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2023.06.10 18:57 aesuithiell Will there ever be a Croatian language course on Duolingo?

I realised that many other posts have been previously made on this sub, requesting for Serbo-Croatian language courses. I found this post to be pretty clear and on point.
I am very much looking forward it and wish the devs hear us out and just go for it!
Also, I saw another post requesting for Farsi/Persian language course? Oh, how cool that would be! :D
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2023.06.10 18:56 UJMRider1961 My theory on crazy op-tempo

You would think that the Army would be able to chill out a little and offer more stability now that we are not doing back-to-back deployments to one of two sandboxes, right?
If you think like that, then there's something you are missing: There is no Cold War like there was after Vietnam.
The thing about the cold war was that it justified the existence of a lot of units. V Corps and VII Corps didn't have to "justify their existence" to Congress. All they had to do was point out the 20 Soviet divisions in East Germany, the 5 Divisions in Checholslovakia, the 4 in Poland and the 4 in Hungary. 8th Army didn't have to "justify its existence" they just had to point out how many times the North Koreans fired artillery or machine guns across the MDL in Korea.
Combine that with very few ACTUAL hostilities and you end up with a more or less regular schedule of gunnery, Graf, Hohenfels, NTC, Team Spirit, etc, and you had an Army running on a "schedule" that everybody liked.
But there is no Cold War today. No steely-eyed Commie soldiers sitting in their T-72s and BMPs waiting to rape and pillage Western Europe.
So that means every commander who is given an unreasonable tasking has to ask himself: If I turn this down (on the grounds that my guys have been deployed to Korea/Kuwait/Bulgaria/Poland for the las 200 days), how long is it before some budget-cutting bean counter is going to start saying "well, if the unit can't fulfill this tasking, do we even NEED it anymore?"
IOW commanders are terrified that if they don't have insane op-tempos to show how "vaulable" their commands are to the Army and to the Nation, their unit (and their cushy sinecure as a COL/BG/MG/CSM) will be the next one on the chopping block of "force restructuring."
I saw it happen during the post-Desert Storm drawdown and it's happening again. Nobody wants to say "no" because saying "no" is the same thing as saying "I have nothing valuable to contribute to the Army."
I don't know what the "solution" is but I think identifying the problem is the first step.
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2023.06.10 18:56 Unschool_it Unleashing the Power Within: The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management

Unleashing the Power Within: The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management
In the world of sales, continuous growth and mastery are the key ingredients for success. To flourish in a fiercely competitive business landscape, sales professionals must constantly enhance their skills and knowledge. That's where the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management, a collaboration between Unschool and Leadsquared, comes into play. This transformative sales certification program is tailored for individuals who are eager to unlock their true potential and take their careers to new heights. Let's embark on a journey of sales excellence and explore how this program can shape your future.
  1. The Importance of Advanced Sales Certification: In an era that values expertise and specialization, possessing an advanced sales certification can be a game-changer. It not only validates your skills but also demonstrates your commitment to professional growth. The Executive Program equips you with the strategic sales management acumen that today's employers seek, providing you with a competitive edge in the market and opening doors to exciting opportunities.
  2. Unveiling the Program Curriculum: The Executive Program is a work of art in itself, meticulously crafted to cover every facet of strategic sales management. The curriculum delves into various topics such as sales psychology, negotiation techniques, data analytics, and leveraging digital tools. Each module is designed to sharpen your skills and broaden your sales horizons. Real-world case studies and interactive exercises bring the learning experience to life, enabling you to apply your knowledge in practical scenarios.
  3. Online Learning at Your Fingertips: The program offers the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace, thanks to its online format. Breaking free from the constraints of traditional classroom settings, the Executive Program can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This flexibility allows you to shape your educational journey according to your schedule, seamlessly blending learning with your professional commitments. Acquire new skills, explore cutting-edge sales strategies, and unleash your potential, all within the comfort of your chosen environment.
  4. Learning from Industry Titans: online learning platform places you in the capable hands of industry titans and seasoned sales experts who serve as your mentors. Drawing from their vast experience and success stories, these mentors provide invaluable insights, best practices, and personalized guidance. Their practical wisdom nurtures your growth as a sales professional, empowering you to overcome challenges with confidence. Embracing their mentorship, you can refine your techniques, expand your network, and develop the mindset of a true sales master.
  5. Future-Proofing Your Skills: In today's rapidly evolving sales landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential. The Executive Program ensures that you are prepared for the future by equipping you with cutting-edge skills and strategies. Modules on emerging sales technologies, digital transformation, and social selling empower you to navigate the digital era with finesse. By future-proofing your skills, you position yourself as a forward-thinking sales professional, capable of adapting to new trends and delivering exceptional results.
Conclusion: Advanced sales program in Strategic Sales Management is your gateway to sales mastery. By obtaining this advanced certification, you em bark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive sales arena. Unschool and Leadsquared invite you to embrace the art of sales mastery and unlock your full potential. Seize this opportunity, paint your path to success, and create a masterpiece out of your sales career. Enroll in the Executive Program today and let your sales prowess shine!
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2023.06.10 18:53 fatefuldawn I Finished a No Somniel Ironman Run on Maddening!

