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2009.10.14 17:45 KISteam Ripple

Ripple connects banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets. XRP is the fastest and most scalable digital asset today.

2010.06.16 17:34 pabs_agro XRP - The Digital Asset for Payments

XRP is the fastest & most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world. Using XRP, banks can source liquidity on demand in real time without having to pre-fund nostro accounts. Payment Providers use XRP to expand reach into new markets, lower foreign exchange costs and provide faster payment settlement.

2009.11.02 04:43 Captaintripps A little wonder in Northwestern Queens.

We are a neighborhood of 170,000 people in the most-diverse county in the United States. This is a highly-moderated sub.

2023.06.10 05:50 chesscall Dariush is one of the most overrated fighters in the UFC rn

I love Beniel, he’s a real warrior and one of the most well rounded lightweights in the division. But how do so many people think he’s gonna beat Charles? The guy has four losses and no top 5 wins, and Charles is the second best lightweight ever. Modern Charles Olivera has finished every dude he’s come up against except tony and Islam, he’s gonna find a way to make Beniel tap…
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2023.06.10 05:49 Mizu_Soup_ Y'all seemed to like the fanfic with my oc so here's chapter 2

Chapter 2: Notebooks

It didn’t take Mizu long to memorize everybody’s names at the Armed Detective Agency. She got to know each of them quite well, though, the more she learned about Dazai, the more concerned she became.
This morning, for example, Mizu walked into the office to find Dazai sitting on a desk with headphones on, singing along to a song while everybody else was working. He didn’t seem to care that everybody could hear his singing, which, Mizu had to admit, wasn’t too bad. What really concerned her were the lyrics.
You can’t do a double suicide all by yourself.”
“What is he singing?” Mizu asked, looking around at the other Agency members.
“Don’t question it,” Kunikida replied, looking rather irritated at the noise Dazai was creating as he loudly burst into the next line.
DON’T FORGET to grab a friend! DOUBLE SUICIDE!”
Kunikida pinched the skin between his eyebrows and closed his eyes. “If he doesn’t shut up…” He sighed with frustration and opened his eyes, looking at Mizu. “Anyway, you’re going on your first job today. You need some hands-on training so you’ll be accompanying Ranpo to see how he does things.”
“Actually, I think Ranpo is already gone,” said Tanizaki, looking up from his desk.
Kunikida sighed. It was almost as if Mizu could see an invisible meter floating above his head that kept filling up with every tiny frustration until he inevitably exploded. Mizu hoped she wasn’t there when that happened.
“Atsushi, will you take Mizu with you today?”
Atsushi looked up from his desk with an apologetic expression. “Sorry, Kunikida. I actually don’t have any jobs outside the office today.”
The invisible meter went higher. “Kyouka? Tanizaki? Kenji?”
“I have a job outside the office today,” Dazai volunteered. “I’d be happy to train our rookie!”
Mizu turned around, looking out the window of the cafe. The sidewalks were flooded with people going to and fro. Which one of them had her notebook? She stepped outside and heard her phone ring again. This time, an eerie feeling crept up her spine as she read the words.
“Oh, come on! I’m a very good teacher.”
“I’m not subjecting our new recruit to your nonsense all day.”
Kenji joined the conversation. “I think you two are the only ones with jobs outside the office today Dazai might actually be the best choice.”
There goes the invisible meter again. Kunikida stood from his desk, his notebook making a loud noise as he shut it and slid it into his shirt pocket. “Fine. Mizu, you’ll be accompanying me today.” He refused to allow Dazai to be the new girl’s instructor when that man barely did his job to begin with. “As long as you follow my lead, this shouldn’t affect my schedule.”
Mizu wasn’t particularly excited to work with Kunikida. She really didn’t want to be on a job with him when his invisible meter hit its max. “What’s the job?”
“We’re looking for a missing person. A woman reported her husband not arriving home or at his workplace the last two days with no response on his phone.”
Mizu nodded and pulled out a notebook from the crossbody purse she was wearing. She began writing down the details of the case.
“She’s really into this,” said Dazai. “With that much love for notebooks, she might be your type, Kunikida.” He laughed.
Kunikida turned red. “Shut up, Dazai!”
Mizu looked up from her notebook at Dazai’s words and turned pink. “It’s not wise to date coworkers. You shouldn’t suggest that.”
Dazai laughed. “She even sounds like you, Kunikida.”
Mizu could see a vein popping in Kunikida’s forehead. The invisible meter is reaching its limit, she thought. He could explode at any moment. Mizu decided to try to diffuse the situation. “We should get going. You said you wanted to stick to your schedule, right?”
Kunikida sighed, turning his back on a snickering Dazai. “Yes. Let’s go.”
Kunikida explained the case more as him and Mizu walked down the staircase to the exit of the Armed Detective Agency. “The man we’re looking for frequents a certain cafe a few blocks from here so we’ll interview the employees and ask if any of them have seen him since his disappearance or if they’ve noticed anything odd about him leading up to it.”
“Perhaps he met up with people at this cafe. Those people could also lead us to clues.”
“You’re right.”
Mizu opened her notebook again and began writing a list of questions to ask the employees at the cafe.
“Do you carry one everywhere as well?” Kunikida asked.
Mizu nodded as she finished writing and slid the notebook back into her bag. “I do. A notebook is a very useful tool, even if it has nothing to do with one’s ability like yours does.”
“It is. Do you carry something for your ability?”
“I do.” Mizu reached into her bag and pulled out a water bottle. “Water manipulation is a useless ability without the presence of water. It’s best to keep this with me for emergencies.”
“That’s smart.” Kunikida replied as they exited the building and started down the street.
“Do you keep your name and number in your notebook so, if you ever lose it, it can be returned to you?”
Kunikida paused. “I never thought to do that, actually.” He immediately opens his notebook and scribbles his information on the inner cover. “Thank you for the idea.”
Mizu smiled. “Of course.” She liked talking to Kunikida. He seemed to be a reasonable person with good morals and standards. She admired that.
The two of them arrived outside the cafe and Kunikida held the door for Mizu who blushed slightly but made sure he didn’t see it as she thanked him and entered. It was a cute cafe, fully decorated with fake Sakura blossoms hanging from the ceiling.
It didn’t seem particularly busy so they made their way to the counter and asked to speak with some of the employees. The two of them spent a long time asking a list of questions to each employee there but nobody had any useful information on the missing man, nor had any of them seen him since the date he first went missing.
Mizu sighed as the last employee finished answering the questions and went back to work. “This got us nowhere.”
“I was expecting to find something to go on, even something small.” Kunikida replied.
“I’m going to get a coffee before we leave.” Mizu stood from the table and went over to the counter to order. A few minutes later, she met Kunikida at the door. “You’re not getting anything?”
“I’m okay,” he replied as they left the cafe. Kunikida decided to go back to the Agency and check the file for the case to see if there were any more leads to follow. Mizu followed him and was almost back to the Agency when she heard her phone go off. She reached into her bag and saw a text from an unknown number: I found your notebook.
Mizu quickly checked her bag. “Oh no.” She had left her notebook at the table when she went to order and never went back for it. She silently scolded herself for such a mistake. “Kunikida, I’ll be right back. I left my notebook at the cafe.”
“Oh, that’s an important thing to remember. Alright. I’ll meet you back at the Agency.”
Mizu waved bye to Kunikida as she rushed back to the cafe. She went to the front desk. “Excuse me, I left a notebook here.”
One of the employees looked over at her. “Nobody’s turned it in. Maybe check where you left it.”
Mizu was confused. She looked back over at the table she had been seated at but her notebook was gone. Someone had clearly found it or she never would have gotten that text. Why didn’t they turn it in at the front desk? That seemed like the logical thing to do.
Mizu heard her phone go off again and checked it. Another text glowed on her screen. I’m outside.
Mizu turned around, looking out the window of the cafe. The sidewalks were flooded with people going to and fro. Which one of them had her notebook? She stepped outside and heard her phone ring again. This time, an eerie feeling crept up her spine as she read the words: I can see you.

