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2023.06.10 20:49 IamParked Open Letter to Myatt's Fields Park Project (discrimination against volunteers)

Open Letter to Myatt's Fields Park Project (discrimination against volunteers)
To Myatt's Fields Park Project - Chair, Executives, Staff and Trustees,
when I was brought along to Myatt's by a neighbour in the summer 2022, I thought this might be a place where I can continue to heal while learning to deal with workplace related issues in a SAFE environment to re-learn getting back into work. I spent years isolated in traumatic grief and having had to look after my parents one-by-one until they deteriorated each with dementia and their own trauma and grief. Burying my dad next to my brother, never imagined I would not be able to bury my mum a few years later during the pandemic lockdown.
I thought I could get out of isolation, back into working with people in a safe place until I'm ready to get back into “proper” employment” again. I was wrong.
I have lost my family one by one over the last 8 years. My brother's death was extremely traumatic. And as this didn't seem enough for the universe, the pandemic had to hinder me burying my mum. Lost my job, am still unable to work without getting triggered of workplace bullying and anxiety attacks. Losing my mental health. Losing hope. Getting up with the end of my life on my mind and going to bed with the end of my life on my mind. Like in Ricky Gervais Netflix series “Afterlife” where he plays a widow who always keeps his “Superpower”, that if everything fails, he just skips out of life. I have nothing to lose anymore and live with my Superpower.
I made mistakes, tried to rectify it, but failed again. I understand that people everywhere are overwhelmed. Anybody's story of loss, trauma, sickness is uncomfortable for society and for people who are either healthy, in the middle of life, or successfully overcame trauma, loss and illness. And anyone who feels they dealt better with loss and trauma makes the mistake to compare themselves to other sufferers. Don't cross that line!
But the more grief and trauma one has, the more society wants them silent. I am not silent, I CAN'T be silent because of HOW everything unfolded and how I was left alone in the worst time of my life. No initial support, no help and the deep blackness of trauma.
A Stern Rebuke to a charity enlisting volunteers for “Well-being”
Are you Myatt's not embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves in how you treat, not only free labour (volunteers), but volunteers with mental and physical health issues? Are you not ashamed of yourselves? NOT inducting volunteers. NOT doing health and needs checks. And then quickly fixing things after it was called out by the very volunteer who is fncked up mentally, whoom you try to get rid of, and seems to care more about safety then all of you combined!
We current and former volunteers have NO rights like paid employees have. And the Myatt's Fields Park Project has been THE WORST volunteer experience in my life. Yes, you are THE MOST generous (trips, Sunday lunch, vegetables, teaching on plants etc.) which I mentioned in my other blog. But what is that if as a volunteer I feel my dignity stepped upon and for staff to not want me to be there as it's inconvenient for them?
I have volunteered most of my life since my late teens in different countries and many different projects: working with the homeless, with the elderly in art/painting sessions in nursing homes, helping support free services (free haircuts, manicures, meals) with dignity to sex workers and their children, free clean-ups after hurricane debris and fallen trees in people's yards etc. etc. etc.
The Myatt's Fields Park Project had me so hurt at times that my mental health took a nose-dive again. And for that I suffer further discrimination as if it was my fault feeling distressed! It has led me to the decision to never ever give my free time, skill, experience ever again to any charity or general project. I've had enough after years of volunteering and the last experience with Myatt's.
Are you not ashamed of yourselves to take advantage of volunteers while your staff sit for hours every week in the office in winter or the cool depot space in summer while volunteers outside labour away in the sun, cold and rain? Some who are a little older outside, unsupervised and in danger to suffer health issues. A stroke, heart attack etc. at an higher age can happen any time! Are you paid staff members not ashamed?!
Are you not ashamed of yourselves for bad-mouthing a paid colleague and even worse some volunteers, and also bad-mouthing volunteer to other volunteers?
Are you not ashamed to rush an elderly volunteer with walking difficulties on the day-trips to the point the volunteer couldn't sleep at night for fear they'd be late for the next trip, and then tell me as a volunteer who was concerned for the person that I should relax and not take control. Or as you all knew from the beginning that I have PTSD and triggers, that if I'm triggered that I should not come to trips. Are you not ashamed? Have you read the Equality Act on dignity?
The amount of times I was hurt in my dignity and another volunteer being stressed about Fab. talking for hours with most of us sitting there bored, in silence and getting headaches from the one-man show. Are you not ashamed?
Apathy on Safety Issues
When I pointed out serious health and safety concerns between summer 2022 and spring 2023:
Nails/screws sticking out of a shelf on eye-level, almost poking my eye when I put blue paper into the dispenser underneath the shelf, as we never had anything to dry our hands with and no staff member acting on these issues. Your 2 staff members (volunteer coordinator and greenhouse manager) just seeming clueless (or careless?), not even knowing where a tool box is upon request to pull the nails and screws out. Both staff who work at Myatt's one for 4 years, the other for 10 years and they tell me the don't know if Myatt's have a tool box! Me having to raise this with Tori again and bring my OWN hammer from home with the “fork” to pull out all the nails/screws in the presence of Tori.
I really did and do care that NO-ONE gets injured by things that can be avoided! You Myatt's fields executives can afford private health care, WE volunteers rely on the broken NHS if we get injured! I am currently not even climbing a 4 step-ladder to avoid any unnecessary accidents to not have to wait 5 hours to be seen in A&E. I REALLY care that people and myself don't get hurt! Do you? Or is all this just for show to look good with the government and sponsors? For me to raise for WEEKS that there's poo smeared on the public lady's toilet wall. Raising this with Ra. as the volunteer coordinator and my direct “line manager”, who as usual just guessed that this might be under Lambeth Council, but didn't action on it whatsoever.
Me not being inducted for a year, not knowing who's who and who to report things to! Four weeks later the poo still being there and yet AGAIN going to Ra's line manager Tori to find out how this can be removed as this is not only a health risk, but plainly disgusting! Only then I was informed to pass this on to the Park Manager El. who's now also the Health and Safety Manager / interim Director.
