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2016.04.13 22:39 no_turn_unstoned WELCOME TO THE_PACK


2021.09.07 21:05 SeaSurprise777 seattlehobos

Welcome to the new Seattle. This is a sub chronicling the decay of the Pacific Northwest & Seattle with its failure of a government to address the homelessness & crime problems for over a decade. This is its legacy after billions lost.

2017.12.11 05:15 Gorgon City

Gorgon City are an English electronic music production duo consisting of two North London producers Kye "Foamo" Gibbon and Matt "RackNRuin" Robson-Scott. Their 2013 single "Real" peaked to number 44 on the UK Singles Chart.

2023.06.10 20:29 ImperialMajestyX02 Not every game needs to be soulslike

I really dislike this new trend where every game developer is now trying to make their own soulslike hit mainly because pretty much all the time they end up making something that’s far too hard or unbalanced (unlike Fromsoft games). Soulslike games fine and all but I’m always opposed to trends becoming a “thing” in gaming especially since everyone that tries to cash in on this trend tends to make something generic and unoriginal in hopes of imitating the great game that popularized the trend.
The best part of gaming is that unlike the movie/TV industry, it tends to be more diverse and more creative. However, in the last few years trends have become everything. Once Fortnite exploded “battle royales” became the new trend and this killed any desire I had left for multiplayer games because I didn’t want battle royales. Now because of the surge of Fromsoft’s popularity, everyone and their mothers wants to cash in and make the next “soulslike hit”. There’s so many games like “Wolong” for example that I’d love to play but I just don’t want to get into them because they’re so unbalanced.
Soulslike games require very meticulous game design and so far only fromsoft has shown the capability of doing it so. I’d hate for many cool rpgs/metroidvanias to go to waste simply because they’re too hard and unbalanced soulslikes. The only other soulslike game that I appreciate is fallen order and it’s sequel and that’s because they actually offer easier difficulty options. If I want a tough experience I’ll buy a fromsoft game or I’ll just crank up the difficulty on your game. But sometimes I just want to enjoy a game without my heart rate going up to 150 during gameplay and that’s perfectly fine. Barring people from enjoying your video games by forcing them to play your unbalanced FromSoft wannabe of a game is a horrible marketing strategy in my opinion.
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2023.06.10 20:29 Unhappy_Spite6908 Credit Card Recommendation

I am going overseas to Australia for work and wanted some recommendation on what credit card would be worth getting.
I currently have 1. PNC Cash Rewards 2. AMEX Blue Cash Everyday 3. Apple Card 4. Chase Amazon Card 5. Citi Premier 6. Venture X
The PNC and Amex are useless to me now since they have foreign transaction fees. The Venture X will be my catch all 2X card. I’m planning to get the Savor One to pair with the Venture X. However I just got the Venture X and I have seen it is best to wait 6 months in between applications with Capital One. My goal is to be able to consolidate points for travel but am also open to cash back when the rate is significantly better. I’m going to downgrade my Citi Premier in September when the annual fee hits after the first year. The Amazon card is offering 4% back on Gas and Dining until the end of July. Is there any card you recommend I get until I apply for the Savor One? Or should I just use my Premier on gas and dining until September and then apply for the Savor One in November. I want to be able to consolidate my points if possible. I travel only internationally and the Airlines I primarily travel with are
United Airlines Qatar Airways Etihad Emirates Qantas Turkish
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2023.06.10 20:28 ThrowRAhelpmeou It does get better! (Even though I know it’s not what you want to hear right now)

Hi all I’m not active on this sub anymore but I thought I would pop on and post something. I get over breakups super fast normally but after my 3 year relationship ended it’s taken longer than normal. I am still grieving it and it been 4 months (which is long for me but every one is different). One thing that was hard was right at the beginning I couldn’t listen to any music or watch any tv shows because everything had to do with relationships. Some stuff I watched was Dance Moms, Sam and Colby (on YouTube), ghost adventures, and even kids tv shows like Bluey were the only things that helped me. Also I started crocheting while watching these to help keep my mind busy and ended up making some cool stuff. The biggest advice I have is allow yourself to be sad but purge everything that reminds you of them and block them. You have to cut off everything so you can heal and move on. Honestly I even started going on casual dates and that helped me feel better. I am doing a lot better now and I’m happy, I know a lot of people on this sub are still in the heart wrenching phase of the breakup but just know you WILL move on.
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2023.06.10 20:28 SpinachTraditional12 TIFU waiting to make my TIFU post about phasing out third-party apps

