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Foster City in San Mateo County, California

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A place to discuss all things related to life in San Mateo county in Northern California. Covering the cities and communities of San Mateo County, from Daly City in the north, to Redwood City in the southeast, and to Pescadero in the southwest, and everything in between.

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2023.04.01 16:08 ph49 City to sell snowplows to fund Galbraith Gondola

With the arrival of spring, the City is shifting focus from winter weather emergencies to summer recreation and tourism. Today, the City announced plans to sell its fleet of snowplows. Cash raised from the sale of this equipment will be used to build a gondola connecting the pump track on the Bellingham waterfront to the top of the Galbraith Mountain trail system.
After recent mild winters, Bellingham Public Works staff determined the most effective way to remove snow from Bellingham streets is to borrow City of Ferndale snowplows, known as: Golden Eagle, SanderYacht, Jam On and Plowtallica. By borrowing Ferndale’s equipment, the City will be able to sell its snowplows. The City will also start a volunteer program wherein local residents can attach locally fabricated, 3-D-printed snowplows to certain types of Subarus.
The expected $50,000 in revenue from the snowplow sale will be used to construct the Galbraith Gondola. Intended for use by mountain bikers, hikers, dogs, community members and tourists, the Galbraith Gondola will provide an easy connection from downtown Bellingham to the top of Galbraith Mountain, providing recreation access to the more than 65 miles of singletrack winding through 3,000 acres.
“This is just the beginning. After completing the first phase we will establish a coffee shop and a craft brewery at each end of the gondola,” said Arick Jahnsten, Vibe Chancellor with Bellingham Public Works, said in the April 1, 2023, announcement.
“The City of Bellingham has a nationally recognized commitment to biking infrastructure, with new bike lanes being constructed every year. When combined with our community’s support for recreation and trails, and as a draw for tourists, the addition of the Galbraith Gondola just makes sense. The combination of bikes, dogs, trails, coffee and beer is the essence of Bellingham,” he said.
Opening day for the Galbraith Gondola will coincide with the Northwest Tune-Up Festival. Use of the gondola will be free of charge. Operating costs will be paid for by fees charged for parking vehicles at the gondola base: Tacoma pickup trucks and Sprinter vans will be charged $50 per day, while all electric vehicles will park free of charge.
Erica Puce, Wicked Mountain Bike Co-op (WMBC) President, says, “We are thrilled to see the City continue to support the growing local mountain bike industry by providing a no-effort way to get to the top of the world class destination that is the Galbraith trail system.”
The snowplows will be posted for sale on Craiglist, Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace for as-is, no-warranty, cash-only sale. City staff will meet buyers at the Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods parking lots at time of sale.
The City will accept applications from community members interested in volunteering to join the new volunteer Subaru snowplow program starting on October 1, 2023. To be eligible, drivers must be at least 16 years old and have access to a 2003, or older, Subaru Legacy Outback Eddie Bauer edition.
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2023.04.01 16:00 GentleListener I actually saw a post on social media asking when the road would be open so the poster could get to work.

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2023.04.01 15:44 HelicopterQuiet3023 Found this flight

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2023.04.01 15:01 breezeyachts12 Looking For Boat Rentals?

If Halloween has started the holiday season for you then you could consider the option of going on a fishing trip. Both bayside and deep waters are very promising this season. So do not miss out on the latest offers in fishing events and the boat rental services available in the market. There are many firms who have prompt solutions to such requirements.

The popularity of boat rentals is at its peak today with more and more tourists planning fishing holidays. Many places have Boat Rental proved as ideal destinations for fishing and diving adventures. Examples of such destinations are the Grand Lake Marina, Colorado; Florida Keys, Oakland, Alameda, Richmond and San Francisco Bay, The Virgin islands, and many more destinations.

The small firms that have taken up boat rentals have seen a boom in business especially during the holiday seasons. Hence they have come up with more and more lucrative offers like lower prices on rental fares and free packages. So if you are wondering where to go with your family this holiday season, then this could be a viable option.

