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2023.03.22 22:55 apokolypz [For Sale] Curren$y, Bone Thugs, Hemlock Ernst, Sean Price & more

Unfortunately looking to sell these quickly, as I need to pay for a vet bill tomorrow. My cat stopped urinating and I'm terrified it's something bad as we took him last week for peeing blood and had seemed fine since then.
All prices are including shipping in the continental US.
Open to offers. I also have sleeves for Pray for Haiti and Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side A, if anybody wants to buy them for like $5 or $10.
Appreciate any and all sales! Please offer if interested since I'm looking to move.
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2023.03.22 22:55 iwkms2 How can i put my 14yr old sister in jail?

I 19F have a 14 almost 15 year old sister. Ever since we were little i have never had a bond with her due to her behavior and attitude to not only towards me but my family. She’s always been the type to get in trouble and shes a mommy’s girls till this day without realizing it. When younger she used to literally chase after me with knives, throw temper tantrums, tell me to die or kill myself, and even stole $300 i had saved up from birthdays and gifts. Now, at this time she wasn’t necessarily getting punished and i believe it was due to favoritism. Even though she would get the most whoppings out of all 3 of us during her middle school years due to her horrible behavior, she was the most spoiled one. By her age i had to learn how to cook,clean, take care of myself and her and she cant do not one thing. Now to the real problem, she has catch 2 cases: assault and vandalism. The first case they let her go as long as she took an anger management class and did some community service. The second case is still currently being worked on but they’re looking towards probation and more community and anger management classes. I forgot to add that when younger she was diagnosed with ADHD which i believe its bs (not the disorder, the fact that she has it). She has gotten the police and CPS into our home several times and nothing ever comes out of it. I truly think that my mon will end up in jail from building up so much resentment and anger towards her. The last time the police came into our house i was 3 months pregnant and i had to be questioned on her whereabouts because she decided to leave her phone and watch so that no one could track her, write a letter, and run away. She’s constantly talking to 19 to 21 year old guys and think that theres nothing wrong with that and victimizing herself, making our family look like the bad ones for treating her like an outcast(it wasn’t always like that). She leaves the house when she wants and comes back even though she has a 7pm curfew and her PO and the court wont treat her seriously simply because shes a minor. She also has a boyfriend and his mother is brainwashed by her, making her think that my mother is the bad person and will literally pick up my sister from her school bus stop to take her to school. My mother tried to text her and update her on whats going on but she chose to ignore her and told my sister she didn’t want to be involved in my mothers drama (that my sister has caused). She doesn’t clean to the point where she had trash next to her bed and a mountain of clothes that hadn’t been washed for months (6+ months). She doesn’t know how to do anything for herself and frankly im tired of it and so its our family. She also has a friend in the neighborhood who supplies her with vapes and weed and will literally hide her out in her house, her mother also doesn’t care. When she had ran away she told her friend and her mother and nobody thought to tell us till the police got involved. Shes constantly failing her court’s drug tests and even smoked in her room knowing i have a 2 month old baby in the house. While cleaning her room with my mother (it got to the point where i couldn’t stand the stank coming from there so we cleaned it) i found a tattoo gun machine brand new and in my mothers room was the ink that she ordered under a different name. We don’t know where she gets the money and at this point i could care less i just honestly wanna get rid of her and put her in jail. i would also like to state this is in FL in case someone has any legal advise.
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2023.03.22 22:55 First-Philosophy-299 Female Seeking Long Term Role Play Partner.

