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We are a group of shoe repair industry professionals who are dedicated to our trade. We are here to help educate consumers by providing professional advice. Don't throw it away, post and see if we can suggest some alternatives!

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This is more than a car repair forum!

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A subreddit dedicated to those car enthusiasts and beginners interested in keeping their vehicles clean.

2023.04.01 16:14 SJ1229 32 [F4M] - East TN/Anywhere- Childfree Lady searching for her future Travel Partner

Heyo! While I could write a monologue about myself, I rather talk/FaceTime to get to know people as im expressive and usually have alot to say. But for now here are some snippets about me. As the title states, I'm childfree and have no desires to be a mother except to spoil my two dogs. I work in Healthcare with plans to travel for work in the near future. I'm a bigger lady, but am quite active while I'm embarking on my fitness journey. I love anything outdoors including the water, despite my hate for certain bugs; formerly a homebody due to school and like being out and about. EDM is majority of what I listen to and love horrocomedy films. Love language is touch and quality time for those wondering. I will be happy to exchange pics especially of my dogs. My age preference is 25-45. Race doesn't matter to me as we are not monoliths for our race and have unique personality and character traits. I do drink but only social occasions and not a smoker since I have dogs. I don't have a body preference but would prefer my person to be active/outdoorsy.
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2023.04.01 16:12 NTrX_Oc3Digital Code help request V-2.0

This is a carryover from
The most current Pastebin
Because there have been so many changes and progress to the code, it seemed prudent to begin with a fresh conversation and fresh information.
Hardware and goals are the same:
WS2812B + Arduino Pro Micro ( ESP32 for testing )
Summary: This project is aimed at creating additional lighting for my motorcycle in the hopes I won't be murdered by an inattentive driver.
Layout : (2) 47-count pixels arranged in an S & Z pattern. Strips are continuous for each side.
The problem is a lack of expected behavior.
I don't know if there is an (order or operation) issue, missing code, unneeded code, or task that cannot be completed by the hardware.

When at 'Running' State, all is good.
When at 'Braking' State, all is good. And when returning to the 'Running' state, all is good.
When at either 'Turning' state, all is good. And when returning to the 'Running' state, all is good.

'Braking + Turning' states and 'Hazzard' states cause all the led's to go dark.
Thanks in advance to all those that have helped so far. If this second post breaks any rules, please let me know and I will delete it.
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2023.04.01 16:12 seannestor This Week in Toledo 4/1/23

This Week in Toledo 4/1/23
• On Monday, Lucas Metropolitan Housing announced plans to invest $121 million in mixed housing development in the Junction neighborhood over the next ten years. The effort is funded by a $40 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development's Choice Neighborhoods Initiative with the remaining funds coming from a number of community partners, including Toledo Public Schools, the Toledo Police Department, HOPE Toledo, Neighborhood Health Association, and ProMedica.

• Also on Monday, the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) unveiled several new route expansions, including routes every 60 minutes instead of every 90 minutes; increased route frequency on weekends; the expansion of route 32 into the Spring Meadows shopping area; and the establishment of a new route, route 33, which will run between Uptown and South Toledo through Junction.

• On Tuesday, Toledo City Council reviewed a proposal to create a new regional-scale playground at Ottawa Park that would incorporate custom equipment of popular Toledo icons such as a Jeep and the high-level bridge. The playground will also be covered in rubber surfacing to make it fully accessible to all children. The $1.1 million project, if approved, it is expected to be installed by late summer. Council also heard plans to lease city-owned Sterling Field to the Toledo Celtics Rugby organization for $500 annually.

• Also on Tuesday, the Lucas County Commissioners voted to approve a request from ProMedica for leniency regarding when it has to pay the $5 million it pledged to secure naming rights to the Glass City Center Powered by ProMedica (formerly the SeaGate Convention Centre). The original agreement required them to pay $333,333 each year for 15 years beginning as soon as the ballroom was completed, which was in August of 2022.

• In further Tuesday news, officials with Toledo Public Schools announced that sixteen seniors were in danger of not being able to graduate due to unpaid debts to private schools incurred while using EdChoice vouchers. The district is seeking donors to cover the $36,000 collectively held by the students so that they can receive their transcripts and graduate.

• On Wednesday, Mayor Kapszukiewicz gave his annual state of the city address at the Frederick Douglass Center. In it, he announced plans to convert 500+ acres of land currently used by the Toledo Executive Airport into a site for manufacturing electric vehicle parts; ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence by partnering with Cities United; and the need for $900 million in repairs to the Bay View Water Treatment Plant on North Summit Street.

• Also on Wednesday, Mercy Health stated their intent to hire over 400 employees of St. Luke's Hospital. St. Luke's hospital currently employs 861 people and is set to close by May 15 due to financial losses.

