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2013.07.24 00:33 gugulo Conscious Like Us

Animals are conscious like us. Here we discuss animal intelligence, emotion and consciousness.

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A place for sharing videos, gifs, and images of animals being bros.

2023.06.08 16:39 bubarcic Where do we spend Cook’s money?

So if I understand situation correctly we have 9 million bucks to spend due to cuting Dalvin. There is very good chance I’m missreading it, but if I’m correct what are realistic FA targets? Do we sign another RB in your opinion?
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2023.06.08 16:38 Conrad2781 Curious about the nature of this experience?

Hey there, I'm brand new to this subject and ended up here trying to find out what happened to me this morning. Would love some help figuring out if I'm on the right path and if so can continue doing this.
To start off, all of this was accidental. I am currently a college student and am running on low nights of sleep the past two years. Sleeping is a chore to get through as I struggle to fall asleep every night. I've been waking up tired for months on end now and I've tried to do something about it but have just been too busy for it to go anywhere so I've just been telling myself to power through it till this is over. I don't think I have any serious sleeping conditions, just probably similar to thousands of other people who struggle to sleep every night.
Today was slightly different as I usually wake up late in the morning after staying up in the night but this time i woke up very early like around 3 hours or so to try something different for once. It didn't go very well as I was much more groggy than usual and nothing got me out of it. Unable to concentrate on studying, I just tried to watch something before going to sleep. I was just lying back on the sofa and I slowly drifted back to sleep and oh boy here we go.
Now I don't remember too much about the dream but I still remember being somewhat in control? The details are very fuzzy and I won't get into too much detail cuz of the rules but I was watching some video on sharks and in the dream, I was just floating in the ocean and it was so calm and peaceful. I remember a shark coming up and biting my neck. Now I want to focus on this specific part because holy shit, I can't even put it into words. This bite was the biggest dopamine hit in my life. Prefacing this with I did not drink alcohol, did not consume any drugs and none of this was sexual in nature. That shark biting me just gave me pure euphoria with the nerves in my neck tingling like crazy in the real world. This is where I was sort of aware I was sleeping as I could "feel or see" myself sort of twitching from the bite with a big dumbass smile in the real world (yes I could feel myself smiling). It was sort of a sleep paralysis thing but I did not want to get up or leave.
I'm really sorry if this seems really weird and I swear this isn't some kind of kink or anything, it's just something that happened to me and I really want it to happen again. After getting up, it was only like 20 minutes or so, leaving me completely floored. I also felt so awake, I was on the verge of tears tbh. I have never felt so awake or energetic in my life before, no sleep has ever left me that satisfied. Yearning for this again led me to frantic searching and bringing me here. I have searched a bit on it and apparently it could have been me directly entering rem sleep somehow and waking up, I remember reading about people sleeping for two hours and having enough energy for the day but thought its probably too advanced for me to have done it on a whim leaving this.
I cannot for sure say I remember doing whatever I want in the dream, but the degree of memory of that specific experience and the way I was able to feel myself sleeping leads me to believe I was lucid dreaming. I have tried to read tutorials and such but before that I will try to replicate what I did last time by probably waking up after a few sleep cycles, staying awake and letting myself fall back to sleep. Just curious to know if my mindset around this is right and healthy, and if this is a good enough way of doing this for now.
Thank you for reading through my long post and sticking through the weird stuff. Here's to hoping for a better night of sleep.
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2023.06.08 16:38 Feisty_Pineapple_262 EVERYTHING’S COMING UP MILHOUSE

Hey guys!
Some of you may remember me from this post where I asked for help with this cute girl in my class.
Well I eventually gave her my number and she just texted me last night!🥹🥹🥹
Thank you guys so much for your help I’m so excited!!!!!
Also use me as example! Shoot your shot bro you never know what will happen!
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2023.06.08 16:38 phoebethefan Man “does everything” around the house and is mad about it

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2023.06.08 16:37 sydneyplumbersnet Important Things To Consider When Choosing An Emergency Plumber

When choosing an emergency plumber in Carlingford or near you, you should consider the things illustrated in this guide.
Choosing the right emergency plumber in Carlingford will ensure you get quality services at the right price. Some people might say it is just a coincidence but emergencies with your plumbing system seem to happen when you have limited options for plumbers – such as at night, on holidays and at weekends. Or maybe, you are new to the area and have not found a good plumber to work with.That is where emergency plumbers come in. They are available to provide services throughout and even on holidays and weekends. They charge higher rates than regular plumbers but they shouldn’t be exorbitant. The plumber you choose to work with should have the same qualifications as any other type of contractor you would choose for other services. Here are a few important things you should consider when choosing an emergency plumber.
Local is better
It is better to hire a local plumber as with any other home contractors – not just for the reputation and connections but also because it is easy to find them. Depending on the nature of your emergency, response time can be an important factor. The closer he is, the more likely he is to be successful in providing services, especially if the situation involved contaminated or uncontrolled water. A lot of plumbers also add fuel or mileage charges to their bills and that is money you should not spend.
Reviews and references
It is crucial to have a sense of the experience of an emergency plumber nearby and past success. It is also important to ask family and friends for recommendations. However, you should keep in mind that emergencies do not always occur when people are available to chat.You can get reviews on social media sites such as Facebook and Google. Various government-approved entities can provide authoritative recommendations.
Insurance and license
You need to hire a plumber who is insured and licensed. Hiring someone who is not insured and licensed will turn your emergency into a disaster. You could also incur costly liability.
Get upfront quotes
It is important to compare plumber fees from a local directory or business website but it is not enough. After choosing a plumber, you should let them look at the situation and provide written quotes that itemise all parts of the job. The quotes are your assurance that any additional costs will not show up later as a surprise.
Warranties and guaranteed work
Emergency plumbers are a valuable asset to you. However, even if you choose the best plumber in your area, things can still go wrong. That is why you should choose a plumber who warranty and guarantee his work. They should come back to your home and fix anything that has gone wrong.
When choosing an emergency plumber in Carlingford, it is crucial to consider communication. The plumber should be available when you call them. They should reply to your text messages and emails on time. This way, you will rest stress-free knowing that someone has got your back.
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2023.06.08 16:37 PhraseDense5000 Jahmyr Gibbs went from living at a shelter to becoming Detroit Lions biggest swing yet

