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A burger without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze. -Bosverd Vegans/Vegetarians welcome to window shop!

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2023.04.02 14:22 corrad1nho Ditch docklands trading: A fun challenge

I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into Anno 1800 and own all DLCs that have really elevated the endgame in my opinion. The one DLC that I feel is quite unbalanced and contradicts the core gameplay in some ways is docklands:
All in all, docklands feels like cheat code to me and that’s why I’ve always been hesitant to exchange goods with captain Tobias. Besides addressing temporary production shortages, I’ve mostly used docklands to „circumvent“ some of the most annoying production chains. But recently, I’ve set a new challenge for myself to completely avoid docklands trading. My current save game has 1.8 million residents and these were the biggest challenges I faced:
So, for me ditching dockland trading was a fun experience. Tackling supply shortages, maximizing production efficiency and handling logistics is what this game is all about. If you are not aiming for population records, this is a challenge I can fully recommend.
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2023.04.02 14:22 Isan11894 Devil Fruit Awakening

So I think you can Awaken your Devil Fruit in one of to ways. First being pushed to your limit over and over. Seconed imagination as Vegapunk said that DF mighte come from the dreams of people. So makes sense that using a DF in a way you wouldn't think of can push it to awaken.
Luffy being the poster child of both but more the seconed one. As before and even now knowing his fruit as rubber a basic thing he has pushed it to the max. This can be said for Katakuri and Doffy who use there fruits with great creativity.
Katakuri seeing his body is flexible so he focused observation so he could mimic a Logia. Doffy using strings to fly on clouds and creat clones and heal internally. Law has a great uses his fruit for everything so must have a decent imagination Kid just got it beatin out.
Now while not completly it could explain why characters that should be awakened arn't. While they could be they have not been stated to be which is weird. We could use these to forms of awakening to explain why there not.
Like most of the Yonkos and there crews are to strong to have been pushed to the limit a bunch. Also they may not have pushed there imaginations hard enough missing that thing that you wouldn't think to do with the fruit. This isn't the best answer as some things are still in the air but that my take we wi have to wait and see.
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2023.04.02 14:22 SanfordDweller Campus Dining Hours on the Weekends

Why does campus dining open so late on the weekends? Excepting Starbucks, which I wouldn't get a meal at, the earliest thing is Crown at 10:00. I know it's a stereotype that college students don't get up until noon unless they have to, but it's kind of ridiculous for both dining halls to just not be open during a normal breakfast time two days of the week imo. I usually get up around 7:00 and eat breakfast around 8:30 during the week, and having to wait an extra couple hours just because of the weekend makes it hard to get into any kind of consistent schedule. I might be the only person who cares about this though, in which case I guess I should just buy some bread and peanut butter and get over it.
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2023.04.02 14:21 Njhunting .22lr bulk in PA

Best place in PA near NJ border that has bulk .22 long rifle rounds? Do they ask for FPIC to buy rifle ammo in PA? I have inhereted guns no FPIC so this new ammo law is screwing me a lot of vendors are saying .22LR is handgun ammo now.
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2023.04.02 14:21 babyeinsteinn What Happened??

Last night I (22F) saw this guy (27M - seeing over a year) and some friends (we met up with his friends after seeing a mutual). We all go back to his place and once his friends leave he suggests we go to my place then go to breakfast in the morning. It was 3:30-4am so I didn’t understand why we’d leave his place to go to mine … ended up falling asleep and he woke me up at 7 telling me to go home. I asked if something was wrong and he said he was just really tired. I’m good just don’t understand why he woke me up and told me to go. Any thoughts? He also said I was half asleep and would be more comfortable in my bed. Okay??
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2023.04.02 14:21 CeeMX OnVue exam on 49" Ultrawide Monitor

