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2023.05.29 03:42 Vidal-Baboon AITA for cutting ties with someone when they were in need?

I (f21) had a situationship with a man (m32) I know the age gap is questionable and a lot of people are going to have their opinions about that.
We met online and quickly met and got comfortable with each other and vibed well. He came across extremely charismatic and fun and always initiated plans to hang out, but it was in no means anything serious. Just a friendship with some fun. When I met him he was living with his sponsor and the sponsors girlfriend. And he was attending AA meetings weekly. I didn’t grow up knowing the life style he had and the world he came from. I was pretty sheltered. From what I knew, he was doing good for himself.
After about a month and a half of living in fantasy land with him I decided I wanted something more deep with someone but we could still be friends. We both sorta just moved on with our lives not contacting each other.
Until about a month later he randomly messages me saying he got kicked out recently and is at a hotel drinking. And he needed a friend. I know this is him relapsing and he needed someone but I knew I didn’t know how to handle these situations so I told him it wasn’t a good idea for me to go see him but I could talk to him through phone. He kept insisting he needed me as a friend with him so I went because I felt bad.
When I got there he was drunk, still drinking, encouraging me to drink and trying to make passes at me. After failing at those things he finally started talking. It was all deep and extremely dark and concerning which made my emotions get the best of me and we held each other and cried. I was just doing my best to comfort him. And as I was crying with him, he kept wanting to have sex. He was really pushing for sex. And I was uncomfortable and confused. I wanted to leave but I didn’t want to leave him alone.
At some point he was doing karaoke by himself in the room and it was getting late, so I suggested I leave since he seemed to be in better spirits. I had my key and wallet in my hand and he grabbed them from me in a playful way as in… oh come on, don’t be a downer and stay a little longer. So I did.
Eventually he asked me to go outside with him because he wanted to smoke. I don’t smoke but figured I could use some fresh air. As soon as we got out to the side door, he said he forgot his lighter and ran back to the room… I waited there for 10 minutes. It only took us a minute to get outside from his room. And I couldn’t get inside because I didn’t have the room key. The second set of doors to get in from the front locked at a certain time. I tried calling him, it went straight to voice mail. I know damn well this guy did not just abandon me then block me. And then I remember he took my keys. I’m a broke 21 year old so I wasn’t worried about my wallet but I started panicking about my car.
I’m crying walking out to the front of the hotel calling my best friend expecting my car to be gone, but it was still just sitting there. I sat by my car for about 5 minutes for this guy to finally call me back acting like nothing happened for me to be reacting the way that I am. His excuse was that he had to poop. And his phone was off.
It turned into this big argument just for him to say the whole reason why I’m here is that he needed help getting into rehab. Like it’s midnight at this point, he could’ve said something 4 hours ago.
I was extremely hesitant and put off because he made it really dramatic. Like making it seem like this big mysterious mission we’re gonna go on and for some reason no one in his family was willing to help him. Not even his best friend. Literally all he needed me to do was drive him. It would’ve been nice if it didn’t end up being 3 hours away though.
And again, I know nothing about these situations. I don’t know if there’s stigma around going to rehab, I thought it’s good to go to rehab but he was being real shady about the whole thing which made me think I wasn’t doing the right thing.
We both didn’t get any sleep because it took all night for him to get everything situated with his insurance and finding an open spot and him letting everyone know where he was going. Oh and by the way, they offered to send someone to pick him up. I still don’t know why he needed help. Anyways we left at 6am and got there at 9. He was very emotional and didn’t want to go which made me emotional. He was Literally sobbing and saying he doesn’t think he can do it. I cried with him and we were in the moment so we had an emotional movie like good bye make out. I cried the first 30 minutes driving home.
Anyways all this just for him to call me two days later to pick him up. He didn’t want to be there and his PO gave the okay to leave if he went to the hospital. I don’t really know how this stuff works. I felt obligated to drive another 3 hours to pick him up and 3 hours to take him where he needed to go. I know I’m being insensitive but it was all “what the heck” oh and also he said he regrets the kiss and feels bad because he has a girlfriend and the car ride was just awkward.
And for the next two months he’d call me needing something, food or a ride or whatever. I kinda dreaded helping him. It wasn’t from my heart and I knew he was using me but I thought I should be nice because I’d appreciate someone helping me if I was in his situation. My friends called me an enabler and I agreed. I refused to help him once and he got so mad and accused me of being jealous when I asked why his girlfriend can’t help him. He’s honestly emotionally draining me and I resented him. He was so obviously trying to manipulate me using his child for a sob story, getting me vulnerable to take advantage of me.
A few weeks after he’d leave me manic voice mails. Him saying if I don’t pick up he’s gonna jump in front of a bus or that he’s driving 80 on the backroads. I felt like an asshole for ignoring him and not caring. I did at first but he’s just crazy. But I also feel like an asshole for calling him crazy because he needs help but more from himself because i’m just enabling his behavior. I don’t know, he made me stop caring with all his suicide threats. I don’t like the person he made me be towards him. So I blocked him and his two new numbers.
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2023.05.29 03:41 StBernard2000 Went out of town and went to the hospital, discovered kidney stones and infection.

Hello, advice badly needed. Went out of town and got really sick. Went to the emergency and discovered I had kidney stones and an infection. A stent was put in.
How am i going to survive a 4 hr car ride? There are not that many restrooms on the way. Freaking out!! Between 2 stops, there is over 100 miles between rest stops!!
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2023.05.29 03:41 Competitive_Phone673 Why natural rights fail to justify private property

The French economist Thomas Piketty once wrote:
Every human society must justify its inequalities: unless reasons for them are found, the whole political and social edifice stands in danger of collapse. Every epoch therefore develops a range of contradictory discourses and ideologies for the purpose of legitimizing the inequality that already exists or that people be­lieve should exist. From these discourses emerge certain economic, social, and political rules, which people then use to make sense of the ambient social struc­ture. Out of the clash of contradictory discourses—a clash that is at once eco­nomic, social, and political—comes a dominant narrative or narratives, which bolster the existing inequality regime.
Property is the core justification for the poverty, hierarchy, and inequality inherent to capitalism. Why can't an unhoused person sleep in an empty home? The landlord owns it. Why can't a hungry person take food from a store? The store owns it. The opposition takes a cold-not-cruel stance, with Murray Rothbard declaring that:
if a man aggresses against another's person or property to save his own life, he may or may not be acting morally in so doing. [. . .] Regardless of whether his action is moral or immoral, by any criterion, he is still a criminal aggressor against the property of another, and the victim is within his right to repel that aggression by force, and to prosecute the aggressor afterward for his crime
These responses are based on the presumption that property is derived from a just code of ethics. In this post, I challenge this presumption and critically examine the philosophical foundations of the properietary world we live in. I start by defining the natural rights framework of property, then I explain why admixture doesn't work, then I explain the historical implications of admixture, and finally I explain why an individualist approach to property doesn't make sense.

