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2023.03.22 23:05 DieselQ9 DarkThor Deck

Climbed from 10 to 100 with this deck. It is pretty flexible because you either go for lots of rocks for Darkhawk or lots of hammers for Thor. It did very well against Galactus because of the power bursts. Against Shuri it was slightly harder. Held up against Thanos. Overall? A very flexible and fun deck. Good luck on your climbs!
Sunspot (how is this card not a 1/0?)
Lizard (I tried Blackwidow, but 2/1 is weak)
Absorbing Man (what a hero)
Shang Chi
Rock Slide
Jane Foster
Doctor Doom (good with Wong for reach)
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2023.03.22 23:05 wolvesbelonginak suggestions for SW China trip?

A friend has invited me to visit her in Guiyang, and I'm looking for advice for an itinerary. I'll be flying from the US to Shanghai and planning to get to Lhasa before flying back to Shanghai. Currently I'm thinking of these major points, and would love to hear thoughts from those of you who know the region. I've been to Yangshuo twice so would prefer not to go there.
Start in Shanghai for 2 days, move to Suzhou for one night, then fly to Guiyang. I know I'll just be getting a taste here--suggestions on where to stay in either city??
Guiyang for 6 nights to see my friend--suggestions on excursions??
Fly to Kunming to explore Yunnan--suggestions on what to see & where to stay??
Fly to Xining, overnight and then catch the train to Lhasa.
I'll be using a tour company to set my itinerary in/around Lhasa, then back home from there.
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 23:05 PsychologicalCod6608 Pool remodel for medical use

I remodeled my pool for my autistic son, added sensory integration/temperature control/ etc. It was recommended by serval providers. However I did not get a written prescription at the time because I had no idea it could count as medical equipment and a tax deduction. Can I get the provider to write the prescription now after the fact and till deduct the cost of the pool remodel?
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2023.03.22 23:05 robit200_ This is either a mental issue or something with my brain

ok so finnally after several years (around 4) i feel like i might actually need some help to figure out wth is going wrong with me. So i will start from what kind of a kid i was i am 19 at the moment and from the moment i knew my self gaming was the thing i enjoyed which is basically my addiction right now. So i was a smart kid but never actually tought things like i am superior and never had ego to show others even tho people kept saying i was smart but i thin i actually never cared about it i was just doing things. Never studied for any class. Things like physics, math basically anything u can fit under a logic felt like i already knew it and tought about it before so i was pretty ahead until i wasnt and all it took was a single summer break (i guess). But i never knew things was going bad. Then my math grades started to lower but still only math. Then i went to highschool which in the system i live in u had to be in a certain percentage to go in a good school i maxed out every single subject other than math. Anyways i got my results got into a science highschool ig u call it that. Then my result started to go lower which was a thing i expected since people kept sayin highschool is harder u have to start studying or stuff i kept ignoring them never cared about school anyways i just wanted to do the single fun thing i had which was gaming. But the thing about how i play was literally the top level well i didnt know about it then i tought it was just regular even tho i was always at the top of any group no matter who they are and by overwhelming scores. Nothing a human did was enough to surprise me since i could do whatever they did but better. But still i was never satisfied with my gaming. Anyways 1 year passed the only thing went down was still my grades. Then another year passed and i found my self hesitating on most of the things would do with a closed eye. I remember forgetting how to do the basic dividing in math. Also my gaming started going down i found it harder to play harder to have fun but i still kept going since it was an addiction at that point. Also had a pretty strong memory i would not forget a thing unless i wanted to but now i just cant remember 5 seconds ago. I cant be aware of what is happening. I feel like there is a barrier between me and my brain. I just cant get myself to do things i lost all my unbreakable confidence. And i have been suffering for not being able to do what i used to do. So since i am not smart anymore to figure out things like this i tought asking for help or getting a idea on what is happening could help. Also sorry for my long explanation over things like i said im basically dumb at this point and the worst part is the pottential is yesterday.
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2023.03.22 23:04 XHumblePigX Taking ages to load in Creative 2.0

