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Hot Springs, Arkansas

2011.05.24 00:59 SlackOverflow Hot Springs, Arkansas

For all things related to the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the surrounding area.

2012.12.16 01:55 dmonkey1000 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

Calgary Expo brings to cowtown the very best in Comics, Sci-Fi, Horror, Toys, Anime, Cartoons, Wrestling and Gaming!

2023.06.08 17:15 ibnjalkah Which dress should I get? Black tie preferred

Which dress should I get? Black tie preferred
Event is at a hotel in summer. Dress code is black tie preferred. The dress code theme is stars with colors being black, gold, and white. Invite specifies wearing white is okay! I have black heels to wear with. Any other suggestions welcome!
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2023.06.08 17:13 hoteltheyellow Experience Unparalleled Comfort at Hotel The Yellow in Chandigarh

Welcome to Hotel The Yellow, located in the heart of Chandigarh! Experience unparalleled comfort and hospitality in our meticulously designed hotel. From luxurious rooms to top-notch amenities, we strive to make your stay truly memorable. Indulge in exquisite dining options at our onsite restaurant, rejuvenate at our spa, or take a refreshing dip in our pool. Conveniently situated near popular attractions, our hotel offers easy access to explore the vibrant city. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with a delightful and seamless experience. Book your stay at Hotel The Yellow and discover the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and elegance.
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2023.06.08 17:13 hoteltheyellow Experience Unparalleled Hospitality at Hotel The Yellow in Chandigarh

Discover the enchanting world of hospitality at Hotel The Yellow in Chandigarh. Situated in a prime location, this hotel offers a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and elegance. From luxurious rooms to top-notch amenities, we strive to make your stay a memorable experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance and indulge in the finest services that cater to your every need. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, our dedicated staff is ready to provide you with exceptional hospitality. Book your stay today and unlock a world of comfort and sophistication at Hotel The Yellow in Chandigarh.
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2023.06.08 17:12 turlockmike Adults who visit Disney World without kids are ruining it.

When I was a kid growing up in the 90s, my parents took us to disney world, it was a lot of fun, we got to ride all the rides we wanted, see everything, stay at a disney hotel and it was affordable for our modest income. 2 years ago, we took our kids. I make twice as much as my dad did back then and the disney hotels were insanely priced, couldn't afford it. We still got a nice place to stay though, but outside of the parks. But when we went to the parks, it was basically all adults everywhere. The rides that were for the youngest kids were basically empty, but any ride that appealed to adults had insanely long lines, like 3 hours or more. We didn't get to ride any of the cool new rides other than the few we could get a fastpass (or genie pass, not sure what it's called).
Disney world and disney land are for kids. Anyone over 21 visiting that isn't on their honeymoon or with their kids is making the place miserable. There are way more fun things to do, go do those and leave disney alone.
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2023.06.08 17:12 Seadragon1983 A Seadragon Shitposting Skit: Hosting the Super Regionals

