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A subreddit for those in quest of the almighty Platinum! Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophy hunters welcome too! Covering PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3), and PS Vita. Note: Does not cover Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, or other non-PlayStation platform achievements.

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Welcome, fellow Buffy fans! This community is dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you haven't watched through the entirety of both "Buffy" and "Angel," there will most likely be a lot of spoilers. Read at your own risk! For as long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One...

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The subreddit for the Rockstar Games title Grand Theft Auto III And The Definitive Edition.

2023.03.20 16:06 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Mega-Thread - March 20, 2023

It's time once again for a brand new questions thread! Your go-to place for questions and answers of all variety. Happen to have started playing recently and have some confusing things you want cleared up? Maybe you picked the game back up after a long absence? Or maybe you're a seasoned player wanting the finer details of something explained? Ask away! There's no such thing as a stupid question, and we're all here to help.

Helpful Resources

Cryozen's Guide to Guides
Mabinogi World Wiki
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2023.03.20 16:06 tillacat42 Can you guys give me some insight into what codes chiropractic bills and when?

I am a PT with a friend who is a chiropractor. I have my own clinic and he is going to be working for me. Is there a guide somewhere as to what you bill and when? I do the billing for my company and I check all the billing for accuracy before sending it out because it is a nightmare to try to correct it later. As it stands, my PTAs make a ton of mistakes (billing 22 minutes of exercise as 2 units for example) and I have to have them delete a unit before billing out.
I know chiro bills by how many areas are adjusted because I worked with chiro in the past but I don’t know any specifics as I didn’t do billing at that facility. I know that they can also use PT codes. Can you use all the PT codes or only ther ex? Where can I find information on how to correctly bill the adjustment? I am not wanting to change anything he does, just check it for accuracy compared to his note and give it back to him if it doesn’t match up. Thank you. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.20 16:05 nlitherl [Review] The Inquisitor's Guide, A 5E DND Review

[Review] The Inquisitor's Guide, A 5E DND Review submitted by nlitherl to RPGreview [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 16:05 elmadrasahblog2023 Discover the latest techniques for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with

Discover the latest techniques for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with
Many children suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which affects their ability to concentrate and focus on daily activities, including studying and working. To help these children overcome this disorder, many techniques and methods have been developed to improve attention and concentration.
Here are some techniques and methods that can be used to help children with ADHD to focus and concentrate during their studies:
  • Systematic learning: This method relies on teaching students how to organize and manage their time and focus on their study tasks. Teachers can guide students in applying time management techniques, such as the Pomodoro technique, which involves dividing work into specific time periods and taking short breaks between each period.
  • Audio technology: Audio technology can be used to help enhance focus and attention. Many applications have been developed that provide relaxing music or nature sounds, which can help reduce stress and improve concentration.
  • Artificial intelligence applications: AI-based applications can be used to help students concentrate and focus by identifying the student's level of concentration and attention and adjusting tasks and assignments accordingly. AI-based applications can also provide special training to improve attention and concentration.
  • Kinesthetic learning: Kinesthetic learning can be useful for people with ADHD, where movement is used as a tool to enhance focus and attention. Teachers can provide adequate space for movement in the classroom and encourage students to engage in sports or free movements between study periods.
  • Distance learning technology: Distance learning can be more convenient for people with ADHD, as it allows them to learn at their own pace and in their preferred environment. This method can provide flexibility and reduce the stress of being in a traditional classroom.
Overall, there are many techniques and methods that can help children with ADHD to improve their focus and attention during their studies.
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2023.03.20 16:04 Suspicious-Big-1307 Link for Textbook/Workbook

For those looking for the link to a physical copy of the textbook or textbook/workbook bundle:

Some of them say low stock so not sure how many are actually available. The study guide is pretty legit too - I use it for my students going through residency as a resource before taking the test.
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2023.03.20 16:04 meghlovesdogs flattening… then what?