Hello, Reddit, this is u/spez, your usually confident CEO. But today, I'm here in a different capacity, as a fellow Redditor who's made a big oopsie. So here it goes... TIFU by waiting too long to make my TIFU post about deciding to eliminate third-party apps, and as a result, another redditor (u/TitusRex), beat me to the punch.
Like most TIFUs, it started with good intentions. I woke up knowing what I needed to do. But I was terrified to admit to the entire site I may have made a mistake. So I spent the morning prepping, psyching myself up, and carefully considering my words. By noon, I was confident I was going to turn all of this around.
But oh, how I was wrong.
I navigate over to tifu, and what do I see on the front page?
TIFU by Phasing Out Third-Party Apps, Potentially Toppling Reddit
My face paled. As I opened and began to read the post, I began to sweat. Everything I wanted to convey laid out and articulated with a sense of humbleness I could not even begin to emulate.
Then came the real shocker. Redditors responding that they had at first believed it was the real me saying these things. They had hoped, and their hopes had been crushed. Now, disillusioned, they would not so readily accept some half-hearted post about seeing the error of my ways. Now, I finally realized the degree of my FU.
Frustration mounted, and so did regret. This wasn't what I wanted. I would have posted my piece, then everybody would forgive me, and everything would go back to the way it was.
Yet, here we are.
I've made a monumental miscalculation in assessing how far some redditors go in mocking and satirizing me. I didn't realize the extent to which trolls and shitposters were woven into the fabric of daily Reddit operations.
So, here's my TIFU, Reddit. It's a big one, and I'm still grappling with the fallout. But if there's one thing I know about this platform, it's that we're a community. We're in this together, and we'll figure it out together.
I'm listening. Let's talk.
TL;DR - Tried to unify Reddit under the official app, phased out third-party apps, caused chaos, possibly destabilized the platform, took too long to realize what I had done, missed my opportunity to give the appearance of a heartfelt apology, and learned a lesson about…something?
Edit: a word
Note: this is a parody
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2023.06.10 20:28 prricecake LPT Request: How did you find a balance between exploring the world and putting down roots?

Young twenties guy here. I’ve spent the last decade of my life jumping from city to city for a few months/years at a time, exploring different places and people. I have a remote job that gives me plenty of flexibility. It’s slowly started to dawn on me that despite all the amazing places I’ve been able to live, it’s been detrimental to relationships and family ties. I’ve been feeling the pull to slow down a bit and stick with one place for a while.
If you were ever in a similar spot, how did you decide which direction to go? Keep exploring, settle down, or other?
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2023.06.10 20:28 Canis_Aries RR 2: New York

RR 2: New York
I didn't want to do this because I thought it was shameless self promotion but I am the author of the fan story My Ridonculous Race on Deviantart, Fanfic dot net and ArchiveOfOurOwn. I am attempting write another season of this story. Without spoiling elimination or cast member details I do have ideas for locales the teams can visit but I'm stuck trying to come up with challenges for them to do the so I thought why not ask the people what they want to see. First up is the starting line for the new season, the one where the last season ended, New York.
  • Accomplish chores the old fashioned way at the Tenement Museum
  • At Coney Island either eat copius amounts of hot dogs or be fired out of a cannon.
  • Memorize and recall a series of names at Ellis Island.
Any other ideas pertaining to this iconic city?
Start reading here if you want to https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12855836/1/My-Ridonculous-Race
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2023.06.10 20:27 ilikeassGD Advice for part-time work and moving to Switzerland