I can't believe it.
So a No Somniel run pretty much means that during the run, all activities that are done in the Somniel are banned. There are several combat-related implications of this - no refining weapons (no early strong weapons like a Levin Sword until Ch. 11 for example and can only use base weapons), no engravings, no Bond Rings, no cooking, no activities, no Well, and no Arena. The early Steel weapons that you get upon going to the Somniel from an update are banned as well as the Heroes rewards (the Bond Rings and the weapons, Folkvangr, Fensalir, and Noatun). No Arena means that leveling up the bond rank of Emblems on each character will have to be done in the maps themselves and skill inherits are impossible. Reclassing is still possible, but more difficult now that you have to level up bond ranks in maps and because weapon proficiencies past bond rank 5 will need at least two maps with the Emblem Ring. No DLC either, but that doesn't impact me since I don't have it anyway. And while it's not a Somniel activity, I didn't have Network Connection enabled for the weapon drops, EXP, and other small benefits scattered on a map. I had finished a normal Ironman run with no big issues (one death, RIP Louis), but I went into this run fully expecting to lose it. An Ironman means no using the Draconic Time Crystal, so no rewinding my mistakes and every input I make is final. If a character dies because of my poor decisions or they get crit by the enemy, they remain dead.
Run casualties:
RIP Chloe, Yunaka, Framme, Celine, and Diamant.
The Final Team:
Some quick notes - the screenshot on the top has HP tonics already applied to everyone so subtract 5 if you want to see their true HP. That was the first thing I did when I went into the final map and then thought maybe I should screenshot everyone. The screenshot on the bottom has everyone with their Emblem Rings and full tonics applied to them.
Stat Boosters: One Boots, one Seraph Robe, one Speedwing, three Dracoshields, three Talismans, two Goddess Icons
Stat Boosters: One Energy Drop, three Secret Books, one Speedwing
Stat Boosters: One Boots, one Seraph Robe, two Energy Drops
Stat Boosters: Three Spirit Dusts
Stat Boosters: One Speedwing
Stat Boosters: One Seraph Robe, one Speedwing
In comments below, I detail my thoughts on the individual chapters if anyone's interested (starting from Ch. 6 since that's the first chapter where something actually happened and where I also had a clear goal in mind for the map). I never thought I would successfully complete this run so I don't have any screenshots to chronicle events from before Ch. 24-ish (also, I forgot to screenshot too many things). I unfortunately don't remember the exact details of the early/midgame chapters that well anymore, but I tried my best to recall whatever information I could. This is listed by the order I tackled the maps. A full turn count, playtime, and MVP list is here.
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2023.06.10 18:52 ohnoTHATguy123 I believe I have figured out amplifying information on the Indictment.

(This is taken from a comment I made on another post.)
I'm cracked at this.
I read the indictment and I know what country they are talking about and who the senior military official likely is. I also have a good chance of knowing where this document is.
'Country A' is Iran.
Senior Military official is potentially Acting sectary of defense Chris Miller, but almost certainly General Mark Milley (joint chiefs of staff). He was a vocal, public, figure at the time against action in Iran.
Context: Trump pulls out of the Iran-deal, because it was a right-wing scape goat from the Obama era. All that does is stop Americans from being allowed to go take measurements in Iran to see if they are producing weapons grade uranium.
Iran begins the process of making weapons grade uranium, after all the Americans can no longer be the 'canary in the coal mine'. This process takes many years.
Charitable explanation: Trump saw Iran developing nuclear weapons and thought they should intervene by taking military action.
Non-Charitable explanation from a tell all book but still entirely plausible: Trump was obsessing over his poor approval ratings and saw Iran's nuclear build up as a good reason to go to war. After all, war time presidents get good approval ratings.
Trump at some point orders the DoD to produce a plan to invade Iran. Gen Mark Milley produces it at the President's request. He does not think it's a good idea. Allegedly informing Trump “If you do this, you’re gonna have a fucking war.”. Once again this is from a tell all book of which either hasn't come out yet or I just can't find the name of.
Gen. Mark Milley's disapproval of invading Iran is public knowledge.
In the Indictment, specifically the audio recording, Trump is effectively saying (aka I'm translating trump speak): "Look at how hypocritical Milley is, if he didn't want to invade Iran, why did he procure this plan? It's his plan!!". The President ordered a General to make a plan. He made the plan. He does not think unnecessary war is a good idea. That's where we are.
As to where the document is, And this is my speculation (always important note an information sources biases), It is almost certainly in Suadi Arabia. Jared Kushner met with Saudi Arabia and left that meeting and received a 2 billion dollar deal for his investment company despite massive opposition from those in the industry. Saudi Arabia has a vested interest in taking out Iran. It even is tangentially a good thing for the U.S. in that regard... however, without knowing the specifics of the document It almost always would be an overall negative for the U.S. because we would tell the Saudi's what they need to know about Iran. Other information on the document almost certainly just exposes U.S. capability. We won't be friends with the Saudi's forever.
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2023.06.10 18:52 My-Last-Hope I just saw the decklists for the new event! How on earth did Konami manage to make the three decks for the tryout duels actually decent!?