I have been in and out of roleplaying for many years now, all in all I've been doing it for around three or four years. I got into at University but after I graduated I fell out it and now I am looking to get back involved in the "Roleplay scene".
A little about me before we get into.
I am twenty two years old, living in The United Kingdom, I work most weekday and weekends but I will get back to you as soon as I can.
The type of roles I'm looking to do are mainly fantasy/action bases roles but there is room in their for romance/smut. I'm not really into Slice Of Life roles anymore as they all seem the same after a while, the same goes for Fandom Roleplays they really aren't my thing.
I don't really have a reply limit and I usually match my partners reply length and the level of detail, I don't expect rapid responses as that would be a stupid thing to expect in the current economic climate. All I want is to keep an open dialog of when we will and wont be available.
I play in first person and on discord, so I think I've covered everything all that's left is for me to post my ideas below so you can get a feel for what kinds of roles I'm into.
Demon-Human Roleplay
For the setting I think its best if we set this in like fantasy medieval era if that’s okay?
The land of Rhurn has broken out into anarchy, after then passing of the last high king of Rhuru local Barons and Lords have all made attempts to grab as much land as possible, all of them vying to be the next High King of Rhuru.
In the midst of the chaos a cult know as “The Daughters of The Blood Moon” have been able to grow in strength and influence. Many of the peasants have turned away from their traditional gods and turned to the demonic side of beliefs.
The cult only wishes the bring order to an orderless world. A young lady who’s pure blood who has yet to be tainted by the chaos outside the guard of the cult is the one who’s blood will finally summon a great demon who will bring order to the world through conquest of the land using an army of the damned.
Long term-Action-Adventure-Romance
Spy lovers
Its the Cold War, the USA and USSR are searching for anyway to get one up on the other by any means necessary but while that has been going on, in the shadows the Peoples Republic Of China have been building there strength and now they’re able to challenge America and Russian hegemony and be the undisputed number one global super power.
This leaves the CIA and KGB in a precarious postion knowing the only way to stop the PRC is to team up.
Vintage Hollywood
It’s the late sixties early/ early seventies Hollywood is in its pure rock and roll vase.
You’d play a older married A list movie star and I’d be your lesser known forgiven costar who knows very little of the temptations that Hollywood has to offer. Over the course of our whirlwind and taboo romance both of our lives and careers will be changed forever.
Serial killer-Obsessed Fan
So bare with me on this, I haven't really fleshed this idea out too much but ill do my best to set out the limited back story I've come up with so far,
It's the early to mid fifties, the US economy is booming and everything seems great, but one morning the corpse of a woman is found in the town square, this would be the start of a bunch of grizzly murders that would shake the small tight knit community to its core, the bodies begin to pile up, the only thing connecting the murders is a solitary black balloon with a red satanic cross printed on the balloon.
Neighbours no longer have cook outs, everyone suspects everyone and in the midst of this chaos and confusion the killer moves unseen, The whole town living in fear all expect one, this girl is obsessed with the killer hoping one day she'll meet him or her and they would allow their biggest fan to join their rampage.
Red ridding hood- big bad wolf.
In the deepest depths of a misty forest lay a village surrounded by thick oak walls, but this forest was also home to ancient race of animal. Not much was known about them, some believed they were nothing more than simple wolves, others than they were once human who sold their souls to the devil in return for sheer power,strength and speed.
But one believed they were the guardians and protectors of the forest.
The vast majority of their kind had been hunted to near extinction, it wasn’t known how many were left but one thing for sure is the alpha of the pack was still alive and that’s all that was needed to take back the forest and for the wolf to take his rightful place as king of the wood.
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2023.03.22 22:55 Evening_Table6188 Should I try finding my Chinese siblings?

Hello, so this is a bit weird and long story. A throw away account.
I am from Austria myself originally, and on this new year, I flew back here with my girlfriend, Korean girl. It was first time she visited Europe, saw my parents, family and everyone. And my uncle also happened to be with us this time, he is my father's twin brother. Very extroverted, easy to talk, and quite a crazy lad when gets drunk. And everything was going well and cool, we were eating, my grandma was talking to my gf, mother was cooking desserts, nephews were playing around, aunt was helping my mother, my father went for smoke.
So I was alone talking to uncle, who got a bit drunk by this point already, and he asks me this: - So, is everything serious between you two, or are you just trying different flavors? - No uncle, everything is serious, can you please lower your voice? He laughs and says:
- It's good that your Opa is not alive, he would not approve of this you know? He did not approve of your dad's adventure.
(my grandfather was a ww2 ss vet, though he was sorry for his past beliefs, some habits die harder I guess; though from what I remember him, he could have been ok with my gf, she's very charming after all))
- Well...maybe yes, maybe no. What do you mean, what he did not approve of dad?
My uncle smiles and tells me to not tell my mother, that this is nothing serious. - You know that we traveled to across the world during the 90s, right? Visited Asia too.
- Yeah.
- So, the thing you don't know, is that your father forgot there not only his family ring, but a kid or two.
I am thinking he is talking some bullshit cause he is drunk and laugh a bit. He looks for his wife and my mom, gets serious and continues.
- During our visit in Hong Kong, there were these two Chinese ladies, and I am not sure how this goes now, but those times, Europeans were a rare thing in Asia, and wherever we went, we were treated like exotic animals, in a good sense though.
At this moment I am very glad my gf's German is quite bad and she won't understand anything he is saying, and my grandma hears almost nothing unless you scream.
- So, once. We were in a bar, and there were these two Chinese girls, very pretty, but quite dumb now that I think about it. We had some fun time while drinking, they had good English, after some time - they were straight and open, they wanted a child from your father - to have children with blonde hair and bright eyes or something. Obviously, a young, dumb, and not very responsible jock as your father agreed. Unfortunately I had dark hair.
He laughs like crazy, then thinks about that and goes silent, my mother brings food and then goes away. He continues more silently, I am seeing where this is going and just listen.
- You know your father was very attractive back in the day, even more than you. Very tall, long blonde hair, green eyes, and athletic. Basically a wet dream of Hitler. And of those Chinese girls. So, he did impregnate them and after that never met them anymore. The only thing we know is surname of one of them and picture with both from that night, I still have it somewhere around.
- Uncle .... I am not sure if this is some bullshit story or if you are telling the truth. No way my father would do something like this.
He laughs and drinks.
- Well, just don't tell anybody.
I am sitting there completely shocked, don't know what to do or say, and thinking about talking to my dad but don't know what to say or begin with.
Then few minutes later my mother runs in the room and asks my uncle harshly: What you were talking about here?
He acts overly surprised: What? About the winter and how warm it is this year.
- Don't lie to me, your wife asked me to talk to you.
Basically my uncles 13 year old niece went and told my mother and aunt whatever she heard from us, my mother did not understand of course anything she said and asked my aunt about it, she could not come up with a lie and asked to talk to her husband. Then my mother asked me, then him, again and again until my father came in. All in all, my father told her the truth but did not consider it anything serious or worth paying attention to.
My mother cried a bit, my girlfriend tried to calm her with my aunt and she later called me in another room and before I started apologizing she asked me:
- So, what are you going to do?
- What?
- Are you going to find about your siblings?
- What? But...
- Don't be like your father, please. I am not crying because he slept with someone else, we didn't even know each other then. I am sad how lightly they treat this thing. There are children somewhere that don't know about their father or family from other part of the world, you should definitely look for them and try to find them when you visit Korea next in April. Hong-Kong is not far from there.
My mother is a sweetheart, I know)
So, I did not really try to say anything to her cause I did not want her to be more sad. Whenever my mother calls me, she asks me about my plan, and over the course of these few months I've been ensuring her that I will look into this and try, but the chances are low and all. My father thinks it's a waste of time, but has nothing against it if that's what we want.
Now, the advice I want on this topic is: Should I really try to establish contact with these people? Maybe they don't want to know anything about their biological father, maybe they hate him? Maybe they are not interested? Or maybe they would be? Should I seek them out and just try to be friends at least with my biological siblings? (over the course of these months, I am pretty sure I know who they are and where they live, but I am not really eager to contact them and interfere with their life).
What do you think, reddit? Should I follow my mother's advice or should I just continue living without touching the ghosts of the past?
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2023.03.22 22:55 ktola79 Edward Jones career opportunity as a Financial Advisor - Advice