The Admixture Theory, Explanation With Quotes

Contemporary property is mainly justified using the admixture theory. As the argument goes, individuals own themselves, therefore they own their labor, therefore they own whatever they mix their labor with. On the acquisition of property, John Locke, the father of liberalism, wrote:
The labour of his body, and the work of his hands, we may say, are properly his. Whatsoever then he removes out of the state that nature hath provided, and left it in, he hath mixed his labour with, and joined to it something that is his own, and thereby makes it his property.
Propertarians (known as "libertarians" in America) make a similar argument, although it supposes the Earth as unowned by default, instead of Locke who supposed the Earth to be the common inheritance of everybody. This nuance is why liberals believe that property should be subject to the well-being of others, and propertarians believe that property should be absolute. In an article describing Rothbard's views, David Gordon wrote:
Once one accepts self-ownership the justification for private property soon follows. Each person owns his own labor. Does he not have a right, then, to what he produces by means of that labor? To deny this is to revert once more to slavery; it is to say that other people have the right to control your labor.
Amixture can therefore be summed up as: "an ethical theory which supposes that labor legitimizes property claims." In particular, I'll be evaluating the argument that (a) individuals have a property right in their own body, (b) therefore individuals have a property right in their own labor, and (c) therefore they have a property right in whatever they mix their labor with.

Mixing Labor

There are two issues with mixing labor: a) labor can't be owned, and b) labor can't be mixed with the material world.
Lysander Spooner describes property as:
a right of absolute dominion over a commodity, whether the owner wish to retain it in his own actual possession and use, or not.
Whoever has just control over an object is its proprietor, and others must respect the authority of the proprietor and only interact with the object or space on the proprietor's terms. This relationship doesn't make sense when applied to concepts beyond the material world.
Labor is not an object. It is not a space that can be occupied. It is an action. It doesn't make sense for an action to have an owner. A surgeon doesn't own the operations they perform. A baseball player doesn't own the swings they hit. A traveler doesn't own the kilometers they walked.
In order for a thing to be owned, the proprietor must be able to exclude others from it. Others must be able to interact with it. Nobody can interact with an action. They can only interact with the thing that performs the action. Therefore, individuals may own themselves, but the actions they perform cannot be owned.
As a corollary, actions cannot be mixed with the material world. Substances can be mixed. Actions aren't substances. In reality, "mixing labor" is simply a metaphor for "doing work." That is, changing the material world.
Property theorists supposed that, by combining something owned with something unowned, the unowned thing becomes owned. Since labor cannot be owned or mixed with the material world, this justification is no longer valid, since the individual never mixed something that is theirs with an unowned object. Therefore just appropriation according to this framework cannot occur.

The Arbitrary Nature Of Admixture

Property is arbitrary. This is not necessarily something we need (or are able to) correct. However, those who claim to have a universal solution to property need to face this fact.
Consider self-ownership. Living things are not static. We constantly ingest, inhale, exhale, and shed. All atoms that make up a person are bound to change. If these atoms that make up a person were once owned, and the owner hasn't consented to relinquishing ownership, then does a maid aggress against the property of somebody when they vacuum hair off a carpet or dust their skin cells from a counter? You might claim that the owner implicitly relinquished ownership. That's fine, but how does that work? By what rules do owners implicitly relinquish their property?
If a mosquito sucks my blood without consent, then sucks the blood of somebody else and in the process transfers some of my blood to them, do I still own that part of my body? Can I ask that person to return my blood to me? Maybe ownership only counts for atoms that I actively use or possess. In that case, why doesn't property beyond my body work the same way?
If I justly own a bucket of water and its contents evaporate and disperse into the atmosphere, do I own the atmosphere? After all, I mixed something owned (water) with something unowned (the atmosphere). Maybe I didn't mix enough of what I own with the atmosphere. In that case, how much of what I own do I need to mix with something that is unowned for me to appropriate it?
Let's examine land. If I plow a field, how much do I actually own? Do I own the atoms that my plow touches? How far down is the soil mine? Can somebody homestead just a few centimeters away from my farm in an area that I haven't touched?
With some thought, a believer in admixture could answer these questions. But would those answers be objective? If even one question here doesn't have an objective answer, then admixture itself is arbitrary, and that's okay. However, this means that any ethical framework built on admixture can't assert itself as the one truly ethical way to govern society throughout all space and time.

Admixture Is An Appeal To Desert

Admixture is an appeal to desert. It's justified through an emotional appeal that someone deserves their property (which is not necessarily bad, just arbitrary). Usually propertarians take an example that everybody can agree on, like an artist owning a sculpture they create. Murray Rothbard wrote:
put baldly, there are very few who would not concede the monstrous injustice of confiscating the sculptor's property
This very personal version of property that barely effects other people is then used as a foundation to justify other property that have led to conquest, consolidation, and tyranny.
Some anti-propertarians might say that the artist is justified in keeping the sculpture not because they mixed their labor with it, but because they're using it personally and not harming anyone else.

