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2023.06.10 23:15 aeviiea 24/EST/Canada - Let’s chill in VC while we play our own games! And I can stream for you :)

Hey all! My (user)name is Aeviiea and I'm looking for some people to play COD SND or the new Zelda with! Zelda would obviously just be us playing the game together at our own pace in a Discord VC. Not a lot of people are into playing COD SND so I’m down to play and stream for you so you can watch me be bad LOL. Or join me if you do play!
About me:
Please be over 21+! Message me for my Discord. :)
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2023.06.10 23:15 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.10 23:14 WalnutThestral Can you buy two editions of the game on the same platform and get all the moonstones and items?

Since the game is on sale on Epic Games, I am considering buying the Ultimate edition twice, once on my husband's Epic games account and once on mine, mainly just for the moonstones. So both purchases will be on PC. I currently am playing the Basic edition on switch. I have seen posts about receiving items and moonstones from two separate platforms, but will I receive everything from two Ultimate editions if I log into my game account on two separate PCs? Or is there a limit like one Ultimate edition per account per platform?
So in theory could I: -purchase Ultimate Edition with my Epic Games account, login in with my Gameloft account, redeem rewards. -purchase Ultimate Edition with my husband's Epic Games account, log in with my Gameloft account, redeem rewards again
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2023.06.10 23:14 Choice-Tomatillo-448 No Elimination Points in Ranked

I'm currently diamond 4, but i've had this issue since i was plat 2 on monday, 6/5. The highest rank I achieved in previous seasons before was diamond 3 in season 12 and diamond 4 in season 16. I have played for an entire week without getting awarded any elimination points from a ranked match, and the elimination tab is completely absent from the point breakdown screen. I did get points for one match last night, where I got the last kill of a game I won, and i only got 34 points for that elimination when me and my teammates had 15 combined. This has to be a bug and it needs to be fixed asap. I can't even play the game at this point..
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2023.06.10 23:14 Orchid_Arc Ornn didn't want to forget ig?

Just played a match where im playing ornn jax and when I played ornn he didn't copy an ally equipment. I had two different equipments on board and because of this it kind of cost me the game. Is there a bug i don't know about or some special trigger for ornn copying an equipment?
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2023.06.10 23:13 Lower_Pirate_5350 Where can I see what has has changed for chaos space marines in the 10th edition and is the codex redundant?

So I don't follow the rules etc closely, but I'm confused when I see people talking about "this has gone now" or "rip this mini".
Where can I see which minis are still in use and which have been made redundant?
Also is the chaos space marines codex now redundant? I think it only came out last year. How will people be able to play until the new 10th comes out is they want to play 10th against other factions?
This is very confusing stuff to me.
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2023.06.10 23:13 RPBoredom [M4F] Longterm SoL Roles

Hey! I’m Tyler. I’m 27. I’ve been roleplaying for roughly 8/9 years now. I’m looking for new partner to start a longterm and detailed role with. Let’s both get invested in something.
I really like slice of life and modern roles. Mainly because it helps me escape the monotony of my everyday life. It also seems easier for me to be able to dive into.
I would love to discuss roles. Let me hear some of your ideas and I’ll share some of mine with you. I’d like ultimately to build something together that we both agree on so we can both be happy and invested.
Some possible scenarios: 1. Roommates 2. Dating App Matches 3. Single Parent(s) 4. Western style roles are usually very fun 5. Maybe an apactolyptic? style role.
With that being said there are multiple different ways to play each of these out. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions, offer ideas, voice concerns. Also, I love camping so if we wanted to make a camping style scenario I would be down with that.
I prefer to roleplay on discord. It’s a little more organized and works better for my brain. But here is fine also if you don’t have discord. Hope to hear from you all!
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2023.06.10 23:13 NoGimmicks How to stop my PC/GPU from detecting when the TV is turned on?

I have a RTX 3060 and one of the HDMI port is connected to my LG TV. Whenever my TV is turned on (or off) my PC plays a sound notification that it detected something new. It doesn't actually change the output to the TV, but if I'm playing a game it will stutter for a second. Hasn't really been an issue since I only play single-player, so I've been okay with it until recently.
The issue is that if I am game streaming (moonlight on my steam deck or iphone) and the TV is then turned on then I'm kicked out of the game stream.
Is there a way for me to completely disable the HDMI port, so that whenever I want to output to the TV I can just go in and enable it? Or perhaps there's a setting that autodetects a new input that I can turn off?
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2023.06.10 23:13 SibbleConsulting I Hate to Say This: Current EV Goals are Unrealistic