BLUF: I am in the application process for a FA position, I'm currently a federal employee and I absolutely loathe my job.
FA has always been something that has been appealing to me, but I'm not sure if the risks are worth the jump and if I can make it work. I have my MBA and I have a side hustle that provides me some cover from the financial uncertainty that will come with taking on this new role if I get the job.

So what are the upsides of this career path and in particular the position with Edward Jones?

Conversely what are the downsides of the position and Edward Jones? If you are going to give me the (it is door to door sales then save your typing) If you have other constructive feedback of the struggles that will be found at EJ then I'm all ears.
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2023.03.22 22:54 LonelyToons 28M having a hard time sealing the deal

I’m an average guy with an average appearance. I have no trouble getting matches and having conversations with women. 8/10 girls I ask out say yes. I usually go on a date 1-3 times a month.
The dates go well most of the times and we usually end up kissing and moving to either of our homes. I’d say at least 60% of my dates end up like this.
But since the last few months this stops at making out and no sex. We make out for hours without clothes and then it just stops.
And I haven’t received a single second date in the last few months. Even on dates where I didn’t invite them to my place.
I’m a bit concerned why that might be?
I’m well experienced and usually both of us are having a really good time. I tried having more/less foreplay, being rough or very gentle but the outcome doesn’t change.
I also thought maybe something is wrong with my body/hygiene and asked a friend her honest opinion. She said there’s nothing wrong with me.
I’m clean shaven with well trimmed hair and a well groomed body. I smell good and have near flawless teeth and my breath smells normal. And my house is tidy and smells good.
So what gives?
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2023.03.22 22:51 ThrowRA_Kalimero Fiance (36M) breaks up with me (33F) 3 months before the wedding

My fiance (36M) broke up with me (33F) three months before our wedding. We've been together for 4 years and lived together for about a year. He proposed to me about 6 months ago and we were supposed to get married in 3 months. We already booked the place, made the guest list together, he asked his best friend to be his best man, and I was working on the invitations and finding a dress.
Everything seemed to go well until about one month ago. This, incidentally, overlaped with the anniversary of his fathers's death. He started acting more sad and distant around that time and I asked him if it was about his father and proposed we talk about it, but he never wanted to talk. At one point, when I begged him to talk to me, because I was getting worried, he asked me to stop asking, and so I did, I tried to give him space.
An important detail is that, as of January, he swithched teams at work, and started going to the office every day (mostly worked remotely before that), in order to meet new colleagues and integrate with the new team better. Next thing you know, after work, he goes for drinks with his new team members, then on some gigs in the evenings, they even started going out on the weekends. I tried to be supportive, and not complain about it, because I know how important is to belong at work, even though I was sad about us spending less and less time together, because he is never around. Also, the wedding planning was completely left to me, since he wasn't around. I took up more and more of grocery shopping and cooking (we both did everything around the house usually) as a way of support. But I did slip into the conversation something like a joke version of: don't you have enough of them during the working days.
To all this, add that my almost-husband is a man of maaany interests and hobbies, and that I do not share many of them, but I always supported him at them and never asked him to put them aside in order to spend more time with me. I have my own hobbies, but also tried to integrate into some of his, so I went with him running, hiking, ice skating, as much as I can (am a beginner). Went as a support to his marathons, trail running and so on. However, whenever we talked about this in the past, he pointed out that he thinks it is normal (and healthy) for us to have different hobbies and that it does not matter to him. We shared the same core values and attitudes about life, and we enjoyed our life together. He said so many times how he adores the fact that precicely I am his girl. He said repeatedly that he wants to have children with me.
So, add up all the hobbies and hanging out with the new team so much, and you get us living as roommates who occasionally meet each outher during the last two weeks.
Then, one night, he came home after work, and I was already desperate to spend time with him, so I asked what are his plans for that evening. I was already dressed for my workout class, but wanted to stay and spend time with him if he will be home. He wasn't planning on being at home again. He sat in an armchair staring at his feet looking all sad. I was so worried, I sat down on the floor next to him and again begged him to talk to me.
That's when it happened. It hit me like a thunderbolt that this has nothing to do with him and his father, but with us. He started telling me a list of my flaws. He used everything I ever said to him in the highest confidence, my hopes and fears, and turned them against me, saying I am insecure. Then he said that we just got used to each other and that we are not really happy. He said that I have no interests and do not share his hobbies and we don't have a way of spending time together. I was in shock. He never mentioned any of this before, he even insisted on the opposite. Obviously, I was mad that, if he had some problem, he didn't communicate about it, but even so, I tried to calm him down and proposed many ways to address this and work on it (even though I do not agree with most of it). He ignored all the propositions.
So, I was in complete shock. It broke my heart when I realized that he gave up on us and that he wants it to end. Then, an idea popped up in my head. I asked him if there was someone else. He said yes (staring at the floor all along). My mind was blown. I asked if she is from work. He said yes. I started feeling anger. I asked about a specific colleague and he confirmed that it was her. He said he liked her. I pointed out that it is perfectly normal to like someone once in a while even when you are in a commited relationship, and it is just a question of how you will deal with it. He said "I like her a lot". I accidentally know that that girl rides a motorcycle and likes hiking and such. It got clear that he doesn't want to work on anything. He gave up on us, without any heads up for me, no prior arguments or anything. He even went with me to visit my family 4 days before the breakup and let me tell everyone about the wedding. I was in tears and obviously distraught. He had no reaction to my state. No hug, no comfort, no anything. I asked him why he proposed. If he had so many issues with me, didn't he think it through then. He said he was still happy when he proposed.
I packed a backpack and left, obviously in distress. He didn't even try to stop me, nor offer that I stay and he leaves. He just shut down. How did he just stop loving me? How does that happen?
I am desperately trying to find some logic in all this, but I fail at it. Maybe there is simply nothing logical about it.
I stuck by him and supported him while he changed career, when his father died, when we had problems with his mother. I believed we were super strong and could work on anything. Thought he was the one. Thought that proposing means something. Still can not believe what happened.
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2023.03.22 22:51 climboye After great date, girl playing hard to get?