This is a "subscriber only" article written by Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press from last month that I thought some people would be interested in.
Matt Land’s phone wouldn’t stop buzzing.
Land was the coach at Dalton High in northwest Georgia, about 20 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, when the Catamounts lost to Justin Fields’ Harrison High team in 2017 in a nationally televised game on ESPN2.
Georgia coach Kirby Smart helicoptered in for the game to see Fields, then a Georgia recruit who went on to star at Ohio State. But after Fields broke the index finger on his throwing hand in the third quarter, a little-known running back of diminutive stature stole the show.
Jahmyr Gibbs was a 145-pound sophomore then with nary a scholarship offer to his name. He was lightning quick and quiet as crochet, and recruiters everywhere took note of his 202-yard, two-touchdown rushing day.
“The next morning by 10 o’clock I had 45 text messages and emails or phone calls, people saying, ‘Man, who is that kid? And how big is he?’” Land recalled. “I was like, ‘Ah, he’s 165 pounds.’ They’re like, ‘Really?’ ‘Yeah, yeah.’ I called my strength coach the next morning, I was like, ‘Hey, I don’t know what you’re going to do between now and this summer, but you’ve got to put 15 pounds on Jahmyr.’ I said they all think he weighs 162 pounds.”
Gibbs packed on enough weight to attract recruiting interest from across the country, and after three college seasons — two at Georgia Tech and one at Alabama — he joined fellow 2023 first-round pick Bijan Robinson as the first running backs to be drafted inside the top 20 since 2018.
The Detroit Lions took Gibbs 12th overall in the draft April 27, after trading down from No. 6, and are banking on the electric dual-threat to help diversify their backfield, beginning this fall.
Gibbs led Alabama with 926 yards rushing on 151 carries last season and had a team-high 44 receptions for 444 yards. He ran the second fastest 40-yard dash of any running back at the combine (4.36 seconds). He earned all-ACC honors at three different positions — all-purpose back, running back and return specialist — during his time at Georgia Tech.
And his modest upbringing left him with a work ethic and love for football that seem right up Lions coach Dan Campbell’s alley. “He’s humbled by small beginnings,” former Georgia Tech running backs coach Tashard Choice, now the running backs coach at Texas, said. “If you think about the character, a lot of times these football players got stories behind them. For Gibbs, him bouncing from house to house, the one thing that gave him life, that made him have a purpose was playing outside, playing football, running around. Like I got pictures of him as a little kid, like that’s what he loved to do as a little kid. He had that in him. The Lord had that in him way before.”
Gibbs has been reticent to talk publicly about his upbringing, but he was raised by his single grandmother, Angela Willis, who, according to a 2018 profile in the Dalton Daily Citizen, became his legal guardian when he was 13.
Gibbs was joined by his adoptive family, Greg and Dusty Ross and two of their children, at his introductory news conference April 28 in Allen Park. Gibbs first met the Rosses when he and Willis spent time at a local shelter, Family Promise, whose mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve independence.
Dusty was volunteering at the shelter at the time, and Gibbs passed the days by playing with her son, John, his future teammate at Dalton and Georgia Tech. After a spell living with Dalton quarterback J.P. Tighe and his family, Gibbs moved in with the Rosses, who he calls mom and dad.
Land first learned of Gibbs when his sister-in-law, a teacher at a local elementary school, called to tell him about a sweet, shy, athletically gifted 6-year-old who was in a transient situation and in need of support.
Land gave Gibbs a scholarship to his football camp, made him a ball boy and water boy for his team, and built a bond the two still share today.
“(My sister-in-law) just said he was just a really pleasant kid but that he did have a lot of athletic ability but also that he was just really, really kind of guarded and sweet, but at the same time, just somebody that you just knew that you wanted to kind of be with and help, and was appreciative, but was very quiet,” Land said. “It was more of, instead of telling you thank you, it was more of showing you thank you. He just received that, all the things that we were trying to do. As long as there was a ball, he was connected. I think I could have walked out there with a hockey puck, he wouldn’t have cared. He just wanted to play and compete.”
Gibbs, at his introductory news conference, said he “wouldn’t change anything” about his upbringing. He said an aunt and uncle also gave him guidance early in life, the Rosses did “a great job of keeping me on the right path and not letting me get in trouble,” and football gave him a welcome respite from reality.
“I would say it just lets me to be me,” Gibbs said. “I don’t got to pretend to be anybody. I can just go out there and do myself and do what I do best.”
At Dalton, Gibbs did everything best.
He ran for 2,554 yards and 40 touchdowns and topped 1,000 yards receiving as a senior, when he was named Georgia’s 6A Offensive Player of the Year. Land fed Gibbs constantly on offense, and when he tried to rest Gibbs in practice the next week, he inevitably looked up to find Gibbs with pads on going full-contact as the team’s top cornerback on the defensive side of the field.
“I’m (going), ‘Jahmyr, I’m trying to rest you.’ And he’d be like, ‘Coach, I don’t need rest, I need work,’” Land said. “That kind of became our little tagline, I don’t need rest, I need work. And so when he got into games, I just was like — it’s kind of like that great line in ‘Secretariat’ when the daughter says, ‘Hey, let him run his race.’ It’s that thing. Just let him run. Let him do it, and he’ll do it, man. He’ll go as long as you’ll let him run.”
A four-star recruit who Land called “the best athlete in the state his senior year,” Gibbs begged to cover the other team’s best receiver most weeks, and delivered more memorable plays than Land can count on offense.
In one game against rival Creekview, Gibbs had a Jimmy Chitwood moment after Land drew up an inside zone run that called for him to be a decoy out of a formation Dalton almost always used on sweeps.
“It’s that moment from ‘Hoosiers,’ you know where he’s drawing the play for Jimmy to be decoy, and then all the guys are like … ‘Coach, let Jimmy take the shot, he’s our best player,’” Land said. “He said, ‘Coach, run (the play) Brown.’ And I’m like, ‘No, no, no. They think we’re going to run that, but we’re going to run inside zone.’ He said, ‘Coach, run Brown.’ I said, ‘I know, I know. They’re going to think that, they’re going to overshift, they’re going to stunt and we’re going to gig ‘em on the backside.’
“And he takes his hand and he puts it on my arm, and he says, ‘Coach, run Brown and I’ll score.’ And it was so — it was like this extraterrestrial moment happened, and I can’t say anything but like, ‘Brrooown,’ (real slowly). That’s like all that would come out. Well, what does he do? Goes 67 yards. I don’t even know that we got anybody outside. He runs Brown, goes 67 yards for a touchdown.”
Gibbs proved dynamic at Georgia Tech. He returned a kick 75 yards on his first college touch and led the Yellow Jackets in all-purpose yards and touchdowns as a true freshman, despite missing three games with a leg injury.
As a sophomore, he ran for 746 yards on 143 carries, and added another 470 yards receiving. He tired of losing at Georgia Tech, and put his name in the transfer portal after the 2021 season.
“He wanted to win,” Choice, the former NFL running back who also left Tech after the 2021 season, said. “See, Jah was accomplishing so much on the football field, if you go back and look at what he said, he didn’t care about none of that. He just wanted to win.”
Gibbs had his most prolific rushing season at Alabama last year and helped the Tide to an 11-2 record. After a slow start with his new team — Gibbs had single-digit rushing attempts in Alabama’s first four games — he became the Tide’s weapon of choice when the offense needed a big play.
“The Detroit Lions just got the best overall athlete in this draft,” former Alabama linebacker Will Anderson Jr., the No. 3 pick of the draft, told the Free Press at the end of Round 1. “I mean, he can line up at wide receiver, he can line up at running back. He can do it all. He’s so elusive in the backfield, his cuts are amazing, his routes are amazing. Everything he do is amazing. They really just got a really great player that can do everything and be a dynamic threat anywhere on the field for them.”
Yet almost no one — Gibbs included — expected him to go 12th overall in the draft.
Not because he wasn’t talented, because of the position he plays.
Running backs have long had short shelf lives in the NFL, and Gibbs (5 feet 9, 199 pounds) is far from the biggest back. Teams tend to split their backfield workload between two and sometimes three players. Most are wary of giving running backs big second contracts.
Saquon Barkley was the only running back to average more than 50 snaps per game last season, and both he and last year’s NFL leading rusher, Josh Jacobs, are currently slated to play the 2023 season on the franchise tag.
Lions general manager Brad Holmes said Gibbs’ talent defies positional value, and his role on offense won’t be that of a traditional back in Detroit. The Lions signed David Montgomery to a three-year contract in free agency, and he and Gibbs are expected to share backfield reps in 2023, with the ability to play side by side.
“They’re football players and if you believe that they can have an impact for you on the football field then you just go ahead and take them,” Holmes said. “Obviously, we had thoughts of maybe (he would be there with our second first-round pick) at 18, but we didn’t feel great about it and so when we were able to select him at 12, that’s when all the texts started coming in of, ‘He would have been gone by 15.’ Just a lot of picks, a lot of people saying they wanted to trade up. They wanted to get in. So I wouldn’t have even felt good of (getting) him staying at 18. But again, it’s not about just don’t pick a running back because that’s not how we really view him.”
Choice, who coached both Robinson and Gibbs, said he knows of six NFL running backs coaches who were ticked the Lions took Gibbs at 12 because they thought their teams had a chance to land him later in Round 1.
Like Robinson, the eighth pick of the draft, Choice said Gibbs’ unique skill set is worthy of a first-round pick, especially in today’s NFL.
“Because they’re going to block, and they got to run the football, and you can put them out there, have mismatches against linebackers cause they’ll beat them one-on-one in their sleep,” Choice said. “So they cause trouble for a defense because you got to account for them all three downs. And when you can do that like (Christian) McCaffrey, when you can do that like (Alvin) Kamara, when you can do that, it adds a different dynamic instead of just being a first- and second-down back and coming off the field on third down. Them dudes going to stay on the field on third down, and you better make sure you cover them because they’ll break your heart.”
When NFL teams asked Choice who was better, Robinson or Gibbs, he told them it depended on what they were looking for. Robinson is bigger, has more initial quickness and breaks more tackles; Gibbs has more game-breaking speed and big-play ability.
“Do you need one to do everything, be your bell cow to run it 20, 25 times? That’s Bijan,” Choice said. “If you need one to run it 10 or 15 times but catch it five, 10, that’s probably Gibbs if you’ve got a bigger back. It’s just whatever you deem is important for your team you can pick either or.”
Choice said one of his favorite plays from Gibbs was a block he made on a quarterback draw, when he picked up a blitzing linebacker to spring a 30-or-so-yard gain. At Georgia Tech, Choice said Gibbs turned everything into a competition, even running gassers, when he would sometimes hold back on his start to try to catch teammates from behind.
That jives with what Land experienced at Dalton, where he said Gibbs was so competitive “he’d race you to the hot dog line” and a player he never worried about doing the wrong thing off the field. In recent years, he’d often find his now eighth-grade son up late on the night before games, playing video games with Gibbs.
“If there’s ever been anybody come through the National Football League draft that deserved a moment, that kid deserved that moment from what life has dealt him, and the hard work that he’s put in, and the lemonade that he’s made from lemons,” Land said. “That kid deserved every moment that happened, so I’m just excited that he’s got it, and I’m telling you it’s going to be fun to see what he does with it.
“I can promise you this, in two years, there’s no one in the Detroit organization that’s going to say to themselves, sitting in the locker room or sitting in the suites or wherever and say, ‘We took him too early.’ I promise you that. There won’t be one person that won’t say, ‘I’m glad we put that kid on the team.’ Whether we got him at 12, 20, eight, it don’t matter. That kid is worth everything we’re paying him and he will be that guy. He will be that guy.”
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2023.06.08 16:36 --Clintoris-- #NRFI #AI - Catching L's