Hello all you gorgeous people! So basically, I've got a 12hwk job in a school that pays pretty well, but it's still only 12 hours a week - I'm thinking about taking on a second job, but I don't really know where to start... I'm irish, so english is my first language but I speak pretty solid German (B2/C1), I have a language & business degree, but my schedule at this new job would stop me from working during school hours. I'm not averse to taking a "low-level" job in a supermarket or bar or something like that, because I'm really trying hard to save at the minute and wages in Switzerland are much higher than at home, but obviously something that used my degree would presumably pay better (I think lol) - do you have any ideas where might be a good place to look for work? And maybe a rough salary expectation?
On an unrelated note, anything I should be aware of when looking for accomodation too? Or general tips on living in/moving to Switzerland on the cheap? I'm thinking of Basel because it's not far from my new job, but I'm open to other cities too!
Thank you my darlings - adore you all! Lots of love xoxo
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2023.06.10 20:26 Milleniumfelidae Moving away from the southeast has helped my finances immensely

It's been a minute since I posted here but I figured I would share. Since the pandemic began I made the decision to move from Seattle to Charlotte, which ultimately was a very bad move for me. I am a nurse and even with my wages it just wasn't enough to cover the rising costs of living. I often ended up relying heavily on credit cards. I didn't save the entire time I was down there. My savings also went from around 7k to 1250.
I got into a car accident at the end of October of 2022 and it made a bad situation much worse. Cat also needed a lot of care that i simply wasn't able to afford. With having to rent out a car for work I barely had anything left after bills. I also ended up developing a gluten sensitivity on top of an existing lactose and pork intolerance, which made even cooking expensive. I did post here and got some good responses, but also ended up blocking people really lacking in empathy.
I did get a settlement because my car was totaled. The accident was partly caused by my being burnt out from work. I ended up going back to Seattle because staying in Charlotte wasnt worth it. The supervisors at my old job were really toxic and my paychecks were always wrong. Unfortunately that particular job was the best paying one for my type of work.
Moving back to Seattle has been an extremely good decision. I am now making something under 100k (it seems that nursing is even more short staffed here than back east. Overtime is always available at the job but so far don't need it) have lots of access to gluten and dairy free foods which often end up being on sale and have lots of places to eat out at. I can now afford to do bouldering again. I am also able to feed my cat better and have been able to afford his care. He does have a surgery coming up Monday which I am hoping will go well. I was able to find a place to split payments to make it easier on me.
I have lots of disposable income after bills, even with rent now being $1858 as opposed to $1130 in Charlotte. I had to get another car for my job, but it's the only time I use it. I take public transit or walk for everything else. I think living in NYC on around 50k per year really helped me to budget for living in a big city.
I am slowly catching up from about 2 years of financial damage. I have found a great church, have made lots of connections, I am thankful that even after bills and food, I am able to take up hobbies and start paying the bills back slowly. The only downside is that I won't be taking a destination vacation anytime soon until I pay off more of the short term bills. I am also able to afford to get tests run to make sure my digestive issues don't have an underlying cause and to check on my overall health. Eventually I also plan on getting my teeth cleaned.
I didn't realize how unhappy and unhealthy I had been the last two years. I ended up having to neglect a lot of things because I couldn't afford it. Living in a LCOL living area doesn't always work, especially if you are single and lower middle class. Sometimes a move might just be what one needs.
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2023.06.10 20:26 dadadayalu Gift Ideas for Long Distance GF

Hi, Although I am an Indori by birth, I've only lived here till my 12th, jiske baad i went for my college to south india. Final year hai, so might not come back to the city also once my job starts. Have been dating this South Indian girl since 1.5 years, I want to take something memorable from Indore for her. Suggest kardo, i thought kuch sarafa se le lunga, but sarafa me bas shops hi zyada Hain, kuch zyada achha jewellery nahi mila, which is subtle enough, because usko bohot flashy gifts bhi nahi pasand.
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2023.06.10 20:25 Turbulent-Sport-4704 I am looking for creepy and scary monsters, either homebrew or source, that fit the vibe of other planar/demon-esque.

My campaign takes place in a world where the Gods have been "banished" to another plane, so they have very little physical presence in the world. As a result, most demons/monsters from other planes havent been present for hundreds of years. However, the players have had a few encounters with weird monsters in the city, like an infestation swarm and a Herald of Rot. These monsters have managed to break through the planar gates somehow (the players are trying to figure out how/why right now)
I want to find more funky/scary monsters to have them encounter both in the city and beyond this city when they start getting more down the storyline. I like anything horror or in a similar vein of other planadark/gothic. Any suggestions are welcome!
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2023.06.10 20:25 Miss_Mischief05 My dream is to have a bakery someday.