I have my SysOps Associate Exam coming up and just made the system test with my ultrawide 49" monitor.
The Buttons for clicking next question are in the very lower bottom corner. I am concerned now, that the proctor will suspect cheating when I look so far away from the center of the screen to click the button.
Did anyone do an exam on such a monitor or would it be best to do it on another pc/monitor? The screen is fixed to my table and it would be a major hassle to carry it out.
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2023.04.02 14:20 Gutta_the_III [Exerpt: Shadowsun, the patient hunter] Shadownsun communes with the Goddess of the Tau’va

Context: Shadowsun is leading an expedition of auxiliaries against the death guard. She was forbidden from leading T’au soldiers in this attack, so she does a Farsight and follows the letter of the order instead of its spirit, assembling all the various auxiliary races to follow her. This includes an elderly human psyker named Makendra Vella, who refused to participate in the attack due to her advanced age. On page 194 she first proposes the idea:
“ 'I know my Damocles Campaign,’ said Shadowsun, skimming data on her XV22's command-and-control suite. 'A risky manoeuvre, given the unpredictability of human tech. We must have faith in our course!’
Makendra Vella cocked her head. 'A strange choice of words, for one so secular'
'The true warrior makes weapons from everything in arm's reach.'
‘And that includes me, it seems.'
Shadowsun made the cupped hands of the grateful supplicant. 'I have a favour to ask, yes'
'But what if we do not wish to be used as tools, high commander?' continued the human. 'How many times do you need to be told?'
'I respect that you did not wish to accompany me on this mission, Makendra Vella,' said Shadowsun. 'All I ask of you is that you do that which you would likely do anyway. Just at a specific time'
'And that is?'
'Pray to your people's conception of the Greater Good at the exact chronopoint I am transmitting now. More than that, ensure that all who have the same faith pray at the same time, if you can'
'What do you understand of prayer?'
'Very little, I admit. But do this for me. It might make all the difference. For the Greater Good'
‘I have no small amount of influence in gue'vesa society,' said Makendra Vella, jutting out her jaw. 'I will see what can be done!'
'I believe in you. You will not be acting alone. I still have contacts across the system, and have relayed requests that the same be done in all those subcultures that adhere to the same creed'
At this, A'haia flashed a calming cyan ripple upon the walls. Ven Tah Regah linked her curving claws, a nicassar gesture of sisterhood that translated well into t'au. Even Opikh Tak gave a solemn nod; he had spoken to his fellow shapers in council earlier that very cycle.
'To what end are we praying?' said Makendra Vella.
'If there is truly power in faith, as the Imperials so fervently believe,' she said, 'then perhaps the gue'ron'sha who once shared their beliefs feel the same. Through ritual and belief, we can turn such conviction against our enemies. I would have you pray for them to defeat themselves.’
'Are you sure it will work, high commander?' said Oe-hei, his voice high and tremulous.
'No. Not by any means. In fact, it goes against my understanding of the cosmos. But given the circumstances...' She thought back to the algae bomb on Pekun, and the fact it had left the strange statue-temple entirely unaffected. 'I have come to believe it might make a difference “

Later in the book during the assault, the group is attacked by a bunch of daemonic maggots and flies:

“ Alerts flickered and flared all over her command hexes, one by one fading to charcoal black as her suit's systems were gummed up or overloaded by wriggling biological forms. The exception was the one showing Ven Tah Regah and A'haia. The aliens were chanting something, arms held out as if in benediction as Oe-hei kept them safe in his own shimmering bubble of force. Somehow, the Kindred Souls were keeping the creatures at bay. She increased the hex's audio, manually cutting out the maddening buzz of the daemon maggots.
Tau'va keep us, they were chanting. "Tau'va hear our prayer. T'au'va watch over us, T'au'va hear our prayer. T'au'va keep us...'
'What are they doing?' muttered Shadowsun. Her alien teammates were moving towards her, now, a bubble of clean air around them. Even Opikh Tak abandoned his kroot gun - its muzzle stuffed with wriggling maggot-things nesting in its warm barrel - to join the chant.
'T'au'va keep us, T'au'va hear our prayer. T'au'va watch over us, T'au'va hear our prayer...'
Miraculously, the flying maggot-things recoiled. Though they buzzed fiercely, they would not go near the trio as they chanted. Moving slowly, trusting to sheer faith that no bullets or bolts would reach them, the aliens walked closer and closer until that same strange dome of clean air moved over Shadowsun as well.
One by one her systems came back online as the vile maggot- things that had choked them fled from the slow, deliberate ing them. chant. Insane as it seemed, their faith in their chant was repulsing.
Perhaps, she thought, perhaps they have the right of things. Or at least have another piece of the great puzzle that we do not. And they have bought me time. “