Then it got fixed. And only then I learnt who to go to for safety issues. I could of just ignored everything like you all do! What an inconvenience I am for Myatt's. Are you not ashamed that a volunteer cared more about safety issues than staff do? Pointing out to Tori several safety issues like blocked/hidden fire extinguishers. Tori didn't seem bothered too much either and asked me what could happen fire-wise there. As I was standing next to the fridges and freezers I pointed to those and reminded Tori that Grenfell Tower fire happened from a refrigerator. Her facial expression then showed that the penny finally dropped. To have to explain to upper leadership of Myatt's that ANYTHING can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME for ANY reason is beyond me! And the absolute MINIMUM we can do is eliminate these safety issues I mention above and below.
The kitchen oven that started the fire alarm. The following week a person from the community cooked and approached Ra. that the oven needs cleaning as it could cause a fire. Ra. just with a “shrugging-shoulder” attitude as usual saying that a professional cleaner might have to come in, and that was that. No further action or passing it on to whoever responsible to fix things. So, I passed it on again having been there the previous week when the fire alarm went off thinking they just overcooked the chicken, but now I leanrt it was due to the oven not being cleaned and covered in burnt debris. I raised this with Tori AGAIN, who to my shock then told me I shouldn't listen to the lady who cooked and raised this SERIOUS safety issue. I was shocked yet again on Myatt's apathetic attitude towards serious health and safety issues.
But as Tori saw my urgency in this, pointing out that if an EHO would visit, Myatt's would not be doing well, the Park Manager then went to work and things got fixed within short time. ONLY mentioning the government checks got the message across, NOT health and safety issues, not people potentially getting hurt. No, only government gets the message across. After everything got fixed, Myatt's then contacted Lambeth Council to do a check, and received 5 stars. Bravo! But as Fab. continued to cook despite being told not to due to poor hygiene, and me being so stupid again to raise this again, the procedure got started to get rid of me.
Let a volunteer help you put things in place that YOU Myatt's neglected, then look good in the public, and Tori leaving with a clean slate, and then get rid of me who helped you raise the standard and create a safer space for all. Are you not ashamed of yourselves?! Ra. lying across the dining room table to get a free massage from a person who occasionally volunteers but has their partner going through cancer treatment caring for family. Are you not ashamed of yourself?
Tori's words to me when I raised issues being rebuked, talked bad about, sent out as Fab. Was angry, “As long as the results come out”. In other words, as long as the mission to get vegetables and seedlings etc. to the community, you close your eyes to what your staff, especially the greenhouse manager do, no matter how upset volunteers get.
I always wondered why Fab. kept some vegetables, especially large ones out on the depot floor for weeks and weeks until they started rotting, instead of giving those to the community and/or volunteers in this cost-of-living crisis. It took me almost a year of observance that this might be because he might want to portray to Myatt's that he is “producing” vegetables, while in reality the garden outside often looked very meek.
For staff and trustees to vote to give me a letter of warning, jumping over stage 1 straight int stage 2 going against your own policy and using an “expired” (forgiven) incidence to start the procedings to get rid of me because the Health & Safety Manager was upset when I mentioned the Food Gov should I get food poisoning again. Are you not ashamed?
And then I raised a grievance on this as you went against your own policy while trying to penalise me for going agsint your policy which I didn't even know. And grievance hearing held by your new Development Manager Pat. In such a dodgy and flawed way, bombarding me with questions, some questions irrelevant to throw me off course and not get to the grievance against Myatt's itself. This was a TYPICAL toxic corporate HR hearing to protect the organisation, no matter how much the volunteer suffers. This leading me to a breakdown in the hearing as I was triggered from the workplace bullying and HR meetings I went through. The way Pat. handled the hearing was BRUTAL, cold, careless, gaslighting and flawed. No compassion from Pat. and El. the note taker who should have never been present in the meeting as she was part of the grievance. Not allowed to read and sign the hearing notes at the end of the hearing, as is usual in grievance hearings. Later that evening me contemplating to end my life and falling back into mental health problems I thought I overcame.
Are you not ashamed of yourselves?!
Maybe you paid staff, executives and trustees should humble yourselves and come down from your high horse and stop pretending to have integrity and honesty “as best as possible”. You have shown no honesty and no integrity! Maybe you should reflect on HOW any volunteer might feel and what bad treatment could do to and with them mentally and physically.
I don't pretend to have integrity and honesty “as best as I can”. I HAVE integrity and honesty! I don't need to write it down anywhere because I LIVE it!
You didn't and don't deserve volunteers like me who truly CARE about safety issues and making people feel welcome. You don't deserve volunteers in general. You don't deserve free labour in your systemic attitude towards safety issues as well as volunteers with mental and/or physical health issues. You don't deserve any of us. And I and other volunteers deserve better.
We already have no rights, no or little money, often no health. We scrap by financially and with health issues and hope that the little bit we give in our free time could help us heal somewhat. You should be ashamed!
I updated the ADHD vs Narcissism blog as this was a thorn in your eye even though I never mentioned Myatt's. I mention you now! The grievance hearing had me over the edge and gave me the final pain in my dignity and mental health struggles, and I will now speak openly.
I do again sincerely apologize for any mistakes and text/email I did. But I will also not continue apologizing.
I have lost everything dear and important to me. But I have not lost my voice, and will always use my voice after trying EVERYTHING internally. I am a free person as best as I can be in my anxieties, hopelessness, triggers, mental boundaries with PTSD … and I use whatever freedoms I have been granted under the law. And I will express myself, I will explain my struggles, I will share my traumas, my losses, my experiences until the last day.