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2023.06.10 18:50 GomoDeLimao Questions about Marina and game progression

Context about how things are going: Pav, Tanaka and Samarie are dead. Every playable character except Marina are at the bar. I got the 3 effigys and its morning 2
1- Can i still recruit Marina? She is at the mayor manor with the moonscorched Henryk, i heard if u dont save her night 1 she'll disappear after u free her (dont know if it changes something but the door for the room she is in is unlocked already)
2- Do i need something besides the effigys to escape by train? is it necessary to get something else or do i just kill whatever is in my way after putting the effigys? (I heard someone say i need something from the bunkers so im curious)
3- How to save everyone from moonscorching? I will say the ones i know so correct me if im wrong Everyone- if you enter a tower which i hope is not obligatory August- doesnt get moonscorched Abella- If u go to mayor manor instead of bunker at morning 1 Olivia- If left on train by morning 3 Caligura- Night 2 Karin- Night 3 Please tell me how Daan, Marina, Marcoh and Levi get moonscorched.
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2023.06.10 18:49 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Jaiya – Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 18:49 Individual-Trip-1447 [R] Machine Learning Made Easy: Exploring ML.NET and Its Capabilities.

Calling all C# developers and machine learning enthusiasts! 🎉 Discover the power of ML.NET and unlock the potential of machine learning with C#. 🌟
Our latest blog post explores "C# Machine Learning Made Easy: Exploring ML.NET and Its Capabilities." 🚀 Dive into the world of ML.NET and learn how to build, train, and deploy machine learning models using the familiar C# language. 🤝
Whether you're a seasoned C# developer or just starting your machine learning journey, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to leverage ML.NET effectively. 🚀
Read the full blog post here:
#CSharp #MachineLearning #MLNET #ArtificialIntelligence #DeveloperCommunity #TechNews
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2023.06.10 18:48 ScarOfVelvet Inveigle

(This story is made up, and is fictional) Hello, I'm Bella. I live in Los Angeles, California. Head start, I always have to drink medicine to control my hallucinations. But, let's go back to what I have to what I have to say. Living in this city was always scary for me. Because I live right next to a famous hotel famous for wrong reasons, the Cecil Hotel. I was always creeped out for obvious reasons, and because I live near Cecil Hotel. I live in a small apartment room, but my bathroom door, somehow always finds a way to get stuck. Or thud randomly, make random noises, things like that. I always ignored it though. But, I was still really scared about it because I already heard rumors that the "Ghost" of Cecil Hotel can affect people who don't book there, Obviously, I took it lightly and didn't think anything about it, But I do keep a pocket knife around me wherever I'm at. But I still didn't think about any of it, Until one night. This story still haunts me to this day. I'm living normally now, but I still can't stop thinking about what happened to me. So, you already know about my bathroom door right? I found a way to keep it to stay in it's place, By folding a paper, and putting it between the door frame, and the door. In order to keep it from making random sounds, or thuds. But one night, when I was sleeping, A random thud came from my bathroom door. I immediately thought this was weird, because I already had a solution that worked before, so why is it thudding now? I tried to ignore it, But it just keeps thudding and thudding, so, I didn't take my medicine to control hallucinations just so i could check what's happening there. So I checked it my bathroom door. And to my horror, I saw two papers between the bathroom door, instead of one. So I immediately removed the two papers, and my bathroom door made a VERY loud thud. It almost woke all my neighbors up, thankfully, it didn't. I opened both the papers up, to find a mouth staring right into me, I was shocked unable to comprehend why the HELL that was in there! I was really scared, so I went straight outside. But, before I could turn the knob on the door leading outside, I was stopped when I heard that mouth inside that paper spoke. I was immediately jolted in fear when it did. It said, "The three people who come inside you room are murderers, looking for someone to take to Cecil Hotel, to slaughter them. They are reckless abominations with no mercy on people, whatever you do, DON'T LET THEM GET TO YOU" suddenly, my vision began to blur, when I saw three of the police officers from Cecil Hotel barged inside my room. I immediately reached for my pocket knife, I stabbed all of them, gashing all their throats stabbing all of them, again, and again, and again, and again. I made sure my entire room was covered in blood when I was done. But then, I just realized what I had done, I was so scared and panicked, I started gagging at my victim's blood because I just didn't know what to do, but when I looked back, the other paper with the mouth inside it, was gone. I didn't know why, but it was my thought of getting answers on what I should do, but, one of my neighbors saw my apartment covered in blood, they called the police, and I was arrested. I was let out of prison though. But, till this day. I'm still thinking about what I did.. and.... how it's crazy what hallucinations do to people, huh? -Bella Everglow
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2023.06.10 18:47 Dapantskat AITA for letting my dad ruin the family trip for me and my family