Don’t get me wrong; I want to reduce CO2 emissions. And quickly. But I also prefer to do it economically and by incentivizing people to make smart decisions by making the green decision the cheaper, better decision. I absolutely do not believe in forcing sub-par and more expensive products on a populace in the name of reducing a tiny overall percentage of worldwide emissions at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars.
Count me out.
Yet that’s exactly what we are doing with electric vehicles.
My ex-wife and I went to buy a car in November of 2021. Remember this was at the height of when vehicles were scarce and prices were high. My lease ran out a month later, so we did not have much time. We went skiing frequently, so we wanted an SUV. Our trips were long (4-6 hours) and we had well over a thousand pounds of cargo between all our skis, luggage, supplies, passengers, and (cute) dog.
Quite simply, I checked and there was no EV on the market that was even capable of handling our payload capacity at the time. So before it even got off the ground, the idea of getting an EV was off the table.
And that was before everything else that disqualified them. Our new condo we had just bought had outdoor parking spots with no electrical source anywhere near them, nor any public or private chargers. So, installing a charger would have required digging up the parking lot and running heavy wiring all the way to our meter on the other side of the building. The mere thought made my wallet significantly lighter. And then, there was the potential cost of an EV. The only EV that came anywhere close to offering what we needed was a Tesla Model X, which started north of six figures. Once again, this was out of the question.
So we went to the Ford dealership, found a Ford Explorer we liked for about half that, which could handle a lot more cargo, has a much longer range, and required no charging infrastructure. It was one of the easiest decisions we’d ever made.
At no point did buying an EV made economical or practical sense. Since then, a few more EVs have entered the market, and I frequently reconsider my purchase decision. The calculus still has not changed. I don’t see it changing any time soon.
Yet federal and state governments seem hell-bent on, pardon me, shoving electric vehicles down our collective throats over the next decade or so.
Now, the average American only travels a short distance every day. So for many of them, EVs work in theory. But that discounts so many people who travel long distances, regularly go on road trips like we did, live in rural areas, or need to tow or haul heavier things. This is a rather large percentage of the population, even if only on occasion.
While the EV is a more advanced product in many ways compared to an ICE vehicle, it is not all-encompassing as many would like us to believe. It also fails against ICE in many categories. Additionally, until physics is reinvented, it will continue to fail for the foreseeable future. It’s unrealistic to think that every car and truck in America can be made electric. It simply won’t work. Not to mention the fact that they are more expensive! The parts and raw materials are more complex. And, as demand goes up, the cost of the raw materials will increase as well. The price of many EVs has, in fact, been increasing, not decreasing. This is the opposite of what would be needed to get mass adoption.
Suffice it to say, for these reasons alone, EVs have a long way to go before mass adoption.
And then there are the other issues, including a long litany of problems.
First of all, where are we going to get the power to charge all of these cars? It’s well-known that our power generation system and grid is already in terrible shape. Just look at how much difficulty we’re having at keeping houses powered in Texas and California. Now, you’re saying you want to dump all this added demand onto an already-stressed system?
A study showed that preparing California’s distribution assets and power grid for EVs and electric heaters would cost about $50 billion by 2035. Now, guess who’s going to pay for that? The people of California, via higher electric bills, will. That doesn’t sound pleasant or desirable.
And that’s just one state…out of 50.
We are nowhere near ready if 2035 is the goal. And neither are the cars.
Then comes this brilliant WSJ article. Remember how Toyota led the environmental car charge with hybrids? Well, it turns out they don’t buy into the electric car goals, and they’re getting slammed for it.
Except, well, Toyota has a point. Let’s examine it.
A Toyota memo to auto dealers in April explained the challenges to full electrification. For instance, “most public chargers can take anywhere from 8-30 hours to charge. To meet the federal [zero-emissions vehicle] sales targets, 1.2M public chargers are needed by 2030. That amounts to approximately 400 new chargers per day.” The U.S. isn’t close to meeting that goal.
That’s a really good point. If you’ve noticed, the Federal government loves mandating things without any basis in the reality of how anyone is actually supposed to meet said goal. This is a perfect example. And Toyota is calling out BS for being complete BS. The US absolutely cannot meet its federally mandated goals it has pushed upon automakers, at their expense, for electric vehicles. Building 400 chargers a day? Who is paying for that? How are you going to obtain permits for them that fast in this modern environment? According to EVAdoption, we added 4,200 chargers in all of 2022. That’s 11 per day…not 400.
Houston, we have a problem.
Unless we all want to sit for eight hours waiting for a charger, this alone makes mass adoption of EVs completely unrealistic. Just DOA.
And then, there’s the raw materials that make up EV batteries. It’s an extremely inefficient use of materials currently to make one EV, and the environmental disasters that are these mines is a topic EV lovers love to ignore.
Well, Toyota has a few things to say about that too:
Toyota also noted that “more than 300 new lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite mines are needed to meet the expected battery demand by 2035,” and they could take decades to develop. “The amount of raw materials in one long-range battery electric vehicle could instead be used to make 6 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles or 90 hybrid electric vehicles.”
And here’s the real kicker: modern plug-in and regular hybrid electric vehicles are so efficient compared to EVs that they have nearly the same reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, they are significantly cheaper and a dramatically better and less wasteful use of finite raw materials.
So, let’s just all agree that Toyota has a point.
On the greater scale, mass EV adoption has a lot of problems yet to be solved. Government so frequently likes to think it can wave a magic wand through legislation and change the world via fiat. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works.
I would love to see mass EV adoption but I want to see it by making EVs the better choice for consumers. Until that day, I just don’t see it happening.
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2023.06.10 23:13 heirofsorrows Kawhi isn’t “always injured”