Most of these companies deal in boat rentals. What about those who have their own boats? A set of professionals are trained to aid you in maintaining your boat, and in any incident of damage during your fishing expeditions, they undertake thorough repair to restore the boat to its original condition. Repairs could be of any type from minor body work to fiberglass repairs to securing the storage locations. They try and maintain the durability and safety of your boat throughout the year.
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2023.04.01 15:01 allChickensFearRice 🇺🇸 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁣󠁡󠁿 Weather for San Francisco, California, USA

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2023.04.01 14:59 Kennybaker420365 Confirmed 🥳🥳🥳

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2023.04.01 14:46 eZGjBw1Z New and Changed Products - April 2023

Usually around the first of the month we have a batch of price changes and this month is no different. According to the "How to Become a Contract Liquor Agent" document, "The Agent must also complete price changes that occur at the first of the month..."
The changes today seem to be mostly price decreases, some with a corresponding change to De-Listed status which suggests they're now "Last Call" products. There are also quite a few new products. I had to separate Vodka changes into its own reply below.
I plan to reply to this post throughout the month if I notice other significant changes happening or at the end of the month before the next update to keep the changes in one place. Here's a link back to what changed in March 2023.
For each category I've sorted by the amount of the price increase or decrease. New products are shown first, then price decreases are shown in decreasing order followed by price increases in increasing order. At the end are products with other changes unrelated to price.
Current product status is indicated on each line as follows. OHLQ hasn't publicly explained what these things mean but I've included my best guess below.

American Whiskey


Canadian Whiskey



Irish Whisky





See below
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2023.04.01 13:42 thewillmckoy How bad will the park grounds be?

Hello Capital City! I’m in town for the Dreamville festival at Dorothea Dix Park and the inclement weather is really putting a damper on things. When we went to the first festival years ago the ground was still moist from the rain days before. Rain on the day of just screams chaos to me. Anyone familiar with the park that could share their experience? Will this be a muddy mess today?
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2023.04.01 11:02 SweetPenalty mother was with her two young daughters when a robber Darryl Robinson, 57, of San Francisco, a convicted felon, demanded the mother’s baby diaper bag at gunpoint in San Francisco’s Richmond District

"armed man approached the 32-year-old woman just moments after she parked in the Richmond District and stepped out of her vehicle with her daughters, police said.
The suspect pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded her wallet. The victim told the suspect that she did not have a wallet. The suspect then took the victim’s diaper bag
happened around 5:50 p.m. Friday. The robber fled in a nearby getaway vehicle driven by an accomplice. SFPD officers quickly tracked the victim’s phone to the area of Golden Gate Avenue and Jones Street. Officers found the getaway vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The driver fled on foot and eluded arrest. The passenger, Darryl Robinson, 57, of San Francisco, was taken into custody, police said. Officers also recovered a loaded firearm. Robinson was later positively identified as the suspect in the Lake Street robbery,” SFPD stated. Robinson is a convicted felon”
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2023.04.01 10:54 Plus-Mycologist-571 Loranocarter+California Visit Place And Enjoy Your Life

Travelers looking for some of the best sites to visit in LA must select the combination of Loranocarter+California since they provide some of the best holiday packages. Consider traveling to one of California's major cities, such as Sacramento, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. These cities are home to well-known landmarks, a wide variety of cultural experiences, and delectable cuisines. Adventurers should discover the state's many natural wonders. From towering redwoods in the north to sun-drenched beaches in the south, California is abounding in spectacular beauty. For outdoor aficionados, Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe are two more popular holiday destinations.
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2023.04.01 09:02 kuro_snow PS stars PS Plus game catalog Must play This month April

Seems the new ones are up today before april has started so if anyone wants to help us out on what the games are for this months riddle please do. These are as they go
Once all of Them have been found, i will edit and put the answers next to the riddles.
Edit: You only need to play one of these for the 50 points to be given. Death Stranding was the right answer for the Conan Cameo. Thanks to u/hoof123 VidzxVega and HybridChasm12
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2023.04.01 08:53 dkl415 [San Francisco 94132] [FS/FT] Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King, One Hundred Torii expansions [W] Luxor, Quantum, Tenpenny Parks, Vindication

Located in San Francisco 94132.
Buyer pays shipping or local meetup. All prices are based on the lowest I found on BGG. Please let me know if you think they're unreasonable.
$20 4-Adventure Island: excellent condition; reset
$30 3-Agricola: excellent condition components, box whitening
$50 4-Agricola All Creatures Big and Small and All Buildings Big and Small: excellent condition
$10 4-Delve: excellent condition
$5 5-Excalibohn: new in shrink
$20 4-Floriforous: excellent condition
$10 4-Hexpionage: excellent condition
$20 4-Hostage Negotiator: excellent condition
$30 4-Journey Wrath of Demons: excellent condition
$30 4-Legendary Buffy the Vampire Slayer: excellent condition
$50 5-One Hundred Torii expansion Diverging Path, Matcha, Sake, Hanafuda cards: no base game but all in shrink
$10 4-Palm Island: excellent condition
$15 4-Plunderbund: excellent condition
$10 4-Raxxon: excellent condition
$50 3-Super Dungeon Explore The Forgotten King: excellent condition components, dings to two corners
$10 4-Terminator Dark Fate the Card Game: excellent condition
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2023.04.01 08:32 Garbageb0yStinkman How to solo the Division Series, by Bob Bell

