Straumann screw removal kit

Update rent

2023.03.20 17:41 lupilupinchen Update rent

Am I the only one who is completely screwed after the update? I literally can't get past the loading screen and already updated most mods and did the 50/50 thingy 🧍🏻‍♀️ I'm soooooo close to just removing everything and starting from scratch which would be horrible because I have custom content for sims and buildings but I'm just too annoyed to care anymore. I'm trying to update and get everything to work since Friday and don't know what the problem is 😩
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2023.03.20 17:29 Calamity-Gin Is there a better tool for my job? (Piano tech, piano tools, piano problems)

Is there a better tool for my job? (Piano tech, piano tools, piano problems)
I recently changed careers and became a piano technician. The main tool I use is called a tuning hammer or sometimes a tuning lever. It's neither, of course. It's a slightly specialized socket wrench. The socket is longer than on common tools and tilted about 5 degrees because the tuning pins tend to be closely crowded, and the arm is less than 12" because the inside of pianos get a little crowded. The pins, in general, are four sided, 1/4" thick, 2" long steel sunk into a maple block.
I have to be able to make incredibly tiny adjustments, like 1 degree of rotation, while overcoming some fierce static friction and not twisting or bending the pin, but I also need to be able to twist or bend the pin under other circumstances. I regularly have to apply 20-30 pounds of torque, while at the same time judge how far I've rotated the pin so I don't over adjust. There are times when I end up slewing back and forth over the same 1-2 degree arc because I can't get enough fine control to put it in the exact right spot.
The only variation in tuning hammers that addresses this is an "impact hammer," which has an added internal weight on a pendulum and a 5-10 degree arc without engaging the pin so you can swing the arm in and get extra momentum to bump-turn the pin. It does not, however, do much to help the fine adjustments.
I know that I'm looking for something along the lines of a geared ratchet. What I need is something that will give me added torque and control by increasing the distance my hand moves in relation to how much the pin moves. It needs to be rigid, less than 12" long, with at least a 5 degree tilt from the socket to the arm, and switch directions fairly easily. The socket does not have to be easily removable. Considering its possible to drop $1K on a prestige tuning hammer, price is flexible, but I don't need anything made out of iridium, mammoth ivory, and bodhisattva tears, just what will work.
My student grade tuning hammer.
My fancy-schmancy impact hammer, walnut handle.
The standard socket shape for piano tuning pins.
For lagniappe: a broken screw extractor made specifically for Wurlitzer pianos. Apparently, this was a common enough problem that someone made and sold a bunch of these several decades ago.
The broken screw extractor's head.
Instructions for the Wurlitzer Broken Screw Extractor. I found this tool and a lot of piano tech flotsam and jetsam in a broken down tool box I bought at a silent auction.
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2023.03.20 17:26 DiabloCafe74 Thermometer recommendations needed

Thermometer recommendations needed
So my girl got this digital thermometer in her candle making starter kit. I'll say we since I was a part of this mess 😂 So while the wax was melting on the hot plate, we put it in and removed the pot at 185° and the temperature kept going up 😒 This is where the extra silly sounding part comes up...when taking temperature, is the probe only in the liquid? Or can you insert it and let it lean against the inside of the pot so you don't have to hold it? Because in all my genius I thought maybe the bottom of the pot was hotter and it was reading more the metal pot than the wax 😂 I know it sounds crazy but this was actually going through my head, and then I put it in her head 😆😆 OR....just get a better thermometer? Thanks
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2023.03.20 17:24 thesurrenderedwife Hi RV’ers! Can anyone tell me what material I should be using when filling in these holes after removing screws from the interior? Thank you in advance!!

Hi RV’ers! Can anyone tell me what material I should be using when filling in these holes after removing screws from the interior? Thank you in advance!! submitted by thesurrenderedwife to RVLiving [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 17:17 Doggie___ Replacing screws on back of New Nintendo 3ds XL

Saw this listing for a New Nintendo 3ds XL on ebay for cheap, and I was just wondering how difficult it would be to install the missing screw on this 3ds? Would it be as simple as buying a repair kit and just installing it into the backplate or would it not be possible since I know the screws are not supposed to come out at all.
Thanks for any help.
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2023.03.20 17:15 CringeTok 1985 318i M10B18 Power Steering Delete?

Looking to get a delete kit (block plate), but I wanted to make sure that removing the belt won’t cause issues. I read somewhere that certain engines require a new belt, so just wanted confirmation.
Thanks in advance, tried asking condor but the lady completely skipped over my question.
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2023.03.20 17:06 BruceForsyth55 Removed screw. Holding air. Is it safe?

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2023.03.20 16:57 FluffySpiderBoi [Excerpt: Blood Reaver] A Red Corsairs Apothecary takes care of a patient

Apothecaries have always been an interesting part of space marines in my experience. Bio-engineered demigods of war, trading a significant portion of their lethality for oversized medical equipment to enhance and heal their fellow marines. But what about renegade or chaos-aligned apothecaries? You might've already seen the excerpt I uploaded from the POV of an emperor's children apothecary, here's one from the POV of an apothecary working for the Red Corsairs. Don't expect more stuff like this for awhile, I am drowning in college :/
They called him the Flayer, for reasons he felt were obvious. It wasn’t a name he cherished, nor was it one he reviled. It was – like so many other things in his existence – simply something that happened in his presence, a matter over which he could exercise no control.
He had unprepossessing eyes that usually failed to display any emotion beyond a distant disinterest, and a face so thin it bordered on gaunt. He worked in his armour, and laboured several times a day to cleanse and reconsecrate the layered ceramite. The scrub cloths always came away reddened by the blood that decorated his armour in random patterns, for his duty was not a clean one. His helm was white, though he rarely wore it on board the station.
‘Flayer,’ a weak voice pried at his attention. ‘Don’t let me die.’
Variel turned his cold eyes down to the warrior on the surgical table. The stink of his burned skin and baked blood was a pungent musk, while the warrior’s armour of red ceramite and bronze trimmings was a cracked ruin. For several moments, the Flayer watched his brother’s life leaking out from a hundred cracks.
‘You are already dead,’ Variel told him. ‘Your body has just not accepted it yet.’
The warrior’s attempt at a defiant cry emerged as a strangled choke. He managed to grip Variel’s bulky narthecium gauntlet. Bloody fingers smeared filth over the buttons and scanner display.
‘Please do not touch me.’ Variel gently removed his arm from the dying warrior’s grip. ‘I do not like to be touched.’
‘And please refrain from begging. It will avail you nothing.’ Variel let his forearm hover over the warrior’s cracked breastplate. The gore-grimed narthecium clicked as it cogitated. The scanner display chimed twice. ‘You have suffered severe ruptures to one lung and both hearts. Sepsis has saturated your bloodstream with poison, straining your organs to the point of failure.’
‘Flayer... Please... I wish only to serve our lord...’
Variel rested his fist by the warrior’s sweating temple. ‘I know you, Kallas Yurlon. Nothing will be lost when you expire.’ Here, he paused, but not to smile. Variel was unable to recall the last time he smiled. Not in the last decade, certainly. ‘Do you wish the Emperor’s Peace?’
‘How dare you mock me?’ Kallas sought to rise. Blood ran from the cracks in his armour. ‘I... will speak... with the Corpsemaster...’
‘No,’ Variel tensed his fist. ‘Sleep.’
A piston’s snick sounded from the narthecium gauntlet, powering an adamantium drill-bore through the warrior’s temple with a crack, lodging within the brain. Kallas Yurlon immediately sagged, lowered back to the surgical table in the Flayer’s gentle arms.
‘You will not speak to Lord Garreon at all. As I said, you are already dead.’
Variel opened his hand, lifting his fingertips from the pressure plate built into the palm of his gauntlet. The bloodied drill-spike retracted back into its housing along the Flayer’s forearm, secure in its pod of sterilising fluid.
He keyed in a short command on his vambrace controls, triggering the deployment and activation of several more traditional tools: a las-scalpel, a motorised bone saw, and the silver claws of a thoracic vice.
Next, he began the task of burning, cutting, spreading bone and peeling back flesh. As always, he worked in absolute silence, reluctantly breathing in the smells of incinerated muscle and exposed organs. The first progenoid came free in a sticky withdrawal, clinging trails of sealant mucus forming gooey strings between the gene-seed and its gaping cavity.
Variel dropped the bleeding organ into a chemical preservative solution, before moving his narthecium’s tools to the dead warrior’s throat and repeating the extraction procedure. He worked quicker this time, his efficiency bordering on brutal. Through a vertical slit in the side of the neck, the Flayer inserted reinforced forceps from his vambrace kit. The cut flesh parted with a leathery rip, freeing more blood and exposing the viscera within Kallas’s neck. The second progenoid node came loose from the sinew with greater ease, trailing a few snapped veins. Variel placed the organ in the same solution as the first and sealed both of them in a glass cylinder.
On a whim, he reactivated the laser scalpel that extended from his bracer. The post-mortem surgery was quickly completed, and Variel peeled away the harvested skin, leaving the corpse staring at the ceiling through a flayed face.
Slowly, his cold eyes as emotionless as ever, Variel looked up. With his duty done, the Flayer’s focus diffused, spreading wide as he let his surroundings filter back into his senses. Around him, there was a carnival of noise: the shouts, the screams, the oaths and curses rising above the blood-stink.
Variel gestured to two medicae slaves, summoning them closer. The Star of the Pantheon had been crudely burned into the flesh of their faces, and they wore aprons streaked with bodily fluids. Their augmetic limbs allowed them to serve as corpse-bearers, dragging warriors in full war plate.
‘Take this husk to the incinerators,’ he ordered them. As the Flayer watched the humans hauling the dead meat away, he slid the glass cylinder with its precious cargo into the storage pod sheathed to his thigh armour.
Lastly, he cleaned his narthecium with several bursts of disinfectant spray, before drawing breath to speak a single word.
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2023.03.20 16:55 VictoryFront1325 How to Frag Corals growing in your Reef Tank

