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It's all about Doombringer.

2016.02.18 22:21 kristus It's all about Doombringer.

Doombringer is an old school arena FPS predominantly inspired by the early Doom and Quake games. This sub-reddit is here to communicate news and information about the game's continued development, as well as facilitating communication between you the players of the game.

2014.01.08 16:54 PACyber Discussion Subreddit

**Unofficial Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Discussion Subreddit** Welcome to the PACyber Discussion Subreddit! This is a place to discuss, converse, and talk about the PACyber online school with other students without the prying eyes of administrative hierarchy! Please read the **sidebar** for more information.

2014.01.14 21:48 GobbledyCrook Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!

A place to discuss Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!, a manga too awesome for words.

2023.06.10 23:38 AutoModerator Copyhackers - Copy School 2023 (latest)

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2023.06.10 23:37 lumboister "Story generator" in a zombie apocalypse

This would be heavily inspired by rimworld, and a little inspired by project zomboid. I really enjoy the story generator aspect of the game and wish I could apply similar gameplay to different scenarios. For example, a military squad behind enemy lines. Each character is randomly generated and you meet people along the way, like in rimworld. You can recruit civilians, or meet other lost soldiers. Thats not my idea here though, I want a game set in the zombie apocalypse. We'll call the "colonists" survivors


To start off, you have different scenarios, like in rimworld. Examples could include:
Obviously, there could be other scenarios. There would also be the ability to create custom scenarios.

Skills and Traits

The skill system would be very similar to rimworld. Each survivor would have some skills already but could improve each skill. There would be a passion system for some skills which would increase the rate at which they learn the skill. Skills could include
The trait system would be similar to Project Zomboid or Rimworld. Unlike skills, traits dont change. They can affect skills, interactions with other survivors, mood buffs or debuffs, and more. Traits could include:
Im gonna stop listing traits because there are too many possible ones to say. Think of any other trait from Rimworld or Project Zomboid


You have control over time and how fast and slow it goes. You have options in the game as to how you want to play. The game is open world
Nomadic: You usually start off nomadic and try to find a place good enough to settle. The survivors have assigned work priorities like in Rimworld. On the move, you can tell survivors where to move and explore. There have to be boundaries to stop them from getting too far from each other, but not so much as to restrict their freedom of movement to an annoying degree. You can set up camp when its night time. Find a safe place to do so to allow your survivors to sleep.

Less likely to be attacked as you dont stay in one place long enough to attract raiders Not as safe as settling
Easier to scavenge and get more loot Survivors get tired more quickly
More mobility Most survivors would get a mood debuff
Survivors with the nomadic trait will get a mood buff Less storage
Settling: After the player has found a good enough place to settle, they have the option to mark is as home. From this point the gameplay would be a lot more similar to Rimworld. Just imagine Rimworld gameplay with different graphics

Safer Have to deal with raids
Most survivors will get a mood buff Needs people to maintain the base
Easier for the player, less micromanaging Need to assign people as scavengers to get loot
More storage
In big raids or hordes, there is a chance the survivors might need to flee the base. They will gather as much stuff as they can and the gameplay will switch to nomadic. This will give colonists a mood debuff, but they can survive it.
The choice is ultimately up to the player, what kind of story they want to create and what kind of game they want to play

Game settings

You can customise the settings however you'd like. Zombie settings would allow you to change what kind of zombies there are, their appearance, their traits. There would be presets such as TLOU zombies or TWD zombies, and players can build off of that. You can also adjust the difficulty.

Recurring characters

You will stumble upon a lot of different survivors, some of them will keep coming back. For example:
Leaders of factions may come to negotiate with you or plan an attack. You may stumble upon them and kidnap them, hold them hostage, whatever you want.


There will be different types of factions divided into two categories
FRIENDLY / Neutral:
They may turn on you depending on your actions
You have a few options to deal with them. You can find their home base and take them out, for tribute collectors you can comply. You can team up with friendly factions to start a war. You could just move away and try your luck elsewhere
The factions will be settled in random places. Places could include apartment buildings(like in dying light), Hospitals(Like in twd) or schools(like in all of us are dead). Pretty much anywhere you can think of could be a possible base
Im done for now. I'd love some constructive critisicism and other ideas. LMK what you think

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2023.06.10 23:37 SkyD_02 I’d give up everything to get my brother back.

