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2023.04.01 15:46 dontbuymazda If you live in snow weather, or heavy rain....avoid Mazda.

Story time!
short version:
you CAN NOT turn the Radar off. Mazda admits to engineering it this way. it causes a HAZARD, that they call a "feature"...because...they're geniuses. Engineers can't take criticism so they're hidden, and they don't know the meaning of "off". Been fighting with Mazda for over 2 years for a legitimate "off button" to "make the blinking stop". Should be noted, anything blinking on your dashboard is a distraction, and every time you start the car it tells you "distracted driving is unsafe driving".
Full Story:
At one point, i used to love Mazda. Thought they were a fantastic vehicle. But now, it's become PAINFULLY apparent that the company, engineers, customer experience, dealerships...all encompassing "Mazda", are incompetent. And i mean that, toddlers are smarter and here's why:
Mazda doesn't understand the meaning of "off". It escapes them. No one has read the dictionary or has a word-of-the-day calendar. All they do is "drink the kool-aid" of "Mazda does no wrong".
If you go out shopping for a vehicle and the sales-rep tells you "oh yea, you can turn off any of the 'features' (in this case they call 'hazards' 'features'). And that is a BLATANT LIE. and they know they're lieing.
Mazda has a Settings Menu. Where you'll be told you CAN turn systems off....not true.
Since this issue is mainly about the Radar, i'm focusing on that option.
There is an option, under settings, for the Mazda Cruise Control Radar. There's a box next to it, and it's ALWAYS selected when you start the vehicle. (yes. it will ALWAYS default to being ON. EVERY time you start the car).
So! you don't want Skynet to drive your vehicle and wish to turn off the Radar? Huzzah! Just de-select that option (the box is no longer 'checked')! That means the system is off, right?
Oh sweet innocent no it's not.
How do i know this?
Well, the 2021 CX-30 requires me to have a "launch procedure" to turn systems off, EVERY TIME i start the silly thing. (again, "off" is never "OFF", when it comes to Mazda).
So i always have the radar "off". i don't like it. i think the system is completely useless, but i digress. BUT! if i'm driving in snow, a heavy rain, salt/mud/dirt gets thrown at my vehicle....well, the radar sensor gets covered. which makes sense because, weather.
When the Radar Sensor (the medallion on the front of the grill), gets covered by someting (and this goes for any of the sensors), the vehicle will start BLINKING an orange star-burst warning IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SPEEDOMETER. which is in the MIDDLE of your DASHBOARD. so visually, you can't avoid it
And it's a warning, doing warning things but it'll state "warning cruise control radar obstructed. temporarily disabled". then it'll BLINK. and say somethin like "other safety sensors obstructed and disabled: DRIVE CAREFULLY".
Standard warning.
BUT! if you've been paying attention: "but, this person stated they turned the Radar System off. So why is it blinking at them, stating it's disabled (turned off)".
A the system will CONTINUE TO BLINK between the two warnings.
So picture this:
You're driving at night. it's dark outside. you're focused on safely driving in "weather" (whatever kind fits your region). and now you have an orange blinky warning light, in middle of your speedometer, that you CAN NOT turn off. that is, unless you pull over, brush the snow/mud/whatever off the sensors. then get back on the road, in the same weather conditions, just to have it happen again.
So, Mazda has INTENTIONALLY designed, engineered, quality assured, and sold.....a Hazard.
and i say that because, remember, every time you start the vehicle it tells you "distracted driving is unsafe driving". and now you have/are in a vehicle that will blink a warning at you. About a system you THOUGHT you turned off.
"but, i turned that off! why is it blinking at me, saying it's now turned off?!"
so, a blinky light, the size of the inner circle of your speedometer, that you can't turn off. telling you a system you've turned off is now off, because.....they system says so.
I don't care how dim the light settings of your dashboard are. a blinky light, at night, in the middle of your dash and speedometer....that's a DISTRACTION.
So, now we've have Mazda admitting to INTENTIONALLY designing it this way. so MAZDA, INTENTIONALLY engineered a HAZARD. all because they don't understand an "off button".
I've been "dealing" with Mazda for over 2 years TRYING to get a functional "off button".....NOPE! they just want to placate the customer and do grand dog and pony shows.
A WEEK after purchasing the vehicle i was told by the dealership techs "yup, that's a known issue and has been a known issue. it's what we get the most complaints about" (note, i live in snow country). So the techs told me they couldn't do a thing, and i had to talk to Mazda Corporate.
After 2+ years what has the Customer Care Experience (corporate) done? well, they took my car for 4 days to "troubleshoot" this, already known, issue. and came back with "yup, the system is operating normally".
that was it.
Even though NORMAL OPERATION creates a HAZARD. but no one wants to address the "off button".
That's all i wanted. To be able to ACTUALLY turn systems off. to not have the vehicle blink at me in weather, telling me a system i've turned off, is not turned off because.....Mazda Engineers have never read a dictionary (and they're sensitive, which is why customers can't speak to them).
This has led to the Dealerships techs going "talk to corporate", Corporate saying "gotta talk to the techs", Techs: "we don't have the authority to fix this, gotta talk to corporate". Corporate: "WHAT DO YOU EXPECT US TO DO?!?!! WE'RE NOT ENGINEERS" (and yes, that final bit came from Micheal, the head Customer Experience guru.....he's not the brightest bulb and shouldn't be in any position of authority, because he doesn't understand "off" either....guess that's par for he course, at this point.
So there you go! and the Mazda Saga continues.......all because "OFF buttons are complicated" (toddlers understand how to turn something OFF.)
I say all of this as a warning to any potential customer. Mazda will lie, doesn't understand OFF, and will sell you a safety hazard.
Be very wary, consumer. personally, i say DO NOT BUY Mazda. but if you must....AVOID RADAR LIKE YOUR EX.
All i can hope is this helps a shopper be a little more informed.
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2023.04.01 14:13 CustomFighter2 Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 36.0

Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 36.0

Bloons TD 6 v36.0 - Update Notes!

Hello and welcome! We decided to release the balance notes a little ahead of time! Enjoy!
Update video:

Key New Features

  • New Tower - Mr Beast Handler
    • chomp, rawr, kakaw!
    • So much to say about this tower, but mainly we so hope you enjoy it!
    • The first never before seen tower to join the BTD universe since the Druid and Alchemist at launch almost 5 years ago.
    • This tower plays and gains power in a completely unique way, and there are intentional tradeoffs along the way - you need to choose the right time to Merge beasts or just like any other tower whether more separate and lower-power beasts are situationally better.
    • This is a Support class tower, so seeing how it works with your favorite builds is part of the fun.
    • BTW making cool-looking giant beasts pop Bloons has been pretty awesome, even though it took us twice as long as expected. Thanks for your patience!!!
  • Quests! Quests are self-contained challenges with their own special rules, difficulty, and unlock requirements. Patch joins the main menu and acts as the entry point for the Quest system. The intent along with fun gameplay is to sprinkle more story into the game, teaching certain strategies, introducing game modes, trying out items before unlocking them, as well as being a place for us to experiment with new mechanics. Did someone say special missions? No we didn’t say that for 36, but definitely downstream.
  • With the launch of the Quests system we have 3 beginner Quests aimed towards newer players. In future updates we will expand this with mid-rank, high rank, and expert level Quests that will introduce higher level ideas and challenges.
    • Beast Handler Quest - The Dartling Gunner unlocks via a basic pop target objective, but this was a simple system and had nothing to do with the tower itself. To unlock the Beast Handler with this update, rank 40+ players will take on a short adventure using the lower tiers of this tower.
    • Race Introduction - When Races unlock at rank 20, they can be quite an intimidating system to start learning. Now rank 20+ players will be able to access their first persistent race, available from the Quest menu. This is a short introduction aimed at new players, or players new to Races. More challenging Race Quests will be added in the future.
    • Quincy’s Trial - All players start the game with Quincy available, and now from the Quest menu or from Quincy's profile on the Hero menu players will be able to engage in a short mission showcasing his strengths, like missing pink bloons

New Awesome

  • New Map - Polyphemus
    • No, Lotus Island was never going to be the only stop on that epic journey
    • Your next adventure is Polyphemus, whose one great eye closes over any towers in its site. Never fear, unlike Monkdyseus, your crew is not dead, just out of play until you can open the eye again.
    • Another one made with challenges in mind, and yes, we’ll look for other uses for this mechanic in the future.
  • New Achievements - a simple intro to quests with: Side Quest, World League Training
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Monkeys: Tack Shooter Hedgehog pet, Village - Philippines Flag, Village - Trans Flag
    • Bloons: Lobster BFB skin, true camo DDT skin, suspicious visor
    • Game & UI: Avatar73 - Necromancer, Avatar74 - Darts, Avatar75 - Gravelord Lych, Avatar76 - Sun Hat Adora
  • Competition Winning items
    • Banner29 - community banner by ratcrunch - Avatar of Darkness
  • Limited Time only
    • Alchemist Flower splash projectiles, Banner29 - Blossom Temple
  • New CT Team Store items
    • Base Props: Dino Spring Egg, Cake Baker Monkey
    • Icons: Overclocked Icon, Choc Bunny icon
    • Frames: Bloon From The Dead frame, Flower Burst frame

Game Changes / Additions

  • Reworked towers with secondary attack target options to use a smaller icon for this target that is no longer linked to the target priority display. We apologize to the players who were comfortable with the “buttonized” target priorities, but many players were confused by that implementation, so we’re hoping this is a better, clearer UI for all.
  • Added option to enter Races with Monkey Money even if Race Passes are owned

Bug Fixes & General Changes

Boomerang Monkey
  • 5xx Glaive Lord and Glaive Dominus Rotating Glaives now visually change direction with the change hand targeting
Banana Farm
  • can now be purchased in Deflation and CHIMPS (they still will not make money)
  • gains a pop count display and pop count now properly appears on Named Monkey records
  • 420, 520, 024, and 025 Farm; fixed bug where the More Valuable Bananas MK was not being used when buffed by a xx4 Village
  • x3x Monkey Bank and above can withdraw using the 'Change Targeting' hotkey and withdraw all using the 'Reverse Change Targeting' hotkey
  • x4x IMF Loan and above can deposit using the 'Monkey Special' hotkey
  • fixed bug where blown back bloons were not filling up Wall of Trees
  • pop count now properly appears on Named Monkey records

