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2014.01.07 20:22 blogad4 Steam Giveaways

Feeling generous? Have an unclaimed Steam key? Want to reap that glorious karma from gluttonous gamers? steam_giveaway is the place for you! Here, users (givers) announce giveaways that other users (takers) can enter in to win Steam game codes.

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Get the latest Airbnb Codes and coupon codes Sign up through the referral links in the pinned posts with a new email address and set up your Airbnb account.Then Book your first trip of 70-75$ minimum to get the discount before paying on the Airbnb platform. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!

2023.05.29 04:45 SuperBankOfferMan Open Wings Acct get $300 Bonus plus $50 for referral - DD Debits REQ - Ends 5/31

Summary: Cannot have previously received a new account bonus offer (ever). Offer requires $600 in recurring direct deposits, 5 debit purchases, and signing up for e-statements within 60 days. Additional $50 (visa gift card) requires pre-registering with my referral link.
1) Firstly, to get the additional $50 sign up with the email and other info you will use to open your account, here: 2) Once enrolled open your account here: , keep track of your member number, you need it to enroll in the online access. 3) Enroll online here; 4) After signing in online, sign up for estatements by going to Member Services > Benefits > eDocuments. 5) Setup direct deposit of at least $600 within 60 days. 6) Make at least 5 debit transactions ($25 or more), pin or signature. 7) Bonus will pay by 8/1/23.
My other referrals can be found by clicking My Referrals on my profile:
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2023.05.29 04:45 Angsty-Loser Game has not launched for weeks

I made a post a little while ago but I wasn't clear in that one. I have been trying to play ESO for a few weeks now, picked up the game a month ago and it worked fine but now it won't launch. The only thing that has changed was that I moved and had been launching the game on a different system to collect my dailies and now that my PC is set back up in my new place I cannot get my game to launch. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall, I have deleted all the game files and the doc files and reinstalled, I have tried repairing in the laucher and in steam, I have checked my firewall and reset my router, and I have even launched the game on the other system no problem but still everytime I click play the button greys out and I see the .exe pop up in my task manager having 0% usage and then it disappears. Any help would be appreciated I cannot understand what is up with it.
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2023.05.29 04:45 leedsreeds Question about sleep

If I want to start consistently waking up at 5am, what time/s should I consider settling down for the night before? I’ve recognised it’s incredibly hard to wake up when it’s still dark out so taking that into account too. Also any tips regarding sleep hygiene are appreciated, my sleep has been awful as of late and it’s affecting all parts of my life.
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2023.05.29 04:45 Cyberfreshman Washed out backing vocals from reverb return... using single m32 for foh and IEM’s. Looking for a possible explanation and solutions.

So I set all my reverb sends for foh, roughly same fader level until it sound just right... most of the time maybe a third of the way up on the fader. However, to get the singers to hear their own reverb in their iems the return faders have to be at almost unity, roughly the same for every singer as well. This seems to wash out the other singers going to each bus with a ton of reverb while the reverb on the singers who’s bus it is is barely noticeable. Is there a solution to this? I feel like I’m not understanding something... or is this the result of using one console for foh and iems? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 04:45 Adrian-266 [M26] [UK, BRAZIL] Its Adrian [CHAT] - Looking for Vitoria

Message me here vitoria, its Adrian. Lost my other account
Hi, I am Adrian, 26 and from the UK. Been having a rough few days, especially recently and have the week off work and nothing planned. So thought to meet new people and chat. Learn about someone and keep each other company. Looking for some relaxed and chill chats, long or short term. Mainly looking for girls. Can be from anywhere, come and introduce yourself. Creeps and weirdos will be blocked
To start us off, message with your name, age and where you are from.
Pros - cons of me:
I am a great cook - I will force you to eat my cooking
I am a great listener - I will get you to overshare
I like to cuddle - I will not let go
Great at conversating - Will keep you up all night
Have some of the cutest puppies youll ever see - Covered in dog hair most of the time
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2023.05.29 04:44 SuperBankOfferMan Open Wings Acct get $300 Bonus plus $50 for referral - DD Debits REQ - Ends 5/31

Summary: Cannot have previously received a new account bonus offer (ever). Offer requires $600 in recurring direct deposits, 5 debit purchases, and signing up for e-statements within 60 days. Additional $50 (visa gift card) requires pre-registering with my referral link.
1) Firstly, to get the additional $50 sign up with the email and other info you will use to open your account, here: 2) Once enrolled open your account here: , keep track of your member number, you need it to enroll in the online access. 3) Enroll online here; 4) After signing in online, sign up for estatements by going to Member Services > Benefits > eDocuments. 5) Setup direct deposit of at least $600 within 60 days. 6) Make at least 5 debit transactions ($25 or more), pin or signature. 7) Bonus will pay by 8/1/23.
My other referrals can be found by clicking My Referrals on my profile:
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2023.05.29 04:44 Odd_Lawfulness4714 Hate Has No Place In EVE