Girl was incredibly enthusiastic over Bumble. Basically 10 messages exchanged before we set a date. Went climbing, had great fun. Then back at my place. Did everything but fuck. Cuddled and kissed for hours. Probably could have fucked if I wanted, had my hands down her pants on her butt for long enough time as she lay on top of me and she clearly liked it. 99% sure I could have undressed her there but tbh it was my first date in 7 years.
I wanted to pay for dinner because she is a student and I am top 0.1% earner (easy to spot once you enter my home and I dont try to hide my money). But we ordered using her phone and ubereats account. Then tried to convince her to let me pay but she didn't want me to, even after many debate. She told me she would cook for me next time instead. Hinted many other ways about a future date, like she wanted to show me she had a tattoo somewhere that I would see next time.
Drove her home, her still basically constant in physical contact on the way back, head on my shoulders, hand on my thigh etc... Felt Iike I just did some mdma.
Two days after the date I sent a message trying to schedule another date. Got a response that she can't this week but next week works. Taking longer and longer to respond etc...
Been out of this game way too long and my ex never played like that. Is this playing hard to get?
Just looking for your advice and views on this...
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2023.03.22 22:51 thepopecnew Accidentally Signed In With The Wrong Account

I recently purchased ANNO 1404 History Edition on Steam as a friend had recommended it to me and it was on sale. I rarely play PC games, so I have little experience with Steam or Ubisoft Connect. Nevertheless, I got the game running on my PC. When I went to create an account in ANNO 1404 (As I previously thought I did not have a Ubisoft Account), I accidentally typed in my email incorrectly, making it a completely different email address that does not belong to me. ANNO 1404 however accepted the creation of this account. When I noticed my error, I signed out of the account and went to sign in with my actual Ubisoft Account with my email. Whenever I did that, it logged me into my account, but now it says "There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product. Please contact customer support if you need help in solving this problem". There is a button on the bottom left of this window that says Ubisoft Support, but the button doesn't work. I found another way to contact Ubisoft Support, but I'm afraid they won't be any help.

Does anybody know a way to fix this issue?

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2023.03.22 22:51 aurora_records [FOR SALE] Tom Waits, Motley Crue, Jerry Garcia, Patti Smith, Stones, Jackie McLean & more