Who do you think has Mizu's notebook? Who do you think she'll be shipped with?
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2023.06.10 05:49 __descend [UPD] To all business graduates

To all UP business graduates...
Any thoughts? I certainly have no any idea which school would be best for a business degree.
To all UP business graduates, what do you think about UP's curriculum? I heard po hindi maayos curriculum sa business. Can someone pls elaborate what do they mean about "hindi maayos"? Was it the professors po ba? Do most of them just let their students learn the materials by themselves bc no spoon-feed? Ha??? I want to maximize what I'll study in college so much.
"UP has quality education" Sounds pretty vague to me. I'm more curious kung 1st year, "ah we will be having defense, internships. Kaya all goods" Tas sa professors, they would help me test my skills, not just my test scores. If this is true, paano ittest skills? ex. "ah sa discussion iba sa ibang schools bc UP students usually have indiv recitation". Answers like that are what I'm looking for po. Could any of you share what skills that can only be taught in UP? In terms of professors, company connections, environment, or any sides that I should consider po.
Additional, will you consider studying in DLSU, top business school? If so why? may skill set ba sa DLSU na you think wala sa UP?
After college naman. Some would assert that UP tend to be free pass for employment. Is this true po? Kahit hindi part ng top graduates, naddispatch pa rin ng companies? If so, how many months did it take to land on a job?
About me naman, idk drop ko na lang din. What prevents me to study in UP: - No no if mentally fragile daw. Bakit? Is it bc maraming readings? Ipapasang outputs? Inconsiderate profs? Ano nagpapahirap? Tas I thought were all of this necessary in studying? Para namang ano e. Mag-aaral pa lang, lapit na agad sa binggit ni kamatayan. - Baka DLSU has better educ system? (baka lang naman). Hassle daw enrollment sa subjects in UP kaya iba late grumaduate. Tas I was considering the employment din after college. - Students mindset: either to sink or swim. Ano roles ng profs?
Why I consider studying in UP: - Free electives. Ang cool lang kasi I can still learn other subs aside from business. Tho, not sure if susumpain kong subject lang din yung electives tas decide na just focus on my majors. - Free tuition
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2023.06.10 05:49 Alarming_Sign2851 Bilateral Hip Surgery In A Couple of Weeks. Tips?

18F. Collegiate distance runner. After eight months of waiting around and a track season missed, my time has come. Both of my hips have a severe labral tear and cam impingement. Right one is a little bit worse with muscle strains, bursitis, and tendonitis. My surgeon and I decided it would be best to kill two birds with one stone because I’m a student and have a limited time to recover at home with my parents. Does anyone who has gotten simultaneous surgery have tips? Specifically: what did the first two weeks look like, any tools that helped in your recovery, time it took to return back to running (if applicable), etc? Thanks!
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2023.06.10 05:49 BayBeeGorl I (19f) am ready to let go of my partner (21m)

I have been with my bf for 2 years & some change. We have an 8 month old daughter together & recently have been evicted. We have been on the rocks in our relationship since his last cheating in January. His cheating accrued 3 times from when our daughter was born in October & the last time was beginning of January. Nothing physical but even emotional cheating is a thing. For months we constantly fight, argue, go back & forth with each other. I’ve never felt so unloved & unhappy then I do right now typing this. I love this man, but I love our daughter more, & I can’t let her grow up & think cheating & treating a women with no respect is okay. I plan to go back & live with my mom until I can get back on my feet. I think I’m just posting on here because I need more advice to actually get out of this situation. Today was the last straw, I had just given our daughter a bath & he was about to shower, I had just gotten her pjs on (I just had to brush her hair), she was cranky, she wanted to just get up & go play right away, he took he from me & moved her, I told her I wasn’t done with her & he said “well she was done so I helped”, mind you this man NEVER helps with her, if I asked if he could change her diaper he would say “no, you’re closer, you do it”. I got up & brushed her hair & we got into an argument. He said “shes a baby & wants to move around”, again, all I had to do was brush her hair, mind you he has gotten mad at her for getting into things when she doesn’t know better, you know… because shes a baby. I lost it when he called me a hypocritical c#nt. I told him I was done. I’m currently in bed with him with all my clothes on, he’s sleeping. I don’t know what else to do but leave, I just need some extra advice & motivation. I’ve been fighting for this relationship & I can’t keep 80/20 every day. I need to do what’s best for my daughter. The only thing that sucks is that I work for a school, I’m a paraprofessional so I’m currently not getting paid until September. How do I go about telling him I’m ready to leave? How am I going to co parent with someone who doesn’t like to spend time with their daughter? Am I for sure going to have to do this on my own?
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2023.06.10 05:49 mawesome4ever When service desk puts a return in the bin

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2023.06.10 05:48 VintageImages A nursing study of attendings making medical students print notes