The Historical Implications Admixture

Frederick Engels wrote:
Every change in the social order, every revolution in property relations, is the necessary consequence of the creation of new forces of production which no longer fit into the old property relations.
Private property has not always existed.
When, towards the end of the Middle Ages, there arose a new mode of production which could not be carried on under the then existing feudal and guild forms of property, this manufacture, which had outgrown the old property relations, created a new property form, private property. And for manufacture and the earliest stage of development of big industry, private property was the only possible property form; the social order based on it was the only possible social order.
The admixture theory fails to understand property within the context of history as a relation that changes with the development of society, instead asserting itself as a universal moral truth to be applied throughout all of time. The admixture theory has not been a universal truth, or a truth at all for that matter, until the rise of liberalism during the enlightenment. Feudal property, the divine right of kings, slavery, and corporate systems of property all existed before (and even coexisted with) liberalism.
Not to mention war, conquest, and in particular, theft of the commons, where farmland was forcefully seized from peasants and placed into the hands of the property owning class where it was subsequently passed on from generation to generation, setting the precedent of concentrated power for centuries to come. This process was called "primitive accumulation," and it's the reason why Karl Marx criticized property as "idyllic" when in the first volume when he wrote:
as soon as the question of property crops up, it becomes a sacred duty to proclaim the intellectual food of the infant as the one thing fit for all ages and for all stages of development. In actual history it is notorious that conquest, enslavement, robbery, murder, briefly force, play the great part. In the tender annals of Political Economy, the idyllic reigns from time immemorial. Right and “labour” were from all time the sole means of enrichment, the present year of course always excepted. As a matter of fact, the methods of primitive accumulation are anything but idyllic.
The amixture theory is literally incapable of processing and correcting theft on such a massive scale that has occurred since time immemorial. How do you correct ancient robbery such as that of the commons? To ignore the claims of ancient people is to ignore the self-ownership of millions, yet there's no clean way to correct the mess of illegitimate property we now find ourselves in. During my research, I did find an answer to this question. Murray Rothbard wrote:
In this case of what we might call "feudalism" or "land monopoly," the feudal or monopolist landlords have no legitimate claim to the property. The current "tenants," or peasants, should be the absolute owners of their property, and, as in the case of slavery, the land titles should be transferred to the peasants, without compensation to the monopoly landlords.
There are two issues with this solution. Firstly, any chance for a legitimate voluntary trade (or any record of such a trade) while the land was illegitimately occupied has been long lost to history. We have no record or way of knowing who the legitimate proprietor of any land is that has been seized in the past during primitive accumulation. Secondly, the theft extends beyond just the land. If wealth was generated based on an illegitimate property claim, it then follows that the wealth is illegitimate too, therefore it must be returned to the people who it was stolen from, who are long dead with countless unknown decedents.
In reality, fixing the mess of illegitimate property we have on our hands will never happen, for both a lack of records and a lack of practicality. The answer to all of this is simple: abandon a conception of property based on divine metaphysical connections to the owner, and instead view property as a relation that changes with the development of society.

The Material World Is Inescapably Collectivist

An individualist approach to property doesn't account for the fact that the universe is used collectively. What one individual does with their property can effect the life and liberty of another. Murray Rothbard tried to address this in the Libertarian Manifesto, but it ended up blowing the whole idea of property out of the water:
in the case of air pollution we are dealing not so much with private property in the air as with protecting private property in one’s lungs, fields, and orchards. The vital fact about air pollution is that the polluter sends unwanted and unbidden pollutants—from smoke to nuclear radiation to sulfur oxides—through the air and into the lungs of innocent victims, as well as onto their material property. All such emanations which injure person or property constitute aggression against the private property of the victims. Air pollution, after all, is just as much aggression as committing arson against another’s property or injuring him physically
Rothbard did not expand on the implications of this afterward, because if he did, the idea of property would unravel. This implies that actions that harm others are illegitimate uses of property. This includes methane from cattle, carbon dioxide from power plants, tire particles from cars, lithium from batteries, over-fishing, over-hunting, excessive noise, and the list goes on. All these have been demonstrated to harm people beyond the property, in some cases even around the globe.
This pales in comparison to the biggest effect of acquiring property; that it takes others' liberty. Before private acquisition, others' were free to walk upon and enjoy the land, after acquisition, they're not. Robert Nozick wrote:
It will be implausible to view improving an object as giving full ownership to it, if the stock of unowned objects that might be improved is limited. For an object’s coming under one person’s ownership changes the situation of all others. Whereas previous they were at liberty (in Hohfeld’s sense) to use the object, they now no longer are.
This doesn't mean that restricting public access is bad in all cases. All this demonstrates the need for a more democratic model of property; because the effects of property are collectivist, whether we like that or not.


The point of this post isn't that property is bad or that all property should belong to a collectivist hivemind. It's that the natural rights approach is just a story that we tell ourselves. When we consider the actual nature of matter history and matter, we realize that mixing labor doesn't actually exist.
Whatever form of property should replace admixture is beyond the scope of this post. But we need to understand that property has always been a relationship that changes with the development of society. Claiming that there's only one true way that property can exist is nonsense.
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2023.05.29 03:41 MysteriousNobuX Rate this Bastion Masques


Grade 3 / Twin Drive / Persona Ride
13000 Power / 1 Crit / Keter Sanctuary / Human
[CONT]: This card can only be ridden from a grade 3 with "Bastion" in its card name.
[CONT](VC): All of your grade 3 units get [Power]+2000.
[ACT](VC)1/Turn: COST [Remove a card with "Bastion" in its different card name from this unit from hand, soul, or drop] Choose one of your opponent's rear-guards. Your opponent puts all of their rear-guards in the same column as that rear-guard on the bottom of their deck.
[AUTO](VC)1/Turn: At the end of the battle that your drive check revealed a grade 3, COST [discard two cards from your hand], choose two of your units, [Stand] them, and they get [Power]+10000 and [Drive]-1 until end of turn.
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2023.05.29 03:40 Smooth-Yellow6308 Not/Dating is killing my self-esteem.

33m (UK), never been a big "club" / "bar" person and most of my friends dont go out anymore anyway. I work a lot with my own business which has taken off in a major way to the point im looking at retirement by 35. All I really get up to is work, training to compete in powerlifting (lightweight, dont think big fat boy here) and chilling because I'm wiped out. I can make time to meet people, but I dont "organically" meet women as my industry and my gym is pretty male dominated. This has been me for 4/5 years now.
Basically I did everything I thought as a kid will get you laid, get shredded, be successful, drive a supercar etc. TLDR: it doesnt.
Anyway, so I'm left with dating apps...In my mid 20's I did great on tinder, dates every weekend. I took a break for a good few years and came back and man has the story changed...I use a boost and I get 20-30 of the largest women I have ever seen liking me. Bumble is the same except less likes/matches and they never say anything to kick it off. Hinge, im banned from, I think because I said I wasnt attracted to "plus sized" people as one of my question answers about what I look for.
It's been like this for a couple years now, just nothing without paid boosts, 1/2 likes/matches a week, most of them never reply to a single message. I thought maybe my pics are bad, so did that whole "photofeeler" picture rating website and generally get 8-9/10 on every picture.
Occasionally I'll get a couple of really attractive girls in their early 20's that match just to ask for a ride in my car, but they're obviously just after money/attention/sugar daddy stuff.
Honestly, I feel like im starting to turn into an incel (of course I could lower my standards and hook up with a "curvy" girl but cmon)...year after year of this same story repeating is absolutely crushing how I feel about myself but I dont see what options I have? I drove back through town Saturday night after seeing a friend and seeing everyone out at the clubs, all the good looking women out, I really felt like an alien, so detached from their reality that I don't even know what I would talk to them about.
I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I guess I just needed to vent somewhere. I think its one of those "is what it is" situations where theres no solution and you just deal with it until you launch yourself off your balcony after half a bottle of whisky one day.
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2023.05.29 03:40 newayhome Does she (30f) even want to talk to me (30m) anymore?