I (19 M) went on a trip to Disney with my Mom (41 F), Dad (45 M) and Brother (15M) for the first time. Now to give some context My family and I never had a whole lot of money until I was 15 so going to Disney and seeing how much everything was, really made me dread going on this trip. It was my brothers Christmas gift to go so we decided to spend a week there.
When we got there, I had a melt down, it was too hot, we just got to our hotel after being lost at the airport and not being able to find our room. And I ended up crying, because I felt like I wasn’t appreciating the trip enough. So fast forward a few days, everything has been going good and we have been trying to find certain sweater for the past 3 days and finally we found it, I was so excited to finally have this one thing I wanted from Disney only to hear “You would get curbstomped in that.” From my little brother. Now I understand, he has 15 year old boy humor, but my dad decided to join in and take it farther, which he always had a habit of going off about my clothing. And continued to make fun of me, even after my brother stopped, to the point I didn’t even want the sweater anymore and my mom forced him to apologize.
A few days go by and now he’s talking about this 70 dollar umbrella for days on end from the starwars area, talking about how much he needs it. And for clarification, he has been grouchy the whole trip, making fun about the park and how people wanted to ride certain rides, making fun of my mom for crying from seeing the fireworks and making fun of my mom and I wanting to meet all the characters.
Now this is our last day of Disney and I wanted to have the best day possible. I saw a stuffed Donald Duck and was excited saying “Donald Duck!” Which was met with my dad saying “we saw all of this Tuesday. Why are you excited over this, it’s just the same stuff!”
Immediately I shut down, saying I want to go, and just leave the park. My mom asks me what’s wrong and I tell her that dad made fun of me for getting excited about a stuffed Donald. And that it was okay, that was just how he was. When we get to this shop that has the umbrella, immediately dad is like “we need to go get our umbrella” and my mom points out “so you can be excited over and umbrella but your son can’t be excited over a stuffed animal?”
I didn’t stick around for the conversation but when I got back, I saw my mom and dad talking and my mom crying.
When we were finally back at the hotel, my dad apologized for “ruining the whole trip.” In which I agreed with him. It was the heat of the moment but my mom agreed. Now I just feel like an asshole. AITA?
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2023.06.10 18:46 HazelNuggetless Guy I like has a boyfriend and I think he knows I have a crush on him

I'm horrible at telling stories especially through writing but I'll try my best to make it too long. I meet this guy in April and we get on great, we exchange numbers and we start messaging one another.
Now there's a few things you should know about me before we continue, I've never been in a relationship before and I don't go to school because of my autism so not only do I not have friends but I literally can't make any either because I'm never around other people let alone other people my age so I've never really had a crush on anyone before.
The last time that I had a friend was when I was 9 years old so 5 years ago.
When me and this guy text I don't do or say things that really tell him "I AM REALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU" but I am genuinely interested in everything he says.
We where doing one of those "pick a number and I'll answer it honestly" things and we where doing for a really long time, like 2 days before at one point he says he's bisexual, that's pretty cool but then at one point I ask "who was the last person you hugged" and then he says his boyfriend, I'm not upset at this I'm just quite surprised since he hadn't told me or even hinted at it before, I guess he picks up that I'm a bit surprised and I'm not going to say exactly what he said but he said a few things that makes it seem like he knows I have a crush on him, I don't know how long he's known that I love him but he most definitely knows.
TL,DR: guy I like says he has a boyfriend, also hints at the fact that he knows that I have a crush on him but I don't know for how long he's known.
We still talk a lot though but he hasn't brought it up again or anything to do with it because I think he saw immediately how sort of surprised I was and again, he definitely knows that I have a crush on him.
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2023.06.10 18:46 Desperate-Ad471 What have you found the best way to level up?

Hi all, looking to get opinions/suggestions on how I would best level up quickly to get access to more characters. I’ve found the grind to be extremely slow and being locked to the same 6 characters tends to be extremely frustrating. For context, I’m a console player that had everyone up to Vantage unlocked before taking a hiatus from the game. Wanting to start fresh on PC, I would really appreciate some insight as to how to level up faster. Mixtape modes are my main fun as a solo player, but they have very minimal exp gain. I tend to no fill both trios and duos as to not deal with randoms, but ratting every game to level up faster is extremely boring. Thanks to any and all tips!
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2023.06.10 18:46 Plus_Molasses8697 Lucie Fink now making a “super guide” to motherhood…

Saw on Insta stories that Lucie Fink is now supposedly making a “super guide” on motherhood. It seems like she’s struggled to find her content niche for some time and I empathize, but this is way out of bounds IMO. Her son isn’t even 2 and she’s acting like she has all the answers. Most parents of adult children still don’t have it all figured out bc parenting is hard and she is making this?
Besides, she has so much privilege and money that a lot of what she shares in this guide won’t be accessible to all mothers. Not all can afford organic food, elaborate monitors, expensive strollers, etc.
I have a brother with an invisible disability and my parents have struggled a LOT, not to mention we struggled with money when I was a kid so it was hard for him to get what he needed. I’ve seen how imperfect and unpredictable the journey can be and it really gets to me that she thinks she is qualified to make an entire guide for people.
She also had a nurse right after giving birth, has a nanny who’s there a lot, and goes on frequent getaways, so I feel like her guide won’t target the areas where mothers may really want advice or support. Most people can’t afford all or even some of those things. How can she be this tone deaf 😐 it feels like a lot of ego here
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2023.06.10 18:46 agreeingstorm9 What are the best ways to cut LVP?