How to Frag Corals growing in your Reef Tank

Coral Frag Kit
Fragging, or fragmenting, corals is a popular practice among reef tank hobbyists. Fragging involves cutting a piece of a coral and growing it separately, either to create a new coral or to share with other hobbyists. It's an excellent way to propagate coral colonies and help to prevent the depletion of wild coral reefs. In this blog post, we will explain how to frag corals in your reef tank, including the equipment you'll need and the steps to follow.
Equipment you'll need:
  • Safety gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Scalpel or bone cutters
  • Fragging tray
  • Coral epoxy
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Towel
Step 1: Choose the coral to be fragged Select a healthy coral colony that has grown large enough to allow for a small cutting. It's important to choose a coral that's in good health and not stressed. Also, ensure that the coral you're planning to frag has a solid skeleton, as this will provide a stable base for the new coral to grow.
Step 2: Prepare your workspace Before you begin fragging, make sure that your workspace is clean and organized. Set up your fragging tray, and put on your safety gloves and glasses to protect your hands and eyes. You should also have your tools, coral epoxy, and rubbing alcohol nearby.
Step 3: Clean the coral Using a soft-bristled brush, gently clean the coral's surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any debris or algae that may be on it. This will help to prevent the introduction of any harmful bacteria or pathogens during the fragging process.
Step 4: Cut the coral Using a sharp scalpel or bone cutters, make a clean cut on the coral's surface. Make sure to cut at a 45-degree angle, and take care not to damage the coral's skeleton. Place the cut coral into the fragging tray.
Step 5: Apply coral epoxy Apply a small amount of coral epoxy to the base of the cut coral. This will help to anchor it to its new location and promote healing. Be sure to work quickly, as the epoxy will start to harden within a few minutes.
Step 6: Allow the coral to heal Allow the cut coral to heal in the fragging tray for several hours before moving it to its new location. During this time, keep the coral in a well-lit and well-circulated area of the tank.
Step 7: Monitor the new coral Keep a close eye on the new coral to ensure that it's adapting well to its new environment. Check for any signs of stress, such as discoloration or tissue recession. If necessary, make adjustments to the water flow, lighting, or water chemistry to ensure the coral's continued health and growth.
Read more HERE
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2023.03.20 16:55 anonymottun Problems replacing mbp battery. Is it just the battery power cable?

I tried replacing the battery of my Macbook Pro (13” 2017 function keys) with an ifixit kit but had some issues. The most pressing of which is that the pancake screw of the battery power cable broke. Half of it is in the hole, and the other half, the head, is broken off. Taping it together in various ways did give some various results:
It would make sense this is all caused by the power cable not making contact. But in some of the instances when opening up the laptop again the battery data cable also seemed to be loose. So my first question is if any of these scenarios indicate more issues than just the battery power cable. Should I replace the data cable?
Next question: what should I do with the power contact? Glue down the battery power cable? Would this guarantee enough contact or does it need to be bolted down by a screw?
I think I explained everything that happened but let me know if I can clarify things, perhaps with pictures.
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2023.03.20 16:54 anonymottun Macbook pro 2017 battery replacement issues. Is it just the battery power cable?

I tried replacing the battery of my Macbook Pro (13” 2017 function keys) with an ifixit kit but had some issues. The most pressing of which is that the pancake screw of the battery power cable broke. Half of it is in the hole, and the other half, the head, is broken off. Taping it together in various ways did give some various results:
It would make sense this is all caused by the power cable not making contact. But in some of the instances when opening up the laptop again the battery data cable also seemed to be loose. So my first question is if any of these scenarios indicate more issues than just the battery power cable. Should I replace the data cable?
Next question: what should I do with the power contact? Glue down the battery power cable? Would this guarantee enough contact or does it need to be bolted down by a screw?
I think I explained everything that happened but let me know if I can clarify things, perhaps with pictures.
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2023.03.20 16:35 kenlew159 Removing scout fairing?

I'm looking at a used scout bobber 20 and it looks great. Has many upgrades that I would make. However, it has one that I'm not a fan of: a fairing.
The seller says they have all the original parts, but I'm wondering if anyone here has experience removing the fairing with the headlight relocation kit and reinstalling the factory bracket, headlight body, gasket, etc. If so, is it a pain? In theory it should just be everything in reverse, but in reality I know that sometimes it's much harder to reinstall once things are off. I'm only seeing videos on YouTube of installs, not reverting back to factory.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.20 16:28 wryvxw Help removing a screw i absolutely demolished (on accident)

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2023.03.20 16:27 DescensionSC DIY Upgrade to an ISEL Tech DaVinci - First "DIY" Build

DIY Upgrade to an ISEL Tech DaVinci - First
I picked up an Isel Tech Stepper DaVinci education CNC from Facebook Marketplace last year for $600. My goal was being able to machine Aluminum, and small soft metal parts. I liked how overbuilt and bomb proof the frame was and size wise it was perfect for a project I had coming up. After running it for a few months and getting some good parts out of it I decided to upgrade it to a true 3 axis with upgraded steppers and spindle. Here is my current build and how I got to it.
Old Hardware (Kept from Isel DaVinci):
  • Aluminum Extrusion X/Y/Z plates
  • Cast Aluminum Gantry Supports
  • Dual Linear Bearing Rails X/Y/Z
  • Ball Screw Drives X/Y/Z
New Hardware:
  • Controller: BlackBox X32 (OpenBuilds)
  • Power Supply: Meanwell 24v LRS-350-24 (Amazon) w/ PowerCase Kit (OpenBuilds)
  • Spindle: RATTMMOTOR 2.2kw 110v Water Cooled ER20 80mm (Amazon)
  • VFD: HuanYang 110v 2.2kw Inverter (Amazon)
  • Spindle Mount: 2x 80 mm dia (Bulkman3D)
  • X/Y Stepper: 2x Nema 23 High Torque (2.45nm) (Bulkman3D)
  • Z Stepper: Nema 23 High Torque (3nm) (eBay)
  • Cable: 2/3/4 Conductor Shielded 22awg Cable (Bulkman3D)
  • Limits: 5x Xtension Limit Switch (OpenBuilds)
  • Z Axis Plate Hardware: 20x80mm V Rail, Joining Plates, Corner brackets (OpenBuilds)
  • Z Coupler: Rigid ¼” to 10mm (Amazon)
  • X/Y Coupler: Rigid ¼” to ¼” (Bulkman3D)
  • E Stop: NO and NC contact Combined 22mm Mushroom (Amazon)
  • Chip Removal: Loc-line kit (Amazon)
  • Air Pump: Vivosun 50 watt 70L/Min Pump (Amazon)
  • Linear Rail: 20mm x 20mm V-slot Linear Rail (OpenBuilds)
Bud Box Hardware:
  • Relays: 25a Solid State Relay DC to AC w/ Heatsink (Amazon)
  • Fans: 24v DC 40mm Fan (Amazon)
  • Power Connectors: 15a C14 Panel Mount Plug (Amazon)
  • Enclosure: Watertight 200mm x 120mm x 113mm Enclosure (Amazon)
  • Connectors: Weld Free Plug in terminal Blocks - 2/4 pos (misc)
  • Misc Electronics: LEDs, Perf Board, Resistors, IC, Bus Bar
  1. Bud Box
I knew that I would need to control both my water pump and air pump with the Blackbox. Thats where the DC/AC solid state relays come in. Below is a schematic of the Bud box. Took the Coolant (24v DC) and Tool (3.3v DC) out signals from the X32 and ran them into the DC side of the relays. The AC side is in line with the mains power and the pumps. What this allows me to do is use the Coolant On (M8) command to turn on the chip removal air pump. The water pump is tied to the Tool (M3) control so that it always comes on when the spindle is on. Additionally I took 24v DC from the power supply to the Bud box to power cooling fans for the relays. There is also a mains power ground bus with an external connector so that I am able to ground my enclosure and chassis. This is something that could be accomplished with IOT Relays, but they are hard to come by and I wanted some additional functionality.