Bunch of random stuff for sale, these are listed on discogs but I’m listing for cheaper here. Trying to move some of these rather quickly if I can.
Shipping is included in the prices
All records cleaned on my VPI 16.5 before shipping.
Visually graded unless stated otherwise
Jackie McLean - Steeplechase - $90
Vinyl VG+ Play tested beautifully. 1963 Mono Reissue. Handful of marks on vinyl. Jacket VG+ fully intact, clean with light discoloration
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II - $35
Vinyl VG+ nice copy little to no wear. 1977 reissue. Jacket low end VG+ with super light discoloration and light ring wear
Led Zeppelin - CODA - $45
Sealed copy, notch top left, price sticker remnants on shrink
Mötley Crüe - Girls Girls Girls - $50
Vinyl VG+/NM looks unplayed Jacket VG+ in shrink, clean. Light general wear great copy with original inner sleeve
Donald Fagen - The Night Fly - $22
Vinyl is a strong VG+ With a light mark or two, jacket clean VG+ with a 1cm rip on front top right and light crease top left, light ring wear
John Lennon - Imagine - $15
Vinyl VG+ nice shine Jacket VG+ with some wear along jacket opening, middle spine, and top left corner. Includes poster!
Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis - A Handful Of Modern Jazz - $10
Vinyl VG+ clean record shows little to no wear. Jacket VG top seam almost completely split, spine and bottom are clean. Light general wear otherwise
The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street - $23
Vinyl VG with light surface marks, sounds nice. Jacket G+, still very solid. Bottom seam is unglued, not ripped. Small yellow sticker top left corner, includes original inner sleeves
The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request - $20
Vinyl VG has light surface marks and hairlines, jacket VG+ has light discoloration along spine, fully intact gatefold opens nicely. Printed front image, not lenticular image
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Legend: The Best Of, Original Club Press - $25
Vinyl VG+ Nearly looks unplayed. Jacket VG+ clean gatefold, light edge and spine wear, still readable
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz: Red Hot And Cool - $10
Vinyl VG 1955 Mono Columbia 6 eye with light marks and hairlines. Jacket VG+ light spine wear, still readable. Two 1 inch splits on top and bottom.
The Doors - Self Titled - $20
Vinyl VG 1967 repress hairlines and marks, still has great shine and clean gold elektra labels. Jacket VG with ring wear, spine wear, small name tag sticker back side bottom left corner
Jerry Garcia - Garcia - $35
Vinyl VG+ little to no marks, very glossy and clean. Jacket VG+ in shrink! Has corner cut bottom left, otherwise clean with original Warner brothers inner sleeve
Lou Reed - The Bells - $17
Vinyl VG+ couple light marks Jacket VG+ Saw cut top right very clean
Patti Smith - Wave - $12
Vinyl VG+ light surface marks/hairlines, great shine. Jacket strong VG with light general wear to spine and edges, some small discolored spots here and there, small name tag sticker back side bottom left. Includes insert
Tom Waits - The Heart Of Saturday Night - $20
Vinyl VG+ Slight storage warp, doesn’t not affect playback. Light marks, high gloss & clean. Jacket VG+ light wear left corners top & bottom, small name tag sticker backside. Readable spine
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2023.03.22 22:51 lebronjamesboat Just got my Steam Deck!

Super excited to inbox this thing and start tinkering! Bought it on the sale, any recommendations on what to do with it?
Im definitely going to be playing some AAA stuff on it but I’m also interested in emulation as well.
Shoot me some recommendations!
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2023.03.22 22:49 sickfee49 My company is asking me to pay them back part of my severance because they forgot to withhold for taxes.

I got two months severance paid to me in a lump sum nearly two months ago. They’re now asking me to pay back >10k because it was supposed to be withheld for taxes. Can’t I just pay that in taxes myself? What’s the risk of this not being recorded properly come tax season and I’m due taxes on that extra payment. Do I have a legal obligation to pay this money back?
It’s all very sketch and disorganized, it is all shady to me.
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2023.03.22 22:49 LilZebra02 Has anyone else had experience with golden zebra loaches attacking their betta unprovoked?