I wrote a week or so ago about my efforts to replace the floor in my kitchen as the plywood is damaged. Floor was stick down vinyl tile that has been there for about 20 yrs. I had originally thought of just putting down vinyl again but after looking at the box I ordered it definitely seems inferior to what I had down and the vinyl at the Big Green Box Store seemed the same. Whether I live in this house or rent it I am kind of needing to do something more permanent I think so I may go to the ReStore and see if I can snag some cheap EVP.
My big question before I do this is how to cut it. I know there are special tools you can buy that do this but I hate to buy a specialized tool for a one time project. I am a somewhat experienced DIYer so I have several cutting instruments at my disposal from utility knives to a miter saw to a circ saw to a jig saw. What's my best game plan here?
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2023.06.10 18:45 frostadept Bargaining Book 1, Chapter 13: Speculation

“No, I’m not a spirit either.”
“But you’re a kitsune, right? I thought kitsune were fox spirits.”
“What’s ‘kitsune?’ Is it Fae for Vulpus?”
“Oh, right, I guess that’s not English. Hm. Do you know what a ninja is?”
“Well, yes, it’s a stealth class, specializing in two-handed swords with archery support.”
Shock, curiosity, excitement. Belladonna’s twin began scribbling furiously on her note paper.
Belladonna and her sister were hovering in front of a huge desk on the ground floor of Rocket’s home, behind which sat Miss Cadmea, there to tutor the twins for the first time. Miss Cadmea had no idea where to start, so opted to begin with a basic questions and answers session with the twins. And Lia, as usual, was flustering her elders with a constant stream of confusing questions.
Belladonna was thoroughly amused by the exchange.
“So, now that we’ve established that therianthropes aren’t born from animals in any way- “
“Well, technically- “
”In ANY way,” the vixen emphasized as Belladonna burst into laughter at the interruption, “are there any other questions before we begin our discussion on magic?”
“I have questions!”
Cadmea sighed. “How many questions?”
“I dunno, we’re two days old,” Liandan replied with a shrug. “A lot?”
Belladonna nodded. Lia had her odd ideas, sure, but they both had come into the world with a baseline level of knowledge.
The woman shook her head. “Okay. I’m going to do my best to educate you two, but I’ll be honest, it’s going to take a lot of learning from both of us. It’s not normal for therianthropes and humans- “
Therianthropes and humans to know English, or much of anything for that matter, at two days old. So, we’re going to have to figure out what you don’t know, what I don’t know, and what we don’t know that we don’t know.”
Wait, don’t know what we don’t know? Ow! Just thinking about something that confusing hurt Belladonna’s brain. This must be what a headache was.
“I’m with sis on this one,” Lia interpreted. “What would we know that you don’t?”
Well, she wasn’t quite right, but close enough; it was better than trying to comprehend a loop of ’don’t know don’t know don’t knows. She offered a nod of confirmation to her twin.
“The three of us have the dubious honor of being some of the few people to have ever seen a greater god, let alone spoken with one,” Cadmea explained. “I’m sure we all have questions we can help each other with. For example, Liandan, Tetra told me to ask you to explain what a ‘multiversal supercluster’ was.”
Lia gave off a brief flash of confusion before a look of understanding fell across her face, accompanied by feelings of uncertainty and suspicion. “That’s… I have an idea, but I’m sure about it.”
“You do? So, what do you think it means then?”
Lia closed her eyes and crossed her arms, clearly deep in thought. “This is just guessing because of the name, but… hrm… could it have to do with other worlds? Is that a thing?”
“Maybe. I’ve heard the idea that the road not taken in one world is taken in another. Or at least it was, before Tetra mentioned that there are an infinite number of places that could use her help more than I could,” Cadmea said. “I used to think that was just wishful thinking some people used deal with regretting their decisions. Now I don’t know what to think.”
The grey fairy nodded. “That’s about what I figured. This is just me guessing, but a multiversal cluster like that could be something like worlds, universes, that all share a few key traits,” she explained. “Like the Earth and humans coming about, Fairies being born from flowers, the system going kaput, us meeting you, that kind of thing. That’s a bit specific, right?”
Belladonna took it back. This was WAY more confusing.
“We’re constantly making decisions,” Cadmea said. “That’s still countless worlds.”
“But still fewer than it could be. Maybe a supercluster is, like, including places don’t have much in common at all. Maybe just one thing? I couldn’t guess what though.”
Miss Cadmea flicked her ears, her tails swishing behind her. “I could. It’s all speculative, but it helps with trying to see the bigger picture. Still, thank you, Liandan. It’s pleasant having such an unexpectedly civilized conversation with you. It’s a surprisingly plausible idea for a fairy’s.”
A shared irritation flashed between the twins. What was that supposed to mean‽ “Gee, thanks,” Lia deadpanned at the backhanded compliment.
Belladonna frowned. “Jerk!”