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2023.06.10 20:46 Quirky_Falcon_759 Losing hope in our system

Firstly, thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply to this.
I bought a home in 2014 after leaving the military using my GI bill. My mom gifted me some money to use for closing cost because, at the time, I had yet to start my new career, and she wanted to help me buy a home. I’m sure her ex gave her some of that being as he was the provider for her. My family is very old-school Italian.
Shortly after buying the home, I moved for a job in another state and rented the house to my mom and her boyfriend of 26 years. I only charged them my mortgage because it wouldn’t have been right to make a profit on family, and I wanted to help my mom and her boyfriend due to rents going up. Sadly the relationship ended because he became very abusive about five years after they started renting. I think mentally he wasn’t well. He’s getting up there in age.
I picked up my mom and flew her back to my new state. After picking up my mom, I told her ex I was sorry it didn’t work out. And I even tried to help him financially because I understood that it was a rough time for both of them and this man had been like a 2nd father to me growing up. Her ex did not pay me rent for several months and ghosted me. He also stole my mom's things and destroyed my house out of anger before leaving. It cost me around 10k to fix.
He even started running an illegal grow in the basement. It was the most painful feeling I ever had, waking in my home and seeing it like that. Pictures were taken before the fix and later handed to my lawyer. I had to treat the house for mold due to him growing. That was another 6k.
I finally get back home after a week and was met with a process server in front of my home. Her ex sued me, claiming ownership of the home, and placed a lean on it. I had to hire a lawyer to defend me.
This has cost me a little over 30k in lawyer fees, and a settlement is out of the question because the ex is demanding 80k for work he claims he did without me knowing about on my home and feels like he should get all the rent payments back or at least half for my mothers share. The trial is set for six months from now.
My lawyer got some things dismissed and the lean removed. The profits were placed in an escrow account until this matter is finished. I’m still fighting an unjust enrichment suit. I’m worried because, at some point, I won’t make any profit from selling my home. I’ll be in the negative. I can’t sue my mom's ex because he’s illegal alien and hasn’t worked on the books in over two decades. He even has deportation orders on him.
I was engaged last year and we haven’t been able to have our wedding due to this matter. We even skipped Christmas and it looks like we will have to do the same this year because this has financially put me in a really rough spot. I’ve ran through all my savings trying to defend myself.
I don’t like bothering my lawyer. I work in government and go to court a lot. I understand that I’m not his only client and respect his advise as lawyer. Not to mention every time we speak, it’s not cheap. He’s the one that recommended we skip mediation due to the plaintiff asking for an unrealistic payout. He seems confident but I have a lot riding on this and has put me in a bad mental state. My Lawyer seems to think the judge is on our side. But I feel like if he was on our side, he would’ve dropped this already.
Should I expect this to go the whole way? I offered him a 10k settlements, but him and his lawyer never answered and it expired. My lawyer countersued but he told me it’s just a move we need to make. He knows I’ll have no way of collecting anything from him. His lawyer replied to my suit claiming that all the damages and illegal grow must have been done by a third party after his client left.
Is it possible that a judge will see what’s going on and end it before trial? It’s obvious that my mom‘s ex is being the vindictive and is just trying to make me spend money to hurt her. I know this because he’s always been a very vindictive person and even told her he would ruin me if she left him. Can a judge end this during a CMC(case management conference)?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.10 20:42 cantbebotheredtocare trying to help 40+ cats, owner has cancer