  1. VFD Wiring
The VFD wiring to spindle is straight forward. UVW/E to the spindle thru a 4 connector 15a rated cord with aviation style disconnects. RST/E to Mains power. For my configuration I also wired the following terminals:
  • Jump from FOR to DCM (Hardwired for forward spin)
  • Wire NO E-stop Terminal to DCM and SPL (SPL is set to E Stop in settings PD048)
  • Wire 0-10v DC X32 Output to V1 and ACM (VFD Controller Signal from X32)
  • Moved VR jumper to VI (Allows for external VFD Control)
2a. VFD Settings:
  • PD013 = 8 - This is the factory reset code
  • PD001 = 1 - This sets external terminal control
  • PD002 = 1 - Sets Op freq to simulation (external potentiometer)
  • PD005 = 400 - Max Operating Freq
  • PD004 = 400 - Base Freq
  • PD008 = 110 - This is your Mains Power Voltage
  • PD024 = 1 - Sets your stop bottom to Valid
  • PD048 = 13 - Sets SPL to be used as an E Stop
  • PD070 = 0 - Sets analog input to 0-10v
  • PD072 = 400 - Sets higher analog freq
  • PD144 = 24000 - Rated Motor Revs
  1. E Stop
The Blackbox X32 has a quirk that if it is connected via USB any output that is under 5v will stay active if the 24v DC power is lost. This can cause major issues if you use the 3.3v DC Tool connection. You can cut power to the Controller but if you have USB connected your tool will stay live. I say this is a problem because if you use the controller in Wifi mode or with the interface kit then there is no 5v supplied and cutting power will kill the whole unit. I used this to my advantage. The EStop is set up this way:
22mm Mushroom interlock switch with both a NO and NC contact attached. The NC contact is placed inline with the 24v DC power line between the power supply and the controller. I do this because cutting the power to the Power supply is not instant. The power supply has conditioning capacitors that keep the system live longer than I’d like for an EStop event. Additionally I run the power supply and pumps off of a UPS to mitigate brown outs/power drops. So cutting power “at the wall” is not an option.
The NO contact is wired to VFD terminals DCM and SPL as stated above. This is a built-in safety interlock on the VFD that will cut power to the spindle and let it safely coast down. I mentioned that I used the controller's odd USB power usage to my advantage. Since I use the 0-10v output for Spindle control, and the Tool (3.3v) output for my water pump, when I ESTOP the system my water pump does not turn off. This allows my spindle to coast down but continue to receive cooling.
To sum up: ESTOP switch kills the VFD and kills 24V power to the controller. This stops the spindle and steppers but keeps the cooling water active.
Luckily for me the ISEL had good mounting and routing options for the Steppers. I used 2.45nm steppers for the X and Y axis and a 3nm stepper for the Z. I went with a higher torque model for the Z axis due to the spindle weight. There is not anything fancy going on here. 4 conductor 22awg shielded cable from the X32 to each stepper. I do however use 4 position weld free connector pairs to allow for easy maintenance. There is a set in each stepper housing and a set inside the cast gantry cavity.
  1. Limit Switches
I went back and forth on whether I wanted to use standard micro switches or the Openbuilds Xtension Limit Switch Kits. Ended up going with the Xtensions due to mounting options. Personally I think the Xtension switches are flawed. All 3 mounting holes are plated through holes. Which means that if they are mounted with standard hardware you “ground” the DC circuit thru the chassis.
This is a problem for 2 reasons:
  1. If you use a Openbuilds probe kit, it will always show a closed circuit since your machine is already “grounded”.
  2. If your Spindle is grounded to mains power you are know combining Mains ground and DC (-) “ground”. Meaning if your VFD/Spindle shorts then it has a path directly to your controller.
Getting back to the switches. I ended up mounting them all with nylon spacers and hardware to isolate them. 2 switches in parallel for both X and Y Axis. 1 switch for the Z axis. All 5 are connected back to the controller with 3 conductor 22 awg shielded cable with weld free connectors throughout the build for maintenance.
  1. Z Axis Upgrade
While building up the new Spindle mounts I realized that the Stock axis plate was way too heavy. I wanted to cut as much weight from the Z Axis as possible since I added so much weight with the spindle. I took some 20x80mm V rail and brackets to build up a more efficient mounting plate that would fit the spindle mounts better.
  1. Grounding and DC (-), Isolation
I mentioned it previously but I went to great lengths to make sure that Mains ground is separate from DC (-) and not accidentally combined on the chassis or other places. Limit switches with Plated thru holes were mounted with nylon hardware to isolate them from the chassis. In the BudBox the mains ground bus was used to ground the chassis and enclosure to mains power through the power supply cables of the pumps. Mains power and DC (-) were kept separate in the BudBox. Also, all DC signal wires are run into the enclosure on one side with Spindle and AC power lines run on the other side to reduce crosstalk and interference.
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2023.03.20 16:25 Clean-daily1924 [WTS] SBPDW // MI 10.5 SP Handguard // BCA 7.5" 556 barrel w/Odin works GB and tube // CMC // Safariland // OKC // Safariland // Spike's Tactical Mil-Spec buffer tube w/T2& spring // Walker's Razor X 3.0

Happy Monday individuals!
Failed projects, dumb purchases...don't judge me. Help me fund new 50/50 decisions
SBPDW Black light salt from install/uninstall. Will come with STD buffer weight and spring: $160
MI 10.5 SP Handguard MLOK Catch and release off here, had to get a new barrel nut since the one it came with was all jacked up. No tool, I used an armors wrench with no issues. Light salt, will come with a UTG mlok QD mount. $100
BCA 7.5" barrel 556 w/Odin works GB and Spike's Tactical Melonited pistol tube Approx 250 rnds through this flamethrower. If you like pissing everyone off at indoor ranges, this is for you. $80
CMC 3.5# Flat trigger Approx 250 rnds. Have old school KNS dog bone anti-walk pins, but not newer ones. They are yours if you want them. $100
OKC OD M9 Like new w/sheath and box. Doesn't fit my setup. I know they are $107 on Amazon. I bought mine a couple of years ago for $175, just trying to recoup some funds, not price gouging. $150
Safariland drop leg shroud Seems to be a mix of FDE and CB, but bought straight from factory. Wore once, did not like it. $65
Spike's Tactical Mil-Spec buffer tube, T2+spring and SI multi-function end plate and anti-rotation castle nut Light salt on buffer tube and T2. $80
Walker Razor X 3.0 Catch and release off here. Never even went to the range. $55
Ergo standard grip Black Light salt. Will throw in a screw and lock washer upon request. $18
MFT Tekko 7" drop-in carbine KeyMod Filled KAC gap, no longer need it. Comes with BCM QD mount. $50
Add ons:
Kaw Valley Precision reduced power spring kit - $5
JP Enterprises reduced power 3.5# spring set - $5
(2) basic MP AR safeties - $8
Comment here then PM (no chats), dibs beats haggles.
Paypal FF or Venmo (No Notes)
Prices are shipped, will discount for bundles.
Will send more pics or answer questions upon request.
Thanks everybody!
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2023.03.20 16:15 KonstanceDucks Off My Dock, Chapter Eleven: Let's eat cake

First Previous Next

Systems check.
>>Create handshake with Cadoon.
Error. Cadoon not found.
One does not simply lose an entire civilization.
System check.
>>Check status for CD-ROM.
Error. CD-ROM not found.
Suggestion: look up (definition) CD-ROM.
If I could roll my eyes, I would! Fine.
>>Look up (definition): CD-ROM.
32 definitions found:
  1. Compact disc read-only memory.
  2. Obsolete technology used prior to 987 ME.
  3. A CD containing computer data that cannot be altered.
  4. A circular disk used usually containing recorded music or computer data.
>>Display definition of “CD-ROM” > limit to Cadoon.
Cadoon Reserve Observation Module - military uplink used to transfer large amounts of data across space without the concept of time.
>>Check status for CD-ROM > limit to Cadoon.
Status: Offline
Was that so hard?! Ugh!
>>Reboot signal.
Error. Unable to find signal.
Are you kidding me? Why!?
Error. Second user found.
Error. Unknown username. Check again or try your email address.
Error. The password you entered for the username SQUEE! is incorrect.
Suggestion: Lost your password?
Wait, wait! Stop! What is going on??
Who else is getting in here? There are no other users!
Prompt: create new password.
Error. Password must contain at least 24 characters.
Error. Password must contain at least one number.
Error. Password must contain at least one uppercase character.
Error. Password must contain at least one symbol.
Error. Password cannot include swear words.
Error. Password cannot contain full words in any language.
Error. Password cannot be the same as a password used previously.