Balance Changes

Boomerang Monkey
Even with the previous buffs, MOAR Glaives performs poorly in comparison to other cleanup towers and Glaive Lord still struggles against fortified ceramics in the late game.
  • 4xx MOAR Glaives applies a weaker shred status to the first target hit that deals 3 moab damage every 1s for 15s
  • 402 MOAR Glaives gains bonus damage to MOABs +1
  • 5xx Glaive Lord main attack gains bonus to fortified +2
  • 5xx Glaive Lord Rotating Glaives bonus to fortified increased 2 > 4
  • 5xx Glaive Lord Rotating Glaives pierce increased 80 > 160
Ice Monkey
What was once a bug is back as a feature to help its reliability as a decamo option.
  • 4xx Embrittlement gains a separate larger decamo radius (similar to Signal Flare) and can decamo whites and zebras
Glue Gunner
Despite being purported as a ceramic counter, Bloon Liquefier is terrible at dealing with large groups even with the middle crosspath and as such makes for a poor saveup to The Bloon Solver. Continuing from the changes from last update, we are giving it Relentless Glue's old behavior to help it better deal with crowds, and providing more crosspath interactions for the blobs as promised. Glue Strike and Storm are also getting some reworks to make bottom crosspath more usable.
  • 4xx Bloon Liquefier upon destroying a Bloon now drops blobs of glue on the track that deal 1 pierce of 0 damage and applies the glue status to whatever hits it
  • 5xx The Bloon Solver glue blobs damage 20 > 15
  • 5xx The Bloon Solver glue blobs lifetime 5s > 7.5s
  • 510 The Bloon Solver glue blobs pierce 1 > 2
  • 520 The Bloon Solver glue blobs pierce 1 > 5
  • 501 The Bloon Solver glue blobs lifetime 5s > 10s
  • x4x Glue Strike ability can now hit MOAB-class bloons without Corrosive Glue
  • x4x Glue Strike ability no longer weakens lead bloons
  • x4x Glue Strike ability bonus damage taken while glued reduced 2 > 1
  • 240 Glue Strike ability remains able to weaken lead bloons
  • 240 Glue Strike ability bonus damage taken while glued remains at 2
Monkey Buccaneer
Giving more utility to the underutilized crosspaths.
  • 402 Aircraft Carrier aircraft missiles damage type Explosive > Normal
  • 502 Carrier Flagship buff grants camo detection and applies to towers placed on its decks
  • 203 Merchantman end of round income 200 > 240
  • 204 Favored Trades sellback buff +10% -> +12%
  • 204 Favored Trades end of round income 500 > 600
  • 205 Trade Empire buff to xx3 limit increased 20 > 24
  • 205 Trade Empire end of round income 800 > 960
Monkey Ace
Toning back our last change to Neva-Miss, because it seems to have fallen off too much.
  • xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting price reduced from $2800 > $2400
Heli Pilot
Heli's MOAB Shove doesn't scale with higher tiers so additions have been made to the mini Comanches.
  • xx4 Comanche Defense minis gain a weaker MOAB Shove effect (50% compared to main heli)
  • xx5 Comanche Defense minis gain the full MOAB Shove effect
Mortar Monkey
Adapted from a change in Battles 2. We'll see how well it works locked to a upgrade instead of being a base tower feature. Plus giving Burny Stuff more love to make a more competitive crosspath choice for middle path.
  • xx1 Increased Accuracy adds 'Follow Touch' targeting option (hotkey: Shift + Tab)
  • 032 Heavy Shells allows burn from this tower to tic three times as fast (also expires three times as fast) and the burn inherits the bonus damages of the main attack
Wizard Monkey
Currently you need to give and remove an external range buff to reset zombie targeting. Automatic targeting for Wall of Fire refers to its old behavior prior to v33.0, where it would follow the tower's targeting priority if bloons were in range. We are also giving Arcane Blast more crosspath interactions and fixing Archmage's Dragon's Breath's range.
  • 5xx Archmage Dragon's Breath attack now matches tower's range
  • 120 Wall of Fire can target the outside of the tower's range to revert targeting back to automatic
  • x3x Dragon's Breath price increased $3000 > $3300
  • 230 Dragon's Breath flame attack ceram bonus increased 1 > 2
  • 104 Necromancer can target the zombie spawn point outside of the tower's range to revert targeting back to automatic
  • 204 Necromancer zombie gains bonus to ceramic +1
Acid Pools have long been unchanged and underpowered, so these changes should give it some utility while not being a Caltrops clone. AMD currently has negative synergy with Lead to Gold's primary function, so this should solve that. The BMA change is to offset some of the money lost from the shrink attack.
  • xx2 Acid Pools last +1 round, main potion attack drops Acid Pools on impact unless pierce-capped
  • xx3 Lead to Gold Acid Pools can hit camo
  • 203 Lead to Gold AMD-buffed towers also grant the $50 cash bonus when popping leads
  • 023 Lead to Gold attacking DDTs weakens them (like Glue Strike ability) and generates the $50 cash bonus
  • 204 Rubber to Gold AMD-buffed towers get the income bonus when attacking
  • 024 Rubber to Gold gains +100% income bonus on fortified MOABs
  • xx5 BMA shrink potions transforms targets into leads
Heart of Thunder was previously buffed to scale better with higher tiers, but middle path was overlooked back then.
  • 240 Jungle's Bounty (HoT) bonus damage to MOABs +2
  • 250 Spirit of the Forest (HoT) damage increased 2 > 10
  • 250 Spirit of the Forest (HoT) bonus damage to MOABs +4
Banana Farm
Giving top path reasons to go for bottom crosspath, more consistency with the middle path, and a quality of life change that lazy farmers everywhere will enjoy.
  • x4x IMF Loan and x5x Monkey-nomics ability income will now increase with external buffs
  • xx1 EZ Collect bananas can be autocollected by 041 Druids
  • xx2 Banana Salvage uncollected bananas now explode and leave banana peels that blow back bloons upon expiry. Explosions deal damage equal to their monetary value and have 20 pierce. Banana peels have pierce equal to their monetary value and lifetime equal to that of the generated bananas (money is still collected like before). If autocollected by 042 Druids, the bananas can be harvested for their full monetary value and still explode and leave peels. It also becomes able to take Alchemist buffs.
  • xx5 Monkey Wall Street autocollect range now matches the tower range and can be affected by external range buffs (including Alchemist)
Spike Factory
While Perma-Spike is already a popular and strong option, we felt this change will be a much-appreciated quality of life improvement. To offset this, we are also increasing the prices.
  • xx2 Smart Spikes gains a target selection point which can override the regular targeting options using the 'Monkey Special' hotkey
  • xx5 Perma-Spike price increased $30000 > $33000
Monkey Village
Ever since Monkeyopolis's nerf put it out of the farming meta, there remains little point in making one. This rework should make it more valuable to use again.
  • xx5 Monkeyopolis income generated exactly matches the sacrificed farms and income collection method is based on most invested farm type:
    • top path & base farms: generates crates (current behavior)
    • middle path farms: generates income and interest in a bank balance equal to sacrificed banks' capacities
    • bottom path farms: autocollects income
T4 Farm effects like the Banana Central BRF buff, bank deposits and IMF Loan abilities, and Merchantman buffs do not transfer.
Engineer Monkey
The Pin effect is currently underpowered on Sentry Champion, so these changes should help its case without being overpowering. Cleansing Foam's Sentries can currently decamo, though it is rarely useful because they need external support to even see them in the first place.
  • 502 Sentry Champion sentries can pin ceramics
  • 502 Sentry Champion sentries can pin MOAB-class bloons when exploding
  • 130 Cleansing Foam sentries can see camo
  • Master Builder's Green Sentry Paragon can now be locked
With the rework to secondary attack target options, we can now give Obyn the ability to target all of his items individually. No idea how to meaningfully buff him though.
  • Lv3 Brambles gains a target selection point
  • Lv4 Nature's Ward Totem gains a target selection point
How is this not a thing yet?
  • Lv7 Bloon Trojan now follows Target Priority
I just think it would be neat. I have no idea what the ramifications this would have on the game balance.
  • items unlocked between Lv1 and Lv15 can now receive discounts from xx1 and xx2 Villages
  • all items can now receive discounts from Sun Temples and True Sun Gods.
If you made it all the way to end, thanks for reading! I am not affiliated with NK; this is simply a collection of my ideas for balance changes with a little April Fool's flair. It was also interesting looking back at previous path notes and trying to replicate NK's writing styles.
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2023.04.01 13:31 FlakyGap9012 Scores Menu

Scores Menu is a cafe that caters to the most acceptable bbq food, including appetizers, chicken, salads, and desserts. They also have a different menu for children, drinks, and alcohol. You can have a proper meal here at about $30.00.
Menu Scoresalso offer delicious ribs with combos such as quarter chicken leg and ribs combo and quarter Portuguese chicken leg and ribs combos. You can even have grilled food items like greek brochette and fiesta brochette.
Score Menu also has a chipotle burger and club sandwich if you are cutting for burgers and sandwiches. They also include food items in poutine, like chicken and chili. Health-conscious individuals can also have salubrious salads such as house chicken salad and place salad dinner.
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2023.04.01 13:13 FlakyGap9012 Milestones Menu (2023)

Milestones Menuis a cafe chain in Canada with more than 40 sites operating food & drinks from Portobello Mushroom Chicken to Grilled Salmon, and here you can visit their menu with over 80 articles and prices.
Milestone’s menu is an excellent choice for a night out, with a wide selection of classic North American dishes. From succulent steak and ribs to tasty burgers and salads, there’s something for everyone on the menu. And the best part? Milestones offer great value, with prices sure to fit any budget. So head to your nearest Milestone and enjoy delicious food at unbeatable prices.
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2023.04.01 12:55 FlakyGap9012 Wendy’s Breakfast Menu

Wendy’s Breakfast Menu

Wendy’s Breakfast Menu offering from the fast-food chain Wendy’s, featuring a variety of breakfast items to start your day off right. Wendy’s launched its breakfast menu in early 2020, after years of testing and development.Wendy’s Menu Breakfast includes a range of options, from classic breakfast sandwiches to more unique items like the Breakfast Baconator, a breakfast sandwich made with a grilled sausage patty, American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, a freshly-cracked grade A egg, and more, all served on a toasted bun. Other items on the menu include the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant, and Frosty-casino, a combination of Wendy’s famous Frosty and cold brew coffee. Wendy’s Breakfast Canada Menu is available at participating locations across the United States during breakfast hours, which typically run from 6:30 am to 10:30 am.
We have a list of Wendy’s Breakfast Menu Canada that is given Below:
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2023.04.01 11:35 CaregiverAshamed9661 The Easy Way to Hire a Professional Private Events and permanent Chef Consultant

There is no shortage of career opportunities in the F&B industry. Whether you like to innovate and create, manage and consult, or even combine science and art, catering is so versatile that there's room for almost anything. After all, as long as there are people around, someone has to feed them. One interesting F&B career option is as a Private events chef consultant.
At Operational Chef Consultants, our chef consultant is an experienced culinary expert who can advise and use his knowledge in the food industry to monitor, analyze and offer various solutions for restaurants and catering companies. Whether it's a hotel, chain, or independent restaurant - or even an appliance company or supplier - chef consultants can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of various operations and provide solutions for smoother, more efficient business operations.
Dietitians often specialize in a certain area. The activities of a chef-consultant have no limits, and each working day can look completely different. However, projects range from supporting new projects - ie. Defining how entire kitchens operate from design to opening day, including menu development and supplier selection – to consulting on existing projects to identify and improve operational gaps. So if you are a private event chef consultant, visit our website and book your appointment now.

Does Operational Chef Consultant provide Permanent Chefs?

Before delving into their activities, it is important to understand who an office chef is. This Permanent chefs work under the agency. They are usually independent chefs who run an accommodation or catering business or a limited company. Specialization is important in any field. Unlike full-time chefs, you do nothing and everything in the kitchen.
Office chefs specialize in a specific niche. We offer our candidates several permanent positions in London and across the UK in a variety of locations including hotels, restaurants, gastro pubs, and more. We want to hear if you are a chef, pastry chef, and chef or have been a chef in another field.
We are looking for candidates who demonstrate that they are proactive, reliable, and willing to work with us to meet the needs of our customers. Cooks of all skill levels, with good experience, or who have recently completed a professional kitchen course, are welcome. To learn more, fill out the online application form and a business consultant will contact you.

Why do you need the Temporary Kitchen Porter?

A temporary kitchen porter or kitchen manager is responsible for assisting other kitchen staff such as chefs, cooks, managers or supervisors. Their main tasks are cleaning the kitchen, buying supplies, and equipment, and organizing food and other things in the warehouse.
Kitchen porters can be found working anywhere food is prepared on a large scale. So if you are looking for a Kitchen Porter agency to hire a kitchen porter, contact us. The main duties and responsibilities employed by kitchen porters include:
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2023.04.01 10:10 aztekno2012 Why is this island split between New Hampshire and Maine

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2023.04.01 04:21 wtfwafflezor (Selling) 800 Titles Black Adam (MA/HD) $4 Halloween Ends (MA/HD) $4.50