As a woman in gaming (especially as an Asian woman,) I already face a disappointing amount of harassment. I’ve flown as a member of Fraternity (specifically Fuxi) for a few years, not by choice but because it is really the only large community active in Chinese. During this time I have faced near constant harassment of a sexual nature and racial/ethnic discrimination and hostility from the many within the player base and have seen others face similar abuse. In no community is this more prevalent than Fraternity itself where players are often targeted for their nation of origin, ethnicity, race, language spoken, sexual orientation, age, gender, and any other difference people can find about someone. I have talked to many players and community leaders who have brought concerns about this behavior to Alliance and Corporation leaders who have outright ignored this treatment of their player by other members. I have personally talked to leadership and been brushed off numerous times or outright ignored. Fraternity is not the only group which harbors these types of players but it is seemingly the largest concentration and the only major group that routinely tolerates this type of behavior. I can no longer count the number of times I’ve been called racial slurs for being Korean or been bombarded by sexual messages. Near daily instances of Harassment by players from PRC towards those living in MTA nations (oftentimes other Chinese) is disgusting and completely unacceptable. Real life politics have no place in EVE, this is a game where many people go to get away from IRL problems and the harsh reality of our world. If you cant respect this you shouldn't be playing the game or certainly shouldn't be seeking out people who live in a nation you don't like just to harass them.
I’m done. I refuse to be subjected to this type of harassment and know that I am not alone in these feelings. I’m permanently leaving Fraternity and the EVE online community for good. I will not play a game in which I have to deal with those type of behavior and witness others be subjected to verbal abuse while those around us refuse to step in and do something. I encourage the wider EVE community and playerbase to make a clear stance against this type of behavior and to distance themselves from anyone engaging in it, supporting it, downplaying it, or defending those who practice this behavior. Disassociate and distance yourself and your alliances from any groups or individuals who have a role in this. DO THIS PUBLICLY, do not hide behind closed doors, make it clear to the world your commitment to a safe environment for players, put out announcements, statements, whatever the hell you want so long as you make this clear to all! To those who are victims, I implore you to leave Fraternity or any other groups that allow this behavior or refuse to take steps to prevent it. I ask that other groups open your doors to these players who choose to leave and allow them an environment where they can simply enjoy their time in New Eden. I hope that the EVE community, the leaders of the major Nullsec alliances, and CCP themselves can address this situation and take active steps to eliminate this problem from the game.
To my brothers and sisters in Fuxi, ChuangShi, Snowmoon City, or other Corporations who feel mistreated I recommend heading to Knavish if you want to keep more or less the same blues or if you want to blow up some bigots I heard some members are planning to build a corp with the Volta/GoonSwarm coalition. To help convey the severity of this problem I encourage those who have been mistreated and discriminated against to come forward and share their own stories with the community. You are not alone in this!
I don't intend to come back to this account (as this is a throwaway for privacy reasons) but for any CCP people, GMs, or CSM members that can do something about this or help get this to the right people to help enact meaningful change in game, I am willing to be more in depth and provide pictures of the treatment received on QQ, EVE, and other platforms.
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2023.05.29 04:44 MagicNMonsters Lore for my game "Magic N Monsters: Legion Commander"