Whenever I move an object, add in a object or sculpt anything it takes nearly 5 minutes to register that it has moved in my game even then, after the 5 minutes it puts me in a loading screen for another minute or 2 before spawning me back to the islands spawn point! Why does my game do this whilst other creators' games work in just seconds!
I have a good PC, 24GB of RAM, NVIDIA RTX 3060 TI GPU, AMD RYZEN 5 5600 6-core processor CPU, have a 750 GB SSD which i launch the game on, and have only used 200GB of the SSD, so I have plenty of storage!
Any way to fix these issueS!!!!????
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2023.03.22 23:04 jdsmofo G3 Instant camera

I purchased two of these a couple years ago, although they were difficult to find in stock. Unfortunately, the marketing for the camera was very misleading, and I could never set them up since I did not have Unifi Protect, or something. I use only Unifi Controller (in docker) and a few Unifi APs. Is there anyway to set them up, or should I just dump them on ebay?
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2023.03.22 23:04 SomeoneSomewhere1984 I've started leaving out masks in front of my door, and people have been using them

I live an apartment building, and I've had a note on my front door for a while asking people to wear a mask, and my neighbors usually do when they need something, but delivery people rarely do. I started putting sealed KN95 masks behind the sign where they're easily reachable, and delivery people have been wearing them.
My neighbors took one to put in their baby stroller too, and I'm good with that. If the people in my building take the masks I'm leaving out and put them in their purse/strolleetc for the next time they're in a crowded train car with people coughing, great. That's means that much less covid in my building.
Apparently the "I'll take a free thing and use it" impulse has been a great way to encourage by neighbors to mask. It's so simple I should have thought of it a long time ago. If anyone else is in similar situation, I'd recommend doing the same thing. Let's make handing out masks a thing, like those library boxes people put in their yards.
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2023.03.22 23:04 verasapphire Anyone else noticing that more and more BDR/SDR roles are requiring a 4 year degree?

I’m back in the application process and haven’t had a single bite barring the clearly awful independent contract, no base pay roles that felt “MLM’y” or exploitative with bizarre next step requirements (Tony Robbins personality quizzes, watching weird low budget videos about how to become a “sales shark”.) Back when I was in the market a year ago, I was considered for roles ranging from super entry level Customer Support to Account Executive at several different firms in various industries before accepting my current B2C role for the commission opportunities, and it was never a problem that I lacked a degree. Since I haven’t had any success thus far in my search for an SDR role, I’ve been sending a friendly email for each job rejection to ask what hiring managers would have preferred to see. While a few stated it was largely due to just having better applicants, many have said they couldn’t go forward because I don’t meet the education requirements. Is anyone else experiencing this and have any advice as to how to handle it?
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2023.03.22 23:04 mc_1968 Meirl

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2023.03.22 23:04 Sciencepenguin Goldie Potsby-Mahn

In Which I Decide What To Do By The Process of Writing This and Then Go Back And Select a Title