Disclaimer: I apologize for the length of this post, I just want to explain myself and my thoughts as well as background information about what happened. There is a TLDR at the bottom.
I had my king halfmoon betta Rudy in a 20 gallon long with 5 small golden zebra loaches and 12 ghost shrimp. They have only been in the tank for a week together and I noticed that Rudy did not like to be near them, I just thought he was shy since that was his personality even before he was in the tank.
The loaches were in that same tank originally with my other betta Peter Parker for about 2 weeks until Peter died unexpectedly. I blamed his death on him rejecting the tank (new tank syndrome I think it’s called) because I moved him from the 10 gallon he has been in since I got him over a year ago. I made sure the 20 gallon long was cycled before moving him and everything, I added the loaches shortly after putting Peter in the 20 gallon. Peter Parker’s personality was like he was an angsty teen. Peter would flare at everything, but he has never attacked anything (all bark no bite). He has been with other community fish before, but I mainly kept him alone since he seemed to be happiest in his own space with the 6 ghost shrimp that were with him. I thought he wouldn’t mind having others in the 20 gallon, and he didn’t, he kept to himself and did his own thing. The loaches would go up to him frequently, with one or two doing what I thought was cleaning his tail (he had Cory catfish that would be near him and acted like he was one of them so I didn’t think anything of the loaches doing similar actions towards him).
About two weeks after Peter Parker was put in the 20 gallon long tank, I came home and he was dead. This was a shock and a huge surprise because I couldn’t understand what happened. He wasn’t sick, there is nothing but the wood and plants and rocks that have always been with him (with the addition of more plants and another rock to fill out the bigger space but they were quarantined before being added), there was nothing in there that could have hurt him.
I had no idea what happened, and I was left super confused. In an attempt to cheer me up, my mom bought me Rudy who was a beautiful white betta. I waited about two to three weeks before putting Rudy in the tank so I could make sure that the levels were still correct and to see if anything was sick just in case that was the reason for Peter Parker dying. Rudy was in the tank for about a week and his personality showed me that he was very shy but sweet. I thought he was shy because he never liked to be near anyone else, especially the loaches. This morning would be about a week and a half that Rudy was in the tank. I was watching tv when I glanced over and all 5 of the loaches were swarming Rudy and dragging him down from the surface like they do when they eat pellets. Rudy wasn’t able to get away from them despite trying. Horrified, I scared them away with the net and Rudy immediately swam into the open surface near me and let me easily catch him. In a panic I scooped him up because the loaches started coming back towards him. I put Rudy in a 1 gallon vase I was setting up for a walstad. Rudy was very bloody and cut up. His tail and fins were ripped and his left pectoral fin was paralyzed. He passed away about two hours later.
In this unfortunate situation, it also seems clear to me that Peter Parker had the same fate, and I didn’t realize it because of the past passive intentions of his previous tank mates that did the same actions out of camaraderie. I’m glad Rudy was white because of the visual wounds that I could see on his body. Peter Parker was a deep red so I could not see what was going on. Rudy did NOT have anything wrong with him yesterday and looked completely fine.
The store that I bought the loaches from felt bad when I told them what happened and showed them pictures of Rudy after his attack. They gave me a full refund despite not having a receipt and being passed the 14 day return policy. My mom and I have been acquainted with the owner and some workers there because they are very nice and helpful. However, a worker we didn’t know who helped me return the loaches said that he would never have put them together in the first place. He tried to tell me that it was the betta’s fault for being aggressive even though I told him that my betta has never even flared at anything before and was super sweet, he said he still wouldn’t put them together but never elaborated. I felt bad when I left because it made me doubt everything I have researched and been told about loaches. This experience makes me never want to buy loaches again.
TLDR: Has anyone else ever had problems with golden zebra loaches being aggressive towards their betta without reason?! I had five in a 20 gallon long tank with 12 ghost shrimp and a heathy betta who died unexpectedly, and I was confused as to why until a couple weeks later (to today) when I randomly saw the 5 loaches swarm my other healthy betta whom I moved into the tank. I scared them away and got the betta out but he died hours later due to injury. Everything I read and heard about bettas and Golden zebra loaches told me that they are fine together and that type of loach is peaceful/non aggressive. This should be true even when being provoked by the betta which wasn’t even the case in this situation with either of my bettas! Neither of my bettas were mean and lived with other things without attacking them, including the loaches! I am so confused, was I in the wrong to put them together? Is this unfortunate circumstance normal/common?
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2023.03.22 22:49 TheSurvivorKelsier PKA really does never change

Started listening to PKA in the old days at episode 1 and took a 4 year break from PKA and decided to slip on the recent Wolf episode. Nearly finished it and there have been at least 5 stories from Kyle that I’ve literally heard 5+ times and a couple each from Woody and Taylor.
I know it’s a meme that they don’t adapt/change but they’re literally the same every 4 years lol. Like 1-2 hours of the episode is retelling stuff from a decade ago. Hard to tell new stories when you don’t do anything of note, and I don’t blame them for taking the bag for minimal effort. It’s just funny to think that I’ve missed 200-250 episodes of the exact same stuff, same guests, same “older listeners will remember this”.
Makes me believe that PKA will go indefinitely until Woodrow succumbs to dementia or Kyle inevitably doesn’t check the state age of consent laws.
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2023.03.22 22:49 prehistoriccampstory Benefits of nicotine use with N1,N2,And IH.

Hi my friends. I was curious if anyone else has had beneficial effects from nicotine in treating their condition. I havnt tried ghb yet but am in the process of doing so. All other medications I've tried havnt worked for me. Nicotine helps sometimes. It worked the best of anything I've tried. But still is very limited. I have a constant tingling down my left side. Prior to diagnosis the Dr's were confused because nicotine was the only thing that helped the tingling. It substantially reduced the tingling sensation and worked rapid, within just a few minutes. after diagnosis(NT1) it made more sense to my neurologist why that is the case. Prior to this I've never read much about the potential ability for nicotine to treat symptoms with narcolepsy. What started my ideal to try it, was about a couple years ago I read nicotine is a neurostimulant. I've never smoked really. I hate tobacco. I was having trouble with tiredness and concentration at work. So I tried tobacco free nicotine pouches. Zyn.and it helped. Eventually my symptoms progressed and I developed tingling. And that's when I realized nicotine helped with that also. My symptoms are severe and nicotine doesn't help near as much. Has anyone else felt that nicotine works better for them than other medicine?? I'm not encouraging it's use. But I find it interesting that their isnt much on potential benefits of it online.when i first started it I was having multiple episodes a week of SP, and HH it was common for me. After starting my symptoms reduced to about once a week. For me, I realized taking alittle nicotine just before bed helped with my episode.i told my wife about it and began digging into nicotine research more.
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2023.03.22 22:48 tiredwaterfall Am I (30s F) correctly interpreting that this woman (30s F) is not interested in being friends with me based on these interactions?