I am in the last stages of the flattening process because I couldn’t bear to get rid of my museum and HHP progress, but have no idea how to start from scratch. There’s a lot of guides on how to flatten but not how best to plan and rebuild from the ground up! Advice, tips, recommendations are very appreciated!
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2023.03.20 16:04 NobleKnight__ Passed C952 - Computer Architecture

Passed C952 - Computer Architecture
I haven't seen a ton of information on this course, so I'll give my experience.
I passed this course in 67 hours of studying. I believe I could have passed the exam with much less study time if I had been more consistent with my studying. I was enrolled in the course for about 2 months overall. I had many days or even weeks where I didn't study at all. I was discouraged by the difficulty of reading the course material. But honestly, the course material and the questions on the PA were more difficult than anything I saw on the OA. So I would say if you can somewhat grasp the material at least, you will probably be prepared for the exam.
I've seen 3 different guides floating around, but I used the "C952 course Home Page" link. Here's what I did to study:

  • Read all of Chapter 2
  • Read 3.1--3.7, 3.16--3.22
  • 4.1--4.4, 4.6--4.8, 4.10--4.12
  • 5.1-5.4 (I gave up on the reading at this point, and used the Jack Lusby webinars for the rest of Chapters 5, 6, and 7.
  • Watch the Popular Topics Webinars
  • Completed Problem Set 1 and Problem Set 2
  • Study this Quizlet in Test mode. I ran through 15 twenty-question tests as I was doing all my other studying.
  • Took the Pre-Assessment, and barely passed by 1 or 2 questions.
  • Took 5 days to lightly review, including watching the "Videos for pre-assessment questions" by Dr. Sid Rubey.
  • Passed the OA with a score a lot higher than my PA.

Overall, it was hard to force myself through a lot of the material, but it ended up being not as bad as I thought. The OA really just tests you on general high-level concepts. I felt like I didn't retain anything from the book because the language is so convoluted, but I guess must have retained something. In my opinion, the PA was harder.

That's it! Easy money.
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2023.03.20 16:04 AutoModerator [Available] Charlie Houpert - Charisma University

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Charilie Houpert - Charisma University course.
Charisma University by Charlie Houpert is the ultimate tool for mastering the art of charm and making lasting impressions. With Charisma University, you will:
With Charisma University, you will be guided step-by-step on your journey to mastering the art of charm. As long as you follow the program, you are guaranteed to see massive gains in your social and professional life.
Contact us today if you are interested in Charisma University in one of the following ways:
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
**Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.03.20 16:04 WonderAmesy Need some help with the trophy All's fair

Its the trophy where you have to counter a rival posses free roam mission. Would appreciate some help
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2023.03.20 16:03 AutoModerator Weekly newbie & discussion post: questions, skills, shopping, and gear

Welcome to the weekly discussion thread! This is a place for quick questions and anything that might not otherwise merit its own post.
Specifically, this thread is for:
Posts that fall into the above categories will be deleted and redirected to this thread.
You're also welcome to share your social media handle or links in this thread.
We also have some great resources available:
Thanks, and stay safe out there!
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2023.03.20 16:03 Edwonh Stats 306 with Mark Fredrickson

Hi I was just wondering is attendance required and does he record lectures? Since he does have a example syllabus posted on the course guide.
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2023.03.20 16:03 jamila22 [Landlord US-GA] What credit score is regarded as good enough to consider a tenant?

