Windshield replacement conroe tx

Cheapest auto body shop to replace a windshield in LA?

2023.04.01 09:25 Background_Post_4156 Cheapest auto body shop to replace a windshield in LA?

2020 corolla sedan if that means anything
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2023.04.01 08:38 PaperReasonable4875 Any recommendations on figuring out dash lights? (2011 328i)

I have a brake light that popped up while i was driving a few months ago, I think its because ai pull up my parking brake really high and it might've broke the switch. As per my seat belt light and airbag im not sure, the car is salvage but according to the seller it was a truck backing into the front of the car, which is seen in my messed up hood. I pulled codes and got nothing. Any help diagnosing? I really don't want to buy new sensors and little things just for it to not work. I can post pics tomorrow if need be I will be raising it to replace my windshield Fluid reservoir.
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2023.04.01 04:23 gotta-earn-it [Tenant US-TX] Would you charge tenant to replace this entire carpet at move out? I understand the stain, but I'm told the whole thing is non-savable due to "heavy wear & discoloring from traffic". It was new, we lived there 3 years. Charged $900. Want to understand why it's not wear & tear.

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2023.04.01 02:31 ntn005 Do salesmen make money off trades?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am really curious. My 2020 BMW 330 lease is up in May so I took it to the dealership today for a “pre-inspection” to see what I should get repaired before turning it in. Even though it has a small chip on the windshield, the dealer offered to pay off the remaining balance of my lease (residual + April monthly payment) since they need inventory. I know the dealer would not offer this unless there were profit in it (I am assuming they will sell the car for more than they pay for it). My question is does the salesman get a cut of the profit for convincing me to sell the dealership my vehicle as opposed to selling it elsewhere like Carmax?
For more detail, the remaining balance of my lease is 30700. Carmax is offering me 31500 so I guess I could pay it off and sell to Carmax and make 800 but I dont think it is worth my time. Plus if the BMW salesman gets a cut I would like to help him out since he was an awesome dude. I will probably go back to him when I am ready to buy another vehicle but for now I am not looking for a replacement.
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2023.04.01 00:02 benjaminbuttars 2002 2500HD wiper cowl

I had a windshield replaced and just noticed that they broke my center wiper cowl. I looked online and can find the two side “cap” portions made by dorman, but wanted to see if anyone had any aftermarket groups other than the standard pick and pull junkyard.
Also trying to find part numbers for the 5 or so flat clips that secure the cowl to the truck sheet metal.
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2023.03.31 23:33 Flamewalker_hs My story