In travel through the wormhole the Deathguard have a chance meeting, stopping their invasion of the septworlds:

“ Bridgeman Vauntos, he called out. 'This non-space we find ourselves in. Are we making progress through it?'
He had a vague notion that he had asked the question before, and that the query had hung in the air a little longer each time he had asked it.
'Technically', said the Death Guard steersman through a helmgrille framed by needle-sharp tusks. 'Technically, Lord Glurtosk, yes we are.'
He narrowed his eyes, picking up his scythe as his temper burned short. 'Perhaps you would care to elaborate?' He gestured at two bifurcated corpses scattered on the grille underfoot, their opened guts already beginning to rot. 'Or will you be joining Steersmen Vulpex and Obidiak in blissful retirement?'
'Our progress through this interstitial space is slowing, my lord. It is as if something is resisting us. Or holding us back. Much more loss of momentum, and we will find ourselves...' 'Don't say it, said Glurtosk. 'Don't say the word, Bridgeman. It blossomed like a corpse-flower in his mind nonetheless. Becalmed.
Glurtosk and his Legion had been lost in the empyrean some ten thousand years ago. It had driven them to the edge of madness, and into the arms of the foulest of all cosmic powers to dwell deep in the tides of emotion that formed the warp. To be back there, forced to endure the slow, entropic rot with nothing to show for it... For the Death Guard, it was far worse than to die in battle.
It was a nightmare made real, the worst of all possible fates. A broken shard of glass caught his eye. A section of Thurglaine's canister. On a hunch, he picked up the triangular, gently curving section of glassware and held it up, looking through it to the warp beyond.
There was something out there, in the swirls. A vast entity, built like a t'au as much as a human, but with far too many arms. Some of those limbs appeared to have five fingers, others four digits, like the t'au, or the bird-like talons of the kroot. Some ended in ursine claws, or waving tendrils, much like those of the fungus-creature that had worked its spell on his bridge. Many of the hands held blades, but others cornucopias, quills, or patches of flickering light.
Where its face should be, it had nothing at all, just a blank cliff of pale flesh.
'What are you?' said Glurtosk.
A phrase resolved in the turmoil of his mind, like a torpedo coming into terrible focus on a submarine's viewslate.
'I am the goddess T'au'va.'
'No!' shouted Glurtosk. 'These t'au are godless!'
'But their allies are not.'
The entity loomed in close, talons each the length of a strike cruiser closing around the Nephylum. Holding it still as a fly in aspic, and keeping it there.
Lord Glurtosk dropped the shard of glass and screamed until his mind came apart. “

I would like to dedicate this next excerpt to all the haters who thought the Greater Good warp entity was a Tzeentch Daemon. Amen.
Here Shadowsun is dreaming and has a flashback to her days under the tutelage of Puretide, whilst she was in critical condition. During this dream she receives a visitor that cured the plagues that had previously infected her: 