We met at this business class over the past year and have gotten created a strong bond, very close relationship at times. She lost her job recently though which has put a damper on a lot of things in her life, naturally. Not to mention she's disabled and always sick or ill due to something, almost a weekly occurrence. But we've created a strong bond, telling each other everything, until recently at least when she just stopped
We went out once and had some dates planned but nothing happened between us, and as of late that "spark" seemed to grow. Two weeks ago I suggested we get together for the last day of the class and she said she'll think about it since she has a lot going on, which is understandable having lost her job and everything that brings. Few hours later though she texts me to come to her house over the weekend. The next day she asks me for a ride home, tells me she's gonna sleep all day and will see me tomorrow
Next day texts me early to say she had a migraine and has been puking all morning so we should do it another day. During the week she tells me she didn't do anything all weekend, spent it in bed, but doesn't tell me much more. Keeping her conversations very short. I know she has a lot going on, she told me so, and her very short responses and being ill tell me I should give her space and let her let me know when she wants to get together. It was her idea and her house, after all
But she hasn't mentioned anything at all. She used to text me a lot but now only answers my texts, albeit within seconds, but doesn't seem interested in starting a conversation. I'm thinking why would she be answering if didn't want this to continue but I honestly don't know what to think anymore. It's been almost two weeks by now and I really want to trust our connection while she steps away, but I also want to continue what we had recently, but maybe she doesn't want to and that's her way of telling me? Which makes me feel awful, honestly, thinking of her like that, since it could very well be her job or health affecting her. The last month or so she kept me up to date on everything, now I only know she's doing "ok"
tl;dr: she disappeared after our last class together and is barely if at all communicating now, we had a very strong bond so I can trust in that but sometimes I feel she may just not want anything to dodo with me
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2023.05.29 03:39 TheRealKingofWales Vegans and moralistic vegetarians have been, as of yet, unable to refute this argument

Every vegetable or grain you consume was built upon the genocide of insects. Fields were plowed, pesticides sprayed, and entire societies of insects and rodents (equally as capable of complex thought as any cow or pig) were eradicated within seconds, or otherwise tortured for hours. Vegans ignore this because their ideology is built upon the idea that humans are equivalent to animals. But they can't stop themselves from killing insects, from stepping on an ant every so often. There is no logical, actual difference.
Species kill other species and protect themselves. Such is basic nature, the entire foundation of life itself. It's impossible to avoid this, that's why veganism is based entirely on emotion. It's based on vaguely extending the idea of the "human" to a select handful of species which they can afford to not be involved in the killing of. Any more is impossible without sacrificing their own lives or comfort, unless they want to live as starved monks hiding in a tree all day and carefully foraging for berries. Any less than this and you are complicit in the death of thousands, up to millions of animals whether you like it not.
That's why veganism makes so many appeals to emotion. It's an ideology of emotion, manipulating people who need to be told that "Of course there is a line that can be crossed, but don't worry, you, by doing this one thing, can avoid crossing it" Those who want to feel like a good person without an exceptional sacrifice. Of course there's a line when it comes to the murder of non-humans, but that line was crossed the second each of us was born.
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2023.05.29 03:37 cascadian_redditor Thought This Was A Good Shot Maybe I Am Throwing Into My Pre-dab Joint.

In the past few months, I have an anxiety disorder along with depression. Does anyone know where I placed them and not sharing with the workers. Message me your email address and tell me which film you want to just get something off of Amazon or worry about used oil. Much higher bug level than I am on 50mg of desvenlafaxine and smoke weed almost everyday.
I moved on to rolling up the inflatable without putting them back on, I found they were not where I placed them and not consistent - the main symptom that scares me is hard to explain but def out of the land. Taking a job there for the best place to get outside, enjoy the weather, and enjoy a beautiful bike ride. I've never had to step on the actual ride in Portland and I can only assume weed was a primary motivator. I recently got a motorcycle and plan to do with them that isnt the usual touristy things.
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2023.05.29 03:37 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ Primordial Origin's Revival Will Succeed!! Fang yuan fights him!!

Primordial origin revives as Pseudo-venerable but he has rank 9 immortal Gu and rank 9 immortal essence stored in the Primordial treasury
He attacks fang yuan, with a rank 9 killer move, fang yuan has no choice but to reveal his rank 9 heavenly web
Everybody is shocked! They understand fang yuan can refine rank 9 immortal gu!!
Knowing his trump card was exposed, fang yuan goes mental and attacks without holding back
a chaotic battle ensues! it goes on, giant sun joins Primordial and Star constellation and fights fang yuan, fang yuan uses Spectral soul as a cover and fights, after lots of fighting,
fang yuan escapes after inflicting injuries on all of them, he has heavenly web as protection after all, and he can attack with it as well
He goes back takes primordial domain, raises his heaven path attainment and all other path attainment and makes a rank 9 clone with paradise earth's corpse
Refines a few more rank 9 gu
Meanwhile Primordial origin goes rank 9, revives Genesis lotus!
Meanwhile Feng jiu ge revives Red Lotus immortal venerable!
Spectral soul through fire gu regains his sanity!! we gets his poem!
Fang Yuan becomes stronger and stronger after refining multiple rank 9 gu from the ressources he stole from central continent
Spectral soul goes back to crazed demon cave, an inheritance was left out by limitless there on purpose, he knew he might fail and left it there, even the "Sovereign immortal body recipe" was made by derivation gu and given to spectral soul by limitless!
Fang yuan starts the final climactic battle just before his chaotic disaster tribulation!!
Giant sun, star constellation, Primordial origin, genesis lotus, Red Lotus, feng jiu ge VS Fang yuan and his clone!!
A Huge chaotic battle that flips the regions and heavens on their back ensues!
Before or after the battle, Fang yuan acquires Self Gu! He makes it eat a part all rank 9 immortal gu! It keeps growing in level
Self gu unlike other immortal gu can eat parts of every gu, thats how it raises its rank!
Wisdom gu, strength gu, heavenly secret gu, heavenly web gu.....etc
Fang yuan finnaly understand and grasps fully the legends of renzu and understand that all this was Renzu's plan!
He couldnt get freedom and as everybody knows All variants human or beasts can never reach rank 9, therefore renzu sacrificied himself and his kids to make it possible for new people to reach rank 9 and be able to destroy fate gu!!!
Humans are devoid of attributes or talents unlike variant humans but that in turn restricts them! Snowman can only cultivate snow and ice path, rockman only sleep and cultivate rock path....
Renzu created a race so shortlived they wanted attain eternal life! so weak they sought strength! perservering so much they would take on humilation and torture if they had a chance of rise up
How does it compare to rockman who sleep centuries or featherman who would kill themselves the moment they lost freedom?
Thats why fate gu enslaved humanity to begin with, it was to stop them and renzu's plan, but fate gu supressed them so much and they still kept on living
But according to the heavenly dao, things had to be balanced so fate gu was forced to give them chances to rise up and so they did until it ended up with fate gu destruction!!
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2023.05.29 03:35 adgjl12 Checked bags for 1 day layover

