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2023.03.28 14:26 Hopeful_Chart952 Fridge line - Plumbing Advice

Fridge line - Plumbing Advice
So I’m getting my new fridge delivered today. I don’t currently have a fridge line run and the fridge is not connected to the sink by cabinets. I’m on a slab as well. However the water intake for our tankless hot water heater is just on the other side of the wall from it (only separated by a space roughly about the size of a cheap Walmart bookshelf see pic) it’s a 3/4 pipe. You think I could add some kinda t adapter there temporarily to run the water to the fridge? I’m thinking that might be a safer option since there is a shut off right before it and it’s visible so I could easily see any leaks should they happen. I know that I can do it. The real question is, should I? Lol
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2023.03.28 14:26 j0hn0wnz FLR (M) Family Visa Category B

Hello all,
I'm having to consider alternatives for my partner's family visa application, so we are look at category B now
The situation is we will finish our full time education both around the summer. I should be starting a job in September that is roughly 30k gross before tax, and we will apply in Janaury. That means by then I should have earned 9k for Part 2 of Cat B.
Essentially we are wondering how to hit the 18k requirement for Part 2 Cat B
Can we work seperate jobs through June (roughly) to January and combine the earnings to meet Part 2 Cat B?
Is my job starting September enough for Part 1 of Cat B? (Total annual income)
Theoretically, can I work June to August, then add the income to my September job, and then add to my partner's job from June to January (roughly) for purposes of the 18k threshold of Part 2 Cat B?
Hope I'm being clear enough and thanks again for making this sub hospitable, especially those who helped me before!
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2023.03.28 14:26 lcmhvacinc LCM HVAC INC

AC Maintenance Services New York

Without proper air conditioning maintenance, your air conditioner's lifetime may be shortened and its efficiency will be reduced. The cost of your air conditioning system should be measured over the years you own it, along with the annual costs of operating it in the New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn environment. It's easy to see that the longer it lasts and runs efficiently, the lower your overall costs. Like all mechanical systems, repairs are also sometimes needed on central air conditioners. When your air conditioner isn't working correctly, or isn't working at all, getting it repaired quickly is a high priority. LCM HVAC Heating Cooling New York Air Conditioning New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn offers complete AC repair and maintenance service for all major brands of central air conditioners. Our NYC Air Conditioning Services
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2023.03.28 14:26 Cultural_Vegetable20 She’s tearing our family apart

My younger sibling is getting out of control and it’s tearing the family apart. (I will use they as I don’t want to use their real gender).
My younger sibling is currently in high school, a few years left. We’re not sure what has happened, I believe part of it is puberty, but they completely refuse to go to school now.
Every morning they throw a tantrum saying they don’t want to go to school and hits my mum which makes my mum cry. Then when they eventually go to school they go to the nurse and cry and say they have a stomach ache and call to come home.
We’ve asked if there’s bullying and they said no (they come home on random days). We’ve asked for a therapist but have been on a wait list for months now. The only thing they keep saying is they’re struggling with school but doesn’t elaborate on that al all and gets angry when we don’t understand. My mum has said they can no longer come home now and has to stay in school
We thought maybe they had a vitamin deficiency or something but they’re refusing to get a blood test done. We’ve also shown how people poorer than us are (we’re working class) meaning the kids who go to school because there’s no one and no food to come back home to.
My mum is so stressed she looks dead inside. My dad just keeps giving them everything they want.
Has anyone else had a similar experience? We’re in UK a for reference
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2023.03.28 14:26 CommonLow728 I need to get my hands on floral olive cologne

Hello Turkish redditors,
First time posting here so here goes nothing :D
I just got back from a week long holiday in Turkey. Delightful country, very good job. I have been travelling the south-west part of Turkey. We started in Antalya got close to Izmir and then returned back to Antalya and stopping to see Pamukkale on the way back. Ok, that's it for the intro.
Why I am writing this is because I discovered one of the best smells in my life while I was in Turkey. I am talking about Floral olive cologne by Taris. I have picked it up by accident and when I smelt it was fucking incredible! I couldn't get enough of it. Unfortunately, I bought only one bottle and I'm running out of it quickly.
On the other hand, quite luckily, I have found the company online ( and I have fount the product online ( I was so happy that it exists online so I tried to order it. Of course, they don't deliver outside Turkey so I quickly contacted the company. They said that they don't deliver outside the country and that I'm out of luck. Dicks.
Anyways, that's why I have turned to reddit to see if any of you nice people could help me out :) I am looking if anybody would be willing to buy 4 bottles of this thing and send it to me in Zagreb, Croatia. I would pay for the products, delivery to Croatia and I would like to make amends and send you back either some cash for your troubles or a box full of Croatian products like candy and some thing usually found here.
I know that's a lot to ask but it would mean a world to me if somebody could help me. Please, DM me if you want to help me and get some sweet Croatian things in the mail hahah. Thank you very much!
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2023.03.28 14:26 GNHubris Wishing Quandary

