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"Oh, hi. Welcome to my subreddit page!" This subreddit is dedicated to a game called Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.

2023.02.14 23:44 JarheadSFMF Happy Valentines Day To Me!

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2022.10.08 03:37 sticktheblind unable to activate new phone

i got my new phone in the mail today and when i tried to activate it, the website gave an error message. i typed in so many times and every time it said oops. if i can’t login to this page i can’t activate my new phone. please help!
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2022.09.17 23:06 OmniGLH iPhone 14 Pro - Activation disaster

This has been a disaster. My iPhone 14 Pro showed up this afternoon. The little card inside the box told me to go to and follow the instructions. Well the links there were broken, I tried on a few different machines and browsers and decided to just hop in the car and drive to an Xfinity store instead. I wanted to get a phone case and screen protector so might as well.
It was a short wait, they "activated" the phone, made a test call, all looked good. I walked out to my car... and no service. No bars. Turned right around and walked back inside.
I sat in the store for over 3 hours after this, and basically got nowhere. The staff in the store were pleasant, professional, and apologetic.. but they were as helpless as I was, literally just sitting on hold. They told me it would be "at least another 2 hours" so I left - now with 2 dead phones. I can't spend over 5 hours sitting on an uncomfortable foam bench waiting for this.
At this point, I said I just want to use my old phone. Asked them to put it back. I'll give them the box/papers/new phone that I got via FedEx earlier today, just do a return, cancel it and forget the whole thing. I'm going out of town tomorrow, I need to pack tonight, I can't be without a phone. They said it was too late to reactivate my old phone, I'd lose the number because somewhere it's lost in the system and associated to the new phone - but yet they can't seem to communicate with the new phone.
The store had a line of people all with issues activating their iPhones. Each staff member was on hold with the internal helpline.
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2022.09.08 19:10 CCBrieD Apple iPhone 14 Pro -- PRE-ORDER STARTS SEPTEMBER 9

As a Reminder: The Community Specialists here on Reddit do not have access to Xfinity Mobile systems so we unfortunately cannot assist with most Xfinity Mobile related questions. For all Xfinity Mobile related questions please contact Xfinity Mobile by calling or texting 1 (888) 936-4968, or reach out to our Secure Online Chat.

Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile will offer the most advanced iPhone lineup ever with iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Customers will be able to pre-order all iPhone models beginning Friday, September 9, with availability for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max beginning Friday, September 16, and Friday, October 7 for iPhone 14 Plus.
Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile services are built for the way people use mobile today, with the Internet at the core of the experience. Calls and texts are free, and customers can experience the freedom of paying by the gig at $15 for 1GB, $30 for 3GB, or $60 for 10GB, or by going unlimited at $45 for one line, $60 for two lines, $90 for three lines, and $120 for four lines – some of the most competitive pricing on the market. Customers can switch between payment options at any time for any line on their account.
New and existing Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile customers can take $400* off a new iPhone, including the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the entire iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 line. New customers must activate a new Xfinity Mobile line within 30 days of purchase, and existing customers can upgrade one of their existing lines to receive the deal.
For complete pricing and availability details, please visit Xfinity Mobile or Comcast Business Mobile.

Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile to Offer the Most Advanced iPhone Lineup Ever
iPhone 14 Plus available in October. iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max are subject to FCC rules as well as consumer protection, contractual, and other provisions of federal or state laws. It (they) cannot be sold or delivered until the FCC’s authorization process is complete.
  • $400 Off: Offer ends 10/6/2022. Requires purchase of new, eligible iPhone, excluding iPhone SE with 5G, while supplies last, 24-month Xfinity Mobile Device Payment Plan Agreement ("Device Agreement"), and 1) activation of new Xfinity Mobile line and transfer of phone number from another carrier within 30 days of phone purchase date or 2) upgrade of an existing Xfinity Mobile line with purchase of a new eligible iPhone and activation of phone on that line within 15 days of order. Existing phone must be paid in full if eligible phone is purchased online or pre-ordered. At least 50% must be paid if purchased at an Xfinity store, and an upgrade fee may apply. Device credits applied monthly to your account over 24 months so long as Device Agreement is in effect. If line is canceled, voluntarily or involuntarily or device payments are accelerated, balance of credits associated with device payment are forfeited. Not valid with prior purchases, returns or exchanges. © 2022 Comcast. © 2022 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
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2022.05.20 00:14 I-Am_9 Comcast Xfinity Mobile Nightmare