i live in a smaller town with not very many resources. everywhere i’ve contacted is full and unable to take any cats. we have one place able to take fixed cats, but sadly all of these are unfixed.
this year i’ve been trying to help this one family that has around 40 cats, half of them kittens born this spring. the owner recently found out he has cancer and will be out of work for an unknown amount of time, and probably won’t be able to physically do it all. we got them 70lbs of cat food donated, but it won’t last long. we’re taking 6 of them to the humane society to get their first vaccines tuesday, but i’m afraid we can’t get them adopted quick enough.
many of the most recent ones have passed away, and one of the older ones has a funnel chest that started as a flat chest. some have eye infections. all the kittens are a good weight, some of the mamas are a bit underweight tho. but i suspect worms, because they have food out everytime i’m there.
any advice on what to do? anyone know of someone or somewhere able to help in any way?
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2023.06.10 20:42 CBarkleysGolfSwing APRN - Post FreshRealm Closing (An Update)

APRN - Post FreshRealm Closing (An Update)
First off, congrats to the OGs who stuck around and have been following closely despite the shitty price action. I was fortunate enough to have plenty of dry powder and I averaged down hard last week prior and post s. The price action was terrible and when we dumped to ~$30m MC, I definitely questioned my resolve/confidence, but I'm glad I stuck with my thesis.
With that said, I also want to say if you're a salty bagholder who is here just to shit on aprn, you can fuck off. Every play should be dealt with given *current* info and data points. I don't care what transpired in the past.

So where are we now? Let's take a look at why I'm bullish AF heading into net week.

  1. FreshRealm Deal Closing
  2. Potential Upcoming Catalysts
  3. Squeeze Mechanics

FreshRealm Closing

The deal does a few things for APRN that were much needed, and frankly, should have happened a while ago.
First, APRN disposes/sells the largest source of opex cash burn: their facilities. On paper, APRN was positioned for success because their facilities were equipped to scale to LOTS of volume and the higher the volume, the better the economies of scale. Unfortunately, they were not able to realize those economies of scale so it hurt profitability hard. Additionally, APRN gets $25m cash, $3.5m as a note payable to ARPN, $4m in milestone payments and $17.5m in rebates + a 10 year licensing agreement that nets APRN royalty payments on whatever FreshRealm sells with the Blue Apron branding. All of this is great, as it provides APRN with a cash injection and ongoing revenue in addition to reduced cash burn. "Asset light model"

APRN also paid off their debt. Yes, they have zero debt. The paid off debt had strict liquidity covenants, and APRN was in violation of those. As a result, they were at risk of technical default. They were able to avoid that by pledging Sanberg's "collateral" against the debt. With the debt paid off, APRN now possesses Sanberg's collateral free and clear. Which brings us to another bullish datapoint: the collateral and missing PIPE investment.

Potential Upcoming Catalysts

So what is the collateral? No one knows, but a 3rd party validated the value and estimated it to be "well in excess of the obligated amount (from Sanberg)".

So what's the obligated amount? It's $76.5m. It's ridiculous. That means APRN has $30m in cash from FreshRealm and the potential to get another $75m or so from the PIPE or the collateral.


The wrinkle here is that the public isn't aware WHAT the collateral is and it's illiquid. The prevailing theory is that it's Sanberg's stake in Aspiration, which is planning to go public via SPAC $IPVF. Unfortunately, it's been dragging on forever.
BUT, given APRN now possesses the collateral free and clear, they can do what they want with it. Selling it outright would be foolish, but monetizing it in some other fashion is definitely possible. Mitch (interim CFO) has had months to line something up, and I fully expect to hear some PR next week on how APRN plans to monetize the collateral. Bullish.
Moreso, if by some miracle the PIPE funds actually show up, a large portion of it will be used for buybacks. Yes, the thing we were promised last year at $6 price per share (pre-split, or $72 per share post s), is still slated to happen.

Note that $25m buying back shares at these levels has a materially higher impact than at $72 per share. Yes, I also realize there has been lots of dilution (30m to now 72m pre split), but again, let's deal with the stats we have in front of us now.
Dilution is also another thing I know folks are scared of. APRN has a $70m ATM that is out there. However, I'm am confident this will not be used and it was most likely a safety net in case things went south with FR deal. Why wouldn't they use it? Because they haven't, and they made a point on the last earnings to say they haven't touched it at all.

The FreshRealm deal included 20% outstanding shares via warrants (which can't be exercised for 18 months, so no immediate dilution). It would be a HUGE misstep/fuck up for APRN to sign a deal with a (now) strategic partner, issue them 20% share via warrants, and THEN dilute them RIGHT after. It's not happening. So another potential catalyst: withdrawing the $70m ATM offering.