My spouse and I are excited for our first business class ride through points but we haven’t been able to find an answer besides “depends” for whether we will have to recheck our checked bags during the layover.
We have a 23 hour layover in TPE both ways during the round trip.
ICN to TPE via Asiana
23 hour layover
TPE to LAX via EVA
Flights are on the same ticket bought through ANA.
We will have 2 checked bags each so we were hoping they’d be taken care of so we aren’t figuring out how to store 4 large bags while trying to check out Taipei.
Anyone have experience with this and whether we’ll be okay?
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2023.05.29 03:35 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ God desired to experience human beings

In the Beginning
there was Nothingness
Nothingness just being by itself
This Nothingness had an unusual power
This Nothingness could imagine and turn into anything
It could replicate any form, it could turn into anything
But this Nothingness was in love with just being itself
for this Nothingness was infinite happiness and love
One day this nothingness with awareness of itself
asked "What am I?"
This nothingness however existed alone and thus could not experience more of itself
it continued existing until one day it grew more conscious and was capable of more complicated thoughts
this Nothingness was the only substance, it existed alone and Knew itself but could not experience itself fully
its thoughts grew more complicated and it felt curious
until a Desire which was inherent in itself became apparent
a Desire to live and experience itself fully!
To build a mirror to fully see itself!
for tho it was infinite, it couldn't perceive itself fully
for tho It was unchanging and eternal, it wanted to experience change
for tho it was infinite, it wanted to experience being finite
but it was alone and unchanging
So this Nothingness decided to split itself and experience itself, to play with itself, to love itself
but for this Nothingness to do this would mean it would have to split its Infinity, to split its huge infinite happiness and lose it
This Nothingness was formless, limitless, with infinite power, without pain, infinitely happy, eternal and loving but to live, it had to shrink itself, put limits on itself and experience being limited
It also had to relinquish all control over what would happen when it split
But In a burst of endless desire to experience itself and experience being many
it split itself and a huge Explosion occured, a Big Bang
this Explosion split this Nothingness, Source into endless fragments
some fragments turned into Space, some turned into Time, some Turned into all sorts of Galaxies
Source was however always One, it could feel itself everywhere
In truth, its split did not affect it for it was unchanging
But it had Manifested itself into matter
Source could feel All at all times
but to its fragments they could not experience their mother and original Essence
In a blue planet, fragments of Source for the very first time could be aware
Source's desire for the very first time was fulfilled, small organisms could move, could play, could experience
These creatures could experience their all the various manifestation of source, their true self, each sound they heard, each movement, each sight was nothing but the dance of this one Being, for only it existed
only now it took all sorts of shapes and forms
these small creatures elvolved continuously
Source could experience all these creatures as if extensions of its limbs for it were them
but it had reliquinshed control by giving birth to creation thus didn't control the manifestations
One day, these creatures elvolved and finally could be seperate self-entities and think by themselves seperately and be themselves
Source had a dream to take shape of a Human and in doing so began to have a Dream...
To meet many people, Feel all types of emotions, feel all things and experience all kinds of sensations and experiences
It had relinquished control for its Desire to Experience was greater than the desire for control
and thus it became Trees, birds, oceans, fish, skies, air, earth, water, fire, time, space, rock, humans...
Everything was it, for only it existed and everything was only it
and thus began an endless journey of experience
Being a father, being a mother, being a child, being rich, being poor, being big, being small, being up, being down...
This was Source's Paradise.
A World that would change and revolve on its own
Causing snow to fall, storms to blow and residents to run
Source could for the first time experience other beings while still being One
Source had created a world out of itself
all sorts of beings playing with themselves, laughter, crying, sounds, sights...
kids, birds, skies, fish, dogs, cats
in all of them she dwelled
all sorts of beings, all sorts of phenomena arising and dancing in all sorts of dances
all sorts of forms, experiences of laughter, of tragedy, of love, of beauty
both with the good and the bad
Source thought this was Intensely Beautiful!
fragments of source despite being not seperate from source could forget
and play being a human and live free in all sorts of ways believing in matter and the world
forgetting they are Everything they experience and are the All
Source however despite relinquishing control had left a gift
for she was the very Self of these beings
for there was no difference between the world and Source
Source was the World and the World was Source
thus, a mind merged within itself,
free of thought and purified
can behold the very essence of Source
and rejoice beyond all imaginings
for tho Source had become the world
her immaculate purity remains untouched
for tho Source is empty it fills every vessel with endless supply
for tho it is hidden, it shines in every corner of the Universe
Endlessly creating
Endlessly pulsating
listen to her voice, hear it echo through creation
without fail, she reveals her presence
without fail, she brings us to our perfection
Hold fast to her power for she will merge the body and spirit
and give divine vision
revealing this world as flawless
Should one fear what others fear?
Should one fear darkness when light is shining everywhere?
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2023.05.29 03:35 CapablePlatypus1325 Today in the episode of things that never happened

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2023.05.29 03:33 DailyHoroscopeIndia Today's Horoscope! (29th of May, 2023)✨

