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Mazuma Blockchain Wallet Overview

2021.10.23 08:58 mazumanet Mazuma Blockchain Wallet Overview

Mazuma Blockchain Wallet Overview

Mazuma Blockchain Wallet is developed with advanced set of protocols and conceptual interface. We have made it easier for you to access the dashboard and user panel with feasibility.
You can use main features of Mazuma Blockchain Wallet like creating and securing your seed; sending and receiving assets; freezing tokens, voting and engaging in a token sale, etc.
If you have any suggestion on adding any new features or improvements, please drop a line in the comment section below.
In Short Procedure
  1. The user needs to follow the “Registration” process in order to use the Mazuma wallet
a) Enter the user name
b) Enter identification details
c) Choose a strong password
d) Make sure to write the login credentials for future purpose
  1. Once the account is registered, go to the email for “Email Verification”, and click on the link sent to your mail for authenticating you mail account.
  2. Perform the email 12 seed verification process and write it down somewhere in safe
  3. After completion of verification, you will be redirected to access your wallet dashboard.
5.The user will have the access with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Binance, and mazuma to receive and send to transact digital assets
  1. While using Mazuma, the user has got following options available:
a) Send, receive and transact assets
b) Create new account
c) Hash generation
d) Import account
  1. The user will have an additional option to swap Mazuma-to Tron and Tron to-Mazuma tokens.
For more detailed procedure, check out below-mentioned information:
Creating a new wallet:-
Launch your Mazuma blockchain wallet, after installation you get two options to carry forward your Mazuma wallet experience: Create Restore wallet.
· Click on “Create Wallet”
· The screen will be redirected to a window asking to enter a “PIN number” (This will be your password for the wallet app)
· You need to create your “PIN” and write down a combination of 12 words somewhere in safe (for recovery purpose)
· Click on “Next”, the screen prompts user to repeat the 12 words
· Enter the PIN in proper order of words, tap on “Confirm seed” and you are ready to use your Mazuma wallet.
Restoring Mazuma Wallet
Go to the “Settings” screen, select a “Restore Wallet” option.
Tap on the button and application it will ask you to enter the 12 secret words (Enter 12 digit secret words you have created on registration process )
Make sure to enter the 12 words in the correct order on the restore form.
Click on “Restore” and you will receive a warning alert whether you need to restore.
In case of failure, re-type the words double-check them and then try again.
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2021.07.26 09:13 mazumanet How to Access MyMazuma Network Dashboard?

How to Access MyMazuma Network Dashboard?
MyMazuma Network, a blockchain startup intends to bring a new gaming experience by merging two distinct spaces of decentralized finance, gaming, and NFT tokens. We are successful in launching our most demanded blockchain gaming portal called MyMazuma.
We are ready to list our native Mazuma token on few trusted exchange platforms soon, marking another milestone in our developments. The listing date is yet not disclosed; however, we will soon release the date and websites to be listed on.
Our team is extremely proud and excited to announce the listing of Mazuma tokens on some high-profile exchanges. As we embark on our journey to demonstrate our exclusive gaming platform to users, MyMazuma will soon be recognized as a top gaming blockchain platform.
This strategy of listing tokens will ensure the security of our investors and our Mazuma token price, developing price discovery and price floor on some CEX and DEX. Choosing this wise step will definitely allow market price and liquidity support to feasibly resolve the challenges of protocols and misconceptions about the robustness give to investors as they pump up the rates artificially before dumping and landing the price.
Registration Procedure
To register on MyMazuma Network, follow the below-mentioned procedure:
  1. Go to Register -> Enter the “Sponsor Id” -> Choose the amount of TRX to start staking Mazuma tokens. (The amount of TRX starts from 100 to 5000)
  2. Once the required details are entered -> Create your account with MyMazuma Network.
  3. Remember you must have TronLink in your system associated with the credentials user enters
  4. After creating the account -> Login with the submitted ID (Tron address)
  5. You will be redirected to the “User Dashboard” -> Set up your profile
You can also access the following features:
· Transaction Overview
· Referral Team and Report
· Wallet (Income and Mazuma wallet)
· Income Details (Referral, Passive, and Passive Loyalty)
· Staking Details and Reports
· Withdrawal and Report
· Ticket Raised (Select, in process, and closed)
  1. The user can also choose the package of their choice.
Note: The current price of 1 TRX = 4.3 Mazuma, where 100 TRX = 430 Mazuma tokens.
The price of Mazuma tokens may fluctuate depending on the price of TRX.
Staking Procedure
Check out the staking procedure for future staking Mazuma tokens and follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Login with the registered credentials in the MyMazuma account
  2. Go to the “Staking” section -> Select “Stake”
  3. Enter your “Login Id” -> Enter the Mazuma value
  4. Once you enter the required details -> Click on “Confirm”
Now you are all set to stake the Mazuma tokens for the future assets. After you stake Mazuma tokens, you can enjoy 0.75% ROI daily returns up to the limit of 225%.
MyMazuma gaming platform has positively achieved overnight success right after the emergence from obscurity and introducing the core gaming concept. We have not only merged the decentralized financial protocols with NFT but also analysed the industrial fundamentals before implementation.
The team at MyMazuma Network consists of seasoned blockchain influencers, entrepreneurs, and advisors. This project leverages the global team and self-built communities reflecting the primary markets.
The more a player uses Mazuma tokens’ multiple functions to purchase, play, stake, sell and compete, the more Mazuma assets can be grabbed in the gaming system. The utility mechanisms themselves enable you to truly use the vibrant and robust economic ecosystem with more logically modelled stimulating high-end growth and pure derived NFT base value of its marketplace.
As per our Roadmap, there are many more updates to be disclosed after the Mazuma token listing. We are planning to build few more decentralized applications and release the mini-games on a quarterly basis.
MyMazuma will allow competitive gamers to trade in-game assets/items on popular channels. Mobile games can use MyMazuma as game economy to buy any game boosts and trade between gamers/players. Mazuma tokens can be used in applications worldwide specifically in decentralized applications.
We will continue to innovate, demonstrate sophisticated applications, and match the growing gaming industry at its best. Moving from milestones and major hurdles, our community will successfully thrive to achieve trust less, transparent, and fast transactions.
or more details, please follow our official website and social channels!
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2019.11.02 23:23 Starsco_ Tried selling a phone to giffgaff, somehow their counter offer has been accepted - NOT BY ME - and they’re now telling me my phone isn’t in their possession

Right-io, so from the beginning...
I searched around for a few quotes to sell my phone to sites like Mazuma, Envirophone etc, and the best quote I got was from my network provider giffgaff for £150... I was happy with that, so sent it off in the prepaid packaging they sent, all good.
Then I got an email saying they had sent a revised offer due to the screen having minor LCD burns and to login to my giffgaff to accept or decline the offer.
I log in and can’t find the offer anywhere, so I contact an agent as they call it, they tell me the offer is £26.75, I reject and ask for the phone to be returned.
A few days pass, no response. So I login 2 days later and see I must have messed up because the email didn’t send, so I type it out again and reject the offer.
I get a reply this morning saying I can no longer reject the offer because it’s been accepted and the £26.75 has been sent over and the phone is no longer in their possession. But I never accepted the offer because I couldn’t find it in my account, that’s why I got in contact to begin with.
What do I do? Because I either want my phone back, or the full value they originally offered as they’re now unable to send my phone back.
Thanks in advance for your advice!
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