So I know Pavel and Schrader were my nominations. I remember the comment I made and the betrayal sgb felt. Looks like it doesn’t matter because they were both saved. Also saved were Gordon and Lucy, so they’re out. And prior to me, Shmelmey, Bucky, Loosha, and THIS ROUND’S GREATEST CHARACTER have been cut.
That leaves 8 choices for me within the rules.
Chess girl is out of the question I love chess girl she is so cool yay for ace umineko incrystigations 2
After careful consideration, I’ve decided Flynch is more of a “substitute” for the greatest Layton character, rather than a malicious “replacement”. I would have been much more critical if it were possible for him to replace Edgeworth in the initial viewing of the greatest scene ever written, but as it stands, being in a subsequent credits sequence seems more like he’s been saddled with the unfortunate duty of filling this massive responsibility, due to factors such as the chief prosecutor being busy as he often is, rather than cruelly barring us from perfection.
All the VS guys here I won’t touch, really. For my gripes with the game it is definitely really good at worldbuilding and use of its tertiary cast. Knight Captain is the society we live in, while Lettie Mailer is the we that lives in a society. I’m also not homophobic.
Roscoe Strapping is one of the few faces I remember from LBMR as having a well-defined personality, an engaging presence, clear motives… just generally, like, interiority as a person. He’s not the best character ever, or even the best in LBMR. I won’t die for him. But someone will.
Gloria Blaise is good for more or less the same reasons, perhaps even a little more cracked. It’s a premise far beyond what I had expected of the game, and I would ideally hope she makes it significantly further. …Even if I couldn’t remember who the fuck “Gloria Blaise” was.
And that’s everyone I have any strong feelings on, narrowing it down to two. Umid and Goldie Potsby-Mahn. I was stumped for a bit. I think Goldie does have a bit more to complain about, but there’s also more of value, or at least comedy. However, I would not want to be seen as racist against vague-Arabic-peninsula-west-Asia-ish people. But then again, weren’t level5 the real racists for giving Umid a boring name unlike the most genius character ever conceived, Uttar Mistry? But also, Umid is literally just some guy. On and on my very deep thoughts went.
Then in looking up something about Goldie my tab refreshed forcing me to type all this shit all over again, in an offline doc this time. So now I have a grudge. Decision made.


Goldie is the culprit of case number whatever of Layton Brothers Mystery Room. Spoilers, by the way. Not that this is really a spoiler. Even aside from the pre-existing assumption that everyone on this post has played all the games, this is just. Not a twist. Almost every case in this game just tells you at the beginning who did it, and Goldie would be such an unsubtle culprit even without that. The first thing we learn about her is that she has married a bunch of men and then made a lot of money off their life insurance (THAT IS WHY THE NAME SHE POTS GOLD FROM HER SPOUSE ITS QUITE CLEVER), and it’s like, wow that’s suspicious, I wonder if she killed them, and I wonder if the culprit in this case of the murder of her husband was her. And then the answer is she did and it was. Riveting. There’s nothing to say about what she did; this isn’t a case with a very memorable murder method.
That’s everything tangible about her in the game, unless you want me to talk about her fucking vibe or something.

Yes, Scipe, do that. I want you to talk about her vibe. I want this so badly.

So basically she’s very rude and doesn’t seem to have an emotional attachment to her dead husband that’s crazy.
There really isn’t anything about interacting with Goldie that isn’t immediately inferable from her premise.
This is all I can say about this Character, so that would be the end of the post if I didn’t decide to talk about a bunch of tangentially related shit

Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney

The other reasonably popular logical conundrum related visual novel hybrid series beginning in the Nintendo DS era has this type of character a lot. Without getting into specifics so I don’t spoil a different game or waste hours ranting about the failings of something that isn’t Layton, AA will frequently have the Woman Who Utilizes Sex (Or PG Analogue) Appeal. A man eater who takes advantage of the hearts of those she does not care about. And at the very least, it tends to be better than Goldylacks here because we, like… see that? People take advantage of the biases and judgement of the, well, judge, and the gallery. But in this confrontation, not only does she never even try to manipulate anyone (giving us a vague sense of why she could pull off this incredibly stupid unsubtle con like four times), there really was no opportunity for anything like that. Her spouses are of course dead, Alfendi is practically-canon-asexual and Lucy is probably-straight-with-a-question-mark. That leaves no one to even bother doing The Thing Her Character Is About in the presence of (there is one exception we’ll get to that)
Even if it was executed with the “expertise” of AA, I don’t know if using this archetype would be a good idea. One because, on its own with nothing added an evil person doing evil culprit is pretty dull. Roscoe is essentially this same type of person except male and using status/money to get SEX rather than the reverse, and he does at least have a bit more to him. And the other, related to that difference with Roscoe, is