It was a dark morning. The moon shone a thick veil of shadow over the tall grass of the town that John called his home; the rain, in its heavy pours, gave the grass its daily bread. He had a list, and he had friends to help him. He’d been thinking about this all day, dreading the moment up to the car ride there. The windshield wiper of his 1998 crown victoria was working overtime, in fact, the entire car was in over its head.
One of the friends pipes up “come on Johnny, it's just the convenience store. How bad could it possibly be?”. The sound of The Encyclopedia's voice was soothing; his words gave John a sense of serenity. That’s why he was riding shotgun
“That sounded like a challenge to me!”. The Derelict’s laughter pierced throughout the car, immediately undoing all the hope The Encyclopedia gave John just seconds earlier.
“I HATE going to the STORE, I just want to THROW EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.” Yelled the rage. John chuckled a bit thinking about the idea of knocking a shelf over and having all the items on the floor. He then realized that it could be a reality and stopped smiling.
The Empath, wanting to help John, said “it’ll be ok John, I'm here for you.”. The empath smiled at John and he saw this through the rearview mirror. John smiled back for a second but returned to his monotone expression, attempting to see through the heavy rain.
“Quit your talking, we’ll be there soon. Sit there and be quiet for just 2 minutes”. Shouted The Authority. Everyone in the car started staring straight forward except The Derelict, who crossed his arms and mumbled under his breath. As the rain got heavier, the store grew near. Before they knew it, John slammed the gearbox. The car has stopped.
When John came closer to the automatic doors, he stuttered. He clutched the list as though it would save his life. The Derelict pushed John, causing him to stumble into the building. Without missing a beat the doors glided back to their starting point, marking a point of no return. He walked in, swept his gaze around the store, then made his way to an aisle.
As he approached the first item on his list, milk, he started looking around. “What is the difference between the percentages of milk anyway?” John exclaimed. The Encyclopedia snapped back “The number is how much milk fat is in a jug of milk, for example-”
“I HATE MILK!” Screamed The Rage. John sighed. He then reached for a jug of whole milk. “Oh whole milk, real fattening; I like it.” said The Derelict rubbing his hands together. The Authority quickly replied, “ No, we get the whole, it tastes better”. The gang moved on.
John gazed at the list once more and approached the next item. He approached the eggs. As he grabbed a dozen his mind started to wander. He looked around at everyone in the store and questioned “How come everyone looks so composed?”. “You should kill them” whispered the rage. This action sent shivers down John's spine as he realized he said that out loud and he rushed to the next item, fruit.
Growing closer to the fruit he saw all of the colors and looked deep inside himself and the walls of the aisle slowly turned into the complex wooden walls of a courtroom. The juxtaposition of the two made John jump but it all felt unusually familiar.
“Court is officially in session. Mr. Derelict, how do you plea to the accusations of high treason?” Belted out The Authority.
“Listen, I don't know what you think I’ve done but without me, no fun would be had. You can't get rid of me!” Shouted The Derelict. “
“Guilty or not guilty, say one before I charge you with contempt of court too”.
“Fine, not guilty”
“You know I’m really worried for him. I don't think he’s this bad.” said The Empath. John thought deeply about whether or not this was warranted and what The Derelict meant to him. If he had yesmen all around him, would he have even entered the grocery store? He stared longingly at one knot in the wooden wall; fixing his gaze on it while allowing all thoughts and memories to flow freely throughout his mind.
“John, are you good?” said The Empath shaking him. “Come on, you can do this!” The Empath said with the biggest grin on his face. Half of the items on his list were checked off. This puzzled John but the same strange familiarity washed over him. He approached the protein and was forced to make a selection. “Reach for that chicken johnny, it’ll get you real big and strong” exclaimed The Encyclopedia. John heeded the recommendation and went with a large chicken breast.
“Exhibit A: while in a confrontation with an officer of the law, this man made a snarky remark making the officer angry. This shows he wants to get hurt”
“First of all, it was funny. Second, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. That officer hated us anyway”
In the courtroom, John’s mind wandered again. Why is The Derelict with me where ever I go, why don't I ever leave him behind? These thoughts of why and how went through John's mind but were interrupted by The Derelict looking at him, staring for far too long. Seconds, even minutes.
“You got a staring problem, John? Come on what kind of chips are we getting?” said The Derelict. “Right right, just get the normal ones.” The derelict threw his arms in the air before saying “Oh come on, you’re so boring, here try these”. The derelict put a bag of spicy Cheetos into John’s hands “These will change your world, they’ll blow your mind, trust me.” The Derelict ripped the bag out of his hands and threw them into the cart. John hates spicy foods
As John ventured onwards he couldn't help but notice that there were more items in his cart than he remembered. He thought to himself, do I always have gaps in my memory? How do I know if a memory is complete? How do I know if a memory is…
“Real. This happened as we know it. Last but not least. Exhibit D: February 13, 1998.
John shuttered. He tried to think about what happened to him that night. It was something big but he just couldn't graspit. “Think about it hard because you are our main witness.” The Authority said. John thought to himself, although it hurt to remember, he needed to. Was it me? No, no, was it? Maybe. No! God, I-
“I can't remember!” Screamed John. “Sir, are you ok?” said a worker from the store. “Sorry, I was being a bit dramatic. I forgot what was on my list!” said John in a shaken voice. The man responded, “Ok, if you need any help finding anything, just ask me”. “That poor guy, he just walked into that, I feel so bad for him.” said The Empath. ”But hey, we’re at the end of the list! That’s cool”. John sighed.
John walked across the whole store, one foot after the other, afraid of what came next. He needed to checkout. He scanned the store up and down for anything else to do but no luck. He could only do one thing. He needed to checkout. “Let’s go back to the courtroom,” he said in desperation. “You need to pay before leaving,” said The Encyclopedia. “What are you doing, just check out man.” said The Derelict. The Authority stare burned a hole through John’s soul. The fright alone made him start walking
As he proceeded down the aisles, his vision became blurry. The halls became infinite. He started stumbling around, almost falling, but not. The counter was found eventually and he got in line. Visions of the courtroom flashed through his eyes. He kept trying to remember what had happened, and who did it.
The cashier spoke up with small talk that John did not care for. “We have NO TIME for small talk. GO!” shouted the rage. The cashier started stuffing items into bags. Their hand was moving sporadically and they stared at John the entire time. The lights in the building were all turned off except the one above them. The spotlight cast a shadow, exaggerating the cashier’s features. Their nose was lengthened, their eyes, invisible. Their cheekbones were sharp as a razor. John couldn't take his eyes off them.
“Mr. Derelict, how do you plead to the charge of. Attempted. Murder.”
John sat up straight. His pupils dilated. He finally remembered what had happened. “It was him. He tried to kill me!” thought John. He found a certain sense of relief as though his life story was complete.
“Would that be cash or card sir?” said the cashier. “No that will be it for me,” said John. “what are we going to do” The Authority whispered to John, “you’re the judge here”. “I never want to talk to this man ever again,” said John. “Say no more,” The Authority said while throwing a gavel over his shoulder and replacing it with a revolver. He pulled back the hammer and pointed the barrel at The Dereict’s head. “Woah, let’s slow it down, you-” Bang! The Authority squeezed the trigger and The Derelict fell to the floor. “Jesus Christ!” screamed John. “Sir, are you ok?” the cashier asked. “No, I'm not”. John said not before looking around. Everyone was arguing and The Authority seemed very proud. John ran out of the store without grabbing his stuff and got in his car, and sped away. Leaving his ‘friends’ behind.
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2023.03.31 23:16 Queasy_Sky_9837 Stress Crack on my brand new Telly windshield