• On Thursday, Mayor Kapszukiewicz announced that he had selected Michael Troendle to be the city's new police chief. Chief Troendle had served as deputy police chief under former police chief George Kral, who retired on January 9 of this year.

• Also on Thursday, the boards of the Lucas County Economic Development Corporation and Lucas County Builds considered a motion to provide $3.5 million toward the Toledo Colony Apartments, a $45 million, 262-unit luxury apartment development at Central and Upton. The project was being driven by ProMedica until recent financial woes forced it to scale back. The motion was tabled pending legal inquiries into whether the bodies, which historically have only provided grants or loans for development projects, are able to provide equity investment.

• In further Thursday news, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the Mosaic Early Learning Center at 860 Orchard Street in South Toledo. The building will house the Mosaic Children's Zone, a pre-kindergarten education program modeled after the award-winning Harlem Children's Zone in New York City.

• On Friday, ProMedica delayed posting its 2022 financial reports to bondholders for the second time; the organization had previously delayed posting the results on March 1, stating it needed an additional 30 days. It is expected to post losses of around $358.6 million.

• Also on Friday, the Ritter Planetarium at the University of Toledo re-opened to the public with a new $320,000 digital projection system. The planetarium will show "Stars of the Pharaohs" every Friday at 7:30 p.m. between now and April 28 and "Zulu Patrol: Under the Weather" every Saturday at 1 p.m. through April 29. Tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for children.

• ProMedica has stated that due to ongoing financial issues, it has exited from its 10-year presenting sponsorship of the U.S. Women's Open, which began only last year. The organization has also put on hold a $10 million commitment to the Metroparks Toled Foundation to cover expenses related to construction of the Glass City Riverwalk project and has withdrawn it's $60,000 presenting sponsorship of this year's Jeep Fest.

• The Lucas County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board is considering a 20-year lease in the former HCR ManorCare building at 333 N. Summit Street at a rate of $14.25 per square foot - almost twice the $7.25 per square foot it pays for its current building on Adams Street. Board Director Scott Sylak states that it is justifiable on the basis that a recent study found that it would cost $35-40 million to renovate their current building. County commissioner Pete Gerken added that the move would not happen unless Lucas County Job & Family Services moved into the building. Though the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority owns the building, the county agencies would sub-lease from ProMedica.

• Those who purchase electricity from FirstEnergy are likely to see their rates double in June from $0.053/kWh to an estimated $0.102/kWh. Those affected can seek other suppliers using the Energy Choice Ohio website operated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). For more information, visit

• Former Walbridge Mayor Dan Wilczynski, a Republican, has announced plans to challenge Marcy Kaptur for her seat representing the 9th Congressional District in the United States Houses of Representatives in 2024.

• On Saturday (April 1) from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., a town hall on rail safety legislation will take place at the Oregon Public Library (3340 Dustin Road in Oregon). Panelists include U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur, State Representatives Dr. Michele Grim and Josh Williams, State Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson, and Ohio State Legislative Board Chair John Esterly.

• Next Monday (April 3), ProMedica will open a new 80,000-square-foot medical office building in Perrysburg at 1620 Brigham Drive.

• Also next Monday (April 3) from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the City of Toledo's Department of Parks and Youth Services will hold a public meeting at the Toledo Police Museum (2201 Kenwood Blvd.) regarding proposed improvements to the paved trail that goes around Ottawa Park.

• Next Thursday (April 6) at 12:00 p.m., Monroe Street United Methodist Church (3613 Monroe St.) will be hosting a presentation on LGBT issues by Joe Wood, board chair of Equality Toledo. The cost to attend is $15, which includes lunch, and attendees must RSVP to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

• You can receive This Week in Toledo via e-mail by subscribing at You can also receive updates on Facebook by liking the official page at

News sources: The Blade, CBS Cleveland
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2023.04.01 16:12 patrickmac110 [HELP] Parsing conversation from ui text array