If you count load management for a degenerative knee condition as “being injured,” then you’d likely disagree, but it’s not an injury. It a measure taken to prevent injuries since his condition makes him more susceptible to them. Given the condition he has, it’s impressive that he has played as much as he has in his time here.
Doomers doom but this is just not true.
In his first season in LA, he missed 14 of 72 games. Only three of those absences were consecutive. All others were load management (this post is not about whether he should manage his load as much as he does). This is 80.55 percent of all regular season games (in a standard length season, the minimum games a player can play while still being eligible for awards is 65/82, or 79.3 percent, which he surpassed). He played all playoff games in this season.
Season 2 in LA saw Kawhi played 52/72 games, or 72.2 percent. This would be too low to consider for any awards in a standard length season with the current requirements. This is mainly because of a foot injury that saw him miss 9 of 10 straight games. There were a few blips of 2-3 missed games (often the result of load management, but still missed games) and he missed the final two game of the regular season, not because of injury, but because they were the last two games of the regular season (PG also sat fwiw). The ACL tear in the playoffs was the result of dirty play and not because he is made of glass or something.
He missed all of season 3 recovering from the ACL tear, an amount of time that is common for players to miss for such an injury. This is a result of the previous playoffs.
In season 4, he had some very clear rust that needed to be worked off after not playing for over a year. He also had an ankle sprain at the beginning of the season. These were both done and over with by the first week of December. From then on, he never missed two or more consecutive games. The playoffs were obviously disappointing, but we don’t know all the details, and given what his family was dealing with off the court, he probably was not mentally ready to try to play through a knee injury.
In his time in LA, Kawhi missed no considerable time in year one, missed 9/10 games recovering from a foot injury, and then missed 12 games straight in his fourth season as he came back from a year away and a sprained ankle. The load management adds up, but I truly don’t see how someone can, in good faith, argue that to be an injury. The narrative that he never plays is perpetuated by people who only pay attention to the team during the playoffs, which is why he gets so much hate. He has just had bad luck in the playoffs, which is nothing new for this franchise (2016 game 4 against the Blazers, for just one example). Deeming him as someone who can’t stay healthy because he had two season ending injuries in the three playoffs isn’t entirely fair imo. He played several months straight this season and in his first year (and other than the one serious foot injury that led to him missing 9/10 in his second season, he was otherwise healthy the whole time then too.
Tl;dr: Kawhi is not much more injury prone than the average player. This is just a really, really unlucky franchise.
I really think him getting blame for the lack of success so far is unwarranted. Unrealistic bad luck is something that has tortured this franchise for decades.
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2023.06.10 23:12 Doom_Walker Best system for a conan inspired low fantasy bronze age setting?