PICOT: population are the medical students printing progress notes. Intervention considered, hiding the paper from the attendings. Comparison alternative intervention, sending the medical student to find a Doppler instead. Outcome fewer medical students jam the printer and get hit with hammers. Time frame is until the nurses lose interest because a charge nurse got a nurse and a tech pregnant in the course of a week.
Attendings carry dangerously long patient lists, because running an outpatient addiction clinic in Meth City beats working in a hospital for a bunch of administrators with MBAs from Southeast Arkansas School of Business and Television Repair.
As a consequence, the remaining attendings are busy making sure they have fulfilled 72 discrete administrative tasks and practices holistic medicine with all of their patients. They are also responsible for an unknown number of residents. Finally they are responsible for making sure the APRN knows the difference between levophed and labatilol, and why you can’t give either to a patient during an outpatient MRI.
Many APRNs from the Hollywood Upstairs Online Graduate School of Nursing have trouble distinguishing between drugs that start with the same letter and will only prescribe drugs that start with the same letter each day of the week. It’s a terrifying 26 day cycle, not unlike the time the attending had a pregnancy scare during their MCAT prep.
As a result medical students on rotation are the absolute lowest priority. The attending, however, has been instructed to find something for those little shits to do. So the medical students are assigned the task of printing all of the progress notes for all of the patients on the attending’s list. Inevitably the medical student jams the old as fuck printer. This is because the hospital is spending money on CRNA Appreciation Day’s golf outing and the medical student has not learned the ways of the the printer.
Learning the ways of the printer is harder than learning how to do a radical neck resection to repair soft tissue cancers extending from the hard palate to the esophageal sphincter. Micro stitching is much easer than applying 2.4 psi of pressure with a slight anti-clockwise rotation of the head of the one specific plastic screw, with the rotation not to exceed 7 degrees or 0.04 pound feet of torque, which causes the printer to print without jamming. If done incorrectly this will cause the printer to smoke and the student will be hit with a hammer.
Loss of a printer is inconvenient, because IT is in a Section 8 apartment in the housing projects across town. The hospital used a janitor’s paystubs to get the apartment. It’s very economical and the janitor and his family are allowed to live in the Provider’s Lounge. IT takes approximately 4 days to make it to the unit and then has to order the parts from North Korea. Every time someone needs to print, and can’t, a medical student gets hit with a hammer. Hammer injuries don’t pay well, so administration wants to reduce the number of med students in the ED.
The proposed intervention is hiding all of the paper. The working theory is that if a pleasing nurse in Figs tells the attending that they are out of paper. Then the medical students will have to sit and watch an APRN try to perform a bedside neck resection on an awake and alert 43 year patient recovering from an ACL repair after a drunk pickeball injury.
It is not going well. If a medical student tries to stop the neck resection, then they will be hit with a hammer. APRNs are the future and if you make them mad, they will leave the hospital and go open their own clinic specializing in Botox and ketamine. If you make an APRN sad, you will be hit with a hammer. Just stay quiet and go along with the “no paper” story.
Alternative intervention, a RN tells the attending that they don’t have time to doppler pulses on the fem-pop. They are busy buying Figs and applying to CRNA school. The attending will send the medical students to find a Doppler and then have them doppler the pulses. This works because there are no dopplers left in the hospital. They got lost in the bedding after a code and went to hospital laundry. The administration wants to cut Doppler costs this year, so no replacements are available. The fem-pop was unsuccessful, the foot turned blue, and it’s taken 4 more surgeries to repair - so many ICD-10 codes to enter.
Sidebar: rumor is that next year administration is cutting EKG machine costs, because someone said a 3 lead is just as good. The cardiology residents are already building their own EKG machines and testing them on forensic patients. So far the machine works well, with only a small number of burns. Unfortunately, these machines don’t read the EKG for them, but ChatGPT gives decently accurate reads.
Back to the study. I’m not sure if sidebars are allowed in APA 7th, but the APA 7th can suck my floridly psychotic patient’s left nut.
The medical students will spend their entire rotation finding the Doppler. This prevents any medical student caused printer issues and subsequent hammer bearings.
Proposed outcome. Fewer medical students with poorly reimbursed hammer injuries and fewer problems with the federal government every time a package full of printer parts and a class-traitor’s hand arrives from North Korea.
Time frame: at least a week or two. It will probably get abandoned when news breaks that James the charge nurse has been pursuing chunky RNs and techs and missed the pull out.
James knows that if the Figs are tight at the seams and she’s talking about getting a tattoo of her Pitbull that died of police gunfire after it attacked a school bus, then the panties are coming off after he buys them Applebees twice. Unfortunately James doesn’t know that the pullout method is ineffective, especially in the break room on the unit that’s closed for plumbing repair. Anyway, he’s gotten two of them pregnant in the same week.
The RNs have all been watching him try to gaslight the tech into believing that they’ve never actually had sex. He’s simultaneously trying to get the nurse to pickup some extra shifts to pay for her own abortion and cover some staffing holes.
Barbara the unit secretary figured it all out, because James, the tech, and the nurse all treat her like their work grandma.
Unfortunately Barbara said that the tech has been gaslighted before and isn’t falling for it again. Also the RN is a born again Christian and won’t get an abortion, wants her baby raised in a Christian household with a daddy, doesn’t know about the tech, and is straight fucking crazy.
So the study will probably end when news breaks. Side benefit, everyone is picking up to see it happen, so staffing has improved.
Statistical analysis: none, cause fuck statistics.
I wrote this for a nursing theory class in my psych APRN program, and got an A, because nobody cares what we do. APRNs are the future.
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2023.06.10 05:48 salor123 The start of a new tale (Storyborn act: 0)