I'm trying to parse through Auto Input's UI query on Slack to get a conversation out of it. Here's the result of %aitext() what I get when I do and then my best attempt at trying to get a conversation out of it...
Back,Workspace menu, Redacted Family +,Redacted Family +. ,Sort channels by,,Threads,Drafts & Sent,Team,Expanded,artificially-intelligent-design,tres-amigos,Pat and Elisa,Expanded,babe,budget,chores-and-housework,medical,schedule,shopping-list,No Girls Allowed,Expanded,accountability,Jump to…,New message,Selected. Home,,Home,Direct messages,,DMs,Mentions,,Mentions,Search,,Search,You,,You,Back,,Private channel babe. 2 members, 2 pins. View details.,,babe,2 members, 2 pins,Open channel canvas,Start or join a huddle,Attachments and shortcuts,,Record audio clip,,%aitext53,Message babe,View user profile,patrickmac110,4:32 PM,Yes I got all 4,I'm just leaving the Luau, let me get home,View user profile,Elisa,4:32 PM,Kk,View user profile,Elisa,5:08 PM,No! I wanna ride it with you,View user profile,patrickmac110,5:29 PM,Okay,View user profile,Elisa,8:08 PM,Did you not go to group?,View user profile,patrickmac110,8:09 PM,I thought the guys weren't meeting...,View user profile,Elisa,8:09 PM,Oh. Maybe not,Sigh. I'm hungry. And I just want to grab some food,But there's plenty at home,View user profile,patrickmac110,8:11 PM,Yeah Devin proposed the bonfire, Rick responded with a gif, the Danfords called out, I proposed Fun Spot, and then turned out that Mike had to work late so that seemed like the end of the discussion,Yeah,View user profile,Elisa,8:11 PM,Gotcha. No worries. I just missed that
Task: ReplyBot A1: [X] AutoInput Global Action [ Configuration: Action: Back Timeout (Seconds): 20 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A2: Close System Dialogs A3: [X] AutoInput Global Action [ Configuration: Action: Back Timeout (Seconds): 30 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A4: [X] Take Screenshot [ File: Tasketemp screenshot/temp.png ] A5: AutoInput UI Query [ Configuration: Only Visible: true Timeout (Seconds): 60 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On Continue Task After Error:On ] A6: [X] Variable Set [ Name: %par2 To: true Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A7: Variable Clear [ Name: %conversation ] A8: [X] Flash [ Text: %aitext() Long: On Tasker Layout: On Continue Task Immediately: On Dismiss On Click: On ] A9: Variable Set [ Name: %num To: 1 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A10: Variable Set [ Name: %num To: %num+1 Recurse Variables: On Do Maths: On Max Rounding Digits: 3 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A11: Simple Match/Regex [ Type: Regex Text: %currentmsg Regex: (?[View user profile,(.*),(.*)]) Continue Task After Error:On ] A12: If [ %mt_match_found ~ true ] A13: For [ Variable: %currentmsg Items: %mt_match() Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A14: Flash [ Text: %num Long: On Tasker Layout: On Continue Task Immediately: On Dismiss On Click: On ] A15: Variable Set [ Name: %sender To: %msg(2) Recurse Variables: On Do Maths: On Max Rounding Digits: 3 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A16: Variable Set [ Name: %content To: %msg(3) Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A17: Variable Set [ Name: %conversation To: %sender: %content Append: On Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A18: End For A19: End If A20: Set Clipboard [ Text: %conversation ] A21: [X] Set Clipboard [ Text: %aitext() ] A22: Stop [ ] 
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2023.04.01 16:12 dhanamadvisors May this financial year bring to you more success and boundless achievements. Happy Financial Year 2023. . . . #finance #business #money #investing #financialfreedom #investment #entrepreneur #trading #stockmarket #stocks #wealth #invest #bitcoin #success #forex #motivation #realestate #investor

May this financial year bring to you more success and boundless achievements. Happy Financial Year 2023. . . . #finance #business #money #investing #financialfreedom #investment #entrepreneur #trading #stockmarket #stocks #wealth #invest #bitcoin #success #forex #motivation #realestate #investor submitted by dhanamadvisors to u/dhanamadvisors [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:11 trippydrippy21 Froze My Membership, Disappointed with my gym and F45 as a whole

I've been a member of the f45 near me for about a year. For background, I go about 4 times a week and then hit a regular gym 3 times a week. Plus I have a pretty active lifestyle. My diet is on point, I consume about 1600-1800 cals a day, am vegan and stick to a mainly whole food plant based diet, take all the supplements one needs to when they're vegan, and limit alcohol consumption - basically I'm doing all the things you're supposed to do to get in shape.
At first I loved f45 bc I was being challenged, burning a lot of calories and seeing results, but about 3 months ago I felt like I hit a wall. I was only burning 300-400 calories per workout and the scale started to reflect that. Plus, the repetition was getting boring. So I decided to freeze my membership for a month, try another boot camp style gym for that time and see what my results are.
First off, the only way to update your account at my F45 is texting the owner. So I do and he asks me why I'm freezing my membership so I explain how I've plateaued and need to try something new. He knows I'm serious about fitness, how consistent I am, that I do things outside 45 yet he has the audacity to tell me the following:
"Yeah, generally has a lot to do with what you're doing outside of the gym, but cross training across concepts is always worth a try. I would also recommend blood work to see where your hormone levels are at."
He didn't follow up with a single question, like what I'm doing outside f45, how he can help, even offering assistance, a scan, anything. Just tells me things I already know and suggests a blood test?
This specific location really reflects how little the owner cares about the gym and the members. The equipment is old and rough looking, we don't really do events anymore, they have an awful schedule with few classes and always remove classes even when the members ask him not to. The coaches do the bare minimum and don't assist with form. Yet I'm paying $170/month for this.
He's said in the past the gym has been operating at a loss since it's opened bc the revenue from memberships doesn't even cover the franchise fee. Which I'm sure contributes to his overall lack of care for the gym and the members, because it wasn't always like this.
From my experience and other stories I've heard it doesn't seem like owners can sustain all the operating costs and thus members who are paying an arm and a leg suffer, and then eventually go somewhere else. And eventually that location closes. (If you've read the news about F45 as a whole you can see this reflected in its losses and lawsuits)
How has your experience with your gym and F45 as a whole been?
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2023.04.01 16:11 vivaasativaa Gooood morning 🌄 who's sending me shopping today? A good daddy gets a surprise. Will verify.