There is an extreme level of cognitive dissonance associated with the “Tech” support team at **Xfinity Mobile/Comcast**. The **cultural differences** between outsourced representatives from countries like the *Philippines* and the *Divided States of America* coupled with **corporate greed**, results in piss poor “*customer service*”. The illogical responses and obtuse representatives are comical!
**Is there a direct way to contact an American Agent**? My understanding is store reps must call in as well, and do not even have the same level of access so they will only refer you to call/chat in. I did not authorize a second line, nor did this “Tech” Agent’s strategy/resolution make any sense. No one has been able to tell me why my phone number shows a different number and ICCID/SIM on the online portal, yet my original number rings. **When I log into my account, I should see the same phone #, IMEI, and ICCID/SIM as I see on my device, I do not, and no one has been able to assist me.*\*
Instead, they ask **stupid** questions, transfer you, etcetera. Shame on the **Verizon** and **Xfinity Mobile** for permitting such poor customer service practices, in the name of a dollar, and shame on the representatives for being so damn **incompetent**. They **FLUFF*\* you to hell with **irrelevant** responses and read scripts. There is **NO** form of **critical thinking**! It’s like talking to a wall. I Am quite **patient** and usually **defend** our outsourced constituents but um, no more, this is **unreasonable**, I have expressed patience I did not know I had, I could not make this up if I tried. **You ever talking to someone, and they respond with the most misplaced response?** “Hello, 911, my house is on fire” Rep: “Thank you for choosing 911, I will be happy to assist you today, could you verify your full name and address? Ok thank you, now are you hot or cold right now? – **WTF**!
**Is the strategy to piss people off until they give up**? I feel bad for people who call into Tech support needing help, these Agents are unhelpful. I don’t call places of businesses with stupid questions and handle the majority of my services by myself. I know how to read, I know how resolve issues, I don’t call Tech support, I don’t call billing departments, I Am not a customer who is entitled or lazy. **You should be reducing your customers efforts…**
**Me (1):**
*I switched my devices recently, and the previous Agent somehow added another line without my consent and messed up my account.*
*My phone number is***-***-****. However, when I log into my account it shows ***-***-****
*When I click on devices - it shows my Pixel 6 correctly.*
*The IMEI matches my device.*
*The ICCID/SIM does not.*
*My phone (***--***-****) works fine, I Am able to receive calls and texts just fine.* *I tried calling the other number and it rings and eventually disconnects.*
**Me (2):**
*My phone number is***-***-**** - attached to a Pixel 6 with the IMEI of************** and ICCID/SIM ********************.* *My device and services are working accordingly.*
*However, when I log into my account online, it shows different information. It shows a phone number of *******************, the same IMEI #, and a different SIM/ICCID # of *************
*I did not ask for this. I had a Note 10 on my account that I no longer used and wanted it removed from my account. The Note 10 was showing as my "main device" as it was showing my Pixel 6 as "paired" even though my SIM was in my Pixel 6. The previous rep did something and messed everything up it seems.*
*Now it shows my Pixel 6 alone and the second line is gone, but my number***-***-**** is not on my account, the other number is. - The wrong phone number, and wrong ICCID/SIM; yet the IMEI matches. The rep yesterday claims he fixed it and it would be updated within 1 hour - well that was yesterday, and it is still showing incorrect information online - so what gives...what is the root issue and what is the resolution - I Am SIC' of contacting u people.*