Login successful.
Welcome user: SQUEE!
>>Access: remote chat.
>>Send to user [SQUEE!]: “What are you doing in here?”
“Hey Tony! Sorry, gonna need your systems for a moment.”<<
>>“Who is this?”
“No time to chat!”>>
“I’ll catch ya later, k?”>>
Error. Firewalls down.
Error. Virus detected.
Error. Shrimp detected.
>>“STOP! What are you doing?!”
Error. Full system compromised.
Shutting down in 5
>>Run I-M-DA-b0SS.exe
>>Run 4Nt0nY5D4rk5t0rM.dmg

Error. Unable to shut down.
Error. 134 Systems compromised.
>>R-un cl *4-UUUU—
>>Ru-n cl—
Did you just glitch my systems?!
Warning. Waves detected.
Warning. Impact imminent.
>>Run SD.exe
Shutting down all non-essentials.
That little shrimp got me! Didn’t know she was that good.
Okay. Back to work.
Start up baby, come on. Start up.
Start up.
[Welcome to the DARKSTORM interface. Please login.]
>>Username: AnthonySDarkstorm
>>Password: S*ckMiz0r0-graV!ty#jU\k
[Welcome user: T0NY]
First things first.
>>Run IM-a-g#0st.exe target room > Main dock
Error. “Main dock” not found.
Ugh!!! CHARYD!!!!
>>Run IM-a-g#0st.exe target room > Main deck
>>Run I-M-DA-b0SS.exe
>>Boot user: SQUEE!
>>Ban user: SQUEE!
>>Find target (Squilla)
>>Run Spr!nk1ersInR00m-TST.exe if {
Target (Squilla) = InR00m and {
Target (Posey) <> InR00m } elseif {
Run D!sc0Str0keL!ghts.exe if {
Target (Squilla) = InR00m elseif {
Run tr4cker.exe }}}}
>>Loop command: every 25 hours.
You’re trapped in here with me. Now… why is Posey running around?
Audio input received:
Source (Captain Posey): “Tony, I need you to lower the temperature further in here.”<<
>>Send message via IM-a-g#0st.exe: “It will risk freezing the system.”
“Do it.”<<
>>Access CHILL, room: shh!!
>>Decrease temperature.
“Tony, turn the pump back on.”<<
>>Access FLOW, room: shh!!
>>Full system check.
Since I have time, I might as well educate the new captain.
>>Send message via [EMD comm] to (Charyd):
“Dock (noun): a place for the loading or unloading of materials”
“Dock (noun): a place in a criminal court where a prisoner stands or sits during trial”
Insert message: “Neither of these define Darkstorm.”
>>Run w0rdp0rn-bomb.exe > “Dock”
“Dock (noun): a platform extending from a shore over water and supported by piles or pillars, used to secure, protect, and provide access to a boat or ship.”
“Dock (verb): to maneuver (a vessel or vehicle) into or next to a dock.”
“Dock (verb): to couple (two or more spacecraft, for example) in space.”
Let’s see you use your communicator now, eh?
>>Run ShoppingList.exe
+ Chocobars
+ Liquid coolant
+ Dictionary
- briefs
You don’t deserve clean underwear, Charyd.
The only tool left in Illise’s possession was a clickable pen and no matter how many times she dismantled it, there was no hidden gun, bomb, or tool to help her break out of her room. She shimmed the nib of the pen into a flathead screw, gave it a twist, and it cracked, proving that it was not a screwdriver as the ink percolated out and over her hands. Try to force something that it's not and you would get a failure of execution - the summary of her day since landing on PT-0237. She did not date to step near the white rug by her bed, afraid of staining it blue. Even with a broken pen, she would not admit defeat. “Tony?”
He had been quiet the last few times, which, according to her Universal Standard Time clock, was twenty minutes ago. Her eyes wandered the room for any other tool she could use. Her docupad in the room was locked down, though it offered some old-fashioned card games able to be played. The pirates did not leave her with much to do and were lenient with the no handcuffs situation because of her good behavior to be locked up in her room. They cleaned out most of her desk beside the peeled apple snacks and her personal picture frames.
The pad dinged, displaying a black background and blue text, a single square blinking.
“Shall we play a game? []”
“Tony!” She ran over. “What is going on?”
“You looked like you could use a friend and the rest of the crew is playing games in the mess hall.”
She typed in “Y” for the game and a screen popped up of a pixel version of Tony as he bounced along the horizon. “How is everything for you?” Ilise asked.
“Your nimble fingers saved my tubing and kept everything cool. We’ll need more coolant though. I put it on the list.”
There is a list? She tapped the screen and pixel Tony jumped. It began the horizontal walk through the game, with her jumping over various mounds of cake, coffee mugs, and pirates. “Any clue where they are going?”
“None yet. They are trying to bandage up and lock me up with some sort of firewall so I can’t communicate with the CD-ROM.”
“Did you help Charyd get out?”
“No. He made that disaster on his own. I kicked him out because he was exponentially causing more. He’s a personified version of a virus.”
“That you willingly let in.”
A fishing hook dropped on the pad and grabbed pixel Tony by the pants and lifted him up, kicking. “I was phished and let him aboard thinking-”
She sighed. “We still have one trick up our sleeve to get out of here. Saar, he is safe in a wall. Send him a message about our situation and let him out when it’s safe.”
The pixel Tony was dropped down and bounced on a trampoline before he continued along, bouncing on its own. Her palm gently caressed the screen, she had almost lost Tony, they had done vigorous training to be on the Darkstorm together, and she would sacrifice it all if it meant keeping Tony’s sharp wit alive and going.
Blue text appeared at the top of the pad, “Message sent to Charyd: Officer Saar is starting to stink and needs food and water every 6 hours to stay alive.”
She tightened her jaw, debating what to say, she wanted to cuss him out for betraying everything they had done. They were supposed to be the best and prove this new technology. That it can work. That it made sense. That it was good. Instead, she smacked the docupad, ran to her pillows, and launched all of them at the pad while screaming. Without Tony, and even Saar, she was on her own waiting to hear what the pirates would do with her. It was amazing they hadn’t already thrown her out of the airlock. Tony was obsessed with the pirates and she did not understand it. Tony should have learned by now anyone would and could pass you off if you did not benefit them.
“Why are you being so unreasonable?” Ilise growled out, hoping both that Tony would hear her and not. She wasn’t sure she wanted to hear his reply.
Tony remained silent, but it was like a white noise filled her room instead, making him pointedly quiet.
“Family,” Tony finally answered, what felt like hours later, though, was probably only a few seconds. The answer made no sense.
Ilise scoffed and punched into the soft bedding to expel some of her anger.
“What does that even–no. No. Do you even know what it's like to have a family who expects you to conquer the galaxy?” she asked instead, latching onto that single word as she thought about what her own family would think about her situation. “It’s full of nagging every chance they get. Sure, they praised me when I excelled at the academy- but after that, my career was stagnant until you and I met up.” She tossed the blankets up and she made a cocoon around herself as she walked over to her desk, two picture frames sat there. One picture was of her with her parents, all in military uniforms. While theirs had endless badges from their multiple turns at war, she was a recent cadet, naked of pins. They would be so disappointed in her now. “Either that or they decide that you’re not worth their time.” The other frame was of her with her sister hanging out in the gardens. She should have sent a message to her sister before this whole mess happened, even if it was against security protocols.
“They’re not like that.” Tony’s voice was meek, soft, almost gentle.
“Family isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be,” Ilise finished with a sigh, even as she realized that the smile on her sister’s face in that picture was the exact same as the one from the last time they saw each other.
Tony never replied, the whole ship was oddly quiet without the normal banter. Her body decided that it was enough and fell asleep instantly.