“The caves were full, now, the meltwater river's wrath at its height. She was several days' travel from the exit, and already her lungs were burning. There would be no reprieve.
Blackness came for her.
But within it, there was light.
A translucent figure with far too many arms, somehow immune to the battering ice water, drifting as calm as a Dal'ythan jellyfish. In its profusion of arms it held objects, amongst them blades, shells, an amphora, a buckler shield. It swam close, its unsettling, blank mask of a face somehow staying inches from hers even as the deadly river pushed her ever on through the darkness.
'No... What are you?' Her thoughts were so loud she swore she could hear them.
The entity raised its amphora, silvery bubbles drifting from the neck, and let her take a long draught. Not water, but air, blissful and life-giving. Greedy as a newborn, she filled her lungs.
'I am the communality of species,’ it said. Its voice was calming, like that of a mother, whilst somehow carrying an edge of threat. 'I am destiny.'
'You are a ghost, Shadowsun replied. 'Nothing more.
'Set against the cosmos, I am nothing, it is true, the apparition replied. "Though even a seed cast to the wind can flourish. If you will let me, child of hope.
They passed a darker patch of nothingness. A moment later, the waters became calmer, less insistent. She could see the glow of the cave-worms once more, their glimmer showing the strange, diaphanous spirit before her in disturbing detail.
'How can I repay you?' she managed.
'I simply wish to exist, child,’ it said. “

In conclusion, it’s a good book. Better than most of the other T’au books (Except Broken Sword obv) I would recommend reading it. Though Phil Kellys’ portrayal of the Ethereals continues to be subpar, I would say it’s the best here. If only because the Ethereals only appear in two scenes.
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2023.04.02 14:20 whitefifi How to help a family member in need when someone is manipulating the situation for money?

OMG, this one person I know is acting so wild around their family!
Even though they have their own cash, they keep begging for money from others and pretending to be broke. And get this, when an important family member who's always been kind to them needs serious financial support, this person is too afraid to help out! They're too busy freaking out about losing money and making up all sorts of excuses to avoid helping out. It's just so messed up, especially since this family member truly deserves the support.
But here's the thing, this person's manipulative behavior is causing a lot of damage. People who used to trust them have lent them money in the past and now they can't help out the family member who really needs it.
So, what's the best way to help out the kind family member without getting manipulated by this person again?
And how do we protect ourselves from this kind of mess in the future?
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2023.04.02 14:20 hope4real Recently I found out that I will have to extend my bachelors for 1 more semester to retake a few (1 or 2) subjects.

I am currently doing bachelors in computer engineering and planning to do MSCS in USA. I am not from US and in my university, the transcript won't show your backlogs if you finish them within 8 semesters. But recently I found out I will have at least 1 subject that I will only be able to give after my 8th semester. That means I will have to wait for next semester's final exam to retake that exam. After that it takes at least 3 months for the results. This means at least 9 months wasted. I need to apply for masters and was planning to apply for masters in december for fall intake next year as my 8th semester exam finishes in september, I get results in late november and I can do my GRE and TOEFL, SOP from september to november. But now the whole plan is sacked.
This has literally pushed my life at least 1 year back and I don't even know how much this will affect my chances of getting into masters in USA. I already will have low gpa (3.1). If I score 315+ in GRE and get really good score in TOEFL ( I had 7.5 overall score in IELTS), will it help? I will have 5 to 10 month experience including internship. I don't know how my LOR will be but will try my best to write a nice SOP. I don't have any research paper that is related to tech field, but I have helped in data analysis for research in an environment related field. I don't know if they will include my name in the final draft.
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2023.04.02 14:20 AutoModerator [Get] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University

[Get] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University


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2023.04.02 14:20 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101 (Latest Release)

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You will learn how to to talk to women in irresistible way, which will only increase their attraction to you.
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2023.04.02 14:20 Thimble138 Scream Panel Sunday 4/2

Hi everyone, we’ve been to Megacon before, but have never ventured outside of the vendor booths really. We’re very interested in attending the Scream panel today, and weren’t quite sure the best way to do it.
I don’t think we need tickets, as I didn’t see any on the site.
Is it as simple as getting in line near where the panel is being held? How early should we look at getting in line?
Thank you everyone, I hope you all are having a fun weekend!
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2023.04.02 14:20 ilovespt This is a good strategy for growing without driving yourself insane: my story