Today 4 years ago he died.
When I was a kid my mom was nowhere to be seen most of the time, she was high. My step father was abusive piece of sh!t in all sorts of ways but I don’t want to talk about it. The light of my life was my older brother Dylan (4 years older). He always protected me even if he got beaten to h*ll for it. He was always there for me, and basically raised me. It’s with him I felt so safe and warm. He made me smile. He made me feel loved and worthy of love. He was always there to help me and guide me and make me feel confident and comfortable. He always cheered me up when I was down. He was everything. I love him, I love him, I love him so much, I could write it a thousand times and it wouldn’t do it any justice. I love him. I really really really love him. And I wish he was still here.
I don’t want to tell too much of my background but long story short there was some legal ppl involved and so my mostly absent mom made it out that she was a victim of domestic violence (it was a whole freaking thing but it didn’t matter because Dylan was working with some attorney towards becoming my legal guardian after he turned 18 and we planned to move to America together)
Obviously she (mom) had no proof of assault the first time she made the claim so there was a case opened but my father was not arrested or anything. And he got super pissed.
I was 13.5 and Dylan was 17.5 at that time.
My father shot Dylan 2 times.
At the hospital they inserted a tube into his nose to try and suck the blood out of his stomach, and operated on him, but there was some problem of infection and they said he died peacefully but I know that’s bullshit. he died slowly as sh!t and suffered for so many freaking hours.
He did not deserve to die like that. HE DIDNT FUCKIN DESERVE TO DIE LIKE THAT. I want to scream and scream this until everybody knows. HE DID NOT FUCKIN DESERVE TO DIE LIKE THAT. He deserved to go out in real peace, not in pain. He deserved to finally live his life to the fullest. Visit Alaska and snowboard and join dance classes. And put makeup on because it made him feel pretty and confident. He deserved to have a girlfriend that loved him and adored him and a family. And he would have been the most amazing father ever, and I would have been the fun aunt to his kids.
And I… don’t I deserve to have him here with me? Don’t I deserve a little happiness as well after all that sh!t we went through?
After Dylan and father died Mom and I proceeded to move to America, at first we were at the crappiest apartment ever and honestly I was busy crying everyday to notice what the f was going on but then she found some widower surgeon (Thomas) to marry and we moved in his huge ass house.
Thomas was actually alright. But he wasn’t much at home. He had two kids, Mary (my age) and Jackson (1 year older). Mary and Jackson were nice as well. They introduced me to many ppl at school when I just came. But to be frank I was so incredibly jealous of Mary because she had Jackson and I didn’t have Dylan. Lmao I’m still jealous. And back then I used to in secret hate Mary’s guts and tried getting Jackson to fight her and hate her because I was being dumb. I hated her with burning passion when her only “crime” was that her brother was still alive. I grew out of it tho.
My mom died of overdose last year and so I am left with Thomas, Mary and Jackson. In the end he’s (Thomas) a pretty good dad even though he’s working long weird hours and Mary and Jackson are good too. Jackson is actually at college so it’s only Mary and me.
I’m a little over 17.5, which was the age Dylan was when he died.
I have good grades, good friends, I live in a really nice place. I got the newest phone and I got accepted into a really really good university for electrical engineering.
If I dare being sad I get shut down immediately by everyone. “Your dad is rich” “you’re hot/popular” “your grades are good” “you should be grateful for your life” “how could someone like you be sad?”
But honestly? I’d give it all away. Everything. Literally EVERYTHING If I could have Dylan back.
There’s isn’t one day I don’t think about him, I miss his hug, I miss his smile, I miss his voice, I miss his idiotic jokes and sad attempts to cheer me up. I miss him so much. I remember one time he tried on a skirt he bought secretly when our dad wasn’t home and I wish I could tell him again how much he rocked that skirt and how badass he looked. I still have that skirt btw. And you know everytime I see it in my closet I kind of pick it up and hug it and I smile but also it makes me so fkin sad. That’s one of the only things I have left of him. I don’t have any pictures of him at all, and It’s making me crazy. Sometimes I wonder if he actually existed or maybe my memories are false. Sometimes I want to scream until I pass out.
It’s like there’s this huge hole in my heart that nothing can fill. Actually not a hole, half my heart is missing. Literally. Nothing can help it. Not Thomas. Not Mary and Jackson. Not my friends. Not my boyfriend. This void will never be filled. It’s like I’ve been stuck in a nightmare for 4 years and I can’t wake up. I’ll never wake up. Dylan will never come back to me.
Even thinking of saying that he’s looking at me from the sky and I should make him proud and that he’d want me to live my life and be happy without him makes me sick. I just can’t cope with the fact that he’s gone. I can’t. Sometimes I have nightmares and right when I wake up I think about going to Dylan for a hug and then I remember that I’m alone. No matter how many friends or boyfriends or expensive cloths I have or anything. I’m always so freakin alone. I can be at a party surrounded by ppl and lights and I’ll still feel like everything is miles away and I just stand in the middle of nowhere in the darkness and I’m just waiting for someone.
In case anybody asks, I am going to a therapist, I’ve been going for a year because Thomas thought I’d be needing it after mom died.
It doesn’t matter how many hugs I get from my friends. And how many times I talk to them (they don’t know anything but they know my mom died). It will never bring Dylan back.
I’m sorry for this long ass rant, but truly off my chest, I’d give my new family, the house, the cloths, the friends and the grades and my place at that university if it means I could have my Dylan back.
It’s gonna be so lonely today. I will visit your grave and talk to the headstone until it’s dark and hope you are somewhere out there and you can hear me. I miss you, Dylan. And I don’t think it will ever get easier living here without you.
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2023.06.10 23:37 themanganut I’m in love with my best friend, and she’s in love with me, but it would never work