I've had my new Telluride for a month now and got what seems to be a stress crack. There are no dings and the crack starts on far edge of the windshield and now stretches half way across the windshield on driver side. Grrrrr! We paid extra for full bumper to bumper but the max coverage for windshield is $2k and guess how much it costs to replace '23 Kia Telluride windshield! $2 freakin K! Guess it's staying cracked for 2 years, until inspection due. I feel like a stress crack on brand new car should be fully covered without me having to use my added paid coverage.
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2023.03.31 23:12 Mazkarth Alternative to Sonoff TX?

Basically looking to replace my Sonoff TX smart switches, I like the look of them but the wife gets frustrated when having to manually do the touch as they are capacitive touch so still kind of like a button. Is there something in the similar price range with a momentary button? Not really looking to spend $40 per switch
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2023.03.31 22:00 Equivalent_Alps_8321 Safelite windshield question

Hey guys I need a new windshield for my 13 Chevy Impala LT. Small crack but it won't pass inspection I assume. On the far far left side about 3-4 inches. Safelite sealed/repaired it last summer.
Their website is saying $245 for Economy Service (doesn't include new wiper blades). $304 for Standard which includes wiper blades.
"New wiper blades are not included with Economy service. Failure to replace worn wipers may damage your new glass."
Do I really need to get new wiper blades with the new windshield?
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2023.03.31 21:59 Equivalent_Alps_8321 Safelite windshield question

Hey guys I need a new windshield for my 13 Chevy Impala LT. Small crack but it won't pass inspection I assume. On the far far left side about 3-4 inches. Safelite sealed/repaired it last summer.
Their website is saying $245 for Economy Service (doesn't include new wiper blades). $304 for Standard which includes wiper blades.
"New wiper blades are not included with Economy service. Failure to replace worn wipers may damage your new glass."
Do I really need to get new wiper blades with the new windshield?
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2023.03.31 19:20 cabronofamerica Cost of Replacing Windshield Wipers

Cost of Replacing Windshield Wipers
Hey guys, my windshield wipers rubber part has come off. It still clears and cleans the windshield fine in the rain, I tested it.
I was thinking of going to Canadian Tire to get new ones installed. How much would you say is a fiar price to get this done? Also, if you're American or Canadian please specify the currency you are suggesting (for example, $50 CAD, $40 USD). Thank you guys!
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2023.03.31 18:58 tauriel81 Roof Replacement Claim (TX, USA)

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2023.03.31 18:26 Top-Youth-2615 1988 Ford Bronco II: Estimated Repair Cost