I am finally about to get my pity counter to zero on Wishing. I can pick a five-star exclusive for only heroes I have.
Right now, Mytus, Aldin, Thaurissian, Wanda, and Garabeth already have their exclusives, so I have the Whip and Killer’s Will deployed, either for Thaurissian and Mytus or just as overall good weapons if needed for others.
The five stars running generic weapons are Alia, Pearl, Isadora, Elmyst, Wu, Chloe, Loki, Surtr, Morella, Irilia, Percibel, Rebecca, and Zong Hao. I generally will put the Whip on Wu or Chloe. I have not been using Zong Hao or Rebecca and use Percibel for defense.
So the question is, where should I put my free Wishing choice? I am leaning towards Elmyst as I use him a lot but his weapon doesn’t look that amazing. Any advice?
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2023.03.28 14:26 taflad VPN Slow due to firewall overhead?

Hi All,
I'm struggling to understand a concept our MSP has described as the reason staff using MRP and lightweight CAD programs are getting slow speed

We have 1gb leased line symmetrical and an Sophos XG firewall running SSL VPN via the Sophos connect app. Before this, we had 300/100mb running off on old Draytek running L2TP. I can't say if MRP speeds are faster as we have only had the MRP system recently so it was just being implemented when the lines switched, , but the CAD stuff would work almost as quickly as if onsite

Now, what takes milliseconds onsite is taking 20 or so seconds (this is just opening windows, no manipulation of the MRP/CAD files). Speaking to our MSP, they have said that it's due to the XG overhead on processing and routing the data. But I genuinely struggle to see it slowing speed down so much. Especially as the CAD stuff worked file over L2TP
If correctly configured, should we be seeing such delays over VPN? Onsite, everything is fine. The MRP and CAD software are hosted on SQL instances inside the network. I assumed there was traffic shaping of packet inspection turned on, but they say no

Am I going mad??!?!
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2023.03.28 14:25 Neat_Alternative_302 lithium-ion cell to power something needing 3V

I have a 3.7V/4.2V lithium-ion cell that I pulled out of a portable phone charger a few years ago and the original charging circuit, but it outputs 5V out of a USB-A port and I want to try to use it to power something that normally runs off of a 3V CR2032 watch battery but I'm not sure how to get the right voltage. What would be the easiest way to do this? bonus points if it's something I might be able to pull out of some kind of household electronics.
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2023.03.28 14:25 BoliveiraNTPW WWE.COM on March 28,2013.

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2023.03.28 14:25 Cool_Ostrich3031 Every. God. Damn. Time.

Every damn time I order a new round of medications there seems to be an issue: no stock, can't order too early cause my daily limit is reached, dispense times etc. No matter what I've tried to ensure I have enough medication something always seems to pop up. I had a good run for a little while but now it just seems to have gone to shit again
Is anybody else feeling the same?
The amount of money it costs and the problems with ordering... feel like giving up on it sometimes!
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2023.03.28 14:25 TheBrightLord No CD45 expression in jurkats/potentially no cell lysis via RIPA?

Hi Labrats,
I’m trying to establish a western blot to look at CD45 levels in jurkat E6.1 cells. In my first run at the western I had very few cells and didn’t detect any CD45, although my “control” lane (purified CD45) did work.
In my second run I used way more cells (approx 12.6 million) and chose to include a loading control (GAPDH) using an antibody I’ve used before in a different cell type. In this case I did not see any GAPDH on the western blot, which suggests to me that somehow my cells aren’t lysing? I am lysing in RIPA buffer (1% triton, 0.5% sodium deoxycholate, 0.1% SDS in Tris buffer) for 20 mins on ice followed by a 20 min spin to pellet nuclei.
Am I missing something here? I thought it was a matter of not having enough cells but not seeing GAPDH has me very confused. I’m not sure if I need to change my lysis buffer.
This is driving me crazy because I’ve seen expression of my target protein on these same cells via flow.
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2023.03.28 14:25 PresentationLower899 One of my feet always hit the rope while the other goes through, please help

Started jump roping today and I've been practicing for around an hour but when I skip after around 2 skips the rope just hits my foot and stops, meanwhile the other went through. Are there any fixes?
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2023.03.28 14:25 Left-Bat5988 My schizophrenic neighbour is potentially dangerous and police have done nothing to help