Squeeze Mechanics

So let's take a look at the current trading mechanics. We had a piss ripper all day Friday, touched north of $10 and then had a bit of a light volume AH dump.
But taking a closer look, what's important to note is that:
  1. We have a greatly reduced share count, which traded almost 6 times over on Friday. Insane.
  2. While official short interest isn't as high as it was last year, it's still substantial. Around 20-30% of the float is shorted.
  3. Options are now PCO (Position Close Only). If you held options before the s, you get to keep them, but the "market" for them is much smaller. No new contracts can be opened. This is low key important. Why? Because short sellers lose an important way to hedge their position. Without the ability to buy calls, covering is only possible via buying shares. When other names squeeze, you usually see deep ITM calls being bought and they never carry over to OI. That's because when a squeeze is happening and borrow is not available, shorts buy deep ITM calls (zero extrinsic premium) and exercise immediately to cover obligations. That's not possible here. If we really do squeeze, it can be much more explosive.
  4. Short sellers LOVE names that have pushed hard and have open ATM offerings out there. They feel dilution is imminent, so no problem jumping in without much DD. If APRN withdraws the ATM or releases PR that they won't be using it anytime soon, that's a rugpull (for short sellers).
With that being said, I don't know how likely a true squeeze is. They're hard to predict (duh) and lots can happen to mess it up. However, I think things are falling into place to set the stage for one. We just need some of what I covered above to come to fruition and maybe, just maybe, APRN ends up being a hell of a trade.
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2023.06.10 20:41 Current_Run8773 Can someone help explain this to me?

Can someone help explain this to me?
Pictures of me at the last ER visit I had to make, I was up for almost 26 hours so sorry for the disgusting look 😂
So a bit of background before I ask the big question, 4 months ago I dislocated my jaw. It slipped back into place very quickly but was very painful. A month later it dislocated but this time stayed dislocated. Went to the ER and had it reduced. Since then it feels like it pops out every day. This past week on Wednesday my right side dislocated laterally and was so stuck I had two fully grown doctors trying to reduce it but it didn’t budge. I was then sedated and my jaw was successfully reduced until 15 minutes passed and it popped back out. An MRI was ordered and the results I’ll put here:
RIGHT TMJ: 1. Abnormal appearance of the right temporomandibular joint with a shallow mandibular fossa of the temporal eminence and diminutive head of the mandibular condyle. To what degree this is related to a component of developmental dysplasia of the TMJ or related to chronic/remote erosive changes is uncertain. Subsequently there is an attenuated and likely degenerative grade TMJ disc with suboptimal characterization of function. 2. Follow-up consultation with maxillofacial surgery is recommended. LEFT TMJ: 1. Anterior displacement of the left TMJ disc with partial recapture with mouth opening with diminished anterior translation. 2. Possible degeneration/tearing of the central portion of the TMJ disc.
What does this really mean going forward? I’ve already called some surgeons (including the one they referred me to) and all of the ones in my region are booked out till January. I haven’t been able to chew food for almost 3 months now and I’m tired of liquid diets. Does it sound like I’ll have to have open joint surgery? Obviously I still am going to try and get into a surgeons office for a consultation but not knowing what could potentially happen makes me go crazy.
As a bit of more background, I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. Was diagnosed at 10 so I’m not unfamiliar with treatments. Honestly the thing that scares me the most is the lack of knowing what could happen.
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2023.06.10 20:41 Hefty_Ad1497 A website redesign I made

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2023.06.10 20:41 the_rabid_clown ID please? Minnesota, US

ID please? Minnesota, US
Hi all, just wanted to get an ID on this one. Just moved into a new place, haven’t been here a week yet. I’m really hoping it’s not what I’m thinking it is. Thank you so much in advance
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2023.06.10 20:41 Skywilder Coworker from a past job had another child

Long one, but here we go.
When I was younger I had a job at a fast food place. My coworker was an 18 year old young woman with a 17 year old boyfriend at the time. He worked as a dishwasher and she was a cashier. They decided to have a baby, splurge on her first birthday because “everything had to be perfect”. They even had the audacity to ask if they could have the party at my family home so they wouldn’t have to pay to rent out a venue. I suggested they just have a party at home to save money, and she immediately shot down the idea.
all of the photos she would post online would be either her making “duck faces” at clubs/bars and of course, photos of her, her boyfriend and their kid. About a year later, when the child was two, she kept posting how she “wanted another bayyyybeeee” and how she “loves being pregnant”.
Honey. Your boyfriend washes dishes for a living, drives a barely functioning car, and always reeks of weed. He once tried to sell me a plastic and rubber gas mask bong for 20 dollars directly in front of our wingstop after one of my shifts.
Now she’s recently got pregnant again, had her second kid and her photos have almost exclusively become of her new baby, and of course, her still clubbing and making duck faces. Haven’t seen anything of her firstborn anymore. I have however seen them ask for “donations for their new baby”.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice people, but being nice doesn’t provide food and shelter for children. Both of them being high school dropouts certainly doesn’t help either. They haven’t moved up in their lines of work, and we live in one of the most expensive states in the country. And yes, she complains about everything being too expensive. These kids are in for a rough life.
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2023.06.10 20:36 NopeMcNopeface Wait until regression is over to start sleep training?