First time poster, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is necessary to be replaced/realistic cost of those replacements/fixes. I'm not at all mechanically inclined, but I want to make sure this car is worth it before I buy it. I'll paste the description from Craiglist below (Keep in mind it is listed for $2,250):
MECHANICAL: GOT HOT (1) TIME AND POSSIBLY HAS BLOWN HEAD GASKET. An overall tuneup, fluid replacement, check of all hoses and belts, power washing, etc would probably be in order as it has not been driven much over the last 4 years. For sure needs new wiper blades, and a psg side headlight bulb. All other major engine components are present and appear to be in working order.
P.S. I don't care about power washing or windshield wipers as I'll be doing simple stuff myself, as well as trying to replace the headlight bulbs if simple enough. Thanks!
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2023.03.31 17:06 sandiegotinting San Diego Auto Glass & Tint is the place to go if you're looking for auto glass services. We specialize in window and windshield repair and replacement, making us the perfect choice for your auto glass needs. We have a team of experienced professionals who provide superior service and quality...

San Diego Auto Glass & Tint is the place to go if you're looking for auto glass services. We specialize in window and windshield repair and replacement, making us the perfect choice for your auto glass needs. We have a team of experienced professionals who provide superior service and quality... submitted by sandiegotinting to u/sandiegotinting [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 16:10 daisysgato What could possibly be wrong with this car?

What concerns me the most is the type of work they've done on the car. I'm trying to get a car my SO can use to ferry the LOs around, so I'm trying to find something that won't break down in the middle of the road.
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2023.03.31 15:52 redmondcigar Are any brands still made in the USA?

I have a 2013 Acura RDX that had its OEM windshield for 10 years without any issues. I’ve taken some hits from some fairly large rocks and stuff over the years, but the windshield never cracked. Due to a stupid move on my part, I actually cracked it from the inside and had to have the windshield replaced. My installer is a good guy and looked quite a bit for non-Chinese glass since I’ve had durability issues (Aka chips/cracks easily) in other vehicles where I’ve replaced the windshield. So I’m wondering if there are any windshields still manufactured in the USA for this vehicle? My last resort is to just get an OEM windshield from Acura and have him install it but the cost is high. Thanks for any help!
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2023.03.31 14:57 Thebestriddim Is this a Good Offer?

$4850 as a trade in for a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe V6 with 140k miles. Grey with beige interior. Fully loaded. Faded sun damaged paint on rear bumper and trunk. Scratches on rear bumper. Two dents on DF fender as well as rust. Needs extensive interior detailing and cleaning. Driver side door armrest needs to be replaced. Needs new center console lid. Needs new windshield. Needs new tint on rear window as it has bubbles. Small valve cover gasket leak. Needs power steering pump. Needs new brake pads. Needs a new grill. New spark plugs and timing belt at 100k. AC serviced at 130k. Clean title. No accidents.
I wish I could post pictures, but I tried to be as detailed and thorough as possible.
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2023.03.31 14:28 GTTreeFiddy 2014 Audi S4 question regarding ownership experience and reliability

Hey guys I will be honest this will be the first Audi I have owned, I am looking for a fun daily driver and reliable of course. I done my research on the 3.0L V6 Supercharged and for the most part I am seeing mixed reviews some stating it’s a bulletproof platform and some not agreeing so much, my only concern is the DSG transmission. I would really like to know what you have experienced as owners and if its the right move, the car has 120k miles and from looking at the CarFax it has received all the recommend maintenance mileage intervals and preventative maintenance as well.
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2023.03.31 13:15 superburrito95 Alternator problem, Spark plugs or battery? Details below.