My story is a little unusual, and probably not like a lot of yours. I started my channel in 2007 right out of art school. It was essentially a place to keep my art school videos online. However, then I started a music career. My bandmate and I started posting regularly and the channel grew. We broke up the band and I went solo. In 2014, I had a viral hit, which was great for my channel. I then had a few great years were music videos would easily get between 50,000 and 200,000 views.
However, due to not posting consistently and discovering I have ADHD, as well as some other personal drama, my channel basically died.
I didn’t have a lot of concerts to play in 2023 so I decided it was time to revive my channel
I started posting twice a week about three months ago. The numbers were not what they were in the past. In the past, I would usually get at least 1000 views after a day. When I started posting again, I would have a few hundred.
So, in the last three months I posted over 20 videos. They are music related videos and entertaining music, history video essays… as well as one little lo-fi music video about shampoo :-)
However, so, as not to go insane, I decided the best thing is to compete with myself. Of course I would love hundreds of thousands of views per video, but competing against myself made me feel much more optimistic and happy.
I think in life in general it pays to not compare yourself to others, even though it can be difficult
If a new video performed well compared to the other videos, I was thrilled. If my new video had more comments than the last video, I knew I did something right.
Then I had an idea two weeks ago to start doing cover songs, but making them quite different from the originals, in my SynthPop style.
I started posting my cover songs in other places like Facebook groups and subreddits. Suddenly other people were checking me out.
I did a cover songs by a band called TalkTalk from the 80s. I posted the video in a Facebook group for the band. It got 40 likes. Some of those people told me they are now subscribed.
And there were people who didn’t like the video, so I made another video where I reacted to hate comments. And I shared that video again in the group and some haters ended up becoming fans!
So, although I only have two videos that have more than 1000 views in the last three months, I feel very happy with my channel and the growth . I began posting some shorts as well, but I need to make that more of a habit. My shorts in the last few months have anywhere from 500 to 9000 views.
Anyway, so the long and short of it is:
  1. if you want to success on YouTube, Post, consistently no matter what kind of views you’re getting, and with every video strive to make it better than the last one.
  2. Do videos about things that excite you. I did some deep dives into songs by Taylor, Swift and George Michael. Great artists, but I wasn’t super passionate about those videos. And I barely hit 400 views for each one. Then I did a video about an original drummer from Jefferson Airplane who went insane and the video has almost a thousand views after less than a week. The point is, I thought that story was really fascinating, and although he’s not famous, it resonated with people and I also posted it to Reddit and Facebook, where there were other people who knew about him.
  3. Compete with yourself. I can’t express this enough. I’m always striving to make every new video better than the last, and I still have a ways to go.
The bottom line is, I have 350 videos on my channel, a lot of them are privated actually. I’ve had a lot of great success in the past, raking in hundreds of thousands of views for some videos and 4 million on another one from 2014.
But when you try to resurrect a dead channel, it’s like beginning again, so I’m just really happy that now I seem to have a small and consistent fan base that is growing
TLDR: * compete with yourself * be consistent * always challenge yourself to get better with every upload
Extra tip: do shorts as they definitely get a lot more views than long form content…
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2023.04.02 14:19 MDthrowItaway Last minute help planning trip

I would appreciate any help .
My kid was sick for the past few days so we cancelled some plans for a spring break trip and now is feeling better so am planning a last minute trip to the Boston/Wocester area (leavng today, but not heading to boston till tues-wed). I have two kids age 10 and 6, both baseball fans (will try to catch a game in Wocester and hang out there for a day). We will have about 1 full day to explore Boston.
We will be spending a day in Boston and are looking for recs for a couple of things to do and cool stores to explore, parks, places to snack/ eat(bonus points for not being too expensive). Something I would like to do is visit the USS constiution because my older kid is a history nerd.
Also what is the best area to base out of? I would like to either ditch the car and commute on foot and public transportation. Considering staying at the Revolution (located just south of 90) then ubering up to the USS Constitution, then spending the day exploring the North End and gradually wandering back towards the hotel. Another option is the Hampton Inn in Cambridge that is right next to the USS Constinution and a short walk to the North End, the bonus is this includes free parking. Any cheap places to park around boston for 24 hrs? By the Revolution, its around 30$.
Any help and recommendations would be great!
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2023.04.02 14:19 babybmobeeper Who is the best actor in the show?