#NRFI #AI - Catching L's
Recap of yesterday > 50% -
OAK/PIT - 56% - YRFI (Dear God. The offensive juggernaut that is the Oakland Athletics)
SEA/SD - 58% - NRFI
KC/MIA - 51.46% - NRFI
MIN/TB - 53.39% - NRFI
BOS/CHW - 53.19% - YRFI (UGH)
BAL/MIL - 56.66% - YRFI (UGH)
AZ/WAS - 54% - YRFI
3 and 4 day yesterday - Overall Record - 18-10
It is getting impressive how I always choose the losers out of the >50%, I picked all 3 for my round robin. bastards.
I'm doing a sport crossover. Brah, Zion is in some shit -
and he clearly has a type.
NRFIs are NEVER a sure thing and odds show that.
Devers RBI single hit 72 mph off the bat and the Willy Adames solo homer in the bottom of the first is good proof to that.
Been catching some bad beats lately. You do not need to follow my picks exactly, take a look at the picks and make your picks from there.
I am going to start posting picks based on projected lineups at night. I am starting to think that with these NRFI's I should be going for value and not "sure things" as it does not exist.
Only three games are above 50% today -
AZ/WAS - 50.6%
MIN/TB - 53.3%
DET/PHI - 58.2%
StrideVerlander today and it is still -120. These are one swing away from ending at any time.
Breaking down one game to get an idea of what we're dealing with:
*********************** *********************** ************
Chicago Cubs 72.01% Actual Odds -105
Full NRFI 49.65%
Los Angeles Angels 68.94% Implied Odds -104

So I have Cubs at 72.01% chance of NRFI in the first inning (-257) and Angels have 68.94% (-222)
Draftkings has these at -
Multiply those two NRFI's togethers and KAPOW - 105 odds.
How you decipher this is up to you. Say you love the Cubs pitcher and think they'll get through the Angels easily, this might be something to target.
Start with the lower percentage of NRFI, if that teams scares you, move to another. If it doesn't... maybe worth considering.
Look at DET/PHI today, this is an extreme example -
Detroit Tigers 80.98% Actual Odds -125
Full NRFI 58.26% RANK 1
Philadelphia Phillies 71.94% Implied Odds -140

Which is also right in line with DK half NRFI lines:

Want to see something fucking wild? American Odds of -250 have put Phillies NRFI at a 71.4% chance of occurring, I have it at 71.94%
-500 is 83.33% chance of occurring, they hate the Tigers more than me, which honestly is saying something
So anyways, how you want to bet is up to you. Half NRFIs, full NRFIS, driving to my house to light it on fire, whatever you want to do. I'm open to it all. Especially the fire one.
The only value I show is Det/Philly. I snagged AZ/WAS at +100 last night
I added a few stats last night and also weighted the pitcher a little heavier and goddamn reggie ray, it's close.
Today's picks and values. There is no no no no doubt that Vegas and books are taking a higher vig on NRFIs due to their extreme popularity.
If anyone pivots to YRFI value... can you let me know? It is interesting to me. Seems like that is the natural pivot given these vigs.
I guess I am taking DET/PHI.

Let me know what you guys are taking. I like following

Thanks for reading.

Again if anyone wants a breakdown of the first inning for their own bets, let me know. No one has ever asked. Here is Dbacks/Nats. The numbers are a standard deviation from the mean with a standard deviation of 1:

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2023.06.08 16:36 mi555trZ [Store] 300+ KNIVES AND GLOVES e.g. Slingshot, Omega, Snow Leopard, Tiger Strike, Smoke Out, Butterfly Night FT & Stained BS & Forest Ddpat FT, Karambit Autotronic MW & Black Laminate FT &, M9 Tiger Tooth & Black Laminate MW, Daggers Sapphire FN ST, Talon Black Pearl & Slaughter FN & many more