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2023.04.01 07:38 Many-Mycologist9948 Car and kayak rental

Hey everyone. Im planning a trip to yosemite for next spring with my girlfriend early.
Question 1: car rentals, we are coming from the east coast and planning on flying into San Francisco or Napa. Ive seen links that offer car rentals near the airport that tourists take into the park. Was hoping to see if anyone has had luck with one rental service versus others
Question 2: I was hoping to rent kayaks for a day but am seeing conflicting information online. Some links claim that you cannot rent directly within the park, but can rent just outside or bring your own. Any advice with this is greatly appreciated
Thanks all in advance!
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2023.04.01 07:28 Noy2222 Everything is Fine; No News Today

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a stunning and unprecedented turn of events, sources confirmed today that everything in the world is absolutely fine, and there is no news to report. The global population awoke this morning to discover that every issue, problem, and crisis had miraculously resolved itself overnight, leaving humanity in a state of serene tranquility.
"This is truly a historic day," said a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Calm Affairs. "For the first time in recorded history, we have absolutely nothing to worry about. No wars, no scandals, no natural disasters. It's just... calm."
The lack of news was felt across all industries, with journalists around the world scrambling to find something—anything—to write about. One newspaper in Ohio resorted to publishing an entire edition dedicated to photos of puppies playing in the park. The headline read, "Puppies Frolic. That's It. That's the News."
Economists and financial experts were equally baffled, reporting that the stock market had entered a period of unrelenting stability. "It's just a straight line," said one Wall Street trader, staring at a graph of stock prices. "I've never seen anything like it. I think I might take up gardening or something."
Social media platforms saw a sharp decline in activity as users found themselves with nothing to rant or argue about. Twitter, once a hotbed of discourse and debate, became a peaceful virtual oasis filled with heartwarming stories of human kindness and videos of baby animals.
Even meteorologists were left scratching their heads as weather patterns around the world stabilized into a perpetual state of mild and pleasant conditions. "It's 72 degrees and sunny everywhere on Earth," reported a weather anchor during the evening news. "I mean, literally everywhere. I don't even know how that's possible."
Meanwhile, politicians in every country were seen taking extended lunch breaks and enjoying leisurely strolls through the park, reveling in the newfound harmony that had enveloped the world.
The United Nations, which typically convenes to address global conflicts and humanitarian crises, held an emergency session to discuss how to spend their newfound free time. A unanimous vote was cast in favor of hosting a worldwide pizza party, with extra toppings for everyone.
As humanity collectively basks in the warm glow of universal contentment, experts are optimistic that this trend will continue indefinitely.
"We expect tomorrow to be much like today," said the spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Calm Affairs. "Everything will be fine. No news to report. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the moment."
At press time, a gentle breeze was blowing through the trees, and somewhere in the distance, a bird was singing.
NEW YORK—In an unprecedented and highly unusual turn of events, citizens across the nation awoke today to a world that seemed to have been touched by an angel of serenity, as news outlets reported that, quite simply, everything is fine. "No news today, folks. Absolutely nothing happened," announced a visibly relaxed newscaster, sipping a cup of coffee while lounging on the studio couch.
The complete absence of news, experts explain, appears to have been caused by a series of non-events, such as "people generally getting along," "the weather being mild and unremarkable," and "politicians deciding not to do anything rash or controversial." Confounded journalists scrambled to find anything even remotely newsworthy, but their efforts were thwarted by an overwhelming sense of calm and contentment that had settled over the world like a cozy blanket.
"I thought I had a lead on a possible traffic jam, but it turns out everyone just decided to carpool today," said a befuddled reporter at the scene of a strangely peaceful intersection. "I've never seen anything like it. Even the pigeons are getting along."
In a stunning show of solidarity, rival news networks came together for a joint press conference, where they announced in unison that there is, in fact, no news to report. "We tried to dig up some scandals, but it turns out everyone's being pretty honest today," explained one anchor, shrugging. "We even tried to stir up some celebrity drama, but all we found was a heartwarming story about an actor adopting a stray dog. It's just not news."
In response to the lack of news, media outlets have resorted to airing footage of kittens playing, peaceful nature scenes, and heartwarming stories of everyday heroes who didn't really do anything extraordinary today, but who deserve some recognition anyway. "We've got 24 hours to fill, folks, so get ready for some wholesome content," announced a news anchor as she queued up a video of a baby giggling.
Meanwhile, the internet was abuzz with citizens expressing their delight at the absence of distressing headlines. "Everything is fine? That's the best news I've heard all year!" exclaimed one Twitter user, while another posted, "No news is good news, am I right?"
At press time, news outlets were considering making "No News Day" an annual tradition, though many were skeptical that such a miraculous day could ever happen again. For now, citizens are encouraged to enjoy this rare moment of tranquility, and perhaps even step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air, because who knows what tomorrow will bring.
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2023.04.01 06:56 omegacluster New Music Additions 2023-03-31