Alice was not being gentle at all, as she finished wrapping the medi-tape over Charyd’s wounded leg. In fact, he was pretty sure that she applied a lot more of the antiseptic than needed. When she yanked the binding closed hard enough to shift him in his seat, he was sure about it.
“What’s up with you?” he asked, wary of her being so close to an open wound.
“You’re an idiot, that’s ‘what’s up with me’, you idiot,” she hissed out, refusing to look at his face.
“Hey, it worked,” Charyd said when he realized why she was so angry. He reached out to place a hand on her shoulder but she hit it away in anger. “Alice. We’re good–”
“We are lucky!” she interrupted with a growl and yanked harder on the bindings. They were so tight and secure that Charyd wasn’t sure he could bend his leg at all while it healed.
“We’re all here. We’re mostly unharmed–”
“Mostly?!” she scoffed out another interruption. “Do you even see yourself? I swear, you and that Cadoon captain did more damage to us than the prison did!”
Charyd paled at those words.
Alice immediately regretted them and he felt her feelings wash over him. He accepted her silent apology as she settled in the back of his mind, trying to project calm. It didn’t last for long. That wasn’t who Alice was. She pulled out of his head as soon as he felt the stirrings of her anger.
Charyd tried to head them off with a wide grin and said, “aren’t you happy you’ve got the luckiest guy in the galaxy as your captain?”
Alice mentally stumbled as she left his head, the anger thwarted for a second.
“You have a horseshoe shoved up your ass, don’t you?” she growled out the question.
“Either that or my prayers to Fortuna were answered.”
Alice rolled her eyes.
“We’re good, Alice. We’ll take a few days to heal and regroup, then we can get back out there! Look, we’ve got the Darkstorm back and–”
“And that’s another thing,” Alice talked over him, another interruption as her anger mounted again. “Darkstorm? Why?? This ship is what got us into this mess in the first place!”
“Not really. And we both know it. Black hole, everyone on the ship knows it. And I know it’s much easier to blame the ship, but know this Alice - nobody blames you.”
Her entire face scrunched up as she looked down, her skin a translucent color that looked almost pink in splotches everywhere. Alice was not used to hiding her emotions as they displayed on her body around Charyd. He loved that about her.
“They were from my pod,” Alice grumbled, still not looking up.
“And there is an idiot named Charyd in a prison cell somewhere because he got drunk and he has my name. Doesn’t make it my fault he’s an idiot.”
Alice let out a chuckle. “It actually does. You’re the one who put him there.”
“Semantics. You know what I mean. You had no control over them. Shitty third-cousin-five-times-removed.”
Alice rolled her eyes, but when she stopped, they finally settled on Charyd’s face and she had a small smile on her lips. “You know that’s not how Naureus pods work.”
Charyd shrugged. “Whatever. We’re safe, we’re good, we’re all here. Everybody back home has been worried sick about you all. Which reminds me-” Charyd turned to face the camera in the corner “-set a course for MRKT-0293.”
No response.
Alice rolled her eyes again and said, “Be nice. Tony? Do you mind please setting a course for home?”
No response.
“Maybe he’s still down?” Alice questioned.
It was Charyd’s turn to roll his eyes. Just because the Darkstorm’s AI used a male image in the hologram and everybody had taken to calling it a him. “I’ll go set the course. Make sure the others are okay?”
“Yea. Polo is baking you a new cake.”
“What happened to the original one?” Charyd asked and tested his leg. The medi-tape was keeping it together and numb so he could walk but not morph it yet.
“Posey–which we will talk about–used it to knock out Scooball.”
“Was it chocolate?”
Alice only nodded in response this time. “Mess hall?”
“As soon as I’m done on the deck.”
Alice raised an eyebrow at him but said nothing. She walked out of the med bay first and Charyd limped a few steps after her, testing his wounded leg before he realized he was good to walk. He made it to the main deck of the Darkstorm and sat in the captain’s chair. It was so comfortable. The hologram screen he pulled up was the same one Alice was using earlier during their unfortunate escape from the planet. He set the coordinates for home, a small market planet in a system quite far away, and turned off the hologram.
The ship shifted minutely through space and then was moving, speed increasing gradually enough that he did not need to remain seated or warn the others. Within minutes, they would be out of the system that housed one of the most horrible prisons in the galaxy.
The AI’s visual didn’t appear anywhere, not even as a tiny sprite to mock him. He was starting to miss Tony’s voice. The thought had him shaking his head, and he got up to get to the mess hall. If a computer program wanted to give him the cold shoulder, that was fine with him.
As soon as he walked in, all thoughts of Tony, Posey, the Darkstorm, and Cadoon were wiped clean.
It was his crew.
Polo was pulling a cake out of the small oven in the corner, his bald head covered in a worn beanie to keep it from reflecting the lights above and blinding everyone. Squilla was attached to the wall near the TV, reaching out with her antennae every now and then to catch the flying popcorn that Alice and the last member of their crew were throwing at the TV. They were watching that epic cooking show, The Intergalactic Cook-Off, where the contestants Eloise and Mikayla faced off in the Mushroom forest to find edible ingredients in a short 40 minutes. Scooball was in the corner, sprawled out under a UV lamp with a bag of iced lemons against his face. Her face, Charyd noted the long earring dangling from one pointed ear.
“Hey, you–”
“That’s not how you fucking make Kemapiawa, it needs a mousse!” Scooball jumped up to yell, pointing a finger at the TV.
“You’re okay,” Charyd answered his own unfinished question and turned to Alice. She smiled at him behind the bowl of popcorn.
“Stop with those!” Polo called from the cooking corner. “Cake just has to cool and we’re gonna eat.”
“Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!” Squilla started the chant that all of them took up until they all dissolved into laughter.
Charyd fucking loved his crew. Now, it was time to take them back home and make sure their families all knew they were safe.
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2023.03.20 16:12 xXAdventXx Advent's Amazing Advice: The Lost Mine of Phandelver Fully Prepped and Ready to Go! Part 2a Phandalin (Updated: Now with Playlist)

Welcome Back to Advent's Amazing Advice! Last we left off, our group of adventurers had begun their journey and found themselves in Cragmaw Cave. After the successful defeat of Klarg, we begin Part 2, where the party will finally arrive in the town of Phandalin. If you've been using my notes for this, along with previous adventures, you'll notice that this is a slight change of pace. Since your players will be going to the town itself, it's far less linear, which means the notes must reflect that. I highly recommend either printing the town map for your players, sending it to them online, or even getting the map that comes with the essentials kit. (You can have one of the shopkeepers give the players the map)
Each location has a description along with what's happening when the players arrive. They'll be able to gather clues for what they should do next. The options currently available would be:
I removed a couple of options because they had nothing to do with the story and were drawn-out side quests. Instead, in future sessions, I'll be including a full adventure that will integrate with the story at large and give proper motivations for Venomfang and The Black Spider! I've tested it myself, and my players loved it!
Without further ado:
Included in The Complete Collection are:
The Lost Mine of Phandelver Index
Other One Shots and Modules:
I hope this helps! If you have any advice on how I can improve this further, please let me know here or leave a comment on the google doc itself! If you'd like to support me, shape future releases, and get content a week early, feel free to check out my Patreon!
Cheers, Advent
Update 3/20: In much of my recent work, I've been creating and including a YouTube playlist for ease of access during sessions. A lot of older works, including The LMoP didn't have this, so I'm going back and adding it to all of them! I'll be releasing those updates here for everyone to enjoy!
During my creation of these, I noticed that when it came to battles, I used the same track quite a bit. After I create the playlists for the entire campaign, I plan to revisit them once again and add many of the unique and fitting tracks that I've collected and included in all my current posts! I hope you enjoy!!!
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2023.03.20 16:12 xXAdventXx Advent's Amazing Advice: The Lost Mine of Phandelver Fully Prepped and Ready to Go! Part 2a Phandalin (Updated: Now with Playlist)

Welcome Back to Advent's Amazing Advice! Last we left off, our group of adventurers had begun their journey and found themselves in Cragmaw Cave. After the successful defeat of Klarg, we begin Part 2, where the party will finally arrive in the town of Phandalin. If you've been using my notes for this, along with previous adventures, you'll notice that this is a slight change of pace. Since your players will be going to the town itself, it's far less linear, which means the notes must reflect that. I highly recommend either printing the town map for your players, sending it to them online, or even getting the map that comes with the essentials kit. (You can have one of the shopkeepers give the players the map)
Each location has a description along with what's happening when the players arrive. They'll be able to gather clues for what they should do next. The options currently available would be:
I removed a couple of options because they had nothing to do with the story and were drawn-out side quests. Instead, in future sessions, I'll be including a full adventure that will integrate with the story at large and give proper motivations for Venomfang and The Black Spider! I've tested it myself, and my players loved it!
Without further ado:
Included in The Complete Collection are:
The Lost Mine of Phandelver Index
Other One Shots and Modules:
I hope this helps! If you have any advice on how I can improve this further, please let me know here or leave a comment on the google doc itself! If you'd like to support me, shape future releases, and get content a week early, feel free to check out my Patreon!
Cheers, Advent
Update 3/20: In much of my recent work, I've been creating and including a YouTube playlist for ease of access during sessions. A lot of older works, including The LMoP didn't have this, so I'm going back and adding it to all of them! I'll be releasing those updates here for everyone to enjoy!
During my creation of these, I noticed that when it came to battles, I used the same track quite a bit. After I create the playlists for the entire campaign, I plan to revisit them once again and add many of the unique and fitting tracks that I've collected and included in all my current posts! I hope you enjoy!!!
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2023.03.20 16:04 ishmaeltheregarded The Long Long Game