Now, for something new and original...
The scene: NCAA Headquarters in Kansas City. Mr. NCAA is in his office and about ready to light up a cigar when the alarm on his phone goes off. It's for the Super Regional selections he must make today
Mr. NCAA: Clarice, can you bring in the sixteen winners to the office?
Clarice, the receptionist, sees that all sixteen characters are here. These are the mascots that represent the sixteen Regional winners from last weekend. You have a few human like mascots, like the Duke Blue Devil, the Wake Forest Demon Deacon and the Virginia Cavalier; and you have some animal mascots as well, like Big Al for Alabama, Sycamore Sam for Indiana State, SuperFrog for TCU and Bevo for Texas. Everyone then comes into the office. It's a nice office with a view of Kansas City from the top floor. Mr. NCAA see the entire group and is amazed with at least two of them being here - The Duck and Eli.
Mr. NCAA: Congrats to all sixteen of you who made this far in the Baseball Tournament. I see some old faces and some nice new ones here. Welcome to the party, Indiana State.
Sycamore Sam: Thanks, Mr. NCAA sir. The honor is mine.
Mr. NCAA: Don't worry about it. Anyway, it's time to unveil who will host the Super Regional Round this weekend. You know the rules: If it's seeded vs. seeded, the higher seed hosts; If it's seeded vs. unseeded, the seeded team hosts; If it's both unseeded teams, then the regional seeds decides who hosts. Got it? Good. Let's begin with the Friday games - First off is Duke and Virginia. Blue Devil, you're heading to Charlottesville.
Blue Devil: Sweet! I gave that clown of a Cavalier two of his four losses at his home field earlier this year.
Cavalier: Fluke wins, Dookie. You aren't getting that lucky this time.
Mr. NCAA: Ah, conference rivals. Brings joy to this old and withered heart of mine. Speaking of conference rivals... Cocky, you're heading to Gainesville.
Cocky: Uh... sure... He spots Albert, sitting in one of the chairs in the office, eating a Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich with a sign next to it that reads "this is your fate, chicken!" All Cocky can do is a loud gulp as he now visibly shaken
Mr. NCAA: I wonder if that bird brain knows that he defeated Florida this season already... meh. Next up, SuperFrog, you're off to Terre Haute.
Sycamore Sam: Hold on, boss man. Can I request that SuperFrog host the Supers this weekend instead of me? I have the Special Olympics coming in and after hosting both the Missouri Valley Conference tournament and the Regional last weekend, there isn't enough manpower or hotel rooms left for me to host. What do you say, boss? We got a deal?
SuperFrog: I'll be a good host and all... oh, and can I barrow a pen from you, Mr. NCAA sir?
Mr. NCAA: Sure.
SuperFrog gets the pens and opens up his checkbook, which he carries around with him (He's old school in that way).
SuperFrog: writes the check for $250,000 Who do I make this out to, Sam?
Sycamore Sam: Indiana Special Olympics.
SuperFrog: Here you go, champ. A $250,000 check for the Special Olympics. It's the least I can do to help out a fellow school.
Sycamore Sam: in shock Wow... that's nice of you, man. Thanks.
Mr. NCAA: Okay, Sam, you're heading to Fort Worth this weekend. That leaves our final Friday game - Eli, you're going to Eugene. Oregon was the #2 seed in Nashville while you were the #4 seed in Stillwater, which means Oregon hosts.
Eli: I'm just thankful for the chance to compete in this part of the tournament. Let's have some good games, Duck.
The Duck: You too, Eli.
Mr. NCAA: That takes care of the Friday games. Now, for the Saturday games - Big Al, you're going to Winston-Salem.
Big Al: Top seed?
Mr. NCAA: Top seed.
Big Al: Best pitchers?
Mr. NCAA: Best staff in the nation.
Big Al: Bring it on.
Mr. NCAA: Well then... Bevo, you're off to Stanford.
Bevo: Okay, I do like my chances there.
The Tree, who is standing off to the side in the office, holds a sign that reads "Good luck, bovine. You'll need it..."
Mr. NCAA: Wildcat, you're off to Baton Rouge.
Wildcat: Never did like going there, whether it was for football or basketball or even baseball.
Mike the Tiger: Oh, don't worry... I'll make sure your visit is worth it. Hey, guys! Get the gumbo pot ready... we got a conference visitor this weekend!
Mr. NCAA: Finally, we come to you two - Seymour and Smokey. Since you were both #2 seeds in your regional, we're going to have a coin flip. Seymour, since you have the better record, you get the choice - heads or tails?
Seymour: Heads.
Mr. NCAA flips the coin and it lands on heads
Mr. NCAA: Heads it is. Smokey, you're off to Hattiesburg.
Smokey: Oh, poo. I can't win on the road this season... let's hope that doesn't come back to haunt me.
Seymour: Sweet! I get to host something... should of hosted last weekend, if you ask me.
Mr. NCAA: Okay, that takes care of everything. Enjoy yourselves this weekend and I'll see the eight winners in Omaha next weekend. Clarice, hold all my calls... As the last two leave, Mr. NCAA finally lights up the cigar he's been holding on to.
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2023.06.08 17:11 Fj6886 Hot wife shared in hotel room

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2023.06.08 17:10 javier_aeoa Millie's first day.

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2023.06.08 17:07 rossisanasshole Behind The Scenes: The West

Hey guys!
Back for my weekly behind the scenes post! Glad you’ve been enjoying these posts, and hope to continue them through the season if you’re into it! Also, I’m planning to do an AMA after auditions are done! Let me know if there are any specific people you want me to reach out to and see if they’d be down to jump in!
I tend to start writing these out before I see the episode and I’m bad at editing, so lol sorry if there are some things that were shown that maybe I eluded to or if any of this info is stuff you already know!
Per usual, I LOVE seeing all y’all’s support. Thank you guys SO MUCH for being so uplifting and kind to us over the weeks!
@amandadoesfood @gigieats @ptgjlove @megan.hays.reid @alaska.lizzie @bigshinytyson @themadamedonut @calvinberkley @wtfkennedy
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2023.06.08 17:06 soggyrats4all Where can I look for cheap lodgings for a week in LA?