Today's additions are:
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2023.04.01 05:28 moderntechguy I'm done being an underpaid and mistreated wage slave. I am going out on my own and never going back.

Before I say anything, remember I’m talking about living in San Francisco where the cost of living is astronomical. Rent is $5,000+ a month for enough room for a couple and houses with enough room for two people start at $1.2 million.
Back in 2014 I got my first job where I made $200,000. I was CTO at a Series A company with a small engineering department of 4 people in San Francisco. I felt rich.
In 2022, I was working as a Chief Software Architect for a Series A company. My base salary? $200,000. The same salary despite having 8 more years of experience under my belt. Not once during the time in between had my base ever exceeded that amount. That’s a 21% pay cut due to inflation. I obviously made more since I rarely only worked one job (and we’ll cover that more in a bit) but the fact that I never seemed able to get beyond that base had really started to bother me.
I always knew I could try to go work at a FAANG or a larger corporation, but I wasn’t built for bureaucracy. I’m a builder. I once heard a story from a friend who worked at Google, who frequently told me the only hard part of his $800k/year job was the interview process. He told me he was once assigned what was described as an urgent task. He completed it in a few days and then submitted it for code review. He then asked if he should work on something else. He was told to wait until it was reviewed. So he waited. And waited. And ended up waiting three weeks……and doing nothing during that time.
Personally, I’d have gone insane. That kind of job isn’t for me, no matter the compensation. So I have always worked at small startups where I can be challenged, stay busy, and directly see the impact of your work almost daily but as you age, life becomes more expensive and the math starts to no longer add up.
Startups tell you your low salary will be made up for by equity. Well, let’s take a look at that.
As far as I can count, I have vested equity in 12 startups in my work history, not counting my own, one of which did pay out handsomely. Of those 12, only one paid out. Change:Healthcare, the very first one I worked at. I was employee #4: Director of Finance and Strategy. I actually developed the math, algorithms, and systems behind their first and premier product. I vested around 23 months of equity. So when they sold to Emdeon for $135 million in 2014, how much did I get? $5,400. Employee #4, two years of equity.
That’s the sum total of cash I have gotten from 15 years of equity working for other startups.
All the other money I earned was from salaries at or under $200,000.
So when I went looking for a new job this past January, I said I wouldn’t accept $200k any longer. I’m an extremely experienced CTO, successful CEO with an exit under my belt, and can write code and architect infrastructure with the best of them.
And what did I find? The worst job market I have ever seen. I applied to over 500 positions to get 5 interviews. Recruiters told me endlessly that my resume was absolutely top notch, but an average CTO position was getting around 1,500 applications. Even though 95-99% of those people weren’t qualified and I was, my resume was getting lost in the noise. Some of the interviews I did get did finally pay more, in the $300-400k range. But for various, and good, reasons, they took a pass on me. I worked several consulting jobs and actually lived a pretty good lifestyle in the meantime, but I was still looking for that anchor job to be stable income.
But some of the interviews were the opposite and seemed stuck in time. One Series C company that had raised $35 million reached out to me directly and showed a lot of interest in hiring me. Even better, they were an API product, my specialty. They needed a replacement CTO. Sign me up! They had a team of 55 engineers and needed someone to re-architect their software. Oh boy, this sounds fun and challenging! So how much does it pay? $225,000.
I’m sorry, can you say that again?
That’s right. You want me to go from a cushy $200k Chief Software Architect job to a full blown managing 55 people and the entire engineering department for a $25,000 raise? I had to stifle some laughter. I also didn’t explain earlier that I was working two other significant contracting positions while working that CSA job, since it took up so little time so my total take home was very high. This, of course, would leave no time for that, meaning I’d actually be taking a huge pay cut.
I gently asked them if there was any room for that figure to go up. They said no. I told them I was a pass. To date, they are still looking. Gee, I wonder why.
So enter this past week’s company, which I will leave nameless. I had two interviews with the CEO and we hit it off very well. He gave me a verbal offer for a much higher base salary that I was happier with that was contingent on some easy factors and also agreed to let me consult on the side. Seemed like a good fit. Then, through no rhyme or reason that I can figure out, he changed his mind this week. The reason he gave was “timeline” saying he couldn’t make our target April 1 start date, but of course the recruiter and I said my timeline was flexible, but the CEO would give no other reason for why he was suddenly passing on me, clearly lying for some reason.