I'm planning on renting out a newish SFH in Georgia. It's in a nice quiet neighborhood for the area, rent is close to $3000. Over 3300sqft. Has been lived in by only 1 family since it was built 4 years ago and they took excellent care of it. Is there a guide to know what an acceptable credit score is to use? Do I not even allow viewing below a certain score?
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2023.03.20 16:02 Suspicious-Big-1307 Link for Textbook / Workbook

For those of you that were looking for the link to a physical copy of the textbook and/or workbook - the shop I follow posted this:
A textbook only was added today at some point and there's a textbook/workbook bundle as well as some digital things - I use the 35 page study guide for some of my students in residency as reference, it's pretty helpful. Some of them say low stock so not sure how many are actually there but just to throw it out if you need any study material.
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2023.03.20 16:02 DullMaintenance8958 JJUNIJUN mc disbanded, appreciation for the trio that made me look forward to each Sunday

It's been a year since Yeonjun, Jeongui and Bumjune were first chosen as mcs for Inkigayo and it was announced that the trio will no longer mc together (Yeonjun is coming back after tour to mc with two other people I assume)
Since we probably won't be seeing all three together for the long time, I want to express how much I love them and their dynamics together. They were such a fun little trio and had good chemistry even from the beginning, they gradually became closer and now think of each other as siblings. Their cute antics while mcing were so adorable and I'll really miss them so much.
My highlight is when TXT won a trophy on Inkigayo for the first time in their career while Yeonjun is the mc as this was his biggest wish for a while. Jeongui and Bumjune cheered him on and comforted him as he started crying. This post from jeongui made me tear up a little, they all must love being together as mcs and I wish we could see them together in the future!! :')
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2023.03.20 16:01 ujober The Benefits of Crypto Guest Posting

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2023.03.20 16:00 hadesburn23 [GUIDE] Online Multiplayer - Changing Hosts/Transferring Server Save file

[GUIDE] Online Multiplayer - Changing Hosts/Transferring Server Save file
I'm writing this down to help others that also have the same hosting issue. There is already an answer to this in the Stardew Valley forum and an archived SV guide but it seems to be missing one step that would make the transfer essentially flawless playable, which is my goal to clarify here.
THE ISSUE: Following the steps provided in the link, the server runs as it would normally with the original host, with the exception of (1) the Main Menu showing the original host's character instead of yours - which really doesn't matter gameplay-wise, and another issue in which (2) the indoors of houses started looking like it came from a pixel horror RPG.
THE FIX: I found out, through trial and error and scanning the entire XML code line-by-line, that there are these lines:

contained within and which should be switched so that the ownership of the FarmHouse & Cabin are fully transferred. THAT'S IT. THAT'S THE POST.

Here is a visualization if you still can't CTRL+F it, for credibility.
Original host had upgraded his FarmHouse once pre-transfer. Therefore, this should be transferred to my character's details in and then rewrite my character's tag as
This is my character's Cabin info - no upgrades yet. This should be transferred to the original host's character details in then rewrite the tag as . Cabin name may vary due to the specificity, so refer to your code.
Save and follow the rest of the instructions given in the forum.

Additional info:
There is already a script in the archived SV guide that offers to switch player and farmhand with ease - does it work?
  • I have not tried it.
There is a comment in the archived SV guide regarding bundle rewards like cart/bus no longer working.
  • I played on the server since day 1 with the host, so I had no issues with this. If anyone does, maybe we can discuss.
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2023.03.20 15:58 thecheeseking9 Mayasuran Navy v8.3.9 RC2 Frigate ship tier list, by thecheeseking9