Taking csgo skins mainly (knives, gloves, aks, m4s, awps and so on). Anything as long as offer is good
I don't update this list everyday, so I have many items which aren't listed here. Check if something interests you! Also, some of the items are on trade hold, for release date you can add me or check by yourself.
Add me to talk here:
Keys from these buy outs aren't TF2 keys. I don't take Hydra keys either.
Buy outs are in keys for the sake of having a buy out, I trade for skins mainly.
Gloves Slingshot FT 0.36 float - B/O 200 keys
Gloves Amphibious WW 0.42 float - B/O 170 keys
Gloves Omega FT 0.33 float - B/O 160 keys
Gloves Snow Leopard FT 0.36 float - B/O 150 keys
Gloves Snow Leopard FT 0.37 float - B/O 150 keys
Gloves Tiger Strike FT 0.32 float - B/O 140 keys
Gloves Smoke Out MW 0.14 float - B/O 120 keys
Gloves King Snake FT 0.36 float - B/o 120 keys
Gloves Tiger Strike WW 0.44 float - B/O 100 keys
Gloves Field Agent FT 0.36 float - B/O 85 keys
Gloves Bronze Morph MW 0.14 float - B/O 75 keys
Gloves Cool Mint FT 0.36 float - B/O 75 keys
Gloves Arid BS 0.64 float - B/O 72 keys
Gloves Emerald Web BS 0.56 float - B/O 71 keys
Gloves Diamondback MW 0.13 float - B/O 68 keys
Gloves POW WW 0.38 float - B/O 66 keys
Wraps Caution FT 0.31 float - B/O 59 keys
Gloves Overtake MW 0.14 float - B/O 59 keys
Gloves King Snake BS 0.59 float - B/O 58 keys
Wraps Caution WW 0.38 float - B/O 50 keys
Wraps Overprint WW 0.43 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Big Game BS 0.69 float - B/O 47 keys
Gloves Polygon FT 0.18 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.32 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.35 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.36 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Finish Line FT 0.22 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Finish Line FT 0.32 float - B/O 42 keys
Gloves Nocts BS 0.62 float - B/O 42 keys
Gloves Boom FT 0.37 float - B/O 38 keys
Gloves Lunar Weave FT 0.36 float - B/O 36 keys
Gloves Finish Line WW 0.41 float - B/O 36 keys
Gloves Diamondback FT 0.37 float - B/O 35 keys
Gloves Field Agent BS 0.77 float - B/O 34 keys
Wraps Overprint BS 0.75 float - B/O 34 keys
Gloves Marble Fade BS 0.57 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Case Hardened MW 0.12 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Mogul BS 0.60 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Cool Mint BS 0.63 float - B/O 31 keys
Gloves Bronze Morph BS 0.61 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Jade FT 0.23 float - B/O 35 keys
Gloves Forest Ddpat FT 0.35 float - B/O 26 keys
Wraps Duct Tape MW 0.12 float - B/O 25 keys
Gloves Charred FT 0.21 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Overtake FT 0.16 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Jaguar Queen FT 0.37 float - B/O 22 keys
Gloves Rezan FT 0.16 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Rezan FT 0.28 float - B/O 21 keys
Gloves Yellow-banded FT 0.30 float - B/O 21 keys
Gloves Diamondback BS 0.58 float - B/O 20 keys
Wraps Arboreal FT 0.31 float - B/O 20 keys
Gloves Snakebite FT 0.16 float - B/O 25 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure BS 0.74 float - B/O 19 keys
Gloves Forest Ddpat BS 0.46 float - B/o 19 keys
Gloves Convoy WW 0.44 float - B/o 19 keys
Gloves Case Hardened FT 0.15 float - B/O 23 keys
Gloves 3rd Company FT 0.36 float - B/O 17 keys
Goves Buckshot FT 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Gloves Unhinged FT 0.24 float - B/O 17 keys
Gloves Overtake BS 0.45 float - B/O 17 keys
Gloves 3rd Company FT 0.38 float - B/O 16 keys
Wraps Constrictor FT 0.31 float - B/O 16 keys
Gloves Buckshot WW 0.40 float - B/O 16 keys
Wraps Desert Shamagh FT 0.35 float - B/o 16 keys
Wraps Constrictor WW 0.38 float - B/O 16 keys
Gloves Transport BS 0.60 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Rezan BS 0.74 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Yellow-banded BS 0.63 float - B/o 15 keys
Gloves Guerrilla BS 0.53 float - B/o 15 keys
Gloves Buckshot BS 0.53 float - B/O 15 keys
Wraps Desert Shamagh WW 0.41 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Case Hardened BS 0.53 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Emerald FT 0.36 float - B/O 15 keys
Wraps Constrictor BS 0.74 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Needle Point FT 0.36 float - B/O 14 keys
Gloves Rattler FT 0.35 float - B/O 13 keys
Gloves Mangrove FT 0.25 float - B/O 12 keys
Gloves Racing Green FT 0.30 float - B/O 11 keys
Knives and high tier items:
Talon Black Pearl MW 0.07 float - B/O 600 keys
Karambit Autotronic MW 0.13 float - B/O 350 keys
Nomad Fade MW ST 99% 0.07 float - B/O 400 keys
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.003 float - B/O 300 keys
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 270 keys
Daggers Sapphire FN ST 0.004 float - B/O 230 keys
Karambit Black Laminate FT 0.29 float - B/O 210 keys
M9 Black Laminate MW 0.11 float - B/O 200 keys
Talon Slaughter FN 0.03 float - B/O 200 keys
DEAGLE Blaze FN 0.01 float - B/O 170 keys
Flip Lore FN 0.05 float - B/O 170 keys
Butterfly Night FT 0.19 float - B/O 190 keys
Bayonet Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 160 keys
Flip Gamma Doppler FN P4 0.02 float - B/O 160 keys
Butterfly Stained BS 0.90 float - B/O 150 keys
M9 Freehand MW 0.11 float - B/O 150 keys
Flip Marble Fade FN 0.004 float - B/O 140 keys
Butterfly Forest Ddpat FT 0.16 float - B/o 140 keys
Flip Gamma Doppler FN P1 0.01 float - B/O 140 keys
Butterfly Safari Mesh FT 0.19 float - B/O 140 keys
Flip Doppler FN P2 0.03 float - B/O 140 keys
Karambit Ultraviolet BS 0.51 float - B/o 140 keys
Bayonet Lore FT 0.25 float - B/O 140 keys
Ursus Doppler FN P4 0.06 float - B/O 140 keys
Nomad Vanilla - B/O 130 keys
M9 Damascus Steel FT 0.20 float - B/O 130 keys
AK Head Shot FN ST 0.05 float - B/o 130 keys
M9 Blue Steel BS 0.99 float - B/O 150 keys
Stiletto Tiger Tooth FN 0.006 float - B/O 130 keys
Huntsman Fade FN 0.03 float - B/O 130 keys
Flip Tiger Tooth FN 0.03 float - B/O 120 keys
Skeleton Stained FT 0.23 float - B/O 120 keys
Ursus Crimson Web MW 0.12 float - B/O 120 keys
Ursus Doppler FN P1 0.03 float - B/o 120 keys
Flip Vanilla - B/O 120 keys
Stiletto Vanilla - B/O 120 keys
Huntsman Gamma Doppler FN ST 0.02 float - B/O 120 keys
M9 Stained Ft 0.28 float - B/O 110 keys
Karambit Forest Ddpat FT 0.36 float - B/O 110 keys
Flip Doppler FN 0.01 float - B/O 110 keys
M9 Rust Coat BS 0.66 float - B/O 110 keys
M9 Night BS 0.49 float - B/O 110 keys
Ursus Tiger Tooth FN 0.008 float - B/O 110 keys
Bayonet Lore BS 0.62 float - B/O 100 keys
Flip Autotronic MW 0.14 float - B/O 100 keys
Skeleton Night FT ST 0.27 float - B/O 100 keys
M9 Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 100 keys
Bayonet Black Laminate MW 0.12 float - B/O 100 keys
Paracord Slaughter FN ST 0.03 float - B/O 90 keys
Flip Slaughter FT 0.23 float - B/O 90 keys
Huntsman Marble Fade FN 0.009 float - B/O 90 keys
Skeleton Stained BS 0.65 float - B/O 90 keys
Ursus Vanilla - B/O 85 keys
Gut Autotronic FN 0.05 float - B/O 84 keys
Bayonet Crimson Web FT 0.34 float - B/O 84 keys
Paracord Slaughter MW 0.10 float - B/O 83 keys
Bowie Marble Fade FN 0.01 float - B/O 82 keys
Bowie Marble Fade MW 0.07 float - B/O 82 keys
Bayonet Damascus Steel FT 0.22 float - B/O 82 keys
Bowie Doppler Fn P3 0.03 float - B/O 81 keys
Flip Autotronic FT 0.23 float - B/O 80 keys
Huntsman Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 75 keys
Talon Boreal MW 0.08 float - B/O 73 keys
Survival Vanilla - B/O 72 keys
Flip Ultraviolet MW 0.14 float - B/O 72 keys
Daggers Gamma Doppler FN P4 0.02 float - B/O 71 keys
Stiletto Damascus Steel FT 0.31 float - B/O 71 keys
Flip Bright Water FN 0.04 float - B/O 71 keys
Skeleton Safari Mesh FT 0.15 float - B/O 68 keys
Talon Safari Mesh MW 0.13 float - B/O 68 keys
Ursus Ultraviolet MW 0.13 float - B/O 67 keys
Bowie Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 67 keys
Paracord Crimson Web FT 0.15 float - B/O 80 keys
Classic Case Hardened MW 0.09 float - B/O 65 keys
Nomad Blue Steel BS 0.87 float - B/O 64 keys
Falchion Lore MW 0.09 float - B/O 61 keys
Gut Lore MW 0.12 float - B/O 60 keys
Paracord Forest Ddpat FN 0.06 float - B/O 57 keys
Bowie Case Hardened FT 0.18 float - B/O 57 keys
Gut Tiger Tooth MW 0.07 float - B/O 56 keys
Falchion Vanilla ST - B/O 55 keys
Ursus Damascus Steel FN 0.05 float - B/O 54 keys
Daggers Marble Fade FN 0.05 float - B/O 53 keys
Navaja Marble Fade FN ST 0.01 float - B/O 51 keys
Flip Night FT 0.23 float - B/O 51 keys
Gut Marble Fade FN 0.01 float - B/O 50 keys
Huntsman Black Laminate BS 0.80 float - B/O 50 keys
Falchion Lore Ft 0.24 float - B/O 50 keys
Gut Doppler FN P2 0.008 float - B/O 50 keys
Huntsman Freehand FN 0.06 float - B/O 49 keys
Huntsman Night MW 0.14 float - B/O 49 keys
Daggers Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 49 keys
Classic Blue Steel MW 0.12 float - B/O 48 keys
Ursus Ultraviolet FT 0.28 float - B/O 48 keys
Huntsman Crimson Web FT 0.31 float - B/O 48 keys
Huntsman Case Hardened WW 0.42 float - B/O 48 keys
Gut Doppler FN P4 0.02 float - B/O 48 keys
Ursus Damascus Steel MW 0.10 float - B/O 47 keys
Bowie Vanilla - B/O 47 keys
Daggers Lore MW 0.14 float - B/O 46 keys
Gut Tiger Tooth FN 0.03 float - B/O 46 keys
Daggers Vanilla - B/O 46 keys
Nomad Night FT 0.25 float - B/O 46 keys
Flip Rust Coat BS 0.63 float - B/O 46 keys
Navaja Doppler FN P2 0.02 float - B/O 46 keys
Navaja Marble Fade FN 0.03 float - B/O 46 keys
Ursus Night MW 0.14 float - B/o 45 keys
Gut Doppler FN P1 0.03 float - B/O 43 keys
Navaja Slaughter FN 0.05 float - B/O 43 keys
Stiletto Safari Mesh FT 0.20 float - B/O 43 keys
Classic Night BS 0.73 float - B/O 43 keys
Nomad Boreal FT 0.37 float - B/O 43 keys
Huntsman Freehand MW 0.11 float - B/O 43 keys
Daggers Slaughter MW 0.11 float - B/O 42 keys
Huntsman Damascus Steel MW 0.13 float - B/o 42 keys
Falchion Crimson Web FT 0.18 float - B/O 45 keys
Gut Vanilla - B/O 41 keys
Flip Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 41 keys
Paracord Blue Steel FT 0.36 float - B/O 40 keys
Nomad Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/o 40 keys
Navaja Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 40 keys
Ursus Blue Steel BS 0.95 float - B/O 39 keys
Falchion Bright Water FN 0.05 float - B/O 39 keys
Daggers Lore FT 0.32 float - B/O 39 keys
Bowie Bright Water FN 0.06 float - B/O 39 keys
Gut Lore BS 0.59 float - B/O 38 keys
Flip Forest Ddpat FT 0.36 float - B/o 38 keys
Flip Scorched FT 0.34 float - B/O 37 keys
Flip Safari Mesh FT 0.36 float - B/O 37 keys
Nomad Scorched FT 0.35 float - B/o 36 keys
Nomad Safari Mesh WW 0.44 float - B/O 36 keys
Daggers Lore WW 0.42 float - B/O 35 keys
Daggers Crimson Web FT 0.37 float - B/O 35 keys
Classic Scorched FT 0.16 float - B/O 35 keys
Classic Boreal MW 0.08 float - B/O 34 keys
Falchion Bright Water MW 0.14 float - B/O 34 keys
Ursus Urban Masked FT 0.33 float - B/o 34 keys
Navaja Blue Steel FN 0.01 float - B/O 34 keys
Daggers Freehand FN 0.06 float - B/O 34 keys
Classic Urban Masked FT 0.35 float - B/O 34 keys
Classic Forest Ddpat FT 0.18 float - B/O 33 keys
Ursus Scorched MW 0.13 float - B/O 33 keys
Classic Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/O 33 keys
Ursus Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/O 32 keys
Ursus Scorched FT ST 0.35 float - B/O 32 keys
Navaja Vanilla - B/O 32 keys
Gut Ultraviolet MW 0.13 float - B/O 32 keys
Huntsman Bright Water FT 0.35 float - B/O 32 keys
Bowie Bright Water FT 0.17 float - B/O 31 keys
Bowie Ultraviolet WW 0.38 float - B/o 30 keys
Ursus Boreal FT 0.15 float - B/O 30 keys
Ursus Safari Mesh FT 0.20 float - B/O 30 keys
Falchion Black Laminate WW 0.39 float - B/O 29 keys
Survival Night BS 0.66 float - B/O 28 keys
Paracord Urban Masked FT 0.22 float - B/O 28 keys
Navaja Case Hardened WW 0.44 float - B/O 28 keys
Huntsman Boreal FT 0.27 float - B/O 28 keys
Huntsman Scorched FT 0.20 float - B/O 28 keys
Gut Bright Water FT ST 0.21 float - B/O 27 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet FT 0.30 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Damascus Steel FT 0.35 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Rust Coat BS ST 0.52 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Bright Water FT 0.26 float - B/O 27 keys
Bowie Rust Coat BS 0.48 float - B/O 27 keys
Paracord Forest Ddpat FT 0.26 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Night FT ST 0.18 float - B/O 26 keys
Gut Blue Steel FT 0.32 float - B/O 26 keys
Paracord Forest Ddpat WW 0.38 float - B/O 26 keys
Gut Freehand FT 0.30 float - B/O 26 keys
Paracord Safari Mesh FT 0.17 float - B/O 26 keys
Navaja Damascus Steel Fn 0.05 float - B/O 26 keys
Falchion Rust Coat BS 0.52 float - B/O 26 keys
Bowie Scorched FT 0.19 float - B/O 25 keys
Gut Freehand WW 0.40 float - B/o 25 keys
Falchion Forest Ddpat FT 0.15 float - B/O 25 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet WW 0.38 float - B/O 25 keys
Gut Rust Coat BS 0.55 float - B/O 24 keys
Gut Safari Mesh WW 0.38 float - B/O 23 keys
Daggers Bright Water FT 0.21 float - B/O 23 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet BS 0.52 float - B/O 23 keys
Navaja Blue Steel MW 0.12 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Urban Masked FT 0.19 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Boreal FT 0.23 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Safari Mesh FT 0.28 float - B/O 22 keys
Daggers Black Laminate FT 0.37 float - B/O 22 keys
Gut Scorched FT 0.15 float - B/O 22 keys
Navaja Ultraviolet FT 0.36 float - B/O 22 keys
Daggers Night FT 0.25 float - B/O 22 keys
Navaja Boreal BS 0.67 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Night MW 0.12 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Stained FT 0.30 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Blue Steel WW 0.40 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Night BS 0.57 float - B/O 20 keys
Daggers Rust Coat BS 0.66 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Boreal FT 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Boreal Ft 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Night FT 0.20 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Safari Mesh BS 0.65 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Forest Ddpat FT 0.29 float - B/O 20 keys
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2023.06.08 16:35 riverishboi My friend is setting me up on a date today (F18) (M20)