I'm (30s F) feeling hurt by this interaction with a friend of a friend (also 30s F) who I thought might want to be friends with me (but evidently doesn't) and need help processing it/some feedback on it. On top of my social anxiety, I have other anxiety disorders, depression and am possibly on the spectrum so socializing is extra extra hard for me and I really am lacking in friends.
Here's the situation:
July 2019: Was at a friend's wedding out of state and met one of her other friends who lives in my state, about 30-40 min away from me. We hit it off and she said she's always looking for new friends and it would be cool to grab dinner sometime.
Dec 2019: I never hear from her and reach out to find out about dinner and we schedule something, but end up canceling because she has a family emergency.
Feb 2020: I check in about how she's doing, if she still wants to do dinner, and we schedule a dinner. Our mutual friend happens to be in town so it ends up the three of us at dinner together.
July 2020: Pandemic is happening. She includes me on an email invite to her bday party at her house. I don't feel comfortable going so decline.
June 2021: I am feeling lonely and reach out to find out how she's doing and if she'd like to go to this outdoor concert with me. She ends up not being able to make it that day, but says we should one day meet up for dinner and I agree. I remind her we had talked about some greek place that time we went out and she says "yeah, let's do dinner soon."
September 2021: Never heard from her about dinner and reach out again. She says her next two months of weekends are booked with fall activities with friends. She mentions a few she's doing that I could join. I tell her I'd be interested in this farm visit she's doing. She tells me it'll probably be some weekend in Oct, but she'll let me know the details once it gets closer and she and her friends decide the exact day. I never hear anything.
March 2023 (Now): Get a random text from her asking how I'm doing. I get excited thinking she's interested in reconnecting. I'm feeling extra depressed and lonely and friendless as more friends have moved away/lost touch. She asks if I still live where I used to and if I still work remote. Yes and yes. I ask how she's doing, but she's vague only telling me she saw another friend of our mutual friend recently and that she still lives in the same town. Then, she says the reason she is reaching out to me is because she has a friend who is single and she thought of me. She sends me all his details and asks if I was interested.
Man, did I get so depressed! I thought she had been interested in reconnecting because she was interested in a friendship with me and regrets we never ended up hanging out again. I kept expecting her to suggest we meet up or something, but it turns out she is only interested in me for a potential date for her friend. I feel hurt that here's someone I wanted to be friends with who I (for the hundredth time) thought might want to be friends with me and I again feel rejected.
I know I could ONCE AGAIN ask if this woman wants to grab dinner (for the 1000th time), but I feel ridiculous at this point and like a loser. She clearly is not interested in hanging out with me or I wouldn't have had to be the one to reach out to her every time AND she would have followed up on those details about the farm visit back in 2021 that she did go on.
What do you all make of all of this?
tl;dr: Heard from someone who I had been previously trying to befriend for the first time in nearly 2 years. Thought she was interested in the friendship, but really reached for another reason. Made multiple attempts in the past to hang out with no result and feel like a loser trying again. Can't tell if she really is disinterested in friendship or if my anxiety etc is skewing things.
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2023.03.22 22:48 person-5738 jobs in leeds for 2 teenager boys

Me and my friend are looking for a job ideally near ls10 that we can work at the same time but we can only do certain days due to football and boxing training we can work from around 4 pm to abt 9 pm depending on the days.
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2023.03.22 22:48 Full_Market_1010 New doctor made me feel like a drug seeker for benzos

Hey guys. So I have had panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder for the last 20 years of my life. For most of my 20s I was an agoraphobic who couldn’t leave the house. I was prescribed Ativan seven years ago for panic attacks. once I began taking it sparingly I was able to get my life back. I begin traveling the world and got a job and was able to actually live a normal life, and I only took Ativan about once a week. And, For the last seven years I have taken Ativan in the exact same way: once a week, or maybe three pills a month. I average one 30 pill prescription bottle per year
I have had three GPs during that time and the first two were great respectful doctors who understood my condition and who never questioned me or made me feel like a drug seeker. Well my last GP recently left and I got a new GP a few months ago
Today I consulted with him for a refill on my Ativan. Well I got the feeling like he didn’t want to give me Ativan. He told me that he would but in the future we might want to reconsider other options, and kept emphasizing the risks
I told him that I was aware of that but the drug was a periodic life safe saver. Since I actually feel like I’m dying once or twice a mont, it seems like reasonable cost benefit analysis to continue taking Ativan a few times a month.
He kept emphasizing the dangers of benzos etc and also told me that he would need a urinalysis. I’m a nearly 40 year old man who doesn’t do drugs nor do I drink. I felt disrespected and interrogated . I have never once abused out of there nor have I wanted to. I told him I don’t like drugs. I don’t want to ask for drugs. And I don’t want to do drugs. I have a funny feeling he’s never experienced a true panic attack
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2023.03.22 22:48 ramencrumb Dilemma and need some help!

Hey hey- so i have a situation here and wanted some input from some of you. Essentially I have to do a fixed number of hours to graduate…. I have been paired with a nurse for approx 2 months and after I’ve been assigned to work with other nurses for a few weeks to be able to get a taste of different areas.
I’m almost near completing my fixed hours as my assigned original nurse is so kind and has allowed me to leave early to do things related to school and even gave me some free shift hours(never asked for it).
While getting a taste of this one area and being with a different nurse I was asked by them if I needed hours and that they would be willing to sign off on them. I said to sign off an extra day for me if possible because why not!- well now I have approx. a rotation left to work with my initial nurse and them I free meaning I meet the required hours.
However, I’m debating if I should not go for a shift because I won’t need to - because I was able to get an extra shift signed by another nurse - thus only need a few more actual shifts to be done with my hours.
My problem is that if I take a shift off I’ll be exactly at the hours needed for my program to graduate and pass... But once I told people (friends/fam) bout this they are saying it wrong to take a shift off with my original nurse- As this nurse gave you free hours which I did not ask for…. and let you leave when you needed to and still gave u full hours for those days…so to only do a few shifts with her seem like your just wanting to be done and don’t appreciate her generosity.
So I’m conflicted if I should just take a shift off because I don’t need to actually go- or if I should go and suck it up because it’s the “right”thing to do.
Keep in mind I have 3 exams next month! And have been working 3-4 shifts a week unpaid obviously lol.
What do you guys think I should do!🥺
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2023.03.22 22:48 Bob-the_scary_tomato I quit everything "fun" for a month to see if it would make me happy like they tell us... This is what happened.