Prices FIRM - CashApp/Venmo/PayPal Friends & Family
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Annie (2014) (MA/HD) $2.25
Antebellum (2020) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Ant-Man (2015) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $2.25
Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) (MA/4K) $8.25 (iTunes/4K) $6.25 (GP/HD) $3.25
Antz (1998) (MA/HD) $5.75
Apocalypse Now (3 Versions) (Vudu/4K) $6.75
Apollo 13 (1995) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $4
Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Arkansas (2019) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Arnold Schwarzenegger 6-Movie (Vudu/HD) $13.50
Arrival (2016) (Vudu/4K) $6.75 (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/4K) $4
Assassination Nation (2018) (MA/HD) $4.75
Assassin's Creed (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2
ATL (2006) (MA/HD) $5
Atomic Blonde (2017) (MA/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) $3 (MA/HD) $2.25
Avengers (2012) (MA/4K) $7.75 (iTunes/4K) $6.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Avengers 1-4 (iTunes/4K) $20 (GP/HD) $7.75
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) (MA/4K) $7.75 (iTunes/4K) $6 (GP/HD) $1.75
Avengers: Endgame (2019) (MA/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1
Avengers: Infinity War (2018) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1
Back to the Future 3-Movie (MA/4K) $13 (MA/HD) $7.50
Backdraft (1991) (MA/4K) $7
Bad Boys for Life (2020) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75
Bad Guys, The (2022) (MA/4K) $8.25 (MA/HD) $4.50
Bad Times at The El Royale (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $5.75
Bambi II (2006) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.50
Band of Brothers (2001) (iTunes/HD) $7.25 (GP/HD) $3.75
Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
BASEketball (1998) (MA/HD) $3.50
Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Batman Year One (2011) (MA/4K) $5
Batman, The (2022) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3
Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham (2022) (MA/HD) $8
Batman: The Long Halloween Deluxe Edition (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Battleship (2012) (MA/4K) $4.50 (MA/HD) $1.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.25
Baywatch (2017) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $2 (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Beast (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Beauty and the Beast (1991) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $2.25
Beauty and the Beast (2017) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $2.25
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.50
Belfast (2021) (MA/HD) $5.75
Belly (1998) (Vudu/4K) $5
Best in Show (2000) (MA/HD) $6
Beverly Hills Cop (1984) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.50
Big Lebowski (1998) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6
Big Short (2015) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Birdman (2014) (MA/HD) $5
Black Adam (2022) (MA/HD) $4
Black Hawk Down (2001) (MA/4K) $7.75
Black Panther (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.75
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.50
Black Phone, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Black Swan (2010) (MA/HD) $4.50
Black Widow (2021) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.50
Blacklight (2022) (MA/HD) $4.50
Blindspotting (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Blockers (2018) (MA/HD) $3
Blue Crush (2002) (MA/HD) $3.50
Blues Brothers + Unrated (1980) (MA/4K) $7
Bob's Burgers Movie (2022) (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $2
Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) (Vudu/4K) $7
Bodyguard, The (1992) (MA/HD) $5
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $3.25
Bombshell (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Bond: Casino Royale (2006) (Vudu/HD) $6.50
Bond: Diamonds Are Forever (1971) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Bond: Man with the Golden Gun (1974) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Bond: Quantum of Solace (2008) (Vudu/4K) $7.50 (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Bond: Skyfall (2012) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) $1
Bond: Spectre (2015) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Booksmart (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
Born a Champion (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Boss Baby (2017) (MA/HD) $1.50
Boss Baby: Family Business (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50
Bourne Collection 1-5 (MA/4K) $26.25 (iTunes/4K) $19 (MA/HD) $15
Bourne Identity (2002) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (MA/HD) $3
Bourne Legacy (2012) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (MA/HD) $3
Bourne Supremacy (2004) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (MA/HD) $3
Bourne Ultimatum (2007) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $4
Braveheart (1995) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25 (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Breakdown (1997) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.75
Breakfast Club (1985), Weird Science (2008), Sixteen Candles (1984) (MA/HD) $11.50
Breakthrough (2019) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.75
Brian Banks (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Bridesmaids (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.50
Brightburn (2019) (MA/HD) $6.75
Broken Hearts Gallery (2020) (MA/HD) $3.75
Bros (2022) (MA/HD) $6.75
Brothers Grimm (2005) (Vudu/HD) $6
Bullet Train (2022) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.75
Bumblebee (2018) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/4K) $2
Call Me by Your Name (2017) (MA/HD) $6
Call of the Wild (2020) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $1.50 (GP/HD) $1.25
Candyman (2020) (MA/HD) $4.50
Captain America: Civil War (2016) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $2.50
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $7 (GP/HD) $5
Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6 (GP/HD) $2.25
Captain Fantastic (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Captain Marvel (2019) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.75
Card Counter, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5
Cars 1-3 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $16.50 (GP/HD) $9
Casablanca (1943) (MA/4K) $6.50
Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015) (Vudu/HD) $13
Cats (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Celebrating Mickey (2018) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Chaos Walking (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Chappaquiddick (2007) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.50
Charlie's Angels (2000) (MA/4K) $7.75
Charlie's Angels (2019) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $5.50
Chasing Amy (1997) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Chicken Run (2000) (MA/HD) $5.25
Choice, The (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Christopher Robin (2018) (MA/HD) $5.25
Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) (2004) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Cinderella (1950) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Cinderella 'Camila Cabello' (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50
Clerks (1994) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Clerks III (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Clifford the Big Red Dog (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Cloverfield (2008) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.75
Coco (2017) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $5.50 (GP/HD) $2.50
Cold Pursuit (2019) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
Coming to America (1988) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Commuter (2018) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Conan The Barbarian (2011) (Vudu/4K) $5
Concussion (2015) (MA/HD) $2.75
Constantine: The House of Mystery (2022) (MA/HD) $3.50
Contractor (2022) (Vudu/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Courier, The (2020) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Criminal (2016) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6
Croods (2013) & A New Age (2020) (MA/HD) $7.25
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2001) (MA/4K) $7.75
Cruella (2021) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Da Vinci Code (2006) (MA/HD) $7
Daddy's Home 1-2 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Daddy's Home 2 (2017) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) $2 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Dallas Buyers Club (2013) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3
Daniel Craig Collection 5-Movie (Vudu/4K) $20
Dark Knight (2008) (MA/HD) $5
Dark Waters (2019) (MA/HD) $5.75
Darkest Hour (2017) (MA/HD) $2.75
Day After Tomorrow (2004) (MA/HD) $6.75
DC League of Super-Pets (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Deadpool (2016) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2
Deadpool 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.25
Death on the Nile (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.50
Death Wish (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Deepwater Horizon (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Detective Knight Collection 1-3 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $15 $5.75 Each
Dictator (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Die Hard (1988) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $4
Die Hard 1-5 (MA/HD) $16 $4.75 Each
Dirty Dancing (1987) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4
Dirty Grandpa (2016) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6
Disaster Artist, The (2017) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Disneynature Born in China (2017) (MA/HD) $5.25
Django Unchained (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Do the Right Thing (1989) (MA/4K) $6
Doctor Strange (2016) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $2.75 (GP/HD) $2
Dog (2022) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Dolittle (2020) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.50
Don't Worry Darling (2022) (MA/HD) $5.50
Doorman (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Doors (1991) (Vudu/4K) $4 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) (MA/HD) $4.25
Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) (iTunes/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $5
Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), The Wolf Man (1941), The Invisible Man (1933), The Mummy (1932) (MA/HD) $18.50
Dracula 2000 (2000), II: Ascension (2003) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $10.50
Dracula Untold (2014) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $4
Dragonheart 5-Movie (MA/HD) $15
Dredd (2012) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Drive (2011) (MA/HD) $4.25
Drugstore Cowboy (1989) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Dumb and Dumber To (2014) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Dumbo (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $2.50
Dune (2021) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2.25
Dying of the Light (2014) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $3
Early Man (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Echo Boomers (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Eddie the Eagle (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/4K) $6
Edward Scissorhands (1990) (MA/HD) $3
Eighth Grade (2018) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Elvis (2022) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $4.50
Elysium (2013) (MA/HD) $3.25
Empire of Light (2022) (GP/HD) $4
Encanto (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) (GP/4K) $3.50
Enough Said (2013) (MA/HD) $2.75
Equalizer (2014) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Equalizer 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $2.75
Equilibrium (2002) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Escape from L.A (1996) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Eternals (2021) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
Evan Almighty (2007) (MA/HD) $3.50
Everest (2015) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3 (iTunes/4K) $4
Evil Dead II (1987) (Vudu/4K) $4.25
Ex Machina (2015) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (Vudu/HD) $4
Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) (GP/HD) $4.25
F9: The Fast Saga + Director's Cut (2021) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3.50
Fahrenheit 451 (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
Fantasia (1940) (MA/HD) $7
Fantasia 2000 (2000) (MA/HD) $7 (GP/HD) $5
Fantastic Beasts Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $8.50
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3
Fantasy Island (2020) (MA/HD) $7
Farewell, The (2019) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Fast & Furious Collection 1-8 (MA/4K) $27.50 1-9 (MA/HD) $10
Fatale (2020) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Father Stu (2022) (MA/HD) $5.75
Fatherhood (2021) (MA/HD) $3.75
Fatman (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Field of Dreams (1989) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6
Fifth Element (1997) (MA/HD) $6.75
Finding Dory (2016) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (GP/HD) $1.25
Finding Nemo (2003) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3
First Purge (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $4.50
Five Feet Apart (2019) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Flatliners (2017) (MA/HD) $4.50
Flushed Away (2006) (MA/HD) $6.50
Forbidden Kingdom (2008) (Vudu/HD) $4
Ford v Ferrari (2019) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Forever My Girl (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Forever Purge (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Forrest Gump (1994) (Vudu/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Founder, The (2017) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Fox and the Hound (1981) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Fox and the Hound 2, The (2006) (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $3
Foxcatcher (2014) (MA/HD) $4.50
Frankenstein (1931) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Free Guy (2021) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
French Dispatch (2021) (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.50
Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) (MA/HD) $3.50
From Dusk till Dawn (1996) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Fruitvale Station (2014) (Vudu/HD) $4
Fury (2014) (MA/4K) $6.50
Galaxy Quest (1999) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6
Game Night (2018) (MA/4K) $5
Gamer (2009) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Gangs of New York (2002) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Garfield (2004) (MA/HD) $6.50
Gemini Man (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Get Out (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.75
Ghost in the Shell (1995) (Animated) (Vudu/4K) $4
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) (MA/HD) $3.50
Girl with All the Gifts, The (2016) (Vudu/HD) $5
Gladiator (2000) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Glass (2019) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Glory (1989) (MA/4K) $7.75
Godfather Trilogy (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $14
Gods of Egypt (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (Vudu/HD) $2 (iTunes/4K) $1.50
Godzilla (1998) (MA/4K) $8
Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) (MA/4K) $5.75
Good Boys (2019) (MA/HD) $3.25
Good Will Hunting (1997) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Goosebumps 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $6.50
Gotti (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2
Grease (1978), 2 (1982), Live! (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $14
Green Book (2018) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $5
Green Knight (2021) (Vudu/4K) $5
Green Lantern: Beware My Power (2022) (MA/HD) $3.50
Green Mile, The (1999) (MA/4K) $6
Greta (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
Grey, The (2012) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Grown Ups 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $5.50
Hacksaw Ridge (2016) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Half Brothers (2020) (MA/HD) $5.75
Halloween (2018) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.25
Halloween Ends (2022) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Halloween Kills (2021) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.50
Happy Feet (2006) (MA/HD) $4
Happytime Murders (2018) (iTunes/4K) $1.75
Hard Candy (2005) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Hardcore Henry (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Hate U Give (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Heat: Director's Definitive Edition (1995) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.25
Heavy Metal (1981) (MA/4K) $6.25
Hell Fest (2018) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Hell or High Water (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Hellboy (2004) (MA/4K) $7.75
Hellboy (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Hercules (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Hidden Figures (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.75
Highlander (1986) (Vudu/4K) $5
Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Hobbs & Shaw (2019) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Hocus Pocus (1993) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Holiday Inn (1942) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Home Alone 1-2 (MA/HD) $7.50
Hope Springs (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Hostiles (2017) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Hot Fuzz (2007) (MA/HD) $3.50
Hotel Mumbai (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
House of Gucci (2021) (iTunes/4K) $5
House of the Dragon: Season 1 (2022) (Vudu/4K) $9 (Vudu/HD) $5
House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75
How to Train Your Dragon Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $7.50 $4.75 Each
Hulk, The (2003) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Hunger Games Collection 1-4 (Vudu/HD) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $12
Hunt for Red October (1990) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Hunter Killer (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Hurt Locker (2008) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Hustle, The (2019) (iTunes/4K) $2
Hustlers (2019) (iTunes/4K) $3
I Feel Pretty (2018) (iTunes/HD) $1
I, Frankenstein (2014) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
I, Tonya (2017) (MA/HD) $5.75
Identity Thief (2013) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.75
If I Stay (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
I'm Not There (2007) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Imitation Game, The (2014) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks (2017) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Impossible, The (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
In the Heights (2021) (MA/4K) $5
Incredible Hulk (2008) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5
Incredibles (2004) (MA/4K) $7.75 (iTunes/4K) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.75
Incredibles 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (GP/HD) $2
Independence Day (1996) (MA/4K) $7.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.50
Independence Day: Resurgence (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.50
Indiana Jones 1-4 (Vudu/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $20
Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Infinite (2021) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Inglorious Bastards (2009) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $6
Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) (MA/HD) $6.50
Inside Out (2015) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.50
Insurgent (2015) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Interstellar (2014) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) $4
Invisible Man (2020) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $3.75
Invitation, The + Unrated (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Iron Man 1-3 (MA/4K) $20 (iTunes/4K) $15 (GP/HD) $7
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) (Vudu/HD) $6.75
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Jackass Forever (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Jacob's Ladder (1990) (Vudu/HD) $3
Jason Bourne (2016) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (MA/HD) $3
Jaws (1975) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75
Jaws (1975) Jaws 2 (1978) Jaws 3 (1983) Jaws: The Revenge (1987) (MA/HD) $15
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Jerry & Marge Go Large (2022) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Jesus Music, The (2021) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Jexi (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Jigsaw (2017) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2
John Wick Collection 1-3 (Vudu/4K) $16 (iTunes/4K) $14 (Vudu/HD) $7
Judy (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Juice (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $5.50
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $2 (MA/SD) $1
Jungle Book (1967) (MA/HD) $6 (GP/HD) $4
Jungle Cruise (2021) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $3
Jurassic World Collection 1-5 (MA/4K) $20 (iTunes/4K) $17.50 (MA/HD) $10.50
Jurassic World Collection 1-6 (MA/4K) $24 (MA/HD) $12
Jurassic World: Dominion + Extended Cut (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $4.25
Justice Society: World War II (2021) (MA/4K) $5.50
Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) (MA/HD) $4.50
Kick-Ass (2010) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Kick-Ass 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $5.50 (iTunes/HD) $5
Kid Who Would Be King (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $4.75
Kid, The (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Killer Elite (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.75
Killer Joe (Director's Cut) (2012) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Killerman (2019) (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Killing Lincoln (2013) (MA/HD) $5.25
Kin (2018) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
King Kong (2005) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $3.50
King of Staten Island (2020) (MA/HD) $4.75
King's Man (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.25
Knives Out (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Knocked Up (Unrated) (2007) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Kung Fu Panda Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $12.50
L.A. Confidential (1997) (MA/HD) $5.75
Lady and the Tramp (1955) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Last Duel, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $4
Last Night in Soho (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Leap! (2017) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Legend of Hercules (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Legion of Super Heroes (2023) (MA/HD) $6.25
Let Him Go (2020) (MA/HD) $4
Life of Pi (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Lighthouse (2019) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Lightyear (2022) (MA/4K) $5.25 (MA/HD) $2.75 (GP/HD) $2
Like a Boss (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Limey, The (1999) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Lincoln Lawyer (2011) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Lion King (1994) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (GP/HD) $2.75
Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (1998) (MA/HD) $6.75 (GP/HD) $5.25
Little (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Little Mermaid (1989) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) (MA/4K) $5
Lock Up (1989) (Vudu/4K) $5
Logan (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Logan Lucky (2017) (MA/HD) $1.50 (iTunes/4K) $2.25
London Has Fallen (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.75
Longest Ride (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.50
Looper (2012) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.25
Lord of War (2005) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Lost City, The (2022) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Love Actually (2003) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Love, Simon (2018) (MA/HD) $3
Lovebirds (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Luca (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
Lucy (2014) (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $2
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1982) (MA/4K) $5
Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome (1985) (MA/4K) $5
Mad Max Collection 1-4 (Vudu/4K) $20
Magnificent Seven (2016) (Vudu/4K) $6 (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Maleficent (2014) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3 (GP/HD) $1.25
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1.50
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $1.75
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.50
Many Saints of Newark (2021) (MA/HD) $2.50
Marksman, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Martian - Extended Cut (2015) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Martian (Theatrical) (2015) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.25
Mary Poppins Returns (2018) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Matrix: Resurrections (2021) (MA/4K) $5
Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
Megan Leavey (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Memory (2022) (MA/HD) $4
Men (2022) (Vudu/HD) $4
Men in Black 3 (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Menu (2022) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $4
MIB: International (2019) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Midway (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) & Minions (2015) (MA/HD) $8.25
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $5.75
Miss Bala (2019) (MA/HD) $3.75
Mission: Impossible Collection 1-6 (Vudu/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $20
Mitchells Vs. The Machines (2021) (MA/HD) $4.75
Moana (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2
Money Monster (2016) (MA/HD) $3.25
Monster Hunter (2020) (MA/HD) $4.25
Monsters University (2013) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) (MA/HD) $4.75
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983) (MA/4K) $7.50
Moonfall (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Moonrise Kingdom (2012) (MA/HD) $4.25
Morbius (2022) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.50 (MA/SD) $2.25
Mortal Engines (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.50
Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2014) (MA/HD) $3.50
Mr & Mrs. Smith (2005) (MA/HD) $5.75
Mulan (1998) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3
Mulan (2020) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $2.25
Mulan 2 (2005) (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Mummy (1999), Returns (2001), Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008), Scorpion King (2002), Mummy (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $18
Mummy, The (1999) (MA/4K) $3.50
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4
My Girl (1991) & 2 (1994) (MA/SD) $7
National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $5.50
Natural, The (1984) (MA/4K) $5
New Mutants (2020) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $2.75
News of the World (2020) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75
Night at the Museum 3-Movie (MA/HD) $14 $6 Each (MA/SD) $9.50
Night House, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3
Night School (Extended) (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.75
Nightmare Alley (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
No Time to Die (2021) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Noah (2014) (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/HD) $1.50
Nobody (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Nope (2022) (MA/4K) $8 (MA/HD) $6.25
Nope (2022), Get Out (2017) & Us (2019) (MA/HD) $10
Northman (2022) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $5
Now You See Me 1-2 (Vudu/HD) $4 (iTunes/HD) $6.50
Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3 (GP/HD) $2.50
Oblivion (2013) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (MA/HD) $2.25
Old (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50
Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood (2019) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Only God Forgives (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Onward (2020) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $2.25
Orphan: First Kill (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $7
Other Woman (2014) (MA/HD) $2.25
Our Kind of Traitor (2016) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Out of Sight (1998) (MA/HD) $3.50
Overboard (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6
Overlord (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5 (Vudu/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) (MA/HD) $2 (GP/HD) $1
Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.50
Parasite (2019) (MA/HD) $4.75
Passengers (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $3
Paterno (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25 (GP/HD) $2.75
Patriot Games (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Paw Patrol: The Movie (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Peanuts Movie (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.25
Pearl (2022) (Vudu/HD) $6
Penguins of Madagascar (2014) (MA/HD) $1.75
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) (MA/HD) $2.25
Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Pet Sematary (1989) (iTunes/4K) $4 (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Pet Sematary (2019) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Pete’s Dragon (2016) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.25
Peter Pan (1953) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Peter Pan: Return to Neverland (2002) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.75
Peter Rabbit (2018) & 2 (2021) (MA/HD) $10.25 $5.75 Each
Peter Rabbit (2018) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $5
Peter Rabbit 2 (2021) (MA/HD) $3.75
Philadelphia (1993) (MA/4K) $7.75
Philomena (2013) (Vudu/HD) $2
Pitch Perfect (2012) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Pitch Perfect Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $11.50
Planet of the Apes 1-3 (Newer) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $12
Playing with Fire (2019) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Pocahontas (1995) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998) (MA/HD) $6 (GP/HD) $3.25
Poltergeist (1982) (MA/4K) $5
Power Rangers (2017) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.25 (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Predator (1987), 2 (1990), Predators (2009), Predator (2018) $11
Predator (2018) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $2.50
Premium Rush (2012) (MA/HD) $3
Prey for the Devil (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) (MA/HD) $7
Prophecy Collection 1-5 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $14.50
Protege, The (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75
Psycho (1960), Rear Window (1954), The Birds (1963), Vertigo (1958) (MA/4K) $17
Pulp Fiction (1994) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) $4.25 (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Punisher, The (2004) (Vudu/4K) $6
Punisher: War Zone (2008) (Vudu/4K) $6
Purge, The (2013) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
Purge: Anarchy (2014) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75
Purge: Election Year (2016) (MA/4K $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
Puss in Boots (2011) (MA/4K) $7
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022) (MA/HD) $8
Race (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.50
Raid 2 (2014) (MA/HD) $6
Raid: Redemption + Unrated (2012) (MA/HD) $5.50
Railway Man (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (GP/HD) $1.50
Rambo Collection 1-5 (Vudu/HD) $15
Rambo Last Blood (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $2.75
Rambo: First Blood (1982) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) (Vudu/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Ray (2004) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.25
Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Rear Window (1954) (MA/4K) $4.75
Red (2010) (Vudu/4K) $6.50
Red 2 (2013) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Red Rocket (2021) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Replicas (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5.50
Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut (2000) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Reservoir Dogs (1992) (Vudu/4K) $5 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) (MA/HD) $2.25
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.25
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Respect (2021) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Revenant, The (2015) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.25
Rhythm Section (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Richie Rich (1994) (MA/HD) $5
Riddick - Unrated Director's Cut (2013) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Riddick Collection 1-3 (Unrated) (MA/HD) $14
Ride Along 1-2 (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5 $2.75 Each
Rio (2011) (MA/HD) $5.50
Rise of the Guardians (2012) (MA/HD) $3.25
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2010) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.75
Robin Hood (2010) (MA/4K) $6.50
Robin Hood (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
RoboCop (1987) (Vudu/HD) $7.50
RoboCop (2014) (Vudu/HD) $2
Rocketman (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) $2.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Rogue (2020) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Role Models (Unrated) (2008) (MA/HD) $3.50
Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017) (MA/HD) $3.50
Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.50
Rough Night (2017) (MA/HD) $4.50
Rumble (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6
Running Man, The (1987) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Rush (2013) (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Safe House (2012) (MA/HD) $4 (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Sandlot, The (1993) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5
Saturday Night Fever (1977) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Sausage Party (2016) (MA/HD) $4.25
Saving Private Ryan (1998) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Saw (2004) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) (MA/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Scream (1996) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Scream 5 (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Scream Collection 1-3 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $13.50
Secret Headquarters (2022) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/4K) $6
Secret in Their Eyes (2015) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.25
Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $5
Selma (2015) (Vudu/HD) $3 (iTunes/HD) $2.25
Shallows, The (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD $4.25
Shang-Chi (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.25
Shawshank Redemption (1994) (MA/4K) $5
Sherlock Gnomes (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $2.25
Sicario (2015) (Vudu/4K) $6 (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/4K) $3
Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Silver Linings Playbook (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2
Sing 2 (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.75
Singin' in the Rain (1952) (MA/4K) $6.50
Sixteen Candles (1984) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4.25
Skyscraper (2018) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $1.75
Slender Man (2018) (MA/HD) $5.25
Smile (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6.75
Smokey and the Bandit (1977) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Smokin' Aces (2007) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/HD) $5.75
Smurfs 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $3.25
Snake Eyes (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Snowman (2017) (MA/HD) $2
Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Soul (2020) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Source Code (2011) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Southpaw (2015) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Southside With You (2016) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Space Jam (1996) (MA/4K) $5
Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) (MA/4K) $5
Sparkle (2012) (MA/HD) $3.50 (MA/SD) $2.25
Speed (1994) (MA/4K) $5.25
Spider-Man Collection 1-8 (MA/HD) $26
Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4
Spiral (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Spirit Untamed: The Movie (2021) (MA/HD) $4.25
Split (2017) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015) (Vudu/HD) $4.75 (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Spontaneous (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Spotlight (2015) (MA/HD) $5 (iTunes/HD) $3
Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Stand Up Guys (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Star Trek (2009) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $7
Star Trek 1-3 (Vudu/4K) $18.75 (Vudu/HD) $9.50 (iTunes/4K) $13.50
Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.25
Star, The (2017) (MA/HD) $2.50
Step Brothers + Unrated (2008) (MA/HD) $6.75
Strange World (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) (MA/HD) $3.50
Studio 666 (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Suicide Squad, The (2021) (MA/4K) $5
Sum of All Fears, The (2002) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75
Super 8 (2011) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) $3.25 (iTunes/4K) $5
Survive the Night (2020) (Vudu/4K) $4 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
SW: A New Hope (1977) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Attack of the Clones (2002) (GP/HD) Ports to MA $6.50
SW: Empire Strikes Back (1980) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $6.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Force Awakens (2015) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1.50
SW: Last Jedi (2017) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $4 (GP/HD) $1.25
SW: Phantom Menace (1999) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Return of the Jedi (1983) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) $6.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Revenge of the Sith (2005) (MA/4K) $7.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Rise of Skywalker (2019) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5 (GP/HD) $2.50
SW: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $4 (GP/HD) $1.50
SW: Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.25
Taken (2009), 2 (2012), 3 (2015) (MA/HD) $9
Ten Commandments (1956) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Terminator (1984) (Vudu/HD) $7
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) (Vudu/4K) $6.75 (Vudu/HD) $3 (iTunes/4K) $2.50
Thing, The (2011) (MA/HD) $6.25
This Means War (2012) (MA/HD) $4
Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $2.25
Thor: Ragnarok (2017) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $1.75
Thor: The Dark World (2013) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) (MA/HD) $3.50
Till (2022) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Titans: Season 2 (2020) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Top Gun (1986) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Top Gun: Maverick (2022) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6
Total Recall (1990) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Toy Story 1-4 (MA/4K) $23 (iTunes/4K) $21 (GP/HD) $11.50
Traffic (2000) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.75
Training Day (2001) (MA/4K) $7
Transformers 1-5 (Vudu/4K) $29 (Vudu/HD) $22
Trauma Center (2019) (iTunes/4K) $3.25
Trick 'r Treat (2009) (MA/HD) $5
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Turbo (2013) (MA/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/SD) $1.25
Turning Red (2022) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.25 (GP/HD) $3
Umma (2022) (MA/HD) $3.75
Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Unbreakable (2000) (MA/4K) $6 (GP/HD) $3.75
Uncharted (2022) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Uncle Drew (2018) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Uncut Gems (2019) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Under the Skin (2014) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Underwater (2020) (MA/HD) $5.25
Underworld: Awakening (2012) (MA/HD) $1.75
Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $2.25
Universal Soldier (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Untouchables, The (1987) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75
Up (2009) (iTunes/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $6.75 (GP/HD) $5
Us (2019) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Usual Suspects, The (1995) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Van Helsing (2004) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75
Venom (2005) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
Venom (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $3.50
Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $3.50
Vertigo (1958) (MA/HD) $5
Vice (2018) 'Christian Bale' (MA/HD) $4.25
Vivo (2021) (MA/HD) $4
W. (2008) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) (MA/HD) $6.75
War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
War of the Worlds (1953) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $7
Warcraft (2016) (MA/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.25
Warrior (2011) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/HD) $4
Warriors, The (1979) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.75
Waterworld (1995) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $6
Wayne's World (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
West Side Story (2021) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) (GP/HD) $2.50
Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Where'd You Go Bernadette (2019) (MA/HD) $5.50
White House Down (2013) (MA/HD) $3.50
Widows (2018) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $1.50
Willow (1988) (MA/HD) $6.75 (GP/HD) $4.50
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) (MA/4K) $5.50
Wind River (2017) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25
Wolf Man (1941) (MA/4K) $6.50
Wolf of Wall Street (2013) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Wolverine (Unrated) (2013) (MA/HD) $3.75
Woman King (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $5.75
Wonder (2017) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Wonder Park (2019) (Vudu/HD) $3 (iTunes/4K) $2.25
Wrath of Man (2021) (Vudu/HD) $3
X (2022) (Vudu/HD) $7
X-Men (2000), X2 (2003), The Last Stand (2006) (MA/HD) $14.50
X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) (MA/HD) $6.25
X-Men: First Class (2010), Days of Future Past (2004), Apocalypse (2014) (MA/HD) $11
Yesterday (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Youth in Revolt (2009) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Zathura (2005) (MA/HD) $6.75
Zero Dark Thirty (2012) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) (MA/HD) $4.75
Zootopia (2016) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
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2023.04.01 03:32 ABrokeUniStudent 12 Days in Portugal + Ireland - Itinerary Feedback Please!