So, my friend is setting me on a “date” with a guy(M20) from her uni.
The “date” is pretty casual, my friend is posing it as a hangout with us three since we all live close. We were gonna go on a walk but since the wildfires are so bad we’re probably just gonna go to a pizza shop and hang out inside.
(Btw: I’m (F18) one year younger then them and turning 19 soon so dw. I graduated in 22’.)
I’m very neurodivergent and have social anxiety. Im also an extreme hopeless romantic, therefore I feel as if I expect too much. I’m trying not to overthink it that much but I can’t help it.
I’ve never been on a date before so I have no idea how to deal with this.
My friend was hanging out with him yesterday and she told me that HE BOUGHT NEW COLONE!! Wtf, I’m even more nervous. He definitely does think I’m cute bc she showed me the messages.
I’m rlly insecure about my looks too thus, I feel like he’s too good looking for me.
The problem is:
I have the tendency to talk and ramble about my special interests (the fact that I watch the new Spider-Man the other day doesn’t help) as well as myself. I fear if I seem narcissistic (I just feel as if my life is interesting) even though I have no intentions to be.
I just feel as if I always need to prove myself due to spending a lonely 1st year of collage. Plus, I got them daddy issues making the concept of love with a guy kinda foreign to me.
I did a lot of online things in HS that I’m not proud of, like allowing myself to intentionally get groomed and send. Even now, I feel like getting back into that kinda online stuff but this time try to sell bc I need money and all. It also gives me a thrill since I’ve never had attention like I did before.
My self esteem is low and I feel unworthy, unable to commit. I (16 y/o) was in a sub/dom online “relationship” during covid and felt extremely “loved” but cut him off after almost a year but even still today, I miss that. I feel disgusting and because that “relationship,” it caused me to suppress my emotions and be scared to open up.
How can I get over this and make a good impression? How do I not seem weird and not ramble about everything? How do I go into it with an open mind and not be nervous?
I’m told he’s a sweet funny guy so I’m sure he’ll be nice and all but, I can’t help that I’m nervous.
TL;DR I’m a big neurodivergent mess being set up with a guy but i have crazy commitment issues from being groomed online during HS.
Srry for grammar mistakes. :) Ik this is a lot of info but it’s relevant to my issues.
My “hangout’s” at 5 tn.
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2023.06.08 16:35 Mysadbitchaccount I got dumped last week