*Thank you being a loyal customer, pleasure assure you have the right person, please give me 20-minutes to review your account, I hope you feel good today, and I Am so ready to help you.*
*(6-minutes later)*
***(Insert random block of text to say absolutely nothing)***
*Are you still with us?*
*Ok can you give me your name and last 4 of payment method.*
*Ok I Am in your account; may I have a few minutes to review?*
*Ok so to confirm your phone is not working?*
*Can you confirm what would be the correct phone number and AIM iccid?*
*Can you tell me the phone number that is supposed to be on the account?*
*Is you have number***--***-****(the wrong number)*
*Do you have any questions? Just checking in.*
*(Supervisor has entered)*
*May I know since when you’re using services with Pixel 6?*
*Please reinstall the app once it will get fixed.*
*I understand your frustration, let me check alternate option*
*Have you paired the device or contacted us while making this change?*
*Please answer my questions or feel free to call us 8889364968 (you haven’t asked me question! READ what I typed!)*
***Since you’re not cooperating in resolving the issue, 3049608216565495298***
O_0 - … - -_ - you can’t make this ish up. The incoherent responses, are they inebriated or just less than smart? Why is there such a disconnect with basic comprehension?
**Hans Vestberg – Verizon CEO*\*
**David N. Watson – Xfinity CEO*\*
**Brain L Robert, Bob Eatroff, Michael J. Cavanagh, Jennifer Khoury – Comcast*\*
**Should not be comfortable with these types of customers experiences.*\*
*P.S – my Internet services are showing ‘*disconnected’* and have since I asked for a refund on a credit balance(I did not cancel my services) the rep said she did a ticket to get me a refund – I got e-mail confirmation- yet when I reach out to their Tech, they say my services are up and running – so why does it say disconnected online – why doesn’t anyone have an **ANSWER** – why is the staff so **GREEN**!
Companies need to do away with this overuse of fluff. Companies need to do aptitude test and critical thinking assessments before releasing these people into the wild. If the trip is 1 mile, but you are traveling 10 miles just to get to the 1 mile, then you have a comprehension and logistics issue…you lack forward motion… I just do not understand why no one understand the issue they created….it’s like talking to a remedial group of hearing-impaired people expecting a verbal response. If I tell you EXACTLY what is going on, do NOT ask the customer unnecessary questions- ACTIVE LISTENING!
“Hi, I Am Megan the Stallion, I got shot in my right foot, please send help” – “OK so you got shot in your left arm correct”? – DaPhuq!
**Me (1), (2) were exchanged verbally and written over the last 2.5 weeks.
**I want these two things:*\*
*1)* *Why does the incorrect phone number and ICCID/SIM display online and does not match what is currently in my device – WHAT HAPPENED and how do* ***YOU*** *fix it?\*
*2)**Why does my services (Internet) show ‘disconnected’ on my end and only lists Flex and Mobile as my services – yet my Internet is working – per Google I Am not the first to experience this so* ***WHY*** *are the reps not knowledgeable?!\*
1) I brought over my unlocked Note 10 device from a previous carrier. All is well.
2) \~ 6 months later, I verify my unlocked Pixel 6 used on another carrier is eligible for activation and will work. I attempt self-service online to perform the swap, to no avail. A Google search states you can just hot swap the SIM card and it will auto update (same with T-Mobile). Days later this is not the case.
