Any advice/resources for leaving litigation/going remote?

2021.09.07 19:26 MatthewCrawley Any advice/resources for leaving litigation/going remote?

Ultimately I'm tired of litigation (three years in, worked in an insurance brokerage prior). I also hate being forced to go into the office when my work product and billables are the same from home. Looking to go full-remote, somewhere around 100K. Do these jobs exist?
When I look for remote work (LinkedIn/Goinhouse), I mostly see companies that want SaaS experience, or CA barred attorneys (I'm NY). Seems tougher with litigation - which makes sense.
I don't know, I'm just burned out too. If I could afford to, I would quit my job and figure the rest out later.
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2018.12.05 19:59 pointsdontmatterman Sunniva Looking for Corporate Legal Counsel (a Lawyer) to add to the Team

They are looking for an experienced lawyer to join the team in California. Reporting to the VP, Legal, the Corporate Legal Counsel will engage with and support various group across the Company with a wide-ranging portfolio of legal work, with a primary focus on partnering closely with our operational teams and stakeholders in California to draft, review and negotiate a range of contracts, ensuring our agreements are legally and commercially sound, documented and finalized.
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2018.07.13 04:47 lilstar88 In House Trademark Gigs

Anyone have any advice on how to find in-house trademark counsel jobs, apart from LinkedIn and goinhouse.com? I'm looking specifically in the SF Bay Area.
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2017.08.16 02:53 danhakimi Tip about goinhouse.com and gobiglaw.com

If you're using an ad blocker on these sites, they'll continuously poll their ad tracking script forever and just be awful. Disabling javascript on the sites solves this issue perfectly, and I haven't noticed any issues yet.
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2013.04.08 05:58 marky_sparky In-house attorneys, How did you get your position? (And some other questions)

My wife is an associate at a law firm and is not happy with the work/home balance that she's currently maintaining. She thinks she would be happier with the balance that an in-house position would involve.
She has started job searching in this terrible market and is looking for advice on how to go in-house. We've looked at goinhouse.com, and a few other sites for postings. Any advice on how to get out of the firm environment and into something more 9-5 would be appreciated.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to ask in-house attorneys about their work/home balance. Obviously there will be differences across industries, types of law, and different markets, but I'm just looking for a general idea of how easy it is for you to leave work at work.
Thanks for reading.
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