I just had a moment where I was talking to her the other day and it just hit me that I’m in love with her. She told me she was in love with me years ago. We’ve known each other for over twenty years, grew up together, but I don’t think it would ever work. I was a hot mess for a while, and finally have a medication that works for me and I’ve been pulling myself together. But she still has a lot of problems that she hasn’t worked out.
It’s not her fault, her parents were abusive pieces of shit, but I couldn’t live with her. I was basically her therapist in high school and that nearly destroyed our friendship because it burned me out so much. But I get a call from her and hear how the only thing she’s eaten all day is a couple of chicken nuggets and I immediately start worrying and tell her to eat. If we lived together I would constantly be trying to take care of her because she’s bad at taking care of herself. I would end up resenting her, and she’d probably find me annoying as fuck.
But I love her so much. It makes me so happy when I see her smile and hear her laugh. We can talk for hours, and I trust her more than anyone in the world. I miss her so much when she’s gone. I’m crushed when our plans fall through. I wish we could be happy together, but I don’t think we would be.
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2023.06.10 23:37 Winemixer_ Trying to become a CRC I

Hey so I’m looking for advice. I’m currently a research lab tech in a PK lab for the past 1.5 years and i’m trying to land a clinical research coordinator I or associate clinical research manager (PPD says they’re the same but not sure) role and i’m having a lot of trouble. Should I go back to school and get a nursing degree or a master’s? Does anyone else have any advice?
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2023.06.10 23:36 WispyBo1 Just graduated hs, what makes grad party fun??

I have all of 2 days to try and make the party as enjoyable as possible and wanted any advice from people who have had theirs, hence the reason I’m posting here instead of the high school sub. By the way, we have everything prepped already but I just wanted the extra touch.
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2023.06.10 23:36 M-4-Monkey New to all...This

Late 40's Male, Health issues derailed my life at 16, have not been able to work for 20+ years (These days I'm not sure if I was looking for an excuse or not) Unable to live apart from family due to being only on SSDI. Always had those tiny voices in the background saying it would be better if something happened to me, less a burden to others around me. The loneliness is hard, wanting to meet someone, yet terrified of the rejection my mind tells me will happen, so I get older, fatter, and still jobless. Finally culminated in the largest hole I've been in since high school. Took me an entire week of fighting with the fear to even talk to my doctor and I'm on day 3 of 25mg for starters.
Not really sure why I'm posting. I think part of me is so fearful of being alone that I'm going mad if I don't tell at least someone how I feel. Hard part is seeing how others seem to feel sort of the same, yet that little part of my mind still telling me I'm alone and nobody will understand me. The weight on my chest still feels like it will always be there, but from what little I have read from others, being only 3 days in is not even the starting line to trying to feel better, so I am doing the best I can to tell myself I need to be patient and let the medication do its works. Thanks for listening
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2023.06.10 23:35 mspalaks Paid position for UG students

UG Students at the UC can get involved in a research project from CECH, funded by NSF. The researching team is creating a set of short animated films about middle-school students’ group work experiences in math class. This is a paid position at $15/hour. Looking for students to do voice-over work for the animated videos. 🎙️ If you are interested in helping out, please DM.
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2023.06.10 23:35 klaroline1 Amazon flagged my product listing as a children’s product, now they require lab tests.