That’s when I remembered that not only was the pay low at most of these positions……while I enjoyed the actual engineering work, the culture was generally terrible. The unending abuse from bosses who expected the impossible or for you to put in ridiculous hours while paying you (comparably) low wages is insane at startups. I have endless stories. There was the CEO who wanted me to move from one hosting provider to AWS in 24 hours. Except we had a 2TB database. When I explained to him it was physically impossible to move all of that data in that timeframe, he fired me. There was the founder who asked me in December for an estimate on his product. I said mid-March. He, of course, added dozens of features in between those dates. On March 15th, he called me up and asked, “So what time are we launching today?” Confused, I asked him what he meant. He said I had promised him that was our launch date and he had told all of his investors to expect a live website by the end of the day. I spent the rest of the day working harder than I ever have to get something out the door working.
There was the CEO who would call me repeatedly at 3am, breaking through do-not-disturb, to ask if I had completed a feature and if I hadn’t, why I wasn’t working. You can bet I didn’t stay at that job very long. No one did.
Then there was the company that hired me under false pretenses. I was hired for a very cushy, low paid job to just relax for a few years. Then my first day came and they told me I was in charge of building a bank for them, an entire new division of the company, all for $165k/yr. Over 9 months, I wrote 160,000 lines of code, worked endless 80+ hour weeks, was doing the roles of 5 people, and was denied raises dozens of times. They eventually burned me out and I quit. And if I had stayed and vested all of my equity for 4 years it would be worth exactly $14,000 today (they did IPO).
So after being lied to by this CEO and being treated unbelievably unprofessionally and disrespectfully, I’ve had it. I’m through. I’ve given 15 years of my life to working for other people’s startups with almost nothing to show for it except a lot of war wounds, PTSD, and admittedly, a lot of fantastic and valuable technical expertise.
So I’m going out on my own. I had already made this decision to some extent but I’m doubling down. My new consulting firm is now my full time job. And today, I’m proud to say we made our first hire. We now have a Senior VP of iOS Development. And he’s a real 10Xer. The best of the best. And I’m not paying him a salary but a percentage of all the revenue he generates (the vast majority in fact) and if he brings in work, he gets part of my revenue too. We’re going to be churning out top notch iOS apps soon, one after another. And no one will be under compensating me for my time or telling me what meaningless meeting I have to go to, or calling me at 3am like some inmate or firing me because they don't understand transfer rates.
I’m done being a wage slave. The only company that ever significantly paid out was my 2nd startup. Well, this isn’t a startup, but I am my own boss again, and my destiny is in my own hands. And I’m a lot more comfortable with that than it being in someone else’s because I trust me a lot more than I trust them.
edit: The most common reaction to this is that I should focus on building wealth for companies and not just my salary. Well, I have always been focused on building wealth first. I’ve added hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars to valuations of the dozen plus startups I’ve worked for. And of course, after I do, I’ve asked for more equity. And of course, it’s always been denied.
The most direct evidence I have that I’ve always been under compensated is what happens to companies when for whatever reason I leave. Quite frankly, the tech side of their business, and frequently the business itself, entirely falls apart and in some cases, the businesses have quickly failed. Others have lost so much money they’ve been forced to do down rounds, losing hundreds of millions of dollars in their valuations.
So I know exactly how much I’m worth and I have direct evidence that I’ve been under compensated at pretty much every company I’ve ever worked for.
Which is exactly why I’m not going to keep all that value for myself.
edit 2:
All of the hard work and mistreatment also gave turned me into an alcoholic. I'm 1,000 days sober today. I spent a ton of money on a bottle of whiskey or lots of drinks out every night that I'd down. Just so you know where a lot of that money also went and how broken I became.
edit 3:
If this post seems weird or you think I might be lacking people skills, people have suggested I might have low level Autism or Aspergers, which might be what held me back, but also has helped me gain my talents. Also why I decided to do pure consulting so I can focus on just coding and not need the people skills as much. Apologies if they are on display in this post.
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2023.04.01 04:55 losingsteam3 [wts] Slabbed modern silver quarters & dimes