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2023.04.01 16:11 VitVip_Fnoi When Google Maps gives you a honest result

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2023.04.01 16:10 vivaasativaa Gooood morning 🌄 who's sending me shopping today? A good daddy gets a surprise. Will verify.

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2023.04.01 16:10 Nrm224 New soldiers should be banned from getting tattoos. I learned the hard way.

When I joined the army, I always considered myself ahead of my counterparts. Being 21, I felt that I had the privilege of maturity on my side. Preventing me from making the foolish mistakes that I had heard of so often. Boy was I wrong…
I graduated basic training, with the same mentality as many soldiers before me. Despite being a mere 150lbs, I was confident that I was the barrel chested freedom fighter that was bound for greatness. Thus, I determined it was necessary to stamp myself with a badge to display my pride to the world.
I began obsessively searching for tattoo parlors. Naturally there is a large amount in the immediate area of the installation. I have no car, so I decide to walk at the end of a long reception day to the closest one. I bring my tan backpack and camo baseball cap to ensure everybody knows I’m in the military.
Upon arrival, I’m introduced to a textbook definition of a local, near a military installation. The guy clearly has seen a million of us and states with sarcasm
“Let me guess, American flag or a lone wolf outlined by pine trees.”
I had put 0 thought into what I was looking for. I said I wanted something to symbolize my service in the military. He rolls his eyes and pulls out a portfolio as thick as the almanac dictionary. It’s filled with a wide variety of military related drawings that were bound to tingle a new soldier.
I come across one that catches my eye. Thirteen stars, with a three Roman numeral centered in all its glory. I point to it swiftly and ask the artist about its meaning. He states he’s not really sure, “Something about a certain percentage of people who join the military” it’s one of the rarer ones he says.
I fall in love with it. It’s perfect. I lay down on the chair and prepare my calf for my first tattoo. I was nervous, but I had made it through the gas chamber. There was no pain I couldn’t handle.
Despite my virgin skin, I manage to get through it relatively painlessly. My leg is taped up, and I can’t wait to show my roommate my new tattoo. He looks at it enviously and I instantly knew I made the right choice.
Being in the southeast in February, it’s still relatively warm. We show up in full winters and we are told to downgrade. I’m excited to display my new leg piece to my subordinates. Aside from the sand gnats eating me alive, it’s a good pt session. Besides one strange thing..
There’s another soldier staring at me with more lust in his eyes than a dog waiting for a treat. This is reception, so I haven’t spoken with him but you would swear we just had a one night stand in some dirty barracks room.
I’m walking back to the barracks and he runs to me like Forest Gump during a kickoff. I get a whiff of his breath that’s full of Copenhagen Wintergreen. He speaks to me with the most southern drawl I had ever heard.
“Hey bud, I saw your tattoo I used to be a part of a group back in Florida. It’s people like us that really stand for American values”
I look at him with a mix of concern for myself and his sanity. He stares at me with his mouth wide open and he asks me how long I’ve been a three percenter. I tell him I have no idea what he’s talking about. And he begins to try to recruit me. I decline. His enthusiasm quickly shifts to rage.
“So you’re just a fucking poser?! Not cool dude you realize we’ll be protecting people like you!”
He stomps off. I’m completely lost and sprint to my barracks room so I could research the meaning behind this tattoo. I find this video.
I’m fucking horrified. What have I done.
I rush to the tattoo parlor and beg them to fix it. He says it needs to heal and I begin to shed tears, I say what if we just put a line in between two of the Roman numerals? It will say “Hi” he laughs at my continued stupidity. But agrees.
He completes his work and I walk to the barracks with my head down in shame. How could I explain this to anyone. I wore jeans everywhere for the next two years because I was so humiliated. I become the Hi guy at my unit and it feels like I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life.
As time has gone on, it’s become a funny story. However I would still like to get it covered up one day. Tattoos are permanent and we should encourage joes to avoid anything immediately after basic training. 99% chance you’ll regret it.
TLDR: Got a tattoo without researching it. Ended up with a three percenter tattoo that I hated. Tried to fix it and now my leg says “Hi”. Don’t let your soldiers go dumb shit.
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2023.04.01 16:10 Miami_birder Got us good, I'm not even mad

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2023.04.01 16:10 ConcentrateQuick6806 Shopping street, Me, Digital, 2023

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2023.04.01 16:09 ConcentrateQuick6806 Shopping street, Me, Digital, 2023

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2023.04.01 16:08 WhatTheFreightTruck Will never, ever buy another Tesla. $1,232 on replacing 4 door handles in about a year.