Planning a trip for late November - early December (2023). I am 26M.
I've never been to Portugal and have always wanted to go to Lisbon. But I'm not too crazy about it. My only motivation to go to Lisbon is that it's just cheaper to fly there from where I am instead of to Dublin, and I've never been to Portugal, so it's like a shallow "yet another European country I've been to" achievement. Ireland is what my heart really wants. I was in Dublin for only 2.5 days in 2022 and it was an amazing, life-changing trip. I would love to re-visit Dublin and visit Galway as well.
I like museums, cafés, vegan food, cultural/historical landmarks, iconic places for locals. I like going on chill walks. I like hiking. I'll be limited to public transport btw.
For Ireland, I am trying to develop a taste for good Guinness. I'm tryna go on a Guinness adventure, gonna document my findings and shit. I wanna explore pubs and try different pints of Guinness. I'll be teaching myself Gaeilge from April to late November as well. Really into the culture tbh.
I'm planning to do 3 days in Lisbon, 4 days in Galway, 5 days in Dublin.
When I say "days", I only count full days. I do not count the day of getting there or leaving there. Leaves room for relaxation/unexpected delays.
I'm tryna have a slow-paced Ireland trip where I have room to chill and walk around mostly.

Lisbon (3 days)

- Walk around, check out the following places: Praça do Comércio, Rossio Square, and Baixa Pombalina, Alfama neighborhood
- Museums: Berardo Collection Museum, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
- Santa Justa Lift
- Sintra day trip (Poço Iniciático kinda tickles my pickle)
- Trying to rush writing this part so I can talk about Ireland LOL

Galway (4 days)

- Walk around, check out: Latin Quarter, Eyre Square, Spanish Arch,
- Galway City Museum
- Maybe watch something at Druid Theatre.
- Pubs: The Merlin Bar & Grill, Tig Choilli, Darcy's Bar
- Vegan eats: Bean Tree, Caribou Galway, Lighthouse Cafe, Greens of Galway
Since this trip will be in late November I'm not tryna go to the Aran Islands. I wanna chill out here and just walk around the city and sit in a café and take it slow y'know? I'm tryna eat vegan food and drink guinness and walk around basically.