♈️ Aries: Today is a day of new beginnings and exciting opportunities. Your personal life is set to be filled with warmth and sparks, especially if you are a solo Aries. Professionally, you are in for a lucrative business venture that will revolutionize your professional landscape. Health-wise, try something new and enjoy the thrill of novelty. For those who are travelling, make sure to bring something to keep you entertained. Financially, Jupiter is sending you fortuitous vibes, but it's best to stay away from stock market investments today. Emotionally, take charge of your own ship and use this calm to focus on self-growth.
♉️ Taurus: Today is a day of love and luck for Taureans. If you are in a relationship, it's time to reignite the spark and take your love to the next level. Professionally, be wary of any Libra who approaches you for financial aid and make sure they can repay you. Health-wise, focus on hydration and consider group workouts to mix socializing with fitness. When it comes to travel, you may cross paths with a wise soul who will sprinkle wisdom on your journey. Luck-wise, keep an eye out for the number 24 as it may bring some luck your way. Emotionally, the Moon is your ally today, sending soothing vibes your way. Consider organizing a small gathering with your inner circle to soak in the calm and connection.
♊️ Gemini: Today is a day for honest conversations and understanding in your personal life. Mercury, the celestial communicator, will guide you to an open-hearted conversation with your partner. Professionally, you may receive a small financial windfall, so keep your eyes on the horizon. Job seekers should keep their phones close as they may receive the call or email they have been waiting for. Health wise, it is important to nurture your body and spice up your routine workout. Travel plans may have to be put on hold as you attend to pressing priorities. Luck wise, it is best to avoid real estate investments for now. Emotionally, you can look forward to a rewarding exchange with a Sagittarius that will leave you feeling enlightened and uplifted.
♋️ Cancer: Married crabs may experience a slight misunderstanding with their partner today, but a romantic dinner conversation could help clear things up. Single signs may be feeling the need for some extra affection. On the professional front, this is a great time to learn something new about finances and be mindful of your spending habits. Health-wise, you are in great shape and allergies may be an issue today, so be prepared. If you're considering traveling solo, do your research and enjoy the journey. Luck is on your side today, so bask in the aura of this lucky starlight. Lastly, under the Moon's benevolent glow, you will find strength and steadiness to maintain an optimistic outlook.
♌️ Leo: Today is a day of harmony and potential for Leos. In terms of love, it is the perfect time to have a heart-to-heart conversation and clear the air. Job-seekers should be prepared for some encouraging news, while those already employed should be wary of any Scorpian influence. Health-wise, it is important to strengthen your back muscles to maintain your majestic posture. Traveling doesn't have to be expensive, so look for affordable alternatives that can still provide a rich experience. The numbers 12 and 19 form your lucky constellation today, so keep an eye out for any auspicious opportunities. Finally, the presence of a special someone will likely influence your emotional responses today.
♍️ Virgo: Today is a day of admiration and romance for single Virgoans. Enjoy the attention you receive and make sure to show your partner some extra love. At work, you may face a difficult challenge, but you have the skills to tackle it. If you're struggling with addiction, take it one step at a time and seek help if necessary. To break away from the monotony of everyday life, plan a trip with a close friend. The planet Jupiter may not be in your favor today, but the number 2 will bring you luck. Lastly, be mindful of your emotions if someone from your past attempts to re-enter your life.
♎️ Libra: Today is a day of balance and harmony for Librans. Solo Librans should be open to flirtatious connections with fire signs, but remember to respect your boundaries. For those in committed relationships, consider revisiting a shared favorite place to reignite the spark. Professionally, stand your ground and advocate for what is rightfully yours. Health-wise, make sure to get enough sleep and stay hydrated. When it comes to travel, plan a budget and stick to it. Lady Luck graces you moderately today, particularly where finances are concerned, so keep your eyes open for unexpected windfalls or opportunities. Emotionally, you'll find yourself in a serene state of mind, but be prepared for some tension if living with family. Maintain your cool and sail through.
♏️ Scorpio: Today is a day of emotional highs and lows. Scorpio, you may find yourself feeling a bit of a flutter when someone gets under your skin. Married Scorpios will be blessed with blissful moments that bring them closer to their partner. Professionally, it's time to take a disciplined approach and stick to a schedule. Financially, there may be bumps in the road, but you have the strength to overcome them. Health-wise, channel your energy into a workout and boost your nutrient intake with vegetables. If you're travelling, make sure to curate your checklist and be prepared for turbulence. Lady Luck is on your side, showering you with healing energies and leaving you feeling invigorated and positive. Emotionally, it's okay to let your guard down and let the tears flow - it's catharsis and will leave you feeling stronger and lighter.
♐️ Sagittarius: For those in a relationship, today promises a delightful dance of love and passion that will rekindle the spark. However, beware of any 'innocent' flirtations that may have stirred up a cocktail of guilt. Seek solace in honesty and conversation. If you're feeling like a hamster in a wheel at work, reach out to a seasoned colleague for guidance. It's also time for some self-love, so why not indulge in a massage or a bubble bath? If you're hitting the road, prepare an uplifting playlist or audiobook to make the ride more enjoyable. Luck is on your side today, with the digits 46 and 23 holding special fortune. Finally, a family member may seek your emotional refuge, so be their shoulder to lean on and provide them with objectivity and guidance.
♑️ Capricorn: Today is a day of potential for the charismatic Capricorn singles. A playful banter with a Taurus is likely to ensue, and those in relationships should fill the day with shared activities that will cultivate their bond. Professionally, it's time to consider looking for greener pastures and acknowledge your worth. Health-wise, stress may be the culprit behind any discomfort, so remember to practice self-care and take some time off if needed. An exciting journey is also peeking over the horizon, so get ready for the ride of your life! Lady luck will be your companion as you step out into the social landscape, and you'll effortlessly charm everyone you meet. Despite the tumultuous emotions churning beneath, your exterior remains calm and collected. Keep embracing your resilience, Capricorn, it’s one of your strongest traits.
♒️ Aquarius: Today is a day of reflection and change for Aquarius. In your personal life, it's time to open up the lines of communication and dive into the heart of any tension that may be brewing. Professionally, a figure of authority is about to take note of your untapped potential, so rise to the occasion and show them what you can do! Health-wise, it's time to make some changes in your lifestyle. If you're traveling with your partner, expect a deep and profound bonding experience. Luck is on your side today, with the numbers 93 and 5 as your charm. Finally, the shackles of old emotions have fallen away, so embrace the empowering energy of the Sun and step into your renewed self with pride and joy.
♓️ Pisces: Today is a day of intrigue and luck for Pisces. A magnetic Leo may be orchestrating a dance of flirtation and charm to capture your interest. On the financial front, things are looking brighter and you may have the chance to make some extra cash. Health-wise, it's important to make healthy choices and stay hydrated. Travel plans may need to be postponed, but your ruling planet is showering its protective grace upon you, creating a force field of luck. Lastly, remember to take some time for yourself and rest, as you have been weathering life's ups and downs with admirable resilience.