New story time baby. This one would be about god of stories salor and if you know anything about gos salor's backstory then throw that out because I'm retconning it. Plus this is not part of the main salor but a different one. Also I'm don't going to fully work on it yet because I wanna take a break do this type of lore because I just finished SCP salor like 3 days ago lol and just need a break in total. So enjoy the beginning of this tale
The house of ideas. The house of ideas is where most stories are held. Stories about people, there, stories that are lost to time by people, there, if you even made a story it is there. Any story you could think of is stored there safely. Today was a important day for the one known as Salor has been accused of the act of going against the house of ideas.
Salor would be handcuffed with material that couldn't be broken by the most powerful of weapons. Two tall guards with golden armor that had black outlines and markings on them. They had strange looking helmets that even Salor never seen before with purple eyes showing out of them. They wield axes in their hands that in one slash could cut a planet in half. They would arrive at a giant door that went into what Salor could describe as a mansion that was from the 1900th century.
The two guards would put their hands on the door and push it open. The mansion would be far bigger inside than it was outside. It looked like it went on for an endless amount of time with bookshelves of stories. The bookshelves would be made out of the finest wood you could see in several lifetimes as they would hold several types of books about different people, different stories, different legends and far far more. The two guards would continue to bring Salor to where they are going. Salor would try to strike up a conversation.
“So where are we going?”
“I suggest you shut up defendant because your questions won’t help you.” the guard on the left of Salor would say.
“Whatever the boss decides.” Salor would say back.
Before Salor could look to his right, the right guard would grab his ax and would sweep his legs. Salor would be in the air for a bit as he would go back a bit. The guard would lift his ax over him and bring it down with the handle of it hitting Salor in the stomach. Salor would quickly be on the floor and coughing trying to recover from the heavy blow.
“SHIT, what was that for!” Salor would say looking at the right guard.
“Those who defined orders will be put back in line” The right guard would reply.
The two guards would grab Salor by the arms and lift him up where his feet couldn’t reach the floor and only dangle in the air. Salor would try to move his arms but it didn’t work a bit. The two guards would continue to bring Salor to where they were going. They would pass many bookshelves that contained many stories. When he took a closer look he could see they were ordered by series and what genres they were. After some time the three of them would arrive in what seems to be the middle of the grand mansion or library. There was also a book reception desk that was high up like it was a judge’s bench. The guards would drop Salor and kick him down onto the ground. His head would hit down ground as he would give a grunt. The two guards would bring down their axes and they would land right by his head, seeming like they were ready to kill him right there with no hesitation. Saloe was stuck there. His hands were handcuffed behind his back, he was laying on the ground not being able to get up, and finally two axes by his neck that could slice his head off like it was paper. Man, such place to be, his day isn’t going well.
Then up above in the air, two beings would appear.They would both be pitch black and had blue outlines on their clothing and even blue eyes.They would look far different from each other too with the taller one would have a appearance of a grown up woman that would be wearing a overcoat on and wearing a black and blue wedding hat. The other one would have the appearance of a small boy that is wearing a black and blue suit with dapper black shoes on. They would look at each other then look down to the guards and Salor.
“Is he the one who did it?” the boy would say.
“It seems like he is the one.” The woman would reply with.
“Who the hell are you-” salor would try to say but one of the guards would move his ax to have it touch his skin but not hurt it. Salor then went quiet not because of fear but because he was smart.
The two mysterious beings would look at each other and would descend down and where the library-like desks were they would sit down on their respective seats. The woman would pull out a file on the desk and would open it. The file was on Salor and the “crime” he did.
“Today is trial of the house on the character known as Salor who had committed the crime known as rujukanria or the act of disturbing the house of ideas in an act 2 type manner.” The woman would say.
“Woah woah woah there slow down, can anyone tell me what is happening here”. Salor would say in response.
Both of the guards would move their axes closer to his neck, but the boy would raise his hand making the guards move their axes back but still by his neck.
“The one known as Salor, you have been accused for rujukanria act 2. This means that you have knocked over a bookcase that damaged some books apart from the house of ideas.” the boy would say. He would nod to the lady and she would get out a picture. Could you even call it that or something for it looked like a picture but worked like a video. It would show a video of Salor purposely knocking over a giant bookshelf that contained lots of books and tales. It would soon stop as Salor would now have a shocked face.
“That can’t be me, I never even knew about this place until I actually came here.” salor would respond with.
“It sure does look like you and besides it even says in your story it shows you were going to do this and you were there to steal a very variable book” the woman would say with a serious yet disappointed voice.
“It couldn’t be me, it couldn't be…” Salor would look down a bit and realize something. He realized that the “Salor” on the video thing didn’t have a part of his ear was gone where he took a gunshot to the ear. “I was framed…” Salor would whisper to himself.
“What was that defendant?” the Left guard would ask him.
“I was f-”
Before he could finish his sentence he would be cut off by the boy with him raising his hand.
“I think we are done here, there is fine and clean evidence that supports your guilty Salor.”
Now both the boy and the woman would start to speak together
“We, the guardians of the house of ideas have decided to give Salor who has committed rujukanria act 2, shall receive-”
Suddenly a massive explosion would come from the north-westish of where they were. The guards would quickly get ready in a battle stance as they rushed over to the explosion. The two beings would look at each other and decide that the explosion was more important than the Salor trial. The both of them would teleport away leaving Salor alone.
“Should I go see what that was…maybe not”
Salor would get up and start to walk in a random direction that was south-west. He would walk until he saw a section of the library that had the stories of people he knew like old friends and comrades from war. He would continue to walk down the bookshelves and would soon arrive at a specific spot. He would notice that his story was also here too but also by three other versions of him? He didn’t know why there were 3 other books of his but he wasn’t too interested in those but his. He would grab his book and it had a green cover which made him confused. It also had some gold on it for effect which made Salor feel cool. He would flip through the book and he would be shocked that it told every detail throughout his long life even when he went into that long sleep. He would flip until the pages went blank. As he did he could see that his book would have purple markings on one of the pages. He would read it and it was just the exact detail that was on the picture thing. He knew it, he was framed. He didn’t know how but he wanted to know who and how they did it. He would close the book and start to carry it around with him.
He would leave where that around was after a bit of walking he would be lost. Then another explosion could be heard and he saw a yellow, black, and purple cloaked figure dash in front of him and start to race out of the place. Salor would run away and hide and as he predicted, some guards would rush over to where the mysterious figure would dash off too. Luckily they didn’t notice him. What was strange is that those two other people from before weren’t with them.
Yet soon, Salor could feel something. It felt like an unknown force was pulling him to something or somewhere. After the guards went away, chasing the mysterious figure, Salor would sneak away. He would walk for a bit until he would reach a more, far bigger bookshelf. It would have stories of many villains, heroes, and even gods. Salor would keep on walking until he found a green glowing book. This was the thing that was calling him. He would grab the book from the shelf and on the cover it would have the words “The story of the god of stories loki”. It would have green and gold colors on the cover and back. He would look at his book and he realized, they would look the exact same but with different words. He would open the book and would start to read the story about the god of stories loki.
He would sit there reading the story for what felt like hours even though only 30 minutes had passed. He would be done with the book after sometime and a look of excitement. He also felt that his body was a little strange. He would spot a mirror and would walk to it. As soon he looked in the mirror he could tell he was far different. He would have gold horns that tore through two spots on his hat that came from a gold thing that lined up against his hairline. His clothes would completely change with them now being a green overcoat with gold on them and white fluff on top of the coller. His pants would change to gray-blueish pants with brown boots on. Finally, he would notice that he would grow a foot taller now being 5’5.
“Holy shit…I look cool.” Salor would say to himself as he did a little spin.
He would soon walk away with him holding both of the books in his hands. He would walk out of the area of bookshelves. He would continue to walk around a bit until he arrived back into the center of the place and he would see the same exact two beings from before floating in the air talking to each other.
“You think that the mysterious figure would come back again?” The boy would say to the girl.
“I don’t think so. Just by his smirk I could tell that he was satisfie”d with stealing his book.” She would reply with.
“That would be troublesome just by itself. We also have to deal with that salor-” The boy would reply with but stop his sentence when he looked over to Salor and notice his new appearance
“It seemed like he changed.”
“His tale did go into action.”
“What the hell are the both of you talking about?”
The two beings would look at each other, seeming like they were talking to each other through their minds. After a bit they would be done and look down at Salor as he looked on, crossing his arms.
“We have decided on something, Salor.” The woman would say.
“Yea what is it?”
The boy would speak up “prove yourself to us. You have a brand new life thanks to that book. Prove to us you can be the next god of stories and prove your innocence.”
“Next god of stories?” Salor would say to himself and look down. He didn’t know what he meant to be the next god of stories but he needs to prove his innocence to survive.
“What do I get if I do prove myself?”
“The act of rujukanria act 2 shall be dropped, you will have free access to the library, and the respect from the two of us.” The woman would say.
Salor would think to himself again. Getting free from his charges was good and he was interested in the library. He would also get their respect but he conflicted on that part.
“I accept” Salor would say looking up at the two beings.
“Good.” The boy would say.
Now both of the beings would be talking together “as the guardians of the house of ideas mojiama, the woman of peace of the house, and trejiama, the boy of order of the house. Shall see if you are worthy of innocence or you are guilty, now- “
They would bring their right and left arms respectively up, pointing to the sky and then back down to Salor. Some blood would come out of his mouth and as he looked down, he could see 4 bar-like things would be stabbed into Salor. One in his right knee, one in his left shoulder, one in the abdomen area, and finally one in the heart.
Survive” The both of them would finish their sentence.
Salor would start falling backwards and as he did, a hole would appear on the ground. He would fall into it and would start to fall father and father away from the house of ideas. Blood would quickly leave his body but couldn’t cover them. He would continue to fall though all of space seeing many universes, planets and many many more. What felt like an eternity, he would land on something. It was the ground of the void. A splash of blood could be heard as even more blood would come out. He would soon start to lose consciousness but before he did, he could see a tall man that was black as night would approach him. He couldn’t tell what he was or what he was wearing for his vision would be blurry. Soon he would pass out with the mysterious man standing over him.
To be continued
submitted by salor123 to Dbmlore [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:48 Dead-Bowl-4572 Seaside (Season Four, Part Thirty) Getting Comfortable