I’m an 18 year old living in the UK with my parents and younger siblings. We have lived in our house for the past 7 years and have had the same neighbours for all of that time. There was two brothers both in their 30’s and 40’s and their mother who recently passed in 2020. The eldest of the siblings has always suffered from schizophrenia and on occasions would become violent when having an episode, the first i saw of this was when he slashed up his house with a samurai sword however his mother was alive at that point to calm him down when that happened. He has been sectioned many times since then but as soon as he goes into a facility he starts acting normal to get released. He is heavily religious and his schizophrenia plays on that (the devil runs the world, he believes he’s here to save us all and that he’s an angel, the government are going to kill him because he tells the truth, we’re all clones). The most recent incident was a lot worse for whatever reason, he smashed up his house again worse than ever, breaking all the windows in the house, putting holes through doors and smashing up the glass oven (bare in mind it’s a council home and the siblings are both trying to be relocated so he’s damaging property he doesn’t own) but he would never touch his brother or dead mothers belongings. When that incident happened the police arrested him and took him to the hospital to treat his injury’s from the broken windows but he escaped and went back home. The police and ambulance turned up to talk to him the following day but just left him there alone. The other day he tried burning stuff over an open fire inside the house which was enough for my mother to call the firefighters due to our houses being attached to one another meaning if he burns his house down we go with him, police ambulance and firefighters all turned up but again left with no issues. The younger of the siblings had to be hospitalised over having a mental breakdown due to the situation and is on suicide watch now. Me and my family have become increasingly fearful of him as he has tried being aggressive with my stepfather, and is known for sometimes carrying knifes around but whenever we try and call to have him taken away the services do nothing to help. I guess what I’m asking for is advice on how to have him taken away to somewhere that can help him rather than be around people and causing a risk as he is causing my already stressed out mother more stress
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2023.03.28 14:25 Klejne88 I recently pulled Bast and...She's the Best

I recently pulled Bast and...She's the Best
I saw a thread here yesterday, with a offshoot comment thread about Bast and her being a potential sleeper hit, and after spending 24 hours with a (probably) urefined deck, i think theres something to it. (Not pool three complete, halfway).
Disclaimers: I'm scrubbing around Platinum and there's every chance the zooish nature of the deck isn't gonna cut it, but so far i've zoomed from a very static rank 52 to rank 57 with a lot of 4-cubers in quick succession. I'm not a big snapper, so its possible there could have been more cubes, but the gist is the opponents thought they'd won, and were wrong. Also it is very fun to play so far.
Overall deck composition:
I basically looked for cards with less than 3 power, with a few 3+ cards to round it out. The deck plays a lot of cards, so Warlock has been doing a lot of work, especially when he is a 3 power. Its not possible to have have Bast reduce Chávez, unless you draw your entire deck and haven't played Bast. I haven't had it happen, but i have drawn the entire deck several times.
Card by Card:

  1. Bast - Irreplacable. Makes 9 of the 11 other cards in the deck stronger. 4/11 (36%) chance to be in your hand on turn one (barring a funky location). Note that Bast will rarely hit more than 3 other cards, so you can wait with the play, though obviously you'd rather have her out ASAP.
  2. Hood - Goes from -2 to 3 with Bast, for a total of 9 power for 2 mana over two cards. If you're suspecting Killmonger it can be a decent play to wait as long as possible to play Demon. Un-Basted Hood is a fine Killmonger detriment.
  3. Ant-Man - 1 power to 3, for a total of 6 in a stacked lane. Your lanes are gonna be stacked.
  4. Iceman - 2 power to 3. A rare non-bast proactive play in the deck. I like disruption, even if Iceman always is gonna be a bitch hits better against yourself.
  5. Adam Warlock - 0 power to 3. Warlock can draw so many cards, especially if you get the nut Bast into Warlock turn two play. opponents tend to ignore or overcommit, at their peril. Sometimes he stays in hand at 0 power while you prioritize other plays.
  6. Angela - 0 power to 2. You're playing a lot of cards. Angela likes that.
  7. Mister Sinister - Bast Makes him 3, for at total of 6 power. Makes Ant-man easiser to proc, as well as Wolfsbane. Avoid Angela Lane if possible.
  8. Ironheart - 0 to 3 power for a staggering 9 power for 3 mana. Good on her own, gets power into locked lanes. Great card.
  9. Bishop - A tall card for a deck made of many smaller cards. Bast-Angela-Bishop can trick opponents, since you're not really doing a lot at first. Bishop has the same x-factor as Sunspot, and can surprise opponents for 1-power lane wins.
  10. Wolfsbane - Another tallish card. Your lanes are stacked, She'll do a easy 7 or 9 power (with bast)
  11. Blue Marvel - Neutral for Bast. Again, you have many cards, juice 'em up.
  12. America Chavéz - Great card for the deck. Makes it easier to draw Bast, provides tall power at the end should you need it.