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2023.04.01 16:08 stvhml When I was a kid, a farmer told me that when he was young and they plowed a particular flat field near a creek, he could see the charred ground from the native's fires. I walked it one spring after a rain and found this. Lower central Michigan.

When I was a kid, a farmer told me that when he was young and they plowed a particular flat field near a creek, he could see the charred ground from the native's fires. I walked it one spring after a rain and found this. Lower central Michigan. submitted by stvhml to Arrowheads [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:08 Confusedmind75 Germany is Breaking me!!

I initially wanted to go to germany for my Masters but due to some unfortunate event I missed one of my exam and my graduation is postponed by nearly a year. During my academic year I was stressed and depressed and wanted to drop out but still I carried on because of my parental pressure. Then an unfortunate event fucked me over and I couldn't give my exam. I met my bf who is German and who helped me to see the brighter side and we thought getting a training in germany would be next best option. So, we searched and searched and applied. We got nothing but rejections, hinting the companies don't want to give me a visa because I am a foreigner. So as time passed and he visited my country we knew that we want to be together and decided to marry. Marrying in Denmark was the best option. Now, marrying would also solve the problem of companies trying to sponsor me as I would apply for residency permit after marriage. And getting a training would be easier. But that wasn't it, I learnt I need to come back to my country after marriage and apply for national visa for family reunification which would take 4-6 months visa process. and which also meant that I would have to be separated from the person I love even after being married . Long distance is hard already and this visa process is breaking me inside. We both are stressed, frustrated and heart broken. Can someone point us any direction that can help us reunite for once and for all.

Note: Yes I at the intermediate levels in German during this time.
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2023.04.01 16:08 MehmetSalihKoten Clash Royale Roadmap 2023 Part 2 - New And Coming In The Next 9 Months

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2023.04.01 16:08 Papa_Canks Boring life + bike = fun adventure

Boring life + bike = fun adventure
Me and the dudes went to Walgreens to shop for a 5yo bday party and get mama some femme prods. Next we went to Chick-fil-a drive thru. Attendant marked me as “blue Ferrari” without having to ask (they know me by now). Now at the park chowing down. Bike life is fun life.
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2023.04.01 16:07 LabLifer2023 Is it me, or is this job getting worse every year?

I've been a tech 8 years. I always thought of myself as a lifer. I'm nerdy and introverted, and science is cool.
But lately, I've been having second thoughts. I'm planning on my first kid this year and I've come to realize my evening shift schedule will mean that I won't be around my kid. My house is on the opposite side of town from the hospital so dropping kids off for school will be a hassle. My work seems to always be piling on more work and no extra staff. I remember taking 30-45minute breaks when I started. Now, I'm lucky to get a pee break outside a 30minute lunch. New hires are starting at a $2/hr under me...I thought I was getting decent raises (3-4%), but the cost of living has skyrocketed like 20-30% in the past few years. I'm lucky to own my home.
My husband has a hybrid remote job, works in the office maybe 1-2 days per week. He's been pushing me to explore getting a hybrid or remote role in the lab. I've looked at tech support, but I really don't want to be on the phone all day. It doesn't seem like there's any room for advancement here either. The supervisor is in her 50s and the manager in her 60s. They'll die before there's a slot. I'm noticing the new hires aren't as good as before either. Like they seem more forgetful, less driven, and generally uncaring about their work. The students we have rotating through the lab are the B and C students, not the A students I remember.
I guess the workload, and monotony have been really getting to me lately. It doesn't help that many of my nursing friends seem to have advanced their careers to NP or CRNA or nursing admin. One of them is opening their own she literally owns her own office. I feel left behind. Like I'm literally doing the same exact job I did when I graduated almost 8 years ago, only more of it, and for less money.
I've worked at all three hospitals near me, and I like this one the most. But I'm finding this job less exciting every day. Is this normal for techs? I always thought I'd be happy in the lab.
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2023.04.01 16:06 Matusz27 Harmful Alternatives. The Experiment Finally CW(Fucking Everyhing)

Soooo.... Happy Fools day!
Bubly Cauliflower this is for you!
Also well, as the title intails this is harmful alterantives, and my general haterade of Exterminators told me they would NEVER let predator go. So enjoy some nice ASHivication.
Also go and read the actual thing, if you want a good ending~ And thanks to them for allowing to use the story
Also enjoy Peacful alternative! Whos author begged me not to do it
And don't read this if you don't like PAIN and SUFFERING
It's just me being a dork, and deciding to fry some human tonight
Next chapter of ENOUGH is today or tomorrow if things go well

