking inside the house was “against the rules of the lease”. Now if this is true when we do move out i’ll accept all financial obligations if there are any fines or anything of that sort when it comes to smoking in THAT room (I only smoke there and the garage) but I feel like if I’m paying to live somewhere that place also becomes my house as well and I should be able to do as I please especially in my room. For further context I only smoke joints in my room when no one is home and when people are home I hit my bong with a wet towel under my door and a candle lit trying to keep the smell under control. I don’t feel like it’s right to charge your kids rent but then also tell them what they can and can’t do in the room they pay to live in but I don’t know am I the asshole?
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2023.03.20 17:45 One-Dragonfly4344 torn between arki and accountancy

ohmygod i really don't know what course i want to pursue and application season is getting near T_T sooo i'm a STEM student who's quite good at math (i weirdly enjoy it idek y) which is why my top two choices are math related.
for arki, i've always been called creative and good with art stuff so i thought that arki would be a good choice because it's kind of the common ground between my two interests. BUT i honestly think i would have a hard time making plates or creating designs cuz imo im not creative enough to do that stuff and i lack a lot of the needed skills. like i only know yung mga basic shading and my artworks are just average. i also tend to get impatient and sa lahat ng nabasa ko, patience yung mahalaga pagdating sa arki😭 also the 5 yrs of studying plus 2 years of work exp sawang sawa na ko magaral pls and alsooo walang arki sa family ko which means walang magguguide sakin or help for future jobs or whatnot
anw for accountancy, i feel like it's a rlly good choice for me but ang sabi nga nila puro analyzing which i'm not the best at. from experience, i'm not that good at computing anything related with money like mga utang between friends and such (would i survive if the math i'm good at and enjoy is algebra and calculus?😭) ALSO it's 4 yrs and our family has businesses so i think me potentially being an accountant would be of big help and would be more practical. it's just that i've been so sure of arki but now i suddenly want accountancy more??
natatakot lang ako na baka yung mga nararamdaman at naiisip ko rn is temporary and if i choose one ill end up regretting not choosing the other. naiiyak na ko kasi ang hirap pumili esp if i've never had that one ambition growing up that i'm so passionate about like other ppl.
btw, i'm also considering interior design (which i think is a good option but it's already too much on the creativity and artistic side), pati civil eng WHICH really aligns with my intellect pero hindi talaga siya bumabagay sa lahat ng ibang aspeto ng personality ko 😭 (STILL SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING IT THO)
PLS PLS PLS help me choose or leave some advice. it would be greatly appreciated huhu also, i feel like i don't know myself, my strengths, weaknesses, and interests that well. any tips on how i could explore this so i could have better grounds in choosing my course?
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2023.03.20 17:45 AManAndAMouse When we are dancing and you’re dangerously near me I get ideas, I get ideas. I want to hold you so much closer than I dare to … in my head, right now

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2023.03.20 17:44 DareiosK "Extending" a Layover

Ok, I know this might sound like a weird question.
I have a round trip flight booked with Air Canada from Athens to Vancouver with a 2 hr stopover in Toronto. I find these long haul flights really stressful and challenging and have really been dreading this one. Then I thought, what if I "missed" my 2nd flight to Vancouver and asked Air Canada to rebook me to Vancouver the next morning? This would allow me to break up the long trip and have some recovery time in between, which I feel would make the whole thing a lot easier for me. My question is, would Air Canada be willing to rebook me on a later flight? Do you have to provide proof of the reason why you missed your connecting flight?
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2023.03.20 17:44 welltheregoesmygecko Nostalgia

I was thinking about how much nostalgia this band gives me and I realized it felt like that since I started listening to them. I was born in the high desert of Oregon and I found their songs when I was living in the dullest and darkest time of my life and if brought me back there to a time I can’t even remember, back to that place, where it was wild and vast and adventure existed. These songs traveled with me to leave home for the first time when I was newly 19 and they saw me explore the lonely country roads of West Virginia through early mornings and rainy afternoons, all the way into the Colorado Rockies where I am continually and blissfully getting lost in the wilderness. Long lost gave me back my love for the woods and Ghost on the shore has been the anthem of my life for nearly 4 years now. These songs are embedded with some kind of drug, I’m positive, and listening to them again reminds me of the summer I grew up, and the adventure of a lifetime exploring the wild with my husband now. God bless this band, seriously.
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2023.03.20 17:44 Substantial_Wish904 SD looking for a profile review

SD looking for a profile review
Hello All,
I recently made a new profile on seeking and I am currently facing two issues with my current profile, so I am hoping to get some constructive feedback on where I am going wrong.
  1. I am getting a lot of replies and even scheduling M&G’s, however 9 times out of 10, the person is simply not showing up. No cancellation, no rescheduling, no message, just a straight up no show.
  2. PPM / allowance expectations are out of this world high. I’m talking 4-10x the master allowance thread amounts. I understand that some women will command a premium and if I’m looking for something very specific, I may have to pay a bit more, but the asks I’m seeing are insanely high.
Thanks for the help!

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2023.03.20 17:43 DareiosK "Intentionally" Extending a Layover

Ok, I know this might sound like a weird question.
I have a round trip flight booked with Air Canada from Athens to Vancouver with a 2 hr stopover in Toronto. I find these long haul flights really stressful and challenging and have really been dreading this one. Then I thought, what if I "missed" my 2nd flight to Vancouver and asked Air Canada to rebook me to Vancouver the next morning? This would allow me to break up the long trip and have some recovery time in between, which I feel would make the whole thing a lot easier for me. My question is, would Air Canada be willing to rebook me on a later flight? Do you have to provide proof of the reason why you missed your connecting flight?
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2023.03.20 17:43 erik9814 Tips for a beginner trying to get into dirt track racing this summer?

Looking to get into dirt track racing at the local track near me. Any tips from those who have experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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