"Best sleep I've ever had in a year," I said, yawning as I sat up in my cot and looked out the window.
Thankfully the room Kyle and I were handcuffed and locked in had a small porthole in the wall, but the glass was eight inches thick, making it nearly impossible for me to punch my way out.
"Fuck, you're awake?" Kyle asked, as he did push ups on the floor. "I've been trying my old prison workout. Hits different."
"Yeah, well I haven't been to prison yet, so I wouldn't know."
"It's also a huge fucking shame that Task Force Nova Compass Hunter hasn't found us yet. Thought those guys would be coming over here, guns blazing by now."
"Same, but looks like these guys are the real deal anyway. Can't wait for the super-informative job opportunities we'll be faced with today."
Someone slammed on the door, and after the beep of an electronic keycard, Dennis unlocked the door, backed by a dozen guards in riot gear, and Lucy.
"You can chill with the security," I said. "We won't pull anything."
"Correction, you won't do shit." Kyle said, wriggling his wrists from his handcuffs as he jumped up, kicking Dennis in the solar plexus and sending him flying.
The room went fucking wild as I sat back and watched, while Kyle started brawling with a dozen men at once, as his face and head were battered with nightsticks and tasers. He waded through half of them until Lucy finally jumped in, pulling him off and picking him up with one hand before slamming him against the wall, choking him. Kyle kicked her in the face and cracked her nose, and she yelped in pain before throwing him against his cot.
"You like that, yeah?" Kyle said, waving his fists in the air. "Roger, c'mere. Back me up."
"Nah, I know exactly how this is gonna end."
Kyle jumped and drop-kicked the fucking mob of guards at once, planting both of his feet into a riot shield and sending the crowd soaring.
"Why aren't they shooting at us?!" I yelled.
"We're too valuable to shoot, dumbass. Now break your handcuffs and start fighting."
I sighed, telling myself I would wait ten more seconds, and if nobody beat the shit out of Kyle by then, I would jump in to help.
"ROGER!!" He yelled.
Luci picked Kyle up and slammed him into the wall, and stared directly into his eyes, and grabbed his arms as he slowly fell woozy and slumped over.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck." I said, panicking. "What did you do?! Did you fucking kill him?!"
"Relax, he's alive. I just 'put him to sleep'."
"You know, that's the expression most people use to say they killed someone."
I slumped off my cot, standing up and stretching, yawning as I watched Luci and the guards drag Kyle into a cell somewhere below decks.
"So… he's like, really not dead, right?"
"Like I said, he's just fine. I can influence people's minds and emotions by touching them."
"So what's going on with me then?" I asked.
"Since you didn't go apeshit like your buddy," Dennis said, standing up and groaning as he rubbed his head. "We'll proceed as planned. You'll be going on an operation with our combatives team."
"Is Kyle coming with?" I asked.
"Fuck no, who knows what that unpredictable shit is going to do."
"I'm not going if Kyle's not going."
Dennis tensed.
"Roger, I'll talk with my superiors and ask them what they think."
"Sounds fair. Should I get ready to go in a few hours?"
"Yeah, I'll come by here to pick you up near the evening. And, I'll tell you what came of Kyle."
I lied back down on my cot, taking a deep breath and falling back to sleep, waiting for the knock at the room's door calling me to action.