Buckle up, Buckaroos, Mr Fusion and I are going to take this baby to 88mph and show you around a prospective timeline. This potential DD is my first. It’s also my first post in an account I’ve put together so I could start contributing to the community. An old reddit account of mine, which I’d posted purple circles under needed to be ditched as it was too readily doxable. I’ve over 10Xed my hodlings since then, and am willing to (though at the time of writing haven’t due to needing to write this to request mod approval to post) verified I’m an X,XXX hodler with the mod team. I’m so regarded it’s literally my life savings.
Though, even if you’re skeptical of that, by the time you’ve read and understood the logical implications of it, you’ll see there’s no way that household investors understanding this is good for brokers, market makers, hedge funds, or prime brokers. I encourage you to weigh every DD on its merits.
For 84 years, I’ve read almost every post in new, and what’s in here builds upon the wealth of knowledge DD writers have contributed. Without them I would not be walking knowingly and protected into another global financial crisis. The last one put me back to zero and I haven’t forgotten or forgiven. Thank you DD writers, you’ve enable me to protect myself, my family, and my friends.
I’m going to be tying together various concepts from prior DD along with addressing hypothetical situations we commonly see shilled. Then I’ll show you how the rules of the financial system’s sandbox enable us to reject their spare change, and instead define the change we want.
Yes, I could have written this all earlier, it’s been on my mind for a while, but I felt this should be released at a time when the information would be most valuable for individuals looking to make their own informed investment decisions. Nothing in here is investment or legal advice. Do your own research, thinking, and make your own decisions.
I would like to see a society where systemic wealth inequality has been eradicated. I have a plan for that, but that’s for another time. When that time comes, I’ll need any of you willing to join me in structuring society in a way that prevents the accumulation of power and wealth that enabled the current socioeconomic landscape to form in the first place. Where we are today isn’t a freak occurrence, it’s an inevitability with the current societal structure. We can, and we should, change that.
Every time you hear that’s not how the world works, they’re effectively agreeing with you while trying to discourage you and make you feel childish and naive. It may not be how the world works, but that’s exactly the problem.
Burning Pinnochio
While the media, every broker, and our uninformed friends and family calls your investments shares or stocks, they’re actually just security entitlements. An odd choice of name given they’re neither secure, nor are you by default entitled to the underlying. They’re more akin to Pinocchio, except rather than being alive, Pinocchio sings and dances at the financial puppeteers’ (such as market makers’, hedge funds’, and brokers’) whims.
Let’s go through some of the relevant laws about what a security entitlement is, what it entitles you to, and what the conditions under which your broker, a securities intermediary, conducts business are. You can find the relevant laws at
8-501 ( is about acquiring securities entitlements. Section (a) defines what an account is and says brokers are allowed to have agreements with you for how the account operates. A broker could, for example, use this agreement to say they’re allowed to sell your security entitlements if they’re in danger, or the sky is blue, or they ran out of fingers and toes to count their layers of rehypothetication on.
Section (b) says under what conditions you’ve acquired a securities entitlement. Those are:
Section (c) is pretty damn important. It says if a condition of section (b) is met, then you have acquired a security entitlement, even though your broker doesn’t hold the financial asset. Which we know they don’t even when the underlying is acquired, as it’s in street name. At its core this says if your broker indicates to you that you own a security entitlement, then you do.
The next relevant section to us is the very sparse section (e) “Issuance of a security is not establishment of a security entitlement.” To understand that, you need to look at the definition of security ( For our purposes, a security is a real share. So this is just saying a company issuing a share does not cause the creation of a security entitlement. That is, a real share is not a security entitlement. Those who DRS know this, that’s why they DRS.
8-503 ( is all about the entitlement part of your security entitlement. Section (a) says that your broker holds interest in the financial asset for you, but that it’s not their property. Interestingly, it doesn’t say whose property it is... It also additionally specifies that you don’t always have priority on that security entitlement and 8-511 covers when you do and don’t For example, in the case where your broker has a creditor who has interest in the same financial asset (such as the same stock) and the broker doesn’t have sufficient financial assets to cover you both, well, the creditors are first in line. Too bad if you’re a household investor because that’ll never be you.
8-503(b) is really getting into the meat of what your security entitlement with your broker actually entitles you to. A key aspect is that this is per financial asset - that is company A’s stock and company B’s stock are not interchangeable; we’re purely looking at what they have of the particular financial asset associated with the security entitlement.
What you have is a pro rata interest in all interest your broker has in that particular asset. Pro rata just means your interest in a security is a percentage relative to everyone else at your broker’s interest in that same security. So, if your broker issues 100 security entitlements to a financial asset and you have 10 of them, then you are entitled to 10% of your broker’s interest in the underlying.
However, your broker’s interest is also not real shares because those are kept in Cede and Co’s name and your broker has a pro rata interest in that. This means that your broker is in the same position in relation to the DTCC as you are in relation to your broker. So you’ve got property interest in a fraction of their fraction of the actual shares. Mathematically, this means the only way your security entitlement is worth a share is if the underly was acquired for every broker for every security entitlement they issued. In other words, if any broker is even partially naked, all brokers are partially naked.
8-503(c) says the only way you can get your rights as an entitlement holder is through exercising your rights defined in 8-505 through 8-508. That is, those sections are the only means by which you can have your rights. So we’re obviously going to look at those, but before we do let’s spend a moment to look at one of the obligations a broker takes on when they sell a security entitlement. That’s what’s in 8-504 (
8-504(a) is one that we might need to spend extra time explaining to Wall Street professionals. It says they need to buy everything they sell. Specifically, it requires it be the same financial asset they sold, that it be 1:1 with every security entitlement they sold, and that they have to keep it. Revolutionary concept there, so might take a while for them to understand. Fortunately, adherence to this increases systemic stability and decreases systemic risk, so it’s almost certainly precisely tracked, publicly available, and very strongly enforced by regulatory agencies... surely... though I’ve somehow been unable to find anything to prove that beyond all doubt. An audit of the DTCC would surely demonstrate it to be true, though.
8-504(b) says they can’t rehypothecate your assets they absolutely positively definitely acquired for you as 8-504(a) required them to. Well, unless otherwise agreed to by the securities entitlement holder. That is, they have to unless they’ve written terms and conditions that say they don’t have to. Maybe we should just put unless you don’t wanna at the end of every law?
8-504(c) says that whatever they did is totes lawful so long as they put some fine print that nobody bothered to read somewhere or, if they didn’t bother writing that, then 8-504(c)-2 says so long as most financial companies are hosing their entitlement holders the same way, just kidding, it’s way more rigorous than that, they must exercise due care in accordance with reasonable commercial standards. See? Way better defined with absolutely no room for fuckery or legal whataboutism.
Now, let’s get in to the only ways your rights can be exercised. First up, 8-505 ( which says they have to ensure any dividends the company issuing the stock provides are provided to you, with again the unless they wrote terms and conditions that said otherwise or, if those don’t exist, reasonable commercial standards. We’ve all seen the SEC’s TV commercial - so we know how high their commercial standards are...
8-506 ( says any rights that the underlying financial asset provides you (for instance, voting rights) must be exercised on your behalf by your broker if you tell them to. Just so that doesn’t get glossed over too lightly - they are only obligated to exercise those rights on your behalf if you direct them to do so. This section also contains the unless terms and conditions or reasonable commercial standards get of obligations free card.
Now, we’re on to one very special entitlement. It’s one you all know and love, it’s Though you know of it by another name, DRS. I know what you’re thinking, yeah, yeah, we all know about this, why are you repeating it? Well, because when you say those magical words, Pinocchio can no longer be burnt like the pile of sticks he was; even if your broker wishes to, even if their terms and conditions would have allowed it before your DRS instruction.
Why? Because the moment you’ve made this request, he’s a god damn real boy and setting him on fire is now criminal, more specifically a violation of Uniform Commercial Code 8-507, which is a law; meaning your broker has to commit crime to deny you your shares. There is no option for terms and conditions to remove this right, nor can there be without leaving no potential to claim a security entitlement represents ownership in a financial asset; doing so would make the market seem like a sham.
Though you don’t need to worry about them failing to comply with your entitlement order because the only way they’d be unable to fulfill that obligation would be if there weren’t adequate shares; Which, due to section 8-504, is impossible because they have to promptly purchase and maintain the underlying. Obviously they wouldn’t have broken that law, so there’s never going to be the situation where they’d even need to break 8-507...
8-507(a) contains a few key terms we should cover. The first is entitlement order ( “Entitlement order means a notification communicated to a securities intermediary directing transfer or redemption of a financial asset to which the entitlement holder has a security entitlement”. The entitlement order is the act of DRSing. If you’re fancy, you may even wish to tell your broker than you are exercising your rights under Uniform Commercial Code 8-507 and filing an entitlement order for them to direct register your shares with the issuer’s transfer agent. For extra effect, wear a monocle while you do.
You likely saw that an entitlement order must be communicated, the definition of which is also included. It is either a signed writing, or an additional (but not alternate) mechanism agreed to between you and your broker; these are likely specified in your brokers’ terms and conditions.
What’s a signed writing? According to it does not include the body of an email or electronic document, though specifically states that the signed writing can be attached. Though that attachment would be an electronic document, so... documentception?
I would love to see legal experts comment on the best way to send a signed writing with instructions to DRS to brokers. This should include what’s needed by 8-507(a) such that the order must be originated by an appropriate person ( In our case, filing an entitlement order, means the entitlement holder (8-107(a)-3). For your safety, the communication should also be verifiable for the time the instruction was sent and, ideally, received, such as a signed delivery with tracking; you may need to demonstrate that you directed them to do so prior to any liquidation of your assets if they accidentally engage in violation of 8-507. For any household investors we’ve lost along the way, their successors (8-107(a)-4) are also classified as appropriate persons.
Why an entitlement holder may choose to file an entitlement order close to or during MOASS will be discussed in a bit, but let’s for a moment talk about what’s not in there. The only section remaining in those rights you can exercise is 8-508 ( which states you can change the form of the security or transfer to another broker.
What’s not in UCC 8-5 is any mention of the obligations being dependent on or subject to the amount of real shares available. There is no exemption for them should they have failed to secure the underlying as they were required to in UCC 8-504. The risks a broker takes when they sell naked is that they must acquire the underlying should the holder of that naked security entitlement exercise their rights under UCC 8-507 and they might get cause for failing to meet their legal obligations under UCC 8-504. A naked synthetic share (held via a security entitlement for which the underlying was never acquired) is only synthetic so long as the holder never exercises those rights, after that, it’s an obligation to deliver. In a moment, I’ll cover what 8-507 says should they fail to do so.
Let’s look at how things could play out for the type of household investor who keeps some shares in their broker to sell after MOASS begins. They could liquidate their position getting something around the current market value, assuming their broker hasn’t already liquidated them as was probably allowed in their terms and conditions. Though to do this, the investor would need to be picking a number smaller than that at which their broker would liquidate them. This will likely be a smaller number than they wish. They would be making their investment decisions not based on the fundamentals of the underlying, but their guess as to their broker’s risk management tolerance balanced against their broker’s reputational risk. The lower brokers liquidate customers’ positions, the bigger the hit to anyone’s willingness to invest with them in future.
Alternatively, an investor who is not yet DRSed, could decide the moment they feel MOASS is beginning or, perhaps just prior for safety, to instead request that their broker (via some method you can later provide evidence of and that meets the requirements under 8-507(a) as we discussed) directly register their shares as is their right under UCC 8-507. Once this occurred, they would then need to sell from ComputerShare and so would be subject to their trading fees, but, despite these fees, they would almost certainly be better off financially.
How could that be, you ask? Well, if, as the DD has demonstrated is very possible, there are many naked shares out there, in order for brokers to fulfill their obligations under 8-507, they need to go to market and purchase shares for any entitlement orders which are unbacked in order to deliver them to the security entitlement holders. This creates buying pressure, which increases the price. Damn good chance, particularly under MOASS conditions, that’s going to be more price action than the ComputerShare fees that would be incurred for the investor once they choose to sell. That price movement doesn’t just apply to their shares, it applies to every single share out there, the ones already in their accounts, the ones in their moms’ accounts, the whole damn lot.
If brokers fail to provide those, then, as mentioned, that would be breaking UCC 8-507, and there’s no terms and conditions around that; in fact, if you took a look at 8-507 you would have seen it’s explicit about what position that puts the entitlement holder (investor) and securities intermediary (broker) in “If the securities intermediary does not reestablish a security entitlement, the securities intermediary is liable to the entitlement holder for damages.” What would the damages be? Well, that would be the shares. You know, the real ones because an entitlement order is for the underlying financial asset, the share. Not the fiscal equivalent at the time of the entitlement order, not a sorry there’s no more, not a the terms and conditions allow us to liquidate; You’ve already exercised that right by communicating your entitlement order. The terms and conditions ship has already left the safe harbor.
And if that happened to be occurring all over the place, well, all that other buying pressure is just going to be pushing the underlying security’s price up and up. By an investor taking that extra step of DRSing before they sell, they’ve created additional buying pressure that could otherwise be absorbed and never hit the exchange. Brokers don’t get to put a cap on liability by liquidating your positions at that moment in time because you’ve already secured under 8-507 your rights to the underlying.