1-power card note - Since this deck doesn't run Armor, i've tried to limit onedrops to this. I'm 3-1 against Killmongers so far, since a lot of the decks power comes from the 2+ drops. I won't begrudge you for escaping, but the mental hit is bigger than the power one. Fewer one power cards means no Kazar. Bast is also gonna make him smaller.
Locations to avoid: You don't have a way to get into a locked lane. Deaths Domain can be entered with Sinister. Especially bad is the location that makes 1,2,3 drops impossible. Negative power zones are annoying, but Bishop-Chavéz can do work here. Like any other deck you're gonna have high tides and low ones re: locations.
As i stated at the start, this is just me Bast-ing the cards i had and thinking afterwards. You might have luck running:
Brood - a 3 spot 6 power card turns into a 9 power. Pretty powerful, but i often find my lanes full, so Sinister was chosen instead.
Iron Man - As I'm writing this, i'm probably gonna find a place for the Tin man. Bast makes him 6 power with his' ongoing, which is very powerful. A slight worry is his' high cost, which makes Bishop and Angela and Blue Marvel less powerful.
Kazar - Its probable a list exist with more one-drops. Oddly many one-drops get the smallest Bast-benefit at 1 extra power.
Wasp - 3 power for zero. even at zero power she'll help Angela, Bishop, Ant-Man, Blue Marvel.
Sunspot - Good on paper, but this deck rarely floats mana.
Luke Cage, Hazmat package: Risky, since you're playing many cards. Wong gets a boost form Bast as well, but probably fun the one times it works.
Forge - Good with Sinister, and Bast makes him a 5 power 2-drop.

Anyways, just thought i'd do a write-up. Hope you have some fun with it.
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2023.03.28 14:25 HugoLisoir We have created a website to test the PES !

We have created a website to test the PES !
We created a website with my community in order to test and have fun with PES! In 3.18 everything is persistent and even if we can't choose our shards yet we can let our imagination run free. At first, we created this tool for my Twitch community, but due to its popularity, we translated it into English and opened it up to everyone.
That's why I present you https://circuspes.fen
Circus PES is a place to try and enjoy the Persistent Entity Streaming technology of Star Citizen. You can index shards, your findings and creations, or even create your own missions for other players to try.
There are 4 main categories:
Here you can check how long an object or NPC stays in a shard, or how many objects are needed to clear a zone.
Points of Interest are not necessarily the prerogative of devs! Use persistence to create your own!
Let's help each other in the 'verse. If you find an abandoned ship or a crate full of amno, you can index them for other players to use!
PES allows each citizen of the 'verse to create their own missions or treasure hunts. Come try out other players' missions!
Here are some examples of how to create a mission.
One of my viewers Kainann created a turtle island on the APSE2B-070 shard! It's up to you to explore and find it!
I personally organized a giveaway where you had to find a box and tell me its content to win a vulture!
I hope you'll enjoy this site and see you soon in the vers'.
Hugo Lisoir.
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2023.03.28 14:25 Zealous-Froyo-6 New internet provider causing Netflix T1 error and websites such as Spotify not loading

TL;DR your IP address has been changed by the internet provider, most likely from the DHCP server setting, go into your modem setting, most likely there will be a setup link in the box that came with the modem, find DHCP server setting, most likely under LAN settings, then find your IP through sites such as and enter it into the IP address area

So I recently got switched to a new internet provider and found that the Wi-Fi was a slower than my previous one even after boasting that it was a lot better, there was also the problem that Netflix kept giving me T1 errors, Spotify links on discord showed as words instead of an image, Spotify's website wouldn't load and was stuck on a white screen, and in general sites took a long time to load.
I decided to run an internet speed test to see if that was the problem and after multiple failed attempts it finally worked and told me that my internet speed was fast (something like 20mbps download and 10mbps upload) so it was very confusing that it felt slower than my previous plan
for those unaware the T1 error on Netflix is due to network connectivity errors either through a VPN or bad connection, so this along with the other problems suggested that if a restart didn't work then is was one of my modem settings that was the problem, after restarting and resetting my modem the problem persisted leading me to look at my Wi-Fi settings
I searched for an hour or so looking for anything to do with virtual networks or altered networks and thought the MAC addresses were the problem at first (they're not) finally I found the DHCP setting which basically uses a standard IP address set by the service provider and sets it as the IP address of every device on the network, I didn't recognise what IP was displayed, I tried turning off DHCP or switching it from server to relay, but it didn't fix the problem, instead I found an area where I could change the provided IP address to one of my choice, so I looked up the IP address of my area and manually entered it, then saved, this caused a modem restart but then afterwards everything worked properly again, sites loaded fast again, Netflix worked, Spotify loaded
BUT when doing a Wi-Fi speed test it came back as fine to slow speeds (5-11mps download and 1-5mps upload) which is what I had on the previous provider, if not a little worse, it works fine still and it's a cheaper plan so I'm not too annoyed but they did promise better, it was such a simply solved problem that was harder to find than it was needed to be and simple to not have if the IP was just set by what area it is set up in, I have a suspicion that providers deliberately put an incorrect IP because it's closer to their servers and therefore reads as "better" speeds even if it isn't and causes problems for the user