I love to bake and I really enjoy when people try something I have baked. When they tell me something I made was tasty that's enough for me to hear. When I do bake stuff I eat only a little of it and the rest gets distributed among friends and family. So I really wish to own a bakery once I have desired investment. It is a goal on my bucket list , it doesn't matter if its a small place or not many people come. If there's just one customer who would buy my treats I'll be more than happy. I don't have a culinary degree or smth but I hope people will like the stuff I'll make. People tell me it's a foolish goal to have but what do people know about the joy you feel when someone likes the stuff you put your heart into.
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2023.06.10 20:25 fruitsandpassion I have a crush on my co-worker and it’s annoying.

I’m 26. I haven’t had a crush since I was I think 15? Like back in the 10th grade. Lol.
This guy isn’t even my type at all. Like AT ALL. He’s a 5’7 skinny blonde haired blue eyed white guy. Im a 6’0 black dude.
I’m almost certain he’s bisexual. I haven’t told him I’m gay, but it’s pretty obvious by my mannerism/personality that I am.
Anyways, he was recently hired at my work and he’s very extroverted. He always comes to my desk and wants to talk. He talks to everyone , but I feel like he talks to me more than anyone else. I don’t know why because I’m so socially awkward and introverted and just a boring guy. But he chooses to talk to me more than anyone else. He said he has ADHD, so I think he likes my quiet, chill and calm aura. At first it really used to annoy me that he’d always come up to me and want to have a long convos when I just wanna be myself and not talk to anyone lol. I just hate being social , so he’d annoy me.
But as I’ve been talking to him more and learning his personality and life story. He has an amazing heart and is he so sweet & kind. Yesterday, he gave me a ride home and he didn’t have to, but he insisted. I was looking his cute smile , his groomed hair and sparking blue eyes as he was driving and I got butterflies. I realized in that car ride , that I think im crushing on him.
Now how will I talk to him again next week? I feel like I will be so nervous around him now. I won’t be acting normal. Now I wanna look my cutest for him when I’m at work. Ugh it’s so annoying!!!
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2023.06.10 20:25 Ok_Engineering_2345 Help me. I just came back and found out I have a bf

So, idk if this case is common. I've been diagnosed. I came back to my senses today. It felt like I've been in a coma for months. When I came to, first thing I found out was a guy I was close to is now my bf. And we were texting. I don't know what happened. I have been studying past conversations for hours and found out that he mentally abused us (my alt). and makes her suffer day by day. I don't feel comfortable in this relationship. But even though I feel distinct, my heart feels love for him. I'm also scared that if I break up now and switch back later, my alt will suffer a lot. and so will I. Idk what to do at this point. I don't want him to notice changes.
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2023.06.10 20:24 Remarkable-Use-8439 happy pride

Hey reddit. Long time, no see.
Things in the US are feeling particularly dire these days. Even if you think you don't know anyone who is queer or questioning, make sure you're still openly and loudly supporting the community. You never know who might be silently contemplating some complicated feelings and just one person signaling that they're safe to talk to could mean the world.
On a more personal note, my update for you all is that I'm happy. I struggle with regret and guilt for a lot of things and I don't know if that will ever go away. Still, I continue to make amends to the best of my ability.
I have no illusions that I'm in any position to be able to give advice right now but I like to imagine that in the future, I can use all of these life experiences as a way to teach our children to be so much better than I ever was. Safety is the most important thing and will always take priority, but beyond that... love should carry so much more weight than money, ego, and fear.
I think back on how lucky I was to be handed a protector and a best friend at one of the most pivotal times in my life, and how I still fucked things up for a while. My heart hurts for those who don't get the same privileges as I did, who don't find a like-minded soul in the hell of self-hatred and shame. I look at old photos and think about how I wish I could tell the young man in them to cherish the moments even harder - as if that were even possible. I go and hug my person and tell him how grateful I am that he gave me grace and patience when I didn't deserve it. Then I take more photos and think about how everything has changed but our eyes still look the same.
Happy pride month. Take care of yourselves and each other.
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2023.06.10 20:24 battyeyed It is incredibly difficult to become a counselor