I was looking at the 2d20 system but im not a fan of metacurrency, Runequest would be perfect since I play Cthulhu alot, but its system is unfortunately tied to Glorantha, and gurps is far too crunchy.
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2023.06.10 23:12 Honeybunnybunz WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Hello! It’s wonderful to meet you! Who are we? We are Snaptail Responders! What are we? We are a light roleplay community who run events weekly! We also run events with other groups! Pit runs every day, daily ops, Chances to grow in our community and support others in the 76 factions! Our main goal is to help All players as much as possible and to have fun doing it! If you are over 18 and think you would like that then join up!
.18+ .Xbox .Responder .Light Role-play .Weekly Raffles .Weekly Contest .We really really love helping the community! .LGTBQ Freindly
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2023.06.10 23:12 LuminaryDarkSider Brave New World with an Hanna-Barbera Twist (ChatGPT helped here)

TLDR: what if the The Flintstones and The Jetsons exist in the same world at the same time, but separated not by time, but rather a caste system that similar in nature to Brave New World. I've had this notion since I read Brave New World when I was 11 and ChatGPT has helped me flush out the idea, anyone who wishes to expand upon this is welcome.
The Flintstones and The Jetsons exist in the same world, with The Flintstones representing a lower caste living in a reservation-like environment while The Jetsons represent a higher caste living in a technologically advanced society: 1. Socioeconomic Divide: In both The Flintstones and The Jetsons, there is a clear socioeconomic divide. The Flintstones depict a primitive Stone Age society where the characters live in modest stone houses and rely on animals for technology. On the other hand, The Jetsons portray a futuristic world where the characters reside in elaborate skyscrapers and enjoy advanced technology. This stark contrast in living conditions suggests a significant disparity between the two groups. 2. Limited Mobility: The Flintstones are depicted as being geographically confined to the Stone Age setting, often referred to as Bedrock. They have no access to advanced technology or the ability to travel beyond their prehistoric surroundings. In contrast, The Jetsons live high above the ground, relying on flying cars and other futuristic means of transportation. Their ability to move freely and explore different locations indicates a greater level of privilege and access. 3.Technological Advancement: The Jetsons possess highly advanced technology that simplifies their daily lives, such as robotic helpers, flying cars, and instant food preparation. In contrast, The Flintstones rely on rudimentary tools and animals for their day-to-day tasks. The stark difference in technological capabilities further supports the idea of a segregated society, with The Jetsons benefiting from advanced technology while The Flintstones are left behind. 4. Social Stratification: The Flintstones and The Jetsons both exhibit clear social hierarchies. In Brave New World, social classes are rigidly divided, with each caste having predetermined roles and functions. Similarly, The Flintstones' society resembles a lower caste living in a simpler, less technologically advanced state, while The Jetsons represent a higher caste enjoying the benefits of futuristic advancements. This parallel suggests that both shows explore the concept of caste systems, albeit in a less explicitly dystopian manner than in Brave New World.
  1. Fred Flintstone - John (The Savage): Both Fred Flintstone and John are portrayed as individuals who question and challenge the norms of their respective societies. They exhibit a sense of individuality and struggle to conform to the rigid expectations placed upon them.
  2. Wilma Flintstone - Lenina Crowne: Wilma Flintstone, like Lenina Crowne, can be seen as a character who represents the ideals of her society. They both adhere to the societal norms and expectations placed upon them, although they might experience occasional moments of questioning or rebellion.
  3. Barney Rubble - Bernard Marx: Barney Rubble and Bernard Marx share similarities in their experiences of feeling like outsiders in their respective societies. They both struggle with their self-perception and seek validation or a sense of belonging.
  4. Betty Rubble - Fanny Crowne: Betty Rubble and Fanny Crowne can be linked in the sense that they embody the conventional values and expectations of their societies. They are portrayed as adhering to social norms and being content with their assigned roles.
  5. George Jetson - Mustapha Mond: George Jetson, as the patriarch of the Jetson family, can be compared to Mustapha Mond, the World Controller in Brave New World. Both characters hold positions of authority within their respective societies and are responsible for upholding the established order.
  6. Jane Jetson - Linda Lysenko: Jane Jetson and Linda Lysenko share similarities as wives and mothers who navigate their roles within their respective societies. They are depicted as conforming to societal expectations while also experiencing occasional moments of dissatisfaction or longing for something different.
  7. Elroy Jetson - Reuben Rabinovitch: Elroy Jetson and Reuben Rabinovitch can be seen as young characters who are curious and have a potential for challenging the status quo. Although their roles and circumstances are different, both characters exhibit a certain level of intellectual curiosity.
    --- Main Story.
In a distant future, Earth is divided into two distinct societies: the advanced and technologically superior world of the Jetsons and the primitive reservation-like society of the Flintstones. However, these societies are not separate entities but rather different levels within the same global structure.
The Jetsons, residing high above in their futuristic utopia, are part of an elite caste that enjoys all the comforts and conveniences of advanced technology. Their lives are carefully controlled, with social roles predetermined and individuality suppressed. Soma, a potent substance, keeps the Jetsons docile and content.
Unbeknownst to the Jetsons, their society is intricately linked to the existence of the Flintstones. The Flintstones, representing a lower caste, live in a secluded area called Bedrock, akin to a reservation. They are intentionally kept in a primitive state by the ruling class, who view them as a source of nostalgia and a reminder of the past.
The protagonist, Fred Flintstone, becomes disillusioned with his confined existence and yearns for something more. Through a series of events, Fred discovers a hidden passage that connects Bedrock to the Jetsons' world. Intrigued, he ventures into the futuristic society, where he encounters George Jetson, who secretly questions the monotony of his life.