I as your test dummy.
I literally only ate freaking meat, veggies, and seeds/nuts. I didn't even eat bread or put dressing/crutons on my salad to make sure to keep it healthy.
I cut ALL hobbies to ONLY the weekends, and cut all unless texting with people off my radar.
I was only productive.
All my free time went to a business start up, even down to my bathroom breaks. (I would literally watch sales training on the toilet haha). And I did all this for a month...
If you want to know, here's the rundown of my month.....
I want to first say "WOW". Something happened all right. Big time.
The first week absolutely was a bust... Big time... I tried and tried to be consistent, but always failed. I would find myself on social media or stupid YouTube shorts and had trouble removing them. HOWEVER. I noticed an increase in how much I liked life. And that definitely is a reoccurring theme.
Week two, I had at least cut the crap in half. I was doing better and felt WAY better. I was surprised in the best way possible.
I had a mission which I was living for to an extent. I wasn't drowning in constant stimulation, but rather had a clear mind and was jumping after something for once... My business... It felt so good not being passive.
Week three was really good. I started to finally see real results and I was actually liking my life again. My mind felt so freaking clear and when I used I feel tired and foggy, I now felt clear and in the moment.
(The diet helped with that as I was doing a good job of eating right even from the beginning.)
By the end of week 4, I HAD IT DOWN (almost). I was doing things that STINK (cold showers, getting up on time, working on my goals NON STOP) but my life felt so alive! I used to feel like cat crap all the time, drenched in mind numbing stimulation, but now I just feel healthy in my mind, and once I found my discipline, I was able to literally FEEL GOOD when looking in the mirror!
This next part is for people who can handle it. Weak minded lemons might get offended
Stuff you need to know that I found out.
  1. If you're a woman, I don't know if it will work or not. Women tend to like their comfort, whereas men like rough situations and grinding once they give it a try. I'm not a woman but I still recommend you try if you are.
  2. If your life sucks, it's because you suck. Life only gets better when you get better so start trying to get yourself better and your life will follow. At first you'll fail 90% of the time, but after a month you'll WIN 90% of the time. If you quit, then you still suck and you lost 100%.
  3. Shut up. It IS your fault. Stop blaming your environment and other people for all the bad things in your life. Even if it does appear their fault, still blame yourself. If you don't then you're GIVING AWAY YOUR CONTROL TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T EVEN LIKE. If something is your fault, then you have the control to fix it. If you blame someone/something else, then it's in their hands to fix it. Everything is your fault.
  4. You're not going to enjoy the work, you're going to like the work. Working out is not fun. Enjoying something is half environmental, but liking something is a decision. If you're working on a project and you just look forward to when it will be over, you've already lost. At first you will do that, but try to get over it over time..
And that's the run down! PM me if you have ANY questions and I'll happily answer for several days until I delete reddit. I'm NEVER going back to how I was and I encourage you to end depression, anxiety and addiction. I'm dropping off the stimulation rat hole, and growing my business for the next couple years.
See ya! I wish you the best in life!
PS. In short, yes it actually works lol. This is somehow the best thing I've ever done.
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2023.03.22 22:47 mollyhooper Update to my adopted pet dilemma

I want to say thank you to all the very good advice and support I got to keep my adopted BD Maraquan Shoyru when his owner came back four years later and asked for him.
I sent a response saying I did not want to give him up because of time and NC/NP put into him. (Continued training and custom). I avoided checking my neomail for a bit because as much as this is a fun kids site with pixels, my people pleasing nature did feel a bit bad saying no. Though you all absolutely made me feel good in my decision.
I got two responses, one accusing me of not being active enough (I struggled during 2020-2021 and was spotty in my activity due to money issues), and another offering me another pet with nowhere near the same stats but "would get my an UC Faerie Xwee" (a childhood dreamie but not one I actively pursue) because of previous offers on it. Apparently.
Previous owner insists this is his baby and he deserves them back. I am debating even responding back. It definitely is a crappy feeling that he claimed he would accept my decision but now will not leave me be with it. At the same time feeling like a bad guy for Neopets is not something I relish in.
Just wanted to thank you all again for the sound advice yesterday, and the support. You guys rock and are so thoughtful! It is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.22 22:47 SetF2 Buying a handgun under 21

I’m 20 and recently got interested in buying a 22lr handgun for some plinking.
I know I can’t buy a handgun from an FFL until I’m 21, but I can buy one through a private sale.
Is it possible for me to buy off a website such as gunbroker or armslist, have them ship it to an FFL near me, then get it transferred there? What exactly are the laws around online purchases?
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