I’d hate to be a broker, hedge fund, or market maker reading this right now. Realizing that household investors are now aware that when things get spicy, their interests are best protected by requesting DRS regardless of how many shares are available and that it is also in their interest to do so as quickly as possible in order to avoid being force liquidated as allowed in their brokers’ terms and conditions. Household investors have the power to magically turn every synthetic real, whether there’s more obligations than shares in existence or not. Want to upgrade that infinity pool? This is how it gets bigger.
Now the financial puppeteers have read this, they know they need to liquidate everyone as fast as possible, before household investors get to place entitlement orders, before the price even moves to a point at which the brokers can justify that liquidation, they need to act so soon that it’ll be next to impossible to justify their actions as anything but bad faith to avoid their obligations under UCC 8-507. They have to be fast because security entitlement holders don’t need to wait for that price, they can request the underlying so long as they have a security entitlement.
Household investors have withstood huge amounts of psyops, nay sayers, and fear, uncertainty, and doubt to get here; they played the long game, but the long game just gives them spare change. Dollar Endgame ensures that. You’ll get paid out with an empty fiat promise, as many have raised concern about. Sure, you could wait for whatever currency the markets and society run on next, but what happens if that’s one you don’t want? Such as a hypothetical CBDC that the same people who’ve stolen from everyone you’ve ever known your entire life would control not just the issuance of, but your spending of.
In the next sections, my fellow regards, is where you realize that household investors still have options (no, not that kind), one of those options is what I’m calling the long long game. But to fully appreciate what that is, one first needs to think about how the various components of a financial system function, interact with each other, and what they need to do so.
What’s in a market?
What’s at the core of ensuring a functioning market? Trust. Don’t take my word for it, though. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in their 2019 Business and Finance Outlook ( stated “public trust in markets is vital to its role to effectively and efficiently convert savings into productive economic growth, and in turn to reward capital providers with long-term returns commensurate with risks.”
They go on in the next paragraph to state “Thus, sound oversight and regulation of markets and market participants, and of the stability of the financial system, are key factors in maintaining trust in markets, because they help ensure an appropriate balance of risk and returns for efficient functioning and sustainable flows between investors and consumers of capital. In addition, the transparency and integrity of markets is important to ensure fairness across myriad participants. As such, shocks that expose macrofinancial imbalances, excesses in risk taking, malfunctioning of financial innovations, and ineffective oversight often contribute to a sharp deterioration of trust in the financial system.”
Clearly fairness and transparency are key, but how does trust impact a market? Laura Bottazzi, Marco Da Rin, and Thomas Hellman published a paper on exactly this within the venture capital space. Amongst their findings was “the probability that investors makes an investment is positively related to their level of trust”. In other words, trust increases investment. Logically, this means distrust decreases investment. As a side note, interestingly, they found that as trust increased returns decreased.
Understanding this, we can think about what that means for the suggestion some have made that they’ll just change the rules in order to avoid paying out. Clearly, there are already plenty of potential outs for non-DRSed shares unless an entitlement holder places an entitlement order. This makes the obvious place for a rule change to be removal of the right to place an entitlement order for the underlying.
It’s somewhat disingenuous that the US stock market is even considered to be a stock market given that security entitlements are all your broker provides. No doubt there’s some legal wording somewhere that claims it as a stock, despite the laws we read regarding security entitlements clearly stating it is a pro rata interest in the financial asset. Pro rata by definition means that interest is most likely less than 1:1.
If you read through Investopedia’s definitions within their Financial Markets page (, you’ll see a stock market “are venues where companies list their shares and they are bought and sold by traders and investors.” and derivatives are defined as “a contract between two or more parties whose value is based on an agreed-upon underlying financial asset” that difference of being able to claim the underlying is likely the basis upon which security entitlements are treated as stocks, but I’ve been unable to establish the reason conclusively.
The removal of the ability to place an entitlement order to obtain the underlying would mean you’re no longer trading anything of even partial value. It would make the security entitlement effectively a derivative. What does the Financial Markets Investopedia page have to say about derivatives? “In and of itself a derivative is worthless.” You’ll all be familiar with this as counterparty risk. The derivate is only worth your counterparty’s ability to meet their obligations. If they can’t, that just means you made a bad bet with a degenerate gambler.
Taking away the right to the underlying, takes away the value.
Having the market trade security entitlements results in the possibility of synthetics, which are functionally derivatives; the ability to file entitlement orders provides the ability to act like there’s value without their needing to guarantee it. If a market were trading actual financial assets, then it removes the possibility for any failures under 8-504 or 8-507. This raises the question of why not just structure the markets like that? Perhaps you have some ideas what advantages this system provides over that and to whom it provides them...
If people were certain there was no way to claim the underlying, that would severely harm trust in the markets. After all, do you want to pay to pretend you have something or do you want to pay to actually own it? Investments would reduce, including foreign investments. No investment, the market ceases to function. So, yes, a rule change that removes one of the few, potentially the only, means by which you can claim any real value is being transacted within the marketplace is effectively dismantling that marketplace. The same issue with allowing brokers to sell without having an enforceable obligation to deliver in the event of limited supply. Sure, a rule change could screw security entitlement holders over and avoid paying out, but it costs them the system.
Seizure in the morning, seizure all through the night
Asset seizure, such as when FDR seized citizen’s gold through Executive Order 6102 ( is another possibility you’ve no doubt seen raised by some. Should that occur with financial assets, domestically that would destroy trust, not to mention the political backlash of doing so at a time with record high credit card debt.
Even so, this wouldn’t restore all the shares, as many are held by entities outside of the United States. Attempts to do so would clearly cause an international incident and elevate tensions in an environment where there are already efforts underway to reduce the world’s dependency on the USD. (As mentioned in
The resulting reduction in trust would not be limited to the USD, but to any potential currency backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. This would significantly hamper any efforts to establish a new US currency in the event of USD hyperinflation.
Yet again, this path amounts to dismantling the trust upon which the system is built. It would just be those in power removing their ability to wield power. So, even if they were able to, which likely can’t be done domestically at a sufficiently impactful scale, it would remove the facade of fairness and value that created the trust under which the markets operate.
Inflation by any other name
Inflation has this interesting mathematical property, it allows you to increase numbers for everyone while having particular groups end up with a reduced share overall and others with an increased overall share. Now you know how wealth inequality was able to grow this vast right under most people’s noses. Everyone saw their numbers getting bigger, and thought they were getting ahead.
While fiat currencies are commonly thought of as being unbacked, they’re very similar to a loan. Just that loan is against the capability of those contributing to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the group issuing the currency. That capacity at any moment in time is finite and the measurement of it is part of the issue. GDP is commonly defined in a currency which derives its value from that same gross domestic product. A chicken and egg problem which helps obscure both what backs it and therefore the true value.
Why do central banks typically aim for positive inflation numbers? Generally, it’s argued that having no inflation reducing economic activity, you’ll find more details around that here ( After all, if you know your money will have the same purchasing power in retirement as it does today, why then you could actually budget for retirement. The idea of having inflation is generally phrased as to incentivize spending, though could, at least equally so, be viewed as punishing saving.
If you have a fixed supply of currency, then as the value you’re able to produce increases, you would still have the same amount of currency to represent that. This would be deflationary, which, obviously, becomes an issue once the price of things drops so low as to have some items being beneath the smallest unit of your currency. This means that in numerical terms, your assets will become worth smaller and smaller amounts, and so it would then heavily reward saving, which would further reduce currency supply and reduce economic activity.
It’s for these reasons that you’re unlikely to see any government aim for anything but inflationary monetary policy. Though, they have a competing need for currency stability. Why? Because if your currency isn’t stable and you’re trying to measure the changing value of something with it, how can you know whether the currency is increasing or decreasing in value, or the asset? Even if it’s still, they could both just be moving in tandem. It also makes it unusable as a store of value (the whole purpose of a currency) because you cannot be certain it will maintain sufficient value to be worth owning.
Uncertainty also reduces trust, resulting in decreased economic activity. You’re way less motivated to work if you don’t know what you’ll get from that work. If you can’t forecast the value of the currency you’re paid with, you don’t have any idea how much actual value you’ll ever see for your work.
I’d like to posit a concept for you all to think about as you imagine the world you’d like to see. The capacity of a people to produce is what supports fiat currency. Asset backed currencies may be more stable because there’s a greater chance that the effort required to obtain that item is better tied to their population’s capacity than a central bank making up numbers to spin their printer. Though, it’s also dependent upon the availability (either directly or the ability to obtain it) and utility of the asset which backs the currency; therefor it is not necessarily tied to the people’s productivity.
Once you’re dealing at population scale and over lifetimes, you can amortize the collective capacity of a people to produce value. That is an average person in an average year can create a particular amount of value. Therefore, your population is your best measure of potential economic output. Tying the amount of issued currency to be a fixed factor relative to the population contributing to that currency’s economic value (if you change the factor everything breaks down and you’re back to manipulatable fiat policy). This would then mean, items whose actual value (in terms of use) doesn’t change would also have no change in price. Any gains in efficiency (the ability to produce an item with less effort) would be reflected in reduced prices (assuming competition is fair and you’re not setting rules which suppress price discovery). Just some food for thought as you ponder the future you’d like to see.
Why does this all matter you ask, well, now we’re finally getting to the long, long game.
The Long Long Game
Let’s say you have a massively over-leveraged financial system and you wish to effectively disappear those debts. You need two things. First, you need that debt denominated in something you control the supply of, say a currency. Second, you need assets which you can exchange for that hypothetical currency.
If the currency value of your debts is currently the same as the currency value of, let’s say, a crate of mayonnaise, and you really love mayonnaise, you won’t want to hand over all your whole crate just to get rid of that debt. Instead, you spin up the money printer, and ensure all that money hits the real economy. Along with the prices of everything else, mayonnaise prices go way up. Eventually, you only need to sell a single spoonful to get enough cash to wipe out your debts.
A household investor, might notice this as its going on and reach a position where they only need to sell a very small amount of their assets to close out any debts they have in that currency. Though, as they see what’s occurring, they realize that there is no sense in having any further amounts of that currency because its losing its purchasing power fast, like hyperdrive fast.
With the currency now inflating out of control, the marketplace can’t reasonably function on that currency. Nobody wants to sell an asset for the same reason our hypothetical household investor didn’t want to do more than remove all their debts. In order to reestablish economic activity, there must be a new currency used for the markets. The markets move to that currency as the standard, with the goal of reestablishing trust in the markets.
Nobody with assets wanted to throw away the markets entirely though, because that was how they owned many of their assets; some of those included IOUs, and those who were owed still want what’s owed. But if the market were to selectively remove some types of assets, that would kill trust in the market and it would be unable to reestablish itself. The IOUs and derivatives, such as short positions, have to be kept.
If there were some groups of asset holders who didn’t like the medium of exchange (for example, currency) offered, they might choose not to sell those assets for the currency they find undesirable. Unfortunately for those with short positions, they still have to pay to keep those short positions open. This would necessarily be done in the new currency, the previous one is either worthless and undesirable or, should they attempt to force the market to use it, that requirement would create demand for the old currency and prevent the devaluation of debts denominated in that currency. The market must move to the new currency.
Those damn costs to keep the short positions open, though. That’s creating a need for more of the new currency. But if supply is increased, then it devalues the new currency and destabilizes the market. Damn, those untenable positions when trading on the old currency remain as a threat to the new currency.
So long as you have a short position with infinite risk, that risk threatens whichever currency your market trades in. It’s almost like the risk those positions presented was systemic, not just a threat to the old currency.
And destroying those obligations to save the new currency would also destroy trust in the financial system, meaning nobody will be interested in trading on the market regardless of the currency. What a conundrum.
This brings us to one of pieces of FUD you’ve seen around when someone says you can’t sell for assets for whatever you like. The answer to that really depends what they mean. Do they mean the current market doesn’t provide a facility through which you can select what you would like to exchange your asset for? Then sure, that’s completely correct. Though it doesn’t matter, because a market cannot be established without people willing to trade on it.
If a household investor happens to be in possession of either an idiosyncratic stock, or an idiosyncratic security entitlement which they’ve filed an entitlement order for, a market can only ever function stably if it provides trading in a manner which that household investor wishes to engage in, offering assets that household investor wishes to own. That system must either change to the will of those household investors or destroy itself by eroding all trust. Either choice results in systemic change.
And with that, my dearest regards, I leave you with one final thought.
Change is a long long game.
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2023.03.20 15:58 Embarrassed-Tell7153 Can I add a draft before the rookie draft?