Cadmea and Liandan turned to stare blankly at Belladonna, who could only sense shock and surprise from her counterpart. The elder twin started to feel nervous. Was that too far, or-
A wide grin crept up on Lia’s face as surprise fell beneath a sea of giddiness. “HeheheHA!” she giggled before tackling her sister in an airborne bear hug. “OHMYGOSH that was a word! Bella!” she laughed as she nuzzled Belladonna’s cheek.
Belladonna for her part was surprised by the reaction. Lia had always known how to talk. She was a prodigy that even the king was surprised by. Belladonna could never hope to measure up.
So why? Why would one word make her so happy?
Liandan pointed at Cadmea. “Jerk!” she parroted, radiating happiness and enthusiasm as she looked to Belladonna. “Jerk! C’mon, sis!”
Belladonna blinked. She didn’t know what to think.
But then, wasn’t that what being with Lia was always like?
So she may as well go with it! Belladonna pointed at their tutor. “Jerk!”
Cadmea stared at the two fairies making fun of her. She sighed once more. “Now this? This is more like what I expected a conversation with fairy children would be like,” she groused, unheeded by the laughing twins.
“Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!”
A chuckle escaped the vixen’s lips. She cracked a smile. “I suppose I had this coming, huh? Alright, alright, I’m sorry,” she apologized. Liandan stopped chanting at her, and so Belladonna followed suit. “Tell you what, we’ll skip the Q&A. Tell me what kind of magic you want to learn.
“Now I’m not a specialist in anything but ritualism, and there’s no guaranty you’ll have a knack for what you want. However, I had to learn a bit about everything to practice it. I should be able to give you kit’s first magic lesson on any of them.”
The fairies looked at each other. Lia shrugged. “Heck if I know. I kind of just want to learn. Like, in general,” she said. “Bella?”
Belladonna thought about it. Liandan had seemed really interested in poison to her, so she wasn’t sure why she wouldn’t jump at the chance to learn poison magic, if that was even a thing. But Belladonna wasn’t really that interested in it. Being bad to eat was nice and all, but she only valued it insofar as it was a deterrent to help them survive. It was cold comfort to take your attacker with you; you still died.
No, what interested her was the opposite. She pulled out her pencil and paper, wrote down two words, and showed them to Lia to read aloud.
“It says ‘Healing magic.’”
Cadmea looked at the purple fairy. “Healing, huh? That’s a tricky one to explain without the system. Do you know what HP is?”
Belladonna shook her head. She sensed a curious shiver run down Lia’s spine.
“It’s a measure of one’s vitality given by the system in a numerical value. Full HP meant you were totally uninjured, and if you HP hit 0, you died. Healing magic would restore HP and heal the body in the process.”
“Question!” Liandan asked, hand raised high. Cadmea gave her a confused look, and Lia sheepishly lowered her hand. Embarrassed, she asked “Heh, sorry. Is it that it would restore HP to heal the body, or heal the body to restore HP?”
“A good question,” Cadmea replied. “Until very recently, they were considered mutually inclusive, so the question itself was like asking which came first, magic or the system? But I can tell you firsthand that healing talismans still function properly, so I’d say it’s safe to say that the magic restored the body first, and the HP seamlessly updated to reflect that.”
“But then why would- sorry, that’s off topic, never mind,” Lia said. “Please continue.”
“Yes, as I was saying, general healing magic restores the body to proper working order,” the fox woman continued. “There are several different mechanisms by which this can be achieved. With a natural base, the body can grow anew, regenerating tissues or reattaching limbs. I’ve never heard of anyone unlocking it, but there were mentions in the system of fully regrowing missing limbs or organs.
“A more advanced version is healing with a temporal base. With that, healing magic can speed up the healing of the wound by hours, days, even months in the span of seconds, or it can even reverse injuries that were sustained a short time ago. “
She reached into her pouch, pulling a piece of vellum out. “This is a healing talisman using a natural base. It restores about- ah, moderately heals wounds, and apply a mild painkilling effect.”
“How does it do that?” Lia asked.
“Well, this is a miniaturized array that channels- “
“No, no, I don’t mean that,” Lia interrupted. “It’s fascinating, and I’m going to want to learn all about it too, but I mean the underlying principle behind the natural base healing magic. Does it use cellular regeneration?”
“I don’t follow,” Cadmea said. “What do you mean by that?”
“Well, if you don’t know either…” Liandan never finished the sentence.
It wasn’t surprising to Belladonna that her tutor didn’t know either. If you could heal people anyway, why would you need to know how it worked? Of course, the answer was obvious: because maybe it could let you heal them even better!
“Can I ask for some supplies? It’ll help me explain, I promise!”
“Supplies? What kind of supplies?”
“Well, I’m not sure how much of this we have around the village,” Liandan admitted, “but… dish soap, lye if you don’t have it-”
“We have it.”
“I didn’t mean-!” Liandan groaned. “No. L-Y-E. Also salt, isopropyl alcohol, and a glass cup.”
Cadmea raised an eyebrow. “I know spirits are born with certain knowledge, but that seems oddly specific,” she remarked. “I’ll ask your king if he can provide those for us. Anything else?”
“Oh, yes! Some small, flat glass sheets. Say, seventy-five by twenty-five by one millimeter? A playing card, something to punch a hole in it, a needle, petro-, no, some beeswax, tin foil, and Glue.”
Belladonna tilted her head. What was her sister up to this time?
“Again, oddly specific,” Cadmea noted. “I’m starting to get the picture here. You two aren’t exactly normal, are you?”
The violet fairy shook her head at that. “Mo.”
Drat. So close.
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2023.06.10 18:45 464huskies I (26F) want to write a letter to my estranged biological father (50M) but I know I have to mention I've been legally adopted by my stepfather. How do I go about this?