Dublin (5 days)

- Guided tour with Paddywagon to Cliffs of Moher
- Big things: National Museum, Guinness Storehouse, maybe re-visit Howth if I'm so inclined.
- Chill stuff: Aon Scéal Cafe (cafe where they speak Irish), Books Upstairs (fucking loved it there, gonna buy some Irish books)
- 10th Planet Dublin (I train martial arts)
- Pubs: The Long Hall, The Norseman, The Gravediggers, Stag's Head, The Snug Bar, Mulligan's
- Vegan eats: Leamhain Ice Cream, Kale + CoCo, The Saucy Cow, V-Face, Cornucopia, Glas Restaurant, Wagamama, Umi Falagel, It's A Trap, Banyi
If there's any insight, anything I can improve on with this itinerary, let me know! Am I undervaluing Lisbon? Would there be anything else worth checking out based on my interests and motives? Should I stay in Galway longer than I'm staying in Dublin? Thank you!
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2023.04.01 03:20 kumahamster Would be nice if me and my friends can teleport into my island anywhere in the world. Lets be honest, your friends are lazy and I am lazy. If you want to convince them to check out your amazing island. Opening the menu, clicking on your name and clicking teleport to island is the best they can do.

I am a big fan of island sanctuary. Looking at 6.4 , I think its going to get even more amazing.However, the fact that one have to teleport to Lower La Noscea, walk across the street to the npc, discouraging 80% of the players and visitors.
Sure your friends will go check out your island once, then you will never see them again in your deserted island. The truth is that they are so lazy they don't even want to go to their own island.
The fact that you have to talk to an npc to teleport there feels really clunky, as if the island mechanic is not part of the game. It doesn't feel like it is one of your property within the game world, but rather you are just opening a different game.
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2023.04.01 01:10 next3days For anyone who's looking for something to do this weekend in Blacksburg & Beyond....

It's another big weekend of local fun in Blacksburg, at Virginia Tech and throughout the New River Valley with over 65 events. However will have to keep our fingers crossed the weather cooperates on Saturday for any of the outdoor events (some for tonight & tomorrow are already cancelled or postponed including this weekend's top 15 softball match-up).
The Hokie Women's Basketball will have most of the attention tonight and hopefully on Sunday afternoon, though I have included a few late Friday events for those that are interested.
Here's the Weekend Rundown: 1. Performance with Rissi Palmer Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Friday, March 31, 2023, 8:00 - 10:00 PM General Admission: $15.00, Students with ID and Youth 18 and Under: $10.00 Rissi Palmer's 2017 twangy mid-tempo anthem, "Country Girl", made her the first Black woman to grace Billboard’s Hot Country charts in over 30 years. Rissi Palmer's gift lies in reaching across all musical boundaries. While Palmer made her mark in country music, she is equally at home in R&B music, bringing the entire spectrum of popular music to bear on music she calls "Southern soul". Raised in a musical family that loved both country and R&B, she was a part of a singing and dancing troupe sponsored by a local television station at age 16, and by the time she was 19 years old, she had already been offered her first publishing and label deal. A few highlights throughout Palmer’s musical career include performances at the White House, New York's Lincoln Center, and multiple appearances on the Grand Ole Opry stage. She has toured extensively across the country, sharing stages with Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Chris Young, Charley Crockett, and many more. She has also made numerous national appearances on Oprah and Friends, CMT Insider, CNN, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America to name a few. Palmer is also a special correspondent for CMT's Hot 20 Countdown, featuring chart-topping music videos, news stories, live performances, and candid interviews from country’s biggest stars. This performance is part of "Up 86," a trio of spring performances is the culmination of a new collaboration between the Moss Arts Center and North Carolina artist Shirlette Ammons, who is serving as the center’s first independent guest performing arts curator. Link:
2. College Baseball: UVA vs. Virginia Tech English Field, Virginia Tech Friday, March 31, 2023, 8:00 PM, Saturday, April 1, 2023, 7:00 PM, Sunday, April 2, 2023, 1:00 PM Adults: $10.00 Youth Ages 6-18: $5.00 Youth Ages 5 & Under: Free Watch the Virginia Tech Baseball Team compete against ACC conference and in-state rival the University of Virginia in a three-game series. Gates and ticket booths at English Field will open 90 minutes before first pitch on gamedays. Fans accessing English Field on gameday are encouraged to use free parking in Lot 16 ("The Cage"), located northwest of the stadium along Duck Pond Drive. Link:
3. Phlegar Hill in Concert Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill, Blacksburg Friday, March 31, 2023, 9:00 - 11:45 PM Admission: Free The Phlegar Hill band plays a variety of music and crosses many genres and is based in Floyd, VA. NOTE: Due to Virginia Tech Women's Basketball playing in the Final Four on Friday at 7:00 PM, the concert will start after the game. Link:
4. 2023 Annual Bob and Sue Duncan Memorial 5K Virginia Tech Cross Country Course, Blacksburg Saturday, April 1, 2023, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Participants Ages 13 & Up: $25.00, Participants Ages 12 & Under: $10.00, College Students: $20.00, Canines: $5.00 The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (VMCVM) and the VMCVM Student Chapter of the American College Of Veterinary Pathologists present the 16th Annual Bob and Sue Duncan Memorial 5K to honor Bob Duncan, a beloved veterinary college professor who passed away in May of 2007 and his wife who passed away this past October. Both walkers and runners are welcome. Leashed dogs are welcome too with a proof of rabies vaccination and signed waiver required. Following the 5k, participants can enjoy raffles, music, freebies, lawn games and food trucks at the Veterinary Medicine Instruction Addition. The entire run will be on the Virginia Tech Cross Country Course. Water will be available at the finish and at the halfway marker. T-shirts are guaranteed for those who register by March 24th. For those who register after, shirts will be available on a first come, first serve basis. All profits from the race benefit the Bob Duncan Memorial Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology Scholarship which awards a fourth-year veterinary student for a commitment and zeal for diagnostic veterinary pathology. Link:
5. 2023 NRV Home Expo Christiansburg Recreation Center, Christiansburg Saturday, April 1, 2023, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Sunday, April 2, 2023, 12:00 - 5:00 PM Early Bird Tickets: $5.00, Day Of Tickets: $7.00, Children under 18: Free when accompanied by paying adult The New River Valley Home Builders Association has put all your home care needs into one convenient location. This is the place to be if you are looking to: Build a new home, Remodel your current home, Find your mortgage lender, Meet service providers to help you with your current project list and more. The floor will be full of local, trusted professionals who are available to answer your home care questions, provide you reliable resources and quick quotes, as well as show you samples of their skills and services. Link:
6. 2023 Spring Craft Show Auburn High School, Riner Saturday, April 1, 2023, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Admission: Free The Riner Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary presents their 5th Annual Spring Craft Show. Find unique gifts for that special someone or something for yourself. Vendors include wood working, crocheting, sewing, essential oils, jewelry, glass work, wreaths, food, direct sales and more. Link:
7. Historic Smithield Opening Day 2023 Historic Smithfield, Blacksburg Saturday, April 1, 2023, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Adults: $8.00, AAA, Military, Seniors (55+): $7.00, Virginia Tech Students: $5.00, Children (Over 12): $5.00 Kids (6-12): $3.00, Kids (5 & Under): Free Join Historic Smithfield to welcome the first day of their 2023 Visit Season. Tour the Manor House, site and outbuildings, engage with our knowledgeable interpreters. Onsite you can watch blacksmithing demos and living history presentations. Join them for a presentation at 11:00 AM from author Heather Cole and her book "At Home with the Virginia Presidents". The book is an engaging armchair travel talk about the eight Virginia-born presidents and the sites that shaped their lives. Attendees will learn a bit about the presidents’ lives, take a peek inside their homes and get ideas for their next history road trip. Heather Cole's book will be available for purchase in the Museum Store. Link:
8. 2023 Easter Egg Hunt for All Ages The Crafter's Corner, Christiansburg Saturday, April 1, 2023, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Admission: Free The Crafter's Corner presents their 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Eggs will be hidden all throughout the store for anyone to try to find. And, make time to meet the Yzma-Bunny and take a picture with her. This event is for all ages, but some eggs will be more difficult to find. The event will go on all day until eggs run out so this is first come, first serve event. Eggs will contain different things such as candy, small free items, discounts and there will be one Grand Prize Egg. No purchase necessary, however if you find a discount egg you might want to use it. Countryman Jamaican Grill food truck will be onsite for food sales from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM so bring your appetite. Link:
9. Yoga on Tap Long Way Brewing, Radford Saturday, April 1, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Admission: $15.00 Join Big Body Yoga at Long Way Brewing for no-experience-necessary yoga classes every other Saturday on Long Way's outdoor patio. Expect an upbeat playlist, laid back atmosphere and all-levels yoga class followed by a fresh cold beer. A ticket to the event covers the yoga class and your beer after. Be sure to pre-register for each class you plan to attend. Link:
10. College Softball: #13 Duke vs. #12 Virginia Tech Tech Softball Park, Virginia Tech Saturday, April 1, 2023, 12:00 PM, Sunday, April 2, 2023, 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM (Doubleheader) Admission: Free Watch the #12 Virginia Tech Softball team compete against ACC conference opponent #13 Duke in a top 15 match-up and three game series. No tickets are required for Hokie Softball games. Parking is available behind the outfield at Tech Softball Park and enter along the right field side of the stadium. Stands open one hour prior to the start of the game. UPDATE: Due to the inclement weather, the three game series schedule has been updated from the original schedule. Link:
11. JH Bards 2nd Anniversary Celebration J.H Bards Spirit Co., Radford Saturday, April 1, 2023, 12:00 - 8:00 PM Admission: Free Enjoy the release of their Spring Cocktail Menu from noon until 8:00 PM with the Bluegrass BBQ Food Truck serving from 1:00 PM until 7:00 PM. And, Jen Bertiaux will be hosting their first ever no covers Open Mike from 4:30 PM until 6:30 PM. Link:
12. 2023 Mercedes Cup: UVA vs Virginia Tech Polo Match Alphin-Stuart Arena, Virginia Tech Saturday, April 1, 2023, 12:00 - 5:00 PM Admission: $5.00 The Polo Club at Virginia Tech presents the Annual Mercedes Cup featuring a polo match with Virginia Tech hosting the University of Virginia. After a three year hiatus, the Mercedes Cup is back in-person. There will also be a wine tasting, food served by Block & Bridle, a silent auction (ending at 4:00 PM), vendors and fun halftime events. All are welcome. All profits goes towards care for the Club's horses and the equipment to play. Link:
13. Free Drive-Thru Lunch with Grilled Cheese and Homemade Vegetable Soup Park United Methodist Church, Christiansburg Saturday, April 1, 2023, 12:00 - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Enjoy a homemade lunch consisting of Vegetable Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Dessert which will be prepared and packaged for carry-out and delivered to you in your vehicle while supplies last. There is no charge, however donations will be graciously be accepted for local neighborhood missions. Link:
14. Above The Fray and Triquetra in Concert Buffalo Mountain Brewery, Floyd Saturday, April 1, 2023, 1:00 - 4:00 PM (Above The Fray) and 6:00 - 9:00 PM (Triquetra) Admission: Free Enjoy two concerts on Saturday. Above The Fray is a Virginia band that performs blues, old rock and Americana. Triquetra Band is a new take on a classic jazz ensemble featuring multi-passionate, multi-instrumentalists with a strong penchant for music that moves the listener both gracefully and intelligently. Link:
15. Mike Gangloff, Solar Hex, Gina & Jason Dilg in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, April 1, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Fiddlers Mike Gangloff and Gina Dilg, cellist Kaily Schenker (Solar Hex) and Banjoist Jason Dilg present an evening of music traditional and less so. Link:
16. Wayne Henderson & Friends in Concert Floyd Country Store, Floyd Saturday, April 1, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM General Admission: $25.00, Reserved Seating: $30.00 Wayne Henderson is a musical legend known worldwide for both his lightening fast "pinch picking" guitar style and the beautiful guitars, mandolins, and banjos he crafts in his shop in Rugby, Virginia. His guitar playing has also been enjoyed at Carnegie Hall, in three national tours of Masters of the Steel-String Guitar, and in seven nations in Asia. In addition to his reputation as a guitarist, Henderson is a luthier of great renown. He is a recipient of a 1995 National Heritage Award presented by the National Endowment for the Arts. Link:
17. Lucy the Spy and Tripolar Express in Concert XYZ Art Gallery, Blacksburg Saturday, April 1, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM Admission: $5.00 XYZ Art Gallery presents a concert with Tripolar Express opening for Lucy the Spy. Lucy the Spy is an indie rock band from Roanoke, VA. Tripolar Express is a garage rock and grunge band based in Blacksburg, VA. Link:
18. Naturally Sharp Spring Concert: Natman, The Sharp Knight Rises Haymarket Theater (Squires Student Center), Virginia Tech Saturday, April 1, 2023, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Preorder Tickets: $7.00, At the Door: $10.00 Naturally Sharp presents their Spring Concert titled "Natman, The Sharp Knight Rises". Join the caped crusader, the boy wonder, and Virginia Tech's best dressed a cappella group as they tackle the greatest supervillains of all time. Founded in 2002, Naturally Sharp is Virginia Tech's premiere all male a cappella group. Link:
19. Brad Heller and The Fustics Camp Culture in Concert Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd Saturday, April 1, 2023, 8:00 - 11:00 PM Admission: $8.00 Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, The Fustics continue to expand their audience throughout the East Coast with spirited live shows, and acclaimed studio releases. Blending an array of musical genres into their own distinctive style, the band has evolved from humble acoustic beginnings to a high-energy touring outfit. Incorporating a slab of blues, gallons of folk, a pint of punk, and a hint of country within their blue-collar rock, The Fustics have increased their base through radio, the internet, print media, and a heavy touring schedule. Link:
20. 2023 Sinkland Farms Easter Eggs-Travaganza Sinkland Farms, Riner Sunday, April 2, 2023, 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM General Public: $10.00 Seniors, Military & First Responders: $9.00, Babies 23 months and Under: Free UPDATE: Due to the weather forecast of rain and high-gusty winds, Sinkland will not open on Saturday as planned and just open on Sunday. Sinkland Farms presents their first Easter Eggs-Travaganza with Easter Egg Hunts for ages 2-10 groups by age starting at noon and visit from the Easter Bunny. Enjoy baby farm animals, Kidz-Zone playground, special kid’s activities, and face painting. Join the Music Sing-along with musician Leslie Brooks (performing at 1:30 PM and 3:00 PM daily), Kid’s Karaoke, and Story Time at 11:30 AM! Dress-up for the Princess and Superhero Parade at 2:30 PM with prizes. Parents can listen to music, explore Arts & Crafts vendors, enjoy beer, wine, food trucks and more. Remember to bring your baskets. Link:
21. Sip-N-Stitch: Italy Blacksburg Wine Lab, Blacksburg Sunday, April 2, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: $35.00 Blacksburg Wine Lab continues their Sip-N-Stitch series featuring Italy. Your ticket includes a tasting of three Italian Wines, a selection of house made dips with crackers & pita to snack on and a yarn tasting featuring Italian Yarn, along with several pattern suggestions for knit and crochet from New River Art & Fiber. Bring your work in progress and enjoy great company while trying new wines. Link:
22. Virginia Vineyard Month JBR Vineyards LLC, Pearisburg Sunday, April 2, 2023, 1:00 - 5:00 PM Admission: Free Wine Tasting: $5.00, Glasses of Wine: $5.00, Bottles Range from $10.00-$25.00 Start Virginia Vineyard month by tasting wines rarely grown in Virginia with our Pinot Noir and Riesling. Picnics, kids, and dogs welcome. Link:
23. Virginia Tech Flute Studio and Flute Choir Squires Recital Salon, Blacksburg Sunday, April 2, 2023, 3:00 - 4:30 PM Admission: Free Start Virginia Vineyard month by tasting wines rarely grown in Virginia with our Pinot Noir and Riesling. Picnics, kids, and dogs welcome. Link:
24. Award-Winning Wine Pairing Dinner The Bad Apple, Pembroke Sunday, April 2, 2023, 5:00 - 8:00 PM Admission: $85.00 A Governor’s Cup winning winemaker brings gold medal wines to pair with six delicious courses at The Bad Apple. Live music will be provided by the Mood Swing Duo. Tickets include all taxes and gratuities. Reservations are required. Link:

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading! Go Hokies!
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2023.04.01 00:50 Kyuter21 Any solutions to this?

Any solutions to this?
My granblue all of a sudden stopped loading anything i kept refreshing it on skyleap but no success it always puts me in this empty mess any solutions?
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2023.04.01 00:11 unsightlyheart meirl

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2023.03.31 23:50 Spyr0sL3e Why is this island split between New Hampshire and Maine

Why is this island split between New Hampshire and Maine submitted by Spyr0sL3e to geography [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 22:33 Already_taken01 Voltei da academia agora e recebo essa notícia

Voltei da academia agora e recebo essa notícia submitted by Already_taken01 to gamesEcultura [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 22:25 ID10-T FU FA Test

Getting Rid of Most of My Flavors, Part 40
PREVIOUS > Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24 - Part 25 - Part 26 - Part 27 - Part 28 - Part 29 - Part 30 - Part 31 - Part 32 - Part 33 - Part 34 - Part 35 - Part 36 - Part 37 - Part 38 - Part 39
Starting flavor count: 2,497 (down from 2,972)
TASK OR TRASH - Each flavor gets assigned at least one task or it goes in the trash.


Update. I tried to make a cookie with heavy frosting (Like those Lofthouse cookies you can buy at the grocery store) out of CAP Frosting to see if it was worth hanging on to. As a single flavor, it really appealed to my inner child. But after tasting the recipe, I realized that while it did capture that mass-produced sugar bomb frosting that kids love pretty well, the recipe would have simply tasted better to me if I’d just used WF or VT buttercream frostings, or OoO Vanilla Frosting, or FLV frosting. Or even OoO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake, which makes a damn good cream cheese icing. I guess this is growing up. TRASH 1
I had hoped to push out multiple updates this week (8 recipes are mixed and steeped and just waiting for me to try them). But, another little temporary side project (more on that at a later date, perhaps) has kept my wicks wet all week.


Bavarian Cream
The least custardy Bavarian Cream. Thinner than the other Bavarian Creams, but not really thin. It’s thicker than whipped cream but not a lot thicker, and there’s some dairy to it but it’s not sour. A sweet dairy cream flavor with some kinda spicy, or vanilla beany vanilla. Touch of brown sugar lurking in the background. Maybe a little dry? Or at least, not buttery. Tastes like it doesn’t have any DAAP but it doesn’t taste butyric at all either. No eggyness or rich custardness. Think FA Cream Fresh plus vanilla. If Bavarian cream is supposed to be like vanilla custard and whipped cream had a baby, this is more like vanilla whipped cream had custard as a step-parent.
I could take it or leave it, depending on finding or not finding a recipe that uses it and looks irresistible. I’ve already got a couple of those in line for mixing. I didn’t see a third one but I do have an idea for something it might be good in, going back to that 1-2-3 Butter Pecan Pie, that came up last week, I want to see how FA Bavarian fares as a homemade whipped cream-type topping for that, so I’ll mix it again and add 2% FA Bavarian Cream TASK 1
It kinda tastes like flat Bud Light after it has been sitting out overnight, but a little sweeter, more yeasty, and even less hoppy than that. I don’t hate it, you could definitely build a beer vape out of it, but I’ll also be perfectly happy to never taste that again. TRASH 2
Bell Pepper
This flavor 100% tastes like bell pepper. It’s also ridiculously potent - I think a few drops would be enough to make an Olympic sized swimming pool taste like bell pepper. And it lingers, terribly. All over the room for days, and I thought I might have to throw away an RDA (but was eventually able to get the aroma out after multiple tries). I don’t know why I haven’t already disposed of this yet, other than flavor hoarding is a real sickness. TRASH 3
Very strong. Bittersweet, fragrant, floral, green, a little spicy, orange rindy. Tastes very accurately like the difference between Earl Grey and plain tea. No tea notes, just the difference between the two. This is dry and because of that it is not a lot of fun to vape as a single flavor, but I can see a little of it doing a lot of work in all kinds of recipes. And it does, everything from spiced teas to cereals to pastries where it’s used to rind up other oranges. Probably worth noting that it tastes so much like VT Bergamot that I don’t think any really needs to have both, except that this FA Bergamot is about four times more potent than the VT version. FA Bergamot is also used in many times more recipes than VT’s.
I already have Shameless and A Real Orange Juice on my to-try list.
I’m really interested in an aspect of this Nightsicle recipe - using Bergamot to enhance a lime, but I can’t do TFA VBIC or even the LB VIC suggested as a sub, so I’m going to mix it with my 1-2-3 VIC as a substitute for the 3% TFA VBIC. TASK 2
FA Bilberry is often used to add a level of natural-ness or fullness to more artificial blueberries and make them more well-rounded and realistic. It is a thick, full-bodied natural blueberry. FA Bilberry gets pretty gnarly over 1% or so with this sweaty sock off-note thing it has going on. On the other hand, it can be made to work higher. See Blue Eyes White Dragon. Terrific recipe, has FA Bilberry at a whopping 2.7% and doesn’t taste at all like socks to me, I think there’s some magic going on there with the peaches and INW Dragon Fruit. TASK 3
I need FA Bilberry for the aforementioned, but most of the time I think a similar flavor - Jungle Flavors Blueberry - would be an improvement over FA Bilberry (at about twice the concentration).
It gets used in several recipes I’m already planning to mix. Even though Black N Blue Suckle is more than six years old, it looks terrific to me and I can’t wait to try it. TASK 4
Reviews sold Holy Trinity Ice Cream to me. TASK 5 But I’ll also use it to test my JF Blueberry hypothesis by mixing another bottle using 1% JF Blueberry in place of the 0.5% bilberry and seeing if it’s an improvement - or if I can even tell the difference. TASK 6
Bitter Wizard
I haven’t tried it over 1% so maybe it does if you push it, but as best I can tell, it does not actually taste bitter when vaped. It really doesn’t taste like anything, just a very slight chemical taste that’s hard to describe and easy to cover up, but it does seem to neutralize some of the inherent sweetness of VG. For example, you have an 80% VG mix, that’s got some sweetness to it. Add 0.5% Bitter Wizard, it’s just as thick as an 80/20 mix, but it tastes more like a 50/50 mix. That’s why, when I made a plan to mix a plain martini back in part 38, I included 0.5% Bitter Wizard, because a martini should not be as sweet as even the 60/40 I’ve been mixing lately.
Seems like it could be very useful in tobaccos. And a must if you are crazy enough to try mixing weird savory vapes like meat, cheese, pizza, pickle, whatever.
I screwed up twice but the second screw up canceled out the first. First, I planned to throw away FLV Pear, even though I wanted to try Real Orange Juice, a recipe that uses both FLV Pear and Bitter Wizard. Oops. But then when I went black out that week’s trash on my flavor spreadsheet (and write down the location so I could then pull it and physically trash it), I missed it. Double oops. So FLV Pear is still there. And Real Orange Juice is back on the table! I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget to subtract it from the count, which is a step in by process before blacking out flavors and writing down their locations, so I’ve changed my current flavor count +1 to reflect FLV Pear’s somehow surviving my attempt to kill it. Anyway, I have a couple of things to do with Bitter Wizard already (Martini of my own creation and Real Orange Juice). To add one more, Devils Custard just to see if I can figure out why ChrisDVR once put Bitter Wizard into a custard. WHY?! He says it “creates contrast.” TASK 7
Black Cherry
Tastes like black cherry soda syrup with some cough medicine and a little hint of that awful new vinyl shower curtain off-note. Sweet, but not as sweet as the very-similar-tasting FW Black Cherry. Certainly not the worst cherry flavor out there, but not good enough for me to even bother looking at recipes that use it. TRASH 4
Black Fire
It just tastes like smoke. That’s it. Not cigarette smoke, like the smoke flavor that comes off of smoked meats. For that reason, it makes a pretty fun additive to tobaccos, but you can use it in other places, too, like Concrete’s Unpopular Opinions recipe, where he used it to help make a grilled peach flavor.
Speaking of Concrete, I need it for Feint. TASK 8
It’s also in a few things I’m going to try: Old Man Cobb, Early Autumn Pipe, and Cherry Oak Tobacco. Two more:
Maybe I’ll Catch Fire. Could be my next drinking buddy. TASK 9
Con un par. That looks like a solid, straightforward smokey tobacco mix. TASK 10
Black Pepper
Kept low it just tastes like cracked black pepper. Over 1% it starts to get a little floral. It’s top heavy and thin, which is something you probably what you want in a pepper flavor. It’s just a little starting note like adding pepper on top of something, doesn’t taste like much beyond that. With all the complaints about peppery nic you might think, why on earth would you add pepper to your vape, but it’s not peppery nic flavor. “Peppery” is just by far the most relatable way of describing bad nic and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream off-notes, but bad nic isn’t exactly legit black pepper like this. I see it mostly used with tobacco but IMO it’s being underused. It can actually make your basier fruits taste sweeter by contrast. Strawberries, peaches, chocolate. Look online you can find food recipes for strawberry shortcake with black pepper, chocolate cake and brownies with black pepper, Martha Stewart’s Black Pepper Cheesecake, South African Chocolate Pepper Cookies, and black pepper ice cream.
I’m going to try Irish Oak because I have all the ingredients for it and CBV used the notes to expose his process. TASK 11
Black Tea
Strong, very astringent, like hot black tea that’s a little over-steeped. Also a bit dry and a tiny bit dirty, not very refreshing, but gets the job done. Pushing it too high becomes more like a mouthful of unwashed dry tea leaves than tea; don’t recommend going over around 1.5% for most setups.
I can’t think of anything that uses this that I want to mix again and can’t find anything that uses it that I want to try. TRASH 5
Black Touch
Very molasses-y, warm, spicy licorice. Licorice is usually made with molasses but the ratio here is odd. More of a licorice-flavored molasses than just a licorice made with molasses. Even has that slight bitter edge of blackstrap molasses. Not the thickest, most full-bodied of flavors, but not what I’d call thin either.
Already planning to mix Black Drums of War, Licorice Berry Much, Shoggoth, Blackstrap, and Black Soda - all recipes that use both CAP Licorice and FA Black Touch.
I also need it for one of my favorite recipes, Black Custard. Licorice custard? WTF. I couldn’t resist trying this weird little 1-2-3 recipe. I really don’t get licorice from it. It’s a very sweet custard (man, that FA Marshmallow really goes well with that FA Custard Premium, should see those paired more often). The Black Touch just kind of melts into it and leaves it a dark, mysterious spice note and molasses sweetness. I love it. I also think this is a perfect recipe for people who don’t know why they own FA Black Touch because they don’t even like licorice. TASK 12
Super TRASH 6! Completely unvapeable. I think Concrete’s video that shows him burning a bottle of it with a torch should be required viewing for anyone thinking about buying this, holy shit it’s bad. It tastes like perfume like grandma would wear, also harsh and just nasty. More of a chemical weapon than a flavor.
It tastes like dark sweet grape, mostly, mixed with some bright tart raspberry-ish flavor on top, and a bit of funky ripeness to it . Maybe slightly on the dry side of things, but nothing that seems like a terrible off note to me, and not thin, has a good volume of syrupy candy body. Seems too syrupy to be super accurate, more of a really interesting candy flavor, like a partially chewed gummy candy. Can come across “jammy” in a mix. I see it used in a lot of different fruit mixes to add tarter top notes and darker sweet depth and that seems about right. Mix with blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, all kinds of stuff. Backup cherries with it, maybe. Probably the most useful blackcurrant flavor, if not the most delicious or interesting.
It’s a couple of my of my new favorite recipes: French Mornings and Deez Dragon Nuts It’s also in at least a dozen things I already plan to try, including one that’s already mixed and just waiting for me to get around to trying it.
But wait there’s more.
Blue Indigo Grape. TASK 13 Grape, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Cold.
Razzler. Lemon-Lime, Raspberry, and Blackcurrant TASK 14
Pink Vanilla Cream. I’m digging the way both the creams combo (TFA Bavarian, INW Custard, OoO Marshmallow Vanilla, TFA Vanilla Swirl) and the fruit combo (blackcurrant, raspberry, and strawberry) look individually, looking forward to finding out how they work together. TASK 15
Raspberry Meringue PIe. It’s the WF Flapper Pie for me. TASK 17
Blood Orange
Seems like a solid option for a tasty natural not candy but plenty sweet blood orange type citrus, but I feel like I’m getting something between a blood orange and a tangerine that actually leans a little closer to tangerine than blood orange, though there is a hint of red sort of lurking in there. Mild hint of zest on top and lingering, medium body/base that can pass for fruit flesh, not really juicy, maybe juicy for FA in general but not juicy juicy. Throat hit mild for a citrus, so moderate overall.
I need it for All Day, Deez Dragon Nuts, and 1-2-3 Coco Sang. TASK 18 for mixing Coco Sang, haven’t had that in a long time.
Also 1 or 2 other things I’ve planned to try, and this Valencia Cupcake, an orange-frosted cake. TASK 19
Blueberry Juicy Ripe
Nice blueberry. Has some brighter tartness to the front end but also a nice ripe depth. They may well have put their own Bilberry out of business with this one because that mostly gets used to add some ripeness and realism to other blueberries and this one doesn’t seem to need it or to be as tricky to use as Bilberry. Probably not too bright and tart to be morphed into a cooked blueberry in a mix but tastes more like a fresh one on its own. Doesn’t quite live up to the “juicy” part of the name, though, but it’s not terribly dry either. It’s a little soft, too, and seems like it could still benefit from another blueberry layer. It doesn’t need to be any sweeter though, it’s very sweet, almost too sweet for a natural blueberry flavor but probably not for most mixes that you’d use blueberry for except maybe tobacco.
I need it for trying the aforementioned (under Blackcurrant) Blue Indigo Grape recipe and a couple of others.
Also, Toshiro TASK 20 and a similar recipe, Shoot The Blue Moon. TASK 21
And this 1-2-3 Peach Berries because I have a soft spot for these simple fruit mixes. TASK 22
Not really brandy. Not boozy at all. It’s really oddly creamy and tastes like a warm, fruity sweet cream. The fruitiness is a little like sweet white wine but also a little like a watered down unspiced nonalcoholic apple cider.
My bottle of FA Brandy is just about empty from mixing a whole bunch of Stag Night, but it’s been awhile so I’ll order some more and mix some more. TASK 23 Also want to try this Million Bucks Stag Night remix that looks even better than the original. TASK 24
Bread Crust
It tastes like puppies. No bread, just puppies. Not dogs, distinctly puppies. Like, if I blindfolded you and had you sniff a dog and a puppy, you could easily tell me which one is which. This is puppy flavor. I love puppies, but they’re outright gross to vape. This concentrate is also ridiculously potent, 0.25% is overwhelming puppy flavor, vaping it stank up my room. TRASH 7
Breakfast Cereals
I’m aware that not everyone agrees, and maybe I’m broken, but I get mostly coconut cereal. It’s not gross to me, but it is very strange. Dry toasted honey oat cereal with a bunch of coconut flakes, or in coconut milk, maybe. It’s not unpleasant at all but not something I generally look for in a cereal. However, I think if you’re mixing a cereal with milk, that coconut might disappear into the milk or cream flavor. There might be a bit of corn flake in there as well but I get more oat and coconut than corn or wheat flakes. There’s a bit of malt and some sweetness that tastes kinda like honey, more like baked-in honey rather than an added-on honey. FA Description is very weird. Flavourart calls this "the flavour of chocolate milk combined with red fruits and hazelnuts." I am getting literally none of that at 2% or 3%. I had to push it to 5% to get anything like chocolate or nuts out of it at all, at that point it starts to taste like a little bit of Nutella mixed with toasted coconut honey oat cereal. The “red fruits” thing never made any kind of appearance at all.
I’m tempted by Lemon Cake with Coconut Butter Cream and by Euler - Chocolate Coconut Pie but also feeling like I’ve been doing such a poor job of getting rid of flavors, I need to push my FOMO down deep and let this one go. TRASH 8
Otherwise an ok earthy, somewhat woody, light brown tobacco, but it has this slight green bell pepper off-note that’s really distracting, and lingers in the finish. Me no likely. TRASH 9
Tastes very slightly movie theater fake popcorn butter-ish, but mostly just tastes like butter. Thick, rich butter. Very thick, and very rich. Quite bottom-heavy. Smooth to the point of almost being greasy, like butter. Very satisfying.
I prefer VT Butter Base because sometimes with FA that fake movie popcorn butter flavor comes across in a mix and is distracting to the point of ruining it, but I think it’s a solid butter option more often than not.
It’s in a couple of recipes I already have listed, and I want to add Time Machine Cookie I’ll sub JF Cookie for FA Cookie because I already chucked FA Cookie. TASK 25
Not a super accurate butterscotch, but a tasty and useful ingredient for a caramelly brown sugar butterscotch-ish sticky sweetness.
I don’t have any favorite recipes that use it, but I probably will after I try a bunch of things already listed, plus:
Butterscotch Rippled. I can’t imagine that not being delicious butterscotch ice cream. TASK 26
Drops of Jupiter is a butterscotch pudding pie that caught my eye because of the combination of WF Buttercream Frosting, WF Flapper Pie, and VT Honeycomb. TASK 27
Even Nick Can Make Custard 2 Really interested in how that croissant and banana work in there. TASK 28
Idiot Proof, a 1-2-3 butterscotch custard that looks simply delicious. TASK 29
Jammy/Candy Wizard
Has a clear jammy sweetness and seems like it might actually work to turn fruits jammy. Very concentrated additive, perfumy at 1%, recommend 0.5% or so only.. Tastes like it has a bunch of maltol in it but isn’t just that. Also has a tart, indistinct, passionfruit juice-like, citrusy aspect with a little juicy, mouthwatering quality. Not sure if it also tastes a little strawberry-like or if I’ve just come to associate that maltol taste with strawberry flavors.
Couple of things I want to try that use it: Laces Out strawberry red laces, to see if it tops LIc Her..Ish as my favorite red licorice recipe. TASK 30
And Berry Gummies because WF Wild Berry Gummy Candy is yummy. I’ll sub CAP Super Sweet for the PUR Super Sweet I don’t have; usually I would go with FW Sweetener, but it’s candy. TASK 31
Super authentic under ripe cantaloupe - kind of rindy - stacked on top of a sweet, thick melon ring candy. Overall effect of this is not exactly unpleasant, but is kinda weird. It tastes like if that under ripe flavor can be covered up, the base would go really well in lots of melony places, especially candy.
Mango Melon Chew is a great recipe that uses it at 1% and just barely misses the mark for me to count it as something I just have to mix again. I’m already planning to try Stuck on an Island that uses it at 0.5%, but mostly mixing that for the interesting Wild Melon/Coconut pairing. Speaking of Wild Melon, I’ll give this Melon Mania II recipe a try as well. It’s got a very nice-looking combination of ingredients there along with with the Wild Melon and a little bit of FA Melon Cantaloupe -- FA Indian Mango, TFA Papaya, INW Prickly Pear. TASK 32
It’s mostly cream, with very little coffee, but I don’t want more of that coffee, because it tastes burnt and slightly skunky. It’s also harsh on top, not smooth and soothing like a cream should be, with a sweeter finish that tastes like half scalded milk and half coconut milk. No es bueno. TRASH 10
New Flavor Count: 2,487
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2023.03.31 21:58 Ainameals Order healthy food Hawaii Aina Meals