I(18M) got dumped by my gf(19F) last week.
Im not taking it well. I understand the fact that I am much younger than everyone on this subreddit, or atleast I think so. I think when people see that, the immediate response will be "oh you're young, these things happen :)"
And well, I HOPE that's true, I hope that things will get better, but ofc everything is not great right now.
This may sound silly, but to me she was absolutely the perfect girl. We met in highschool and were friends for years. Before my senior year started, we would call everyday during the summer. I knew she was my bestfriend, and I also knew that I was saddened that I was still about to go to highschool, and she was about to leave to a college dorm one hour away. Sometime in July of that year, I confessed. That was 1 year and 11 months ago.
Truthfully, things were less than perfect. She had some kinda trust issues, and maybe that would not have boded well for the future. But I don't think that compared to her worth. I genuinely believe she was the prettiest girl I ever will meet, but it goes beyond that. She was genuinely a unique and extremely independant person, and she fell completely into being my type of person. Something that genuinely can not be beat. It was basically my first relationship as well, as I am NOT a catch in any way shape or form. She is though, she was just so good man.
And honestly, I think a week ago she learned her worth, lol. Things were good. Great even. Had just spent the night at her student apartment. A few weeks later, we hung out when she was in town. But then, a few days after that, she messages me at 4 AM to tell me how she feels too busy and does not want to depend on my messages anymore. She broke up with me. We tried to stay friends, but I just could not handle it greatly. I was trying, a lot. Anyways, a few days ago she said we cant stay friends, and honestly made me feel like shit. Ive come to realize that those reasons may not have been legitimate. After our break up, in which she claimed she "didn't wanna do" and "still loved me" she still seemed to live her life as usual, but as if I never existed.
But she acted like she loved me, she accepted me for me, she told me I looked good when literally no one else on Earth has, ever. She wanted to be close to me, she wanted me to visit, she wanted me to call, she wanted me to talk. I have like, two very close friends and that is IT. Despite being close, I feel like I can't be emotional with them, though. I had a silly, dumb childhood and I feel that it affected my ability to have emotional relationships with friends, and that I need this love and attention from a relationship. I still see my friends often, have been seeing them more this past week, but none of it really helps. I didnt realize how hard it is to wake up, check my phone out of habit, and see 0 messages. Zero. I would always wake up to her, tell her goodnight before I slept, tell her about my day. Man. I have work today at 11, and it is 9:30 AM. I don't know how imma get through the day. Yesterday, I ate almost nothing. No meals, just like a chocolate milk or something. And I was not hungry, at all. Today I woke up, and feel so unhungry. It's weird, I just can't bring myself to be hungry or eat. I thought I'd feel a little better by now, but I keep feeling worse. I realize how can I trust the next person who says I look good or that they want to be with me? No, I realize there wont be a next person either way. I have 0 people in my life to talk to, no family, 2 friends that I don't feel comfortable being emotional with, and that is it. She was everything in my life. I have hobbies, i have a job, and I go out with friends. I have things to try to occupy my mind, but they just dont. I wish I had someone to talk to but I also hate making friends. I wish I had someone to hold me, and tell me they love me. I don't care that time heals, I just want to be okay now.
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2023.06.08 16:35 baby_loveee I need advice sleep training my 12.5 month old

Hi! My son recently turned one and is a good sleeper once he’s down. I feel like we developed good sleep habits from the start which really helped but when I had trouble with a new nanny - I had her just rock him because it was too stressful to have him cry with her while I had to work.
Anyways, we’re at the point now where it takes about 20-30 minutes to get him to sleep which involves a combination of some rocking and patting with intervals of letting him cry to try and get him to self-soothe. However, he’s never able to get to sleep on his own and it’s become exhausting for both of us to get him down for naps and bedtime. Again, once he’s down, he’s down for good and sleeps a solid 11 hours a night. If he wakes, he’s usually good at putting himself back down.
I don’t want to do full extinction. Would Ferber be the next best choice?
If so:
  1. What do I do during the check ins?
  2. Do I use the same intervals for naps on that same day?
  3. What about if he wakes up at night and doesn’t go back to bed?
Also, for reference, we have a solid bedtime routing that involves, bathtime, drinking milk from straw cup in his room with the door open, brushing teeth, then reading a few books, followed by 5 min of rocking and singing.
I’m so ready to get him to go to bed on his own. This has been so hard on me and my husband lately - and my son!
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2023.06.08 16:34 WorthFine8984 I 26M want to break up with my girlfriend 26F but it seems like a bad time.

Long story short, I 26M just can’t handle the stress of my relationship 26F any more and I know that I need to break up with her. My life is way more stressful than it was before we started dating and I can’t keep living this way. The dilemma I’m facing is that we are supposed to go to the beach with her family tomorrow night or Saturday morning. I really don’t want to go at all but I feel like it’s a bad time to break up with her cause she would go on vacation with a broken heart. I know there is no good time to end things, but I don’t know if I should just suck it up and go or end it tonight when I see her. My mother says it would be cruel to break up with her before her vacation and go with a broken heart, so I’m torn. Advice would be great!
TLDR; I want to break up with my girlfriend but we are going on vacation with her family this weekend and I feel stuck.
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2023.06.08 16:33 Alethi_Willshaper Need advice

So for preface, I’ve been actively hunting for a therapist that can meet my needs but so far I haven’t been too successful. The last one I saw didn’t help much but I’m hopeful that the next one will help provide me with tools to manage. I’m not doing too bad managing myself, my episodes are getting less intense and I’ve started being able to talk myself down from my anxiety driven episodes.
Onwards to the question. How does everyone here cope with their ptsd and related issues?
When I was a bit younger I had an ex girlfriend accuse me of rape and ever since then I’ve had high anxiety and my ptsd episodes (while improving the older I get) are pretty bad as a result of this while talking to women. I’ve been single for a very long time and the last time I had sex was two years ago due to a ptsd episode, I’ve secluded myself from intimacy ever since. Recently though a woman has come into my life that for the first time in a very very long time I feel romantic and intimate fires beginning to burn again; but also those old ugly issues are rearing their heads.
Last week her and I went on a picnic and shared our first kiss by the side of a waterfall and went swimming, we ended up making out and I felt none of my usual anxiety. For the first time in years I was completely 1000% in the moment and it was wonderful… Then later in the week I had an episode where I sat in my car freaking out for a good two hours but was thankfully able to calm myself down. Earlier this week I had another episode where I thought I’d ruined things between us with some insecurities I’d displayed. She was wonderful and helped talk me down, we talked about it more a couple of nights ago and I wanted to cry because of how good natured she was.
Last night she invited me camping with just her and her pups and I said yes. I feel so comfortable with her and I appreciate how relaxed she’s been with me, but today I feel that old feeling creeping up “what if she calls rape?” It’s just the two of us and while I want to say I trust her and she feels genuine, I can’t get that tiny voice out of my head. But even if that doesn’t happen, what if I can’t perform at all because of those old triggers?
Edit: As I’m getting ready to hit send I feel stupid and foolish all of a sudden because I know this is just a survival thing psychologically and I can feel myself calming down, but I still feel I need to see what others say. I really like her a lot and I can tell I have the capacity to even love her someday if we continue as is and I genuinely don’t want to mess this up. I’m looking again into therapists but want to see how others cope.
TLDR: I’m looking for a therapist but want to see how others cope with their trauma induced ptsd and anxiety related to sexual experience.
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2023.06.08 16:32 imtiredofthisgrandpa TMI

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2023.06.08 16:32 lilxmonsterrx Off shoulder bra options

I saw this set on my Pinterest feed and it left me wondering where I can find a similar bra with an off shoulder detail like that. I think it looks rather cute but haven’t been able to find anything.
Does anyone have good recommendations?
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2023.06.08 16:31 plantasiaa Was this behavior abusive/manipulative?