Memory Transcription Subject: Officer Sark, Venlil Extermination Officer
Date [standardized human time] August 25, 2136
I swayed in my seat next to my comrades as our shuttle hurtled through subspace, heading to the coordinates that had come with Predator’s Disease report.
The Extermination Guild had sent an entire strike force to deal with this. Between the horrors that this scientist had apparently committed, her small army of mercenaries at her back, and a feral Human in the mix, my superiors weren’t taking any chances.
Under normal circumstances, this mission would also entailed putting down the captive predator down at any cost, but after nearly two months of the Human race breathing down our necks, we were supposed to bring them back if possible.
“Exiting subspace now!” The pilot informed us over the PA.
I ordered my fellow officers to gather their weapons and supplies while I made my way to the cockpit. The viewport showcased a decently-sized research vessel.
“Hail them,” I ordered.
For a few moments, nobody responded. Then a voice speaking in the Kolshian tongue answered.
“This is Doctor Ka of the Kolshian research vessel, the Pasture. How may I help you?”
This was the one.
“Hello, Doctor,” I said, keeping my voice friendly. “I am Extermination Officer Sark of the Venlil Republic. We recently received a report of an individual onboard your ship who has been afflicted with Predator’s Disease. Please power down your engines and prepare docking sequences.”
There was no response.
“Doctor Ka?”
The officer manning the sensors spoke up.
“Sir, they’re powering up their hyperdrive!”
“Deploy FTL-disruptors, immediately!”
Thankfully, we reacted in time and the Doctor resorted to burning her sublight engines at full power and taking a few wild potshots at us.
“Follow them and hit their engines!”
The chase was short and our military-grade shuttle easily overpowered the civilian vessel.
“Doctor Ka, prepare to be boarded.”
I whipped around and joined my comrades as the shuttle docked. The Pasture’s airlock had been sealed, forcing us to spend a few minutes using plasma cutters to slice our way through the blast door. I raised my gun and readjusted my flamethrower on my back as the door finally toppled inward. I ducked away as a storm of bullets sprayed through the breach, one nailing Morop in the head. It was a good thing we’d brought so many officers.
The mercenaries, while certainly skilled, had no chance against a strike force of dozens of highly-trained Exterminators and quickly fell to our assault. I led my team through the ship, putting down any resistance along the way until I reached the bridge. After neutralizing the guards, I burst into the room to find a bunch of surrendering staff and officers, but no sign of Ka.
“Where’s the Head Doctor?” I demanded.
“She said that she was going to hide in the observation room,” one of them said.
“Take me.”
He swallowed and nervously led me to the doctor’s location.
“If you’re fucking with me, I’ll throw you out of an airlock.”
They gulped and stammered about how they’d never try to trick me. They stopped outside a door and coughed. Next to me, Officer Monrew wrinkled his nose.
“What’s the matter?” I asked the Gojid.
“It smells like… rotting meat.”
Monrew had a lot of experience with the aftermath of predator attacks, so it was no surprise that he knew what that smelled like. I inwardly cursed whatever higher power for deciding that us Venlil didn’t need a sense of smell.
They had a sick sense of humour if there was one.
I holstered my gun and took out my flamethrower, signalling for the rest of my team to do the same. The Human was kept in here if I recalled correctly and might’ve gotten loose in the chaos. I’d try to avoid killing it, but it will be hard.
Officer Sudeflen, being a Mazic, easily knocked down the locked door, allowing us to spill inside. There was no one inside. I flinched when I saw movement behind the nearly opaque glass that divided the room. Was that the-
More movement to my side made me turn my flamethrower to meet a Kolshian with a pistol in her hands rising up from behind a stack of crates. For a split-second, neither of us moved. Her tentacle twitched. In a panic, I lashed out and swatted the weapon from her grasp as a shot rang out and embedded itself in the ceiling. She tried to dive for the gun, only for Sudeflen to snag her with her trunk and pin her to the floor with an impossible-to-move foot.
“It’s over, Ka. Stop fighting,” I said.
The Predator Diseased woman huffed in defeat and fell limp, allowing me and Monrew to cuff her.
“Where’s the Human?”
She blinked in surprise.
“Doesn’t matter. Where is it?”
She jabbed her tail to the opaque glass wall. A metal door to the side had been shut tight. At least the psycho scientist hadn’t been foolish enough to let it run amok. A console in the middle of our side of the room displayed a few options. I pressed the button to make the glass transparent and gasped in horror.
A dark-furred, Venlil child lay on the floor with a… monster roughly shaking the poor thing. The predator’s tattered shirt was covered in blood of different hues and there was a crazed look in its eyes.
I heard its muffled voice from behind the glass. I had to put this thing down before it could kill anyone else. I tightened my digits around my flamethrower.