View Poll
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2023.04.02 14:19 sazzles59 Koh Lanta or Phi Phi

I went through this thread and trying to find the best island to visit for 3 days. We are looking for nice beaches to swim in so clear blue beaches will be nice. I’m getting opposite views on the thread. We are not party animals but wouldn’t mind having nice lunch/dinner places around.
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2023.04.02 14:19 Sad-Resource6774 24[M4F] Melbourne/Anywhere - Younger guy looking for a genuine, romantic connection with an older woman.

Hi there everyone! I hope you're doing well. 😊
As you can no doubt tell from the title of this post; I'm looking to explore an emotionally engaging & rewarding relationship with an older woman. I'd love to be able to find someone on the same wavelength as me, hopefully making some nice memories along the way!
So, why older women? Honestly, I struggle to identify with women my own age. Don’t get me wrong I completely respect my peers. I just find myself drawn strongly to older women and their values. I really appreciate emotional intelligence and empathy and am a hopelessly introspective person, so I find it hard to connect with someone who doesn't feel the same way nor take a considered approach to the world. I care about being intimate and loving. I try my best to be the most morally righteous person I can be. Often I find that older women identify with me and my struggles. It doesn't take me long to open up and talk endlessly about the things I love, struggle towards and aim for.
As for myself, I’m a 24 year old white male from Australia. I’m around 5’8 and quite skinny! I've got wavy/curly brown shortish hair and eyes to match! I've got a few tatts and piercings - sorry if that ain't your thing. Obviously I’m happy to share pictures of myself when we both feel comfortable. More intimate details I find a little crass to put on here but am happy to answer.
I'm a bit of an old soul, and can come across as an unrealistic idealist. I'm your basic lefty - extremely passionate about environmentalism and social justice. I love plants and animals and am aiming on starting a zoology degree sometime soon. I love literature and writing - I like to think I'm pretty good :P - and am a proud owner of a half-finished literature degree. (Which sorta reflects my ability to read half-way through a book before moving on to the next one). Other than that I really like self-care & fashion, board-games (I have way too many), heavy metal, jazz and new wave - but I like a bit of everything.
Anyways, I hope I’ve done an adequate job in describing my genuine self. All I can say is that if I’ve genuinely captivated you, I’d love to hear it! The last thing I am is discriminatory, so feel free to go wild! I do have my limits and I will tell you if you cross any boundaries, as I hope you will do too. I really want to create a consensual, safe environment for each other where we can feel appreciated and looked after. Bigots/racists/etc need not reply.
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2023.04.02 14:19 arfy8820 Antenna recommendations for SDRs across the bands

Hello, is there a good writeup of what antennas to use with SDRs for best reception of the various bands? In particular.
Thanks for any recommendations!
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2023.04.02 14:19 jlacerna13 I-485 approved

Everyone in this group that shared their experiences, thank you. You gave me hope during this whole process. Also thanks to everyone who wish me well and the best. Finally my I-485 was approved.
Family based. Married to USC. Newark FO
1/18/2022 - USCIS Received Application for I-130, I-485, I-765 and I-131
1/29/2022 - Biometrics was scheduled
1/29/2022 - Request for initial evidence (I believed this was tax records and SSN)
02/25/2022 - Biometrics Done
02/25/2022 - 1st Actively reviewed
02/08/2023 - EAD + AP combo card received (after inquiry) almost a year after Biometrics
02/21/2023 - 2nd actively reviewed for I-130 and I-485
02/22/2023 - I-130 approved
03/01/2023 - RFE for Medicals
03/07/2023 - Response to RFE Received
03/14/2023 - 3rd actively reviewed for I-485
03/31/2023 - I-485 approved.
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2023.04.02 14:19 afterdarkthrownaway 24 [M4F] The dualism of gentle caregiving and strict domination. Looking for a Sub. Anywhere, Online