The lore is: In ages past, when the universe was but an infinite expanse of emptiness, there existed only the void - known to all as "the Omnia." At the heart of this great emptiness, a power unfathomable stirred and churned, its essence coalescing into a singular point of immeasurable strength, aptly named "the Core of the Omnia." And so, the Core sat at the heart of all existence, its power radiating outwards, holding dominion over all that could ever be. Yet, in a moment that was both ancient and fleeting, a force beyond comprehension - abstract and unyielding - collided with the Core, causing the tiniest sliver of its essence to shatter and break away. Thus was born the first of the divine, a being of immense potential and great fragility - the god Privus. And yet, even as Privus began to take shape, he found himself weakened by his own nature, unable to withstand the might of the Core's power. And so, he began to draw strength from it, his being sustained by the very essence of the Omnia itself. Yet, this act was not without consequence, for each time he drew upon the Core, a small fragment would break away, threatening to shatter the whole. It is worth noting, however, that the Core was not a creature, but rather an object of immense power and significance, a force to be reckoned with for all time. As Privus continued to draw upon the Core, his power grew beyond measure, and with it, he crafted the four realms. The first was Moun, a land of magic and spells, and home to the second of the divine - Luna, the daughter and avatar of Privus himself. Uver was the second realm, a place akin to a heaven, where the god Bonum reigned supreme, believed by its inhabitants to be a paragon of all that was good and just. Yet, this perception was far from the truth, for Bonum was the enemy of the next god I will speak of - Corumpo, who was known for his malevolence and corruption. The third realm, Onder, was a land of darkness and despair, ruled by the malevolent Corumpo, whose unending conflict with Bonum kept the realm in a state of perpetual chaos and ruin. And finally, the fourth realm was Ourth, a place akin to the earth that we know, and the setting of the majority of this ancient and mysterious tale. It was once home to a god, but he died shortly after his creation by Luna, leaving behind only the memory of his existence, and a name that would forever be remembered as Mortum - meaning dead. As Privus continued to shape the four realms, he realized that each one needed a powerful artifact to contain and channel their respective energies. And so, he created four gems - Gemna Moun, Gemna Uver, Gemna Onder, and Gemna Ourth - each imbued with a portion of the realm's power. But Privus knew that the full potential of these gems could not be realized on their own. And so, he gathered the last remaining fragments of the Core of the Omnia and melded them together to create a casing that would fit all four gems. This artifact was known as the "Gemna Omnia" - a vessel of immense power that could harness the very essence of the realms themselves. Legend tells that if one were to gather all four gems and place them within the Gemna Omnia, the resulting power would be nearly ultimate in nature, capable of shaping reality itself. Yet, such power is not to be trifled with lightly, and those who seek to harness it must be prepared to pay a steep price for their ambition. In the beginning, Corrumpo and Bonum worked together, wielding the power of the Gemna Omnia to seal away Privus and take control of the realms for themselves. However, their partnership was short-lived, as the two gods became embroiled in an endless struggle for ultimate power and domination. Yet, there was one who remained hopeful and steadfast in the face of this chaos - Luna. The daughter and avatar of Privus, Luna worked tirelessly to locate the lost gemnas and someday free her father from his prison. But the four realms were not just home to warring gods and ancient artifacts - they were also filled with magic and monsters beyond imagining. And it is within this world of wonder and danger that the story of "Magic N Monsters" unfolds. As for Mortum - the god who was said to have died immediately after his creation by Luna - rumors persist that he may not be truly dead, but rather, slumbering in some forgotten corner of the realm, waiting for the right moment to awaken and reclaim his place among the gods. But only time will tell if this is mere myth or the truth of the matter. In the twilight of Privus' reign, just before his fateful imprisonment, he bestowed upon the world a race of creatures known as the Wizo. These beings, fashioned in the image of their creator, were a formidable race of goblin mages, gifted with an inherent connection to the arcane arts. Privus intended for them to inhabit the magical realm of Moun, where their potential could be nurtured and their power unleashed. Within the vibrant and mystical confines of Moun, the Wizo thrived, their existence intertwined with the very fabric of magical energy that permeated the land. As the Wizo delved deeper into the arcane mysteries, they absorbed the dense magical power of Moun itself, forging a unique bond with their realm that set them apart from all other beings. It was this connection that allowed them to withstand the overwhelming magical forces that pulsed through Moun, while others succumbed to its potent currents. However, the tranquility of Moun was shattered when Corrumpo and Bonum, wielding the Gemna Omnia, banished Privus into eternal imprisonment. The intensity of their actions rippled through the realms, causing a cataclysmic event known as the Great Crack of Realms. The very fabric of existence trembled under the weight of the cosmic forces unleashed, creating fractures and rifts that tore through the boundaries of the realms. Amidst the chaos, the Wizo, recognizing the imminent danger, rallied together and made the audacious decision to migrate to the realm of Ourth. With their connection to Moun severed, they embarked on a treacherous journey, traversing the tumultuous cracks and shifting landscapes that marked the aftermath of Privus' banishment. Many Wizo perished during this arduous exodus, their power greatly diminished by the separation from their magical homeland. Over the course of countless millennia, the Wizo who settled on Ourth gradually lost much of their original might and prowess. The dense magical energies of Moun, once their lifeblood, dissipated over time, leaving them as mere echoes of their former glory. However, whispers and legends persist, hinting at the existence of a remnant Wizonian race still dwelling in the hidden recesses of Moun. According to these tales, secluded from the prying eyes of other realms, this secluded group of Wizo has thrived, harnessing the residual magical energies that have intensified over the millennia. Untouched by the ebb and flow of time, these true Wizonians are said to have regained and even surpassed the power that their brethren on Ourth lost. Their arcane mastery is said to be unmatched, as they have delved into secrets long forgotten and tapped into ancient sources of magical might. Legends speak of their dominion over Moun, where they guard the remnants of Privus' legacy, hidden amidst the enchanting landscapes of the realm. It is whispered that those who dare seek out the Wizonians may find themselves confronted with unimaginable wonders and formidable challenges, for their power and knowledge have been honed to perfection. Yet, these accounts remain as rumors and tales woven through the tapestry of time. Whether the true Wizonian race of Moun is a product of imagination or a tantalizing truth awaiting discovery is a mystery that continues to intrigue and fascinate all who venture into the mystical realms of "Magic N Monsters." From the depths of Onder, as the Great Crack of Realms fractured the boundaries of existence, emerged a remarkable race of sentient beings known as the Pyvul. Born of fire and forged in the cauldron of chaos, they were the embodiment of flickering flames given life and consciousness. Initially, as they found themselves thrust into the realm of Ourth following Privus' banishment, the Pyvul were feeble and vulnerable. Stripped of their original fiery essence, they appeared as mere embers struggling to endure amidst a foreign world. Yet, over time, the scattered remnants of these primal beings began to coalesce and merge, gradually growing stronger and more resilient. It was through this merging process that the Pyvul took on new forms and identities, diverging from a unified name to become distinct lifeforms with unique characteristics. They no longer identified themselves as Pyvuls in the conventional sense, instead adopting titles and names that reflected their individual nature and power. Each merged entity was a testament to the strength and adaptability of their kind. However, not all Pyvul desired to merge. Some retained their individuality and independence, opting to forge their path without the need for amalgamation. These individuals, referred to as the Independent Pyvuls, clung to their original name and retained their unique essence. While they remained relatively weaker compared to their merged brethren, they possessed an unyielding spirit and the potential for their own evolution. As time passed, some Independent Pyvuls discovered a means to tap into dormant sources of power within themselves. Through intense self-reflection and mastery of their fiery nature, they evolved, unlocking abilities and strengths that set them apart from their merged counterparts. Although not reaching the pinnacle of power achieved through merging, they became formidable entities in their own right, harnessing flames that burned with an intensity unmatched by most. Thus, within the realms of Ourth, the Pyvul flourished in their diverse forms and expressions. The merged Pyvuls, each a fusion of countless fiery souls, commanded immense power and shaped the very landscape around them. Meanwhile, the Independent Pyvuls, carving their own path, exhibited strength and prowess that defied their initial fragility. In the realm of "Magic N Monsters," the Pyvul stand as a testament to the transformative forces of fire and the boundless possibilities of existence. Whether merged or independent, they illuminate the world with their luminous flames, each carrying a story and purpose uniquely their own.
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2023.05.29 04:44 tehchives Help Build the WhyDRS Database! What is it, what it's used for, why it's important, and how to contribute.