thanks for reading
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2023.03.28 14:25 arorasaab1947 I'm done posting here!! DONE

Why do you guys even have Meme/Satire flair when you remove everything that is Meme/Satire.
There is this Politics flair and again everything political is removed.
I ask for help like "is this metro running" etc and they remove it calling it "low effort".
They have made separate groups with girls to meetup.
completely shitty, mods think they are maintaining something in this community but you are driving it in shit.
They want nothing except food pics, girls pics, and weather pics.
I'm done, thanks for reading.
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2023.03.28 14:25 steakforkx Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Full Course)

If you want Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact us on + 447593882116 (Telegram or WhatsApp).
If you want to run a successful agency and wonder how, look no further than Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator course.
With over 50 hours of step-by-step training, Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator covers EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. It's almost like a plug & play system with plenty of success stories to back it up. From signing clients and running Facebook ads, to building out your team and invoicing, this course has everything you need to know.
Inside the Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course, you'll find:
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To get your hands on Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 447593882116
Reddit DM to u/steakforkx
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.03.28 14:25 AutoModerator Web Design Agency

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2023.03.28 14:25 jdevia_ Can’t get through to Passport agency line NYC

I am traveling internationally in 14 days from today, and I tried calling from since 7:55 AM, at first I was hearing the menu options but as soon as it hit 8 o’clock it’s just a flat dial tone and the phone immediately hangs up. Is there any tips to get through immediately, I usually press 112, but I’ve never actually been able to speak to someone directly. Is there any other options for me? Should I just keep calling?
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2023.03.28 14:25 emptysea114 Relapse and recovery

I had a wonderful 8-9 weeks sober, taking care of myself, running, sleeping well, and feeling great. Then a few days ago I decided I would drink again and ended up drinking and using cocaine a few nights in a row. I feel tired, ashamed, frustrated. I’m going to try to find my way back and pick up where I left off (more or less).
Any advice appreciated - thanks and IWNDWYT
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2023.03.28 14:24 cats64sonic Forever Now

My name is Billie and I'm freaking out I thought therefore I was well I can't really figure it out I sit alone with my thoughts and prayers Scream out my memories as if I was never there
Standing at the edge of the world It's giving me the chills But looking down the edge of the world Lost in a tango, it's freaking me out Burning lights and blackouts
(Out, out, out) From the edge of the world! (Out, out, out) From the edge of the world!
I'm like a punk rocker on Labor Day How the hell did I work so hard to be born this way? I never learned to read or write so well (freaking out) But I can play the guitar until it hurts like hell
Standing at the edge of the world It's giving me the chills But looking down the edge of the world Lost in a tango, it's freaking me out Burning lights and blackouts
(Out, out, out) From the edge of the world! (Out, out, out) From the edge of the world!
If this is what you call the good life I want a better way to die If this is what you call the good life I want a better way to die
Oh I Don't wanna think about tomorrow Don't wanna think about it, oh It doesn't matter anyway
Oh I I wanna start a revolution I wanna hear it on my radio I'll put it off another day
I want a new conspiracy And the silence of a thousand cries So hurry up I want a better way to die
I'm running late to somewhere now that I don't want to be Where the future and promises ain't what it used to be I never wanted to compromise or bargain with my soul How did a life on the wild side ever get so full?
Somewhere now Somewhere now Somewhere now Somewhere
Oh I Don't wanna think about tomorrow Don't wanna think about it, oh It doesn't matter anyway
Oh I I wanna start a revolution I wanna hear it on my radio I'll put it off another day
(I ain't gonna stand in line no more) Oh I Don't wanna think about tomorrow Don't wanna think about it, oh It doesn't matter anyway
(I ain't gonna stand in line no more) Oh I I wanna start a revolution I wanna hear it on my radio I'll put it off another day
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