If you're looking to order healthy food Hawaii, Aina Meals is the perfect choice. Their online food menu features a wide range of delicious and nutritious options to help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet.
Their menu includes a variety of fresh salads, such as their Kale Caesar Salad, made with a homemade Caesar dressing and topped with croutons and parmesan cheese. They also offer a selection of protein-packed bowls, like their Grilled Chicken Bowl, made with marinated chicken, brown rice, and a variety of fresh vegetables.
For those who prefer plant-based options, Aina Meals offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes, such as their Vegan Poke Bowl, made with marinated tofu, avocado, and edamame.
All of their meals are made with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives, additives, and sweeteners. They also offer gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.
Ordering from Aina Meals is easy and convenient, with online ordering and delivery available throughout Hawaii. So whether you're looking for a quick and healthy lunch or a satisfying dinner, Aina Meals has everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Visit us, for more information.
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2023.03.31 21:37 burnerphoneX Hot Take Incoming

The grilled cheese burrito is 🗑️ and I haven’t met a person in real life that disagrees. This has been a LTO or new item in the menu since 2020. Why this 🗑️ and not some of the other amazing menus items and LTOs over the years. There haven’t been many good LTOs in a while. Where’s the grilled stuft nacho?
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2023.03.31 18:29 hi-its-carl [US] [SELLING] Brand New Manga Sets and Singles. Build your own bundle and save!

Everything is brand new, unread unless noted as pre-owned. Mostly have manga for sale, but there's also some light novels and manhwa. Thanks for looking!
Paypal G&S only. Media mail shipping or similar option. Packed with care.
Sets come with free shipping. For mini sets and singles, free shipping for 6+ books.
If you live in Georgia I have to charge sales tax, so please let me know.
Photos & Timestamp (3/31/23)

Sets - free shipping

Mini Sets - Combine 2 for free shipping

Singles (sorted by publisher) - Pick 6, free shipping

Dark Horse
Del Rey
Denpa / Kuma
Floating World Comics
Glacier Bay
Kodansha / Vertical
One Peace
Seven Seas / Ghost Ship
Star Fruit
Tokyopop / Love x Love
Yen / Ize Press

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2023.03.31 18:28 ursis_horobilis Sausages in the Caribbean - where are they????

Just got back from Antigua. Been to many Islands in the Caribbean. I have never seen sausages in the grocery stores or for sale i.e. street meat. Is there a cultural reason sausages are not a thing in the Caribbean? Lots of pork in the islands. Every restaurant in Antigua had pork ribs on the menu.
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2023.03.31 15:45 ninasafiri Diving into new lands: Exploring Canghai and Mingyue Mystic Realms

From the Steam News Feed:
Hello cultivators!!
It’s been three weeks since we updated the new alpha branch for Chinese speakers and now, thanks to the efforts of many people, we’re ready to release the content with all the improvements for everyone!
In this patch, we translated all the new content from the Alpha branch 0.8.03 to English and Japanese. Yaiii!
This is what you’ll find in the new version:

New Content


UI & Redesign


Bugs Fixed

We worked hard on fixing bugs that made the game crash, several bugs with item interaction and bugs related to the time running when it shouldn’t. If you want to check the whole list of things that we’ve been fixing during the Alpha Branch test, please do so by reading the Alpha Branch Updates.
Thanks to all of you who were sending bug reports to us and to all of you that keep playing and enjoying the game. If you have any concerns, suggestions, complaints, or bugs, you can share them with us in the comments or on the Discord server!
See you around the Misty Valley, 2P Games and YiFang Studios
Need help? Please find our latest added Immortal life FAQ for helping you with the problems like Game Save and other bugs you might meet.
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2023.03.31 14:33 Macksik [Fo4]Low FPS near cities with low FPS usage