National Park Quarter - S Silver .999 - NGC Ultra Cameo
@$25each / x3 slabs available ($70 for the lot) + shipping
Parks/States Available:
PF69 2016 Effigy Mounds / Iowa
PF70 2016 Fort Moultrie / North Carolina
PF70 2020 Salt Bay / US Virgin Islands
Statehood Quarter / S Silver .999 / Slabbed NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo
@$15each / x17 slabs available ($235 for the lot) + Shipping
States Available:
2000 Massachusetts
2000 Maryland
2000 South Carolina
2000 New Hampshire
2000 Virginia
2001 Rhode Island
2001 Vermont
2001 New York
2002 Louisiana
2002 Oklahoma
2005 Oregon
2005 Minnesota
2005 California
2006 Nebraska
2006 South Dakota
2008 Alaska
2008 New Mexico
1951-S / Roosevelt Dime / Slabbed NGC MS67
@$50 + shipping
1953 / Roosevelt Dime / Two Consecutive NGC Serials MS66
lot of 2 @ $55 + shipping
2018-S U.S. Silver Reverse Proof Set 10pc. / NGC PF70 First Releases / San Francisco Trolley Label 10pc set @ $280 + shipping
Lincoln Penny
Jefferson Nickel
Roosevelt Dime
Kennedy Half Dollar
Sacagawea Dollar / Jim Thorpe
Washington National Park Quarters
Pictures Rocks / Michigan
Voyageurs / Minnesota
Apostle Islands / Wisconsin
Cumberland Islands / Georgia
Block Island / Rhode Island
Accepted payments: Zelle(preferred), Venmo (payment between friends), PayPal (Friends & Family)
Shipping: USPS @cost average $5-8 based on weight and location
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2023.04.01 04:21 Ikestrman Daily Pick'Em Thread Saturday, 04/01/2023 Game day

Welcome back to another Pick'Em thread!
This post can be used to discuss your picks for 04/01/2023. If you have any feedback or suggestions on improving the thread further, drop a comment below or message the moderators.
Don't forget: picks must be submitted during the twelve-hour window before Noon EDT on game day, you can only make one selection per day, and missed days count as losses, so choose wisely and don't delay!
Games for Saturday, 04/01/2023:
Matchup and Team Records Probable Pitchers (Season ERA) Estimated Win Probability
Chicago White Sox (1-0) @ Houston Astros (0-1) Lucas Giolito (-) / Jose Urquidy (-) 39% / 61%
Toronto Blue Jays (1-0) @ St. Louis Cardinals (0-1) Kevin Gausman (-) / Jack Flaherty (-) 51% / 49%
Milwaukee Brewers (0-1) @ Chicago Cubs (1-0) Brandon Woodruff (-) / Justin Steele (-) 56% / 44%
Philadelphia Phillies (0-1) @ Texas Rangers (1-0) Zack Wheeler (-) / Nathan Eovaldi (-) 57% / 43%
Atlanta Braves (1-0) @ Washington Nationals (0-1) Spencer Strider (-) / Josiah Gray (-) 67% / 33%
San Francisco Giants (0-1) @ New York Yankees (1-0) Alex Cobb (-) / Clarke Schmidt (-) 46% / 54%
Los Angeles Angels (0-1) @ Oakland Athletics (1-0) Patrick Sandoval (-) / Shintaro Fujinami (-) 58% / 42%
Baltimore Orioles (1-0) @ Boston Red Sox (0-1) Dean Kremer (-) / Chris Sale (-) 42% / 58%
Pittsburgh Pirates (1-0) @ Cincinnati Reds (0-1) Rich Hill (-) / Nick Lodolo (-) 46% / 54%
Detroit Tigers (0-1) @ Tampa Bay Rays (1-0) Spencer Turnbull (-) / Zach Eflin (-) 40% / 60%
Minnesota Twins (1-0) @ Kansas City Royals (0-1) Sonny Gray (-) / Jordan Lyles (-) 58% / 42%
New York Mets (1-0) @ Miami Marlins (0-1) Tylor Megill (-) / Edward Cabrera (-) 52% / 48%
Colorado Rockies (1-0) @ San Diego Padres (0-1) Jose Urena (-) / Michael Wacha (-) 31% / 69%
Arizona Diamondbacks (0-1) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (1-0) Madison Bumgarner (-) / Clayton Kershaw (-) 29% / 71%
Cleveland Guardians (0-1) @ Seattle Mariners (1-0) Aaron Civale (-) / Logan Gilbert (-) 45% / 55%
  1. All columns are Away / Home. Records are typically current as-of the time of posting, and do not always contain the matchup results from the day of posting.
  2. A bolded matchup means that there is a "Probability of Precipitation" greater than 50% in a non-domed stadium at the time of this post.
  3. An italicized matchup means that it is Game 2 of a doubleheader, which for Pick'Em purposes will not be applicable (only Game 1 is counted, but Game 2 is still included above so that you can be aware that pitching management may be different than a non-doubleheader game day).
  4. Probable pitchers and stats sourced from (via the MLB-StatsAPI); weather data soured from the OpenWeather One Call API.
  5. Estimated chance of winning percentages sourced from FiveThirtyEight’s 2023 MLB Game Predictions, an ELO-based, easy to understand ratings system.
Details such as probable pitchers, winning odds, and match certainty are subject to change. Note that a pick for a team in a cancelled game (weather or otherwise) is automatically counted as a correct guess.
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2023.04.01 04:13 Logic_Contradict Apollo City Pro 22 - First Impressions