But it’s not a children’s product.
Context: I created my Amazon listing (no inventory yet), and Amazon took it down citing “product safety issues”, and that the ASIN is restricted because it’s a children’s school supplies and if I want to reinstate it, I need to submit CPSC lab test and Children’s Product Certificate (CSC).
The thing is, my product is in the kitchen niche, a food storage product, it is not specifically a children’s product, although children can use it if they choose to. It’s more of a general consumer good. I’ve contacted Amazon support tried to appeal and dispute the classification as a children’s product but to no avail. I think there may have been keywords in my listing that triggered it. I’m not sure how to proceed.
Im confused what testing I would need to do as this is not a children’s product and they’re asking for CPC. I don’t mind getting lab testing for this product in the future so it broadens my target market but the product isn’t even manufactured yet so I’m not sure how I’d get the lab testing without a final product. Alternatively, I could be delete this listing entirely and create a new one to omit keywords that suggest it’s a children’s product.
Any advice on best way to proceed ?? Is it difficult to get a CPC
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2023.06.10 23:35 totaldestroytion Going from TD to Wealth Simple

I have had this TD account since I was in high school (32 yrs old now) and I have a TFSA with them currently.
Am I able to move some of those funds to a Wealthsimple account? What exactly is the process/implications?
Am I able to put some money into Wealthsimple, and then transfer it to my TD bank say in 10 years, without changing my contribution limit? Or will moving it around basically take it out and put it back in?
I have never even thought of doing finances outside of my sole bank account, so I really have no clue how it all works..
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2023.06.10 23:35 Sensitive_Elk1179 I don't feel that our Student Ombuds system is impartial

So, I had a couple of major issues happen at this university over the past couple of months. The situations caused me mental distress, and I sought help from a lawyer and from my support system. Eventually, I escalated my concerns within the university. A few people basically brushed me aside and told me to suck it up type of thing. I then escalated things to the Student Ombuds, who told me to let things go. However, these aren't things I could just let go.
As such, I eventually escalated the issues to other people within this university, and those people took my concerns very seriously. In fact, I'm hoping that things aren't taken too seriously, because I'm not necessarily looking to get embroiled into big legal battles with this school or anything. On the other hand, I really appreciated that people were willing to finally hear me out.
I'm sorry to say that my personal experience with our Student Ombuds was not a very good one. The Ombudsman is certainly a nice guy, but I didn't feel that he had my best interests as a student at heart. Instead, I felt that he was trying to protect the university. Upon digging into our ombudsperson's background a little, I see that he has worked for the University of Calgary for nearly 23 years, during which time he has occupied the ombudsperson's seat for approximately 5 years. Thus, from a general search of our Student Ombud's job history, it appears that he has worked for the university itself for many years. How does that make a person impartial? If a university has been writing someone's paycheque and putting food on their tables through all that time, how is that individual supposed to be unbiased towards the university itself and towards students too?
Sorry that I have to keep the details of my complaints cryptic. My issues are more private and sensitive matters, but I did want to shed light on my personal experiences. If you ever encounter issues with staff members of this university, you may be better off consulting independent parties instead of our own ombudsperson.
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2023.06.10 23:35 unhommesimple Should I transition to being a school teacher?