Help Build the WhyDRS Database! What is it, what it's used for, why it's important, and how to contribute.

Want to jump straight to the database, or know more about how to contribute? Skip to the bottom!

The Context

Interest in the Direct Registration System (DRS) was niche up until 2021, when GameStop investors became aware of this holding option. Use of DRS allows for investors to hold stock in their own name as the legal title holder and be listed directly on the issuer's ledger, as opposed to the traditional method for investors in U.S. publicly traded companies - holding through a broker in 'street name', where the actual owner is Cede and Company.
Holding in one's own name is not for all investors, but carries unique benefits which may be appealing to some such as long term and value investors. Legal title holders communicate directly with the company, can more easily submit shareholder proposals and gain access to the stock list, and know that their shares can't be lent without their consent.
Although information regarding the Direct Registration System and individual publicly traded stock is generally available, it is scattered and can be hard to find and to parse. The WhyDRS Database Project intends to gather everything in one place, and make it easy for any investor to get direct access to static information about their investment and how to own securities in their own name.
All DRSGME and WhyDRS tools are created by volunteers, are free use for everyone, and aim to be continually improving.

What is it?

The WhyDRS Database provides information about the 11,000+ U.S. publicly traded companies, including but not limited to:
Stock symbol, exchange, name, Transfer Agent, DTC member #, IR contact information, shares outstanding, CIK, CUSIP, and if the company provides DRS information in financial filings.
WhyDRS has been built with scalability in mind, and site resources and pages build out from this central data hub. Transfer Agents and Brokers/Central Security Depositories are also listed in the Database.

What the Database is used for

DRS Request Template
The DRS request template is the crown achievement of the Database so far. A user who desires Direct Registration for their securities is able to enter any stock and any broker, and be provided relevant data to help organize their request. Different brokers, issuers, and transfer agents can have varying procedures in how to begin the direct registration process. Gathering this information and providing it to users sets them up for success. This tool does not directly submit any request, nor save any data.
Investor Relations Outreach Tool
Generates a mailto: prompt which allows users to choose any issuing company for IR outreach. An email window can be opened to send a request to an issuer to provide more information about DRS in its filings. The tool reads the IR email, company information and whether the issuer already provides DRS info from the database. No user data is collected - the mailto: command is used.
Transfer Agent, Broker, and Issuer Landing Pages
Currently each of the major 5 transfer agents have their own landing page, with contact information provided by the database. These landing pages have unique URLs for ease of sharing. Broker and Issuer landing pages are in development and will launch after more data has been collected.

Why the Database is Important

It's not right for information to be kept from curious investors, and it's not fair when middlemen try to monetize access to information which is supposed to be public. WhyDRS is trying to even the playing field and make it easier for retail investors to compete.
For example: if the database had every email from every issuer, and each directly registered investor requested their companies to “please include DRS numbers in 10K and 10Q’s” that alone could start to change the market for the better. It is possible that the main reason issuers don’t disclose numbers is because they don't realize it is desired by their shareholders. "I think an issuer makes disclosures that their investors find material - and engaging with issuers as you have may change what they think that investors find material."said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler.
Investors can’t ask if they don’t have these emails.