Let me begin saying that whether you have already some experience or not, it does not really matter. I will do my best to provide guidance and be clear on anything. I value comfort, honesty and communication, a lot. At the beginning and throughout the dynamic. I am looking for someone special. I want to find a friend, a lover, somebody to support and supportive as well, a partner "in crime". I am looking for a dynamic that, as the title suggests, combines both the idea of a gentle caregiving bond and a strict domination. Let me give a better insight. The idea of building and developing a safe "space" between the two of us where we can be completely honest and ourselves really amuses me. I want you, eventually, to be able to completely open up and let go. I do not demand things or submission right away but I want you to get to know me, trust me, and then in the end I want to slowly get inside your mind, in a positive way. Positive way because I consider myself quite rational and, overall, gentle. I want to provide support and guidance, no subtle things. I wouldn't make you risk anything, expose you, or demand anything. All I want is some of your time and your mind. However, this is where my idea of "dualism" kicks in. I am not just gentle and supportive, I have a dirty and kinky side, a side that brings my true dominance out. I can be creative, teasy, strict. Always respectful of limits, but I want you to feel owned and controlled, especially under that aspect.
This is my idea briefly explained. I do not want to be overwhelming or write an overloaded post, but I kindly invite you to get in touch if this, so far, seems intriguing to you. There is much more to say, but I also want to hear from you. Who you are, your preferences, what you're looking for. And of course I'll be more than glad to answer your questions as well, I'm an open book.
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2023.04.02 14:19 FahhhhhhQUEUE Viper PST gen 1 illumination not functioning

So I snagged a PST Gen 1 6-24x50 MRAD at a good price. Been looking into the scope for a while and seen it pop up now and then and decided to pull the trigger so to speak. I get it in the mail yesterday, and check basic functions. Reticle looks solid, and scope looks like it was not mounted for very long by previous owner. No over torquing signs and in damn near new condition. I check illumination dial, and nada. So I flip flop batteries with my PST II 1-6 to test, and still nothing. The battery from the new gen 1 scope also didn’t work in my pst II which I found to be interesting. CR2032 as it should be.
Anyone experience this? And what would be the best way to go about troubleshooting further if any? And does the warranty apply if I bought previously opened/used? Thank you for any insight.
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2023.04.02 14:18 LokiLockdown Partner looking to be there for Partner with BPD

Hello. First things first, I do not have BPD, my partner does. But I do have a long history with mental disorders as I have many of my own. I am here wanting to know what I can do to support my partner the very best I can.
So far, my methods have been: Do not judge mood shifts, say they're "always depressed," etc. Do my best to ensure they are comfortable and that I don't push them beyond what they are ok with. Be an ear so they can voice their feelings while doing my absolute best to not pressure or pry. Validate the emotions they experienced (not shunning emotions away and instead letting them be heard). Assure them that I care for them and love them very much and will not be going anywhere or leaving them. Be present and as available for them during rough times. Even if they are taking time alone, I make myself available to them if they need or want it. But again, I don't pressure them into coming over to me so I can "fix" things (I'm there to help, not force anything). When they apologize for things like "being annoying," I assure them I am not annoyed and like being with them very much and will happily continue as long as they need or want. And some others following the same theme that I'm drawing a blank on. Basically, be supportive as best as I can and help lift them up and be a positive part of their life, even if there are "bumps" in the road.
I know and acknowledge that everyone's experience is different, but what are some ways I could help and/or improve upon to be there for my partner? I have dealt with severe depression, CPTSD, DID, anxiety, and more on my end and have a friend who is bipolar (I know they are different) and have been doing a lot of the stuff that helped me and made my friend comfortable and feel safe around each other. But seeing as this is my first experience with a friend/partner with BPD, I wanted to reach out for any advice on whether or not there's something for me to add or change.
I appreciate any answers in advance and hope I can be a safer and more welcoming person for them.
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