2012 Honda Accord I4 engine, 5 speed. 158k miles
Been noticing some weird issues and here are the symptoms:
  1. When I have the windshield wipers, radio on, lights on, heateac on the cars idel drops significantly. I'd say from a normal 900 ish to just above 500 and it's borderline stalling in 1st gear when creeping in traffic. (1st gear engaged simply letting the car move on its own)
  2. When heateac is on the car trembles in periodically. (Every 20 seconds or so) brrrrm then idles, brrrrmm then idles. Noticeable power decrease. When taking off in 1st gear I have to give it more beans to get it going.
  3. Whilst every accessory is off, and i use both windows buttons to "test" alternator, headlights Noticeably dim, and car does the rumble. Brrrm noise.
  4. My battery is crap, im not gonna lie. It's like grass is growing out of the battery posts lol I'll replace that soon
  5. There is a whine while accelerating on the accessory side of the engine. Not a power steering whine.
  6. About 50- 100 rpm drop while parked and turning steering wheel full lock.
That's all I can think off. I think it's probably my shit battery, but im just a diyer. Anything else I should test while I'm there replacing the battery? I don't have a multimeter unfortunately. Any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.31 10:35 FahaDusk Research Spotlight A Historical Perspective on Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Research Spotlight A Historical Perspective on Zero-Knowledge Proofs
By Zaira Pindado Tost Mar 30, 2023 - Barcelona
Zero-knowledge proofs have been gaining popularity in recent years due to both their capabilities to scale existing blockchains and the increased demand for privacy. While it may seem like the zero-knowledge proof narrative has come out of nowhere, they have actually been around since the 1980s, but were largely an academic pursuit without much opportunity for practical applications. This is largely due to the nature of databases which have traditionally been centralized, rendering zero-knowledge proofs interesting but not that useful. Due to the rise of decentralized databases - in this case blockchains - the applications of zero-knowledge proofs as well as the need for them has skyrocketed.
In this post Zaira Pindado Tost, part of the Dusk Research Team, will give you an expert deep-dive into the history of zero-knowledge proofs, as well as introduction to how they actually work beyond the classic line of “proving something without revealing what it is”.
This is quite a technical article, so if you’re looking for more of an introduction to the concept of zero-knowledge proofs and what they are used for, rather than the math behind them, check out this article by Hein Dauven and this Twitter space, where founder Emanuele Francioni speaks about zero-knowledge proofs.
ZK's are Cool!

Zero-knowledge proofs are used in many practical scenarios, although for many years were mostly a theoretical tool. In the last two decades they have been improved, becoming orders of magnitude more efficient. In this article, we give an overview of the evolution of this tool.

A Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof scheme is a cryptographic tool that allows one party, called the prover, to provide a convincing proof about the validity of some statement to another party, the verifier, without revealing any additional information. Intuitively, having such a proof that a claim holds is equivalent to having received from a trusted party the guarantee that this claim is true.
For many years, ZK proofs were mostly a theoretical tool , but in the last two decades they have been improved with new methods from pairing-based cryptography, exploiting properties of polynomials, hash functions, and many other techniques, becoming orders of magnitude more efficient. Some of them are even scalable and post-quantum secure. Nowadays, ZK proofs are used in practice in blockchain applications as a proof for correct computations of secret elements, or to allow anonymous payments, to name a few applications. They are also used for anonymous identification and for self-sovereign applications. In the following, we give an overview of the history of how this tool has evolved since its origin up to recent breakthroughs.
In 1985, Goldwaser, Micali and Rackoff introduced Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Proofs in their work The knowledge complexity of interactive proof-systems. They defined these proofs as follows; Given a certain type of computational problems, the prover’s goal is to convince the verifier that they know a solution to the problem. For example, the quadratic residuosity problem is a problem that cannot be solved in a reasonable amount of time. Given an element y, we say that y is a quadratic residue mod x, if there exists some z such that yz2 mod x. The first ZK proofs defined in that work were for proving that a public y is a quadratic residue, while keeping the square root (z) hidden for the verifier. Both parties exchange a series of messages until the verifier is convinced about the validity of the statement or the contrary, so they decide to accept or reject the proof. Even though the problem is not solvable in a reasonable amount of time, there is an efficient algorithm associated with the type of problems to recognize if a possible solution satisfies the relation defined by the problem.
The first ZK proofs were introduced as an interactive protocol between the prover and the verifier, where the verifier randomly samples elements to create challenges for the prover and expects convincing answers. For example, in the Schnorr protocol, the prover wants to convince the verifier that they know the discrete logarithm of an element y (knowledge of some x such that y=gx for some fixed public element g). This protocol is commonly used in practice. At Dusk Network we use a variant of the Schnorr protocol to prove knowledge of some discrete logarithm of two elements. This guarantees the ownership of the note of the user who is spending it.
In contrast, in non-interactive proofs, this exchange of messages is substituted by a single message from the prover to the verifier that constitutes the proof and can be checked off-line by the verifier. Being online during the construction of the proof is not very practical at scale or for a system that is live continuously, so a way to allow the prover to make their proof without the verifier having to be online and waiting is necessary. At Dusk Network, we work with Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge (NIZK) proofs since they are more practical and more efficient. In order to use this non-interactive model, we need something that replaces the messages from the verifier, those challenges that in the interactive protocol they send to the prover. We use the CRS model introduced by Blum et al. in the work Non-interactive zero-knowledge and its applications. CRS stands for Common Reference String, and consists of a set of public parameters shared by the prover and the verifier, and generated by a third party. The challenge to the prover is codified inside this CRS, since the prover does not know the secret elements chosen by the third party to compute it. Moreover, each message from the prover to the verifier in the interactive version is hashed and used in the next steps in the construction of the proof. This is done to simulate the commitment of the prover in the interactive version, that is, the notion that they send a message and cannot change it afterwards.
The usability of NIZK proofs depends on the type of problems that they apply to and the efficiency associated with the proof system. Ideally, one would like to define proof systems that allow the prover to prove very general statements, for example Circuit Satisfiability. Circuits encode in a natural way many types of computation. Circuit Satisfiability is used to ensure correctness of these computations. It is a very powerful problem since any other problem that is not solvable in a reasonable amount of time can be converted in an efficient way to one of this kind. However, historically it was difficult to design efficient proofs for these powerful problems. For many years, the only known efficient constructions were for very specific problems, like identification schemes (Zero-knowledge proofs of identity) and shuffle arguments for electronic voting (Receipt-Free Mix-Type Voting Scheme - A practical solution to the implementation of a voting booth).
In the last two decades, this field experienced a big change with the development of pairing-based cryptography. A pairing or bilinear map is a bilinear operation that, along with two elliptic curves, forms a bilinear group. The bilinear structure is very suitable to develop efficient constructions of NIZK proofs with efficient public verification. Pairing-based NIZK proofs were introduced by Groth, Ostrovsky and Sahai in their work Perfect Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for NP in 2006 where the authors constructed the first efficient NIZK argument for general statements in the CRS model. Although this work was much more efficient concretely than any other NIZK proof in the same model, a proof for Circuit Satisfiability requires linear communication in the circuit size, which is completely impractical for most interesting circuits.
The techniques introduced in Groth, Ostrovsky and Sahai were important to inspire the framework of Groth-Sahai proofs (Efficient Non-interactive Proof Systems for Bilinear Groups) in 2008, which defines proofs for specific problems. They presented proofs of satisfiability of several types of quadratic equations with pairings. For many equation types they remain the best alternative based on very weak assumptions in bilinear maps. This line of research culminated with the well-known zk-SNARKs constructions that we explain in the following.
In 2010, Groth (Short Pairing-Based Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Arguments) presented the first constant-size NIZK argument for Circuit Satisfiability, combining techniques from previous pairing-based NIZK proofs and strategies from interactive proofs. Intuitively, since the proof is very small (constant, independent of the circuit size), it is not possible under standard assumptions to extract a valid witness. A non-standard assumption is needed to extract a witness linear in the circuit size in the security proof, as formalized by the result of Gentry-Wichs (Separating Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments From All Falsifiable Assumptions). Therefore, in Groth's work the security is proven under a knowledge of exponent assumption, which is very strong and non-desiderable for many cryptography community members. This technique started a line of research followed by Gennaro et al. (Quadratic Span Programs and Succinct NIZKs without PCPs) and other works that progressively decrease the size of the proof, all of them are based on very strong assumptions. These constructions are called zk-Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge (zk-SNARKs).
Another line of research that makes the proof very efficient in terms of communication under very weak falsifiable assumptions was introduced by Jutla and Roy in Shorter Quasi-Adaptive NIZK Proofs for Linear Subspaces with the Quasi-Adaptive NIZK (QA-NIZK) proofs. They are proven under weak assumptions which is very desiderable, but they are defined for some very specific types of problems. For example, for proving linear relations in a group. This is the drawback they have, but they are very efficient since they consist of just one group element.
In practice, we need a proof that fits the problems we want to prove that we have a solution for. The more flexible they are, the better. This is why we choose to work with zk-SNARKs even though their security is proven under very strong assumptions, because it is compensated by the very small proof and they allow us to work with general statements. A drawback of all NIZK proofs is the need of a trusted third party who creates the CRS. This CRS was dependent on the circuit in the first generation of SNARKs, so a new CRS had to be produced for each different circuit. This is very impractical, due to the large size of the CRS.
In the last two decades, a lot of effort has been made to decrease the trust in this third party. Moreover, a lot of new constructions have been presented in different lines of research. In the newest zk-SNARKs, the CRS is universal in the sense that it can be reused for any other circuit, or if the user does not trust it, they can update it. There is another part of the CRS that depends on the circuit and the user derives it from the universal CRS. An example of this is PLONK, the zk-SNARK used in Dusk Network for proving the correct computations in the circuits. In other constructions like STARKs or Bootle et al. (the work that Bulletproofs is based on) presented during these years there is no need for the CRS being created with any structure, just random elements. They use other types of assumptions, but they are still defined for the correctness of a circuit and also different problems. However, we prefer PLONK because it has constant size and constant verification. We have the same performance in general terms in the other pairing-based zk-SNARKs, which remain the best choice in terms of efficiency. STARKs and Bootle et al.-based constructions remain the best choices in terms of weaker assumptions and no need for a trusted third party to create a structured CRS.
More articles like this will come in the following weeks where we will talk more about the Common Reference String (CRS) of NIZK proofs, cryptographic assumptions and circuits.
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2023.03.31 08:39 michailjeck Know About Locksmith