The more investors who know about DRS, the better!

Got it!

Okay - I want to see the Data!

Onsite Landing Page: Top 1k Companies by Completion %: All Companies, All Data: All Companies, All Data, Hosted on Google:
For further reading about DRS in general, check out the WhyDRS Information Packet:

I want to Contribute!

Our preferred method of contribution is with:
Google-powered Contribution Forms - Issuers: Brokers: Transfer Agents:
These Google forms feed into a spreadsheet which can be very easily added to the main spreadsheet backend linked above, as the provided data will already be sorted and organized. If you are signed into a Google account, and don't want to share that account with our team, make sure you switch to a burner, temporary, or alternate address.
However, if you don't have an alternate email address, you can also send data in through Modmail.
If you find a directory of data that you think would be helpful, or build one yourself, please contact us through Modmail as well.

Where do I find the data?

While many issuers have dedicated investor relations webpages, and many also include contact numbers / emails on those pages, it is not a requirement and there are plenty of issuers which do not. Sometimes some elbow grease is needed! Calling the companies IR department, or management offices if there is no IR phone number, can be a good place to start. Sometimes SEC filings such as Proxy vote reports and packets will include contact information as well.
Some have also found good success utilizing AI tools, such as ChatGPT. Here's an example of using ChapGPT to find an IR email for an issuer.
  1. Search the database for empty spaces in the IR Emails column.
  2. Fill out the template for this prompt: Please find the investor relations email for the company "Test_Company". Their ticker is TEST if that helps.
  3. Check the source on the answer, and confirm that it looks legitimate.
  4. Fill out the Google form and include the email and URL.
Thanks so much for reading, and for your help improving this project!
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2023.05.29 04:44 NotyourOnlyFan69 Need help with accountability and losing weight and keep it off one last time

I am looking for suggestions from the group and some help on how to establish accountability. I have gained and lost multiple times in the last 5 years and now I am at the highest I have ever been after being at one of the lowest last year. This has taken a significant hit on my self confidence and now I very conscious about how I look and prefer to stay indoors. I love going to the gym but cannot get my lazy off of the couch sometimes but my real struggle lies with the diet. Diet is where I end up binge eating and go haywire for weeks. I am looking to lose 15Kgs to get back to my comfort zone and a healthier range.
I do pack on significant muscle and lift heavy because I honestly love doing that but my diet really screws up everything. I have very limited self control on diet and find it tough to say no to social events and even myself over the weekends
I am looking to go back on the journey but change the way I do it so it’s sustainable. I am aware about CICO and have also worked with trainers in the past but nothing sustainable came out of it. Feels like I have dug myself a hole now.
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2023.05.29 04:44 Red_Sumo Better Minecraft [Fabric] 1.19.2 - New Community - 5/28/2023

Hey there! My name is Sumo, and I'd like to invite you to join me in making a new community for gamers wanting to enjoy some Minecraft without feeling the pressure of racing others, or needing to complete crazy tasks to feel like part of the gang.
Join me if you are the type of player who:
None-the-less. Whether you fit into any of those roles or not, we are all here to enjoy playing a game.
Let's enjoy it together!
Extra Notes: This server was JUST started, and is on the lower side for storage. After I see the interest, I will move forward with more space.
Join the discord here. There are no crazy rules or banned items. As long as you aren't ruining fun for other players, play however YOU want to play the game. :)
Just hop in the voice chat with me and introduce yourself. That's all you gotta do to join.
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2023.05.29 04:44 Acrazymage Question from someone looking to begin.

Hello! So a buddy of mine took me disc golfing and needles to say I'm hooked. I want to pick up a starter set, nothing too expensive as...well I'm new. Our course is heavily wooded with only one or two open space areas. Do I need to look for certain types of plastic in order to maximize my first investment and opportunities for fun? ATM I'm looking at the Innova, Latitude 64 burst disc, or the Yikun 3-disc sets.
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2023.05.29 04:43 SuperBankOfferMan Open Wings Acct get $300 Bonus plus $50 for referral - DD Debits REQ - Ends 5/31

Summary: Cannot have previously received a new account bonus offer (ever). Offer requires $600 in recurring direct deposits, 5 debit purchases, and signing up for e-statements within 60 days. Additional $50 (visa gift card) requires pre-registering with my referral link.
1) Firstly, to get the additional $50 sign up with the email and other info you will use to open your account, here: 2) Once enrolled open your account here: , keep track of your member number, you need it to enroll in the online access. 3) Enroll online here; 4) After signing in online, sign up for estatements by going to Member Services > Benefits > eDocuments. 5) Setup direct deposit of at least $600 within 60 days. 6) Make at least 5 debit transactions ($25 or more), pin or signature. 7) Bonus will pay by 8/1/23.
My other referrals can be found by clicking My Referrals on my profile:
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2023.05.29 04:43 CornCheeseMafia Worth upgrading from old Stanton T50 for casual vinyl listening?