This tier list is made to attempt to rank the frigate ships included in the Mayasuran Navy mod by Knight Chase. It is heavily based on and inspired by the many great tier list of the base game made by user Grevious69, who was inspired by the tier lists made by user PureLSD. This list will follow largely follow the format of the tier lists by Grevious69 where I will include 2 ranks (first rank being in AI control, second rank in the player’s control) if there is a significant performance difference in rank between an AI piloted VS a player piloted. If either person of the tier list feel that this list should be removed or changes made, please inform me to do so.
Before proceeding, I think I should explain several hullmods included in this mod so that I will not need to repeat myself explaining. In this mod there are several ship variants that have built in hullmods in a similar fashion to the Fourteenth Battlegroup called Mayasuran Prime Warship (M) which if it has flight decks reduces the refit time of fighters by 15% as well as reduce the cost of bombers by 2 OP. It also increases the flux stats by 4% as well as increase armor depending on hull size at the cost of a 7% reduction in speed and manuverability. There is another built in hullmod called Battlecarrier Conversion (SR) that increases the minimum crew required by 150 that is on ships of the Stormhawk Republic with the ship usually have some kind of difference compared to the standard and (M) variant such as the addition of a flight deck.
Carnwennan: C / C+
A frigate version of the Excalibur cruiser, the Carnwennan is essentially a mini floating Gauss Cannon. Unfortunately, it has quite a lot of weaknesses. Its range is much poorer on account of it gaining less range from hullmods that increase range due to its frigate hull so it needs to go quite close to larger targets before being able to fire. Besides that, frigates tend to be smaller and harder to hit and more importantly much faster than cruisers so its opponents will be able to quickly close the distance and threaten it unlike its larger cousin. It does have the Phase Skimmer ability to escape though the AI is quite poor at using it to do so. Can function as a sniper ship against frigates if it’s able to be protected but I would rather use a frigate with medium mounts if I needed a sniper frigate.
Carnwennan (M): C / C+
Replaces the Phase Skimmer ability with Accelerated Ammo Feeder, increasing its fire rate. Considering how the AI doesn’t properly use Phase Skimmer ability, it’s probably an improvement but not by much.
Loyalist / Loyalist (M): B+ / S-
Deceptively slow, the Loyalist is a heavy frigate with a large amount of weapon mounts. Capable of brawling decently well if needed. It has the Safeties Switch ability giving it temporary Safety Overide buffs and debuffs allowing it to punch up especially against slower targets such as the Enforcer. Personally I feel like it’s the better SO ship compared to the Tiburo since it doesn’t need to spend OP to activate SO, allowing it to more heavily equip itself.
Mako: B- / B
A fast frigate with 2 built in weapons, the Bomb Launcher which fires unguided HE bombs which are quite difficult to land considering their modest speed and lack of homing means enemy ships will just avoid them or shoot them down. The bombs have replenishing ammo making them unlimited though they take quite a while to recharge. This along with the Mako having the Accelerated Ammo Feeder ability make the Mako essentially a Piranha bomber equipped with Unstable Injector and medium ballistic. Unfortunately, it only has a single weapon up front to take advantage of its ability besides its bombs and a rear small mount so it’s not that effective in direct combat.
Mako (M): A / S
Replaces the Accelerated Ammo Feeder ability with the Infernium Injector, giving it a large boost to top speed which is usually better. More importantly, it replaces the Bomb Launcher with the Plasma Bomb Launcher. The Plasma Bomb Launcher fires initially unguided energy bombs that have a proximity fuse that if it detects enemies nearby, they will turn into guided mini Plasma Cannon shots and will home in on the targeted enemy or closest enemy. Far superior version of the Mako and allows it to harass effectively and punch up as well.