“Sir? What are your orders?”
“Call a medic, now! That child doesn’t look too good. I’ll deal with the predator”
As I waited for help to arrive, the Human suddenly flicked its uncanny gaze onto me, making me stumble back a few steps. Hunger filling its eyes as it studied me.
It must have no sense of time and it was put through horrible experiments, while being fed people, it knows how we taste now. If we bring it back it will tell others what a delight we are, and they won’t be able to control themselves anymore.
From its perspective, we weren’t the noble Extermination Officers. We were food that just came in while it starves.
I pressed another button on the console and heard the door unlatch. The Human’s eyes widened and it scrambled backwards into a corner, carefully dragging the Venlil with it.
“Sir! What are you-”
I stepped into the cell holding my flamethrower tight. On the other side of the glass, my squad mates were staring at me in shock, no doubt waiting for the vicious predator who couldn’t even stand to rip me to shreds.
The Human squeezed itself against the wall as I drew closer. Before I can deal with it, I need to remove the child, it seems to be still alive.
It was terrified to be certain, but Humans were naturally more aggressive than any prey species, and this one was feral.
I stopped as one of its hands curled into a shaking fist. My heart rate spiked as I looked at the disgusting monster, just need free the kid from it grasp and I can have it over with.
I reached for the battered body, but it snarled and growled at me! So… getting it’s food out of its clutches wasn’t going to be that easy. I looked at the kid orange blood leaked from multiple wounds. A fresh wave of disgust washed over me.
I can’t flame them both! The kid is still breathing it can be saved! The beast was looking at me in terror as it should. Soon it will be all over for both us. I end the suffering of your existence soon.
“Sark! What in the name of the Great Protector are you doing!?”
I snapped my head up to focus on a Gojid medic by the name of Visin, startling the Human and making her gasp.
“Wait outside! I am not done! Just need to get the kid out”
The human seemed to calm a little seeing Visin, odd, I guess more food means it won’t starve as easily.
Visin looked at me worried but complied, shooting nervous glances at the Human.
I reached for the kid again, this time no growls, good. Just let me take your snack away and we will be able to take care of you. My paws softly warping around the little battered body before I pulled it away from the human, it didn’t seem angry that her food had been taken away, with confused me.
I moved back and put the little Venlil outside the cell, watching the human stay in the corner, while I primed the flamer.
Now. Time to deal with the Predator.
I re-entered the cell, looking with disgust at the blood covered Predator, eating children. Well, it must be suffering quite immensely right now, what about I free it from it?
A glow of the flame illuminated the room, as I walked forward, I could hear the human yelp in terror. So they are afraid of fire. Good to know.
It didn’t even attempt lunging at me, despite knowing its fate, a ear pricing shirk filled the room, as the flame licked it’s body. Catching the fur and artificial pelt on fire.
A smidge of empathy run trough me, maybe I should just shoot it. Still it was against protocol to do so if the predator wasn’t actively lunging at you.
The screams continued, as the body started to melt, I caught a surprising glint on Ka’s face. Well, we deal with her later.
The smoke filled the room, the screams quietening, as the body of the beast slowly shrunk and curled up, the heat finally shutting down it’s organs. A fate worthy of a predator.
The humans burn their dead anyway, so we just scoop up whatever remains and said we couldn’t have done anything. A little lie won’t harm anybody.
Officer Sark’s Personal Journal
The Human remains were returned to the UN shortly after. The UN was dismayed about us pacifying the predator, but they did received note “she” attacked us and was about to stab one of our members so they relented.
We send all of the documents relating to “Experiment 173” to the Venlil government for processing before it can be returned to the humans.
Doctor Ka was put trough standard tests to see how true the Predator Disease claims were, despite the tortures acts and usage of stamped victims she seemed to have no underlining Brain defects, her name will be scraped from the records and she will be transported to one of the remote predator testing labs.
The child recovered, but seemed confused when we told them what happened. They argued the predator was protecting it, definite deletions from stress, they also seemed to have no fear towards the predators anymore. Defiantly the encounter must have triggered dormant Predator Disease. They were send over for tests, we will see the results in few days.
The predator will never torment anyone ever again.
I never did find out who our contact was though.
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2023.04.01 16:06 HtownBoo 29 [M4M] ASS UP…FACE DOWN… DOOR UNLOCKED