For background, I am in my early 30's and I have been working with children/education my entire career up until now, but not in public school system. My bachelor's degree is unrelated to education.
Currently I teach private one-on-one classes about 40 kids a week + another 18 kids in group care. I am also a licensed early childhood educator since 2017, and I have worked full-time and part time in all types of childcare settings (ages 3-5).
I make the salary of about a second year teacher, but minus the benefits, pensions, sick days, paid vacation etc. Now I am looking to transition into the school system to have those things in my life. Because I will likely have no family/spousal financial support during this time, I am likely going to turn to student aid to cover my life costs for the 11 month UBC program (20k+). It will likely take me about 5 years to pay this off.
After reading many posts here that describe the harsh conditions of working as a teacher, I would like some objective opinions if I am making a horrible choice.
Reasons I would like to transition
In my current career, I face daily disrespect from children and their parents, sometimes literally physical assaulted (by the children), disruptive behaviours, apathy, lack of funding/resources to pull off the curriculum I would like etc.
I will not lie and say I think it is my life purpose and passion to teach. I no longer try to change the system or the world because I had a burnout period last year. But at the same time, I have made peace with a lot of the problems and try to focus on the children and the day that are infront of me. And I would like to get compensated for it more than I do now
Am I delusional? Am I rational? Thank you strangers.
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2023.06.10 23:34 krlico Do you think it is possible to get a job in Frankfurt with basic English skills?

Do you think it is possible to get a job in Frankfurt with basic English skills?
I know this may be a silly question. I just wonder if there are the people.
I came here with a working holiday visa and I have been studying English by myself.
Since I don't know any German, it would be good to study English for my first job. I'm thinking about getting a job and then starting to study German at school.
Based on my budget, I will have to start looking for a job in two months. However, I found it improving my English has been going as well as I expected.
I worked as a software(frontend) engineer for two and a half years. In terms of jobs, my first priority is a software developer though, if it's not feasible, I will try to get a job regardless of what kind of job if I can switch my visa from a working holiday visa to a work visa.
I want to hear your opinions and experiences.
Thank you for reading my post!
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2023.06.10 23:33 Thin_Break7285 Don’t know if any of you guys have heard about this but wanted to let everyone know!

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2023.06.10 23:33 rfyoung Sales to development office

I worked in admissions right out of college and found my way to sales. I enjoyed the culture and found the work relatively meaningful. I’m half tempted to apply as a development officer at a large state school nearby. I understand there’s no bonus incentive. Does anyone have any thoughts on that move?
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2023.06.10 23:33 Perfect-Passenger-83 3rd Grade Dream

Okay. I'm older than I was back then, but I still remember the dream so clearly.
This was...mid-november or January I think? I fell asleep (On a Monday) and was anticipating the next day, which was crazy hairdo day at my school.
The dream I had depicted the day ahead; I can still remember my friends rainbow afro. But my school was a tad bit different (the lunch system, and I was in a different class). When I woke up, the events of the day happened exactly in my dream (My friend having a rainbow afro, for example) except the things that changed...didn't. I was in my regular class, and the lunch system was back to normal.
In the dream, I woke up like normal. Did everything like normal and nothing seemed weird to little 3rd grade me, but I looked throughout this subreddit, and some people's dreams seemed to be like mine.
Anyone have a clear answer? I don't remember much before the dream, so it could be possible that I hopped universes that day and didn't realize. Or it was just a one day thing.
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2023.06.10 23:32 Major-Ad-4785 It is honestly so reliving to find I’m not alone and theres people I can talk to about this

I was forced to leave school halfway through my senior year and I’ve honestly felt useless and like a burden to my parents because I can’t work, this community honestly gives me hope because I’m not the only one dealing with this and I’ve even heard of people getting over it, I’m glad I found this.
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2023.06.10 23:32 Alpha_Hero_000 Can someone help me find the names of these manga?

There are 3 manga i am looking for that i read but forgot the name of which are the following:
1) A fantasy about a magicless girl, who gains a demonic-wand and goes to a magic school. The mc being magicless led to a divorce where the father took the blonde sister with magic powers after they where attacked by demons. The mc desperately tried to perform magic but after her mom said ´´it is enough´´, she gave up and started to became a artist instead.
2) Is also a fantasy series which set in the main capital of a kingdom that is taken over by an evil wizard, who uses a black slime monster. The black hair mc awakens on a beach and travels into a tavern after he heared a rumor about a flying spear. After he beat it, it transformed into the blonde prince and the mc gets the ability to summon the spear (note: this happend in first manga).
3) Is a sci-fi one about gaia vengeance (note: it manifest as a little girl, who plays the anmesia-card when meeting the mc at first and summons aliens from another dimension to do it). The mc was bitten by a alien which gives him a fire-power on his arm and it eat his girlfriend, who replaced her.
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2023.06.10 23:32 lord_of_the_dragon Dated a narcissist dentist