So I updated my Mayasuran Navy to 9.0.0 and the Nailer got radically changed. Unfortunately I can’t really give a rating for the Nailer from v8.3.9 RC2 since I’m not on that patch. It looks like a Brawler and Argentavis combination, a brawling frigate though its more aggressive with its Infernium Burn ability. I’ll mainly discuss the 9.0.0 Nailer version. It has 2 built in weapons, the Nail Cannon. Essentially a mini–Triple Beam Cannon, they are more efficient as well and have charges but I don’t think you can actually run out of charges even if you continuously fire as it seems to always recharge before you run out. This gives the Nailer quite a strong anti-armour weapon. Its quite effective at chasing down and destroying other frigates and can even punch up a little. Essentially it’s a heavier Perryi, being slower, more heavily armed and costs double of its DP to deploy. I’d rate it A- / A
Nightingale: B / S
A phase ship with the High Energy Focus ability and heavier mounts compared to the Afflictor and Shade, the Nightingale is a slippery assassin phase ship. It is completely dedicated to dealing high burst damage and has no support capabilities unlike the Afflictor and Shade which can contribute in other ways besides dealing direct damage with their abilities. Really expensive maintenance costs though considering its small size so unless you plan to pilot it, it might be preferable to use other phase ships.
Peltast: F
Wow I can actually give a ship the F rank. A frigate with the Converted Hangar hullmod, giving it 1 flight bay. The Peltast actually doesn’t have enough OP to equip any fighters besides something cheap like Broadswords or Talons, amazing. The Buffalo Mk.II destroyer can install a Converted Hangar hullmod and have enough OP to equip a bomber and a medium missile and cost 1 less DP to deploy. The only advantages the Peltast might have over the Buffalo are that it can equip a medium energy if you’re dying for one, the higher base maximum burn though if you have the Bulk Transport skill the Buffalo has better burn and its lower sensor profile but just wow.
Perryi / Perryi (M): A- / A
The same Perryi fighter from the Javanicus but customizable, on the surface it’s just a stronger Kite all at the price of 1 more DP. It has more mounts including a medium hybrid mount. Its also fast, really fast, faster than any base game frigate and of the Mayasuran Navy mod and even has the Manuvering Jets ability to become speed. In practice, it will devour almost any other frigate with its outstanding weapons and speed. The Perryi’s medium mount having naturally higher power and range will let it outgun Lashers and do laps around them while its sheer speed will let it chase down any fleeing Wolf. Against larger ships, its speed lets it quickly circle around unprotected ships or do a quick burst of damage before retreating. However, like most frigates it falters in larger battles due to the sheer volume of projectiles and is likely to eventually get killed by a stray projectile. Also seems to have a very low weight and tends to hilariously spins at Mach speed like a Beyblade if its engine dies and it gets bumped.
Tiburo: A / A+
Heavily armed and a little slow for a frigate, the Tiburo is a Hammerhead in frigate form with it having the same Accelerated Ammo Feeder ability and mostly similar front focused armament. It’s able to dumpster other frigates in a direct fight though may get in some trouble if they manage to get to its engine. Not much to say, imagine a Hammerhead in frigate form and you will have imagined the Tiburo.
Tiburo (M): A / S-
Adds 2 rear hybrid turrets capable of facing the front and back, enabling additional PD protection or more firepower with ballistics or even a risky Antimatter Blaster.
Vigilance (M): C- / C+
Unlike most ships with the (M) hullmod, which usually lose some speed, the Vigilance (M) actually gains some speed but it comes at a price of losing its medium hybrid turret for a medium energy turret and less hull and flux dissipation. It’s now forced to use the generally less efficient energy weapon instead of ballistics and it also loses some flux dissipation. It does gain a small hybrid turret in the rear to protect against Salamanders. In the player’s hands, the better speed and engine protection of the Vigilance (M) means it could use a close-range build with a Heavy Blaster and using the Sabot Pod along with its ability to quickly reload but I think there are better ships.
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2023.03.20 15:58 OcelotShadow Persona 4 golden 100%