It seems like every day I hear about a large crisis within society. How many people could really benefit from therapy. How many children could benefit from having someone to talk to—especially kids with adhd and/or autism. How many people experiencing addiction or homelessness could use support. The bar is ridiculously high. I understand why. We need professionals. But the amount of money involved and the education system itself is out of control.
Of people 25+ in America, 35% have a bachelor’s and 13% have a master’s.
Average tuition for a master’s is between $18,000-$65,000. And financial aid isn’t given in the same way as it is during undergrad.
Acceptance rates of many grad schools is very low. I applied for one with a 4% acceptance rate in a city that desperately needs more social workers and counselors. I am so incredibly burnt out on school and being in poverty. It could take me years before being accepted into a grad program & bachelor’s level jobs pay poverty wages. The idea of remaining in poverty until I get my unforeseen degree makes me want to give up on it lol. But I can’t.
If you were in poverty before grad school, how did you survive then—and while in grad school?
Do you think there should be less financial barriers? Or is it a good thing grad school is so exclusive?
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2023.06.10 20:23 FaceWorried My recent COVID story

I have been active on this sub since testing positive and wanted to briefly overview my experience. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.
Background: 30F, obese (losing weight, down over 75 pounds since January). OCD and CPTSD. Pfizer double vax series plus one booster in 12/2021.
5/27: woke up with a sore throat, figured I’d do an at home test. Instantly positive. No clue about exposure. I work from home and my husband hasn’t been around anyone sick either. Went to urgent care, got and started Paxlovid.
5/28: INTENSE anxiety and panic, low grade fever, chills, headache, nausea, diarrhea, congestion.
5/29-6/1: manageable symptoms, besides the anxiety. Really struggled with it. Continued and finished Paxlovid. Took ibuprofen, vitamin D, probiotics, and tried to drink as much plain water as possible.
6/2: tested negative. That night, decided to check my heart rate on my husbands watch. It said I was in afib, I freaked the fuck out, went to ER. Had a few EKGs, blood work, and a CT with contrast. No issue, no afib.
6/4: positive again. Manageable symptoms. Anxiety lessening. Still hyper vigilant.
6/8-6/9: two consecutive negatives.
Things I did that I feel made my symptoms manageable (besides the mental health): -lots and lots of water -ran air purifiers constantly -humidifier when sleeping -compression socks -hot showers and baths -windows open all day -Paxlovid, my prescribed clonazepam, vitamin D, probiotics, ibuprofen/Tylenol, low dose beta blocker as needed -smoothies, bone broth -working and schooling from bed
As of today, I’m still negative but still feel a little “out of it”. Tinnitus, sniffly, very mild congestion. Just feel like…weak and run down, but more optimistic.
My husband had worse symptoms, developed cold sores for the first time, and was denied paxlovid.
Anyway, I wish all of you well. It’s gonna be ok!
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2023.06.10 20:23 81420161 I've been offered in an incredible residency to work exclusively on my art for the better part of a year, but it would mean ending a long-term relationship. I don't know what I want.