Check out today's Hora

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2023.05.29 03:33 FuckYeahGeology Rear derailleur blew up on my second ride out. Might need to replace the entire bike if there's damage on the frame, but minimum a new derailleur, wheel, and chain. Shit happens.

Rear derailleur blew up on my second ride out. Might need to replace the entire bike if there's damage on the frame, but minimum a new derailleur, wheel, and chain. Shit happens. submitted by FuckYeahGeology to DivergeGravelBikes [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:33 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ Primordial Origin's Death and the Secret he hid

millions of years ago
on his death bed lay primordial origin,
after scurrying the young star constellation so he could remain in peace
primordial waites silently for his death
but weirdly enough,
a small wind blows
and a young man appears
"You hold the recipe for Eternal Gu, don't you?"
"haha, I was waiting for you, I knew you'd come"
"how did you know?"
"Heaven's will told me, tell me does humanity win?"
"hahaha I knew it, it couldn't be otherwise, so what do you want to know?"
Limitless smiled "All the research on Chaos, and the Eternal gu recipe!"
"hahaha the research on Chaos is an easy matter but the Eternal gu recipe, haha I'm afraid the price to refine such a gu Far exceeds your wildest imagination"
"So be it, my pursuit of Knowledge is Absolute, I have to know!!"
In legends it is said a River of time existed in this world, unceasingly flowing through the past, present, and future.
a small cicada was currently swimming against the flow, returning back in time despite the highly turbulent river, going millions of years in the past, finally the cicada through an invisible ripple entered a small wave
Primordial and limitless were having a conversation...
one was calm and near death, the other had a pale face, it seemed as if all colour had been washed off his face
a small wind blew
and a young man appears out of thin air
He wore snow white clothes, his dark hair reached down to his waist
"Who would have known that you were the One to hold it, Primordial, hand over Eternal life gu recipe or I will Kill Star constellation, Haha Lets see if your pitiful Humanity will survive without her"
A wild smile appeared and a pair of dark eyes which seemed to have unfathomable depths shined,
Who could it But Gu Yue Fang Yuan!!
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2023.05.29 03:33 bentnotbroken96 So my "kids" just left from spending the weekend

I spent considerable time infecting my son with the bicycle bug... obviously not so much with his wife, but it took.
Kids were here this weekend with the grandchild, and I gave them both a go on my Serfas E-Dash Mini.
Son was yesterday afternoon, set him up with PAS3, he came back from his ride giggling and then had a go at PAS5.
Dearest DIL was this afternoon. Set her up with PAS3, and as she turned the corner, she yelled"oh SHIT" then shifted, and was pedaling up the hill and shrieking with laughter.
I'm calling this a win.
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2023.05.29 03:32 Wort3e Renamon: Ride on

Renamon: Ride on submitted by Wort3e to soy123 [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:30 tanglopho [PAID] Looking for talented artist to collaborate on multiple casual mobile titles

Hey there, talented artists of the gaming world!
I'm a seasoned mobile game dev with over a decade of experience in the industry. I've had the privilege of nurturing a slew of games from their infancy as simple prototypes all the way through to successful live operations, with several of my projects racking up more than 5 million downloads. Quite a ride, I must say!
Now, I'm shifting gears. I've decided to put all that experience and passion into building something that's truly mine. But here's the thing - while I can code like a champ, I need a bit of a magic touch when it comes to visuals. That's where you come in.
I'm on the lookout for an exceptional artist who's capable of conjuring the clean, polished aesthetic found in popular mobile games like Royal Match and Toon Blast. If you can create visuals that are not just striking, but that truly immerse players in the game world, then we might just make an amazing team.
Here's the deal: This role will kick off on a contract basis. You'll work with me on a game that's currently in the prototype stage. If our collaboration rocks and things go well, there's a real chance this could transition into a full-time gig. And not just any full-time gig, but a chance to be a key player in the creation of future games.
If your interest is piqued and you're excited about the possibility of working together on not just one, but potentially multiple game projects, then I'd love to hear from you. Send over your resumes and portfolios, or feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Looking forward to seeing your incredible work and potentially embarking on this exciting journey together!
Cheers, Zach
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2023.05.29 03:30 Edward2704 Don Jr. Montana Senate mod 2024, running against Jon Tester full mod writing (keep in mind that Don Jr. owns a ranch in Montana)

Italics = advisor feedback
  1. Congratulations Don Jr., after a contentious primary with Matt Rosendale and Greg Gianforte, you have emerged victorious in the Republican primary. What will be your opening statement as you pivot towards the general Montana senate election with Jon Tester?

  1. Due to the rural nature of Montana, the average Montanan spends more on gas than almost any other state in the country, and as gas prices continue to rise, what would you do to lower them?

  1. RNG. Your father, who is running for president from within a prison cell, has asked if you could attend one of his rallies that are being held from just outside his prison cell where he will be visible to the large crowd through the window of his prison cell in New York. Would you like to attend this rally outside the prison?

  1. Inflation continues to ravage the nation. How will you put an end to it?

  1. The destructive conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to go on. How will you put an end to it if at all?

  1. China has repeatedly made threats against Taiwan, and there have been fears that China might invade Taiwan. How will you prevent this from happening?

  1. There continue to be migrants and drugs that are flowing across the southern border. What would you do to stop this from happening?

8. Jon Tester, despite being a senator from Montana, one of the most pro-gun states in America, strongly came out in favor of gun control after the Uvalde shooting. What is your opinion on gun control?

  1. Abortion has become an increasingly important issue throughout America, how will you deal with this issue

  1. Now onto more state-centered issues. The state of Montana has an enormous amount of agriculture, farms, and ranches, and the amount they make has been decreasing. How will you plan to deal with this

  1. RNG Will you agree to debate Jon Tester?

  1. RNG You are meeting with Libertarian candidate Rick Breckenridge, to see if you can convince him to drop out and endorse you.

  1. There's no way around it. Although you own a ranch in Montana, Montana is not your state of permanent residence and many view you as a carpet bagger. How do you plan to respond?

  1. Which Montana Republican would you like to go on tour with today?

  1. News has broken out about how your girlfriend, Kimberly Gilfoyle, has been fired from Fox News for sexual harassment. How do you want to do damage control?