Is it best to wait until after a sleep regression is over to start sleep training? My daughter is 7 months and her sleep has always been terrible (up every 2 hours all night). The last 8 days have been horrific though.. up every 15-30 min screaming. Last night was the worst. Up nonstop and could not go back to sleep even with tons of bouncing, rocking, etc.
I assume this is a regression? So do we wait until it’s done? We are also trying to move her to 2 naps rather than 3. Her naps have always been 30 min and she keeps refusing the last nap. The days she only does 2 naps she actually sleeps longer so that’s promising.
My husband and I are at our breaking point. We haven’t had more than 3-4 hours of sleep per night in 7 months. Our mental health is in a very, very bad place (we have no family around so we get no breaks). Last night sent me into a full hyperventilation panic attack after trying to get her to sleep and failing for 5 hours.
I just don’t want to try sleep training and have her not be able to sleep because of this regression or whatever is going on.
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2023.06.10 20:30 Sea_Hat1376 (25f) not speaking to my best friend (26f) of 12 years after a huge argument

my (25f) best friend (26f) and i have not spoken in over 2 weeks after a huge argument.
for context, we met in high school, were roommates in college, and have admittedly been each others best friends for the entire time we’ve known each other. i moved to another state for grad school and after a year encouraged her to move out here with me. she decided to move down so we rented a house. i happily did all the work of finding us somewhere to live and provided the full security deposit for the house. she had to do nothing but come down and find a job (which she did rather quickly). at this time, i’m working full time and a full time graduate student. we were very happy to have our college dynamic back! despite both of us being far from our families, we both felt like our time living in our little house has been so healing and full of growth.
after about 6 months of this dynamic, she came home one day and said she had quit her job. i supported her and told her i’d be able to cover us for a little while. i reached out to family friends to connect her with employers in the area. but within 2-3 weeks she had completely given up on looking for more work and had a plan to move back to her home state and return to her old job (which is a very abuse workplace, they have taken advantage of her in the past). i was obviously upset that my best friend wasn’t gonna be around as much but she promised that it would be temporary and she’d come back to help me out when she could. and i was relieved when she offered to continue to pay her half of the rent for the time period remaining on the lease. she left her furniture here and only took 2 suitcases. we left things on somewhat good terms bc we both thought this was a temporary solution (or at least that was my impression)
that was over a year ago. i have had to renew the lease because i have pets and we’re settled here. i also recently graduated with my masters in may so i had to stick out my time here for the degree. upon renewal i knew i would have no choice but to pay the full rent myself. the full rent of this house is over $800 more than my previous apartment and we only sought out this option because when split both of us were paying less in rent than our prior situations. i have been paying the full rent of this house for 6 months now. during this time period, she had made multiple promises to both visit me and return. again, she left her furniture and the majority of her personal items and clothing. seeing as her spaces were occupied, i couldn’t get another roommate, and frankly i didn’t want to seek someone out for a short term situation or invite a stranger into my home. i am fully aware that the gigantic financial responsibility for this situation falls solely on my shoulders at that point. she did not come back for her items until april. there was never a conversation about her not returning and so for months i felt led on, having faith that my best friend of 10 years wouldn’t just do me dirty like that.
this all came to a peak about a month ago. i have been going through a turbulent depressive period brought on by having to draw some boundaries with my own family and stop communication as a result. my family dynamic was never good, but i feel like i’m finally at an age where i’m no longer reliant on them and don’t need to entertain relationships which do not serve me. i explained this to her when she came to pick up her items and stated that i wished i could get more support from her. to be completely fair to her - she recently lost a grandparent and is also going through her own tough times. essentially, neither of us are in a good place to support each other right now.
sorry for so much context but we’re finally reached our argument. i was attempting to explain to her how this whole situation has hurt me deeply and now i’m not feeling supported by her (despite her essentially being my next of kin because this is the longest friendship i’ve maintained). she told me that “she couldn’t be my only friend” and that i needed to “nut up and move already.” she also implied that if i was doing so poorly that maybe i should seek solace in my family (again despite me previously disclosing that abusive situation to her). this set me absolutely off and i told her to fuck off and kick rocks. we haven’t spoken since and i do not feel the need to reach out and apologize, she clearly feels the same way. so was this an overreaction? do i even bother trying to repair this relationship?
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2023.06.10 20:30 Spirited_Sugar_5464 Should I just start doing it all myself?