Just venting and sharing a story

I was 29 , had a career in IT as a director in formation ( to take over the current one when he retire ) and was doing fine. I've met this girl who was in her 3rd year of dental school in Montreal. We clicked and i managed to limit it to 1 time a week. she couldn't '' spend a lot of time with me '' due to her study. i respect that but i feel that created a void.

fast forward , she took a year off before her 4th year started. we did bond for the first 6 month but then she went back into study mode which effectively reduced our interaction to almost none. i felt disconnected and she wouldn't make any effort to show me what she loves or anything. i feel i was dating a shell , empty one.

Then she graduated and uprooted me from my support system in Montreal ( family & friends ) to Seattle so she could do her residency. i felt alone and depressed , as my wife (we got married 2 months after moving to Seattle ) promised me she would make and spend time with me. she would work , come home tired & not do anything. i felt betrayed and lonely. a gap was forming between us. she left her residency midway through due to personal reason and arguments at work , i bailed her out for her mental sanity.

We came back to Montreal , and the last 6 months before we broke up, she still wouldn't give me time. she was studying for her '' Canadian dentist board '' . I've realized that after chasing a wife and partner for 3 years , i was chasing a carrot on a stick and she would never make time for me.

I separated and starting the divorce but i feel betrayed and my time wasted. i gave all my time in the world , good or bad , for someone who would prioritize career over her husband. I don't understand those type of people and i resent career oriented people now. they sacrifice everything at the cost of their career. i was there to support her during school, be an emotional support , make her happy, sacrificed everything to make sure she is fine. not once did she return the favor , everything gravitated around her. I hate career oriented people , narcissist who ruins everything. it is just horrible

Sharing my story , now i am stuck in a house i have that is too big for me and my weekends feel empty because all i did for the past 3 years was wait for her to make '' time for me '' to do something. I've gotten used and accustomed to sitting around until she would free her time. so its a habit i have to undo but it angers me because i can't do it instantly and its a horrible feeling to live with. just waiting around for something to happen. as if i lost my intuition to start an activity.
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2023.06.10 23:32 MermaidGenie26 Vacation Bible School theme discussion: The Bad and The Ugly

A few months ago, I wrote about how many of the Vacation Bible Schools I went to growing up had themes that were either gender neutral or masculine, never anything that was mainly feminine. They had to appease the interest of boys as much as possible, even if that means that the theme HAS to be masculine. After reading the comments, I came to the conclusion that this was mainly due to misogyny.
Anyways, I have noticed that some programs have made rather unusual VBS themes over the years. When my younger cousins were much younger, they attended a VBS that was Panda themed. They called it Panda Mania. Then, in either 2014 or 2015, I noticed a billboard for a church that was putting on a Mount Everest VBS theme. It's like the programs are trying to be more unique than going with the typical run of the mill themes such as The Wild West, Under The Sea, Welcome to the Jungle, Be A Pirate, et cetera.
What themes have you noticed struck your eye. They could be mundane or even downright offensive.
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2023.06.10 23:31 spasticspetsnaz Holding on by my fingernails all my life (TW SA)