My stepfather came into my life after my biological parents divorced, and I asked him to adopt me a few years ago. He's now legally my father, and raised me from age 7 up until now.
I think visitation with my biological father stopped when I was around 12/13, and I only saw him a few times after that. Over the years, he would sometimes reach out, sometimes not. Most of the time, it was his partner (my stepmother) doing so on his behalf. He probably wanted to, but after becoming an adult myself, I see a lot of similarities between us and assume it's just hard for him to initiate things like that.
I didn't intentionally estrange myself from my bio father, but obviously over the years we became entirely distant, and I went to college. Soon after graduating, I ended up moving somewhere else. When his father passed, he texted me to tell me, but I wasn't formally invited to the services, so I didn't go. I think I really messed up by not going, and I will regret it for the rest of my life. It really eats away at me.
Because of that and because he's no longer legally my father, I have no idea if he would want anything to do with me. I don't have a good gauge on the situation. I wanted to send a letter explaining that my adoption was never meant as formal severance — just a gesture for a man who raised me. I still think of him as a father to me and would not mind reconnecting, but I don't know how he would feel. It wasn't about removing him from my birth certificate, just about recognizing and showing appreciation for someone else's role in my life.
And I want to tell him that I regret not going to my grandfather's services and never meant anything by that either. Every few weeks this guilt just overwhelms me and I can't stop crying about it. I don't harbor ill will towards him, but I feel like it probably comes across that way because of my adoption and complete inaction elsewhere.
He has a 10-year-old and if I send my father mail, I'm not sure if I should try to obfuscate who it's from.
Has anyone else reconnected with estranged family in this way? I don't know if it would be appropriate to send a letter, especially near father's day, that mentions he's not legally my father anymore. It's probably a really tough day for him because he lost his own father. And I'd be mentioning that, too. to apologize for failing to be there. Am I just overthinking completely, or should I just not reach out at all?
TL;DR. Estranged from bio father, and have since been legally adopted by stepdad. Didn't go to bio grandfather's services. I want to reach out and try to reconnect with my bio father, while making it clear I don't have negative feelings about him, but don't know how to do so appropriately.
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2023.06.10 18:44 Safe_Competition_109 My friends are thieves.

I wouldn't say I'm antisocial but I'm definitely not as outgoing. So much so that over the years, i have only made like five solid friends. Two of these friends have managed to completely surprise me. So earlier this year, i went to visit my boyfriend. Spent a couple of days at his place since i was on a work leave. So on the last day at his place, we decided to go out and have fun. We got to the club and fast forward to my closest female friend showing up with her boyfriend or whatever. So we invite them over to our table. We make merry and all that. They get into an argument and the guy bails so we decide to go home with her since she was drunk and she was MY FRIEND. A friend can't stab a girl in the back now can she? Noooo.
So when we wake up the next morning, i obviously get my stuff to leave and she gets hers, yadda yadda yadda and we both leave. Later in the day, my boyfriend calls me asking me if I'd taken his Water bottle and a bunch of stuff from his closet. So kumbe this chic had packed the stolen stuff in her bag. I have never been more embarrassed so i said i was the one who'd taken them to cover for this snake because there was no way I'd admit to my man that I'd let a thief into his house. So he let it go because in his mind, his girlfriend had his stuff. I obviously had to come clean later on.
Me being the people pleaser that i am (makofi👏), i didn't even confront this chic. We fell out after a while and she's recently slithering her way back into my life because of course she needs something but she doesn't know that i know she's a thief.
My other friend. This one's male. Huyu na yeye we went to some restaurant to grab lunch. I paid and he saw the change being handed back to me. I obviously stashed it in my purse. So while we're leaving, i felt the urge to go to the washrooms. So i handed him my purse and yadda yadda yadda. Fast forward to me getting into the uber and realizing that my cash was missing. So i paid with Mpesa and didn't confront this one as well. People pleasers hoyeeee!!!. That was last weekend. In our last conversation i hinted that i knew he took my money but he didn't catch on or he just played dumb so i cut him off.
So was i a thief in my previous life and this is some sort of karma because how can i have people around me stealing from me like that. Like they're supposed to be my friends and if they needed help all they had to do was ask. Smh.
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2023.06.10 18:43 BratPats123 Argentina Marketplace

How to unlock the steam market on an Argentinian account ?
Specifically, "Your transaction history must have a confirmed purchase for a period of 7 days to a year and must be free of recent refunds and payment disputes"
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2023.06.10 18:42 somespeculation Harry and Meg’s Montecito Home: Chateau of Riven Rock - financial details, real estate prices and the home’s history. In my opinion, it's not a good investment. Fact checked.