Layton Brothers Mystery Room Is A Really Weird Game

LBMR isn’t horribly “problematic”. I mean, everything is. No work is beyond criticism and that extends to a specific cultural/moral type of critique. But there’s a distinct difference between the amount of bigoted implications present in Tellytubbies and in Birth of a Nation, and I’m not going to dispute that LBMR is much closer to the former.
But it toes a really weird line, and seems to, on a regular basis, have me second guess this. The game is strangely actively uncritical of certain divisive real world topics. Bosco Felps is awkward. Chico Careta is REALLY awkward. The sort-of main villain sort of does blackface (?). Why is any of this like this. Why did you choose to enter the minefield of depicting DID. How much older is the man than the woman in this rumored relationship that everyone seems cool with. Who came up with this.
What is the deal with you and women.
It’s almost praiseworthy, in an insane way I don’t actually give the game credit for. Lucy is our Luke for LBMR. The watson by which we experience this crazy smart mystery man, and she’s even more explicitly the POV than Luke ever was.
And, as someone who has spent their entire life perceived and treated as a man for all intents and purposes, LBMR successfully uses a handful of hours to catch me up to speed on an instinct of anxiety for unprompted “compliments” on the street or in the workplace as well as assumptions and scrutiny perpetually forced onto my lifestyle and habits.
What the fuck is up with every single person in this game?! I could understand it happening once; one of the more flirtatious or intimate or even deliberately chauvinist characters raising this possibility, only for it to be shot down so they can characterize Lucy as dedicated to her career and Alfendi is a volcel introvert mystery man. But this happens on a regular basis, constantly. To no end! It doesn’t contribute to anything, or spark further awareness or exploration, and in the end, yeah they are obviously still not in a relationship! I’ve seen construction sites less misogynist than this room.
I’m exaggerating a bit. It’s like I’ve said; LBMR is rarely outright awful. But it’s a death by a thousand cuts of the feeling that this game was created under a somewhat scummy mindset.
Putting Goldie into perspective with all this, it’s hard not to feel the energy of a tale as old as time and spoiled as an equally old carton of milk. The Madonna-Whore complex; pure, chaste Lucy, who rejects expectations of flirtatiousness even though obviously she must be in love with her male coworker, takes down the promiscuous she-devil who doesn’t know her place, treating men as an accessory to her rather than the right and proper other way around.
It’s not a story here that has anything explicitly bad to say. I just really don’t like reading it.
Except one part.

a scene from the English dub of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! where Yami Yugi, after Yugi's soul is taken, drops to his knees in defeat and yells, "It should've been me not him! It's not fair!"

When Goldie Potsby-Mahn is called in to the titular riddle domicile for questioning, she brings a new boyfriend with her, showing how quickly she has moved on from mourning.
This man is designed to look like a dog, devotedly loyal to his companion, only makes noises, and collared with a leash held by Ms Potsby-Mahn.
Wow! Okay! What the fuck is this game

I Just Ranted Off Half The Thoughts I Have About This Entire Game Because There Is Nothing To Say About Layton Brothers: Mystery Room Character Goldie Potsby-Mahn

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2023.03.22 23:04 SpecialCake1163 absolutelynotme_irl

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2023.03.22 23:04 BassWingerC-137 Sundance (née Jacuzzi) inconsistencies in user interface