Sorry in advance for the length of this post, but I can't let it all just keep festering inside. Apologies for any typos.
Life has been hell lately and it's left me dwelling on something I really need to get off my chest.
When I was 12 I began being raped by a "friends" father. I won't go into all the details, but he first used coke, then eventually meth to keep me coming back. Make me willing to degrade and humiliate me in ways I can't allow myself to recall. When they surface I drink until I'm comatose.
The rape, torture and humiliation ended when I turned 14. By that time his wife had left him, taking his son along with her. To this day I don't know if I'll hug him if I see him or beat him to death.
In any case, that made him spiral, he'd always been a "functional" addict. Good at feigning normalcy while a monster his behind the mask. That mask wasn't on when I was with him. He nearly killed me strangling me with a silk scarf multiple times. Stuck needles in my feet. Between my fingers, sodomized me with objects when he was too high to rape me himself. Every session ended with him giving me something to keep me high till the next time. Like clockwork, when I ran out, I went over and he was literally expecting me.
This time was a bit different. He told me to come over the very next night. (I usually went over between 10 and midnight and snuck back in at 3 or 4. I always came in through the back patio door, but it was usually closed, unlocked, but closed. Tonight it was wide open. He didn't like me speaking unless told to, so I silently went through the house. It didn't take long to find him in the bathroom, dead. He'd overdosed. I didn't even touch his body. I just left.
I left in tears, sobbing. Because he'd fucked up my perception of love and intimacy that I genuinely thought he was my lover. Not my rapist, not my sadist.
I was saved, I was finally safe. I was also heartbroken and suicidal. When I got home, I tried to cut off my own penis with a pair of scissors but only ended up with a slice and a lot of blood. Then the detoxing started. After 2 years of stimulants and forcibly going cold turkey with only a basic understanding of what was happening to me. I was a wreck. I'd leave the house all day and just hide away from people crying in drainage ditches or off trail at a nearby park.
This all happened at the beginning of summer, by the time school started again, I was able to stay stable with the help of copious amounts of weed and Robitussin.
But it was my secret, my burden. My parents never knew, my friends never new. And I quieted the trauma by immersing myself in things that interested me. Easier to not think about yourself when your mind is focused on history, or physics, or world religions. It worked for far longer than it should have. But there was a darkness I was keeping at bay. I craved the feeling of being used, being hurt, being humiliated, being raped with no ability to fight back.
I liked women, and men, but I never pursued relationships because I could never trust myself enough to be who I wanted to be around others. Some of those friends I wanted to become lovers I pushed away and burned the bridges I had between them, all because I hated who I was, who I still am to this day.
Eventually I got sober before the drinking killed me. I opened up to my family about what happened, got therapy, got medicated. I even found kink communities I can enjoy myself at from time to time.
But in spite of all this positive progress, I still feel trapped. Destined to a life where the best I can hope for is being kinda okay most days.
Be comfortable being a deviant and damaged goods. And most of the time that's okay with me.
Now I'm not so sure. A dear member of my family nearly died and will be in the ICU for months in total before and after receiving a heart transplant. During the transplant she had a stroke and can now barely speak. It's killing my father taking care of her but he's too stoic to be vulnerable.
Then last week I got a massive amount of dental work done, 13 teeth pulled and 2 bridges. Less than a week later my backpack was stolen with the bridges inside. $3000 worth of dental work gone in an instant and it feels insignificant compared with everything else in my life.
Everything is fucked up and the world's on fire, and at times like this, all I can think of is the last time everything was fucked up and my world was on fire. I feel like I'm hanging on by my fingernails and I just want to let go. Grab a handle of vodka and jump in front of a train.
But I have a family that loves me in spite of all these scars, inside and out. I have nieces and nephews I want to watch grow up and have a normal happy life. One where there's not a monster of self destruction lurking deep inside. People I can guide away from my own mistakes, protect from the monsters that left me black inside.
But it's so hard right now. I never thought I'd say this, but I want to go back to just being depressed. Feeling nothing but emptiness is so much better than this.
So for now I just try to keep moving, day by day, hoping it gets better. I wish I was doing it for myself, but it's for all the others in my life. My mom, my father, my stepfather, all the kids in my life who I can be a positive influence on. I genuinely don't care about my own life, but I care about hurting them. But I just don't know how long that will be enough to keep me going.
Anyway, if you've read this far, thank you and I'm sorry. I'm not looking for advice. I just needed to put all this shit into words. Something about doing so helps.
To end this, all I can say is hold onto the ones you love. Sometimes they're the only ones keeping you from falling into that void. You matter to them, even when you don't matter to yourself.
That's all, Im off, I need a cigarette.
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2023.06.10 23:31 11dingos [MA] How to pivot to HR career

First, I want to say that this sub has been an invaluable resource as a manager, particularly in regards to ADA accommodations and learning what sorts of situations are petty versus worth pursuing (in concert with consulting my own company’s people team, of course). In my time as a people manager, I have become increasingly interested in a pivot to HR. I am currently looking at generalist positions.
—In what ways should I self-develop for a career in HR? Any resources, books, etc that you know of that may help me?
—Would I need to go to school? I do not have a degree, just about five years of management experience.
—How applicable is people management experience in an HR role? Would you want to work with someone who had previously been a manager? Why or why not?
Thank you for anyone who takes the time to read and answer any of these questions!
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