"It's time," he said, as he walked in.
"Fuck it, let's go." I said, stretching and yawning as I stood up.
"You haven't changed out of your fatigues, so I'll just give you the same kit and rifle we picked you up with, all freshly cleaned and loaded. Of course since you're still a high-risk person, we're not giving them to you until the mission officially starts. Follow me."
I got out and walked with him into the corridors, ducking under the steel pipes of the ship until we finally took a short flight of stairs to the main deck, overlooking the ocean, just as the sun began to set. He took me to the side of the boat, where there was a ladder on the side of the hull of the anchored ship, leading down to several airboats filled with armed men. I noticed Kyle was in one of the boats, having no weapons or gear besides a helmet, plate carrier, and a flashlight. He was handcuffed and his feet were shackled to a hundred-pound weight. Dennis tossed my gear and weapons down into the boat, as I climbed down the hull and jumped into the airboat.
"They'll guide you through the mission," Dennis said, before walking off.
The dozen men sitting in the airboat with me all had assault rifles, wearing balaclavas and dark camoflauge under plate carriers stuffed with magazines.
"Listen," one of the men, supposedly the leader, said as the boat started and zoomed away. "Our main objective is to meet with a demon to exchange the skull of one of the Five Leviathans for a demonic artifact we're selling. It might be a setup, so we're keeping our numbers high and risk low. Stay quiet, and don't even fucking think of running, we'll shoot you if you even breathe suspiciously. If you do manage to get away, we put an ankle monitor on while you were sleeping that will explode if you take it off or disable it."
"That's comforting," I replied. "How the fuck did you get a skull of one of the Five Leviathans? Which one is it?"
"Don't worry about it. Focus on shutting the fuck up and paying attention, genius."
Kyle and I sat across from each other in the airboat, sandwiched on either side by the armed mercenaries, as he kept trying to blink at me in morse code while whistling, but he stopped that when he got pistol-whipped. Our boat droned on and on until finally, I caught sight of a small, rocky island covered in trees in the horizon, rapidly approaching in the falling sunlight. The lack of tropical vegitation combined with the weather of our surroundings led me to believe we weren't anywhere near the equator. Most likely in the Pacific or Atlantic, I had gotten familiar to the Northern seas during the months I had spent on battleships during the holy war, as well as my time studying as a marine biologist.
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2023.06.10 05:48 JoeyKiiwii Doctor dismissed my CTS symptoms as a result of my high cholesterol.

I started having some symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome about a year ago. It began as a slight numbness and tingle in both arms. At first I thought I was having a heart attack because I also have GERD that often flared up at the time. I eventually dismissed them when it started, because I tend to be a hypochondriac and most people tell me I’m overthinking it. Especially after both my Grandma and Mom entering hospice and passing away within months apart last year, I tend to be very fearful of anything my body does in fear of death. I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety.
About a month ago my symptoms got worse to where there is actual pain in my elbow and often get lots of aches in the elbow, forearm, and the last 2 fingers. I researched the symptoms I was having on google and CTS was the one that perfectly described my symptoms. So I followed advice I saw on here and on google to go see a doctor.
My insurance requires me to see my primary doctor and get a referral to see a specialist. So I made an appointment and went in. The doctor didn’t even look at my elbow and wrote it off as possible golfers elbow and told me to get an arm brace for my forearm, not the elbow. He also prescribed me an anti inflammatory nabumetone and a muscle relaxer (I forget the name of it). The doctor ordered a blood test as well because I also have high blood pressure. I told him that I was concerned it was a nerve issue. He then told me that he would order some sort of nerve test if the blood result don’t tell us anything?!
A week later I went back in and discussed the blood work with my doctor. He focused his whole attention on the fact I now have high cholesterol. He ordered medication for it and was about to walk out. I asked what about my elbows and why I’m having problems with them. I told him that I’m very concerned about it. He then told me that it’s probably a result of high cholesterol. He said see how the meds do and come back in September to more blood work. I then asked if I could be referred to a specialist for the nerve issues, he responded by telling me that he doesn’t think it’s serious and that it isn’t necessary to see a specialist. And then he walked out. Obviously I left very upset.
Two weeks later, now as I’m writing this, I’ve started to notice that my arms often feel very tired and weak even after little to no use of my arms. I’ve also noticed a slight tremor in my arms and hands when doing physical activities at home or at work.
I’m at a loss on what to do now. My insurance prohibits seeing a specialist without a referral, and I’m living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to just pay out of pocket to see a specialist. I’m only 29 years old and I work in retail unloading trucks and putting away stock. My job is dependent on use of my arms. Lifting even a 10lb box causes pain in my elbows. I’m still so young, that it scares me to even think of living the rest of my life where I HAVE to work to earn a living with impaired arms and hands. I worry of possibility of atrophy in my hands. Obviously I’m a nervous wreck and would love some advice.
TL;DR: I’m a 29 year old male who started experiencing CTS symptoms a year ago and it’s now getting worse. My doctor wrote off my symptoms as part of my high cholesterol diagnosis. He also ignored my request to get a referral to see a specialist. Need advice of going forward. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 05:48 CalligrapherOk3548 My girlfriend keeps stubbing my toe with her heels, should I break up with her?

I’ve been dating this girl for 5 months and man she’s a cutie. I love her so much and she’s really sweet but she has a dark side. She can be extremely controlling, and tells me not to talk to other women ever. I understand it, she’s just jealous and is afraid of losing me. But sometimes when I talk to random women (I find it much easier to talk to women instead of men, I have no idea why) she later just stubs my toes with her heels when we are in my apartment. She doesn’t do this in front of others of course, I suspect because it would make her look like a terrible human being but she’s made this rule that we can’t wear shoes in our apartment and she’ll just randomly walk around to me and stub my toe with her heels and IT HURTS LIKE FUCKING SHIT. I have never experienced anything so painful. One time I went to the hospital because it was bleeding and shit. I’ve been sitting criss cross applesauce on my couch (for obvious reasons) but yesterday she pulled my foot out from the criss cross position and threatened to break up with me if I resist and smashed my toe again. I started crying and started throwing shit out of rage. (I know that doesn’t really make sense, it’s really hard to describe the exact feeling that I was feeling. It was like grief, psychical pain and anger all combined into one.) I just left that night went to the emergency room again and am now staying in a hotel. I feel like I need to break up with her but I still love her and I don’t want to be alone again. I hate the pain of having my toe stubbed so much but at the same time I love her so much that it almost seems worth it, you know what I mean? What would you do?
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2023.06.10 05:48 AutoModerator [Course] Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101

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2023.06.10 05:48 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator (The Course)

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2023.06.10 05:48 Ebeggarslayer STOP GIFTING TIKTOK CREATORS!!