Not allowing it easily, you leave situate your auto and lock the doors in a hurry to get outside and down from the cold wave, wet Chicago rainfall. After finishing your business, you go out to your auto to get it ready to warm- up. After searching frenetically through your pockets or your bag, and after going back to the store you just came from, you realize that you have locked your keys inside your auto. exacerbating as this situation is, calling a locksmith will ease your mind.
With the heavy essence buses of the once sluggishly abating, utmost people own buses that are more electronic than anything different. Having a locksmith in Chicago that can acclimatize and extemporize to your vehicle's specific requirements can go a long way to making your experience less stressful. A Chicago locksmith should be knowledgeable of the areas and rainfall conditions that can make locking keys in autos more dangerous. This knowledge can help you get back into a warm auto rather than staying for hours for someone to come and help. Having a company that provides 24-hour exigency walkout service is imperative. No bone plans on locking themselves out of an auto, so having access at all times is imperative.
Advantages of Chicago locksmith services
utmost Chicago grounded locksmith companies have advanced state-of-the-art capabilities within their vehicles. Since utmost buses have an electronic element, the capability to get a transponder key made is a big consideration. utmost Chicago locksmith vehicles carry everything they need to give speedy and accurate service to their guests. They indeed have the outfit for security concentrated ray-cut keys. This is a must-have for a company to have so that high-quality vehicles can be penetrated without harming the surface of the vehicle in any manner. Conserving the integrity of your vehicle should be important to the locksmith that you contract with. No company should damage your vehicle while aiding you.
While being a locksmith in Chicago requires excellent service for helping people get into their locked buses, they also offer numerous other helpful services. Locksmiths are able of helping to recoup broken keys out of cinches, a common problem in Chicago's cold rainfall. They can fully replace automotive cinches, as well as help guests get into their caddies. numerous of these issues do when the rainfall is bad and the cinches are firmed. still, indeed on hot days in Chicago, you may find you need help getting your battery jumped. numerous people from colder climates forget to add fluids during the warmer seasons. While you may noway need to call a locksmith, you should always be prepared with the name and phone number of a company that can help you.
Related to auto strikes are some other common auto key issues. Your key might be stuck in the ignition, and try as you might, you can not get it liberated. Or you accidentally break the auto key while it's switched on. Or you may have lost your auto keys and need a new ones now! In any of these situations, it's stylish to ask for help from a bus locksmith. They're trained to use specific tools that can remove the key safely without causing further damage to the auto. From rekeying, and reprogramming transponder keys and fobs to birth- professionals can get the work done snappily.
Whatever type of situation you want to prepare for, make sure you find a trusted locksmith near you. quadrangle metropolises Locksmith is a trusted locksmith service in the Quad metropolises area. With their professional service, you will not have to worry about your coming exigency. They're then to give the most dependable and top-notch mobile locksmith services, and they're only a call down.
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2023.03.31 06:43 nootkallamas Trade up! Goodbye Hyundai, hello Honda.

Trade up! Goodbye Hyundai, hello Honda.
Traded in my 2021 Elantra Ultimate with tech for a new 2023 Honda Accord Touring. Drove it for 4 hours today already.
Sadly there's a factory windshield defect, somebody put their hand on the inside of the windshield before it was sealed. Dealer was up front, and we're really apologetic for the issue - they will be replacing my windshield asap. Awesome service for a sucky situation.
Loving the car so far, Elantra was paid for in full so I didn't lose anything trading up.
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