Hey everyone. I have an old Stanton T50 turntable a friend gave me. Still works and came with a separate preamp and everything.
I have some records and decent sound equipment and I was wondering if this thing is any good or if I should look for a table with an S tonearm or something.
I’ve heard DJ style turntables are a bit rough on records in terms of wear? Or would a properly set up good quality cartridge be fine with this totally straight arm?
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2023.05.29 04:43 JohnTheSagage Computer died months ago, haven't gotten it running since

Okay so I was playing a game back in February when my PC abruptly shut down. At first I thought my apartment's power went out, but it was just the PC. Then I felt the case, and the whole thing was scalding hot. I was able to confirm that the power supply had died (unresponsive to PSU tester). I have a shitty spare-PSU that I use for running the pump when I fill/drain the loop, and was able to confirm that the fans and pump were all in working order. I submitted an RMA on the PSU, but then a bunch of real-life stuff got in the way, and I wasn't able to devote a lot of time to getting the new one set up until recently.
After installing the new PSU, the gpu isn't sending a signal to the monitor. I'm honestly not sure where to start with this, since I'm still not entirely sure what happened back in February: was the dead PSU the cause of my problems, or just a symptom? Why would the PC overheat so dramatically, especially since I don't think I was even overclocking anything? Any advice? Specs are a 12700K + RTX 3080 with a custom cpu/gpu loop (with a 240 and 360 rad).
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2023.05.29 04:43 Coleonthemoon DLC idea: Bonus Techniques

Hey I just like to come up with silly ideas to improve games that I’m playing. I thought the yiga technique was really cool and I started to wonder what other techniques there could be so I came up with ten ideas
First set would be more Yiga Techniques ZR (without a bow): would be a minor teleport ability. Parry (without a shield): a smoke bomb that would leave you invisible for some time.
Then I think it would be for the best if you activate the sage abilities without the spirits active. Riju’s: Down Dpad while aiming Tulin’s: A while paragliding Yonobu’s: ZL + Down Dpad Sidon’s: ZL + B
And then finally I think it would be really cool if the champion abilities came back as the last four. They would work the same way they did in botw.
Anyway I just like to brainstorm so tell me what you think. Maybe you have a better idea. Idk lol
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2023.05.29 04:42 SuperBankOfferMan Open Wings Acct get $300 Bonus plus $50 for referral - DD Debits REQ - Ends 5/31

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2023.05.29 04:42 pm_me_ur_fav_lore Seeking fellowship in having been raised Catholic but being unable to reconcile the supernatural aspects with a worldview based on science

I've met very few others in life who understand and can relate to my experiences below. If any of this sounds familiar, that would be really cool to talk about it because the feelings of loneliness that come with it are kinda crappy sometimes.
I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic grade school and was taught creationism at home (which I did not doubt an ounce). Then at public high school in my 10th-grade biology course, I decided to sincerely consider for once the idea of evolution. It made too much sense. With one hole poked, it didn't take long for me to start questioning most the ideas I was raised with. Pop went my belief in the supernatural, and there would be no way to piece that balloon back together.
I'm 27 now. I miss church. I miss my imaginary friend. I've struggled with disbelief basically ever since I stopped believing. It's like I almost wish I could've stayed ignorant. I've been going to a Unitarian Universalist church for a bit, and it's cool.
I also still go to Mass though. I don't receive Communion, but I cross myself with the holy water at the entrance, I genuflect, I enjoy the stained-glass windows and the songs. I look past the terrible things the Church does for an hour. I hold back laughs when the homily includes some intricate explanation of how the Trinity works; I let some out quietly when the altar server rings the bells too early. I get insights applicable to my life despite my lack of belief in the source of the teaching. I find it oddly comforting looking up at the (depiction of the) brutally tortured man hanging front and center on a cross. I try not to fall asleep.
My parents are very Catholic. I've told them both that I don't believe and that I probably never will. I think I'm pretty lucky in the regard that they respect my beliefs and know it's not just a phase. They love me just the same.
Most other agnostics I know nowadays were raised with their current set of beliefs. We agree that the religions of the world almost certainly have it wrong, but I don't get any connection past that. No shared guilt or grief or nostalgia. The Catholics I know are for the most part not active in the Church, but they also don't question it and never have. So once again I can't connect with them and feel really understood with some of the feelings and experiences that I consider fundamental to who I am as a person.
Anybody out there feel me?
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2023.05.29 04:42 Limp_Sympathy7218 amber's therapy jurnee has me VERY suspicious. (long post)