Backstory: We got a new Sundance 980 "Claremont" recently. It was given to us by the dealer, or perhaps Jacuzzi HQ, in replacement of a new Jacuzzi J575 which leaked beyond repair, which was given to us by the dealer, or perhaps Jacuzzi HQ, in replacement of an earlier new Jacuzzi J575 we bought a year and a half ago and which leaked beyond repair. (Still with me?) Each of these units, despite their frustrations, has been comfortable, stylish, and quiet in operation. There are pros and cons to each design and it's easy to see where someone made efforts in those layouts and features which make them unique, and dare I say even well thought out.
Well thought out until it comes to the UI for some of the features, most notably the lights. These things have exterior lights, above water lights, waterfall lights, seating lights, entry lights etc. But each one has a different name for the same lamp, depending on if you are using the main control panel, or the SmartTub app. What is labeled "Waterfall" on the app, is "Above" on the main panel. What is "Perimeter" on the main panel, is "Above" on the app. This is an item noted for the Jacuzzi's and the Sundance.
Furthermore, the main panel actually has operating limitations (read: it' can't perform some functions) compared to the cellular-based phone app. Case in point, the new Sundance tub has four vertical led lamps between seating, under water. There is also an entry lamp, which is much brighter, but a single round source, on the opposite side, above the recliner foot area (but not in the lower bowl).
-At the Main Control Panel, these two "regions" are labeled "UNDER" and are in synch with each other. They are each blue, or red, or whatever, and each carry the same brightness setting.
-On the phone app, these two "regions" are individually labeled as "Seats" and "Footwell" and are individually controllable. The seats can be on, while the "well" light is off. One can be bright red, while the other soft green.
And if I really wanted to be annoyed, the timer function for the exterior lights not only isn't smart (like recognizing when sunset is) it isn't adjustable. It only comes on at 7PM, and is fixed on its off time too.
The Jacuzzi J575 was no better. Each lamp having a completely different name in each menu. It just seems silly that a product of this price point - and presumably at a flagship level - can leave the user with inconsistent experiences. The lack of parallel operation is silly in 2023. Whomever set up the app didn't have access to the menu of the main panel, and or vice versa. And perhaps neither had any operational experience of the units themselves.
All in all, the unit is so far very enjoyable. The aroma therapy cartridges for the air pump are arriving today and that's a feature I may enjoy (or it may be gimmicky!) and have yet to experience.
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2023.03.22 23:04 portsmouthpreppies Bars

I really have a powerful mind within my skull. It seems like therapy’s effect on me so far has been to create a sociopolitical space where if I’m free enough to bounce enough on my own, I’m capable of bouncing back and forth between dialectical choices, like a pinball, until I reach or return to the realm of wise choices. Some people don’t like it when I apply my healthcare choices or don’t understand or would never imagine that this is my prescribed healthcare regimen. I remember my best friend being overall surprised when I described to him what I learned in therapy—but one of my therapist’s favorite things to say is that I cannot read people’s minds, so I don’t really know what he thinks of my therapy at all.
That’s what today has been like. I’m still in pain, but I’m definitely making progress on my quest to interpret the pain, handle it, make meaning out of it, and approach truth. I said out loud at one point, after a whole day of meditating on the situation, "I have the skillset to elicit truth from this.”
I don’t want to fully share the details of what I explored today. I’m open to doing so in the future. I always try to include something preppy in these posts for you, and today I definitely learned at least one reason that probably by itself justifies the premium of rent in New England, where rent costs more than twice what it costs here. I see the justification for the cost, and I see the value of being a New Englander. I really envisioned this being a short stay in the Midwest—there was a point when I extended my expected timeframe to the end of August, and that represented me becoming begrudgingly willing to give a conservative estimate.
I hate Eastern Time, on the other hand, and even being just one hour removed from it has changed my mind profoundly. I have a little bit of a sense of what it would mean to live here, and it’s interesting. I don’t know what I want.
I started making some art collages to work through my feelings about my best friend and the significance of our friendship. I remember I made a Pinterest like this for Nick, too, except this one for my best friend is nicer because it’s not riddled with Maryland trauma.
Some of the insights I discovered were smart, some of them were beautiful, and mixed in there was some very real sadness because all of this regards a very real person who is suffering. I knew I had an obligation to get from point A of being wrapped in his personality excessively this morning to point B of remembering to value the things that are important to me, too. I accomplished that. But I also have a moral obligation to remember my friend and to use these smarts to figure out how to make the world better.
One hour till class. A couple of reasonable options: do more work thinking about what I was thinking about all afternoon but do it sitting cross-legged on the floor, sit cross-legged and just meditate, sit cross-legged and clean up my PDF copy of the preppy handbook, bike, or sleep.
Something I want to do but am not going to is drive to Chicago—
Something I’m currently doing is growing.
Some pieces of advice: -appreciate your friends -appreciate yourself -get a navy blue polo
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2023.03.22 23:04 jackcanflyy Im building a lily58 but having some ghosting on 2 keys, any help?