I will be spending a week in northern LA and need a place to stay. I cannot afford a hotel room unfortunately and bnbs are insane. I could afford a hostel but they are very far away from where I need to be. Talking to some people it seems sleeping outside or camping is not an option.
Is there anywhere else I can look for cheap lodgings?
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2023.06.08 17:06 Jooles95 How do you choose who to level up first when building a team?

Hi guys! I'm about to hit AR 45, and am trying to prep my team for artifact farming since I'm going to have to face lv.90 enemies in the new domains if I want those shiny 5-star artifacts. My question is, how do you choose who to level up first to carry the team in solo high-level domains?
My team is currently comprised of Nahida for dendro application, Bennett for support, Kuki Shinobu for hyperbloom trigger and Barbara for healing and hydro application/bloom trigger. They are all ascended to lv.60 and carrying lv. 60-70 weapons, but I only have enough books to carry 2 of them up to lv.70. I was thinking of using them to power up Nahida and Kuki since they would be dealing most of the damage, but I have also read posts recommending prioritising support/healing characters to stay alive in domains, so now I'm second-guessing, lol.
I would love to hear your thought process! Do you usually prioritise DPS or support when building a new team? Any and all advice would be very much appreciated! :)
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2023.06.08 17:03 Membership_Worth Stay safe, friends. Make the right choices.

Not long after my post about the legality of AR parts in Illinois, I received this ominous message from a new account. Stay safe, have good judgement, don't fall for these predatory practices.
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2023.06.08 17:03 Fourti4 Experience with floor-based short throw projector? (Optoma GT1090HDRx?)

I need your wisdom on where/how/which projector to add to my small-room setup, please:
  1. Anyone have experience with floor-mounted Optoma GT1090HDRx placed <6ft from screen, horizontally offset?
  2. How far should a floor mounted projector safely be from the screen, to reduce risk of balls bouncing back and damaging the unit?
I have a viewable screen of H:84" x W:112" (140" diagonal, with 4:3 AR) that is 9ft from the ideal ball spot. I have a Carl's 5x7 hitting mat (assuming ~2ft from ball to front edge?). I'd like to place the projector on the floor in Carl's floor enclosure (2ft long). Seems like the lens will be ~5ft from the screen with that in mind, or have it in-line and to the left or right of the hitting mat (angled at the screen).
My top contender is the Optoma GT1090HDRx (but I'm open to alternatives?) as it seems to support ~5ft throw + 30 degree horizontal keystone correction. Would that projector work? Anyone have experience with alternative projectors (ideally laser, not 4k) that might do the job?
FYI: Carls have been amazing at offering me advice and custom small-room setup for my simulator (thanks Taylor!).
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2023.06.08 17:03 acrimoniousdick Question about heavy barrels

I'm wanting to get my first AR and want to make sure it's legal. I live in TN and I'm moving to Maryland next year. So far, I understand that I need overall length of 26, 19 in barrel, 10 rd mags but in another thread I also read that it needs to be a heavy barrel. What does this mean? and how will they identify it as a heavy barrel? lastly, I know I need to register my handguns within 90 days, does this apply to the AR as well?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.08 17:02 HenriPhoto VR and AR company in London.

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2023.06.08 17:01 AlternativeCold6175 Uncomfortable with sharing rooms on work trips

I started a new job, and as the title states, we are being told we are sharing rooms with same sex employees. This trip is 5 days, it will be training- so i don’t know anyone yet, and I’m fairly uncomfortable with this.
In any of my previous jobs I have always been given my own hotel room, a credit card with per diem for food expenses and such, and have NEVER had to come out of my own pocket for anything.
My flights were paid for. But not my Ubers- I’m being asked to save the receipt for reimbursement. Lunches are only provided and we are on our own for breakfast and dinners.
I’m severely disappointed. I wrote an email and was told that will not cover dinner as we eat at home and that sharing of rooms will be the expectation for all company travel (such as conferences)
I wouldn’t mind one night - but I feel like 4 nights is a lot to share a space with a stranger.
I have not budgeted 4 Uber trips @ $60 each or 4 nights of eating out.
How should I go about this?
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2023.06.08 16:56 AstronautMike_Dexter Cheap pet friendly hotels?

