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2011.10.08 18:41 rodriguezlrichard Fios Help

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2022.10.05 01:19 Joeleedom Some Interesting Findings

Google released their October 2022 Security Patch this week, and Visible's Carrier Bundle was updated.
Here's my unofficial changelog:
- Version should be 40000000008.XXX
- Wi-Fi calling (VoWifi) while roaming by default is turned on.
- Voicemail Dial String is *86 (Previously unset)
- Dialing 611 (locally and while roaming) directs your call to +18009220204 (Previously unset)
- Dialing *611 (locally and while roaming) directs your call to +18009220204 (Previously unset)
- Dialing *86 (locally and while roaming) directs your call to +1 (Previously unset)
One thing that sticks out is that 611 and *611 are configured to Verizon's support line. However, Visible has a phone number that spits a message to drop them a chat on their website or social media. It's either one of two things. The Verizon engineer just used the Verizon one as a placeholder or Verizon is working on phone support for Visible. I called the Verizon number and spoke to a representative, and after asking someone, they told me "Visible is always growing, and we're looking for ways to make improvements. Providing phone support is something that's in the works"
Obviously, the outcome of my analysis is just pure speculation. But I do hope Visible opens a new phone support line.
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2018.10.11 20:14 CT_7 Scam phone numbers requesting TMo Pin

I am getting messages from tmobile saying this number xxxxx is my pin and then a shady sounding person claiming to be from t-mobile will call after asking about it. I hang up on them and call 611 t-mobile directly. Turns out scammers pretending to be me are trying to access my account and need the pin and are trying to grab my number for 2 step verification for my financial institutions, etc. The shady numbers are 18009220203 and 18009220204. They tried to pull the same thing on the other lines on my account. Just a friendly warning out there to everyone to watch out for these scammers.
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2015.11.17 08:01 celestisdiabolus Who's the mysterious woman you hear on the IVR at *228 and 18009220204?

I know James Earl Jones used to be the voice of those IVR and intercept messages when Verizon was a nascent company but what's the name of the current person?
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