3) My Pixel 6 is/was working just fine, however on the website it showed my Note 10 as my “primary” device for billing etcetera, and I received a prompt that says(paraphrasing) “we noticed a device change, would you like to pair” -yes. Well, the website still keeps my Note 10 as my primary device and my Pixel 6 is now “paired”. Obviously do not want the Note 10 associated with my account anymore.
4) I reach out to “Tech” support. I believe this call was 2.5 hours, mostly dead air silent mute hold. I explained to the rep my concern. He states because I did not buy the Pixel 6 from them , it won’t work – which contradicts what the BYOD tool says and again, my device was working. So, with most other carriers, there is no “pairing” your IMEI is either compatible to work or it will NOT work! The rep says not to worry he has a resolution.
5) During this 2.5hour call, I receive like 4 emails about added line, and canceled line, etcetera. I raise these concerns; the rep says not to worry.
6) Now I have my original Note 10 with my original phone number, and now a new line and SIM/ICCID for my Pixel 6. He tells me the system will update in 48 hours.
7) TLDR; multiple hour(s) long calls and dead-end chats later no resolution.
8) The website is now showing two lines, two different SIM/ICCID’s – then my bill generates, the Note 10 is not on my account. Mind you, the Pixel 6 shows a different phone #, same IMEI, and different ICCID/SIM yet my original number rings to my Pixel 6 even though it not reflected. I try to call this other number, I got a few rings and then it disconnects- then it said the number was disconnected, and now its back to just ringing again.
9) My last call was a total of 6.3 hours, I lost count of how many reps, I spoke to, but I recorded everything. The rep basically says her sup fixed it and to allow 6 days for the process to resolve. Nearly 3 weeks ago I requested a refund on a credit balance, got the e-mail confirmation of the ticket request, have not heard anything, yet my “services” show disconnected.
10) Nearly 4 weeks later, my Pixel 6 works, however when I log into the website it does not show the correct number instead it shows the other number, and according to my bill/e-mails “my” number was cancelled, yet this Pixel 6 has a different phone, same IMEI, different ICCID/SIM.
I have a legit issue, who can help? Moderators shouldn’t be so personal, are you stakeholders for comcast or non biased because there is this combative dismissive abuse of an empty title. Let people post their true experiences. Would you like me to upload the phone calls to youtube? Post the chat transcripts?
I just want my issue resolved so if you’re going to “moderate” let me get an “official” reply, someone has got to be able to fix the issue, and explain to me how I have a random number on the Xfinitymobile dot com with a different iccid, yet it has my device imei. But my phone number is my correct number on my device, with a different iccid. Did this rep sim clone? Hack? What did the rep do. Why is my phone number showing different on the website? Why isn’t the 18+ people I’ve interacted with not been able to help? If my situation isn’t the type to get resolved, then this sub is lip service with overzealous mods deleting sound posts that are critical of xm, and promote surface level fluff posts to act as if this is a legit place to get help. I really wish someone would resolve my issue that’s all….I want…helpful responses. A direct number to call. An explanation. A resolution.
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2022.02.16 20:37 YourOldPalHoward Repeatedly misled by Xfinity Mobile support and apparently scammed by agent claiming to be a supervisor