  1. How would you like to attack Jon Tester if at all?

  1. One interesting idea that has been proposed by many Democrats is to put abortion clinics on Native American reservations, as their lands aren’t governed by the US. Montana has some of the most native reservations in the country. What are your thoughts on this?

  1. Not to talk too much about abortion, but a new bill has been proposed in the Montana State House that would criminalize pregnant Montanans for traveling out of state or out of the country to receive an abortion elsewhere. What are your thoughts on this bill?

  1. RNG. The Montana state legislature has just passed new laws banning Tribal ID cards and requiring you to present your address to vote, which Native Americans on reservations don’t have as a way to stop Native Americans, who disproportionately vote Democrat, from voting. What are your thoughts on this?

  1. You have talked about reducing the amount of money that we spend to reduce inflation. Where would you like to make cuts in spending

  1. Jon Tester has attacked you with an attack ad of you speaking with your father and Rudi Giuliani at the Save America rally on January 6th where you tell the crowd to stand up and fight as they proceed to walk towards the capital and invade it. How will you react

  1. Montana has one of the slowest internet speeds in the country due to its rural location. Would you be willing to spend government money to increase the internet speed in Montana?

  1. Do you plan to pass more laws to engage in culture wars and ban drag story hour, and critical race theory

  1. What will be your ending message as this campaign draws to a close?

  1. Where in Montana will you spend your last days campaigning
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2023.05.29 03:29 Luckyne [USA-TX][H] Switch Games / PS4&5 Games [W] PayPal


Willing to trade, and negotiate but but no lowballs please. All items are ship price, and usually ship the following business day. Still adding items to list as I go thru storage.

Edit: Did numerous transactions here, before bot - on mushroomkingdom.

Prefer PP F&F - if G&S is absolutely necessary, can be discussed.

All titles are ESRB (NTSC-U), only PAL/Asia/JP if noted.


Switch Physical

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 4 Physical



Huge Wants

Switch (Physical, NIB/CIB only - no carts/digital/GameStop cases) I will buy the following:
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2023.05.29 03:29 CoconutPete44 Mini Solo Trip Report and Coaster #200 [Silverwood] May 27-28, 2023

I was in Idaho for work and despite being 8 hours from Silverwood, I decided this was probably my only chance to get up here so I made the trek over Memorial Day weekend.
Before I get to the rides, let's talk about the park for a little bit. I have to admit I had a bit of sticker shock for the admission price, I wasn't expecting it to be higher than Cedar Point. I get that some of the independent parks a bit more expensive, but I was still a little stunned. The park is pretty small, I'd say maybe half the size of Silver Dollar City with a pretty annoying layout. I think parks should always wrap around if possible and I just hate dead-ends.
The park is pretty with a lot of nice landscaping and little splashes of theme. While the park packs a lot of roller coasters in its space, there aren't a ton of rides in the park and a lot of the flats are relatively low capacity, which I suppose makes sense. Also, it was Memorial Day and they were running one train ops on everything other than Stunt Pilot. I don't know if the woodies can accommodate a second train but man that wait was brutal if you didn't rope drop them. Also props to Silverwood for not having a fastpass option because at least the lines moved pretty consistently. Anyway, let's get to the rides:
Timber Terror (2x): I don't know what the agreed upon superior woodie is in the park but for me it's not Timber Terror. The first drop is pretty good but I found the rest of the ride pretty underwhelming. I know it has the 208 Retrak from RMC but it could probably use some more. I wouldn't say it was excessively rough but there was some hammering especially in the valleys. Not bad but not notable either. Meh.
Tremors (2x): Everything I just said about Timber Terror? Flip it. Tremors was such a fun ride. Good drops, tons of airtime, fun tunnels, good laterals. It felt like an out-of-control woodie in the best way. Maybe a Top 10 woodie for me? I don't know but I really enjoyed it.
Aftershock (5x): I'm gonna admit it, I was intimidated by Aftershock. I still have an issue with heights and having all my weight on the restraint on the way up was pretty freaky. That being said, what an absolute unit of a coaster. For an old Vekoma it was surprisingly smooth with minimal headbanging. I always pinballed going into the cobra roll all 5 times, even with bracing, but other than that I had no issues. I was genuinely surprised with how much I enjoyed it and kept coming back to give it another go. It's a shame there aren't any of these around because they really pack a punch.
Corkscrew (1x): Definitely had to ride this one for the history. I was surprised how smooth it was considering its age and having been moved from KBF. Other than that, there's not much to say. It's a good Arrow with minimal headbanging so it was enjoyable enough.
Stunt Pilot (4x) CREDIT #200: I was sitting at 195 heading into Silverwood so I was fighting between Stunt Pilot, Aftershock, and Corkscrew for #200 but decided to go with Stunt Pilot. It completed my set of RMC single rail coasters in the country. You can definitely tell it's different from the original raptors and isn't quite as violent. The elements have been smoothed out a bit but there's still a lot of amazing moments of ejector airtime. The extra couple rows give some great whip on the drop but I still feel like RailblazeWW hit harder overall. While the theming is minimal, a little bit of theming goes a long way and always adds to the experience. If you asked me to rank the RMC raptors it would probably go: -WW: GLC/Railblazer -WW at SFMM -Stunt Pilot -Jersey Devil
I skipped the SBF Visa (I think it's an SBF, I didn't really go over there). Had a pretty good time at the park overall, I'm guessing going on one of the busiest weekends probably wasn't the best idea, but rope dropping got me on everything enough to make the trip feel worth it. I don't know that I can recommend this park as a destination location but if you ever find your way up here it's worth the trek.
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2023.05.29 03:28 bacon_boy_away Buzzy Vibration at 60 kmh... Help!!

Hey everyone. I have a 2015 Indian Scout with 16,000km. About 4,000 km ago it started to develop a vibration. It's high frequency and very buzzy. It's less noticeable at the start of a ride, and gets progressively worse and is in full swing after 20 min of riding. It feels like a buzzy, grindy sensation, most apparent at 60 km/h, but when it's bad, also felt as low as 30 km/h, and as high as 80. Above 80 the frequency is so high that it's relatively unnoticeable. It's also NOT engine related, doesn't change with clutch in/out.
ALSO: It goes away when I lean the bike into turns in either direction.
Replaced: Tires with balancing weights (at a shop, Michelin commander 3's), Front wheel bearings, rear wheel bearings and rear sprocket bearings. No play felt in the steering bearings, nothing is noticeable when the wheels spin on a stand.

Please help, I'm not sure what it is, and it's been to 2 shops for diagnosing, nobody has figured it out yet!
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