Walk in, lube next to me, pound and go. Must be Ddf and clean. Hosting now near South Houston. Private house. Easy parking.
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2023.04.01 16:06 whozeppelin224 Looking back on my first trip to Italy

Hello all,
My wife and I just recently returned from our first trip to Italy and I wanted to share some of my experiences and observations from our trip that may help others looking to go for the first time.
Here was our itinerary:
March 22-23: Rome (stayed near the Pantheon); March 24: travel from Rome to Positano, stay one night; March 25-26: Positano to Sorrento, stay two nights: March 27-28: train from Sorrento to Rome (Trastevere), two nights; March 29: return home.
The first thing I want to express is my wife and I had an absolutely fantastic time! I was super nervous about this trip as this was my first time overseas and furthest I'd ever been from home, but very happy we went.
Topics I wanted to share:
Mobile Passport Control: If you're from the US or Canada, download this app before you go. Do it. Don't think twice. If the airport you're returning to accepts it, this is a game changer. My wife and I skipped at least a 1.5-2 hour long line at customs and breezed through in about 15 minutes, time in line included. The actual process with the Customs office took less than 5 minutes. You answer some very simple questions in the app, take a photo of each traveler, import your passport information and then once you land, you submit all that information and get a QR code. You scan that QR code with the officer and you're basically done. If it weren't for that app, we would have absolutely missed our connecting flight back home. I will forever sing that app's praises-- it was an fantastic experience.
Research: absolutely do research. Don't just "wing it" going to Italy. I felt like having a general plan of what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it, budget and understanding the travel necessary to complete our trip was huge to our trip's success.
Scammers: one common "prepare for this" I saw before going to Italy was these people who try to give you flowers or bracelets seemingly for free, then ask you for money afterward. Definitely saw them, mostly in Rome, and some of them have some interesting tactics to get your attention. For me, I heard a lot of "hey, I like your beard!" or "Nice beard, man!" We also saw some others who dressed up and would get in a photo and then ask for money after the photo. Just keep an eye out and so "no" or "no thank you" repeatedly and they eventually leave you alone.
Pickpockets: this was another common "prepare for this" I saw before the trip, but we never had an issue. My wife and I both wore crossbody bags and I wore a jacket over mine to hide the strap from behind. I had nothing in my pockets the entire trip, except for maybe my phone a few times, but nothing in my back pockets.
Cars/Scooters/Pedestrians: man, sometimes it felt like IRL Frogger, especially in Rome! Those scooters find any sliver of light and they're going for it to weave in and out of cars. At some crosswalks that didn't have crossing lights, you kind of just walked and hoped traffic saw you and would stop. From that perspective, Rome felt very similar to New York City. Even walking in alleys and streets off the main road could be a fun experience as well with narrow streets and cars or scooters driving your way. I never felt in danger at any point in time, but I felt like I had to keep my wits about me at all times.
Smoking: So. Many. Smokers. This was probably the biggest culture shock to me, and this is coming from someone who has been in bowling alleys their entire life including back when you could smoke there in the states. Smoking was everywhere, except on buses and trains. It's not like in the states where there are designated smoking areas or people try to separate themselves from others while smoking. That really surprised me and I had smoke blown in my face while walking, eating...even with our hotel window open it wafted in.
Moovit App: So, I had heard this app was really helpful in navigating the buses around Italy. I had mixed results. Sometimes it was very accurate, sometimes it wasn't. We also got on the wrong bus (but same number?) once and had to get off and call an Uber because we wanted to get to our hotel and didn't want to deal with a bus again. YMMV of course and some of it may have been user error, but I was lukewarm on it.
Buses: Speaking of buses, that was a wild experience. Some of them in Rome were packed to the gills and then some. It was crazy to see how many people could pack onto those buses. Overall, they were useful and got us where we needed to go, but thankful that neither my wife or I get claustrophobic.
Trains: We took TrenItalia to Naples and Italo to Rome. Both were fine, I didn't notice a huge difference between the two lines. We took the Campania Express from Naples to Sorrento and back and it was fine-- it was more expensive than the Circumvesuviana, but I thought it was nicer and a bit quicker. In Naples, you follow the signs to the Campania Express, but don't go through the gates to actually get on the platform. There is this alcove near the gates where you see people wearing Campania Express shirts/hoodies and they'll escort you to the train when it's close to arriving. But, in Sorrento, they don't do that and my wife and I almost missed our train back to Naples because we didn't realize we were standing right outside of's not labeled as Campania Express anywhere, so just be aware of that. The other issue with the Campania Express is its schedule-- it only runs four times a day, so if you're using it, you really have to plan your entire journey around that schedule.
English: I know this is a common question, so I thought I'd share my experiences as well. I knew only a few Italian words/phrases that I looked up prior to the trip and I had no issues at all with the language barrier. Some people spoke English very well, others knew enough to get by. In my experience, the people who knew the least English was the taxi drivers-- we took three taxis during the trip: one knew a decent amount, one knew very little and one knew none at all (luckily I knew Italian for "Colosseum.") Other than that, really had no issues at all with the language. Funny enough, there were some times like at a store or something where the cashier could tell we were tourists (not that it was hard by any means lol) and I would say "Gratze!" and they'd be like "Thanks so much!"
That's just what is off the top of my head, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Happy to share.
Again, absolutely loved the country, loved the trip and had a wonderful time.
submitted by whozeppelin224 to ItalyTravel [link] [comments]