I recently took advantage of a deal to switch to Xfinity Mobile for $400 off an iPhone and $30 off my monthly Xfinity internet bill.
When I received the phone, I did not receive a SIM card, the phone just came in a plain cardboard box. I used the chat to bring this issue to support's attention, and was told a new SIM would be shipped out with either same or next-day delivery.
When nothing arrived after two days, I reached out again, and was told by support that they had no record of a new SIM card being sent to my address. This agent assured me that one would be sent out immediately. I asked if I would receive tracking information for the shipment, and the agent told me that I should get an email within a few hours.
When I didn't receive any tracking info, I contacted chat again the next day. Again I was told there was no record of a SIM being sent, and again I was promised one would be sent out-- this time arriving the following Monday, a week after receiving a phone I couldn't use.
When Monday came and went, I contacted chat again, and was AGAIN told that nothing was sent out. The chat agent apologized for the misinformation, but wasn't very helpful about how this could happen 3 times in a row or how I could escalate a complaint about it. At least this agent was able to get me a tracking email and confirm a shipment, and I received my SIM a week and a half after receiving my phone.
After receiving and activating my SIM, I became curious how I could confirm that the $30/month off my internet was applied, since my account screen on both and didn't have any mention of it. I contacted support on February 11th to confirm these details. The chat ended up getting disconnected, and after a few minutes I received a phone call from an agent identifying himself as John and claiming to be a supervisor.
John was able to confirm the deals applied to my account. After that, he made me an offer for a free 9th gen iPad and $30 off my monthly Xfinity bill for 24 months if I added a second line to my Mobile account. I reminded him that I was already claiming $30/month from the deal for switching, and asked him if this new deal's discount would stack with that. He then told me that it would not normally, but since he was a supervisor he could modify the terms to an additional $20/month if I claimed the deal.
An iPad and $20 off my bill just for paying an extra line fee seemed too good to be true, and I repeatedly confirmed the details with John and took down meticulous notes about the terms he was offering. He sent me an invoice via email for the iPad. It included tax upfront, with a $19.16 monthly payment. John told me that the discounts of the deal would be applied via a credit to my bill. He seemed to register my frustration at not being able to see the terms of a deal within my account, and assured me that they would be applied, he's a supervisor, blah blah, reiterated that his name was John, and left me a callback number to reach him.
A few days later, considering the abysmal service and misinformation I dealt with over the SIM card debacle, I started to feel skeptical of the deal, and wanted some kind of written confirmation of it before the unit shipped. I called the number John provided, it just took me directly to the regular call center where a random agent picked up.
This agent had trouble understanding my issue, but eventually she was able to look into my account and informed me that no such deal was applied, I was only buying an iPad at the regular price. She said she verified with Xfinity's internet department that no additional $20 would be applied to my monthly bill, and that the initial deal that John presented did not exist.
I told her that he identified himself a supervisor, and gave her the date/time of the call. She disappeared for a bit, and then came back informing me that she pulled records of that call, did not find a record of any deal, and the agent I spoke to was no longer employed with Comcast. She offered to give me a one-time $20 credit as an apology.
I told her that if what she was saying was true, it literally amounts to Comcast representatives scamming customers, and that I'd like to speak to a supervisor or at least learn the best way to to escalate my complaint higher. She was completely unable to provide me with either, claiming all her supervisors were in meetings and there was not another way for me to escalate. I asked her if a supervisor could contact me when available via phone or email, and she claimed she could arrange that. When I asked if I would receive some kind of ticket number or other documentation of our call + my request for a callback, she was unable to provide me with that, only assurance that a supervisor would call me shortly.
Before getting off the line, I asked her to confirm her name. She paused for a moment, then hesitantly provided me with a different name than she first introduced herself with. No surprise at this point, but I thought that was amusing.
All in all, this has been the most surreal series of customer service disasters I've ever encountered. I'm still completely unable to escalate my issues further or speak to anyone who seems to be trustworthy or able to provide correct information or confirming details. So I guess I'm coming to Reddit to make this public.
The only reason I purchased the iPad/2nd line from "John" is because of the deal he presented, which amounted to a net savings over 24 months. If the deal he offered was BS just to meet a sales quota or something, this seems like a gravely unacceptable PR issue for Comcast. As I mentioned, I took notes on everything he told me, because the SIM card debacle taught me not to take an agent's word for much. Please reach out to me or tell me where I can go to escalate this issue. Thank you.
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2021.10.26 02:45 MDL333 Concerning Setup Wizard notification: "Ready to connect your service? Visit or give us a call at 888-936-4968 to finish setting up your phone." I activated it four years ago and made no recent account changes. Called Comcast and they confirmed. Anyone else get this?