Hi, I’m in my early 30s. I’ve been offered a creative/arts residency in a city that’s decently far from where I live now (about a 6-hour drive). My gut is torn over whether to accept it or not. The terms of the residency would be: -they will provide a room rent-free in a house share with two other artists in my field doing the same residency. the house is equipped with a studio with equipment and software for what we do, plus a gym, kitchen and co-working space. -in exchange, they would ask that I quit any work I’m doing that’s not directly related to the creative field (i.e. take a leap and start making money only creatively) -I would be allowed to leave the city but they’d ask that I keep it to a minimum. I didn’t ask what the limit for leaving is but I asked if I could take trips home every 3-4 weeks for a potential planned medical thing and they said no I'm hesitant to accept because: 1) I’m in a long-term relationship (over two years). It’s my first every LTR and I feel like my BF and I are compatible in so many ways. My BF has said in no uncertain terms he will end the relationship if I accept the residency as he doesn’t want to do long-distance for this period of time. (It’s most of a year.) 2) If I were sure this would be a great career move, it would be a hard but easy decision for me to leave my BF. I love him, but I wouldn’t want to date someone who was standing in the way of my career over a temporary situation where we could still see each other sometimes. However, I’m not sure, and I’m worried about what will happen if I basically implode my life for this opportunity (quit a job I’m happy in, leave a relationship I’m mostly happy in, and lose my housing in the city I’m currently living in) and then the residency program turns out to be BAD. My biggest fears:
Reasons why I want to accept:
1) I'm from the city I live in now and have never really lived anywhere else for an extended period of time. This feels like a relatively risk-free way to try living in a new place, and frankly I'm getting tired of how competitive and expensive my city is. I feel like everyone is jumping over each other to get opportunities. I'm a little tired of live performance and have been interested for a while in putting more emphasis on creating digital stuff / social media. A program like this that's in a more remote place with less going on so I have room to sit alone and write would be perfect for this
2) They're offering a room where I could be alone and undisturbed which is out of my reach in my city. Rent has skyrocketed the past few years. I can afford my rent now but BF and I are sharing a one-room apartment, we both work remote most of the time, and it is AWFUL. Yes I could get a co-working space or there's solutions like putting up barriers but I really just want to be able to roll out of bed and journal for an hour without anyone saying anything to me. I'm introverted and my social battery is constantly being drained in this living situation. Rent has gotten so bad that even if I left my BF's apartment, I'd have to pay an extra $500 a month just to have my own room in an apartment share on the absolute lowest end if I found a deal, but it would probably be closer to $700 to 800 more a month. I really want space to breathe.

My thought process

Right now, I'm leaning towards turning down the residency for all of the above reasons, but my heart is torn over it. I feel like if I had gotten this just a little bit earlier while I was still adrift it would have been perfect, but I might be more interested in it for the person I was then and how little I had going on, and now, I have too much that I'd be giving up if I accept.
I just did the math and with my typical current expenses minus rent and utilities, I'd be losing about $12,000 over the period without an income (I'm guesstimating that food & drink will be cheaper but that I'd be spending way more on gas than I currently do on public transportation). That same amount would net me about 7.5 months of Airbnb rental in a rural area I love where I'm comfortable driving. I almost would rather just make my own little "mini residency" where I rent a place one month out of the year and continue to work, but scale it back slightly. My BF isn't thrilled about me going away for an entire month, but he'd accept it.

TL:DR: I got offered a residency that would pay my rent in a smaller town but with some restrictions including quitting my job so I could focus 100% on art - but they wouldn't pay my other expenses. Also, if I take this opportunity my long term BF would break up with me rather than do long-distance, and I will definitely lose momentum that I've built up in the highly competitive city where I live now and have to shift my focus – which I'm interested in doing, but also feels scary! I'd appreciate any insight on how to make this decision.
I'm considering an alternative step of turning down this residency and instead renting a cabin for one month. This would cost me about $1,600. If I take the residency I would have to spend about $12,000 out of my savings unless I magically start making $1,000+ a month creatively, which is unlikely based on what I know about my field. It would be taking a huge gamble on myself to accept and I'm not sure that I'm ready.
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2023.06.10 20:23 Properseat24 Why would my ex gf (21F) be following me on ig (23M)

I don’t get why she would want to do that. I left the door open for her or leave and she took it. We only dated for 4 months. She unfollowed me on Snapchat, which I agree with, but still follows me on ig and views my stories. I don’t know why she would do this to herself. The kicker is she follows more people than she’s being followed by. I have no doubt she does this with other men she may have been with? I don’t follow her back.
I feel like she knows what she’s doing but I already broke her heart with my words and I’m just wondering why she would punish herself with viewing myself even if we are to get back together in the future, we still have each others numbers so it’s not like all communication is severed. The breakup is still fresh so I’m just confused by all of this, especially if she doesn’t want to be in constant communication with me as she told me. I also don’t want her to think me starting to post more is me tryna get her attention. Im just trying to better myself even more now that I’m single.
Tl;Dr :
Why would my ex still follow me on ig and view my stories if she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore? Our breakup is still fresh so I’m not sure why she would want to torture herself with viewing me and my life when she’s tryna move on and she’s told me.
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2023.06.10 20:23 SeaPop6198 I need advice about my (23F) with my boyfriend (27 m)