Is there a schedule-like guide online which isn't made in a "gameFAQ" type of way? I wanna start the game for platinum but i couldn't find anything online
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2023.03.20 15:57 Pythonhier LF Setup Help - Kingdom Come Deliverance (OQ2)

So I am new to using VORPX, and I'm choosing to start with Kingdom Come Deliverance. How do I run the game in VR with the Oculus Quest 2. I also have Virtual Desktop if it's required. Could you make me an easy to follow step to step guide that a 5th grader to follow? I'm pretty dumb.
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2023.03.20 15:57 scuderiav5ttel Padre 🙏

Padre 🙏 submitted by scuderiav5ttel to formuladank [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 15:56 Training-Ranger8567 Merchants not selling armor

Im a noob and have been watching guides which suggest I should be able to buy Armor from the merchants at the Church of Elleh and Weeping Peninsula. Neither of these merchants are selling any armor and im not sure why. I have bad internet where i live so i play offline but it seems strange that would effect what merchants sell me.
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2023.03.20 15:56 ujober Boost Your SEO With Wiki Backlinks

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How to get a wiki backlink

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You can achieve this goal by providing your own commentary, links and other resources. The more effort you put into it, the higher the likelihood that an editor will allow you to add your link to their page.
Remember to cite your content correctly in order to prevent it from being removed by another editor and improve the chances that your material becomes permanent on Wikipedia.
Finally, don't forget that you can also utilize Buzzstream to locate the contact details for webmasters on these pages and send them an email asking for a backlink. This is an effective and cost-effective way of increasing your backlink profile.
You can also utilize a free service such as WikiGrabber to discover numerous backlink opportunities on Wikipedia. This platform will crawl the site for any articles with dead links or non-citations and present you with an extensive list of potential opportunities. It's an efficient way to quickly identify high quality, relevant backlinks that could significantly boost your traffic.

How to get a wiki link to your website

Acquiring a wiki link for your website can be an excellent way to boost traffic and boost search engine rankings. But before you get started, there are a few things you should be aware of.
First and foremost, ensure your website has high-quality content. This is essential in getting a Wikipedia link as Wikipedia editors are meticulous when reviewing new submissions. If they don't believe yours meets their standards, they may reject it outright.
The next step is to identify a topic page relevant to your website. This could be an article written about the product or service you offer. For instance, if selling pens is part of what you offer, create a topic page about "What color is the most common pen?"
Once you've identified an appropriate topic page, create high-quality content that is pertinent to the subject at hand and tailored for the audience you wish to reach.
Once you're finished writing the content, add it to a relevant Wikipedia topic page using the 'External links' section at the bottom of most pages.
In this section, you have the option to include links to external websites related to the topic of your Wikipedia article. These could be academic sites, news articles or other informative pages.
Be mindful when adding this link, as it could potentially damage your account if it gets banned by an editor. Wikipedia editors are very strict in not linking to irrelevant or useless content.
Another essential factor for creating a successful Wikipedia article is the language used. It should be in the same dialect as the main topic page and use consistent language throughout. Furthermore, you must include high-quality images as these are necessary components for making any Wikipedia article successful.
Wiki links are incredibly straightforward to create and can be used on any page in your wiki. Simply use double square brackets wiki markup to create a URL that points directly to another page, or alternatively you may designate it for specific headings or pieces of text on a given page.

How to get a wiki link to your blog

Wiki backlinks are an effective way to drive traffic to your blog and promote your business. Furthermore, they help boost the ranking of your page on search engines like Google. Although gaining a wiki link is possible, you must do your due diligence and be patient during the review process.
WordPress has an awesome feature that allows you to embed a live wiki page in your posts and pages. All you have to do is enable the "Wiki, Inc." plugin and click "Append Wiki Page" when writing your next blog post. The results are stunning - every gizmo from the wiki displayed elegantly and easily for readers. Note that updating may take several hours but is worth waiting for! You could even use this feature for creating an archive list of popular blog posts.

How to get a wiki link to your YouTube channel

Wiki backlinks can help boost your search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your website, but they're not always easy to obtain. To obtain one, you'll need to create an account on the platform, then find the correct link to your YouTube channel.
Embed YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and Prezi videos on wiki pages using simple Markdown syntax. To do so, open the image from your "Files" tab in the wiki editor and copy its globally unique identifier (GUID). Paste that code into a text box within your wiki text box before clicking Save.
YouTube links are an effective way to share your content with others. There are two types of YouTube links: ID-based Channel URLs and Handle URLs. Your Channel URL can be found on your homepage by clicking the overlapping rectangles icon, or on mobile devices by tapping "Your Channel." This will open a dropdown menu where you can choose an app to directly share this link with friends and followers.
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