idk if i really should say this but i'm pretty sus of her psychologist. I AM NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST, but it's a field i want to go into, and have been in therapy myself for like a decade. so take all of this with a grain of salt, but i do have some amount of familiarity with how therapists and psychologists are expected to act and the shit she's supposedly doing and being told in therapy has me giving side eye.
one more thing before i get started-- i want to stress that i am not trying to say this psychologist is bad at his job. obey rule 2 + leave bro alone and out of this. he's just some dude, and he may not be saying any of what amber says he does. hell, he might not even exist. this post is PURELY to discuss, subjectively, the qualms i have with how amber's therapy is being handled (on both ends) exclusively using word of mouth from amber's very warped videos. heaps of salt (and decency) all around.
okay enough preamble, we're starting with the PTSD.
i'm currently being treated myself for PTSD (this is not to debate whether she has that though), and i think the test she referenced a bit ago was the PCL-5. the PCL-5 is NOT to diagnose PTSD*. the PCL-5 is to measure symptoms associated with PTSD. if you have not yet been diagnosed or treated for PTSD and your score is a 33 or higher, it does not inherently mean that you have PTSD, but rather, means the possibility of PTSD is present and should be looked into by your mental healthcare provider. this is not what amber said. amber said 33+ = PTSD and she had SOOOO much more than 33 so she's the PTSD queen of the world.
*the PCL-5 is a tool used IN PTSD diagnosis. it on its own cannot diagnose anything, but this does not negate its importance as a factor in diagnosis.
so either her psychologist told her that the PCL-5 was essentially a magic diagnose-er, or he told her what it actually is and she warped it (but it might also have been something in between, which is still not good). amber is amber and she will always find a way to blow something out of proportion, but the fact that she felt inclined or was able to present it the way she did tells me that her psych may not have stressed what these things actually are, which in my own experience, is an issue. as a therapist you need to accurately present things to your patients, and you shouldn't throw diagnostic language around willy nilly or pin diagnosis on literal inanimate objects (ie, this test diagnoses disorders). that is not appropriate, and can give patients a warped idea of themselves, their mental health, and the wider mental health sphere (i also think it's a little odd that, if this is the PCL-5, that amber may not have been told as much. sure, her psychologist absolutely could have introduced it correctly, but amber has basically only called it "this test" or "a worksheet" as though she isn't sure what she's talking about. the ambiguity there, while also presenting it as this inanimate wizard of diagnosis, feels very off to me).
PTSD, like any other disorder, also takes some time to diagnose completely. you don't just walk in there, do one or two sessions with a therapist, and BOOM diagnosis. that's not appropriate. for most diagnoses, a therapist needs to (or at least should...):
  1. actually get to understand the patient, who they are, any conditions they may have already been diagnosed with, the medication they're on, at least a rough idea of the lifestyle they have, the symptoms they're dealing with, etc
  2. know of the specific incident (because generally, PTSD is caused by one major moment of trauma) that would have caused the disorder (not necessarily in detail, but just know what it was, e.g., a car crash, a fire, an assault, etc)
  3. evaluate whether hearing "you most likely/do have PTSD" will actually be helpful to the patient, AND if they're completely ready to be treated. not everyone does well with diagnoses. some people freak out at the idea of being 'broken' in some way, some people think that once they get a diagnosis it means that's their identity now and they can't be fixed, some people hear a diagnostic term and take it as a scapegoat, many people experience a combo of these things. personally were i amberlynn's therapist i would be extremely hesitant to offer up concrete diagnoses unless i thought she may need to talk to her PCP/psychiatrist about medication, because she mistreats her diagnoses. with PTSD it's not something you can really treat without any form of PTSD diagnosis, but also, PTSD is not something people are always ready to conquer treatment for when they first present to you. i'll expand upon this below, but for the sake of this bullet, someone who will treat their PTSD diagnosis the way amber does imo (i.e., her quirky identity and something to be quantified in numbers) may not yet be ready to hear the diagnosis, and likely isn't ready to treat it either.
amber effectively was diagnosed with PTSD on her, what, second appointment? third? first? either way, that just doesn't spell fantastic therapy work to me. i've been seeing my current therapist for 4-ish years and was just diagnosed with PTSD this year (after around 2 years of lightly discussing my trauma). when i was diagnosed my therapist already knew me very well. she at that point was familiar with my trauma, familiar with my life, with my symptoms, with how my mental health impacts me, and knew that i was finally ready to actually deal with it. they were interested in tackling it a year or two ago, but at the time, recognized i just wasn't ready and we've saved it for now. on top of that, my therapist waited until i showed them that i was comfortable with the situation + was prepared to hear it to refer to my condition as PTSD in order to avoid creating any anxiety before we even got started with treatment.
i think it's very strange that, at least by the sound of it, her therapist jumped on the opportunity to diagnose her with this very serious disorder (though entirely curable-- let's all be reminded that it is not an identity. if amber starts treating this/talking about it like it's part of her that can't be fixed or changed that'll be yet ANOTHER red flag, PTSD is absolutely curable and that's the whole point of treatment).
what i also find inappropriate as someone being treated for PTSD is that he has her write physical essays recounting major traumatic moments. maybe this is something some therapists do, but to ME it's a little problematic. why would you instruct your patient to keep a physical log, that any other person could access and read, of the worst moment(s) of their life?!? i've already gone into enough detail about myself and my treatment, but TLDR, i have to do something slightly similar but it's in a way that is completely private and confidential (i.e., behind a passcode only i know, not physical, and digitally stored in a way that literally cannot be breached and is DESIGNED for use in this kind of therapy). confidentiality is a big part of this and amber should understand that. why does she find it appropriate to record herself immediately before and immediately after therapy, share what she's going to do, what she did as homework, etc, and why does her therapist find it okay that she's writing these extremely personal accounts on physical sheets of paper (or even recommended it) when she has every resource in the world to keep things confidential?
but speaking of weird diagnostic shit, let's talk about how he addressed the BED that she suddenly, officially doesn't have.
idk about any of you, but not once have i had a therapist say "y disorder is when z. that is the definition of that disorder and it cannot be experienced in any other way". i sound like a broken record but i find it pretty damn inappropriate that a mental health professional would tell her "bingeing is when you eat 3x what you normally would. if you don't eat 3x what you ordinarily would when you binge, then you simply don't binge", partly because it's just not good practice to speak about mental disorders with such strict absolutes, but also because it's just... wrong? Mayo Clinic defines binge eating disorder as follows: "Binge-eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which you frequently consume unusually large amounts of food and feel unable to stop eating." these are the symptoms they list (but they are not limited to the following):
(cred. Mayo Clinic)
do we see "bingeing is when you eat 3x what you normally would" anywhere on there? no. idk where he even got that. not to mention, there IS no normal for amber. every meal she consumes is excessive and is what many of us would call binge eating or at the very least overeating. by this definition if she binges at every meal, well, she doesn't binge at all because it would all be the same amount, not 3x whatever. this whole concept is a crock of shit. the language is all kinds of bunk (why would you use the word "normally" when referring to behavior outside of the disordered behavior? not only can it be ableist in some context it's also just.. incredibly loose) and completely negates the actual symptoms of bingeing, ALL of which amber displays.
yes. i understand that amber could have (read: probably... definitely) lied about her symptoms for the sake of her WLS (allegedly, in my opinion, don't sue me please). however, that's irrelevant to what the psychologist supposedly told her. even if she told him she did all of the above, if he really believes in such a rigid (and ridiculous) definition, it wouldn't even matter.
i'm very curious and suspicious about the whole BED un-diagnosis. for years amber has said she binge eats, she's presented all of these symptoms, and IIRC she has been told by other therapists/psychologists/drs that she has it. i think most of us, even without being mental health professionals, have at least some level of understanding of binge eating. the fact that he has this definition in his mind (according to amber anyway) baffles me, but what baffles me more is that he so easily said "oh, you definitely don't have BED" just a few weeks in to therapy with a woman who would otherwise have had to see him for a full year because of BED. from what we've heard he's incredibly eager to pounce on diagnoses, which is a huge red flag. again. yes. she could have lied to him about her current symptoms but that wouldn't change the fact that she's BEEN saying, to the clinic with which he is affiliated, that she has BED for an extended period of time. that wouldn't change the fact that she's been told this by so many professionals. both of these, i would think he'd have some kind of awareness of. it also wouldn't change the fact that his supposed definition of BED is just literally wrong.
this whole situation type deal has me BEYOND suspicious. please tell me i'm not the only one who thinks this therapy sounds very strange...
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2023.05.29 04:41 CoraPatel CANNOT Get Good, Consistent Pours with Breville Barista Pro