I used Such Fallout mod pack from Vortex. I have like 160 mods. My FPS is kinda crap around cities. Drops to 60, GPU usage is only around 40%. Outside towns and inside instances it's 140+. Mod pack had High FPS Physics Fix, is there anything else I could install to get higher fps near cities?
These are the tweaks I use
Or it's an engine problem?
  1. # Automatically generated by Vortex
  2. Fallout4.esm
  3. DLCRobot.esm
  4. DLCworkshop01.esm
  5. DLCCoast.esm
  6. DLCworkshop02.esm
  7. DLCworkshop03.esm
  8. DLCNukaWorld.esm
  9. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
  10. XDI.esm
  11. HUDFramework.esm
  12. WorkshopFramework.esm
  13. CanarySaveFileMonitor.esl
  14. PPF.esm
  15. SS2.esm
  16. SS2_XPAC_Chapter2.esm
  17. CWGaussRifle.esl
  18. ClassicUnarmedPack.esl
  19. ClassicMeleePack.esl
  20. HiPolyFacesCompanionPlugin.esl
  21. Homemaker.esm
  22. SS2CityPlanContest_Abernathy_GavMan_S3.esl
  23. SS2CityPlanContest_BostonAirport_GwenstheName_S3.esl
  24. SS2CityPlanContest_BostonAirport_NigauD_S3.esl
  25. SS2CityPlanContest_BostonAirport_xMORIDARx_S3.esl
  26. SS2CityPlanContest_BunkerHIll_Karvoc_S2.esl
  27. SS2CityPlanContest_BunkerHill_Ausplat_S2.esl
  28. SS2CityPlanContest_BunkerHill_NigauD_S3.esl
  29. SS2CityPlanContest_BunkerHill_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  30. SS2CityPlanContest_CoastalCottage_Cessori_S3.esl
  31. SS2CityPlanContest_CoastalCottage_CryingCube2_S3.esl
  32. SS2CityPlanContest_CoastalCottage_PhilTCasual_S1.esl
  33. SS2CityPlanContest_CountryCrossing_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
  34. SS2CityPlanContest_CountyCrossing_SimSatan_S3.esl
  35. SS2CityPlanContest_CountyCrossing_TTG_S1.esl
  36. SS2CityPlanContest_CountyCrossing_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  37. SS2CityPlanContest_Covenant_GavMan_S3.esl
  38. SS2CityPlanContest_Covenant_harkness13_S2.esl
  39. SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_Gavman_S3.esl
  40. SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_Karvoc_S3.esl
  41. SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_NDCowdy_S1.esl
  42. SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  43. SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_alan0n_S3.esl
  44. SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_reina_S3.esl
  45. SS2CityPlanContest_DaltonFarm_Choochoo1_S3.esl
  46. SS2CityPlanContest_DaltonFarm_KezzDaddy_S3.esl
  47. SS2CityPlanContest_DaltonFarm_NDCowdy_S2.esl
  48. SS2CityPlanContest_DaltonFarm_veelynnlove_S3.esl
  49. SS2CityPlanContest_EchoLakeLumber_KynthiaBarnes_S2.esl
  50. SS2CityPlanContest_EchoLakeLumber_NDCowdy_S2.esl
  51. SS2CityPlanContest_EchoLakeLumber_aSemioticGhost_S2.esl
  52. SS2CityPlanContest_EgretToursMarina_Blackbelt_S3.esl
  53. SS2CityPlanContest_EgretToursMarina_GavMan_S3.esl
  54. SS2CityPlanContest_EgretToursMarina_NDCowdy_S1.esl
  55. SS2CityPlanContest_FinchFarm_Gavman_S3.esl
  56. SS2CityPlanContest_FinchFarm_Karvoc_S3.esl
  57. SS2CityPlanContest_FinchFarm_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
  58. SS2CityPlanContest_FinchFarm_NigauD_S3.esl
  59. SS2CityPlanContest_Graygarden_Cessori_S3.esl
  60. SS2CityPlanContest_Graygarden_CodeNamed1_S3.esl
  61. SS2CityPlanContest_Graygarden_UNDRCVRGmrLdy_S3.esl
  62. SS2CityPlanContest_Graygarden_tate1066_S3.esl
  63. SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_Cessori_S3.esl
  64. SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_MadGax_S3.esl
  65. SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_NigauD_S3.esl
  66. SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_UNDRCVRGmrLdy_S3.esl
  67. SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_altasilvapuer_S1.esl
  68. SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_tate1066_S3.esl
  69. SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_veelynnlove_S3.esl
  70. SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_FenPhile_S3.esl
  71. SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_Freddrick_S3.esl
  72. SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_NDCowdy_S1.esl
  73. SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_Phil_T_Casual_S1.esl
  74. SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_xMORIDARx_S3.esl
  75. SS2CityPlanContest_JamaicaPlain_Gavman_S3.esl
  76. SS2CityPlanContest_JamaicaPlain_NiGaud_S3.esl
  77. SS2CityPlanContest_JamaicaPlain_harkness13_S1.esl
  78. SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_Carinth_S3.esl
  79. SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_Karvoc_S3.esl
  80. SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_KynthiaBarnes_S1.esl
  81. SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  82. SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_altasilvapuer_S1.esl
  83. SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_harkness13_S1.esl
  84. SS2CityPlanContest_LongfellowsCabin_Ausplat_S2.esl
  85. SS2CityPlanContest_LongfellowsCabin_GavMan_S3.esl
  86. SS2CityPlanContest_LongfellowsCabin_Kharon93_S2.esl
  87. SS2CityPlanContest_LongfellowsCabin_KynthiaBarnes_S2.esl
  88. SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_Karvoc_S2.esl
  89. SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_LouAshfield_S3.esl
  90. SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_NigauD_S3.esl
  91. SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_UNDRCVRGmrLdy_S3.esl
  92. SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_tate1066_S3.esl
  93. SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_veelynnlove_S3.esl
  94. SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_Blackbelt_S3.esl
  95. SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_Carinth_S3.esl
  96. SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_GavMan_S3.esl
  97. SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_Karvoc_S3.esl
  98. SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_NDCowdy_S1.esl
  99. SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_Niguad_S3.esl
  100. SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_PyrateLV_S1.esl
  101. SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  102. SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_Blackbelt_S3.esl
  103. SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_Carinth_S3.esl
  104. SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_FEAROFCAPS_S3.esl
  105. SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_Myrmarachne_S2.esl
  106. SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_NDCowdy_S2.esl
  107. SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_pedertl_S3.esl
  108. SS2CityPlanContest_NordhagenBeach_Cessori_S3.esl
  109. SS2CityPlanContest_NordhagenBeach_GavMan_S3.esl
  110. SS2CityPlanContest_NordhagenBeach_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
  111. SS2CityPlanContest_NordhagenBeach_Phil_T_Casual_S1.esl
  112. SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
  113. SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_NigauD_S3.esl
  114. SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_Skywise_S3.esl
  115. SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_UNDRCVRGmrLdy_S3.esl
  116. SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_tate1066_S3.esl
  117. SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_veelynnlove_S3.esl
  118. SS2CityPlanContest_OberlandStation_CryingCube_S3.esl
  119. SS2CityPlanContest_OberlandStation_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
  120. SS2CityPlanContest_OberlandStation_NigauD_S3.esl
  121. SS2CityPlanContest_OberlandStation_RowanNightstalker_S3.esl
  122. SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_Ausplat_S2.esl
  123. SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_GavMan_S3.esl
  124. SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_Karvoc_S2.esl
  125. SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_PhilTCasual_S2.esl
  126. SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  127. SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_zhinjio_S3.esl
  128. SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_NDCowdy_S1.esl
  129. SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_Niguad_S3.esl
  130. SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_Rudy_S3.esl
  131. SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_Tagyrit_S3.esl
  132. SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_moonracer_S3.esl
  133. SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_xMORIDARx_S3.esl
  134. SS2CityPlanContest_SanctuaryHills_Karvoc_S2.esl
  135. SS2CityPlanContest_SanctuaryHills_Myrmarachne_S2.esl
  136. SS2CityPlanContest_SanctuaryHills_SimSatan_S3.esl
  137. SS2CityPlanContest_SanctuaryHills_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  138. SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_KynthiaBarnes_S1.esl
  139. SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_NDCowdy_S1.esl
  140. SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_NigauD_S3.esl
  141. SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  142. SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_xMoridarx_S1.esl
  143. SS2CityPlanContest_SomervillePlace_Ausplat_S1.esl
  144. SS2CityPlanContest_SomervillePlace_GavMan_S3.esl
  145. SS2CityPlanContest_SomervillePlace_Karvoc_S3.esl
  146. SS2CityPlanContest_SomervillePlace_tate1066_S3.esl
  147. SS2CityPlanContest_SpectacleIsland_Blackbelt_S3.esl
  148. SS2CityPlanContest_SpectacleIsland_KynthiaBarnes_S1.esl
  149. SS2CityPlanContest_SpectacleIsland_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
  150. SS2CityPlanContest_SpectacleIsland_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
  151. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Carinth_S3.esl
  152. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Cessori_S3.esl
  153. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_CryingCube2_S3.esl
  154. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_FenPhile_S3.esl
  155. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Fredderick_S3.esl
  156. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_GavMan_S3.esl
  157. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Karvoc_S3.esl
  158. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
  159. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Reina_S3.esl
  160. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Rudy_S1.esl
  161. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_tate1066_S3.esl
  162. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_veelynnlove_S3.esl
  163. SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_zhinjio_S3.esl
  164. SS2CityPlanContest_SunshineTidings_Carinth_S3.esl
  165. SS2CityPlanContest_SunshineTidings_Karvoc_S3.esl
  166. SS2CityPlanContest_SunshineTidings_NigauD_S3.esl
  167. SS2CityPlanContest_TaffingtonBoathouse_KynthiaBarnes_S1.esl
  168. SS2CityPlanContest_TaffingtonBoathouse_NDCowdy_S1.esl
  169. SS2CityPlanContest_TaffingtonBoathouse_SimSatan_S3.esl
  170. SS2CityPlanContest_TaffingtonBoathouse_xMORIDARx_S1.esl
  171. SS2CityPlanContest_Tenpines Bluff_Carinth_S3.esl
  172. SS2CityPlanContest_Tenpines Bluff_Karvoc_S3.esl
  173. SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_GavMan_S3.esl
  174. SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_Karvoc_S2.esl
  175. SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_Karvoc_S3.esl
  176. SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_Tarkkh_S3.esl
  177. SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_Tori_S2.esl
  178. SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_veelynnlove_S3.esl
  179. SS2CityPlanContest_Vault88_Choochoo1_S3.esl
  180. SS2CityPlanContest_Vault88_GavMan_S3.esl
  181. SS2CityPlanContest_Vault88_Myrmarachne_S2.esl
  182. SS2CityPlanContest_Vault88_harkness13_S2.esl
  183. SS2CityPlanContest_Warwick_Karvoc_S3.esl
  184. SS2CityPlanContest_Warwick_Tarkh_S3.esl
  185. SS2CityPlanContest_Warwick_xMORIDARx_S3.esl
  186. WG City Plans Pack ESL.esl
  187. QuickLockpick.esl
  188. Brawl Bug Fix.esp
  189. 3dscopes-replacer.esp
  190. Another Pine Forest Mod.esp
  191. PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp
  192. QuestsTags_01_patch_UFO4P.esp
  193. QuestsTags_00_AllDLC.esp
  194. Clarity.esp
  195. GoodneighborExpanded.esp
  196. SS2Extended.esp
  197. DCGuard_Overhaul.esp
  198. CheatTerminal.esp
  199. Stm_DiamondCityExpansion.esp
  200. Dank_ECO.esp
  201. DiamondCityExpansion-eXoPatch.esp
  202. TWH_TheWayHome.esp
  203. HandmadeShotgun.esp
  204. PRP-SS2-Fixes-Ch2.esp
  205. MakeshiftCMG.esp
  206. SS2_FDK_TinyLiving.esp
  207. [SS2 Addon] SimSettlements SuperStructures.esp
  208. SS2WastelandVenturers.esp
  209. 0_Vault120.esp
  210. Dank_ArmorOverrides.esp
  211. DX Courser X-92 Power Suit.esp
  212. PD_LowerWeapon.esp
  213. MakeshiftAssaultPack.esp
  214. HandmadeMac.esp
  215. HiPolyFaces.esp
  216. CBBE.esp
  217. KSHairdos.esp
  218. Diello_ExtraIconsForFIS.esp
  219. FIS-Naming-Weap-Armo-EN.esp
  220. M8rDisablePipboyEffects.esp
  221. Faster Stations.esp
  222. Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp
  223. PersonalShelter.esp
  224. SS2-Jampads2.esp
  225. SS2_STRA_Buildings_and_Skins.esp
  226. Shino Vault Pack.esp
  227. UndergroundHideout.esp
  228. SS2_Addon_PSC_Plots.esp
  229. GarageHomesAndSensibleSecurity.esp
  230. HoldToRun.esp
  231. HandmadeSMG.esp
  232. JunkTownTwo.esp
  233. ImTalkingToYou.esp
  234. LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp
  235. Loot Detector.esp
  236. GCM.esp
  237. BullpupHmar.esp
  238. RailwayPistol.esp
  239. LooksMenu.esp
  240. Dank_LEO.esp
  241. Zapgun.esp
  242. HandmadeAntiMat.esp
  243. NAC.esp
  244. Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp
  245. NAC-RemoveMenuItem.esp
  246. mm journals.esp
  247. No More Fake Puddles - Nuka World 1-0.esp
  248. AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp
  249. SS2-PraRandomAddon.esp
  250. NAC-FH.esp
  251. NAC-NW.esp
  252. Quieter Settlements - Contraptions.esp
  253. Quieter Settlements - Vanilla.esp
  254. Quieter Settlements - Wasteland Workshop.esp
  255. RadiumPistol.esp
  256. Reimagin Vault Suit .esp
  257. Raze My Settlement.esp
  258. SS2_CityPlanPack_RiseOfTheCommonwealth.esp
  259. SS2_NobodysLeaders2.esp
  260. SS2_NobodysLeaders2_Automatron.esp
  261. SS2_NobodysLeaders2_VaultTecWorkshop.esp
  262. SS2_XDI Patch.esp
  263. sarahRageArmor.esp
  264. SettlementMenuManager.esp
  265. SimHomestead2.esp
  266. MakeshiftStealthPack.esp
  267. Sunshine.esp
  268. GaussRevolver.esp
  269. The Eyes Of Beauty.esp
  270. HomemadeLasRevolver.esp
  271. SS2AOP_VaultTecTools.esp
  272. Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul Redux.esp
  273. Vault88 - Essentials.esp
  274. WheelMenu.esp
  275. 8x Range Quest Markers.esp
  276. RAW INPUT.esp
  277. PRP.esp
  278. AlootHomePlate.esp
  279. DiamondCity-PreVis.esp
  280. PRP-SS2-Fixes.esp
  281. PRP-Vault120.esp
  282. PRP-SS2.esp
Pinetrees lower FPS by around 10%
NAC also lower my fps By around 10%
Shadow boost had a target FPS of 58 and was eating 60% of my fps.
Had to manually disable mods till I found whats causing it. I don't know why the mod pack author doesn't mention shit like that.
Now I have 100+ in cities
submitted by Macksik to FalloutMods [link] [comments]