My ex used to seem so temperamental, and when I would express concern at how he handled his anger or how hurtful his tone was, he would often tell me I was exaggerating, that he couldn’t believe I was upset about that, that I wasn’t allowing him to be mad, etc.
He would tell me sometimes that I had ‘ruined the day’ or that HE thought everything was fine and that we were happy, but APPARENTLY I was not. He made a comment once after a discussion that he was GOING to play video games with his friends but that plan got RUINED because of me wanting to talk (the night was still young, and this comment seemed so childish and hurtful to me).
He would tell me it wasn’t a good time to talk about things, that I needed to let more stuff go, or that we didn’t need to talk about every little thing.
But the thing is, I feel like so many of our conflicts were because of his anger management issues and his contemptuous tone with me, and me trying to get him to understand that he seemed so hateful and different when he was irritated.
He once blew up at me for trying to respectfully tell him that something he had said to me the night before hurt my feelings. He several times told me that he couldn’t believe I had ‘waited’ to talk to him about something, that I had had ‘all day’ to say something, and NOW I was bringing it up?
He would seem like another person when mad, and it felt sometimes in those moments like he hated me. I made a comment about a guy’s cool jacket with studs in line at a grocery store, and he just turned and looked at me harshly and said ‘STOP’ in a surprising tone, telling me later that the guy looked sketchy and he didn’t want him to start anything, that I was ‘making fun’ of him and he might hear me (we were not that close to him). He would seem to flip, like a switch, and use tones that really damaged me. And when we discussed things, he would get digs at me like, oh yeah right, don’t tell me I can’t swear when I am mad, don’t give me that-you swear too, you knew what you were doing, how did you think this was gonna go, and throw up his hands, say ‘Jesus Christ’, and ask heated questions like ‘did you possibly think that was going to help?’ Or ‘we have been fighting all week and you thought it was a good idea to make other plans?’ Or ‘you just aren’t going to answer me, don’t you realize how hurtful that is’ if I didn’t answer his texts fast enough during a rough patch.
A few times he genuinely worried me. Once he dropped something on his foot and in retaliation slammed it down so hard that it damaged the trim in a room, and when I sort of ‘shut down’ because this behavior scared me a little, he proceeded to get furious at me for not allowing him to be angry and proceeded to scare me further by slamming doors very loudly.
The first time I was supposed to move in, he was grumpy that morning and when I asked him what was wrong he said very angrily ‘I TOLD you I didn’t want to DO this today’ and made me fee like garbage, like I was being such a burden. I later called my family and cancelled their scheduled help, and then he got upset with me saying ‘i WAS getting ready to come over and help’.
I ended up leaving in secret while he was at work, and the relationship dissolved from there. I felt like I had no choice. It was after a particularly bad ‘fight’ where I was crying and speaking calmly and respectfully, and he was shouting and swearing so loud that I honestly wondered if a neighbor would call the police. He leveled accusations at me during this fight that I didn’t like his family, and that, when I said I felt like he was always mad at me, to ‘stop doing dumb f****** sh**!’.
Is this abusive behavior? Can anyone relate to me experiences? He was often kind and we had many wonderful memories and times together, but they never seemed to offset or minimize his vitriol when he did get angry, and I finally had enough and realized that no one else ever saw this behavior and that no one else in my life had ever spoken to me so disrespectfully or had ever shouted and cussed at me.
Thank you for any insight you can provide me, as I try to recover and make sense of this relationship.
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2023.06.08 16:30 South_Palpitation545 Homeschooling with newborn

I searched this topic and found some good tips on a similar thread, but thought I would ask again since it was a year old. My almost 5 is starting TK this year and it’s my first year homeschooling. Our 4th child is due in November. What is the homeschool day going to look like when I’m up all night? What are others’ experiences with this? Any advice or tips? We are leaning toward BookShark for curriculum, or something else classical/literature based. Thank you very much!
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2023.06.08 16:30 khoafraelich789 Toyota HiAce 2023 review: LWB turbo-diesel

Toyota HiAce 2023 review: LWB turbo-diesel
Toyota doesn't make hasty decisions and with good reason. As one of the world’s largest and longest-running automotive manufacturers (founded 1937), it applies the same rigorous assessment of each new model proposal or running change.

That ensures each green light stacks up as a viable business case, from which the company is assured of getting a worthwhile return on its investment.

This pragmatic approach was evident in Toyota’s decision in 2022 to offer a rear barn-door option for its HiAce van. Given this iconic commercial vehicle was launched in 1967, it’s taken 55 years for Toyota to finally offer an alternative to the HiAce's signature swing-up tailgate.

Barn doors are ideal for those needing forklift access to cargo bays, so we assume this decision was prompted not only by competitors offering similar options but also growing demand from Toyota’s all-important fleet buyers. We recently tested one to see if this long-awaited option is on the money.

Price and Features – Does it represent good value for the price? What features does it come with?
Our test vehicle is the LWB (Long Wheel Base) powered exclusively by Toyota’s well proven 2.8 litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel. It’s available with either standard six-speed manual or optional six-speed automatic, like our example.

Painted in standard 'French Vanilla', it has a list price of $46,760, plus on-road costs, but ours is fitted with the new $750 Barn Door option which bumps the list price to $47,510.

It’s available on all LWB and SLWB (Super Long Wheel Base) variants except for the HiAce Crew, HiAce Commuter and LWB manual versions.

Our test vehicle is also the Panel Van variant, which means a buyer can order a full-panel left-hand side sliding door instead of the standard windowed version at no extra cost.

The HiAce comes ready for hard work on sturdy 16-inch steel wheels with replaceable plastic covers and 215/60R16 tyres plus a full-size spare, along with a large centre console offering a variety of storage options.

There are also useful creature comforts in the two-seater cabin like a tilt-and-reach adjustable leather-accented steering wheel, driver’s seat adjustable lumbar support, manual air-con, two 12-volt cabin accessory sockets, folding/heated exterior door mirrors with indicators, and more.

The two-speaker multimedia system has a big 8.0-inch touchscreen plus steering wheel audio controls and 'DAB+2' digital radio.

Multiple connectivity options include Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Siri voice recognition, Bluetooth, sat-nav and 'Toyota Connected Services', which includes an app for mobile phones and safety/security functions like 'Stolen Vehicle Tracking', 'Automatic Collision Notification', 'SOS Emergency Call', and more.

Design – is there anything interesting about its design?
It’s a typically robust design comprising MacPherson strut front suspension, a leaf-spring live rear axle that’s excellent for load-carrying, variable-ratio rack and pinion steering and four-wheel disc brakes on all automatic variants, like ours.

The rear-wheel drive chassis has an inherent traction advantage over front-wheel drive vans, particularly on loose or slippery surfaces and with heavy payloads.

Its 1990mm height allows access to underground and multi-storey car parks and its 3210mm wheelbase boasts an impressively tight 11.0-metre turning circle.

The two-tone dash layout is neat and functional with easy-to-use controls and instrumentation.

There’s still no fold-down inboard armrest for the driver’s seat to enhance comfort on long hauls, but given we had to wait more than half a century for a barn-door option, we know Toyota won’t be rushed on these decisions.

Engine and transmission – What are the key stats for the engine and transmission?
HiAce’s venerable (1GD-FTV) 2.8 litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel produces 130kW at 3400rpm and in auto models like ours a meaty 450Nm of torque between 1600-2400rpm.

Maintenance procedures are simplified by its Euro 5 emissions compliance which doesn’t require AdBlue.

A smooth-shifting Aisin (AC60E) six-speed torque converter automatic optimises fuel economy with full converter lock-up on fourth, fifth and sixth gears, along with overdrive on fifth and sixth for relaxed highway driving. It also offers the choice of sequential manual-shifting if required.

The live rear axle is equipped with an electronically-controlled automatic limited-slip diff, which optimises the inherent traction advantage of rear-wheel drive.

Fuel consumption – How much fuel does it consume?
Toyota claims an official combined cycle average of 8.2L/100km.

After 215km of testing, without a load and with the automatic engine stop-start function switched off, our figure based on trip meter and fuel bowsers readings came in slightly higher at 9.8L/100km.

This single-digit economy was achieved purely in city and suburban driving, which is thrifty for a large commercial vehicle weighing more than two tonnes.

So, based on our figures, you could bank on a ‘real world’ driving range of around 700km from its 70-litre tank.

Practicality – How practical is the space inside?
With its 2225kg kerb weight and 3300kg GVM, the HiAce has a genuine one-tonne-plus payload rating of 1060kg, and up to 120kg of that can be carried on the roof using Toyota’s genuine accessory triple-bar roof rack set.

It also has a braked tow rating of up to 1500kg and with a GCM (how much it can legally carry and tow at the same time) of 4800kg, it can carry its peak 1060kg payload while towing that weight, which is a versatile set of numbers for a working van.

Cargo bay walls and doors are lined to mid-height, the roof is internally lined and there’s ample internal lighting.

It’s accessed from either side through sliding doors with 1010mm-wide openings, or from the rear through the barn-doors which are both equipped with demisters/windscreen wipers and can swing open to 180 degrees.

Each door also has a simple brace which can hold them at 90 degrees opening if required.

The cargo bay offers a sizeable 6.2 cubic metres of load volume, measuring 2530mm long, 1760mm wide and 1340mm high.