Apollo City Pro 22 - First Impressions
This is by no means a comprehensive review since this is my first ride on the Apollo City Pro 2022.
I pre-ordered the scooter during their labor day sale. I know, I know... Apollo seems to always have year-round sales, but I think if you keep an eye out, some sales ARE better than others.
So I had to wait for a couple of months for the scooter to arrive as Apollo were fixing throttle issues (mine has the V7 throttles) and having charger issues and dealing with multiple delays with shipping etc. It didn't arrive until just past Halloween, and based on my location in Canada, it just started snowing and the weather wasn't favorable for riding for me until... today.
It drove me a little crazy that I had to wait an additional 5 months before the weather was warm and dry enough to ride it, but today was a balmy 10C and most of the roads were dry, but dusty, with lots of gravel on the roads from winter salting/sanding, but I finally took her out today for a test run, though feeling a little sad that it wasn't going to look in pristine condition anymore.
Prior to riding this, I've had little experience riding any e-scooter (only a friend's Ninebot Max around the block once). I only had a Razor A5 kickscooter that I would use for the past several years as a last mile commuter to get to work since I would park outside of the downtown area. It was a hard wheel scooter, felt rattily, but it did the job.
Please keep in mind that my only comparison to the City Pro is my experience with a Razor A5 kickscooter as you read my impressions.
Before even riding it, the scooter felt heavy, but not in a bad way... more like it felt like a quality build. I rode in eco mode first and I had to quickly re-learn some of the button controls, but it wasn't overly difficult to figure out.
In eco mode, the scooter felt similar to the Ninebot Max experience I had. I just went up and down the block in front of my home going around 20km/h and as I gained more confidence, I started pushing the throttle harder and going a little faster.
Even at this level of riding, the experience was smooth over the little bits of gravel on the road. The suspension and tires made for such a comfortable experience over an obviously gravel-spersed road. With the Razor A5 I felt every piece of gravel and the vibration would make the riding experience so unpleasant, making the Apollo City 22 a massive upgrade/improvement.
It wasn't long before I wanted more from the scooter, so I left my street and turned the power mode to Comfort (Gear 2). The acceleration felt smooth and comfortable until I hit the throttle to max or near max, where you feel the power really kick in. It was so exhilarating that it wasn't long before I went to Sport (Gear 3). At max throttle, I had that "oh sh*t" moment and felt like I had to grab the handlebars hard because the scooter handles felt like they were pulling away from me. What an incredible machine, and this is only a mid-level scooter!
I had a blast zipping through my neighborhood roads with a grin plastered across my face, and a lot of drivers and pedestrians were just watching me as I fly by.
I found the braking to be very sensitive and it didn't seem to match the acceleration throttle response. It doesn't take much for a strong regen braking force to take effect (strong but not emergency-level braking). This took a little while to get used to, and I found that you had to use very little pressure on the regen throttle to get a smoother braking experience. As the scooter slowed down, the regen braking force seemed to ease up, almost to the point where it felt like the regen was doing little at very slow speeds, but that's fine. At those speeds I can just easily stop by stepping down.
I did try the brake levers for the drum brakes and found that it was easier and smoother to control the braking experience than the regen braking. I didn't get a chance to try very hard braking.
It was a slight learning curve to rely on the regen brake throttle because it was a lot more instinctive for me to use the brake levers, but after I got used to it, I was using it almost 99% of the time.
I didn't check what my regen braking levels were at until after my ride, but to my surprise it was only at level 1 (out of 10). I felt like level 1 regen braking is already quite sufficient for most normal braking situations, but I'll have to see what it's like at a higher level.
If there were any negative things I could point out during my first ride, I would have to say that it is the button controls on the throttle. Since it was only 10C outside, I was wearing Fox Defender gloves to keep my hands safe/warmer, but I found that it was a bit difficult to find and to press the turning signals. The moderate amount of force needed to press the buttons made me not want to use the turn signals that often.
I also wasn't sure if the turning signals would automatically turn off, as I found myself having to cancel the turn signal each time.
The other thing that bothered me a little bit was the angle of the brake levers. Brake levers should be angled in alignment to your arm angle, this is how mountain bike brake levers are angled for ideal ergonomics, but I felt that the angle of the brake levers were angled too high. I didn't want to adjust this though as I know there are additional wires for the brake levers to activate the regen brake.