I've been a Gaggia Pro + Sette 270 user for years. I've gotten my flow tuned down to make very consistent, delicious pours of espresso.
Last year, I bought my sister a new Breville Barista Pro. She's had trouble making good coffee, so I got some extra tools - WDT tool, distributor, spring tamp, scale, etc. to maximize the consistency of her pour.
I've recently spent HOURS on this machine, trying to make good coffee. I just can't make anything decent, and I'm no novice. Part of the issue is that the machine seems to be inconsistent from pour to pour. One time it will come out way too fast, and without changing anything, it barely trickles. Could there be a pressure issue with it?
I've searched the internet high and low, and I've read some of the tips for these machines. Some things I've tried:
- Empty shot before each brew
- Changing the internal burr size all the way to 1.
- Changing the pour temperature, every option.
Nothing seems to help with the consistency or flavor.
The shots just taste bad. Some super sour, some super bitter. 1 and 5 is maybe drinkable without adding milk and sugar.
Any tips for getting good pours, or debugging the issues I'm having with the settings or machine? I'm close to selling it an buying her something different.
Edit: I forgot to add that I've tried multiple recipes with multiple beans. 12g up to 20g (usually in the 15-18g range). I've also tried different ratios, anywhere between 1:2 and 1:3. Usually using 1:2 in ~25s
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