With 1268mm between the rear wheel housings and six floor-mounted load anchorage points, it can carry up to two standard 1165mm-square Aussie pallets or up to three 1200 x 800mm/1200 x 1000mm Euro pallets.

Its spacious driver’s cabin has numerous storage offerings including a large-bottle holder and bin in the base of each front door, small-bottle/cupholders in the centre and on either side of the dash, plus a single glove box.

The centre console is well designed, comprising an open storage tray at floor level and a large lidded box between the seats.

This not only has cavernous internal storage but there’s also an external shelf at the front, two large-bottle holders at the rear and another shallow tray set into the lid, which when closed can double as a handy work desk.

What’s it like as a daily driver?
The big front doors swing wide open to provide easy access to the cabin, where it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position given ample seat adjustment that includes lumbar support, plus a height-and-reach-adjustable wheel and big left footrest.

Responsive steering and strong braking, combined with a reasonably supple ride quality when empty or lightly loaded, makes for a comfortable daily work environment.

This is enhanced by commendably low internal noise levels for a van without a bulkhead between the cabin and cargo bay. We suspect the full-length roof lining helps here.

Like all panel vans, the solid-walled cargo bay creates a huge blind-spot over the driver’s left shoulder which can’t be avoided. And the central join of the barn doors obscures vision through the cabin’s rear-view mirror.

However, the portrait-shaped door mirrors are a decent size and combined with a suite of driver aids like blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, rear parking sensors and reversing camera, a competent driver can easily steer clear of trouble.

And it has easy manoeuvrability thanks to the tight 11-metre turning circle and lightness of the variable-ratio steering at parking speeds.

The 2.8-litre turbo-diesel has good flexibility with strong low-rpm response thanks to its ample 450Nm of torque.

The smooth and snappy shift protocols of the six-speed auto optimise engine response, which is most evident in stop-start city and suburban driving.

It also delivers relaxed and economical highway travel, particularly with the cruise control activated, with overdrive requiring less than 2000rpm to maintain 110km/h.

What’s it like for tradie use?
It’s ironic that a forklift should be out of service on the same day we wanted to test improved forklift access! However, that’s what happened when we went to load up the HiAce for our usual GVM test.

Even so, you don’t need to be a forklift aficionado to see that the 180-degree opening will provide clear access to the cargo bay.

We also know from experience that the HiAce is a consummate one-tonner, having previously secured 975kg in the cargo bay which with driver equalled the van’s 1060kg payload limit.

There was ample rear suspension travel remaining thanks to minimal compression of the robust leaf springs.

The engine made light work of hauling this payload, with effortless highway cruising and particularly strong performance in hilly terrain.

It never felt sluggish on climbs and engine-braking was excellent on long, steep descents. As a workhorse, the HiAce is difficult to fault.

Safety – What safety equipment is fitted? What safety rating?
The current HiAce generation came armed with a maximum five-star ANCAP rating when launched in 2019 and still sets a safety benchmark.

There are seven airbags plus a plethora of active features including AEB with day/night pedestrian and day cyclist detection, trailer sway control, hill-start assist, lane departure alert with steering assist, road sign assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, front and rear parking sensors, reversing camera, and more.

Ownership – What does it cost to own? What warranty is offered?
The HiAce is covered by a five-yeaunlimited km warranty.

Scheduled servicing is set at relatively short six month/10,000km intervals, whichever occurs first.

Capped-price of $290 per service covers the first six scheduled services over three years or 60,000km.

Source: carsguide
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2023.06.08 16:30 maudeSIM Screaming in the forest

Hearing unidentified or unnatural noises in the night is horrifying, I think we can all agree on that. Unfortunately, for some reason, I’m an idiot, so I don’t really understand when something is horrifying until shit hits the fan.
This comes into play one summer night at somewhere around 2 am. At that time of my life, I lived in a little house on the outskirts of a forest, the rent was good and I love nature so it was perfect. That night I woke up to something that sounded like a man screaming. I was a bit concerned so I tried to look out the window to see if I could make out any silhouettes or something. I couldn’t see anything because it was too dark, but I could make out that the screaming came from the forest. I thought there was no way it could be a person because there were no houses around for like a mile, so I took the “logical explanation” that it was just a fox. If you’ve ever heard a redfox mating call you would not judge me for thinking this.
I went back to bed but I suddenly jumped back up again when the scream suddenly shift from just incoherent screaming to “Help me!”. I took my phone and a flashlight with me and went out, you know, like an idiot.
I didn’t have to walk far until I saw a man crouched down in the forest, screaming “Help me” and in between just incoherent mumbling. He reacted when he saw my flashlight and I asked him if he was okay.
Now let me recite this little conversation we had:
“Are you okay?”
“No, I lost it…”
“You lost something?”
“Yes I lost my hat, it is red!”
“When did you lose it? Maybe I’ve seen it?”
“Christmas, it’s my Santa hat!”
“Ah, yeah no sorry! I haven’t seen it.”
And then he just went back to mumbling again. I mind you this, this was in the middle of the summer, Christmas was pretty far away. I decided to leave him be because this man was clearly on something or very ill. As I walked back home I could hear him start screaming again so I called the police and they came and picked him up.
It wasn’t after this whole ordeal that I realized how much of a dumb-dumb I was and I will confidently say that I will never do that again.
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2023.06.08 16:29 Mysterious-Pizza505 Help me with my theriotype?

This is my first time posting in this subreddit or any subreddit for that matter but I am very confused and need help. I don’t need specific animals just maybe a few suggestions. I will list off a few things below and maybe you could help? Based on the stuff below I’m thinking I could be a cladotherian but I don’t know for what family
First off I prefer meat and fruits over anything else. I like forest, creeks, lakes, mountains, everything basically. I don’t mind it being hot but I do over heat quite easily, winter is much better for me because I don’t over heat but I’m still fine in the summer. I love swimming and I’m really good at it. It is one of my favourite things to do. I can actually hold my breath for 1 minute. I don’t mind small places but I prefer open spaces. I prefer the morning more than the night as well
I can’t think of much more right now but if any of you have questions feel free to ask and I will answer I hope you can help
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2023.06.08 16:26 Adorable-Science2425 I'll do anything to get my boyfriends attention anymore

For context, we're in an LDR that we want to make in person and. Sometimes when Im talking to him it feels like Im pulling teeth to get him to say more than one word responses. Like thats all he can say, usually if I start getting lovey with him he'll giggle or say he loves me too or something like that. Its my favorire thing, when he says he loves me without me saying anything, or Im cute without me saying anything. Hes not the most outwardly affectionate person though, and I dont mind I just. Wish I got the attention in other ways, like just, having a deeper conversation with me. He just never seems to be interested in what I say anymore. Then about a week ago we got in a fight and he told me to go pass away like, fifty times and. Thats probably not helping because I cant stop thinking about it. Changed his little discord bio to "F YOU OP" and everything. And told me about I think four different times to pass and saying he wanted to break up and I got emotional and said I didnt think this was going to happen and even cited a rime where he said he didnt plan on breakinf up with me (which is shitty I know) and he said well you probably said that to your exs and. I said well, everybody Ive broken up with non-civilly abused me and he said "Thats your problem". And obviously now hes calmed down but. I canr stop thinkinf about it. Or like I was driving home last night and really sleepy and I just, remembered him telling me specifically that he hoped I fell asleep at rhe wheel and I just. Started crying. And its so awful because, a couple of days ago I passed out in the middle of the day cause I hadnt slept in a few days and he thought I had made an attempt and he was so worried and didnt stop calling until I woke up and for a second I was just. So happy because it felt like he actually really cared and I didnt have that train of thoughts bouncing around in my head then he got understandably upset with me and it went away but just. God I know how screwed up it is but I love looking back at those along with the lovey texts and just, reminding myself that he really really does care about me. And hes going through a rough time right now but I am too and. I just, I wish he ar least, tried to seem interested in me. Or happy that he has me. I know its hard and I was I was better and everything I just. I miss when he used to constantly check in on me and tell me about his day and tell me about the rhings he loved and now he just. Never seems to want to talk about anything at all. I want to fix whatever I did wrong bur I dont want to ask in case I should know I just. It just sucks.
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2023.06.08 16:26 LaamWebby Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

I have a Steam key for the metroid-vania game 'Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night'.
Just leave a reply to enter. I'll select a winner in roughly 5 hours from now.

Good luck everyone!
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