It was an incredible first ride. The speed and acceleration was exhilarating and I think the speed is plenty sufficient for MOST people. The suspension is miles above my kickscooter and the Ninebot Max in terms of comfort, and the braking is plenty strong. I loved it and I can't wait to get back on the scooter again. There were some things that I think could be better, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.
I'll probably do another review once I get a chance to put a lot more kms on this scooter.
THANK YOU Apollo, for making such incredible machines, for being so involved in the scooter community, for taking risks to innovate in the scooter world (and learning from your mistakes and trying to do right by your customers), for putting such a big and long lasting smile on my face, for the eventual saving of money for commuting to work (when it gets warm enough), and for the amazing fun time that I had for my first ride.
I know you get enough complaints here on Reddit, and not many people writing about their positive experiences, let's hope more owners will chime in with their experiences as well.

ALSO, I know I keep bugging you guys about it, but I still want to be on the Apollo Pro Beta program!!!
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2023.04.01 03:59 Load-Patient AITA for canceling plans with a friend due to lack of transportation?

Myself and a friend, who has a toddler, have been trying to hang out (all 3 of us) for about 2 weekends now.
First plan got wonky because I had a prior commitment in the morning that I told her about but we planned on meeting up in the afternoon. I got out of the function half hour later than planned but I was keeping her updated throughout. Unfortunately the new meet up time was too close to her toddler’s bedtime (wasn’t aware of when bedtime was).
We rescheduled for the weekend after to meet up at a park mid-morning since I have a prior obligation the same day at 4p. However, looking ahead and seeing the weather was going to be shitty after we made the park plans, she suggested me meeting up with them at the library for playtime there around 9:30a. I mistakenly agreed before asking where the location was, assuming it would be within the means of public transportation (I don’t drive, she knows this). When I got the address today & looked it up, it was 2 hours using public transportation; which would’ve been 4 hours of traveling in the rain for me.
I texted the night before (today) saying I wouldn’t be able to make it due to the travel time, the multiple buses I would have to take (and most likely miss a connection because public transportation is shit here) and needed to be back prior to 4. I would only be able to stay an hour if that and suggested meeting in the middle or somewhere I can access by T a little easier and was met with resistance. I recognize I should’ve checked sooner, and that she’s tired and was looking forward to a mini break (her words), but I wasn’t expecting her reaction to me not being able to realistically make it out there to be so passive aggressive.
I sincerely apologized because I do want to see my friend and her kid, but the timing & transportation unfortunately doesn’t work. AITA?
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2023.04.01 03:39 XiAAAAAAAAAAAAA You just know this guy was digging for shit like a discount Sherlock Holmes just to find four entire examples of his point

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