Their home, the Olive Garden Purgatory for Displaced Overseas Royals, was purchased for $14.65mil in an off market sale in June 2020, mortgaged.
LA Times Confirmation:
All of this is from a 'source close to the couple'. The final paragraph is clout listing nearby celebrity homes; final paragraph connecting the house to Oprah's neighbour.
HISTORY - Unsettling
Check out it’s true, unsettling history about a mentally ill man who was confined there for decades:
Formal name is “Chateau of Riven Rock.”
Address: 765 Rockbridge Rd
Value: $14.65mil in Aug 2021, mortgaged.
Originally attempted to sell for $49.4mil in 2015:
Then reduced to $35 mil.
And promoted in the LA Times in 2015 again for $35mil.
Then reduced again for $22.9 mil.
By Oct 2020, listed on Giggster for rentals at $700/hr.
Purchased from Russian oligarch, Sergey Grishin, who clearly took a multi million dollar loss in selling the property.
Appears to be owned by Rockbridge LLC, under Grishin.
Rockbridge LLC also took out two federal covid loans for under $50,000 in 2021 that appear to have been paid off in full or “forgiven.”
The address for Rockbridge LLC is the same as the Wells Fargo in Montecito: 1482 E Valley Rd. Could theoretically have a box there.
Thie Rockbridge LLC shows up a bit with the financial deep dive, but appears to be a bit of a red herring as it only correlates to public record availability pre-Harry and Meg's purchase.
Grishin has since died.
Additional property records for previous owners and their LLCs:,+Santa+Barbara+CA
So who actually owns it?
Update: Excellent work by a fellow sinner determined it was purchased via Real Residential Estate Trust whose address is identical to Meg’s business manager at the time in Bev Hills.
It can also be searched for on this sub under, "Who Really Owns the Montecito Olive Garden".
What they’ve said about it:
Confirmed in Jan 2022:
As recently as Aug 2022, even sympathetic Marie Claire mag is citing a 'source' that they are eager to sell and move. This article reads like a PR real estate advertisement for the home.
Tax assessment for 2021 - 2022 is $141,000 roughly. Taxed at a rate of 1.04%….which seems to be more of a business tax rate….ownership intentionally omitted/redacted.
Current value of the home assessed at just under: $13.3 mil.
The 2021-2022 tax records for their address:
Interestingly, they are listed as a Prop 13/AB8 which is why their initial taxes were soooo low at 1.04%. This means their property taxes are reevaluated with the current market value of their property as measured by the sale price for change of ownership.
Here’s the really deep dives for fiscally interested sinners:
  1. Neighbour’s home:
Address: Photo in the article places it next door to Harry and Meg's home.
Value: For sale in March 2021 for $22.5 mil.
45 days on the market, then an offer, then a press release stating that they are still open to other offers. This usually indicates it was a low ball offer significantly below the asking price.
  1. Netflix Montecito filming home:
Let’s take a moment to fully acknowledge their authentic, “at home” 'documentary' had the majority not actually filmed at their home.
Address: 888 Lilac Drive
Value: Listed Dec 2022 for $33.5 mil.
This was where they filmed Netflix. It was filmed in another Montecito home they passed off indirectly as theirs, as they never clarified it was not their home during filming their 'behind the scenes'. Harry was likely paranoid about a security risk, whereas Meg likely saw an opportunity for implied flexing. She knows the Olive Garden beige property is dated. Filmed in a home valued over twice as much as theirs.
As of March 2023, still on the market at its original price.
  1. Neighbour’s home #3
Address: 830 Riven Rock Rd. According to Google maps, a 2 min drive or 7 min walk from the Sussexes.
Value: Sold for $14.5mil in Apr 2022.

No confirmation on if one, both, or neither are living there. However, there are multiple reports swirling that Harry (or Meg) may regularly retreat to a room at San Ysidro Ranch. This includes the thank you card recently publicized for the bike Archie was recently gifted for his birthday, but interestingly publicized a month later, sent from an employee of SYR. Google maps puts it at a. 7 min drive from their address.

Also keep in mind any RivenRock allusions in online accounts, donations, or LLCs....perhaps could be illuminating for who is behind them.
So there you have it. Make of it what you will.
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2023.06.10 18:41 seticyoda How to fix storage issues

I recently ran into the issue of my steam deck saying I had no storage, all it said was other and I saw a few complaints about this with little to no answer on how to fix it so I figured I'd give a YouTube link that explain how to fix the issue for me, I gained back 200 plus gb
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2023.06.10 18:40 SeatedWoodpile [New Non-Profit] Mother Armenia is now live!

Hi Armenia!
My name is Hunter; I'm a first-year college student and Armenian descendant living in Glendale, CA. I've been working hard with my close friend, Yervand Matevosian, for the last two months creating a new non-profit for Armenia called Mother Armenia.

What Is Mother Armenia?

In short, Mother Armenia is a new non-profit fund that uses the power of small, monthly donations to fund initiatives and projects to help Armenia.

Why Did We Start Mother Armenia?

Yervand and I started Mother Armenia to solve these two issues for ourselves and the diasporan community:
Nearly every Armenian we interviewed said something along the lines "After 2020, I don't donate because I just don't know where my money is going and who is using/taking it". This was also the same thought process for us, and we saw that we needed to solve this level of distrust in the Diaspora community.
And, the sucky part is, the only Armenians who suffer are the ones who actually need money, like the families and kids in the villages that are so underfunded there's a large population exodus from those regions.
On top of this, Mother Armenia doesn't emphasize large one-off donations, but rather small, recurring donations. We want our donors to be involved with us every month and have the ability to increase, decrease, or cancel their donations at any time. On top of this, recurring donations usually build up over time and can bring a lot more money into underfunded regions of Armenia that one-off donations could simply not do.

How do we actually plan to stay accountable? How do we plan to get every donor's dollar to it's intended destination without being tampered with?

This is actually one of the hardest problems we face, but we're doing multiple things to make sure that every one of our donor's dollars is used in the right way WITHOUT getting into the wrong hands at any stage of the journey:
Thank you all for your time and I hope to connect with you more through Mother Armenia as time progresses! If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or just want to chat, shoot me a PM! Any feedback or help is great.
You can check us out and even donate today here:
- Hunter Pruett
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