If you send gifts on Tik Tok, this is for you.
Think to yourself, how much money do you make per year?
What do you have to do in order to make that money?
Do you have really nice things like expensive cars, big house, tons in savings while traveling the world on vacation?
If not, why are you sending gifts to 20 YEAR OLDS MAKING THEM RICH???For those of you who don’t know, every 100,000 coins a creator gets, they profit $500 while TikTok takes the other $500(50/50 split). If you take a look at the rankings each night, it’s typically the same 100 people every night with the lowest being 200,000 coins and the highest usually around 3 MILLION coins! That means these lower end creators are making $1,000 PER DAY which is $350,000/year while the big time creators are making $5,000- $15,000 PER DAY which is $2,000,000 - $6,000,000 A YEAR!!! You think I’m joking? The numbers are right there in the rankings. DO THE MATH!! These guys can go LIVE a few hours a day a few days a week(which is fun for them) and make 6-7 FIGURES ANNUALLY.
Meanwhile you’re busting your ass at your 9-5 job just trying to get by making these people filthy friggin rich. And the worst part is, these creators don’t do shit!! These creators make you feel like your important and gas your head up and make you feel like you’re apart of this great team. They don’t give a shit about you. If you stop gifting them, you’ll never hear from them again and if you do it’s to find out why you’re not gifting them anymore.
You work too damn hard to give your money away for other people to live the way YOU should be living. STOP GIFTING THESE PEOPLE because if you look at your total coins spent and do the math on how much money it equates to, it’s going to make you SICK to your stomach when you realize you’ve gifted out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to these random people. Just think about what you could have done with that money!?!! I’m sure you could think of a bunch of things….Instead you gave it to a creator and it just covered their trip to Bora Bora. I know it’s addicting as hell but I hope this helps you understand how stupid it really is. I was one of those gifters until I understood all of this. If you’re gonna gift someone, give it to the creator that actually has real content and puts a ton of effort into it. Stop giving it to the people who just battle all F*cking day which is no different than a lazy person without a job getting on tik tok everyday begging for donations. I bet you wouldn’t gift that person. You would make fun of them and tell them to stop begging and to get a job. Well, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE!?!? NO MORE GIFTING!!
Spoil yourself with your hard working money. Not random people who don’t give a damn about you. Or, give it to someone who actually truly needs it like a homeless veteran, or a kid who’s never been to a ball game, or someone behind on bills. Not some tik toker who’s already rich as hell. At least if you go to the casino you have a chance to win, when you gift money to these TikTok battlers, you win NOTHING and they win EVERYTHING!
I hope if you’ve read all of this, it’s opened your eyes. For those of you that still choose to gift, it’s your money so do as you please but if you have half a brain, you’ll stop making other people rich when there’s others who could use it including yourself!
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2023.06.10 05:48 G--meister Elote Man?

I've heard rumors about an elote man in Lawrence. Is this true? Who has the best elote in town?
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2023.06.10 05:48 SmurfSmurfton How to introduce a god: Lo po bia Traumerei

Consider this as just flattery for SIU's introduction of the head of the lo po bia family.
It is, with out a doubt, the best character introduction we have gotten in the series, and one of the best I have ever seen. Up till now we have been told that the family heads and Zahard are like gods in the tower. Immortal, never age, thousands of rankers and tens of high rankers at least at their beck and call, and so strong that everyone else may as well be pebbles at their feet. Until Traumerei, we had been introduced to two of these gods in the current forms; Gustang and Zahard.
For Gustang seemed like a powerful man sure, but he was treated more like a celebrety or great doctor. Zahard on the other hand certainly had that final boss energy but with only baam witnessing it via chokehold it was more "bad things are about to happen" than anything else.
None of this is the case with Traumerei. From the very moment Evankhell realizes he could even be there you watch as more and more characters begin to crap their metaphorical pants. And then he shows up, holding his legs like a child that has been grounded, and everyone bows. It doesn't matter who you are or how you feel about him, you bowed.
Even better is when he decides to get a bit serious and create the blackhole sinsoo sphere. The entire battle pauses. No ine dares make a move. His presense alone demands attention. there is no question about who is in control here. It's him. He could say whatever he wants, and does, and no one can refute him.
Because he is one of the eleven gods of the tower, and one of the 15 or so people in the tower that was not born in it and thus is not bound by it. His introduction is like comparing rankers and regulars. To fug and the army this battle is ametter of life and death. To Traumerei, it's entertainment, and whether or not to stab a baby god to death from his point of view.
In every moment of his introduction, Traumerei is everything we have been told the family heads are. And it's awesome.
submitted by SmurfSmurfton to TowerofGod [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:48 whatdoidoohnoohno I feel guilty for divorcing my disloyal husband

About two years ago I discovered my husband had been flirting with other women. There were a lot but most particularly his best friend of many years, a former hook up. I didn't know the extent of their relationship until the day I found snaps he sent her of him posing in his underwear. Then there was the one he met at her apartment at 3 am for pizza. He says she kissed him and that's it. Later I found out he mailed her a pregnancy pillow. Some fucking how we moved past it and he cut contact with these women. Fast forward to a year later and it's all the same shit again. The same main girl, the same flirting. I left. It was traumatic.
I want to move forward with the divorce. We've been separated 6 months and I'm ready to file. We've remained on somewhat good terms despite everything based on our mutual responsibility to our dogs. At first I was devasted my marriage had failed but now I'm actually doing ok.
He is not. From what I can gather he's in a world of regret and has asked me multiple times for another chance or even hope. It makes me feel very sad. But I just don't want to. I don't know how to tell him I'm going to move forward with the divorce. Am I being too petty for divorcing over this? For what it's worth, I loved him very much, but Ive had enough.
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2023.06.10 05:47 daguangong top 29 best WENDADECO G45 plastic led 230v 24v RGB bulb in 2023 reviews buyers guide

top 29 best WENDADECO G45 plastic led 230v 24v RGB bulb in 2023 reviews buyers guide submitted by daguangong to u/daguangong [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:47 HumpyTheClown Yesterday I drafted possibly the best deck I have ever made in limited and I forgot the event ended today.

Yesterday I drafted possibly the best deck I have ever made in limited and I forgot the event ended today.
Yesterday I got this deck (before cutting it down to 40)
I am someone who loves holding off on things to savor the anticipation. I am also someone who didn’t realize the MOM draft ended today. So I got home after my last final, sat down to clap some mfs in Arena limited, and was greeted by the realization that I am an idiot. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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2023.06.10 05:47 TimbersFan8 How to (actually) run MAME on macOS 10.13 High Sierra [Noob friendly] COMPLETE TUTORIAL

I wanted to write up a tutorial for those Googling solutions to this like I have been for the last few hours.


This tutorial looks fairly long, however shouldn't take over ~five minutes. I wrote it in detail for those at all levels of computer proficiency.
I believe that in theory this tutorial should also work for some even older versions of macOS. Let me know what happens if this is you.
I'll likely be active here years into the future, so if anything becomes outdated, you need help, or just want to say thanks, leave a comment :)
Noob friendly for those who find that understanding ini files, homebrew, terminal, etc. are beyond them, like me. We just wanna play some games, man!