Fred and George form an unlikely alliance, determined to uncover the truth about their shared world. They navigate the complexities of their respective societies, exposing the dark underbelly of control, manipulation, and inequality. Along the way, they encounter other characters from both worlds who struggle with their roles and seek freedom.
As their journey progresses, Fred and George learn about the origin of their society, discovering that it was intentionally engineered by a powerful ruling class to maintain control and prevent societal upheaval. They face moral dilemmas, make alliances, and confront the harsh realities of their world.
Together, Fred and George rally the disillusioned members of both societies, initiating a revolution that challenges the oppressive systems in place. Their goal is to bridge the gap between the castes, dismantle the control mechanisms, and allow for individuality, choice, and genuine human connections.
The story culminates in a climactic confrontation between the ruling class and the united forces of the Jetsons and the Flintstones. Themes of rebellion, sacrifice, and the search for true freedom resonate throughout the narrative, as characters from both worlds join forces to shape a new society where individuality and humanity can thrive.
As the revolution gains momentum, resistance spreads throughout both the Jetsons and Flintstones societies. The characters from both worlds start to question the predefined roles assigned to them and challenge the oppressive systems that have kept them divided.
Wilma Flintstone and Jane Jetson form a powerful alliance, embodying the strength and determination of women in their fight for freedom and equality. Together, they inspire others to break free from their prescribed roles and contribute to the movement.
Meanwhile, Elroy Jetson and Pebbles Flintstone, two young and curious individuals, uncover a hidden truth about the origins of their world. They stumble upon ancient documents that reveal a forgotten history, exposing the manipulative tactics used by the ruling class to create and maintain the caste-based society.
As the revolution gains traction, the ruling class retaliates, using their technological prowess to suppress the uprising. They deploy their advanced gadgets and employ psychological tactics to suppress the rebellion and maintain their grip on power.
However, Fred and George, driven by their determination and the hope for a better future, rally their comrades and develop ingenious strategies to counter the ruling class. They leverage the primitive yet resourceful skills of the Flintstones and the innovative technology of the Jetsons to outwit their oppressors.
The battle reaches its climax as the revolutionaries breach the fortified barriers between the two worlds. The Flintstones and Jetsons unite, demonstrating that their shared humanity and resilience are more powerful than any technological advantage the ruling class possesses.
In a final showdown, the revolutionaries expose the truth to the masses, revealing the manipulations and lies that have perpetuated their divided existence. The people, awakened to the possibilities of genuine freedom and self-determination, rise up as a collective force.
Together, they dismantle the oppressive structures and establish a new society that embraces the values of individuality, compassion, and cooperation. The remnants of the ruling class are held accountable for their actions, and measures are put in place to prevent the reemergence of a caste-based system.
The story concludes with the Flintstones and Jetsons, once separated by a vast divide, now living together in a harmonious society that integrates the best aspects of both worlds. The triumph of the revolution signals a new era where the potential of humanity is unlocked, free from the shackles of an oppressive past.
In the aftermath of the revolution, the integrated society of former Flintstones and Jetsons faces the daunting task of rebuilding and redefining their world. They embark on a collective effort to establish a fair and just governance system that safeguards individual freedoms while promoting equality and mutual respect.
Drawing upon the wisdom and experiences of both the Flintstones and the Jetsons, the new society embraces a balanced approach to progress and technology. They recognize the importance of preserving the simplicity and connection to nature from the Flintstones' world, while also harnessing the transformative power of advanced technology from the Jetsons' world to enhance their quality of life.
Education becomes a cornerstone of the new society, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. The people strive to learn from the mistakes of their past and actively work to cultivate an inclusive and compassionate culture that values diversity and encourages open dialogue.
Fred and George, as respected figures who played pivotal roles in the revolution, assume leadership positions to guide the transitional period. With their shared experiences and understanding of both worlds, they become advocates for unity, collaboration, and the continuous pursuit of a better future for all.
The new society also recognizes the importance of honoring and preserving their history. They establish museums and cultural centers that celebrate the unique heritage of both the Flintstones and the Jetsons, fostering a sense of identity and connection to their collective past.
Over time, the integrated society flourishes, with advancements in technology and social progress benefiting all its inhabitants. Collaboration and cooperation become the norm, as individuals from diverse backgrounds work together to address the challenges that arise.
However, the memory of the oppressive past remains a reminder of the fragility of freedom. The society remains vigilant, nurturing a culture that values individual rights, personal growth, and community well-being. They understand that maintaining a balance between technological advancement and human connection is crucial for the longevity and sustainability of their newfound harmony.
The story concludes with a sense of hope and optimism for the future, as the integrated society of former Flintstones and Jetsons embraces their shared humanity and collective potential. They stand as a testament to the resilience and transformative power of individuals coming together to challenge the status quo and shape a brighter world for generations to come.
As time passes, the integrated society of former Flintstones and Jetsons thrives, embracing the principles of equality, freedom, and harmony. Their collective journey becomes an inspiration for neighboring societies still grappling with similar issues of oppression and social stratification.