I work part time, husband works full time 5 days a week, I currently do all the child caring stuff such as putting kids to bed, getting them up, feeding, dressing, playing, appointments bath time and I do all the house chores around 95% of a month and take out dogs out for walks every day and do dinner and dishes. Our lawn is severely overgrown and the grass is taller than me and he won’t do it. Should I just give up and do it myself? I can’t afford to hire anyone to cut and mow it for me. Starting to come realisation that I just need to do this all myself as I am fed up with the neighbours staring and rightly so my gardens look horrifying. Also need to start decorating our place as we moved in 5 years ago and we haven’t painted or even changed the flooring. So I’ll need to make a start on that too. So am I right in thinking I should just do this all myself? Has anyone else in my position just gave up asking and just did all the chores on their own? Tia!
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2023.06.10 20:25 kiindrex How those of you who live in hot places manage?

Hi all,
The UK is going through its first heatwave of the year, though not too ridiculous for us hoomans it's unsafe for our pup and so we have adapted our routine as needed.
This is our first spring/summer as dog parents and it's got me thinking, how do you guys who live in actually hot places all year round manage with your pups?
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2023.06.10 20:24 gvngy Non-Office Engineering Jobs?

I’m an electrical engineer with 2 years experience and I’ve been having a hard time fitting in and finding my niche. I’ve worked at two companies already, as a Test Engineer, and I don’t think I can do this for 40 more years.
My first job I enjoyed the times where I get to go out to the yard and troubleshoot electrical issues (15% of the time). The rest of the time is spent revising schematics or doing bureaucrat bleh.
My current job I’ve been at for 8 months and want out. They gave me an intern to train and I didn’t want to leave in the middle of this, but he’s making the job even more stressful for me. He’s uninterested in everything and it feels like he’s just watching me troubleshoot issues, adding to the pressure of me fixing things I have very little experience with. There is also a lot of shit-talking, in meetings, about other coworkers (my supervisor partakes), it makes me uncomfortable and wonder what they say about me.
I used to work as a bartender and enjoyed talking with people, I genuinely liked most of my coworkers, and liked talking with strangers.
I feel out of place as an engineer, my coworkers aren’t very social, and when they are it’s generally in something I have little interest in. I don’t fit in and it makes me upset.
I have trouble sitting in an office for 8 hours straight. I also struggle with working on multi-month long projects (probably sound crazy saying this). When I’m interested in something I work very hard on it! But for some reason I lost interest in things quickly.
I’ve been applying for new jobs but I think I need to focus on shifting fields.
I did some interviews for field engineer positions but both companies made the jobs sound very stressful. Traveling on a days notice, very long hours, etc. I’ve been looking into sales engineering positions but haven’t gotten any interviews yet.
If anybody has recommendations for jobs to look into I’d really appreciate it! Does not have to be specifically engineering. I’m also thinking of joining my local Elevator tech union or lineman union. But I have an engineering degree and it feels like a waste to give up on the field so soon. Thank you, sorry for the wall of text.
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2023.06.10 20:24 Bonnie-n-clyde42006 🌟 Welcome, everyone! 🌟

Hello there! I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to each one of you for exploring and possibly joining this group. Thank you for taking the time to explore and connect with us. I understand how isolating it can be when you're undergoing a spiritual awakening and find yourself surrounded by people who may not be on the same path of personal growth and evolution.
I've been on my own spiritual journey since 2020, and I know firsthand how challenging it can be to find true, supportive friends along the way. That's why I've created this space, a safe haven where you can freely express yourself and connect with like-minded individuals.
In this group, we welcome people from all walks of life and at various stages of their spiritual journeys. Each of us is on a unique path, and it's important to recognize and respect our differences. This is not a place for judgment or looking down upon others for their beliefs. Instead, let's embrace diversity and celebrate the richness of perspectives within our community.
Please remember that this is not a hookup spot. The primary focus here is personal growth, spiritual exploration, and building meaningful connections. Let's foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness, and understanding.
If you ever feel lost, confused, or in need of support, reach out to your fellow members. We are here for each other, ready to lend an empathetic ear and offer guidance whenever possible. Together, we can create a nurturing and uplifting space that supports everyone's individual journeys.
Once again, thank you for joining our community. May your spiritual path be filled with growth, enlightenment, and a deep sense of connection. Let's embark on this beautiful journey together!
With love and light,
Bonnie ✨
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2023.06.10 20:19 chiefk240 Question about flatting!

Hey everyone,
I recently moved into a flat of 3 people. One of the flatmates is the one who organised the place and is the one who talks to the landlord, handles the bills etc. then he just collects rent from us other 2.
When I moved in at the start of May, I gave him first months rent + 3 weeks bond. I haven’t been given any paperwork to sign since then. He said the lease is for 6 months, but if I want to move out before then I just need to find someone to take over the lease and get them to pay me out with the bond.
Am I exposing myself to any legal or financial risk here? The biggest worry I have is that I don’t get my bond back, but also just want to make sure that I’m not financially or legally committed to staying here longer than 6 months if I haven’t signed anything.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 20:14 canifuckinhelpu Can someone identify this symbol? Am I in danger or being paranoid?