If you haven't stumbled upon this first, you've probably found plenty of tutorials and threads about this topic all giving slightly different solutions or frontends. These are all outdated and don't seem to work, either because SDL MAME doesn't support High Sierra anymore, or the tutorial isn't about High Sierra specifically. It's hard to find legacy downloads, and when you do, they often give errors with complex fixes, or don't work at all. Through lots of trial and error, I've found the latest working supported version, and how to get it working. This is the cool kid tutorial that should (hopefully) relieve your headache.

Required Downloads

There are three things we have to get. MAME, M64, which is an easy way to launch MAME, and SDL for macOS. Let's download our ingredients first before mixing them.
Download Page What is this? How to download Direct download link
MAME This is a huge list of legacy MAME downloads that work with macOS. The download we are looking for is version 0.228. Through trial and error, I found this to be the latest version working with my method. Scroll down and find "mame0228-64bit". Download. Download
M64 This is an easy, lightweight launcher for MAME. Scroll down to a tab that says assets, and find "". Download. Download
SDL Hell if I know. Makes shit work. According to their page: "Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware via OpenGL and Direct3D." It's used by big boys like Valve, so it's legit. Scroll down to a tab that says assets, and find the first file that ends in .dmg. It should look something like "SDL2-x.xx.x.dmg". Download. Download (Version 2.26.5. This is the newest version at time of writing, but even if it isn't when you're reading this, it should work fine.)
Hopefully these are all in your Downloads folder. If they aren't, at least make sure they're all in the same place.

Putting It All Together

Let's deal with SDL first.
  1. Right-click "SDL2-x.x.x", and click open. You should see a window with some various files. Leave that window open.
  2. Now, right-click Finder, and click "New Finder Window". Type command+shift+g. In the window that says "Go to the folder:" paste "~/Library/Frameworks/". You should be in a folder called Frameworks. If you get some error or aren't in Frameworks, that's okay! If you're in Frameworks, head to bullet 4.
  3. Assuming you got an error, pull up the "Go to the folder:" page, and paste "~/Library/". Right-click your desktop, and click "New Folder". Name it "Frameworks". Drag this folder into the Finder window that says Library. You should have a new folder in Library called Frameworks. To check this, pull up the "Go to the folder:" page, and paste "~/Library/Frameworks/". You should be in an empty folder called Frameworks. (If you aren't, either you did something wrong, or this tutorial is shit. Leave a comment and I'll try to help.)
  4. Go back to the SDL2 window, and drag "SDL2.framework" from the window into the Frameworks window. It probably looks something like a Lego brick.
  5. You can close all Finder and SDL2 windows.
That was probably the hardest part of the tutorial. Pat yourself on the back. Now for MAME and M64.
  1. Go back to your Downloads folder, or wherever you put the three downloads. Now double click "mame0228-64bit". Archive Utility should automatically unzip the file. If for whatever reason it doesn't, go to bullet 2. You can tell that Archive Utility has successfully unzipped the file if you see a folder with the same name above the original zip file.
  2. SKIP THIS BULLET IF mame0228-64bit SUCCESSFULLY UNZIPPED. Right-click mame0228-64bit, click "Open With", click "Other", and in the search bar paste "Archive Utility". Select it, and click "Open".
  3. Double-click "". You should now see an application called "M64", likely with a square blue icon. If this doesn't unzip, follow step 2 again.
  4. Drag M64 into the mame0228-64bit FOLDER, not the zip.
  5. Double-click the mame0228-64bit folder. Find M64, right-click, and select "Open". If you get a pop-up window, select "Open" again.
If everything went well, MAME should open! Hooray! To leave, just hit escape. If it doesn't open, leave a comment and I'll do my best to help. Again, please leave a comment even if you're from years after this post. I'll likely still be active.

Highly Recommended Steps

  1. Go back to your Downloads folder, or wherever you put the three downloads. You can delete the three original downloads. This is just the two ZIP archives and the SDL Disk Image. Do not delete any folders.
  2. Find M64 in the mame0228-64bit folder. Right-click it, click "Make Alias", and name it whatever you want. Put this new alias somewhere more accessible on your computer, like your dock. Clicking this will launch MAME.
  3. Move the mame0228-64bit folder out of your Downloads folder. Try to remember where you put it. This is just to ensure that it doesn't get accidentally deleted when cleaning your computer.
  4. Familiarize yourself with MAME. Look up beginner tutorials. Put all your roms in the roms folder located in the mame0228-64bit folder. DO NOT ASK WHERE TO GET ROMS HERE. DM ME OR GOOGLE.
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2023.06.10 05:47 ScorpionoxVoid 💎 Best Staking Coins: A simple guide

Investors adore earning passive income, but many industry professionals contend that cryptocurrencies cannot serve as a source of income. That’s not really accurate. The cryptocurrency you own can produce interest income through staking and various other reward schemes. By locking up your cryptocurrency to sustain the blockchains that support particular networks, you can receive rewards through staking. Selecting the right cryptocurrency exchange is crucial if you’re interested in staking or a rewards program for digital currencies. By doing this, you may be sure that you’ll have access to the best resources and yields.
Learn more: ⬇️
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2023.06.10 05:47 MyPCIsAPotato123 Does the Australian Government censor information about Indigenous crime and what makes them start doing it?

Background: I have been living in Perth for about 2 years now due to work purposes and what I notice is that most people in the public has the tendency to ignore crime committed by Indigenous people. For example, if a non-indigenous person attempts to harrass other people such as screaming at them for no apparent reasons in public places, that person would either be kicked out by security or told by someone else to stop immediately. But this is not the case if the harasser is of Indigenous descent. There is always this weird "silent atmostphere" where everyone is just kind of trying their best to pretend it doesn't happen.

What I am trying to do: so this makes me curious about Indigenous crime in Australia in general so I decided to do some Google search about it. I tried searching for "Aboriginal and Indigenous crime and violence in Australia" and (amazingly) there aren't any meaningful sources of information out there! The top results displayed by Google only show random information about Indigenous hardship, culture, history and the like - which is irrelevant to the information I am seeking. The only useful piece of information that I found on Google was an ABC News article discussing research done by the Australian Institute of Criminology - but that article was like 13 years old!
I then limited my search time frame down to 5 years interval and it seems like most of the information about Indigenous crime was kinda stopped or ceased to exist from 2008-2010 onward. This brings me back to the original question: Is this type of information censored by the Australian Government? Why did they only start censoring it from 2008-2010 onward and not before this? Is there a transparent source of information about Indigenous crime that I can search for?
Thank you!
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