The integrated society reaches out to these neighboring communities, sharing their experiences and offering support and guidance in dismantling oppressive systems. Through peaceful exchange and dialogue, they foster a network of interconnected societies committed to building a more equitable and inclusive world.
As the integrated society continues to evolve, they recognize the importance of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. They invest in clean energy technologies, conservation efforts, and the restoration of natural habitats, working hand in hand with the land and embracing a more balanced relationship with their environment.
Culture and the arts flourish in this integrated society, as creativity and expression are celebrated and valued. Artists from various backgrounds collaborate to weave together the rich tapestry of their shared heritage, creating works that reflect their journey and inspire future generations.
Education remains a cornerstone of their society, evolving to meet the changing needs and challenges of the world. They prioritize comprehensive education that nurtures critical thinking, empathy, and global citizenship. By empowering individuals with knowledge and fostering a lifelong love of learning, they ensure the continuous growth and progress of their society.
Throughout the integrated society, there is a deep sense of community and interconnectedness. Social support systems are strengthened, and individuals actively participate in civic life, contributing their unique skills and perspectives to the betterment of society as a whole. Collaboration and cooperation are not just buzzwords but integral values that guide their interactions and decision-making processes.
Fred and George, who played pivotal roles in the revolution, gradually transition from positions of formal leadership to become respected elders and mentors. They pass on their wisdom and experiences, helping to shape future generations and ensuring the continuity of the society's principles and values.
As the story comes to a close, it is evident that the integrated society of former Flintstones and Jetsons has created a lasting legacy. Their journey from oppression to liberation serves as a beacon of hope for other societies, inspiring them to challenge existing systems and envision a future where all individuals can thrive.
The story ultimately highlights the transformative power of unity, empathy, and the shared pursuit of a more just and compassionate world. It reminds us that the strength of humanity lies not in our divisions but in our ability to overcome them, forging new paths towards a future defined by cooperation, respect, and the celebration of our shared humanity.
With the integrated society of former Flintstones and Jetsons serving as a shining example of progress and unity, their influence begins to spread far and wide. The neighboring societies that once struggled with oppression and inequality are inspired by their success and embark on their own journeys of transformation.
Leaders from these neighboring societies seek guidance and collaboration with the integrated society, recognizing the wisdom and experience they possess. Through partnerships and exchange programs, knowledge is shared, and cooperative efforts are established to address systemic issues and foster sustainable development.
Together, these societies form an alliance, known as the United World Coalition, committed to creating a global community that upholds the principles of equality, justice, and environmental stewardship. They work collaboratively on a range of initiatives, including eradicating poverty, ensuring universal access to quality education and healthcare, and promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity.
The United World Coalition becomes a powerful force for positive change, advocating for the rights of marginalized communities and challenging oppressive systems wherever they exist. By leveraging their collective resources and expertise, they actively work towards creating a world free from discrimination, prejudice, and social inequality.
As the Coalition expands its influence, it faces resistance from those who seek to maintain the status quo and perpetuate division. However, their shared vision and unwavering determination allow them to overcome these obstacles, forging a path towards a more equitable and sustainable future.
In this global movement, Fred and George, revered as visionary leaders, assume vital roles in guiding the United World Coalition. Their experiences and wisdom earned from the revolution serve as a guiding light for this unprecedented endeavor, inspiring unity and collective action on a global scale.
Through ongoing collaboration and the exchange of ideas, the member societies of the United World Coalition continue to learn from one another, adapting their policies and practices to foster greater harmony and prosperity. They prioritize the well-being of all people and the preservation of the planet, recognizing the interconnectedness of social, economic, and environmental issues.
As the Coalition progresses, they leverage advancements in technology and innovation to tackle complex challenges. Sustainable energy solutions, responsible resource management, and breakthroughs in healthcare and agriculture become key focal points, ensuring the well-being of present and future generations.
Education remains at the heart of the Coalition's mission, with a renewed emphasis on fostering critical thinking, empathy, and global citizenship. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate an ever-changing world, they empower them to actively participate in shaping their communities and contribute to the greater good.
As the story concludes, the United World Coalition stands as a testament to the transformative power of unity and collaboration. Their collective efforts have created a world where societal divisions have been replaced by a shared sense of humanity, where differences are celebrated, and where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.
The integrated society of former Flintstones and Jetsons, once confined to their own worlds, played a crucial role in igniting a global movement towards a more just and sustainable future. Their journey from oppressive systems to a harmonious and inclusive society became the catalyst for change, inspiring countless individuals and communities to join the collective effort.
The story leaves us with a profound sense of hope, reminding us that by transcending divisions and embracing our shared humanity, we have the power to shape a world where equality, freedom, and compassion prevail. It is a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity and the boundless potential that lies within us all.
..End of Line
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2023.06.10 23:12 idk-i-just-dont-know Hack or bug