Can someone identify this symbol? Am I in danger or being paranoid?
Saw this symbol freshly spray painted in the spot that my car was parked in at work. I’ve been working at the same place for two years, I don’t park in the same spot every day but I do park in the same area of the lot. My mind immediately goes to trafficking because I really have no idea. I checked my car for “tagging” but I haven’t seen or noticed anything strange. This was a few days ago and I haven’t been parking there but anyways please help!!
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2023.06.10 20:12 hungrysunshine Mice troubles and negligent landlords

I’m in Ohio and I moved into this apartment in March (it’s an old style house thats divided into four apartments with the stairway and basement as shared common space) We have a company as our landlord and can contact multiple landlords for help. They are terrible and I still haven’t gotten the trash bins I asked to be ordered WHEN I MOVED IN and the landlord has “forgot” two times. We’ve had problems because they didn’t install the “heavy door with a key code on it” that they said they were waiting to be installed THE WEEK I MOVED IN. They never installed any door or LOCK and so this homeless man was sitting outside my apartment door, blocking the stairs and it was very scary. He came back multiple times and they FINALLY installed a lock but it was cheap so he broke in again due to the terribly light door. They installed a better lock, and we still have ptsd but he hasn’t bothered us. ANYWAYS thats not the point, thats to show how terrible they are. My downstairs neighbor and I started to hear mice in our shared wall and we contacted our landlord about it in May, they jUST got the place checked today. At this point the noise of the mice or rats can be heard outside the house extremely loudly. The pest control guy said they are going to have to fix the broken garage door that they’re getting in from, among other entry points that require something to get fixed by the landlord. I have a feeling that the landlords will not be out anytime soon if at all to fix anything.
Is there a way I can get out of this lease? I have many things in writing?
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2023.06.10 20:10 Gullible-Tradition47 Spring Onions

Is there a bug where the spring onions just don’t spawn? I’m on spring 18 of year one and I haven’t seen a single spring onion yet.
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2023.06.10 20:07 LifeRedone I’m nervous to go back to therapy after an uncomfortable conversation. Have you experienced this?

I haven’t been to therapy in a couple months and at my last appointment I mentioned something that was really difficult and embarrassing, and it just led to an uncomfortable awkward conversation, and I’m just humiliated. I’m scared to go back.
I’m worried that she feels the same way about it being uncomfortable and I’m just…. Scared. I’m nervous to not go back due to it being hard to get into therapy in the first place, but I’m also newly postpartum and prone to PPD and PPA so I really feel like therapy is important.
If you’ve experienced this, how did you get through it? Did you tell them how you were feeling? Did you stop going?
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2023.06.10 20:06 gretchsunny FREE Twin Bed

FREE TWIN XL BED: includes mattress, box springs, and frame. I paid $300 or so for this 3 years ago. It’s in EXCELLENT condition. My only goal is for this not to end up in a landfill - what a waste.
It’s literally loaded in my car right at this moment, and I will deliver it to your place in Berkeley for free.
I am a parent of a Berkeley student and I’d rather not drive this back with me to Southern California. DM me if interested.
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2023.06.10 20:06 leadinguknorwich Struggling Retailer Joules CVA Case Study

Struggling Retailer Joules CVA Case Study
It’s a difficult time for a number of different retailers and brands at the minute as Joules has recently found out. This crisis-hit retailer finds itself in a period of financial turmoil and, is currently on the lookout for different insolvency procedures that they might be able to rely on in order to cut back on some of their overheads and avoid complete collapse in the process.

It has been revealed that Joules are currently working with an advisor to put together a Company Voluntary Arrangement (otherwise referred to as a CVA) that would help to prevent store closure, cut back on rent and hopefully save jobs in the process. Joules haven’t decided to formally launch their CVA as of yet but it is looking more likely that they will in the weeks to come depending on how the business’s situation evolves.

So, what actually is a CVA? A CVA is a legally binding agreement which is usually set out between a creditor and a company which allows for a certain proportion of debts to be paid off over time. In order for a CVA to be formally put in place, 75% of the creditors need to support the proposal that has been put forward.

If the CVA is agreed then it means that unsecured creditors are bound by the arrangement. The organisation is then able to carry on trading as per usual and the directors of the business will remain in control of it. A supervisor will be appointed to who is responsible for the monitoring of the CVA. This supervisor needs to be a licensed insolvency practitioner and they are usually appointed by the company. Arrangements vary in terms and length; however, the majority usually last for about 3-5 years.

Read Retailer Joules CVA Case Study
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2023.06.10 20:06 Dismal_Regular6261 Best places for a local to eat

Just as the title says. Looked to the subreddit and couldn’t find this question asked, although I’m sure it has been. So apologies if it’s asked more frequently than I saw.
New to Las Vegas about a year and a half, but what are some of the best places to get food? I’m not talking about the strip instead I’m looking for anything from the best dives to steakhouses, Chinese food to the unknown Korean spot, Mexican to burgers, honestly any place that you thought was the bomb, I wanna know about it.
Here’s a list of some I’ve tried and would recommend if you haven’t
There’s a couple off the top of my head, what are your thoughts?
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