my "9" and "W" key have some ghosting, and I cant for the life of mine figure out what the issue is. Have swapped switches etc but nothing. using qmk for flashing. I am a noob and this is my first keyboard build :)
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2023.03.22 23:04 AutoModerator [Available] Charlie Houpert - Charisma University

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With Charisma University, you will be guided step-by-step on your journey to mastering the art of charm. As long as you follow the program, you are guaranteed to see massive gains in your social and professional life.
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**Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.03.22 23:04 enroute2 Eating Low Histamine

After seeing several requests for easy low histamine food ideas I’ve put up a new sticky on lowhistaminerecipes to help people with that. It lists out a bunch of foods that cook quickly and easily so you don’t have to use alot of ingredients or follow a long recipe. Snacks are on there too (yay). For people just getting started the top sticky has links to lists of low histamine foods, sites that explain the histamine issue, and more links to online sites with lots of recipes.
It’s nice to share and see what’s cooking. So for those of you already eating low histamine and getting creative with it, come on over and show us what you got! For those of you just starting, the whole thing is a lot to figure out at first but over time it does get easier, especially if it helps you feel better. Wherever you are at in your journey you are welcome to take a look, join in and maybe try a dish or two.
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2023.03.22 23:04 berenchen Can I do Inception on someone else?

My father is a very self-destructive person. Everyone around him seems to notice that he needs to go to therapy, but he thinks it’s too late for him. In our family there has been a lot of passing away due to cardiovascular disease and he has been recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome and hypertension (and has other added risk factors). He spends most of his day alone at home because he works from home and I’m really scared that something is going to happen and nobody will be there to help him while we are out of the house. He is supposed to be taking medication but is too unbothered to leave the house to buy the medication in the pharmacy and doesent want us to pick it up for him. Anytime we try to convince him to take his meds, use his sleep apnea machine or simply live a healthier live he feels attacked and gets confrontational. I have tried several times recommending psycotherapy (because I myself go to therapy) but he won’t listen to me. Even his cardiologist recommended therapy and he still won’t consider it.
I wanted to ask you guys if anyone has tips on how to indirectly plant this idea into his head, the only way he will agree to do something for himself is if he himself comes up with the idea.
Thankyou in advance for any responses. I really don’t know what to do.
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2023.03.22 23:04 aunchable AI Should be Allowed in Interviews. Now it Can.

Hi! I'm from the Codeium team, and we wanted to seeif we could apply our AI-powered code completion tool to coding interview websites. A lot of people will probably agree that Leetcode interviews don't really do anyone any good, so maybe this is a way to start actually discouraging interviewers from giving such questions.
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2023.03.22 23:04 MisterMoriarty RISKY STANDARD - A new actual play podcast for the Forged in the Dark mecha RPG "Beam Saber"

Howdy! My friends and I just released the second episode of our new actual play podcast and I'm trying to spread the word about it!
The show is called Risky Standard and we're currently playing the Forged in the Dark mecha action game "Beam Saber" by Austin Ramsay. You can find a short trailer here if you want a quick sample of what we're doing and you can find the show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever else podcasts are sold. New episodes release biweekly on Wednesdays.
Beam Saber is a Forged In The Dark game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. We're using it to tell a space western story in an original setting about a misfit squad of thieves and saboteurs who pilot their war machines to fight on the behalf of a revolution on a distant frontier planet. It's a show inspired by the works of science fiction authors like Ursula K. Le Guin, Arkady Martine, and Iain M. Banks, the space fantasy worlds of Dune and Star Wars, and mecha anime like the Mobile Suit Gundam series.
We've been having a real hoot of a time making it so far and I hope you'll check it out!
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2023.03.22 23:03 bo7mka a big noob here lol so just finished my systemn and i need help

have a 2 pioneer ts-w3003d4 champion series pro 12 2 000-watt 600rms and i just bought mono pioneer gm-d9701 amp 2400w so my question is i have them hooked now on 4ohm so now it deliver 500rms so is this 500rms are for each sub or is it divided ?
my second question is can i hook them on 2 ohm for 800rms or its to much for them ?
and should i use the base boosted that come with the amp?
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