Do you guys know if the "reflector" on robots that don't have reflectors is normal, not just robots, but the whole hangar of someone, is this a bug or a hack, but i've seen this for way too long now so i don't know and for many times it's not just me who deals damage and takes damage while shooting an angler or an imugi or an indra or smth like that, i've played a match 5 min ago and i was once again reminded of that, but it's super annoying to have someone just take your spot in ffa without even shooting (i mean they could do that with tanks, but obviously they're playing and shooting as well as having the reflector thing)
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2023.06.10 23:12 Equivalent-Word-7691 Spider verse 's box office overseas

I am itlaiam,and I couldn't notice SADLY how spider verse is not performing in outstanding way overseas,hell in Italy prefer a souless mediocre Disney Live action ,over one of the best cinecomics and animated movies of all the times, but stll in a lot of other clients is perfomiqs it should be
I fear the fact it is an ANIMATED movie play a big part of it: it's not for kids,but adults still think animation is for children,at least a lot of people around me weren't interested because it was animated
Plus obviously it has lot of rivals, still it upsets me how the box office is good in the States and overseas is meh
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2023.06.10 23:12 ReasonableSand8540 Help With Case Fans

I have a PC with the following specs:
Fractal Design Meshify 2 Asus Tuf Gaming X-570-Pro Mobo EVGA Supernova 850w 80+ Plat PSU
Full specifications:
I broke one of the fans and I am looking into buying the Noctua NF-A14 PWM, 4 each. One at the back and 3 at the front.
However, it says that the fans are 5v only. I have no idea how to verify if I can just plug them in inplace of the original ones that came with the case (I am being lazy).
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 23:12 sander1095 This headset is the purchase I regret the most..

This is just a post to vent about my horrible experiences with this headset.
I bought it when it came out and was very excited. But this headset just doesn't want to work well!
Basically, using this headset is a chore. I was SO excited for VR, but now the headset hangs on my wall and I just can't be bothered.
Having to buy a headset like this for €600 or whatever it was, and to have such a horrible experience, feels criminal. It never got better, I only feel like it got worse over time.
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2023.06.10 23:12 -Lastmanonearth- THE TIMELINE MAKES NO SENSE

Sure, they try to explain it by saying that every zelda and link are just a reincarnation because of demises curse, but how can they be reincarnated into every fucking timeline? and that would mean every game is connected to skyward sword, but it simply isnt. the timeline Sort of made sense if you spent hours researching it, but it got utterly and completely ruined with breath of the wild. there are theories that botw is just every timeline mixed together, but that isnt even confirmed cuz nintendo never explicitly saythat. some people say its just up to you to interpret what timeline its in and to ignore the other inconsistencies, but thats the biggest bullshit ive ever heard. has any other game series ever had a timeline as fucked up as TLOZ? i dont fucking think so.
also, what the actual FUCK are they doing with tears of the kingdom?? So, youre telling me there are fucking sky islands, but nooo its not connected to skyward sword at all, theyre new sky islands created for link. what the fuck? its like they’re just playing with us. the sky islands are ancient, but theyre ruled by this new “zonai” tribe instead of anything to do with skyward sword. the only theory i have is that the zonai are those futuristic robot people that you find in the past in the skyward sword, and maybe after demises death they took over the sky islands? but then why are they different colors i just cant do this.
also nintendo never even said what timeline botw is in. its like they got sick of the timeline and was just like “lets just forget about it and do whatever we want for botw”
im seriously confused as to why the botw game seemingly has no direct connection to any of the old zelda games lore-wise, and it just has every type of character from every timeline.
can someone please explain what im missing here. why does nintendo do this? i want to enjoy the games so bad but this timeline fucking ruins it for me. how does it not ruin it for anyone else?
why wont they just confirm or deny a connection between totk and skyward sword? they literally just do whatever they want and make up bullshit excuses for the timeline. the entire legend of zelda is plotholes and continuity errors galore.
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2023.06.10 23:12 Ashhhh Why does my dog have a panic attack when people speak on the television?