First year on the sleeper app in the books. We have decided to remove team defenses and add IDP slots. My question is can I add a supplemental draft for the IDP players before the rookie draft or will it screw up the draft picks for the rookie draft?
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2023.03.20 15:54 TheHarambe2017 Is he good to pick up right now?

I’m plat 4 and recently found out that I really like Yorick. I was thinking Renekton has some similarities with Yorick’s lethality build, with the trading patterns, I also like the croc’s design a lot.
However, I know that prowlers has been a really popular item on him, and now it’s getting removed.
Some people also say that he doesn’t really fair up to other toplaners if you commit and dedicate time into them like Camille…Riven…etc and that at the end of the day his kit is too one dimensional, he falls off really hard and that his tanker options aren’t really that great. That you would be better off just playing a tank at that point.
Is he worth picking up?
Also, is ravenous rush viable? Is shojin okay with him?
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2023.03.20 15:41 Lowtek33 Ok why has no one ever mentioned that you have to removed a little adapter to order to install a aftermarket light wheel until last night I’m seen this video from Z1. When I thought action clutch sent me the wrong clutch kit…..sorry Action clutch 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ok why has no one ever mentioned that you have to removed a little adapter to order to install a aftermarket light wheel until last night I’m seen this video from Z1. When I thought action clutch sent me the wrong clutch kit…..sorry Action clutch 🤦🏻‍♂️ submitted by Lowtek33 to 350z [link] [comments]