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2021.10.26 02:44 MDL333 Concerning Setup Wizard notification: "Ready to connect your service? Visit or give us a call at 888-936-4968 to finish setting up your phone." I activated it four years ago and made no recent account changes. Called Comcast and they confirmed. Anyone else get this?

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2021.01.24 09:19 GCPDetective Still trying to get my iPhone 7 Plus unlocked

This has been going on since 5/29; I called to get my iPhone 7 Plus fixed after it stopped working with my Verizon SIM after an iOS restore. Contacted Apple support and after spending a few days trying to figure out what happened they say that an activation policy may have been pending and didn't get pushed until after I did the restore on the device. They say call Xfinity Mobile to get the phone unlocked. I give Xfinity Mobile a call and they let me know that the phone doesn't show up in their system at all and in turn it isn't theirs and that Apple needs to handle this. I've been going back and forth like this for MONTHS now. Some time between this back and forth I was able to get a Tier 2 or Tier 3 to at least try and submit an unlock request to see if it goes through regardless if its in the system but keep on getting this email back after it get processed in the system:
We were unable to process your request to unlock the following devices(s): [REDACTED] because the device(s) are not Xfinity Mobile devices.
If you have any questions you can learn more about unlocking your phone or feel free to give us a call at (888) 936-4968.
Visit your Xfinity Mobile Account
XFINITY Mobile1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.Philadelphia, PA
XFINITY Mobile Customer Agreement & Policies
Device Payment Plan Agreement
To learn more about returns check out our Returns Policy
This is a service-related email to keep you informed about your XFINITY Mobile Account.
Comcast respects your privacy. For a complete description, view our Privacy Policy
©2018 Comcast. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
You can probably understand why I'm frustrated. I don't understand why it's so hard to have a Xfinity Mobile rep relay whats going on to Apple or vice versa instead of me playing a game of "he said, she said". Thanks.
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2018.07.27 07:34 snidgetphoenix Phone’s activation still “in progress” after a week

Due to my previous phone no longer working properly I purchased a new phone from When it arrived I went through the activation process on the website. When it was still in progress after a few hours I contacted support and was told if I was switching to a new phone all I had to do was put the old SIM card in my new phone. I did that and all seemed well. However I noticed today that the phone does not connect to xfinitywifi hotspots while my other devices do. Reached out to support again and found out my current phone is not listed on my account. Checked the website and it’s listed as undefined and says it is still in progress of activation. Text, calls and voicemail (which is what broke on my previous phone) all work without a problem. It’s just the xfinitywifi hotspots that I cannot connect to. I rely on the hotspots and would appreciate help resolving this issue.
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2018.07.01 22:21 Cdih This didn't take long...

Update on cellular video resolution and personal hotspots
We wanted to let you know about two changes to your Xfinity Mobile service that'll go into effect in the coming weeks.
Video resolution To help you conserve data, we've established 480p as the standard resolution for streaming video through cellular data. This can help you save money if you pay By the Gig and take longer to reach the 20 GB threshold if you have the Unlimited data option. Later this year, 720p video over cellular data will be available as a fee-based option with your service. In the meantime, you can request it on an interim basis at no charge. Learn more This update only affects video streaming over cellular data. You can continue to stream HD-quality video over WiFi, including at millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots.
Personal hotspots If you have the Unlimited data option, your speeds on any device connected to a personal hotspot will not exceed 600 Kbps. At this speed, you'll conserve data so that it takes longer to reach the 20 GB threshold but you'll still be able to do many of the online activities you enjoy. Want faster speeds when using a personal hotspot? The By the Gig data option will continue to deliver 4G speeds for all data traffic. Track your data usage in your Xfinity Mobile account
Call Us: (888) 936-4968 XFINITY Mobile 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19103
XFINITY Mobile Customer Agreement & Policies
Device Payment Plan Agreement
To learn more about returns check out our Returns PolicyThis is a service-related email to keep you informed about your XFINITY Mobile Account. Please do not reply to this email - it is not monitored.
Comcast respects your privacy. For a complete description, view our Privacy Policy.
© 2018 Comcast. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
EDIT: But remember how we were promised by the ISP's and Cellular service providers that they wouldn't do this?
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