So I'm utterly stumped on this one. I've had dogs for years but this is a first.
I've had my dog now for 9 years, he is 9 and a half.
If my partner watches the television, no problems at all.
However, if I am in the room and as soon as a single voice is heard, he begins to hyperventilate, drool and retreats upstairs to his bed before coming downstairs again in an absolute mess and going from person to person begging to escape the house.
It is utterly bizarre. I'm completely unable to interact with him in a normal capacity. He won't accept treats or any other positive reinforcement to distract him from what is happening.
I've taken him to the vets and they initially prescribed painkillers then painkillers focused on noise phobia.. both of which achieved nothing. I'm currently in a waiting list to see a behaviourist.
But this is a problem that is effecting our very way of life. We cannot watch television and have to be very careful of what we play on our speaker phones. It's causing a small rift in my relationship so I need to get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later.
Has anyone encountered this or know how I can untrain this behaviour? It's gone on for 6 months now and is only getting worse. I am at my wit's end and can't understand why my best friend is in so much fear.
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2023.06.10 23:12 No-Midnight8613 Confusion

So I’m (15m straight) friends with a girl (15 straight) and we’re in the same friend group. My best friend (15m) also hangs out with the group but isn’t really part of it. But I’ve seen her as my 2nd best friend for the past few months and we’ve been friends for just over a year now. She has a bf (15m) who’s also in the group and I’ve been good friends with him for about 8 years. They’ve been together for a year now and for the first 6 months they were really happy with each other. But when December came there were a few road bumps. Nothing major, just minor disagreements. In January they started arguing a lot, and they “took a short break from each other” in February. That weekend, she confesses that she liked me. And on the day before school, we kissed [She wanted to kiss me and focus on the situation with her bf btw]. When their break was over, their relationship was really good again, but the potholes came shortly after. They argued again, commonly, for three months. And one time when I was making her feel better about a fight w him, she texted me saying “I love you.” One week ago, she told me they broke up. She even showed me texts where she ADMITTED it was a toxic relationship. And her bf said it too. Then she starts telling me that she read her old diary and wanted him back because she “remembered why she fell in love with him.” She didn’t tell me anything other than that, not even letting me know if they were still broken up. This past school week? Business as usual for them. She’s my friend but I’m livid at her for not telling me anything, I don’t even know if I should tell her anything anymore because she’s shattering my trust. I’ve still had a crush on her since, but it’s waning, and I’m gonna let it die. I’m still gonna be her friend, but I’m not gonna be played like a fucking fiddle anymore.
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2023.06.10 23:12 dirtyhole2 Am I the only one disappointed by the fact that we are not the first?

Don't get me wrong, I love aliens and their technologies, they show us that we are not alone in this universe and their tech shows us that we are far from being perfect technologically speaking.
There is a part of me however that is disappointed by the fact that we are not the first intelligent species in this region of the universe. It feels like we are playing in their grounds, and that this part of the universe is already “discovered” by them. Even if I somehow get a spaceship right now and go and land on an earth like planet, I will still feel that it's not that impressive of an achievement, knowing that many other intelligent creatures were probably there way before me.
Another aspect is the fact that we might simply get blocked from wandering wherever we want in this region of space. This is also sad, because if we actually were first, the whole universe would be our playground, with no limitations, but now, I know for sure that it is not. What do you think?
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2023.06.10 23:12 teLEcasTeR138 To Fingernail or Not to Fingernail

Can I learn classical guitar without growing my fingernails out? I play Travis picking on steel string and I’m comfortable with that using the pads of my fingers, I also have particularly brittle nails. Would it be harder not get a decent tone on classical guitar? Would a teacher even take me on if I wasn’t willing to grow my nails?
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