For a little background, my boyfriend and I have been together for a year. We met last year on Facebook and the first 6/7 months together were great. We talked all day everyday. I would see him every weekend, we live in different cities and it's about an hour drive. We didn't really argue much. In October, he thought it would be best if we broke up. He said we lived too far away and we're naturally quiet people, he just didn't think we were good together. So we went our separate ways. The next day he messaged me and told me that he didn't want to not be with me so we got back together and everything went back to normal.
In December, we got into an argument, I can't even remember what it was about. He ended up blocking me on Facebook bc I wouldn't stop texting him and wanting to talk about everything. After that argument, I noticed things weren't the same. In March we had another argument. He told me I was talking to another guy bc I had liked several posts and commented on a post that a friend on Facebook had shared. I never realized that it was the same person. He called me a liar when I told him that I wasn't talking to anyone else.
I told him I didn't like being called a liar and I didn't think we should be together if he thought I was a liar bc I know I'm not. He sent me a text that said "okay bye" and I took my relationship status off of Facebook. He really hurt me when he called me a liar bc I don't want anyone but him. Sometimes I feel like we shouldn't have gotten back together in March and we should've just ended the relationship for good bc now we rarely talk and I don't see him but every other weekend, sometimes more. He wants me to open up to him but, he won't let me come over but every other weekend or longer.
I know the best thing for us is to probably break up and go our separate ways, but I want this relationship to work so badly. I've never felt this way about anyone before.
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2023.06.10 20:23 mppa_94 Anyone would like to go for a beer?

Hello everyone,
I (m29) am currently living in Česke Budejovice, and I have been so focused on my job that I haven't been able to meet anyone outside work. I would like to meet new people to go for a beer, go for a hike or just enjoy the company.
I am a foreigner from Ecuador, and I don't know many people here in the city. It's getting a little lonely spending the weekends alone. So if anyone is in Budejovice and would like to meet for a beer, or any other plans, DM me and we can figure something out.
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2023.06.10 20:22 CreamyJuicyCows I have had enough of living here.

Okay before anything else, this is a rant, sorry if I don't have any insight on any architectural knowledge. But I have absolutely had enough of living in my craphole "apartment" I have no way of explaining this
Where do I start? My "living room" is the size of a shoebox. Or kitchen room rather, connected kitchen and living room. 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and 1 storage room.
So that's not the problem, tiny space, cool whatever.
The problem of course is the cancerous, (And I emphasis Cancerous.) Garage doors opening literally all day, everyday, 50 times a week, I don't actually keep track. It's just this cancerous droning sound that lasts for 10 seconds, it pisses me off without end, some morons open the garage door multiple times in one visit for no reason, last time I literally almost lost it, that one person opened the garage door like 4 times, each two intervals, so that's 8 times in total within 4 minutes. If you can listen to this and be alright, you're unbothered and probably part of the problem.
The second reason why my apartment is a cancer is that the people with children upstairs have been running around all day, everyday for the past 4 years, ever since I moved into this apartment. I mean we already reported this and they just keeps on doing this.
I really don't care if I get banned on here, I just want to say that I hope that the Architect that designed this place, the city councils, the contractors, whoever came up with this place, I hope they burn in the worst part of Hell. I literally do not care, I hope they get the worst outcome for making my life a living Hell.
And before you say anything, no I can't' leave. I won't get into why. I can't work either.
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2023.06.10 20:22 poopscootparty Question about a character…

I’m currently in chapter 3 of Deadhouse Gates, in the scene where Duiker and Kulp are watching Mesker and Baria stare down some Wickans with their Red Sword units. In this scene, Duiker and Kulp remark that Coltaine is making himself well loved by the people and making his 7th army of Malaz very strong and how he will make a big name for himself.
My question is who is he loyal to? The premise of this book so far seems to be that Seven Cities is on the brink of open rebellion, and I can’t figure out whether Coltaine supports the rebellion or not. Although I know he was appointed after pledging loyalty to Kellanved, he seems to have very little love for Malaz, and much like other characters, we are seeing how loyalty to Kellenved’s Malaz is not necessarily loyalty to Lasseen’s. If this is a question that I should be asking at this stage, let me know.
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