Hey folks, does anyone know of inexpensive pet friendly hotels in decent proximity to Deep Ellum and Fair Park? I have folks coming in for South by So What and need a place to park me and my kitties for a week or so.
Cat tax included: my babies
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2023.06.08 16:56 8ungfertiglos 2 week Italian Bike Tour

Hello, looking for a suitable bike tour in Italy for September. We are coming from Germany. Here are some preferences:
- ~2 weeks long
- flexible options for camping or hotels/airbnbs
- relatively flat, ie. no mountains lol
- no dangerous roads with lots of vehicle traffic. Preferably a bike trail, which I know is not always feasible, but if it is a road, something that is more low key.
- passing through Florence, Rome, or both
Something like Genoa to Naples would be nice
Any suggestions? There are lots of different routes suggested online for portions of Italy but nothing continuous which I found.
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2023.06.08 16:56 autotldr Air India flies stranded passengers from Russia to US

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 49%. (I'm a bot)
An Air India plane has taken off with stranded passengers from a US-bound flight after its plane made an emergency landing in Russia.
The Delhi-San Francisco flight had 216 passengers and 16 crew members on board when one of its engines developed a snag on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, Air India said it had sent a ferry flight to Russia with food and other essentials for the passengers.
The airline had been criticised by many for the poor accommodation and facilities provided to the passengers in Magadan.
The Air India said that due to "Infrastructural limitations" around the airport, passengers had been put up in a "Makeshift accommodation" after efforts were made to shift them to local hotels.
"As we do not have any Air India staff based in the remote town of Magadan or in Russia, all ground support being provided to the passengers is the best possible in this unusual circumstance through our round the clock liaison with the Consulate General of India in Vladivostok, Indian ministry of external affairs, local ground handlers and Russian authorities," the airline said in a statement.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: passengers#1 flight#2 India#3 Russia#4 Air#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.06.08 16:55 animallover42069 Looking for clarification on driving times

I have been seeing the comment quite often that driving times are actually longer than google maps says. Can anyone offer advice on how to calculate a realistic driving time? For example, I need to arrive at Portmagee marina by 8:45 am one day for a boat tour. Google maps says it will take 1 hr 15 minutes to make the 71 km drive from our hotel in Fossa. I need to figure out much time I should actually give myself to get there.
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2023.06.08 16:55 Zera1930 Hoh Rainforest

Hey all!! I was wondering in anyone with an ev has done a road trip to the Hoh Rainforest. How long did it take and where did you stop for charging? Did you make it a day trip or did you stay at a hotel to make it a whole weekend thing? Non-Tesla ev btw.
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2023.06.08 16:52 BurritosAndPerogis Explain to me like I’m stupid; how are the As going to benefit us?

Explain to me like I’m stupid (because I probably am) how funding the As stadium will benefit us in the end.
Am I wrong to think i that we will be funneling money to essentially a private company that will never pay back our investment. The rich get richer.
I understand the idea that it will bring more supposed revenue to the city with tourism .. but this is Vegas. I almost feel like we might see a negative effect as prices go up, we price out our gambling peoples who actually spend a lot of money instead of just rent a hotel room, go to a game, then leave.
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2023.06.08 16:52 berrmal64 UK Hotel Etiquette with Children - what is a "family room"?

I'm from the US and trying to book sleeping accommodations in Scotland for my wife and I, and our 3 year old child. When I try to reserve a hotel room with 2 beds in it, one for the adults and one for the child, several different locations and brands that we've tried seem to require a "family room" when the reservation indicates a child, and these family rooms have 3 beds. More difficult is that some places we want to stay are sold out of family rooms but have regular rooms available.
I am finding this very confusing, we do not need three beds. I don't think we have this "family room" concept in the US. If I book a usual 2-bed room, for the three of us, will we denied entry or otherwise cause trouble? Are family rooms just a usual room with an extra, little bed, or are they all in a particular area together for noise control, or what?
Sorry if this is off topic, I tried to make the question generally about traveling and terminology, not one specific company. We are having this confusion with multiple companies.
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